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publix recipes

publix. baked donuts........
Publix Icebox Cake Recipe?
I need some easy and cheap recipes that yummy?
confectionery coating?
Is this a y Mothers Day gift?
Does anyone have the Publix Key Lime Pie recipe?
What is a quick/simple recipe for ercreme frosting (that tastes like the Publix ercreme frosting)?
What is Publix's cream cheese frosting recipe? and/or ercream?
What would be some healthy, inexpensive vegetarian foods? Please help?
Deluxe Seafood Salad?
Does anyone have a recipe similar to Publix breakfast fruit bread?
Does anyone know the recipe for publix icing?
similiar sugar cookie recipe?
Anybody have the recipe for Publix's Homestyle Red Potato Salad (from the deli)? We would love it!
I looking for Publix's Deli Hot wings recipe for my family up north.Does anyone have a recipe? Thank you?
Publix Portabella Shicaccia Bread?
The Recipe for Publix Chocolate Pecan Cookies?
Are lentils the same as beans?
What is the recipe Publix uses for their icing?
What stores sell pastry or tart shells?
How can i make a chicken like Publix Mojo rotisserie?
How to convince my mom to let me cook tonight?
Creme Brulee:Can You Use Cream Cheese?(ANSWER NOW!!!)?
Cookie recipe...
does anyone know a recipe for the spinach dip at publix in the deli?
can i make nestle chocolate chip cookies using different chocolate chips?
Need advice of experienced baklava chefs ;)?
Subsute for farmers cheese?
Recipe for Tangerine Pie wanted?
Need advice of experienced baklava chefs ;)?
Publix Carrot Cake Bar Recipe?
Delicious Vanilla Cake Recipe?
Is instant brown rice sometimes rubbery when cooked?
anybody have a good recipe for a moist yellow cupcake?
Does anybody have a box of publix bran flakes in their house right now?
Anyone remember that Publix cookie recipe that you can make into a reindeer?
Where to buy rose water?
Does anyone have a recipe for eclair filling like at Publix?
Recipe for hispanic/latin cheese pastry?
Is it difficult to make a Honey Cake? I need one for a Rosh Hashanah dinner?
Help with Acorn Squash Recipe
is it possible to get publix's icing recipe?
I am looking for the recipe for Crazy Calypso Crunch Bites. Publix bakery's have these. Any help out there?
What is a good subsute for cottonseed oil in a pound cake?
What Are Some Quick, Easy & Healthy Dinner Recipes?
How do you make Publix Carrot cake recipe?
Does anyone know where to get vanilla sugar in Florida?
mexican chocolate bar alternative?
Any healthy recipes for chicken breasts?
at what store can i buy this at?
Publix apron meal recipe needed: squash muffins?
old Publix cookie with lots of sprinkles?
What is better, chopped jarred garlic (from Publix) or fresh?
How long does it take to reach room temperature?
looking for publix bombay chicken salad recipe!
I want a VERY dark chocolate brownie recipe?
Tortillini alfredo and mushrooms????????
What recipe does publix use for their chocolate chip cookies?
Tofu? Can anyone help?
Does anybody have a recipe for Publix Mardi Gras wings?
Publix Creme Cake Recipe?
Does anyone remember Publix Rainbow Cookies?
Has anyone ever tried seitan? Is like eating a veggie buger?
Anyone have a good recipe for New York Style potato salad?
French Tartine recipes?
my cup cakes keep turning into muffins. does anyone know a pure american cupcake recipe & frosting recipe?
publix white cake recipe.
Where can I buy 00 flour in Atlanta?
In need of Japanese Recipese?
I went to publix drunk yesterday, on a quest to pick up "hoisin sauce" but accidently got fish sauce? Give me
Publix holiday cookie recipe?
recipe for these cookies, pictures included!!!
publix ercream recipe?
Do they sell tomatillos at Publix? Or do I have to go to Fresh Market?
What in the world is heavy cream?
Whipped icing recipe?
Anyone know any homemade Fondant recipes...
who knows about chocolate wafers!!!!
Publix dinner from July 23rd?
Where can I find ready cut spaghetti?
Recipe for Publix icing?
Has anyone had the seafood medley from Publix? Do u have a recipe so that I can make it myself?
Good veggie sub recipe?
Is it difficult to make a Honey Cake? I need one for a Rosh Hashanah dinner.
Will the tuna in this recipe be r on the inside when done cooking?
looking for Publix Almond Horn Cookies Recipe.......
I'm looking for a white cake recipe that tastes like it came from Publix or Kroger. Can anyone please help?
Does anyone have the Publix Butterscotch Brownie recipe?
What is the recipe for chocolate balls?
Can you please give me a brand or kind of wine to use for a wine spritzer?
live in florida?????????????????????????????????…
Publix Buttercreme ? Publix Bakery ?
Help! I need to find an amazing ercream or cream cheese icing recipe for wedding/birthday cakes. ?
Copycat recipe for Publix's Pumpkin pie?
Where can you find the ingredients to make a baleda? (Honduran Style)
Recipes for Cooking Rabbit?
Publix's Southern Style Potato Salad?
Where can i buy ermilk?
publix bakery vanilla cake recipe?
Can you buy coconut milk at Publix or Sweetbay?
Man oh MAN!!! Do you like "fish n chips". I LOVE FISH-N-CHIPS!!!
Can I find Fontina cheese at most grocery stores?
What kind of bread should I get for my bruschetta?
real key lime pie recipe (like publix)?
What is the publix chocolate recipe on the store brand chips?
How do you make ercream icing that tastes like the icing at the grocery store bakery?
What some good easy Middle Eastern recipes?
Publix sugar cookies recipe?
Could I subsute tilapia or another mild fish in a recipe that calls for tuna?
Anyone have the Publix almond cookie recipe?
anyone live in florida??open this.
Need Good Asian Salad Dressing?
Which pasta looks more delicious? (pics)?
Do they sell Nabisco chocolate wafers at Walmart, Target, or Publix and how much they?
What is publix's cake recipe?
Does any one have the recipe for Publix brand Caribbean style chicken salad with mango chutney and roasted red
Can you ask the butcher to make your chicken breast thinner?
How do I cook with vegetable oil properly?
Where can I buy nutritional yeast and how long does it keep once opened?
Does anyone have a recipe for sugar cookies?