how much taxes would i pay?
When do you file for Unemployment extension and how long does it take?
Do I have to pay taxes for work performed out of the country for a U.S. company if I was paid in cash?
where do i cash my 68000 inheritance check without having a bank account?
Can I deduct gambling loss only on my tax return?
Does anybody know how much tax is cut from minimum wage in the UK? Thanx?
do independent contractors qualify for unemployment?
If I have a sole proprietership how do I show it on taxes?
I need to get my previous years tax w-2's how do I get them??
Do I still have to file a Sch C if I no longer live in US and business is not in US?
Do I have to pay tribal taxes if I worked on a reservation?
my wife and i were separated for 3 month in 2011 how do i file my taxes?
i want to speak norwegian for free?
small business tax question?
I need to stop my house from going into foreclosure due to unpaid property taxes. What do i do?
How do I fill out my Community Property Worksheet?
IRS Problems? Help.!!!!! Need Legal advice.?
Need 1040 form to fill taxes. Where do I find them?
Is donated vacation lodging tax deductible?
With 1 dependent child, making $20k a year, paying his tuition and child care, is it safe to file exempt?
What will happen if you owe taxes and you dont have the money to pay them.?
How much will I get back on my taxes?
How do I obtain a copy of a nonprofit's 1099 form?
Can an employer delay my paycheck?
Road Tax in the uk?
i am claimimg jobseekers allowance for just two weeks however i have a problem as it cnt be paid into my bank?
Why is my 82 yr old aunt paying state and federal income taxes?
I'm so confused about my taxes?
Are there any differences at the Federal level for the following....?
how much federal taxes should i pay on 21000 dollars with married 1?
Will I Still Get Unemployment When The State Shuts Down Tomorrow? Minnesota.?
What is the tax credit for a 06' civic hybrid vehicle for tax year 2006?
Do i pay tax on everything i earn or just profit?
really confused! when claiming a child on taxes is child care what you paid to a babysitter or what you spent?
When your from Oregon do you pay California sales tax when the transaction is in Washington?
council tax is on the property in the uk? or is it per person?
I am a women and my annual income is Rs.138000/-.Do i need to pay income tax?If yes, than how much? pls tell.?
can tds refund claim after filing if return?
I OWE $27,000 dollars in back TAXES?
When filling out form W4, how many exemptions should I get?
Tax Withholdings Please Help Me Understand!!!!?
If a home is given to you as a gift do you still have to pay Taxes on it?
I filed on feb 2 an still no money?
What kind of taxes are we charged if we buy products from outside canada?
Do I have to pay taxes in the states if I am Canadian?
Do prostitutes in Nevada have to pay taxes?
When will I get my refund?
How much money should I get back from my income tax?
Income Tax Depart. is misleading. Why not fix >Rs.20,000, >50,000 insted of =>Rs.20,000 & =>Rs.50,000 ?
Has anyone received their 2009 tax refund that didnt get an update on Wheres my Refund?
who must have a social security number?
iron and steel tax rate?
Anybody STILL stuck at 2/7?
if i have a pan card number what details can i get from it?
Can I file exempt for one month out the year?
How do you file taxes in Michigan when married but two addresses?
Have anybody recieved their tax rebate?
I was paid $15,500, total income, last year from a retirement annuity. I am disabled what is my tax liability?
Explain taxes in USA?
Where do state taxes go to?
Federal gas tax collected in 2007?
how much tax do i get on my overtime ??? ive heard its 33% on full time employment, no matter how much u earn?
can you tell me how can i get passive income?
How do we file taxes for my brother who died in 2007?
Is it possible to check whether an application to the IRS has been approved online?
How much taxes will be taken out of my check for SC?
I did my taxes on-line, and got an e-mail saying my federal was rejected.?
How does the HSA tax deduction work?
7500 Tax Credit Eligibility?
Can i live everywhere rather then in one country?
Can I write off donations to my church on my taxes?
Sending 15 year old son to Nat'l Youth Leadership Forum of Medicine; paid $850; Can I claim this on taxes?
Can an accounting firm legally not prepare and send out someones W-2?
Is the EDD behind because of the holiday?
Must my income tax filing status be the same as my spouse if one of us is filing with "married filing jointly"?
Tax return dilemma! Please help.?
IRS Notice asking to pay?
Can any one tell me wages tax ratio on wages it in Italy?
What are taxes used for?
I need help writing a letter to my customer about sending in nys & local sales or compensating use tax?
i never got my paycheck what do i do?
If I make 30,000 a Month, what would my child support be for 2 kids, 6 and 3 yrs of age? Is there a limit amt?
What amount tax is employer to take wkly on $770 gross, head of household (single), and 6 allowances?
when i have to pay tax for dividend?
Will my OSAP be affected if I have money in a Tax Free Savings Account?
how do i view online the history of filed U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns?
how long would 15k last you, based on your living expenses?
Made in the philippines?
IRS Cash Gift Tax Deduction?
I want to do my own taxes but my mom already claimed me on hers. Is she allowed to do that?
what happens when a house is sold for back taxes?
what is earned leave?
We are alltired of hearing about this tax rebate....but....?
I have already filed my 2011 tax return and i now realized i didnt claim a dependent.?
Capital Allowances for Small Things?
Can my mom put me as a dependent on her taxes?
What percentage of taxes would be taken out of my paycheck?
Is child tax credit affected by csa payments?
where can i cash my $5000 check from U.S. TREASURY?
paying property taxes when refinancing?
Is it true you have to pay taxes on prize money before the money is authorized if you do not live in the UK?
can i clime a man how dose not pay rent can clime him has a dependents?
Do you have to wait until you have a P60 until you can claim back emergency tax?
What do I do with a 1099-misc from a previous employer that I haven't worked for since 2006?
ok..if 1 million people each gave me a pound would I have to declare that and pay tax???
Can you have a Corporate NOL for tax if you have net income for the same year per books?
What payroll taxes do I need to pay for our corporation?
How will a $30,000 lottery winning affect the taxes of a married couple?
Can you deduct office decorations?
how does one become an enrolled tax preparer?
Quick question about sole proprietorships and partnerships income tax..........?
Pocket Money - Canadian Income Tax?
Do employers in England have to pay you at a certain time on pay day?
LIFO Accounting question?
when will w2 forms be sent to california?
What are "all" the taxes that will be cut from my salary?
Taxes: work in NJ but live in PA?
I just entered my certified week in TN for unemployment, when can I expect a ck direc deposited?
Can someone with personal knowledge on the 40 percent withholding tax clarify how it works?
I need help in business with excess worksheet here the question.?
Do Franchising requires any federal registration or any federal filing requirements for information?
What is Texas's climate?
If one qualifies, what are the tax advantage of having a non-profit organization?
2/7 refund group.... anyone called the irs this morning?
can you deduct the rent you pay on an apartment for taxes?
Tax amount for 2 jobs?
What will happen if I don't file my 1099 form?
Why is my W2 at least 8000 off from my year to date?
if i apply today for TAN No. then from which period i have to file my TDS return and what is the process?
How do you take the VAT off a figure?
What is the tax bracket for tax return 2012?
how long does it take to get disabilty?
Work - MO, Live - IL, & I have a kid coming. What W2, W4, and Federal forms / exceptions do I claim / file?
I got a letter from the IRS today, it says that we should expect our stimulus check by Friday May 23.?
Im only gonna make around 6,400 for the year and i have three dependents how much would i get back o?
What percentage of Australians pay income tax?
Does IRS go after unpaid business taxes under 10000? If business is closed do they go after personal property?
Do full time students aged 18 still at college have to pay tax?
Do I get a stimulus check if I have no income to report for 2007?
Are the tax rebate checks messed up? My husband was supposed to get ours last week but still nothing?
My wife's parents are lending us 50k to help buy our first house. Do you know if that is a taxable event?
What is the state withholding percentage for MD?
Can an employer retroactively take taxes out of a current paycheck?
How does the IRS decide what you owe?
when will I get my taxes back if I dont do a rapid refund. I have two kids, so I'm sure I'll get a refund.
When will I get my refund?
My tips goes my check can i file for them at the end of the year?
If a deceased person gets audited by the IRS and needs to pay, are the heirs responsible for this repayment?
What happens if my home is repossesed? Do I still have to pay off debts??
How much would it cost for a family of four to live comfortably in the UK?
how do i file my IT returns. i have my pan card?
Can anyone help with an IRS audit?
I'm still waiting?
What is 160$ plus the .15 for taxes ?? ?
How much is 2 iPhones AT&T per month! INCLUDING TAX?
If your boss was doing illegal things that could effect you, can you quit and draw unemployment?
I need a duplicate copy of my 2011 w2?
Does anyone else still. have a tax refund schedule for 31 rather than 25 of jan 2012?
IRS Audit...can they look at the same year more than once?
what is depreciation?
How many of you prefer to do your own taxes?
receive CP2000 from IRS, don't know what to do .?
what examples are there of public and private partnerships with in the UK's infrastructure?
Can someone with personal knowledge on the 40 percent withholding tax clarify how it works?
Why do we have income tax?
I havent filed taxes in 12 years should I ile all the past returns or only this years to start?
As resident aliens do we have to be concerned about estatetax when our estate is about $ 1 Mill.?
How do I work out the VAT element if I've only got the gross amount? Thanks?
performing free services + tax return?
What will be the tax on my trust fund of 20k?
Why should donations to a charity be tax write offs if the gov't would have spent that tax money elsewhere?
Refund processing still?
Can you charge tax on the original price?
How old do you have to be to work in a SPAR (UK)?
what is the salary of an income tax officer?
Can you revise your 2007 taxes? If so, how?
What happens if I refuse to pay my taxes and my bills and just steal everything?
Can we claim my son on our taxes?
My wife doesn't work, I'm the only one that does. Should I file single or as married on my taxes?
What happens if you don't file your taxes while you are unemployed?
Do I need to pay tax for overseas income in Macao SAR?
does anyone know about (familiar with) tax form 1040NR?
what's the contribution limit for a Roth IRA in 2006?
Why was my tax rebate $300 when everyone seems to be getting $600?
Illinios paycheck tax. help.?
I had no income the last 4 years do i stesl have to file taxes?
is there a national lottery in united kingdom?
How does the IRS treat capital gains (and losses) from stock trading? I need a web sight to use as a source.?
I am 19 and i have no clue about taxes how do i file them and when?
what forms do i need for taxes for a nonprofit organization?
Has anyone on the 6th dd date for irs gotten their refund yet?
Deduction on income tax?
Will my severance pay get tax?
Forgot to place a stamp on my income tax envelope, what's going to happen?
Where is the best place to do my tax return in townsville?
i am still waiting for my c.i.s vouchers from last employer for the whole of the previous year.?
Why is the IRS on a hiring freeze ?
does anybody know what is the current property tax in texas?
Why is Romeny hiding his tax returns from the American public ?
Deductions and Losses?
Inheritance Left In An IRA Account?
What do you think about the Fair Tax?
Can a 18 year old get away with filing a child on their income taxes?
Ok I work for 9 hours and get paid only 46.35 pound? is this FAIR?
where does fed tax withheld go on 1040?
How would you jounalize " Recorded services provided on account for period April 13-20,$2,100?
How much csa would I have to pay? ?
is mortgage interest a california itemized deduction?
how long before goverment can take my home for not paying taxes?
Are dancing lessons deductible from the canadian income tax?
can i claim day care at the end of the year for taxes?
how do drug dealers pay taxes?
My husband and I are in a installment agreement with the IRS. We have our exemptions down to ZERO?
Need an income tax accountant to answer this...?
Is CPA the same thing as getting a bachelors in accounting?
long distance phone call- tax rebate?
Bankruptcy and taxes? What happens?
what affect,if any, will Greek financial problems have on holidaymakers from the UK?.?
How soon can you electronically file your w2 ?
What are the consequences for completing a previous Canadian Income Tax return with incorrect residency info?
Is the goverment tax the rich to little?
Does a nutritionist in NJ have to charge sales tax?
Can i file head of household?
How much is 20K/year salary after tax and N.I? Per month?
Tax Question - Can this person be claimed as a dependant?
what can I declare as a tax deduction?
will some one calculate tax i should pay?
If I earn £16700 per year, how much will I have left after income tax and national insurance are deducted?
Do I get a income tax return with a 1099?
Do i have to file a state tax return for utah if i made some income there but was a resident of washington?
Is the interest on my mortgage a 100% write off?
When filing state taxes do you have to put the county you LIVE in or the county you WORK in?
what is the address that i send my federal taxes to?? this is the first time i do my taxes myself?
can the IRS check find out your bank account amounts?
what is the maximum penalty for not filing your taxes?
can i use my IRS number to work?
If I am receiving a gift of $20,000 do I have to claim this amount on my taxes?
What kinds of things are tax deductible?
My tax lady say she could file with my last checkstud on the 17 of january is that true and when can i get it?
Can my parents claim me on their taxes?
i have lost my pan card....what i do.......?
Can I claim a child that is not related to me but lives with me on my taxes?
What is the proper way to report income (for tax purposes) from something like
I imported iphone,paid customs duty in india. Phone is not working I will send back to US.How to claim refund?
Is anyone getting tax money this year?
i had my tax return split between 2 accounts. got my dd in one account but not the other?
Pennsylvania's taxes are in critical need of reform. discuss wether or not you believe that a state's tax
I sitll havent gotten my W2 yet?
Does anyone know which stores sell door magnets in the UK?
did my taxes thru tax cut,and paid fee for e-filing is this the same as refund anticipation loan or refund?
I'm I4 years & I work @ Mc.Donalds, do i qet Tax Returns ?
If I Inherited a house (paid $0 for it), and sold it 20yrs later for $15M, what will I pay in taxes?Fed/NY/NYC
I have aaplied for pan card at 30 august 2012 through ecs cousalts and recived an aknowledgement but i can't a?
is my tax return refund right???? Canada?
How many allowances should I claim on my w-4?
What is the dead line for a employer to furnish your W-2 form?
I just got an e-mail saying the health bill has a provision instating a sales tax on house sales 2013?
i am a home care worker and get paid 50c a klm and 50c wear and tear on my car what can i claim on tax?
are disability ssi payments taxable?
Is it illegal to not use all of your W2s when filing a tax return?
My dad wants to give me 35k as a gift. do I have to pay taxes on that?
Is it still joint?
What do you do when you know someone is running form IRS for unpaid taxes, and been running for years??
head of house hold and married....?
my new husband hasn't filed his taxes in 5 or 6 years!?
Can my mom get a tax refund she only recived social security?
Employer has filled in my tax form but doesn't have my P45, will I be emergency taxed?
if H&R block is for tax stuff every april and before, then what do they do for the rest of the year?
How do I check the status of my West Virginia State income tax return?
I am a single parent, a full time student and I work 16 hours a week. Should I be paying council tax?
How much will Ned pay in taxes this year?
Is anyone else STILL getting "You may not have entered your information correctly." on the WMR site?
Independant Tax Return, is it advisable for minors?
We bought a house last spring. How does it affect out income tax return?
U.S. Income Tax Question Concerning a Foreign National?
I filed on feb 2 an still no money?
Does anybody know if you have to pay US gift tax if you receive a cash gift from a foreign source?
A new job said I will not pay any tax. Is it possible not to pay tax on any kind of income?
Can I tax my car a day late?
Is federal tax imposed on inheritances in KY?
Is a research trip for my grad student wife tax-deductible?
What is the maximum income limit to get a tefund?
If you give someone money as a gift, and they don't report to the IRS and you do, what happens?
Anyone has any updates on 2010 taxbrain screw up?
When does WHERES MY REFUND update?
RRSP Deduction limit vs RRSP "net value"? ASAP .s?
How do I find my property index number for DuPage county Illinois property?
when is the last date to file my 2005 federal tax return?
Can I use my son who was born 1-3-08 as a write off on my 2007 taxes?
What is City tax?? And How come I have never heard of filing a city tax form?
2 part tax question???
Help~ I made a mistake last year, now we owe $$ to the IRS!?
When selling stock that was a gift, does it make a difference in the amount of?
Can a boss change tax rate (allowances/percentage) without the employee's consent? In CA.?
How to claim income to the IRS?
California tax paycheck question on $60,000 annual salary?
IRS Tax Question?
Should I file a tax return? College student?
Am I allowed to send jewellery to the UK?
Why does the wealthy need tax breaks if they are already financially secure?
according to tax laws can I file single if I have been separated for over half the year?
shouldn't obese people be hit with an extra environmental tax?
I want income tax pan card application form?
EX-Service men are entitled to get any extra benefits from bank's pension scheme?
What does total deductions mean?
TDS stands for ???
My Dad is paying for my wedding. Can he write this off on his taxes as a contribution or something else?
Business tax: July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013- What tax year is this considered?
We refinanced our home 5/10. Paid up front $1600 in prepaid mortgage interest. Is this tax deductible?
How much will I make back in my taxes?
Who has not filed thier taxes yet!?
How much do i get after taxes on my paycheck?
Parent claiming child on their taxes after they signed over there rights?
want to know professional tax rate in west bengal w.e.f 01/04/2008?
how will i know BIR RDO code of my previous employer?
If one never starts filing a tax return, is it true one will never have to file?
can anyone solve my quesries of excise studies on net is anysite or person who offer free service for this?
What r sum possible reasons the IRS wud wanna audit me?
Tax Preparation business?
what is the difference in real estate tax liens and property liens?
do you need to deduct f.i.c.a if you have been 1099d ? what form? what else?
Last year my husband was employed at this company for 1yr?
whether professional tax is applicable in rajasthan or not?
Who can I claim as a dependent on my taxes.?
RE: NC State Income Tax - how agessive?
Who do I contact about paying taxes from a private business?
Should I cancel my JSA Claim?
How does an individual/business come to know what tax forms they need to file in US ?
Accounting CPA candidate for Delaware living in NY?
How do you go about paying taxes, Soc. Sec, etc. if you are being paid in cash?
council tax?
Is there tax for gifts given by the company to the employees, what is the minimum gift amount not taxable?
i'm doing a tax project, i was wondering how much does a typical tax professional charge an hour?
which form no. is use for tds returns and challans?
Tax deduction?????? work expense?
what are the consequences for this???????can i do this??
populer or not?
Tax credit for college tuition and Hope Scholarship funds?
Property distribution tax question?
Do students declaring themselves self-employed pay tax?
Are individuals with at least 7 children/dependents exempt from paying taxes?
Is there taxes on sweepstakes in Georgia, US?
Am I being taxed right on my bonuses?
How is currency conversion for buying stock on a foreign exchange handled on an individual's tax return?
Live & work in PA and Overseas - taxed by new york?
My tax due is going to be very high. I need to find a legal way to reduce tax.?
should i include self-employment income if it wasnt alot and will it increase my eic?
Is it too late to efile '08, '09,'10 taxes electronically. Will there be penalties and fees??if so how much?
IRS Quetion _ About 16 months ago I received a notice that I had not done my taxes so the IRS would be filing?
IRS Bank Levy & Direct Deposit?
what "new tax" could be created that would cause the same reaction?
what is the website where you can print out your w2 forms before you get them?
can i get money back on taxes for gas?
How can i get a figure to put on the tax claim form using Sage?
I bought a house in 1999, lived in 1 year. Had to move for work. I want to sell now. Do I have to pay taxes?
what states don't charge sales tax?
For anyone who refund was accepted on the 19th?
Can my employer withhold my paycheck?
Need help filling out W4 tax form.?
with online data entry and surveys does tax come out of the money earnt? do i need to set it up myself ?
Filing taxes separate from my spouse when he won't file?
wheres my refund when will i get it?
Parents claiming me as a dependent?
How HMRC may issue the right tax code if I'm not UK resident and employed and paid by Guernsey based company?
When checking the status of tax return it states enter whole dollar amount what does that mean? ?
How much national insurance contributions will I need to pay to fill a two year gap?
How do I clear IRS Taxe ?
If your employer is not witholding tax?
Will I get money back when I do my taxes since I claimed myself or will I owe?
If You Settle an Audit Without Admitting Guilt?
Can I deduct my rent over $500 a month on my taxes?
i want medicine (total calcium for women address blackmores ltd 23 roseberry st.balgowlah nsw 2093 australia)?
Mortgage Agent, taxes discount in Ontario?
How much do I have to pay on the sixth withdrawal at another bank's ATM ?
If I file for foreclosure can the government come after me for taxes on the property in 2010?
Why is there state income tax on my paycheck?
first time home buyer tax credit question?
Where can one get maximum benifit of Duty Drawback? At SEZ or at DTA?
Work in TX as 2nd state, count TX expenses as business?
If I owe the IRS, will I still receive a stimulis check?
Do I get a income tax return with a 1099?
Kevin Rudd; Stimulus Package?
Will this carbon tax do australia any good?
Question about the wheres my stimulus on the irs web site?
what happens if i haven't done my taxes in 5 years?
What affect does abusive tax shelters have on GDP, economy, firms and society?
Can I deduct improvements made to a house I sold in '06, and do I have to pay taxes on profits from the sale?
i am 19 years of age i live in uk and i work in uk 50 hours a week and single can i appy for tax refund?
how much am i getting back from federal taxes?
Tax deductions added to already return?
What about flat tax and eliminating deductions for people making above a certain amount of money?
Question about filing taxes with ITIN# (not a Social Sec. #) and claiming Head of Household?
a person lives in my home ,but buys their own food can i claim them on my tax return as a deduction?
I haven't filed for my taxes the last two years, can I still file? I'm getting a tax refund. Not paying.
Give me the best salary bifurcation for Rs.22500 P.M like what % should basic, DA,HRA, Con, Medical?
How many tax accountants are there in Austria?
Is there a law requiring us to pay taxes?
Do I file taxes myself, or am I a dependent?
IDEA ? Would a No Tax Day help the consumer?
Daughter turned 18 May 14th 2012, accountant claims they need to take 1,000 off of my 2011 income tax return?
Are there any countries with no property tax?
what are the purposed reforms?
What do i spend my $6,800 tax return on?!?
capital gains on 1099 but ultimately lost money how do you report?
can my mom claim me as a dependant ?
How long does it take to process taxes?
what would the tax be of a purchase of $225?
I am sole proprietor. Self employed and would like to learn to do my own taxes.?
How do I correct a tax return address?
what kind of lawyer do i need to resolve a dispute with a county tax collector?
Are there any Lawsuits against Jackson Hewitt for ID THEFT OR FRAUD?
what my date of birth in PAN CARD NUMBER IS: PAN : ADXPV 8500 E?
Should pregnant women pay more tax?
Where can I file 2010 taxes with last paystub besides HR Block?
If you're on SSI, and get divorced, do you get your full benefit amount back?
What happens if I filed my taxes, but I found a mistake where I owe more, but don't want to pay?
Do I need to inform Inland Revenue?
about unearned revenue?
recently retired.never did my withholding properly?
where do i send my completed forms for repayment to?
Tax Offset/ Refund Question?
If you were scheduled to have your stimulus check mailed by July 4th, have u recieved early yet?
How do I pay taxes this year,I'm 17 years old?
Is it true that central ohio sheet metal owes $800,000 in back taxes? I cannot find it in the news.?
Can I deduct my voice lessons from my taxes? How about therapy sessions?
IRS wage garnishment question?
If you don't work all year but have 2 dependents?
ive been employed for 7 years or more havent got a contract so can i claim redundancy?
who can file head of household?
when they say 15% tax bracket . Does that mean 15% , inclucding federal, state , FICA and etc.....?
Hello, I have a question regarding tax returns.?
Can my mom use my credit card and pay me cash with no tax penalty?
I sold my car that I bought 50 years ago . I paid 4200. and sold today for 9500. What is my tax status>?
Deductions question?
What is E-1 Sales?
Deducting the cost of vehicle using s 179?
Are there any countries where paying tax is voluntary, or where you can choose what things to pay taxes for?
Why is my 82 yr old aunt paying state and federal income taxes?
Once the IRS levies a bank account, do they have to issue a new 30 day notice to do it a second time?
Is the down payment for a new house tax deductible?
What is the last day to file taxex this year?
Will you get more money back on your taxes if you claim yourself?
Do I have to pay taxes when I buy item from another country on ebay?
I won a $10,000 prize and the $1900 on a slot machine. Do I have to pay PA Income tax on both?
economy stimulus deposit?
what is whiter than white?
Quick question about small business taxes?
I'm single, 66, retired, making 17800 per year, no dependents. Should I file as head of household?
what is the value of a 1957 one dollar bill?
Chapter 7 discharge tax debt?
Child benefit/ Tax credits issues?
I still have not received my stimulus check. My ss ends in 18 and I got my taxes DD.?
how do i find out when i will get my homestead tax refund?
Does my ex-husband need our kids Social Security # ?
Can I claim my father as a qualifying relative?
wmr status not updated?
Tax return Question (for Accountants)?
Friend received $28K from dying friend-can he be reported to IRS for not declaring the extra income?
how long must one save federal income tax returns?
how long before irs responds to your tax return? filed in april, thanks in adv.?
what's was the excise duty, nccd & automoble cess for commercial and passer vehicles before the latest budget
Did anyone receive direct deposit from IRS if they had a feb 1 date?
What would happen if the taxes got higher?
plz tell wether i am applicable for pf or
Explain property taxes and what the consumer should do about them.?
Ami i entitled to a tax rebate?? UK?
if Married, is it more convenient to file taxes as "single" or "married"?
Would I have to send this into taxes?
I'm an instructor who bought classroom supplies using his own money.?
if my paycheck is 500.00 how much will they take out in taxes in ct?
I need a chart (from $1.00 to $100.00) showing the sales tax for sales in utah?
I haven't filed my wife's and my joint tax return yet. Her dad already filed her taxes individually...?
I just got a letter from IRS?
has anyone received their IRS rebate check?
taxes: I haven't received my w 2 yet when is the latest that my employer can send them out?
What really happens if you forget to file your income taxes?
Still Processing - Tax Return 1/31- Anyone get their DD yet?
I sell books on do i have to pay taxes at the end?
What is Municipal trade tax?
If me & my wife claim 9 for the last 2 months of the year and have 2 children will we owe? filed married joint?
What tax would I pay on any profit from renovating and selling a house?
Tax-ability of income received from the sale of antiques?
I am looking for a formula that will help me figure out how much taxes will come out of my paycheck.?
Do you have to file for taxes if you receive public assistance or welfare?
Is it true that in Florida when you pay your taxes...?
which state has the highest unemployment rate?
need help with tax implications of a company prize?
Why do the rich get tax cuts?
How do you figure out how much of a total is the GST?
Haven't Recieved Federal Tax Refund??
Does getting into a lower tax bracket really matter?
looking for the i.r.s web site for tax retrun?
if you live in New York state please let me know if you received your State tax refund?
How much tax to pay if I bring in a Yamaha keyboard from the US?
How much money can you make in your own business and not have to file taxes? $500 $700?
Can you be set for life off of $5 Million?
I paid my tithes in church all year when I did my taxes they said I can't claim it unless I was buying a home
Foreign tax credit for taxes paid in India while on deputation to US?
How long can I claim a dead spouse ?
error address in tax return?
what was my tax identification number?
Can a camera be exempt from sales tax in New Jersey?
How do I get rid of an IRS estate tax debt?
Can my dad claim me as a dependent for his taxes and i still file for my own?
Do I file both the 1040x and 1040?
is there inheritance tax in tasmania?
Does a beggar pay income tax on the money they collect?
I'm confused about the 2012 Tax refund delay?
Can I get a W2 and a 1099 for the same job?
Filing Taxes for Lawn Care?
Is there a law, in India, to pay tax?
I have a UK tax question?
when will i get answers about my refund?
Where do I report and pay taxes on foreign investment income with no documentation?
Reasoning Government uses for giving deduction to expenses for profitable companies ?
On tax free day, for like school supplies and stuff, are ipods tax-free too?
Federal and State tax question for Self Employment?
what type of deductions are you allowed on when filing your income tax?
tax preparer said my daughters social security number was claimed by a someone else,?
can i claim against for tax credit if my claim was not accept?
Where can i get a tax file number in Australia, Victoria?
Who would it benefit more to claim a dependent?
Turbotax question with 1099?
can i get someone who teach me online ereturn filling of direct and indirect tax in short period of time?
Do I need to file my taxes?
I started working for myself last month and I wanted to know about having to pay quarter taxes and how .?
if u work at wendys and live in mississippi how much percentage of taxes do they take out your check?
If $570 of a $4000 loan has been paid off, what percentage still remains to be paid?
Can you return items you purchased from Goodwill?
How do I resolve an open tax sale?
Accounting- Are income taxes taken out after you take out other expenses?
How are bonuses taxed in Iowa?
If you are married, can you still file single on your taxes?
Married filing jointly, I made around 30k and my wife made $490, does she have to claim that w-2?
how do it check the status of my tax amendment?
where can you look up a company tax id # online for free?
what does "federal tax due" mean on turbotax?
please answer my question,?
When did schools become our 'taxmasters'?
Anyone have any luck yet with "Where's my Refund"?
What would be the simplest alternative to the BBC license scheme?
what is tax deductible family vacations run by a professional society?
what happens if you don't pay taxes for several years?
Why new/no.of taxes are immposed as well as tax rates are increased rather than control over scams in crores.?
How do I know if I'm exempt on my taxes?
How can distributed "dividends" from a normally-taxed, US-traded mutual fund possibly be negative in between?
What are the federal income tax consequences of selling real estate to a relative?
Is there a standing reward of $100,000.00$ to anyone that can provide a law requiring you to file a tax return
On a 1099-MISC, do I have to file if I only made $277?
My tax refund was due today 2/12/2010 and it has not been direct deposited into my account?
Do I have to pay tax on Fixed Maturity Plans?
may services and mony maters in lief?
Leased vehicles hybrid tax credit?
Do I qualify for the first time homeowners $8,000 tax credit? Serious answers only please. Thanks! ;)?
is there a standard deduction of rs.15000/- allowed on government pensioners in the financial year 2005-2006?
Self Employed Taxes Help, Help, Help !?
Why hasn't my federal tax return been accepted yet? ?
Can you deduct the travel expense of looking for a condo to buy as rental property?
does the tax collector put a lien on your home if you don't pay property taxes from another house?
i just turned 18 and want to know which credit card would be best to choose.?
Due date and formalities for submitting income tax.?
what is NSE & BSE and why should open Dmat Account?
can i claim an education credit even if i had no income?
Employed, self employed and VAT (UK)?
2012 Tax Refund Delay?
Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax, UK?
How many yrs can tax refunds be garnished to repay arrears before the person on child support gets a refund?
Do I have to pay taxes or import duties if I shop online?
Life insurance withdrawal?
What is the tax on alcohol?
Confused over how much tax I should have paid?
How do I get my automobile excise tax refunded?
im going to small clams court can the judge order me to give me income tax return to my old landlord?
If I buy a business route, what are my tax deductions?
if any medical expenses didn't come to me this year even i paid my annul preuim as Rs.10,000?
What's the difference between a tax credit and tax deductible?
I have a friend that has not filed taxes in 5 years because he owed money, what should he do?
why do i owe the gov. $ this time?
Idea about % of tax deduction?
How to file my taxes?
how to determine your tax filing status?
what are the ten states with the lowest property tax?
What NAICS tax code should I use?
Claiming a dependent parent.?
I am from India .I donot fall under tax slab , should i file income tax return? please help?
How much do I have to earn before I pay taxes? (in the united kingdom)?
Will you get more $ by itemizing in your tax refund for business travel mileage checks paid already?
I just got married and I am in the process of changing my payroll information at work..?
leaving u.k to go abroad for one year if I rent my house what tax rate would I pay on rental? ?
Do I need to collect sales tax/file taxes if I sell clothes online?
Can I write off hair cuts/color, suites/clothes, makeup?
Taxes and drama... what to do?
At what percentage is emergency tax paid in the UK?
If i get my work to pay me in shares does that mean I dont pay tax?
Hi i have taken Aviva Saveguard ULIP as there is no liquidity i want to withdraw in first year itself?
My brother ssn ends with 58. He did not file direct deposit. He will get his payment May 16 .Why is that?
who qualifies for the per diem 32.00 "per day" when cant find all receipts? iam a truck driver.?
Should I be filing for taxes?
My job isn't taking federal or state taxes out?
If you had short term capital losses for 2005 of 10,000 can you deduct those from your normal income?
What does "confirmation from merchant" mean?
Is This worth it after Tax deductions?
how much income tax do i have to pay?
My cousin claimed me on his taxes & I made over the amount of money to where you have to file on your own!?
Are my fire department dues and small gear tax deductable?
What would be the tax on things I buy in Louisiana?
can it treat income tax refund as income?
How much do Mcdonalds pay in the uk?
What happens if you receive flex spending claim money, then lose your job and don't pay full amount into plan?
Tax refund deposits daily?
Will an Increase in My Houses Appraise Value Increase my Property tax?
Do I pay inheritance tax on money left me by my sister-in-law?
Will i earn enough to pay Tax and National Insurance?
Why are Social Security payments taxable? It is a tax-that is how you got it. This is totally ridiculous?
What is a VAT receipt?
tax on foods and groceries?
what's the sss employer id # of convergys bacolod?
Can I deduct the stocks that I loose money on my taxes?
Help with sales tax math problem?
e-Filled ITR in wrong assessment year.?
i just bought something from an italian website. i live in the UK. do i have to pay for import fees?
On a federal tax return which cannot be included as a qualifiying child?
i want to view my oregon 2005 w-2 with no fee involved?
wat is simple process to get the passport ?
If the bush tax cuts expire where can I find the new tax code?
hi friends,?
I'm about to be made redundant. Am I enttled to claim Jobseekers Allowance ?
will i be taxed on a lawsuit settlement?
I am putting together a "company yearbook." What type of appropriate but fun questions can you think of?
How can Gain/Losses from 1256 Contracts be reported for Taxation?
How do I deduct Tax and NI from my wages?
How do I charge sales tax on an ebay item I sold from my ebay storefrom the st. of ct. .?
HM Revenue & Customs?
I have a UK customer they want me to ship to a non EU country. Do I charge VAT?.?
In California, do I pay sales tax for supplies I use to make products I sell?
Can gay married couple file joint federal tax return?
Can my husband file as head of household?
How much does this job pay?
I have not received a 1099, and the person I need it from will not give it to me, how do I file my taxes?
my son aged 7 has just inherited £1000 .what is the best way to save it .he will not benifit from untill he is?
I have been put in to work this bank holiday monday am i entitled 2 time and a half???
Hi i filed my taxes on the 17th and it was accepted on the 17th wheres my refund not updating?
If your ex spouse claims your child on taxes every year nd you were suppose to rotate years is that fraud?
negative effects of increasing power rates?
I am thinking of setting up online business, do I need keep records of all receipts for tax?
If I am filing late without getting an extention, will I still be able to do a long form?
If your employer has not handed in your p45 and you are on the wrong tax code / paying to much tax,?
Can you return items you purchased from Goodwill?
did anyone find out what reference 1201 from the IRS means yet??
Is it to late to file my taxes ?
what can I do if the company I worked for as a self-employed,hasn't paid the tax?
If I have a small home-based business and I have not filed any taxes in 3 years, what are the penalties?
i made 5,000. dollars this year and i have 2 kids what will i get back for taxes?
How do I get exemption in Income Tax?
How do u prove that the irs that the kids that u claimed on your taxes are related to you?
uk tesco affected by recession 2009 ?
How much do u have to pay for ur income tax if u make 5,000 a month?
My boss pays me cash, and gives me a 1099. He says there is no deference than taking out taxes is this true.?
Can I write off donations to my church on my taxes?
I recieved a tax deductible from my church tithes but already recieved my refund, can I still get this money?
can i use my last paystub for the year in place of a w2?
can u employer take your tips?
Okay if i did my tax Monday !! When do you all think i get them back ?
Just wondering if anyone knew of an oline calculator where I can work out how much I will get each month.?
Is there a better way to get a good tax refund?
federal and state [ca.] inheritance tax schedule?
why arent cigarettes even more taxed on?
served in the royal artilliary for 16years, now in germany, want to know about pension as I am 55, help?
Is anyone experiencing a delay with their federal refund?
What is the address to mail federal tax forms?
whic are the countries with the lowest taxes?
Who can claim me on their taxes this year? My Boyfriend or my mother?
If i bought an item on ebay from an international seller. Would I get taxed when it is posted to me in the UK?
if the vat is replaced with insurance tax when buying motor insurance how much is it and can i claim it back?
HOW much of your pay check do you give to charities?
Can i claim my husband as a dependent?
taxes on student paychecks?
what is the penalty for tax evasion?
Do you think Mark Zuckerberg got married this year for the married filing joint tax rates?
Should I take American Opportunity tax credit or Lifetime Learning tax credit?
A question for tax accountants only? Hi I'm a student and I'm having some trouble's on a tax return
Can I Use This Donation As A Tax Write Off?
Tax write off ?, home became a rental, was a loss for the past seven years then sold about the price owed?
Are Chinese invitation and Chinese?
How do you retrieve W-2 info from past years?
Help me understand Winnipeg taxes?
what happens if the town puts a tax lien on your house? I am late on two tax payments on my house in Ct.?
I want to file my child on my tax return.?
If the UK taxman makes an error and under taxes you how long is it before you do not have to repay the tax?
Am I supposed to pay taxes?
will i get any money for claiming my mother on my taxes?
Open a tax free savings account?
I need to find out about dependents on my taxes. My daughter is 21 & my granddaughter is 4. they live with me?
Do You Pay Taxes On Time And A Half?
Can you deduct interest paid on an car loan from your taxes?
I am looking for a free resource to value items that I donate to charity. Is there something out there?
Ex is on SSDI and added Child but shes my dependent?
Does Canadian Customs charge duties on buyer's premiums?
I haven't sent in my Form 8453-OL. Will it prevent me from getting the IRS stimulus check?
A resource for business and property taxes in different states and how to compare rates. NEED HELP ASAP!?
State, federal, and local taxes?
history on federal tobacco alcohol taxes?
I'm 52 years and recieves unemployment check can I still collect Tax refunds?
Would a full scholarship lessen my tax refund!?
What is the tax percentage taken off my pay check every month?
If i lent someone say $150000 over the last 5 years or so and they pay me back, would i have to pay any tax?
How much tax and deductions would someone pay on a EUR27,000 salary in Republic of Ireland?
How do I pay taxes for my small business (self-employed)?
what arethe provisons regarding Tax Audit in the case of share trading and what is the meening of gross receip
National Insurance Contributions Too High?
how can the irs steal my whole paycheck?
If you live in a state with a sales tax, can you buy an automobile in a state w/o a sales tax ?
How do you get the IRS to drop penaties and interest fees?
Do you think ppl that make over $250,000 deserve an extension on the Bush tax cuts?
If you owe the IRS back taxes do you really need a lawyer?
My filing status is married with no dependents & i have 5$ witheld from my ytd is 12k.?
What requirements do u need 2 be a charted accountant?
Does anyone know how H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, and other tax services price their business?
i cleaned houses for cash. how do i prove my income for my taxes?
question about taxes declaration?
Are there additional forms to fill out when filing a late tax return?
Does Medi-Cal have an annual maximum benefit limit? or a per injury or illness maximum benefit limit?
If I filed my taxes and never recieved the money do I still have to pay the irs for what I did not get?
Do I have to file taxes if i make $1000?
claiming children on taxes that someone else already claimed.?
When will IRS start processing refunds it is 1/20/2011?
When filing taxes, do we count wages paid after the new year?
Can someone else claim my child on tax returns?
receive child support biweekly?
What's the federal ID number for Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES)?
if i have 401k, can i contribute to roth ira?
How do you record tax paid on office supplies in Simply Accounting?
tax question about 1099 job?
I'm Separated/He owes me Child Support/ should I file jointly or separately?
Tell me hw to knw lost pan number,as my details are not maching the it records?
Question about income tax(india)?
How do you claim sick pay .?
Is non-refundable collateral paid to an insurance company deductible when paid or when used to cover claims?
Owed TAXES to IRS from 06 will they discharge?
I need an editable 1099 form?
Charging tax to outsourced work.?
what do you do if you dont have your social security number for an online application?
What time do the IRS deposit tax returns in your bank account...............?
is it legal for a married couple to file taxes separately and claim 1 child each of 2 children?
Tax Question: Filing separately as a dependent.?
As a foreigner, can I take the advantage of first time home buyer tax credit?
my daughter made $15,000. her employer took out $310 federal is all.?
What's the first thing you did with your tax refund?
A relative told me that my daughter (Born 1am Jan. 1st 2009) could be claimed on my 2008 taxes. Is this true?
table for withholding tax from employee?
misc is the currncy of which country?is it even currncy?
how much tax is taken on a on a one thousand dollar win?
how much is 1,000,000 Great Britian Pounds Sterling's equal to in U.S. Dollars?
What is a VAT invoice?
How can i write the irs by email and what is the address??????
Can someone help job seekers allownce tax.....etc?
does anybody know what the rate is for federal unemployment tax is?
Rollover of a 403b to IRA?
Questions about my tax return? Dependent/student with a job.?
I work at home and my husband works for me under my S-corp I file a 940 and w-2 and I pay GA state taxes.?
Do I have to report my 1099-R if the taxable amount is 0.00?
For the last 7 years of my Mums life, she paid a woman £113 per week to care for her. should this lady pay tax
I supported my friends can I use them as exemptions on my tax return?
Regarding bank CD's and taxes?
my mom is claiming me on her taxes - im 33 married with kids?
I'd like to know more information about my fiance's W2?
unemployment insurance hearing/ right of review question?
Withdrawing retirement account early - can I get the tax payment back?
What is the personal income tax structure in USA?
What is the difference between estimated, amended and reported taxes?
In unemployment benefits considered taxable as income on michigan tax returns?
if i won 10,000 dollars on a scratch ticket can I get the taxes taken out back?
If I write a letter asking people to help support me while I study, do I report gifts under $12,000?
if my father gives me gift his property do i have to pay any tax?
Is your refund status stuck at the by 1/31 date?
The UK's reputation is rock bottom for corruption etc. Do people in the UK know this?
Reported to IRS.. is my friend going to jail?
Why do I have to pay taxes on a house or a land that I owned? It is ridiculous and unfair!?
How do we figure out how much NC state taxes combined with federal taxes would be deducted from our paychecks?
Does everyone need to file a tax return? Even those who don't earn?
Can I claim my wife as a dependent on taxes?
Question for real estate tax professionals?
Someone deposited my state tax refund in their account without my consent, isn't that considered wire fraud?
Turbo Tax Question- Need Help determining how to file.?
Do you pay for tv licence in the UK?
if you have had crisis loans in the past, how much can be deducted from your benefits?
Why Indian income tax rules are so complex ?
What date is the begining of the new tax year?
Given the facts below, which of the taxpayers may use the cash method for 2008 in the following situations?
how much does the government tax if you win the lottery?
Form 2555 file before I go overseas?
Can you be notified about a tax refund by email?
What is my employer doing with my wage?
i want to send an iphone4 from australia to india. how much duty will i have to pay in india?
how do I calculate my tax refund?
Tax Question: If I pay my own health insurance premiums, is it tax deductible?
If a company has brought forward losses is there any way to offset these against Sch DIII income?
Bicycling tax benefits?
Will a corporation be able to deduct employees salaries?
What is the law in Australia on money gifts do I HAVETO pay taxes on money gifts for ex $80,000?
this is an accounting question?? how come so different on monthly salary/annual salary on social security tax?
Are jointly owned (between parent and child) EE Bonds subject to estate taxes when the parent dies?
Do I file both the 1040x and 1040?
Is Netflix allowed to charge tax if I only have streaming?
explain what a capital gain is?
HELP with TAXES! My husband doesnt have visa or residency, we have 2 kids+I earn more than him. How do i file?
how long should i keep my credit card statements?
If I claim 0 and single on taxes and have 2 children and made 44.100 this year how much will my return be?
should australians pay tax??
How much is sales tax on video games in Lee's Summit, MO?
Ten years ago, Levin Inc. earned $0.50 per share. Its earnings this year were $2.20. What was the growth?
i am moving from California to Texas, can i collect unemployment until i find ajob?
Is it possible to have 0 taxable income?
Itemized deductions question: I'm confused!?
what are the tax implecations if i go to work as a teacher in china for a year?
How do I get my emergency tax coding changed?
is it possible to give tax credits to encourage business investment in new factory equipment and still increas?
Do I need to do taxes?
HSA & Insurance Premiums?
Need some guidance/help about filing taxes for 2008??
Can I get the earned income credit from last year?
what will happen from the view of income tax, if i purchased a property valued Rs.10 for Rs.7?
Wmr worked this morning giving me the same old generic BY 1/31...?
what college students qualify for the stimulus tax rebate?
Inheritance tax?
Am I eligible for CA sdi?
I have never filed my taxes before, please help!?
federal subsidized loan default?
has anyone got there 2012 irs refund?
I will be shopping in Superior WI - I heard there is no tax in this state - meaning no sales taxesl - true?
Should I be losing 1/3 of my pay to taxes?
Why cant get my ptin? i am coping right of my 2009 tax return and still says rejected!?
verify status of my TIN?
Do lower taxes create jobs?
What of following taxes is not an employer tax?
Can my bf claim my brother on his taxes as a dependent ?
Indian TAX related query on sale of house.?
After 6 months the 2nd week of my claim form was X'd out?
I'm Canadian How long does the former dead beat dad od a15yr old have to pay for daughter when she enters Univ?
How are Social Security benefits declared on French income tax return for a U.S. citizen residing in France?
Are stock recommendation service fees tax deductible?
What's your state's sale tax??
are taxes withheld from social security benefits?
a subcontractor won't pay me what he owes what do i do?
married seperate or married jointly?
federal withholding tax tables for 2005?
2009 tax return............?
what do you plan on using your tax returns for?
how can i get my w2s?
Can you get a replacement p60 without going to your previous employer?
Is there a liaison or advocate for federal waivers?
Military Tax Question involving Dependents?
Does anyone knows in the State of Texas...?
How do I get the most tax money back?
how much do have to make before your taxes.?
For people who's-Wheres my Refund? Shows DD on Feb 2nd?????/?
I have one child I am 17. my dad is claiming me and my son. how much about should i get on back taxes?
how can i make my taxes preparer responsible for their errors?
What do I do if I received a 1099 late, after already filing my taxes?
At what income does someone not pay taxes at all?
Copy of assigned tax number?
where in the world is the best place to live to pay the least tax on income?
Is anyone STILL waiting for their tax refund?
if you owe 10,000 dollars in credit and you settle for 5000 dollars do you have to file a 1099 form?
questions about my W2?
If someone lives in the same household that you support but not legally a dependent,can you claim as one?
Is stamp duty a deductable expense for a property trading company?
Do I have to pay income tax on the dividends from my stock that i have them automatically reinvest?
the irs said that they deposited my refund into my account today and it us not there.?
Accountants help please ?
how do I figure out quarterly withholding tax?
Will I get a W-2 for state disability?
what would the world be like if there was no currency?
Since I left school 30 years ago I have never paid a penny in income tax. I have always been self employed?
How exactly do I claim mileage deductions after partial reimbursement from job?
Is activity of non commercial building would comes under service tax like insulation or granite stone fixing.?
first time homebuyer gets screwed?
How do dependents affect my taxable income? (In Canada)?
tax refund delays for us with the 2/10 (2/6) direct deposit date?
My federal tax refund was ~$900 less than what I filed and was supposed to get back. Anyone know why?
IRS tax mistake, help?
unemployment benefit after filing bankruptcy?
Is there any way to avoid paying GST on the purchase of a newly developed investment property?
Who should claim my 4 month old daughter on 2007 tax return?
Is this eligible for a tax return?
Can I claim unemployment when my job ends if my employer has only been paying taxes for the last month?
Your opinion! Why shouldn't the govrenment take so much from your paychecks?
Do I need to file if I only made $1073.00??
Is it true that I don't pay taxes if I work less than 20 hours a week?
irs refund supposed to be today by DD, anyone get theirs?
Is my salary earned outside India during financial year 2011-12 taxable in India?
Do i have to pay council tax? im confused?
I own shares of some companies bought in 1994. I became an NRI in 1995. I can't sell them as I do need?
Is it legal to "tax" a tax?
How can I get a copy of 1099 form from my 2009 return?
what is the state and Local Rate %...turbotax help?
Where does income tax go?
Can i claim my fiance and her daughter on my taxes?
Stocktaking regulations in India?
Will my weekly benefit for unemployment be reduced if I don't claim the amount of hours that I'm working?
Tax question: Can personal biz expenses accumulate over years of no income,then all be deducted when there is?
taxes question??????????????????!?
tax invoice for construction bill?
If I had my refund dd, and they took the fees for that out of the refund, does my stimulus get dd?
Do I have to pay income taxes on rental property?
How much are they giving for a child this income tax season?
advantages and disadvantages of working in the contract with the federal government?
hello need help please I'm 18 and i applied for student tax return?
When it is acceptable to state inventory above cost and which industries do this?
see if taxes were filed using my daughters social security number?
Does your tax refund still state STILL PROCESSING? Mine still stays still processing ?
Are expenses to obtain green card deductible on 2005 taxes?
How many sisters does vanessa anne hudgens have?
Which parent has the right to claim their child on their taxes?
how do i do my taxes if i didnt do them last year? i was suppose to get money back last year.?
if a CPA did an amended return should it cost 600.00?
Tax benefits for full time students.?
401k rollover: Can I do this?
what is the mean of TCS?
are new residential windows tax deductible?
Does my sister have to file taxes?
what are the rates of tds for A.Y.2008-09?
How much total taxes on 30,000 income in Delaware?
Is Land considered as Real Property by IRS?
Can I get a copy of my income history from the department of revenue?
I have a tax question return for 2 children.?
Can she claim him as a dependent on her tax returns?
how does payroll taxes compare with the corporate profits/corporate income tax?
Has anyone called the irs and was told there was a problem with their refund and it was delayed one week?
I am 23/m new to tax procedure. I thought I filed my W2-tax return, but realized never recieved return...?
How do I find aprox. property tax rates in Houston?
How do you "fix" inadvertent evasion of taxes?
Is starting a business tax deductable?
unemployment benefits?
who is my fiduciary?
Income Tax calculation on Share Trading?
Married joint filing?
Can I claim tax on travel I haven't yet done this year?
UK- TV licence question?
How long does it take for a birthdate to get updated from the SSA to the IRS?
Would Federal Sales Tax Revenue? Lead to lesser income taxes?
Who claims son on income taxes? son lives w/ me.?
Income tax return question ?
How Many Can I Claim?
Can I claim my wife as a dependant this year?
i made $23,000 this year w/ 2 depedents but only paid $400 federal tax, will this hurt me when i file a return?
how do i fill out indiana withholding tax forms?
There has to be a way to increase my take home pay and still have some kind of a tax refund at the end of the?
tax stimulus rebate?
Sales tax for orange county, ca?
how do I get a license in CA to perform income taxes?
Curious how tax writeoffs work?
Do I still do my tax return if I move out of the U.S.?
Am I required to do a tax return if I have been in the country for just 3 months?
i earn $1,500 per month.if i spend $375 on rent each month, what percent of my income do i spend on my rent?
When you start a business, how long do you have to register with HM Revenue?
My Tax code is now 810L, please help?
will I receive a refund if I had no federal coming out? I didn't make much and I have a child.?
Will I get taxes refund ?
What is an Outside-Property Claim Representative?
Question for accountants?
Please explain the rules and theory of Section 2516?
My $3,000 taxes went to "collections" do I still have to pay?
Importing without a US Tax ID number?
How much is a album on iTunes in US if it cost 11.99 plus taxes?
are bonds payable, due in ten years a current asset,non current asset,current liabiltiy,or longterm liabiliy?
How much would my dependents cost if i file them?
I have a gross sales figure need the formula to back out my state taxes to find out net income and taxes due.?
Can you deduct tips paid out over the year?
INCOME TAX DEPENDANT AND EITC QUESTION, can my boyfriend claim my 2 year old on his taxes as the father?
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