Can your income tax refund be withheld?
where can i find my landlords excise tax number?
If I started an Internet church for Agnostics could I ask for donations and not pay taxes on it.?
Do I owe the IRS anything?
Do I have to pay income tax?
What are the tax advantages of a Roth IRA over a traditional IRA?
what is an 1099-r form?
What is the procedure in India to inherit the gifted property with no will?
Did everybody that was getting their refund on the 26th receive it yet?
what is the differnce between for AGI deductions and itemized deductions?
employer does not want to withhold from my paycheck?
Do I have to pay taxes on SSDI and Long Term Disability?
Education Expenses for tax reasons?
i currently receive my child tax credits weekly, does anyone know if i can change to monthly payments?
Can I claim back tax if I only work part of a year?
Does Singaporean living and working overseas need to pay taxes in Singapore?
Changes in address require new W-9?
I claim 0 on my taxes but I still have to pay, does anyone know why?
Is UK best place to buy tax free car in europe?
my refund was sent back to the IRS, my address on there is totally wrong what can i do?
why is VAT not a part of sales of business?
Does anybody know roughly how much (percentage) I should set aside for taxes when I become self employed?
Does the IRS let volunteers get reimbursed for gas mileage?
Where and how do I report a capital gains tax on federal tax return form 1040.?
if i work in TN (who doesn't have a state tax) and i live in MS (who doesn't) do i have to pay ms state tax?
how much money do i lose by living in NJ and working in NY?
Would the receiver have to pay import tax on having cash sent overseas to the uk from usa ?
how do i figure expenses when preparing an income statement?
What happens if I put my money in a UK account?
Is anyone else having issues with TaxBrain/SBBT and their 2009 Tax Refund?
7500 tax credit ? I read this article?
What happens to my grandmother's IRS debt if she passes away?
how can I make my mortgage tax deductable in Canada?
When scrolling through the county's assesment list, I noticed that next to some?
If federal tax witheld was 3,740 shouldnt I get that amount back, Turbo tax is saying im only getting 2,740?
Where do I find information about my tax ID number?
How can i find out if my income tax will be garnished?
Do I have to pay taxes?
what credits cards are good to get?
will i get a tax refund? i been unemployed the whole year?
Failure to file federal taxes - IRS?
In oklahoma how much taxes are taken out from a teenagers paycheck?
Can I invest full Rs100000 in LIC premiums payments as savings for income tax? Pls advice. Thanks n Regards.?
Will sales tax on motor vehicles be deductible on 2006 federal return?
Where do I find old W2 and old income amounts?
Where can I find the wages paid to my local council boses/councilors etc?
serious question pertaining to taxes?
What is the best free tax filing prep online?
how can I find out how much I should be geting back on my w2s before I see my w2s?
Tax Question: Do I have to claim the interest I paid on my homes?
If someone is making over $250,000 a year, can they donate to charity in order to fall in a lower tax bracket?
Do I have to pay taxes on my points??
when will i get my back to work bonus?
Confused about my tax withholding?
whats 30% off of 9.99 no tax?
I was a F-1 student 2 yrs ago, but I still have money in the mutual funds. Do I need to file tax? which forms?
Pay check stub templates?
box 17 is empty on my w2 but pay stub shows deduction what do i put?
I work FT and have just taken on a part time job. What is the best way to work out tax on a 2nd wage?
Questions on taxes?
what is the gift tax law in Nebraska?
Where is my stimulus check???
the rich should be taxed more? do you agree? and why?
my medical expenses for 09 were 11,300. My income was 93,340. So why isnt turbo tax giving me a deduction?
who do I report sales tax abuse to in San Diego?
what the web address to check the status of ga refund?
Do IRA distributions count as income if you are over 59 1/2?
do i still have to pay tax?
Didn't claim daughter on taxes, can I put on my taxes that I paid for her schooling (preschool)?
how much will it cost to import an engine usa to uk?
I've just moved to South Florida and got a new job. How much standard tax will be deducted from my salary?
Is it safe to use the free tax services offered online?
Is Britain's proposed green tax just another example of emergency measures removing civil liberties ?
how far back can the IRS go to get back taxes?
Do I need to file taxes for the amount of money I made?
The payment of cash dividends to shareholders is classified as a financing activitity?
What is the tax of 59.99?
i need info on taxes and purchment (purcheses on stuff like xboxes)?
If someone dies and leaves you a farm, do you have to pay tax when the property is transferred to you?
What is wrong with the USA tax code?
what is the percentage of federal taxes that was taken out?
Will my tax return be taken?
Am I wrong about my pay?
Do I have to change residency, how will taxes work?
i have taken ITC on my car on UPVAT and carry forward balance next year should i deposite this ITC in departme?
I make 674 a month on ssi. should I file taxes? the ssi is my only income and i live alone?
I need help with this new tax rumor i heard?
Am I eligible for Supplemental Security Income if I'm not eligible for Social Security Benefits?
Since Trickle Down Economics tax cuts for the Rich/Wealthy and tax cuts for Big Corporations does not work wha?
Help with 1098-T Tax form?
parents and writing a will?
Should I use a tax attorney for an offer in compromise?
How much tax is paid each month on a $90K salary?
How often would a LLC company have to file taxes?
i'm a waitress, tax question?
where on the web can obtain guidelines regarding seafarers tax rebates?
Acounting Principles?
If I was in college for 4 months will I get back all my income tax back?
Did anyone get a 2/24 DD?
Am i eligiable for 2009 new home tax credit?
Can my mother claim me at all?!?
name a good that you?
What is the minimum and average wage for a 17 year old on a part time job? in the UK?
1099 question about income tax california?
Do I need to charge sales tax?
Is 846/E6100 an emergency tax code?
Who's taxes do i go in?
figure tax basis for dividend reinvest for att?
Questions about investment income tax for F1 and resident alien in 1040 form?
Tax Refund Hit @ Midnight?
Getting taxed far to much- 19 years of age- Part time Job?
How much income I have to file for taxes?
Is pan handeling illegal?
Will the state of iowa offsett my stimulus check?
Why does the IRS take so much out of my bonus check? I did not receive any of this back on my refund.?
Is using the same as say H and R block? Will they send?
Turbo tax help with losses?
Property tax serious question? Americans Pls help?
what is the minimum hours a employer can give you per week?
Does the IRS include child support payments as income when filing taxes?
What is the Unified Transfer Tax Credit?
How hard will the Gov hit me on my new profits?
What is the status of Kotak Dynamic Floor Fund-II ?
Im opening a salon how should i pick/Find an accountant/CPA?
Tax Bonus - adjusted tax liability is nil?
Why are taxes so complicated?
just find out today i have won the mega millions lottery for 30 million dollars,after taxes how much willi get
can some explain how income tax/tax refunds work?
my brother died last month,the guy who shared the house with him took money out of his bank police wont prosec
a friend told me that if i used turbo tax my stimulus tax money would be mailed instead of?
Question Carry Over Capital Loss?
I just did my taxes, I lost my job and I still have to pay over $1000, how can I pay this?
sales tax due on private party resale of used car in california?
State tax returns, where is it?
Can I claim my immegrant wife as a dependent on my taxes?
does a 401k plan come into play when you file bankruptcy?
The current liability for Wages Payable (or Accrued Payroll) represents the:?
What is the sales tax in California?
My paycheck is being held....?
If I come into inheritance will I be kicked off unemployment?
2010 income tax return question:?
which states allow sales tax filing on a cash basis?
Why govt.increase tax rates/impose different taxes in India rather than control over scams.?
+234-80-5922-5675 is the number of...?
I still haven't gotten my stimulus check yet. What do I do?
Looking for a good TAX consult. in Modesto, CA, to settle back taxes. I do expat work (mostly out of country).
Taxes with online business?
Taxes for winning on a radio station?
Can you answer this please??
I have a state tax lein and once I pay it off this year will it come off my credit report?
How do I prepare for a sale tax audit in Ohio?
tax refund delays for us with the 2/10 (2/6) direct deposit date?
how do my property taxes determine my refund during tax season?
What is the taxes on lottery winning. Federal An State ( Al ) of $ 1,500,000.00?
Can an accounting firm legally not prepare and send out someones W-2?
if a van is leased can you claim milage allowance?
At what time of the day does the irs direct deposit?
Direct Deposit Tax Refund?
Does moving a company from the US to Canada constitute tax complications?
What is the maximum amount a single working person can get on tax credits?
If I am an eBay seller can I list my computer and internet service as expenses?
Can my boyfriend claim my car next tax season- even if it's in my name?
what to do if someone else tried to claim you on their taxes?
can i be claimed as a dependent?
How do I get my moped taxed?
if the medicare taxes is being deducted from your paycheck, does it mean you have a health insurance from your
Should I bother with tax deductions? What are they?
Have a question about obtaining my tax info for 2008?
how can i file pf & esic return and which form and dates?
Tax Refund IRS January 31 2011?
serious question pertaining to taxes?
I’m Getting Ready to File Taxes for the First Time as a Homeowner, can I Deduct My Property Taxes?
The cheapest tax service in lansing?
Do I have to pay tax?
If I flip a house in 3 monthes how much IRS tax do I have to pay?
How do taxes work if you are not living in one places and are constantly traveling?
how much are taxes in canada?
i owe the IRS money from last year. i get a rebate- but will i see it or will they deduct from my balance?
If you are in the ATM business...what would you consider the cash in the machines?
House left in will, put into individuals name or Ltd company name?
where is the nearest hewlett jackson tax consultant in cobb county?
Can a person convicted of a felony prepare income tax forms for other people ie: federal forms?
I am a private contractor in Iraq paid from off shore bank acct. Do I have to pay any taxes?
Does my son need to fill out a w-7?
husband hasn't filed his taxes in years?!!?
i earn less than minimum wage so dont pay national insurance... is my employer obliged to pay contributions??
Do I wait until I have my item back to refund the order?
Just started a new job, claiming 6, they took out $153.00 for federal...does that seem high?
do professional footballer pay tax on their salary in UK?
I'm buying a house in 2010, can I claim it for the tax credit, on my 2009 taxes?
Full Time - Tax?
I forgot to send in my W2's with my taxes today?
I received a check from a de-lotto stating that i won. WHAT SHOULD I DO?
can you withdraw your 401 K while still employed at same job (needed for hardship)?
My mom lives with us, receives>$12,000/year in SSD. I pay the mort/taxes/utils; can i claim her as dependent?
My employers have deducted wages off me because I was unable to come in to work due to being sick.?
practice since the guideline in regrets to claims was amended in 1998.?
Do I have the option to claim 1 or 2 allowances on my w4?
does the IRS collect for unpaid state taxes?
Can my wife claim me next year for the 2010 taxes? (Read info)?
Take my money out of the USA? HELP ME!?
Where is the law that makes one liable for the federal income tax? Is it in the IRS code?
if i take Rs. 10 lakh as gift from my aunt , would it be tax free?
Can I claim my 25 yr. old son on my tax return?What would I be entitled to?
Taxes in New York City?
how does reduce spending in the tax code mean raise taxes? and how is it Orwellian?
well can i still file unemployment?
What if i worked for one wek in 2004 should i still try to file for tax return? Single mom of 1 child?
if the gift cards are under 600 a year can it be exempt?
I m 4m chandigarh India, salary rs210000pa, want credit card. Tell me how to get it?
Will I be able to claim independent on my taxes? What is hoh?
i am single and don't work my boyfriend supports me and my children can he claim us on his taxes?
I am a student with a full time job.. what forms do i need to stop paying tax?
In India if I ll get 6000 Canadian dollars from my friend ,is there any provision to pay tax?
How does gift tax work?
When should my tax return arrive? ?
What is the tax rule for entertaining customers as a a write-off?
do youget money back from your taxes if you have a child?
Is there a website that shows property taxes of towns/cities? Prefer suburban-NYC or any other..?
Anyone with a refund DD date of 1/28..?
w4 forms - if my dependends go up does the tax go down and will I get more in my paycheck?
Do I file taxes myself, or am I a dependent?
HMRC tax code different, second job!?
Does anyone else still have a date of 1/31/2012 for their IRS tax refund Direct Deposit?
can you make up names of kids to claim on your taxes?
Find future value and amount of interest earned?
Summer job and taxes?
Is it true that Obama is going to give all out taxes to lower income people?
is there a free tax expert that can help me?
a tax question?
unemployment extension?
What countries do not have property tax?
Tax question?
tax liability on sale purchase of agriculture land in punjab?
How to make correction in PAN card acknowledgement?
Are There people of any state that don't pay federal tax?
Can anyone help me with these tax questions?
Do you have to pay duty/tax on a single item order from the US to Canada?
is service tax applicable for rent of a hospital building. if so what is the limit & rate of tax?
If you live in the United States, but not the United Kingdom can you still pay in GBP?If so how do u get it?
Do you own Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS)? Is the return of principal taxable? Tax help please!?
Pay as you go taxes ...... ?
how can i get copies of w2's or tax returns from 1994 and 1995?
past do tax returns, what should i do?
How do the expiring tax cuts affect my family?
Whats is the full form of 'cl'?
we filed our taxes back in febuary, but didnt do direct deposit, shouldnt we get our check sooner than later?
Do I have to pay for my half of the housing benefit if im a full time student and only working in the summer?
Can anyone tell me the tax consequence of the following land transaction?
What is the tax act of 1933 and 1944 mainly about?
should i be getting 2 checks back when i file my taxes?
income tax question...plz help...?
can i claim the child tax credit part chidcare element to pay for my childcare costs if the childminder i use?
Am I elgibile for the stim. plan rebate if I am 20 and make over 19,000 & filed taxes & was claimed by my mom?
When is the soonest that I can request my w-2 forms to be mailed to me??
help with math prob?
Custom charges on a parcel from the USA to UK?
When do i get my t4 in ontatio in 2011?
My tax return was filed and accepted on 1/18. I had a Dd date of 2/25. Then it changed to 2/21. ?
Has anyone received their 2009 tax refund that didnt get an update on Wheres my Refund?
LIfe in UK - Bad debts!?
Important Question About Sales Tax Please Answer?!?!?!?!?!?!?! URGENT!?
How much is gamestop tax for this?
Do you need to be a cpa to do tax returns? or just a reg accountant?
Adjusting entries, accounting?
Is it true that full time students dont have to pay income tax on earnings?
A proxy fight is:?
what jobs can an 12 year old have in the UK?
how much social security could I receive if i make 65000 a year and am 62?
For what can you use the income tax for.?
in ri. do u still have to be working for 6 months to collect unemployment if your pregnant?
How much, roughly, would the customs charge be for makeup being sent from US to UK, value about £36.15?
Who receives royalties for action figures of einstein?
What's the age limit your parent can claim you for taxes if you're not a student?
is my husband in trouble???
UK Import tax hong kong?
how can i have a date?
Can my fiance claim me on his taxes?
Can I file a 1099 on a person who has been getting restitution payments?
how much will my check be after taxes?
Question about Treasury Offset?
looking for an auditing Company in Luan da Angola?
what is my filing status if i am married but claiming my wife and son as a dependent?
My tax return was scheduled to be mailed jun 17 but now the irs site doesn't have ANY info about it. help?
i am from india......if i buy a ps3 from,should i pay any tax?
Can i get a refund on washington state sales tax if i am an oregon resident?
Is it okay if I file W-2 in 1040 NR-EZ form?
how do i pay taxes i owe?
What are the rules to claim 2006 tax write off for new windows for State (CO) and Fed.2006 taxes?
question about taxes...?
How to get my fathers earnings(wages salaries tips etc.) if i only have my mothers W-2 and form 1040?
U K Based Question?
my register No.239926. pl. inform my seniority in B.E., position?
What taxes would I get back from irs?
Bank FD appx. Maturity value of Rs. 1 lakh in 121/2 yrs? (1.1.2000-30.6.2012)?
Personal income tax CPA near Bellevue WA?
if my daughter was born in april will our taxes for her be prorated how much would i get in iowa?
Options are granted on 7/31/07. But vesting starts on 6/1/07. Which date is used for 123R expense calculation
Can I still get a tax refund if im on unemployment? I didnt work at all last year, and im a mother of 3.?
What do I do now, if I haven't paid my estimated taxes?
When people get married, are they then responsible for tax liabilities their partner accrued in the past?
How Long Can One Stay At Their House After Receiving A Letter Of Eviction For Nonpayment of HousingTaxes In NJ?
my refund has been frozen?
Council tax for pensioners?
Has anyone received their 2011 MN property tax refund by direct deposit yet?
can I roll over my severance pay to a retirement plan to avoid taxes ?
Can my fiance claim me on his taxes this year ?
what are the places in india where the OCTROI tax is exempted?
My IRS refund day is 02/08/2012?
I am owed payroll by a bankrupt company. Can I take the loss on my 2010 taxes?
what is penalty not filing quarterly?
can I use my temporary Id to file taxes'?
wash sales on a gain?
If i made a little over 5000 last year how much would my return be? (Estimate)?
Claiming unborn child on taxes?
Can I deduct taxes/interest on three houses in this circumstance?
how can i get my p45 if they said they sent it to my previous address?
401k and tax debt question?
Being self employed?
If someone is collecting unemployment benefits and working under the table and will receive a 1099?
Can an 18 year file their own taxes if their parent is going to claim them as a dependent?
trying to file georgia state taxes. help please!
I had business loss in year 2004, 2005. Can I deduct BOTH years' loss in year 2006?
holding tax refund for identification verification?
I have a 1099 form for $8000 how much will i get back after I pay taxes on it?
Can I deduct a root canal on my taxes?
Does anyone know of a deduction that can be taken on the 2006 taxes, for using the Family Medical leave act?
If I make under 21 thousand a year and live in the state of california will I owe taxes ?
benefit fraud?
Why is there a penalty on early 401k withdrawal?
Why do we need to fill income tax?
can a baby be claim for taxes by two people?
I have only kept sparse records?
Are you using office serv-500 epabx system if so how is the performance?
Which FORM should we use for tax report?
Has capital gains tax law changed regarding living in a home for 2 years and being able to sell w/no tax owed?
What is ModVat?
Tax implications for large sum of money?
By his Disclosure/Tax status, is Romney a Millionaire / Multi-millionaire / other?
Reporting payments to the IRS?
Pls adv if I sell the overseas's propety and wire money here. Will I need to pay income tax?
who are do sbumatied sales tax retued?
Why is it that municipal bonds are not taxed at the federal level, but are taxable across state lines?
If i claim 9 dependents on my w-2 would i get in trouble with IRS?
did anyone eles get update on irs wmr for feb 9 and not jan 29 as expected? could it be a glich?
To calculate my SSI, does Social Security count my income before or after taxes?
If recent accounting grads USA start at kpmg as a state/local or federal tax assct, what are travel requirmnts?
I'm trying to find a law that requires my friend to pay an income tax & file a 1040... Could somebody help?
What is considered to be 'low income' in the uk?
Can you download your Centrelink group certificate?
Please help me file taxes late?
Everything about foreign exchange rate.?
Owe taxes this year, help?
I made 6k in 08, with only $400 withheld for taxes. Do I have to file for taxes? Will I owe $ or get a refund?
Import tax question???
Should i have gotten my W-2 form by now?
Was anyone scheduled to get their stimulus check direct deposited today and not get it?
is equipment rental taxable in the state of california?
As a new New Jersey employer, how do I withold taxes for New York resident employees?
How do taxes in the United States compare with the taxes of European nations?
what was the first thing to be taxed in england?
What should I do if I forgot to pay my estimated taxes for June 15th?
Do i have to pay tax on buying used items in the US and bringing back to Canada.?
Do I need to return Unemployment Insurance Claim if I had LLC ?
What will be my income tax return be?? (approximately)?
Can I deduct my lease car payments from my taxes if I use my car for work issues but don't own the business?
My husband filed an extra two weeks of unemployment by accident?
Unemployment benefits for NY as described on ny state labor dept after exhausting 26 weeks additional 46 weeks?
Do I get$ back on my taxes for wat I pay in daycare?
What is the sales tax for San Francisco, Ca?
if i buy an ipad in canada that cost 619 dollars in bestbuy does that include tax ?
one of my friends doesnt file his return for 8 years , non - taxable , income tax id card issued 8year befor
can you collect unemployment while working on a 1099 in new york state?
what does accepted but not acknowledged mean?
If the Government does not have to pay taxes?
would like to know how can i not pay so much taxes ?
How much tax will I pay with 2 jobs?
can you get a child tax credit while on unemployment?
Residents association tax?
What percentage of pay is taken off for tax? And what percentage is taken off for National Insurance?
Sale Taxes for Avon.?
Changing tax withholding to exempt for 2 paychecks... Legal?
Closing cost estimate- taxes paid back to seller?
if you are of native american ancestory can you be exempt from federal taxes?
My paycheck doesnt have any federal taxes took out every week, will i still get a tax refund check?
Tax Filing Question....?
Can I consider my 15 years old brother as my tax dependent?
Tax credits and maternity leave?
I have a vendors license and have paid my summer and winter taxes for years?
the company that hubby just got hired at dosen't want to put him on payroll?
Trying to see if I can claim my Half brother on taxes next year?
cheque bounce enquiry?
I mean't do I need a purchase receipt for every article of clothing I donate?
Claiming utilities on taxes?
If the irs takes your state taxes does that pay for some of the parking tickets i owe?
What's the total cost of a 13" Macbook Pro ($1499) with Tax and Education discount?
I made about 25,000 last year and i'm the only one working in my family.?
can two people avail rent receipt for rent on the same house?
If I started filing my taxes online, but didn't complete them, can someone else use my dependents?
Tax Return Transcript Help?
hi , where can i find a business tax identification numbers for say the new york department of labor ?
Should I do my taxes online or in person to get back more $$$?
where do i find a non residential tax code to do a transfer from UK lloyds bank to SA bank?
What is the Take Home salary for annual salary 100000$ in both US and Canada?
If you have an online business offering a service to others...?
Question about taxes in a trading account?
Tax Savings for self employed in india?
can one man propritor in many firms in vat?
I have a question about amazon buyer income taxes?
Is a company suppose to charge you sales tax on your order before delivery charges or after?
What are some reasons for inflation? Please list some!?
Can I get away without paying taxes on my car?
Low Income Tax offset help?
I just got my W2 Wage Summary and want to file my tax returns,but that's the only paper I have,How do I do it?
Has Anyone Lost Any KEYS Lately?
how do i add tax to my price?
I make $25960 a year. Will I get tax return?
I am from the uk, and want to know if my tips can be pooled and then these be used to pay tips to chefs?
Any updates taxbrain users? I'm still waiting to hear from the irs or sbbt!?
How to calculate depreciation?
The IRS says I missed to claim $72 in credit in 2010?
do i have to pay taxes for winning $ ?
Side Kicks has year-end account balances of Sales $808,900; Interest Revenue $13,500; Cost of Goods Sold $556,?
Can you increase your exemptions and owe taxes instead of getting a refund?
if you have a baby by the beginning of next year 2007can you claim it as a dependent for 2006?
Question on why I recieved state tax return but not federal tax return yet?
I worked fulltime from april 2011 to september 2011 then went back to full time education can i claim taxback?
I belong to AARP, but I am afraid when my husband passed away and I discontinued his card mine was also. Why?
do u think whether the government should responsible to the changing of tax ruling for James Hardie?
MGMT related question? HELP!?
How do I work out the VAT element if I've only got the gross amount and the VAT is at 9%?
which accounting software would be best to learn first?
First time doing taxes?
How much are PA state Taxes?
why do you have to pay a pound to use a grocery cart in the UK?
can the IRS intefere with my bank account or take money from it?
What are the capital gains and sales tax on raw land in Mexico? Is there anything that can be done to lower it
Can I claim my nephew as my dependent if I send my brother 100-150 bucks each month?
Question about taxes on food and beverages?
somethings not right, should i have a professional do my taxes?
IRA Death Beneficiary Taxes?
I want to start an Online Business but how will this effect the Tax I pay?
accountants please help?
Can I claim a 17 yr old daughter as a dependent if she makes more than $10,000 a year?
Amending a previous tax return and bankruptcy?
What income tax forms are used for a small scale realtor?
how do I find the owner of a business?
Is there any way to avoid paying inheritance tax?
Whats the best web site tax write offs?
can a person claim me out of state on their taxes?
How should I save income tax on my salary?
i still work there need back tax w 2 forms?
accounts payable and report generation?
annuity tax implication?
how much does social security take out of a single taxpayers check?
can i claim the child tax credit part chidcare element to pay for my childcare costs if the childminder i use?
What form should I use : an IRS installment agreement or should I file form 4868?
can you use your ira to invest in real estate?
How long should I expect the IRS to take to clear an estate valued under $800,000.00?
Can you deduct a paid judgment from you taxes?
Filed Jan 24th And Got Accepted Jan 24th Club 2/14?
I just started working as a contract worker. How much do I need to se aside each pay period for taxes/SS, etc
is there a IRS or average pay for mileage for on the job travel?
Instead of federal income tax federal sales tax?
there is a delay in processing my tax return says it will be 14 weeks to process. is this correct?
Which ITR form to be used for salary + 2 home loans?
Is the IRS allowed to collect what I really don't owe?
How can i figure out my SS number?
how do I open a taxable account benned?
After efiling your taxes how long exactly did it take the irs to deposit your return to your bank account?
are you exempt from sales tax if you stay 30 days or more in a texas hotel?
how can i inquire or check if my previous employer paid my monthly contributions?
Could you still be considered a babysitter if you took care of chldren for a family M - F, 8 hours a day?
i was discussing urban new immigrant business owners get a tax break on federal taxes?
If u put 0 dependents on your taxes can u still file a child ?
Can a childcare provider withhold their tax id # for any reason?
Can federal law enforcement officers catch a tax write off on firearm purchases?
How much will i get back from my taxes this year?
shal i get both the benefit in income tax if ihave aflat in mumbai & iwork in delhi &stay at rent in delhi?
Can my ex husband claim my two boys on tax return? ?
do i have any rights if my ex paid my property tax?
How long does it take to get the Home ownership tax credit?
I I'm a student and I work part time, do I get a full tax refund in my return?
can you file income tax in a different state than where you live?
Received social security payments fo 10 years in Mexico with a green card. No US citenzenship. (72K).?
Should partnership Guaranteed income be included in partnership distribution?
How can I find out the status of my federal tax return if I don't know the amount of my refund?
Can you file taxes anytime of the year?
Does Amazon Charge Taxes ?
Paying the bills. (UK)?
How do you determine the fair market value of personal items for income tax purposes?
can out of date tax software still be used?
Maiden name different from tax return?
Will my tax return be taken?
Can anyone answer this question??!!!!?
inheritance tax zero rate threshold 2005/2006?
Are taxpayers required to claim all qualified dependents?
if you sub contract jobs how do you send your taxes in ?
Filling Income Tax?
how much can i get after taxes from 1.4000000?
i don't have a w-2, can I use my last check stub?
mitt romney paid twelve dollars in taxes last year?
How does one find out the status of an Income tax return filed physically at a different IT Office ?
List of Men's magazine In India?
Does anybody know specifically what fonts are used on a 1040 Tax form? Crazy right?
My husband owes child support he does not work. We do not share a bank account.?
what are 10 things that taxes go to pay?
Can I just send in my w2 and have the state (Ca.) compute my taxes? I only grossed $3000 last year.?
has anyone gotten there tax stimulis payment yet, 0-20 was supposed to be today.?
How do I obtain a 2004 Turbotax form on line?
Exchange student.. do I have to pax taxes?
Am I Self-Employed?
how do i do my ifta?
I Live In Dade City Florida And I Was Wondering About Sales Tax Rates?
Will i get good money back on taxes?
Is it true Native Americans don't have to pay taxes?
Tax Question: Could I write off the following as a Loss or Casualty....?
Our last two digits are 03, did anyone receive their rebate's yet with those digits, or even 02?
why do we have make a trial balance in the worksheet?
i made 26,575.54 and had 1655.00 in federal taxes taken out and 378.01 in medicare roughly what will I get bac?
can i claim my girlfriend on my taxes?
Service tax on home rent on Rs.2400000/-?
what persentage of my income should go to what?
Question on reporting education grants as income?
how do I *** money on to my h and r block card?
How do people end up owing the IRS?
In the UK, do you pay tax on money received from a will? If so, what sort of tax?
When are those new tax Rebates supposed to arrive?
Will I receive a tax refund for 2011 if I did not earn any income and have been on unemployment the whole year?
Is anyone else really sick of the 'where's my rebate' question?!?!?
Why am i being taxed ?
whilst european pay a lot of taxes?
does everybody get the same amount back on taxes when claiming a child?
How figure the percentage of taxes I paid last year?
Has anyone ever lied on a auto title to pay less tax?
i keep kids in my home and have made 9675 can i file a tax this year?
How Service tax will be calculated for Under Construction Flat which was booked under Construction Linked Plan?
how much federal taxes should i pay on 21000 dollars with married 1?
the impact of tax incentives on the tourism industry?
im starting my own business, how do i start a business tax?
If your married do u have to file together?
I have not received my PAN card, which was despatched on 09.03.2011 vide Air bill no. 20003179700. give status?
If I receive state tax refunds for multiple years. In which years is this taxable. Pub 525 is confusing?
Need help with ODSP tax return?
Does the ATO know how much earn as a contractor if you dont declare it to your accountant?
If a person's check showed $216.00, how much would a person actually take home after taxes?
Why does my 1099B report that every sell was profit?
is it worth doing your taxes yourself?
i didnt get my tax form from Subway.... who do i call to get it?
Tax question please help :)?
I never received my tax return?
Do you need to mail a copy of 1099/1096 to the state as well?
Has anyone gotten their IRS Stimulus Check in Florida yet?? (Read details please)?
I got married in 2007 and?
how do i direct deposit my tax refund to my rush card when im filing my taxes threw turbo tax?
My sn owes the tax man and is too worried to contact them - what to do?
1098-T tax forms from colleges/universities?
I missed a huge credit last year. I missed the American Opportunity tax credit. Will I be able to claim it?
Can I try to get a tax refund again even though I just filed them last week?
how should i file my taxes?
TDS refund still not received.?
Anyone else expecting their tax refund by Jan 25th still not get an update on "wheres my refund"?
Taxes out of paycheck?
when does unemployment send out the w2 forms?
Why the government forces people to pay tax? why can't I opt out of their social programs and not pay tax.
How long will it take for my tax rebate to go into my bank account?
If I filed for an extension on my taxes with TURBO tax and i file my taxes with h&r block?
If you win 1.000.000 on deal or no deal, how high are the taxes?
Did I File taxes last year?
Can i claim my boyfriend on my income taxes?
I live in NC an work in Va. Va income tax is deducted. Will I owe NC any taxes?
Another tax question! Refund help!?
i have salary p.m. 4000/- i want to income tax return form. what can i do?
A customer pays$1,100 in state taxes on newly purchased car what is the value of the cat if the state taxes ar?
How much would i be making after taxes and such?
Tax on rental income (property held jointly)?
Can the IRS take his savings or checking account?
Can you collect old age security if you are living outside of Canada?
Have ya heard???
whether the reimbursement of travelling expenses incurred by a firm of chartered accountants is liable to FBT?
I can't afford to pay Ohio Taxes that I owe...?
How does one file taxes in Japan?
I would like tax advice, Do i a LAWYER?
Which is the most highly taxed country?
My taxes were accepted on jan 18 according to the refund schedule i should have gotten it 1/27 where is it?!?
if you are legally married?
LLC franchise tax in CA.?
status change from processing delay to dd 1/28?
Favorate film?
how much is the deduction for my FITWH?
Not paying taxes to the IRS?
I have done my taxes with electronic filing. For Arkansas Tax filing it mentions Form 1099Rs, what is it?
if a business has a thirty day notice can the IRS come in and take the new owners stuff?
Father-in-law is a Milkman income is Rs 1,05,000 wants to file return which form hase to be used?
an assessee filed form 16 which differs from his income statement? out of these two which is a valid one?
tax. how do i calculate it?
Whats the benefit of living in a state with no income tax?
when i retire and leave all my assets in a superannation fund will the income generated from the fund tax free?
What is with sales tax in america?
Is payroll tax considered a part of labor expense or is it considered tax?
if im on my mom taxes dont i get my money?
How can i legally avoid paying tax?
can i go on-line to get children and family tax credit forms and would it be quicker get received the award?
Do I pay taxes on my wholesale business?
Will I have to pay taxes on the 8,000 dollars I am getting as part of the first-time homebuyer tax credit?
Should centrelink have back paid me?
Will I get in trouble with the IRS if I've been married for 1.5 years but my W-4 status is still "Single"?
How to persuade my employer to pay me cash?
interest on delay payment of service tax is calculate on the basis of per day per month or per year?
What is the meaning of CNF CIF & FOB in international trade?
tax question help needed?
What is the alabaration of ADP regarding Payroll?
if you have got married but haven't changed your name can you file seperate on taxes?
I have a mortgage escrow but am being sent my real estate tax bill...who should I call to correct this?
does anyone know if the government stimulus paper checks have gone out as yet?
can i get tax relief from my town?
Mailed AND efiled state tax return... Will they disregard the mail?
give me some company law of India related websites?
Homework help lost please help?
My mate is 18 and earns £1000 a month take-home after tax, is this particularly good?
do i need to pay tax on 300 dollars?
I nannyed this summer and my employer is sending me a W2?
I want to duplicate pan card because i lost my pan card and i don't have xerox copy.?
Buying products online in Australia?
can learning a foreign language be tax deductible?
Why are we now paying NAtional Insurance?
I filed my 08 taxes for the first time can I do my 07 return today as well?
Prior Year Paid Legal Fee deduction Discrimination Settlement?
how do i find out how much i owe the irs online?
When is the best time to pay my taxes?
can i claim my friends daughter on my taxes?
Can your paycheck get garnished if you are self-employed?
How much would I have after paying income tax?
If i have been sent a Notice of Assessment should i have my tax refund already?
Can I count my ski gear as a tax deduction?
is claiming him legal?
what is $69.95 plus Maryland tax?
Has anyone tried to access the NYS tax website today...or call the information line?
what is international tax law?state tax,federal tax,private law, material tax law?
I claimed too much money in RRSP's...?
Using IRS Option 1031?
im chasing a group certificate site from the ato?
Do I have to pay taxes on grant money?
How should we file our taxes?
Obtaining a copy of my W2 form?
I brought my house in feb 09 and I have not filed my taxes can I get the benefits of the 2009 bill on 2008 tax?
What is temporary restricted income?
I changed my fereral withholding to tax exempt. the company I work for has not honored this. ?
w-2 1040ez form single. help! i dont know what taxable interest is.?
In the state of delware can my boyfriend claim me on his taxes?
what happens if i haven't done my taxes in 5 years?
is it bad 2 say this person isnt here n gettin $$ for this person ??????????
I am getting a $50000 bonus. Is there any way to avoid the 25% bonus tax?
Pay taxes on schoolarships?
My husband and I received our tax bonus. I think it was the wrong amount. What do we do?
is it normal to have to re-pay my reff fees?
Is it true that the interest you earn on your savings account has to be paid back on your taxes?
Was charged $136.17 in taxes from a $665 paycheck?
If I won a house, what taxes would I owe?
where i can see Indian vat notification 2005?
A friend of mine said I can still do taxes even though I havent worked?
Do I still have to file taxes with my ex?
Working night job and claiming working tax credits?
can one become NRI by staying in nepal?
Capital gains refer to?
Do I have to pay Capitol Gains Tax if I sell the house I inherited?
Can students loans take federal income tax if im up to date on payments?
So can the IRS take my things if my room-mate's the one in trouble?
If someone is paid commission and withhold their own taxes how to they base it?
I made a mistake on my W-4 form?
Where can i do my state taxes free?
do people in the uk get paid for bank holidays if they are employed by a company?
Is this shy I did not receive my stimulus/rebate check today?
What is the difference between IT1040 and 1040EZ?
What are the Centrelink benefits for a 19 year old?
Calculating the tax when buying something from USA and delivering to UK.?
Can you somehow earmark money reported on a 1099-MISC for an IRA or HSA account if you also received a W2?
Water Heater Tax Deductible?
My ex-boss never took out taxes out of my pay checks what do i do?
what is network marketting?
excel predicting revenue with two knowns?
Can I get disability benefits if I work less than full time (due to a cumulative trauma on my previous job)?
what is the current dearness allowance according to 6th pay commission?
What would be inhand salary of a central govt employee in pay scale 5200 and grade pay 2800. eg tax assistant,?
Should I put him in child support?
If I just moved to Norristown,Pa, and I work in Plymouth Meeting,PA which taxes do I pay?
What are you doing with your tax refund money?
My father spent my inheritance?
If I tear down my house in CA.and rebuild it ,will my property taxes change ?
GST is a less regressive tax than many think. Address the validity of this statement.?
No provincial income tax deducted?
Is Kirkless Council Corrupt-Job Loses, Decrease In Services Yet Coucil Tax Going Up Whos Getting The Money?
Taxable marital status says married but I'm single!!!?
I need tax return transcript..?
how can you find out the average property tax in new mexico?
with MN / WI reciprocity ended, which state do I owe state taxes to?
US citizens: Would you support a penny tax on all drive-thru transactions?
how do I calculate hdmf contribution as per philippines income tax act?
Should taxes go down or go up instead?
If someone returns a postal money order how may i cash it ?
im an eps worker can i cross country to uk?
Gifts with reservation of benefit?
How do I stop taxes from being automatically withdrawn from my paycheck?
Taxes for American living abroad?
can you claim surgery on your taxes.?
Can I still collect unemployment benefits?
Paper checks.......?
What are you going to speand your "big" rebate check?
Why don't we get rid of the SALES TAX and start a good ol income tax. Then the rich will have to pay.?
What can I claim for tax deductions?
Can welfare take your tax refund?
diffrent pay rates?
Does a beneficary pay taxes on a death benefit from a pension or from a death benefit from a job?
on the W-2 form, what does (employer identification number) if i work outside the US?
I filed my 2004 tax return in March '09, expecting a return of over $4000. Is there a statue of limitations ?
If I retire early, take the reduced amount. Does the benefit increase when I reach full retirement age.?
Taxact info and financial aid - help!!!?
Home improvements to add to cost basis for selling tax purposes?
How many sale tax if i trade online in TX?
can I claim taxes on my metrocard?
Do you think the government should scrap the Value-Added Tax (VAT)?
REBATE CHECK : when will i receive mine?
I need to get the amount of check?
how an ira will benefit me?
Will you wait till the last minute to file your income taxes?
Will experience preparing tax at Liberty Tax help me land job at an accounting firm?
Pay deduction question - can fed?
Does this labor charge become part of the sales tax basis?
NC/SC, duel state taxes ...?
HB 1776...? In tax elimination)?
What should I claim on my taxes?
Training to battle a saber-tooth tiger (aka taxes, small business)?
Am I entitled to a "renters refund"?
refund was issued to the bank account provided and should be processed within 10 days. Contact bank?
How do you compute a tax return for being a homeowner/having a home mortgage in florida?
tax return- Online etax?
What can happen to me?
Can i file taxes if my child is in DHS custody?
As a grandparent, can I open an education savings account for my grandson and take the tax credit/deduction?
If you are a single person doing taxes this year, will i be reciving the 500$ from obama, how does that work!?
Only answer this if you know what job seekers allowance is, and from the UK.?
what does the average american pay in taxes?
Refund Questions.....?
Tax for fixed Deposit in Bank?
Smithtown, NY motor fuel tax rate at pump to include Federal, State and local taxes.?
How much do I get taxed if I am a student and claimed as a dependent? (AZ)?
Stupid Tax Question: If I file jointly...?
Taxes on Socity security check?
Michigan income tax question..?
can i use a tax writeoff for gas because i travel over 400 miles a week to and from my job in my own car?
Can you claim more exemptions than you have if you'd rather have refund over whole year instead of lump sum?
can i look at a w2 from 2011 online?
tax benefits etc. on owning house?
Is there a way to deduct my health care costs if I am a business owner but did not pay myself?
Can a widow receive social security death benefits and her own retirement benefits at the same time?
T2 Canada Corporation Income Tax Return, Schedule 1?
how far back can you claim interest on your home?
How to Claim LTA Allowances ?
I had taken Jeevanshree LIC Policy for sum assured Rs 5 Lakh with annual premium @Rs 25660 since 1997. Can I k?
Tax for Income from working onlinte via internet?
does the IRS pay taxes to the federal government?
I want to do an apprenticeship but i have to support my family. Will i get more tax credits or benefits?
Over due house taxes how do I go about fixing I am disabled?
So, do we have to pay an income tax?
Deducting for benefits before The Government gets it's Taxes? Isn't this wrong?
I want to know details about income tax and Form 16?
if i leave the U.S. and return will my I-94 validity be different?
i want t to locate in USA the person FLORENTINO A. ASUNCION who came from Rapu-Rapu, Albay, Philippines?
When you get a new State ID can they let you keep your old one?
i was receive a child tax credit but they soddenly stop this month somebody tell me why did they stop?
can you get a tax return as a Home Based Business showing a loss?
Is there a millionaire out there willing to donate my family some money ,because of my husbands illness?
What does the last financial year mean?
Do we really need to pay our income taxes?
I made only $10,100 last year. Do I have to file taxes on such a small amount?
Coinstar? Any alternatives?
if i filed self-employed for $13,500 how much would i be looking at when my return comes?
what do you plan on using your tax returns for?
Can I claim taxes paid on my 401k even if I had no job?
Can I reduce a tax settlement through reducing cash on hand?
can 2 people use one premier turbotax program?
I have an aquantence, whom has failed to file a tax return for the past 23 years. Can he avoid prosecution?
Traditional IRA question?
Reporting payments to the IRS?
what should irs refund status say if I requested direct deposit?
I have not got my W2s yet. If I do not file, will I get in trouble? I do not care about the refund money.?
What are the differences between ON OHIP and BC MSP?
I have two sole proprietorships. Can I use the losses of one to offset the taxes on the other?
If I am am unmarried single single mom, which filing status do i choose when filing my taxes?
incometaxindiafiling website not working in internet explorer?
What do you think it means when someone?
Hi my fren has applyed for PAN Card But still it is under process? ?
where do i find info about ammended taxes?
Is an Annuity Taxable or not?
If a company says your salary is 80K per year, how much you have to pay for taxes?
what is 3x*4plus 2?
Do you have to pay taxes on stocks still in play?
Service tax Expenses is Covered by Income tax Act 1961 sec 43B or not?
how much postage to mail to africa? (this isnt really in this catagory but i couldnt find one that fit)?
how much and when will i get my international student tax refund?
Homeowner wanting to let someone stay but will it effect my working tax credit?
21 august 2012- is it a holiday in uk?
Stimulis check interception?
my sister is taking admission in a university will she have to pay tax on the support provided?
For some taxpayers, the receipt of cash is important to the derivation of income; for others it is not"?
Why would the IRS call to verify wages and withholdings?
what are the differences of accounting on North America (US, MEXICO AND CANADA)?
when is last day for filling the taxes?
can you fild a child born 2011 in feburary on 2010 taxes?
as a self employed person can i get a refund with tax write-offs?
What happens if I do not file my income tax for three or more consecutive years.?
How would filing state taxes for Maryland and Virginia work?
IRS Where's my Refund - status changed from February 23th to cannot find information?
Do you receive a tax credit award notice if you are self employed?
If i bought my first house in November 2008 do i qualify for any first time homeowner credits?
How many exemptions should I claim, also can I claim HOH?
as a private consultant, is it beneficial to have a tax id?
My son made less then $5000.00 and is a student can I claim him? If so, does he need to still file his taxes?
Gifts on my personal taxes?
If I set up an LLC ( Limited Liability Company). Who would I consult for handling taxes?
I've Decided To Say PHUQ IT & Not Pay/File My Income Tax Anymore...What do I need to provide my employer & the
i want to know my loan balance of my salary in sss?
Do I have to pay taxes?
Why was my paycheck delayed?
Deducting Medical Expenses?
Where is my tax refund? It was supposed to be deposited on the 29th but it wasn't.?
what is the annual salary of a robotic engineer in india?
What is the hourly pay rate for Argos in uk ?
Tax return for 2011, multi state?
Your opinion! Why shouldn't the govrenment take so much from your paychecks?
Does the % of FICA withheld depend on Gross earnings?
i only grossed 4000 this year i have 2 kids..should i get back more than 900 in taxes?
what does 6% sales tax mean?
How much money will I make from my paycheck after taxes?
The IRS Has forced me to file single zero for over a year...?
What is the best tax software to use for a layperson who needs to prepare Form-990PF?
Taxation on disability benefits?
Do I get a refund on my taxes?
Why is my FICA so much higher in the begining of the year?
Definition of "reckless endangerment" in California?
Overpaid Paycheck Because Exemptions?
D.C. McDonalds 10 Percent Tax?
national insurance / part time work?
Does anyone know if your 401K losses are tax deductible?
Where can I get a child tax exemption care tax table online?
Question about taxes and unemployment...omitted earnings from claim form. Should I resubmit?
tax office asked for p45 4 years ago or they carnt assess my tax refund for 2010-2011 and 2011-2012?
My husband and I filed taxes together. I thought that we would get 1200 back from the tax rebate, but we only?
tax refund came in white envelope not brown?
What are duty fees for candian purchases when cross into united states?
What are film tax credits and how do they work?
Don Walls's gross earnings for the week were $1,780, his federal income tax withholding was $301.63, and his F?
my employeer stopped taking out fica and new york state.?
what is the duty free dollar limits for Canadians returning home?
What are the benefits to working as an employee and receiving a w-2 Or getting a 1099 for contract work.?
TaxQn:I am on W2 & my spouse on 1099.I pay hlth ins prem thru emplyr.Can we claim my spouse's share as expense
How much will I get back on my tax returns?
Anyone out there actually okay with paying taxes?
Wrighting off a car payment on taxes?
If I cannot pay the taxes I owe, what is my best course of action?
If Obama loses this election will he still be able to raise our taxes before he leaves office?
I Need Help with a W-9 Form?
Can I wait out the IRS for payment for back taxes?
How much should you expect if you are head of house 1 dependent and a full time student?
I don't want a rebate?
Non-Canadian spouses liability to file Canadian tax.?
I am married but want to file as single?
Can we file our taxes married jointly?
expression for 3 items bought with $2 coupon+$1 tax. Dad paid for half. Math.?
Can I deduct my working from home when my boss asks me to be on call?
Can I claim my son on my taxes?
how do i find info on monies the government owes me?
My Father has inherited some money, How much can he give to his children before tax is paid.?
Is doing your own taxes online worth it?
What can the IRS do to you for not filing tax returns if you owe money?
Are excise taxes deductable for individual filers?
Wh have my Michigan state taxes been chosen for manual review?
ware is my taxes?
W-2 form and tax problems...please help!?
Tax question:?
do i have to pay tax when i land?
what happens to the step up in basis of a stock if a person dies on the weekend?
What is the hope credit?
Can I change information on my W4 tax form?
filling out residency forms?
Tax question (self-employed)?
Does anyone know anything about the IRS Acceptance Agent Program?
part exchange car and tax disc help please UK?
if i get a loan in January 2012 do i file taxes now or next January?
Forming a tax identification?
How do we send a check to the IRS?
I heard from someone who personally knos a tax pro.....?
Is there inheritance tax on money received from a deceased relative in Switzerland? The money will be deposit?
does she have to pay full capital gain on sale of vacant lot?
How do I get the tax credit for the 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid I purchased in January?
my boyfriend pays child support would he have the those rebate check?
State payer number Form 1099-R?
has anyone recived letter89c from irs?
I still owe $300 from last year taxes but I get a refund of 478 this year. Will they apply the amount owed?
cancellation of dd and refund?
Tax deduction for our child?
Do I have to put a temp on payroll or taxes?
are too many people claiming too many benefits these days?
What is the % of withholding tax from my paycheck?
plz tell wether i am applicable for pf or
wages in missouri?
I was on L1 in US for 6 month , during this my wife didnt join me. Can i file joint return & how?
Why Is It Necessary To Have PAN?
Are federal income tax rates set for 2011?
When do monies hit the food stamp card? is it at the first of the month?
I filed taxes late, but they were accepted and i have got the refund yet?
I am looking for a free resource to value items that I donate to charity. Is there something out there?
When HDFC Bank can transfer money to State Bank of India bank in India?
Does anyone know where I can find a web page which offer free advice in personal tax payments in the UK?
How does the Government Collect Personal Property Taxes?
How much is the Californa Gift Tax on a new car recieved from an employer for 30 years employment?
can i receive esa if my parents are being paid child tax credits and child benefits?
I recently bought a brand new 2011 car, will I get a tax credit for it? Meaning for 2011 taxes?
are old age pensions taxed?
my grandmother is ofn a fixed income 650 a month, but her utility bill is about 6,500 please help me.?
Is becoming a tax accountant a good way to earn a lot of money?
my sub contractor give my fake ssn and fake addressee how do i report him to IRS?
What percentage of charitable contributions are tax deductable?
Can i claim my daughter in my tax return?
is anybody entering for the second chance drawing SUPER MILLIONS?
Canadian tax return with Ontario and Quebec?
Does West Virginia have a federal inhertiance tax if so how much is it?
My state tax return shows it was direct deposit on 2/6 and it now 2/10 the bank still shows no deposit.?
Is H&R Block my best option?
i have paid my tax by writing wrong pan in the physical challan.?
Is there actually a law saying you have to pay federal taxes?
What are the average billing rates of a CPA?
Will Ireland ever truly be united?
can my parents still claim me?
can you use turbo tax more than once?
how to deduct income tax from salary?
what are the limits for a cash gift to a family member that is non taxable for the state of connecticut?
company cars and vans which do you pay the most tax on?
Are the IRS computer servers up and running on Saturday and Sunday?
Employee receives "Wavier of Loan" during the year.?
If you're comparing tax preparers, are you obligated to pay them?
Is it smart to buy a house with my boyfriend whom I only been with for 9 month?
When do state of rhode island employees revive there w2 tax forms?
UK Council Tax help ! Can an unemployed foreigner ask for waiver or tax rebate?
should I wait to file my unemployment in the new state I'm moving to?
which 2004 tax form should I use if I was a independent contractor?
sales tax? 10 points.?
British VAT...Student Tax?
Still haven't received my federal tax return for 2011?
how can i avoid being taxed so much.?
how to calculate excise duty?
how much taxes get taken out of a teens pay check every week?
Why is the H&R Emerald card processing deductions twice?
what is th edifference between LLC and not for profit companies?
If someone gave me a car valued at $15,000 do I have to declair it as income on my taxes?
IRS tax question on Married Filling a Joint Return?
do i need to pay taxes on my cash in hand make up artist job?
Will the tax refund check be made out to me or my spouse?
why my all works get stuck at the end?
do i lost housing benifit when i start a work?
why is it only uk that pay the price of driving in europe?
Do i have to inform the dole if i have received a compensation payout?
The IRS said i had to pay a penalty. i filed a dispute. am i legally obligated to pay unless they follow up?
can someone explain tax brackets for nys tax return?
web site for working tax credits?
what 29t tax code means?
Is the IRS site having a problem with "Where's My Refund?"?
Is there a tax program that will tell me which filing status (jointly/separately) is best for my wife and I?
i am working on contract basis and getting 18000/-p.m as professional fees.?
I work in NY, live in NJ. How to file state Tax return?
How do i file my state taxes online for FREE??
If your doing 2009 tax return is it going off what you made in 2008?
Is there a way of finding out someone's pan card num?
The govt places a $500 tax on luxury cars, will the price paid by consumers rise by more less or exactly $500?
Is there an Exemption Status from paying personal(state/federal) taxes?
Does anyone know when Aaron's Sales and Lease sends out W-2 forms?
If i own a small restaurant is going out to eat tax deductible?
How much should I expect from taxes this year? How does Child Support affect it?
tax back australia, what can I ask?
Do I have to pay taxes on a settlement for Pain and Suffering?
Canada small business tax question?
Does it make sense to file taxes if I only made $960 something dollars.?
If i invoice someone £217.00 how do i work out how much vat to charge them i ?
wther good r eligible for SSI concession or not but if they r captively consumed duty will b payable ???
are employer owned vacation club points taxable to employees when gifted to employees?
How do you change your address on your w-2 form?