i need credits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How long does it take to get a refile refund?
i didnt do taxes for 2004 for can i use any 1040ez form or do i need the one specific for that year?
What will happen if my boyfriend claims his daughter on his taxes but his ex did also, illegally?
how much should i expect to pay?
when do i send my UE claim form after sending the previous claim form too early?
What happens if you missed filing last year and have no way to get your old pay info?
What do we pay our taxes for??National insurance stamp??
service tax?
tax returns question...10 points?
how to change fiscal year non-profit organization?
Should the government hold a referendum for a carbon tax?
i am a single parent of two and i am a workstudy student at acc, am i able to claim them and get earned incom?
If the government STOP smoking in the UK wher will they get ther 3.60 tax from for every 20 fags?
NI number?
how much savings am i allowed before i can claim job seekers allowance?
Tax Question Please Help?
Can I write this off on my taxes?
I paid a prepayment penalty on my morgage company. Can i get that back at the end. or its tax deductable?
I took money out of 401K, can I wait til next year to claim it?
I currently work in a real estate office and i am studying conveyancing can I claim my study on tax in Aus?
Gross Salary-What is my nett?
do i have to pay tax's on items such as video games/consoles online in canada?
My tax return was accepted by the IRS a week ago and I still get no Info when I go to "Get Refund Status"?
i want to know about indian sales tax and VAT ,in detail.?
How do I pay for customs when items get shipped to my university residence?
How does unearned income work re tax return?
Why would you deposit your refund electronically?
When filling in Corporation tax returns, do I have to provide a break-down of who I've traded wi?
What is the arm´s length standard in Latin America?
What affect does putting 2 allowances on my W-2 form be?
hello friends....?
interest is tax deductable from my mortagage would that mean if i had an interest only mortgage of £300?
How long does it take to receive your Federal refund after you eFile?
How can I rework my W-4 so I don't owe as much money at the end of the year?
tax Northern Ireland?
I make 83k a year. Married with a single income and a baby. My W4 says I can claim up to 7 will I owe the gov?
How can I determine the cost basis of a stock when it has been transferred from a brokerage which is unknown?
can i still file for my 2008 tax refund?
Can appraisal fees and home inspection fees be deducted on 2010 taxes?
Can be ex claim me in his taxes even though he doesn't support me?
how much tax do you pay on $1000 per week?
When do you have to give birth by to claim a child on taxes?
What benefit is it to claim a dependent if you don't get anything?
A question about taxes.?
how much is cost 1 ltter of gas oil in us?
How much do you get back if your 17 when somebody file you for income tax?
if i made $36000 and im claiming my child how much should i get back on my tax return?
Calculate Income tax in UK?
Programs to Filing tax for capital gains (Forex)?
Is medical Cannabis tax deductible in S.F, Ca? (can I put receipts on taxes)?
will i received my weekly claim from unemployment do to the day is veteran day or will i received it thursday?
How much will it cost to import a Condenser Microphone from the USA to the UK?
Help with tax, New York state?
Why are so many people questioning the Tax we contribute?
Has anyone received their California State Tax Refund?
Am i able to get payment summaries (group certificates) from centrelink for the past 6 years?
how do people end up oweing the IRS thousands of dollers ?
Is the 2009 tax deduction itemized or is it added to the standard deduction?
my computer want let me file my weekly claim and I want to know why.?
are there any additional costs when receiving a package from china or japan/asia?
Should I have received a 1099 from the securities firm I trade stocks with?
What is your favorite tax code section?
What is the sales tax in Michigan for US$710?
is the medicare amount writen on paycheck the amount with-held or the wages?
If 2 people claim a child as a dependent will the 2nd return be rejected immediately, or after a few days?
how much would i get back on my taxes for my little daughter?
LLC taxes question, HELP?
Tax exemption for car?
What do you do if you were sent a W-2 when you NEVER worked for the company that year?
can my old job charge me for my W2 ?
what is amount of thethe 2006 federal gas allowance for use in tax purposes?
will the 2010 tax credit be extended?
still no refund, codes go from 1201 to 2112 and has been at 8002?
employee over 65 years paying social security, medicare, and other taxes or not?
Will i have to pay council tax twice in this situation?
Can I receive unemployment?
How does duty tax work on online orders?
UK Income Tax Equation?
In India: What are the various tax brackets for Income Tax today?
How to find my tax refund?
To find out when your refund is expected to fund, visit the IRS site at and click on “Where’s My R?
How much tax would be taken from my pay check if I were to work this summer?
Who pays for other peoples sick pay, maternity pay, jobseekers allowance etc?
Is there a way to get a copy of a completed tax form? It was stolen from my car?
Tax assessment question - is the purchase price of a home evidence of the assessment value?
Where can I efile my new jersey taxes for free?
Would I have to pay taxes when I get money from being a stripper or an escort?
Partnership tax question?
I made $1900. last year & there was no federal tax withheld?
At 13 per hour what is my take after taxes?
Do you go to jail for tax evasion?
IRS please help her....?
has anyone receive there rebate for july 11 in chicago?
can you file bankurpt on back state taxs?
simple question about CPA? 10 POINTS!!?
Why do I pay Medicare Tax when I'm not even past my probation period at my job?
Can i leave the country if i havent filed my taxes for the year?
Should we pay tax on stock divident if we have big loss on stock?
Is the Inland Revenue your friend or enemy?
deferred income tax may be reported on the balance sheet in the...?
Can I deduct gas used in generator after Katrina? Storage,ect on income tax? Where on the 1040?
My friend importer from 2year and he have not paid tax so what will the Indian tax will take action aginst him?
In the navy, my home of record is Oklahoma, File taxes for GA?
How much money or what percent can the IRS take out of a check due to back taxes?
What do you know, if any about income which is classified as carried interest?
what year was sales tax created?
What is the rational decision making model? Under what condition is it applicable?
can you cancel child maintance payments as and when you want to or is it like a contract? In the uk?
How can I verify an accountant is registered with the IRS?
What's the tax on a Laptop in British Columbia, Canada?
I file haed of household and have two kids with some deductions should I itemize or standard my taxes?
My husband has a qualifying military EIN. How do we file for free on taxslayer?
What do city taxes pay for?
Can my husband file taxes claiming me and my son from a different marriage?
how do i find my ein number?
What do I enter for my Insurance Premium on my tax return?
March 6, 2012 ????? Expected Date (DD)?
Can lessons be taxed?
Tax Reform Act?????????
What is the best computer tax program?
Which website is the best and no need to pay to befriends with people form UK?
definition worksheet in accounting?
How much are prescriptions in the UK?
HOw does one pay more taxes than they have income?
how I can depreciate the commercial building?( tax deductions)?
How can i transfer funds from India to Singapore ?
Tax Assessment in Canada?
job seekers allowance?
when are we getting 2009 stimulus payments?
How can the average American stop from having taxes taken out of paychecks?
General tax question HELP?
Is it true that foreigners in the US don't have to pay sales tax OR property tax?
can u deduct lawyer fees from taxes they took out from lump some of back pay?
Im only gonna make around 6,400 for the year and i have three dependents how much would i get back o?
Do I have to file Married if my husband is incarcerated?
How can i avoid paying tax on dividends?
what is the maximum pension you can collect from Canada Pension and from your workplace?
When you get married,do you pay the same taxes?Or less?
working hours of income tax office in kannammai building in chennai?
What did you spend you tax rebate on, or do you plan to spend it on?
I am writing a cook book and wanted to find out if I can write off things I purchase for the process?
Why do most of my tax dollars go to pay for the social program of the inferior?
is tax evil?
Still no Direct Deposit of Tax Refund due today?
I left the uk without paying my credit cards,can they deport me on arrival in the uk?
Is my cell phone bill a tax write off if I'm selfemployed?
How soon after moving into a rented house do I pay council tax?
Question about taxes Involving Forms?
Can I file for food stamps if my mom already claimed me when she filed?
my mom recently passed away and she left me some money do i have to pay taxes?
Does this mean that I wont get my 2012 tax refund on January 25? Has anyone else gotten this mesage?
Refund: My boss gave us our w2s but he doesnt or didnt file the w2s &3s with IRS. will i still get my refund?
Should I claim my mom?
I am looking for international harmony code for machinery to clear from customs?
What happens if i refuse to pay custom duties in Canada after i got the stuff?
How to take maximimum benifit of tax deduction? for INDIA only?
On how much interest on saving account the bank will not deduct TDS, what's the limit in India?
why does france want ireland to raise its 12.5% corporation tax rate?
Min age for tax return?
help please school tax project?
Can my Dad have his tax refund deposited into my bank account?
Will the IRS catch this error? Is there any penalty filing an amended return to claim an additional refund?
Social security disability benefits taxable? If you work how much can you earn before you have to file a retur
Whats the best way to attach a w2 form to an 1040EZ form for US taxes?
If you receive free meds is that taxable?
pajak import walet di cina?
Do I have to file taxes?
Which states do not tax federal retirement?
Can I still file for my tax refund from '05?
I owe money to the I.R.S. is there a form to offer less?
Tax Benefit for people post retirement (from regular job) who are working as consultants in a private company.?
What do I do when someones claimed the same person for income tax?
Which form is filled out for taxes on construction?
Query related to Service Tax?
Is what this client is asking completely illegal? UK VAT law question.?
I still haven't gotten my state tax refund?
importing a camper van from uk?
Are you taxed on how much money you have or make?
If I mail my taxes in, do I need to have my w-2?
So i am contract labor and have not paid any attention to the IRS for 3 years.?
Can I claim my child as a dependent if he was born this year 2007?
Did Romney not releasing his tax returns work?
Any opinions on Mc Coy, David R CPA - Mc Coy Hillard & Parks in Salisbury, NC?
Why aren't more people doing their taxes with H&R Block?
how much do you pay to have your tax return subbmitted?
What form should you us if you pay estimated taxes?
Can I claim my child tax credit for 2010?
i am a a homeless jobless person and i need to file taxes?
where can i get my tax return postmarked April 17th on April 17th between 8pm and midnight?
how to get pan card details?
Can I still receive a tax refund even though my parents claimed me?
I received a Taxable Grant from a DC entity - what state do I report state taxes? I lived in three states?
When you are permanently disabled and you live Fla. do you pay taxes on your government check?
property tax question?
do you have to pay taxes if you're a designer online for photoshop?
do you have to pay taxes if your on unemployment?
how much is per child? When you claim a child, how much do you usually recieve?
Is there any advantage of filing taxes and ITIN at the same time or it doesn't make any difference?
the irs says my tax refund is scheduled to be deposited on a certain day then after that day its not deposited?
How do I fill out a payment coupon (IL-501)?
Income tax/ ABN stuff?
How does the government use taxes to reduce the sale of prices on some products?
FINALLY OUT DA 7th club!!!!?
can i claim married couples tax allowance?
my tax return last year was over $750 but this year is barely half! can someone explain to me why this is?
if you had a baby in 2006 is there a line to get a credit on your 2006 return?
Moving to Nice France for a pilot job, US company however.?
Why are the most productive people taxed the most?
Accounting and tax question?
what happens to your property if the irs attaches to it for unpaid taxes. and can you rent if attached?
income tax question!?
does anyone claim for 2 children?
How do you determine the fair market value of personal items for income tax purposes?
How much will the military take out of my paycheck? ?
As a teacher, if I get a part-time summer job, do I have to pay social security taxes?
When Americans talk about salaries, average wages (e.g. 60k / yr,120,000 / yr) are these gross or net amounts?
I want a w-9 from a subcontractor?
state income taxes,what amount do i had to earn?
What can you use as a tax write off against non taxed income?
What is the tarriff/tax rate on goods imported into Canada that are not covered by NAFTA.?
can someone answer this I'm pregnant live in Nj and want to know how the state disabilty works do you file bef
Whyen do you get your money back from taxes?
my child is 7months and i wroked all year. My girlfriend worked 2months. who should claim him?
How much do Private Investigators make annually in Canada?
Can a tax preparer get me a larger return than Turbo Tax?
Is there a tax limit?
What employees are not eligible for Federal Unemployment?
What is combined income threshold for FTB part a?
The Barber that works in my shop tells me he has not paid taxes in years !?
Do I have the ability to notify the IRS about this business?
So, with the tax rebate from Bush, will I have to declare it in my income taxes later?
2/7 refund group.... anyone called the irs this morning?
if my receive by date has not changed?
i am an AMFI certified i need to register and file service tax returns?
Would these changed to corporation tax work?
dla yearly review need some answers?
Taxes on capital gains from stocks?
My dad died 2 weeks before his stimulas check arrived.. can I cash it?
Am I being charged to much on my taxes, what do you think?
Tax Credit primary residence?
I have a question about my income tax return money..and if I would be able to buy a car with it ?
what is the sales tax of $495.58 in Maryland?
Is Parents earned income the same as there AGI(adjusted Gross income)?
My brother is 14, and works at Mc.D's they aren't taking Federal or State taxes from his paycheck, Why?
Can i claim my niece and nephew on my tax returns as dependents? will get in trouble with the IRS if i do so?
Is there any option in pacl insurance to save income tax?
what will happen regarding my taxes.?
As a subcontractor, do I pay payroll tax?
My husband is a pilot based in Tenn.and I'm in Ky.We file together.Can we file state individually.
are energy star appliances tax deductible?
Do you have to pay taxes on stocks still in play?
Does amazon deliver pens to India?will it charge me extra(duties/customs?
What if I owe a Federal Loan? They already took my Tax returns, will they they take my stimulus check too?
what is the accounting code for secondary and higher secondary education cess for excise payment ?
I do have direct deposit and my social end in 18 but I did not get my rebate by may 2, what do you think is up
my son just e-filed 2008 taxes they were not approved because they said his aig for 2007 does not match?
Service Tax paid on warehouse rent or fixed remuneration paid to C&S staff is available for input credit?
why do we have to pay taxes?
Amazon returns, help!?
what is nift?
Is the annual return rate the total return rate if a question doesnt specify the period?
IRS question need answer please?
Do I have To pay the Irs?
How much is $90000 after tax each month?
UPS shipping question?
If you were a waitress, and recieved a $10,000 tip, would you run and tell the press and the IRS?
Event Organising Tax Free?
I need forms to file my Iowa sales tax especially the quarterly return?
Tax And College Question ?
PLEASE READ! Pls help me with my question! PLESE READ!?
Moving Stocks from Investment account to TFSA, have to pay tax?
Bob owns a store. His wife and 17yr old son work and get paid there. Will they be subject to FICA?
Why would any accountant give free tax advice on this website?
how much% of my pay check should i hold out each week?
Stimulas package ??
Am I picking up all available deductions and credits?
Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Continuation Act?
Need to file taxes if I only worked two days for a company?
Any updates from the 2/7 still processing club as of today?
What does '£75 net per week' mean?
4% of the income is taken as tax and 12.5% of the remaining is saved.This leaves $1680 to spend. income?
Will my former employer still have my W-2 available?
Can anyone help me with this Tax Problem?
After how long should i wait without gettig my refund before contacting IRS?
IRS 9001 code? Still no deposit?
Why is there still no information on when i will get my refund? it has been over a week since i filed.?
fixing a tax return filed on Oct 15?
What is employment tax liability?
How can I apply for unemployment. Is it a claim I need to fill out? I've been searching on the web, but i'm?
MGMT related question? HELP!?
Can a tax that has no deadweight loss raise any revenue for the government?
Has anybody ever heard of getting your state tax check back before federal check?
Is my salary is taxable if I'm working for a company operating abroad?
how do you calculate property taxes in san antonio, tx?
Estimates Tax on Competition prize winnings?
how much taxes would i get back if i earn 20k?
Please give me the address of Service tax office Sec -1 or 2 noida UP?
The governement has just spent 700,000,000.00?
Can a teenager with a job fill for taxes?
what determines how much you get back when filing your taxes?
Money Inherited from England?
Can someone give me a legitimate answer as to what being in the '31 Club' is about?
can irs take my taxes for unpaid child support due from husbands previous marriage?
TAX ? Please answer this!!! I need some immediate help!?
What would u do if u run the uk?
If I take a job in the UK that is 60k per year, how much will I actually take home each month?
What kind of penalty will I have for paying my state tax late? (California)?
How much money will be withheld for my taxes if I live in NY?
How long for my child tax credits?
I haven't filed my taxes the last 2 years, am I in trouble? I know they owe me a refund!?
Is Barter Transaction taxable in India?
What benefits may I be able to claim?
can i get any tax credit from my student loan from last year: i have not paid any interest on it ?
What would my stimulus check have been last year?
My kids and I live off welfare but spouse claimed us all on his taxes even though he pays no support?
Tax return on SSD if that is all your income?
after doing my taxes..i owe the irs 150$ i am single and i have two jobs, how can i make it so i dont owe?
any post offices hv extended hours in pa for mailing taxes?
Has anyone still not received their rebate stimulus check?
if my take home pay after tax was £25000 a year what would be my net pay?
40,000 Salary , What is my tax refund?
how do i find out whether a limited company has ccjs?
Would it be possible to claim a parent I'm supporting as a dependent? If so, would it be worth it?
How much tax will I pay?
Im in the UK but I sell items in the US using (products from US suppliers).Should I charge sales tax?
tell me about service tax?
I dont understand why my dd is not showing in my account....irs said it was deposited 2/8?
Trying To Do It The Right Way. 1099 MISC tax help?
Rules for taxing Social Security benefits?
Going abroad for a while, do I still have to pay tax (my stamp) in UK?
I want to rollover 401k to roth ira - is deadline 12/31/09 or 4/15/10?
I earned $8 from Finance but do not want to bother doing the paperwork to get it. Do I pay tax on it?
my job didnt take out state taxes for over a year. do i have legal recourse?
Ohio sales tax on online purchase?
how do u account for deferred tax?
will a gift be charged with tax?
Is this a scam?
Income Tax Questions?
I want to know if my job has to pay taxes or if I do.?
About how much is "in person" tax filing?
Over Refund from the IRS?
If we just got approval from IRS to be a 501c3 (non profit) in 2010, do we need to file form 990 for 2009?
i bought a home in 2007 were my tax releif?
Will my job (under 18 years old) affect family income bracket?
Is it illegal to work for a business tax free, even for just a short time? (more details included)?
Child tax benefit and taxes reassestment Need Help?
what are some names and logos for my new business, Voice Over Internet Phone systems? (VOIP)?
What can I do if I have never filed taxes?
If you win money.....what percentage tax has to be paid?
What is the difference between a CPA and an E.A.?
How much tax would I pay on $500,000.00? I'm married and file jointly.?
i filed my taxes and was supposed to be deposited in my account on the 18th.?
I got 450$ on my tax return, but my friend who worked the same hours, same pay, different job got 950$? Why?
is there any site we can use to register a firm in MUMBAI?
Am I going to be able to do my taxes by myself?
Stimulis Eligibility?
Can I get a tax credit somehow for the child support I pay?
can i work ove 16hrs a week and still claim tax credits?
I also do my taxes at H&R Block and I need money to pay bills, when are u doing the advance against my taxes.?
Tax Refund Yet? supposed to DD today?
can we claim our 19 year old daughter as a dependent on our 2011 taxes since she lived with us?
I have a question about council tax that has been puzzling me for a while :S. Can anyone clear it up?
I claimed my neices & IRS hasn't refunded money yet. Why? Is it because the dad might have claimed them also?
How much customs fee will I have to pay?
if i revive a corp. , then should i use the same tax id number as before?
my kids grand father claimed my kids on his tax refund and i had custody of my kids last year what can i do?
How to import car to thailand with low rate tax pay?
Tax filing questions?
claiming emergency tax back when ive just signed back on job seekers allowance?
Does Giving Gift reduce Income Tax for Giver?
If I earned 41,000 last year, and am filing as a single, how much federal tax should I have paid?
What can I do if I forgot to claim earned income credit on my income tax?
Do you think it is unfair that the "tax relief" checks will give extra for children?
How can you find out your child's social security number for taxes? Lost id card.?
Can my childs father claim her on his tax return if he pays child support?
Why do I have two tax exemptions? I am single and want the taxes taken out now. Is this correct?
my SS number ends with 96 when do I receive mt tax rebate check?
Can I claim my child as a dependant on my taxes if they worked during the year?
how to make own game in facebook?
Whats the best way to get my ex to sign a needed tax form?
Do I have to pay taxes on a foreign bank account if I file TD F 90-22.1?
If I paid 3,402.96 to the fed for taxes should I get it all back for the refund?
tax question. i live in wisconsin and i work in minnesota....?
Can anybody tell me which is the best superannuation fund in Australia?
I am filing MFS but dont want to include my spouse's SSN?
How long can the state of Illinois keep my tax return?
In Australia, if i earned $ much would be taken away for tax/superannuation?
Why can't America print Dollars herself? Why take Dollars on Debt?
Tax code for new job?
do I still need my W-2 form if its a federal work study job in order to file taxes?
10 percent to God?
Anyone still waiting for tax refund?
How do I go about filing a Florida Unemployment Tax for my new business? What's the frequency & filing skeds?
Education Credit? How does that work?
Does the person receiving a cash gift have to pay tax or report it?
Will the Affordable Health Care Act aka Obamacare cost me less than $1000/yr. if my income is $65K gross?
tax on property?
I applied for an IRS ITIN for my wife over a year ago, but never received a response?
In Australia if you rent a house then sell it for a loss can you claim tax deduction?
My next paycheck with taxes taken out. (virginia) ?
Tax on chocolate? What the...?
I'm making payments for unpay taxes in 2008. What tax period do I use when paying: 2008 or 2011?
Schedule C? I have a new small business. My profits were less then $600. My expenses exceeded $3000.?
Does company files taxes for me if I signed a W-4 from them?
my bank says i lose 20% of my ira roth, if i close it before 59 1/2. i thought it was 10 % of the interest?
How to pay type 2 NIC?
I have to deposit nearly 2 lakhs in my ICICI bank account ,Will it attract any tax ??
Do I have to pay any duty when selling from EU country to another EU country over online store?
Is IRS still making deposit until now?
new york state hes money owed to people for example forgotten stock or saving lost contact or moved?
What are property taxes spent on? What's the break down?
Customs/import duty for international magazine subscriptions to India?
Will we be getting a tax rebate check this year like we got last September?
income tax return question?
How much state taxes were withheld?
Employer JUST gave us the 1099 on April 3rd....can I turn him into the IRS?
Compensation Lottery Draw A says i won $250,000?
Taxes taken out for bonuses vs. salary...?
Need advise/help from a tax accountant / cpa for online sales on amazon....s for best answer!?
Why is the refund amount on my IRS CP12 letter different from what I received? Will I get the rest?
Does anyone know the child tax credit 4 2007?
Does anyone know of a link to an IRS or US Department of Treasury page that reports the exact $$$ amount... ?
If someone is gifting you 60,000 dollars, how would the IRS know to tax that giftor?
Can I deduct for contractor fraud?
how long should you save IRS forms?
Is interest paid on credit card accounts tax deducible?
Wmr "update"tax refund delayed 2 weeks why?
is spouse liable for deceased income taxes if all money is not joint?
Can I file Taxes With No Income?
Just wondering about some of the tax benefits for filing married?
I owe money on a 1031 exhange how do I not pay capital gains on the 1031?
how long does it take to get a release from a 668wc once the tax is paid in full?
Is it true that the poorer you are, the less likely that you are going to harassed by the IRS?
I need to contact the new mexico taxation and revenue center?
If you are only getting a refund (and not having to pay any more in taxes) can you file late? Thanks!?
Are binary options winnings taxable in australia?
If I purchase a house in the state of california do I have to pay Canadian Capitol Gains Tax on that property?
what docuents do i need to have for income tax return for house rebate?
Do Offshore banks have to pay tax in the country they are working in?
My tax person messed up big time?
What should I claim on my w-2 form to get the least amount of taxes taken out of my paycheck?
H&R Block Tax course Vs ITP tax course(to start a tax agent career)?
IDK what to believe... will someone please help?
Is hourly pay before or after taxes?
How do i tax my car without the v5 (log book)?
If you have lived in 2 states but only earned income in 1, how do you allocate fed tax deductions between 2?
Estimated Tax and Schedule L Payments?
My boyfriend makes about 39k annually, will he get more this year for claiming me if we're married?
How do you calculate taxes on your ESSP if you have held it long enough?
What "o/w" in "o/w pay", "o/w allowance" means?
As a UK beneficiary of property in the Republic of Ireland do I have to pay their beneficiary tax to them?
what do i do if i have lost my federal tax return check?
how do I find out if something is a scam coming from the uk without having to pay for an answer?
How far back does the IRS go when a person hasn't filed taxes in say 10 years?
Does a nutritionist in NJ have to charge sales tax?
What can happen if I have more than 1 Form 16(from bank) but use only the 1 frm my employer for filing returns?
What are the requirements for paying quarterly Federal income tax estimates?
Home buyers Tax Question?
I work two jobs and no federal taxes are being taken out of any.... any one know why?
Tax refund. giving some shine!?
can someone garnish my federal tax refund?
I want to settle IRS taxes. What are my options and can I do it on my own?
can i claim my pregnant girlfriend if she turned 18 in oct 08, lived with me all year, and has had no income?
what are the penalties for claiming someone on your taxes that is not related or married to you?
How can I get my husband to claim less exemptions on his W4. He is claiming 11.?
Does the IRS ever send notices by email ?
If I report a capital loss, do I get some of that loss back?
When a levy is put on your property inside your house, and taken, does that satisfy the levy?
Am I eligible for unemployment benefits after working abroad?
Flexible Spending Account?
Should my husband file taxes to claim our son if he is on SSI?
Online Tax Service vs Tax Prep Service?
Will I receive my direct deposit refund from IRS on confirmed date?
I filed my taxes and got a refund.... but I never received my stimulis check.. No info on computer?
lifetime learning credit tax refund?
How come my deduction isn't reflected in my taxes owed?
How much of my tax payment goes to people taking the p*ss?
How do I do my taxes for the last 3-4 years?
can i track my federal income tax refund?
Why doesn't Delaware add sales tax?
Can any creditor file a 1099-C for an unpaid debt?
I made less than $25k in 2010, had 15% taxes taken out. How should I deal with IRS over past due return?
Solve this Income Tax question for my assignment !!?
I don't understand why I owe $1250 in federal taxes...HELP?
How do I classify company reimbursements for expenses?
what are the important of using system analysis and what is system analysis used for?
does anyone know how to fill out a w-9?????? help please?
Customs charges for shipping a guitar from the USA to the UK?
I didn't complete my tax forms for target?
I have a S-corp incorporated in texas that had no activity/ transaction in 2007. How do i file a zero return?
How long does it take to get your tax returns back?
Anyone having problems with turbo tax? i filed in april ?
Is a mutual fund exchange in the same fund family a taxable event?
How much does H&R Blocks tax preparation course cost?
i live in florida, can the irs seize my house for failure to pay taxes?
A big question on my federal and tax returns. i need experienced answers please.?
My wife and i am going to take a Home loan.the property is in the name of mine.shall my wife get tax benifit?
Can someone be claimed as a dependent if they own a home but are unemployed?
Would I be able to go back and take a child that i claimed off my taxes?
what can i do if my boss has still not giving me my tax paper?
How much would be monthly income be after taxes on a $26K salary?
Do business owners pay both a corporate and individual income tax?
How can you give someone a lot of money without them having to pay taxes on it?
made capitalgains but after expenditure will be reported as loss will gain affect family payments?
How many taxes get taken off my paycheck?
Do I get a stimulus check if I have no income to report for 2007?
IRS Taxes - Who should claim new house? ?
how do people end up oweing the IRS thousands of dollers ?
Is there a security company in Ghana called GLOBAL SECUITY COMPANY LIMITED?
How many people have already "spent" their stimulus rebate check?
Min age for tax return?
ESPP qualified disposition off?
can i file for a tax extention on line.?
Adjust old invoices for HST?
How much are self-employment FICA tax rates?
How can I pay my rent?
i have three kids and claim zero on my w-4 all year.?
Were property taxes in Indiana lowered to 1% of the home's value?
Do we live in RIP OFF Britain? with all our taxes etc?
Form W-7 and Nonresident Alien Dependents?
How much is the average state pension (UK)?
When checking the status of tax return it states enter whole dollar amount what does that mean? ?
Anybody know where I can download a free tax package?
Exempt federal tax from paycheck?
Why do I get different income when I plug the same $ in Tax Cut Premium?
should i register for this federal income tax course?
I didnt work last yr, but I have school Form 1098-T, Can I get a refund?
My boyfriend has not filed his taxes for the past 3 years how do you file them all together?
When will I receive my W2's back?
Can I include baby formula in medical expenses.?
Question about what type Contractors can claim the Home Office Deduction?
My father spent my inheritance?
Has anyone recieved a paper stimulus check yet?
I have income which is taxable but no taxes are taken out of it,what write offs can I use to off set these.?
how do i get a copy of my w2 forms?
I have tried to deduct my capital losses from selling a stock and it doesn't go thru the e-tax file.?
Start as a sole proprietor and later convert to an LLC?
I did not work but I got a document in the mail that says that I can or should put my student loan on my taxes?
File taxes together or separate?
I am filing a tax return (refund) for my nephew who passed away on 1/31/05. He was 20 years old.?
how much did casinos pay in taxes last year?
What happens if I file my taxes late?
Do strippers get in trouble if they don't file taxes?
Why are so many people questioning the Tax we contribute?
Why are taxes more on a house that you are buying, then the people that lived there had to pay?
How can my church get a Proof of tax exempt status?
can a married child paying the house paymnent deduct the interest on their taxes?
What is the present UK tax rate? 20% or 17.5%?
Is it fair to tax us?
I received a "fi. fa." (fieri facias) in the mail and I believe it was sent by mistake?
Why can't I claim tips left for waiters as a deduction on my taxes?
What can I write off medical expenses for my taxes?
How much will i get paid after taxes? $10/hr for 4/5 hours a day?
If you were a waitress, and recieved a $10,000 tip, would you run and tell the press and the IRS?
what percent of or how much work taxes get taken out of a paycheck in bogalusa, la if marital status is single?
h&r block emrald advance??? help!?
if i quit my job can i still collect unemployment?
is buying art, tax deductable?
what is the gross incme of th u s?
how will irs break down a 9k owed payment from year incorrectly filed ?
Will IRS ever waive 3yr rule that if taxes were filed >3 years late they keep your refund?
Why doesn't the US government tax the rich more than the currently do?
when people state how much money they make yearly, are they usually talking before or after taxes?
If v have consultants n v r paying them Profession Fees and not Salary, is Professinal Tax required to ded?
Do you have to pay federal income tax if your income is less than ten thousand dollars?
Will I get a bigger income tax refund as a single parent of 1 child or a married parent?
how much state tax i owe?
can i file taxes if i only received tanf and i have a child under 1?
Will i get my yax return back if i have a centrelink debt?
Delinquent Student Loan and Tax Returns?
Should you pay a lot more for a house than it's tax value?
Do I have to pay german Taxes?
How do I correct amount Capital Loss Carryover for 2004?
Wat info do u send with ur working tax credit form?
What is the procedure to buy/import electronic components from America in terms of Tax & import duty?
what % of your pay check is taken out for taxes?
How much taxes lottory winner pay in Vancouver?
Who are the major players in the Michigan cigarette tax?
If I did not get a tax rebate letter does that mean I am not getting a rebate? (UK)?
how do you determine your modified adjusted gross income?
How to obtain a copy of 2004 tax papers?
After divorce,my ex got principal residence & I got secondary home(rental for 8 yrs).How to sell without tax?
has any 1 here heard of Arie Gray (she sings gospel)?
I am single, with two jobs, and I did the worksheet and ended up claiming 0, does this sound correct?
Can I be eligible for Unemployment Compensation as a dependent?
maine's temperature?
how much is council tax band B in the uk?
how to work out vat 17.5% on a calculator?
is this a allowable tax deduction?
Has Anyone Ever Used Tax before and what was your experience?
Why are my taxes so high?
fafsa Q. 89 and 90- what parents earned from working?
Do i have to pay taxes this year?
Deferred Tax Assets and Deferred Tax liability- Meaning of....?
Will this new Tax be taken in employee with holding?
How to claim refund for Tax deductions on Bank interest?
Witholding Taxes in Michigan?
Why do Canadians have to pay so much tax?
can someone translate this into spanish for me please?
Tax liability Question?
Can I claim tax exemption on rent paid to my father while staying in house owned by him?
when filling taxes, they ask if you are attending school.and i am.but i received a pell grant. do i still?
If the tax cuts/deductions are higher than the taxes I incurred, will i get a refund?
I am not sure how to write off school supplies on my taxes?
Is it okay if I file W-2 in 1040 NR-EZ form?
When people say there salary, is that before or after tax/NI?
When will i gat my back pay check for febuary?
what is a tax write off?
Do you have yo pay taxes on a lawsuit?
I made $9,031 in 1099 income in 2011, how much tax would I pay?
taxes aren't being taken out of my checks?
Married 2007 filed single for 2008...what should I do?
Can anyone explain me 'Reverse Charge Method' in the context of Service Tax.?
My amended return is pending for a deposit date. How long will this take?
Can a business buy from out of state to avoid sales tax?
How much do I put aside if I am 1099?
what are the advantage of expanded value added tax (EVAT)? what good can it cause to the Philippine economy? ?
what records should you provide for an audit of your 2010 tax return?
Where is my IRS stimulus check? My SSN has the 13 as the last 2 digits and I only owed $300 for this year.?
what are some good tax shelter options for high income ($250,000) married couples with no children?
tax question on oweing money to the irs?
Is it possible to not pay into the Canada Pension Plan?
How much intrest do I get on my federal tax return if IRS is holding it for fraud investigation?
Unemployment Check 'weekly benefit'?
Should my mom claim me on her taxes? To get more money...?
how long can insurnce take to pay you for your cliam?
Up to what age can a parent get taxes from their children?
What does 0, 1 & 2 mean when claiming taxes? Which takes out more & which makes me pay?
In Rep. of Ireland, what does 655 in tax relief actually mean in terms of money?
I am going to pay 67% as income tax on my income? Thats Terrible... Help me...?
this is an accounting question?? how come so different on monthly salary/annual salary on social security tax?
What happens if my wife claimed herself on her taxes but her parents also claimed her on theirs?
WHY does Warren Buffet pay a lower percentage rate of payroll taxes than his secretary?
When Will I Receive My 2011 Income Tax Refund?
Is it real that a non-resident can invest in the US and get tax exemption?
Tax error in prior years?
Am I able to deduct settlement charges on 2008 taxes ?
If someone wins a lottery or wins at gambling who is responsible for paying taxes?
i receive 300.00 a month in spousal support and is my only income, do i still have to pay taxes on it?
how should my partner and I file our taxes if we own a home together and are not married?
How much should I pay ?
I got a job offer from a U.S. company in Chicago, IL and they offer me an annual gross salary of USD 68 K.?
If I did not cliam a distri I recieved fr an IRA for a 1st time home purch on my tax rtrn what can happen?
How to calculate salary 5200-22000(pay scale 1900)?
Can you mark up landfill tax on an invoice?
Benifits ? working tax credit can i get this if i am single no children and 40years age?
Should I be registering for VAT?
Payroll Question (Weekly)?
Why did I get so much money taken out for FICA-OASDI?
what is an hour like for an tax man?
why I did not recived state tax refund check?
which first world country has the lowest tax rate?
how do i get a copy of my owed calif state taxs from 1993?
How much does it cost to file your taxes by someone (not e-file or computer software)?
Do you have to pay taxes on a foreign investment?
how do you get rid of back taxes?
how can you file self employment with no EIC?
claiming tax back after starting with no N.I number?
So when will i get my refund?
Not filing federal income taxes?
W-4 Tax Form Help? How do I fill it out?
Paying tax and prsi as a contractor?
Can I claim myself 2011 taxes?
if you live in the usa and going to get that tax bounus what are u going to do with it?
what are the merits and demerits of value added tax(VAT)?
If my boyfriend wants to claim me on taxes in 2010 do we have to get married in 09 or just b4 tax time?
My estate agents only accept cash, are they tax evading?
whether pan card is necessary for royalty paid to NRI?
employers National Insurance saving are paid on money sacrificed into pension schemes why?
can anyone pay income tax return online?
Can you claim another child after being denied claiming a previous child?
Do US military members stationed in Hawaii have to pay Hawaii's General Excise/Use Tax?
Which degree do I need to prepare taxes?
trying to find a telephone number for clyde consultancy ltd glasgow?
TAX HELP I owe but dont have the money to pay it yet. What do I do?
Can a 501(c)(3) organization be sold?
If I'm 24 and made over 20k last year, can my parents still claim me if I live at home?
What can i do about this irs letter?
Why am I being taxed so much?
How much do do yu make working at mcdonalds full time after tax is taken out?
My Husband and I got married Towards the end of the year, do we have to File our Taxes Jointly or Seperate? ?
Should I charge sales tax to a church?
Why do UK people need a tv license ?
Shouldn't I have gotten my W-2 from my ex employer yet?
Are Christmas Bonuses Taxable?
Does the 16th Amendment specify what is to be considered as "income," is all labor earnings considered income?
What percentage goes towards taxes out of your paycheck in florida?
If one receives a small setttlement ($3000) after an auto accident, does the recipient need to pay taxes on it
I have a 10-99 form and i need to pay 2,700 do i have to pay that now our wait till tax season?
what days do N.C. tax refund checks normally arrive?
can I get unemployment if I move because of my husbands job?
How much do you get back in taxes for a child in the state of MN?
I've recently inherited $47,000. Living in California, how much will I be taxed?
custom duties for importing clothes from india to canada?
I didnt receive the Rebate Check letter...?
tax knowledge please...?
is there any way to get a stimulus check without filing your taxes even if you made enough money?
what is tax avoidance and tax evasion?
Payroll check received twice and both cashed...?
California 1st time home buyer +other taxes question. Knowledgeable answers only please?
Have you gotten your Stimulus (rebate) check yet ?
Can my boyfriend claim my 2 biological children as dependants even tho he's not their father? we live in orego
Social Security as Child Support for College?
How can you find out why your Federal tax return was garnished?
if u get paid the same amount salary every two weeks does the amount of taxes stay the same?
Tax return thru mail with offset how long?
is there a problem with my tax refund check?
self employed person how much % should be deducted for all taxes from pay?
I have just graduated from university and have a large student loan to pay off. Do i still have to pay tax? UK?
I recently filed a w-9. And incorrectly filled it out.?
Can I claim all my children if I have custody 55% of the time?
Accounting/Tax Question?
Will I get taxes refund ?
What if my ex tries to claim our child as a dependent on his taxes when I have already filed and claimed him?
I NEED YOUR help about the tax declaration for dual citizen.(IRS)?
On there Federal/state taxes can one write off the construction cost of a deck on there primary residence?
do you want a flat tax rate?
why are some people getting their stimulus checks early?
question about w4 ( deductions and adjustments worksheet)?
am I in the higher tax bracket if I am earning 35K per year?, how much will I get/be taxed per month?
can my boyfriend claim me on his 09 taxes?
Question about legal language and Order of Court?
What happens if I reverse two letters of my child's name on tax returns?
If I Pay Rent every month for my apartment..Can I deduct anything for my taxes?
how can take c forms?
1231 like kind exchange...?
tax return questions and moreeeeee- help please~?
Why is my job not taking out federal taxes but everything else?
How can goverment tackle low level of exports using fiscal policy?
how much is GST tax Incometax CompanyTax n othertaxes,if any, in Australia?
Why haven't I received my NY state refund back, I did it on January 23?
Unemployed, full time college student. Do I need to file taxes?
Earned Income Credit?
when will tax booklets be mailed out?
if im filing unemployment in one state but live in another how do i fie my taxes?
My BF had a job for only 2 months, do we have to have both W2 forms?
Help needed. Would a small practice firm be taxed as a company?
can you get a RAL for a 2010 return filed in 2012?
how much will i get back on my income taxes?
Can I get a income tax return if the only income i had was unemployment and I had taxes taken out automatic?
a quick question about this past years taxes?
i did not contribute to company retirement plan or 401k. Can I contribute to IRA?
Can I claim my 18 year old sister as a dependent on my tax returns?
Tax Question....Will I qualify for earned income this up coming tax year?
Should the gifted such as I (110 IQ) pay a lower tax rate due to our other contributions to society?
My fiancee will start working in NY/NJ , how does the tax deductions work?
What will happen if North Dakota eliminates property tax?
How much will i make after taxes?
How to get tds salaried person?
provision for taxation in accounts means?
For married taxpayers, can 1 file HOH and the other file MFS?
Will my spouse and child be liable for my NYS sales tax debt?
I received two different W2s for the same state, for the same company. How do i file?
can anyone show me the law or give me a link to it that states that we must pay federal or state taxes?
student tax question?
I don't know how to file my taxes due to my husband owing back taxes and his immigration case?
Minimum salary to fill form 16?
Stimulus check :(?
If I'm claimed as a dependent, what happens to my W2?
Can I claim my firearms, schooling (airfare, hotel, car) and safe on my tax return as a firearms instructor?
I need to find the form to fill out for my homestead exception?
How much is,$400 in uk pounds.?
what is the journal entry for salary expense?
Question about claiming dependents on taxes in NC?
Where to mail federal and california state tax returns?
anyone file their taxes on feb 4th? serious question...?
I made 9,000 dollars cleaning houses. How will I file my taxes.?
UCMJ/Advance debt deduction?
When I file my 2008 taxes will my stimulus payment affect it, and does it have to be added on my taxes?
The council won't allow a council tax rebate?
i have a student loan of $ 29,000 and i make $200 /month payments .is this deductible when i file taxes?
IRS audited our taxes in 2005 and did not tell us that we owe an extra 9030 from a repossession .?
does someone have to pay me minimum wage if they want to claim me as childcare costs on their tax returns?
I was charged sales tax on a free item. . . what does the law say about this?
Do I need to file tax for Sole Proprietorship business that was registered this year?
Filing Taxes. HELP!!?
Where can I file my Toronto, Ontario, Canada taxes online? I am a student and filed my taxes online last year?
my husband has 5 children and he gets to claim four on his taxes his ex just 1?
If CRA return is filled incorrectly, what to do to correct?
I have a Tax Question?
What is the US Treasury Tax Relief?
question about my tax return?
Is it possible to not pay into the Canada Pension Plan?
What is an H&R Block RAC Refund?
If I (a 22 yr old college student) buy a new computer, can I claim it as a tax write off in 2008?
What are the taxes on options as a Canadian?
Filed my taxs on the 3rd of feb where are they?
unclaimed income for 2009 (Canadian Tax Question)?
how you you get a w2 form from target?
How to calcualte tax on a grocery bill?
Can my family claim me for taxes as a dependant?
How long must I have my tax records?
As far as having to pay taxes, does the IRS look at a gift of $12,000 from parents diffferent than a stranger?
What can i write off, if my job is to manage my portfolio as a full time investor?
Should we use H&R block to to fill our tax returns?
Will changing my filing status change the amount of taxes taken out of my check?
does the donee of a 10,000 dollar gift from the donor have to pay taxes on that gift?
Income tax Not married 16yrs old with 6 month old son??
Will I receive a notice if my husbands tax refund is offset for a debt incurred during my first marriage?
Is the money I recieved from an oil lease taxable if I divided it up between my 3 children.?
Are any of you who have gotten your payment back willing to share the last 2 of your social? It may be fun?
What would you like to ask?how to get my refund check?
I have lost my p45 and paying so much tax now, whom can i speak to get this sorted out?
Can an independant contractor file for partial unemployment? My hours were cut from 30 per week to 12.?
how do i report someone else is claiming someone elses kid on thier tax returns?
is there an IRS form to fill to show you had no income?
How to claim your spouse's unused credits ... Help!?
I got divorced on December 15th, 2007. Can we still file together?
Just got my money on my Turbo tax card my due date was 1/30 i from chicago good luck people?
Aunt's approx. $45,000 home. Do they need to probate will?
do i get a stimulas check if my income was unemployment benifits?
Over charged on tax preparation? Do I have to accept forms and pay?
What is the overall income tax rate in New Jersey?
How should I file for 2011 taxes since I divorced on 12/21/11?
What is the average cost of HR block?
what is the internet address for the detroit city tax division?
Is there pitra dosh in my kundali my name is rajeev saxena dob 16/02/1975 tob 07:20 am pob kanpur up india?
Economic Stimulus Payment ~ Hmmmmmm Nothing Yet?
Should we file separately on our taxes to reduce student loan payments?
how to claim unclaimed money?
in which form I have to remit monthly tds?
Self Employed Income Tax?
Ive been summoned for not paying council tax?
i get ssdi and have kids can i get a tax refund?
What is the point of holding on to paycheck stubs/reciepts???
do you think consumers should start a campaign to boycott gas stations?
my ex wants me to sign a irs child exempt form, do i sign it?
What web site can you do your 2006 taxes on for free even though they have to be mailed in?
If you're comparing tax preparers, are you obligated to pay them?
tax shelter to avoid investment gain?
How long do I have before the IRS taxes me on net proceeds from home sale?
Anyone who filed early on TaxBrain still waiting for IRS Acceptance?
Never received my 1099-G and when checked went to a different address?
How long does it take to get back your tax return if you have filed it on paper on 15 april?
How much will i pay tax if i have 750 pay check? Can someone compute for me pls.. Tnx?
I filed on jan12 got the ral 14 days later irs website says we have received ur return and processing it?
Do i need to file taxes since im basically a private entertainer?
just an opinion. do you think that native americans should have to pay taxes?
When this time will come when 1 US $ - RS.20 Petrol RS.25 Disel RS.10 Lpg cas Rs.175 will it can happen in fut?
Didn't you enjoy having a big deduction and we didn't even have to donate anything to anybody last year?
Can I sue my Tax person?
Can I include depreciation in the trial balance?
Can I claim these items on my taxes...?
Calculating SS and Medicare deductions?
Buying things off eBay in Canada?
am i eligable for the canadian home renovation tax credit ?
In Britain in October the minimum wage will be £5.80 per you think their should be a maximum wage?
What if I dont filed taxes?
Deffered Tax Credits in Malaysia will cause a rise in the countries GDP?
are attorney fees tax deductable/ divorce?
can you take out 3000.00 from your 401k and open up an ira. without being tax?
Should frequent flyer miles be included in gross income?
Import charges on guitar from USA to United Kingdom?
What are ALL the taxes deducted from the paycheck in the UK?
What is the CRA Industry codes for direct commission sales ?
Can I claim my 21 year old if she is living at home not working and not going to school ?
Does anyone know how to figure how much tax I need to pay as an independent contractor?
claiming tax back in the us?
Question about Affiliate Marketing and Taxes?
What does it take to be a certified tax preparer (nothing else)?
What factors do the CSA (uk) take into consideration.?
need to talk to someone about a tax levy?
Still waiting on irs stimulus about you?
Duty free allowances?
how old do you have to be able to receive donations?
I have lost my lodged tax return?
Can a laptop purchase made before I started my business be tax deductible after I start my business?
Can anybody help me translate AU$ to US$? i ordered something on ebay from china but the amount is in AU$?
Question about filling out W-4?
Deliquent property in Granite Shoals, Burnet Co. Texas?
Can a social security tax be offset with a foreign tax credit?
Can i clam the money that i pay my babysitter on my taxes and if i do does my babysitter have to claim that to?
how much did jon stewart pay in taxes in 2010?
If I'm a Canadian resident, what are my tax implications for selling my vacant land property in the US?
How can i end up paying less federal income tax?
Filing jointly with direct deposit?
IDK what to believe... will someone please help?
w4 form question about dependent.?
I bought a house in 1999, lived in 1 year. Had to move for work. I want to sell now. Do I have to pay taxes?
Basic pay was Rs.12325+50%DP as on 1.1.06. Retired on 1Aug 08. Increment @ Rs.325 pa. What is my pension ?
Should I file as single, married, or married at higher single rate?
I just received my tax refund and it is much more than the amount on my return.?
Are taxes due the 15th this year or the 17th? Heard something about the 15th being a sunday...?
How much does a free lancer pay in Spain for taxes every month?
How do I figure out 25% of my gross income?
Is the US federal income tax considered to be progressive?
what is meanning capital expenditure & ravenue expenditure?
How much comes out of my paychEck for social security and Medicare?
Turbotax - How do I delete an entry in sched D?
My gross income is Rs.1,10,000 I no need to pay to any tax as per my savings and Form No 16 Shall I file saral
Is SSI considered taxable income?
What is the living expenses in UK for Foreign Workers?
How many people that were supposed to get a refund on 1/29 that used Turbo Tax or Taxbrain did not get it?
Do you use a software program to do your taxes and if you do which one do you use?
Can someone please explain "National Insurance Credits" to me in simplist terms!?
What are the documents required to be attached to the Sahaj form of AY 2012-13?
Can the IRS take money from your bank account if you put it in you maiden name?
Can sombody explane to me about IRS code payment for non-resident account?
What is the State of Illinois tax rate?
I have a job making 25k a year & the employer takes taxes out. I also do massage therapy & make maybe 5k.?
Paid surveys questtion regarding taxes?
Can this person file taxes? I am clueless...?
is zack and cody feral twins?
i sent my CA Franchise Taxes to the wrong address.?
i have a form saying waver of tax notice period?
H&R Block software - Does "Federal Owe" mean I pay taxes or does this mean refund?
How much would I end up with after New York State and Federal taxes with a gross amount of $31,681.92?
Is it against the law to establish a minimum contribution to my Flexible Spending Account?
How much Tax would I pay on a £60,000 annual salary if I was living in the UK tax haven of Jersey?
I worked at a company in 2/06 for 3 weeks and have still not received my W2. Will I even get one?
How to determine how much to pay in taxes for self employed person?
How does someone in the US send tax forms to an independent contractor in England?
Tax Exemption for Sponsoring a Team?
Open question to UK residents: How much does Nat.Health cost to you each year?
If I am unemployed and currently looking for work, can I claim mileage, fuel costs and clothes bought?
Will I get in trouble for writing EXEMPT on my W4?
For how many years can I claim short term loss in stocks sales?
I was left money from my gpa in a p.o.d bank account. i live in oklahoma. will it affect my tax return at the?
im in the army am i intitled to tax rebate?
How much income tax will I get back?
Can the British Inland Revenue can get me to pay outstanding tax now that I live and work (legally) in Spain?
Am I eligible to have my pension contributions refunded?
WMR says by April 6th. Does anyone know when I'll actually get my refund deposited?
does being a student help with my tax return?
OK I am confused. I am STILL showing a "Due to be deposited by 1/31" is anyone else in the same crazy boat?
I plan on making less money this year than my total income loss from the last two years. Can I file as exempt?
Tax Question 1099-Misc Income?
What is the TAX manager Role?
Question about tax?
What are the advantages of using a CPA over using tax software or a tax preparation service?
What can IRS do ,if anything?
state/county tax comparison between Maryland and Virginia.?
What are taxes? If I work for certain times, do I have to do taxes? How do taxes work?
What benefits can I claim on my tax return?
How to claim children on your taxes if they don't live with you?
accounting of service tax on gta?
S Corp 1120S Tax Form - K section?
Tax credits, is this right?
if i was a single male with zero dependents and took home 41000, what would my base pay be?
What are the top 5 American companies with higher profit than the others & how much they should pay as tax?
I've recently got married and I was wondering if there's any extra tax breaks that I can get. I live in IN.
Employee receives "Wavier of Loan" during the year.?
I receive SSD (Social Security Disability )?
I sell avon and i need to know how much taxes to add on there?
Do want to hear an easy and funny way to understand paying taxes?
Is there another way to file your taxes when your employer has not given you your tax papers (1099)?
i am s.uday kumar and my pf no. is PF/22927. i want to know the status. kindly update me?
How do I obtain a tax refund on my sia licence?
sort code for nat west ealing north fields branch?
Tax Question???
what would happen if a state eliminated personal income tax? (hypothetically speaking)?
Who has the right to claim my daughter at tax time as a dependent? Step dad or birth father?
There is no vat on kids shoes, at what size do you have to start paying vat ? girls and boys sizes.?
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