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hanes commercials

What do anime prefer?
who was that singing?!
DO your see who they've got their hanes on now?
Wedgie Free Underwear?
What kind of dancing is this?
English help need to graduate?
What do you think of this commercial?
Does anyone know were I can find Jennifer love hewitts pink dress from he Hanes commerical?
Why is Michael Jordan still doing Hanes commercials?
What do you think of this short story?
What is the name of the actor in the Hanes commercial where he's dipping his son's feet in paste to make socks?
Why has Michael Jordan agreed to do all those homo commercials for Hanes?
Hanes commercial dress????!!!
Seven Propaganda questions? I really need help. Please?
please edit my paper ASAP!!
Where online can I find this Walmart commercial?
Do your balls hang low . . . Did anyone ever see this commercial?
Hanes all over comfort bra?
What is it?
who is the woman in the hanes wedgie free commercials?
whats the big deal about hanes?
What was the hanes bra that was advertised with Jennifer Love Hewitt that had non-slip bra straps?
Stocking Legs or B Legs?
how can i learn to dance like the girls in the Hanes commercial?
Does anyone remember a Christmas commercial for Hanes or Fruit of the Loom with thongs on a clothesline?
Spiritually speaking, I most commercials, but the worst ?
Has anyone noticed Michael Jordan's Hitler mustache in his Hanes commercial?
Can you answer these hypothetical hockey questions?
LeBron in his prime vs Jordan in his prime?
What in God's name happened to Cuba Gooding Jr.
Is Cuba Gooding Jr. gay in the Hanes commercial or just mental?
Hair and bangs help?
Does anyone know where I can find the dress Jennifer Love Hewitt wore in Hanes commercial?
Do Michael Jordan and Kevin Bacon live together?
What is the bra that Jennifer Love Hewitt does a commercial for?
Why does Michael Jordan have a Hitler mustache in the Hanes commercial?
Should my son become a model? Should I allow him? (he is only 13 years old)?
in the hanes commercial they play a song with lyrics "Im so over you.." & i who sings it & wats it led..!
Why isn't there an uproar against Micheal Jordan's Hitler mustache?
Hanes comfort soft bras?
Why does Michael Jordan Have a Hitler Mustache?
What does "won't pinch, won't bind" mean?
Dancing with the stars??
what is the advantage of Hanes Lay Flat shirts?
what cha think of this song?
Did you see what Martian Sheen did?
What do you think of this short story?
Should my son become a model? Should I allow him? (he is only 13 years old)?
If Hanes were to come out with a premium line of magical undies for our LDS friends...
Who is the guy in the Hanes commercials with Michael Jordan and Jeff Foxworthy?
Should my son become a model? ??(he is only 13 years old!)?
What is the female celebrities name?
Is it true Jennifer Love Hewitt was chosen for her Hanes commercials because of her large brest?
Who knows where I can get some old commercials in particular?
why do people the toothbrush mustache?
Is this start of a chic lit book any good? Does it make you want to keep reading?
Who the two guys in the Hanes commercials?
What was that commercial featuring "Peel Me a G"?
Does The Hanes White Tee Stretch Out?
Anybody who thinks Lebron is better then Jordan I don't know what your smoking?
Why is Jordan rocking a Hitler stache in that new Hanes commercial?
Do you remember this commercial from the 1990's?
Whatis the song of the hanes for her underwear commercial ?
Why doesn't Hanes use "large" women on their underwear commercials?
Is this story funny.........
Hanes Her Way has a commercial ..isn't the lady?
Who those professional dodgeball players on the Hanes Commercial?
Who is the blonde the hanes commercial?
I LOVE jennifer love hewitt's hair in this commercial, do you think it would look good on me??
Have you seen Jennifer Love-Hewitt in the new Hanes Bra commercial?
What kind of shoes in the new ipad commercial?
What do you think of this commercial?
English. Please help.
Michael Jordan's Hanes commercials?
English homework, Please help!
Some Help With English?
what the things that MJ could do that Kobe wishes could do?
Any one have the link to the old Hanes commercial?
Who thinks the new Hanes underwear commercial is about the stupidest thing on t.v?
Cotton Commercial?
The Old Levi's Commercial (Marvin Gaye "Lets Get It On) with the Invisible People. Where can I watch it?
What some of your favorite commercials ?
what cha think of this song?
What hanes bra is this?
Jennifer Love Hewitt..
New hanes commercial?
Who is the actor in the Hanes commercial?
Does anyone remember this commercial?
haircut how to describe it.
girls. which store can I buy a Hanes all comfort bra from? The Jennifer love hewitt commercial.
hanes commercial with michael jordan?
Why is MJ being an azzhole?
Hanes commercial?
Does anyone know who designs Sarah Chalke's blue dress in the Hanes "No Wedgie" commercial?
Would not Rep Weenie make a good Hanes spokesman in one of them Michael Jackson commercials?
does anyone know where to find a pic of jennifer love hewitt in the dress she wears in the hanes commercial?
i know i`ve asked this a million times but i`d like CURLY HAIR HELP! PLEASE HELP!
Where can I find the Hanes commercial with father and son singing I like to shake my booty?
Hanes all over comfort bra??
Is the the Hanes Underwear commercial the girl that plays Elliot on Scrubs?
why does michael jordan only do Hane's commericals?
Does Michael Jordan have a Hitler mustache on that Hanes commercial ?
My son wants to become a model? (he is only 13 years old)?
In the Hanes commercial for socks that fit your feet very well, who's the actress who plays the mom?
can anyone find out what eyeliner jennifer love hewitt used in her hanes commercial where shes all punk rock??
anyone bought the hanes all over comfort bra?
Ladies..who would you like to see in a Hanes for Men commercial? My pick...Jon Bon Jovi....ouch!!
Does anyone know that hanes commercial?????