If my fiance owes back taxes can they garnish my wages?
If I buy carpet for daycare and help pay bills, can I deduct on my taxes?
Do I have to repay the first time homebuyer credit in this scenario?
Is the value of a 401(k) frozen as of the date of death of the participant?
If I file joint with my husband and he owes money to the government, can they seize my refund as well?
File taxes with last paycheck stub?
how we remember the date of vat tax?
Was I tricked by the IRS and what can I do about?
In the state of Pennsylvania can the IRS levy your wages?
What is my tax liability on selling my share of a partnership?
if something is $80 at walmart, how much will it be after tax in illinois?
why can't you file amened taxes online?
my employer refuses to mail my last paycheck and says i have to come in person to pick it up.?r=1224906074?
Do you have to claim child support payment on your taxes?
When does a retailer pay sales taxes to the government that it has collected from customers?
i would like to know if anyone can help me, my tax code is br?
I need to now if I'm in Texas can i charge taxes for a part i sold to California on the eBay?
Does how much you earned make a difference in tax credit for a child?
turbo tax or tax cut?? best for your buck??
How much will tax be?
Impairment of Assets?
How much should i be getting taxed?
can the irs WMR site be wrong about depositing funds?
how long to council tax valid?
Taxes: Loss wages....?
Already been delayed to 2/7 due to processing delays...could I b delayed again?
How to get a PIN for Electronically filing Federal Tax.?
Previous employer went under and need to update address with them for my T-4?
I need a lawyer's advice on joint ownership of real estate & irs liens?
What is the process with the tax office and wills and probate when your partner dies?
what type of 1099 form do i need for taxes if i'm self employed?
Question about filling out W-4?
Filing for a divorce in California?
Divorced last September 2010. Do I have to file a joint tax return?
my dad wants to claim me as a dependent but he wants me to still file my own taxes? i dont understand.. will?
Tax return Question.?
Where can you get old copies of tax returns via turbo tax?
how many years have 2 pass where you cant file?
What is the top end of the RRSP deduction you can make each year?
how can I avoid paying capitol gains on an investment property without reinvesting in another?
Money overseas question can it be done? taxes? thanks.?
do you have to pay taxes under 18?
Question Tax 1099-G Form?
If I earned £9 an hour and I am 17, how much will be taken off it?
If you lose your w-2 from a previous job how can you get a replacement?
can i rollover savings ee bonds into a 529 plan without paying taxes?
Manipulating accounting estimate?
The american Tax System?
how much does kerrange cost in the uk?
whos entitled to claim the child on taxes if we were never married and are seperated. we have 50/50 custody?
I filed my taxes on 2-3-2012. I am wondering of anyone else is having issues with the where my refund?
I never filled out a W-4 form for the business I work for but he is still pulling out social security?
Are federal and state refunds seperate?
taxes, ex is threatening me with tax fraud?
How to import the goods or raw materiel form foreign country ...?
New job claims my income will be Tax Exempt...How?
when I check my tax refund status on the IRS website, it says that my return is being reviewed and I may?
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help refund ?
Consider the market for cigarettes. When a 200% tax is imposed on the consumers of cigarettes, quantity demand?
income tax return - can you help me? house rent 20,000/- house tax 750/ htl interest?
Can you file for taxes married and separated?
Can my uncle claim me as a dependent?
New to this - How do I make make Estimated Tax Payment? 1099 MISC?
Is becoming self employed a good thing?
Printing Turbo Tax 2009 PDF files?
Aren't Tax Credits delightful?
What don`t you like about your job ????
can i deduct my 10% early withdrawl penalty?
how long after the IRS deposits the refund into your account, does it show up into your account? aumatically?
Tax deductions for working from home?
I filed my tax return on time but the IRS says it was late. What should I do?
Any suggestions on how I can file an amended personal income tax return?
Income tax return confusion?
Why did my tax return go to Andover,MA 05501,if I live in Maryland 21502?
How much is tax on a $19.97 item?
What Tax and Penalties do I need to pay if I cash out my Mutaul fund early?
Should I be charged for tax? I am 17 years old?
Question for tax preparer:Are my commute car's expenses deductible if it displays advertising for my business?
Can I still return it?
i have a tax related question...?
Income Taxes , Head of Household?
I forgot to file a form last year when I cashed out some stock, now the IRS thinks I owe taxes. What do I do?
In NC, how much do I need to make annually before taxes to make $3000/month after taxes?
Back Tax Deduction Question?
I live in canada and my website is hosted in france, do I have to pay taxes in france?
Can a person thats certified as having multiple personalities...?
Where can I search to find out where my federal refund is?
Anyone else having a longer then usual wait on getting their tax return back?
How do I take advantage of the 5M gift tax exemption that expires at the end of the year?
Should prostitutes take the standard deduction or itemize?
If EU ruling goes through about tax on tobacco,can you set-up a company in Latvia,just for export to the UK?
I am trying to find a booklet to complete the Federal 1040X-Amended return. help?
What benefits can a 17 year old claim? ?
Simple Self employment tax question?
how much money will be deducted from my check for taxes?
on box one of the w-2 does it contain your gross pay or net pay?
why are they looking for me?
What is the downside of tax increment financing.?
IRS took money out of my bank. How to get it back?
On form 1040 line 65 it says estimated tax payments. Is that where I put my social security, medicare, & the?
How many ways can an IRS auditor select 5 of 12 tax returns for an audit?
What do I claim on my W-4?
How much would I be getting taxed if I was making $56,829 a year?
Claiming my daughter will I get anythign back?
When to pay Franchise Tax?
Need Help with my HR Block Tax Software?
Are colleges and universities exempt from federal and state taxes?
the irs has placed a levy on main source of income. is there a way to avoid this if i cant pay back taxes?
Tips Being Held To Pay Toward Income Tax?
Paychecks with no taxes taken out?
17 and i need to pay tax?
when does the irs publish the 2006 forms?
Help Pleaseeeeeeeeeee?
Should I file w2 form upon employment?
How do you file late taxes for 2010-2011?
Why do art supplies have VAT on them?
If i transfer money from the U.S. to New Zealand, do i have to pay taxes on both ends?
Small business taxes / individual taxes?
Site for tax lawyers or specifically in York, PA?
If I live in Florida, can I claim my kids that live in Virginia on my taxes even if they don't live with me?
how is TANF disbursed to someone that qualifies for it?
Tax return questioning?
how much should i get back from my tax return?
How To Pay Tax A An Independent Contractor?
Do I owe/how much in taxes during my 3 month job?
Does anyone have or know where I can find Tax Exemptions for NC?
Do I need to include a copy of my FEDERAL tax return when sending in my STATE tax return? (I live in Ohio)?
can the irs hold my refund check if my mother in law has custody of my kid and i claim her?
Is it better to be a benefit scrounger than pay tax?
anyone in the 2/7 group call the irs this morning?
My IRS refund day is 02/08/2012?
What happens when you don't pay for a newspaper subscription you didn't subscribe to?
Where is a good place to file my income taxes? Last year was my first time and I paid a lot.?
I just read that you are more likely to be audited by the IRS if you file early. Is this true?
why do immigrants pay for taxes?
my tax code was changed from 503L to 522L, i don't know what this means, even though i have two jobs?
Is it filing IT Retruns is compulsary, even if I m not paying any tax?
What is the tax charged in the products in Houston?And what products are included?
is it better for married couples to file taxes seperate or joint?
If I purchased my home May 1st of 2010, then do I qualify for the first time home buyers tax credit in 2011?
i played power ball in a different state then i live in, if i win do both states get the taxes?
why do the poor pay more taxes than the wealthy?
Regarding Income Tax !!?
am i on the right tax code?
i started working last sept 2009...i have 2 i eligible for EIC(earned income credit)?
All of the following are deductible as moving expenses in 2009,except: a. The cost of moving household goods?
is it legal for our local concil to clamp my car after i have missed one council tax payment?
How are Keogh contributions accounted for on taxes?
Can I write off the cost of gas commuting to work on my taxes?
How do I change my address on my income tax forms from past jobs I have moved and they need to be change?
When will I receive my tax refund 2012? ?
my mum wants to giv me and my sista 10000 each how do i find out if we or she has to pay tax on it?
Did anyone receive direct deposit from IRS if they had a feb 1 date?
I am single, made approx $21000.00 can i deduct my rent, household expences heat, electric, and my vehicle exp
don't pay taxes............?
I STILL have not recieved my taxes.. What should I do?
hi friends,?
I lost my receipt can i return my goods?
If i got a million dollars roughly how much would i pay in Taxes?
irs tax transcripts for 2011?
IRS BACK TAXES- Can do a good job for me?
I supported my friends can I use them as exemptions on my tax return?
For tax purposes, are the EIN and the federal tax id# the same thing?
What is an intra-community VAT number?
2010 corporation taxes HELP!?
What benefits can I claim?
were is my taxes?
When you return an item?
If I owe money to IRS would state give me refund?
How many Exemptions to claim on W4 if I am a single and I don't want to owe any tax back to IRS at year end.?
I owe the IRS and I am making payments will it show in my credit report?
Do I have to fill out a tax return if...?
Something about my taxes?
Is their a specific date by which employers have to give out the T4's to their employees?
Should we have to pay?
Are tax deductions considered "loopholes"?
What can I do to help get a good refund on my 2009 taxes with going to college?
qualifying for social security?
how old have you got to be before?
how are bonuses deducted?
How does the government use taxes to reduce the sale of prices on some products?
Need accounting help..I need two examples of declining depreciation?
DFAS Form 705. How and where do I put this on my EZ1040 form?
federal tax?
overweightland`s so called "aid"?
why are the state refund so late?
what does 500,000 pounds mean in england?
State capital gains tax question?
How much income I have to file for taxes?
How much do taxes take out of my paycheck?
Tax benefit on parents lic?
partners' remuneration U/s 40(b)?
what is my tax bracket? For morgage calculations it must drop to a lower bracket! Is there a calculator?
job seekers allowance?
The big gender question: why women get paid less than men?
If a fellowship requires doing research abroad, can one deduct the travel expenses?
Anyone get an update on Wheres my refund for this year 2010?
are they supposed to take federal taxes out of my check?
What does it mean to be audited and file a tax return?
want to but a second home and sell the first, can I use some of my retirement funds (SIMPLE, ROTH, or 401 k?
Any one have their 2/5 refund deposited this morning?
i have a query regarding commercial tax payment(CST)?
Tax liability for gains by selling second house and buying another?
I'm filling form 3903 moving expenses. Should I send a copy of my plane tickets together or is it necessary?
What is the point of holding on to paycheck stubs/reciepts???
can someone read 990 forms well and understand them?
How much clothes am I allowed to bring into the UK before paying import duty?
Are full time college students with jobs tax exempt?
Will I be taxed or penalized if I withdraw from my Scottrade Roth IRA account?
Does anybody know if you take money out of an IRA account how much you get penalized in your tax's?
has anyone who used turbotax received theyre stimulus tax refund in the mail ..last ssn # digits 10-18?
tax rate for temp work?
IRS medical deductions?
I like france?
Student paying 40% tax on part-time job Ireland?
I'm going to start a new job, can you work out how much tax I'll pay from these details...?
due date for payment of profession tax for company deducting prof tax from staff salalry?
Is anyone familiar with section 165(c)(2) of the IRS tax code that deals with theft loss?
what the latest age your parents can claim you on their taxes?
Are there any disadvantages of prepaying next years mortgage payments to realize the interest in current year?
can i claim tax credits for my children?
I'm being audited by the IRS and I cheated on my taxes - HELP!?
what does it take to get a certificate to do taxes in arkansas?
tax help....WHO SHOULD CLAIM ME????????
I never income split before 2011 and am getting a big refund how do I go back and income split my previous?
I didn't get 1099-k from paypal. Will IRS find out about this income if I don't report?
can i claim a disable person on my taxes even though they get aid for their child?
AUSTRALIA: Where does the superannuation payment come from?
Do people who receive large donations have to pay tax? Like in the Treyvon Martin case..?
Prayer for Natural Justice.?
What is the web site for tax deduction from giving food, cothing, and money to Kartrina victums?
i am a nanny how do i pay taxes?
Power went out due to hurricane sandy. So they claim they can't do payroll due to the power outage.?
has anyone received the stimulus in the mail that was on the may 23 mail schedule?
I STILL havent recieved my tax refund?
What are the repercussions of not filing by the 17th if you have a return coming on federal taxes?
If I file exempt on my taxes, can I still expect a tax return if I am working?
lien against income tax?
Help with an ISA savings? UK?
It's May 2nd and I did not receive my tax stimulus refund !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP?
who include children in tax return in case of joint custody?
What would the implications to company pension be, if transfering employeees from the UK to Ireland?
Tax Returns 10 points to best answer?
where to file my ta this year?
Does the IRS publish a list of delinquent tax payers?
when are they going to give out tax rebate checks?
How much tax would this be....?
how to sell a body organ in the uk to raise money?
tax service guidline policy letter?
I claimed to be independent on my taxes but my parents claimed me, what should I do?
Can you file exempt for state like u do for federal..if so can u tell me how?
If I stop showing up at Target, will they be allowed to hold my paycheck?
Whats the tax rate in minnesota?
I did not file my taxes last year?
My son was born Feb 6th of this year, am I able to claim him on my 2007 taxes?
Do i return my vehicle if i filed bankrupt?
Can I legally wait to the end of the year to decide wages?
Supervizer is wrong! WHAT TO DO? claim?
Name three possible simplifications in the Federal Tax System. Give the pros and cons of each simplification.?
How do I get a Wal-Mart W-2 online?
Never received 2008 Stimulus Check for amended return - any recourse?
acctg problem #3 HEEEEEEEEEEEELPPP?
Is Tax Deletion MTP (in closing statement) consider cost basis of a property?
10 months or longer does he have to pay taxes?
Time Sensitive Real Estate / Tax Question!?
I inherited 20% share of a cottage when mother died. I received a 1099. Where do I report it?
Australian ABN, please help?
Ar er earnings tax free?
duties and taxes?
should I file a seperate tax return?
How can I obtain a copy of my W2 for free if I lost the one I was issued by my job?
Im 20 years old with no work experience, and i dont know about taxes!?
somethings not right, should i have a professional do my taxes?
How long does it take to do a federal business tax addendum? What form is used? Thanks. JC?
Tax exemption question... s!!?
I am married and have 3 kids, what should I claim on my taxes?
What is a W-9 Form?
What percentage will I have to pay on a short term capital gain?
fbt on free lunch to emplee.?
What is Annuity? What's its role in tax calculations.?
How long does it take for a state to recieve uour personal check for taxes?
Taxes? H&R Block?
why are they taking money out of obama's tax return?
As manager explain the significance linkages between Business & Government?
Can you explain the 1099-Misc treatment of lawsuit proceeds and gross proceeds paid to an attorney?
My military retirement and social security is not an entitlement. it is earned.?
OK I heard IRS direct deposits only on fridays but the projected date is Jan 25(Wednesday)?
I get a 1099 form, do I have to prepay taxes ? How does this effect paying Soc.Security ?
on form VA-4 worksheet do i claim myself and daughter as dependant or just my daughter?
Can he claim me on his taxes?
Has anyone been able to access WRM lately?
Do I have to pay penalty on early withdrawal on 401k?
how is tax calculated? is it based on a percentage? if so what is it?
i owe the state like around 50 dollars since the beginning of the year and now im receiving certified mail?
I have back taxes for 3 years both state and federal. should i get a tax lawyer to handle this?
What kind of a tax system is most effective?
No IRS Direct Deposit Refund from SBBT/Metabank?
How do you deal with a fraudulant 199-misc?
Claiming a child as a dependent on taxes?
Should I do my taxes online or in person to get back more $$$?
what means the average income tax rate?
Must my income tax filing status be the same as my spouse if one of us is filing with "married filing jointly"?
how can we make enviornmental friendly packaging?what are the uses of it?howpeople come forward for it ngovrnm
If you owe the irs can you recieve a tax anticipation loan?
do you have to pay a fee to uk national lottery to recieve your winning?
If I use a program such as Turbo Tax to do my taxes, does it lessen the chance of me being audited?
how much can ur child work and u still claim them as a dependent on ur taxes?
How to bill services?
Do middle and low income Americans have a valid argument that we are being 'over taxed"?
Are "loan origination fees" tax deductible?
Vechicle Milage Cost Alowannce for Bus.or Medical Transportation?
Alimony question, is this illegal?
what day of the week do tax returns come?
Am i eligiable for 2009 new home tax credit?
why does tax leave one feeling makes me wanna climb in a taxi...?
TAXES...MEDICAL? need help...:)?
If I transfer money from my country to US is it taxable?
Is there a statute of limitations in Michigan on property improvement and taxable valuation?
stimulus check?
How much do you get taxed on taking out money from your IRA early?
What if you don't file your taxes?
i've done 2 full tax years and 6 months. Do i have to pay tax on my initial 6 months outside the uk?
Is there a differance between a 401k and an IRA?
i got audited, but unable to find records in question. What should I do? we account for fifo...plzzz help?
How does the IRS decide what you owe?
how do i check the status on my federal housing tax credit?
Do I have to pay taxes?
I am 22 years and married and in college can my mom still claim me on her tax return ?
What is HR Block liable for if they make a mistake?
Can you use turbo tax 2005 to file the 2006 tax returns?
I received my tax refunds for 05 but my 04 fed tax return was returned to me due to errors. what should I do?
my husband took a job in another state and now we have two residences?
FUTA & SUTA payroll question?
Should states require collection of all state, county, and city sales and use taxes at the time of sales?
Is it true Native Americans don't have to pay taxes?
will i be able to get earned income and child tax credit?
Was I tricked by the IRS and what can I do about?
if i have lost my forms for my taxes, can i go get the forms from my local irs office?
Tax dependant question?
How many exemptions should I have on my w4 form?
Question about tax return?
'a well-timed death is the acme of good tax planning, better than a well timed marriage'?
What Is This "Employee Advance" Deduction On My Pay Stub?!?
Tax calculation for a pensioner?
Do taxes get taken off a part time job that's $100 a week?
On a W-4, on allowances what do you claim for the least amount of taxes to come out of check?...single zero or
How will my 2009 tax return be effected if my parents claim me as a dependent?
I'm about to take over my Grandfather's estate, and I need a Tax ID. For what?
How can states (Maine) track Visa purchases made out of state by residents of Maine?
Is my employer committing Tax Fraud?
AOT Paycheck Deduction?
for small organization service tax is mandatory?
How would this be dealt with at tax time?
can my parents claim me on taxes?
I have been selected as PO in sbbj,allahahad bank,bank of india & uco bank...Which bank should I join?
I come from the UK I work in Asia. i plan to move to spain. what taxes will i have to pay.?
Can you be notified about a tax refund by email?
I have not filled out tax forms for awhile. Am I in BIG trouble?
Do U.S. citizens have to pay taxes on money earned outside of the United States?
What tax and non tax factor when investing in taxable or tax-exempt bonds?
tax extension help?
I f i own a house in one state & it is my primary residence, can i work in another state without xtra taxes?
Have my taxes gone up or down since Obama took office?
us exchange rates december 15 1995 for capital gains tax?
Can I claim a new car on my tax return?
Federal Tax percentage on W2?
I have not received my stimulus check,I filled in 01/08,chose direct deposit & last 2 digits are between 01-20
what are the taxes to be paid for a software development company operating in India which exports softwares?
Why i haven't received my federal income tax in its been 47 days now they saying i have to wait 30 more days ?
If I am receiving ss and am no longer working do I need to pay taxes?
What happens to an employer if they dont pay super? AUSTRALIA?
What can a police officer deduct?
Roth Ira or not?
What is a 953(d) election?
How long should you keep business tax returns?
How do I pay my taxes?
Would Jobseekers Allowance get stopped if they found out I was working?
I will be moving to Arizona and will be making 2167.00 a month. How much will my take home pay be ?
is it every to late to get your taxes done?
It is MAY 3RD been checking my account since april 28 nothing I file on turbo tax and dd and last ss is 10?
How do you figure it out a sale tax of 6% from my subtotal of $16?
How much should i get back on taxes?
How much sales tax do I pay in Florida?
Tax Help!!!!?
Before applying for SS, what is the best way to have taxes deducted from SS payments?
Why do so many tax places take out so much fees when you file your taxes?
how can i stop irs from offsetting my refund for child support my check is already being garnished?
why are n.c. taxes so high?
what percentage of refund you will get on 1098T...? is it only $1000.00 ?
Why am I taxed different on 1099-INT compared to 1009-DIV?
What does a H&R Block Receptionist do?
i owe 1000 dollars in my taxes. is their any way i don't have to pay that?
Can the IRS give you your tax forms for the current year? (2009)?
1099 tax question. Please help, thanks!?
Is a corporation number the same as a tax ID number?
How should I pay for exactly one litre of petrol if it is (say) 97.3p?
Here's the situation. Worked until July 14th earned about 18,000. Closed my retirement account got 13,000.?
i want information about the terms related with personal income tax and sales tax?
how can i find land listing in camden county georgia?
how much do calligraphers earn per year in the UK?
WHY THERE are multiple taxes on purchase of property while there is no control over scams.?
I have'nt file 2004 and 2005 taxes, how much does H R block charges?
Do I need a W-2 form to complete my taxes?
What policies allow so many people to avoid income tax?
I live with my boyfriend and our son we share all expenses what would be the best way to file our taxes?
how can i save money for tax time?
Legally speaking, Is it true?
Can someone help me with an accounting problem?
irs found mistake on return that H & R Block filed Does H & R Block refund the cost of doing the return?
How much national insurance contributions will I need to pay to fill a two year gap?
I just received my tax refund and it is much more than the amount on my return.?
is the german "dosenpfand" a good idea?
How do I claim interest from home equity line of credit in my federal income tax return?
what is Pat's gross income?
Can I claim my parent on the income tax? They live in Nicaragua and I send money often.?
In Vancouver, are there any payroll deductions other than federal and provincial income tax?
Why do I owe the IRS this year? This is the first time I had to pay the IRS money. I'm single. What gives.
how can a minor sell equity shares in India?
Income Taxes and medication: making claims?
Anyone else's TAX REBATE check late?
In a tax return. is it possible to claim an elderly sick person with no ssn?
can a roth ira be transfered to a 4 year cd with no penalties,or can you not even do this?
How much tax will i pay on £12900 back pay?
Deferred Taxes Accounting Question?
claiming zero exemptions through the year on taxes larger refund?
my bf got his tax return and cashed it at a check cashing place.?
a subcontractor won't pay me what he owes what do i do?
How will my annuity be taxed?
i bought stock and the company went bankrupt and i would like to add it to my 1040 what can i do?
I need a website that give real property info in PA?
i want to know about income tax rebate?
How much Would something that costs 9.49 cost with tax in new York state?
How do I reclaim my tax payment.?
Can i list a loan as paying tuition and fees even if my amt in Box 2 of my 1098T is less than the amt in Box 5?
I have just been signed off for 4weeks by my DR.?
Will I have to pay income tax?
Do I have to file taxe return if I made more than 5,000$ this year?
If You Were President: TAXES.?
need copies of 2005 taxes from on line at turbo tax?
If you have kids can you automatically file for federal income taxes ?
I'm winding up my business, can i keep the money left over?
What is Alternative Minimum TAX?
What is the US Federal Tax?
I would like tax advice, Do i a LAWYER?
Does anyone know how does canadian child tax benefit works? it is applied for every Canadian child?
Regarding collecting Social Security?
Is the annual return rate the total return rate if a question doesnt specify the period?
Should the government be blamed if business people cheat on their taxes?
why is sales tax $50 for something that costs $30?
can irs give tax info to uscis?
Does a dependent get more taken out of their paychecks than an independent?
We made $175,000 this year. Will we get any rebate at all?
Is Citizens Service Management A legitimate Company? Re: Government grants?
If I owe $1 on my taxes, is it possible that i could still get money back?
I own a business in Ohio that closed this year. What is the process to stop filing tax returns?
Is the info on your last check of the year accurate with whats on the w2?
Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax in California?
Will getting married the end of this year to someone that's been prison all year affect my tax refund?
what is a tax credit in a leasing property?
what is my tax return gonna be?
Ist true that big investors are paying low tax? how this works?
Sold some stuff from the attic on Ebay - how do I file this on my taxes?
Did the IRS change the direct deposit for tax returns from Friday to Wed?
Do I have to pay taxes on money that was wired to me internationally? I received $800,000 to start a business?
state employer state id number?
does anyone know the guidlines for filing taxes in ny state can't get a answer from their web page?
Can one deduct short term capital loss from short term capital gain in same F.Year - (BothL/G in securities)?
What are tax deductions?
do i qualify for the child credit if i have not worked this year? i have collected child support & food stamps?
Are you for or against GST on all online goods?
should I charge sales tax on my site?
No money involbed barter.?
How long do you have to keep paper records of your bills for tax purposes?
Is it true that you don't have to pay income taxes?
HELP! 2 years in a row my employer had my state tax return sent to them and kept it. Can they do this legally?
Whats the best city to live in the US for a middle class person?
Can I claim home improvement expenses with my taxes?
Any chance I can get a job app. that was advertised in Sunday paper through the mail? I was sick today.?
Does a 1031 exchange only apply to income properties?
Rental income expense or personal income deduction? Can I pick?
how can registration in govt.dept.for tender?
How much I will get back on my tax return per child?
Will refunds from the irs still be deposited this Friday even though the fed. gov. is closed?
SSI unit, if we register under central excise, can we claim cenvat on rebate by completing exports?
who can file head of household?
pl. tell ida increase in psu?
what exactly is the net pay in the total yearly tax?
Why are my payroll taxes so high for a single guy?
If i have approximately $350+ federal and $100+ state taken out for taxes every 2wks, and I claim 0..?
Penalties for amending my 1040 return with additional income?
How do I carry over a loss?
Will there be another tax rebate for 2008 filing year?
I efiled my taxes on January 31 ?
Can anyone get a U.S. federal tax extension, or do you need a really good reason?
Question about Tax Brackets for Federal Tax?
I am single living on my own with no children. Can I claim Head of Household?
Tax Return question??? Please help?
Can i file a 2009 w2 form with my 2010 taxes?
where do the "tax brakets" begin and end.?
I was stupid and now I have a tax filing problem.?
Unemployed and just received my prepaid debit card. I got money on it and what happens when i use up the card?
Is the high number of tax exempt, grant filing churches sucking the revenue from our communities?
When will I receive my refund from my amended return (12/08)?
how much would i get back on my taxes for my little daughter?
New Small Business?
I want to report some one to the IRS please help...?
Do you think the UK will join the Euro in the near future? If so Im deeply worried Poundstretcher might close.?
Income from Ebay taxable?
In New Jersey, is it legal to deduct a stop payment fee from an employee's paycheck?
who do you write regarding for answers to tax amnesty?
How much tax does the average american pay?
What is 'coherent' mean in 'coherent principles based approach' to drafting tax laws?
What effect does a tax cut has on the economy of a country?
Does anyone know when the IRS will post the new 5405 form for the new $8,000 refundable home buyer tax credit?
Is there actually a law saying you have to pay federal taxes?
What impact does govermental issues have on imported goods?
Iphone 4 Total price (with tax) in Canada?
When will I be able to apply for my tax returns of 2007?
where can I find a list of school district codes for my state taxes?
What is the income tax for a company that provides a service?
if I dont like the results when I do my own taxes, is it worth it to pay a professional to do them ?
Can you put "drug dealer" on your income tax form and still pay taxes without any consequences?
When limited partners and general partners in LP paying taxes - quarterly or on the end of the year?
Taxes- can you deduct your rent?
When do you usually do your taxes?
Has anyone scheduled to receive their tax refund today gotten it? ?
Job search tax deductions?
I havent received my 2011 tax retun from the state .what should I do ?
I'm new in UK so need Tax information for new limited company that I have started?
How do foreign tax work for americans?
Forgot to put 1099 income on unemployment claim ?
where can I get tax form 990?
List of items that are taxable in India?
has anyone else been emailed that they won money from a bill gate lottery?
My husband and I filed joint married and have 2 dependent children and only got $900, I don't know why?
whats the number to call the irs and speak to a live person?
can i gift profits from an invest property to avoid income tax on that profit?
Are indirect business taxes the same as Corporate income taxes?
I won a contest including a trip and prize money I am under 18 with no income- will I have to pay tax on it?
What medical expenses can I claim on my 2009-10 tax returns?
Will the IRS REMOVE my tax lien ?
Sole Proprietor Tax Questions?
Where do I find my taxable percentage rate?
1120S tax form--Sch M-2?
Do tax credits exist for hybrid vehicles this coming tax season?
Has anyone filed offer and compromise for back taxes and gotten it?
can i gett edd(unemployment)?
Income and taxation?
Taxes sent long time ago. Forgot W7 form. Can I simply complete the form now and send it by itself?
IVA impresa che acquista materiali?
How long will it take to get My FEDERAL REFUND?
Are U.S. Railroad Retirement Board Sickness Benefits recieved for an on-the-job injury taxable?
Should i file my taxes as married?
Can I claim lost wages as a deduction?
My wife will goto college in Jan 2008.I paid her tution in Dec 07. Should I claim tax credit in 2007 or 2008?
how much are taxes in canada?
what is the irs form 941 and what is it used for?
Does paying for my wife's over payment SSI(social security income) have any tax issues? Good or bad.?
Do I have to pay taxes on child incentive money I receive?
What are the tax issues that would be associated with a benefit to help a family in need?
I used to live and work in the UK. At the moment I am residing in Italy. Can I claim my tax and how?
How do I stop taxes from being automatically withdrawn from my paycheck?
How mich will it cost?
Why do poor people get free healthcare? I work my a** off and pay a ton of taxes and have none.?
Should I file taxes early, this January 2012?
I only got $58.60 when my hours equalled $140.80?
I did not file my taxes for the past two years, how should I correct that ?
Legally, Do employers have to send out W-2s and 1099s by a certain date? Where do I find this "law"?
I was wondering if its fair my roommate is making me pay half of the property taxes?
The IRS deposited my tax refund and when i tried to login to santa barbara website to access my account, this?
:D What is your viewpoint: is taxation immoral?
my employer is forcing me to 1099?
how can i release my pension?
Why do the UK emergency services have to pay tax on fuel?
what does the irs do when i take 10,000 dollars from my bank accou nt?
if your baby passed away at birth can you still claim her as a dependent on your taxs?
What's the name of the book use to calculate EI, QPIP Fed & prov Taxes???
Home Florida Taxes?
How much would this cost + TAX (CANADA)?
What is the Accounting code of basic custom duty? pls help its urgent?
Is turbo tax software reliable?
Deductions on company vehicle I pay for?
can you efile your taxes after 4-17-06 ?
Does an out of state business need a calif resale liscence to buy in calif?
calculator to help work out how your tax is worked out?
can i claim married couples tax allowance?
Is this a Realized loss or gain? What is the buyers adjusted basis?
True or False, once im 18 my parents wont be able to claim me on my taxes anymore?
Paying back taxes a couple years later?
OIC Offer in Compromise~question on form 433a.?
If you live in Australia, but earn money from an overseas source, who does the tax go to?
Mr. Desai has decided to deposit Rs. 200,000 in the bank annually.?
Can stock commisions be deducted?
apromissory note of rs.200000 caries simple interest of 8%per annum. the note is payable at the end of 2 years?
Tax Filing EMERGENCY!!!?
If I marry my partner will he have to pay tax because of my residential status even though he is not British?
Tax return isnt here yet?
My SS# last two digits are 08 and I havent got my stimulus rebate yet ?
Help regarding taxation on digital goods in India?
Can someone give me 14% of 18,594 please? Thanks.?
What if you only had losses and earned no winnings gambling, and you were able to itemize, could you still ?
Will I be taxed if i have two jobs?
When i started my new job in august 2005 on monthly pay...?
How do you file your taxes if you collected unemployment for a couple months?
whats some list of taxes that we pay now?
Does a person who has $6,000 or less in income after legal deductions,have to file income tax.?
can i get a car tax refund at a local office?
How can I pay federal taxes now?
I don't owe the IRS! They made a mistake. What can I do?
If you have to pay some one to take you to work can that be classified as tax deductible?
I owe the IRS money because i made too money but i don't know where to mail it to... Can you help me?
Do i have to pay taxes if iam organising a very profitable event in school where all the money is paid in cash?
I have lost my p45 and paying so much tax now, whom can i speak to get this sorted out?
are you able to write off your cell phone bill on your taxes if you use it 95% of the time for business?
Update!!! Did any 2/7 wmr update tonight?
Just bought a house, can I get the home buyers tax credit this year?
how much should i be paid?
If I received a stimulus check last year for $300, will I receive one this year?
Do I pay back unemployment?
my child is 7months and i wroked all year. My girlfriend worked 2months. who should claim him?
My employer provides basic medical coverage but the invoice is mailed directly to my house, in my name.?
Do I still have to any tax? s for best answer!!!?
How can i talk to someone at the irs online? or at least find the information i am looking for.?
DO you know of a website that has free forms that show what you can itemize based on different occupations?
what is the sales tax in saratoga, NY?
Question about my amended return?
how to get rid of duplicate taxpayer identifcation number?
Selling expensive gifts I have received. Do I need to pay taxes?
I dont understanad 18 i live on my own i have a job but they dont take out taxes who do i pay?
Would exemption reduce my income for federal income tax purposes?
What is the equivalent of Employer ID Numvber -EIN or Tax ID Number in Canada?
Is it legal to raffle a car in the state of New Jersey?
How do I fined out tax returns have been sent?
capatial gains tax. owned a house for 6 mo.payed150.000 sold it for 185,000 is there a tax on the 35,ooo?
How much tax should I set a side at the end of the year?
how much would the government take for taxes out of 6,000,000.00?
how can i find out when im gonna recieve the back child support from his taxes?
If I am filing a 1040EZ for a former tax year, do I put my address from that year or my current address?
How do rich people pay less tax?
wmr has finally updated for me overnight!!!!!!!!!!! e-filed 1/15 accepted 1/17 had no status until this mornin?
To file alone or as a dependent of my mother for this year?
holiday bonus a tax deduction for the employer?
Turbo TAX Question???????????????????
Will I be charged duty tax when buying a CPU from US (Amazon)?
How do I get another copy of my 2011 w2?
Does anyone know when we may receive this tax rebate Bush is speaking about?
The fact that the IRS taxes the income from my labor is illegal and Unconstitutional?
would you get more on you paycheck if you are single cliam zero?
I just recevied a 1099 from CT, i lived and worked in NYS, never lived in CT but traveled there to work?
Spreading Charitable Contributions Over Years?
I just filed taxes for the last five years. will i still get a rufund? or is it to late?
I am an Australian Citizen completing my UK tax return from 2007. Will I be fined for a late submission?
So, Steve, you think that Roth accounts would be subject to 18% Federal tax under 999? Bad answer!!?
Tax Stimulus check only $600 for married joint return? Mad as hell?
what is ee occupation tax?
whats your weapon of choice?
When we salary structure of most the IT companies it shows Special Allowance1& Special Allowance2?
where does money earned in transit go?
What time of day does the IRS make direct deposits?
Minimum wage after taxes california?
UK Import tax hong kong?
whats the sales tax rate in Massachusetts, USA.?
how many allowances should i claim on W4?
In 2008, I had a loss of $24,000 from buying a pool account from KITCO (same thing as securities I think)?
Should I change my W4 from M to S or wait until next year?
Can Council Tax take money from wages without permission?
If i have a child that i have half custody over would i be able to claim him on taxes?
what about the law suits againts hrblock?
Wage garnishment questions in Indiana?
Can I claim my girlfriend on my taxes, we have a child together and she's lived with me for the past 3 years.?
Tax Refund Garnishment - Car debt?
What happens if I claimed more income than what my employer says?
Inherited land from my grandfather, but he owed the IRS. Do I have to pay them?
What do I do if I claimed the wrong number of personal allowances on my Form W-4?
Is loan interest deductible on an investment property?
Import Export Code (IEC) and benefits of having it?
do you have to file all w-2's at the same time?
I pay child support for my daughter, can I claim her on my imcome-taxes?
How much can I withdraw in a day from my H and R block emerald card?
how to set up an individual as a 1099 vendor in quickbooks ?
can i claim my girlfriend that i take care of even though she owes back taxes?
i have already filled my taxes and got return. i got a 1098 form after words for the house i bought this year?
how much will my tax refund be this year?
Have'nt filed taxes in three years.What do I do?
projected tax returns?
Should I submit W-2 form and pay Income Tax in US?
Did anyone who didn't get their rebate check yesterday, get it today?
California car sales tax?
I worked as a contractor in 2005 and they issued me a 1099. Where do I claim this income on my fed 1040?
should a visitor to this country be allowed to play lotto and what if they win?
My husband claimed 1 exemption in 2008 and I claimed 0 is it possible to owe Federal taxes?
I am getting audited from the IRS because of the EIC, I cannot provide the proof they need, what now?
Do you think low-income earners are "free-loaders"?
Do people who own businesses of their own pay taxes on their taxes?
Has anyone ever used Helix Contractor to process their payments as a contractor?
Self employed tax question?
Tax write off for daily meals for a mangement contractor and real estate broker?
Really need some advice on Capital Gains Tax on the sale of a second property, can you help??
Do you use a blue pen or a black pen when filling out an official form?
Both state and federal jurisdiction?
Question for "TEAS" If Americans are taxed enough already.Where would you like Federal spending to be cut?
jackson hewitt has my tax refund.?
give me some company law of India related websites?
Stimulus check?????
My husband I got married aug 28th, both withhold as single 0, will we get a tax refund?
What to do for taxes and babysitters?
wat can i do to get the most out of my taxes when i go do them?
what does taxes withheld on earnings include?
I e-filed my federal tax return on Feb. 4th - it was accepted by the IRS. When will I get my refund?
I am just about to enter the job world. If I am supposed to make $40,000 how much will I have after taxes?
i won money playing poker online, taxes and how best to get it into bank account without incurring taxes?
On what days are IRS refund checks mailed?
Did anyone not receive their tax refund today 2/1/2011?
no tax refund. I owe money. Why?
2 Tax ?'s: I live in Okc, Ok and move to Chicago, IL...will I still be able to file and receive my tax refund?
US Tax advice for foreign friend?
what is wrong in showing a boy that you are jelouse?
Is health insurance deductible(not premium) tax free in USA?
I work for a empoyer full time and on emergny tax code and hm tax calculator sed that I'm owed what do I do?
What is income tax? Where is it on my 1040 transcript?
tax question...again please help?
I haven't gotten an economic stimulus payment- last digits of SS# is 08- what's wrong??
how old can a child be befor you can file them on your taxes because he was just born in august of this year ?
how to calculate the holding period of property in this case (.s.)?
can child support take you fed. tax return if you owe back support without telling you first?
How do I get a tax exempt number for the state of alabama?
Ebay Canada Shipping?
Fileing a late gst/hst tax refund in Canada, B.C?
If parents file me as dependent and I claim to not be a dependent of anyone, will I be audited?
I have already filed my taxes & received my check, what should I do now that the stimulus package has passed?
About to receive bonus but don't want taxes to eat it up, but I don't want it locked in for years either.?
what is the web site where i find out if my tax return is in the mail?
If you worked at RSPB how much would you get 1 year?
tax on the vacation home school district?
doubt regarding mortgage ?
Do I have the option to claim 1 or 2 allowances on my w4?
if i make 1280 a month before taxes how much will i be making after taxes?
I Received tax code 1301 1121 & 1221?
As a Canadian, if I buy an Italian handbag online, do I pay duty/tax on the retail price or the purchase price?
what is an intent to foreclose lien?
How do I report illegal work (under the table payment) to the IRS?
AR-11 form filing question?
For the IRS Tax test, if I am only going to be doing personal taxes, which test do I take?
2007 tax filing status?
Do I need a Tax ID if selling collectibles?
I won $5000.00 in 2006 at a casino do I have to claim it on 2006 taxes or can I wait and claim it on 2007's?
Do I need to file sales tax when I sale on I'm in California.?
Trying to figure out my paycheck?
Does anyone know if the delay in the repayment of the Home Buyers Tax Credit is taken care of?
Where can I find information on a decessed relatives taxes?
Can she claim ?????.....?
What do you think about the proposed tax rebate?
Rebate check....?
if my spouse owe's back child support and we file our taxes together do i still get me share?
Centrelink University Attempts?
Import tax / Vat ? For importing from the usa?
Can I get my refund in a credit/debit card?
Were can i get tax return copies?
Would this be taxable?
Do I have to do anything with irs form 3179?
About how much does an accountant bring home every year in the state of arkansas?
My deposit,date is 1/27/2012 will my tax refund post by then?
If you get a 2nd job in Australia, what is the tax %?
how do tax credits work?
What are valid reasons to be exempt from self-employment tax?
Ok, i gotta a question! Yes, its rebate related, but i think it a new one!?
tax write off questions?
Being taxed too much? Help?
Claiming nanny on taxes?
how do i find out if i have an inheritance that i don`t know about?
Income Tax Question for 20 year old single male in NY?
Need help understanding taxes???
Can company pay for employees' spouse funeral without making it taxable to employee?
if i was disollowed child tax credit can i claim the credit this year?
amount revenue for july?
When will my partner get his Tax back?
Why don't we replace VAT with an energy tax?
Royal Mail delivery time? UK?
Schedule D: how to fill up the form when you have a lot of trades?
What are the sales tax rules on software sales?
I make $350 per week as a nanny. how much would the IRS take out of my pay?
I need a list of tax write offs?
do you have opinions or experience with firms who will protest home appraisals in return for 50% of tax saving
what day of the week do tax returns come?
How much do I earn a week before I get taxed?
when will amc put the w2 forms on their workbrain website for their employees to retrieve?
Can I claim my child if my ex wife doesn't file taxes?
online registration for Service tax?
I live in Massachusetts . I’m on unemployment I get $277.00?
What is CTC in Salary?
where do i file my taxes?
If your salary is 36,000 yearly how much is that per week?
how to reduce tax in vancouver, bc?
Can I claim all my Tax Back from Irish Revenue ?South African returning back to his country.?
Small business and annual taxes question, please help ?
If i make 8.95 a hour and work 35 hours a week what is my gross annual income?
Is there any other withholding other than 25% federal tax on severance pay, how can I retain the most $?
Self employment in New York question?
How many alient live our planet?Whare they come from? What is there language? Why do they come to our planate?
When do you include option contract cost basis in tax return?
How do I file taxes if I start work 4 months left of the year and my wife and my 2 children are non-resident?
If I'm due a refund, do I still need to file a tax return by oct 15?
Can you file a tax return if you didn't have taxes taken out of your pay(like for child care)?
I care for a child in my home... do I have to claim it on my tax return next year?
What tax would I have to pay for something coming from China to the UK?
what is meant by fringe benefit tax? explain me?
how would you make including taxes?
The goverment takes taxes out of your vacation pay, fair?
What does sole use mean?
i am working a husquvarna and my first paycheck is going to be 200 how much tax is deducted from my check?
I'm filling form 3903 moving expenses. Should I send a copy of my plane tickets together or is it necessary?
My mother in WI has been on SSI for many years & has not filed any tax returns. How many years can file for?
anyone get thier return back from taxcut efile yet?
Do I have to file state taxes for freelance business (sole proprietor)?
Has anyone recieved new info on the taxbrain screw up?
are too many people claiming too many benefits these days?
what is the best way to draw down from a ira, a monthly amount or recieve quarterly dividends?
Can I use my textbooks that I use for college as a tax write off?
Is the IRS Direct Deposit reliable and on time at this moment?
If a 14 year old has a summer job, do they have to file their income tax?
do i pay council tax when claiming jobseekers allowance?
Have you done your taxes yet and if so did you HR block's software?
What does PASDI mean on a W-2 form from Pennsylvania?
Need a loan but the bank has told me i need the p60 from the inland revenue and not my employer. ?
is there a website that will tell you other peoples income with the right info.?
How has the United States federal taxes changed over time?
can my boyfriend claim me on his taxes for 09?
what do i have to do to collect my own social security befits?
What is the pre - tax adjustment? What is the difference b/w pre tax and pre tax adjustment?
Does anyone know when they are going to mail out the rebate checks from the stimulus plan?
What federal form would I use to request an abatement for income tax penalties or interest due?
Which tax preparation place is better and and why Jackson Hewitt or H&R block?
What exactly is the money we get back after we file taxes?
What's tax return?
Do companies get a tax break, or extra funding, upon hiring ethnic minorities in Canada?
why does it still say jan 31st dd?
What is the The Taxation Laws Amendment (2006 Measure No. 1) Bill 2006 all about?
Contractor not paid, what action can be taken?
Can somone explain to me how a tax rebate is supposed to boost the US economy ?
Dependant vs EIC claim only?
he net income reported on the income statement for the current year was $720,000. Depreciation recorded on sto?
where is the nearest hewlett jackson tax consultant in cobb county?
Help with taxes!!!!?
Accounting Degree and going for CPA?
VAT refunds for visitors to the UK? How to Calculate, What Percentage?
what's 'taxable pay t/d' on my payslip?
If my mom claimed me as a dependant, can I file a tax return?
the commerce compromise established that congress can only tax...?
when settling a car insurace claim, do you get lost wages in before tax amount or after?
Do I have to pay Taxes?
is it tax fraud, if your married but filed singel because all of your information is still in your maiden name
Limit on receiving foreign convertible money in india?
What is the most tax efficient way to transfer real estate?
Can I claim my medical deductibles as a itemized deduction on my tax return?
What are the rules for taxes when selling items on Ebay? Are the rules different for used items versus new?
Tax refund question - If I only get about $103 every week in my paycheck, how much will my tax refund be?
Did Arvin Meritor (ARM) pay dividends in 2009? How about Allied Capital (ALD)?
Obama stimulus check?
Should I file IT returns in the below mentioned case?
Please help me with my taxes I am very confused? Lifetime learning credit?
Am I head of household for tax form?
what is basic exemption limit of service tax for first year ?
Is it mandatory to pay interest on debenture on half yearly basis?
when will i get my economic stimulus check?
is gold a good investment?hat are the risksks?where is the best place to buy/sell?
When are my taxes due?
working tax credits how much?
Where's My Refund has no information for me? I filed 1/31/12?
With the newest lass, can I claim my fiancé’s daughter (as well as my disabled sister) on my taxes?
when do the 2011 canadian coins get released?
I'm Separated/He owes me Child Support/ should I file jointly or separately?
Did 2009 taxes online (Turbo Tax) but forgot to mail in a copy of it and the W2s.?
i sold my propety within 36 months and have to pay short term capital gain tax how do we save tax in this situ
As a visitor to the US, can I claim taxes back?
If I have an investment account with my mom (joint tenants) how do we pay taxes on interest & dividents?
are employer owned vacation club points taxable to employees when gifted to employees?
what kind of deductions are you entitled to if your married?
Can an LLC company be part of an S-corp?
Last year i did not pay my taxes and i was supoused to pay like a 180dls what do i do???
The Lowest rung of the Aristocracy in 1300 AD.?
Can I send in two separate Federal Tax Returns?
How much will I get taxed by the IRS part 2?
WMR is back up and running, anyone been updated?
What is a pay stub and is it necessary to pick them up?
Where can My Friend obtain a NEW copy (nothin' dorty goin on here) of 2004 TurboTax to do old taxes?
VAT questions?
What do you know, if any about income which is classified as carried interest?
Can someone please help me with form 1040X to claim the education tax credit?
Can I deduct moving expenses if I relocated across the country to attend graduate school?
taxes for 2011/2010 can i be claimed?
which ITR form i should be file?
Determining residency for tax purposes?
when will i receive the refund due me?
If I had a part time job in last summer, do I still have my employer filling a W2 form for me?
Is there a section on turbo tax to claim for tuition & books?
min. amount of taxable income for a full refund of fed. taxes, single?
How does E-Tax work with 2 Jobs?
income tax audits?
Does anyone know if you do not have to pay tax when working as a lecteur (teaching assitant) in France?
Can these be claimed on our taxes?
Is there a way to track your refund without entering the refund amount?
what are tax saving scheme?
My disability insurance is making my mortgage payment. I paid for ins. Can I claim the interst or is it income
When I turn 72 & 1/2 my Husband will be 90 and we have to take out our 403b and IRA , what are the number of?
I actually got my rebate check deposited today. Anyone else?
What % does the IRS charge when you are doing a payment plan?
Can I claim my grandchildren on my tax return if they receive food stamps and i dont?
I don't understand how the W-4 works and what it means to have tax liability...?
Does the beneficiary of a mutual fund add the amount to his gross income after the investor dies?
Handling a rejected tax return?
Do other people need your SS# when filling out their benefits?
Exceeding the low-income tax bracket (BC, Canada)?
Where is a good place to do my taxes for free?
Does my 5 year old daughter have to pay taxes on income earned modelling?
how can i file tax without ssn number and itin number?
Is there such a thing as "Los Angles city payroll tax"?
What does 1099MISC mean for recipient?
Would I get income tax if?
Tax term question need help please?
Can I deduct the mortgage, maintenance etc. on a rental?
Mobile ph upto rs.2000?
Do i need to pay tax if i am selling used items on eBay?
Wedding gift from employer taxed?
How much taxes does McDonalds take out for minors?
Will i get audited for doing this?
Can my wife claim Working Tax Credit?
Married filing jointly. But not married?
can my boss file for my work compenstion claim?
How much notice do I need to give? (UK)?
How to avoid taxes on social security?
shall i have to pay capital gains tax?
Filed on Feb 2 2012, got a dd of march 6 now it says no info . Why?
Federal Income Tax withheld from my paychecks?
What is the procedure to file tax as a 1099 contractor?
How much will I make after taxes (New York State)?
How to get my old w-4?
Can inheritance money put me in a higher tax bracket?
I forgot to claim capital loss in 2009?
Reporting Bank of America Lawsuit Settlement payment.?
Can I claim my 25 yr. old son on my tax return?What would I be entitled to?
What is inflation? How it affects indian economy? on what basis inflation is calculated?
Does anybody who the IRS said they would recieve their refund by feb7 have a direct deposit date yet?
How can you hide money from federal taxes?
i need to know if these numbers are valid in uk +447873860060?
can i claim my fiance and her 14 year old kid as dependents on my taxes if we are not yet married?
What is the difference between PAN card & NRI PAN card. Is both are same card or different one.?
what the most thing importing in your life?
How much tax do you take out of my payroll for Fica and state?
when do the W2 forms come out for taxes?
Is it illegal to enter a spouses pin to e-file a joint return if you have consent and approval?
Can StampDuty Registration charges made on FY 2005-06 be claimed in current FY?
how do i write off my car for tax purposes?
Can you deduct the real estate property taxes on your second home on Wisconsin taxes?
What does the government or the state do about ppl who do not file their taxes? Do they track them down?
If I live in a state that has no income tax, but work in a bordering state that has income tax...?
How would I go about claiming this on my taxes?
how do i tell irs im no longer president of s corp?
can i claim my mom as a dependent?
do you have to report stock losses to the IRS?
do i have to file federal taxes in order to file my CA state taxes?
i need to get my Pa sale tax number that i lost, i forgot the id and password to login to the Pa revenue web?
Who who pay Your baby momma bills, if Romney did not pay for it with his taxes?
If I do not have a turnover yet and do not want to register for vat can I still import from china for resale.?
Am I getting my tax refund this Friday (Jan 29th)?
I have I.Tax PAN. I left India & employed in Abu Dhabi since last 3 months. Should I file IT return.?
where can I do my own taxes ? (standard form)?
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