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toyota carburetor

carburetor on 1987 Toyota?
Temporary air intake hose fix?
Flooded Carburetor?
88 honda accord?
1996 Toyota cressida's carburetor?
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what causes a toyota to blow gas out of carburetor?
does anyone know why a 22r carb would intially get gas but the car won't idle the gas cuts off!
If I want to buy a used Toyota Prius, what should I be cful of?
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How difficult is it to install a carburetor?
what kind of turbo kit can i put on my 87 toyota pickup with a carburetor?
carburetor spitting gas?
Why n't the cars in NASCAR Stock Cars?
Why is my car having trouble idling?
my toyota car engine carburetor seems faulty, does not work on idle.
Best way to clean a carburetor?
My car is not able to idle, what could cause it to do this?
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84 Toyota puck-up 4x4 22R...Carburetor Problem..
I'm looking for a somewhat easy engine swap.
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High idle problems for 2003 toyota corolla?
what is the ave mpg for a toyota 2e engine?
Why is my GM car made in Mexico? Why Toyota's made in the US? Let's strengthen the Unions now!!!
Why is my throttle stiff on my 78' Toyota pickup?
Why is it that after driving for about 2 minutes the car uses more than a gallon of gas?
how can i make a Toyota camry 2.4 2005 faster add a Chevy 455 in it with a 4BBL carburetor?
Used Carburetor Backfiring out the Carb?
Was this a good car trade ?
my toyota 1982 carburetor engine stalls when cold was it the gasoline? it runs fine after getting warmed up.
have problem in weak starting of my 93 toyota camry?
Can an engine fall out of timing?
84 Toyota pickup - only runs putting fuel into carburetor. Previous owner just installed new fuel pump?
Toyota Corolla 1996 and 1997, both have engine check lights?
can i modify my air intake as i wish?
Which car and which engine should i use??
help on 1986 toyota carburetor?
horsepower for 1994 toyota pickup truck!
Toyota Corolla 1989 idles rough?
Fixing 1987 Toyota Tercel?
mechanic set it to high idle ?
What is the HP (horsepower) on my Frankenstein 350 Chevy ?
Isn't oil going into a carburetor bad?
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How difficult is it to rebuild a carburetor in a car?
K and N air filter on Toyota Camry?
1992 toyota 4runner v6 hard to start even black smoke but once starts its perfect?
Which distributor (part-no) will fit Toyota Starlet 1985 (70 series) 1.0L Toyota 2E engine?
1990 Toyota Tercel - Redline Weber carburetor better than original 1bbl venturi?
1988 toyota corolla not starting?
do i need a new carburetor or new parts for the one i have?
Dune buggy Carburetor Problem?
Air Bags & Safety?
Converting LT1 firebird to carburetor with HEI distributor?
my toyota corolla 98 model uses a carburettor.I sent in the car for the carb service.
I have a 1986 Toyota pickup w/ carburetor. I cant get it to idle down?
1988 toyota corolla carburetor issues?
how do i adjust the carburetor on my 1980 toyota 4x4 pickup?
1993 Toyota celica engine cleaner.
Should I buy a Mint looking 1981 Toyota Tercel or a slightly rusty 1984 toyota LE cargo van?
Used Toyota (Corolla AE81, 1987/88 1500 SE) carburettor in Singapore?
Need help figuring out why I have terrible gas mileage.
Toyota 18-RC misfire problem.
Why won't my car idle?
I need a carburetor diagrams for a 1981 toyota corolla.
hello guys, is there anyone who could help me purchase a carburetor for my Toyota corolla 1989?a million thank
Where is the Idle Jet located in a toyota camry/holden apollo, 1988 model?
Average price for this tune up?
Toyota 85 pickup rebuild / carburetor help?
87 Toyota carburetor photos?
1988 Toyota Corolla Dies at idle, but runs fine when driving need help!!
Why does 1988 Toyota stall periodically appearing to be out of gas but isn't?
Cold Starting problem in 88 Toyota Corolla?
cold air intake on my carburetor engine........need advises!!!
Why the car not idling?
1989 toyota pu truck I replaced my 22r motor with a 22re and it turns over, but doesnt run...
Can I do a 1988 toyota corolla carburettor rebuild myself?
Does anyone know where the PCV valve is on a 1989 Toyota pickup? I cannot seem to locate it.
Do I need to change my spark plugs or my distributer?
Carburetor 1987 Toyota Tercel?
toyota conquest oil leaking from fuel pump. Replaced pump but oil started leaking again after a week.
I have a Toyota 4K type engine, what is the best way to do to make it consume less of gasoline?
My car idles, misfires and jerks when trying to drive?
Couple of questions about maintaining an old car?
Will an 84 Toyota 22R carburetor work on an 81 22r engine?
A distributor was installed but the car still jerks...what could be the cause of that?
how to improve fuel consumption for 1991 toyota corolla xl5?
Lack of Power with 1987 Toyota Corolla
What procedure can i use to get my car to p emissions test..it is an 82 Hy-lux Toyota Truck..carburetor..
Can anyone out there tell me exactly where the PCV valve is located on a 1989 Toyota Pickup w/ 3.0 six cyl en?
E.F.I and carburetor, which is better?
Why won't my car start?!
Toyota Carina carburetor problem.
where is the idle speed control valve located on a 96mdl toyota corolla xl located?
does anyone know any sites i could get a schematic for a 1987 toyota tercel carburetor?
Which K&N Cold Air Intake fits a 1988 Toyota Corsa (Tercel)?
What causes horrible MPG in my 1981 Toyota Tercel?
I need help resolving an Automotive Repair Issue?
Help with a Carburetor?
There is a delay in the shifting (A/T) to 2nd gear if the engine is cold. What should I do?
Possible Carburetor Problem? 1985 Toyota Corolla...
Is there something wrong with the carburetor?
Chevy 350 ignition system question?
Fuel to the carburetor but not through it?
Help!!!! - We a couple of backpackers and our 1984 Toyota Liteace van has broken down.
Is it the same thing to rebuild a carburetor then to buy a new one?
what is the most powerful engine you could put in a 1997 toyota hilux?
1989 toyota corolla gts, carburetor or fuel injected?
How much hp would you estimate my truck to have?
Need help and advice..
I have rebuilt my distributor on my car and I can't seem to get it started, what gives?
Toyota Carina 2, jerks at low rpms!
Tercel Carburettor problems?
Will a 4K carburetor work on a 22R engine?
I have been trying to start my toyota for the past few days, I have spark the timing is set could it be?
Will an '81 Toyota 20R carb fit an '81 22R?
building a fwd dirt car?
vibration or rattling under my truck?
EFI troubleshooting on my 1983 Toyota Cressida... Help Please!
Why does my car turn off when I press the gas at idle?
What is your opinion on this deal ?
Where can I find the needles for su carburettor mounted on my toyota corona 18R engine RT40 chis year 1980?
Where can I find a carburetor for my 73 Toyata Celica?
Is it possible for the choke valve to be closed while the choke plate open?
My Toyota Camery 1995 car won't start, why?
Car Doesnt Start after Using Carburetor Cleaner?
does a toyota 96 have a carburetor?
I have a 22R Toyota motor in a 1984 2wd pickup and I need your help?
Pumping Accelerator prior to starting car - Fuel Injection.
tell me who knows what type of carburetor I should put on a 1987 toyota pickup?