Can I claim my child on my taxes if her father claims her on his unemployment?
How do I handle my taxes as a stripper/independent contractor?
I've lost my tax info from my sc nr return from 2006. How can I find out if I even submitted that return?
written filling of wct & due date to deposit tax?
What are the basic points on Australian tax from the international tax benchmarking study? Any links 2 sites?
I received $136 interest income this year. Do I need to report it?
is the irs closed on january 17 2011?
Do I have to pay for taxes?
I live on SSI and pay alimony. I live with my girlfriend who makes $22,000. Can she claim me as a dependent?
Do I have to pay tax?
What is the unemployment compensation by all states?
Waht is the phone number of IRS?
Tax Deduction Question?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Unemployment question?
Does working tax credit count as salary/wages?
How much I will get refund or owe?
Claiming back VAT as a student?
How will my mom's taxes be effected? (am in Canada)?
Is anyone experiencing a delay with their federal refund?
what happens after your credits for unemployment run out?
how to aply for working tax credit?
what is CENVAT?
Who would it benefit more to claim a dependent?
I have an Unemployment question?
We are conducting the event for educating the people by experts. is it service taxeable or not?under gov.india
Advice on lottery winning tax as a group?
Deduction on income tax?
Anyone with a 2012 tax return dd date of 2/7 already receive their refund?
Do Store/Product Refunds count as Income?
who's eligible to claim gst ?
legally what is the distinction between leviable and chargeable in legal parlance?
can i claim my girlfriend on my taxes?
I filed 4852 but not 1040x with it. Now since 1040 was never filed, do I file an amendment or normal return?
Tax File 2011. How do you choose your provider?
how can I see last year return detail on the web even though I filed thru tax expert?
how do prostitutes register themselves so that they can pay tax?
Do I have to file a 1099 form for a part time job?
I only made 50 bucks this year because i was a student and only started working in DEC. Do i have to do taxes?
How often does Romney laugh at the Tax Return Hysteria?
How does paying back HECS fees work?
do i have to report 1099?
If I have a Florida LLC, what and when do I have to file with State and IRS?
Federal Income Tax withheld from my paychecks?
Who pays taxes on a settlement if attorney receives his payment in a separate check?
How much does a housekeeper have to earn before employer collects and contributes to SSI system?
We filed on 1/17/2012, Why is the IRS telling us our DD will be 2/7/2012?
4 simple questions....but can you get them?
Do i need to use a Tax Service to "maximize" my tax returns? I am filing 1040EZ's for 3 past years.
who should itemize on their income tax return?
First working year tax?
i would like to know if a man is paying childsubport and is behind on it if he is able to clame that child?
How many depedants can I claim?
What import duty would i have to pay when importing from the US to the UK?
My daughter was recently married. Can I still list her as an exemption on this years taxes?
What part of a work check can be garnish?
How do I cancel a IRS Tax ID number for a company I established and will now not be pursuing?
does anyone know if the new bush tax program will effect people on goverment programs and dissabilites?
Does anyone know when the December 2008 Canadian Child Tax Benefit will be sent out?
Why am I not getting the money I paid to social security back like the federal tax withheld?
If your refund has a dd date?
Capacity constraints for an accountant completing a tax return ?
update on where's my refund link Like many of you my WMR link is not working?
how much money is taken out of my paycheck?
How much does sprints 80$ plan cost in total plus tax In Califirnia?
What do you think about having the high class not having to pay taxes?
I live in CT have a rental property in GA which I pay property tax on Do I have to file GA state income tax?
tax related ... how do i file taxes for money i send to india for supporting my family?
How come my parcel from Sweden to UK was charged VAT?
Australian stimulus package?
I exercised and held ISO stock options.If i dont fill out the AMT form.How would the IRS find out?
Do you get a larger refund because you have a house?
Did you hear about the guy who had $7 million in gold hoarded in house in NV and the gov't wants 75%?
Anyone know of a legit way to get taxes back? My father works out of the country....?
looking for franchisees to handle international newspapers in major citiesindia?
Disability living allowance?
I'm in an IVA and i received a bonus from my work, I'm not in a position to hand back the full bonus?
What's the most you can earn and still get a tax refund?
Getting paid cash in hand, should i pay tax or N.I?
TAX REFUND - Dependent won't give me an SSN?
How much will I have after being taxed in the UK?
We are a couple with one child. We only got $900 instead of $1500. Any clue? IRS error?
Why does the IRS not have my info if Turbo Tax says accepted on 1/19 @ 4:34am?
Critics of FairTax?
Refund for federal delays?
Did i filed my taxes wrong?
I reported my income gone down tax credit?
When do you pay taxes on rental income?
what is the minimum income you can have not to report taxes?
i want to know if there is a limit to the amount of loss for an at-home marykay business?
Do you get more money back from doing your taxes on your own online at H&R block, or in the office by them?
How do I stop taxes from being automatically withdrawn from my paycheck?
How much of a tax refund with no taxable income?
I would like to know how I can get my employment records working in the uk mining industry from 1955to1991?
Do I have to pay estimated taxes, or can I just wait until the end of the year?
WMR has been down for hours now. Its currently after 7 am and its still down. Maybe this will be what we've al?
If you won $1,000,000 on a game show, how much do you actually get after taxes?
Is this a Homebuyers Credit Nightmare?
Question about taxes?
How can I maximize my tax return?
tax write offs for my driving job?
Is anyone familiar with section 165(c)(2) of the IRS tax code that deals with theft loss?
Do I get a tax refund from the govt?
I'm currently working as an indepedent contractor (will file form 1099- misc.)making $420.00 a month.?
How do I make a 1099 for my employees?
Would like to get refund on 52.99 that you charged my account in?
What kind of shelter is available if just really, really, really don't want to pay my taxes?
First time home buyers credit:?
If your a merchant who sells only to tax exempt organizations at year end do you owe any federal taxes?
Is a car purchase tax deductable?
federal vs state tax in USA?
Is it not necessary to include room rental in tax return?
What is it with the old dilapidated barns?
Did Milton Friedman favor the inheritance taxes?
i nee to find out about how i can find out whos name is one a deed to a house?
A tax question about dependants and filing status ect.?
how much i would pay in $7000 forgiven money on a debt to IRS?
Social Security +3.5% in Jan, but only 1 out of 5 receiving increase?
What is my tax situation? Student self employed and employed.?
where do I find the fair market value of a house in Cocoa, Florida on October 14, 2004?
If the irs takes your state taxes does that pay for some of the parking tickets i owe?
How much do you get paid at chick-fil-a at age 14?
What is the penalty for not remitting sales tax on-time?
how much money will they take out of a 375.00paycheck for taxes?
Are we supposed to get pending dues ,if employer declares bankruptcy?
I rec'd 5 1099-misc for same type of work. Should I combine and use total with one sch. C or separately?
what does the irs do with 1042s with no ssn numbers?
I had income but my wife didn't. Should I file jointly, or separately?
Has anyone gotten their stimulus check yet?
Can I claim my 20 year old on my taxes if she only works 10 hours per week? I support her otherwise?
where can i get employer information found on w2's; i.d. #, control # state i.d. #, etc?
Why do you have to pay for unemployment on your taxes?
Has anyone received their refund from Republic Bank/Taxact today?
Received 1099SA after filing, do I need to do a amended return?
can you use turbo tax more than once?
Is it a bad thing to file for unemployment?
my husband had to pay his ex 14000 in 28 months time at 250 2 times a month this is now paid?
free tax advice forum?
What non U.S. country offers the best (safest, reliable, private, affordable) offshore banking services?
What percentage of adult's (18 and over) taxes go to the Canadian military?
has anyone else gotten a different date for direct depoist from irs then what taxact is providing ?
Are city jail taxes paid by the citizens of that particular city and no one else outside of that city?
Does the irs deposit tax refunds two days before actual due date?
Can 1099 Sales Reps collect unemployment if terminated?
does anyone know how much taxes are taken off of $12 an hr?
Has anyone else been told this??
If am due a tax return for 2012 and cant file before April 17, do I need to request a tax extension from IRS.?
i have a judgement can my refund in the bank be garnished?
My sister is going to turn over my W2 to my parents who will illegally do my taxes and claim me. what do I do?
company cars and vans which do you pay the most tax on?
what would the taxes be for 5000 a week for life?
how do I know my weekly tax deductions are being reported?
did h&r block lose the law sute aginst them in june?
How many years back can the Irs audit a taxpayer?
taxed again on my 401k distribution?
In Michigan can husband & wife file married, but separately and have one claim the majority of the...?
I mailed my IRS check on April 17th - it has not cleared the bank yet?
I bought a used car from a dealership, will I get anything on a tax refund back on it?
I made 8400 on form-1099 how much would i have to pay the irs back?
Is it too late to claim a tax deduction after a charitable donation?
i have income from foreign approx 10lcs & from india 5 lcs..... will service tax charge on this income?
What is the tax rate for gains on Debt Mutual Funds in India ?
Why Florida residents can't claim STATE TAXES end of the year! when we pay so much for every single thing?
need help with accounting problem?
SBBT getting a strange message when I log in, please advise.?
what % out of a $ pays tax?
TAX EVASION HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is only Passport enough as a document while applying for pan card?
can my dad claim me as a dependent?
What country has no or little taxes?
If I live outside of California for over 330 days a year, do I still have to pay state income tax?
Chee, single , age 40, had the following income & expenses during the year (not a leap year)?
if your in the military and serve overseas and get tax free money how come its doesnt show on your w-2s?
how much to frenchise nandos in the uk?
how can i know if i will get a tax refund or have to pay?
If I spend more than 6 months out of Australia, do I have to pay tax? Holds Australian permanent residence.?
are they supposed to take federal taxes out of my check?
How to Find the Sales Tax Rate?
How to report Forex to IRS?
How long do you have to keep tax records from previous years?
why do we have to pay taxes on money won playing games? like the lottery .?
How can I get w2 form from previous years?
i am a single parent with three kids i have student loads when i filed my federal taxes can they take it all?
Why have I not been paid my child tax credits?
can i claim my son on my tax return if he is over 18,he did not work at all this year?
I'm single, 66, retired, making 17800 per year, no dependents. Should I file as head of household?
Overpaid National Insurance, what now? (UK)?
I recieved an email from the IRS. $737 they want to give back. Just give them chckng acct #. Looks very real?
I forgot to file my state taxes. Will I be fined?
anybody received their tax refund for 2012?
do you have to pay tax on your foreign exchange earning in India, or you get some benefits?
Unemployment Tax Question..............?
Im a single mother with no job can i file income tax on my 2 year old without a w2 form ?
How to decipher tax codes on Ontario Wal-Mart store receipts?
How do you receive a child tax credit?
nonemployment compensation taxes?
If you work at Premier Inn do you have to pay tax?
When is tax-free day?
How to get into an IRS auction?
How do you reduce the chance of paying inheritance tax?
Where can I get free advice on tax deductables that I qualify for?
Jobseekers Allowance Payments?
can the franchise tax board garnish wages?
Am I entitled to working tax credits?
My partners p60 form does not contain his own NI number?
Do I or the father has the right to claim kids on taxes?
What line do I fill in on an amended 1040x tax return for a long term capital gain?
if an item is on sale do you pay tax on the original price or the sale price?
What is the corporate tax rate in Chile?
What should I select for my Tax Information?
Am I considered "Head of Household" for my W-4?
Should an unemployed person file tax returns if there was no income of any sort?
If I discovery a major gold ore deposit on my property, do I have to pay the government taxes for the gold?
Are medical plan opt-out payments taxable?
Do I have to pay self-employment tax if i have only expenses from my LLC and Have a fulltime job that took tax
whats going on with this 4trillion$ bailout?
I'm disabled, haven't filed in several years, over $4k in interest in home, should/can I file and get $ back?
Custom Duty fees when importing goods from the USA to the UK?
Inheritance counted as adjusted gross income?
Can you be sued for not paying taxes?
How are capital gains in a state pension taxed by the IRS versus a non-retirement investment account?
Can my mom get a tax refund she only recived social security?
Money earned in December but check will not come till January will it count towards taxes?
Deduction on company car?
In need of serious advice. Stupid debt and IRS charging taxes?
Require help regarding Income tax calculation in US.?
Where can I find Indiana tax info online?
can i deduct the amount of child support i pay on my federal taxes? we are divorced. i don't claim kids.
Who do i have to pay it to if?
What is the Form Number for MI Homestead?
how much of deductibles do I need in order for it to count for tax?
tax return?
Do Accountants get paid the same amount as Cpa's ?
what is the average household income tax rate for lower, middle, and upper classes?
how much is your weekly paycheck worth?
how many times calculate the income tax in a year?
If I still have the code 1301 on the Where's My Refund IRS site, what does that mean?
Is there a law that enforces Federal income tax?
To all carers in the uk?
Can anyone tell/show me where in the Constitution that allows IRS to collect taxes on labor!?
Does the irs obly give refunds on Wednesdays? ?
Home buyer tax credit.?
do you pay council tax if you are on job seekers allowance?
net of tax in income statement?
I am looking for income tax info for worm farmers.?
How can i report 1099 Misclassification (abuse) in Ohio?
What does it mean when your employer garnishes your check?
Self-employed no paying taxes since 2004?
emerald card tax stimulus why is hr block saying it WILL go onto the card, but the IRS website says it WONT?
Sch.L, What does Additional Paid in Capital Mean?
How would the new capital gains tax work. ?
Quick question about tax refund (Australia)?
What is £10.99 in Canadian dollars?
Joint savings account+tax+student ?
Federal bailouts please explain...?
Not taxable in US for less than 183 days for non-resident alien?
my friend is being audit by the irs?
magtatanong tungkol sa customs tax?
If Central Govt. on line depost of Income Tax,Service Tax,PF etc?
How do I reach Level 7 within minimum time with minimal efforts?
Ex hasent filed taxes in 2 years?
How can i claim my kids on my taxes and havent worked this year?
First foreign bank in india?
How much tax do I need to pay on a second job? UK answers only please :)?
How to claim a loss, arising from loss and dissolution of a numbered company, in my personal tax filing?
Anyone knows M&A tax law or regulation??...Help me...?
what if i gave the irs the wrong account number for the money i owe them?
Is spousal income used as disposable income under Georgia's Child Support Laws?
Can my dad claim me as his dependent?
how much pension will i get if i pay 10030rs per annum for the period of 11 year?
If I inherit $100,000 how much would be left after taxes in MA?
Can I claim my son who lives with me?
How much should I recieve back from taxes ?
If I hav an fd of 555 days in sbi on wich I get interest of 11000 on maturity.....den tds will be deducted on?
what is the need for a VAT in place of sales tax?
Can Target make you pay sales tax (in California)?
Can anyone talk me through the self assessment tax process?
how often is child tax credit paid ?
How come if im making a higher income this year, im getting lower income tax back?
Please help me with this price plus tax and tip!?
Is it right for your ex husband to claim one of your children on his taxes even when they live with me?
How do I calculate and then pay self employment social security tax?
I get paid under the table by my employer. Can I report my income without getting my employer in trouble?
when I file my income taxes if my husband is in prison is he a dependent?
What is the maximum social securtity tax from payroll deduction for 2006?
Can I have 5 allowances on my Federal Witholding?
Is stamp duty payable on transfer of equity?
for 2010 tax question?
I claimed my son even though..?
military car sales tax when car is bought overseas?
How much mortage interest can I deduct in my income tax return for the year 2005 in Texas?
Is Bill Gates big charity donation desined to avoid income tax?
What are the sales taxes for Tennessee?
how do i get w2 from prior employer?
Should you be required to pass a drug test before getting welfare?
Tax the rich?
how much is cost 1 ltter of gas oil in us?
Money plus Units to be sold or to retain?
on selling a home? are property taxes listed under settlement charges ,deductible on sch . A?
How do i determin the fair mkt value of my Moms home in Mar 1995 to close out her estate.?
American Opportunity Tax Credit?
When filing taxes, is it better to file jointly or separately for married couples?
I refinanced my home in 2008. What all should I claim on my taxes regarding this?
Is it bad for tax return if I have worked in multiple states?
I'm trying to find a UK company's VAT registration number, do you know how I do it?
Tax Withholdings Please Help Me Understand!!!!?
No response from IRS yet regarding audit response.?
What can I claim on my taxes?
how to enter formulas in excel ie:from worksheet to other worksheet if a1 is $330 and posted in another shee?
i have a w4 question?
How do I report a sign on bonus from a staffing company?
How long does it take to get your 1st unemployment check in GA?
How do you retire if you never paid taxes?
How do I get to the H&R Block website?
When selling a lucrative business along with assets is there any way to lessen the tax?
I want to start a corporation in Florida and use all my income and expenses on it?
Do I have to pay sales tax to the state I am making an online order to?
I e-filed my fed tax return 5 weeks ago. Not yet get it. What should I do?
Did anyone using TurboTax get their refunds via DD yet?
Please don't bother cutting and pasting the IRS mailing schedule, I need direct answers...?
Pay confusion: Am I being emergency taxed?
IRS Direct Deposit How It Works.?
How much does Maryland taxes take out?
How to get the most out of my tax return and what reductions to seek?
whether the principal amt we save in either some insurance or PPF is taxable at the end of maturity withdrawal?
How do I fill out a payment coupon (IL-501)?
I haven't filed my taxes in 3 years. Should I file now or wait 'til next year?
Are social security benefits paid to children taxable?
Which tax year do I claim self employment income?
Paying quarterly taxes for a truck driver?
Is Frederick County, MD getting a bag tax next year?
As a biz owner that visits clients daily, for tax savings is it better to lease or purchase a new vehicle?
About tax and minimum wag ?
Council Tax set to soar!?
What are the requirements to file a child as a dependent?
Is april to late to file income taxes for the year?
Tax question?
DO American citizens who work for United nations outside USA pay FICA and Medicare taxes on their earning abr
Tax question! Do NOT want parents claiming me on their taxes...?
I care for a child in my home... do I have to claim it on my tax return next year?
Splitting origination fees when reporting taxes?
Can I claim my son on my taxes even if I didn't have a job this year?
i need a copy of my w2 form from h and r block how do i get it?
does anyone know of a website where i can file my 2004 taxes online?
What does it mean exactly to "ATTACH" your W2 to your tax return form?
Is it compulsory to be VAT registered?
do I have to pay tax on insurance compensation for a car accident?
How is it that employers are allowed to withhold a larger percent of an employee bonus (vs. salary) for taxes?
taxes for part time vs full time employment?
I have been (unknowingly) paying a student loan back that i never to out. How do i reclaim this money?
what sort of techologies will a floating suport worker use at wark ?
At the end of the current year, $12,400 of fees have been earned but have not been billed to the clients. Jour?
accounting journal entry, purchased supplies on account?
How long does it take for Centrelink to reply to your claim?
Are tax-deductible donations required to be claimed?
Tax rebate or NOT (prospective student)?
1099R question, multi state resident.?
Its jan 26 2011 has anyone recieved their 2011 tax return. yet?
If I'm married can I still choose to file as SINGLE status on my W4?
I am a single mother that works and goes to school fulltime at night.?
I need to do estimated taxes, which were due on April 15th for both state and federal. How do I go about it?
after you buy the itouch, do you have to pay any money each month for the internet?
Hi, a quick tax question about donations....?
Free site to help me find an employers tax id number?
Is there taxes on WCB Pension payouts?
What do I do about unpaid taxes for newspaper route?
If your boss was doing illegal things that could effect you, can you quit and draw unemployment?
when is last day for filling the taxes?
It is legal to charges taxes on delivery packages?
Does listia refund credits if you dont win?
What does "salary in the mid forties" means?
perdiem - can i take this deductions on my expense - travel?
Who is responsible if my accountant files my taxes late?
can i claim back on an unenforceable credit agreement taken out before april 2007?
is proprietory liable to fbt if t/o more than 40L & is partnership firm liable if there is only 1 employee?
Does anyone know how to enter depreciation on turbotax?
what is the best state for retired people on a fixed income to live in?
If state federal taxes are 20% of your monthly salary how much is your take home pay?
How do I enter half the gain for the sale of a house on my 1040 tax return?
File jointly or seperately for 2010?
Can i still get my income tax refund if I file a Chapter 13 Banktupy ?
X of kolkata sends out goods costing Rs.100000 to Y of delhi.3/5th of goods were sold by consignee for Rs.?
on $8,000 you pay 20% federal taxes what is the balance?
Can my 19 yr old claim his younger siblings as dependants for irs purposes?
What is the Tax Basis on a Patent?
Does anyone need their taxes done?
do you have to be currently employed to be able to do a emerald advance this year?
Which of these do I add to get my gross income?
Is it right for him to claim the mortgage interest on his taxes?
Delaware Non-Resident Income Tax for NJ Resident?
hi i have 5 numbers plus the bonus on tonights lottery before i claim do i have to pay tax on the winnings?
my son aged 7 has just inherited £1000 .what is the best way to save it .he will not benifit from untill he is?
If I have an investment account with my mom (joint tenants) how do we pay taxes on interest & dividents?
Can I cancel a tax return?
Exercised options, sent IRS 83(b) in 2007 but e-filed in '08?
my boyfriends father wont let him file his own tax returns...?
CA state refund back yet?
Taxes and who to marry?
When buying from Pakistan via Ebay do you have to pay import duties on clothes?
Audited for EIC portion of refund for 2011?
what is required to have a hobby farm in colorado, and what are the advantages?
How much will my check be after taxes?
Can I file taxes once for income and once for investments?
How much will I get back on income taxes?
Iam divorced and my former husband is going to be made bankrupt ,does this affect me,we have no ties at all.?
form 8453. what are the consequences?
Filing exempt on w-4 for 3 months and then switch it back?
If you buy something in a state with no sales tax, will you have to pay sales tax when your home?
Did ANYONE receive their stimulus check in the mail today 5/16?
Can my mother claim me for tax returns if she didn't last yr?
When did you get your PAPER stimulus rebate check if your last 2 digits are 00-09?
How to save on taxes??
Can i claim my sister and her 1yr old as my dependent during income tax return?
Do I need to pay income tax for this?
Did the recent tax cuts in Australia help cause the interest rate rise?
How do i do ky sales taxes?
How much will I get back in taxes ? (state of FL)?
will my friend have to pay tax on the £52,000 she received from the sale of he mother's house?
Veteran Property Tax Credit?
Do I have to declare tutoring income on taxes?
I am legally separated from my wife and have full custody of the children. How do I file my taxes this year?
Does everyone have file taxes?
Do I pay state income tax to OR or WA if I live/work in OR but telecommute for a WA based company?
Capital Gains Tax exemption?
Have you used H and R Block for your taxes?
Does anyone know about this ?
charity tax receipt..?
Can I use my daycare providers social to get a tax credit even though she is not licensed?
How do I claim my girlfriend on my tax return? Or can I?
where to retrieve w2 from employers?
tax consequences after death?
Property taxes and income tax return?
want to ask the tax system in the country India using self-assessment or official assessment system?thank?
Why is my W2 at least 8000 off from my year to date?
I just filed my 2007 tax return and want to check the status.... where can i go online to do that?
If I have a joint account, can my taxes...?
How can I get taxes withheld from Google Adsense?
what is the journal entry for income tax is paid on behalf of the owner?
Can a W-2 be 3 years after the fact?
Do I report and deduct and pay income tax every month self employed?
Can you collect unemployment if you are self employed?
my new zealand payslip says ive been payed out for GESA,what is this?
If I am expecting a refund, do I still have to file my taxes by 4/17?
Can a married couple file income tax returns separately?
I filed my 2011 taxes on July 21st after getting an extension , I'm getting a return . I checked with IRS?
What do i do if i didnt file my taxes last year?
when will receive his tax refund?
can you tell me what capital gains tax has to be paid on property of 8o,000?
How do subsides relate to/effect taxes in the United States?
I am a Canadian citizen and live less than 183 days in Spain. And don't live in Canada. Who do I pay tax to?
IRS gift tax hypotheticle here?
need help filing out amened tax form for additional child credit?
My Debt Before Getting Married...1099-C?
Will I lose money on my tax return if I get married?
My amended return is pending for a deposit date. How long will this take?
My taxe return from last year may have gotten thrown away...can i go to jail over this?
Obama stimulus check?
If I want more $ taken out of my check, I put 0 on my w4. the more exemptions, the less withheld, right?
ive currently got a weekend job but want one over xmas, will i get done with tax?
simplified employee pension (SEP) contribution?
my father sell the property ,they got 1 cr rupees .they really neeedto pay tax?
How do you find out if a federal tax refund is due to you?
Given the chance should I ask to be paid in Pounds or Euro?
i did not have my filing fees deducted from my refund but i did use turbo tax and had DD will i get DD for?
State Taxes?
Overpaid council tax benefit?
If u live in NH and win a lottery does the state take taxes?
What is the structure of the United State’s income tax system?
About what percent would I be taxed per month if I have a part time job in Wisconsin?
I am looking for a list for chart of accounts for the electrical contracting field...materials, included..?
Tax ? Is this fraud? Need advice!!!?
Can Iwrite off my cats vet expenses on my taxes?
All possible owner occupied duplex tax deductions?
local general sales tax rate for Tarrant County?
I pay a neighbor to watch my son a few days a week while I'm at work. Is this tax deductible/creditable?
What is a moneygram and where do I send one?
I have started selling Avon. How much do can I make before I am required to pay income tax?
Anyone with DD date 2/4?
Can I change the date my childs tax credit is paid on?
Why do i get different tax refund amounts?
I have sold one of my long term property and i want to save the tax on long term how can i save it.?
Will my tax return be accepted if i typed my last name as Smith Jr?
Did anyone receive their refund today?
Does my tax information justify going to a tax preparer?
Hey UK Civil Servant: which are your allowances and reward concepts in your paybill?
rebate checks?
If I File For Bakruptcy, Will They Find My Bank Account?
if I Pay more tax than I should have for a 401k withdraw?
How do i file my taxes if sOme one else is calming me?
Does Oregon Charge state sales taxes now?
What is the Statute of Limitations for the IRS to collect taxes from you?
where do I look if I have a incometax return from last year?
Please provide assistance in filling ITR 2 Income tax form the?
Is social security retirement income taxable?
im not getting charged for income tax on my check stubs?
How do I add sales tax from purchases to my 1040ez?
tax question, college, kids, new marriage. HELP! 10 points.?
File taxes with last paycheck stub?
New kind of tax idea...?
i was told not to file my income taxes since i made less than $5,000?
Do you have to pay tax if you have a certificate of deposits?
What should I do I don't get the second interview yet?
As resident aliens do we have to be concerned about estatetax when our estate is about $ 1 Mill.?
big bonus check comming soon, what can i do so they wont take alot of taxes?
Is it unusual to try and avoid the VAT in the UK?
I already sent in my Tax Return for 2008.Then I moved. How do I get my return sent to my new house?
Republic Bank Direct Deposits?
do i have to claim jobseekers to claim child tax credits?
Ex-pat in USA (2 years), am I Tax Exempt in the UK?
How can I get a copy of my 2005 tax papers?
H&R block screwed our taxes up and now irs says we owe them 3,000.00 after we paid h&r block 400.00 to do em!!?
Independant Tax Return, is it advisable for minors?
how can I download form 1099 from Schwab in PDF form?
Does Indian Co. has to pay Service Tax for the service provided to the Foreign Co. who is paying in USD.?
If I create a company on an indian reservation do I have to pay state income or just indian tax?
Do you pay taxes out of your unemployment check?
KS low income student taxes for this year?
How do i figuer out the my labor % if I spent $10,500 on labor and had $30,000 in sales?
How long should I expect the IRS to take to clear an estate valued under $800,000.00?
Fraud question.. tax and Centrelink?
CALIF.resident sold vacation property in OREGON. Are both OREGON &CALIF. income tax due on cap.gain?
How much money should I set aside for taxes from a $5000 check?
Estimated Refund at end of year>?>?>?>?>?>?>?
Tax question (self-employed)?
Im a 16 year old mother and have never worked before how can i claim my son on taxes and get money back?
My fiance is self employed and hasn't filed taxes in seven years. I have gone through and sorted all receipts
Are registered childminders exempt from VAT?
How much VAT do i charge?
do you have to pay tax for bidvertiser?
I'm disabled, haven't filed in several years, over $4k in interest in home, should/can I file and get $ back?
I made about 11,000 dollars this year, and i am a dependant, how much taxes should i get back? approx.?
Do I still have to pay tax? s for the best answer!!!?
has any one that was scheduled to receive there tax refund on 02/08/212 get there refund today?
If I lived in one state and worked in another for only one month, do I need to file two state returns?
If I move to the UK...will they like me over there?
how should I prepare for my tax audit?
When is the government going to start taxing "peoples natural gas"?
Nevada use & sales tax on real estate?
what happen if we deny to receive the goods cash on delivery?
If I am resident in France but work overseas will I be taxed on my overseas income?
How is Social Security pension taxed?
Is it true that we cannot claim our 17 year old son as a dependent on our taxes?
Tax lien on property after a divorce?
Has anyone within the range of 21-75 received stimulus payment yet this week?
How much taxes will I pay?
Does Federal law or FL state law require and/or allow that service, handling, & shipping charges are taxable?
Marginal tax rates are based on:?
Is restaurant tax a city or state thing...?
If someone is given £40,000, are they liable to pay any tax on the money? (UK)?
can my income be taken into account if my partner pays CSA? (UK)?
how can i find out the rate of tax of some selected items from the kerala vat schedules?
Is not havin state income taxes a gd or bad thing ?
I work in NJ but I live in NYC, i am paying both states taxes. NYC city and NYS as well as NJC & NJS help?
My parents want to claim my daughter on their tax return.?
i couldnot file my incometax return for financialyear 2004-2005.what can i do now?
Is there such a thing as "Los Angles city payroll tax"?
US Citizen marrys Japanese Citizen on M1 visa...How do I do my taxes now?
Can I file taxes if i only worked 5 months this yr?
Will we be able to get some from income tax next year?
Are my losses on a condo for personal use deductable on my personal income tax return?
Claiming education on taxes?
How much duty/taxes will I have to pay on a parcel?
Made in the philippines?
i live in ma but work in ct?
Did the cash register trick me in Bowling?
what is CA-VDI in box 14 of W2? How do I enter it in TaxCut 2005?
Do I have to pay taxes on a short sale in california on a home!?
tax question: claiming dependents?
What is the easiest way to file past income tax?
Question about tax credits?
Payroll Deduction for Breakage?
UK should takeaways PAY to clean the street at weekends?
Buying stuff from Australia?
when is the last day to receive a T2202 form?
Who should claim our daughter on our tax returns?
Turbotax and E Filing?
What is the Service tax rate on works contact Job at resent w.e.f July'12?
I have updates from irs for by the 1/31 dd date..?
What do you do if you recieve a 1099 form after filing your taxes?
Is import tax on bike is going to raise in upcoming Bangladesh Budget 2012?
I never filled out a W-4 form for the business I work for but he is still pulling out social security?
I don't own my own business but I put a deal together and I make 2,000,000 how much do I take out for tax?
Can I claim my son on my taxes?
I only work 15 hours a week, am I paying full NI?
How much would my check be?
does anyone know when benifits are being paid over xmas uk?
Can I correct my w4 w2 form at work?
Do you use a blue pen or a black pen when filling out an official form?
What do I pay in taxes as an independent subcontractor?
Sales tax?????????????????????????? V?
Does love hurt?
Why can't you all see that we need to tax the rich and spread the wealth?
someone garnished my check through my bank and took the whole thing.. i did not get any notification?
Required Rate of Return Question?
If you file just one tax return together , will that make you common law married in SC?
need help to solve problem with tax credits?
Howcome every year I owe 1200 USD to IRS?
New tax payer in U.S. needs help understanding?
Taxes: How many to claim on W-4 (Expert advice only please)?
Child support and tax refund in TN ???
On a 401k are the employer required to take social security taxes out before entering it in your 401k account?
i did my taxes on the 17th and the paper said it should be here deposit. how long does it take t?
can ex offenders still recieve their earned income credit?
A person makes 1 Billion dollars per year. How much does he/she pay in taxes?
Income Taxes for business owners.....?
I need the history of newspaper?
Question about goverment taxation! HELP!?
tax question: Head of Household or Single?
8000 first time home buyer credit?
why has my tax code changed to 325L?
Claiming Exemption of Long Term Capital Gains Tax u/s 54EC+54F?
Does the 16th amendment really mean we don't have to pay income tax?
How much do you need to make to start paying tax?
What are the rules to claim 2006 tax write off for new windows for State (CO) and Fed.2006 taxes?
Living with an Ex and working tax credit.?
How can I know whether or not to itemize my taxes?
W.I.C & Taxes?
Should I file my taxes?
If you buy a second hand DVD and you are VAT registered,?
need a tax form for oregon lottery winnings over 5000.00?
Can you receive emergency assistance in OK when the IRS is garnishing 1/2 of your monthly income? HELP PLEASE!
Are Class Action Lawsuit Proceeds Considered Taxable Income?
what is the present rate of service tax?
Has an Indian permanent resident of USA to pay income tax in INDIA on the interest earned in banks in INDIA ?
When property is re-banded to higher council tax band, is tax increase backdated to move in date?
Whose tax laws should I follow (Malaysia or US)?
What is the earliest anyone has recieved their tax return using etax 2012 from ATO?
where is my state tax return!?!?!?!?
Sandra was charged $31.15 for some supplies. That included a 4% tax. 9. What was the original price before?
How long does it take for the tax office to sort out your details so as not to have to pay emergency tax?
who claims the tax exemption for kids in foster care? can ther parent, or the foster parents?
Can I still do my taxes if my mom is claiming me as a dependent too?
deprecation irrigation drip system?
Can my parents claim me as dependent?
how do taxes work?
Is VAT zero rated on warehouse rent?
OK im in an accounting class and there is one thing we cant figure out...why do debits always = credits???
Provided More than half of my support?
IRS Delay in processing. Reference 1121?
where can i get my old group certificates from.?
Question about taxes when unemployed?
Im new in the UK and dont have a VAT Number, Is it Possible to write a Invoice without VAT No. ?
Should I claim 1 or 0 on my taxes?
Tax depreciation rate for deduction on stolen cell phone?
what is 40% off of $6.95?
Is there any way to remove a IRS lien against a house?
Question about taxes: Do I need last year's taxes to get mine done this year?
what r the heads of taxation?
gambling winnings after bankruptcy?
Can I write off a loss from an LLC against income on my W2?
Do I have to pay capital gains tax if.......?
What percent, or how much on average, of Massachusetts income tax comes from state income tax?
For years my K1 gives me 2 times the taxable income as distributions (cash). Does this make sense?
Still in Club 2/7 anyone else?
what is the minimum pay rate of nj in 2008?
What is the diferent between city tax number and Federal tax number?
How do I claim my taxes back please? Have not been working for a full financial year.?
I want to know what states have no state tax and which ones have no sales tax.?
can a garnishment take my taxes?
Temporary Assignment Tax Deductable?
Are campaign contribution tax deductible?
Vat & Carry / Carrys?
how much deduction takes place for money transfer?
Will there be a Tax on Air in the future?
Having issues with my tax return. Not sure what to do.?
what a good % to put in your 401 k?
never worked in 2010 but have 2 dependants?
Important Question About Sales Tax Please Answer?!?!?!?!?!?!?! URGENT!?
how are taxes on cable TV calculated, ? please read?
I bought my first home in Feb 08, do I get a $7500 tax return? I am in Florida by the way.?
How do yo factor in the 6% sale taxes in your final total?
If my parents own property in hawaii and pay taxes on it yearly, would we be able to pay in state tuition?
If I sale my property for $100,000 how much tax do i have to pay the government.?
Why should the rich pay more taxes?
Limited Liability Company?
Long term residency tax credit?
Obtaining a copy of my W2 form?
What is the point of inheritance tax?
I am on the threshold of being hit with AMT. Would increasing my state tax withhold help ?
fililg taxes. can my cousin file for my daughter?
How much should i get in taxes?
UK- child's bank account, how much, limit?
Has anyone ever had their tax refund held because they were under audit?
Do ya chain hang low?
Anybody suppose to get dd tax refund today (Feb. 5th) and didn't?
Which of these will give me a bigger tax advantage- credit or an adjustment?
Do you feel Social Security checks to low income seniors should be taxed by the IRS?
Can you send information on the new US expat tax laws?
Why do we continue to pay Federal Taxes when it is illegal for the government to collect them involuntarily?
Do students declaring themselves self-employed pay tax?
please help me im hopeless?
Turbo Tax users dont get direct deposited stimulus checks!?
sale tax on primotronix ?
If I made only one paycheck from a job, do I have to claim it on my taxes?
My mother's receives her social security check..When?
My taxes still say my old address, but I lived at my current state all last year, how do I file my state?
I got a gift from someone close to me $80,000 to buy a property do I HAVETO pay taxes on this money?
I feel so guilty about this tax thing :( ?
Stocks and irs?! help!!!?
If someone is using child care assistance, is it my tax dollars that are paying for it?
The IRS link says my check is scheduled to be mailed out on the 17th of February, do they change it to mailed?
Argue: Markets dont react to Carbon Tax but Aussie Dollar plunges worse than Euro ol coz:?
if you were paid less than 600 where do you get EIN number without a 1099?
Any more updates on tax refund.?
Questions on taxes?
What would be the yearly property tax..?
Am I responsible for a credit card debt in my deceased husband's name?
Is it safe to use the free tax services offered online?
Why can't we simply have a 3 tier tax system?
does deliver to the uk?
Just got paid. Is this a crime? My wages are £700 a week, After paying tax I am left with £535 to take home?
Is there pitra dosh in my kundali my name is rajeev saxena dob 16/02/1975 tob 07:20 am pob kanpur up india?
what is the current uk time?
The IRS said that my tax refund was reviewing an issue but it's been resolved. What does that mean?
What is taxable income?
I have been told that 100% of my alimony is tax deductible?
So with Obamacare becoming tax law, am I forced to pay taxes on Medicare and Obamacare? Two healthcare taxes?
Did you know that not all of the 47% of Americans who don't pay federal income taxes are poor?
can i get a passport if i have never done my taxes?
if my income is about 7,000 and have 3 kids how much should i get back?
What permits do you need in UK for using metaldetector?
I need to speak to an accountant online.?
other than sales taxes, what are the two other major types of taxes on goods and services?
2011 tax refund question?
How do I reach Level 7 within minimum time with minimal efforts?
where to efile state tax return for free?
do i have to pay city taxes?
ok i need more help-yesterday i talked to my friend robert and he said he claimed his brother on taxes he?
if you were a contracted worker and you worked for about five years could you get unemployment.?
Can I still get a tax refund (state & federal) if my parents declared me as dependent on their tax filing?
Is it possible to file a student loan deduction even if I did not get a 1098E form?
i have 2 part time jobs should i get taxed on both jobs?
How long must I have my tax records?
Int'l Medical Exps are Tax Deductable? Which source of the currency rate can we use?
Question about taxes on unemployment income?
tax write offs for heating?
How much 'goods' can I bring back to UK from USA without getting taxed/duty free?
I think my credit info may be compromised, what should I do?
Can an employer require employees to pay a payroll fee deducted from their after tax paycheck?
Taxes in Texas?
Is £40,657 enough to live on per year (single male aged 18)?
Has anyone recieved their 2012 tax refund yet ?
where is my turbo tax info??
Which tax form do I use?
2009 Child & Dependent Care Credit Amount?
My step-brother is being audited by the IRS?
How much will I make in my paycheck?
How do you file taxes in Michigan when married but two addresses?
Would you receive more money filing your taxes with H&R Block or with doing it youself with TaxCut?
compliance team at tax credit?
How can I tell I owe the IRS?
Do you have to pay tax on app trailer income?
Can I claim my niece on my taxes?
I filed my 08 taxes but forgot about one job?
How long does my Grandmother have to work in the UK to start receiving Pension?
My parents receive food stamp. Can i still have them as my dependent when i file tax?
If my mortgage company files an IRS 1099-C for a 'debt forgiveness.' How much might I owe to the IRS?
Can I have my taxes owed taken out of my refund?
how do I figure out capital gains on real estate?
What to call a person who does not pay any taxes?
do you get taxed with paid surveys on line?
If you were in charge of developing a tax system for a country, how would you structure taxes?
Net income in NYC with 60 000 USD?
can you share turbo tax?
I didnt claim my child on my W4 for, what will happen?
My friend want's me 2 claim her kids on my tax .Is this legal ?
Should I get tax credit for having multiple disorders?
does form 8850 questions refer to my whole family or just me?
Can a charity elect S-Corp status?
how much taxes wil be deducted if you make 25 dollars an hour,working 40 hours and have 3 dependents?
Can a business in New Zealand be reported for tax evasion while it is being sold?
State Tax Return?
New York State Income Tax Question?
does the donee of a 10,000 dollar gift from the donor have to pay taxes on that gift?
How CIBIL is linked with PAN Card Account?
Are work related expenses have to be included in the personal deductible?
will I be taxed for filling out a W9 form asked by the organization I volunteer for?
Can you get a a financial aid refund check if your account says zero ?
Can a parent give a child a gift of 1 million dollars without ethier one paying taxes on the gift.?
what is the amount can one indivual get exemption from the tax on foreign currency earnings?
When filing taxes do I use the number on my permanent resident card?
i got my W2 very late from my employer so i wasnt able to file taxes this year. Is it ok to file the same with
the irs say my dd 1/30 so will i get it before than?
who is entitled to 25% council tax discount?
Accounting Question Please explain and Help me I do not understand how to calculate this?
After a week of filing taxes, why does the IRS website not have my information?
When you sign off the dole, do they give you a P45?
Do I need to pay tax?
Taxt return Transcript?
Pay tax for housekeeping?
I recently purchased a home - I'm single and want to file exempt on my W2 to increase my income...?
Tax slab rates for trusts FY 06-07?
LLC tax and foreign freelance employees?
What are the new allowances for stamp duty on house purchase and inheritance tax?
how can i retrieve w-2 from a employer and print my w-2 form?
Income Tax Question for 20 year old single male in NY?
Selling expensive gifts I have received. Do I need to pay taxes?
tax information for property, nj?
Customs/import duty for international magazine subscriptions to India?
Can someone give me some advise?
who thinks like me about the smoking ban in the uk?
IRS question need answer please?
We bought a house in Aug but the June before it was sold at a tax sale we bought the tax certificate back do?
does anybody here file the Form 9465, i'm just confused at question# 8?
How much tax is owed on this Roth IRA withdrawal (10 points)?
Do canadians have to pay US state tax when buying over the internet?
What would be the VAT of one item?
I filed my taxes on feb 2 electronically. There is still no info on the Irs info sysrem what should i do?
I don't have a job. Can I claim money as benefits?
Tax and dependent question with a crazy ex?
WV taxes...please help!?
Canadian working for a US company--T4 and W2 Question?
Can I expect a large tax refund for 2012 if.....?
Do international students have to pay taxes on financial aid from universities in the US?
If I start a subsidiary under an S Corp, will I have to file taxes as one entity or as separate ones? Thanks.?
If I work in a restaurant and claim 0 exemptions and get 0 $ checks every pay period?
What % does the IRS charge when you are doing a payment plan?
Is there taxes on WCB Pension payouts?
What would happen if everyone in the U.S. stopped paying income tax?
do i have to pay city taxes?
Can my boyfriend claim me and ive worked?
W-2 form when filing job application?
Did anyones tax refund show up in the bank Before the WMR showed a DD date?
how much money does washington state take out of your pay check?
What does a person do if they owe money to the IRS but won't have enough by April to pay?
How do I find the status of my Income tax refund?
Can we deduct this off our taxes?
dont have w2 yet or final pay stub what to do?
Why didn't Al Capone use the money he obtained through criminal means to pay his taxes?
I got my money but not all of it. Who can I contact without the run around?
Do I file taxes if only making 336.00 for the year? (Student)?
What is the order of a tax file?
Where is my VAT number on my debit card?
about dr. mohammed abu in central bank of nigeria?
Do adult children have to pay for there deceased fathers back taxes?
Independant contractors that make less than $3000/year, must we pay taxes?
does anyone know when the irs starts to ds checks? filed on 1/15/2010 a human being said it was accepted on?
If I make $5000 a month as a ind.contractor. How much can I expect to pay in taxes?
Are there any situations where life insurance premiums paid are deductible?
Can wash sale loss be used aginst other stock gain?
How can i write the irs by email and what is the address??????
Can I file as an independent with income but no job?
Taxes?can you a refund check if you only receive unemployment?
comparre quicktax, taxwiz and ufile?
The letter i got from the irs says i will receive my paper check BY the 16th and the web says differently, why
how much is $349.99 plus tax?
8.5 Crore SUV Conquest Evade Now In India?
I retired from work. But I recently got a job working part-time. Do I have taxes deducted from my pay?
whats supposed to be the number of box 1 in a w-2?
I filed my fed taxes with HandR block and it said I was getting back 2000?
Should my mother claim me as a dependent next year?
does anyone know when the irs starts to ds checks? filed on 1/15/2010 a human being said it was accepted on?
when is gift money taxable?
Is it legal for credit card companies to take your tax refund?
How much Sales tax in canada?
the impact of tax incentives on the tourism industry?
Do you think application of VAT (Value Addition Tax) is fair and legal?
Can federal and state tax refunds be more than I paid in?
My mother lives w/me. I provide full support. Can I claim her as a dependent on my taxes?
Does the son enjoy a stepped-up basis on the property? (10 points)?
Tax break for college related spending?
how many kids do i need to have to get a decent amount of money?
my company went out of bussiness and did not pay any of my 05 taxes who is responsable?
Cigar and Tobacco taxes in the state of Washington?
I need to contact the new mexico taxation and revenue center?
what is ACH Debit processing? Canit be stopped at ant time? Is it a good thing if I use it to pay taxes?Why no
Can I claim a child that is not related to me but lives with me on my taxes?
why concession is not being given to pensioners & other senior citizens deductions for medical exps?
What to do about my decieced Father's IRA?
when is tax free week in america?
Do you have to claim child support payment on your taxes?
59.99 + 6% sales tax - 5.00?
Tax Exemptions?
Anybody received tax refund on emerald card with a dd of 2/1/2012?
Help with P60 against what i have earned pls?
What forms do i need to file back taxes?
Economic problems?
Can you get tvo in canada?
Was curious about this tax situation...?
What is the Tax on $12.00?
am i responsible for these taxes?
What can I do if I literally can not pay all of my taxes?
Taxes and children..?
has anyone gotten there 2011 tax return yet using the hr block emerald card?
DO i need to fill out a 1040 for taxes?
My friends boss pays him with two separate checks....?
Under what status do i file my taxes if ive been seperated from my husband since may but not leagally?
I lost my paycheck stubs?
is filing bankruptcy protects you from the IRS?
What medical expenses can be deducted on your taxes?
When will California sales tax increase to 10%?
On my Pay-Stub I'm paying for NY INCOME Tax + Bronx,NY CIWT is this correct?
Sales Commission?
My boyfriend and I are moving to a new flat in London. How do we find out about council tax?
As a business owner how do I show self income to get child deductions etc?
I won a prize from Taco Bell for 5 free meals do i have to file a tax return on it?
California gift tax laws or federal gift tax laws?
Can I claim first time home buyer's tax credit as a second home buyer in Canada?
are construction defect lawsuit settlements taxable?
How can I locate the social security number of my deceased uncle?
If I'm currently separated from my husband, do I have to file a joint tax return with him?
Why do I have to pay taxes on a house or a land that I owned? It is ridiculous and unfair!?
Can I file multiple 941 forms in one envelope?
Ive been sent a bill for the full years outstanding council tax.?
Does anyone know if the income earned vs effort spent inequality has ever been addressed in taxation policy?
We did our taxes on the 16th and got the ipower card?
should dole scroungers get a pension when they retire?
Who can be considered a Dependant on tax return forms?
Do I have to pay Indiana income taxes if I go to college in Indiana?
What is the tax free allowance in Ireland?
I earn 16500 per annum with a 810l tax code?
how much service tax for outside india commission?
What is the limit for itemized deduction for filling taxes?
I purchased a laptop for school, Can I get a tax credit?
how do i find out if there is a lien on my property or a past lien on my property?
Can my 1099 Misc. Income from being a "lab rat" be invested in a traditional IRA, Roth IRA or...?
Arizona personal income tax filing. Married but only one of us lived in AZ the entire year. What form to use?
Some help required to understand mutual funds. Please see details below bfore answering?
don't have a job,and i don't know how to start looking for it.I'm afraid that i will be disapointed
How should I file for taxes?
ny state unemployment benefits question!! please help!?
How come "chain" tax preparers charge so much for filing electronically?
I filed for unemployment in Florida online. I just received word via the website that I will be ?
What State am I a resident in regards to taxes? (I am unemployed currently and a military spouse?
what top gadget 2012?
Is Calstrs considered a traditional IRA for tax purposes?
i am looking for 2002 tax preparation software that maybe i don't have to pay for...possibly shareware?
Derivative transactions - audit ?, exemptions, ? carry forward set up? club with shor/long term capital gain?
if you fill out the W4 form with employer, but they direct deposit you the whole amount without withholding an?
can my gf claim her self and children?
I worked using what I thought was a bogus social security number?
Has anyone rec'd a 2nd confirmation letter of the stimulus check?
can i stil able to file my taxes even if i ow the taxes some money for tthis year?
Is there anyway I can cash out my social security?
I owe state taxes for georgia?
Girl in need of tax help?
How is the California Franchise Tax Board going to find out what you have bought from other states?
What do the government mean by the 45p tax rate?
in Tax Invoice whether Freight to be charged Vat?
Do I have to file taxes if my Net Income was Zero?
Is it possible to report a person or company to the IRS anonymously?
I want to buy a watch from an american seller on ebay. It costs $1000. How much tax will I get charged?
Tax Question, Will I have a penalty on my taxes next year?
What are the capital tax gain consequences if your primary home is sold just 3 months shy of the 2 year mark?
Is it worth saving my reciepts to use on itemized deductions?
Taxes: I am getting married on Saturday, my wife has a son, w-4?
how does it works, filing taxes refund online?
Are kids under 18 supposed to pay tax?
We are not going be able to get the tax refund because we made to much for a family of 3?
Will any bank give me a loan of 15 Lakhs for doing mba from a b~school in india.....pls help......?
How to claim income in FL as MN resident?
If you accept a debt settlement, will you have to pay the IRS taxes on the difference?
How much do you usually get back on your tax returns for having a child?
who is the president of USA?
Anyone have SBBT issues again?
if you pay the fed tax do you also have to pay the state tax?
is this typical irs behavior?
About my taxes being so late?!!?
Is sales tax the same as VAT (value-Added Tax)??
Primary Residence in NY or NJ for IRS?
If I am single female and earn $14,000 before taxes, should I claim single and "1" or single and "0"?? I?
where can i get my w-2 form i lost from 2004?
What would I pay in taxes for a motorcycle swap?
I have been withholding $75.00 from my paycheck every week?
Do I have to file a tax return and if so how?
Is there any possibility to refund tax ?
Does ez Pass tell you where you've been and how much you paid?
Does a company have to pay government mileage rates?
what is the rate (amount) for the federal universal service fund on one's phone bill ?
Can i legally get paid to rake leaves?
How do paycheques work?
why Indian finance minister can not impose tax on FII.?
Can my gf mother claim here daughter on taxes?
If I buy something in a state w/o sales tax, but have it shipped to a state that does- do I have to pay taxes?
How do I file taxes now when:?
Poll: Do you want the FairTax to be enacted?
filing taxes after having a new baby?
Does mileage reimbursement constitute 1099 MISC income or W2 when one is a salaried employee?
Has anyone actually gotten their Tax Rebate yet? Mine supposedly scheduled today...but nothing yet.?
what % of the budget goes towards paying interest on the national debt?
How to file dependent son on our taxes?
national health care,will benefits be taxed?
Form 1040 Tax Question?
Anyone Recive their Economic Stimulus Payments?
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