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confidential informant

Can I become a Confidential Informant?
What do you think of my list of movies that I like the most?
What would be the benefits to America pulling companies out of China?
If you get arrested and the police offer you a deal and to become a confidential informant in exchange for?
Can you be prosecuted if the CI is not around?
Is there any problems with police agencies sharing intelligence information?
when police use a confidential informant for a controlled delivery can informant after police search and drop?
I wanna become a paid confidential informant?
Need to find free snitch list or confidential informant list for Nebraska?
can confidential informant go to jail for doing black mail of suspect?
Understanding confidential informants?
Find a confidential informant in idaho?
Can Confidential Informants... ?
Are there any guide lines for using mentally ill confidential informants ?
Don't you think that holding a citizen for years and accusing him of being sleeper agent will turn him?
Affidavit of probable cause using confidential informant?
Teddy Atlas told the truth about the Email?
can a confidential informant be an individual who has pending charges?
how do you no someone is a confidential informant ?
I found doentation of a confidential informant...
Confidential Informant Questions?
how can a cop blow the case workin with a confidential informant?
defamation of character and wrongful termination?
free web site for informants.
I would like to find a web site that lists (unpaid police) Confidential Informants names and CI numbers?
Can you Explain a song with many quoteables?
How much do confidential informants get paid?
how many confidential informants live in oceanside,ca?
Kindly, please translate this letter in Malay?
In this hypothetical situation, what should a police officer do?
Why do they label informants confidential?
Disclosure of a Confidential Informant in Court does the informant have recourse if disclosed?
What the rules of being a confidential informant?
Becoming a Confidential Informant for the local county narcotics division?
Can my employer make me pay a fine that his store received?
If one enters the USA as a refugee, then authorities learn he has a criminal record, what happens to him?
confidential informant?
if you a confidential informant and the police tell you it's private and that you're name will NOT be know?
If I agreed to be a confidential informant, is it possible to withdraw from it as I do not want to?
Liberals Why Is your Cronkite, Now Suspected of AIDING Anti-American Efforts In Vietnam?
Will i get paid if i was a confidential informant to the nashville police departmenT?
Can a prosecutor object to a question he believes the defense is going to ask ?
The police raided my house due to the fact...
If a person was a confidential informant and had 2 sworn statements?
Can I be held liable for reporting an illegal alien to Immigration?
Why would someone be stupid enough to PAY a cricketer for weather and pitch information? Why did warne say lie?
Can I be held liable for reporting an illegal alien to Immigration?
Why is doent fraud considered a victimless crime by illegal aliens?
Homework question (find umption) help!
Where can i find the confidential informant list for nevada?
What is the concern in Hazelton? Racism or crime?
Witness a no-show?
List of Confidential Informants (CI'S) for Nicholas County West Virginia?
how can i find out who was the confidential informant who sent me to prison?
Which serial killer is ociated with shaved eyebrows? Or shaving eyebrows? Creepy-stuff I guess.
How will supporters defend this illegal arrested on immigration weapon violations came here as a child?
how can i find a confidential informant list for my city?
I was working as a confidential informant when I got set up by an officer I have DUI Chrg was 2 b dropped Not?
Will a bust buy arrest hold up in court without police producing marked money used in transaction?
Fuzzy Dunlop Season 2 Episode 8 of the Wire?
-law- CI, (Confidential Informants) does the defendant have the right to face there accuser?
How much does the FBI pay confidential informants?
Confidential informant?
Fast & Furious: why is the U.S.Gov giving money to the Mexican Drug Cartels ?
Can a CI (Confidential Informant) get high?
What my options as a confidential informant who is facing charges if i don't cooperate?
If the Feds weren't doing their job in Arizona, would they have all these news releases?
I need to know something about an indictment?
i had got arrested 4 selling crack to a confidential informant but i did not know that and this was my first?
confidential informant"CI" "Police" do they get pay for what thay doing? and if they get pay who pay them ?
can a confidential informant sue the state if there ideny was reveiled over the internet when promised not?
"snitching" confidential informants"?"law enforcement officers?
is there anyway to identifi a confidential informant?
Should I be worried.....
free rat/snitch list or confidential informant list for canyon county,ada county,idaho?
does the confidential informant have to come to court to testify ?
motion to file in this case?
Do you trust your Gov't???FBI Proposes Building Network of U.S. Informants??
Is the ideny of confidential informants released after trial & disposition?
Who polices the police? The city police in my town crooked. Who do I give my evidence to? FBI?
Slander/libel: What the rights of concerned informants to public officials?
Your opinion illegals committed fraud The financing company is left on the hook for somebody driving car?
What kind of job would best suit me?
Is war with Iran and Russia a good idea based on Anonymous Sources from the ASSociated Press?
can a credible witness become a confidential informant?
Is it legal for police to enter a motel room without a warrant?
How Much Should a Confidential Informants Get Paid?
Can a CI be cross examined on the stand?
what my rights as confidential informant?
Anyone watch Spike TV DEA last night what your thoughts?
in a case, why would someone only be charged with certain crimes...
Can a CI (Confidential Informant) get high?
"confidential informants" and the justice system,do the authorities discriminate?
Can a confidential informant still get arrested on charges?
Who do you talk to-to become a confidential informant for the police/sheriff's?
Who's name is on the confidential informant list in spalding county, GA?
confidential informant?
the war on users encourages unethical law enforcement practices?
Does anyone know what the term Drug Accommodation means?
Can a confidential informant be made to testify in court?
how is a federal narcotics confidential informant compensated and how is his fee determined?
The 4 men were set up by FBI. Is that legal?
proving a confidential informant uncreditible?
Have the police made a grave mistake of the comments of illegals would supporters say civil rights violations?
Confidential Informants List for North Carolina?
Will this come up in my military background check?
What is a confidential informant?
Regarding John Doe confidential informants and Franks v. Delaw motion.....
if a dealer never sold s out of his house, would the police be able to get a search warrant for his house?
Does a police report have to match an affidavit?
Why would a "lovely but a bit daft and terbrained girl" be entrusted with such a huge ignment?
Can a subpoena for a confidential informant, paid or not, be left with the person's landlord?
What would be a good le for the novel I'm working on...
what is the criteria for a confidential informant?
Is there a website that finds dirt on people?
How many illegals currently enjoying instant citzenship from Feliciano Ortiz-Cruz skills at fraud?
Can someone help me with this situation?
will and if so, when would a case be dropped once the confidential informant withdrawls from testifying?
Can this be entrapment? Or anything else wrong with it?
"confidential informants" is this a fair practice in the judicial system?
Is there a place on the internet I can ask legal questions other than okay.so?
Israelis Now Taps All US telephones?
Can information from a confidential informant be used to issue a search warrant? please explain?
How does judicial release work in Ohio when someone has a mandatory sentence?
Do you fear your national government?
confidential informant for the DEA?
need help...really confused and ahh?
Will this show up in a military background check?
Could a Confidential Informant work for a Gov agency in FL and have the possibility of delete or pardon record?
Could a confidential informant sue if they're ideny must be revealed in court?
Is it wrong for 70 SS#'s alien registration #'s issued to other individuals if used for better life ?
want to see the Snohomish county list of confidential informants?
Should I disclose an unwitting informant?
Please read the article below,
Is this letter written properly? If it is not, please help me re write for me, please?
Defendant's rights vs.police informant's rights?
what the pros and cons of using police informants?
does connecticut post a list of confidential informants?
What do you think HAZLETON, Pa. - Authorities have charged 40 people, including suspected illegal immigrants ?
need to find confidential informant list in Las Vegas?
Does any other a slam gies like this?
how can i become a youth inspector/confidential informant?
If a reporter receives an award for a story he later learns is a hoax should he return the award ?
is there a list that discloses snitches in georgia?
Does a confidential informant have civil recourse against the state if their Ideny is revealed in court?
How can a CI confidential informant be doing s and yet work with the police to get off on their charges?
When the police have a confidential informant and sets ups a sting operation?
Cops: Solve gun homicides by CIA-like tactic - outfit guns with GPS, then release to public.. ?
Can entrapment be used in a case where confidential informant gave a person substantial amount of ?
Would WikiLeaks lose their support if they focused on a socialist or communist icon?
confidential informants public record?