What is your opinion of the Harper Conservatives deciding to tax income trusts?
My daughter is on Voc Rehab because she is disabled. It pays for part of her college tuition. Plus?
can the irs collect from runescape gp sellers?
What are the imported taxes from china to chicago, u.s.a.? is there a chart for different amounts?
can I get W4/tax advise please?
how many years does the state have to sell property for back taxes?
Canadian government money?
why do I have to pay higher taxes?
Last year I paid $60 in California state taxes. This year I'm paying 1600. Is this possible?
what happens if i claim my child before her mom than let her know?
Do I need a tax ID number when working at a business doing housekeeping under my given name?
My former company did not give my Income tax refund !!!!?
Can I claim my newborn in my income tax to receive more money?
Turned 18, need tax help?
Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Continuation Act?
if i pay my new employee's COBRA to her old employer, is it tax deductible?
Does anyone have 10 numbers for their tax file number? is there a way to find it out over the internet?
if I donate to to my favorite charity to prevent cruelty to animals what tax benefits do I receive?
what is the best tax software 2008?
who's fault is it when an over payment is givin to the recipient when the recipent submitted all pay stubs?
I need to cash tax check without costing me an arm and a leg?
My taxes are gonna suck this year because I've inherited some money. What can I do to get some tax breaks?
TAX REFUNDS? Will we see them this year?
Is a city tax the same as a county tax?
I got The EITC......?
WMR is down, could this possibly mean updatea soon for those of us who havent gotten one yet?
whens the earliest you can file for next years taxes?
Parcelforce "awaiting customs charging"?
2011 filed nj state refunds delay why?
If you volunteered in 2005, how do you document milege driven in order to include this info on my taxes?
how do you file taxes when your in military?
Where can i check my refund status since the irs website's tool is down?
How do you record dishonored cheques in accounting Journals and Ledgers?
Can you amend a prior year tax return after the IRS sends you a notice?
how long does it take for tax credits to cme through?
Job Seekers Allowance At Christmas ?
Mailing of our stimulus................................…
tax question on earned income credit?
how much money will i get claiming my son on my tax return?
Regd Traditional IRA Contribution limit.?
Should I pay back taxes even if I filed Bankruptcy?
How do I report child care expense if I'm paying a friend?
Understanding the tax shelter in investment real state...?
Taxes help! Turbotax sucks and screwed me over!!?
we are car co, but do the rental for other co both are private ltd co. who is to pay service tax on such charg
My stepdaughter is 20 and she says she needs our 1040 tax form for her fin. aid.?
under which condition the tds applicable.............................?
a resident Indian invests in a foreign company which trade in shares,if i invest in it and receive profits?
Refund Status Results?
I need the history of newspaper?
6% sale tax om $57.96 is how much?
can you tell me how much $154 is in uk money?
why do we have to pay water rates and council tax surely they should be combined?
shoukd the IRS do something about tax on the rich?
Tax exemptions for an 18 year old?
l1 visa holder and doing my part time MS and paying tuition fee. I could like to know do i get tax exemptions?
Forgot to report wages from my 2nd W-2 form?
I need help with understanding how to file my taxes?
IRS accepted on the 20th of Jan 2012?
Income tax?
What's the tax and penalty for cashing out your 401K if you are changing jobs?
If I have a broker to pull my money out of a mutual fund, how long do I have to reinvest before paying taxes?
What is the per diem...?
which is correct - capital gain tax or capital gains tax?
My present annual income is 1080000. What should i do to gain maximum tax benefit.?
Yorktown Vs. Newport News Tax deductions?
earned income with unimployment taxes?
Can I register as a taxpayer with South African Revenue service while living overseas?
Job search expenses, what qualifies for tax return?
i cant find my 2004 tax return. where can i find a record of t?
where to record payout of a CD in form 1040?
Is the Federal Pell Grant taxable?
How should I save income tax on my salary?
Do we have to pay the income tax?
unused bc tuition and education amounts?
I dont understand council tax?
can you change the dependents when filing taxes?
I lived in two states in 2008, do I file one or two FEDERAL tax returns?
Question about filing for bankruptcy?
If I live in Massachusetts and work in Vermont will I have to pay taxes to both states when I file?
Would I be taxed the same?
withholding taxes amount deducted?
child support and ssi?
Mother recently passed away. She had not filed 2006(sold home),2007 tax returns.Can I find out what she owes?
Do you get more money back at tax-time by getting married?
Why can't people deduct interest paid on their income tax? I KNOW it was once deductible.?
question about family tax supplement?
if I dont work this year what do I claim on my taxes for me and my daughter.?
Tax refund DD date? says the 1st but IRS page says the 7th?
how much is the tax on petrol in uk?
is transportation considered an indirect or direct cost in a construction project?
Can I claim my boyfriend for income tax?
DoesDicksSportingGoods charge taxes over soccer cleats on tax free weekend?
Filing my First Taxes?
are allowances recoverable?
I would like to know how FATCA can be safely implemented for US expats in the Third World?
how to calculate the income tax?
is it possible to file a tax return without the 1099r and end up getting refund back?
Is it true that we can file taxes late due to the hurricane?
If I replace carpeting with linoleum due to allergies is it a capitol expense for taxes?
Can i contribute to 401(k) for US expatriates.?
Can I get a tax deduction by allowing the use of my property for community activities?
Should we file taxes ? SSD was approved for my husband..?
Unemployment and 1099?
I have earnings that my brokerage sent me a 1099 for.... can I get the federal rebate stimulus check?
As a non-profit business (we file a form 990-N) do I need to send out 1099s?
How can I find about my federal tax refund?
Tax Question: If my S-Corp made $0, do i have to pay taxes on it?
independent contractor tax in Maryland?
I separated from my husband in October. Must I file taxes jointly?
How to file a 1040 return for 2004?
Tax Question - HSH Income From Multiple Employers, Each Less Than $1,700?
how can i stop my daughters dad from claiming her on his tax returns.?
Haven't got our stimulus check yet...anyone else?
How much will I have to pay back in taxes in pennsylvania?
What does a quote with 'not subject to vat' mean?
Why I pay tax to the queen? ?
Hi i filed my taxes on the 17th and it was accepted on the 17th wheres my refund not updating?
e tds filling companies?
Can someone tell when I export auotmotive parts to germany what is the import duty the importer has to pay?
I recived a different type of w4 form?
on a salary of 50,00 per year what would be the take home pay per general estimate every two weeks.?
What's my annual salary? (READ DESCRIPTION)?
I bought a house last yr but forgot to put it on my taxes what should I do?
EBAY SHIPPING who pays when?
Submitted tax return 1/11/2011 using HRBlock at home, have not received an acknowledgement.?
How much would my paycheck be making 8.47 an hour?
can you file your sister child on your taxes because you all stay in the house with your mother, who rents?
my accountant said he handed in my tax return , but Inland revenue say no record of it?
what time does the the 100 metres semi finals start in the uk?
Does receiving financial aid reduce your federal tax refund the next year?
Could I still file my State taxes online?
Amend taxes over $0.85 wash sale?
Grandfather paid off house, 105M and 45M Homequity loan( hard Money) total of 150M?
Filling out IRS form 8718 for tax exemption?
Unemployment and 1099?
If I repay a signing bonus, how do I get a refund on the taxes witheld?
income tax search on company and individual officer search - can personal belongings can be seized?
How long dose it take to receive money after i get audited and send papers?
are motorhomes and caravans exempt from council tax?
In your opinion, what percentage of people's yearly income is appropriate to be paid in taxes?
i live in florida, can the irs seize my house for failure to pay taxes?
Taxation when hiring foreign freelancer?
i started an ebay buisness can i write off my computer on my taxes this year?
I am a dependent, will I get the Making Work Pay credit?
Importing clothing into the United Kingdom?
Hairdresser deductions?
Is PF Withdrawal amount taxable ?
Direct Deposited on Jan. 30th ? ?
Tax on savings..advice please ?
What tax form do I need to change the number of my dependants?
can my boyfriend claim me on his taxes?
what shuold I claim on my taxes?
I'm under 18 and made $2,000 from mowing it taxed?
What do you do if you think too much tax is being deducted from your monthly salary?
Am I able to file my car on my taxes for anything if its not in my name but it is my car?
Will I have to pay an inheritance tax?
Do I have to pay property tax for my vehicle in FL?
my pension is 8,423.47 it is my only income should i be paying 140.20 tax on this?
Who are the major players in the Michigan cigarette tax?
Brother to pay for his half of a property purchase.?
my mother wants to claim me as a dependent (Im 18 and I live alone)?
hi,i had completed my first yr from AP board.i want the guidelines for the preparation of iit jee?
Can a person file another person in a common law marriage?
I have an accounting question I'm needing some help on. PLEASE HELP!!?
When will ITR-4 return forms be available at Income Tax site?
19 yr old son earned $14,000 last year, lived with us, was not in school. Can we claim his as a dependent?
Does how much you earned make a difference in tax credit for a child?
Why is my 2009 tax return so much lower than last year?
is W4 is for W2, what W9 is for in filing taxes?
question about tax transcripts?
Will any one tell me the rate of custom duty ?
why do pay more tax then anyware else in the world?
The rate earned on current assets is one of the measures of solvency?
If i had a computer business and it made $96,000 in a yr, how much taxes would be taken out?
Can children be claimed on taxes if custody was lost before the end of year?
how much is per child? When you claim a child, how much do you usually recieve?
I received a W-2 from an employer that I haven't worked for in 2008 - the only entry is 2.93 in grp ins?
when will the irs get its tax forms out to the public?
Why must I pay federal income tax if I don't support war?
How long will my 2010 tax refund tax?
Does rental income affect my tax-free studentship?
If sales tax is figured at 6.5% what is the total cost of a $340 stereo?
I need to know tax of flat sale if transfer from my daughters name to fathers name?
anyone want obama out?
how do I find a previous site I went to w/o bookmarking it?
What happens when the state issues a tax warrant on you?
Edd unemployment claim form?
How do pepole know if a rabbit is a mail or a femail?
Do employees of tax-exempt organizations pay taxes?
Airport Customs rule in INDIA?
My IRA went from 150K to 110K. How much taxes do I have to pay when I convert to Roth IRA?
I filed my taxes today..and i was eligible for EIC..earned income credit..?
Can i write my personal cell phone on my taxes if i use it at work often?
help with overpayment lectric bill?
If Taxable income is $15 million for both 2008 and 2009 (mfj) how much is NYS Income Taxes Due for both years?
Can inheritance money put me in a higher tax bracket?
how do i find a lost income tax check?
Explain the diffrences between incident of tax and tax effect?
What if my employer messed up my taxes?
if my w2's aren't received before feb2,where do i call?or who do I contact?
custom duties for importing clothes from india to canada?
What is the CT federal income tax rate?
I need to know how much % is paid towards nursery?
Do we have to pay US income tax if our earning is only USD 15,000 per year?
Do canadians have to pay US state tax when buying over the internet?
I owe taxes from 2002 and I'm on a payment plan with the IRS to pay it off. Will I still get a rebate check?
Do you get interest on the 1st Time Home Buyer tax credit?
How much will taxes take from my paycheck?
Question about filing past year taxes, while forward deployed and not legally seperated?
What do sole traders and PLCs have in common?
When filling out a W-4, is it the more dependants i have the less i get each payweek?
Detailed tax calculation - company car, pension and private health benefits?
how can I find out about where my tax refund is when no one is there to talk too?
Received a "Proposal To Change"?
Can my boyfriend claim my son on his taxes?
capital gains tax on stock earnings and Roth IRA loss?
Filing IT Return Online - Excel Utility - Questions?
Checking pan status online?
Do all libraries notarized papers for free?
Is the mortgage taken out for buying property abroad tax-deductible?
Where can I file 2001 & 2002 VA state taxes online?
I e-filed my taxes on 1/21 and they were accpted the same day. I chose to have a check mailed to me.?
How much does Ticketmaster charge for VAT?
how can i know my pan details, my pan no BRAPM8707L?
does anyone know how you can claim bank charges back from halifax building society?
I live with my boyfriend and he has no income can i claim him as a dependent on my taxes?
how long does it take for to recieve your tax refund?
How much does the state of Connecticut take out of gross income in taxes?
How to earn good amount in Gambling casino websites?
I just found out the IRS has rescheduled our refund for a week later than they promised it to us. You Too?
If I worked for twelve bucks an hour/ 40 hours a week. how much would my yearly salery be?
IM deploying to kuwait with CSA contractor in feb2nd and would like to know how is the work and the pay is?
Do more taxes really help anything?
Where's My Refund website cant give me any info. How can I be sure my return was even received?
What should I do if we pay a brazilian employee that works in brazil a bonus from our us company?
If im behind on my child support and i do my taxes from last year will they take the full amount from my taxes?
Can be ex claim me in his taxes even though he doesn't support me?
Should I file tax jointly or separately?
New job doesn't take out taxes?
my refund is wrong from irs e file?
What states don't have sales tax on clothing?
UK law. My brother works as a despatcher for a taxi company. His boss only pays him £3 an hour.?
TSP Income tax payment options?
why does the casino ask you for your id when cashing in your money?
payday loans and tax return?
Tax question 1099 form?
What financial organisation has the abbreviation RBA?
Tax on rental income?
Is it still joint?
What to do about NY state tax problem?
what exactly is a tax write off?
Is the interest paid on credit cards tax deductible?
How much does the Candaian government charge for tobacco tax?
How do I get a VAT number?
Student computer tax deduction question?
Is the TV License a stealth tax?
Waiting on my stimulus check to be sent out by July 11?
Will gifts be charged with tax?
somebody with no car tax?
Should the managers car be tracked if he has to pay personal tax on it?
Turbo Tax Question- Need Help determining how to file.?
I want to know what address i have entered in my Pan Card?
Are paid internships taxable? Or is it like getting paid under the table?
what are the Sales Tax?
Does part of my Unemployment come out of my Boss's pocket?
if you have got married but haven't changed your name can you file seperate on taxes?
Do you get income tax deductions on interest-only house mortgage?
For married taxpayers, can 1 file HOH and the other file MFS?
is arbitration prounion or antiunion?
Emergency Tax: England?
Tax refund says feb1?
If I have 2950 i need to add 10% what do i get?
I got a 1099C from a company I've never done business with. Should I be concerned?
What is income tax and whats it about?
401 K Withdrawl Tax Free And Penalty Free For Property Purchase New Law Feb. 2012?
help... 2009 income tax refund can it be filed 3 years later?
What % does the IRS charge when you are doing a payment plan?
Can we claim Housing Benefits and Council Tax Benefits?
work contract tax lied on?,example wct lied on service value or (service value+service tax) or some thing else?
Is the TFSA really tax free?
Is tax the same thing as Shipping and Handling?
Had a expected dd of 2/28 then 2/21/12 called irs 2/23 and she said by 3/8/12 wnats that I will get it or nt?
how do i get a copy of a w2 form?
How much tax will be taken from my $217.00 check?
Will I own taxes if I 0.00 for federal?
if the vat is replaced with insurance tax when buying motor insurance how much is it and can i claim it back?
Tax questions concerning charity fund raising?
How much will my wages be taxed?
May 9th and no stimulus check....anyone else have this problem?
Does my sister have to file taxes?
Do I have to pay tax?
i want to import timbers from india to malaysia.?
How much should I charge to fill out a W-7 and supporting documents?
I lived and worked in NH for few months, do I need to do any paper work for my state taxes?
What is the minimum amount you have to make to claim earned income.?
Anyone with a Schedule DD for 1/31 received their deposit yet?
Paid cash for car. didnt file tax??
bailiffs and council tax?
i have a Rs.100000.what can i do?
Where do I go to find out if and when my Tax return has been mailed?
I have recieved a huge overpayment of tax credits ( £8,000 ), supposed to be £500! in giros. What should i do?
What happens if you don't pay your taxes?
i owe the IRS 7,000 will the they do a settlement with me so i don't have to pay the 7,000?
Ema won't let me claim because my parents earn over £30,000 a year?
what is the average bill cost for a single person living in the uk?
I need a copy of a 10W40 Tax form for the year 2003.?
Out of state sales tax?
When I file my 2008 taxes will my stimulus payment affect it, and does it have to be added on my taxes?
What are some reasons why sales tax should not be raised?
How do i use my disabled brother to avoid paying tax on a used car purchase?
We opened a Toastmaster at the organization I work at I have a question about an EIN?
If I do tax report of $500 furniture, how much can I get tax return?
my former employer made a mistake when paying my tax.How can I get her to pay off the debt she refuse to pay?
Can my employer get in trouble for not with holding enough tax?
does an employer need your social security number to deduct taxes out of your check?
What percentage will the IRS take out of your check for back taxes?
My ex is terminally ill, am I liable to pay his tax arrears when he dies?
Tax to be paid under Self Assessment(300) or Regular Assessment(400) ?
How can i save income tax (the resources)?
How is NY taxes on the Internet purchases calculated?
when will i receive the refund due me?
i want to fine out how to get started in a housekeep service in my town how do i go about it on line?
Are property taxes constituional?
Do I wait until I have my item back to refund the order?
If my total bill was £494.94, what vat was charged at 21%?
what is the sales tax in washington state?
Why is tax preparation at a tax preparation office so expensive?
if someone transfers 1 crore rupees from a bank in california to my bank account in punjab how much tax i have
council tax plzzzzzz?
If cashing out 401k, is it better to do in a year with no income?
I was offered a new job, they do not take taxes out but issue a 1099 at the end of the year?
What are schemes availaible in India closing by March 07to save Capital Gain Tax on income of sale of house?
Who or What created increase taxes for Florida?
I have been offered a job paying 70,000AUD a year in NSW, how much taxes would i pay?
What federal tax form do I use if........?
Definition of "reckless endangerment" in California?
do i have to pay taxes if i live abroad?
I didn't file federal taxes 2 yrs ago. What forms do I need to do to take care of that?
What's the tax and penalty for cashing out your 401K if you are changing jobs?
My company offers a lump sum pension that I am eligible for. Are there tax implications for this when I leave?
Does the IRS only count business days?
How much do pediatricians get paid a year in the uk?
can i clam my girlfriend on my 2009 taxes?
how do your report IRS fraud?
Is there a way to get my friend in the UK a US number in order to avoid deductions of minutes on cell phone?
Taxes from a teens paycheck ?
can i claim my stepson on taxes?
Has anybody with a tax refund deposit date of feb 14, 2012 wmr 9001 status updated?
What is the difference between deductions FOR AGI and deductions FROM AGI?
What is book depreciation?
How much do Biochemists get paid on average?
If you had a gross of Christmas gift,how many would you have?
Why are my taxes so high?
How much taxes does McDonalds take out for minors?
how old can a child be befor you can file them on your taxes because he was just born in august of this year ?
i want to import timbers from india to malaysia.?
is it necessory to pay incometax for my grandfathers property?
Do U.S. citizens have to pay taxes on money earned outside of the United States?
Capital gains tax question on an inherited property.?
Out of state property tax question. Please help?
Council tax increase? Politicians please read this........?
Income Tax Excel Utility Question - Income From Other Sources?
i did not file my 2006 taxes, can I still?
Canada - tax credit for public transit - means public transit is free?
Do I get my money back if I have being paying emergency tax?
Can I file for Head of Household?
when starting work for the first time, do you pay tax straight away or after you have earened so much?
ok am i the only one that was accepted on the 19th at 12:24 am and still waiting for a refund..wmr is sayin th?
Tax season is coming up! Should I file taxes?
Tax question. I want to bring home more of my paycheck.?
Do I have do file tax returns if I am 18 and a student?
Why do I have to pay my ex wifes tax?
how to get cng pumps in up india?
Is there any way to file your state taxes for free or really cheap online?
Is it against the law to establish a minimum contribution to my Flexible Spending Account?
Help! Oregonian moving to Mesa, AZ... how do you calculate sales tax?
Interdependence and the gains from trade?
I live in NJ and currently work in NY. I am thinking of taking a job in NJ, what benefit will I have in taxes
UK only, P45 question?
How long does it take to process my tax return? (Add Details)?
How Inland revenue department of uk calculate tax credit amount ?
which is best? corp to corp, w2 or 1099 for Mortgage Originator position?
IRS Form 1099-A Acquisition or Abandoment of Secured Property(How do take the loss and how?
Tax question: Partnership returns K'1's and personal returns?
In 2007 my husband paid due child support,in total $5,231. Why the government took all our federal tax return?
If i claim my kid on my taxes before the mother does, can i get in trouble legally?
Injured Spouse form... What percent of original return can I expect?
im looking for property/homes in kitsap county that have leins on them can you help me?
What do I do when the IRS rejects my appealed Offer in Compromise (collectability)?
I'm now paying twice as much on principle than int. Is it better to pay the house off or take the tax break?
Can I file my taxes for 2006 this late?
What is the CEMA tax break?
My house in Brisbane sold recently, am I liable to Capital Gain Tax?
For consultancy jobs in India paid by a foreign party from abroad, is there service tax to be paid?
Can the IRS take my refund away? My husband owes but it was before we got married.?
I am moving to a different state and wonder if there is a way to avoid paying registration and taxes for both?
Will calling the IRS customer service line trigger an audit?
A and B invested amounts of Rs.40,000 and Rs. 75,000 respectively.?
PA-40 refund not found?
Is there a maximum you can write off on taxes for charitable donations (goodwill perticularly)?
Can I deduct gas used in generator after Katrina? Storage,ect on income tax? Where on the 1040?
Is there an office that I could go to for help?
Do you like MGMT??????
What is an average price I should pay for an accountant to do my taxes? Some write-offs and losses.?
If you use turbotax online free edition and file married filing jointly, do you both have to sign anything....?
Is a LA state tax refund taxable in the next year as income?
Are Supplemental Taxes a one time deal?
What tax form is a high school student suppose to fill out if you only worked for 2 months during the year?
Trading Used bicycles within EU.?
I'm going to start a website business but i'm sell information?
TurboTax Card and IRS WMR?
i won a raffle for a new 2009 truck, do i have to pay taxes?
Do i have to open a new unemployment claim for 2011?
Both of my parents are retired. They do not file taxes anymore. What do I mark on my taxes?
Tax and custody issue! Help!!?
extortionate prices?
MY stepfather's unpaid taxes from 2005 hunting us?
perdiem - while being out of country - US tax?
Tax Lein Question..?
i inherited some land from my mom how do i get a 2 mortgage to pay it off?
is there a number can call to see if i have a tax offset?
my state bank account number?
how to become a tax attorney?
how can i calculate the sales tax out of $20.00?
How can I do income splitting with my husband. We live in BC Canada.?
If I transfer my shares to my daughter do I have to pay stamp duty or tax?
(TAX RETURN) can it be deposited into someone elses account?
When will I receive my final paycheck?
Can a employer deduct wages for a mistake at work?
I just got a w9 form. What do i do?
Tax refund...I know the questions are getting old...?
How long does it take for HRMC to investigate a claim for emergency tax overpayment?
If you have an online business offering a service to others...?
pls tell me what type of registration is required for a webdesigner/web developer firm whether vat registratio?
is social security considered income?
What would be the homestead exemption on a $128,000 primary residence home in Florida?
What form should I use to write off gas as a nanny who gets a W-2?
Defaulting on Council Tax Arrears Repayments?
will i still get my tax return back if my mom has claimed me?
What do u think about the Progressive method that used to calculate the income tax?
How much tax is being deducted from my paycheck if I'm 14yrs old?
Duty and taxes on items from US to Canada?
can anyone show me a sell tax chart for va?
How can I get the Bexar County tax evaluation for 1982?
In MD, how much will I get back for claiming my son?
I am confused about moving expenses. Can anyone help?
Does anyone know that how much the VAT and Customs duty is charged in UK if the goods are ordered from india?
cant understand why hr block is telling me that they accepted peoples taxes too soon...and pretty much i?
UK national Lottery has announced a prize for me how can I believe this?
Tax Help...?
401 K Withdrawl Tax Law?
Do Screenwriter's pay taxes?
My boss pays me cash, and gives me a 1099. He says there is no deference than taking out taxes is this true.?
I want to know about the House rent rebate in Income tax.?
“Disequilibrium in the Balance of Payment with reference to Pakistan”?
i am trying to find out when I will be receiving my income tax refund check?
If my yearly salary is $55,000, how much would I pay for child support for one child?
Transfer GIC into CPP?
I collected unemployment for five months last year,but didnt have taxes taken out?
Can I claim child tax credits for my dog until he turns 18?
how do i find what bands, my house and those locally to me are in relation to the council tax?
Am i allowed to use a parents tax file number?
Does anyone know how to file taxes when working 1 part-time job and also owning a small business?
information on liberty tax service unethical business practices?
why do you have to pay property taxes if your house is paid off?
How can I find out online if I filed my taxes last year?
How much will I have to pay for the taxs and handling in Canada E.L.F cosmetics purchese my total was $74.25?
what taxes does an llc pay and how often?
abn never used and tax return?
Do people below the poverty threshold get a full refund after paying their income taxes?
Is there a way to get my friend in the UK a US number in order to avoid deductions of minutes on cell phone?
I've got a question about property tax?
Airport Customs rule in INDIA?
Can you assign interest in estate to avoid gift tax in creating a trust for children's benefit?
can i claim my girlfriend on my taxes?
How much would 2800 + taxes be?
new york state tax refund?
Need copy of w-2 for 2008 taxes from wal mart store in irving tx how can i get it?
im looking to find court house auctions of land and homes in stoddard co missouri. any ideas?
Can I sue the New York State Tax and Revenue Department?
I am 71 and need to find the law regarding property Tax Exemption?
I was wondering if its fair my roommate is making me pay half of the property taxes?
what is the per mile allowance for 2005 taxes?
Is anyone else annoyed that they won't get the economic stimulus check because they are a dependent?
If I start a subsidiary under an S Corp, will I have to file taxes as one entity or as separate ones? Thanks.?
tax refund help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Anyone with DD Date for 2/2/10 get their refund today?
tax rebate? it UNFAIR for single parent to get less compare for married couple..if the governmenr really
Service tax rate since beginning?
If you owe on taxes--do they take your stimulus $ off of it?
help I just found out that my $3500 tax return was applied to my student loan?
How much money does centrelink pay you after you leave home?
Is it better to claim 1 or 0 ?
If I have arreares to pay child support but I pay 65 weekly would they still take my licenses?
Employer tax deductions related to labor spent for a charitable cause.?
Been married for over a year but my paycheck still says single have they been taking too much money out in tax
Argue: Markets dont react to Carbon Tax but Aussie Dollar plunges worse than Euro ol coz:?
i became self employed july 07 do i need to do a self assement tax return this year?
Tax Lein Question..?
Can I have any income tax liability from being listed on a payroll but not actually working?
REALTORS... what do you do to prepare to file your taxes?
If I put £10000 into my uk bank account will I be taxed.?
What taxes will I be charged for purchasing a item online from europe ( France ) and shipping to canada?
My former boss is 1099ing me, I was told that she shouldn't be because she paid me an hourly wage, cash weekly
I am looking at the tax rate for Married but withhold at higher single rate for California?
Payment of Federal and State tax in USA?
Do you think additional tax should be levied on sales of Rap music, and incomes of Rap singers ?
When can I expect my tax refund? ?
What does Las Vegas and Atlantic City spend its gambling tax revenue on?
What is the average propert tax amount in Carrabus County, NC?
Haven't paid taxes to the IRS in about 3 years...?
Need to work out a sum?
What is the diff b/w tax codes 7 & 7A on a 1099-R?
What do you think of Bush's recent recommendation to privatize Social Security?
Once a tax audit starts, can a city request information on another year?
What happens if you dont file taxes?
I cashed out my 401K. Which state(s) can tax it?
My current employer wants to pay me in cash, is that a bad sign?
quick question about check stub?
Can I claim "head of household" if I supported my 27 yr old son who lives with me for more that 6 months
In what situation, you have to do the AMT(Alternative Minimum Tax) ?
What will happen if I do not include my husbands' 1099R on our tax returns?
Can my fiance claim me and my kids?
am i responsible for these taxes?
i am a tax preparer, how can i offer rapid refund to my clients?
Are unemployment checks in florida on a weekly or bi-weekly payout?
How can I stop my son's father from claiming my son on income tax?
Taxes on online forex trading?
how can i convince my kid to claim our dog and cat on her tax deductions?
In what countries are religious organizations exempt from taxes?
does anyone know about the Canadaian Child Tax Credit?
Can someone explain in simple words Transfer Pricing for purpose of computing income tax? (karan adik)?
ethics in international marketing?
what is the name for a tax that costs more to collect than it brings in in revenue?
During a Deflationary period...?
Is a residual payment considered a royalty payment?
Still in the 2/7 Club!?
Where is the law that requires a Doctor to pay for an income tax? u get paid if you are on training for 1 week, to work in a dry cleaning,and im not going to pay taxes?th?
Do you have to be 25 or older to claim a child?
is 15k a good salary in the uk for a 23 year old?
Do I have to pay income tax on my income from drug dealings?
TurboTax or HR Block?
Post Office applicable taxes/Duties?
As a day trader, how can i excempt myself from wash- sale rules, & how can I elect mark to market w/ IRS?
Question about stimulus, for those who filed their 2007 taxes married/filing jointly?
Can VAT & Service Tax charged at same Time?
If someone works in NY and lives in NJ and makes $110,000 per year how much taxes do they pay every year?
Should I claim single 0 or single 1 ?!?
can i track my tax returns?
Will my tax refund be taken because im in defualt on my student loan?
IRS Stimuli Rebate... delay in direct deposit! Question?
How do you find out if a federal tax refund is due to you?
If you cash out your 401K and taxes were taken before you received your cash out, how do you file this with IR?
american living in the uk needs tax info about filing to the irs?
DD for refund due today, why isnt it there?
How are taxes calculated on the sale of property owned by a foreigner before marriage to a U.S. citizen?
If you have a child and get married one year and claim them both on your taxes will you get more money?
If I work for an employer, do they pay my taxes for me?
I'm filing my taxes for 2011 and it says that i owe $58 dollars!?
In Canada, how much of your income goes to taxes?
Which states have received the $900 stimulus payment as yet?
How much tax does a teenager pay in Australia?
Is ISA 2.55% or non-ISA 3.25% interest better?
What if my employer deducts all of my taxes and doesn't pay them? ?
can i get friends for charting?
I filed my mothers taxes online last year, but I can't remember via which service.?
A Previous Employer Didn't Submit A T4 To The CRA. What To Do?
Can i claim closing cost i paid on a home i sold last year on my taxes?
$400 Earned Income Credit on my taxes? Do i qualify?
Is state income tax based on the address of the employer or the address of the employee?
Help me by telling some online money making website(without investment).tell me a genuine and india based webs?
p60 tax returns 2009- 2010?
Anyone ever used H&R block?
if you are self employed, how do you figure out what taxes you owe?
on my paycheck what does CHGRCPT mean?
Is worker's comp insurance for one's self tax deductible?
What taxes/cost do I pay monthly for a single family home?
Which contrys have the most taxes and which have the least?
Point of Tax Returns?
Claiming my children?
If I am claimed as a dependant will I get an Economic Stimulus Check?
Filling Status Question?
Accounting Payroll Taxes Help Please!!!?
working fake social security number and tax time.?
Getting married to someone who owes back child support?
What is Difference between statutory Audit & Tax Audit?
I have a paper round and a part-time supermarket job. I think I've been paying too much tax. Any help?
Figuring out how much taxes?
Would my social security?
Make Payments for California Taxes Owed?
Can I claim my taxi fares on my B.C. income tax?
do i need to pay tax before filing tax return if i sell my ISO stock options this year?
Get your refund today 1/30 but was scheduled a DD on the 1/31?
What is the best way to handle an IRS appeal after your offer in compromise was turned down and you are broke?
Can i apply for a new PAN card?
how much did it cost the IRS to produce publication 17(SP)?
GDP and taxes?
if I owe back child support, when my new wife and I file our taxes, will they take her refund??
Help with my taxes?
A question about the gift tax?
i filed electronically thru turbo tax but irs has yet to recieve it?
How to make more money?
What if you put too much postage on a letter?
can married couple file individual tax return?
Why do my tax withholdings seem so awkward?
Can my kids dad claim them as dependents on his tax return with my permission?
due date for payment of profession tax for company deducting prof tax from staff salalry?
I have updates from irs for by the 1/31 dd date..?
Credit Cards help?If you answer this you'll go to heaven or live happilly EVER AFTER?
If I watch CD/DVD on TV, do I have to pay license fee in UK? And if I watch TV on PC with TV tuner card then?
will i have to pay income tax this year even if i have been working for only 6 months?
Question about the employer filling 1099Misc?
RRP price is vat (tax) included ?
what does it mean omb no....?
How many percentage of sales tax does VICTORIA SECRET WEBSITE CHARGES?
social security based on last ten years' income?
Tax Withholdings Please Help Me Understand!!!!?
if i am fired in NV will i ibe able to collect my vacation time pay that ive earned?
When bookkeeping expenses, is it acceptable to use bank statements in place of missing receipts?
What happens when two people file the same kid on their tax return?
How can I stop paying so much in taxes?
why do we prepare taxes?
Should GRT expense match what is paid to the government?
How much would the total price be on a game that cost $9.99 plus tax?
where can i find copies of my old tax return?
can you write off your HOA Dues on your personal residence? Wouldn't it be considered a necessary expense?
our SSN ends in 03 and we didn't get our stimulus check, we filed direct deposit what happened???
A friend has a native status card.. does he have to pay tax on alcohol purchased at a store? in Ontario. ?
Christianity asks for 10% of income as tithe, yet the government forces SS contribution and taxes us at a rate?
is California not doing tax returns this year?
department of working pensions debt from 1984 do I have to repay?
If your employer doesn't give you a w2 or a 1099 and i still have to file how do you go about that?
How much income does a 76 year old have to earn to pay taxes?
What sort of price can i expect to pay for council tax for renting a 1 bedroom flat in Bristol?
Best way to file taxes this year?
Can a father claim a child that doesnt live with him on taxes?
Can my boyfriend claim my daughter and I as depends on his taxes if he supported us all year?
if i am a college student and working a contract job will i still have to owe in taxes?
what kind of documents i need to certify my business?
Could a business do this to avoid high taxes?
today i check the irs website around 3pm and it said that my tax return was accepted and being
Tax Question and other questions about being a self-employed personal trainer?
Hutton Company uses a sales journal,purchases journal,cash receipts journal,cash disbursement journal?
Battlefield 3 gamesharing question pan?
Which e-filing services can you use when you're a US citizen working overseas for a non-US organization?
Can I stop my Aunt (whom I live with) from claiming me on her taxes?
What's the age limit your parent can claim you for taxes if you're not a student?
What site do I go to to check my disability claim status?
I did not receive a w-2 from previous employers from 5 years ago. Can I still get my tax money back now?
Tax fat people.?
What are the pros of taxes?
Do I need a tax attorney, accountant or financial advisor to find out about ways to reduce my tax liability?
Can I have my tax refund deposited on an AccelaPay card?
how to import into uk from china?
selling at school, end of year income.. ?
need to know where to mail indiviual tax return in kansas?
what is the purpose of social security tax?
Can someone be claimed as a dependent if they own a home but are unemployed?
i want to know whether custom duty is payable for importing unfinished solar panels ?
America.... why are we taxed so much?
I recieve unemployment can i file my taxes if they take out taxes?
How much do social security do you pay on 20,000 dollars?
Are online tutorials programs like tax deductible?
In the state of Oregon, how much trouble can you get into if you didn't claim taxes for one year?
has anyone got a letter about the new nc unemployment extension if so what does it say?
Do obese people get a disability credit on their taxes?
do 16 years old employees pay taxes?
Tax advice needed about renting out my house?
In whch part of schedule D can I find the lower tax of long term capital gain?
House listed as LLC (for easier inheritance/taxes)?
Do the British expect and rely on Benefits too much?
free service tax tutorial for india?
What happens if I dont renew Tax Credits on time?
What is Tax Season.........?
if one emu bird weights around 40 to 45kg after 15 months...what will be the price of an single emu bird.?
If I give my friend $10,000 does she have to pay taxes on it?
Where's my refund stated that they was processing my return 2 days ago but is says nothing?
I e-filed taxes on 1/23/12 its 6/25/12 "wheres my refund" hasn't changed from wait 6 weeks. am i the only one?
Is the $250000 won at the end of Bachelor pad tax free?
revoked resident status,tax refund?
shouldn't obese people be hit with an extra environmental tax?
CA sales tax and e-commerce?
How can I get out of my tax debt?
What is 70% of $19.50?
tax questions about an us citizen lives in foreign country?
what is ADR AND and GDR ? AND features?
When will my REFUND BE HERE? accepted 1/19, dd 1/30, then 2/6, then 2/10, now no info at all!?
What ever happened to freedom from taxation?
please 10 easy points question about taxes~!!!!!!!!!!?
i want to play games pool?
Can I still file for my tax refund from '05?
TAX HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11?
If I brokered a deal from Colombia & shipped directly to Tiawan, would I owe U.S. import taxes?
Question about taxes and the Giver of Annual Exclusive Gifts?
does anyone know how to fill out a w-9?????? help please?
What is the % you will be taxed on money you take out of an annuity or ira? is it 10% you have to pay back?
How do two unmarried people file tax returns?
Unemployment question?
How much is taxes on 675.00 dollars?
Why does sales tax vary by city or county?
how is ill health partial pension worked out?
IRS where's my refund update.?
If you make $10.00 a hr and work 40 hrs a week how much will you take home after taxes?
If the state is garnishing my paycheck for my husbands taxes can I refile my taxes married but filing separate?
can you charge tax on labor services?
Is net interest income before impairment of advanc es the same as net c redit sales?
what is short term & Long term capital gain explain me detail?
If you earn 2000.00 a week - what amount should be taken out for ss with 0 dependents. is there a cap per year?
i have not received a tax return form in 10 years , am i still liable for tax?
Do I have to pay tax every year if I won the Mega Millions?
when do employers have to mail out w-2's?
IRS denies Corporate reimbursement to employee.?
Can my parents claim me as dependent?
Can you file your federal tax return before your state return?
is there an economics's study about the impact of illigal and/or criminal activities on our economy? Where?
If I had 60k in short term losses last year and 50k in short term gains this year, do they cancel out?
If a Bank Account is Owned by 2 Unmarried Adults, How Does the IRS Decide Who Pays Taxes on Interest Income?
If I had a part time job in last summer, do I still have my employer filling a W2 form for me?
Buy from apple and not pay sales tax.?
Do Amish people pay incom taxes ?
i want to have extra money taken out of my check each week what is a good amount ?
What is my responsibility to pay IRS payments in timely manner?
I am n Indian classical dancer and also employed as a lecturer in a college. I live in tamilnadu.?
Family Tax Benefit Part B supplement....?
what do i need to file schedule c on 1040?
I didn't file taxes this year becuase I didn't work so I let my Daughters grandmother carry her?
I don't have to pay my National Insurance this year but should I anyway?
who all is supposed to get those tax rebate checks or whatever they r called and how do u exactl get them?
do i pay city taxes if I live in the city of Lancaster, OH?
Does the IRS have a statute of limitations how far back they can go?
anyone know about a tax return?
Do I have to pay taxes after selling Android apps in Austria?
I need my pan card details?
Should I file tax returns??
standard deduction and personal exemption.?
We owe state taxes, but are expecting a refund from federal.... Will state intercept the federal refund?
My dad never does tax returns, can I still fill out fafsa?
Can Anyone help me with this? 10 points best answer.?
can my g/friend claim me on her tax return?
What percentage of a 10-99 do u have to pay back with taxes?? what do u have to pay the goverment??
How do you feel about Obama wanting to majorly increase the tax rate on those who make over $250k annually?
tax question help needed?
What could happen if you haven't paid taxes on tips?
Should I be registered, and including GST?
about earn income credit?
cigarettes legal?
I have got some capital gain on sale of my property?
If two people purchase a rental property but only one person is on the loan, how do deductions work?
child tax credits for unemployed?
What if you owe more taxes than you can pay.?
I got a letter from the IRS on the 19th stating I "can expect to receive payment by 5/23/08" of stimulus money
What is the best web site to do my taxes?
Can i claim closing cost i paid on a home i sold last year on my taxes?
When delinquent real estate taxes go to state?
i am 28 , if i withdraw my 401k, how much percent of it will i need to pay for the IRS?
what are tax treaties?
I received $10,810 from an estate. Will I have to pay any income tax?
if we have offices, workers and expenses in mexico or canada, can we show it as business expenses.?
Would you release your current paycheck stub to a potential employer?
what happens after your credits for unemployment run out?
which copy of 1099 int tax held by local bank attached with the tax return is it necesaary or not?
What are the council estates in the UK?
have not worked for 2 years not married can my boy friend claim me as a dependent?
Question about my state taxes?
at Tax time how does Tax and Bas work together?
what form do i need to get a tax rebait from working over a summer before i became a student at uni?
Please help me to know the expected tax return?
what are the state of tennessees guidelines for garnising wages?
What determines the amount of tax to be paid?
My minor child received a 1099-MISC for the sale of an animal, do I claim?
I got a letter today say I won the lottoery with a checkin it but I dont think it is legal .POLONETO LOTTO?
What is irs reference code 1501?
questions about estate filing, beneficiaries, bank interest under $600?
is the reimbursement of a non-deductible item a taxable event?
can you add income from 2009 on your 2010 tax form?
Service Tax Rate Chart for the fin.year 2012-13?
Did anyone else expecting a PAPER check refund update to 2/3 as your mailing date?
Can my parents claim my child?
I am self employed,I which one can I write off on my taxes, buying a car or leasing a car?
An income statement that reports current tax expense of $82,000 and deferred tax benefit of $23,000?
what is the service tax rate, for lease of commercial building, what is the basic exemption limit?
year old property bought in venice, ca. five units, old bldg. trying to repair & update. need advice on taxes.?
International Tax - US Company?
whats the soonest information is available on a refund for federal?
What is a good site that tells in simple manner, comparison of the federal and state tax in different US state?
Did Anyone Have A 2/17 (dd )Date. Now it is 2/24?
If you pay the property tax on property that is deeded to someone else, who really owns the property?
VAT for prodirectsoccer?
Depositing money in ICICI s/b acc to close home loan?
where can I get my AGI from last years tax report?
Why is my mom's federal tax withhold so low?
i got a W-9 form. What does it mean?
In what countries are religious organizations exempt from taxes?
What is the Difference Between Shares & Debentures?
How much income tax is due when cashing in $12,000 in common stock?
if i claim the full number of dependents on my w4s then will i owe at the end of the year?
Can I file my w2s separately?
What day(date) do you get your taxes back?
Why is my tax withholding so high?
If a man forges someone else's name on a tax return in ILLINOIS how much time in prison can he get?
journal entry question?
My tax return plz help ?
Can my boyfriend claim me under his tax refund?
I filed my taxes but then I got another w2 from the unemployment office for a couple days I was off thru year.?
What are the rebates that a salaried person can get towards his income tax?
how does property tax work ? do owners pay EVERY year the tax ? or just when someone buying a property?
what is writen on a UK bounced cheque?
I need some advice on what to claim on w-4. I have a 32,400.00 job?
How long does it take to get refund on 529 account in maryland? Maryland Prepaid College Trust?
When I file my state taxes by mail is it still possible to have the refund deposited into my checking account?
do you have to pay taxes on small jobs you do?
Is my son tax exempt?
Is there any website where I can see my complete tax filing history?
Do your taxes say how many people live in your household?and if your married?How can the goverment find out?
what about the wages in the UK?
I want to take out a personal loan to remodel my kitchen. will this interest be tax deductable?
personal tax credits return help?
Single Father Tax Question?
I watch my granddaughter can i claim anything for taxes, i live in north carolina?
The IRS did not give me my tax returns, because the name was spelt wrongly in THEIR records. What do I do?
Help me understand Winnipeg taxes?
Gotta quick tax return!?
If I have a 1099-A, can I still do my own taxes online?
3096 coffey ln Santa rosa property tax.?
do i add the federal income tax with the social security tax when adding income tax paid for fafsa?
i worked for a job for two weeks and never got paid can i still pick up a check?
is my tax code correct and am i paying the correct amount?
Lost paycheck no carbon copy ?
Making Work Pay Credit?
My company didn't give me a W2, what do I do?
Can anyone help in applying excel formula to calculate the Quarters in FY starting from 1st April to 31st mar.?
how much do minors have to earn in a year to get tax returns?
What should I do with my new filing status?
what's the best way to beat tax on W9 witholdings when you have 2 jobs?
Did you use simple pay on taxcut and did you get dd 2day?
Why does the government audit you even though taxes were taken out from your paycheck?
I made a loan to my mother, she paid it back with interest - how do I report the interest she paid to the IRS?
What is the formality relating to TDS?
Question about tax stimulus packages. Please only answer if you know what you're talking about. Thanks!?
Whyis messenger not sending alerts when I receive email, although I have it checked in preferences to?
I am trying to find out what the percent is that is removed for taxes when you claim 1?
Can 2009 W2's be filed with 2010 W2's for the 2010 tax return or do they have to be filed separately?
I am a college student, and I have already completed my Tax Courses can I prepare someone else's Income tax?
Ive been sent a bill for the full years outstanding council tax.?
"Where's My Stimulus" tool on IRS website.?
How much witholding tax will be deducted?
Do I file married filing sep., single, or head of household legally if I've been unlegally sep. since 7/1/06?
My tax refund was around $480 (Australian dollars) last year, why is it zero this year?
What are you going to spend your tax refund on?
does anyone know if you e-file your income tax will our rebate check be in check form or deposited?
Taxes in first year of home ownership? $9,000? What to do to?
Can i claim my 14 yr old sister on my income tax return even if my parents live with us and theyre working too?
the day i get my tax credits falls on xmas day does anyone no wether i will get then early or late in my bank?
Question about income tax?
How can i find the best way to file my taxes online? I have never done this before so I am not sure where to .
Working part time on NJ unemployment - how long does it take to get a check the first week you claim a PT job?
I didn't file my income tax this this year, will I still receive CCTB?
Customs duties on importing games from USA to UK?
If funds in bank account were garnished on 11/19/09 is there any way to reverse to enable registration FINRA?
Something seems wrong with my tax refund, is it?
Tax treaty: how does it work exactly?
I filed my New Jersey State tax on February 14th?
I want to know how to assign stocks within a trust?
How much deprciation can you claim back on a new vehicle?
Does this count as self employed?
Why do a lot of guitar shops have no sales tax?
Will filing form 8862 cause me to be audited again?
Where can I report a business for paying employees under the table?
what are the legal and tax requirements to own a ecommerce website from india? any advice will be appreciated!?
If two people claim a child on there taxes will they both get paid?
How much is GST/ VAT in Turkey?
if i have a pan card number what details can i get from it?
I am a single woman with no children, living on my own, how many dependants can I legally claimon my w-4?
what is best alertpay to pay?
When filing for a tax extension, does the extension start from the date filed, or the April 15 deadline?
are Green Card expenses tax deductable?
Do I have to report this money? Can I File taxes?
Can the IRS take what you owe out of your refund if..?
how to deduct income tax from salary?
Is it fair for a noncustodial parent to be granted an exemption to file a tax return on the child even if the?
Is there a site to find how much I can make on a single paycheck without going into a new tax bracket?
Who qualifies to claim child on their taxes in this situation?
Alabama Taxes owed on property but still occupied.?
Is cosmetic surgery costs deductible under medical expenses?
I didnt work lastyear but income from my daughters social security,can that be reported as tax income?
what can you deduct for a mary kay business?
What is octroi tax, education cess, and revenue stamp duty?
What is my net income after tax in New York given a 105K salary? How much can I afford to rent?
Where is my tax rebate??? OK soo where the heck is it!?
How can I find out what the duty /taxes will be on my furniture?
Child Support based on unemployment?
School Funding by taxes in Indiana?
Can my employer take out double amont of taxes?
Bartender in the UK???,?????,,?
tax question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! URGENT?
I'm getting taxed, not meant too?
Unemployment Question in PA?
what happens if you haven't filed your taxes in 7 years, but they owe you refunds for all 7 years?
HI everyone. Is this a scam?
I dont know how to categorize refunds from my business?
The IRS is giving a friend of mine a very hard time. They claim he can't file as Head of Household.?
Tax deduction for commuting from work to college?
Has anyone had a tax refund deposit on a Saturday?
Pennsylvania Misc Comp Worksheet, Column 7, what goes there?
Can you receive your ex husbands social security benefits?
Business gone, no ph.# need w-2, help?
In Canada what do you do for filing your Taxes if you havent worked in 2 years?
Where is my economic stimulation payment?
I got my approval on the 18th and IRS chart said ill get mine on the 25th, but nothing yet!! Anyone else? Ohio?
What is the best way to report someone who is hidding major income from the IRS. Who should I contact?
Family problems over income tax.?
Do I have to pay ACC taxes if I am working in NZ less than six months?
Has anyone filed for the property exempt tax in Powder Springs, ga?
Tax depreciantion question?
Tax rate on company bonus?
Can salary earned by minors be taxed at their parents' tax rate?
Can u file taxes in december?
My husbands W2 was marked 9 for federal and 5 for state exemptions. Both should be marked 5. How bad will th?
am i entitiled to any benefits. uk answers only please?
Who do I need 2 contact in regard to finding the status of my Alabama st tax return?
my wife filed a form w-7 for me she did not send a social security number refusal letter can we get the w-7?
can i deduct expenses like workers comp insurance premium if i'm homeownr & contractor on remodel of my house
How much of a tax refund with no taxable income?
When did Texas become part of the United States?
I have an aquantence, whom has failed to file a tax return for the past 23 years. Can he avoid prosecution?
how will your take home pay be increased?
how is a second income taxed compared with the first income.?
Tax rebate check?
do i qualify for tax credit?
Is buying a laptop for PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Option) in Minnesota tax deductible?
In California, if the gross pay is $2.000.00 whats is the actual net pay after tax deductions?
In India, I did not file my tax returns by the deadline last year. Can I file it now? Is there any penalty?
Can I get money from Centrelink?
NJ 1040 Sch A needs "Income actually taxed by Other Jurisdiction", where should I get this item from NY IT-203
IRS accepted my tax return on Jan. 17th. Wheres my refund says that i should get my refund by Jan 31st?
Have I been paying too much in taxes?
Importing costs to the UK?
Is withdrawing money from a capital Gains account cumbersome?
can you efile PA taxes for free?
Is there any place in Watertown Ny to cash IRS refund checks?
How do you claim money you RECEIVED as charity on your taxes?
Corp 2006 payroll taxes?
If my FT salaried job changes to PT hourly, can I draw unemployment when I leave?
I live off of VA and Social Security disability. What tax forms do I fill out? I dont receive W-2's?
How can either Obama or McCain still claim that they will cut taxes?
Can/should I file taxes if my husband will not?
my wife died last year can I claim her in my income tax?
what is 2+2?
who do I report sales tax abuse to in San Diego?
Accounting/Tax rules for converting LLC to S Corp in Washington?
If you have an imaginary friend who lives in your house, can you claim a tax deduction?
can social secuirty deny me if i had a legitimate illness?
if someone is receving 691.00 per month and they got a 5.8% raise how much now will they get per month?
Paying taxes from making money on ebay?
Does anyone know of a good book which explains VAT better than the HMRC site?
how long do i need to keep my receipts?
Can you have more than 1 IRA account if you don't exceed the yearly contribution limit ?
I've found that I currently owe money to the can I fudge the numbers so I earn a refund?
Rejected Taxes Not Yet Corrected?
Automotive tax deduction / write offs questions?
Does my employer have to offer health Insure....if I have been getting it thru them for the past few years?
How much money do i have make in a year to not be able to be claimed by my parents?
capital gains?
How do I calculate my employment income and tax liability if I have my basic salary and allowances?
After receiving a 5000 dollar raise, what will my paycheck increase be? My new salary is 54,600.?
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