PAN Card Correction Online?
Do I have to pay taxes in the state I work in (AR) if I live in another state (TX)?
I have collected unemployment for the whole year of 2009, when will I get my W-2 from the state?
Can I amend my 2008 taxes to get the $7,500 tax credit loan I qualified for?
I want to settle IRS taxes. What are my options and can I do it on my own?
I drive 50 miles one way to work, Can I take my fuel cost off on my taxes?
Why would someone request to delete a question on why Turbo Tax Customer Support?
How do i find my tax return from my morgage?
How do you figure out the average number of common shares outstanding?
What should i do with my income tax i want to make it grow?
Tax when you are contracting ?? £36/Hr?
tax return question. how cxan a person get a tax return when they owe child support?
What form would I fill out to get my sfederal taxes back from 2007. He filled out paper work with H&R Block?
What can I do with my stock losses?
tv part refund help please?
Why is it taking the IRS so long?
What if I don't claim an allowance for my child on W4?
has anyone recently been asked to repay tax credits for overpayment?
Does the ATO every come to your house and check your receipts for deductions?
just finished college, moved in with my parents. if they claim me on taxes, do i still get a refund?
Are allowances and deductions the same thing?
I supported my friends can I use them as exemptions on my tax return?
Can I claim stepchildren?
Question about tax return?
How long does it take to get back your tax return if you have filed it on paper on 15 april?
I want to know if anyone can help save a house from tax default by the city?
what is the location and address of international taxation (NRI) cell of income tax in delhi (india)?
Can I claim a tax rebate on travel costs to and from work in the UK?
how do you know if someone has stolen your social security number?
would i get taxes back if i owe school loans?
do i need to pay taxes on an online store?
I'm single no deductions and i make 26k a year why do I owe the IRS money?How can I find out?
who is still in the 2/7 tax club i filed the 17th and got accepted the 22nd ?
do independent consultants need to charge sales tax in california?
Am I eleigable to get a stimulus check i made over 6000 and filed my taxes?
I have been (unknowingly) paying a student loan back that i never to out. How do i reclaim this money?
how can I avoid paying taxes on land that i've sold?
Importing electronic goods?
Can you tax your car at any time of the month?
What's the difference between a tip charge and a service tax charge?
if i didn't work and i have a child can i file taxes for just the child credit?
I have a tax refund question?
Will I get back more on my tax return if I claim one or two children?
To all isurance agents. Do we need to pay tax again on the commision (which is TDS) if I am salaried class.?
I have never filed my taxes before, please help!?
Do I pay the taxes if my mother messed up her taxes?
My W2 form is being withheld? How can I get it?
Is "snowballing" debt good?
I'm having emergency tax taken from me, I don't think this is right?
What exactly is a tax lien? and how the do I owe so much?
What is an H&R Block RAC Refund?
Will i owe taxes since there was no federal income tax witheld?
Am I responsible for paying my new husband's past tax debt?
Tax Return Question: W2 says wrong state?
I am not able to sleep because of my credti is going my earning money for the months,what can i do my revenue
The child care expenses can be used to get a tax credit? Or is it a tax deduction?
I was unjustly fired, Can i get my employer in trouble for paying me "under the table"?
Does any one know about the flat tax idea and what it entails?
where can i find a tax history for the united states?
2012 stimulus checks?
Why is it that the more money I make the more federal tax gets taken out?
where can i donate a car for a tax credit?
Are we receiving a stimulus check for 2009?
do you get money back from your taxes when you have a house?
How much should i get back for child tax credit 2009 for 2008 tax season?
I filed my 08 taxes for the first time can I do my 07 return today as well?
I claimed expenses from airline loosing my luggage, received check, is that considered income on my taxes?
Question regarding taxes.?
Reporting sales taxes in VA, USA from Internet sales to person in another state?
where can i find how much taxes i owe in hawkins county?
can tammy file head of household?
Students paying tax?
can i get a tax rebate.i left my employment in june 2011and havent worked since. i have a P45 but havent recei?
Revenue enhancements involving expansions to the tax base?
do you have to pay taxes on workers compensation?
Direct question about rebate, YES or NO answers!?
Do you uinderstand the tax forms?
Help What does code 9001 mean?
Still waiting for my IRS DD Refund accepted the 25th of Jan. anyone else still waiting?
claiming zero exemptions through the year on taxes larger refund?
Do IRS employees pay income tax?
does my employer have to withhold state taxes in MD if I am a full time student?
As per indian income tax act 1961 return of income for a deceassed person can be filed after his death ?
Doing taxes on turbo taxes?
Tax credits review nightmare?
What is BP federal tax ID number?
Do MPs pay taxes?
Sold $3500 in Wal-mart stock through employee plan. Unemployed with no other income will i pay taxes on this?
Which address should I put on my tax return?
Do I have to pay taxes? I am a webcam model and I work for a company as an independent contractor?
what does exemption means based on tax?
can i find out if somebody owes back taxes?
How do i pay my forex taxes on turbo tax?
The irs accepted my return jan 21,but the wmr has no info on my refund yet,why?
Should I turn someone without to much evedence to IRS if they really screwed me good to gain money. my money?
10 points!! obama's tax credit for volunteers...?
Owing state taxes???????
Problem with FreeFile?
I still haven't received my tax refund?
what are the taxes and import duties from wine produced in the EU and imported into the UK for resale?
what is a bad debt form,from the IRS.?
HELP!- australia day pay?
What is Google's and CJ's EIN number for filing Taxes?
is redundancy redundant?
alleged unpaid council tax?
I.R.S. W-9 form how to download?
Does having a Medical card in CA show up on your CA State ID?
Can my employer hold a week of my paycheck?
what web site tell me what benefits i can claim?
Friends Need Help related PAN CARD.... Please?
Doing my taxes?
Has anybody got their Maryland tax refund yet?
I did not get my IRS check today . may 9th?
How much will my paycheck be after taxes?
Site to see when my tax check was mailed to me?
address to send paper tax returns for individuals?
I can't find my tax return papers?
who do you contact for an online,U.K. tax rebate as an expat?
If a prior year schedule k-1 shows a loss could amending that k-1 to the return yield more of a refund?
How can I get the most money back on my tax return?
I give cash at a house of worship.How much can I deduct?
If you filed for joint taxes b/c you're married last year and you are still married do you have to file joint
Besides 401K, are there any other places to put my money so that i save on taxes?
Open question to UK residents: How much does Nat.Health cost to you each year?
Do you pay VAT on office business rates?
re: social security. does anyone know if lifelong housewives are eligible for social security?
How do i know if i've got my tax back?
how can taxation to be use to control economy in nigeria?
i owe $1000 for 2007 will i get rebate check?
How Would I Add On Tax?
I received a tax refund for 2007 and I am being audited, if I end up owing tax do I repay the refund?
Can someone explain a W2 form to me?
Is Ron Paul's claim true that half of the revenue the IRS makes, goes to funding the IRS?
IRS straddle rule applicability for closed option spread positions with many rollovers.?
Does the GST essentially make cut down overall tax paid? Please explain further?
Has anyone read about the taxes we're going to charged from this April?
-Why is it taking the IRS so long to process my tax refund?
irs rebate?
Do i have to pay employer's taxes?
Pell grant and tax filing?
What kind of things can you claim on your taxes if your a network marketing?
what is the income level for 2006 when you have social security paid off?
Need to file taxes if I only worked two days for a company?
formula for calculating depreciation cost using double declining balance method.?
how is inflation measured in the uk?
Where can I get schedule that employers use for determining tax amount deduction for paychecks?
Sales tax for a couple of new computers and amplifiers that are to be send overseas.?
Obtaining a copy of my W2 form?
Sales tax in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana?
do u have to pay back the 2008 economic stimulous check on ur 2009 taxes?
How long will it take to get my $7500 tax credit if I mailed it in?
How can i stop my parents from claiming me on their taxes?
whats wrong with Turbo Tax?
Is the IRS issuing tax refunds early this year?
What happens to income tax when operating at loss?
Can my boyfriend claim my son and I on his taxes?
where can i find a tax history for the united states?
What is the maximum amount creditor can charge in late fees & interest? What about taxes on forgiven amount?
I want to rollover 401k to roth ira - is deadline 12/31/09 or 4/15/10?
How much do you pay for (UK) Tax/Duty & VAT for importing from OUTSIDE of the EU.?
He hasn't paid taxes for a few years?
my accountant said he handed in my tax return , but Inland revenue say no record of it?
How common is it for New York State to reject itemized tax deductions?
If I worked outside of the US for only 4 months in a row, do I still qualify for a tax exclusion?
I lost my Taxes ID , now I live in Indianapolis , and need replacement card how ?
Wrong ss Numbers on 1099?
When do I receive my tax refund?
Marginal tax and its effect?
How to track status of first time homebuyer tax credit?
Can you still file taxes after the deadline?
Did anyone yet get there state refund back yet.h&r block said it would only take a week or less.?
What to do about income?
Can my wife collect on my social security after I die?
What do Social Security Disability recipients need to file to receive their tax rebates?
I'm getting all my federal taxes back minus $300. Is that because we get last years stimumlus subtracted?
how do i track acheck from selling of my stocks?
How many times can a individual file exempt?
someone claimed my kids as a dependent on their return?
rebate checks its not all that great?
I want to do B.Ed. from Noida or Delhi through correspondence course. But I don't know the institute?
Filing federal & state tax returns without spousal consent or knowledge?
My exhusband and I take turns claiming our two children on our taxes every year, this is my year to claim them
What is the cost amount of taxes they add onto what you buy?
Can additional self assessment tax be paid after filing return?
my brother is 17, he is in fulltime education, should he be taxed for any part time work he does?
How do I find out if I have a tax return?
Under Cain's 9-9-9 Tax Plan, would state sales taxes still be in effect?
Are services performed in Mexico for a non-resident subject to Mexican VAT?
after a divorce, if the primary residence house is transfered to the wife, is it still 500k tax exclusion?
I know someone who overstated their income on their tax return to get a higher EIC. Wil the IRS find out?.?
is it legal to change the number of exemption i declare so the gov will withhold more taxes?
just moved to illinois, but i want to pay taxes to virginia(where i've lived my whole life) is this possible?
What does the ACT abbreviation stand for? It is a kind of a tax?
Do i need to keep the receipt for IRS Auditing ?
How can I get copies of my past tax returns?
If you work in a different state than you live what state income tax would you pay?
i will be unable to file my taxes on time, what can be done?
FBAR requirements for foreign nationals working in US with a green card?
why do we have make a trial balance in the worksheet?
Can I claim for a TAX back?
I've just started a new job and my tax code is BR. I was taxed £30 on £130 for the week. Is this correct?
Is it possible to file a student loan deduction even if I did not get a 1098E form?
whats your weapon of choice?
What do UPS charge for import into the UK from the US?
When will we get our rebate checks?
my former employer will not provide a copy of my 1099?
WMR says I should get my refund by March 1, 2011. Does this mean it will be delayed?
How do I pay brokerage and customs fees?
How do I get my mom to stop claiming me on her taxes?
Paying taxes on rental property I live in?
Can you pretty please help me w. tax?
How do people get away with not filing taxes when their income is reported on a 1099?
if im a sub-contractor how taxes do i put aside from pay?
How much after tax income would I make if I earned 54k P/A + super?
W2 with no wages in box 3 and 5 (foreign)?
can any person get deduction u/s 80c if he take lic market plus in name of his independent son?
Why does property tax cost a arm and leg and now my 5 bedroom house property tax is only $50 a year?
My question is in reference to home property taxes in philadelphia.?
Can anyone tell me if the 2013 child tax refund has been cut in half for sure?
looking for tax course so i can become a professional tax preparer?
How much is the federal inheritance tax?
Can Mitt Romney amend his 2011 tax return after the election is over to get below the 13% rate?
Do I need last years taxes to file this year?
2006 Earned income tax credit?
Tax return for the year of 2012/ 2013?
Does the IRS investigate your taxes from previous years?
Do personal care workers...(Pcw) get income taxes back?
are business loan payments tax deductible?
Tax return from switching to a low paying job? 55k to 11k?
i have received a check for 3980.00 from golden gate group saying that i won 250.000.00 .?
How much will I get paid by month without tax, if my wage is 30K?
people who got tax money back will they get a stimulus check in April or may or get one at all?
How is it fair to tax the wealthy a higher percentage than you would tax the poor? Enlighten me, please.?
$10,000 gift from Mom &Dad?
i have been offered a second job earning £200 per wk. i will be self employed. how much tax will i pay?
If I have one child as a dependent, how much taxes do they take out your check?
APY and tax?
Do you have the EIN number to Tom Thumb?
I have recieved a huge overpayment of tax credits ( £8,000 ), supposed to be £500! in giros. What should i do?
If I cash in my bank shares - do I get charged any tax on what I get for them?
Do you always get taxes back no matter how much you make?
can you claim child tax credits if your children are in care and you are not receiving child benefit?
ehat portion of a cash surrendered life insurance policy is taxable?
My employer is paying my health premiums and matching retirement contributions. Are these taxable benefits?
Are federal and state tax rates the same for 401K distribution as ordinary income?
why dont i have any federal tax taken out?
Can my dad claim me on his taxes?
Is Settlement income from my AMEX taxable?
name of dealers with haryana taxation?
how to avoid triggering AMT?
Sorry, let me rephrase. How much is sales tax on clothing and other itmes in the City of NY?
Where do i go to find out if i paid property taxes?
Will i get my pension money back if i retire before retirement age?
H&R block Tax preparation, why was I Charged $508?
Tax & compensation related?
When an employee is unable to receive Form 16 from the employer due to resignation. what is the alternaive?
how much money when translate britain money 5,439,270.00 lb to american money?
is 6,760 pounds per month enough to live comfortably in uk?
Does tigerdirect charge taxes in trenton central nj?
Any idea of things I can count as deductions when I sell mary kay out of my home?
In the United States, the level of taxes and types of government regulations in different states and cities:?
Tax Implications of Cashing Out a Life Insurance Policy?
Im being garnished by the IRS. What do I do?
If I buy a computer and return it, can I still claim it as an expense?
I deposited my dad's check into my account. does that affect my taxes even though the money isn't mine?
What's my income limit?
Will I be charged custom fees or other taxes for buying books from Yesasia?
How much is,$400 in uk pounds.?
I'm an instructor who bought classroom supplies using his own money.?
Been working at the same job for 2 years and recently started to get paid in cash. How will it affect my taxes?
can I claim my nephew who 15 yrs old and he lived with me?
if i sell something on ebay, will i get tax back?
What to do if your tds is not refunded?
Tax sole trader run at a loss (Australia)?
Tax saving's as student vs. Full time working?
Do I need to get a notice ahead of time before getting a levy?
What happens if someone hasn't filed a tax return in 20 years?
what was the fullform of where is in delhi india?
how to file a claim against an estate?
How much sales tax is for us citizen sell house in mexico?
where in the EU sales taxes are the lowest?
Can I file taxes if I worked in my college during the fall ('08)?
How do I account for stock options that I purchased from a non-public co., that later went out of business?
Am I Entitled To Tax Rebates?
I need to e-file with an AGI of more than $60,000. I want a free service.?
My ex....we have been separtated for 4 years. The past 2 years he has filed taxes under my name.?
How to avoid the estate/gift tax?
What it mean Fica -E on my check ?
How do I get a tax refund?
when do you pay property tax?
What is the tax calculation process in US?
If you owe the IRS, do you even get a tax return?
What if you don't file your taxes?
Is there an agency/company that can help me for my taxes?
which investment scheme is best for salaried employee?
I can save 2000 Rs per month. pl guide me which mutual fund is better?
How to claim a warranty/refund when a seller refuses?
Using Quickbooks Premier, how long to receive confirmation of electronically filing W-2 and W-3?
I got my taxes filed but I don't know if they're right. Can refile your taxes?
if my parent claim me as a depednce on their tax would i be able to file for my income tax?
:D What is your viewpoint: is taxation immoral?
When do i start paying tax on my new business?
Illinois charge tax on shipping / handling fees?
I live in IL, but work in WI and work takes out WI do I file my state return?
I made a mistake on my tax return info, how do I fix it?
A bit late, but about that tax season that passsed us by.?
How do i get my 2009 income?
form 1065 tutorial any where?
Can my mom claim my son on her taxes?
I just received an offer letter that reads, "a starting bonus of $2,000, minus taxes". Do I get the full $2k?
Should taxes be increased in order to reduce federal budget deficits?
The proper way to deduct loss due to flood damage?
I didn't pay taxes quarterly on my small business am I going to get in trouble?
I live in canada and my website is hosted in france, do I have to pay taxes in france?
Taxes and my ex....NEED HELP,?
IF i did my taxes at hr block do i need to mail anything out?
When calculating the final selling price is VAT done as a percentage of cost before added on?
where can i get tax form 4868 for an extension at other than the internet.?
Is prepaid rental income on nonresidential rental property taxed when received?
My daughter and i are both on welfare. Can i claim her on my taxes?
Tax Breaks?
What does it mean when people say that higher taxes encourage the rich to reinvest?
How to get duplicate pan card?
Do the IRS become suspicious where I get the extra $2,300 a month?
I have lost my PAN card. I just want a image of my PAN card. My PAN no. is CRUPS1668D?
Can you give the information about rates of gifts tax between the years 1988 and 1999?
I work for a nurse staffing agency they pay me a housing subsidy to cover my rent do I pay tax on it?
how long should i keep my credit card statements?
Security clearance and tax evasion?
How can I report a church that has a politician speaking there to the IRS?
Why should taxpayers foot the bill?
Did anyone get their taxes today?
will i have to pay income tax this year even if i have been working for only 6 months?
Assume your home is assessed at $200,000. you have a $150,000 loan for 30 years at 6 percent you property tax?
what is the income level for 2006 when you have social security paid off?
HOW much of your pay check do you give to charities?
what would be the tax of $235.00?
Foreign money transfer to indian bank?
what would the property tax including the mello-roos tax on a $400,000 home in Riverside county, Ca be?
Help with taxes and forms 1040NR?
Is money left in your Paypal account from selling things on Ebay seen as income by the government?
Can my daughters father claim her on his taxes this year?..?
foreign tax credit help? income taxes hw?
Paying taxes on out of country employees?
do Church's pay taxes?
How much income tax do you pay in the UK?
can we claim working tax credits??
How much do you have to earn to become VAT registered?
Old employer wont give me my w-2 form?
How do I find out if I have a Lien on my property?
Must I have filed 2008 tax returns to e-file my 2009 returns USA?
MFJ(married filing jointly) vs MFS(marrief filing separately) question ?
can i retrieve a copy of my w-2 online my employer has not sent me a copy?
What's the difference between priciple versus rule based accounting?
If you accept a debt settlement, will you have to pay the IRS taxes on the difference?
What exactly is a tax lien? and how the do I owe so much?
As a 1099 employee making $50,000 this year how much will I pay in federal tax at tax time?
when will w2 forms be mailed out for 2009?
How much money will be taken out of my paycheck from taxes?
Tax question.........?
what is the espin code for PermissionResearch ?
SSI Question , 17 soon to be 18?
I refi'd in 2008 and paid an upfront Mort. Insurance Premium financed. Is that tax deductible?
How much will they take out in taxes every two weeks?
How do you check if the IRS has sent you a notice?
IRA question on avoiding tax penalties.?
Personal income tax question?
What is a PGH-40 Tax form?
Help please, Finance/Accounting.?
Can my mom put me as a dependent on her taxes?
Income tax returns change for 2010?
Disabled and the stimulus check?
Why does my employer want to pay me in cash?
Should I be entitled to some tax refund money from fiancee?
Offshore accounts and tax havens for the average man?
HELP!!!!benefit and working tax credit?
Deduct Travel to care for sick Parent?
I claimed my grandson on my tax return because he lived with me 8 months and....?
Will winning a $1000 on the lottery affect my tax return?
Does social security and medicare have to be deducted from my check if I'm part-time?
my ss number end in 11 suppose to be direct deposit today I still have not yet rec'd my refund?
How can an elderly person avoid the penalty fees of back taxes?
NPO second quarter tax question?
I want to register as self employed to work as Wedding Planner. What sort of tax I have to pay in UK?
why take tax out of my ss payment?
Why didn't Al Capone use the money he obtained through criminal means to pay his taxes?
How to report out of court settlement on 1040?
If I wasn't having taxes taken out of my unemployment checks will I get a tax refund at the end of the year?
how longterm capitalgains on shares charged to incometax? how to claim relief from it?
How much does Hampshire Pet Products in Joplin, MO gross annually?
Retrieve money I left with the IRS for 2009 taxes?
federal tax withholding forms?
How do I calculate my Adjusted Gross Income expected to make in 2009?
if im just a couple days late on my taxes will i owe the IRS like 50,000 dollars?
Do minors have to pay income taxes?
What kinds of things are tax deductible?
I f somthing costs 39.99 and tax is much does it cost?
Do i include my saving account in income tax return?
What taxes do I have to pay when selling a Texas Residence where I haven't lived?
how can i fill form 16?
What is the relationship between management ethics and social responsibility?
How can I get and estimate of what my tax return will be?
What is the sales tax for texas?
i didn't file my 2008 taxes?
Where do I find tax forms in Arizona?
what is transfer pricing?
is a car allowance taxable if i also get a gas card to compensate for milage?
Did anyone get their deposit on the actual day the IRS said it would be deposited?
If you owe the IRS back taxes do you really need a lawyer?
Real Estate Tax Question, Plz Help!?
I filed my texes on jan20 and the irs has not accepted yet?
Where Can I go online to get free tax preparation?
Do you pay federal income taxes on a large inheritance?
Can I use WORKERS COMP as tax deduction? I paid$1010 IN 08?
I have worked in payroll using Peoplesoft system. most employers would ADP system how do I get training?
how much does tax return service cost?
Are monies received from a multistate lawsuit against a mortgage company taxable in Illinois? and...?
can i print out a p46 and p60 in black and white?
the IRS phone # where i can hear my status?
where can i pick up a new w2 form?
I am getting audited and can't find my receipts?
I am starting to think this stimulus rebate is a joke!!!I dont know anyone who claims that they have gotten it
I know of someone in my family that is cheating the IRS. I am so tempted to report this person.?
DBA a Sole Proprietor and tax concerns..?
back child support get taken out of taxes?
I didn't earn any income last year, do I have to file a tax return?
does every person who files a Federal return have to file a state one as well?
Sole trader tax, when and who pays it?
What is the cutoff date for receiving a previous year's California tax refund?
Has anyone actually received their direct deposit tax refund today?
how do you get paid social security?
taxes in the philippines?
We have to pay for consultation services in Ireland, from India. What would be the with holding tax?
How do i file taxes for a Non Profit (but not 501c) business?
Do all states require a state tax return to be filed?
How much should i be getting back on my stimulant check? Filing singel with two dependents.?
Oregon State Kicker question?
would you take?
How about any medical bills i have paid, im searching the ins and outs of taxable deductions,.?
how can i find out how much i owe state taxes in ohio?
tax exemption for international working?
Does Kansas charge sales tax on their groceries?
Rental tax issues... Pls advice ?
Can anyone tell me what reference code 1121 means and HOW long now will I have to wait to get my MONEY!!!?
Medical expense for parents filing jointly tax question?
Is a $700 air conditioning repair tax deductable?
Question about tuition on Ontario tax forms?
can dependent in 2009 claim a making work pay credit in 2010 as nondependent?
How many allowances should I claim on my W-4?
Which of the following does the Fed usually take into account when determining the state of the economy?
can i add the taxes that i owe into a debt consolidation?
Do I have to pay for taxes?
Please, coule you tell me Krungthai bank,Chumphae branch Swift code ?
Claiming my stepchildren?
if i win the $300 million lottery in oklahoma, how much in taxes would be taken out overall?
any idea on the cheapest way to get two years of taxes done?
How much money will closing tax loopholes generate for the goverment?
I heard you can lodge your tax after October 31 with an accountant. Is this true and what is the small print
Selling second hand motocross bikes ?
is the total (net) amount of cash flow from operating activities on your 12/31/2005 annual financial statement
Tax preparers, what is the average time it takes to do one filing? And cost?
what is walmarts EIN for federal and state?
I have a question about taxes?
Do i have to mention my tuition refund checks on my tax return?
Set off on service tax?
If I sell one property that is not my residence to buy a new one of the same value, do I pay capital gains?
French Lessons Tax Deductible?
tax info for california?
property tax default on homes,is there a listing?
S-Corp Annual Shareholder Meeting?
if i didn't file income tax for 2007 can i still get a stimulus rebate check?
Do I have to repay the first time homebuyer credit in this scenario?
can my g/friend claim me on her tax return?
American Opportunity Credit - can I claim if son not claimed as a dependent?
I purchase after tax disability insurance through my employer. Do I need to pay SS tax on benefits?
How to prove nephew lives with me this year for taxes?
Question about taxes and missing money from check not explained on the pay stub.?
tell me...1£ in indian rupees?
Where do tax payer money in LosAngeles go?
Is it possible to file a student loan deduction even if I did not get a 1098E form?
What is a good salary for a two income household?
How does doing your taxes work when you have kids?
Why do I pay Medicare Tax when I'm not even past my probation period at my job?
Can my brother cash my Social Security Disability check?
Tax Question: Does the step-parent/step-child relationship end with a divorce? Where does IRS state this?
Will the earned income tax credit apply next year?
Are we receiving may 2009 tax rebate?
Is there any company or organization that offers like a tax return anticipation loan without filing yet?
How can i settle my tax debt with the IRS?
Why must a waitress claim her tips for taxes? Canada only please?
How can you find out why your Federal tax return was garnished?
If I sell my primary residence do I pay taxes on the capital gains if I do not reinvest in another residence?
can you purchase by paying just the back taxes?
i want a copy of my pan card number online?
what is JAT tax (JAY LEE added tax)?
First which is the best place to get your taxes done, and kind of an estimate w?
Head of household,single,2 kids made4,000,fed w/ $435?
RSU (Restricted Stock Unit) Tax filing?
Have anyone with a by 2/7 date get a dd date this morning?
Do I claim independent contractors as "other deductions" on my form 1120?
Can I claim Head of Household on my taxes?
Council tax rebates, how do they work?
Can anyone get a U.S. federal tax extension, or do you need a really good reason?
how to claim our house for taxes?
Taxes: I reported over last year..?
what happens if the state minimun wage is higher than the federal minimum wage?
seize income tax even though collecting?
Should you declare when claiming tax and child credits as a couple?
It has been 60 days since I recieved the 4464C letter from IRS. What should I do?
What happens if you think there is a misprint on your W2 and you have already e-filed?
Can I avoid/minimize taxes on $150k I withdraw from my 401k if I'm over 59 1/2 and gift the money?
Why don't they deduct taxes from babbysitting jobs?
doing taxes? if i have receipts from by babysitter for childcare will she have to pay taxes on her income?
Mechanics salaries in the uk ?
I get Social Security and will be moving to the Philippines! Will I still have to pay U.S. taxes on that?
Has anybody with a tax refund deposit date of feb 14, 2012 wmr 9001 status updated?
It it legal to make payroll checks payable to a spouse to help someone avoid an IRS lien?
i owe the irs alot of money for taxes.i need help with this problem.any suggestions on helpful services?
Do you think we should bring back national service in the UK?
can you write off college expenses in your tax returns?
Will I have any problems?
3 state tax questions?
If I make a mistake on the itemization sheets will the IRS correct them?
what is vat and its use?
How much money do I have to make before I have to pay taxes?
I want to pay a traffic citation from elkins park pa, district court how and where do I go?
Need help from an accountant/tax expert!?
Incorporated my 14yr bus. to an LLC on 1-01-10, do I report it as a 1st yr business when doing by taxes?
How many years back can the IRS audit my taxes?
Overall i take home £6144 a year, i was just wondering home much would it be before tax? Dont get a pay slip!!
will delinquent student loans in my name hurt my husband's chance of getting a federal job?
hi there! if i have a new baby on Jan-10-2007.Could I claim a baby on my income tax return for year of 2006?
Never lodged a tax return, have I broken the law?
Last year everyone got the making work pay and earned income credit...?
Which shedule(s) should i use to reflect provincial allocation of business income in T1 personal taxprep?
Light problem? Extension cord from hell!?
can i find out if somebody owes back taxes?
can the irs WMR site be wrong about depositing funds?
Income tax question please help?
If I paid taxes of $750,000.00 this year. How much did I earn this year?
Is it possible for both the number of employed and the unemployment rate to simultaneously increase?
what forms do i need to fill out my w2 from 2011?
How much money gets deducted from a weekly pay check because of tax deductions?
Tax planning for employees?
what is taxable interest?
Has anyone recieved their refund after a 3 month review from the irs.....?
How old do you start to getting taxed in New York State?
What is a tax collector?
First year State LLC Tax (LLC) - Deferal?
Pa unemployment fault overpayment?
Is there anyway I can get a larger tax refund. I make under 20,000 a year i have 401k, no house,no kids?
uk employed and self employed tax calculation?
What Australian Taxation Office for do I need as a Secondary student to work more than 30 hours a week?
what is the rate of vat in the u.k?
if you can only claim 3 children on your taxes do you get any kind of credit if you have a fourth?
If my boyfriend gives me a car for my birthday present, do I have to pay tax on it?
If I inherited 10kg of gold dust from my uncle in lets say Ghana how would it be allowed through customs and?
Question about homestead exemption?
W4 - tax form?
Does the Mormon church have tax exemption?
has anyone received a paper stimulus check yet?
can you write off root canal dental work?
What happens if they dont take out income tax out of every paycheck?.?
Which tax return do I need to fill in?
what happen if i lied on income tax claiming my brother?
I want to take a used car to Guatemala by ship, and I want to know about import tax of Guatemala.?
If my parents file bankrupty, what will be taken?
what % out of a $ pays tax?
The IRS deposited my tax refund and when i tried to login to santa barbara website to access my account, this?
is a no compete contrat subject to social security earnings?
How far back can the IRS audit you?
Does anyone else think it is retarded that tips count as taxable income???
Why do we have to pay taxes?
Do you have to pay council tax on a vacant property?
Can I do anything to speed up my tax refund?
Do I qualify for any tax credits when I go and do my taxes this year?
Can I Get Unemployment Benifits If I Quit My Job!?!?!?
income tax return what?
Does the irs only issue direct deposits on certain days?
has anyone gotten their irs stimulus check yet?
no federal taxes are being taken out of my checks is this ok?
Starting my own part time business while working a full time job. ?
Business expenses and itemized deductions?
Is One Time Gift to my Daughter to Buy First House a Deduction For Me?
Has anyone with the FTHBC received their 2011 refund?
What does an estate consist of? Property, assets, etc...?
What is the deduction for head of household?
i worked at a job for less than a month, do i have to file a tax return?
I let my childs father file her on his taxes and he didnt give her a dime is there anything i can do?
Is it common practice to ask for your tax form or pay stubs when negotiating a salary.?
Will my unemployment claim be denied?
accounting problem help?
how come I don't receive much on my tax return?
PLEASE SHOW ME MY PAN CARD NO AGBPC6138Q on the internet or how can i view my PAN card details?
I'm a plant pathologist my study was finished and now im unemployment what can i do????????
Can i pur hase items with a gift card &I then return them for a cash refund?
Tax Return for this coming year.?
paying too much on taxes.?
I am a first time home owner... My question is do you recieve a credit for all the intrest that you pay?
Fix for TurboTax error code 20900072586?
what are the kinds of taxation?
The cost of a video game is $29.95 and sales tax is 6%. About how much will the game cost, including tax?
We are married and are both claiming 0 -- but still owe money ?
I want to rollover 401k to roth ira - is deadline 12/31/09 or 4/15/10?
If you claim two exemptions then you receive a larger paycheck but have less withheld for less refund, right?
moved house and council tax?
How does a person have a business and not be found or made to pay taxes?
I just filed my 2007 tax return and want to check the status.... where can i go online to do that?
My wife doesnt have a social security number as she is new to the US. How do I file as jointly-married?
Am I Overpaying My Accountant?
According to the irs refund date sheet, i should receive my tax refund tommorow feb 1, why is wmr not updating?
My husband gave his GI Bill to his sons who are in college full-time. Can we claim them as dependents?
Inheritance Tax ...?
How to calculate TDS?Give me one exemple?
is my roth IRA withdrawal taxable or penalized?
Do i pay tax on everything i earn or just profit?
Maximun Social Security income?
kids in different country in school + usa taxes?
Do I have to file Married if my husband is incarcerated?
What kind of tax deductions can I claim?
If I get a 1099-misc, do I have to claim I have a business on my taxes?
How do I report my boss for tax fraud?
If some one filed me fraud and I mailed my taxes then how will it take for my to return back?
If my startup business doesnt make money the first year, can I write it off as a loss and do I receive refund?
what is meant by "gross pay"?
If you are a salaried employee can your company put that you only worked 40 hours on your check?
if i am still in school, do i get any tax breaks?
What percentage of health care expenditures are paid for by the government in the Great Britain?
Social security how much income can I make?
What is VAT ?
Unemployment question?
if dividends are paid after company tax has been calculated, are the shareholders/directors liable for tax?
what is ny state law regarding wait staff tips how does it work when reporting them?
on a 8 to 15 day wait what day did you get your income tax check?
if i am head of household to 2 children age 25 and 20 who made 6,000 and who made 5,000?
who would i notify about employer not withholding tax ss fica?
Would anyone pay off a Student loan of 14k if they had it? or should i just pay it off through working hard?
republic dominica?
I forgot to add my 401K contributions on my taxes.?
Question on tax in scarborough?
We recently received money for our house burning down. Do we pay taxes on that amount? If so, how much?
should central sales tax to be paid on interstate deemed sales?
qualification for an bank accountant and monthly salaries?
what does it mean "amnesty fees" ?
How do I find a local CPA with experience in IRS collections?
Why dont large corps such as banks pay taxes?
how do i fill out a w4?
Does anyone know which websites I go to to pay my federal and maryland state taxes online?
if I buy shares in a stock and the company goes bankrupt, what can I do regarding the loss at tax time?
As per Income tax laws we get returns for childrens tution fees do we get returns for distance education?
unemployment benefits?
I need help with unemployment and taxes.?
I have my W2s now what?
How to file taxes this year question?
What does "enter the smaller of line B or C" mean?
Do I have do file tax returns if I am 18 and a student?
if everyone listen to the idiots that say quit smoking and drinking how much money would the govt loose?
If you filed taxes for 2005, is there a way that you can find out your tax info if you lost it?
Gift tax. My uncle is giving me a car worth 20,000. Is he tax on it.?
Which IRS form is right for a part time babysitter?
what is MAT tax ? where it is applied? where will the sensex market go?
On what day can you begin to file your taxes?
how can i do taxes for me by myself??i just live in US 3 year .i don't know how i do taxes by myself?
How d I know if I will get a tax return or have to pay back?
what is the rate of interest on late sales tax for year 2005?
How do i find my NY state tax return IT-1099-R? Is everyone supposed to have one?
If I find $5 on the floor, do I have to report it as income?
When will the Inheritance check come?
can i view prior year tax statements?
Can I apply for any tax deduction for my overseas travel if I own an ABN?
when is santa clara county property tax bill mailed out in year 2012 ?
Do I have to pay GST, VAT for an item from 'eBay USA'?
just a query I have a rented house and live in another state what tax benifits can I claim?
In order to receive the full amount back from claiming my child on my taxes, what does my income need to be?
Can someone help me with my question about taxes ?
My accountant, a CPA is deliquent in preparing my tax return. He will not return my calls. What can i do ? w
County for Plainfield, IN?
How much is going to get taken out of my check?
how much is tax in canada?
Must I have filed 2008 tax returns to e-file my 2009 returns USA?
I will live rent free, what does that mean for my tax returns, etc?
if someone pays child support, can he/she claim them when filing taxes?
is it legal for Republic Bank and Taxact to hold our tax refunds hostage?
Help. I Think my Accountant is doing my taxes very wrong! I'm 18 years old why do i have to pay $350?
do i have to pay tax on my ppi when i am on benefits because i don't pay tax?
If you wanted to earn a master's degree in taxation what would be your top ten list of universities?
If my IRS tax debt is “currently non-collectible” and I open a Bank Account, will the IRS seize my money ?
Where does money come from to pay for crime reduction in the UK?
Is there an excel worksheet I can create to calculate employee Futs/Suta tax amounts?
do americans really believe our health care is free? (uk)?
to find out about tax return?
How much does a Mcdonalds extra value meal cost tax included?
Tax season is coming up! Should I file taxes?
I did not file my taxes last year?
I am due a refund from the state for income taxes, will they hold my refund if I owe $ to the IRS?
Will I still get my w2 form even though i quit my job?
Where the hell is my tax money going?
what city or state has the lowest property tax?
Import Duty on Mobile Phones?
Will I get in trouble with the IRS if I've been married for 1.5 years but my W-4 status is still "Single"?
my paycheck doubled. Why did my federal withholding more than triple?
Can you deduct child support you paid off your taxes?
How much tax would i pay on £6.25 50 hours so £312-50 ?
what is 39.99 plus 6% sales tax?
Does the government have any way of knowing if I do a few odd jobs for cash?
what should i claim on my w4 if i am 13 and only working during the summer?
how do you figure percentages on sales?
What is the best way to receive an early inheritance?
Illinois On my taxes can I deduct stolen motorcycle?
Irs direct deposit scheduled for tuesday?
Is there a better way to get a good tax refund?
BC taxes for international parcel?
Is the IRS not sending out acknowledgements until 1.19.09 ?
Investment in U.S. Securities and paying taxes in Canada?
Taking money from a friend to buy house in Banglore?
S corp tax rules, explain this please?
When writing off business dinner expenses for tax purposes, is the gratuity able to be written off as well?
What do you think about national ID card? do you want to use it or not?
what is my Tax Identification Number?
I am an Illinois resident and sold tree that I owned as part of an estate in Wisconsin. do i pay wisconsin tax?
do you get more money back on your taxes if you file single?
nevada property tax and tenants?
Can i claim my own personal exemption?
How can I retrieve my email from my account?
If I own a business do I pay taxes on what I earn before or AFTER I pay back investors?
Can I sue my Tax person?
what is the us total debit?
Do you hate your state's department of revenue?
can I file an amended tax return now that I realize I was an active stock trader and claim larger tax loss?
Is the social security tax that is withheld from my paycheck included in my federal taxes when I file?
Is it possible to pay Federal income Tax by Charge card, mastercard , visa etc also can missouri state taxes?
(BC CANADA) Who do I contact to get my Income Tax Return sheet?
Can my mom claim me as a dependant?
1099-INT Savings Acct?
what to expect about taxes?
Laptops, School Payments deductible?
can you claim a dependent child on your tax return if the child is not your child?
wt base shud i take 4 apportionning indirect wages and sundries frm givn bases:floor area,direct wages,?
im 16 and i just got a job, but how do i fill out IL-W-4 tax form please help!!?
can i use my IRS number to work?
precents are hard?
Direct Deposit Tax returns? When to expect em?
Why exactly do we pay GST?
Income tax questions.?
Where is the income in Schedule C 1040?
What would you like to ask?how to get my refund check?
Has anyone heard of a new IRS requirement about preparer's advertising needing a disclaimer?
international student J1 visa_turbo tax?
Is it true that there is no law saying one must pay taxes?
How much in taxes would I pay if I won this item at this worth?
I'm a minor, Do I pay taxes?
Do I have to pay taxes as a seller on Ebay?
Child support over payed me, now I have a tax intercept letter...?
What is the Vodafone tax case? Can anyone explain?
Why do movie-stars get paid so much?
Ijust bought a piece of property,through a tax sell.Do i have to wait to see if the owner is going to redeemit
Freelance Graphic Designer, How do I pay Taxes? Will I have to pay or will I receive a refund?
council tax fine,help please?
how can i transfer the TDS credit from one PAN no to Other PAN no both the PAN owner are same?
What is the earliest anyone has recieved their tax return using etax 2012 from ATO?
If youre a music artist whos signed with and paid by a label outside the us, do you still pay US income taxes?
would someone working 3.5 hours a month be able to receive unemployment?
Tax season is coming up. Can my husband and I file separately?
my godson gifted me 25000 to buy a house,being first time buyer am i elgible for 8000 tax credit?
has anybody got there taxes yet?
personal property, financial instituation?
Tax Rate working in USA Living in Canada?
Is tuition withheld from state or federal refund?
Is there a way to get taxes from 6 years ago?
want to get 10 points!!!!?
Why does my tax refund go to my husband's debt?
Does anyone know about any import tax I have to pay, when ordering something?
Can you continue to collect EI benefits in Canada (Manitoba) if you have a direct selling business?
when i file my taxesdo i get more if i claim single or married ?
Has anyone who file 2-2-12. received their refund today?
Under Chinese law, what is the maximum amount a foreign person can receive as a gift from Chinese nationals?
Is anyone getting the prompt to call the IRS when you look at the Where's My Refund and when I call 800#?
How can I protect my husbands' 401k when filing an OIC with the IRS?
When do you have to start paying property taxes?
Tax Question (for LLCs)?
Why don't I get a tax refund? I think I messed up and checked a wrong box or something when I started working
is it true we are due a recession in uK?
impact of non tarrif barriers?
import tax on ebay purchases?
why do i pay inherditance tax?
401 K Withdrawl Tax Free And Penalty Free For Property Purchase New Law Feb. 2012?
i'm about 120 days away from foreclosure i owe 186000 can i file bankrucpy on the fees from a foreclosure?
witch is the first bank of dakhin india ?
examine the impact of taxation on management decision making?
As a director of a ltd company, can I pay myself as PAYE also Self employed as a CIS subcontractor?
Taxes on shipping electronics to Poland from US?
If my daycare privider refuses to give me their tax ID to file with, how else can I get that info?
should i register for this federal income tax course?
Accounting Double Declining Balance Depreciation?
I got $1200 in tax rebate but i have 2 kids i thought $300 for each child? where's the 600 more?
if my husband and i file bankruptcy, will the irs stop sending letters that we owe $5000?
Definition of home ????
What is the difference betwen 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ?
i just wanted to know which kind of questions asked in an interview for the post of Sr. Accountant?
whats the amount of tax u pay on a second job in Australia?
What is a Business Privledge Tax?
What is the state sales tax in Pennsylvania?
I had medical expenses in 2005, however I have not paid them yet, can I still claim them on schedule A?
How much taxes would get taken out of each paycheck if I make 160 dollars a week?
Anyone know the cost of Import Duty from the USA to UK for about $600 worth of clothes??
tax for forex trading?
I wanna file my tax return separate to my husband my annual gross is about$12500 how much would I get.?
can i claim head of household even though I live with my parents and have a family?
What is tax capacity?
Can you file a withholding of 2 on your taxes and not be married?
It's 11.40 Am here in the UK, What time is it where you are?
How many if u got ur DD 2012 refunds yet?
When filing income tax returns is it true you dont get much for a 3rd child in florida?
Can a boss change tax rate (allowances/percentage) without the employee's consent? In CA.?
refile/new claim for unemployment benefits?
Where the hell is my tax rebate check?
How much is $19.95 plus tax?
IRS Refund Locator Question...?
do you tell a future employer about a vacation?
Question about filing taxes?
If I only worked one month last year but still got a 10-99 ?
Where can I finr iniformationfor 2004 TAX TABLE for IT 1040 OHIO line 5?
What dates have people received their injured spouse refund this year?
Has anyone received there Stimulus Check yet?
IS THIS NORMAL? No Federal income Tax withheld from my 2 week paycheck?
what is current unit price of lic money plus 180?
whn will i get ma refund? help plez?
the 8,000 tax credit for home buyers, can it be filed on your 08 taxes with a 09 purchase like the old credit?
Does a QSub need its own EIN?
What does federal 09 mean on my check stub?
can I claim a computer as an expense on my taxes?
I need the instruction booklet for 2005 Michigan Individual Tax Return MI-1040. Can I find it online?
if i take pan card it mandatory to file the it returns every year?
How much money do you think I will get back from my taxes? Im 17 years old.?
number of allowable endorsements on negotiable instruments?
I have started a proprietorship firm for logistics, i need sevice tax registration, how to do it, where ?
in the state of texas how long do you have to be with a job to file for unemployment?
How can you find out your child's social security number for taxes? Lost id card.?
Why do Traders Pay Tax ... when they can do something about it?
URGENT! Am I still liable for council tax?
Where is the EIN of community school?
how do i get TAX ID NUMBER?
need help paying property taxes?
Do I have to charge sales tax in this situation?
i am loss my pan i wanna my pan card number ?
I got a $30,000 bonus this year.It was taxed considerably.Will I get any of this money back when I file taxes?
Do I have to file state(FL) or federal taxes??
What age does my car need to be before it becomes exempt UK road tax?
How do I file for taxes on a military disability separation pay?
If you haven't gotten your tax refund direct deposit yet, what bank to you use?
I lost my job. I owe about $8000 federal and $1000 state. How do I get on a payment plan for both?
if my wife and i are filing our taxes jointly, and we are both working, can i claim her as a dependent?
how can I legally quit paying taxes?
if this rebate is for 2007 and the 04/15/08 is the filing date how are they mailing rebates back so soon?
When did Florida first start collecting sales tax?
Anyone been on any good websites where they've got good free stuff sent in UK?
can i get into trouble with IRS if i keep using my credit cards and paying them with my mother's bank account?
What is your tax district number?
Made $400 in babysitting $$, need to claim?
What is an "FID" I know its a number that has something to do with taxes or something. But what is it?
what can i do that will deduct my 29% tax?
Dependent parents expenses?
How much tax?
In my paycheck stud they take money away for FiCA and SDI, what are those? And do I get a refund at tax time?
Former employer did not pay IRS?
how much net pay will i receive per anum if my gross pay is 18000.00?
I have no paperwork, only paystubs as proof of $ taken from my pay from 20 yrs ago.?
all you non smokers?
tax question?
What should I do? I just realized I forgot some taxable income on taxes.?
Stimulus HR-Block Turbotax debacle?
What percentage do you have to pay for taxes on winnings from gambling?
effect of globalization on india equity market.?
How much money will i owe on taxes?
Have anyone with a by 2/7 date get a dd date this morning?
affiliate question's?
I am a typiest and i want to get typing job at my home online? How can i do this? Which site is good? plz tell
Im a phone sex operator?
Random question about salaries - does anyone earn £15,000 per year, if so what do you come out with (read on)
Still havnt received my Georgia tax return? Scammed?
Okay it's 5/1. Has anyone received their stimulus check yet?
Is it impossible to get rich in Europe?
Filing a Joint Return?
What is the Fair Tax? and is it effective?
If the company I worked for last year went out of business, how do I get my W-2 statement?
Taxes when living in NYC and working in CT?
I have a bit of a dilemma....can I have your opinion?
How much Income tax will be paid?
will you get your stimulus payment if you owe taxes?
Which Tax paper to fill out?
Do i file my taxes with my fiancee this year?
Economics/Math Q: Units of Tax Revenue?
I was sent a paper from the bank during tax season after cashing in savings bonds?
can you fix taxes that someone did wrong?
Are there any deductions for the earned income credit to reduce earned income?
pan card query..plsss help!!?
I had to get an attorney for my 19 year old granddaughter. Can I claim that on my income taxes?
How much did you owe on this years taxes?
Need the employer id number?
Where is the EIN of community school?
I'm a PA resident who had NJ taxes with held from my pay check, what necessary forms do i have to fill?
what is GST and PST means that we pay at time of shopping ?
I earned less than the minimum taxed amount, can I claim tax back?
In Canada, are taxes deducted more if you have two jobs? If so, how much more?
Someone knows a top firm in UK expert in complex fraud, regulatory litigation and tax compliance?
what percentage is taken out of payroll check for social security,federal and medicaid?
lost my pan card how can i apply and how to know the number?
Do you pay income tax on both sides of the border?
Father-in-law is a Milkman income is Rs 1,05,000 wants to file return which form hase to be used?
Can I carry forward the tuitions and fees deduction for use in a future year?
why am I paying so much in taxes?
is there a standard deduction for charitable gifts on federal income tax?
if you don't owe money do you still have to file your taxes before midnight on april 17?
can my employer pay me through my llc?
what level are you now?
What is the Construction Industry Tax Deduction Scheme?
I just filed my 2007 tax return and want to check the status.... where can i go online to do that?
my pan no acqpy4892c i cant find my pan no i want to know about it and verify name and date of birth help plz?
If you take money out of just a regular mutual fund, how can you figure the taxes you may owe?
Do You think this Tax Credit is Unfair?
does anyone know what is billing in US taxation?
Tax for Contract employees?
Light problem? Extension cord from hell!?
Stying at mumbai in a rented place, can i buy a home (loan) at my native place and claim tax savings on both?
Is the US Federal Tax ID (EIN) to be used as a VAT No for import/export? Different?
how many allowances should I put down on my W-4?
Are songs on amizon taxed?
Is it ok to sell legal advice online? Do you have to pay tax or is it a hobby?
Do you have to pay council tax on a second house if no one lives in it?
Why all consultants are charging min. 8.33% of annual salary, cant they charge less then that?
If You Settle an Audit Without Admitting Guilt?
How much can I inherit without paying inheritance tax?
is there an extra 2000 for this years income taxes?
How long does it take to file your taxes?
I filed my refund through turbo tax on 1/22/12, was told by Turbo Tax I would receive my refund on 2/1/12.?
Can anyone explain me what is the PRSI exactly?
Where can I pay my state taxes on-line if I lived and worked in two different states during the year.?
Deducting Medical Expenses?
I'm single, and if I contribute $14,000 to my 401(k), can I deduct an additional $4,000 for IRA deductions?
I am a sole trader, but I want to go back to full time employment(employee),is this visable?
Can VAT , SURCHARGE ON VAT , SERVICE TAX and service CHARGE ALL be levied by a restaurant ????????/?
How much should I be getting taxed per paycheque?
I am totally confused about Schedule C vs Schedule A with form 2106 for over the road trucker issued 1099.?
can my boyfriend claim us on taxes?
I own a business in Ohio that closed this year. What is the process to stop filing tax returns?
If i am earning 2000000 anually how much tax i have to pay & how i can save it.?
i owe the irs alot of money for taxes.i need help with this problem.any suggestions on helpful services?
Do I have to charge VAT to my customers if I am below threshold?
What are the benefits and disadvantages for an unlicensed daycare to claim taxes?
I am using tax cut; can some accountant tell me the basic writeoffs that you are able to writeoff?
How can I figure out how much tax will be taken out of my check if I live in oregon and claimed one?
Im wondering if my b/f should claim BOTH kids for taxes this year, since he made more money.?
How can I remove interest and penalties from back taxes I owe the irs?
How much can I make doing taxes in a large metropolitan area?
i took money out of my 401k last year do ineed to claim that on my taxes this year and will i be penalized sin
Can they claim me as a dependent and claim me on their tax return if they have my SSN?
think i may be having problems with tax?
when is the state refund sent out?
income tax act 1969, who can claim the depreciation under the financial lease?
Do deposits to your bank under $5,000, be it cash or money transfer online, get reported to the IRS?
Will I get 3 weeks on my paycheck?
My 20yo daughter, college-enrolled filed her own tax return, she lived with us > 5 months. Can we claim her?
On the 1040 schedule A tax form what line do you enter the $400.00?
Why is the nano ds203 oscilloscope priced £113 from China but nearer £200 from a uk source?
How do i do ?
I was paid below the national minimum wage for a year can i claim the difference from my employer?
In preparing a Sales/Debtors budget should I include bad debt and sales tax?
Can I sue my employer for claiming the wrong tax information?
Why are cigarettes taxed so high? Whos paying all this money and taxes?
I sold my house and repaid the housing loan and purchased new plot with balance to claim IT returns
If i write a check but dont have the full amount in my account will it still pay for wht i sent it for?
My employer wants to 10-99 me now because I quit my job. Can he do that ?
There is this girl,that has a baby,her boy friend claimed the baby on his taxes,Who should claim?
Why is my W2 shows only 2 copies?
selling online do the seller have to pay tax if we dont charge tax to customer?
How much can I make before I have to claim myself on my taxes?
How do you add 7% sales tax too any dollar amount ?
Can my wife's boyfriend claim her and my 4 children on his return?
When hired by the IRS, do they check your tax history?
Do I file as single or married?
someone stoled my ss# Where should i go to report this. Where can i find the right forms to fill out?
if i'm not vat registered and a supplier has an invoice with vat do i break this down on my accounting softwar?
where does a defence family pensioner file her income tax return in the city of kolkata?
I worked at Gamestop for maybe a week last year. Do they mail you your W2 form or is it online?
How many days in advance has the WMR updated to your actual DD date?
how do i perform a home amputation?? gangreen is wild spreds like wildfire almost as bad as crabs?
What does it mean when they say my tax return was selected for review?