How much can i earn a week without paying tax?
Is there a website that can track my Income Tax Returns?
Do I receive commission after or before the client has been taxed?
How to claim tax back?
Can a nonresident alien get any benefits from US-Canada treaty?
Do Amish communities pay taxes?
P11D - clarification on resolved thread?
Notice Payout by the employer?
How good is a lifestyle for a man working as a plumber in UK?
recieved my income tax in march never recieved my state check how do i find it?
Will I have to file taxes on my father's estate this year (2009)?
if service tax is applicable to hotel building?
If I bought a home with cash that had $3,000 in taxes when would I pay my taxes?
Tax return from Second job?
State Tax consideration on house sale?
when should i ask for paycheck?
My son is in prison ,I have POA. Can I deposit his tax refund into my checking acct? or his prison acct?
Can u file taxes in december?
i have just had visit from the baillif for oustanding poll tax , i didn't let him in . what can he do now.?
irs say i owe 6,000 dollars because i claimed my nephews and cant produce proof there mother took all papers?
401K and IRA contributions?
I received a inheritance check on 12/23. If I cash it after the 1st of the year, do I pay tax for 2010 or 2009?
When buying a home, is the payments tax deductible?
Will she still get the Earned Income Credit if she gives up a child for adoption?
how much money does an adult have to pay for cashing a 100$ check to taxes?
Should I not pay taxes if I am paid with personal checks, and my employer does not report them?
I pay sales tax on material, if I make a blanket and sell, must I charge sales tax to customer, too?
What are the pros/cons of not claiming all your tips as a waitress?
What is the filing date for taxes in 2011..i am trying to file my taxes right on time.thanks?
Is it filing IT Retruns is compulsary, even if I m not paying any tax?
how do I find out what the laws of opening up a business in my town are?
what are tax rates for indviduals income?
Can I claim my friends child on my tax return if the child never lived with me?
can irs take my taxes for unpaid child support due from husbands previous marriage?
Should I be paying income tax?
What does it mean to "do taxes"?
i am an AMFI certified i need to register and file service tax returns?
What should I do about INCOME TAX?
sales tax calculator?
Self employed but no income coming in?
Is there a per diem tax deduction for independent contractors working out of the country?
in this century we get house for cheap rate?
I worked for 8 months in Uk, I will leave next week, before the end of the fiscal year, so I paid more taxes.?
My standard deduction is more then my Itemized Deductions. HELP?
Anyone here from Ottawa? income tax question?
since changing my electricity account over a year ago i have never had a bill. Really worried.?
My tax person messed up big time?
Has anyone received their tax rebate check ?
IRS tax rejection code 0507... help!?
anybody knows is M.K Gupta , a tax teacher in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi , India Alive or dead ?
Energy Star Tax Credit?
How much tax deducting in NYC?
Joe the Plumber is not a plumber and owes taxes, makes less the 6 figures, is this a huge scam by McCain?
If a company car is available for personal use are you required to keep receipts of fuel payments?
complete my tax return online, requested a repayment of overpaided tax, 29/05/2012 UK?
Is income tax payable on interest income that has accrued but has not been received?
How will my annuity be taxed?
I'm a plant pathologist my study was finished and now im unemployment what can i do????????
i cant find my 2004 tax return. where can i find a record of t?
With CVS deals regarding $5 ECB's when you spend $20 is that before or after tax?
i m yudhvir singh my no is 010880200089323 i have applied for permanent acount number so i want it's detailthx
Can you close an estate before a 6 month period, if there are no more outstanding debts?
i m employed.what is employment?
What should you do if you haven't filed your 2004 taxes yet?
will 2013 tax season be worse than 2012?
how much tax will they take out of $8.00 per hour?
Allowances and W4 - Tax Withholding Question?
To find out when your refund is expected to fund, visit the IRS site at and click on “Where’s My R?
i am a full time student without income and i live with my parents wat do i do tax wise?
Can you file exempt for state like u do for federal..if so can u tell me how?
what would you do if your boss owe you money?
T2125 tax question - website hosting fees?
What types of risks do uk companies face if they do not manage their tax affairs effectively?
how much should I withhold from my payee's check live in WA? Also what I withhold from business for the...?
Capital gains tax increase (Jan 1) from 15% to 23.8%. Do dems not realize this is the worse possible time?
retire sell home for gain,buy new home,is the roll over in new home exempt from cap gain tax?
What is the overall income tax rate in New Jersey?
How do I prepare my taxes from my home computer?
Can I still be claimed as a dependent?
PLEASE help me, it this correct?
How old do you have to be to work in a SPAR (UK)?
what happens if two people file for the same person?
How can you hide money from federal taxes?
Anyone else on here had trouble answering UK tax questions?
What is the maximum allowance per day I can pay to my employees for incidental business expense?
My roommate lied on the apartment application. Is he in trouble with the IRS?
how will google pay my money?
my ex forged my signature on our tax refund. how can I get my money?
Child benefit in the UK?
When will I get my tax refund back?(s)?
what happens if my ex claims our son on his taxes and it's my year?
I work for company as "self employed".They want me to start my own limited company to pay my wages?
hr block says i cant claim the child tax credit because i do not owe taxes but i have done it before.?
Wife filed taxes with wrong filing status and received a refund already. We were together all of 2007.?
Are individual people tax exempt?
Will my daughter be required to pay income taxes on babysitting money if I claim it on my taxes as a credit?
What happens if you lie about your Driver's License expiration date on your taxes?
I have not files in three years and I know I don't owe taxes can I still file for those missing years?
Should I open a traditional or Roth IRA?
How do you become a Registered Tax Agent in Australia?
Is money withdrawn from PPF account tax free?
Do I have to pay taxes on products from German websites if I don't live in Germany or Europe?
will bill goldberg return for 300 billon buck?
what is a charitable remainder trust?
If i make 372 every two weeks & i live in philadelphia what will my check be after taxes?
What is going on with my tax return?
As a grandparent, can I open an education savings account for my grandson and take the tax credit/deduction?
How to calculate TDS?
Should i fill for income tax?
I earned money in Germany and paid tax there, now being taxed in UK on same money!?
can i look at a w2 from 2011 online?
tax question here?-personal loss?
depriciation on parking shed?
Is Mileage Reimbursement Subject To Taxes?
Should there be a 9% federal sales tax on all goods and services for poor people?
where i can get the basic knowledge abuut sharemarket?
I have 7 lac income pa how much maximum tax can I save?
Pending Taxes?
How can i convince the govt to reduce the tax on my hard earn money?
Can my Boyfriend claim me on his taxes?
PF Withdrawl reason for leaving service?
Specialized deductions on property tax and mortgage interest?
would anyone in the UK like to buy my home in Michigan? ?
I lived and worked in NH for few months, do I need to do any paper work for my state taxes?
Need help on filing Gross sales nys?
is it possible to file the State of NJ tax but not Federal tax?
Am I an independent contractor? And if yes, are the taxes really complicated?
If I buy something and pay sales tax on the item , do I have to charge sales tax if I decide to resell online?
how to get good Tax returns?
Where can I file early taxes?
information about hotels plx?
I'm filing my taxes for 2011 and it says that i owe $58 dollars!?
what is garnishment#45307212?
I have a question about tax calculation?
If i get a $2,500 pension payment how much tax does CA. deduct?
Need help with T1 submission?
where can i find form 8332?can i find it on the irs website?
Why can't "Fair Tax" be implemented?
I STILL havent recieved my tax refund?
is it true that overseas filipino workers receive tax refund to korean goverment????
Who think everyone should have to pay the same about of taxes due to the wages, not how many kids they have?
Is there a Form 3325 that gives a taxpayer permission to carry a certain child.?
First time doing my taxes, please help?
i got a call from the goverment sayn i can get 7 thousond dollars i just have to pay an ativation fee of 280?
Working in CA but live in MD do I have to pay CA tax?
Advice for avoiding owing taxes in 2008?
gift tax and foreign income tax?
i rent space in my parent's home is my rent tax deductible?
Clear answers for 1/31 DD now 6 Weeks!!?
How much do u have to pay for ur income tax if u make 5,000 a month?
How can i grow a money tree?
Do I have to pay California tax if my business is in Nevada?
How are you going to spend your $800 federal tax rebate?
Can a person file another person in a bi-racial relationship because it can't be common law marriage?
Can we report a tax preparer?
CSA Arrears. Advice Please.......?
if i forget to file my 1099 r with my income tax..can i redo it later?
When you are in the UK you do not pay any sales Tax a book of say 10 pounds price tag its 10 pounds what you?
I got custody of my daughter last year and i went to file her on my taxes and her mother beat me to it.?
Does anybody know how much Dollar stores in general Export and/or Import?
How long can you receive additional unemployment benefits in Ohio?
i received a deposit from the u.s. treasury for $300 but i already got my tax return. what on earth is this?
Are you against Food Stamps?
How much does it cost to File Annual Returns and Income Tax for Pvt. Ltd. Company?
How can i claim my kids on my taxes and havent worked this year?
What can I do, if I didn't receive my relevant documents from my previous employer for claiming a tax refund?
Anyone knw if theres an import duty/customs duty on clothes from uk to ireland?
How many allowances do I claim on a new hire form?
local 185 wages ??????
2009 second morgage tax form question?
Question about Illinois Unemployment Benefits?
Why did my tax return go to Andover,MA 05501,if I live in Maryland 21502?
Help! ITIN and SSN and withheld taxes?
how would you do the math with 40% commission receiving 2200 each month?
Am I able to claim at least one of my children on my income taxes?
i have isssue duplicate pan no.?
What do I do if I lost my W-2s?
My military retirement and social security is not an entitlement. it is earned.?
question on winning sweepstakes and paying taxes?
how much tax would i pay for a company van personal use,i know the allowance ifor van and 500 for fuel,?
Would you "donate" money to pay down the national debt?
is early tax payment voluntary?
Is a gift of $15,000 taxable to receiving party?
How can I find the tax assesors Website for Rosepine, Louisiana?
When was the Double Tax Avoidance Treaty signed between USA & India?
H&R Block software - Does "Federal Owe" mean I pay taxes or does this mean refund?
Can I file Married even though my wife is from Canada and doesn't have a Social Security Number yet?
How do you add 9.0% taxes to a price?
Unemployment Question?
Deceased husband, life insurance payout?
When do I get the money from the Federal stimulas package?
Tax Season : HR - PPCARD or Cheque?
I haven't filed my 1099 forms for my income since 2005. I have no assets or income. How do I begin to fix it?
How do I the sales tax of C.A with $6.99?
Is it right to deduct tax from doubtful debt before making pfovision on it.?
Can i claim Head of Household? Share custody of my daughter , and her mother claimed her this year?
Does "don't pay taxes" mean these people are the ones who get a refund at the end of the year?
claiming a dependent on taxes?
My PAYG shows $ 9000 more than my Ex-boss has actually paid me. Will I've to pay tax on the $ I've never got?
is there a dollar limit for filing escheatment funds in Florida?
Am I considered "Head of Household" for my W-4?
central exise returns ANNEXURE A?
how can i find out if i owe the govenrment any money before i do my taxes?
When people get married, are they then responsible for tax liabilities their partner accrued in the past?
i purchased home from father for deliquent taxes but family is upset because they didn't have the resources .?
I work 800 miles away from my house, are my expenses related to working away from home tax deductible?
IRS levied my bank account, any chance I can get back the funds?
Should I elect to tax my unemployment?
If you receive a prize from a tv show how much is taxed?
is filing bankruptcy protects you from the IRS?
unlock my atm pin bank of india?
Can someone explain in simple words Transfer Pricing for purpose of computing income tax? (karan adik)?
I believe now short term capital gain on sale of share can not be set off by long term sale of shares?
Does anyone know how long centrelink take to pay age pension and pension bonus after an application is made?
Can the IRS garnish our entire bank account(s) if my spouse owes taxes from his business years ago?
How much capital gains tax I will pay?
Can someone have me arrested for taking their income tax when they owed it to me?
Does the governement accept payment plans if you owe on your taxes?
How do you feel about welfare?
penalty on cashing in an IRA?
Tax-ing ? here~?
Does India have the worst tax system?
If I live in a state that has no income tax, but work in a bordering state that has income tax...?
TDS Refund :can any1 please let me know when will i get this return ?
Capital gain tax or income tax?
Did I do my taxes right?
how can i get a good job in the UK Part time?
How do I go about getting a tax id number if I am undocumented? thank you in advance.?
Question about taxes?
Mailing from US to Canada - would I have to pay duties/customs if the stuff were made in the US?
Do I have to pay taxes on wife's "gift"?
I live in Italy but I work for an american publisher: How do I get my ITIN number?
we are really desperate for money can we claim our pension payments back ?
Are tax returns filed on or after January 26 experiencing refund delays?
I haven't filed for my taxes the last two years, can I still file? I'm getting a tax refund. Not paying.
Can my boyfriend claim my son and I on his taxes?
What does the gas tax pay for?
Should he pay his share of the council tax?
How do I know if I need a tax id number?
I worked a small time in 2007 only had 34.51 takin out for Federal Income, do I need to file taxes?
Please Help Me With Accounting Problem?
My parents helped me pay off my student loan...will I have to pay taxes on the money they gave me?
i didnt do the Quarterly deal last year at all i was supose to now im late doing this.?
Income Tax Depart. is misleading. Why not fix >Rs.20,000, >50,000 insted of =>Rs.20,000 & =>Rs.50,000 ?
additional info on Loss of home- yes we lost our home in November 2008 in the Sayre Fires?
I started a home-based business earlier in the year and it never took off, do I have to file taxes on it?
can i file my 2011 tax return next year?
can your wages be garnished if you work and resides in south carolina?
audited for education/refundable education credits by irs?
If I win the lottery, and want to give some to friends and family, will they be taxed on its - gift tax?
I need to know lf any one know about this emaile eurobelastingdeinst@europ...from netherland?
How much Excise duties and Taxes apply when Import Mobile Phone From China to India for Personal Use...?
What was wrong with the window tax?
Personal Goods USA - UK?
Deduction for Federal Tax paid in 2005 for previous year (2004) on 2005 returns?
when is last day for filling the taxes?
Well the Feb 1st dd actually come tomorrow?
For AY2011-12, why has CPC not considered 80CCF deduction?
Do you pay property tax or any other type of tax for a owning a burial plot?
How come I have not received my Stimulus Check?
Should we have to pay?
Macy's West employer tax id number...?
What are some of the hidden tax write offs that people don't usually claim in Canada?
Does having a Federal EIN number prevent someone from taking the same name of your business?
Help I owe taxes and still am due a refund. When Will I get it?
Taxed money earned through Gold?
IT return in India?
tax and N.I?
Taxes on money gifted to me from India to Canada via Bank?
who are the excise duty free states in inida?
how can I Fixed my past TAX?? I did not crim on my child Past tax? Can I still Add my child on past tax?
What's good about lowering taxes under the fiscal policy and lowering interest rates under monetary policy?
My cousin and I e-filed our taxes on 2/05 direct deposit. I filed mines an hour prior to hers.?
what is meaning of salary CTC ?
how can i find out more about renters credit from the federal gov?
I'm filing a 1099 for 14,000.Single,head of household with 2 young kids.anyone no my estimated refund?
My Neice moved in with me in june 2006. Can I claim her on my Taxes as a dependent?
do all contractors have to make estimated quarterly tax payments?
is a relocation assistance taxable in PA? What percentage do i have to deduct?
my tax code changed rom 747L to 621L?
Has anyone who used turbo tax gotten thier stimulas payment?
can u file your income taxes with your last check stub?
Is the UK in a double dip recession?
Income & Capital Gain taxes interaction?
tax questions?
Question about my Internet business taxes. Is this a red flag?
Shouldnt taxes in every state be the same?
Would anyone pay off a Student loan of 14k if they had it? or should i just pay it off through working hard?
I paid for maintaining my church website - Tax Question?
i work my wife stays home i owe pas due support can my wife still file an injured spouse form and get some of?
Standard Int'l Flat Rate Shipping question!?
has anyone wmr updates 1/25/2012?
Does philippines report any deposit over $100,000 to the us irs?
Do you technically have to have a proof of posting stamp when returning an item?
i finish work and lve the uk to work abroad on 6May2012 & return 6May2013 am I liable for tax?
How much for a pack of Newports in Pennsylvania?
how much money would one get if rewarded ten million dollors?
My adult son has diabetes and can not work. I am supporting him completely. Can I claim him as a dependent?
does my kid have to pay taxes on his paper route?
how do I *** money on to my h and r block card?
what is the corrcet abbrevation of NABARD?
How do I pay the US Customs Service for import duty?
Does a single person LLC need to file CA form 568?
How do i do taxes for a business?
how much will i get taxed?
I just need to know is there any Tax or duty i have to pay if i import kids wear from Pakistan?
if a sole proprietor took draws out from the business and he has a sch c on his 1040?
How long can I claim a Per Diem Allowance?
In Canada, are taxes deducted more if you have two jobs? If so, how much more?
Do ALL Amazon listings have to have the new sales tax in PA?
employer had entered erronious information on my w4?
Tax Error, Can We Go To Jail????
Only $5 federal tax was taken out for the whole year, how does that happen and what does it mean for me?
Turbo Tax calculated way too much taxes for me?
Emergency Tax Question?
how much taxes will be due on 401-k withdraw 200000.00 in ga?
is there anyway to get away with filling self employed when u wasnt?
How much would deducting $2500 on your taxes save?
Do your taxes say how many people live in your household?and if your married?How can the goverment find out?
for the irs what is reference number 1321?
how do i claim te emergency tax i have paid back?
I've been offered some freelance admin work and will need to pay my own taxes, etc, where do I begin?
This is tax query i.r.o bank FD and interest thereon?
Did anyone do their taxes online through H&R Block or Turbo Tax and had direct deposit receive thier stimulus?
How much will be taken from my check if I only claim myself and I gross 5000 per month?
Question about gift tax liability?
about taxes in india?
Should co. and corp. be allowed to move their headquarters off shore to avoid paying taxes in the US?
i did not file taxes in 2009 can i file my 2010 taxes?
hi i have 5 numbers plus the bonus on tonights lottery before i claim do i have to pay tax on the winnings?
how to pregnant wife?
I hired Effectur for $8,000 to an handle IRS debt. Once they were paid in full, all work stopped , , ,?
Can you use turbo tax 2005 to file the 2006 tax returns?
Demerit of indirect tax?
401 K investments are they tax exempt in India?
Does my boyfriend have to claim me as a dependent?
Funding a joint living trust with joint assets is it necessary to change the assets from joint to individule.?
Income tax!?!?!?!!?!?
Tax return still delayed?
1.what is the difference between systematic investment plan and equity linked savings scheme?
what is the difference between equity instrument and financial liability?
Which month do EDF pay the social tariff payment?
Can I claim my Dad on my taxes?
How to get into an IRS auction?
how much import duties do you have to pay importing a consumer electronic item from england to the USA?
Distributive property with brackets?
Important Question About Sales Tax Please Answer?!?!?!?!?!?!?! URGENT!?
is the portion of a gift over $10,000 taxable? or the whole thing? (I.E. a $20,000 gift)?
I bought a lot after title closing I found out that there's back taxes owed which date one year before buying?
Can salary earned by minors be taxed at their parents' tax rate?
If you win 1.000.000 on deal or no deal, how high are the taxes?
Hello i live in NJ and my uncle owns a abandond property that is 29,000$ behind and back taxes. ?
how can i sue a tax preparer?
2010 Tax refund direct deposit question?
Did my tax preparer mess up my taxes?
How much do you pay a year in taxes for your home? How much is your home worth?
If I live in Oregon (which has no sales tax) do I have to pay sales tax when shopping in other states?
If I'm married but separated can I file my taxes as single?
Info on Australian tax and own Abn?
how much is family allowance per child?
When is the tax due?
I owe back taxes for years dating back to '97' thru '02'. Should I deal with the IRS or an outside Lawyer.
What will be the final total when u add the tax? ?
What if person gets 7500 on the refund, but doesnt buy a house?
Is it illeagal for my mom to claim my kids on her taxes.If my kids dont live with her?
irs received my amended return on march 14?
How much should I pay ?
what is reference code 9001 from the irs?
Question about Inflation and taxes!?
Will I have to file taxes on my father's estate this year (2009)?
Do I need to 1099 foreign consultants or companies?
Mailing from US to Canada - would I have to pay duties/customs if the stuff were made in the US?
Do foreigners pay sales tax on car rental etc.?
If the tax on a new robot lawnmower is $39 and the tax rate is 6% what is the cost of the mower before tax?
what is the sales tax percentage on vehicle?
I claimed too much money in RRSP's...?
With CVS deals regarding $5 ECB's when you spend $20 is that before or after tax?
My ex produced a 1099-misc as income verification?
How much earned income do I need to make to file my kids on my taxes?
deduction of check bi weekly?
how do i replace lost w-2 forms so i can file my taxes?
what is the current tax rate for those making $250,000.00 or more?
I have a question about including something on an IRS Income Tax Amendment form?
Regular 9-to-5'er + small business owner = how much tax allowance?
can i file a Complaint aganist someone with all proofs?
will a friend moving in affect our child and working tax credits?
Are prostitutes supposed to pay income tax?
Can I possibly owe more taxes?
Can the IRS withold my refund?
website to check where's my refund with the IRS?
How many hrs should I work?
American government taxes as well as state income taxes.?
Income Tax Question, How to get the most money out of taxes?
Can I give the president my federal tax money in person?
We may be on a home remodelling show. Will we have to pay gift tax?
Should an unemployed person file tax returns if there was no income of any sort?
6% sale tax om $57.96 is how much?
How do I file taxes as an Independent Contractor?
Do you have to pay taxes for gigwalk?
long term capital gains from shares. income tax liablility?
if i have one dependant about how much can i get back if i make $20,000?
I need the tax table for form 1040ez pages 24-32?
How weeks are in a year?
How much does the government make from sin tax per year?
Change of photo in PAN Card?
If I win the lottery in a tax state on vacation, can I claim the prize at home in my no-tax state?
Should I have a received a W-2C?
If I paid taxes of $750,000.00 this year. How much did I earn this year?
Can anyone get a U.S. federal tax extension, or do you need a really good reason?
How much tax will I pay?
Does Missouri allow garnishment of state income tax refunds to satisfy personal debts ?
are life insurance proceeds taxable income?
i got a call from the goverment sayn i can get 7 thousond dollars i just have to pay an ativation fee of 280?
How much will I make after taxes? State job?
If I was gifted £100,000, would I need to pay both capital gains tax as well as income tax?
Am I a homeowner for tax purposes if I'm on the title but not the mortgage?
can i claim my dependents and get earned income credit?
i need to find a list of foreclosed properties on file at court house in volusia county florida?
who do i contact about my tax refund?
Sales Tax on Commercial Labor in FL?
I'm going to start a internet business do i have to pay taxes?
what categories should I have when making a filing system in my home office?
i am a med lab tech i want to move to U.S do u think its a good idea , the taxes here in canada are very high.
if you paid $80K in taxes should you expect a refund when you file your taxes?
Is it it time to quit the UK as it appears to be going downhill fast?
How much will I be paid after tax?
i have ordered a fake panerai watch from china for 60$. How much of customs duty &taxes should i pay to canadi?
Us to Canada shipping - How much fees/duty will i pay?
My son's grandma claimed my son on her taxes without my knowledge!!?
Calculate percentage increase of a stock value?
Do we need to claim SSDI on our tax return?
Back paying social security, medicare taxes?
18 year old working as camp counselor. Am I exempt from withholding taxes?
do you get child tax credit with a 1099?
If you claim clothing on taxes will a computer print out from the employer work instead of original receipts?
If you 16 in the UK and you resell a memory stick or something do you have to pay tax?
What things could I include when I file 1099 at the end of the year?
Didn't file state taxes for past 2 years?
If I've recieved 10,000 from my mom, do I have to put that into the taxes?
Tax estimate may be a bit low?
If, I win in playwin superlotto how much percentage will be deduct in my claim amount and how much time will ?
If I give my national insurance number to my new employer, will the tax man take both taxes (UK only pls)?
Does anyone else feel like the IRS is sitting around with the WMR site down playing poker laughing at us?
Can India tax experts give me tax implications for total income of 2 lacs INR?
which American state is cheapest to live? i.e for cost of living and taxes.?
When was the making work pay credit implemented?
can my financee claim my children on his tax return since he supported them too?
Has anyone else been told they would receive their refund by Feb 1st?
Time to pay care home fees?
Where can I find a tax rate chart I can print showing the taxes at a rate of 6.75% for over $40.00?
Restricted holiday with Earned leave?
If you filed your taxes by mail, is there any way to get an income tax loan?
My wife Filled our taxes and Ripped me off...?
Hello, i have a question about taxes.?
Has anyone not recieved their stimulus refund on the date scheduled?
Do you have to pay just to talk with someone at LibertyTax, H&R block, etc?
American living in NZ, income is web based business in US so what's the tax situation?
Where will my "agency fee" show up on my pay stub?
How long does it take to receive your IRS return transcript?
Is there a super-tax in Hong Kong?
Can you claim hair donations to locks of love on your federal tax return?
How much is the tax rate for Freelancers?
I am underage, but I have a regular 'pay roll' job....are they going to hold taxes on my paycheck?
where is to site to check on w2's and paycheck?
accounting help...depreciation expenses?
My son's father claimed him on his tax return but he does not support him. Is there anything I could do?
Do you think pensioners should pay tax.?
Can you file taxes anytime of the year?
How much in taxes should I be paying if I am a 1099?
what determines how much you get back when filing your taxes?
what gifts are exempted from tax?
Stocks and irs?! help!!!?
Filing tax return questions?
help! Baliliff problems re council tax?
I already filed my taxes, but recieve a 1098-T form ! help!?
If you found 5OO bucks with an identification would you return it?
Will I still recieve unemployment?
Do i get taxes back this year?
where do i cash my irs check issued by university bank for 6,000.00 or more?
am i entitled to working tax credits on an income of £14000?
is your federal income tax withheld the same the as your income from work?
do you have to be currently employed to be able to do a emerald advance this year?
Is this a legitimate way to withdraw 401k w/o early distribution penalty?
Has anyone had their 2009 taxes accepted by irs yet?
can some explain how income tax/tax refunds work?
Did anyone get there refund with a dd date of 2/1/2012?
How long do you have to keep paper records of your bills for tax purposes?
When you pay business tax, do you pay for the profit (excluding expenses) or the income?
explain what a capital gain is?
who will help me, if my TDS not deposited in my Pan no.?
i need to know how much i need to make so that after taxes i can pay all my bills?
Are amounts received by Billy and amber treated the same under the tax law?
how can i settle tax debt with the IRS s for less?
what is meant by the "basis" in or for my IRA?
Is Ofw require to pay tax Before traveling?
Anyone got thier Ny State Tax refund?
I need help with my Taxes :)...?
I work 40 hours a week making 8.00 an hour, I was wondering how much taxes would be taken out of my check?
What medical expenses can I claim on my 2009-10 tax returns?
Why didn't I get my rebate before my mom?
does getting a large tax refund effect my food stamps?
which is greater $2500 a month or $15 an hour for a year and hour i get paid on the 1st and 15th of the month?
can I claim child support on taxes without a court order for child support?
Can I claim my student fiance as a dependent if we don't marry until December?
My work-study did not take out State tax or Federal tax?
What is the import duty levied on computer hardware?
I had two jobs few weeks ago and i was on the BR Tax code for the 2nd job,would i be entitled to tax refund?
i filed bankruptcy against the irs?
How can you hide money from federal taxes?
Why Indian income tax rules are so complex ?
NJ State Income Tax Rate for tax year 2007?
question about paying taxes and tax codes?
Deadline for 1098-e & 1098-t forms?
Tax Question, Will I have a penalty on my taxes next year?
How many allowances do i claim on W-4 single, and two children, NOT head of household?
Readymade grment in Tawell is taxable ? Give me reply earliest as possible.?
When filling a DE6(Quater wage and whiholding report)?
I am trying to enter my real estate tax paid for 2009 for my taxes. Where do I find that info?
Will my main employer find out if I get a second job?
How do I figure out my tax rate in the state of Georgia?
How can I be UK tax resident?
I incorporated in July 2009 and tax preparer did not file k-1 I want to file 2010 and 2011 and report 09 when?
please someone explain to me this...i'm confuse..?
Can my fiance claim me on his taxes?
Can claim my son as a dependent?
Are conference registration fees subject to sales tax?
I didn't say that I have not been or do not plan to pay my taxes owed from 2005?
i get medicaid & food stamps for me and child, but my girl pays the bills, can i let her claim us on taxes?
Is money taxable from the sale of items received from a loved one's estate?
What should I do if I have not received my w-2 form from former employer after january31?
Is it okay that my waiters only report tip income averaging 10% of their sales?
Can I buy a house and put the title on my S Corp so that my S Corp pays the mortgage and I pay rent to my S Co
Employee Tuition Reimbursement Tax?
youth allowance (Australia)?
Where can I find 2006 NJ personal income tax rate schedules? In order to estimate my 2006 Nj state taxes?
I didnt recieve my refund called irs they said they don't have nothing in the system to remail the forms ?
Can someone translate this ballot measure? Does it mean Alaska will get more or less taxes from gas resources
what is the name of the STATE agency that administers wage and hour law in Florida?
Is tuition reimbursement through payroll taxed?
Are the intra community VAT number and the VAT number two different numbers or are they the same number?
Am I going to get all of my taxes back?
how come I don't receive much on my tax return?
I rec'd a K-1 that shows a loss of 200K - Does this mean that I can deduct the loss from my taxes?
homestead exemption in Alabama how much does it lower my taxes?
What is the standard rate to claim per mile for my business mileage?
Do I have to pay capitol gains tax on a house I lost in foreclosure?
I still haven't gotten my stimulus check yet. What do I do?
Calculating payroll taxes?
will you get your stimulus payment if you owe taxes?
How much do you earn?
How is the installment sales method used?
i have a property in France and am thinking of selling it can you tell me the rate of tax i would pay onprofit
As a beneficiary on my daughter's 401-K Savings plan will I have to pay federal income tax?
Can I order a IRS tax transcript for 2011 if I haven't filed my taxes yet?
What does, "The amount allowed is the LESSER OF what was paid, or $500." mean? LESSER OF?
Will any bank give me an education loan of 16 Lakhs for doing mba it iim b schools india .....pls tell details?
What a shambles the child tax credit are. how long does it take for back payment to be processed?
buying xbox from walmart online to outside of
Are online purchases included in the Sales Tax Holiday even if the retailer is located outside the state?
Question about filing past year taxes, while forward deployed and not legally seperated?
is it true that when home values drop taxes should drop too/ If so, how can I get a lower assessment?
Military Bonus Question Tax Question?
Where can I find Section/Township/Range maps for Kingman, Pratt, Reno, and Stafford Counties in Kansas?
Are finance charges on cash advances reportable on federal income tax?
why does it take so long for them to off-set a tax refund when filing married with an injured spouse?
Do away with the cap on social security, If you earn a wage or have income, pay SS on the whole amount.?
Offshore banking?
Can Netflix charge tax on streaming?
How much cash would i be able to bring into the UK From the USA by air without paying duty?
I can not find 2 of my 2005 w-2 forms. Is there a site from which I can get additional ones printed off?
told my boss ive been overpaid?
IRS Non-Filing Tax Statement?
Can I claim my student fiance as a dependent if we don't marry until December?
Has everyone rec'd their tax rebate on time?
Should I do my own taxes?
What income is enough to live in a state like Maine?
If I don't work,but my husband does, will we get $1200.oo or $600.00 for tax rebate?
Maximum taxable earnings for 2005?
where can i get my taxes done for free in michigan?
What are effects of tax cuts on our needs?
Why is council tax so expensive?
Looking for a good college parents support site, anyone know?
Is a corporation eligible for the new tax incentive for hiring an unemployed worker who is the owner's spouse?
If you loan someone money, is it possible to have that loan forgiven and if so are their tax benefits?
silent member of an LLC and taxes?
Has anyone actually gotten a stimulus "check"?
Why do so many people want to get a tax refund?
how long does it take to recieve a income tax check from austin, tx., to euless, tx.?
Is my guesstimate about right?
Loan Calculator Excel File ?
Can i recieve unemployment from oh. since i worked there and in fl. where i got laid off . i qualify in both?
Does the Canadian Government pay interest on the money that the Bank of Canada Prints?
CIP: What doesnt' it include?
What is the % rate of income taxes on pension & social security.?
will getting maried afect our taxes?
Does Federal law or FL state law require and/or allow that service, handling, & shipping charges are taxable?
please show me short term & long term capital gain calculation format?
IRS rebate. Single Parent. I only got $300. WHY?!?!?
WMR help please! Question about the date they give you, and please dont delete... thank you?
still haven't gotten my w2 form? can my employer get in trouble for this?
LLC vs S-Corp Tax Basis and Tax implication?
what should I claim on my w2 to get mor now but not owe at the end of the year?
do i tell my boss that im unhappy about my paycheck?
what was the gross pay year to date earning?
Irs question w-9?
What are the differences between ON OHIP and BC MSP?
need to get previous years W2 for 2002,2003 and 2004 were can I order these online?
How do you do your own payroll?
How to claim $3000 earned on taxes from babysitting kids on a join return with my husband?
Can my husband ex wife claim their daughter on her taxes if the divorce decree says its his year?
How much tax refund will get making $52,000 with zero dependents?
What will happen (tax wise) if I own my own business and don't know how much money I made last year? ?
my ex forged my signature on our tax refund. how can I get my money?
My tax preparer made a mistake and I received a cp2000, should he be responsible?
Will I be able to file for the American Opportunity Credit if I went to job corp for a trade?
What is the tax rate on interest from a savings account?
Can I do jail time for not being able to pay my state taxes?
how much do calligraphers earn per year in the UK?
is doing business in china tax free & can any one tell me the list of countries where their is no tax.?
I haven't filed for my taxes the last two years, can I still file? I'm getting a tax refund. Not paying.
It's 11.40 Am here in the UK, What time is it where you are?
I'm newly self employed. Are pet boarding fees deductible when I travel on business?
how do i check out the status of my income tax check?
I received a IRS notice "CP2000"?
Will our economic stimulus check be garnished?
taxes punishment?
Gift tax. My uncle is giving me a car worth 20,000. Is he tax on it.?
I've had zero federal taken out for my taxes last year and want to know why?
Do you give your refund check to those you take as exemptions?
I haven't filled out My 2010 taxes?
how to file taxes with husband when my mom claimed me .?
If you pay tax on a centrelink benefit do you get that back at the end of the financial year?
I am a disabled man, and am putting an inground pool in. Is this tax-deductible, if i use it for therapy?
can you write a pool off for tax es through your wife busness.?
What is Super Tax in India?
I am a part time nanny, If my employers don't claim my income on their taxes do i have to file my own?
Tax income allowance 2012-2013?
can i claim my girlfriend on my taxes?
why does social security have a 5 month waiting peiod to receive ssdi benefits?
I'm selling my primary residence I lived in for 6 yrs. And trying to find if I pay Capital Gains?
Will I be taxed on capital gains if I reinvest them within a certain time frame?
how much is tax on
Start as a sole proprietor and later convert to an LLC?
I sold my house for less that what I paid. I owned it less than 2 years. Can I claim a loss on my taxes?
form w-2 and w-4 filing fee?
Canadian GST/QST tax Exempt?
can i file my husbands taxes for him?
What would happen if only financial income was used and reported for tax purposes?
Are you really a pain in the neck to hang out with?
Are Student Loans 1098-T forms deductible on MA taxes, or only when you pay the loans?
Can i buy a van from my tax money?
Can I do tax returns at home for other people?
Does my boyfriend have to claim me as a dependent?
can i do my own taxes??
what does this mean?
I had 2 jobs, and one was for only a month; do I have to apply the one that was only for a month?
Why don't they already add tax on goods?
Can you claim unemployment if you are a 1099?
What is the deference in NYC tax deductions in Commission and bonus in New York for a W2 employee?
Is it better to claim 1 or 0 ?
Am I still considered Dependent?
state income tax & tax exemption home sell question?
Is it true that when I pay tithes at my church, can I recieve all that money back in my tax refund?
Would a non profit organization be taxed for giving gift bags to entertainers presenting at an event?
How much are you taxed from your paycheck if you're 16?
is tomorrow the last day to file for taxes? if so what happens if you haven't?
NHS pension refund...?
What would my income by after taxes?
what's an IRA Retirement, what's the best you can get out of it?
filing taxes- single,$43,000+ and paid $8,307 in taxes?
how do you file a tax extension via computer?
will a 10-99 take away my tax return?
filing taxes on free turbo tax edition... ran into problem PLEASE HELP ASAP!!?
Filing taxes for 2009 with my fiance?
Can a non-licenced daycare provider (like a family member) be used as a tax write off on your taxes?
Florida, Need Unemployment tax return?
What happens if I just now get around to mailing my tax return?
Anyone receive their stimulus check?
If I file on $14000.00 with 2 dependents do I qualify for EIC?
tax refund question please best answer 10 points?
Tax credit question.?
2010 refund tax accepted but being reviewed by the!!!?
Cost , tax or Financial report accountant?
I am 4 years older than my ex. I am 63. Can I collect on his social security now?
should there be a flat tax tax on income,so everybody pays based off what they make.?
i am a senior citizen and do not file income tax. will i get any stimulus money?
has anyone got their DD date for tax refund.?
Will he collect anymore unemployment benefits?
If my annual salary is $54000 how much does that leave as take home pay per month after tax currently?
What, if any is the cost of receiving money in Australia?
Do I have to pay import duties on one shirt?
If an employer reimburses you for an expenses, does it need to be reported to the IRS?
Can I deduct my laptop?
what would happen to my employer who has paid employees cash for last 10 years without paying into ss, unemplo?
If you are wealthy, why do you a tax break?
Can I deduct any funds for traveling to work if my gasoline is reimbursed?
A question related to building expenses.?
How long must I have my tax records?
New York City Tax questions?
In the UK, do you pay tax on money received from a will? If so, what sort of tax?
if i didnt file my 2011 income taxes is there a intrest attached my late?
My employer is taking 6.2% of my income under social secuirty tax?
Estate was $800,000.00 cash. Executor spent $600,000 legal fees defending estate. Legal fees tax deductable?
How much would it be, including tax to make a home office?
I efiled my IRS federal taxes April 16th but still no refund.?
Can I take out my 401K to pay off my student loan without 10% penalty?
Does anyone know of an online service where I can file JUST my state taxes?
What is the minimum wage now in the UK please?
if i recieved my signing bonus in 2009 and my 2 year anniversary is this year when do i recieve it?
question about e filing and signatures?
Can Hank Paulson avoid tax on $600MM unrealized capital gain upon becoming a government employee?
my daugther turns 19 next year, when is the best time to take her off my W 2 form? Before april15, or after?
What to do if my 1099's do not match the amount we are paying taxes on.?
Is tax budget India different from union budget?
Do people who receive large donations have to pay tax? Like in the Treyvon Martin case..?
Using UK Visa cards abroard.?
can i still file my 2007 w-2?
Have anybody refund date changed again cause now mine says feb 21 ?
not paying employee due to overpaying him?
if i file for an extension on my taxes and pay too much, will i get a refund for that amount when i do file?
Home base Small busines tax question?
Do married people have a tax deduction?
Why haven't I received my W-2 yet?
can my employer 1099 me if they tell me what to do?
Did anybody get a feb 12 refund date ?
does anyone know what number i can dial to find out about my state tax return?
canadian income taxation planning and descision making?
Tax Questions About W-2! Help! I Don't Understand...?
what time does the the 100 metres semi finals start in the uk?
what country does not have a tax?
wheres my refund website not working?
Do the winners of wheel of fortune have to pay taxes or do they get all there money?
how to fill out p50 form?
The alternative minimum tax (AMT)is killing me, any suggestions of the best ways to reduce your taxable income
What tax form is a high school student suppose to fill out if you only worked for 2 months during the year?
If you owe the IRS back taxes do you really need a lawyer?
INCOME TAX HELP!! Husband Owe IRS Money?
Do you pay taxes on a living trust?
How do I get a tax refund?
Do i have the right to claim my daughter for income tax?
public benevolent institution (PBI) tax concession?
in virginia if you get married at the end of the year does that affect your tax filing status?
For the people who filed their taxes on Feb. 1st, have you reveived you dd date?
I have a question in regards to centrelink.?
How does taxation work for single-member LLC registered in WA, member residing in NY, and working in NJ?
I have a Tax Question?
were can I get quick tax 2005?
where to efile state tax return for free?
is there any works contract tax for undertaking interior work in india?
I want a federal tax lien deleted?
I have not received a 1099, and the person I need it from will not give it to me, how do I file my taxes?
Can I claim the IRA deduction (Form 1040 / Line 32) ?
what is budgeting it's significance in an organisation?
incorrect or fraudulent W2?
I work for a company registered in the Cayman Islands, and work in Kuwait, do I have to file income tax papers
when filing taxes does one need to report an unpaid school loan?
how do i............?
How will my accrued annual and sick leave be calculated?
what are the income tax slabs for agricultural income in india for 2005-06?
What % do they hold out of a payroll check for taxes?
what are the kinds of taxation?
Payee altered on $4200 tax return, check deposited into new business checking.?
Should we file taxes ? SSD was approved for my husband..?
If a person has unclaimed property?
i lost my PAN Card and i do not remember my number. what should i do?
Tax filing for induvidulas?
We just had a baby on 1/18/08. Is there any way to claim this person as a dependent on my 2007 taxes?
how to claim back emergency tax after leaving the job?
has anyone who used turbotax received theyre stimulus tax refund in the mail ..last ssn # digits 10-18?
When an individual sells a house, is a notice sent to the IRS?
Is there a phone number to reach turbo tax for consulting?
is there an on-line taxprep for free in il.?
how much tax and n/i should i be paying on £553 a week?
My Debt Before Getting Married...1099-C?
what is 6% sales tax on $22.25?
Can I file an injured spouse claim if I made over 20,000?
Taxes on sale of foreign property?
Taxes on Ufile are confusing me.?
where do i send pennsylvania federal tax payment?
How do I include online trading in my taxes after I close an account?
How much can you earn before tax in the uk?
What is the difference between Schedule M-1 and M-3?
what if i havent filed taxes for over 5 years does the irs still owe me?
What is the best way to send money abroad to a Pakistani bank account from within the UK?
Is it true that if you save your receipts for food, shelter, and clothing you can claim it all on your taxes?
can my son farther still claim taxes even if i get cash assistance?
Income Tax rebate on Housing Loan?
I owe the state of Illinois money where do I send it to?
can somebody provide me a complete list of all taxes applicable on real estate/consruction companies?
Arizona tax rate percentage?
Should McDonald's have tax-exempt status as a church?
I am filing unemployment in PA and need help!?
Will my tax return be accepted if i typed my last name as Smith Jr?
What are the averege taxes in Oceanside Ny?
Capital Gains from Mutual Funds - Can I apply them to a new home?
do you need more than a tax id to sell car audio in Texas?
where can I find some one is not busy and can talk to me please From Dubai?
working tax credit question?
How much would be monthly income be after taxes on a $26K salary?
Can I have and use an FSA and an HSA at the same time?
can i get a tax refund if i did not work but I have 1 child to claim?
How much does the average person get back in tax returns?
Should I amend my 2009 state tax returns?
Do I have to have a tax # to sell handmade things on etsy?
I overestimated my FTB earnings - How much should I get back from Centrelink?
am i eligiable to file my 09 tax returns?
Can my boyfriend claim my children?
Do you have to file for Taxes?
I rec'd 5 1099-misc for same type of work. Should I combine and use total with one sch. C or separately?
do I have to pay california state income taxes if I live in arizona?
Depreciation in accounting?
If I own a house and am going to school but have never worked can I file taxes and get money back.?
whether Canteen contracter has to charge sales tax as he provided service to mfg industry?
Woke up this morning with tax refund in account?
has anyone got there refund yet today?
OPTION A v/s B: Best tax advantage on purchasing a business vehicle?
Does anybody know where i can post a job?
can you please help adding 8.25% tax to a purchase?
Do I file both the 1040x and 1040?
Tax question: Partnership returns K'1's and personal returns?
Do I Have To Fill Out Taxes For This Income?
why did'nt i recieve my ny state star rebate check?
tax deduction for recently purchased home?
I have a 10-99 form and i need to pay 2,700 do i have to pay that now our wait till tax season?
Will I get in trouble for writing EXEMPT on my W4?
Collecting Kentucky sales tax from out of state customers?
Why should I subsidize large companies with my tax paying so they can pay their employees using tax credits?
Accidentally Claimed myself on taxes?
Can you file a W-2 from 1998?
what is the concept of tax deduction services?
what is direct irs copy means?
Part of the 2/7 group and I am wondering if there are others like me who have not gotten the update on WMR?
Taxes Are Due!: How should I report jury pay on my tax return?
My husband and I filed taxes together. I thought that we would get 1200 back from the tax rebate, but we only?
How can I, or can I, write off lottery winnings from my taxes?
how can i go about finding homes on the internet that have un pais property taxes with out having to pay a fee
Need to amend 2008 tax return to change to "dependent" status?
My boss takes taxes off of each paycheck. Am I still required to file a tax return? What happens if i dont?
If I am earning money off the books and no taxes are being taken out do I have to claim it?
I'm filing a 1099 for 14,000.Single,head of household with 2 young kids.anyone no my estimated refund?
If you get £17500 salary a year how much would i come out with each month??
what if i rent out my house, do i still have to pay back the 8000 tax credit?
Fellow have you been affected by the changes on Income Trusts?
if your a exempt is it required to change filing status every year?
OK LAWYERS, tax attorneys, in the tax books you get every yr., it speaks to the system being a voluntary one,?
If you are independently contracted can you write off a lap top if you use it for business reasons?
how long does amend take to return through mail I mailed in Feb it's May now?
I'm going to start a internet business do i have to pay taxes?
How long do I hold on to receipts used for tax write offs?
can u tell me whats the value of one us doller(1us$) in indian rupees?
can my boyfriend claim me on his 09 taxes?
self employed. i have tax returns only to verify income. want to get a loan to buy a home. will that work?
If I claim my gfs kids as a exemption on my taxes does that mean ill get more money back?
what is a roth ira?
Do We Have To Pay Tax On Earned Income?
does anyone have a copy of Patrick James's "99 ways to beat the IRS with a 3 year review" CD.?
can i claim for tax exemption if i bear expenses of my sister education?
rebate and turbo tax?
What is minimum notional rental income amount per Indian income tax act?
I'am looking for information on deliquient property taxes in Tn.where can I find information about this?
i did not contribute to company retirement plan or 401k. Can I contribute to IRA?
how to take federal tax off my check
Back taxes on business that closed in 2006 SO CONFUSED from IRS guy please help?
Whats needed for a Tax I/D #?
Do disregarded entities (a single member LLC) have EINs?
Are gift cards received from a bank as rewards considered taxable income?
Where can I get my taxes done for free? Financially I can't afford to pay to have then done.?
Does Kentucky have a tax on internet downloads?
How do i lower property tax for living under the same address for 15 years?
I was student in UK and the same time,During my job I paid tax which is refundable.Now I want my tax back,how?
I need some information about my income tax what website can i go to for that?
Will I have to pay additional charges to receive a package from American Eagle at my post office in Canada?
What is an accountant?
How much tax do I have to pay for buying hair products on the net from US?
Tax in the UK for foreign resident owning a closed corporation abroad?
can my mom still claim me since i'm 18 and in school and if so can i do my taxes too?
Would Paul Ryan's budget raise taxes on the middle class?
What should I do if I missed the cut off date to file my 2007 federal taxes?
I transferred my house to my cousins name,Do I have to pay 2010 and 2012 taxes?
Can you really claim "exempt" in the State of California up to 3 times a year?
how to get w-2s from past work place?
Its been a month and I still have not received my federal return?
It's May 18, 2012 and I efiled my federal return on 04/15/2012. Where is my refund?
Where's my tax refund? (IRS said it was sent)?
Do I have to pay income taxes on rental property?
where can I get a loan with poor credit and little income?
I need to know lf any one know about this emaile eurobelastingdeinst@europ...from netherland?
Can you keep all of your paycheck?
i have a couple of flats and want to save all my taxes?
what does withhold at single higher rate mean?
what program is available to file a federal tax return with 2 dependents and have made under the poverty level
How does the inheritance work?
Can i get my Federal Work Study job tax withholdings back?
i worked in the usa and i want to claim back my tax how would i go about doing it?
What does '£75 net per week' mean?
i recently won a lawsuit for 108 thoussand iam going to be taxed on it what are the tax rates for new york?
can i claim my pregnant girlfriend if she turned 18 in oct 08, lived with me all year, and has had no income?
dose the irs call your employer to verify wages?
I file my tax electronically but when i check my status its show direct deposit. I didnt sign up for direct.?
my uk employer has underpaid my holiday pay for 6 years how do i claim it back?
Doing my tax return & I owe $152, but when I uncheck that I can be claimed as a depndant, I get a return?
what is vat and its use?
What would happen if MLP's were discontinued under tax reform?
In New Mexico if gross receipts are treated like a sales tax, how do you become tax exempt?
If your ex spouse claims your child on taxes every year nd you were suppose to rotate years is that fraud?
what are the tax consequences of closing custodial investment accounts?
whats the most social security one can draw if they have paid in the maxium each year of their wkg carreer?
When will I get my gst check in the mail?
What is the Oklahoma car tax?
i need a broker for my dump truck? i need to find some work for my dump truck?
Is there a tax credit or break if the State of Minnesota placed you on a "stay of commitment"?
Working in CA but live in MD do I have to pay CA tax?
what is a even transiction in a material procurement and what are the different taxes applicable during this?
i have not got my check yet my last to are 74 it says 6/20 when will i get it?
what is the duty on goods bought overseas into the uk?
I do have direct deposit and my social end in 18 but I did not get my rebate by may 2, what do you think is up
How to segment customers?
My tax preparer made a crucial mistake on my tax return which could literally get me audited?
didn't get my WA state unemployment check after change of address?
How to fight high taxes?
What is the difference between book depreciation and tax depreciation?
How much road tax to be paid in Karnataka for 2 wheeler from Delhi?
What is the present rate of dividend distribution tax in India? - Aug 28, 2008?
When a company offers a package, is that tax-inclusive?
Turbo Tax Nightmare...HELP!?
Question about Tax and mileage.?
How do you figure out the average number of common shares outstanding?
How much taxes are add it in the amount of 10,000 dollars??
does anyone know of a phone number you can call to see if your income tax check has been mailed?
whe i will recive my federal and state checks?
Yur paycheck each week $500.If you want to save $2,000 in 1 year, how much you set aside from you paycheck?
Schedule A. state income tax withholding, what to do with earlier return?
How to add this tax (please help)?
Tell me more about VAT(Value Added Tax)?
Just got married, and wife doesn't work, do I claim one/ two on W-4?
Whats the hold up on tax refunds?
My husband has a qualifying military EIN. How do we file for free on taxslayer?
Is claiming standard and itemized deduction allowed?
tax advantage difference between LLC and Inc. ?
Do I have to fill out form 990?
why do i owe so much federal taxes this year?was there a change in the amount they take out in 2010?
What's the best way to turn someone in for tax fraud?
I have a question about 2011 taxes?
Ignore my last question everyone. my employer only took out 63 from an income of 5065:?
tax rebate and secuirty checks?
If I have a payment arrangement set up for back child support..?
Is it possible in the UK to be poor and working class council flat style and yet being educated,?
If you are self employed and you just had a baby what is the best way to go about your taxes?
How can I surely recieve my tax refund if its direct deposit into someone elses account.?
I have to file a Shedule K-1, with a loss of $25000.00. Will I get any return on my investment?
Can someone explain what is AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax)?
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