Are there a statue of limitations on local taxes in Pennsylvania?
Can the IRS hold my tax return money?
how can i get my emergency tax back ?
When is the deadline date for my employer, my bank, etc. to have sent me my tax preparation information?
Someone asked me to cash someone else's tax or income tax check and pay me $250.00 is this illegal or bad?
California Sales Tax on Packaging Material?
Anyone manage to get a live person @ IRS yet?
Do I Qualify for Unemployment?
tax deduction on expenses on foreign services?
How To Get A Federal Tax Credit Back?
got a dd date today feb 8th! does that mean i willo get it then?
Can I person with an ITIN get a PTIN and prepare taxes?
Was unemployment tax free in 2009?
I had a 3670 tax come out of my check what is this?
India- Income Tax - Service man- Mumbai city?
W4 Form & Marriage?
Do you try to pay as little tax as possible?
Deferred Tax Liability And Asset?
1099 contractor?
Business Income or Deemed Capital Gain?
If you found a box with £5m in jewels where would you hide it?
my tax refund delayed?
I give my parents cash for them to pay all their bills & their home mortgage. Can I claim them as dependents?
I received corrected 1098 from my Mortgage company, what should I do?
what are digital signatures... how does it work...?
Film production thru an LLC. Should we file an LLC as an SCorp. No income yet and one foreign member.?
I need to get my IRS tax return transcript. Is that form 1040A?
How do you estimate taxes for 1099?
When did you get your PAPER stimulus rebate check if your last 2 digits are 00-09?
How long does california have to give their tax refunds?
Need accounting help determining tax on rental income?
How long does it take to receive tax return by Canada Revenue Agency?
can I claim as a single and as a head of household on my tax withhold allowance certificate ?
Had to get substitute W2-missing information?
Does anyone not pay Federal taxes?
I am an american citizen living abroad. I do not make over 24k a year so I have not filed taxes.?
can i claim a preowned car on my taxes?
I need a good CPA in Dallas, for handling my taxes (stock options, espp)?
I have had a letter from a Bailiff company saying i owe £600 for council tax from a old address 2 years ago.?
Should smokers pay more tax?
Is it possible to claim charitable donations in 2007 on your 2010?
Pay check question please?
How to create a tax-exempt non-governmental organization in Luxembourg?
there is so much noise about high fuel prices, why aren't we asking about all the taxes on fuel?
question about capital gains tax?
how long does aclaim normally take to pay out?
IRS Bank Levy from 2002 Tax return?
Play asia tax in the philippines?
Has anyone received there stimulus check even when they used Turbo Tax to deduct the tax prep fee? I have read
Do I get an income tax return?
moving expense question?
Why is any annual income over $106,800 not taxed for social security for self-employed individuals?
how long can you go without paying property taxes in canada?
If I buy using a Texas Tax ID, and then sell it out of state via internet, do I need to collect a sales tax?
what if i didnt do my taxes for april 15?
how much money can i give my wife or kids per year tax free?
How strong is the economy in Australia and New Zealand?
Can I give the president my federal tax money in person?
Do I have to pay council tax now?
Where the f*** is my refund?
What happens if you dont file your taxes on time??
I receive an email from uk lott company saying that Iwon could that be true?
how much state and federal tax should be paid?
How do i pay taxes?
What taxes would I get back from irs?
My IRS refund was saying my refund should be deposited by feb 7th?
I need to know what % of gross income should be paid out for payroll taxes in the state of Tennessee?
show example of filled form 8582?
If your child goes to college in another state, can you still claim them on your taxes?
how do i get a PAN card?
Tax deductions (U.S) Are these business expenses deductible?
My son is 26 years old, head of household and made less than $10000 in 2006. does he have to file tax return
Is there a retirement state tax credit?
What is the drawer balancing report called at Supercuts?
Tax deduction under section 80DDB?
Am I responsible for my new husband's tax debt?
Tax Season : HR - PPCARD or Cheque?
Is it right for him to claim the mortgage interest on his taxes?
Did anyone get there tax rebate direct deposited today?
Filed Jan 24th And Got Accepted Jan 24th Club 2/14?
Is selling U.S. products in Canada legal?
Why do I owe money on taxes?
Tax Refund question.?
How do I find when email I received is a scam or real ?
Work "car travel" related tax deductions?
If you report income from a check to IRS what do they do?
I only got $58.60 when my hours equalled $140.80?
DHL shiiping custom duties taxes from yesstyle?
I have comleted BALLB, can i do tax practise? What can i do now?
can I take off health insurance with my survivor pension on tax?
Tax on rental income?
Do you always get taxes back no matter how much you make?
I drive 25 miles to work everyday. Is there any way to claim miles or gas expenses on taxes?
Will filing for my tax return affect my parents tax return if they have already received theres?
what is monetary calculation?
If ive filed taxes before do I have to file again?
USA Federal Tax policy?
Fluctuating income increase your chance of getting audited?
Business Records Destroyed - Need to file taxes but how?
My mom stole my Tax Return...Ideas?
If I start receiving California food stamps, will my child support payments be garnished?
What would happen if i turned my father in for tax fraud?
How long is the white part of a bic round stic pen?
How much tax would I owe in Ontario, Canada?
What types of expenses are deductible as necessary business expenditures?
How much roughly will i get taxed?
I nannyed this summer and my employer is sending me a W2?
when does unemployment send out the w2 forms?
a car depriciates at 2% in year 1 then 2% for the next 10 years. What is the overall percentage decrease?
I need to print out a 1040 tax form where do I find the website??? PLEASE HELP?
Will filing for my tax return affect my parents tax return if they have already received theres?
How to fill up ITR-1 efile return online?
irs refund supposed to be today by DD, anyone get theirs?
what is federal exemptions?
independent contractor?
irs reporting from bank?
Waitress.... submitting taxes?
How much would my Father get in Child Tax Credit if he claimed a 19 y.o. as a dependant on his taxes?
best tax deductions for married couples in 2012?
can you write off unifroms you get from work on taxes?
Why in the world are prices so high?
If I did not make a payment on my house at all in 2011, how will that effect taxes?
Can I Claim Buying A Car At Income Tax Time as A Deductible?
Help!!! What can I claim for!!!?
If I use a 1099 and I only made 5k how much will I owe in taxes? I live in illinois, married with one child.?
What are tax exemption on churches?
how can i check if my tax return check has been mailed yet?
if a stripper pays taxes will she get money back from the goverment?
If you deposit a large sum of money in the bank, what do you do to avoid problems with the IRS?
Stimulus refund supposed to de deposited today, Not yet??
Can you live in a different country have a passport for the US and not pay US tax?
Is it easy to register a company in Bermudas?
My parents claim me as a dependent, can i still do my taxes?
Depreciation of an asset?
how to calculate/compute FOB price?
Tax Advice?
Could I write off these miles?
what is the purpose of a married person claiming 0 allowances?
how can i get a tax credit for some of the tuition i paid in 2009?
My mom claimed income under my social security number...?
im confused someone help me ive heard some people say they have recieved their refund. well i havent?
when's the due date to fill out taxes?
Tax Audit u/s.44AB?
If I had a baby in September, can I claim?
whatr is a roth 401(k)?
I need to write a letter to several taxation revenue centers on behalf of my employer. I need help?
Do you agree there should be a Child Tax Credit?
On the Texas Sales and Use Tax Return ...?
How do IRS audits work?
Should all receivables be treated as assets and all payables be treated as libilities?
can I claim for my children as dependent even if they don't live with me, but i send them support every month?
How is a US ROTH IRA taxed in Canada?
How will the IRS verify the eligibility for the First-Time Homebuyer Credit?
Where do i go to find out if i paid property taxes?
Will my refund be on my emerald card at midnight ?
How to determine tax?
If I efile my tax return how long will it take to get my direct deposit refund from federal and NY state?
irs review but why is it being reviewed?
Appealing property taxes with an attorney. Is this legit or a scam?
Recovery rebate credit and 1/23 deposit date..connection?
we have rented a house for 6 years if we moved into it would we have to pay capital gains tax?
Vat to be paid on ebay purchase from Ireland?
If I made 44,100$ this year and claimed 0 and I am going to pick up 2 kids and my self and head of household?
how much will i recive on my refund check?
Will this count as a business/ will it needs tax ect?
I've stopped getting paid Job Seekers Allowance.?
OMG Is Congress going to extend the Federal Unemployment for rest of the year?
when can credit cards take your tax refund?
In serious need of help with tax question! Serious answers only please :)?
Do I need to report the principle on savings account?
the IRS corrected my forms, now I need the corrected forms?
OKAY! Good NEWS! For those WHO Got 1/23 DEPOSIT DATE..I SPOKE TO IRS...LIVE...and here's the scoop...?
what is the website where you can print out your w2 forms before you get them?
My daughter has been living with her fiance for over a year now.He provides mostly alll of the support.She is?
If I moved into my partners house which benefits can she still claim if im working?
Is tax filing required if not in USA?
why would the nevada unemployment online claim system have a popup saying to call them to file your claim?
How to file taxes when employer switches to another 401K plan?
will i get my 2012 tax refund tonight?
If I am earning money off the books and no taxes are being taken out do I have to claim it?
Do I file as single or married?
Can I claim my non working fathers 1yr old son?
I filed on 1/15 was accepted on 1/18 for the longest I had a refund date to receive my funds on 1/31... ?
How can me and my friends get tickets for the eclipse premier in the uk and roughly how much are they? thanks?
what is the meaning of of section 162 for business owner ?
How do I get my emergency tax coding changed?
If you are retired, are you now in a lower tax bracket or just as high or higher while you were working?
Need help getting tax papers!?
What is the formula to seperate FICA?
Do i have to pay union dues?
How long do you have to keep tax records from previous years?
M.B.A.(Finance) India, Details in Need?
Gift tax on $25,000 won from my phone company?
Can I still cash a check if my name is spelled wrong on it?
would a Deed of Trust have a cal. document transfer tax stamp on its face when sold to a debt collector?
Who can claim dependents?
I just realized that my tax refund check was returned by the post office. Can I pick up my check at GTC office?
where r my taxes..? i recieved the 1st wait 65 days letter..then i recieved the 2nd "wait 45 days " letter..i?
Owed TAXES to IRS from 06 will they discharge?
Do i have to pay employer's taxes?
Will I get a tax break for the college tuition, that I paid for my dependent child? ?
purchased interest on bonds?
Can I qualify for any of the new home tax credits from the stimulus bills?
im filling out my fasfa and it asks for my parents income tax for 2010 on the 1040 form where is that located?
Am I considered a non-resident of Canada if I am working in the US under an H1B visa for the entire year?
Local Tax Collector for wrong municipality?
Teens for Economic Stimulus Plan?????
Tax return question..?
Can gratuites (or tips) be considered taxable income?
What does tax shelter mean?
When do you subtract social security?
My tax return is being offset. I know who it is being offset by, but I don't know the amount.?
I want to donate Series E Bonds that I have held for years. Can I deduct the cash value at the time I giving.?
Which countries have a flat tax?
AccountNow and Tax Refund-Deposit in Parts?
how would i go about finding out who clamied me on there taxes without my permisson and what state there in?
Can my mom claim me as a dependent?
What would be Michigans tax rate for buying things? 7%, 6%?
what does "FY GDC" stand for?
r that your already paying taxes through force you work overtime and tell you its going to be 1099?
can someone get in trouble with the irs for this?
how i can bright my future. i want to get visa of any schengen country. i want to go out with my wife who is m
Do renters pay tax or is it included in the rent?
What is a tax exempt certificate?
With the new roth 401k, how do the deductions calculate? does it take xx% of whats left after your taxes...?
Can my parents claim me as a dependent?
I recently took a freelance job and subcontracted some of the work out. How do I record this on my taxes?
how does a tax lien work?
How do I get a tax refund for this?
My wife and I both claim zero on our taxes yet we will owe $2,600...why?
Is there a law requiring us to pay taxes?
Australian aged pension question?
need tax return for 2011 for Lyle Cooper?
403B NJ QDRO question?
i won an internet lottery for 125,000 they sent me a check for 1,350 to pay taxes on the 125,000 is this a sca?
I intend to work 2 fulltime jobs. One I do now is at 15K, the new one is 18k. What tax will I be paying?
I owe money to the California Probation department. Can they with held my tax refund?
Why are people starting to ignore the future tax liability and future tax assets on the balance sheet analysis
Anyone got any reasons as to why corporation tax costs vary between Britain, Germany, Belgium and France? Help
New business and taxes (lost!)?
My wife and i am going to take a Home loan.the property is in the name of mine.shall my wife get tax benifit?
Family/working tax credit advice?
How has the economy impacted the IRS ?
what tax form to deduct sales commission on sale of rental house. 4797 lists gross sales, which wouldnt inc?
i know its only september but....?
What should I do I owe the IRS.?
Do you have to pay tax on Property Dividend?
does anyone have the H&R Block Emerald prepaid card?is is good to get Direct deposit on it?
after doing my taxes..i owe the irs 150$ i am single and i have two jobs, how can i make it so i dont owe?
what all is involved in filing for bankrupcy?
I'm fundraising for a charity, who do people write checks out to for tax deduction reasons?
i am providing ca tutions of income tax and indiect tax in amritsar contact me 9888416084?
how much is tax for importing goods into singapore ?
is it better to file married or married but tax at single rate when filling out W-4?
when are the LIC exams held (india) ,GIC?
I have not worked all year... can my best friend file my sons on her tax return without a penality?
I got my tax relief refund $600.00 I have not seen the one for my son $300.00 I thought they would come togeth
i used Turbo Tax to file my taxes this year and it said i would get extra because i didnt get the economic?
can someone explain a tax where if you own your home, you pay a tax similar to whaqt your neighbor rents for.?
Why cant get my ptin? i am coping right of my 2009 tax return and still says rejected!?
Can I write off my 17 year old son who is still in high school?
CANADA If I file my taxes, why does the government do my taxes for me ?
Can anyone tell me how the Living Away from Home allowance works?
i did not file taxes in 2009 can i file my 2010 taxes?
If I am making no income, should we file taxes jointly or individually?
Got an IRS notice CP-2000 about my tax return. Why?
How much money do you need to join the Jersey based K2?
What is the expansion of SEBI?
how do I file my 06 taxes with my last pay check?
How much is the postage from UK to Lithuania for a mobile phone, Signed for, and standard delivery?
My ex-husband owes a lot of back pay for child support. If his new wife filed..?
Been working overseas thought wife paying state tax in MA?
How much would an ipod shuffle be taxed in indiana?
why outstanding salaries or rent comes under personal account, expenses are related to nominal account?
Tax refund UK- bank account issue?
what happens if our landlord doesnt pay his taxes?
What happens if you only have a short term capital loss and no gains or income?
how do i access my withholdings taxes at walmart?
if you do a refinance cash-out do the government tax your cash?
If someone is using your S.S. #.....?
Can an employer ask me to give them my social security card?
can anybody tell me if there is such a thing as an non garnishig state?
is there a form to file to the irs if you have given money to somebody in jail?
Does Amazon Charge Taxes ?
Self employment taxes?
Has anyone received their federal tax check refund by direct deposit yet? When?
EIC Tax Q: Unemployment income, No EIC for our two kids?
What is a unitary filing method in relation to state tax issues?
why IRS don't cash my friend's check?
Does anyone know what you can do if you did not receive your stimulus check?
Money gift from living parent + Tax?
Does a tax status of "Married Filing Jointly" indicate an income for someone that does not work?
straight-line depreciation help!?
how long do i have to wait before i can claim benefits once i hand inmy notice?
when is the last day to do taxes??
What does PASDI mean on a W-2 form from Pennsylvania?
How to file my income with a 1099?
Can the IRS garnish our entire bank account(s) if my spouse owes taxes from his business years ago?
Do you only need to file a tax return if you work? I'm a full-time student, so there's no reason to, right?
income tax 1questions?
where do I go to veiw my 2004 tax returns?
Can you file online if you have a 1099?
Does all money come from?
How to get your employer to not take taxes out of your checks?
Can I Claim my older brother as a dependant on my tax return?
at what percentage rate are monetary lawsuit judgments taxable in michigan?
graham county property tax N.C.?
True or False, once im 18 my parents wont be able to claim me on my taxes anymore?
I didn't file my taxes last year, can I do it for this year and last?
Can someone explain how TDS works in india?
US import duty from Japan for clothing?
meaning of CIF in taxation?
How much would I get after taxes?
Can anyone tell me the tax consequence of the following land transaction?
Should I be worried if the IRS says they still haven't received my tax return four weeks after I mailed it?
If you bail someone out of jail do you have to report it on your taxes when they return the money to you?
what is the maximum limit on section 80 to save tax?
If you could nominate where your tax dollars are to be used , what would your choices be?
What is the % you will be taxed on money you take out of an annuity or ira? is it 10% you have to pay back?
need w2 forms for 2005?
Do I need to report taxes on a Babysitter who works UNDER 10 hours a week?
OSAP, does it check which parent you are the dependant of?
whats that number to call again to find the ststus of ur gst? or that other cheque they send u in the mail?
If property goes at a tax sale, can I construct a building on property during redemption period?
How do I claim tax back?
Can a person in jail with no income and was released in 2011 file an income tax return?
Wht is the rate of short term and long term gain applicable on sale of property in NCR - India?
SS unemployment benefits?
identify the ummayyad system of government and taxation?
i started an ebay buisness can i write off my computer on my taxes this year?
Has anyone filed their taxes using the end of year paystub?
How many dependants should my boyfriend claim?
Can I add in my pet's medical expenses with the family's medical expenses for deductions?
Can I claim my son's father?
Tax on rental income (property held jointly)?
so how about i received my refund yesterday and didn't know. i was anticipating for friday but i got it early.?
rebate check question?
Why do i have to pay taxes for this?
how much money do you get per child when you file taxes?
How do I enter T3 information "Total Capital Gains - Box 21" and "Return of Capital - Box 42" in a GIFI form?
What is the difference between various categories of poeple who work with income tax matters?
Question about tax returns?
Are you supposed to put "0" when starting a new job---> taxes?
renie baylon sss static report/sss contribution list?
Which form should I file to get automatic tax deduction from IRS?
There is no vat on kids shoes, at what size do you have to start paying vat ? girls and boys sizes.?
Can I claim tax releif on my mortgage?
How much will taxes be increased after the Health Care Bill?
is net before or after tax ?
About how much will I have to pay?
Has anyone received their rebate?
Personal property sale taxes?
Canada Post forgot to ask me to pay taxes on an item. They sent me a letter asking to come back. Do I have to?
does the us government have to pay taxes?
individuals filing quarterly with irs?
Do I have to file an amended tax return if I won't owe any additional taxes?
The role of tax to development plan?
I live in Spain and trade US stocks at Schwab. Do I have to file with the IRS?
Help Non-Dependent with College Tax Return?
what is sale tax rate of MS SCRAP in WB?
How do I pay income tax from the Rent income?
My ex boyfriend and the father of my three children claimed my kids on his tax return illegally, help!?
can i claim my newborn on my taxes?
So whats the benefit of owning a tax deed in California? ?
How come im 17 but i owe taxes?
I'm sick of reading stupid "where's my rebate?" questions!!?
Owe more tax than i can afford, can anyone make a suggestion?
is an IRS tax transcript as same as tax return for financial aid?
If in the 10 or 15% tax bracket you owe $0 on long term capital gains - can you claim long term cap. losses?
What is the VAT rate in Sweden?
I am receiving honorarium from a National College. How is it taxed?
when you take a wage out of your company how long do you have to pay tax on it?
How many VAT(ALV) rates are there in Finland?
I'm moving address,I owe council tax can i still transfer my housing benifiet and council tax benifiet over?
Irs message please read!?
what are some reasons why a place of business would audited?
i dont think i entered any bank details while completing online assement, how will i get my rebate?
CA state tax $0 do I still need to file?
Getting back old income tax?
Units of Production Depreciation?
how do I make a house that I own, in order for my son to get it without an inheritance tax, etc.?
Do you know any contracted forms !?
houston property tax?
Is import tax added randomly?
Tax Help!!! Please!!!?
Does "tax-exempt interest" from municipal bonds need to be reported on 1040?
SSI overpayment waiver?
How do you determine the sale cost of inherited property.?
First Job, How much is taken out of my paycheck?
where can i get a booklet or chart to figure out employee taxes to be taken out of each check?
Are taxes in Calf. plus pushing unagenda 21 causing farmers ranchers stress?
How to Close books of LLC in 2007 in turbotax??
Tax Returns for a 17 year old?
what wll be my tax refund?
How much taxes would I pay if I cash in two weeks vacation worth $1923.07?
In which state cost of living and taxes etc are more? CA or OH?
duty free, tax free?
What percentage federal income tax, Medicare, and SS is taken out of a paycheck for one single person?
I'm 18, parents divorced, can I choose who claims me on taxes?
Is Big Brother (the government) monitoring answers.?
Did anyone receive their "Economic Stimulus Payment" via direct deposit today?
If you are issued a 1099-Misc with a box 7 amount (Non-employee income), do you have to pay self-emplymnt tax?
How do I prepare to become an IRS Enrolled Agent and open my own tax practice? I do not have a tax background.
Is sales tax charged on Income tax preparation in Ohio?
Can't file my state tax return?
if i only made less then 2000 dollars at one job do i have to claim it on my taxes?
Can I file my taxes as being single if I'm actually married?
how much is 10% taxes on $20,000 in illinois?
Isn't the IRS illegal because they're not following the 16th amendment?
If a person has no income from US sources, does he need to fill a tax return?
If the government STOP smoking in the UK wher will they get ther 3.60 tax from for every 20 fags?
Taxes Exporting to Mexico?
does anyone remember the conflict between the UK and Argentina. what started it?
what are other systematic ways of deferring tax?
where can i check the staus of my tax returns?
Do I still get California Unemployment Benefit Extension?
can i claim tax back on a car loan in ireland?
how can u get ur mom to get u a cell phone if ur 10?
Child Support took too much?
how do I get a printout of my 2005 w2's?
please help with a tax question?
Canadians: child tax benifet?
How to file 1099-MISC form.?
Did you get your Economic Stimulus check?
How much tax is being deducted from my paycheck if I'm 14yrs old?
I live with my boyfriend and our son we share all expenses what would be the best way to file our taxes?
Does my girlfriend's son count as my stepchild (in a legal tax sense)?
a tax question need help?
what is your famous works?
If you are single and receive a substantial return each year, can you legally increase your dependants?
what percent of your paycheck is taken away for taxes in Illinois?
I have claimed Earned Income Credit by mistake and my e-file got approved. What should I do?
Is the Countil tax fair?
My wife and I make too much money and the IRS is killing us in taxes.?
My tax preparer has not done my taxes yet. She became seriously ill in April of this year.?
One Employer, W-2's under two different companies?
What is the address for where you send in your tax refund papers?
How much duty tax do they charge when importing alcohol into Switzerland?
Can I claim my daughter on my taxes this year?
Is it true that Social Security benefits are subject to taxes? If so, who ARE these COCKROACHES that?
the difference between a class 10.0 and a 10.1 vehicle in the Canadian tax act?
Can my freind claim his kids on his taxes this year?
Tax Breaks?
Question About My Taxes?
parents claiming me as a dependent for 2006, but now I'm married. Do I file married filing jointly?
Why am I double taxed on my retirement money?
Tax refund... 2 checks?
Accounting question for adjusting entry?
Who can claim the baby on taxes?
what is difference between tax credit and tax deduction?
Is there any tax service in Ohio that I can take my last paycheck to and have taxes done without waiting forW2
Tips Directly out of my paycheck. ?
taxes income taxes for foreign spouse?
How can i file the Tax with two W2's?
which bank alertpay?
Will sales tax on motor vehicles be deductible on 2006 federal return?
About how much income tax would i get back for my baby who?
I have'nt file 2004 and 2005 taxes, how much does H R block charges?
why people chose networkmarketing business apart from doing anything else?
I still can't get a straight answer for this question, so I'll word it differently this time. Are pre-tax 401k?
Are there any differences at the Federal level for the following....?
Can children be claimed on taxes if custody was lost before the end of year?
If you go to another country and earn a fair amount of money, and pay taxes on it in that country, do you then?
why cant i get deduction on my student loan when i file "married but file seperately'? AND how ??
Dont you think in the UK we pay high income tax?
Do I have to pay taxes?
Vip number transfer from haryana to haryana?
What days does the irs update their refund site?
WMR finally updated!!?
Was I supposed to fill out a Schedule-C on my tax return? My employer gave me a 1099-Misc 2 yrs in a row.?
I'm 27 a fulltime student I let my mom claim me and my kids on taxes to get my child credit?
Estimate on my 2011 tax refund?
what taxes are a u.s. citizens required to pay working in canada?
If I make no money for the quarter, do I still have to pay taxes? ?
If I had a part time job in last summer, do I still have my employer filling a W2 form for me?
Is there a telephone number to call to find out about your federal Income tax refund?
That 1099 you receive will show the money you withdrew and the taxes you paid, correct?
What do i need to do to pay off taxes and my job don't automatically deduct them?
Is there fines for wrongly claiming a dependent on your taxes?
What forms do I need to apply for the first time home buyers credit?
Can a US citizen get tax relief on the UK National Insurance taxes?
I need to know the EIN for Columbia basin job corp conservation center, for my taxes. E-filing! thanks?
Are there any benefits filing taxes married? Or should i just file sepearately like i've been.?
can i claim my 2 year old daughter if my only income is ssi?
When you execute a trust, what state should you do it in? Does it make a difference on estate taxes?
Question regarding mending a tax return?
do you pay tax on your savings or just the interest?
how can i estimate my tax return for 2010?
If I have a joint bank acct with someone that owes money to the IRS, and I don't, can the IRS go into the acct?
Why does the county worries what cars and junk sit on your property when you pay for it?
I have received a message stating u have won uk-ieland award?
How do I remove released Tax Liens from my credit report?
can you claim medical bills?
can i still e-file my 2011 taxes through the irs?
can a $90,000.00 gross earning in a year support a family of 5?
If state federal taxes are 20% of your monthly salary how much is your take home pay?
What is going on with the IRS? ?
can i claim tax as a student?
what is the tax due day , is it today or april 17?
April 2010 length of unemployment benefits in nj.?
Do college students get more money in tax returns?
w-4 form help ..married with a child?
Ex-employer never sent w2? Pass deadline.?
How does the inland rev. discover that you are not paying tax if you haven't registered as self employed?
if you own a c corporation and you failed to pay taxes for that company, who is responsible for that tax owes?
The shortcut to find the amount due after 4 1/2% tax is?
Should I file taxes on my own being a first time home buyer?
Tax deductions, a new roof?
in the state of md is there away around the amount of hours a 17yr old can work?
Can I deduct interest paid on a credit card that was used for home equity?
i pays paper company 70% of what i collect,how much would keep for myself in a month when i collected $450.00?
I am renting to own, do I pay property taxes?
W-4 Form and Claiming Exemption?
Will my current back tax liability be transferred to my wife (to be) one we get married this spring?
how to calculate I tax (GOI), taxable income and rebate for tax?
Can I claim income tax exemption under 80RR section?
Is there a simpler way to say EBITDA?
Did anyone get a 2/24 DD?
How much tax would be taken from my wages?
I have income which is taxable but no taxes are taken out of it,what write offs can I use to off set these.?
Is it true that you get paid more if you do your taxes later?
I received W-9 for $800 payment. Self-employed income under $3000. Where do I put this info on 1040?
Filing IT Return Online - Excel Utility - Questions?
ex issue and claiming a child?
when do you get the extra rebate back?
What is the selling price of gold coin in india? Is there any tax if someone wants to bring in gold to india?
1099 tax form question?
How much in Taxes for an.........?
how much is the gift tax on 1 million dollars???
Should people who drive those big gas guzzlers pay a special tax?
if i have a drop ship distributor in another state,what tax rate do i pay my state or the distributors state?
The IRS sent a wage levy to my job, is it too late to make payment arrangements?
How soon after moving into a rented house do I pay council tax?
how can i learn to prepare income tax?
does anyone no what time tax credit goes into the bank in the uk?
I'm a teen who has a job will that affect my dads taxes?
My father recently died. I am listed on my fathters bank account as a joint holder.?
Does anyone know where to find the new refund e-file chart the one up is no good with the delays?
Does anyone know about importing from New Zealand to the United States?
We efiled our taxes but when I checked and did the "where is my refund" they said they mailed it out.?
If you win a motorcycle in Ohio in a sweepstakes, do you have to pay sales tax when you pick it up?
I have bought an Amplifier and Sub from Australia. Do i have to give tax if I take that to BANGLADESH?
Should I file my own taxes?
Even after a huge home purchase, why is my tax refund SOOOOO sad?
ive already filed how do i claim my weeks of unemployment on line?
How much tax is paid each month on a $90K salary?
Itemized Deductions limitations?
How can trust funds be used to minimise tax?
Do I need to make estimated tax payments to IRS?
Do I file for single or head of household on taxes?
What is the alternative minimum tax?
How much can I earn and still collect Michigan Unemployment?
Is life tax deductible?
e-commerice service Tax and Paypal?
Rs72000 to pay to the government for not paying registration tax?
Do I have to pay federal taxes for having an online business drop shipping?
If you dont file your taxes by a certain time, what could the IRS do to you?
If I can't find my income records, but I want to send the IRS some money just in case how do I do that?
when will the daddy yankee movie come out in the bronx?
who earns more in uk?
I will be moving in a couple of weeks should I use the address that I will be moving to on my tax return?
My W-2's came in....with the WRONG social security #! What do I do now?
What is the sales tax total if local sales tax is 7.5% and the item cost 69.90?
how do i get a 1040 form for income tax return if i was self employed the whole year?
Why Not Tax The Rich More?
What's the website to go to in order to get a claim form for H&R Block settlement for Indianapolis(RAL)?
what is a corporate tax break?
what is the pay for a jewlery clerk in western ma?
What is my due date if I don't owe?
MBA expenses & Itemizing deductions?
What do you think of the new tax return?
In Arizona, what is the procedure if you send in your income tax return but forgot to include the W-2 form(s)?
does i get mo' money if i claimz my self or let my parents claim me?
Hi wanted to know if anybody got their nys refund back not the federal... ?
Can we split the $5,000 Dependant Care FSA limit with one child (married filing separate)?
If I file as head of house hold and my wife files her own taxes?
I filed my 2009 taxes this year in 2011, how long will my refund take ?
Tax forum: Club 1/31? I have updated information?
my mail account can't access?
What is the carbon tax?
how do i calculate sales tax on a car? etc...?
i live with my boyfriend together can he claim me and my 2 kids on the tax return?
i have purchase Iphone from uk for personal use may i get the refund on VAT Tax?
how much tax do you pay on english buy to let properties when you live in ireland?
Does savings account stuff go on taxes (in general and if dependent on parents so you're on their taxes)?
Why don't people in the South have to pay income taxes?
I did independent work but my 1099 was lost in the mail. What do I do?
What is the point of having a death tax?
do students have to pay taxes like other employees?
Filing back taxes without having actual W-2's from those years, help?
DHL shiiping custom duties taxes from yesstyle?
does single and 1 or single and 0 takes out more tax in CA?
IRS website was saying that my refund will be available by 21 feb, but it is still not deposited in my account?
Can I give my wife a $15,000 check without a tax penalty (I don't know what that would be)?
How much money can i gift my children tax free in the year 2006?
Letter from California Asking for More Tax Money b/c of Tax Adjustments?
CA UNEMPLOYMENT LAWS: I need to know how much unemployment I can get..?
what address do i mail my Federal income payment to?
My ex's name is on my tax refund check.How can I cash it?
Income support question help please!?
Is it generally better to file alone or with your wife?
i think my ex employer is saying i made more money then i acutally did to balance the books for tax reasons?
is the penalty for early withdrawel on my 401k deductible?
if someone insures his life for 10 lacs,what will be the actual amount the nominee will get after deductions ?
Is a car purchase tax deductable?
no federal withholding from check?
I drive 6 miles a day on company property, it is required to get to the job site, is the mileage deductible?
how far back can the IRS go to get back taxes?
After retirement I invested Rs.9.00 lac from my provident fund in Monthly Income Scheme of P.O.Saving Bank?
How is the federal tax figured on annuities?
Tax rates for self employed?
I collected unemployment for five months last year,but didnt have taxes taken out?
How much on average do locomotive engineers earn in the UK?
Im not sure if taxes were taken out of my check?
how much % tax on jobseekers allowance?
Should I file my own taxes online in take them in to a professional?
real estate tax do cor. lots pay higher tax?
About my taxes being so late?!!?
my bank says i lose 20% of my ira roth, if i close it before 59 1/2. i thought it was 10 % of the interest?
Does the state of maryland have personal property tax on personal vehicles?
Hi all, How to estimate Tax liability for tax extension?
where to complaint about tax cheet?
What do I do if I never received a 1099-A?
does NV tax social security income????
Import costs: Ukraine to UK: Urgent?
Have you already recieved your Stimulous Package Refund check?
what is an intent to foreclose lien?
Do taxes myself or use a service?!?
Fluctuating income increase your chance of getting audited?
Weekly Tax Deductions-Single Father?
do americans really believe our health care is free? (uk)?
Should I amend my 2009 tax returns now or later?
Do you believe in a progressive tax system or a regressive tax system? Explain why?
Paid in diff part of to pay late tax here without w2 ?
how to pay tds online on salary?
In CA, do I loose tax benefits if I buy another home?
Do I have to wait for my W2 to eFile?
My daughter lives with me fulltime but her dad files her on his taxes.What can I do to stop him?
Why do people complain about investors paying a low income tax rate?
I filed my tax refund january 17th 2012 has any got there refund?
do teens have to pay taxes in Maryland?
Under the fair tax, at what age will you recive your prebate?
Workman’s compensation who is exempt in Massachusetts..Is seasonal or casual labor?
how long does it take to get your taxes back when you e file on january 18th?
savings + mediclaim benefit.?
How much tax I have to pay on import from England to Chicago, United States?
Can i claim losses from C-Corp taxes (1120-A) on personal 1040 tax. What form should I use?
Two Person have same PAN number, Please Suggest?
Refund or not?
Where can I fnd an accountant in Australia who can assist me with my UK tax affairs - UK tax returns etc?
Give an example of how to calculate simple taxes (NJ)?
Will the flat tax leave us flat broke?
I am a single mother with 2 children but only made 996$ dollars this year. will i get a tax return?
How long dOes the bank normally hold ur tax check before they clear the whole amount and ok to windraw ?
Has anyone ever used Helix Contractor to process their payments as a contractor?
If I work in a renaissance zone, do I file my taxes differently next year?
Unemployment Question?
I am 25 and only had about 800 state and fed taxes withheld. How much will i get back?
Why is the state tax agency being such a pain? I reported and I didn't owe.?
How do I figure out the percentage that will come out of my paycheck for taxes. I claim 0?
did i get riped off at jackson hewett tax return ?
Question about Tax Brackets for Federal Tax?
Stimulus checks coming in the form of savings bond?
How do I pay for customs when items get shipped to my university residence?
irs tax lien and bank foreclosures?
Which state do I pay taxes?
can you prepare a tax return?
Taxes: I have filed for divorce, but it is not yet final. (Washington State)?
Are withdrawals from your 401K allowed without penalty/tax to start up a business?
Can I claim my mother who has no income as my dependent on my tax return?
What is the tax/duty/fee that I would pay on alcohol that I bought in the US?
Should I claim dependents? I currently claim 0 but...?
I want to covert my 5 bedroom house in to 3 flats. What tax will I be liable for as this is my PPR. UK Tax etc
Where's my refund won't give me any info....?
taxes question?
how much will my paycheck be weekly?
What websites can I get in to print the irs forms for income tax returns?
US taxes and Canadian citizenship?
Question about Income tax expense and income tax payable?
If you get an income tax refund thru an anticpated check and you later get an off set do you pay that back?
i need the address to where you would mail a puerto rico state income tax return?
How much does a pharmacist earn in the uk?
how much will my tax refund be this year?
On my federal income tax, can I claim a child tax credit for a child over 17 who is a full time student?
Notary Public and taxes?
Best Form Provider in Arizona?
Should the Age of Retirement be raised to 75 in the UK?
What to do about tax issues?
How much paid maternity leave am I entitled to in Australia?
std deduction and per.exemption?
Are taxes taken out of our Income Tax Return?
Best option for tax return in July for couple?
Are the cash, trips, etc. that Oprah gives out on her Wildest Dreams segment taxable income or a gift?
Do companies get a tax break, or extra funding, upon hiring ethnic minorities in Canada?
Can legal entities owned by one corporation share sales tax exemption certifications?
The irs said that i will get my refund tomorrow is that true did anybody get There's today ?
Do you think Mark Zuckerberg got married this year for the married filing joint tax rates?
how much is the penalty for CPA's who signed a fraudulent income tax return?
can a grandparent claim my child if i moved out in june of this year?
Is the FICA tax being taken out of our paychecks?
what happens if you do not?
Can I continue to claim single person discount on council tax?
If I have US savings bonds can I defer reporting to IRS? Do I have to report anything to IRSuntil I cash them?
should i claim my daughter on taxes or is she better off we not claiming her?
if i sell a vehicle what percent do i have to pay to the irs?
If I live in NH but work in Maine, Do I get all taxes refunded?
Can I claim my brother on my taxes if my mother receives welfare/medicaid benefits for him if im the HOH ?
Paying Taxes on Internship Money?
self employed- what line of the 1040 will they report the net reslts of their business for atax year?
Is there a free website that lists all GAAP standards?
What is the import duty rate for leather garments from China to EU countries?
how much is commercial property tax rate in southwest arizona?
question about VAT?
Is busytrade uk ltd. is certified company ?
is anyone having problems with the irs website Wheres my refund for 2012?
Just wondering about refund anticipation loans.?
on what day does edd web cert post my online claim to be ready to file?
Another question about injured Spouse Form and credits?
My parents used to file a joint tax return. My mother had a stroke in July and she became disabled.....?
on the capitol gains question, i neglected to tell you that is was being used as a rental.?
What is the impact of taxation on financial structure decisions?
what documents will the irs accept as proof that my husband and I lived together?
My parents gifted me $24,000, now they want it back. Can I return the money with no tax consequences?
is the wait a longer wait the same or faster if u have it deposited into your account?
What is the address of Bengal Excise Office?
Using "Turbo Tax." BIG mistake. How do you get it to accept and deduct city wage tax. They don't know.
Are we paying too many taxes?
Closing Costs?
i am 19 years of age i live in uk and i work in uk 50 hours a week and single can i appy for tax refund?
Will I get taxed on £2000 a month?
Which is the best country to do offshore banking in and what banks are the most reliable?
Is it true that there is no law saying one must pay taxes?
who do i call when i have not received my w2's from my job to file my taxes?
if you own a c corporation and you failed to pay taxes for that company, who is responsible for that tax owes?
can a garnishment take my taxes?
What number do I put on my W-4 for allowances?
Homestead exemption question for Florida?
What is $5 American in Canadian dollars?
I got laid off August 2011 so am I still suppose to get a W2 from them?
How do I file taxes if I am unemployed?
current farm tax exemption?
where to efile state tax return for free?
What would happen if i didn't file one of my jobs on my taxes?
how can i possibly pay as little income taxes as possible?
I bought crib board from USA, should I have to pay UK VAT on it before it is delivered by Parcelforce?
does anyone know the % rate on inheritants tax?
how can i find more ways to have tax deductible accounts?
Help filling out Federal W-4 form!?
what is pilot trusts for inheritance tax?
If a person has to pay $30,000 in taxes each year, around what area is there income?
i received amail from uk national lottery headquarters you won lottery i want to know it is true or not.?
I used TURBO TAX. Will my refund be the same amount that they told me I was getting. ?
paying back income tax?
Can you recommend a good accountant for personal income tax?
pls tell me what type of registration is required for a webdesigner/web developer firm whether vat registratio?
Should decimal points in salary in ITR1 online form be rounded off to nearest whole number ?
Can a single, no dependents, person claim 2 exemptions on a w-4?
If my name is on the deed to a home that I'm paying for in my fathers name can I file the 1098 form?
Do I get a tax deduction if I donate my car to charity?
Is social security ever not taken out of your checks?
I was charged £60 for not displaying my tax disk, even tho I had paid on line - can I get out of this charge?
Can you withdraw your BASIS from 529 plan without interest and tax penalties?
Does my 14 yr old daughter have to file income tax if she only made $2007 and had no taxes withheld?
Can I still file last year's taxes?
What would be a example of a direct link between taxes and the hiring of human capital?
My W-2 says that only $3.62 federal income tax was withheld. This seems wrong.?
Can you be arrested for a tax warrant(state taxes) like you can with a criminal warrant?
I'm a 17 and getting summer job, how much money will be taken out of my check weekly?
Hard to get a strait answer!!?
First-time homebuyer tax credit - apply to 2008 AND 2009 taxes?
Do I qualify for new tax credit?
What does an accountant in hawaii make with a bacelors in accounting?
Is there any restriction to grant provision of tax exemption under section 10(23)C of Indian Income tax act?
If we ALL stopped paying Tax.......?
what is (compensation draw)with out of state lottery with a check of part of the winnings?
I received an IRS refund check that was for $378,844.48, an error. Can I still cash it?
Does anyone know if i have to pay VAT on trainers bought from China, im in the UK its 3 pairs for myself?
How often should I pay payroll federal taxes?
Do you need to pay the money of "Business Travelling Allowance" when you leave any country?
how much taxes will be due on 401-k withdraw 200000.00 in ga?
My sister is on social security, does she have to pay taxes?
People that had a date of the 26th on wheres my refund?
hi i have 5 numbers plus the bonus on tonights lottery before i claim do i have to pay tax on the winnings?
is a ein number the same as a 501 charitable non profit code?
When are my taxes due?
What tax form do I need to use to claim mileage?
Mi tax was not filefd as i didnt had mi ITIN i received the ITIN ,how to apply for tax now !!!?
Do people who work for themselves or entrepreneurs have to pay taxes?
IRS Where's my Refund - status changed from February 23th to cannot find information?
are three exemptions bad and what happens if i filed hoh and single and carried 1 dependent?
im military, and havent filed state taxes in like 5-6 yrs, what do i do, can i still file anything or what?
Gasoline Prices: Why is gas sold with the extra $0.009 per gal tacked on?
I found out i will get my tax refund by Feb 17 2009 does that mean i can get it before that day?
IRS is requesting information examination on my return!?
Canadian Duties/Taxes after buying online from an American company?
how to calculate esi in employee salary?
Are down-loaded tunes subject to sales tax in New Jersey?
If I earned $500 in '07, and paid $4,000 in tuition & supplies, can I write them off?
For those that want a change in the IRS?
why do corporations not file 1099 with the irs IS THIS A SCAM?
can i file my taxes again with another tax office?
This is the first year that I have received alimony? Does anyone know what paperwork I will need to file taxes
I work for free at my parent's cafe, and I make tips, do I need to file for taxes?
Pay deduction question - can fed?
I live out of the country, but i worked in the united states for several years can i still file for tax return?
I efiled my taxes on January 31 ?
my first name is spelled wrong on my tax refund form and i mail it will i still get my money?
Which towns have the lowest real estate taxes in New Jersey?
Is the rate of taxes being taken out more if check is more?
why should I pay school tax when I never will have children in school?
At birth my daughter got a gift $10,000 bond. I am custodian. Must I pay tax when I sign over to her at age18?
Is conveyance or transport allowance is taxable?
paying taxes on mypoints giftcards?
Do Wisconsin residents have to file city tax returns?
Gift letter for downpayment question?
if my receive by date has not changed?
Buying cigarettes, alcohol and perfume online?
if someone pays less taxes each paycheck for having a minor live with them..plz see?
Tax ID number from ny state & Now I move to NC?
Can someone help me with my UK tax question?
federal tax percentage?
What if you only had losses and earned no winnings gambling, and you were able to itemize, could you still ?
is the tax on groceries deductible?
Can my boss deduct pay for not complying with rules?
stimulus check from last year?
What are the rules for repatriating earnings made in India back to US? I'm a US citizen residing in India.
How does tax works on hedge funds?
Tax Refund Yet? supposed to DD today?
Is it better to be a benefit scrounger than pay tax?
houston property tax?
Can my tax refund be garnished for a garnishment I have for a repo car?
Can I filed a 2011 Tax return now?
Does everyone understand the stimilus checks are a loan against you expected tax return for the year?
Will I have to report 401k loans taken out, on my 2009 taxes?
Cam Model with Livejasmin- tax help!!?
Inherited taxes question?
How long does it take to get W2 forms I thought everyone was suppose to get them by Jan 31st?
define collapsible corporation?
Taxes for South Carolina?
Do I have to pay local/city income tax if I don't have an address?
I'm 22 yr's old. And I have never done my tax returns in my life. I was wondering of there was anyway I could.
WMR is back up and running, anyone been updated?
Why weren't my state and local taxes subtracted from my income?
No taxes taking out of your paycheck?
I keep checking the IRS website for my refund status. I get a different message every time.?
what are some reason why your income tax refund would be kept by the irs?
Do I need to claim my 401(k) cashout on my taxes?
havnt paid tax what happens?
Is my ex-husbands tax return going to be garnished?
Are prostitutes supposed to pay income tax?
If a kid makes enough money, do they have to pay income tax?
I redid my taxes and I should have gotten alot more?
If you are self disability insurance a write off...and if so, how much???
In Massachusetts, do I need to collect sales tax when selling kittens on the web site?
Tax Return and Owing Centrelink?
Can someone help me understand this?
i have a question about income tax?
I'm filing my taxes for 2011 and it says that i owe $58 dollars!?
what is the current rate of service tax including education cess?
Is anyone having problems with the IRS?
If I told the IRS that my soon-to-be ex-husband didn't file his taxes in about three years, what will they do
Where Can I Find The Average Amount of Taxes Paid Per Individual Per Year?
How much income can you earn without having to claim it on taxes?
is my husband in trouble???
Who has the cheapest tax preperation fee.?
babysitting on taxes?
When is the last day to file for taxes if you are currently working abroad?
If I make 150k-160k per year how much do I have to pay in taxes?
How do I get a copy of my Michigan 2010 1099-G (unemployment)?
Is there supposed to be a tax form coming if i cashed out my CalPERS reitrement?
Help with Form 8379 (Injured Spouse Allocation).?
don't pay taxes............?
I need some Tax Help Please!!?
How do subsides relate to/effect taxes in the United States?
Can a Governor of a state increase the states sales tax?
Does anyone know if child support comes out of your gross or net pay??
IRS refund check already mailed, when should I receive it?
So If I can cash this lagre check why has every one said oh be careful that amount the state will tax you if?
I am a new small business owner, if I have just earnt $35,000 for one invoice, how much is tax?
I lost money on sale of my house. How does this affect my taxes? Will I owe IRS money?
Is it beneficial to invest in the Australian Government's new "First Home Saver" accounts?
if the goverment owe's a person income taxes like the person is getting money back and that person does not
How much tax is owed on this Roth IRA withdrawal (10 points)?
when can i expect my income tax return?
Can you please help me with these federal income tax questions? Please?
my taxable income is 22500 with 4 ded i file single head of household one child in 6 and another in college?
Do I pay taxes on money I earned from the Internet, if I keep it all in my Egold acct. to live off of?
how to pay into social security and medicare?
I purchased a laptop for school, Can I get a tax credit?
Michigan income tax question..?
can you give me a direct link to tax forms from 2010?
The IRS is auditing my deduction for MBA tuition. How much should my acct charge me for an explanation letter?
Anyone recieve their refund today 2/15/2012?
What's the point in VAT?
Should I claim 9 exemptions?
How are 401(K)s and other DC plans taxed?
Will it affect my unemployment (in CA) if I am an affiliate?
How much taxes is the City charging for purches itmes?
Do I have to pay taxes on a charge-off account if I had no income in the year of charge-off?
I paid $23 to replace my EZ Pass transponder used for business and personal use. Is this expense deductible?
I am an Aussie leaving the UK. I have been working here. What docs do i need to fill out to get my tax back?
Question about the W-4 form. Should I put 1 or Exempt? Help! Need clarification. .s.?
i am getting 4,20,000/-CTC and saving 1lakhs. How much tax I need to pay?
do you know how to do taxes online?
Why do a lot of guitar shops have no sales tax?
What is the website for the state of il. refund status?
What should I do about claiming our son on taxes?
tax rebate confusion...?
How long does it take to process my tax return? (Add Details)?
Charitable Deductions. Can you claim a deduction in 2012 if you mail the check in Jan. 2013?
If I have two full-time jobs should I claim 0, 1, or 2 on my W4 at the second job? I have one child.?
Its Tax-Free weekend in Texas, does this also mean ordering clothes through internet?
UK National lottery...I received this e-mail.How can I win if I never ever Played that??'?
Will HMRC investigate my tax affairs?
If income is under $14,000 do you have to file federal taxes?
Are securities as part of an inheritance taxable?
If my taxpaying status changes to married how will that affect my boyfriend's dependent flex account?
should I wait to file my unemployment in the new state I'm moving to?
What is the uk post code?
How can I get a copy of my tax's I filed on-line I forgot to print a copy?
How to write a support letter for back tax?
PAN Card AO Code, AO tyoe etc.?
Ontario Disability Tax Credit: does hemophilia count?
Tax deduction?
What can I write off at end of tax year if I operate a small home based business selling nutritionl products?
My daughter is a US citizen, but lives in the UK. If I die and leave her an IRA, will she have to pay US taxe
anyone still getting the 1/31?
can i get an early tax refund through h r block?
only for Charted accountants !!!!!!!?
Why did I get different amounts of tax taken from two seperate checks?
I'm due a refund; do I need to file taxes?
IRS is requesting information examination on my return!?
I just filed my 2007 tax return and want to check the status.... where can i go online to do that?
what amount of capital gain tax would you pay when selling a home after only a year?
For how long can a financial loss be carried forward on a tax return?
Will the IRS audit me if i accidentally get $1 extra in my tax refund?
CALIFORNIA TAX LAW - Prop 13 - My taxes went up 20+% in 2008. Why?
How much is $3.89 + tax?
I recieved a 1099 Misc, Can I get the child care tax deduction?
how many dependents can a person declare legally on their W-2?
Do I have to file state income tax in CA with no sources of income in CA?
i just e-filed with h&r block even though they technically do not accept till tomorrow?
I changed my status on my w4 to single 0, why am i not getting taxes taken out of my pay check?
I have an employee that is claiming 9 exemptions on his W-4.?
Why has an increase in my income led to such a large tax increase?
when will Ct mail out stateincome tax forms?
I am an NRI and have invested in Shares and mutual funds through bank.What is the taxation policy for returns.
I am 30 years old married with one child (3yrs old). I made $85,000 last year and my taxable income is $61,000?
I am a pessimist and I have not filed taxes in 5yrs, and have lost some of the w2's what do I do?
Can I file Brooklyn OH city taxes on line?
Do I have to pay tax on the money that one of my family members is leaving me in their will?
Does anyone knows in the State of Texas...?
can the IRS take your house for taxes owed?
Tax deduction: Netwoking and professional events?
Are There Any Lawyers Out There, Or Just Someone Familiar with the Laws Governing International Commerce???
Which of the following does the earned income tax credit encourage low income individuals to do?
Can i file my florida income tax in another state? or by myself online?
Can I Claim Gas Expenses on Tax Returns?
Hi I want to transfer $649 from India ( Citibank or HDFC bank account) to a friend in USA ( Iowa state ).?
When does your employer need to give you your w-2 by?
Dick and Jane form a partnership to own and operate a ski resort near Yuma. Dick contributes $10,000 in cash a?
How can I calculate my exact paycheck?
Why Do So Many People Want to Get a Big Tax Refund?
is changed assessment the same as gettting a reassessment of your house?
I filed my taxes today and claimed my one child expecting to recieve the 3,000 for the earned income credit?
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