How long will it take the IRS to start garnishing your paycheck if you owe them?
TAXES - Can someone help me?
Can my boyfriend claim my daughter and I as depends on his taxes if he supported us all year?
Should lottery winners have to pay taxes (read on)?
do welfare payments have to be listed on 1040?
i had taxes sent to wrong account?
is there a statue of limitations to filing unemployment if your employer died?
looking for tax forms for this year ?
Is it worse to get a call from Revenue Department or IRS?
What is the Capital Gains Tax Rate in South Cyprus ?
What are the benifits available to 100% Export oriented Unit in Service Tax Act?
Who has received their IRS Stimulus payment via direct deposit?
WMR 2/7 club? someone having the same problems as me?
Tax-wise, what specific steps should we all take IF Obama gets in office?
Filing For SSI? Please Help!?
Do I have to pay taxes on stocks?
Can I deduct my car down payment and following payments if the car is used mainly for work?
I have a Tax Question!!!!?
On my w4 form is it better to put myself down as a dependant or just put 0?
can i qualify for a mortgage if i make more now than my tax return says?
I files form 1040X on 4-23-09. When will my refund be sent to me?
A bit of a nosey question!!! Child tax!!?
Can the father claim our son as an qualifying child if we are not married?
AEI Incorporated has $5 billion in assets, and its tax rate is 40%. Its basic earnings power (BEP) ratio is 10?
What is a 1099-A document? If the property was taken by the bank was worth 150k but the loan was only 125k?
How long until Canadian Pennies go out of circulation?
My Ex filed taxes and claimed our son as an dependent, what should I do?
Do i still need to pay council tax if i am still renting a property but have moved out?
How do I get a VAT number?
I also received a letter from UPRR that the IRS needs my address so they can process the RRT refund?
Do you have to pay tax on a dog you bought in USA and brought back to Canada?
how many years can the I.R.S.GO BACK FOR TAXES?
if you owe back taxes and are about to get married?
If my parents claim me on taxes, does that hurt my refund?
What's the best way to pay out an employee bonus?
Tax advantages in CA for paying car loan off early?
rate of entry tax on modem in rajasthan?
how mach rs in one doller?
When you transfer direct deposits from your bank account to another's, are the deposits taxable?
if i claim 6000 on my taxes will ssi find out?
What is an 'Extra exemption' worth in value for tax return purposes?
what is presant tax rate of (incometax, servicetax, excisduty)?
Help with this one question on the CSS Profile application plz??
How should I file my taxes? I'm 16.?
Negative tax in payslip?
lol ok im probaly to young to ask but how miuhc do stripper get paid?
1099 vs W2 with a portion of my payment taken?
What ar the SUTA rates for the state of Maryland?
If an individual's fiscal year ends on June 30th, when is his tax return's due date?
Why haven't I gotten my direct deposit from the government yet my last 2 SS# is 12?
is it better to file federal taxes jointly or separately?
if you owe irs will receive a rebate check?
UK question how much are your water rates per year please?
Is there any thing I can do to not have to pay or even get a refund?
Can married people filled separate Income tax forms?
Will there be import tax on DVDS?
what will be the change in salary of persons on contract base jobs in govt service?
please be quick..what are the sales tax rates on various items in india?
Is there a way of finding out someone's pan card num?
what were Ohio income tax rates for an individual ?
what is an alternative social security tax?
my salary income rs.144000/- yearly how to deduct tds?
when will i get my tax back?
which form shall i use for nil vat return?
Why does our accounting system deduct depreciation when calculating Net Income?
Do people pay income tax??
$10,000 a year salary, how much do i get back on tax refund?
WMR says I should have my refund by 2/7 but I still have no dd date. Alot of ppl say the have a def dd date.?
how do I find a previous site I went to w/o bookmarking it?
Income tax declaration?
do i pay tax on imports from vietnam?
What States does not have an inhertiance tax?
How do i become self employed in the uk? I also require a very basic easy to understand guide to tax's etc
How much will my tax check be?
Is it worth it to have a tax preparer vs. Software for me?
IF my parents claim me on their taxes can I still claim myself?
When getting your pass port do you pay upfront or when you receive it.?
Can a former employer charge you for your W2's?
Why do I have to pay income tax while others don't?
Tax question: My wife went bankrupt last year. Do we have to file jointly?
depreciation straight line on cost?
Taking out an extra $20 for your withholding tax every payday, Good or Bad idea?
I've been getting paid under the table. I do not make enough to file taxes. Is it still tax evasion?
What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)?
income tax question about fiddling?
Irs where's my refund ?
what are non taxable allowances as per income tax act of India,1961.?
Display my photo of pan card?
Can I file taxes as an independent if I'm living with my parents?
Has anyone received an update on Where's My Refund today - Jan 26th?
Can I claim what I paid our two sons to work for my husband on our taxes?
i recieve child support,the father is claiming them on his taxes?
Why was 40 dollars taken out of my paycheck?
how do you find pretax income if given after tax income and the income tax rate?
How do I know if I'm head of household when doing my federal taxes?
Tax Questions?
can my boss deduct a tax refund from my weeks gross pay?
STILL waiting for my irs refund check are you?
Does anyone know where you can donate dresses in N. CA for a tax write off?
Why is there state income tax on my paycheck?
what types of item can be deducted from your taxable income?
How to set up a business with a non US person?
how to create interest in reading laws for a chartered accountants?
Selling online and sales tax?
Tax Return question??? Please help?
definition of income tax officer?
how much to pay tds on salary?
what is the uses of rework station?
BBC Does It Again?
I am 85. have not paid fed. tax for 25 years. Leased my land for $52 000- do I have to declare?
should the "law of one" hold for capital more or less so than labor?
can i take court help if my DDO do not give necessary deduction WITHOUT REASON?
i have a question about income tax?
Why have stock appreciation rights come under income tax supervision?
Calculating GP Margin with or without VAT?
If the father of a child has full custody, can the mother claim him on her taxes?
I want to do my OWN TAXES!!!?
What would be the best way for my husband and I to file our taxes?
What is a "rounding fee" on a restaurant bill?
how much tax on a saddle from usa would i pay?
Prove that I had paid my taxes?
How can I determine where my income falls in the US income distribution percentiles?
import of fish tanks/Aquarium into uk any laws i need to know about?
how long do you wait for a refund?
how would my employees claim me as their employer for income tax?
should you file taxes together if your separated?
What bills do Americans pay? What state are you in?
I received a IRS notice "CP2000"?
Do lifegaurds get paid?
Can I pay state tax with Western Union?
How do I find out the amount of alimony i've received to do my taxes? It's combined w/ child support I get.
Would I pay council tax?
If I withhold less taxes from my W-2 to help with my mortgage payment, will it hurt me at the end of the year?
How does gift tax work?
Do you have to have an actual appraisal of your home to get your taxes lowered?
Anyone know about a "Roth IRA"?
what does it mean when your half a year with your parents and the other half you got married?? tax question!!!?
Do i need to file taxes?
What is Federal Witholding?
California sales tax is how much?
Has anyone received their refund that was expecting on 2/1?
Tax filing questions?
Tax Question: If I pay my own health insurance premiums, is it tax deductible?
POLL: So did you do your U.S. 2009 taxes yet or not...If so, did anyone help you?
Help with some questions please!?
I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does bill me later cover the cost of the shipping and tax?
Can I write-off or get tax credit for my trip to South America to learn Spanish?
How to Find the Sales Tax Rate?
What would be a paper round wage in the uk?
when you start your own buisness and you start making money how do you pay taxes on that money?
Does this count as self employed?
Why does everything go by "gross pay" and not "net pay"?
Can you get a tax credit even if the child isn't biologically yours?
How can I claim milage when I file my taxes?
Bugger - I'm not going to make the tax deadline. Will I be fined - or is that only if I owe the ATO money?
I filed and got my return accepted by 9am on 1/21. WMR said I should have it by Feb 2, now it changed to Feb 9?
On welfare and paying income tax help?
taxable services in india?
i need help finding some w2s from 2 years back how do i find them and can i still file a return?
How do I be no longer have a representative payee receive my SSI?
I changed my status on IRS to single due to divorce?
I'm going to be making 700 dollars in cash how much do I pay in taxes per month?
How to find tax forms.?
W-4 form filling help please ?
Did anyone get their refund?
taxes when filing bankruptcy?
Why government collectiong income tax?
How to pay taxes when you get paid in stuff?
Dependent tax question?
What is the guideline for paying capital gain when you cash out a mutual fund?
I owe money to the IRS what shoud I do?
North Carolina sales tax question: which county tax rate do I pay?
why should we pay taxes?
Any opinions on Mc Coy, David R CPA - Mc Coy Hillard & Parks in Salisbury, NC?
is their an easy way to get my w2s?
Does a dependent get more taken out of their paychecks than an independent?
avoiding paying tax?
Will the UK ever adopt the Euro as its currency?
Can I write off military moves on my taxes?
inland reveue sent bill for £7000 but im not self-employed?
With Canada being so densely populated, is land cheap? Compared to the US?
i got a mail that i won a lottery from united kingdom national lottery . is it true?
In Australian Payroll how is SFSS calculated when Bonus is paid?
Would millionaires pay more taxes in a progressive tax system or a flat tax system?
home run Ball? IRS Taxing it!?
How old does a car have to be to be tax exempt?
I filled out my W4 wrong?
Julie is married and she files a separate tax return in 2011?
How is tax calculated to build a commercial structure on a purchased piece of land?
Can my 18 year old claim baby on her taxes if she is my dependent?
How much income tax will I get back?
filed taxes on the26th when will i get my return?
No acceptance email for efile (with no pin).?
Efficient import extension?
What is the minimum and maximum jail sentence for not paying tax?
what happens if we filed an extension for our 2005 tax return & still haven't finished it by 10/16/06?
Any1 with a refund dd for 2/20 get their money yet?
I have a question for you...I just got my W2's and I made $34,000 last year. ?
My Unemployment Was Mobbed!!?
do i get a bigger tax refund if i file single with one child?
What country has no or little taxes?
Can I contribute to my 401k in 2010 and have it decrease my 2009 Gross Income? I have not reached the max?
Report FUTA for Father of Sole Proprietor or Not?
Does my boyfriend have to claim me as a dependent?
Im a sub contracter. how do i find out how much tax i gotta pay?
Doing my tax returns using my last pay check stub because did not receive w2. turbo tax problem?
do you want a flat tax rate?
What does an accountant do?
can someone explain what gifting is and how it works in Australia, can anyone do it?
Do i have to pay employer's taxes?
how long do you have to live in your first house to claim it as a principal residence when it is re-sold?
I day traded stocks this past year, what forms do I need to send in for taxes?
The cost of a video game is $29.95 and sales tax is 6%. About how much will the game cost, including tax?
If 2 people claim a child as a dependent will the 2nd return be rejected immediately, or after a few days?
How much total tax (state, income, etc) is deducted from pay (in %) if I am working full-time in San Jose, CA?
How should I adjust my withholdings to avoid a refund of over $1500?
Has anyone still not gotten WMR update and accepted around 1/17?
how do i ensure that i do not pay any other taxes at the end of the year?
Can I claim my dad on my taxes?
Does a tutor need to pay taxes if they don't earn money from tutoring?
how do i calculate capital gain on a income property?
What can a person do to file back state taxes in the state of PA?
whats the difference between accepting and acknowledgment of e-file returns?
wages pay slip form template?
When should I expect my tax refund?
My Debt Before Getting Married...1099-C?
I have been told that 100% of my alimony is tax deductible?
When a creditor files a 1099-c does that mean the debt comes off the credit report?
What exactly is VAT in layman terms. How is it levied & collected?
what's the procedure to get a new PAN card on losing the present card?
I have started an online small business. I am based in ohio. How do I handle sales tax?
If I lived/worked in WI for half the year and in MN the rest of the year what state do I file taxes in?
I need to know the pros and cons of a 1099 and W-2. I need to know which is better?
nj taxes on paycheck?
FICA-Social Security tax withheld Question?
I'm 22 and My partner is 40 can I claim tax credits if only I work?
Residents association tax?
Difference Between Turbo Tax Card Sites?
Why are capital contributions and drawings not affected by GST?
I don't have to pay GST until after I hit 75k+ for each separate year?
Tax question. Confused?
What line is the amount of income tax?
Sooo.... tax season is here and I was wondering which do you recommend?
Can a tax office use my ss# more than once without permission?
Should I get an Exempt & Not Pay Taxes?
Divorced parents with children, tax question..?
Business owners, does this happen to you.....?
What are our federal income taxes used for?
My wife and I each had roth ira's, I took cash in 2009 and my wife in 2010 can we ded. losses. We are both ove?
Whether TDS is required to be deducted on accrued interest paid by a person buying G-sec, PSU Bonds?
How much are duties/taxes from Hong Kong to Canada?
Tax reutrn? Any specialists? ?
Rollover of a 403b to IRA?
First Job, How much is taken out of my paycheck?
know how to claim my inheritance?
how do i obtain a sales liscence for the state of pennsylvania?
Indiana Resident needs Internal Revenue address in order to fill taxes?
How much would I have to pay in total (Specific) , taxes and duties For Personal Gold brought into US From INT?
Tax question..My husbands taxes were prepared and an error was not spotted until this year..Now he owes money.
In the UK, what are the luxury items we pay tax on?
Question about tax returns?
When and how to turn someone in for tax fraud?
Do I have to file taxes if I make no income (US)?
If I worked for a company and they sold to another corporation how do I get my W-2 that I never received?
Do I have to pay California State Tax if I made my income in another state?
are hoa fees tax deductable?
True or False, once im 18 my parents wont be able to claim me on my taxes anymore?
How much does a Mcdonalds extra value meal cost tax included?
Can he claim my kids, too?
If I donate a car instead of using it as a trade in, what can I expect from a tax return savings perspective?
My tax disc runs out at the end of January.....can I renew now and my new tax disk will start from February?
what is the deadline to pay my personal Taxes ?
tell me about the story G7 Chicago, Illionis 1 billion usd, us property?
What is a regressive tax?
i want to file a schedule d?
Legally, is an exclusive license of intellectual property equal to a "sale"of the intellectual property?
Choosing arizona tax witholding?
How to calculate my income tax for the current FY 2005-06? I am a senior citizen.?
Does it take a long time to have your taxes amended?
2005 tax..Can we deduct as "Bad Debt" unpaid loans to family or friends? Thanks all...?
How many of you got your stimulus rebates electronically already?
What if i am broke & unable to pay my sales tax?
what is the current servece tax rate?
In how much period your Rs. 10,000 becomes Rs. 20,000 at 15% rate of interest, using (a) Rule of 72, (b) Rule?
when claiming a loss in your own business?
my child was born july 2009 i worked as well can i claim the earned income credit?
Can my boyfriend claim me on his taxes?
If Pa's a common wealth...?
council tax benefits?
Why do Canadians have to pay so much tax?
Federal Tax Question?
Claims on my w-4 form?
I am wondering what the maximum amount of money a full-time college student can make and still recieve full?
Is there a way to get back money that you overpaid to the IRS in past years?
UK national Lottery has announced a prize for me how can I believe this?
Tax Question: Which is better for me , to file on turbotax alone or go to a professional tax place?
Get taxes done or do our own?
Savings Accounts and Tax?
I have a pan,but i didnt get pancard.I am return my ITR trough this pan 1999 onwords.Now i would like card.?
My son was born Jan 7 2011. Can I claim him for 2010 tax returns?
Are gift cards received from a bank as rewards considered taxable income?
How will the IRS divide proceeds on the sale of a home if there is lien?
Am I am able to do a tax deduction for donations using the ez1040 form?
My organization has lost the Non Profit (501c3) number - now what?
Employer hold check till end of day so we cant cash till next day?
Do I have to claim unemployment when I file my taxes?
my mum is only entitled to £200 a year as a pension...?
I f I cannot locate IRS audit information, what happens next? If I have to pay the IRS, what happens?
Get married without CPA/accountant knowing?
can you gain knowledge from ?
What is the difference between a CPA and a CRTP?
What other taxes do I have to pay besides income?
new Obama Tax coming out of my paycheck . What is this tax?
Where in U.S. Federal or State law does it have that it is mandatory for me to pay income tax on my wages?
Canadian buying gifts online for americans.. tax implications?
can Fed income tax be filed w/o a W-2 form?
To find out when your refund is expected to fund, visit the IRS site at and click on “Where’s My R?
Uh oh! I forgot to pay my taxes!?
W4- tax for salesman w/ big commision?
How do I claim my taxes back please? Have not been working for a full financial year.?
How can i get tax refund on my laptop that I buy in the US?
If one never starts filing a tax return, is it true one will never have to file?
My name is satinder pal. Date of birth 17 April 1982. place Gurdaspur punhab india. will i go abroad ?
Do you pay estate taxes for the deceased plus federal taxes on what the beneficieciers get as regular income?
Form for filling Fringe Benefit Tax?
how much UK import tax would I have to pay on goods bought from Australia to the value of $139.20 AUD/£81.55?
Need help with a taxation question?
can i apply for an EIN as a LLC if I am still a sole proprietorship?
i'm a Brit and I've been asked to provide an international tax number by my US agent. How do I do this?!
Do you notice that the press misuses the term tax "loophole"?
Will I be ok when it comes the time to file canadian income tax?
TAX QUESTION: Is it possible to get the foreign earned income exclusion without owning a tax home?
Is there any way that a disabled person can defer or postpone a outstanding amount with the IRS?
what can I declare as a tax deduction?
how much is tax on
has anyone had a problem with IRS e file direct deposit schedule/ dates?
If your tax refund is delayed, Did you get the "accepted" status on your efile from Turbo Tax or such?
How to seperate a small business tax from personal one ?
Forgot to report wages from my 2nd W-2 form?
Could someone help estimate our tax refund for me?
If I owe back child support will i lose my tax stimulus payment.?
What can a form 911 do for an adverse adjustment to my tax return?
Depreciation on corporate tax and s-corp returns?
How long does it take to file your taxes?
To have a pan card i have to file IT returns,as i am a student.i have no income.This is for id & address proof?
Pa unemployment fault overpayment?
I wish to know latest provisions for section 54EC.?
Can I resubmit my 2007 tax return after getting audited and paying what I owed?
i am a carer if i opt out of the 48hr week in the uk how many hours can i work in a week?
How many weeks are in a month?
In which US states do they not charge taxes?
ssi and child support?
cn i claim boyfriend son as dependent?
if i have a baby on january 14 2007, will i be able to claim the baby on tax day for the year of 2006?
I just want to fill out 1040, I do not want to file?
Mr.X has to repay me one lakh loan amount. Can he repay it in cash to me?
What is the dfifference between sales tax and central excise duty?
IRS question about a letter I rec'd..Please read!!?
I'm doing Turbo Tax, and I need to put a city/state for the charity I donated to?
Can i claim my 17 year old wife as a dependent on my income tax?
I want to report fraud to the IRS.?
Do I file for taxes/withholding? Am I a resident?
Internet Tax rules in New Jersey?
How long does it take to receive your Federal refund after you eFile?
Refund Questions.....?
What happens if you don't pay eBay back?
Looking for a CPA in Delaware area to help me with taxes.
If I live in Washington state and my retirement check comes California do I need to file taxes in California?
US income and resident of India. What forms should i use to file taxes?
How an Indian Origin Citizen of USA can buy a residential flat in India from her NRO account?
I was supposed to get my tax refund deposited today?
Going through a divorce -- do I have to file my taxes jointly still?
income tax question.?
how much is the tax for $6.02 at 8.250%?
2012 Tax Refund Issue?
Feb 7th club? Getting frustrated..grr?
I have a complex tax question?
What are the penalties for under reporting your income by, say, $3,000?
when will i recieve tax refund?
How do dependents affect my taxable income? (In Canada)?
Is a city tax the same as a county tax?
How much money will i get back from taxes for having my baby in 2009?
Does anyone know if your 401K losses are tax deductible?
anyone with the last 2 of 31 receive their rebate by mail?
going from a weekly paycheck to a bi-weekly paycheck. will i be bringing home the same?
are life insurance proceeds taxable income?
Does everyone have file taxes?
My sons are OCI card Holders can they open current account with Bank in India based on the OCI card and PAN No?
I need help Filing my STATE taxes?
whether the income from wind mill power generation is exempted for income tax in india?
how do i change the address my tax rebate cheque is going to?
What is the law in Australia on money gifts do I HAVETO pay taxes on money gifts for ex $80,000?
Working 80+ hours weekly, should i claim exempt for a few paychecks?
tax calculations and pay?
Please answer! How much will I owe?
Tax refund delays 2012!!!?
Home Equity Line of Credit Question?
Non-Profit Tax ID's? Where do i find a non-profits Tax ID online?
If you are an independent distributor do you have to charge sales tax to people out of state?
About to receive bonus but don't want taxes to eat it up, but I don't want it locked in for years either.?
Job search tax deductions?
If i move out of the US do i still have to pay US taxes?
I am self employed and also have a part time job- income taxes?
What does it mean for a company to be audited?
full time student, what should i claim on my taxes?
I am an American English teacher in Korea.DO I have to file tax return here in Korea?I make under 80K a year.
If you paid in over $1500 in federal taxes how much will you get back on federal taxes when you file?
How long does it take the IRS to investigate after you turn someone in or do they only go for big fish?
can i claim head of household even though I live with my parents and have a family?
List three reasons why it is a benefit to you to file an Income tax return?
My husband claimed 6 tax exemptions... Is that too much?
Can I file bankruptcy on my first time homebuyers tax credit?
Are 457 K loans taxable income?
Claim Code 13750228?
How to Change my income tax registered email id?
If my parents claimed me on my taxes...?
Anyone get their stimulus check?
I claimed ZERO on my W4 and my employer did not take out enough taxes. Is there anything I can do about that?
I received a schedule K-1 for an ETF I have in my Roth IRA account. Anyone know what to do with it?
website development, do i get 100% tax relief?
customs clearance for Duty Free allowance?
What tax forms do I use total?
What happens after receipt at hub?
im 17 and i want to leave home (UK)?
How much tax will I be paying?
Can I Deduct the amount spent for lawn?
Revenues earned during the month included $7,700 cash and $5,600 on account how would you journalize that?
Has raising taxes ever stimulated the economy in USA history?
what is the percentage of tax for a video game?
I don't have federal taxes being taken out of my check? Why?
I got a free subcription do I have to pay taxes on it?
Income tax in British it works?
ok can anyone tell me the truth?
Will I get in trouble with the IRS if I've been married for 1.5 years but my W-4 status is still "Single"?
If i get married will i have a bigger tax refund?
deducting child support on taxes?
explain the types of registration under delhi VAT?
Why is there a differenece of 1-3 pennies between the FIT deductions on my paystub and my own calculation?
I just want to fill out 1040, I do not want to file?
tax holiday in Illinois?
If i make 8.95 a hour and work 35 hours a week what is my gross annual income?
he coupon rate on an issue of debt is 12%. The yield to maturity on this issue is 14%. The corporate tax?
What is going on here (income tax help!)?
how do i get a expansion on paying what i owe the irs?
On labour Job provided to the customer what is the Tax structure,?
Hair donation, tax deducible?
How do I pay taxes on gains with stocks in Canada?
Is it true that your tax refunds only come on Fridays?
Hello, Ive been in the Marine Corps Since early 2006. I have neglected to file taxes since. What do I do?
can u claim your cousin?
My SSN ends in 22 shouldn't I have gotten my rebate since my tax refund was direct deposit?
What are the disadvantages of claiming "exempt? on taxes?
is there any law through which i can exempt from paying tax or i can pay approximate tax?
Are packing materials associated with state to state moving expenses tax deductible?
GST rip off fraud Australia?
stop complaining hated ones?
How much does H&R block charge to do your taxes?
Can you file for taxes if your only income is welfare benefits?
I'm 24 years old and never filed my taxes, may you help?
Are Tax Payments, Tax Deductible?
unemployment questions....?
where can i go to check the status of my tax rebate?
Please help with taxes!!?
Can I claim my boyfriend on my taxes?
When is Tax-Free Weekend in 2011?
Assume current Federal Exemption is $3300.00. Bill earns $37,500.00, is single; and the tax rate is 2 3/4 %. C?
I want to sell my old car (bought for $7000) for $1800. Would that classify as taxable income?
how long do you have to keep income tax records?
i lived in two states, but only worked in one. do i have to file state tax for both states?
Tax income allowance 2012-2013?
Tax deduction question?
why is a company gas card taxable but a car allowance is not?
how much was 2008 tax rebate?
What is car insurance premium tax?
Does Kansas charge sales tax on their groceries?
I was overpaid wages in one year and paid taxes on it that year?
I am 19 and i have no clue about taxes how do i file them and when?
2012 IRA to Charity: Can you write a check directly to a charity?
Can I sue my employer for claiming the wrong tax information?
What is the customs tax of good from US to PHP?
What is the compensation that receives a represent buyer?
Part of the 2/7 group and I am wondering if there are others like me who have not gotten the update on WMR?
Are employer contributions to 529 plans deductible or taxable to the employee?
1040 Form Group Term Life Insurance?
I run an accounting firm in Delhi, India. Now I want to go the clients who are in search of ...?
If someone dies and they haven't filed income tax for a couple of years, does someone have to file for them?
how do i become an independent tax preparer who can work out of home?
what is the best way to settle back taxes for a business to the IRS?
I haven't filed a tax return since 2007. Can I file for all three years?
What are dividend taxes?
What are the tax rates in Maryland?
A Tax question about claiming kids.?
how do you determine how much you will get back on your taxes? Just curious?
in florida what is the average income tax refund amount for a single mother of 1?
Based on my values what Candidate is best for me?
Taxes: How does one apply tuition costs to the 1040A form?
can banks verify w2 with the IRS?
Where can I find a tax office that will file previous returns after April 15th?
Whether TDS should be deducted on Provision of Audit Fee?
Question Carry Over Capital Loss?
When to file for 2009 first time homeowner's credit?
Can I Claim My Baby If He's Born Before Tax Season's Over?
My former landlord stole my tax stimulus check because she thinks I owe her rent which I do not. What do I do?
who will cash a out of state cashier check?
How do I challenge my Council Tax banding?
my tax code was changed from 503L to 522L, i don't know what this means, even though i have two jobs?
does the united states honor the gold standard?
Questions about paying quarterly estimates?
February 6th tax refund date?
I have never filed state taxes before...?
Tax Return Australia?
How do I know if i filed my tax return?
Locating a Tax Id??
what is the long term capital gains tax rate in Canada?
Kindly help in calculating income tax - India?
What is the Excise Tax on New Vehicles?
Is the offering related to an annulment a legit tax deduction like giving to your Church is?
I received a 1099A and 1099C for a foreclosed rental home?
How much taxes will I pay?
Custom duty prices to ireland ?
If i made a little over 5000 last year how much would my return be? (Estimate)?
Why are people happy to get an income tax refund?
Are working tax credits changing for single parents?
what is this tax maintenance jun 2-4?
on a 8 to 15 day wait what day did you get your income tax check?
Child tax benefit and taxes reassestment Need Help?
What makes you a resident of a state if you're under eighteen?
2011 - Tax return question?
Do I need to pay any tax if I receive an item from the US?
is it true that you have to pay 9000 dollars in tax if you win a gold medal?
What if I dont file taxes? I heard the 16th ammemdment was illegally ratified, so I dont have to file, right?
IRS is updating now....Mine just changed to will be direct deposited the 29th?
Increasing tax payable is a credit or debit?
If you owed $8,000.00 in back taxes could or would the IRS take the money from a 401k retirement account?
Depositing money in ICICI s/b acc to close home loan?
if i recive a weekly in 40h ,let said $500.I am married with on dependant,how much will cut tax.?
Is ITR2 mandatory for ST loss from shares?
Why are taxes passed before Obama was elected called Obama's taxes?
can you claim job seekers allowance while in college?
Please help?
Is it a myth that if you never start paying your income taxes then you don't have to pay them?
do museums get tax exemptions like churches?
can i still get unemployment extension?
stimulus check?
Should the rich pay more income taxes?
Do I need to make estimated tax payments to IRS?
Tax question. Should I ask for a raise?
In New York state, how do you know how much gets taken out of ur paycheck for taxes?
What did you spend your tax refund on this year?
Does our taxes have to be in on Saturday?
What is Transfer Pricing?
i have been left £13000 off my dad in a pension,will i have to pay inheretance tax?
Im 20. My dad owes aLOT of back child support. And the IRS...?
Is something wrong with my federal tax refund?
question about taxes?
what happen when person who fill your tax put the social and name wrong?
how can i file my taxes with last pay stub?
I am filing my taxes on thursday. This is almost two months late. Am i in trouble??
can I download a P60 online?
How can I received the $400 tax credit with a 1099-Misc with income listed in box 3?
What was wrong with the window tax?
Iam a single mother and i live with my son, which is best to file as head of household or single?
Why are taxes so complicated?
How much tax would you pay on £50,000 pa?
wmr has status delay reference 1201?
How can I reduce my tax payable income to save money in USA? Specific investments?
Filing jointly, moved into new state?
Can my federal taxes be offset in my current state if I owe another state unemployment benefits?
what is the similarities in tax system of japan and china?
state employees pension fund?
If I use my $500,000 exemption on capital gains for selling my home in 2006...?
how to calculate tax liability unde section 115jb?
What are the tax implications of winning online poker?
Refund Questions.....?
Forgot about my property tax...Can I keep my house?
Pay Cheak after taxs?
i have had my tax credit renewal back?
I worked for an employer who withheld taxes but didn't pay. What kind of trouble is he in?
Do you own Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS)? Is the return of principal taxable? Tax help please!?
How do you start putting money in a RRSP?
I got married this year, 2011 and want to know if my husband can claim head of household.......?
okay im new to this tax thing so i really need help, i make 1876 a month, thats 9 dollar hourly ?
should i include self-employment income if it wasnt alot and will it increase my eic?
I have been told that i can still claim jobseekers allowance if i work 15 hours a week, if this is so, how muc?
basic concepts of accounting?
Is there something else I can use online besides my SS#?
our government are working towards getting single mothers back to work...?
Why does the wealthy need tax breaks if they are already financially secure?
How do I enrol for Self Assessment on HMRC?
What does the tax code 522L 1 mean?
As a stripper who is an employee (not independent contracter), can I write off work expenses?
Can you give me a "for example" as to paying back the 2009 Tax credit if I sell my home this year?
Why is my mom's federal tax withhold so low?
What is the difference between claiming "0", "1", or "2" on your W4?
Question about dependency exemption.?
Tax Question - Dealing with a wage garnishment - Define disposable income?
Paying Income Tax If Only Worked 3 months?
Is IBM a qualified dividend?
Can i claim my husband on my taxes?
I received IRS letter 2840c. Was I supposed to receive a letter prior to this letter? Please help ?
I have an idea that Bill Gates may be interested in. No this is not a get rich scheme. Need his email ad.?
rent allowance for private let in the uk?
why do i pay the taxes i do?
I work at a CPA Firm and we are trying to look for ideas of things to do during tax season, to destress us?
Has anyone received their tax refund early?
what about the law suits againts hrblock?
how do i get my w2 forms from walmart?
do you have to file taxes if you made less than 2000.00?
if i rent a house, can i somehow deduct some of that on my tax return?
Does a Labor Union P.A.C. need a seperate Tax ID number. Our Union already has one.?
I Wood like to now about Indian GAAP systems, please help me.?
Can you claim on TAX money that you have send from,western union or monegram?
Gifts on my personal taxes?
what is my Tax Identification Number?
How much fuel allowance are uk pensioners getting this christmas?
If am due a tax return for 2012 and cant file before April 17, do I need to request a tax extension from IRS.?
since congress didn't renew the tax break for teachers?
Do you still get your refund if you went bankrupt beforehand?
i missed to file 2002 US tax returns and i need to do it now. will i be able to do free e-filing now?
Am I responsible for a credit card debt in my deceased husband's name?
no federal taxes taken out of check?
what is the TDS applicable for hoarding( bill boards) we offer hoaridngs to corporates?
can you claim a supplemental property tax bill on your federal tax return?
How long after activating Debit Card From unemployment, will it take before I get my benefits?
Another Schedule M tax question?
do i need a schedule d form if i have minus 154.00 on line13 on 1040?
HEB Amazon Gift Card Sales Tax?
Will bankruptcy wipe away tax debt.?
I'm 16 and will get a job soon, how will Income tax work?
bought a watch off amazon can i return it?
Is this child a "qualifying child" for my 2011 taxes?
what is the website for maryland state tax forms?
Need to find out a VAT number of a company?
W-2 lists single, but I got married @ end of the year. Can I still claim single this year?
My question is in reference to home property taxes in philadelphia.?
how do I find the status of my IN state tax return?
can i claim disablitly benefits?
What would be the consequences if I claim myself as independent and my parents claim me as a dependent?
Will the IRS take money from my bank account?
2012 federal energy tax credits?
For tax purposes, how do you calculate the loss?
If I make $288 every 2 weeks how much is it after tax deductions?
Lottery and tax... again?
what is network marketting?
I filed 2/2/12 when will I get my refund?
How much unemployment will I recieve?
Where do I enter Tax Paid by Instalments?
when will i get my return?
Has anyone received their "Stimulus Check" yet from the IRS. I am asking because I was reading online and
how much would i have to pay as import tax if i order a sports product worth 400 dollars from U.S.A ?
How much money will I make after taxes?
Can a C corporation be considered a closely held corporation if family members control more than 50%?
The method used to calculate depreciation for federal income tax purposes is what?
what is the kosher tax and who gets the money?
has anyone who used turbotax received theyre stimulus tax refund in the mail ..last ssn # digits 10-18?
laws regarding Calif social security medicare and SDI/SUI?
can I claim my grandson on my taxes, him and his mother live with me in 2006?
does a student dependent at age 25 quailfy for an IRS deduction on parents taxes?
If someone has $0 in income (unemployed, no benefits) do they need to file taxes if over age 18?
Will I or my employer pay tax?
How net income and gross profit are likely to be affected after adding a new product line?
how do I report 1099-misc form income on federal income tax?
what is a non exempt employee?
The guy that did my Tax Returns the last two years in a row won't give me my returns back.?
To get exempt from council tax due to works what needs to be not in a house?
2/22/12 Tax refund today?
I paid my subscriptio and started recie?
question about taxes?
Value city department stores closed down and I'm trying to get my W2?
Are members of a non-profit board of directors personally responsible for $$$ owed to the IRS for late taxes?
Why is my return so small?
Louisiana state renting a property?
when will the $250.00 stimilus check be mailed for ssi recipients?
when i get my rebate of 600.00 will it be taxed and i get less or is it the whole amount?
What percentage of a weekly income should be set aside for tax if its paid anually?
I lived in two different states, do I pay income taxes for both states?
What Should I do with my first paycheck?!?
What can I deduct on taxes for mileage?
how much should i be paid?
Capital Gains Tax question regarding brokerage accounts?
Can he claim my kids, too.?
If I have a joint bank acct with someone that owes money to the IRS, and I don't, can the IRS go into the acct?
Question about deducting Medical expenses on Federal Income tax?
How are you going to spend your stimulus payment?
when will the IRS start processing the tax returns?
Capital gain/loss and Tax due?
does anyone know wher I can request copies of last years W-2's I haven't filed taxes yet this year I need them
my wife loves ebay, how can i turn this home based business of online sales in my favor come tax time?
when does your tax return have to be lodged by?
what will happen if you havent paid tax or national insurance for 8 years?
where is the law that says we have to pay taxes?
Would you like to get rid of the IRS?
How much would I be making after taxes?
How many times can a individual file exempt?
How much will I get back in taxes if I claim one child in Texas!?
Efiled and was accepted by the IRS on the 16 Jan 2009. Still does not show up in Where's My Refund. ?
I am in California and want to donate a working car...what is the best way to handle this?
tax question - refinanced my mortgage with a different lender. i paid a point on original refinance?
how to calculate net tax payable from gross earning in toronto?
Can a mutual fund lost have a tax refund over multiple years?
Will the IRS take my tax refund if my student loans is over by 3 months?
should i report her?
what the hell is iowa service tax used for piss me off?
Can I file both W4 and W9 working for the same company but in a different department?
How to avoid taxes on gift money?
Can I get a tax refund from USA even if I never actually worked?
Can my uncle get a tax deduction by paying for my college?
what was the Holocaust?
hello, Do you need a resale license(sales tax id) to have a photography business?? thanks?
how do i get my w2 from my work as they sent it to the wrong address?
if I cash a check at the bank does it get reported to the irs?
What tax form number is a student federal tax transcript?
Is it too late to efile '08, '09,'10 taxes electronically. Will there be penalties and fees??if so how much?
wheres my refund when will i get it?
My taxes from my job???
Tax Question?
Are we receiving a stimulus check for 2009?
Where Can I find a Tax software download for 2006?
Is the IRS behind on 2012 refunds?
do i have to pay custom duty or any kind of tax for purchasing goods from abroad?
first home buyers tax credit?
deducting proffessional tax if working in m.p for 6 months only?
Do i have to pay import tax on used goods from the usa?
What % should I withhold for state taxes when taking a lump sum distribution for my 401k?
should people who make a lot of money pay a lot more taxes?
what are thelties for not paying sales tax on your vehicle on time?
US company sales and service to Canada, need to charge HST?
Where all the full time jobs gone? UK people?
if i have a baby on january 14 2007, will i be able to claim the baby on tax day for the year of 2006?
Minor claiming themself for tax returns?
Could a business do this to avoid high taxes?
Tax Question?
What happens if an individual is technically a legal resident of one state, but pays taxes for another state?
about withholding taxes after age 70?
This is an unemployment question?
Does the higher income tax in Quebec make living there vs. Ontario not worth it?
Journal Entry for this payroll information?
Can anyone tell/show me where in the Constitution that allows IRS to collect taxes on labor!?
Is it a myth that if you never start paying your income taxes then you don't have to pay them?
shipping estimate?never done it before ?
Whats a 7 percent sales tax of 319,900?
if you owe the State $759.00 and you don't file on time, how much extra will you have to pay?
deduction of income from other source?
: the federal tax system allows firms that have a tax loss in a year to apply the loss against past and future?
a power stiring pump for a 77 ford bronco?
Tax filing for US citizens living in Australia?
I was paid $3,481.71 over the course of 9 months. I got my W2 and my refund was $7.82... possible?
I am looking to see if first time homebuyers get some sort of tax break.?
Is the cost of this car going to be tax deductible?
Youth Allowance with centrelink?
Does anyone know what the council tax for BAND A in SHEFFIELD 2002 and 2003 was?
What taxes do I have to pay when selling a Texas Residence where I haven't lived?
Tax form 1099 R help?
What happens if you don't file taxes, AND you owe them?
If my parents own property in hawaii and pay taxes on it yearly, would we be able to pay in state tuition?
How does the IRS deal with profits after a separation when a house sales?
How much can we pay someone before we must classify them as an employee?
Is IRS 409A an official tax law signed into the tax code? Or is it just a proposed rule?
Do I have to pay VAT to Revenue and Customs when purchasing from Europe?
When you write off your doctor bills on your taxes is it how much they cost or how you paid?
Question about my Internet business taxes. Is this a red flag?
Does anyone think we will actually get a rebate check by christmas time?
If I owe $1 on my taxes, is it possible that i could still get money back?
If I Had No Income For 2007, Do I Have To Joint File?
Can you recieve the child tax credit on a 17 year old?
how much can a single mother make in self employeement before she has to pay back taxes?
Should I get a W-2 or 1099?
does raley's file through the IRS?
is it true that the purchases you make through out the year you can file taxes on the receipts?
Do I have To pay the Irs?
Is a company providing online movie services being imposed the import tax on each foreign movie?
My accounting department is weird... How should I make sure I'm paying enough taxes?
I'm a full time college student and would like to know if I'm tax exempt?
I am legally separated from my wife and have full custody of the children. How do I file my taxes this year?
how much is minimum wage for the year 2009?
can i file my working son on my tax ? his wife not working and just had baby.?
Marriage and Taxes?
trying to register tax exempt status don't see government at bottom of page?
what is the tax treatment on rental income from first home which is on a residential mortgage?
How one get out of those Tax shelter deal from the 80s? Pay back tax? I would not mind.?
If my mom claims me as a dependent, do I qualify for tax returns?
company paying perdiem and travel out of my taxes?
what is maharashtra vat tax for hook & loop fateners?
US tax deductability of mortgage interest payments on Canadian vacation home.?
First year not doing 1040EZ, What tax form do I need?
I purchased my home in feb of 2009. I have not filed my 2008 taxes. Can I still get the homebuyers credit?
Do Republicans want the Fair Tax?
Will I get a stimulus Check?
I have just been fined by my bank?
By what date in the state of az. does w2for income tax have to be out?
Duty Free when flying within UK?
can i claim this on my taxes ?
Why do state taxes differ in some states while in others state taxes are the same?
Am I entitled to a tax reimbursement?
Are women eligible for tax?
can I take a tax deduction from my US federal tax return for legal fees relating to immigration visa renewal?
I have a question about taxes?
How do I import Excel or Open Office data into a fillable Schedule D pdf form?
Report an Income tax violator?
so when claiming 1 less, which one do i put 1 beside and zero for the others?
how can we get return of tax in short term investment is it possible by tax payer fdr?
My partner and I have been living together for 5 years now I want to file income tax separately can I do that?
Anyone else going nuts waiting on a refund?
Which tax loopholes will Romney close?
Canadian freelancing for American company - how do I claim this?
Why do I have to pay School Taxes when I have no children in the School. My School taxes are $6000 this year?
what is Tax Planning? what are its importance,nature and scope?
Can I amend my 2009 tax return in 2012?
I was told that you can carry your pet as a dependent on your income taxes. Is that true?
My husband and i already filed our taxes online. but we forgot two w2's what do i need to do? ?
Help! My wife is a hair sytlist and she is getting killed on taxes! 19k on paper says she ows 4k??
Does australia have inheritance tax?
Calculation of Marginal tax rate?
why would an employer INSIST on cashing their employees checks?
A multi-state income tax/residency question?
I have to file in 3 different states this year.?
I need an example of a statutory non employee contract?
e file refund status?
Child Tax Fraud in Canada?
How to calculate Wealth Tax ?
Can you help make sense of this tax form?
question about rejected tax?
If I make a donation to a charity before April 15th can I use that against last years income taxes?
how long is too long for a refund?
How many hours can i work before i have to pay tax ?
Owing a debt collector money / can they take your taxes?
tax preparer said my daughters social security number was claimed by a someone else,?
what I deduct is what I get back in uniform and mileage tax deductions?
What is fastest way to file and get federal tax return back?
my father died and left me some money, do i have to claim this on my taxes?
Notice of Deficiency - Rebate Check?
I need to know the pros and cons of a 1099 and W-2. I need to know which is better?
tax liability on sale purchase of agriculture land in punjab?
post-tax IRA contribution, withdraw; double tax?
Question about taxes?
Tax Returns.................?
Considering lawsuits awards, which ones are tax deductible?
If my husband and I didn't receive our tax return due to back child support, will we get this tax break in May
Canada CRA Individual Tax Reporting of Capital Gains?
is doggie vet bills tax deductable?
Why don't hasitic jews have to pay taxes?
Tax Return--Topic 203 on
How much is the tax on STCG for this year?
how do i get my w-2 forms if my employer doesnt send them?
Why are some people getting tax refund information and others arent?
I received a $45,000 inheritance, do I pay taxes on it?
unemployment overpayment now being penalized?
I received an underreport from IRS for says I owe them do I still get refund?
Did not report stocks on taxes!HELP!?
$10,000 gift from Mom &Dad?
If i claim both children thru the yr. and no tax is taken from me,can i still file for the child tax credit?
How much tax back will i get for my working holiday in australia?
I owe at least $16,000.00 back taxes to the IRS , Help!!?
How can I lower my yearly income?
if the US government would keep our tax refunds each year, would it gradually bring us out of debt?
If I start a subsidiary under an S Corp, will I have to file taxes as one entity or as separate ones? Thanks.?
When I file my 2008 taxes will my stimulus payment affect it, and does it have to be added on my taxes?
Taxes, I didn't keep track of my income!?
Do I need to pick up my last paycheck or will it be put on my visa pay card?
what is Electronics inport duty in india?
Taxes and child support.?
my 15 year old filed taxes for first time,on her own, can i still claim her for earned income credit?
What items can be deducted from your gross pay?
if you purchase wholesale do you pay taxes at the end of the year?
I am in the military and trying to file my state tax return?
how can I get new copies of my t4 slips?
what tax code mean explain?
For my tax refund would I claim my school if the VA pays for it?
my cousin started collecting disability in june 09 and worked out about $2300 does she need to file taxes?
How much work should I do for my accountant?
How should a college student file taxes?
My Wife and I got married in October and did not live together 'til Dec. How do we file our federal taxes??
Can I file married filing seperately? My wife is being claimed by her parents coz.....please read?
tax Question In the state of Illinois regarding unemployment ?
Do I still pay franchise tax on termination of California LLC established 1/13/07?
Not Paying Taxes ??? Fishy....?
small business tax?
FITW for 2011 -- Why the increase?
I friend of my check and it said that a check in the amount of $600.00 is scheduled to be mailed?
Why does the IRS need stakeholders ?
tax question as to selling stocks?
my tax code has been BR since i started work 2 years ago. how do i change this?
Still waiting on a W-2!!! What Now?!?
If i recieve a disbursment letter about my check was sent out oct 25, how will it take to get to me?
Are we allowed to prevent the government from withholding taxes? ?
How do I get the child support stopped and garnished from my wages? My child is 20 years old and not going to?
What is game stop's sales tax.?
free file for Va state taxes.Used the free file on turbo tax for 18 yr old son who worked some this yr?
what is income and sales tax ?
How much tax would I be paying if I earned £10,000 and how would I work this out??
At Tax time...Can I claim>>>>?
what would the council tax be on a 3 bed house?
Dose anyone how is the small claim's court fee's in the uk only?
How do i deduct this from my taxes?
Can i claim my sister if she's turning 18 next month?
What is the tax bracket for tax return 2012?
taxes and business banking accounts?
how much money as gift one can recieve in australia without paying tax or declaring it to in his tax return?
If my uncle transfer's a Lakh Rupess every month from Dubai into my checking acct then am I 2 pay tax for it?
what is the percentage of this its for an invoice?
Use tax for Arizona, which purchases need to be taxed?
taxed on pay draws?
need a website that will provide info on property tax base transfer from county to county?
How much does the federal government take out of our paychecks for income tax?
how much is itunes tax?
E trade and margin tax laws?
what are deductions for federal taxes?
I am VA. resident. My wife has p/t va. & ny residency. what is most advantages way to file taxes?
which is best to use H&R block or turbo tax to get the most out of my taxes and get it quick as possible?
i claimed my son on my taxes and his dad wants the money...what should i do?
Does anyone know how much duty is payable on import of a diamond from the USA?
how can i estimate how much i will owe to the irs for monies taken out of my retirement account early?
How do tax write offs work?
how much to pay tds on salary?
the stimulus checks we got in june,,are we supposed to pay it back this tax season?
Student Loan Payoff by Grandparents. Gift Tax?
Tax Question: Dependency?
can the IRS check find out your bank account amounts?
Does Alabama have a felony offender lookup like Tennessee does?
Depreciation Question HELP PLEASE?
When will the tax rebates be arriving?
healthy start vouchers?
when will irs start sending federl taxes back?
Is my employer committing Tax Fraud?
what system to use for tax prepars?
i receive job offer from UK,how could i know if this is just a scam or not?
is there a web page that will tell me if the i r s has recieved my taxes,and if my refund is on the way?
Tax foms?????
claim my gift card with my claim number?
Do you understand that there is no law that requires you to pay taxes?
I earned several thousands bucks only for 2005 by doing data entry at home, do I have to file schedule C-EZ?
Income Tax Help Please?
Where do i locate preparer's tax identification number?
I just filed my 2007 return, December 2009. Can I still get a my stimulas money?
Assistance with tax deduction for college student?
Tax Exempt Items in Pennsylvania?
I'm 26 yr old w/no dependent children making over 50k a year, what can I do to reduce my taxable income?
filed taxes seperately while common law while in bankruptsy?
Has anyone ever heard of, or used a company called Taxback?If yes, what can you tell me about them? Thanks?
If you have a website and pay a contractor overseas to do work for you, how does this affect your taxes?
how long does it take the irs to respond to a claim?
When will the IRS WMR site be updated?
Is h&r block doing early tax returns in November again?
What should I claim on my taxes??!!!?
Why my unemployment check decrease every week?
Do I have to claim my babysitter on my taxes?
if i have two jobs, do I pay more tax??
No information on IRS website?
i want to deatil my father name my pan no. is ADQPP7420G?
For 2011, have you completed your IRS income tax return or another tax return?
computation of income taxation in Philippines?
employee/employer taxes question please?
Do I Need To Foreign Qualify My LLC?
In California, my father wants to give me 100000 $ as gift. How much is the tax he has to pay?
us companies have to calculate 2 separate taxes - State tax AND IRS tax ?
a person wants to give me $50000 tax free. how should they do it?
How much does H&R block charge to do your taxes?
Can anyone help with filing a child tax question?
Is a receipt a legal requirement in the UK?
can banks verify w2 with the IRS?
Where is my illinois state tax refund?
late filed tax - huge tax due?
How do I cash my federal income tax refund check?
If your ex spouse claims your child on taxes every year nd you were suppose to rotate years is that fraud?
State Tax Return?
taxes deduction,is it evry month or every 15 days?
I'm married with 2 kids, how should we file our taxes? Total income $62,000 and what we expect to see back?
I am havin ISSUES with the IRS and I don't kmow what to do. Please help!?
can you take out 3000.00 from your 401k and open up an ira. without being tax?
1099 verus w2?
I've lived in my Maryland home for less than two years, but I have to sell it--I'm transferring for work?
What is the tax deductions for my salary at Dairy queen Scottsdale AZ?
will mutual fund dividend gains be taxable under new direct tax code of India?
Should I charge sales tax to a church?
2012 Tax return delay---Confused!?
Do you pay taxes (federal & state) on your social security?
Find LIFO in Accounting 101 plz?
Anyone know a popular website just like ebay except with lower tax rates based in the uk?
Business tax question?
Would you be willing to invoke a flat tax, one applicable to all wage earners with no deductions or credits?
can george gradow (aspen businessman) still conduct business from prison?
what day does employment support allowance get paid ?
Re $500k exemption on sale of home, does period of occupancy after sale count toward 2 yr. "use" requirement?
Whether a charitable trust also is entitled for threshold income tax limit?
whats the formula for removing VAT and GST from a value? Cheers.?
Irs stimulus rebates, is it a load of crap or what? no way you can get $1,200 as a couple filing jointly?
Can listed equity options generate long term capital gain/losses if the holding period is 12+ months?