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sonoma transmission

change transmission 98 gmc sonoma?
clutch 00 gmc sonoma pickup exploded?
What type of fluid does a MANUAL transmission use? Snth. or gear oil??
gmc sonoma/s10 transmission questions?
I installed a new clutch on a 1994 gmc Sonoma, manual transmission. Now i need to put trans fluid back into it?
Check engine light is on '98 GMC Sonoma 4 WD-Code error P1810?
Transmission gears not engaging... just put new (used) one in... what's wrong?
Will the out of a GMC Sonoma with a 5 speed (t-5 i think) handle a 5.7 (350) ?
which of these cars is the best deal for the money?
My 1999 v.6 gmc sonoma accelerates on its own, after a refurb. transmission was installed. ?
flywheel won't rotate on my new motor?
What year/s body will a 1996 GMC 4 clyinder fit in?
What will it cost to fix a leaking transmission on 1996 GMC 2wd sonoma?
1989 chevy suburban 350 transmission work in a 1993 GMC 4.3?
Car BrOke...Please HElp?
Does anyone know about the light sensor on a 2001 gmc sonoma?
I have a 99 GMC Sonoma pickup manual transmission. I'm having a problem.
Why does my 4-cylinder GMC Sonoma get a sad 18 MPG?
2002 GMC Sonoma transmission problems?
Chevy S-10 electrical problem??? Ignition??? It won't crank.
What kinda Transmission does a GMC Sonoma have?
transmission won't disengage when cold?
How do I check my trans. fluid on 97 GMC Sonoma 4.3L Vortech?
1996 GMC Sonoma 4 cylinder automatic with OD forward gears work fine no reverse?
flywheel stuck when attached to motor but crank turns when flywheel unattached?
2000 GMC Sonoma SL. Click/Thump?
Would You Feel Safe?..
Repairing clutch for 1996 GMC Sonoma 4.3 5 speed?
Putting in a transmission...Are the marks on the torque converter and the drive plate just reference marks...
Is there such a thing as a 2-wheel-drive V6 Chevy S10?
How long to wait for a second transmission pan drop?
How can i tell if my starter is staying engaged when the engine is running?
What besides the throwout bearing on a 5sp trans. will make a "chirping" sound? The bearing has been replaced.
How much to replace the transmission in a 2000 GMC Sonoma?
Transmission help!! 96' gmc sonoma?
Omg I can't believe this happed!!!!!!! Can u help?
Why is my truck's top speed so low?
where is the shift/timing solenoid on a 98 gmc sonoma 2.2 automatic?
Is it worth getting a cold air intake for my truck?
1999 GMC Sonoma/S10 Transmission Trouble?
help me with my sonoma?
can i, and what kind of v6 will fit into my v4 2.2 1994 gmc sonoma?
Why would my transmission shift weird?
truck running ruff n hot. codes say cylindar misfire n valve. plugs n wires good. what could this be?
Would You Feel Safe?..
Can a bent frame truly be fixed?
Will a 94 4L60e fit a 97?
does anyone have a transmission ?
My truck is making a noise at 30 mph and up? (ATTN: Mechanics)?
which of these cars is the best deal for the money?
Transmission Problem?
flywheel won't rotate at all doing everything right, what is binded?
1998 GMC Sonoma 2 Dr SLS Sport Extended Cab?
Im Having Troubles with my Sonoma...
Engine reving. RPMs go up but car doesn't speed up right away. Is this....
I have a 2003 GMC Sonoma, if I installed a 2-3 inch lift kit, would i still be able to tow?
What is the best all-around small pickup?
I have a 1993 GMC Sonoma 4x4 with a bad , Overdrive and Drive went out on it.....
My power steering has been acting funny. It is very hard to turn when I am swithing my transmission and...
S-10 Transmission questions?
does anybody know about an 4l60e transmission?!!!
Help me with my truck!
i was wondering if anyone knew if all chevy 700r4 transmissions the same?
omg I can't believe this happed!!!!!!! Can u help?
How much does it cost to fill a 2001 sonoma's gas tank?
Are Chevy Transmissions compatible with GMC vehicles?
98 gmc sonoma?
Why does my 4-cylinder GMC Sonoma get a sad 18 MPG?
Transmission problem, 98 gmc sonoma, cant figure out what is wrong?
I have a 1997 GMC Sonoma ZR2 help?
How do I byp a neutral safety switch?
Can I tow a GMC Sonoma RWD on all four tires?
how to change oil in my 2000 Gmc Sonoma?
What year did the 700r4 go to electronic shifting? Specificly I need to know if one will fit from 91 to a 96?
would putting 31 inch tires on a GMC sonoma be bad for the transmission?
Standard Transmission Problems?
Do cars with manual transmissions have transmission fluid in them?
91 GMC Sonoma bolts from transmission to engine were loose....
i'm doing a 350 swap to a 93 sonoma will i forsee any problems with the transmission or should it all bolt up?
i got a price for a transmission rebuild?
how much should it cost to replace the transmission on a '95 GMC Sonoma?
Are ALL older GMC Sonomas base models?
Transmission fluid leak?
95 GMC Sonoma 2.2 manual. Help?
1994 s10 transmission?
truck fuel issues ( i think it's the fuel system anyway)?
How do i change a transmission on a GMC sonoma 1996?
will a 67' 350 engine bolt pattern match up to my 93' sonoma standerd auto transmission?
Overdrive 2001 GMC Sonoma?
Transmission question.
Why's my transmission not going into gear?
Why does my manual transmission stall immediately after starting (after sitting for awhile)?
Whats involved in swapping a automatic transmission to a manual.