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durabrand tv

My Free view digi box has just blown up (Durabrand)?
Durabrand tv remote code?
Can I drill into my USB speakers?
bought a durabrand bh2004d tv used. It has pntal controls locked on it. How do I get it off w/o pword.
Will my "Durabrand TV 13 inch television Model # DWT1304" made in 2004 work WITHOUT a converter box in 2009?
mobile video game systen=m?
Have a Durabrand 13 inch color TV. I have a universal remote. I just put it in my room, and I noticed the?
Giant omnitech remote with durabrand 27flat tv?
I have a LG universal remote that Im tryin to program for a durabrand tv. What's the code please?
i have a durabrand dvd player and a rca universal remote?
how to program rca universal remote to durabrand tv?
i have a philips universal remote and a durabrand tv. I need help programming the remote to the tv. NEED HELP!
My TV doesn't have HDMI please help!!
What is the directTV remote control code for a Durabrand TV?
durabrand tvs good tvs?
What's the remote code for Durabrand 19 in. TV?
How do I get the sound to my tv to work with my Durabrand surround sound I got my dvd to work?
Having trouble with Durabrand TV and X-10 Powerhouse remote?
I bought a Durabrand 13" TV from a garage sale and it has a v-chip which I do not have the pword?
Will a PlayStation 3s Blue-Ray DVD player work on a regular TV?
how can i program my rca remote to a durabrand tv?
Having trouble with hooking up a DVD player?
Tv - PS3 problem! help please!
I've lost the remote for my DURABRAND Tv. Now I can't access my 'input,' or 'game' functions. What do I do?
How do I know whether to set my dvd player to YUV P-scan or YUV interlace?
What durabrand HYF-23A tv codes?
Where or how do I find the code for Durabrand for the Dishnetwork remote 3.0 IR?
my 19' durabrand tv isnt playing my brand new ps3 no modulator what tp do?
Cheap, most likely old RCA Remote, need programmed to a 12-13" durabrand TV, 3 digit code. Help anyone? :)?
i have a tv that has a digital tuner built in but i'm having trouble getting DTV?
what happen to all the 59 dollars 13 inch color TVs?
how to program a philips universal remote?
Help Durabrand 2127N?
how to set up surround sound system?
Why does one TV get more channels than my other one. (Basic Cable only)?
i have the ge remote and no book need to program a durabrand tv?
why does the volume on my durabrand tv stay on max volume?i?
What is the average lifespan of a Durabrand TV set?
Durabrand HT-400 Digital Home Theater System? Hookin' Up Subwoofer???
Durabrand TV and Digital Cable?
remote control .
Receving digital signals with a pair of rabbit ears?
Durabrand TV won't work on channels in the 100s. Why?
does anyone have philips remote control codes to an old durabrand tv?
Can I use a universal remote on durabrand tv?
can i get channels above 72 with durabrand cable tv?
StarChoice dish remote on a Durabrand TV. Codes not listed and codesearch - still nothing. Anyone have codes?
Durabrand tv code ??
Programming a Durabrand DVD Player with an RCA Universal Remote?
My durabrand DWT1905?
Universal remote control frustration?
Surround Sound Question?
I have a Durabrand TV that will not turn on. Any Help.
how do you get a universal remote programed to a durabrand tv?
How do I get onto AV without my TV remote?
I have a Durabrand TV. Someone set the v-chip to restrict certain shows and l dont know the pword they use?
I'm trying to sync my Durabrand DWT1304 TV Remote with my DishNetwork Remote, but I can't find any codes.
Surround sount home theater system?????????????????????
why does my durabrand tv keep turning off every 5 minutes?
i have a Durabrand tv.and its older,but a few years back i broke the remote.any1 know how to get it to game?
Tv Code for Durabrand tv?
have a durabrand 19 inch tv and have tried universal remotes none of them work please tell me a brand to use?
I need codes for the One For All URC-3220 for my Durabrand tv model number BH2004D?
what is the name of this Durabrand TV?
How can I hook up my surround sound to my HDTV?
what remotes will work on my durabrand tv? the remote code is DURABRAND 076N0DW15 and i dont want 2 pay $20?
Comcast Cable Remote Codes For Durabrand TV?
What is the remote control code for a Durabrand DVD player (UK)?
tv logo D with no brand name on entire TV.
My Tv Screen Went Black and White?
Anyone know how I can turn one part of a DVI cable into a composite video cable?
Durabrand HT-377 set up help?
howwdo I hook up my surround sound (durabrand) to my cable box and tv sound is not coming from all the speake
need to find tv code for durabrand tv?
How do I hear my channels on my home theater?
Durabrand DWT1905 help?
Durabrand H7-3917 help.
How do you get to input on a durabrand tv without the remote?
Home theatre speakers not working.
How do I program my dish network remote to work my durabrand tv?
I lost my remote for my Durabrand Tv I have a universal remote but cannot find the code..
need the All4One code that works 4 durabrand tv model# BH2004D?
My dvd player only shows black and white?
Do you know if Durabrand TVs good?
Help hooking up PS2 to new television?
Philips universal remote SRU2040/17 codes?
is durabrand a good brand of tv?
"I have 19 inch durabrand tv and radio shack 5 in 1 remote. I need codes to set up the remote.
How can I remove the word FACTORY from my Durabrand TV screen?
how do i play a dvd player for a durabrand tv model dwt 1905?
Play Station 2 Hook Up Help?
Can't find codes!!!!!!!!!!
Home Theater System Help?
How can I connect my TV to surround sound?
i have a durabrand tv, and a magnavox universal remote, can anyone tell me what code i should use .. pleeease?
tivo setup: how to hook up vcr/dvd, stereo, surround sound, tivo and tv and have sound come out all speakers?
Why do my questions keep getting deleted?
How do I program my comcast remote to my Durabrand TV?
does anyone know how to play my dvd on my durabrand without reg. remote?
Help hooking up some speakers to my LG TV?
program protected durabrand tv?
I have a durabrand tv model #bh2004d and on the screen top left it says "factory". How do I remove it?
Durabrand Home theater system?
Please! i need a universal remote code?
universal remote control help?
What the tv codes for a 13" Durabrand for RCA UNIVERSAL REMOTE model#410x?
cant play games on tv why?
trying to find a 27 inch durabrand tv?
where can i get the Dish 6.0 IR/UHF pro Remote codes for a Durabrand TV at?
when playing a DVD i get a louder buzz when there is a lot of white or lighter color on the screen. Fix?
I need to find a code to my rca universal remote so I can use my Durabrand tv its a bh2004d?
Anyone know the program codes for the 6 in 1 universal remote from the dollar tree for a durabrand tv?
I have a One For All Universal remote, UCR 4220, and I'm trying to input a code for a Durabrand tv. Help?
Remote codes?
Will a Universal Remote work with all tv's?
durabrand tv model DWT2704?
Help! Where can I find the Zenith remote code for my Durabrand tv?
My Tv is Locked and won't come back.
Why does my durabrand tv keep having codes that pop up in black?
Problem with home theater!!!!
I'm looking for a Durabrand TV Remote Code?
Why am I getting RF interference on my surround sound?
i need a code for durabrand tv?
will buying a 5.1 home theatre system make my tv sound hd?
What happened to my tv it buzzed and then something exploded inside it and it smells burned?
How to program my Dish Network remote control to my Durabrand television?
I Need help with my Durabrand TV!
Is my Durabrand TV going to work?
I have a philips CL034 universal remote and i need the code for a Durabrand tv.
Please! i need a universal remote code.
I have a durabrand tv an im trying control it with another remote what is the tv code for the durabtand tv?
How do I hook my PS2 to my Portable DVD player?
What these code things for tvs??? HOW DO I PUT THEM IN?
Durabrand 5.1 100W DVD Home Theater System ?
does my Durabrand tv have a built-in digital tuner? model # DU2701B?
I bought a DVD Player is am trying to get it work w/ my TV, its not showing up. Where can I find inst.4 my TV?
What is the code to sync a One-for-all remote to a durabrand tv?
I have a 21' durabrand tv. My direct satilite remote will not run the tv. Do you know any codes?
What is the 3-Digit Code for My Philips Universal Remote for My Durabrand Tv?
i have a ge universal remote and a durabrand tv - i have lost the code book how do i find out the right code?
Why can't I change my Durabrand TV to video mode?
I dont get ITV and Ch4 channels on my Durabrand PSTB1 freeview box?
My Durabrand 20 inch Durabrand Color TV.....
What cables do I need to connect my computer to my tv?
Who makes Durabrand TVs?
Help with 'The Lion King' DVD!!!
i would like to know if my durabrand 13' tv model number dwt1905 built in 2005 is hd ready thanks.
need help with my 3 in 1 Remote?
Please help with DWT 1905 Durabrand TV!
How do i connect my tv and charter box and xbox and surround?
RCA Universal Remote & Durabrand TV.
Freeview box is asking me for a Lock Key code??
how to program a RCA universal remote to a Durabrand Tv.
The power on to my durabrand tv was pushed inside the console, how do I retreive it myself?
how to program a ge universal remote to a durabrand tv?
when my TV runs through my home entertainment system the volume is either muted or very loud?
Need codes for durabrand tv for philips remote urc3003wm?
my crt durabrand tv would not turn on after a lighting strike?
I have a Portable DVD Player. Is there a way I can hook it up to cable (without the TV)?
Surround sound with Durabrand H7-3917?
durabrand dwt2704. how do you hook up a vcr and dvd player w/out a video channel on this brand of tv?
Durabrand Home Not Working!
i need my instructions i lost them and still cant get my rca remote programed to my durabrand tv?
Nobody is answering my Question!
Recently I purchased a 15" Durabrand tv from walmart. I lost the manual and need to know how to remove the ?
I have two of the same brand tv, but different sizes and have a question,(please check my question)?
How can I hook my Xbox up to a durabrand tv?
durabrand tv wont go on game mode(videomode)?
I lost my code book to my Bigmatters universal jumbo remote er04305j ?
Does anyone know if a gaming system can connect with a "Durabrand STS92 DVD Home Theater System"?
On a Philips SRU3003/17 what code should I use for Durabrand BH2004?
Dish network Remote control codes for durabrand tv?
how to play dvds without remote control?
what brand converter box would a durabrand standard tv be compatible with?
I have a Durabrand TV and the remote has died. Anyone know what all in one remote works for this TV?
Please help I need codes for Innovage Universal Jumbo Remote?
how to program a universal remote?
universal remote control help?
i have 13 in Durabrand tv and a missing remote.i bought philips universal remote.lost codes.can u hepl me with?