Where can I find a place online to get a duplicate of one of my W-2 forms?
if I change my w-4 from married and 0 to single and 2 will my check be more or less.?
Income tax on prize winnings?
"My online income system" I WANT MY $ BACK!!!?
401k roll over after leaving a company, i am getting screwed. Fine with the IRS.?
year old property bought in venice, ca. five units, old bldg. trying to repair & update. need advice on taxes.?
can i claim my son on my income tax if he's not due til march 13th?
How to claim VAT back as a starting business?
is the IRS RTRP competency test hard?
are there ways to get the best tax refund?
How much should I be getting taxed per paycheque?
Do I pay taxes on...?
What are the income limits for PMI deductions in TY2007?
WHo do i call about my taxes?
where can i get a single 1099 form?
What percentage of taxes will be taken out of my check?
When you file for taxes;?
If you pay all of last year's estimated taxes by 1/15 with an unavoidable penalty, does it help to overpay?
when does that rebate direct deposit come inn??
Pooling of Interest on CPA Exam???
deferred income tax may be reported on the balance sheet in the...?
how do you claim sale from stock on taxes?
my wages for 2009 were $2175. Do I owe federal tax?
What percentage tax does a 18 yr old person pay on a second job?
How do i go about getting my tax info from last year?
Freelancer need Tax advise.?
California Real Estate Tax Question?
what is your favorite singer?
My husband is an independent consultant who needs to pay estimated taxes. Need set up help with forms?
when will receive his tax refund?
state pension contributions?
instructions for irs form 1040 line 60?
TAX Bands for the years 1997/98 98/99 99/00?
TDS rates on salary in software company in Andhra pradesh?
Is tax added before or after billing info on merchnow?
dispatcher information?
How much can we pay someone before we must classify them as an employee?
If I live in one state but work in another state do I have to pay the other state's tax?
wmr "update"tax refund delayed 2 weeks why?
I am being charged $350 to do my income tax, does anybody know how can I fight this?
wht is the tax rate 4 firm n company 2008-09 in india?
How can I avoid paying so much into taxes at the end of the year?
Why do people?
If Someone paid 150k in taxes what did they earn that year?
Can I expect a large tax refund for 2012 if.....?
Someone has claimed my son for the 2007 tax year! How do I find out what's going on?
W-4 form help about exemption?
What percentage of income should I save for personal taxes based on a family of four?
how soon can i get my unemploymens money once id put my claim in.?
I am self-employed what taxes I have to pay?
If I won $50,000.00 how much taxes will they take out?
can someone explain what gifting is and how it works in Australia, can anyone do it?
My paycheck has the wrong state on my address. What should I do?
Why Indian income tax rules are so complex ?
how does creditcards work?,how can i get a creditcard?how do they forge a creditcard.?
How is income from Equity Investing Taxed?
How do I separate personal and business assets for tax purposes when some are used for both?
What is the easiest way for me to determine how much federal taxes I will owe at the end of this year?
Should I report my $50 donation to charity on my income taxes?
How can I change my 2005 tax return to decrease my earned income?
I've given up my jobs in order to move to the city, is there any chance i'll be able to claim jobseekers?
Date of applicability of service tax on flat booking?
3 step dispute process-Do you have to be told in person that you are to be dismissed/made redundant?
Will changing my filing status change the amount of taxes taken out of my check?
If my SSI claim disapprove do I still get the income?
What is the revised standard mileage deduction for 2006. Has IRS increased it due to recent gas increases?
if im on my mom taxes dont i get my money?
well, my father is the only one who works, but he works abroad...i dont know how to fill my tax return ?
What was the minimum wage from October 06-07?
when will i recieve my income tax check?
Did Anyone Have A 2/17 (dd )Date. Now it is 2/24?
I am a H1b - can i open LLC or S corp? Which is better?If i register in delaware but Stay in ca-how is tax?
Why do state taxes differ in some states while in others state taxes are the same?
Where can I find a template for a charitable contribution letter?
Can my fiance claim our 3 month old son on his taxes if we aren't married?
By mistake company filed my income tax return with wrong pan card.what is the procedure to get this corrected?
what is Canada ON gst and pst?
How can we find out if our tax have been sent out.?
can i use my gas expense for traveling to college as a tax deduction?
How many should I claim on my w-4?
To those who haven't recieved there refund today...?
Tax Errors - How To Get Money Back?
how can i find my w2 forms?
Do I need to pick up my last paycheck or will it be put on my visa pay card?
On form IL-U3, Employer's Contribution and Wage Report, who's wages are included?
how much money do i have to earn before i can file taxes?
How to submit IT returns? (India-AP)?
What do I claim on my W-4?
Fed. income tax?
Has anyone actually talked to a real person today at the IRS?
How long do it take to get your refund back when u do direct deposit?
DO I have to pay council tax if my flat is left empty for 3 months?
Has anyone got their tax money in Alabama?
Would you/Do you pay Import tax on a purchase of £2000 gbp of ps3 items from Japan coming to the UK ?
Didn't Canadian Taxes get lowered to 14% ?
Should I let my mom claim me on my taxes if....?
What would my username be for online wage statements?
what form should i use?
my atm number from state bank of india?
Is there a reward for reporting to the irs that someone is cheating on their taxes?
Filing IT return online - Excel Utility - Missing Fields?
What % of your gross income is your housing costs?
I didnt claim my child on my W4 for, what will happen?
Does tax and title included;does include property tax?
VAT refunds for visitors to the UK? How to Calculate, What Percentage?
Prius Hybrid gives tax credit ~3K. Will this give me more tax refund? or applicable only if I paid less tax?
Turbo Tax + Stimulus Check = Paper Check???
pancard name by pan number?
if i have 401k, can i contribute to roth ira?
Question about UK Council Tax benefit when sharing a house?
On the W4 in New York State, if you say you have 2 jobs, do they split the taxes between your 2 paychecks?
TAX CODE FOR 2010/2011?
What would do if you got an "I OWE YOU" letter in lieu of your cash refund from the state?
When/why did Louisiana raise the cigarette tax so high - just paid $8.15 for a pack?
What is the professional services tax (%) a foreigner conducting training in India has to pay the Indian Govt?
whens my tax return getting here?
Tax Question- Claiming a niece?
I got a letter today say I won the lottoery with a checkin it but I dont think it is legal .POLONETO LOTTO?
Does anyone know when you usually get back your federal income tax return?
what happens when you don't report unemployment wages on your taxes?
how much money will i make after taxes?
Can State of CA charge me income tax on 2009 earnings earned outside of the state?? ? My tax form says yes.?
I received an e-mail that I was a winner of E820,000,00 Great Britain pounds for April by Awards Center.
can a parent claim their child if theyre in college?
When do you have to pay the tax of a lottery that you have won?
My girlfriend and I are concerned how to file and get the most out of our refund.?
What is chargeable income?
Bought a new car, No tax, help?
If I worked last for my employer in Dec 2011 but wasn't paid till may 2012, when do I claim earnings for EDD?
For S corporation-Would you agree with the statement that termination of an S election occur, on the day after
What determines legally blind for the IRS?
How do I report someone who doesn't pay taxes?
Do you think its fair professional gamblers should be required to pay taxes on winnings?
Paying yourself dividend: an accountant told me something confusing..?
can you claim surgery on your taxes.?
Are there any emergency circumstances under which you can withdraw $ from your IRA/401 without penalty?
not a daycare county will pay me for babysitting my great grandson do i have to pay taxes in the state of ohio?
What countries have no property tax on homes?
Is it a myth that if you never start paying your income taxes then you don't have to pay them?
Are income tax withholdings consistent week-to-week?
what is PAN card? how can u get one in india?
I did my taxes on-line, and got an e-mail saying my federal was rejected.?
why wouldnt a flat tax for all clases in teh us work?
please name some early directors and their contributions?
just got a $1000.00 bonus versus a raise - which is?
how can i know the status of my pancard ,applied between 10th to 15th jan 2008 with ack no. 031380200030513?
\what is the formula to work out how much vat you have paid?
What would you do if tax rates went up to 75% of your income? (U.S.)?
how is the cooler system in casquets?
i want to know every thing that can wrighten off our taxs that people commonly do not know about?
Im being garnished by the IRS. What do I do?
How much tax do you pay on two casual jobs?
If You Settle an Audit Without Admitting Guilt?
I just got my w2 for 2010 and I made 9000, but my federal taxes were only $90.00?
where can i find forclosures? back taxes is all that is owed?
i have the total i need to find the subtotal how do i do that?
ok so this is more of a rant on our economy but i would love some of youre input and opinions!!?
what is the penalty for filing your taxes late?
what is SIT tax?
How to write-off charity donations on tax returns?
i had a truck reposed and it was sold at auction?
Do i have to pay taxes if i work at Mcdonalds?
Where do I apply for homestead exemption in Indianapolis?
do i have to have my husbands ss# if we were married on nov.4 and i was out of the house by dec 31?
Can I get unemployment benefits if im 17 years old?
By mistake, I have filed e-return of next year. What should I do?
taxes filing married?
Does a person need to file a tax return if they did not have income?
Do I have to file a federal tax return if I received one payment of miscellaneous income (1099 form)?
How can i avoid paying tax on dividends?
what is required to have a hobby farm in colorado, and what are the advantages?
didn't get my WA state unemployment check after change of address?
child benifit?
Question about tax evasion?
What was the minimum wage from October 06-07?
How do i get the average tax rate?
Texas Tax question. Employer wont take fed taxes out. Tax by wage bracket?
Do I include credit card company write off as income when filing my tax?
Tax Question- Claiming a niece?
As an employer can I file the Employer Return for 2009/10 on paper?
made almost 15,000 this year only had 250 taken out in federal taxes? am i going to owe this year?
Are self employment bonuses taxable?
i only earned 967 dollars last year i have 2 chidren do yall think i will qualify for earned income?
last year i was emergency taxed last year and was wandering could i get that back ?
why we pay service tax ? this tax which purpose use ?
Legal Hier certificate process in India?
interest on NSC - deduction under 80C??
how do you file a quarterly tax return?
Can i claim my husband as a dependent?
If I receive an inheritance now will it effect my SS disability?
Back taxes on business that closed in 2006 SO CONFUSED from IRS guy please help?
Now that the CA budget has been approved and passed, when can I expect to get my CA State refund?
What benefits can i claim?
Which states have no tax week?
how long do you have to use capital gains from a property sale to invest in another property before paying tax
Tax Saving MFs in India?
I own a business in Ohio that closed this year. What is the process to stop filing tax returns?
My sister-in-law and brother claimed one of their nieces on taxes this year. They did it the year before too.?
Help me by telling some online money making website(without investment).tell me a genuine and india based webs?
What is the maximum income for a household of two in order to be exempt from federal income taxes?
Vending Machine operator sales tax for Palm Beach County?
After hurrican katrineI filed a UI claim.Never received any money.?
how do i get a copy of my federal taxes if i lost it and did it myself?
The total price (including sales tax) of a VCR is $539.32. The sales tax rate is 2%. What is the purchase pric?
I am 27 years old and have never filed an income tax return. I want to resolve this. What do I do?
Job switched my tax form to "Exempt from withholding" without my knowledge, and I was claimed as a dependent.?
Onlineshopping- why from Dell has sales tax?
Does the IRS make deposits all day?
I'm trying to report someone for Tax Fraud. Can someone help?
How do I file income that was compensation on my self assessment?
Update: Did anyone else get their tax refund deposited tonight cause i did? ?
bill: HR25?
can a local government unit particularly a municipality grant tax amnesty on real property tax penalties?
I contributed the max on my 401k (18%) but still am projected to owe federal tax in april, can this be right?
Can I have 5 allowances on my Federal Witholding? basic salary is 33500/-,H.R.A 10800/-,Con. 800/- i take salary to only 4 month.what is my made tds?
since changing my electricity account over a year ago i have never had a bill. Really worried.?
what are the badges of trade?
California Pay check tax?
NYC/Queens sales tax?
Tax return for multiple jobs?
Why do banks report to IRS when you deposit more than $10k?
Can I claim my unemployed roommate on my taxes?
Wachovia shows my Ga state refund was credited and then there is a withdrawal. Just wondering why?
Tax problem? Filing single but married??!?!?
Does it pay for me to get my CPA if I want to go into private accounting?
Does the IRS allow a CPA tax preparer to solicit/advertise new business via direct mailings?
Since I'm 18 now, do I have to pay taxes?
Can I deduct supplies from my taxes?
How do I determine deductions on shared utilities for an attached rental unit?
When filing taxes for my business is the $25 a month maintenance fee deductible that my bank charges me?
I am confused about moving expenses. Can anyone help?
Can i claim losses from C-Corp taxes (1120-A) on personal 1040 tax. What form should I use?
what document should i have to start a business in uk?
Which tax office do I go to, to list me as owner of an apartment?
If estate taxes are submitted and pd in a state but in the same year the tax laws changed what happens?
Can I use a photo copy of a W-2 to send in with my tax return?
Can i claim my nephew on my taxes?
do i have to pay taxes if im 15 years old
In Taxes what is this referred to as?
Are tax deadline extensions only for those that OWE taxes?
how will they know that he is the noncustodial parent when he tries to claim my child for income tax?
I didnt get my paycheck, what can i do?
Are there any situations where life insurance premiums paid are deductible?
When is my employer required to give me my W-2. By what date?
State Income tax for California?
Do i have to report my CA state refund check to unemployment?
What jobs do you not pay income taxes for?
PAYG tax withholding for self-employed in Australia?
Any tax implications in converting an S corp back to a C corp?
Can ownership rights or proprietary interest be created on an asset by creating a lien in exchange of loan?
did i win lottery for uk or not it,s address is 28 tan field rd?
Has anyone that filed on Jan 17th received their tax refund yet?
Just started a new job and filled out my tax form?
Does Child maintenance affect housing benefit and council tax benefit?
Council tax exemption for students?
Father of my child claimed her on his taxes when i already did what will happen ?
Unemployment extension in Alabama?
Does this make sense?
Does the State of Tennessee tax monitoring contracts?
What is name of sage who said citizens should not pay more tax than the minimum they are required to pay?
International Tax - US Company?
Credits on my tax return?
What is the highest cash charitable contribution I can claim without needing a receipt?
Has anyone filed their taxes using the end of year paystub?

how to find EIN number for a child care provider?
do you charge tax on income of illegal activities?
Why do I owe tax money?
Are income in Mutual Funds taxed as Ordinary Income or Capital Gains?
How long will it take before I receive my first paycheck from rite aid?
vat paid on purchase of good should beunder which head of p&l A/c?
Can i claim my girlfriend on my taxes?
How much does taxes take out of my 2 week paychecks?
I'm on new start allowance with centrelink and I'm wanting do do a course?
How often should I pay payroll federal taxes?
Do you get tax form your net worth or income?
Are large tips/gratuities received in a restaurant taxed at a higher rate?
I cant access web pages because i keep gettin blocked pages and it freeze?
What is the breakout of expense for IRS mileage?
I live in New York and own rental property in Massachusetts. Will I get double taxed for my rental income?
I want to pay a traffic citation from elkins park pa, district court how and where do I go?
Are companies supposed to take taxes out of travel pay?
What do I do to start paying tax at work?
Will the IRS allow me to re-enter the country if I owe back taxes? I'm not a US citizen - but reside here.
what is the short term capital gains tax rate?
My tax stimulus rebate was due today on june 6, but I did not get it.?
Do i have to be making a certain amount on my checks to have federal taxes taken out? ?
We receive a check (1099-r) from an IRA which is in my mom's trust. How do we pay taxes on this?
Why is the tax amount deducted from my salary is different every month?
What happens if my home is repossesed? Do I still have to pay off debts??
Can I opt out of Social Security? What is the process to do so?
What happen if I claim 11 Children as dependents when I do my Taxes ?
What are the capital tax gain consequences if your primary home is sold just 3 months shy of the 2 year mark?
can we work more than 40 hours and report the tax?
If I buy something and pay sales tax on the item , do I have to charge sales tax if I decide to resell online?
what date does the irs begin issuing refunds?
how do i check the bank to see if they have mailed a check for my tax refund?
Can a parent give $45k 'gift' to child to pay off 2nd lien, what tax implications will he incur?
Can we claim back full cost of holiday?
need to make a payslip with net take home Rs.25000 per month.?
if you get a big capital gain, do you have to pay taxes before the end of the year? how big?
Accounting Tax Delima-?
I didnt work this year 2012. Im going to school though full time. Do i have to file taxes? ?
Is tax filing required if not in USA?
Question regarding IRS form 2290?
How much income taxes should I get for tge year of 2012, I just had my first child?
how much money will i get claiming my son on my tax return?
What is with sales tax in america?
is the irs rebate check free??
What is the deal!? I received my federal refund two weeks ago, but still haven't got my CA state refund yet?!?
Taxes on long term capital gains for houses?
has anyone received there tax rebate check for July 11?
need accountant`s help! (revaluation/general reserved)?
Does my 14 yr old daughter have to file income tax if she only made $2007 and had no taxes withheld?
can i file to seperate w2 forms for 2012 because they moved outa state and now we had one sent by mail and did?
Why don't they do a bank account that will automatically pay my income tax and national insurance?
How Do I Claim My Tax Back?
Has anyone gotten there paper stimulus rebate check?
How does tag refund will work in USA?
on this stimulus package to be signed, do we pay that money back next year during tax season?
will i still get money back in taxes if i did not make a mortgage payment in 08?
i bought a house from my friend for 10.00 we both live in the house why do i own an inhertance tax on it?
When does a stock's value outweigh the capital gains tax?
What type of account is a "cost of land" account?
can my boyfriend claim me on his 09 taxes?
Really pissed. Still no tax return yet!!?
form 8917 who can claim this exemption?
Proving I didn't file taxes and refiling for a previous year?
can the mortgage co. take my tax return if house was forclosed on march 2008?
just found out that all feb 7th tax returns got pushed back one week?
Claiming Child as dependent in divorce judgement?
Will there be a tax free holiday this year?
What age to stop paying US income tax?
UK import tax question?
i just turned 18 ive made 10,000 year to date if i claim myself will i get more?
Help with the IRS phone line directory?
Where the f*** is my refund?
Is there a way to get an early tax refund?
can i file last years taxes with this year?
Should I have to pay taxes on all my rental property if only part of the property is in city limits?
what is your opinion about Israel?
Are they tax benefits for Honey producers?
Local taxation, Council tax changes ? Future, uk residents only please?
Smokers only NHS?
hm revenue & customs?
where can I find state tax limits for employers contributions?
What don`t you like about your job ????
Can I claim a deduction (itemized) for interest paid for a property bought in India?
Bad Debt Expense?
what city or state has the lowest property tax?
how income tax calculated if annual aanual incum is 1,07,000 Rs?
what is the irs definition of promotional and marketing expenses?
Can a Pizza Delivery Driver Claim Their Miles on Taxes?
How much is 7.00% in sales tax?
Tax treaty US-Canada and exemptions?
How do taxes work for winnings from online poker/gambling sites based outside the US?
Tax on rental income?
The IRS let my tax forms sit for 4 months?
What do I do if there is no state id on my w-2?
Will my husband pay Canada taxes if he travels there to work for his company?
what % of tds is applicable on int paid on loan taken from a pvt. ltd. a sole proprietorship firm?
how much tax does a minor have to pay in Saskatchewan? (9.50 dollar per hour income 40 hours a week or more)?
wht are the legal things required to open a business in India like pan, tin, tax, bn, company registration no.?
Do I have to pay property tax for my vehicle in FL?
What is the sales tax on books in MN?
do tax and nis deductions have to be on your pay slip?
How much do estate taxes cost? An old guy owns a house worth $700,000. How much tax will be due for him?
How to take taxes from ChaCha pay checks?
what is the registration value of converted lands in and around jala hobli?
IT returns of previous years?
How can Gain/Losses from 1256 Contracts be reported for Taxation?
real state taxes?
If there were no federal income tax, how would the fed government pay their bills?
Do you know jurisdiction:- NGP/w/1/3 dedicate which parts of nagpur city or area?
Quarry about Taxation of Transfferable shares?
Is all the income for an F1 student from India tax exempt under article 21(2)?
How can I reduce my tax obligations from a life insurance early distribution?
has anyone had their georgia state tax refund reversed after deposit?
should my wife and I file taxes separate or together?
JSA (Job Seekers' allowance), How many times you are entitled to get it?
What is the due date for Tax Filing if an Extension was filed?
Did you get your IRS refund today 1/25/2012?
if i made $80 in my last check, and i live in wisconsin, how much should i expect after taxes?
can i claim the money spent on college for my child even though i can't claim them as a dependent?
Can you be set for life off of $5 Million?
I am going to test out to work at HR Block, what topics to focus on?
if i make $400 dollars a week and 6% taxes are taken out of my pay, how much will i make?
please help with taxation?
transfer money to singapore from uk?
is there a website that you can go to and see if your federal tax refund has been mailed out?
What is meant by TDS?
What kind of income is it talking about on this form?
If you start a business and want to pay taxes on the income, but you don't receive 1099's, what do you do?
how can i get the photo of ashland wi fire dept?
20k gambling winnings- i owe taxes Tax penalty?
I need to stop my house from going into foreclosure due to unpaid property taxes. What do i do?
What are the best savings for service class people to save income taxe?
i may have made a mistake on my state tax return? what should i do?
Can I claim my mother who has no income as my dependent on my tax return?
When emmigrating to another country do you lose your entitlement to uk state pension?
Will I get a 1500 dollar tax credit for getting married last year?
If the overseas employer sends me to India for an assignment on a short term basis, how to maintain NRE benefi
Question about rental property income tax and credit score?
Does Washington State have the consent of congress to collect taxes on items purchased via the internet?
Usage tax follow up question?
how much percent tax can i get back in 2 year in uk?
Why does the tax department keeping send me letters. I already paid my taxes more than a year ago?
N$43 653.00 included VAT. What is the VAT amount at 15%? ?
Are Churches taxed in Pennsylvania?
Is it true the richer you are the less you have to pay for taxes?
Will the inland revenue re issue a cheque I never recived?
any one knows what happens if you don't do your taxes?
In England How Much Do You Need To Earn A MONTH Before You Are Taxed?
If you sale your home how long do you have to re-invest before you have to pay taxes & how are taxes figured?
where can i find my employers identification number if i dont have a w-2?
Is it okay that my waiters only report tip income averaging 10% of their sales?
My parents payed for my tuition in 2008. I can not be claimed as their dependent.?
What if I owe a Federal Loan? They already took my Tax returns, will they they take my stimulus check too?
I opened an IRA, what tax form do I file?
Total raised for local borough through council tax charge? (Poole,Dorset)?
Failure to file federal taxes - IRS?
Which of the following paid taxes do you receive back, at the end of the year?
Should all K2 tax avoidance/evasion type schemes be made illegal ?
what causes the IRS to "audit" you?
How much road tax to be paid in Karnataka for 2 wheeler from Delhi?
I'm exempt from taxes but dependent ... Question!! :P Thanks in advanced?
Do i have to file a state income tax return for California even though California has no tax on military pay?
What do I do if someone is keeping my tax refund from me?
I filed my taxes on february 13th. 2 weeks already past. When will I get my refund check?
Question about taxes when unemployed?
If I put £10000 into my uk bank account will I be taxed.?
Tax Refund Hit @ Midnight?
Do I need to pay tax on overseas business & should I form a limited company?
my accountant told me that some banks make illegal deductions from their customers savings. Is it possible?
What do you think of the new tax proposal for soft drinks? Researching obesity in US?
Tax question?
has anyone received an update on taxes?
If tax is 7 cents on every dollar....?
inland reveue sent bill for £7000 but im not self-employed?
Problem of council tax with landlord again?
what is the 2010 tax exemption limit?
Need help journalizing Income Tax expense?
help! I owe the IRS and I cant get aholdof them?
selling property in india in white?
Can a 16 year old fill out a W-9?!?
How can I survive a Tax Aduit by the IRS? Do I have to pay?
What Is The Difference Between A Employer Tax ID And A Federal Tax ID??
Does anyone how the tax rebate that we're gonna get this year in june is gonna effect our return for next yr?
Is there a tax deduction for having a pet that will need certain medications to prolong life?
On what date do taxes (if owing) have to be paid?
Could my husband and i file taxes separtely?
When and how much are you fined for not completing your tax return?
irs saying it takes 3 weeks to process an e-file?
what can i get back in taxes for 1st child and 1st house in 2012?
can a tax preparer add deduction?
i had applied for pan card and i got my acknowledgement and it was dispatched long can i get it?
how do I get my tax return transcript from turbo tax?
I had someone do my tax return and was ripped off.?
How are stock grants to employees handled per Internal Revenue Code?
What will happen if I don't pay the death tax?
If a person received over $80,000 severance must that be used up before collecting...?
Can i claim my father as a dependent?
PAN Application for Company in UK?
Anyone who received their refund on 2/1/2012, does wmr still say processing or did you have a dd date?
What exactly are dependents on your job?
what percent of Fica is withheld from every check?
how much will i get on my taxes next year?
What's the mailing address for my Virginia tax return?
I was on private disability for part of last year - do I declare it when i do my taxes?
how does itemizing deductions work?
What Business Taxes Do I Have To Pay?
can i claim my child on my taxes that is inlisted in the military?
what do they mean by parent's 1040 tax transcript?
Can I deduct more of my childcare expenses as a corporation?
Economic Stimulus, tax rebate question?
is a home owner association is non profit organization?
Find Harrah's Cherokee Federal Tax ID Number?
How do you plan to spend your tax stimulus check?
can one one person live with a salary of 2000 dollers per month in usa in 2009?
who do i contact about my tax refund?
Should I bother with tax deductions? What are they?
how will i be taxed on my IRA?
I am an employee working out of my home, how do I file for tax deductions on my office expenses.?
can i view a copy of my business tax return on the internet? i have been unable to get a copy from my account
Payroll Tax calculations?
Can anyone give a gift to someone else up to $11,000 tax free? Does it have to be relative?
Travel per diem / maximize return?
IN a discussion with one of my clients who receives SSDI, the subject of taxes came up,?
How can I stop my money hungry mom from claiming me on her taxes?
can you answer these state tax questions please?
When should i file taxes?
How much in taxes will I have to pay if I was left....?
When are 1099-G mailed out in California?
Product with a problem - Can i have a full refund?
Do I pay taxes on just capital gains or the whole amount withdrawn from a mutual fund?
I am a sub contractor in MO?
Reasonable Salary - SCorp?
we owe IRS $10,000 dollars do we need to pay?
Should there be some kind of tax penalty for US companies that outsource?
How much tax will I have to pay back?
Question about taxes when shipping internationally?
stock basis?
I work as an independent contractor in Alberta, Canada. How much should I set aside for my taxes?
sss salary loan balance?
do you get money back from the tax you pay?
my husband died in March. The IRS is at my door with a bill for unpaid taxes of 200k which I knew nothing abou?
Why didn't I get my GST?
Can I pay someone with my tax refund directly?
I just got my W2 form and box 2 federal income tax withheld is empty?
i have lost pan card i dont know the pan no what should i do?
what is the federal income tax on returns from stocks for a lower income bracket person.?
My paycheck bonuses are always wrong?
Do we need to file for taxes if I made $2,900?
Tax Return Transcript Help?
My boss is asking for my social security..?
how may american taxpayers are there?
My employeer sent me a W-2 and a 1099 misc. What should I do?
Tax return filing status?
if i make 7.25/hr n work 27 hrs a week how much taxes are taken out?
Pay more Tax to get a better Tax Return?
if I have property outside USA, would I still be taxed for that?
Why am I still being taxed when my taxcode is 810L?
Would this person pay higher taxes under Obama's tax plan?
Amazon Tax Reporting Information?
Tax question about baby?
what mwans excise duty?
will filing "married filing separate" keep the government from taking my wife's student loans from my return?
Why does my federal tax return drop when I use 2 W2's, but each individual W2 gives a positive return?
Do they load tax funds on the Emerald Cards only in the early morning?or all day?
Reimbursement rate for mileage on personal vehicle for work related tasks?
The payment of cash dividends to shareholders is classified as a financing activitity?
How do I find out if someone is using my name for mortgage loans that I know nothing about?
Should I use Tax Defense Network to solve my Tax Problems?
If you're absent from work, do you get charged less tax?
What is the federal tax rate?
Name of assessment officer income tax filing in India with ITR 2 for AY 2011-12?
Do I have to pay any duties or taxes on my purchases in the US when I fly back home in Europe?
Australian import fee?
NY state has a mortgage tax on home mortgages. Is this tax deductible on federal and state taxes?
"social security #'?
i want to know whether custom duty is payable for importing unfinished solar panels ?
earthquake retrofitting is tax deductible in California?
Is there anyone else who was accepted on the 18th has not recieved their refund?
Professional Tax Advice Needed?
How are Self Employed and S-Corps affected by the Obama Health Care legislation?
examine the impact of taxation on management decision making?
where can i find out what i can claim against my tax?
Tax deductions?? New job?
W-2 lists single, but I got married @ end of the year. Can I still claim single this year?
how can i get more money from the tax return?
a friend of mind filed taxes for2009 and said she got 400.00 stimulus check. true?
Would you recommend a flat tax or national sales tax? Please explain the advantages and disadvantages?
Who is new jersey's wayne township's largest taxpayer?
Would i get more on my tax refund if i claim independant?
I havent received my Rent Rebate Taxes in Aug!?
I just discovered my tax accountant died three weeks ago. He had all my financial records, what do I do?
What is the carbon tax in Australia?
Can you claim yourself on your tax return with turbo tax?
how do you fill ou t a w2 form?
how do i do my taxes if i didnt do them last year? i was suppose to get money back last year.?
What do I enter for my Insurance Premium on my tax return?
Tax question about IRA distribution for nursing home costs?
do we have to pay sales tax in oklahoma if we sale to customer in that state?
Why am I getting taxed so much? PLEASE HELP?
what is the salary of a hardware engineer in India ?
Tax question for businessman's expenses: Is there some other way taxpayer can claim expenses?
starting up a business hours and losses what can i claim?
how to report to unemployment that i'm working?
Help T4!! Is my tax Reduction REALLY this low?
Do you have to pay import or customs charges when buying goods from UK to be shipped to other EU countries?
Utah State tax withhodling form?
need to make a payslip with net take home Rs.25000 per month.?
What is the USA spending the tax money on?
Calling your bank to see if your tax refunds were there yet?
what documents i need to file for getting service tax registration?
how can childcare be added to support if it is tax exempt?
How does marriage affect income tax in Canada? (BC)?
Get a refund if fed ex lost my package?
my ex wife gets to claim two of the four children on her tax returns if she makes more than 25000 how do i get?
Can exemption from long term capital gains tax under section 54F be availed if one already owns a house?
Do you get taxes back from your tips?
I am employed oversea and my employer is taking Federal Tax from my income. Is he correct in doing that?
If I lost 10,000 dlls in short term capital losses in 2004 and I won 100 dlls in 2005 may I apply...?
tax deduction on paycheck. i'm confuse, please help?
2010 refund still not showing up. Anyone else?
do you have any short summary of charlie chaplin?
what does this mean?
confirmation of filing income tax return?
Can I file she file Single and be ok?
What are the tax issues that would be associated with a benefit to help a family in need?
can i be garnished and have my income tax return taken for the same debt?
state/county tax comparison between Maryland and Virginia.?
I'm working during the summer (seasonal position) Can I put on the w-2 any allowances I want?
When do you have to pay the tax of a lottery that you have won?
How would I file taxes if I was off the books for half the year and on the books for the 2nd.?
Changing my name on my social security card do I do it in vt or ny?
A person makes 1 Billion dollars per year. How much does he/she pay in taxes?
working tax credits how much?
mesa royalty trust k-1tax calculation forms?
If someone moves from one state to another and transfers their money to the new state, is it taxed for moving?
Retrieve money I left with the IRS for 2009 taxes?
What percentage of taxes is taken from hair stylist tips in colorado?
Are CSA 1099R Statements supposed to have state taxes taken out?
Tax refund opinions pleaseee?
Does my wife's mom have a right?
My mom wants to claim my daughter for taxes. Should I let her?
stimulus check?
What is better way to file taxes when your married but seperate or joint?
Should I be getting taxed?
Bought house in 07 Aug. Paid pr tax for 07 in 08 (4600) & pay pr tax for '08 in 08(4600). Itemize all nxt yr ?
didn't know to report gambling winning/losses for this year's tax. Best way to fix it?
I cant afford to pay taxes , what do I do?
what can i do if someone claimed my child as a dependant on a tax form.?
Filed on 2/2! Still no update on WMR!?
I've worked o/time this month & paid NI contributions. Will I be able to claim this back?
do you pay taxes on social security benefits?
When am i i suppose to receive my tax refund?
if i was self employed and carry 2 dependent would i get a rebate back?
EBay. Filed an unpain item claim..?
If you go to another country and earn a fair amount of money, and pay taxes on it in that country, do you then?
I want to turn my property into a farm to lower my taxes. how do i do that.?
my 15 year old has an after school & summer babysitting job at their house. Does she have to file taxes?
QUES- Economic stimulus & April 15th deadline?
Can I claim my daughter on my taxes?
Haven't Recieved Federal Tax Refund??
What is the average pay for a vet in uk? ?
Last year everyone got the making work pay and earned income credit...?
WIll they take 50$ out of my first paycheck?
In 2012, Barbara is claimed as a dependent on her parent’s tax return. Her parents’ ordinary income marginal t?
Can my company offer me free rent to avoid tax?
Do you agree with "Green Tax" ?
why do the peiple of the USA still put up with the king george theory, of taxation without representation?
TAX ? Please answer this!!! I need some immediate help!?
Capital Gains to clear existing home loan?
Do I need a receipt to write off gym membership for work on taxes?
In what ways are Australians being double-taxed?
Working in retail, question about taxes.?
how does teen pregnancy effect & raise our taxes?
Received 2009 il state 1099g in 2011?
Tax Returns for a 17 year old?
$600 tax return true?!?!?
Where can i find information on TAX BRACKETS ?
How can I stop my ex mother-in-law from using my son's social security number for tax purposes?
even if i didnot pay tax on my employees pay my employees under table?
If I join a company on a monthly retainer basis on 80K/M How much TDS and do I have to charge any service tax.
Who gets to claim my son on their taxes?
How can I order a W2 from 2008?
Can I deduct my travel expenses?
who pays the IRS gift tax on gifts above $12,000, the donor or the beneficiary of the gift?
How much do you have to make in online sales before paying taxes?
Why is the IRS on a hiring freeze ?
How much will they take out of my first paycheck?
Tax question for Washington State?
if my tax code is cumulative,does this mean what i paid weekly as tax appear immediately at the tax office?
Is the New York State mansion tax deductible in the year paid or is it added to the cost basis for when you se
Can someone help with this situation about income tax?
i've been charged emergency tax, how do i claim it back?
If I owe state taxes in New York can they garnish my pay in North Carolina?
is college work study wages taxable?
How to calculate income tax for assessment year 2006-7, for salaried class?
how to get out of IRS debt?
What is the last date for getting the PAN in India. I am non-resident staying outside India how I apply.?
How much is the petrol per litre in your local supermarket (UK) and where is it?
mortgage tax break?
If you win 1.000.000 on deal or no deal, how high are the taxes?
where r my taxes..i did everything they asked since january of 2011?
If you're comparing tax preparers, are you obligated to pay them?
Can I get the social security money back?
what is the tax band for salaries between £30.000-and £40.000? and what is it for salaries over £40.000?
I electronically filed my NYS tax refund on 2/2/09 and it is now going on 7 weeks and still nothing?
How is it that employers are allowed to withhold a larger percent of an employee bonus (vs. salary) for taxes?
car tax help theoretical example help?
I need to get a copy of my past earnings for the 2003 year from my state taxes. I don't know what form to use.
I invested in a restaurant business to collect taxable income or dividend from it. Can i deduct those expenses
If my Taxes for my house go up 3,000 does that means my house value goes up the same amount?
Can I force my husband to amend the taxes for 2011?
Paying taxes, being self-employed?
Hairdresser deductions?
If I only (BEST ANSWER)?
What is the tax rate for gains on Debt Mutual Funds in India ?
Anybody have any idea about
Can we afford prop 86 tax hike to $7.00 for a pack of cigarettes?
I am looking to see if first time homebuyers get some sort of tax break.?
College Student Tax Question.?
Im getting paid cash in hand at a bar, Is it right to be getting taxed?
Is there TAX on ice when you buy?
If the government created a new tax credit to encourage businesses to build more factories,?
usually a headquarters is taxed on how many levels? ie. corporate tax, property tax?
Ny State Taxes ?????????
Will Canada send my tax refund check to the US?
Am I entitled to a tax rebate, BR tax code earning £3000/y?
What is tax treatment for returning a work related bonus in the same tax year as it was received?
I'm 13 if I open business will I have to pay tax?
Why do you think WE should have taxes on items?
How much is net salary if gross is $70,000?
How much will I pay in taxes on $29937?
Does Singaporean living and working overseas need to pay taxes in Singapore?
Do unincorporated associations have to pay taxes?
1099 re pipeline rental vs pipeline transportation agreement?
First $600 of earnings as a new hire?
I am 20 years old and i am wondering if i could claim head of household for my grandma?
What to expect when you receive a certified large envelope from Irs to be picked up at post office.?
i am 56 and have taken a early pension its only 160.00 a month do i have to pay federal taxes on this?
what tax breaks/incentives are there for sustainable construction in the uk?
I worked using what I thought was a bogus social security number?
i already filed my taxes and recieved another w-2 form will this effect my refund?
are taxable stock dividends paid in stocks?
why does the IRS pay people more than they pay in? this is fraud?
Should I or my boyfriend claim daughter on Income tax?
How do figure out how much tax i owe?
how do i find the sales when the total is 22680 and tax is 8%?
i applyed for benifits to help with rent and coucil tax in april and still have not had a reply is there anyth
Paying tax if working!?
How do I get another copy of my 2011 w2?
Who can claim child on taxes?
Has anyone who filed thru H&R Block received their refund today 1/25 . IRS website says my refund was to be ..
Why did I recieve an extra $400 on my tax refund?
what are some tax benefits of a 501c3?
i am in my first year of self employment. how do i calculate miles and diesel over the year on my tax return?
What is the difference between taxable income and gross income?
i didnt notify the tax credit office that my partner had moved in with me, now i am being investigated??
Who has to pay federal income tax?
i made my paypal account using my dad's pan card.will there be any problem?
When do you file your taxes?
Florida minimum wage and taxes?
What happens if you offer a refund on Ebay; but you spend half of there money?
How do you file taxes in Michigan when married but two addresses?
A client forgot to file ITR for AY 04-05. TDS of Rs 9000 was deducted for AY 04-05. Is it time-barred now?
Considering taking the HR Block exam for tax preparation?
in a re-payment plan with sallie-mae will my taxes be tooken?
Can I claim Child Support as earned income?
I am a salaried person & missed 31JUL2006 deadline for filing tax returns, how do I file the returns now?
What's the big difference? Schedules are Identical?
What will be the increase in Sarah's gross income as a result of the sale of the stock?
will i get a tax return if i recieved uemployment?
How to avoid gift tax?
Should I let my son's father claim our son? HEEELLLPPP!!! I can't decide!?
Claiming medical expenses on my taxes...?
Have you used Turbo Tax & had to pay in to State?
Paying a tax preparer?
Can I file my 2006 taxes before I receive my W4?
Could you imagine...?
Is income earned outside of Massachusetts (by a nonresident) from a Mass employer taxable?
what happens if you pay to much tax?
How much Import Duty Taxes are payable on import from Singapore?
what jobs can a 15 year old get in the UK?
Can I collect unemployment and social security at the same time?
do I need to pay taxes if I order something online, and live in other country?
Income Tax, Company VS SP (FTE, Marginal Tax Rate)?
How long is it going to take to get state refund in North Carolina 2010?
How far back can the IRS audit you?
Do prostitutes have to claim thier income at the end of the year?
What structure of educational trusts are tax deductible?
Do you think we should have a flat, national sales tax instead of the current income tax system?
what is 71.95 plus tax in phoenix az?
what is the difference in real estate tax liens and property liens?
I didn't get 1099-k from paypal. Will IRS find out about this income if I don't report?
Does California charge sales tax on groceries?
Saving bank interest rebate in itr for AY 2012-13?
What is the treatment of a non-equity partner?
How can I deduct 3rd party reimbursements reported as income on my 1099misc?
Do I owe taxes on an ISO stock transaction when I only sell enough to cover the purchase?
What is the average income of foreign students in London gets per week by working parttime?
ok i found out sum on clamied my daughter on there tax's so couldnt so what should i do?
Would I be taxed the same?
Is it possible to revert all chargers on ULIP till date and give it to customer?
if I export a new car to New Zealand can I get the sales tax refunded after it is exported.?
Can you keep all of your paycheck?
Should I be claimed as a dependent for taxes?
Please tell me if this is true or not?
I've been paying property taxes on a parcel of land in Virginia purportedly......?
how much import duty should I pay for a U.S. macbook?
I received a 1099-INT from another state - which state do I pay?
First year State LLC Tax (LLC) - Deferal?
What do you really think of the 18.5 cent gas tax?
What is the california tax percentage right now? Is it still 7.75%?
Will I get that I.R.S. refund even though I'm paying them in monthly installments for back taxes? I filed.
Tax Question?
what organization can contact to help me with stopping the IRS from garnishing my wages?
How can I locate the social security number of my deceased uncle?
Does anybody actually get Low Rate Care of D.L.A for "Life"?
For our pay period of 12/16/08-12/31/08 and because of the holiday?
i am 60yrs old my hubby is 58,do we qualify for poll tax reduction?
When is excise tax due?
if a person has been incarcerated with no means of paying anything does he still have to pay taxes?
What can I benefit from renting a house, when I file my taxes?
how can I get a old article about taxes from front page?
Money Question?
what is meanning capital expenditure & ravenue expenditure?
would it be possible for our country to reduce taxes on homes?
Does the IRS deliver mail to PO BOXES? I had trouble with fraud this year and im unsafe with my mail now.?
Could my husband and i file taxes separtely?
Filing taxes with no employment...full time student..single parent?
I am a self employed HGV driver (so i thought) can anybody give me advice on this and expenses.?
I am trying to file some tax forms for years past for some reason my employers are not giving me my w-2's?
I want to file my tax return before getting my w2's...Any suggestions?
What will be my Net Pay, IF....?
Do University students have to pay any income tax?
What is the relationship between tax revenue and goverment spendin that cause theses different budgets 2 occur?
what will be the effects of cigarette tax on gov't revenue? (will gov't revenue increase or decrease?)
Does the UK have too many unemployed people?
Return's been mailed can I still efile?
My father,a senior citizen ,is selling his flat after 20 years. What capital gains tax and how can he save it.
If I make 9.60 an hour and work 35 hours, how much will the government take off my pay check due to taxes?
Question about my taxes?
Do I have to pay NI (National Insurance) on UK Capital Gains?
how much money do i get back for my new baby on my taxes?
Is there anything we dont pay tax on?
If I become a Corp, how can this save me on taxes?
What's the difference between tax form 540 and 540A?
How is tax calculated to build a commercial structure on a purchased piece of land?
Best way to file taxes with 2 young children?
What does it mean to file taxes?
Can my employer take out double amont of taxes?
how to fill up the income tax from no 15g?
Would I be taxed the same?
Do Contracted Workers Get Paid Holiday Pay?
Sweepstakes Prize Taxes?
Was I supposed to fill out a Schedule-C on my tax return? My employer gave me a 1099-Misc 2 yrs in a row.?
why is it that people who earn $106,000 or more per year, dont have to pay social security taxes?
I have not received my stimulus payment yet? Where is it?
since changing my electricity account over a year ago i have never had a bill. Really worried.?
Can charitable contributions be made from my IRA thus contributing before tax dollars?
Get married without CPA/accountant knowing?
is there hst on land transfer tax?
How can I get a tax refund check without paying taxes?I am a sole proprietor, I file Bus.& personal on (1040)?
Does it take long to process the W2 tax forms in a job?
When is no tax day in Texas?
Are there any states that don't deduct the money out of your paycheck?
what does ann adminstrator do?
I incorporated in July 2009 and tax preparer did not file k-1 I want to file 2010 and 2011 and report 09 when?
sales tax?.income tax? service tax ? with holding tax? kindly tell the difference.?
Claiming a tax benefit on my tax form? Canada?
i filled for head of household in my taxes if the bills are not in my name what can i do?
Tax time! Can I write off 324 cases of tequila as a business expense?
If someone is a businessowner and owns a truck/building,can they include their monthly payments?
Property Tax in Columbus Ohio?
Inland revenue asking for me to pay tax on an overseas account which was fraudulently setup in my name?
If a buy a discounted item from the US and have it sent to india, will the custom officials charge tax on the ?
When a tax collector sues for vehicle property tax, what does the complaint have to allege?
Who pays more taxes, the "99%" or the "1%"?
about the voulantary contribution by the employer in employee provident fund & its tax implication?
Why should I subsidize large companies with my tax paying so they can pay their employees using tax credits?
If a permanent resident alien sells a house, what are the tax consequences? Thank you!?
the irs refuses to unfreeze my account!?
what is the meaning of cma form in incom tax?
Has anyone who file 2-2-12. received their refund today?
why do we pay school taxes?
Got 2 W2s from different "Employers" for the same job?
Should I withhold as married if i'm getting married later this year on my W4?
is it legal to claim children on your taxes who don't live in your household because you pay child support?
Just got my money on my Turbo tax card my due date was 1/30 i from chicago good luck people?
where can I view the tax returns filed by non-profit organizations?
I just got married in December, does that mean that I have to change my tax info?
Who is praying right now that you will get a deposit from the IRS tomorrow morning?
Tax for the overseas money?
When Americans talk about salaries, average wages (e.g. 60k / yr,120,000 / yr) are these gross or net amounts?
I want to buy apperal online, will i get charged customs or tax?
Is it possible to live well with £50,000 per annum in UK?
The WMR gives me a you should receive your refund by 2/21/12 date, when will I receive my refund.?
how do living costs and salariesin new zealand compare to those of the uk?
As a international student (F-1 visa) can I use turbotax for filling out my tax return?
do i need to file an alphalist for withholding tax under the percentage tax registerd.?
Emails regarding large sums of money from foreigners in foreign countries?
I moved out of state in July, how will this affect my tax filing?
can i get tax credit for my child if i do NOT work?
question about tax fraud?
Under federal securities laws, the SEC has the authority to set accounting standards in the U.S.?
Where does UK government borrow money from?
I am about to file my taxes. but not sure if I should do it online or pay somebody to do it for me.?
do employees have to fill out a w4 form?
Home owning and taxes?
How do you claim VA disability money on your 1040?
Filing bankruptcy but paying the irs?
Sandra was charged $31.15 for some supplies. That included a 4% tax. 9. What was the original price before?
what is the penalty for class 3 mistermeaner?
Can i file a 1099 and 1040 form in the same year?
what is the total of $19.95 + tax?
If you forgot to pay your 941 taxes, but pay them late, can you write a letter and not receive a penalty?
$40k income, how much tax?
$700 Billion bailout?
what do you new about the car tax bands for 2009?
are there any states out there that do not have a tax on cars?
What happens when the state issues a tax warrant on you?
When can I expect my California tax return. Today's date is 02/22/09.?
What tax form do I file for a house I am renovating to sell but have not yet sold?
need help taxes......!!!?
has anyone who used turbotax received theyre stimulus tax refund in the mail ..last ssn # digits 10-18?
How to figure out the tax on a total amount?
What are the benefits in taxes available to Hindu undivided family?
Property tax, Portioned assessment of $62,000 @ 54 Mills?
How much will I owe in Capital Gain?
i need illinois tax form?
I filed my fed tax returns on Feb'12 and the status says "your return has been received and under process" WTF?
Can you claim lawn servies on you taxes?
Can i file as head of house hold if me and the wife are doing separate tax returns can i do that?
How do you deduct capital loss and gambling loses?
I fail to understand this issue with the 'Council Tax' in England.?
Is there a way to lower gross income for personal, corporate or Government? Canadian?
is it right that my school starts this year aug9?
Can i claim wrongly taken tax from my old job in my new job?
question about First time home owners tax credit?
I left my straightners on all day, how much will this cost averagely ? (UK)?
Tax error in prior years?
Where shall I send US Invidual Income Tax Return 1040 ?
Is anyone familiar with the title 5 tax credit laws in Mass. sold a house there and need some advice. Thanks?
explain how work income is made up?
Rahul Centrelink - Can anyone give me the formula for working out family tax benefit part a when claiming RA?
I haven't paid quarterly estimated taxes. Should I pay for the whole year now?
if i overfunded a 401k account in 2005, what can I do?
what do you thing about lawyers?
David & Co. pays its employee twice a month. Employee earnings and tax amounts for the pay period ending Decem?
im 16,will i still recieve income tax money?
do i pay u.s - v.a.t if i buy online from the uk then get it shipped to me in the uk?
I was pregnant in 2007 and I lost my baby at 26 weeks can I claim my baby on my taxes? Some one told me that?
California 540 taxes tuition credit or deduction question?
How much will I recieve from my tax return ?
Debit or credit sales tax payable?
If I live outside of California for over 330 days a year, do I still have to pay state income tax?
Apartment Tax in Germany?
how much will i get at the end of the month after tax and all that?
im from NZ and just bought an investment property on the gold coast,can i make interest only payments on it?
How to solve high taxes ?
would i beable to collect unemployment if i quit my job because of my mental state? i am going through a ?
If i make payments on my taxes will i still be charged interest?
where will I need to amend my tax reference number if my employer has recently changed it?
where does cess go to?
2012 tax refund? not processed yet? y any ideas? ?
$7500 tax credit changes?
what is the name of the agriculture program in tennessee for tax break?
do you have to pay tax on inheritance?
Can a person whom have a small business and a reg. job file tax seperately for each one?
A Tax Form Question, anyone help me..?
I need tarrant county texas appraisel district website address?
Can you take a lone out aginst your taxes from H&R Block??
Can I use my EIN number (for my personal business) for my taxes?
why is median income used instead of mean income for income averages?
What percentage should I hold back from my independent contract check for federal taxes?
Can i still get my income tax refund if I file a Chapter 13 Banktupy ?
What 529 plan withdraw paper work needs to be filed to avoid taxes/penalties?
Can property taxes be paid in installments,or do they have to be paid all at once?
What is the procedure to file tax as a 1099 contractor?
How do Mary Kay tax deductions work?
what states have no death tax?
If I win the lottery why do I have to pay taxes.?
I would like tax advice, Do i a LAWYER?
Tax benefits for a full-time student?
Can I deduct menu development costs as an LLC?
Question about 747L UK tax code?
How much tax is collected by the Govt. of India on 1 liter of Petrol?
I refi'd in 2008 & had a UFMIP in my closing costs financed. I pay monthly MIP too. Is any of that tax deduct?
Do I need a licence to prepare people's income taxes in Ontario?
legal requirement for a social website?
how much tax will i have to pay when i reach sixty if i decided to carry on working?
Is it right to increase the threshold for death duty taxes to £1,000,000?
Can I claim my girlfriend/fiancee as a dependent?
I have a patent pending item. Can I assign this patent pending item to a corporation without tax consequence?
i m mentally depressed for last 2 years so i couldnot file my incometax return for year 2004-2005?
Isn't the Earned Income Tax Credit discriminatory against people who can't have children?
Has anyone won the Uk lottery and gone through the procedures to get the money?
how much social security and medicare should be taken out?
Did anyone get a WMR update today?
If everybody quit work and didn't pay income tax,how would welfare losers get by?
my atm number from state bank of india?
does re shingling your house qualify for tax rebate?
Tax mistakes please help?
Anyone recieve their refund today 2/15/2012?
Where can I get a copy of my social security W-2?
What's the easiest way for a college student to file their taxes?
Countdown to Tax Audit. Is this normal??!!?
What should I do. a large company sent me a 1099-misc that says they have paid me large royalties?
need to pay state tax on mutual fund sale?
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