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prayer shawl

When the Jews used the Blue dye for the Tallis (Prayer Shawls) ...
Curious. Why do Jewish teacher (I think) wear something that looks like a lens on the front of the forehead.
question about Indian prayer shawls?
Israeli police arrest woman for wearing prayer shawl at Western Wall...is this really fair? (details)?
Does anyone know how to make a prayer shawl on the Knifty Knitter?
I need help with the book the chosen?????
Another question or two for my Wiccan friends?
has anyone ever heard of allergic reaction to Homespun yarn? Is yarn ever treated with a sulfite solution?
why is the jewish prayer shawl [tallit] ,,always lined with blue ? any special reasons ?
Jews - Was it right this woman was arrested for "wearing a prayer shawl" whilst praying at Wailing Wall?
I ve discovered this ballad and it means alot to me and i don t know why? HELP!
Can someone please skim through this and check the grammar? (it's short)?
Are there resources for teachers to get free cultural/religious items?
Is there a certain type of clothes I must wear while wearing a prayer shawl?
how do you knit a knitted edge on a afghan or prayer shaw?
What edging goes well with a shawl made with Lion Brand "Homespun" yarn"?
Jews: Could I marry a Hasidic/Chdi Jew if I want?
Would you continue reading this if it were a book?
Looking for an easy crochet pattern for a shawl?
what some christian rituals?
Who uses a prayer shawl?
A question about the branches of judaism?
Jewish women can goto JAIL for 3-7 years just for "praying Incorrectly" at the wailing wall in Jerusalem ?
How do you make a Tallis?
Do you wear a prayer shawl or headcovering while praying?
What is a prayer shawl?
Jewish Prayer Tying band around arm and forehead?
Is making a hasidic ninja costume for halloween offensive?
I would like to find a pattern for a yamaka and a prayer shawl for a man or a woman.
So according to the word of The Lord, it is lawful for me to wear a prayer shawl if I am not praying?
I need someone to translate this to spanish?
When a Jewish man marries why does he wear a "Prayer shawl" over his suit?
I need a pattern with instructions on how to sew a yamaka and prayer shawl, for a man or woman.
Do jewish people wash their prayer shawls or is it not to be done? ?
Is the use of a "Prayer Shawl" by "Chrsitians" inappropriate?
How much yarn is needed for a prayer shawl?
How should a Christian dress?
Purpose of Prayer Shawl in Pentecostal Church?
Is this what Jesus wanted when he chased the moneychangers out?
Do Ethiopian Jews Have The Thread Of Blue in Their Tzitzit?
How shall I use my Prayer Shawl properly?
can anyone tell me what the knot es in prayer shawl es mean?
Why do some non-observant American Jews have traditional / Orthodox weddings?
Do you wear fringes and tels on your clothes. why? Do you wear head coverings? WHY?
What is 3 to 1 decrease in knitting?
Could I marry a Hasidic/Chdi Jew?
Why Jewish women threatened with 3-7 yrs in JAIL for praying outloud at the wailing wall ?
To Jews: Are there some sects of Judaism that always where the prayer shawls even when not praying?
Prayer Shawl?
When crocheting, how did i do a proper turn at end of row?
What is a prayer shawl?
What is the a or meaning of a brown kifayah? Bought 1 (only 1 I ever saw) in Doha last year during Ramadan.
Is it ok to sit on a Hindu prayer shawl?
Pakistan: where can one buy the islamic prayer shawls pakistanis put on graves of deceased relatives?
I have a prayer shawl (Talit) and would love to know what the writing in Hebrew is over the top?
Davan, show me where in Law of Moses where rabbis command shawl to be worn only during prayer?
Iranian girls wearing prayer shawls in public?
Is there anyone willing to donate cash or yarn for a Knitting/Crochet Ministry?
Where might I find a prayer shawl?
Do you think that prayer shawls should only be made from wool or cotton?
Would you continue reading this if it were a book?
where is a good place or way to purchase a jewish prayer shawl, quality and price is important?
Is there a specific size of a prayer shawl.
should non Demotional churches be useing prayer shawls?
Bond Knitting Machine?
in the iranian culture,what is the purpose of a girl wearing a prayer shawl in public?
Can someone explain to me about the Prayer Shawl?
Who knows if my prayer (salat) was valid if I did this.......
this is the first chapter of my book, i will add it cr by chapter pleaseeeeeee tell me what you think <333
Dear Christians, When prayer cloths to be used?
Muslims and Catholics why do you abide by rediculious hairsplitting rules.. That the imams and priests dont ev?
How do I find free patterns for making prayer shawls?
What the exact specifications of a Tallis or Tallit?
Spiritually speaking, how long should I wait to teach my daughter to hook?
Prayer shawls?
What did you "know" before the world knew it?
What is the importance of the color BLUE on the TALLIT or TZITZIT?
Writers, and anyone else. I need your help. Please.
I want to be a Messianic Giraffe but.....
Iranian girls wearing prayer shawls in public?
Judaism: What does wearing tefillin do for the person praying or their prayer? (more)?
Catholic Latin Wedding Custom - Prayer rope/shawl?
Do you keep the Torah ? Do you wear a prayer shawl everyday? ?
Meanings of these quotes within Judaism.
Is it wrong for Christian's to wear a Talit Talis Prayer Shawl ?
Please correct this writing?
What is the width and length of a prayer or meditation shawl?
What Bible verse should I include with a knitted prayer shawl?
Jewish Etiquette?
Iranian girls wearing prayer shawls....
Do you have a pattern for a crocheted prayer shawl?
How do you feel about women wearing prayer shawls with the blue strings in the tels?
Can anyone wear a Hindu prayer shawl?
I know that Jews wear prayer shawls when praying. Where in Gods word does he command it to only be worn prayin?
Is there One Christian or Catholic RED symbol which symbolizes goodness,happiness?
what is the bible verse where God said this about tallit/prayer shawl?
Fiddler on the roof? ?
Can someone help me?
what the effects if for example a man believes so much in tradition?
Can I cover my options with god?
Would you continue reading this if it were a book?
Why do Evangelical Protestants have a love affair with?
What is written in hebrew on the prayer shawl (talit).
To a Jew: What do you think of a Christian wearing a prayer shawl?
Why Jewish women threatened with JAIL for several YEARS if they pray ALOUD at the wailing wall ?
when a Rabbi resites the diadem word on the prayer shawl what those wordson the shawl in english?
Judaism: The Talmud is what?
Would you continue reading this if it were a book?
Where's the best place to purchase a Tallit (Jewish prayer shawl) online?
Why do Jews wear prayer shawls?
What other religions use Tallits aka prayer Shawls?
I need help with buying my husband Jewish shabbat supplies...hebrew help!
How is the beginning of my story?
Can non-Jewish people wear the prayer shawl?
Yom Kippur Research Paper? What Do You Think ?Part 2.
Any ideas for prayer reminder projects?
One liners...
Why don't atrocities people suffer in their own families cause them to be more sympathetic to others?
did Jesus wear a prayer shawl? where can I find it in the bible?
What do different religions pray with?
Question for Jews??????????
can you please tell me what should i write about this poem??? HELP?
I want to set up a multi faith prayer a, what the 'basics' I might need to include?
I Need A Story From The Charlotte Dymond Poem?
Does anyone have a pattern for Crocheted and Knitted Prayer Shawls?
What do you think of this and who do you think said it?
Breaking News!!!!???
Question for a Jewish Person?
Jewish question was I right?
Where can I buy a tallit in New Haven, CT?
can anyone tell me what the knot es in prayer shawl es mean?
What is the significance or meaning of a prayer shawl?
Christians please pray.....new women's ministry?
what is a prayer shawl?
i am going to rosh hashanah service tonight di i need to bring my jewish prayer shawl tallit?
Does anyone have a pattern for Crocheted and Knitted Prayer Shawls?