We file jointly, can we both have IRA.s allowing us to deduct $16,500 each ?
When were Roth IRAs first introduced?
what is the tax rate for withdrawals from IRA at age 65 or older?
I am on unemployment and I read where you can file a second extention after your first one. I read that you?
How much will to London Olympics 2012 cost each UK tax payer?
newborn child 2008,can I claim her?
Should I get a W-2 or 1099?
Can you collect unemployment also receive social security benefits?
If I make $214.00 bi-weekly how much tax would be taken out?
Is it necessary to get new tax software every year?
If you work around 6 or 7 hours 2 or 3 days a week and you get payed every two weeks how much would you get?
Can my fiance claim my child on his tax return?
Do I need to file my taxes....?
after you sell a stock, how do you pay your capital gains tax? what forms ? how soon do you have to do it?
Another question about babysitting/taxes?
I had a baby this year...not married?
details to be filled in the new saral form 2F pertaining to each heads?
If I receive a large sum of money in a year and claim it on my taxes,how much would I owe IRS?
My ex is terminally ill, am I liable to pay his tax arrears when he dies?
did anybody status on Wheres my refund update from the 8th yet?
how tocalculate self employment taxes?
Can your standard or itimize deduction, or exemptions become refundable in the income tax? which credits are?
after filing for unemployment pay?
Shouldn't H&R block now if you owe back taxes when you file your income taxes?
tax heip our world today?
Is there tax on purchases from Armani Extange's Online Store?
would i pay tax ........................................…
My husband I got married aug 28th, both withhold as single 0, will we get a tax refund?
Do you think rich pay should pay more tax?
Are non for profit organizations exempt from filling out w-9 forms?
Is there supposed to be a Tornado in Hardin County KY?
I am independent contractor who is making approximately 19k / year. Will i be taxed more than 18%?
Do you know an account similar to PayPal that doesn't impose tax?
Are state tax withholdings based on where you live or work?
has anyone received their IRS rebate check?
IRS help!!... They say I owe $8500!!?
Can my wife's boyfriend claim her and my 4 children on his return?
About how much will a married E-3 in the ARMY bring home for their tax return?
Does paying for my wife's over payment SSI(social security income) have any tax issues? Good or bad.?
Setting up as a Sole Trader as a second job in New Zealand?
My ex currently wants me to sign over tax exemption on our child as part of a custody settlement. Good idea?
so, it's may 2nd, and i still haven't received my stimulus rebate check. and my SSN 2 ending # is 12.?
Filing IT Return Online - Excel Utility - Questions?
Can i get my details by Giving the PAN number?
Salary Limit in Bonus Amendment Act?
Taxes for non resident alien?
What is P.A.Y.E......................?
When will the new state sales tax and new DMV fees take effect in California?
Would it be too late to file for last years taxes?
what is $99.00 plus tax in california?
Whats the deal with taxes?
Is it possible to file taxes with no job?
Tax question please help!!!?
I'm looking for USCPA to report tax return?
How soon after moving into a rented house do I pay council tax?
How do i report stock options on my taxes?
Important Tax Return Question?
How do I obtain an Indiana tax re-sale number to open an antique booth?
Do Wisconsin residents have to file city tax returns?
Income tax deductions for 24 year old.?
Stimulus checks?
Is this a scam?
Why have I been taxked over £4k for company car last year?
When purchasing on eBay, is your residency based on Paypal or eBay address?
the stimulus checks we got in june,,are we supposed to pay it back this tax season?
Social Security tax ceiling of 97,500. Is this per person or per filing?
why dont the lottery people just you won 200 instead of saying you won 1000 then only give you 200 after tax?
Do IRS employees pay income tax?
how much is the basic salary of 9.61?
which collect more tax in all over the world?
Anyone know about taxes?
How do I figure out the tax penalty for California?
Claiming work related travel expenses?
Gift tax. My uncle is giving me a car worth 20,000. Is he tax on it.?
If my father adds my name to the deed of his house, is that considered a gift and subject to taxation?
TAX QUESTION: when do you have to file quartely vs at end of year?
Where should a unemployed 17 year old be looking for full time work?
Pipe tobacco custom duty into spain from the uk?
what are some reason why your income tax refund would be kept by the irs?
If you don't work all year but have 2 dependents?
can i legally 1099 my employees?
private party sales tax in ariona?
In a roth 401k, the deduction is based on after tax dollars, is that also after 401k and other pre tax ded...
I grossed a little over $40,000 for 2008 how much will I get for claiming my 2 kids. I am single.?
Should I file joinly on my taxes even though my wife hasn't worked all year?
will i get my 2012 tax refund tonight?
Do you get taxed more for working 2 part time jobs than 1 full time job in the 2012-2013 tax year?
Who is responsible regarding income tax mistakes?
Am I exempt from federal income taxes?
Question about not paying california property taxes?
Is there any way to avoid paying inheritance tax?
should an s-corp. file 1099?
Can my friend go to jail for not filing personal tax returns for the last 4 years? He has had $ withheld.?
What kind of TAX to include, when writing an invoice for another country?
Would you advise paying an entire years rent with tax refund money?
Can you get unemployment in anther state?
Can you deduct gas and mileage?
How do I file my taxes if i get paid cash and no money gets deducted ?
I am 80 year old. How much can I earn from pensions and savings before I pay tax ?
A tax return and under the table job scenario?
What taxes do I have to pay on a prize I've won?
Calculating adjusted cost basis for mutual funds for reporting taxes?
How much roughly will i get taxed?
what's the diff btw gross income and turnover?
I have a chance of a good job but worried what the csa will take off me?
Tax return help needed?
(UK) Why is there an inheritance tax ( aside from the greedy government)?
does apple bee's charge tax?
Would I get taxed in two states from my new job?
There is any TAX immplication?
malden property tax?
Do Canadians who have businesses in the US but still keep their Canadian citizenship what taxes do they pay.?
How come I am getting my Canadian tax refund for 2011 by instalments?
Can you pretty please help me w. tax?
Tax- how much am I taxed?
How much will tax take out of my paycheck?
If a US citizen makes a donation to a Canadian non-profit org, can the donation be deducted for tax purposes?
Where can I get free tax preparation done? I am a single mother with not a lot of income. I am in Chicago.?
we are providing pest control services to clients. whether work contract tax is applicable on such contract?
I need a solution for eczema?
how to work out the percentage of 0.2431?
What if I didn't recieve a 1040 or 1040EZ form?
Can I claim my apartment monthly rent as expenses of my Home-based LLC company while filing Taxes Quarterly?
before selling a stock for large profit, can I move from Calif. to another state with no state tax and avoid..
How many states don't have sales taxes?
Does tax deductions occur after the 9% Super is taken? or before?
If I get audited, but still don't owe anything, what can happen?
how can i find my w2 forms?
Should I be getting taxed?
Did anyone get their refund DD lastnight or this morning?
how much CSA will i have to pay?
If irs dd tonight at 12 will the wmr site change then to deposited?
If I am making $50K per year, how much will I take home every week after taxes, roughly?
Finally got my rebate yesterday!?
I work in IA, my employer deducts state tax for MN?
how do i find out if child suport took my tax refund?
Did anyone receive direct deposit from IRS if they had a feb 1 date?
Update on Where's My Refund! Read This!?
do i have to charge sales tax to my customers?
if my relative from US gifts me an iphone 5, do i still have to pay import duty, excise etc?
Plz answer: What deduction would my sister receive for claiming me?
Is Obama using tax payer money to pay for vacations?
I have a time share / vacation club with annual maintenance fees/dues. Are those fees tax deductable?
If you earn your income from a foreign country do you have to pay U.S. income tax?
If I live in California, when should I expect my State Refund?
What amount on car lease is taxable under income tax acts india for 2006-2007?
How come if your on a low income you get given loads extra???
Is "where's my refund" not working?
I don't understand why I owe $1250 in federal taxes...HELP?
How can I have someone's money in my bank account and prove incase of a tax audit that it's not my money?
Does rental income affect my tax-free studentship?
Do I have to register shares I issued to myself from my s-corp?
What taxes and excise charges are there on goods coming from China to Ireland?
When you Efile taxes with IRS what day and time they send electronic payment?
I need to print 1099 M forms. Does anyone know of a free downloadable template?
whats up with the "wheres my refund" thing on the irs website?
How much do I need as a salary?
1. After a protracted legal case, Joe won a settlement that will pay him $11,000 each year at the end of?
Can I deduct my charitable donations, even if they weren't all that much?
How can I calculate my fed and NY state withholding taxes on 1099 income while I also receive a taxed salary?
Filling out w4 properly married filing joint with 2 children?
If my daughters dad goes on social security disability, will I still recieve child support?
How to claim tax back on more than one job?
How much is the percent of taxes do they take out of your pay check?
how do i find out when my income tax check is on its way?
will the IRS take my taxes after a bankruptcy?
what if my sons father claims him on his taxes?
do welfare payments have to be listed on 1040?
If the IRS owed you $2500.00 from ten years ago but by error you never got it...?
how do i find out when i will get my homestead tax refund?
Do I have to pay UK tax???
How can I calculate line 16 in Form 6251 (AMT)?
does my husband have a right to the child tax credit money i get?
where can i find my tax reference number?
can i get tax credit with rent to own?
Does a college student doing work study in PA, but a NJ resident file taxes to PA or NJ?
What was the GDP Figures UK?
My wife is a part-time veterinarian hired as an independent contractor. How much must she pay for taxes?
New Homebuyer tax credit and Conventional Loan?
What do i do about my tax disc?
I just realized that my employer has had my address wrong the whole time, how does this affect my taxes?
alabama tax amendment?
AOT Paycheck Deduction?
do i have to claim jobseekers to claim child tax credits?
Can I claim my granddaughter as a dependant on my federal taxes?
How to handle bank account levy?
tax question about claiming a child for EIC?
I am in full time education (last year of Sixth form) should I pay UK Tax?
declining balance depreciation?
"Finder's Fee" and Income Taxes?
IRS audit....has anyone ever been audited because someone else claimed your kids?
how long can my emplyer hold my finel paycheck?
)- How with the tax payments be made for his employment income.?
How much is this with tax?
What if I didn't recieve a 1040 or 1040EZ form?
Why do people hate taxes and avoid them?
If I don't file taxes on my 1099 will the IRS know?
If I sent in my taxes by mail on march 2, what is my estimated date that I would get it back?
Which option will give me more refund from IRS? Filling jointly or separately ?
Help understanding income tax?
Self assessment in UK?
should my 17 year old file his own taxes or be filed on ours?
Duty taxes for international shipment?
Unemployment say's I owe them $3,000 dollars back? I wonder if this is correct?
Need advice from a lawyer or someone with IRS?
With the new HST in Ontario, what would the total price of these tickets be?
how do i ensure that i do not pay any other taxes at the end of the year?
What is calculation of dearness allowance for central government employees of indian govt.?
Has Anyone Called the IRS And asked About The ~wheres my refund~ Date Changing From Feb 2nd. to Feb 9th.??
Was $208 too much to pay our tax preparer today?
I want to file my taxes online . I have a 7month old son but I don't have any exemptions listed on my w2 form?
What's the law say about declaring panhandling income?
Are you going to spend your $300 - $1200 tax rebate?
Do I get a tax return if my mother claims me on her taxes?
Taxes: I am getting married on Saturday, my wife has a son, w-4?
if you had sufficient funds, would you still work?
If a UK company sells books on the net to the USA, does it have to collect US Sales Tax from the customer?
Business writting:Recognize the importance of office technology?
I am looking for tax preparation courses to help me prepare for my 1st taxseason?
Do property taxes work against home ownership for lower income workers?
Internet Sales...taxable I suppose to be collecting taxes? I live in New Jersey?
i am a canadian and i have a house in canada and ite have just bought another house in state what should i?
Security clearance and tax evasion?
Would I increase my chances of hiring if I state a lower preferred income than offered?
VAT reduction and prices reduction?
Is Income tax deducted will be returned, if difference between allotment price and current day price is reduce?
how do i pay on line?
Inquiry balance of my pag ibig salary loan?
How can i take my pan card photocopy?
I would appreciate some tax help?
My husband claimed 6 tax exemptions... Is that too much?
Claiming unemployment weeks with marvin, in michigan?
Is it mandatory to affix revenue stamp on voucher of payment less than Rs 5000/-?
using turbo tax to file my tax returns -?
I see that IRS been having a issue since 6pm yesterday and still down? My Questions is?
If i made all together $3,157 this year how much would i get if i filed head of household?
Can any one tell me what tax I should put on bill?
how to report to unemployment that i'm working?
I electronically filed for my taxes online last year but no returns?
How long do I have to file an amended tax return?
Is health insurance deductible(not premium) tax free in USA?
What kind of legal action I can take if my boss haven't give me tax form of year 2006 yet?
does my ex employer have to send me my w2?
Poll: Do you want the FairTax to be enacted?
The IRS Has forced me to file single zero for over a year...?
I filed a form 4868 (extension) for 2005 income taxes. Until when do I have to complete my tax returns?
How much do social security do you pay on 20,000 dollars?
How much is a pack of cigarettes in California?
I am part of an LLC with 4 members. I am 16 yrs old. Do i have to pay taxes?
What is exactly is an adoption tax credit in Texas?
my uncle left me 7.5mil @ bank Atlantique in Abidjan Cote d'Ivoir do i have to pay Inheritance tax on that?
How much are you allowed to earn a month while receiving SSI?
My daughter files her own tax return or as a dependent?
If you owe your county hospital money can they get your tax rebate check? I know they can get your state taxes
At what age can I begin to take IRA distributions?
Should I use Quick Book Premier or the Premier Retail Edition? I own a restaurant business.?
Is signing bonus money earned income for tax purposes?
Can I claim a person on my tax if she or he owe child support?
Where can I go for help on filing oregon state taxes in bend?
I'm a minor, Do I pay taxes?
do i have to claim my workman comp checks on my taxes?
what is the maximum you can earn as self employed before being liable for tax?
Why should people get an extra $200-300 tax rebate per child? Why isn't it just $600 across the board?
can employer tax you on your vacation pay?
what are the fiscal advantages of hosting my IT gaming business in Luxembourg?
Do I have to pay taxes on a CD if the money invested is from a personal injury settlement?
Tax Question: Rental Property Deduction?
Service Tax exemtion of Rs. 4 Lacs - Does it apply on service tax taxable income of 4L or general turnover.?
What should i do with my income tax i want to make it grow?
Google Adsense Tax Question?
My federal refund was offset! Will they take the full amount that I owe?
What is the pay band and grade pay of Excise and Taxation Inspectors in Punjab at present?
What office would have the total income reported for any given year?
how do I *** money on to my h and r block card?
I'm a freelance artist. What can an accountant or tax man do for me, and what company is the best to go to?
Tax question....dont worry it is not that boring....go ahead and answer it....?
How does the IRS set the Applicable Federal Rate for intra-family loans?
I am an NRI in USA and planning to come back to India.?
how to claim your dog as a dependent?
What's the difference between FICA & U.S. Inc. tax?
about property taxes?
I lived in Australia, and I have a credit card debt, can not pay it off.?
Do i have to let my child's father claim him on taxes?
what company is the cheapest on line tax service?
If I file my taxes online how soon will I get my money?
How much should I recieve back from taxes ?
Do I claim a tax refund as earned income while on unemployment?
give me Income Tax Form no.16 AA for the year 2006-2007?
How do I find out about properites for sale in Tennessee due to tax default?
What is the maximum a 62 year old person can put in their Simple IRA yearly?
I'm so damn confused about stimulus checks..?
whaat is a billing address?
what license/ permit would I need....?
Where should I go?!?!? HELP?
How would a reit(real eatate investment trust) pass at death ? Would it be subject to inheritance tax and prob
I'm 24 and made over $3500 last year. Can my brother claim me on tax return as long as he has my permission?
How old to collect social security?
Is home sales commission paid to real estate agent excluded from gain tax calculation?
What IRS tax form will be used for filing LLC?
Is there a web site that tells you where to find a payroll deductable table?
I am confused about the new tax laws.?
Does your tax returns show if you are behind on your income taxes?
Where can I get a copy of my social security W-2?
How much is my amended return going to be?
Will i have to file taxes if i made under $3000 as a yearly income.?
Depositing tax refund in multiple accounts with turbo tax?
I am a little pissed! Where is my tax refund? Says the 28th. Thats today. Taxact endeavor card. Anyone else?
I am receiving LTD payments that are nontaxable until age 65. If I get a settlement from LTD, will it be taxed
If you receive TANF in Texas does it effect your income tax return!!?
I want income tax pan card application form?
If you do very little graphic design (under $1500 per year) out of your home and your clients pay you directly?
Can one qualify for a first-time homebuyer's tax credit if their SPOUSE bought a house before but they didn't?
Do Foreign Companies Pay US Taxes?
where can i view an existing business licens for a business in Auburn Ca?
me and my x have two children together can i claim them on tax return?
Do I have to include welfare monies on my Taxes? If so, where?
Is Medicare Part B premium included in total (potentially taxable) Soc. Sec. earnings?
If I fled married filinf jointly can i file seperatly?
Should my retired father file state taxes?
what happens if you didnt work at all can u still get a tax return?
Are end of year bonuses taxed higher then normal bi monthly income?
In sch C, is it possible to not have inventory?
Can I take medical co pays and prescription fees and put them on my income tax at the end of the year?
how much will import tax from China to the U.S. be?
Does combat pay have to claimed?
Hello i have been fined for having no tax twice?
My employeer sent me a W-2 and a 1099 misc. What should I do?
what form do I need to file for my car purchased sales tax in NY?
Exporting from QuickBooks into Turbo Tax Business 2009?
If a tax preparation company did my taxes but I didn't have them filed, do I still have to pay them?
In California law, if someone dies, is the family still liable to pay the debts?
What percentage of small businesses file individual tax returns?
Would you be willing to pay higher taxes for nationalized healthcare in the U.S.?
Would it be better for everyone if the government just instituted a flat tax rate?
the truth is i am les living in china.then i wanna go to singapore for a job with my girlfriend.bu t i lost?
i need some one to give me an e-mail address for rebel knifes holesale.?
can i use post office in Uk as temporary address?
my sons dad and i both claimed him on our taxes 1 year by accident. the irs never said anything. why is this?
what can i do to get paid from a company i worked for and wont pay me?
my husbands wages were being garnished for a hospital bill, he is now unemployed can they take our tax refund?
who can take your federal taxes?
What is the current sales tax in california?
Renting out my home so I can rent an apartment...will I have to add the rent I recieve as part of my income?
not filing taxes versus a tax evasion?
Cheap accountant in London to help me fill in my tax return?
am i eligiable to file my 09 tax returns?
If you are independently contracted can you write off a lap top if you use it for business reasons?
can i claim my boyfriend on florida taxes?
if my income is about 7,000 and have 3 kids how much should i get back?
Tax Question: On what line of the schedule C would a deduction for a palm pilot go?
How do i apply for a tax rebate and should i wait until april.?
What is the mathematical formula for figuring sales tax on a subtotal for Illinois my sales tax rate is 8%?
Tax/child/divorce problem-Need Serious Advice?
My accountant failed to file my business return on time and I now owe a penalty. Any good advice?
I was told that I can't claim my girlfriend who lives with me on my taxes is this true ? I live in Michigan.
Deducting emarald advance from my H&R refund?
CANADA If I file my taxes, why does the government do my taxes for me ?
How long can you claim exempt on your tax forms if you are 18 and still in high school?
What is going on with the state tax refunds this year?
Should I file an Income Tax form if I made no money this year?
tax question here?-personal loss?
What is WHT?
ITR Tax saving: How to save tax for FY 2011-2012 .Please help ?
How do you feel about having to pay taxes?
I wonder if my irs tax return transcript will arrive on time?
Why do I have to pay to Federal and State?
is this a gift? and have to pay gift tax?
This new stimulous thing, will we be getting check's like last year?
if you sell your house and make a profit but reinvest in new home do you pay capital gains?
2009 tax return question?
can i stil able to file my taxes even if i ow the taxes some money for tthis year?
who has right to claim child???
Are taxes in australia high or low compared to other countries?
How do you know which tax form to file?
Where can i find out what the local city tax is? (like a website?)?
What affect does Internet purchasing have on local governments and sale tax revenues?
Hw much is sales tax on a video game in illionis how much $ is it?
is filing an amended return to change filing status more beneficial than filing form 8379?
my social security check was cut $200 and I'm 90 years old, saying they took?
How to Pay Taxes if not in UK?
Can self-contractors (1099) file for extensions? what happens if I file but don't pay by April 15th?
I earn £12,000 per annum. what should be my monthly tax?
if i work in TN (who doesn't have a state tax) and i live in MS (who doesn't) do i have to pay ms state tax?
Can you do your taxes with last pay stub?
If I flip a house in 3 monthes how much IRS tax do I have to pay?
Wages for types of works?
can anyone provide me link to buy online share and what is the procedure?
if a limited company folds,is the company director liable for any outstanding tax bills?
Would this classify someone as a 1099 contractor?
Hi I was wondering what is the best way to invest in order to help at tax time.?
what's the maximum contribution to an IRA for 2006 for a person over 50?
If youre a DJ, would buying records be considered tax deductable?
Tax allowances - self employed?
How much are property taxes in Pleasant View, TN?
only for Charted accountants !!!!!!!? plz help me and provide guidance. five star to the best answer?
Bought something from the USA, have to send it back. Will I be able to claim the customs VAT back?
UK: Are U exempt from Council tax if parent at home receives Attendance Alowance?
How much tax and duty?
are dividends included in trading & professional profits?
What is the difference in filing single or head of household?
Has the homebuyers tax credit been extended to 9/30/10?
Where does my fiance need to file taxes? She is still a FL resident, that lives in RI but works in MA.?
will i get taxed on a second job?
"Lines 308/310" on CRA Notice of Assessment?
Taxes and child support.?
when claiming a loss in your own business?
I love american eagle, and want to order from the UK, any ides how much the import taxes might be?
Do I get more taxes back this year since I bought a house?
What if i am broke & unable to pay my sales tax?
HELP!!! 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!!! Should I use a payroll deduction to pay for day care?
How is the cost of living calculated in the UK?
My wife and I opened up a small business. Can we bundle our business taxes and our personal taxes?
How long does it takes to recieve irs check, after being deposit into instant tax service bank account?
If I had someone to file my taxes and I lost my copy of my returns how can I get it for free?
How can my mom claim my taxes?
I am a part time nanny, If my employers don't claim my income on their taxes do i have to file my own?
what will be the FIT withholding semi-monthly with a gross salary of $3200 and is claiming no allowances?
tax breaks?
is compensry monies won in a law settlement taxible in the state of Arizona?
are vat zero-rated companies subject to percentage tax?
Why do I have to pay taxes on money I've saved when I already paid taxes while making it?
Is service tax necessary for a e-commerce website?
What am I supposed to put on a w-4?
The benefits of filing a consolidated tax return include all of the following except?
how can I legally quit paying taxes?
Cenvat credit of service tax?
Is this a normal about to loose out of my paycheck?
where is to site to check on w2's and paycheck?
What can I expect my paycheck to be?
did i hear something on ohio news that people would be getting tax rebates?
How to save on taxes??
Is it legal for mother and father to each claim a child on taxes?
Do you think Gordon Brown's proposed 2p increase in petrol duty next month is justified?
Which transcript do I need to request from the IRS?
How to check the balance in a EPF account?
Deduction's on income tax?
Need to file taxes if I only worked two days for a company?
Can I claim my brother on my taxes?
Santa barbara tax products group has no record of tax return?
I need an editable 1099 form?
Will I have to pay an inheritance tax?
What is the tax percentage for checks?
If I paid 3,402.96 to the fed for taxes should I get it all back for the refund?
Should I be charging each of my Cali customers base on county they reside? or can I charge a flat 8.25%?
Anyone know of a good tax attorney in San Diego, CA area?
Want to import MP4 from China to USA HELP!!!?
tax help on exemptions?
how can i learn to prepare income tax?
How do I report taxes for large sum of money (gift)?
How much are taxes in Burbank, CA?
how many years do i have to pay taxes on land before i can claim it as mine?
Is it too late to file an extention on my taxws?
1099-Misc three states involved?
First time filer in MA. Documents to attach?
Tax refund calculators yielding very different results. Why?
I really need help with my taxes!?
what is his regular earnings, overtime earnings, and total earning.?
Tax exemption on garage space taken on rent.?
Need help understanding this Tax information about deduction allowed for a charitable contribution property?
I was thinking about tax loopholes..?
What is the US Treasury Tax Relief?
if a deceased person didnt file taxes and was married at the time is his x wife responsible to pay them.?
"this certificate has expired or is not yet vaild". tell me selution?
Breaking even on my taxes.?
math problem on my schedule SE?
who should itemize on their income tax return?
Tax Assessment in Canada?
Filed 2008 Amended Tax Return in January, Denied, Nothing Since, Now WHAT?
I just bought a region 2 dvd from amazon in America. I live in Ireland. Will customs charge me with tax?
Tax exemptions, please help?
F-1 resident alien and SS/Medicare Tax withheld?
can george gradow (aspen businessman) still conduct business from prison?
A question about UK import tax/vat on items purchased from the USA?
Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank (the USA 's debt in the trillions; we owe this money to whom?
managerial accounting (NEED HELP!!!!)?
We cashed in our insurance policy for cash, do we claim the full amount on our taxes?
as a private consultant, is it beneficial to have a tax id?
how can i find out if i owe the governement money?
How to calculate net payable tax?
OFFSET OF TAX REFUND- I called the 800 offset number and was informed that my refund will not be offset?
IS it true you do not have to file an extension if you are getting a tax refund?
Is it necessary to photocopy both sides of PAN card?
Can money put in escrow for a rental property under construction be considered tax deductible?
what is the current California sales tax?
If my mom claims me on her taxes, will I get money back?
What would 100,000 dollars in taxes mean?
what is the non-exempt portion of your federal income tax refund?
what is the difference between vat & sales tax?
My daughters father claimed her on his 2010 taxes and I just found out. I got a letter from IRS.?
hi experence persons need help to select plzzzzzzz?
How many exemptions should I claim on my W-4?
REFUND DD DATE 1-30 TO 2-24!!!!!!!!!?
what to do if bank accounts was tax levied?
what if I have 2 W2 forms?
Unemployment Benefit Question (CA)?
I loaned someone $3000.?
Can I get a tax refund check that was stolen back?
How do I optain a Federal I.D. number, or tax number to start a new buisness?
If someone is currently separated from (spouse) can, they each file Head of Household?
i want to file income tax but i don't have form 16 because i am running small business,please help me.?
Do I need to wait on my husband's w-2 to file our taxes if we are filing joint?
How much in taxes on $5K?
i just got fired and want to cash in my 401k. how do i do that without the irs getting any?
Gift Tax on helping down payment for my son?
Im charged az. taxes and live in Il?
What to do as a self-employed that want to hire for a single project a freelancer?
at what point, after raising tax rates, does government revenue go down?
When do employers typically mail W2 forms out?
whether export taxes are exempt to FTA countries signed by India?
on ssi is unemployment count as work pay?
what are the penalties for monetary theft?
Will Romney increase taxes, wage wars and give us a check for $100.00?
Paying £350.00 a month rent what does that work out at weekly over a full year?
? my son is a full time student and make $ 15,217 hi fill his imcome tax can I claim as my dependet?
state of michigan tax return-manual review?
Can anybody tell me where I can get Turbotax (Deluxe+State) for the cheapest price?
What are some pre-tax investments i could invest in?
What are the consequences of a 501c4 organization engaging in political activities?
I am a mechanic, can i write off the tools that I purchase?
what is black money in india? how do they convert into white money?
Is HR Block giving the holiday loan this year. (2009)?
Should I claim 1 or 2 on my W4 if I'm single, make $80000 salary with bonus potential, and own a home?
can i fill out my 2009 1040a tax papers with pen?
how long after my tax return is accepted will the funds get deposited to my account?
IRS form 6781 - Oil Contract?
what will be a good tax saving device similar to PPF ?
Will i still get my social security check?
How does cutting taxes actually increase tax revenue?
In Australia, if I have no other income and I earn $8000 in bank interest only do I pay no tax?
what can i claim on my taxes?
What times would a parcel be delivered to your house in the UK?
do i need to file taxes?
If a 2nd home in a family trust is sold, do I have to pay tax on the gain from when it was bought, or when?
Tax return garnishment?
What percentage of Russians are eligible to pay taxes?
about my sss salary loan balance?
What time of the day will my direct deposit for my tax refund be in?
We were gifted a home.....Should I sell my home or stay in it until 2012?
whta is FICA-e?
Is any1 still waiting on their 2011 CA state tax return?
How much is tax if i won 200000$?
what day are federal taxes due this year with the 15th falling on a saturday?
In my individual income tax return i abbreviate avenue(ave) but when i order a tax return transcript i did not?
Homeowner for 2 years now and don't know what I owe for property taxes! How do I find out?
In the US there is no law against not paying income tax, true or false?
I'm a college student who works parttime cleaning an office and in retail,and I recently recieved a 1099-Misc.
When you execute a trust, what state should you do it in? Does it make a difference on estate taxes?
Can I claim 2 on my W-2?
Will I get more back for the recovery rebate?
Can someone explain how to fill out Form 1040X, for telephone tax refund?
If I live in New York State and work in Vermont, do I pay both states' income taxes?
Does anyone know of a good book which explains VAT better than the HMRC site?
what is 2000000+70000000?
Expert answers only please. I owe the irs for tax period 12-31-98. do a debt over 10 yrs have to be paid.?
what is tax and why do we pay it?
What is the point of holding on to paycheck stubs/reciepts???
The uk? why does it have 2 names?
Are unemployment benefits based on gross income?
I made 10K more than last year - why is my tax return $700 less than last year when nothing has changed?
When Will I Recieve My Tax Check??
Did anyone get a date for their refund direct deposit date?
avoid capital gains taxes?
I forgot to file 2008 taxes what do I do?
Getting paid under the table?
How can I pull an Alan Bond to minimise paying tax and not get caught?
What was your commission when you worked @ HR Block or Jackson Hewitt??
Will I owe for claim 3 on allowances?
part time employee do I have to take out taxes on hours worked?
When are Americans going to...?
Inheritance tax in the state of Mississippi?
What benefits can i claim?
If i won $250,000 AUD how much would the tax people take?
What time of day does the IRS make direct deposits?
My tax refund is scheduled for dd on 2/1/2012 is that really gonna happen?
What is the average annual income in Indonesia?
Query related to Provident Fund and E.S.I.?
i want to export sarees from india as Business. do i need to pay any export fee. if yes then how and how much?
Does tax form 2350 extend state AND federal tax filing date?
What deductions can a CIS contractor make before working out the amount on which to stop 20% tax?
What is the definition of "levied" as in "taxes levied for your benefit"?
7500 tax credit ? I read this article?
im confused someone help me ive heard some people say they have recieved their refund. well i havent?
TAX Help 1099-mis I sue my ex-employer because I a retard and they fire me they setteled out of court?
have no idea about taxes pls answer?
Why do people look so negatively at paying taxes?
What's a way to get more tax money back without being penalized.?
FEDERAL tax question?
How much tax is payable on imported foodstuffs from the UK?
How can I complete my income taxes if I'm going to be overseas for an entire year?
As the non custodial parent how do I get the right to claim child on my taxes every other years?
The IRS rejected my return because someone else claimed me as their dependent. How do I find out Who?
In the U.K. Have you to pay taxes for having a TV?
Do I have to file taxe return if I made more than 5,000$ this year?
I got my tax rebate / stimulus. WTF?
If a person goes back to his country after paying social security tax does he qualify for the benefits?
NY state has a mortgage tax on home mortgages. Is this tax deductible on federal and state taxes?
how can I find on the internet,a copy of my 05 property taxes? Collier County?
investment advise to I PO?
Lets say I'm rich and from the UK - if I move to New York... what kind of taxes will I pay?
see details?
do I pay taxes on a reimbursement on a pehp?
Is it true that there is no law saying one must pay taxes?
what will a company car do to my csa payments?
do I have to pay california state income taxes if I live in arizona?
Can anyone talk me through the self assessment tax process?
How can i get the IRS from continuing to allow an identity thief from filing taxes using my SSN?
If i get payed 14hourly nd i work 55 hours how much are my federal tax, medicare, and my social security?
The Barber that works in my shop tells me he has not paid taxes in years !?
Will I be taxed for money paid to my google account?
If I am a full-time college student, is my rent tax deductible?
reporte on first airmail service in india?
can two people at same address claim head of household?
The guy that did my Tax Returns the last two years in a row won't give me my returns back.?
Does the IRS automatically share your Federal return with the state you get unemployment benefits from?
Can tax refund offset for child support be used to pay purge payment set by judge?
Which state has the least sales tax in the US?
I will never be able to work again due to illness can i claim my state pension?
Can I deduct this from my taxes?
why would a professional person wish to incorporate a practice into a corporation?
Can I claim any of the downpayment or closing costs on my taxes for rental property purchsed in 2006?
Are donations tax deductibles?
If I'm currently separated from my husband, do I have to file a joint tax return with him?
Can back state taxes that has a lien on them be split between a couple that has been divirced?
tax question. i live in wisconsin and i work in minnesota....?
What is the the number to speak with a direct person from the IRS?
A family member filed a tax return in my name without telling me about it and kept the money what do I do ?
carnivals cruise lines income statement report 2004/2005?
How do I report a $600 honorarium on my tax return?
What should I do if I still haven't received my 2006 tax return?
If a parent is behind in child support over $2000, will they withold the parents tax return?
Social Security?
What makes someone eligible to be claimed as a dependent on her parents tax return?
pag ibig loan balance?
My son taxes came my account account now froze and wants me to fax them notarize letter?
National Insurance number.?
how to get back in good shape with the irs?
i have an IRS question?
Do We Still Owe This HOA Bill?
mortgage interest refund?
Should I change my tax witholdings though out the year?
does your state have a tax free day?
If I buy a car from out of state, can I delay paying the taxes for a week or two?
This is strange.....Refund question?
I am interested in working in St Lucia. What are income tax rates & what is the cost of living relative to UK?
How long will it take for me to get my taxes back after I submit an amendment?
interview at the Hollister tomorrow..need help..?
income tax is which account?
I get paid cash..can I still file tax return ?
Is there a form/document that online brokers send with gain/loss information for tax calculation purposes?
Claim Single or head of household when I live with my parents yet take care of me and my daughters expenses?
What is the poverty level income to get all my taxes back?
Can anyone talk me through the self assessment tax process?
why do some states have sales taxes and some states dont?
IRS does not consider credit card debt. Now i cannot pay them after wage garnisments. What do I Do?
If i buy a piece of property and knock down the house, do I still have to pay taxes on the house?
can i claim sick pay even when getting state pension and still working?
Where do I add annuity statement on turbotax?
I live in california, can I cliam my house on my taxes if I'm on title, but not on the loan?
Why are Warren Buffett's taxes so low?
Wrong first name on 1040X. Can I submit it with a letter explaining the mistake?
how much did u pay teengeer per hour?
how many t-shirts are sold in NYC within a year?
I live with, and receive 100% financial support from my boyfriend. Can he claim head of household?
Do you think reducing VAT to 15% really worth it?
2009 tax return question?
What does Carbon Tax do and why is it pissing off so many people?
how do I get the 10% back from the IRS under Firpta?
the explanation of "gross profit percentage"?
question about food stamps and taxes?
Uk benefit and tax credit entitlement for having a baby?
How much can I make doing taxes in a large metropolitan area?
Does the IRS keep my address on record?
my boss has not been paying my social security taxes for the last three years so do i have to back pay?
cheque payment for above 5000 revenu stamp requeard?
what is the total taxes divided by the total taxable income?
Any tax breaks that don't cost more than they are worth?
Do I need to change my ID? Moved out of state.?
i receive a monthly car allowance from my employer, how do i handle the taxes?
Is there sales tax in Arkansas on cars that cost less than $2500?
self employment or not differences in percent deduction taxes?
My son was born december 10 2007 can i claim him as a dependent on my 2007 taxes?
I've recently inherited $47,000. Living in California, how much will I be taxed?
Can my boyfriend claim my child on his taxes?
how much will I need to pay tax?
Where to mail my tax forms?
employee taxes?
ayou make $ 8.45 an hour at your job. After working 33 hours, how much would you earn before taxes?
is there a national lottery in united kingdom?
Am I a "taxpayer" even though I get a refund every year? I am asking for rebate purposes, my mother said I am
Could someone explain to me about company income tax calculation in China?
What type of tax deductions am I eligible for if I work from home but live with someone who owns the house?
how much is the tax on petrol in uk?
how do I figure taxes I owe on the sale of stock?
mileage spread sheet for tax refund?
is their any legal formalities for starting freelancing in India?? and what is the taxation system for this?
How do IRS audits work?
my taxes were to be directly deposited and i haven't gotten them yet, why is this?
My job's expense report only reimburses 32.5 cents per mile; the IRS says it's 55 cents. Should I complain?
3 pence no tax on petrol for 3 months big deal uk?
What do you think of Bush's recent recommendation to privatize Social Security?
I'm concerned I will have a large tax bill at the end of the year?
Will I get a bigger tax refund if I claim 3 kids as a dependents?
Can my parents claim me as their dependent?
Will I get a tax break for the college tuition, that I paid for my dependent child? ?
If my refund has been accepted by the irs is it a garentee that I am going to resive that refund?
will accountnow show pending deposit for refund?
do legal imigrants from other countries pay personal income taxes if they are not citizens?
How do some Americans pay payroll taxes but not income taxes?
How can I minimise business tax?
RRSP's and filing before getting the "first 60 days" slip for 2010?
if I move back to Ca do I still qualify for prop 13 after 19 years?
How to calculate adjusted gross income for a sole proprietor?
can i file married filing jointly?
i get medicaid & food stamps for me and child, but my girl pays the bills, can i let her claim us on taxes?
Grandmither claimed child on taxes more info?
Kentucky Employment Taxes, FICA, State/Fed,?
Income Tax Season is coming and I let my sons dads mom claim him when he was
i quit my job 20 years ago what happend to my 401k?
Should I wait until I am near the top of my tax bracket to focus on my social life?
how can i do taxes for me by myself??i just live in US 3 year .i don't know how i do taxes by myself?
I know this has been asked a million times, but...?
Difference between US Federal and State tax?
can I get tax money from the previous year?
will i get caught if on my taxes i lied and said that i paid more federal tax than i did?
i would like to see my 2010 taxes?
Question about taxes!!!?
What happens after your submit an IRS Offer in Compromise, it is rejected, appealed, and rejected at appeal?
Still in the 2/7 Club!?
What is Whole Foods Market EIN / Tax Number?
What is the procedure in India to inherit the gifted property with no will?
anybodys government stimulus check's late yet?
Council Tax Court Summons, Student HELP!?!?!?
Feb 7th club? Getting frustrated..grr?
should i pay taxes through my mortgage lender or on my own if so why please give pros and cons?
I'm Separated/He owes me Child Support/ should I file jointly or separately?
I'm doing Turbo Tax, and I need to put a city/state for the charity I donated to?
Unemployment question ?
Work study...human resources job..?
Can you sign over your assests before filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
i know my DOB & Name can i get my pan number?
A complex trust owns 100% of a LLC (single member) on what federal tax form would you report the LLC's income?
do companies get special tax breaks if they start an enviromental movement or act?
Discuss the forms of taxes imposed on persons and property?
Has anyone received their February 8, 2012 direct deposit from their tax refund yet?
my mother in law's husband past away and she had an auction and her return was 50,000.00 dollars are taxs due
how can i pay service tax?
Former employer did not pay IRS?
What if someone else claims same dependent but there is also other dependents in the same return?
How do you file late taxes for 2010-2011?
I live in Italy but I work for an american publisher: How do I get my ITIN number?
I don't know where to list our sale of timber on our 1040 tax form.?
can you find tax information for army personal at mypay.dsas.mill?
So can the IRS take my things if my room-mate's the one in trouble?
How do i go about taking action against the IRS for delaying my Refund payment?
what day does the IRS deposit refunds?
I received a 1099 A do I need to file this for my taxes? My house was forclosed Loan amount 323k sold 171k?
Can I claim my dog on income taxes?
What are the requirement of Road Permit Forms for various States in India.?
What exactly can I get with my EIN #(Federal Tax ID)?
How much money will they take of my paycheck if I claim 2 people? I get paid every Fri. 7.25perhour 28hrs a wk?
My day care provider watches my daughter in her home. Is she self-employed or am I suppose to file the 1099?
Claiming me on Income taxes?
How much can a person donate yearly?
do i have to pay tax on minimum wages?
help with math prob?
do you have to pay tax on lottery winnings twice?
If I don't work and am to young to file for taxes then why do I pay taxes on items?
Canada: Income taxes for being both employed and self-employed?
Time and 1/2 for hours more than 40 a week. so that is 67 hours at 1.5 times of minimum wage or $ ____.?
Wages Question - i don't understand?
would you prefer a fully taxable investment earning 10.7 percent or a tax-exempt investment earning 8.1 percen?
Do Barter Kings pay taxes?
Tax liability from litigation settlement?
Is the IRS able levy your unemployment wages?
Do I have to pay Colorado state tax if I am not a resident and live in WA?
Employed at a small company, but received a 1099 tax form?
what is goin =g on with my case?
Still claiming someone as a dependent over the age of 18 on tax returns?
tax record retention?
Do I have to apply to recive a refund check or is it automatic if I filed my taxes?
I filed my tax return and it was accepted on the 16 of january, but now its march 9th and i havent gotten it?
Income taxes (withholding from my paycheck)?
Can anyone tell me if the 2013 child tax refund has been cut in half for sure?
Do I claim my 17 year old son's Social Security benefits on my income taxes?
How does the IRS prove the amount of daycare expenses you paid?
does the CPP rate in canada change once you are 65 yrs if you draw the Cpp at 60 yrs?
What happen when tax on good increase?
Are Consulting fees taxable? State of Texas?
why employees needs to pay taxes?
How do I find out about city, medicare, state, federal, social security, and school taxes?
Under what conditions do you have to pay tax in the UK?
How long is a Trust account put on hold?
Best way to file taxes this year?
Employment and Support backdated question?
Can my mom keep my income tax money? ?
I'm debating 'that australians you are convicted overseas should not serve their sentence in Australia?
If everyone in the UK gave up smoking today, how would the government compensate for the loss of tax revenue?
How much will I be paid after tax?
how much taxes will i have to pay?
Can I avoid/minimize taxes on $150k I withdraw from my 401k if I'm over 59 1/2 and gift the money?
do you have to pay taxes if your on unemployment?
How much should people get come tax time?
i bought property 4 $200k and took loan 4 $180k. I have about $20k in expenses. what is the cap. gain fig. on?
Can I get an overpayment of IRA withholding back?
what is % of deduction on cash bunus received from the employer in a financial year?
view my payroll check from employer?
What are the benifits of salary pay??
W2's and Taxes!?
What is TDS and payments which are falling under this category?
Im 20. My dad owes aLOT of back child support. And the IRS...?
IRS check rebate link and primary's SS#?
Tax problem? Filing single but married??!?!?
I'm single, 66, retired, making 17800 per year, no dependents. Should I file as head of household?
Estates & trusts?
Question for tax professionals?
What do you do if your employer does not deduct with holding tax from your paycheck?
Do you have to claim a dependent to file as an independent on your taxes?
Guaranteed Equity Bond that is subject to income tax:How can I legally avoid it please?
I just called the bank about my tax rend they said it was pending and the settlement day was monday the 14th ?
Info about 1099 tax form?
how can i get my tax refund when my tax preparer put the wrong acct numb? he has admitted to mistake on paper
employer switched everyone from W-2's to 1099's?
pick up my paycheck but dont want to work.?
how much tax money will I get back?
mitt romney paid twelve dollars in taxes last year?
how to get good Tax returns?
Wage plus bonus help?
where can i file last years taxes online for free?
where on a 1040a tax form do I enter the amount from a form 1098 under the mortgage interest recieved ammount?
Tax rebate?
What Is Social Security Tax And How To Earn Retirement Benefits?
IRS Foreign Earned Income Exclusion- Do I have to exclude ALL or NONE of my income? Can I exclude a portion?
how do i file a complaint with the federal department of labor?
If my SSI claim disapprove do I still get the income?
if i only made less then 2000 dollars at one job do i have to claim it on my taxes?
i want a new pan card with the same number?
2009 Federal Tax Refund supposed to be deposited today, but I did not receive it?
Tax returns from the VA?
my friend pan card is dispatched on 25th july 2008, with airway bill no.2648743425. His name is rambabu s. wha
What if the the president, cancel the Federal Income tax for six month?
Can I deduct it when I do my income tax?
Can you help make sense of this tax form?
I got an email from After the last annual calculations eligiblefor a tax refund $184.80?
How do I work out capital allowance on my small business ?
if i have payed for 6 months road tax can i use the same MOT certificate to renew in 6 months time?
Will I be charged by UK customs for receiving a small parcel of trading cards (value £375) from America?
when buying products is their a way to figure in taxes?
IRS took money out of my bank. How to get it back?
do I need to claim capital gains on investments in an ira which remain in ira if sold.?
How long can an employer hold a personal expense check?
Import VAT from USA on perfume?
Did anyone get their tax rebate from the IRS today?
What is the difference between a 501C3 and a 509A3 tax status?
I have $75k wages. I also got with a co. that's going to pay me on a 1099 misc.(PA.)What % do I pay for taxes
I work at UKC 5 days a week 8.5 hours a day and get paid 9.50 an hour how much will my check be without tax?
tax deductible?
How much will taxes take out of minimum wage in Illinois?
what is a 1040EZ Form?
Do I have to pay taxes on a short sale in california on a home!?
Would I be taxed the same?
car sweepstake taxes?
can i refuse a bonus at work because i dont want it and i dont want to pay taxes on it?
Do I need to charge vat on services to non uk customers?
Info on agedcare traineeship wages?
Can I earn my CPA license by training under various CPA's, or must I train with one for 1-2 years in CA?
Is my boss ripping me off? Is this normal?
tax calculation?
if i have had no national insurance number since feb 06 and been working since then will i get a payback on?
does one pay capital gains tax on inheritance from a trust set up more than 7 years before death of legator?
If I won a house, what taxes would I owe?
Can I offset Short-Term Capital Gain with Long-Term Capital Loss?
Is non-bank interest that I pay able to be deducted on tax return for a rental property?
i was reading where lottery winnings were not considered income by the IRS. if that is true, why do they tax?
Do i have to be working to have a Private Pension?
If my income is less than 12,729 dollars, but I'm self I have to file taxes?
how can i get my P45?
How much do i owe the irs?
TAX Question, renters...?
How long does it take to get a tax overpayment refund from HMRC?
How can I minimise business tax?
How many parcels do parcel couriers redeliver on a yearly basis.?
1099 short sale question, does the IRS accept payment plans?
irs code 1121 i called they said my refund had been released 2day how long it takes to get money deposited?
Is it too late to claim daughter on taxes?
I'm single no deductions and i make 26k a year why do I owe the IRS money?How can I find out?
How much money do I need to save for taxes?
When is the latest I can mail in my taxes?
How much tax would i pay on my Sharesave scheme (u.k.)?
Tax return question. What should I enter in this field?
Tax Consequences of changing the members of a corporation in Canada?
whats a tax id number?
What is W2 Gross on a check?
If my salary is 25000 what should be my actual Basic, HRA and CCA? and on what percentage it is calculated?
mortgage interest tax deductible?
We were gifted a home.....Should I sell my home or stay in it until 2012?
Shouldn't we be able to deduct tips left at restaurants from our taxes, as they are someone's salary?
Royal Mail delivery time? UK?
tax breaks are handouts?
I live in NYC and I want to start my own tax preparation practice?
I mean't do I need a purchase receipt for every article of clothing I donate?
how do i get in contact with the IRS?
If I made.15,000 for the year does my employer have to give me a 1099?
I moved from CA to AZ in March of last year. Do I file AZ's tax return as Part Year Resident or Resident?
Can the 2003 to 2005 NOL of a US corporation be offset by the net income of its subsidiary acquired in 2005?
can i deduct closing cost on reverseable mortage?
RRSP/ Child benefit for 5kids?
Will i now have to pay for my prescriptions??
I'm sick and tired of having to pay back money to Fed's and state when I file taxes!?
How's tax treated on Indian Mutual Funds?
After divorce,my ex got principal residence & I got secondary home(rental for 8 yrs).How to sell without tax?
Philippine SSS website?
Are medicare premiums reported on my SSA-1099-SM deductable as medical expenses?
1099 tax expense deductions?
what are the forms used to request tax transcripts?
Do I have to be a CPA in order to prepare someone's tax return?
Am I eleigable to get a stimulus check i made over 6000 and filed my taxes?
Help on payroll deductions and taxes!?
centralizing the filing system?
income tax (oh bloody hell)?
Can i pay part of my mortgage from IRA funds while I'm going to school full-time (university)?
can you file your taxes as married even if single?
Can i apply 4 PAN card even though i have no income??.?
I am a S/W engg & married having 2 year old kid. what salary should be per month that i can save $3500.?
I filed my taxes on febuary the third with Jackson Hewitt and they said i should recive my refund on the 17th.?
If my IRS tax debt is “currently non-collectible” and I open a Bank Account, will the IRS seize my money ?
what is the maximum you can earn as self employed before being liable for tax?
WMR still Telling me by 01/31 .. Accepted on the 17th?
Can anybody help me translate AU$ to US$? i ordered something on ebay from china but the amount is in AU$?
How much should I get back for travel expenses?
what type of reports does an intelligence database produce?
Do "Cost of Living Adjustment" calculations take income tax into consideration?
tax professional new business question?
How do I transfer my adopting payment to another state?
If back taxes are owed, can the IRS touch a workman"s comp injury settlement?
Fazoli's Employment Paycheck .. ?
Can I get my tax money if I didnt receive my form last year?
Tax help. military spouse residence indiana nebraska... help!!!?
how do you get your car register if the preson that sold you the car didnt pay her taxes on the car?
If you sell a home making a profit of 500k in CA, you are 55, do you pay capital gains, or 1 time exempt?
Taxes and Child care?
Sick pay entitlement carried over into next year of employment?
how do I claim expenses being a subcontractor?
I received an underreport from IRS for says I owe them do I still get refund?
Feb 1 dd club. Waitin on our refund?
Will the government tax out half of $2000 in a loto winning?
What do you do if you have received a large check as part of a check processing scam?
I got one for ya !!!?
Does an 18 year old have to pay taxes on online selling?
Are allowances and deductions the same thing?
What is the Least Expensive Tax Service taxes are simple?
In my paycheck they take out a bunch of taxes and i'm a minor what takes are they supposed to take?
if you have been married a year and havent changed your name on your ss card, will that affect my tax return?
Require expert opinion to a problem related to tax advice on google adsense earnings.?
Why the government forces people to pay tax? why can't I opt out of their social programs and not pay tax.
Is a settlement from a personal injury lawsuit taxable?
I have a customs charge to pay on a parcel, but I can't find out how much. What do I do?
Question regarding stamp paper?
dealing with tax agents when filing amended returns?
standard or itemized deduction................?
How much is jobseekers allowance?
if an item is on sale do you pay tax on the original price or the sale price?
I have started selling Avon. How much do can I make before I am required to pay income tax?
How much taxes should come out of my $620 check in FL if i claim 1 on my taxes? ?
Disability Tax Credit Question (Canada)?
Can california prop 8 take away tax exempt status for churches?
I have to figure out my taxes for project?
what tax form to deduct sales commission on sale of rental house. 4797 lists gross sales, which wouldnt inc?
Return's been mailed can I still efile?
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