Do you have someone prepare your taxes, or do them yourself?
what age does childcare tax stop?
If your married and your tax agent files you HoH can your tax agent be liable?
Non residential tax code?
Hi I filed an injured spouse allocation and I filed my daughter will i get the money for her or will they take
If your A Board of Director for a co-op, can you claim any on expenes on your taxes? Is it volunter work?
2012 Identity theft on tax return. When should i recieve my refund?
will my tax refund be delayed?
If you work for an employer and they deduct taxes for you but you fail to file tax, what happens to the money?
How do taxes vary in different states on the super rich?
Can my fiance claim our 3 month old son on his taxes if we aren't married?
Where can i get a paper form to file my nc state taxes?
Question about tax refund deposit dates?
I lost my PAN CARD what do I do now. I am from AP and I know the card # also. Pls sugget?
Does New Hampshire charge state sales tax?
How Much Property Taxes?
How do I pay my taxes?
My Solicitor & Accountant are unsure of the corporation tax still owing from the previous owner. I believe its?
Yes or No? A 15% flat tax for all? easy points..?
Am I being taxed correctly?
im 20, can my dad still claim me on his taxes?
Can you deduct health insurance premiums taken out of your check each week to lower your ajusted gross income?
If one was not employed but a full time student with a dependant, are you able to still do taxes?
how do you treat gain from sale of shares of stock?
Would you help me 'bout bonds and taxes?
How does the IRS failure to pay penalty work?
II need a journal that writes on cost benefit analysis on taxation,environmental or education not more than 4p
What should I do when the IRS rejects my appealed Offer in Compromise?
I changed my status on my w4 to single 0, why am i not getting taxes taken out of my pay check?
Help! Am I going to jail for tax evasion?
can my parents claim me? I think not!!!!?
Why is the american money green?
In 2009 when can I file taxes?
where does unemployment's money came from?
So the IRS is showing that my refund was deposited on the 12th, but my bank hasn't recieved anything
I'm filing single, head of household and I'm claiming 3 children, I made 24,000 in 2007?
Single claiming 5 on allowances w-4 form?
I just got my first paycheck, why is there federal and FICA tax?
How many dollars in taxes per year is the American Government gaining from citizens?
What's the lowest monthly payment you can make to the IRS under an installment agreement?
Employer made an overpayment of salary six years ago do I have to pay it back?
Will my IRS tax refund be returned to me "plus interest" for their delay? Can the IRS be sued?
Do you have to file taxes for college?
my kids grand father claimed my kids on his tax refund and i had custody of my kids last year what can i do?
How long should I hold onto old tax stuff?
Can they take my income tax refund and attach my wages at the same time forstudent loans?
DCIN or Submission ID?
How much is income tax on $130.50 if i live in virignia and am 16 years old?
i live with my boyfriend together can he claim me and my 2 kids on the tax return?
Can any one explain or provide example(s) of these taxes?
i went ahead and used turbo tax to amend my 09 tax return. according to turbo tax im getting back something,bu?
How much would the tax be for something $249.99?
who is liable for stamp duty when there is a part exchange?
if i make 280 a week how much will be deducted after tax? i live in california?
i accidentally ripped my paycheck, now what?
Should I cancel my JSA claim?
Can anyone help me fill out a tax form 1120H?
if you buy a stock for $5 and then sell it for $5 does that mean you made $5 for tax purposes?
How to calculate net income?
can i claim my wife and son on my taxes, if they live in mexico!?
Time to pay care home fees?
Can my mom still claim me on taxes if I'm 22 and not attending college?
Do unincorporated associations have to pay taxes?
what are the taxes require for an sole trader?
Has anyones federal refund not been deposited from Republic bank?
How much longer should I wait for IRS response, after sending our tax filing documents through mail?
looking for tax forms for this year ?
Will I pay Federal and State taxes if I file exempt on a bonus?
I got divorced on December 15th, 2007. Can we still file together?
I heard the IRS might send out taxes a little earlier then 30th, could this be true? ?
Do you have to claim your house on taxes?
Has anyone received there refund?
Is anyone else panicking over the irs not depositing their refund yet?
Downpayment for First Time Home buyer from tax withholding?
how much csa do you get?
How long does it take for HRMC to investigate a claim for emergency tax overpayment?
is it illegal to marry for tax purposes only?
tax return question?? im confused??
how much can you earn before you have to pay income tax?
when is drdo exam date(in india)?
How will a $30,000 lottery winning affect the taxes of a married couple?
how do i tell irs im no longer president of s corp?
Is there anyway I can get DPD to re-delivery my parcel today? (UK)?
Am I a dependent or not?
i filed my kids on my taxes last year and my ex dosent work can she persecute and all i got back was 1300?
Can I claim my 21 year old if she is living at home not working and not going to school ?
Has anyone got email from England that u won lottery, to get won amount pay the courier delivery charges ?
Tax Refund on the 2nd of Feb.?
How much can you contribute to your SEP retirement?
Whats 48% taxes of 150?
Toll free nunber for IRS to check refund status?
what is meant by the "basis" in or for my IRA?
What situations need to file tax form when made less than $9350 last year?
Moving out....filing aid?
i want to print out my w2 form?
worksheetprepared by taxpayer with information for accountants to prepare their tax returns?
what must a single taxpayer's gross income be to file a tax return?
If you order something online from the UK how much do they charge for S&H?
My hairdresser shop does not take checks or credit cards. Cash only. And he never offers me a receipt.?
Is a travel per diem for food, etc. considered taxable?
if i did my taxes on turbotax how do i get a copy of my federal income tax forms?
Taxes: How does one apply tuition costs to the 1040A form?
Do Riverhouses pay taxes?
Why are a lower proportion of unemployed people claiming Jobseekers Allowance now compared to 1990?
I am a dependent. I make 5000 and i want to be exempt from federal taxes what form do I have to fill out?
Is the interest portion of my monthly payments on a land sale contract deductible as home mortgage interest?
How do I file taxes in Ohio being married to my husband but we've been seperated for 4 years?
What sort of price can i expect to pay for council tax for renting a 1 bedroom flat in Bristol?
Do i have to pay tax on my house i rent out when i sell it?
Income taxes in Uk and Ireland?
How long can the state of Illinois keep my tax return?
Does anyone know when you can file your taxes for 2007?
who can using indian pan card?
I need a link for the IRS where I can submit a complaint?
Do you think it is fair, to pay taxes on the overtime that you have worked?
Should I have someone prepare my taxes?
Can I file my federal taxes now and file my state taxes later, or do I have to file together at the same time?
Do you have to pay tax when you receive life insurance money?
Neighbor not paying taxes for home business?
How will the Obama Tax Cut affect my 2009 tax return?
please help, plus tax? thanks :)?
what is best to do with my unpaid tax bill of forty thousand pounds?
Can u file taxes if u made 30 dollars for the year?
looking for tax course so i can become a professional tax preparer?
if my kid was born on december 30th 2008 would i be able to claim him on my taxes for 2008?
A must to pay Council tax bills?
I married in February 2007. How do I file 2006 return? Married but filing seperately? or Single?
Received distibution from partnership $25000. My share of passive taxable income is $30000. What is my income?
Is there anyway to claim these things as a tax deduction or writeoff?
How do I file my taxes with my last pay stubs?
Why do we pay 5% VAT for heating and 20% for telephone bills?
how can i get a copy of my w2 form for 2004?
Can I request SSA to give out my SSN?
The income tax is classified as which type of tax?
can someone tell me in laymen terms how to prepare myself for the Audit Bureau of Circulations?
How Exaclty Does Deducting A Leased Car For Your Business Work?
can i amend a tax return from 2009 even after the irs just sent me a bill for $ avoid penalties?
In Canada, when you transfer shares of a privately held company to your parent, is there capital gain?
California Sales Tax Question?
what does one charity dollar equal in tax dollars?
Anybody running 2007 or 2008 tax software on Windows 7?
Paper stimulus check today 5/23/08???
can anyone tell me the conversion of 6.00euros into british pounds?
I lost my all id proof & tomorrow my flight for delhi i hv only xerox copy of pan card & fir copy of mumbai po?
How long will it take for my parents to get their tax return transcript?
what is the full form of salary CTC?
Tax Credits and overpayment?
How long would the IRS wait before they seize your assets?
Can i recieve unemployment from oh. since i worked there and in fl. where i got laid off . i qualify in both?
Do Catholic School Teachers pay fed with-holding, state and fica taxes??????
Income Tax Question: How to File?
what is the amount of child tax credit I can take for 2005 tax year?
what percentage of money should i expect to be taken out of my paycheck in the awesome state of Maryland?
RIFF (Canadian retirement account) to an IRA?
Tax Help - Which is True?
Random question about salaries - does anyone earn £15,000 per year, if so what do you come out with (read on)
How do I find out what my home tax balance is on line-SA texas?
how to pay the irs on money I recieved?
How long does the IRS take to investigate a SS-8 claim?
Retired IRS agents doing taxes?
why people chose networkmarketing business apart from doing anything else?
pl tell me can a highcourt lawyer can attest the paper?
is it illegal to marry for tax purposes only?
can i legally 1099 my employees?
Must a person w/ a schedule c sole proprietorship clain a net operating loss? (NOL)-Is he req'd to?
Hi...Filed Jan 21. Confirmation the same day. Turbotax says Feb 5th and Irs says Feb 2nd? Which one is correct?
If I am receiving a tax rebate, am I okay to file my taxes slightly late?
what is earned leave?
Will the state that you are working at take your taxes out of your paycheck?
Tax question for self employed?
ATO tax telling lies for money gain?
If I bought something for $2.00 would the sales tax percentage increase if it were $200?
how do you work out the vat on an amount?
where are the people who want to donate me some money so they can use it as a tax write off?
whats the tax on 12,000.00?
Can you inherit IRS tax debt from parents if they die?
If 20 people give me $11,000 each as a gift, do I need to pay taxes on the over $200,000 that I recieve?
can you only buy road tax at the end of a month?
What is the 800 number to check if your tax return will be witheld due to a debt??k?
s corp tax question, is this possible?
My old employer wont give me my W2 unless I go and sign for them?
Difference of carrying on a business vs business with a country?
What are Schedules? (Tax Return-related)?
how do I get to where you find out if money owed you from taxes, trusts, etc.?
do kcmc have w2 forms online?
2010 Taxes, State of Michigan return?
Iam thinking of moving from Singappore to California. What are the taxes an individual needs to pay in CA?
approx paycheck amount??
What is the punishment for not claiming rent income on taxes?
Internet tax, how do you feel about it?
Am I eligible for NI refund?
What affect does the bill passed by the US SENATE have on the CHILD TAX CREDIT, if any ?
Do you have to pay income tax on Social Security?
Is Allowance Taxable Income?
Can someone give £15,000 to a half-sister without incurring Inheritance Tax if he dies within 7 years?
should i be paying tax at BR rate in part time job when i already have full time job?
Paying taxes without W2 forms?
owe IRS money? how to solve it?
I am under the impression that this mining tax is going to be thrown back onto workers?
college student, babysitting & taxes...?
Taxes for Part Time Job?
Paying Income Tax If Only Worked 3 months?
What percentage is withheld from bonuses for income tax in the US?
What is the maximum allowable RRSP contribution in Ontario Canada?
What do Social Security Disability recipients need to file to receive their tax rebates?
unemployment online says my money was deposited but its not on my card yet?
if you are of native american ancestory can you be exempt from federal taxes?
How can the Salvation Army Thrift Stores charge sales tax when they don't pay taxes?
If I'm making $1240.00 every 2 weeks in Ontario, how much will be deducted for Gov Pen, Fed Tax, and EI?
how much can you make tax free without having to report it?
How much tax does an average UK resident pay?
i made 24,567.40for 2009 and i have 2 dependants how much in taxes will i get back..married..head of household?
I'm due a refund; do I need to file taxes?
Can a married couple file together for long-time resident tax credit?
how long did it take to get your California state tax refund by direct deposit?
I purhased a flat in 1994 for 3.38 lakhs on my wife nam and wish to sold it for 11 lakhs. What is capital gain
Dear friends, please tell How shall I save Tax? My TDS will be roughly around 20000 p.a.?
can you file taxes if your unlemployed?
what was the fullform of where is in delhi india?
Will I get taxed on £2000 a month?
Do you pay property taxes in Florida for next year or are they retroactive?
I get paid on the 15th and last day of the month. I got fired on the 18th. How is pay calculated?
Is there any way to avoid tax's ?
irs received my amended return on march 14?
How does one get tax credit or exemption for historical preservation or living history?
Under Cain's 9-9-9 Tax Plan, would state sales taxes still be in effect?
what do I do if I think that my girlfriends parents have claimed me on there incomes taxes illegally!?
Income and sales tax on same item legal?
Getting my emergency tax back!!?
Who can tell me a Canada Mail Forwarding Services ??
Can the public view Australian not-for-proft tax returns?
my wife is disabled and has not worked for more than two years. She started drawing her disability in Oct 11'?
Is it mandatory to file Income tax returns every year if PAN card is issued?
how to get off child support in your walfare case?
What is the penalty if meager interest amount is not shown in tax returns?
Info about 1099 tax form?
can i drive my car if i orderd my tax online and its been taken the payment?
Where to find a STAFF ACCOUNTANT?
Getting back old income tax?
Should I tell the IRS they made a mistake in my favor?
the letter with pan card headed as income tax pan services unit. is it my pan intimation letter? pls confirm?
should the gov scrap road tax(UK) and put up petrol to stop road tax dodgers.?
how much is your salary?
Help on Ebay and Tax?
My dad left me his house when he died its being sold for £135how much capital gains tax will i have to pay ?
Am married but filled tax return as single because my husband owed irs,and now i filled for financial aid they?
Payroll Question: Improper Taxes Withheld?
Is Inheritance tax immoral ?
why do we have taxes?
If a person lives with me that receives public assistance,foodstamps and medical care would I be able to claim
late tax quistion if anybody can help please ty.?
Who pays the council tax on a rented property?
Why do UK people need a tv license ?
E-file status?
How much can you make before you pay taxes in Ohio?
how long does it take the Irs to approve a tax return?
Principal on Connecticut Back Taxes?
How does the IRS decide what you owe?
Do I have to pay taxes after selling Android apps in Austria?
What happens if you didn't lodge a tax return last year?
IRS Stimuli Rebate... delay in direct deposit! Question?
What are the Duty Rates on alcohol imported from Ukraine to U.S. for resale?
I won a film festival. I won 500.00. I had to fill out a W9. Do I have to file taxes? READ DETAIL?
what is the fica max for 2006?
What are the concequences of not paying taxes for 1 year?
tax credits for working familys?
I have 4 exemptions and my pay stub shows that there's no federal being taken out my check. Is that bad?
in India which form of income tax office has to be filled by the security stock traders?
Will I get my tax income refund if my parents claim me?
How to calculate of I-Tax for 2006-07 for salaried person?
How long will it take to get my state id?
Whats the tax / total amount i need to pay for this computer!!?
Does anyone know how long carers allowance takes to come through?
Is it true that 40% of Americans don't pay federal income tax? If so, how?
if you move if you apply for social security will it affect your decesion?
please deduct 20% of 615,810?
When is it to late to file my taxes?
Loan for NRI in ratnagiri?
Mutual fund and long term capital gains?
Do I really have to charge sales tax to states other than my own in my web store?
How much allowance do you get paid??
Can I file my 2012 tax w out my 1099 g?
I have not receaved a 1099 tax form telling me how much I've made. Should co,send this to me?
Work Question? is this right? Tax is my boss cheating things out?!?
I have never filed income tax since i started working,i am now 54.?
Getting audit for Head of household from irs?
Why are only 25+ year olds entitled to working tax credits in the UK?
I had bought a bottle of roohafza and a packet of maggie, and i had to pay extra 12.5% as VAT on the purchase.?
My 2011 tax return was accepted on Feb. 1st by the IRS but still doesn't show up on WMR tool?
A question about taxes?
We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless we find mistakes or you owe other taxes, yo?
Capital gains tax increase to 20% in Dec of 2012?
filing taxes after having a new baby?
Wht is SLTTER Act?
what to do if someone claims your children on their taxes with out your permission?
I will be recieving part of an annuity soon, from grandmother. Is there any way to avoid paying taxes on it?
Are state income taxes deducted from federal?
Canada bridge/tax payer dollars?
How do I determine deductions on shared utilities for an attached rental unit?
Does Canada have a national per diem rate?
i need confirmation of my address on my 2005 refund check?
how do i find out if real estate agent gave me correct tax i d #?
concerning income tax if i file for eic with a child does that child have to be blood related?
whats the best study methid to retain information for a test?
Unemployment pay and back pay?
tax question for a teen?
if i claim my daughter as a dependent(yes she lived w. me and i provided her support)?
Cashed out some of my 401K to purchase my first home?
if you refinance your home and cash out 30000 is it taxable income and when do you pay capital gains?
What am I supposed to when I only make $1200 after taxes and child support takes $750?
How many dependents should I claim on my w-2 for a new job?
Has anyone received their tax refund today 1-28-2012?
How to calculate my income tax for the current FY 2005-06? I am a senior citizen.?
What is involving bringing money from an abroad sold property?
Is there any way that a disabled person can defer or postpone a outstanding amount with the IRS?
Are Taxes too high in the United Kingdom ?
what is a even transiction in a material procurement and what are the different taxes applicable during this?
How much percent per year on pay?
How does working in a state and living in another affect your taxes?
We did our taxes on the 16th and got the ipower card?
how can i tax a car on good friday?
Does this count as self employed?
How do i get my w-2 from my old job?
How much tax will I pay on us savings bond interest?
For my tax refund would I claim my school if the VA pays for it?
whats the number to call the irs and speak to a live person?
Is it legal to deduct a plane fare that also includes personal time?
What percent of government income comes from taxes?
Claim Code 13750228?
stock taxes and options?
why does social security have a 5 month waiting peiod to receive ssdi benefits?
Help! I didn't know about FBAR!?
how the tax system over the church in your country?
Help please about taxes!?
waiting for probate to finish, to put the title of the house in my name can i claim the mortgage on my taxes?
how many hours do you have to work to claim working tax credits?
My boss wont give me my last paycheck.Can i file against him if I dont pay taxes?
Can I file a 1099 tax form online?
I am a student and I work fulltime. Am I suppose to get back everything taken from federal tax?
How do I receive my tuition return that I am to able claim from last year?
Is it true that the Gov is giving Hurricane Katrina victims a tax brake ??
Can i claim my 17 year old wife as a dependent on my income tax?
How often does the irs update their system?
If you work for a family member, do you have to pay taxes on the income?
how do I prepare my business for a texas sales, excise and use tax audit?
My employer has been paying me cash, with no taxes taken out for three months. What will happen come tax time?
I'm in india.If I redeem a macbook pro from,then how much INR will I have to pay as taxes?
what does tax defered?
If I file my taxes myself and have them direct deposited through the computer how long before I get my money?
Do Your taxes go to pay for or sponsor PBS.?
What's the difference of income based JSA and contribution based JSA?
what is the standard deduction for single person for federal tax?
Tax for online games?
I need a place to file my taxes, using only my year end check stubs.?
is there somthing as mercy petition in incometax law(indian context)?
IRS says they sent my refund but it's not there for 2012?
Can you claim tax exempt all year?
I live in N.C snd i need to withdrawl 2,000 from my IRA. i will have them take the 10 percent penilty for ?
I am currently in the union at my work and was wondering how I claim this on my income tax return?
VAT on Commissions????
My husband has a qualifying military EIN. How do we file for free on taxslayer?
Now that is good news!!!!!!!!?
What are some federal user fees?
Tax question about income for minors?
Is it safe to send away my tax return?
Should I file early? Turbotax recommends on or after feb 11?
How much in tax gains will each, 250k, 500k, and 1m generate? what is your opinionr?
Confused about the Importing duty(tax) of cigarate?
i need a ein for my last employer?
Has anyone received their tax refund direct deposit today?
How much is personal allowance?
Why am i getting a standard deduction on Turbo tax????!?
Is it true that you must file income taxes for 2007 in order to get the rebate check?
when do taxes in california have to be filed?
what abt indian what is yTD meant for indian employee?
is there an eastgate financial ltd. in the uk?
tax refund delayed to 2/22 ?
should I receive a refund on my local taxes paid. I pay a city in OH and I live in MI. If so on state or fed?
Are child tax credits considered community property?
Overseas tax exemption?
How do you feel working society is impacted by stay at home parents?
Where is a good place to get my taxes filed in BC Canada?
Retirement Pension...?
I dont have form 16 from my previous employer.?
can a co. be made to pay a pension?
Why does it seem seem the IRS punishes good working people?
l1 visa holder and doing my part time MS and paying tuition fee. I could like to know do i get tax exemptions?
Is 80000 a year a good salary?
hello,i was recently recieving child tax credits,then they just stopped,i looked into it and found out it..?
since the u.s. is financially negative,why can't we tax the churches?
i accidentally deleted turbotax 2011 on my coumputer. how do i open up the tax file?
In which scenario, who would be paying more taxes?
Address of pools associations in Uk?
Regarding Pension in India?
Tax Credits Query ..?
Did the cash register trick me in Bowling?
where can i find a Grading Plan showing Best Management??? please its urgent!!!?
401k, is it good for short term visa holders?
If a movie star gets 20 million, how much does he have to pay on taxes?
15H/15G forms needs PAN details?
How old do you have to be to start paying tax and how much do you have to be earning? can i claim it back?
Can I secretly file taxes when my parents file for me too?
how many hours is full time employment. i have been told it is now 45?
Do you have to file taxes every year? when your income is only $2800.00 totle income for the year? or are you?
$12,701/month getting 3 mos. payroll what is % for 0.5 mos & 2.5 months?
does anyone know how to work out duty deferment?
Since I got tax refund every year, How can I stop paying tax now and pay later?
what are tax reserves?
how and where to claim social security benefits for my lost father?
What happens if you lie about your Driver's License expiration date on your taxes?
What is I. T. (Income Tax) Return?
Trying to find my tax I d number?
I coown a house.We pay our mortgage from joint check account. Does it matter who deducts interest from taxes?
I filed Feb 1st when will I get my refund?
do you have to file jointly if married?
Forging signature on my father's tax return transcript?
sales tax (VAT)?
taxes with a workers-permit?
My payroll dept failed to take out the correct with holdings now my tax debt is huge do I have and E &O claim?
what do i say to keep my EDD CA unemployment benefits after my part time employer reported my wages?
If I live in a state that does not charge sales tax...?
Internet Tax rules in New Jersey?
EDD (Unemployment claim) California?
The IRS is telling me that I am not entitled to any deductions?
what about the wages in the UK?
How long until I start recieving a child support check?
Can Council Tax take money from wages without permission?
What kind of income tax return am I looking at?
Maximum amount i can earn before i must file taxes.?
If you don't have to do a 1041 form for an estate if the income is less than $600, what is counted as income?
how much money do you get per child when you file taxes?
Is student loan interest tax deductable if you take the standard deduction?
working tax credit disability element?
Is ESPP short-term gain/loss a non-massachusetts source income?
Where do I enter receipts into Quickbooks for taxes?
when are taxes due?
What would you do if you won $200,000 in the lottery? AFTER TAXES?
Why do I have to pay taxes when I buy something?
Bi-weekly pay roll and filing status questions?
Can you write off an invitro fertilization?
How many hours do I work before I have to pay tax?
if you paid $10,000 in taxes how much does that mean you make a year?
wmr says they have rcieved my refund and it is being proccesed and i should have my refund within 6 week. wtf!?
Do FBI agents pay taxes?
Inherited mutual funds and taxes?
Question on a divorce settlement.?
Has anyone got irs acceptence who filed with hr block online?
Who do you report a company to for paying me cash and not deducting taxes? Even after I have asked?
I haven't filed taxes in five years- I want to make it right. What will the IRS do to me?
im not be greedy but can i claim anything else?
How do you figure out cost basis for a stock when the company has no record of its stock?
what is amotization?
Is any part of a home builted overseas tax deductible?
Do you know any online real estate tax reduction companies?
my wife of 6 years never changed her name with social security,therefore no stimulus check,what can we do?
I use an IRS Spreadsheet (09in11si.xls) a lot in calculations in the Politics Section?
daycare based on income?
How Do Cam Girls Pay Taxes?
Where's My Refund- Feb. 15th, 2011?
My ex is in the military and filed his taxes and claimed my son, i didnt even get my w2's yet. What now?
how do I find out if former employer is giving me a poor reference?
Why federal tax return takes so long?
I am part of an LLC with 4 members. I am 16 yrs old. Do i have to pay taxes?
What is new amendment in service tax regarding 2% ccalculation in India ?
Turbo tax wrong, I am confused?
Contact for tracking STATE tax refund?
Have not received final paycheck (FL).?
does anyone have a list of tax deductions that pertain to flight attendants?
How to pay taxes when you get paid in stuff?
Filling out a W-4 tax form for on-campus job?
If I don't work and am to young to file for taxes then why do I pay taxes on items?
Self Employed!! I want to pay for my fuel by credit card. Is it acceptable form of reciept?
Living abroad Tax return Canada?
how to information from pan card number ditails?
How did you get 5,000 refund?
Is it better to file taxes with someone, or alone, seperatly?
I am a sole proprietor. Do I get taxed twice (once for business, once for self) if I have a EIN?
Can you file a withholding of 2 on your taxes and not be married?
Is the currency in Australia going to change?
What does my bank statement have "TFN withholding tax"?
Does a person need a tax license or ID if they are going to sell at a flea market?
What is the sales tax for $2.99?
amended state tax printout shows no increase?
In NC, how much do I need to make annually before taxes to make $3000/month after taxes?
lost job had to sell my new house what happens at tax time?
Any idea of things I can count as deductions when I sell mary kay out of my home?
If 47% of income earners are not paying any Federal Income Tax…?
how many children can you claim when you file taxes?
can state of Oregon garnish your social security check for cigarette tax?
Filing separately while married? Can one of us....?
first time home buyer tax credit question?
what are the laws about misrepresenting your company as a not for profit?
Income Taxes and medication: making claims?
can I withdrawl money from my 401k and not pay taxes?
If I lost 10,000 dlls in short term capital losses in 2004 and I won 100 dlls in 2005 may I apply...?
What legal entity, if any, can defer paying taxes to later years?
Can I claim my dog on my taxes?
how can i find a employer id number?
Which is the best country to do offshore banking in and what banks are the most reliable?
what time in the UK will iOS5 be available today?
Do I need to itemize when making a clothing donation?
Self employed person and IVA individual insolvency voluntary agreement?
Why is box 1 blank on my 1098-t?
My work still hasnt paid me!?
i should have received my refund on 2/11/2011 and im just wondering when will it be deposited in my account?
Illegal immigrant and taxes. Can I let someone who is legal use my daughter ssn.?
Who to contact regarding refund check that is $1,882 less than tax return indicated was due?
how much tax is on $55.5 million dollars?
does hr block employees medical insurance cover ivf?
Will Paul MCArtney pay 40% inheritance tax? How do the rich manage to avoid paying inheritance tax?
How much can I make doing taxes in a large metropolitan area?
Question about businesses evading taxes?
i made around 10,000 this year an i claim 2 dependents how much will my tax returns be?
When is it to late to file my taxes?
is this tax evasion? if someone gets paid in cash do they have to file their taxes?
i work 16hrs a wk do i need a payee tax reference number?
where does money earned in transit go?
can i get an income tax if i worked 2 months only?
Need help in Florida sales tax? and Europe VAT?
Can anybody help me translate AU$ to US$? i ordered something on ebay from china but the amount is in AU$?
In 2009, how much did Washington state take in sales tax revenues?
I just amended my return for the year 2006 when will i most likely see that return, can anyone help?
how can i get j-h pay for a $5000 error they admit they made on our 2009 taxes we did not get gold guarantee?
I am 22 years and married and in college can my mom still claim me on her tax return ?
when is the forth quarter of taxes due for an individual?
Need some tax advice bad, please help?
accounting help with adjusting entries?
Where should a 19 year old get there taxes done?
If a person is 100% unemployable through the VA, are those benefits taxable,?
import duty on personal goods into Canada when returning in 6 days?
will i face any tax?
How many dependents should I claim on W-4?
Can I get a tax break if I am paying for my spouse's education?
I did the work in 2009, but am sending the invoice/receiving payment in 2010. What tax year is that?
Is the company with whom I performed contract services OBLIGATED to provide me with a 1099-MISC?
What can I write off on my taxes for my business expense?
India property help!!?
Which divorced spouse is liable to pay taxes on capital gains and dividends earned by their (young)children?
Can a credit card company threaten to take the money you owe them from your tax rebate?
how much money do you need to make to file for taxes?
What is the tax deduction for employer in Illinois? (IT consulting firm)?
Tax refund dilemma.?
IRS Refund Locator Question...?
If I worked outside of the US for only 4 months in a row, do I still qualify for a tax exclusion?
What is my SSS salary loan balance as my sss# 03-78355579-1?
Only rs. 500 increased as grade pay of clerks in punjab...?
how long does a person need to be married in order to claim the spouse on the tax returns?
How does income tax refund work for 18 year olds?
I've been making regular payments for my state taxes owed, how do i find out my balance?
amending my 2010 tax return?
How does the Capital loss carryover work for IRS Form 1040 schedule D?
Can an employer cut your wage?
Has anyone received their rebate?
would it work if we got rid of income tax and just raise the sales tax about 20-33%?
Do I have to pay taxes on money friends gift me?
What is a better way?! Need tax advice!?
Sales Tax Paid to State?
e one or two tax returns if I have a job and own a small business?
How should I file for unemployment?
How many percent do we gt taxed in australia?
if gordon brown cannot understand the implications of abolishing the 10p basic tax rate should he be ?
didnt use my 1099 - when tax filing -?
Took a early IRA distribution and penalty was not deducted at time of withdrawal.?
If I lived on my own for the last 4 months of 2010, can I claim myself as an independent?
Tax Refunds Not Showing up?
If a property spans two council areas (UK), to whom should one pay council tax?
What kind of tax credit will i get buying a 60,000 house this year. my husband and I file joint and we make?
What bank does Turbo Tax use?
When on maternity leave can you file for unemployment benefits?
how to file ITReturn without form 16?
how will the tax rebate affect my 2008 tax's.?
If I have $20,000 in TFSA and $30,000 in RSSP, can I apply for welfare in Canada?
Why do people pay tax what is tax?
Capital Gains Tax? TV prog, eg Property Ladder?
Can I collect Canada Pension?
ag exempt property sold for non exepmt purpose. Are there 3 yrs roll back taxes?
does she have to pay full capital gain on sale of vacant lot?
Should I use the cash or accrual method?
I'm a full time college student and would like to know if I'm tax exempt?
What is the Federal Income Tax for this payroll situation?
Are you suppose to pay sales tax when purchasing food to go?
Does anybody now if the qeen pays council tax?
Is the end of the year family tax reconciliation the tax refund?
What is the % you will be taxed on money you take out of an annuity or ira? is it 10% you have to pay back?
Do you think that we should get rid of sales tax on items less than a certain amount of money?
do i pay council tax when claiming jobseekers allowance?
Interesting statement from guy at irs?
Filing taxes for an inactive corporation ??? Help?
Payroll tax in San Francisco, CA?
Up to what amount can I make to have no income tax in New York State?
Social Security is not taxable?
Turbo tax question????
Should I amend return for 2004 for missing capital loss carryover?
please give me the e.mails of british linen bank or the weep site?
Has anybody have had problems with the DD today?
How much capital gains taxes will I owe under these special circumstances?
I bought cigeretts from the Indian reservation in N>Y> and got a tax letter from the Pa revenue saying I owe
how much does mcdonalds pay after taxes?
If payroll makes mistake with number that you claim, can they go back & redo with proper number of allowances?
Income Tax, Company VS SP (FTE, Marginal Tax Rate)?
my unemployment check is late what can I do ?
what is rate of increnment in salary of sdo in ntpc in india?
Why is my job not taking out federal taxes but everything else?
Besides 401K, are there any other places to put my money so that i save on taxes?
If I install a energy efficient heat system in my house this week, what tax credit am I eligible for?
filing tax returns - will t be a problem?
Did anybody else get this status change on WMR?
why cant i see my messages?
Does one get both a state and federal tax return?
i want to fine out how to get started in a housekeep service in my town how do i go about it on line?
is it ok to amend my 2008 taxes? I'm self-employed and want to buy a house...?
Why are 16 year olds made to pay tax when they can't vote?
I have been laid off from my job in MA. I live in NH, What state do I file for unemployment?
How do you decide if you should prepare your own taxes or pay someone else to do it, like H&R Block?
chocolate bar with wrapper 1040 tax form?
How Much Tax Dose The Average Person Pay?
how much will the irs in california take in taxes out of $180,000?
please send the income tax slab in the assesment year of 2007 - 2008?
Can someone help me with the taxes that were taken out of my paycheck?
Modified Service Tax rate with Ed. Cess & H. Ed. Cess?
i need help with my tax refund...?
what is meening of national antham of india?
Was I misclassified as an Independent Contractor?
URGENT! Am I still liable for council tax?
Do The Domestic Plants of Foreign Companies Still Have Tariffs Imposed On Their Products?
Any one tell me where i can find an online free financial consultant?
I adopted a child from Nicaragua. Can I claim her as a dependent in my taxes, even if she lives out the US?
Cable TV Tax dispute between cable companies and broadcasters...?
how do i claim interest i payed on my mortgage on my taxes i payed 3500 in interest this year?
Okay So I owe the IRS.......?
When will I receive my tax rebate?
What is the Vt. state sales tax on a vehicle?
2011 Personal Tax Credits Return (TD1)?
How much is deducted from my pay check bi weekly for taxes, I am employed in Toronto, ON.?
Where is the money coming from for tax credits?
What is the maximum yearly income after which you have to pay taxes?
what is the purpose of the internal revenue service form w-9. the explanation on the form isn't clear.?
What Is The Last Date Of Return Of Service Tax?
Concerning the 'usage fee' charge attached to each dollar Bill?
Pan number is given only once and it cant be changed .?
Can i rebuke income tax claiming rights i gave my husband ?
How to know whether full year resident, part year resident, or non resident for the state?
i owe 1000 dollars in my taxes. is their any way i don't have to pay that?
I want to take a used car to Guatemala by ship, and I want to know about import tax of Guatemala.?
IRS "Referral" process - anyone know what it is? CP21B?
working tax credit question?
Is a babysitter the same as a Nanny?
Can anyone tell me about personal taxation for foreigners in China -- rates, thresholds exemptions etc?
What are the advantages of using a CPA over using tax software or a tax preparation service?
I have a Pool Cleaning Business I need to file taxes and need help?
Why does target charge tax on gift cards, is it legal?
Too much tax taken out of my paycheck?
differance between WCT & VAT?
I sold a house in May,2006. L. T capital gain was Rs.50 Lacs.inv. REC in jan.07. can I get exemp u/s.54EC?
may i know which form using on income tax ?
If I got the emerald advance do Ihave to file taxes through HR Block or can I just pay them back?
can someone answer my tax questions?
why do we ahve to pay so much tax on money earnt with hard work?
what is your sales tax rate in your state?
What is an NOA (notice of assessment? For tax return?
My 2012 WMR says Jan 31st, anybody else's say that?
If i dont pay in any taxes can i still get the cild tax credit?i worked all year but had federal held out?
Which IRS form is right for a part time babysitter?
How long will Tax Refunds take in Texas in light of the recent plane crash?
what is india part in globalisation?
How to find unpaid property tax?
My child tax credit was cancelled?
Where can i get an early tax line of credit if i only made7000 for 2 jobs together?
what are in-kind contributions?
Has anyone received their tax refund yet yet?
What are the implications for VAT In Great Britain?
If I forgot to file my taxes last year, can I still file them the following year?
What is paycheck stub?
Partnership tax question?
What is the taxable amount for fixed deposit in local bank?
when can we file chapter 7 bk again ?
Why do you think WE should have taxes on items?
Mr. Smith earns $45,000 per year. He works 50 weeks per year and earns the same amount of money each week. How?
I have a question about my W-2's.?
Tax on cosmetic surgery?
If I do a job for $500 and the company sends me a 1099 form, do I need to claim this money on my tax return?
what it is the tax limit for female employee?
Unemployment claim questions?
I ask the IRS for consideration for an "offer in compromise" if I'm currently on an "installments plan"?
Passive vs. Active Partnership Losses?
Do i put my old last name on my taxes?
How to report Box 14 (moving Expenses) on my W-2 on my Income Tax form?
How much is 132.9p? As a petrol price in UK?
Would I be entitled to Centrelink payments?
When will I get my tax rebate?
New employee has salary of $43,000 per year, paid 2 times each month. She has one allowance on her W-4; what a?
Has anyone spoke to a live rep at the IRS regarding their check not being dd today?
would it be possible to go to another state and get a passport if you owe too much child support in yours??
Explain the difference between capital & operating budget and between fixed and variable cost?
Now that the tax credits are over how can you get any money in return for tax season this year?
i earn less than minimum wage so dont pay national insurance... is my employer obliged to pay contributions??
If you have not done your taxes for 2-3 years, how do you go about amending that?
How do I get my W2 from a company that went bankrupt and no longer exists?
Are you comfortable with having the IRS deposit money directly into your account?
Taxes, what are they asking exactly?
Do i have to report my tips? When it comes tax time?
does anyone know if they will forward the tax rebate if u have moved?
Tax question for businessman's expenses: Is there some other way taxpayer can claim expenses?
How is taxation treated for a sole proprietorship in Canada?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of having an LLC in CA vs NV?
what is the earliest anyone has got their income tax returns?
Why do they ask if you are blind on the tax forms you are filling out?
If you had a capital gain of $600, and a loss for the same year of $3000, would you have a total loss of $2400
how long does it take if the system says inprocess for al tax refund?
1099 Tax Help, Here's My Situation?
Someone help me estimate my income tax return for 2011 please?
i was awarded unemployment, now former employer is trying to over turn state decision, is this possible?
give me the information about form 27A?
Do you think ppl that make over $250,000 deserve an extension on the Bush tax cuts?
Find LIFO in Accounting 101 plz?
who can i claim on my tax return from irs?
I need help finding a book on preparing merchant mariner's taxes for the state of TX.?
Anybod y FILED on 1-19-12?
Is it possible to do two more than one tax return?
How to get tds salaried person?
Graduate student abroad -- Michigan part-year resident?
Married filing seperately vs. filing jointly?
What do I included in mailing I have the turbo printed pages & w2's for both (MN) 1099 too, CPR also?
I purchase parts to repair then sell them, how do I figure this on my taxes?
Can my brother claim my children for his tax return?
What should I do about my 2009 taxes?
what happens if you dont pay income tax and someone report you?
59 1/2 IRA withdrawal..should I take money out?
Cannot get SSN for non resident alien spouse?
Does an infant have to be a certain age to claim on my taxes?
how can i find out how much unemployment benifits oregon paid me for my taxes?
H&R block Tax preparation, why was I Charged $508?
Is the irs more likely to audit the long form over the short?
Private tax relief businesses reliable when dealing with IRS and back taxes?
When should tax credits be claimed by?
official website of delhi sales atx department?
Did anybody else get this status change on WMR?
Why does anyone file income taxes when it's not a law to do so?
Can you write more than one child care provider for a tax year?
ok thanks so is the tax value usually lower or higher than the appraisal value im in nc?
NRE Bank Account (State Bank of India)?
Need info: Is it mandatory for a company to deduct tax for the salaried employees?
my child's grandmother claimed my child this year (with permission of his mother) how soon can i fix this.?
what would the taxes be for 5000 a week for life?
has anyone recieved there tax return even though the wmr website says it is still processing?
do you have to pay taxes if your on unemployment?
Who understands the resale certificate rules in NJ? I am a designer about to buy items for resale.?
How are capital gains in a state pension taxed by the IRS versus a non-retirement investment account?
can I claim somebody elses child on my taxes?
What can be maximum tax for Purchase or sale?
Can a business claim back the VAT on an invoice from ebay?
isn't it better to claim 1 than 0 for your job/taxes?
how much money would we get back in taxes?
What can I claim during tax return time to get more money back?
a french succursale (branch) of UK company will pay tax to France or is it all going through the main office?
Can I claim Microderm Abrasion on my taxes in Canada?
Anyone familiar with QuickBooks-payroll-pre-tax insurance?
Wife owes back taxes first year filing jointly and she had no income this year?
can i pay my state taxes with a credit card?
state taxes?
Tax disc runs out today?
question about my tax refund?
I want to claim my parents as dependents on my tax form, will this affect their social security benefits?
Why do we continue to pay Federal Taxes when it is illegal for the government to collect them involuntarily?
i have 2 part time jobs should i get taxed on both jobs?
customs tax import fee for jacket??? china to us. ?
How can you fix it if you don't do your taxes for years?
If a person dont know his date of birth nor have a birth certificate how do he apply for a PAN ?
Can I send tax paid (UK)purchase to estonia ? Would the estonian have to pay customs/import tax, they are EU ?
Immediately need assistance with TAX REFUND information! Anyone would care to teach a newbie?
A company had a gross profit of $300K based on sales of $400k. It cost of goods sold equals $700k.?
Is money from FICA supposed to be set out for you personally, or for the current elderly and disabled?
do you have the address to mail your federal tax return?
What is the average revenue for a tax business?
Question re: Tax Deductible IRA contributions?
Is Turbo tax a good suggestion for doing your own taxes?
What is the avg. % you should take out of your paycheck for taxes /wk?
how long does it take for my tax refund to arrive?
in the uk is it fraud for a pensioner to work fulltime and claim state pension i dont mean a private pension?
Irs refund for 1/25/12? please help?
What is the tax offices recommended rate for paying mileage to employees?
How do you figure the standard mileage rate of 44.5 cents per mile?
Ami i entitled to a tax rebate?? UK?
Does my previous employer owe me money?
Raise minimum wage? How will it help?
I'm selling my used forklift, do I have to collect sales taxes on this sale?
Can he take this credit ?
Sales Tax question online? NYC?
Do I have to pay CA STATE TAX if all of my sales is to out-of-state customers (customers not in CA)? Thank you
Herman, how can I pay the taxes when I haven't got the cash?
how much do the pay on income tax for a 9 year old?
I am in the 2/7 Refund club, still no DD - any updates?
I filed on the 3rd and thought I was gonna get my refund today. Anyone else have the same problem?
I made a car donation, how do i get the tax credit?
if i owe back taxes, will i get my settlement check?
I want to leave the UK? What do i start with?
How would you find what your spending without tax?
Who to contact regarding refund check that is $1,882 less than tax return indicated was due?
Those who got their money this morning, please answer!?
Can my parents claim me as a dependent?
How to record the tax related transactions in the book of accounts? explain with examples?
What am I supposed to when I only make $1200 after taxes and child support takes $750?
Brother is outside the US for 14 years and needs advice how to file prior tax returns.?
I need to find out if my Tax Check has been mailed to me yet.?
What should I do if I owe 5 years past taxes to the IRS?
Short Term Capital Gains Rate - Michigan?
Is it illegal to....and would they check and charge you import tax?
Question about child tax credits in the UK?
Whats the earliest I can get my taxes back?
is it illegal for me to pay someone to drive me to work in cash?
Whether TDS certificates are to be issued for FY 2008-09 by deductor of TDS ?
If I buy something on E-bay (with a money order) that costs thousands of dollars, will the IRS learn about it?
i am 51, married and just got a job making 1050 per month. my husband takes home 922.00 retirement. how much
why does social security have a 5 month waiting peiod to receive ssdi benefits?
if you have 2 W-2 forms from 2 different states, which one to choose to file FEDERAL income tax return?
Im 17 years old and I work do I have to do my taxes?
NY Paycheck Taxes almost 45%?!?
How many sirs and lord are on the Uk????.?
when you fill out W4 or W9 in the beginning of the employment, does the employer have to send the copy to IRS?
Tax estimate on a 1099?
where do I go online to find out about my tax retrun.?
State with the lowest investment tax?
Cost , tax or Financial report accountant ?
Is this a tax problem, or not?
I'm 22 yr's old. And I have never done my tax returns in my life. I was wondering of there was anyway I could.
Business website registration and state tax question?
what are the uses of pan card?in what way the pan card may by used?how many uses are there of a pan card?
Is 9k too much to get back for claiming 2 dependents on income Tax Refund?
Which is financially better for a retiree...a state with or without a state income tax?
How much tax would it be on $50 mobile-bill?
Does anyone out there have this year's H & R Block's Deduction Pro Software? If so, what does it list as......
if your in tax credit apartments does the IRS monitor your bank account?
My partners boss wants his ABN number?
how to calculate capital gains tax?
if I live in arkansas and recieving inheritance of 15000 out of texas would I have to pay taxes?how much?
Should we hire a tax attorney ?
Why do people complain about paying taxes if?
How do I calculate cost depletion for tax purposes?
Who claims the children if joint custody?
how much would this product cost with tax in california?
What are your thoughts on pre-populated income tax returns?
What is the capital gains tax rate on interest paid from privately held stock?
On what specific income does the Canadian government calculate Income Tax ?
should i claim 1 or zero on w4?
Webcam Model and Taxes and Business License.?
Why didn't I get my GST?
My son is 16 and working a part time job and made under $3000.00, does he have to file a tax return?
filing tax return for online business?
What is the difference between the UK tax code 810L and 827L?
Why do my tax withholdings seem so awkward?
Can anyone help me on this income tax question??(UK)?
How old do you have to be to start paying tax and how much do you have to be earning? can i claim it back?
will my tax refund be delayed?
Child tax credits - Am i entitled?
If I work in Dubai is there any income tax?
Am I required to give my social security number to a new employer?
Sole traders have to register for tax UK/IRE?
What happens to the balance in debt forgiveness?
Has anyone received an update on their delayed taxes? I have been waiting since 2/8/07?
I wrote the wrong amount on my last check and i whited it out and wrote the right amount over it?
Did Obama raise taxes on anything for anyone making less than $250,000 a year?
filing an extension for my tax returns?
can a child be claimed on taxes if he turned 18 in july?
when is the last day to do taxes??
My Debt Before Getting Married...1099-C?
Can i get my taxes amended at the local IRS office?
has anyone used the irs site for tax rebate? I tried but it keeps saying i made a mistake. i put correct info.
is the child care benefit from your W2 line 10 is part of your income?
Do income tax agent notarize?
can u help with information on tax credit and child tax plzzzzzzz?
Declare income or not?
Can my wife & I both claim our new born daughter?
IRS Refund Deposit Refund?
My employer has told me they do not have to take out federal tax from my check?
How do you do 1099 TAXES w/o going to someone for help? - everyone is so expensive...i need help quick?
Will I be taxed for both states?
Can you put "drug dealer" on your income tax form and still pay taxes without any consequences?
how much money do you have to make to file taxes?
How much tax will I have to pay doing 28-30 hours a week?
I recieve unemployment can i file my taxes if they take out taxes?
how would i know if i have already a tax identification number?
i want a new pan card with the same number?
alright, I'm young and I'm trying to figure this question out : $55.00+39.99+tax=?
The IRS is telling me that I am not entitled to any deductions?
i owe $1500 in back child support, but my return is much more. Is this gonna delay my portion?
Should I be scared if a bill collector is claiming they filed an Affidavitt on my social security nubmer?
how to see if my disabilty claim has been approved?
claim unemployed hubby as Dependant on taxes??
How much of a tax refund with no taxable income?
how short term capital gains are calculated in equity market? whether their is any limit or criteria for it?
if your over 50 years old can you sell a house and keep the profits without paying capital gains tax??
Sa302 form. Taxable income?
Will Romney increase taxes, wage wars and give us a check for $100.00?
If I lived in a house over 2 years and sell it for a profit, can I keep all the gain tax-free?
What is so wrong with establishing a nationwide 20% sales tax and abolishing the IRS?
Where do I send my oregon state tax payment?
Why haven't I gotten my stimulus package yet?
What effect does a tax cut has on the economy of a country?
Can i chose not to pay the national insurance?
Anyone? If your SSN says no debts on offset #, you're okay?
How do I file taxes as self-employed without receipts?
can child support be deducted on income tax?
When will i get my tax refund?
Social Security has left off my earnings while I was in the usmc. How do I get w-2s from 1970 thru 1973?
Am I OK? Pease help!?
Can I deduct expenses for professional organizations' memberships/events on my taxes?
Do I have to pay capital gain tax when I sell my home?
How much of a income tax refund would i receive if i only grossed 7,800 dollars for the year?
can I write off photo prints on my taxes if im a student?
Florida Sales Tax Close of Business?
If you win a 2.1 million dollar house, would you have to pay taxes and if so how much?
I have a question about my tax return help?
Per Diem Taxes - Employee?
can my previous employer know where im currently working through my TIN?
tax exemption?
tax deductable reciept??????
narration for previous years prepaid expenses transferred to respective expenses account?
Do you feel that there should be a more fairness distribution of goods and services in the United States?
15 yr old and 31 yr old dating?
where can i check the status of my tax refund?
Re: No social security on W2?
When you donate money and you claim it on your taxes, how does that work? Do you get all of it credited back?
Are they taking out enough taxes from my wife's paycheck?
Pros and Cons for paying my house off for the purpose of income tax deductions.HELP?
Have not filed for 2007 and 2008?
How do I cash my federal income tax refund check?
Which tax forms do I file if I get paid in cash?
Ebay tax on abroad item?
Can a couple file taxes jointly if a parent claimed one of them?
Help with marginal and average tax rate?
If you forget to file taxes how long does it take to get a CP59 letter from the gov?
i filed thru Turbo Tax in Jan 2008 & paid with a credit card for their fees. how do i get my stimulus?
When does gst change from 7%-6% in Ontario?
are you exempt from back income taxes if you file bankruptcy?
Why, is the Canada Revenue Agency Offices Closed Today October 12, 2012?
I am travelling to M.East for 2 years. Do I have to pay tax on money earned in Kuwait for Canada?
How can I figure out how much I was paid for Jury Duty?
how do i file my IT returns. i have my pan card?
What are tax dollars?
how do I pay taxes if self-employed?
can i take short term capital gain against long term capital loss?
Deployed husband and Taxes?
Child Care Tax Credit & Dependent Day Care Reimbursement...?
What is classed as low income?
Hello All...I hope someone can help me. I owe money on my state taxes.?
what is prize claim center?
Can a 17 year old get his taxes back?
I want to buy TF2 off steam. Do i need to pay tax or any extra fees?
Has anyone received their amended refund for 2008 yet?
I have a piece of investment vacant land that I paid about $8k in interest and $1200 in taxes last year . . .?
How much is taken out of my paycheck for taxes?
What are the benifits of salary pay??
I haven’t got refund of income tax claimed at Mumbai for AY 05-06 yet. Whom should I contact/address to for?
What happens if I refuse to pay my taxes and my bills and just steal everything?
Favorate film?
How should my wife and I setup our W4 withholdings to minimize paying the IRS at the end of the year?
offshore jobs in the UK.?
Gotta quick tax return!?
Incometax in India on Income earned by NRI in INDIA?
Can I claim my boyfriends son on my taxes? We all live together, over a year and I pay for his school care.?
I own money on child support would they take both checks once do my tax ?
How much do you pay for (UK) Tax/Duty & VAT for importing from OUTSIDE of the EU.?
Is the IRS only releasing refunds on Friday this year, or are they doing it on other days as well?
IRS TAx Form 5329 IRA distribution 2005?
U.S. resident, bought a used car in Canada, paid tax, moving back to U.S. with the car. Will border tax it?
What address should I put on my W4 if I am a Military Dependent?
How are dividends taxed?
taxes on unemployment?
Income tax: Do I have to get a W-2 for 1 day of unupaid work?
Is it necessary to have PAN number for the joint holder of shares even though the First holder have PAN No?
How can I make adjustments so that I'm not overpaying on taxes?
Will I lose my unemployment benefits?
Has anyone received their tax refund on their emerald card yet? thanks =)?
What age do you have to start paying taxes?
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