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polyurethane gloss

Steam mops & hardwood floors – What’s up with the streaking and spotting?
I was thinking about buying a new acoustic guitar and I wasn't sure which would be better?
I just coated a new hardwood oak floor w/a quick dry polyurethane &a million bubbles apped how do I fix it?
How to fix my laminated/spray painted furniture?
What is the strongest brand and type of polyurethane I can buy?
Using Polyurethane with stickers on shelves?
What kind of sand paper should i use to sand between coats?
What it the best way to clean hardwood floors stained with oil-based polyurethane (gloss)?
Where would I buy high-gloss polyurethane spray?
I have a hardwood table and would like to finish the surface so water and food cannot hurt it.
Finishing slate tile table?
paint gloss help!!!!!!!!!!!
color suggestions for a dark chocolate paint for a vanity?
Is there an equivalent to Minwax Clear Gloss Polyurethane in the German home supply stores?
Is Minwax Polyurethane good to work with?
Refinishing my old hard wood floor?
How to clean polyurethane bag?
wrinkles and waves apped on my lacquer finish?
Decoupaging Tile Coasters - Craft Project?
Can I use polyurethane on painted floor?
remodeling question?
Staining Unfinished Oak Cabinets, Need advice?
How do I get a high gloss finish on my wood craft?
can you use polyurethane on metal?
Should kitchen cabinets have flat or gloss polyurethane coat put on them after staining?
If I want the polished concrete look, can I...
wrinkles and waves apped on my lacquer finish?
Trouble with paint and top coat?
Any tips for spot finishing old wood floors?
How can I get Polyurethane Gloss out of paint brushes?
Painting Cabinets Chaos..
What is the process called for sealing doents/awards under thick Polyurethane or Epoxy?
Can I put semi-gloss polyurethane over matte and get the shine back?
Sticky stained kitchen cabinets?
Refinishing the stock on a Mosin Nagant M44?
Can you polyurethane over paper/ high gloss photo paper/ stickers?
Polyurethane clear gloss over porch Enamel Paint?
will it catch on fire or melt?
does polyurethane go over paint, or vise versa?
I've built a bar and stained it. Now I have to chose a finish, that is hard, clear, durable and non tacky?
What is the best way to repaint a dark polyurethane trim to a white gloss?
Can I mix two different finishes of polyurethane together?
All Natural Varnish/High Gloss Wood Finish?
I painted my front door with satin paint and the paint brush strokes too noticeable?
How and what should I use to make my brick wall shiny ?
Help choose acoustic guitar, Fender CD220sce or Fender CA360sce?
I painted a piece of furniture with high gloss latex paint. I want it shinier, what can I do?
I want to refinish a hutch bought with a dark stain & heavy gloss coat-any help?strip or sand paper it? ?
what is the easiest way to add a finsh to my painted dresser so that can be dusted in the future?
can I de-gloss this finish?
Can you mix different finishes of polyurethanes for hardwood floors?
can polyurethane be applied on top of high gloss tung oil?
basketball court paint?
I want to start playing acoustic?
Best way to remove polyurethane spill from rug?
Interior design paint help?
Polyurethane wont harden after 2 days?
Ok builders who do hardwood flooring. What finish of polyurethane do most ppl use? Satin or Semi gloss?
Kitchen Cupboard Colour Suggestions Please...
What is the clear coating on restaurant dining tables?
Stain or paint Sleigh bed. Prime or just sand? What about metal inserts?
High Glosss Polyurethane Over Semi Gloss?
Using polyurethane with Minwax wood putty?
Poly my Old hard wood floor?
Does Walden Guitars use Nitrocellulose finish on all their guitars?
how to remove high gloss polyurethane from white seude/leather?
best way to remove rustoleum spraypaint on hardwood floors (waterbased poly)?
Painted Furniture - next steps?
Can two year old water base polyurethane semi-gloss finish go bad?
How can I get the black color I want on furniture I am refinishing?
polycrylic over oil based paint?
Will water-based polyurethane work the same as the oil based?
need an easy to apply refinishing product to refinish kitchen cabinets with faded finish?
Is there a big difference using two different brands of polyurethane finish both of semi-gloss?
What Type of Paint Job Should I Get For My Car?
How to put a polyurethane finnish on my guitar?
spray paint bubbling what do i do?
What's the best way to go about re-staining my coffee table...I would love some advice :)?
Painting hutch black distressed which paint finish?
I painted my wood kitchen cabinets w/oil primer & semi-gloss paint. Can I put some kind of gloss on top?
Cleaning HIGH-GLOSS Wooden Floors?
I painted my room green and its really dark...
gloss polyurethane easier to leave brush/cloth marks?
I am building a bathroom cabinet.Should I use polyurethane,varish,shellac,urethane or laquer to finish it?
Beer Pong Polyurethane Finish - Sanding Question?
How to strip varnish off an old wooden armoire ....
What type of polyurethane is best for a white painted surface?
where can i buy a polyurethane paint in the philippines?
I painted an old wood stereo cabinet with a dark brown latex semi-gloss. Can I use a polyurethane finish?
What is a good product to clean hardwood floors?
Can I use gloss polyurethane over flat paint on furniture?
Is there some sort of sealant for hardwood floors?
Protecting the surface of a painted desk?
Will my floor be ok with one coat of oil-based polyurethane?
Re-finishing table top - with polyurethane - gloss?
Polyurethane on Hard wood floor differences..
What type of polyurethane is best for a white painted surface?
Protecting and Repairing wood laminate furniture?
Poly my Old hard wood floor?
what the right temperatures for applying polyurethane paint to any surface? How achieve high gloss?
Finishing dining table-how to tone down shine of polyurethane?
What kind of clear coat is good for a fresh painted dresser?
How to fix pitted and streaky polyurethane on a refinished table.
Clear gloss without synthetics?
How do you obtain that nice smooth polyurethane look?
Refinishing a Russian Mosin Nagant M44?
How can you remove Polyurethane from Vikrell Tub?
Re-painting a banister; Can I use oil based primer w/ latex paint?
Fender CD220 Sce VS Fender CA360 Sce?
Polyurethane over paint?
Polyurethane on my guitar?
What markers will adhere and work on a surface such as a domino?. Interested in domino art.
I'm planning to spray polyurethane clear on my furniture using a 1.4mm nozzle tip?
How can I get a glossy finish to a dresser I painted?
Need 30 quick points? Answer my question...
How can I put a logo on a polyurethane sheet?
Spray paint on Wood problems?
Completely Clear Coating Over Brilliant White?
giving wood a high gloss shine?
What can I use to give something I have painted with acrylic paint a glossy finish?
Water based Polyurethane - Gloss?
Repairing wear/scuff marks in polyurethane floor?
Crackle glaze not cracking!
It looks bad: I applied water based polyurethane (Benwood hi gloss) to our table top with a brush.
Tips on making a student desk?
What is the shiniest polyurethane application?
wood floor finish smell, is it harmful?
can clear oil based polyurethane be used on latex semi-gloss?
polyurethane - spraying satin over gloss to make it less shiny or a good sanding technique? Please help!
Tips on applying polyurethane clear gloss varnish onto plywood?
Paint for MDF cabinet doors that will have a hard smooth finish?
varnish on plastic?
How to sand between coats?
will polyurethanes shine last? Its clear gloss.
which guitar is better?
How to add shine to painted kitchen cabinets ?
How do I keep air bubbles from forming in polyurethane gloss?
Help choose acoustic guitar, Fender CD220sce or Fender CA360sce?
Beerpong Sealent question?
Forgot to seal new hardwood floors!! What do I do?
What's the best floorfinish for a home's entrance?
where can i buy a polyurethane paint in the philippines?
I'm covering a wooden table with paper. I'd like to add a very shiny or glossy coat on it. How do i do that?
Protecting and Repairing wood laminate furniture?
Good grief. What do I do if I used interior paint on my exterior front door?
Creating a table top?
How to get a smooth finish on my wood project? Pics shown!
How many coats of polyurethane can I put on a kitchen table? I'm a newbee.
How to apply polyurethane to a vanity top.
How best to refinish pine kitchen cabinets?
How to Decoupage a table?
Is it safe to use polyurethane to protect wood painted with acrylic paint? Will the paint bleed?
What's the best seal for a decoupage desk?
Working with Sandeply Hardwood Plywood?
Can i put polyurethane on a table which i have painted with Acrylic Latex paint.
Should you use a satin or semi-gloss polyurethane finish on new hardwood flooring after staining?
I painted my room green and its really dark...
Will satin polyurethane over semi-gloss make it less shiny?
How do you restore the shine to bicast (pu) leather?
giving wood a high gloss shine?
Can you paint over polyurethane?
What markers will adhere and work on a surface such as a domino?. Interested in domino art.
If I use shellac primer on furniture, will I achieve the same results as having used an oil-based primer?
Suggestions for an All-Natural High Gloss Varnish for Walking Stick Finish?
Paint for MDF cabinet doors that will have a hard smooth finish?
I have a wooden table that is old and dull?
2nd coat of semi gloss polyurethane looks dull?
High Gloss Polyurethane Not So Glossy...I Need Help Please?