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mil pesos

how much is the dos mil pesos worth?
Spanish question...help!!!
Can someone translate this song of Bebe "Siempre me quedará" in English?
I need a SPANISH speaker's help!
old bolivia peso of 1984 cincuenta mil pesos bolivianos equal to how much a new bolivia bolivianos?
Could you please check my Spanish....again?
Really important spanish project on mexico that's due tomorrow how did I do?
Are Mexican Pesos that were put into circulation in February 1987 still legal tender?
what about this money of BOLIVIA CINCUENTA MIL PESOS BOLIVIANOS fifty thousands is still used in circulation ?
People who live in Mexico....
what is a mexican 20 mil peso worth?
how much is 1000 mil pesos cop <columbian> in us dollars???
cincuenta mil pesos bolivianos of 1984 is in circulation?
1000 mil pesos bolivianos, how much us dollars is it worth?
how can i convert 1000 mil pesos into U.S.D?
How much us currency is 1000 pesos?
how much is in u.s. dollars is 50,000 Argentina Cincuenta Mil Pesos?
how much is 14 mil pesos in US dollars?
Do you agree with Mexican NGO lays blame for migrants’ woes on inaction and deaf ears of the Central and South?
How much is DOS MIL PESOS if converted into American money?
UASLP, convertida en negocio de unos cuantos?
I want to sell/exchange or trade 20,000,000 PHP currency to USD: How, where and with who. Note= $1/2 mil +.
Found money in old box: 1000 MIL PESOS from REPUBLICA DE LA ARGENTINA?
What is a 1000 Argentina Mil Pesos bill worth in US Dollars?
What does 1000 MIL PESOS From Colombia convert to in USA dollars.
How much does 20,000 viente mil pesos worth in USD?
How much is a 5000 cinco mil pesos bolivianos worth in amercian currence?
How many dollars is 1000 un mil pesos worth?
how much is my bill worth?(Argentina)?
how much does 1000 mil colombian pesos worth in us dollars?
Can someone translate this song for me?
Where on earth legistatures w/ salary of 75 thou per month, 22 million run'ng d'r job & 150 mil pork?
how much is 20,030 pesos in american dollars?
Wh can you cash in cien mils pesos bolivianos? my bank won't take it and travelex told me it was worth alot?
How much is 10.000 Argentine peso worth?
does anybody know if the mexican dollar that says 'dos mil pesos' is still any good? I?
where can i exchange diez mil pesos in san antonio tx?
I have come across an argentine bill that reads: 100,000 Pesos Cien Mil Pesos, how much is it worth in USD?
How much is 17000 mexican cinco mil pesos in Canadian dollars?
Whats the value of Colombia "Cinco Mil Pesos" in US?
How much is 1000 Mil Pesos worth in U.S. money?
I have a 1000 mil pesos bill from Colombia that i found...how much is it worth in America?
I too have 1 El Banco de Mexico 5 Mil Peso from 7-19-1985 & One 2 Mil Peso3-28-1969= 600.00 usa-Yes?
Can somone translate this song or just tell me what its talking about?
how much is $2000(colombian money) worth in american money??
How much is un mil pesos?
cincenta mil pesos equal to how much us dollar?
Spanish Preterite Help?
How much is 5000 Cinco Mil Pesos Bolivianos worth?
i have a spanish testt?
I have a Mexican bill with 10,000 and DIEZ MIL PESOS, serie PU written on it. Whats the value today?
Found in old box: 1000 MIL PESOS, Republica Argentina~what is it worth?
how much is diez mil pesos in colombia
Help spanish one midterm?
I found 2 old foreign bills (money) in a book that belonged to my late father, where can I exchange them?
I have paper money can someone tell me how much they worth?
Columbia dos mil pesos?
Is 2000 (Dos mil pesos) a lot of money? It's from Mexico so Im just wondering how much this is?
How much canadian dollars would this be?
converting pesos to dollars?
1000 mil pesos, from colombia?
i have a 10000 DIEZ MIL PESOS how much it worth?
I have a 10,000 Mexican Peso Bill. I was wondering if it worth anything and if so how much?
I have a 10,000 Diez Mil Pesos from Colombia Santa Fede Bogota 1994 what is it worth?
which bank in Tanzania east africa change the money of bolivia this cincuenta mil pesos bolivianos?
How much is 10000 pesos in Colombian currency in US dollars?
spanish numbers, help please.
I have a Uruguay 5000 Cinco mil Pesos note from Banco Central Del Uruguay. Is it worth anything?
Columbians please, currency exchange?
What financial instution or bank in united states exchange money of bolivia cincuenta mil pesos bolivianos?
what is the difference between a peso and a mil peso?
What does this convert to in U. S. Dollars?
How much is Argentina money, 5000 Cinco Mil Pesos in US currency?
Is 2000 (Dos mil pesos) a lot of money it's from mexico?
what is a 50,000 cincuenta mil peso(argentina) bill worth in US dollars.
whats the value of dos mil Pesos?
Portuguese to English translation please?
How much is my Mexican bill worth in US Money?
Accurate Spanish Translation Please!
Value of mexican currency?
where you can change bolivia bolivianos?
how much these pesos worth?
How much USD is this worth?
what is Dos Mil Pesos 2000 worth in us?
Mexican Spanish need help translating, this is important (family in mexico)?
I have a 2000 dos mil pesos. How much money is that in US currency?