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noisy lifter

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After oil change and hose replacement(oil cooler from filter to rad) I have no oil pressure and noisy engine.
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camry 3vz-fe, just replaced head gaskets now its running rough?
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Mitsubishi vr4 question?
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Can you add Marvel Mystery oil on top of using a oil stabilizer?
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318 mopar pistons clanking?
How much should I ask for the car? (selling)?
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bad hydraulic lifter?
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I hve a 190D MB. that has noisy lifters while driving around town but after getting off the hwy they quiet dw?
I switched to 20w 50 oil for a while, can I go back to normal weight?
Lifter or rocker tick?
what noisy lifters?
what causes noisy valve lifters 2002 chev venture?
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has anyone heard of runnig seafoam through your car engine to quiet down lifters?
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Noisy engine lifters?
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Lifters STILL noisy! Help.