Does Costa Rica have Extradition agreement with the USA?
I need to know the sales tax tariff for Gold Bars of 1Kgs?
W2 form says married....I'm not married!! Help!?
I need to find a web site that will take my last check stub to file my tax returns.?
Sole Trader or Ltd Company?
what if person w/ legal custody dont give permission for me to claim dep.even though he lived w/ me for 1 yr.?
Is there an easy way to organize for Taxes w/ Rental Properties?
What happens when you receive social security and file self employment.?
why student has to pay servce tax besides they are not paying income tax.?
if i live inthe 92301 what would that be as a postel code in england?
What percentage of community college comes from the Federal Gov. and what percentage comes from states?
Mr.X has to repay me one lakh loan amount. Can he repay it in cash to me?
If I fled married filinf jointly can i file seperatly?
What is Mittals Bid FOR Arcellor?
Does inland revenue see payslip ?
Can my son's father claim him on his taxes?
If I live in a state that does not charge sales tax...?
Who gets the Stimulus Payments check?
What is a paycheck stub? Am I getting it if I get paid through checks? Where do I look?
Tax Writeoff for Small Business Owner?
After an audit , I owe almost $50 K in taxes . How long will the IRS give me to pay this?
Less taxes means more for private charitable donations?
DMV challenging purchase price of an used car for Tax evaluation?
IRS direct deposit into someone elses account?
HST tax beginning in Ontario?
Is it possible to get a copy of someone elses tax returns?
If I got the emerald advance do Ihave to file taxes through HR Block or can I just pay them back?
OK. one on screen, TURBO TAX says 'since your earned income is less than $38, may qualify for the EIC.?
sbbt said that id receive my tax refund 1-29-2010, but now its back in processing, how can this be?
What should we do when the employer purposely puts lower amount on wages earned and taxes taken out.?
CA state refund back yet?
how can i get my w2 forms for this years retuns?
Where can I find a list of the 50 states by tax rate?
got a 1099 form for money my brother gave me?
How do i do taxes for a business?
how would I look up to see who the owner of a piece of property is?
Illegal, Right?
ITR2 - How to account foreign earned income and tax?
what is the short term capital gains tax rate?
Can I Claim for these Expenses ?
how to get pan number online?
whats are some of the reasons that you wouldn't get your income tax back?
A Tax Form Question, anyone help me..?
I sell avon and i need to know how much taxes to add on there?
Fellowship money, how do I show it on my tax return?
how much money should she give me?
What reason would a bank put a hold on part of your paycheck?
Okay my uncle claimed me and my kids on his taxes since he lived with us last year. we already received the ?
How old do you start to getting taxed in New York State?
I have a pan,but i didnt get pancard.I am return my ITR trough this pan 1999 onwords.Now i would like card.?
Australian Tax Return for full time student?
what's the tax total for an item priced 69.95?
filing form 8949 for capital gain?
For how many years can I use my single premium term insurance policy certificate for tax benefit ?
Do I have to pay estimated taxes, or can I just wait until the end of the year?
Friend audited by IRS and needs help?
Vip number transfer from haryana to haryana?
Tax Question Self Employment Form?
How can $900 be taken from my pay check for taxes?
Since tax season is here, just wondering does anyone out there pay someone else to do their taxes?
When will my 2012 tax refund direct deposit!? ?
What % do they hold out of a payroll check for taxes?
Distributive property with brackets?
I forgot to file 2008 taxes what do I do?
What is the difference between a copy of the tax extension and a transcript from the IRS?
where can i find out about unpaid leave in the uk not maternity or paternity leave?
Future Military spouse, 1099 worker - where do I pay state taxes?
I'm not married to my partner, but we're buying a house together?
Can I claim single 1 on my w-4 tax form ?
Wii Arlen Spector be successful in getting a hugh windfall profit tax on oil company excessive profits?
Will I be able to claim my son on my taxes this year if he was born in September of last year?
i got 1074 out of 1200 what is the percentage?
can i subpoena my ex' s tax records..we were to claim our son every other year according to divorce?
Foreign Investment and Extraterritorial Taxation?
IRS refund date moved from 3/26 4/6- WHY?
Can unemployed minors receive future tax deductions?
If I cannot pay the taxes I owe, what is my best course of action?
Am I required to write the IRS a "thank you" note for a nice tax return?
Independent Delivery Driver w/ tax question & Corp. question.?
Does one have to file taxes as a 1099 employee quarterly?
i owe the irs alot of money for taxes.i need help with this problem.any suggestions on helpful services?
Kmart Employee How to Change I9 Tax Forms?
Taxable and/or reportable?
Is IRS likely to seek a court judgment before CSED expiration for a Currently Not Collectible (CNC) account?
should you be taxed on a company benefit, if you contribute towards it?
how do i check out the status of my income tax check?
Estimated tax software: Any recomendations?
Can i file taxes if my child is in DHS custody?
i got 1074 out of 1200 what is the percentage?
i have not received my pan card?
Has anyone was accepted after Jan 20-25 before 11 am gotten a direct deposit date yet?
I still haven't done my taxes. What do?
Employer JUST gave us the 1099 on April 3rd....can I turn him into the IRS?
How much is import tax / tariff from China/Hong Kong to the US?
how much does my IRS take to come if its direct deposited?
how to file taxes if paid in cash?
My girlfriend is claiming her friends 2 kids because she did not work at all in 08. Is that possible?
Anyone knows M&A tax law or regulation??...Help me...?
Anyone get their Stimulus Check direct deposited from the second group yet?
What is the standard deduction at IRS for seniors over age 70?
Where can I find what the state tax is for buying stuff in Missouri?
An individual having no personal income but living on gifts from Indians and NRI >2500. Does he have pay tax?
US tax Question ???????
after a divorce, if the primary residence house is transfered to the wife, is it still 500k tax exclusion?
If the IRS mailed my refund check already, how long til I get it?
Pension taxation?
Taxable and/or reportable?
Will I have to pay Californian state tax if I telecommute? I'm a Washington resident.?
Why do states allow wealthy people to move when tax rates go up?
In the aggregate-demand/aggregate-supply model, an increase in taxes causes ____ to ____ in the short run.?
whether service tax is applicable in Health Care Industry?
Tax Question?
They wouldn't let me claim my daugther on my taxes last year?
i find work occasionally and get paid. do not have a steady income. what tax form do I need to file with IRS?
can i have my refund direct deposited into my mom's account?
I have a tax question?
Do we need a homebuyers report?
Get me my new professional tax no.My old Professional tax no is 11002319081182?
I need to get a copy of my past earnings for the 2003 year from my state taxes. I don't know what form to use.
I want to know the percent of taxes taken out of my paycheck?
Determining tip percentages and sale percentages..?
C Corp tax return help!?
my godson gifted me 25000 to buy a house,being first time buyer am i elgible for 8000 tax credit?
i filed my tax's on 1/22/2010 with Jackson-Hewitt electronically not paper..?
What is the sales tax in Cambridge, MA as of 10/19/09?
ok, so this new school kid bonus in australia that will replace the education tax refund?
Do you agree with "Green Tax" ?
Thinking about being an accountant. Please answer some questions! =)?
It is true that if you are getting a tax refund, you will not be penalized if you mail your return late?
I have foreclosed on a house. Will be getting a 1099-c. Is is better to prove insolvency or do bankruptcy?
how many times has india suffered petrol price hike till now?
Paying your own NI after cessation of ESA?
If my children's biological father is deceased...~ tax ?
What should my husband and I claim on our taxes so we don't owe at the end of the year?
what will happen if you havent paid tax or national insurance for 8 years?
is there a way that i can get a tax refund for goods that i buy in usa im travelling from the uk?
Is it true that I don't pay taxes if I work less than 20 hours a week?
i need to find out if my previous employers wur screwing me. can i find out about refunds from taxes?how?
Is the h&r block card considered direct deposit for the stimulant refund?
What if you don't file your online trading tax?
Redundancy - Tax Question (UK)?
how much can you make in income after you start drawing social security?
Canada Income Tax Bracket?
What amount tax is employer to take wkly on $770 gross, head of household (single), and 6 allowances?
Federal Taxes Withheld For Retirement?
can we deduct tds on travel agents,if yes then what is the rate & section?
Can I deduct California states taxes paid in 2005 for the year 2004 on my 2005 taxes?
sales tax querry for trading business?
how much will i owe in taxes for 50000 that was 10-99?
Why is my Federal Income Tax Withheld so low on my W2?
did anybody get any new info on the status of their rebate in the 7/11 group yet?
i live with my sister.she supports her family and i support my child.we split the bills 50/50.?
Is a 501 C the same as tax id number?
In what state does a dependent file state taxes if he worked in a different state then his parents?
3% of 35,000.00?
Economists sometimes refer to an “inflation tax”. Which of the following statements best describes what they h?
how can i get a tax credit for some of the tuition i paid in 2009?
If my pymt. crdit dt. is 30/04/07 and i make actual pymt. on dt. 20/2/08 then tell me dt. of deduction as Q td
What is the correct exemptions for married couple with no kids?
my wife has pan Number and she is a house wife.Does she require to file income tax?
how can I legally quit paying taxes?
What is the diff b/w tax codes 7 & 7A on a 1099-R?
Can i deduct the expences & purchases from my sales to submit my Estimated Charge Income ?
How much will my income tax be?
how much money do yo have to earn to file federal taxes?
im asking for my (TIN) tax identification kenneth kristoffer c. dela cruz.?
i worked about seven months last year,i filled out exempt on my w-4 made 36,000. will there be any penalties?
Do any of you know Matt Tidwell?
how much will i pay in taxes?
I need to no what I should do about my income taxes?
To avoid paying taxes on a capital gain from selling a second house, what must you do?
Need some Answers about Taxes with LandLord?
how much would tax be on $200?
Tax refund in the Feb. 7th club?
If you were an MP, would you claim all of your expenses?
I do not qualify for a tax credit, but my fiance (we are not yet married) does, can we get it?
Do tax preparers still do holiday loans against tax refunds?
I lived in two states during 2008. How do I file for two states?
Can I deduct the mortgage, maintenance etc. on a rental?
my godson gifted me 25000 to buy a house,being first time buyer am i elgible for 8000 tax credit?
Is my boss breaking the law if he doesn't pay me any holiday pay? I pay tax and N.I?
What if you new someone who was defrauding not only IRS but their creditors cause they are filing bankruptcy?
I live in Colorado. I will make $436.80. Does anyone know how much I'll have after taxes have been taken out?
can you get taxes if you owe child support?
Divorced, claiming head of household?
Section 125 deductions?
how many income tax forms were filed in french in 2008?
I'm currently working as an indepedent contractor (will file form 1099- misc.)making $420.00 a month.?
Do University students pay full council tax?
how much federal taxes should i pay on 21000 dollars with married 1?
Landlord has stated he will pay council tax?
how much do you have to earn to pay no tax at all?
i did not work at all last year but have 4 dependant, can i stll file taxes?
Accounting Question about calculating dividend per share?
No income tax sole trader in texas?
Is it bad to file for Unemployment?
i have never worked before, and i have 2 kids, can i fill for my taxes, for my frist time.?
Can I claim my grandchildren on my tax return if they receive food stamps and i dont?
Compare and contrast GAAP and tax accounting?
Head of Household questionnaire student or not?
bureau of internal revenue's company policies?
About the $1000 government bonus...?
Can flexible spending account deductions go towards medical deductions on my tax return?
I am gonna get my boyfriend some boots and a Nightmare Before Christmas watch . How much is it with tax?
Do I Need To Register A Business At All Legally? (UK)?
i am living in uk i am 16 and....?
where can I find a database of International Tax Planners?
Help with straight line depreciation....?
What to do if your tds is not refunded?
I need to get a copy of my 1099,G how can i do this on line and get it sent to me?
Must I declare fiancee's financial help towards mortgage as taxable income?
What kind of tax credit/incentives could i receive for a hybrid?
Does income from eBay have to be counted as income for tax purposes?
What does medical-er mean on a pay stub?
IRS TAx Form 5329 IRA distribution 2005?
can child support be used as taxable income?
Tax help for an 18 year-old self employee. HELP?
About tax corporation?
What are the pros and cons if Federal Income Tax was abolished?
how much do u get back on your taxes frrom your child?
Okay my uncle claimed me and my kids on his taxes since he lived with us last year. we already received the ?
Where can I find out when I will receive my NY State tax return?
We file jointly, can we both have IRA.s allowing us to deduct $16,500 each ?
What are Canada's income and property tax rates?
where can i go to check the status of my tax rebate?
Irs changed the date of deposit from Feb 1st to Feb 8 anyone else get this delay?
I'm married and file single on my tax can I get the homestead tax, the house is in my name only. I live in Mi
my tax returns say im married but im not?
If I file joint with my husband and he owes money to the government, can they seize my refund as well?
I owe the IRS back taxes.?
IRS Problems? Help.!!!!! Need Legal advice.?
my cousin started collecting disability in june 09 and worked out about $2300 does she need to file taxes?
if you got divorced in dec 09 can you file married on you taxes?
Has WMR, Where's My Refund, changed for anyone's tax refund status today?
what is the difference between ny state taxes and colorado state taxes?
How many times per year are property taxes due in Harris County, Texas?
Employer has told me i owe 1000 in tax to him after he has payed me cash in hand ?
:::: Stimuls Check Cashed without My Permission::::?
can i use h&r block 2010 tax software to do my 2011 taxes?
Does a Nevada resident have to pay CA taxes on a bank acct. opened in CA?
will i get paid if im told not to come to work due to the weather?
can someone list 3 examples of taxable income and 3 types of tax deductions?
How are series EE U.S. Bonds taxed for both Fed and state of Caifornia?
claimed disablement premium by accident DWP?
are there any states out there that do not have a tax on cars?
Taxes? Ex should have claimed our son?
my husbands student loan taken out of my return?
Where can I get IRS form 1040?
if you owe 5,000 to irs what would installment payments be?
Income Tax Depart. is misleading. Why not fix >Rs.20,000, >50,000 insted of =>Rs.20,000 & =>Rs.50,000 ?
at what point, after raising tax rates, does government revenue go down?
For what period do I report earned income when I earned in one year and received it the next?
r 1099 code 3 will reduce taxes on a withdrawal?
Rs to $ anybody?
What is Unipay2U-India?
what are some tips to get the most money back on your tax reund?
I owe taxes can't pay what I owe asked for tax extention in April?
Is my federal withheld wrong?
What does estimated tax to be collected mean?
Buying online or in Store is sales tax the same?
how can i find out how much child support i owe online?
How long do i have to pay CSA?
I filed Bankruptcy and I'm waiting discharge, will I get my tax refund?
How to save on taxes??
Film production thru an LLC. Should we file an LLC as an SCorp. No income yet and one foreign member.?
Amount of wages that reporting is mandatory to IRS?
How long does it take to get dissability payments?
If I sell items on ebay as a business, what do I file for tax next year?
Can I apply for the christmas anticipation loan if i have not file with you before?
Anyone else having issues with the IRS where's my refund?
How do I figure out 25% of my gross income?
Could tax tax refund really go up another $1,500 since last year?
Whats going on with my refund? ?
how much tax would be on a item that cost $69.98?
Can I write an ipad off on my taxes?
can it treat income tax refund as incom?
how do you change a dollar amont to a percentage?
How do I file taxes in Ohio being married to my husband but we've been seperated for 4 years?
Do you think that it would help tax-payers in general if we all withdrew our deposits from the big banks?
parents filed fake tax return for me?
could we have a tax free week once a year , to honor illegal workers?
how much is the state pension?
Australians - What are you spending your stimulus bonus on?
Is money in a checking account income?
Are there any states in the U.S that don't have State tax.?
Does the Federal Reserve have any reserves other than U.S. Bonds and other Securities or do---?
Am I responsible for a credit card debt in my deceased husband's name?
So why am I taxed for social security on my paycheck if I can't have it when I retire?
I forgot to file my 1098-T, help?
If a person is earning 10 lakhs per annum and he has paid income tax on that...?
What should I put on W4?
Health Savings Account & Domestic Partner and Children?
If I live in VA and work in NC does VA state still have to be filled if there is nothing owed and no refund.?
Is Sales Tax applicable - Tamilnadu?
Will my local library have tax forms?
my father is greedy and wants to claim me as a dependent. im 23 and lived with him all year and went to school
Should I pay council tax yet?
Tax return type for asylee ?
i am disabled and have been for 4 years how do i file renters rebate when i dont file fed taxes?
Did anyone not yet get their refund and was suppose to on 1/25?
How can i determine the optimal amount to donate annually?
How to deposit tax refund check?
I am a LPN and has worked for two agencies where I was only paid straight time for anything I worked past ?
tax computations? widower taxpayer, age 30, has one dependent. she files as surviving spouse, Agi is $45,900?
Other things equal, a reduction in personal and business taxes can be?
Do I qualify for overseas tax free?
Who gets to claim the child as a tax deduction? The parent who has custody or the parent who pays support?
if i have 401k, can i contribute to roth ira?
Question about tax return? Pls help?
How much will taxes take from my paycheck?
worked out of state...income tax question?
Is it possible to deduct education expenses late?
Owe state taxes only 6 dollars Do i file and pay 28 dollars?
Child care provider passed away?
If a state were to secede, would the IRS still go after those taxpayers?
401k LOAN (not withdrawal): will I get tax statements from employer, will I owe taxes?
Is there fines for wrongly claiming a dependent on your taxes?
can irs take my taxes for unpaid child support due from husbands previous marriage?
dependents how many can u carry for 2011?
can i claim my sisters on my income taxes?
The recent draft Finance Bill (pending legislative clearance) related to TDS on salary which had been proposed
tax file question ...I claim head of household with my 2 children . My roomate will claim single?
HM Revenue & Customs?
tax payment on sale of home?
I worked at Gamestop for maybe a week last year. Do they mail you your W2 form or is it online?
What are taxes used for?
how to invest under RRSP account?
my question is that i wants to know about tax code t57?
how to overcome stage-fear?
We owe state taxes, but are expecting a refund from federal.... Will state intercept the federal refund?
I am trying to get a copy of my w-2 tax forms form landrys restaurant, how can i recieve this information.?
if i buy an ipad in canada that cost 619 dollars in bestbuy does that include tax ?
PA state refund says it's awaiting routine examination?
if you won the million dollar lotery, would u take it all at once (big taxes taken out), or yearly?
What are taxes? I don't understand them.?
is bank holiday always paid at double time?
What is the tax rate or percentage I must pay on stock issued? NOT capital gains tax.?
I live in Quebec and have never filed taxes. Help?
Last year (2006), I paid a tax debt for 2002 and 2003 including penalties and interest.?
How exactly do tax exemptions for churches violate the separation of church& state?
what are the duty rates for mail packages passing through Canadian border customs?
taxes on vehicle be imported????
what is the penalty for cashing in an IRA before 59.5 yrs ?
Is it illegal to file single on your tax return if your married but seperated?
how can i calculate tax on Nett amount?
What if evryone?
How much is the motorcycle tax rate in Big Spring, Texas?
Where can I find the question in TurboTax regarding schedule A/itemized deductions for last year?
Question about taxes and unemployment...omitted earnings from claim form. Should I resubmit?
Self Employed - Earning Approx £4000 a year?
I'm married currently, if my husband & I decided to file our taxes separately, can we file jointly next year?
Would I get penalized for cashing out my ESOP after termination?
Tax implications for renting my home?
Require help regarding Income tax calculation in US.?
Penalty for late filing of IT returns?
I filed my weekly claim for the first time an it was processed, how come I didn't receive any benefits?
I am an accredited accountant overseas. What do I have to do to requalify in Australia?
what day do we get our july social security check.?
My w-2 hasnt come yet?
Payroll Deduction for Breakage?
What should I do if I owe 5 years past taxes to the IRS?
what level are you now?
I need your comments please ! I have a 8 point programme for a Corruptionless India?
if you are W9 worker and you earn 1 dollar per hour. does it mean the employer will pay you the whole one dol?
im confused on taxes help im just a kid!?
what dose tax code 110T?
The IRS has sent me a letter stating I need to pay them back for a return I did in 2010 plus a fine?
How to calculate the rebet on income tax on HRA of salaried class in respect of rent he actualy paid?
tamilnadu sales tax rules for primary contractor interior works contract?
i can not califorina employment web site?
If a stripper gets breast implants can she write it off on her taxes as a business expense?
If you forget to file taxes how long does it take to get a CP59 letter from the gov?
How to get the most out of my tax return and what reductions to seek?
How much money can you make in a private business before they HAVE to take out taxes?
Economy and taxes? for 2009 tax return?
Where is my gosh damn tax money?
My ex and I sold our house in July 2010 and divorced in August 2010. Do I have to put this in my tax return?
can i avail tax benefit on fixed deposite, if yes then which bank giving this service?
IATA Agent collecting travel fare in F.C. is entitled for commission in F.C.Is the commService taxable?
If I sponsor a child, can I claim the full amount back at tax time?
Starting a new business - TAX?
What does tax shelter mean?
I am going to recieve a very large bonus at the end of this Year. Should I start paying estimated taxes now?
student loan interest?
Is the cost of forming an LLC a tax deductible expense on the first year's income statement?
Self employed need some advice?
how many years can the I.R.S. go back on unfiled taxes?
how to file by myself?
Can I claim my daughter on taxes if my ex doesn't?
Tax Return Question Rep Help Please?
I'm single homeowner..the standard tax deduction of around 5k do get that full return back if I choose not to?
I e filed my taxes on the 20th of jan the wheres my refund says i should get a dd by the 7th is there anyway i?
Job that pay 60-100k a year.?
I just filed my tax return, can I add to it if I get another W-2?
On what date do taxes (if owing) have to be paid?
are medical expenses included in gross income?
How much would taxes be out of my weekly paycheck in texas?
How much money does Michigan energy taxes bring in?
have a tax question on w-2's?
Irrevocable trust question?
Is this benefit calculator correct?
Question on Federal Tax Income?
If someone was to win the megamillions, how much would they pay out in taxes?
Did I get approved for unemployment?
how much do I have to make cutting grass to have to claim as income on taxes?
Is it still joint?
Do you have to file taxes if you file an extension?
What's the mailing address for my Virginia tax return?
Should I amend my income tax returns?
How do i become an enrolled agent and prepare tax returns?
How do Fed decides my Gross Income for tax rebate purpose? is it based on 2006 return or 2007 return?
how much will my 2011 federal tax refund be income $38000?
Any opinions on Federal Contracting Online in New Port Richey, FL?
Interest Only Mortgage Payments, Tax Deductable?
I put the wrong checking account # on my tax return! How will I get my refund? What will the IRS do?
on my 1099-int I have the amount of 130.00 in box 1 and 100.00 in box 3. do I add these amounts and put the t?
Can my husband ex wife claim their daughter on her taxes if the divorce decree says its his year?
Is there a one stop source for state diesel fuel tax information?
where to get 1040 ez income tax forms?
How long can my parents file me on their taxes?
Last year I was awraded a judgement on a tv court show. Do I have to claim it as income on my taxes?
I am looking for a formula that will help me figure out how much taxes will come out of my paycheck.?
I receive Disability-Retirement and Social Security. Do I have to file taxes?
My son is 26 and hasn't worked for 2 years after graduation, lives with us. Can I still claim him on my taxes?
Repeat home buyer tax credit question?
what if I have to pay too much tax for someone else's mistake?
How much tax is taken out of my pay living in New York?
Do i have to file for taxes if i only earn money from AdSense?
Why do experts disagree about whether labor taxes have small or large dead weight losses?
How much taxes would be owed?
My wife doesn't work, I'm the only one that does. Should I file single or as married on my taxes?
I just would like to know if you bring home after tax $800 nz dollars a week is that a livable wage for family?
i worked for a month. would it be worth it to even file taxes???
A church has planted eggplant in their lot and sold them to the public for funds.?
what factors should i take into account before electing to commute part of my company pension?
how do you read a w2 form?
Hey I am planning to move in the UK for ACCA. Which one is the best in the UK i terms of quality ,money and?
Tax rebate check?
what form do i need for settlements?
What is a tax rollback?
medicare levy?
whether service tax payable on sale of computer programme/software on which we have paid sales tax?
What if someone else claims same dependent but there is also other dependents in the same return?
How much taxes will be taken out of this check?
what sort of techologies will a floating suport worker use at wark aswll as home?
Wage garnishment questions in Indiana?
How much do executive secretaries have to pay for federal taxes ?
what are other systematic ways of deferring tax?
I am on disability in CA and am due to receive a bonus from my employer. Will the bonus effect my benefits?
I received a 1099-C for a debt I settled in 08. But I got it last week. Do I still report it for 2009?
How much is the import duty on cigarettes in USA?
The hated IRS?
Will the IRS kill me if I don't turn in 6 weeks worth of W2's?
I live in Quebec and have never filed taxes. Help?
What's my income limit?
If a non profit org. has not made any money and has not reported to the IRS, will it lose its tax exemption?
Myself and my Brother run an internet business which is based in the U.K.?
in canada, do you get taxed on your lottery winnings?
How much can I earn without being taxed?
Just about to receive my w2 ?
If I claim my gfs kids as a exemption on my taxes does that mean ill get more money back?
how can you report stock dividends earned in the year, if you dont work and file income tax?
Federal tax withhold and making work pay credit questions for 2009?
What can I do about council tax?
how do i know who i owe tax money to?
3rd Party Logistics In the UK?
Basic Income Tax Help?
Republicans would you accept a flat federal income tax of 15% for anyone making less than $150,000 a year?
when a dependent turns 18 can i still get money from the taxes?
Amazon returns, help!?
kpit splits when its date i have purchased 200 shares of Rs.596 per share?
i know a someone who filed taxes. they are self employeed and gets paid cash. Is that possible?
S-Corp end of Year Taxation on money needed for a project in the following year?
Filing Fee for IRS Form 4506-T?
What is the penalty for over withdrawl on an IRA?
Are excise taxes for a vehicle deductible on my federal/state return (I'm in Oklahoma)?
Does anyone know what you can do if you did not receive your stimulus check?
Can I claim my wife on my taxes?
I want to find a federal tax lien database to look up a debtor's name to discover if he has a lien w/ IRS.
dear sir tell me about telegraphic transfer,what is the time to take reach this account?
19, made $8,000 in the last year, why do I have to pay taxes if my parents are claiming me? ?
Do i have to pay customs charge?
how many years can you carry over a capital loss?
what happened if the check I wrote to IRS bounced?
Must I split my tax rebate?
How does the head of Household for Taxes work?
I.R.S refund checks?
i have a prior employeer who will not give me my 1099...what do i do?
Did anyone receive there IRS REFUND CHECK as of 1/29?
what is the size of pan card photo?
I let my boyfriend of no blood relation or marriage clam my son on his taxes. Now he's being audited.? I let m?
I am filing as injured spouse, how much will I get? (Indiana)?
how much do i get back for my 3month old on my tax return?
How much UK tax will I be paying?
How much is going to be taken out of my paycheck?
Minimum income to file taxes for one year?
IRS sent me a notice...I didn't get it, what now?
If I homestead on my own land do I still need to pay propriety taxes if I have no income? i.e bartering?
I contributed to my Roth IRA in 2005 and my AGI was over the 150K limit. What are my options?
Need Advice about taxes (IRS) How to check what months person worked in a year?
Tax exemption for physically handicap in India?
can i view a copy of my business tax return on the internet? i have been unable to get a copy from my account
I work at home. What all can I claim as deductions on my taxes?
need to find the west virginia state tax with holding chart?
how long will it take for me to get my return if i mailed it in and i asked for direct deposit?
How much cash does a ATM hold typically?
letter of inquiry michigan income tax review?
Question on item tax percentage in Illinois.?
How much will I pay in yearly taxes on my social security disability?
How much is $12.00 plus 6 percent tax?
If I sell my car to a private buyer for over $10,000 do I have to report that income to the IRS or state?
i just turned 18 and want to know which credit card would be best to choose.?
I am repaying my Educational Loan. Can It be used for rebate against Incometax?
Tax Deadline?
How do I find out if I have a Lien on my property?
I was in 1/31 tax refund club, now the 6 weeks club.?
Can you use TurboTax 2004 to file for this year (2005)or do you have to buy the latest version?
He can't claim me as a dependent can he?
Accounting Question 108?
i filed for a refund in 2008 to be direct deposited but did not get it. what do i do?
How much do taxes take out if my paycheck?
Do you need a receipt for returns at petco?
Does walmart hold back you'r first paycheck (ohio)?
IRS Refund Schedule Question?
I lost my 20% down on my home as a short sale result. can I claim on taxes?
Tax saving for 2012-2013?
Lawyer & Doctor are liable to service Tax?
Does anyone know how H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, and other tax services price their business?
Economics problem relating to the effect of a specific tax on cigarettes?
Why do Canadians living abroad not pay taxes to Canada?
what are the specifics to the new California income tax rules?
I am no longer selling Mary Kay cosmetics, do I need to file a form for federal income tax?
View my pan card details?
What remedies do you have if you took too little deduction for gas royalties in years past?
How do tax returns and refunds work?
question about taxes?
did anyone get there tax refund tonight?
In what ways will being married lower our (me and gf's) taxes?
eFiled Friday and still no response?
How to determine how much to pay in taxes for self employed person?
any way to collect on a 2004 income tax return if not filed yet?
Taxes, waitressing and w-4 forms?
I'm a cosigner to a student loan & have been paying the loan, can I get tax benefits?
I live on SSI and pay alimony. I live with my girlfriend who makes $22,000. Can she claim me as a dependent?
when should i espect my return if iwas in review since april 2011 for my 2009 amended tax refund?
Is Inland Revenue the devil?
I filled chapter 13 bankruptcy. How do you account for trustee payments when you file your income taxes?
Whats the best company to use for irs tax debt?
Can you get paid in work experience in the uk?
Will taxation continue to become more burdensome?
Paid to prepare taxes in NC?
will 2013 tax season be worse than 2012?
can i get a car tax refund at a local office?
How do I prove I didn't file taxes?
IRS please help her....?
clergy mileage question?
I was abroad when they stopped my tax credit?
Where can I find a comprehensive list of Sales tax rate for Clothing for every zipcode in the US?
how many chemicals of india ?
Where can i find out what the local city tax is? (like a website?)?
how much money can i give my wife or kids per year tax free?
how long can I wait to file?
Retire in Canada - suggestions?
do i get a stimulas check if my income was unemployment benifits?
Online Auction Seller Tax Questions - Itemizing Receipts?
undeclared income and affecting tax refunds in future?
UK National lottery...I received this e-mail.How can I win if I never ever Played that??'?
Do I need to pay Customs duty as well as VAT and CST?
Has anyone recieved their DD refund today that used Taxact/Republic bank and had their fees taken out?
Should i claim my kids on my income tax?
If you make $10 an hour working 5 days a week in Maryland how much would a 2 week pay check come to after tax?
how to obtain a federal ID number to be used in administering the estate of a deceased person?
March 6, 2012 ????? Expected Date (DD)?
If someone purchased a house in 1975 for $48,000. The house is fully depreciated?
er is uk resident Does she have to pay tax on gift(money) from overseas?
Can I receive unemployment with my current situation?
boyfriend been made wrongly bankrupt by HMRC for not paying self employed tax, he never worked self employd!?
Sales tax refund for foreigners?
ADMPM5866B this is my pan card no. how can i get my control no?
Is there a way to get my friend in the UK a US number in order to avoid deductions of minutes on cell phone?
I'm a 19 year old college student and I recently just won 5 million dollars on the lottery...?
if you are told that you filed a W4 form for employment from the beginning of the employment.?
3 state tax questions?
i want to give some moeny to my son as gift - do i need to pay tax and he has to pay tax too or neither pay ta?
what are the deductions for truckers?
what if your waiting on a stipend to be direct deposited?
Where the hell is my tax money going?
any way to collect on a 2004 income tax return if not filed yet?
need help on how much to pay in federal taxes?
Looking for home owner tax info?
Small business estimated taxes?
What should I claim on my tax form in order to recieve the most money NOW.?
what is 12% tax on 29.95?
What is the point of holding on to paycheck stubs/reciepts???
About Philippines tax amnesty?
who pays the IRS gift tax on gifts above $12,000, the donor or the beneficiary of the gift?
Australia: Why do people end up owing tax?
Value of all IRA's on 12/31/08 if all was withdrawn on 02/08/08?
why are local wages different from gross wages on w-2?
if i forget to file my 1099 r with my income tax..can i redo it later?
My employers didn't deduct any federal taxes according to my allowances on W4. Im scared!?
How much can a retiree earn before his social security benefits are taxed?
what is the percentage of income can child support take out of my check a week in michigan?
do i have to declare money received from out side the USA in my tax returns?
Can I amend my tax return to claim expenses I didn't know I could claim previously on the original?
Claiming First Time Home buyer tax credit?
Recession-hit UK gifts queen a big pay hike?
Am I allowed to add funds into my 401(k) plan this year before April 15 as last year's contribution?
I have recently been told that I owe tax back dating to 1993 does anyone know if I am still eligable to pay it
why did the IRS only issued half of my tax return?
when will alabama income tax refund checks be available?
Unemployment Benefits in NC questions?
question about taxes?
I have a question about VAT. One of my tenant (a company) has a non-VAT certificate, do I pay VAT on his rent?
Question Carry Over Capital Loss?
Mass Tax info?
What's the website to go to in order to get a claim form for H&R Block settlement for Indianapolis(RAL)?
how can I file a claim aganist my father in laws estate, I took care of him for the last 3 yrs?
Depositing tax refund in multiple accounts with turbo tax?
Line 367 on Income Tax Package - Years prior to 2007?
Capital gain taxes?
My country implemented a VAT of 16%. Why would the gov't do that, and what long term effects will there be?
indian import duties?
Tax return question for dependants?
Part of the 2/7 group and I am wondering if there are others like me who have not gotten the update on WMR?
Meanun if gov salary band, India?
Do "Cost of Living Adjustment" calculations take income tax into consideration?
My wmr status updated from the feb 7th to january 27th. Did anybody else get lucky too?
Why does IRS not admit the labor I trade for money is Property I own & treats all wages as income?
Do the British expect and rely on Benefits too much?
ithe lady that watch my kids wont give me her ss# how do i clame the day care cost on my taxis without this?
Do I have to pay taxes on money that I have inherited?
Do you have to pay council tax if you buy a motor home and travel around the UK?
do people recieving SSI reciever tax rebate?
Where do I find tax forms in Arizona?
earned income tax question?
Is 3 exemptions to many for my W9 that you do when you start a job-2 kids and my husband works too?
if you have unpaid fines does the government take your income tax return (in Canada)?
i want to file a schedule d?
Am I able to get a tax return this year?
sbtpg has direct deposit date of today but they didnt recieve it from irs?
how much is $1million in indian rupees?
How is the VAT different from a national sales tax?
getting paid to date? uk only?
Income Tax Fundamentals questions?
Itemized deductions in Form 1040 (2011 Tax)?
Estate title & tax question: two future co-owners, one is much richer but won't be using as primary residence
anyone receive their refund with 2/8/12 date?
how much is the salary if u get paid $8/hr.. n work 8 hours a day for 5 days a week...?
Am paying VAT twice? Is there anything I can do about it?
do i have to pay income tax on this ?
What if I dont know how many business miles I drove last year for my taxes?
Do long term cap gains taxes paid in a foreign country reduce my US tax liability?
Can the IRS take my returns if they are already garnishing my wages?
is all monies deposited by Social Security exempt from judgement, if in account with SSA only and direct depos?
where we get income tax return form?
Are taxes due when you inherit money from Mother-in-laws IRA?
when does Wavetransit get thier w-2 forms?
How much is this with tax?
W4 help, 22 year old, first job?
To have a pan card i have to file IT returns,as i am a student.i have no income.This is for id & address proof?
what happens when you dont/cant pay ebay fee's?
How do i collect my babysitting money on our taxes even though the family i work for doesnt collect it.....?
Should ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS receive tax rebates this spring?
When will the National Debt be paid off?
How do strippers file taxes?
this is question about taxes for 2009-2010?
Help Please!?
i got an email saying my tax refund what deposited on my turbo tax card at 2:30 this today?
Can a 501(c)(3) organization be sold?
Do I have to pay capital gains?
What form do I use to apply for lower property taxes?
can a firm use retained earnings without paying a flotation cost.?
IRS where's my refund status changed a day before proposed direct deposit!!?
how does it work donating a car to charity?
Tax rate on tips in Colorado?
Do you know when recession or credit crunch will be over in the UK?
Can I claim my daughter's wages?
Has anymore got there tax refund for jan 30 2012?
Do I have to file taxes if I made no money, but I'm a partner in a corporation?
2009 Tax Question - Dependents claiming dependents...?
Why do CONservative presidents (Reagan and two Bushes) always put us into massive debt?
Should I file an SS-8 form? Don't think I was contract.?
Does a 20 year old dependent have to file a tax return if they did not work?
My company has received an invoice from a hotel in different country. Do we need to pay local VAT?
what is the importance of service tax?
Procedure for correction of DOB in PAN card?
I was thinking about taking a job with either the USPS or UPS. I was wondering if the $ you make is tax free?
What is the tax payable when NRI sells real estate in India?
How to prepare for an IRS innocent spouse form?
do people have to file taxes in most countries?
I'm a owner of a small grocery store. How to files year end taxes?
I lose my W2...?
i have a small buisness,how much is equipment deprication for the first year on taxes?
How much is the tax free threshold in Australia?
What is my actual tuition carryover?
could i consider my parents and brother as dependents on paying Philippines tax?
if i have an income of 145k in texas with no itemized deductions what tax bracket am i in?
How many if u got ur DD 2012 refunds yet?
Import tax question?
My employer will only pay one months sick pay?
If I owe the irs, can I donate my vehicle to a charity and use the donation to deduct from what I owe?
I'm earning $780 this summer for a part time summer job officiating. Do I need to file taxes?
do I have to pay a 10 year old bill?
can i file income from 1099 b on a 1040a?
I accidently ripped...?
Is the IRS issuing tax refunds early this year?
want to ask the tax system in the country India using self-assessment or official assessment system?thank?
last year i was emergency taxed last year and was wandering could i get that back ?
Anyone get their stimulus DD today yet ???
Is there a minimum training wage in the state of Arkansas?
If I owe the state back taxes can they take my spouses tax returns if we file separately? ?
Has anyone received their stimulus check yet??
College Student Tax Question.?
how to tell if my scholarship is taxable?
I was an F1 student then permanent resident in 2010!! How do I file my taxes?
when completing a tax return, what can result in criminal penalties?
I am filling out a tax form can u help? 10points!?
why haven't i received my w-2 forms?
approx paycheck amount??
i lost all of my 401k when my company went bankrupt,can i deduct any losses?
what is NRI?
How much tax will be taken off this pay cheque?
My parents filed their income tax already and claimed me as a dependent do I need to file a tax return online?
Need help with W-4 Tax Questions.?
if our client not filling a last years tds retun . he is interersted to return the tds including interest?
Cheque dimensions of Andhra Bank & Indian Overseas Bank?
What would be the tax on things I buy in Louisiana?
do you tax labor?
how long does overpayed tax take to get back?
i live in WA, my employer is in Maine. Do i have to pay Maine state tax?
who can file head of household?
I lost my car to a payday loan. Can I deduct that on my taxes?
Is the end of the year family tax reconciliation the tax refund?
What type of deductions can I make in my personal income tax?
what are the taxes put on estate when one diescalled and how to locate them?
Do you get tax form your net worth or income?
how much is your capital gain?
Tax related question?
Where can I find my property tax documents for my 2009 taxes?
My spouse works in Maine part time. We live in New Hampshire. Will we have to pay Maine income tax?
how much on average does it cost to get your taxes done at h&r block?
I filed on Jan 25 and had a date of feb 14 now it just say it will take 3 weeks to process what does that mean?
My Fed refund was exepted on 1/31 was due for direct deposit on 2/8 HOWEVER Today is the 18th at?
seting up a llc in delaware - tax - registerd agents?
do hr block charge alot of money to file taxes?
Does the IRS mandate that a paid Qualified Intermediary handle a 1031 exchange? Or can I do it myself?
is there a Tax Credit for Hobby? and how is this possible!? (texas)?
If Kenneth gross income is 715.38 a week.?
Are daycare centers required to provide a year end statement of your account paid?
my ark refund check is past the void date. can I get it reissued?
how is inflation measured in the uk?
self employed CPA ??????
When I turn 72 & 1/2 my Husband will be 90 and we have to take out our 403b and IRA , what are the number of?
If Someone paid 150k in taxes what did they earn that year?
For next years taxes will I be able to take a deduct for my work vehicle that died on me this year?
Are you supposed to put legal name on 1040?
How does reducing taxes for millionaires and billionaires help the economy?
i need help with a complicated irs/tax issue!?!?
tax deductible?
can I take The Making Work Pay Tax Credit on your tax refund?
Sam bought a stereo for a total of $676.24 including state sales tax. The state sales tax rate is 7%. What wa?
The IRS is telling me that I am not entitled to any deductions?
someone claimed me on their taxes but i have no clue who it is and i dont know how to find out or stop it?
I've not filed taxes these past 5 years can i still do it (i'm self employed)? And How?
Redundency rights Help!?
how long does does a child have to stay with you to earn income credit?
Help.. I need help with amended tax return for state of NJ.?
in the united states, why do rich people have to pay taxes at a higher tax rate than poorer people do? ...?
Whats the last date for filing tax returns?
Initially in my divorce, my ex was awarded the right to claim our 2 children on his taxes.?
Ive been sent a bill for the full years outstanding council tax.?
jointly or separately?
In what situation would an employee discount be taxable?
Which paper forms or tax papers are required to be included in my tax return this year?
What are annual property taxes based on?
Do people out of work but not claiming job seekers have to pay council tax?
Are there any countries that don't have a tax based on home ownership?
What is the law in Australia on money gifts do I HAVETO pay taxes on money gifts for ex $80,000?
how do you claim charity donations of handmade items on income taxes?
What would happen if federal taxes to the Government became voluntary like tithing in Church?
Didn't file state taxes for past 2 years?
Will I beable to claim mileage on my tax return.?
On what grounds can I take a case to tax court?
Anyone with a 2/1/12 direct deposit date for IRS refund? ?
If my parents file bankrupty, what will be taken?
While trusts are not subject to probate, are they figured into the total estate's taxable assets?
How much is tax on AVON for TN ?
W-2 box 13 retirement plan?
What is the difference between income and Taxable income?
Why is red ink prohibited from tax forms?
hello, Do you need a resale license(sales tax id) to have a photography business?? thanks?
Who has gotten their tax rebate check???
Is it safe to give my turbotax cd to some one eles after im done using it?
Is there any loophole to avoid capital gains on sale of an investment property?
Are kids who run lemonade stands in the summer responsible for filing a 1040EZ with the IRS every year?
vat taxability of material transferred from head office to branch?
What is the best way to report someone who is hidding major income from the IRS. Who should I contact?
what can i do if my boss has still not giving me my tax paper?
How to decrease tax withholdings on W2?
If I make 60,000 in a year how much of that will be paid as income tax?
should i sell both house with 6 months a part?
Will I have to pay Capital Gains Tax?
How many kids can you claim on taxes for credit?
I need the formula for calculating weekly payroll deductions in Texas?
We filed for the first time homebuyer's tax credit and only our signatures were on the HUD1?
where can i get my 1099?
Do you pay for tv licence in the UK?
I recently filed my tax return, but it was rejected. could this be because of a fraud alert I put out?
I had two jobs this year each with 401k's, what is the limit for contributions?
Have an 18 y/o who lives with me, I know I can claim her but what about education?
can any one tell what is Deduction under Sec 88D in Assessment year 2005-2006?
what tax code mean explain?
I am owed back child support in the excess of 37,000, should my ex's stimulis check be garnished/sent to me
Why is my employer not taking out any CA state tax?
federal taxes?
Chris Wallace (Fox News Sunday) -- Romney tax form to be released -- when?
My husband gets paid under the table. If his boss gets caught, will we be liable also?
Is Job Seekers Allowance paid weekly or fortnightly?
Will I owe taxes if I only received unemployment in 2009, no taxes taken out?
is there a barn restoration tax credit in michigan?
The CRA Call Me the Past Week and ask Me about My Bank account?
What is tax on products right now in 2007?
If my pay is £26000 a year what will i get paid each month on the 1st after tax?
Do i still need to pay council tax if i am still renting a property but have moved out?
Does the governement accept payment plans if you owe on your taxes?
what is a payroll overtime?
Claiming niece and nephew on taxes?
i worked 3 jobs last year at 1 job i only made $96 no fed tax taken out do i have to claim it?
What tax bracket would I fall under in FL?
What is the turbo tax website where you can file your federal and state taxes for free?
Deliquent property in Granite Shoals, Burnet Co. Texas?
I know taxes are due today but when is the latest that I can have them out?
My NQSO is reported in W-2 as my regular income, TurboTax also imported as stock income. Am I taxed twice?
Can I be taxed on money made in foreign exchange?
Working for two yrs but just got on the payroll in May and now might be fired can i get unemployment?
What is the maximum prison sentance for tax evasion in the UK???
I separated jan 08 started the divorce aug 08 It will be final march 09. Do i file taxes with him or without?
I dont keep any records at all how does this effect my tax's?
what is the minimum amount of time a dependent has to live with you before you can claim him on your taxes?
Does gouverment refund me or this? ?
where should I get tax advice from?
What type of receipts does irs require for meals?
If I make 51,500.00 a year with no dependents how much should I have taken from my check to keep from owing?
What is the tax rate for a cell phone in Virginia?
How can I report my mother for stealing my 1098-t check and spending it?
if i am in the national guard, which i am, can i write a gun off on my taxes?
Tax question: Can I claim a loss in first year of business before logging any revenue?
if my husband owes IRS, and we planned to have it deducted from our taxes-does that mean no ddeposit?
How does increasing your allowances on your W-4 form change your taxes? Are more or less taken out?
Econ Question! Computing Annual Rate of return!!?!?
What is the slaes tax in California?
How do i pay off council tax?
how do i claim te emergency tax i have paid back?
Are you apart of the 2/21 club?
Doing my own income tax?
Should I claim my sibling as a dependent? What's the best way to get a larger tax refund?
What tax tools, software, or websites can I utilize to ensure I'm getting the most deductions?
why does WMR still say we have recieved your tax return and it is being processed?
What do the government mean by the 45p tax rate?
Do you still get your refund if you went bankrupt beforehand?
Tax advocate taking care of my identity theft case?
How does a company like odesk make money?
Owing the IRS for unfiled taxes...?
what is the current servece tax rate?
How much tax should I tell them I want to take out for taxes?
Does the capital gain from the sale of my house impact my tax bracket (see details below)?
what is your state sales tax?
I'm in Canada under NAFTA, who do I pay taxes to, Canada or the US?
Can you still get your W2 forms if you left your job on bad terms?
What do I do? I need to know if I am a employee? or Independent contractor?
I have to report my boss to the IRS. What can expect to happen?
tax question?
I receive SSD & a small pension, do I have to file taxes?
Is it legalin missouri to withold a active employees paycheck by 4 to 5 days after pay period ends?
NC refund status updated to"Your refund was issued to bank account provided". How much longer?
EIC Tax Question. Can I claim on our joint return EIC for my wife's two kids see below for more detail!?
my business had debts in 2004 and 2005 and did not make enough money to pay it off. Could I pay it off now?
how long does it take to get a release from a 668wc once the tax is paid in full?
Just now filing tax return. Will i still get 1st time home buyers credit?
how do i ascertain (good word that) that my londladle is paying the council tax?
Turbo tax return question?
How do I find out how much tax rebate i'm entitled to?
is there a way to find out if someone is using your child as a dependent on tax return?
will i get a tax refund or will i have to pay?
tax guru plz or anyone who knows!!!!!!?
Is social security payroll deductions an insurance premium or tax by legislation?
How do I write a departure letter to clients informing them I am retiring?
Where can I get a 1040NR Income Tax form for 2006?
tax rebate "wheres my stimulus payment"?
Do you pay property tax or any other type of tax for a owning a burial plot?
can I claim my husband as a dependent if he was disabled and not getting disablity?
Which year are capital gains based off for a house built 1960,inherited 1986,titled to children 2005?
How do the expiring tax cuts affect my family?
why do we ahve to pay so much tax on money earnt with hard work?
TurboTax State form Help!!!!?
after my house is sold through an auction because of not paying my taxes do I receive any money?
employee over 65 years paying social security, medicare, and other taxes or not?
what is the avredge income for a psycolagist?
what do you do with the pionts that you earn on here?
Seperated and claim tax credit?
I did not do my taxes for the last 4 years I would have only gotten a few bucks back so i didn't do them?
If I bought a house for $80K and sold it for $100K and there are three of us on title. Do 3 of pay tax on 20K?
By what date is an employeer required to send you a W-2?
some bad people sent to my email they told me my spelling sucks is that nice from them or not?
What is tax smoothing?
tell me the rate of excise duty in india for assessment year 2008-09?
I just got hired at a new job, but my boss wants to pay me as a 1099 employee?
Have not filed income tax in almost 8 years. Self Employeed. Any Suggestions on where to go from here?
Ilive in NC my mother died 12 years ago without a will owing 11 years in delinquent taxes?
How do I file taxes now when:?
how much will i pay in taxes?
how can i save money for tax time?
I file haed of household and have two kids with some deductions should I itemize or standard my taxes?
How much of your money goes to the tax man?
Is there sales tax when you buy a gift card in CA?
Capital gain/lost Tax question?
If 0 is due on a bill of sale can the business add charges We purchased a boat in LA and wanted to pay MS tax?
I just sold business for say......100,000 dollars How much taxes do i have to pay on that?
How to save tax in india?
The IRS accepted my refund on 2/1/12?
my daugther turns 19 next year, when is the best time to take her off my W 2 form? Before april15, or after?
My gross income and my w-2 numbers differ by about 5200$ how can this be? Gross income being the higher.?
(seattle) who is for initiative measure no.1029? Proposition no2 park levy? initiative measure no 1000?
Are scanned in documents/statements sufficient for audit purposes and loan applications?
I have no paperwork, only paystubs as proof of $ taken from my pay from 20 yrs ago.?
Should I form a partnership, C corporation or S corporation ? Tax purpose?
Is this a scam? Please help!!?
can an employed person register himself as an LLC. to obtain tax benefits on his salary?
How do I reduce my tax rate down to 0%?
i am a layman in Tax details i want to know details about VAT in A.P like what comes under 4% or 12.5%?
how much should i be paid?
virginia end of year taxes?
Can i open a rrsp and is it economical?
Is service tax applicable to Business Support Service offered to US client and fees is received in dollars?
how old do i have to been to file my taxes?
Can I file for taxes without working?
contracting is subject of direct income isn't.what about supply and supervision on erection ?
What specific period to obtain working tax credit?
How to file return for tds for a construction and developers firm?
Where Can I find information on becoming a Tax Asr?
Do I qualify for a tax exempt card?
Writing off medical bills on income tax?
Shipping a newly bought digital camera from USA to Canada?
How many CPA CPE credit hours are required to renew California CPA license?
2012 tax refund direct deposit?
What would my stimulus check have been last year?
My employee paid for me to go school; I never touched any money, do I claim this as income my 2007 return?
T-mobile charges me 10% of my bill in taxes (Missouri) is this standard for every company and state?
Should Britain Join the Euro?
i got a question about next years tax season?
My phone bills, are they tax deductible?
If an employer reimburses you for an expenses, does it need to be reported to the IRS?
I've been paid 5 payments for working tax credits of all different amounts, is this normal for a1st payment?
Will i pay tax for my laptop computer?
Local taxation, Council tax changes ? Future, uk residents only please?
Why is council tax so expensive?
Can i apply 4 PAN card even though i have no income??.?
How do I do my taxes as a contract worker?
IATA Agent collecting travel fare in F.C. is entitled for commission in F.C.Is the commService taxable?
I have not filed taxes in 7 years and I have not paid federal taxes in 7 years who should I go to and get help
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