Do I have to pay taxes on my points??
why do we put up with paying so much for petrol in the uk?
Anyone waiting on the 8K first time home buyer tax credit?
Does jumping to a higher tax bracket make your entire salary subject to higher tax?
how much do you have to pay on medical bills to claim them on taxes?
What is the filing requirement for a dependent in California?
Just received additional W2 after filing my taxes?
If I work in a restaurant and claim 0 exemptions and get 0 $ checks every pay period?
how do i force my employer to pay me?
Custom Clearance for Spices and Tariffs?
did anybody filed taxes on the 19th get them today ?
how long does it take for 2009 tax return to process.?
Which category is better to file taxes?
Do have to pay tax on new york state lottery under 1200?
my question wasn't answered - what does preparing your taxes mean exactly? is prepare another word for FILE?
Are all donations accepted as deductions on my taxes?
its my wedding day and i need and irs question answered?
uf a person gets s.s.i from federal shouldnt he get s.s.i from the state too?
My employer messed up '10 by not taking federal off, now I owe 7000..?
If I sell my house before the two year mark but am buying a house in the same year will I still have a penalty
Social Security?
Can a state in which I no longer reside implement a levy or garnishments for taxes they claim I owe?
How is Bill Clinton?
Is the flat tax fair?
if I took out a student loan and I still owe but I am not delinquent. Will they take my taxes?
What tax form do I file if my employer is a Taiwanese alien living in California who is paying me in checks?
do you have to pay shipping on alibris?
if your taxes was tooked for childsupport?
Can I deduct mutual fund management fees for funds that are in a 401K plan as investment expense?
Filing a 2007 tax ammendment for claiming the hope tax credit?
Is a note payable a liability?
why was the 50p tax introduced in uk?
how do i check my paycheck online?
I'm 25 and I've never paid taxes?
can you tell me the site to file the pvt. ltd. return online?
Can I get tax credit for raising livestock or crops in tennessee?
What is the tax rule for entertaining customers as a a write-off?
How do I find my Line 50 of my Income Tax Return?
How much tax will I pay with 2 jobs?
Is it required to staple W2 for income <=$100. What if I have lost the W2 and dont wanna get from employer?
How do I pay estimated tax in this situation? (please actually read question)?
What can happen if someone does not pay property tax on his or her home?
How do I record input tax credits (HST) in my book keeping?
How much percent of income tax do we have to pay?
How many exemptions can I have on my W-4?
payment print receipts?
If anyone is interested in making $1000 (in NJ) by letting me rent their office, e-mail me for details.?
I need help on what equipment is needed to connect three computers to one printer in a standalone situation?
What a thing will cost me in India if I buy online from a USA merchant?
change address in pan card.?
If I have a dropshipper and a webstore, do I collect taxes? How does it work?
what happens if you owe taxes but do not file them?
If i give myself a mortgage overseas under a corporation, can i buy a house in Canada?
is it a good idea less tax on middle class, and no taxing the wealthy?
i am working on contract basis and getting 18000/-p.m as professional fees.?
Jesus Taxes In The US are out of control?
Tax for self-employed / sole trader?
Incorporation question?
Can IRS penalize business owner for business tax obligation?
Help! I'm being over-taxed and don't know what I can do.?
when do i start paying taxes?
In an S Corp- are executive deferrals passed through to the owners as income in a deferred comp plan?
If I put £10000 into my uk bank account will I be taxed.?
what is a busiines plan?
Is the income tax a fraud?
Tax refund for multiple prior years?
Do I have to file Married if my husband is incarcerated?
What are tax consequences if estate of deceased is the beneficiary of his IRS?
I bought a house and taxes?
Can I claim my mother and my brother?
What should be the amount of the Late Filing Penalty for submitting my 2010/11 Tax Return on 11/04/2012?
I never filed my taxes for 2008. What do I do?
Can the IRS still hound you for $4300 in back taxes from 1997?
How much taxes would you pay on a 225,00 year salary?
Are my losses on a condo for personal use deductable on my personal income tax return?
Landlords paying council tax ?
Does anyone know when you can file your taxes for 2007?
Do I get a tax credit if I contribute to my Rotha IRA?
i didnt do taxes for 2004 for can i use any 1040ez form or do i need the one specific for that year?
The website I used to file 1040EZ never asked me to enter school tuition/loans. How's my return affected?
Could my husband and i file taxes separtely?
I had a home daycare from 2004-2009 and did not pay taxes on my w-2 and now the IRS wants to know whats up.?
I just got a new job the same week I got married. How do I file for taxes: single or married?
My ex claimed the kids on the taxes after I did. Now what?
what is gross earnings, is it before taxes?
so what do i do with my problem can i do my taxs?
I filed a tax return using my friends children now the IRS wants that money back?
did i hear something on ohio news that people would be getting tax rebates?
new york sales tax?
What does medical-er mean on a pay stub?
We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe othe?
Will the Comptroller remove penalties and interest if you show you cannot pay the tax bill?
How to get exemption in US on Home Loan (Mortgage) from Nationalized Bank in India (EMI paid in Rupees)?
Does my school have a right to ask for my parents income tax returns?
i want to get some practical income tax return filing tips.?
is zack and cody feral twins?
how much is sales tax in florida?
Has anyone been given a Refund Date from the IRS, efiled, and did not get their refund as promised?
Is there a way to do your own taxes online for free?
What happens if you don't pay Federal Imcome Tax?
when is the date you start fileing income taxes.?
Charitable Contribution Deduction FMV?
I worked at Walmart for approx. 1 month. What do I do about my tax refunds?
My tax disc runs out at the end of January.....can I renew now and my new tax disk will start from February?
Will I owe taxes for the year?
Has anyone been denied a workout loan for a rental property? Was your appeal granted?
if you buy a ps vita how much tax do you have to pay?
re: social security. does anyone know if lifelong housewives are eligible for social security?
I need a business name for my tax preparer business?
I did not file income tax return for the past 10 years?
do you live paycheck to paycheck?
I've always heard that a Gift Tax is due if someone is given over $10,000 a year but, who pays?
can you write off lawn care on income taxes?
I inherited trust $ from the sale of my mother's home after she died. Is this trust $ considered taxable?
Council chasing unpaid tax on ex-husband who died 2005?
Receiving My Own Child Support?
What are the problems of buying a stock from a nonresident shareholder?
What is the tax rate for a STUDENT stock investor?
Where Can I Find Data On The Number of People Filing Per Tax Bracket And Category Throughout History?
how much is council tax?
How do I get a copy of tax return? I cant find my copy.?
Do you agree with the Government's plan of 50% tax for top earners (over £150k per annum)?
why daily payout are not showing in the members account under e wallet section after 19th april?
What is: A) non-tariff barrier. B) quota. C) sales tax. D) tariff.?
What is a widowers property tax abatement?
Do I have to file a 2011 tax return if I opened my company at the beginning of this(2012) year ?
Do you have to file a NJ state tax return if you owe $0?
TDS 194B (Income Tax)?
Do I need to pay taxes on an internet business if my servers and business are offshore but I work in the US?
Bailif has come around to collect Council Rates,he wouldn't consider giving 2-3 days for payment what can I do?
I'm filing for unemployment in Michigan, still working pt, paid bi weekly,?
Can I file my taxes as head of household, or am I to file single?
does compnies hire non MBA on the basis of sap certificate from authorised traning center?
What is the tax deduction per box of Girl Scout Cookies?
Capital Gains, how is the basis determined while liquidating assets during probate?
What does reference number 1102 mean with the IRS?
In order to receive the full amount back from claiming my child on my taxes, what does my income need to be?
Are you Liable for back taxes with the IRS if you are over 65 and make under $26k a year?
The company I work for provides 2005 w2 forms online but I need to know the name of the site, do you know?
where can i get pages24 to32 of 1040ez workbook?
Can Anyone Transfer This Army Time Into Regular Time? 17:59?
Tax liability from litigation settlement?
Does Tax free weekend include stuff online?
council tax problems? Can any one help me?
Do I have to repay the 8000 dollar tax credit?
How important is it as a new business to record paid sales tax to a seperate account than the goods total?
how to get sales tax exemption in Massachusetts?
What is minimum alternate tax(MAT)?
how much does a pack of cigarettes cost where your from and what size is the pack.?
I had 2 jobs, and one was for only a month; do I have to apply the one that was only for a month?
I did not make any taxable income, do I still need to file taxes?
I use my high speed internet access to log into work approx. 2 week or more. Can I use as a tax deduct?
Teens for Economic Stimulus Plan?????
How will buying a home in 2012 affect my upcoming tax return?
do i have to file taxes? i am 16?
How to prove a Rollover on your tax returns?
i got a inheritance from the state of ca.i live in pa will i have to pay tax on it?
Do people with disabilities have the right not to pay VAT on things in the UK?
Can a individual claim me as a dependent even though I owe child support?
Does EVERY business pay corporation tax?
Why can't India decrease the VAT rate and increase the income tax instead on high earners?
Do I have to pay taxes on my 2 month internship?
How much extra will my in law get back if i allow her to claim my child?
I'm just doing my taxes this weekend. Will I still receive my july cctb and gst? or am I too late?
Is there an online program that I can buy to file an amended tax return for 2004?Thanks?
how do u work out VAT??
How does a church get property tax waived?
Transfer money from paypal to bank account? Taxes?
Do I owe money to the IRS?
Can a Pizza Delivery Driver Claim Their Miles on Taxes?
what would my pay be after all taxes are taken out?
What does Las Vegas and Atlantic City spend its gambling tax revenue on?
How long does it take for the second unemployment extension in maryland? How long do I have to wait for money?
Can you get income tax from working a month?
"Where's My Stimulus" tool on IRS website.?
What is the pay band and grade pay of Excise and Taxation Inspectors in Punjab at present?
Can my ex husband amend a tax return from 2010 without my consent?
I am soon to become a single parent, i have 3 children, aged 10,11 and 16. how much tax credit can i claim?
Advice with tax credits?
is there a web page that will tell me if the i r s has recieved my taxes,and if my refund is on the way?
If you received unemployment, do you have to put that on your forms when you file your taxes?
Has anyone actually received their direct deposit tax refund today?
Can I claim a child that is not mine and don't live with?
Cheque dimensions of Andhra Bank & Indian Overseas Bank?
Do I qualify for the Long-time Resident tax credit?
How do I get the IRS to fax a copy of my tax return transcript?
I owe money to the IRS what shoud I do?
I would like to know how I can get my employment records working in the uk mining industry from 1955to1991?
ours is working as recovery agents for a nationalised bank can they deduct service tax on payment made to us?
Do you think lower taxes on dividends and capital gains can help hasten an economic recovery?
Capitol Gains?
I live with my dad and my mom is trying to claim me on her taxes...!?!?
Vehicle depreciation on Range Rover?
Can I file self employment tax even though I don't have my license yet?
why do I still have to pay ss when my benefits will never go up since I collect my husbands but still work?
filling out my W2 form???????????
The IRS website shows my income taxes will be deposited tomorrow, Jan 30th.. Will the $ be in there tomorrow?
Are We Getting a Stimulus Check?
For a Canadian who no longer works in the U.S. and has cashed in his U.S. pension get any his Withholding tax.?
what is witholding Tax?
What would you change about federal income taxes?
What is the quickest your amended tax refund back from IRS from your past experience? ?
how much will i get in this stimulis check?
What should my husband and I file on our W4?
How to file IT Return as per Presumptive Taxation?
What web site offers free copies of 2010 income tax returns?
Is this 2012 or 2011 Tax year?
Can i deduct mileage on my taxes?
Can the IRS take his savings or checking account?
hi i have had a letter from bailiffis do i have to pay ?
info. on paying own taxes each month. new job & will have to pay own tax?
What to do when an ex employee doesn't his loan to the employer?
For all of those that still don't have an update on Where's My Refund!!?
how to get the vat back when visiting usa?
What is a salary of a Lecturer(MD PHARMACOLOGY) in India?
If my grandma has no income other than Social Security, does she have to include that in taxable income?
I am student, just wondering if my school parking fees are deductible on my taxes. I live in Alberta....Thanks?
Can they take money out of my taxes?
Can someone kind enough help me fill out my Quarterly Eligibility Form?
Question About Selling Over the Internet?
if my CPA filed my taxes do i still have to file?
explain the major canons of taxation.?
Should Income Tax rebate be refunded in this case?
how much has overtime with overtime pay decreased over the last 3 decades?
Rockwell paper company had earnings after taxes of $580,000 in the year 2003 with 400,000 shares of stock outs
I have changed jobs in 2009. Will I get two w4 forms from these two employers?
hi i have 5 numbers plus the bonus on tonights lottery before i claim do i have to pay tax on the winnings?
I just filled my taxes online and it got accepted i chose direct deposit but i put in the wrong?
How to fill out w4 form? I'm single and I have no kids.?
Married Filing Jointly and reporting spouse's W-2...?
i was hired privately to help with couple, how do i do taxes?
jobseekers allowance question?
how does a subsidy relate to taxes in the united states?
Will this raise a red flag to the IRS?
How can I report a church that has a politician speaking there to the IRS?
Are these calculations correct?
why my paycheck has two ny withholding taxes?
Are you able to claim legal expenses for a custody battle?
How much tax is charged ?
How do I calculate my taxes?
What does use tax mean? and what does this paragraph mean?
Can my mom claim me in her taxes.. If I already claimed myself?
How can I stop paying so much in taxes?
my wife and myself are unemployed she is claiming my son as a dependent?
Tax-Free Weekend In Georgia?
Report As Income when receiving lump sum cash from spouse buying out the marital residence due to divorce?
tax deduction?
i have 12000 in unused textbook and tuition credit.. what will that do to my 56000 income?
Will I have to pay back my economic stimulus rebate check?
what can I do if the company I worked for as a self-employed,hasn't paid the tax?
Is it true that you don't have to pay income taxes?
I did not deduct cpp or ei from my farm employees. Do I still have to remit the employer portion cpp to cra?
I have received a 40 pound fine do I have to pay What happen if am Not this pay ?
What is the minim you can file on ur taxes?
Is labor in California subject to sales tax?
Do I have to pay the new car tax for California since we are military?!?
when and what states subject tips to state tax?
if I am 27 ,dont have a income do I have to pay tax by my own? or my parents can include me in their tax form.?
Whether I-Tax exemption is possible for the registration fee for mortgage of house plot to obtain loan?
can a $90,000.00 gross earning in a year support a family of 5?
Please help me with IRS back taxes question?
Fafsa application tax info?
what percent of or how much work taxes get taken out of a paycheck in bogalusa, la if marital status is single?
will i get my refund on feb 1st if wmr says feb 7th, or will it be sooner than feb 1st?
Is only 5000 deductible for day care. We put 5000 in dependent care but spent 15000 in a year.?
I lost my W2 forms and April 15th is fast approaching. How do I get new ones?
What form would I fill out to get my sfederal taxes back from 2007. He filled out paper work with H&R Block?
do i really need a somebody to do my taxes?
Can the IRS take funds from someone because a relative owes money?
how do i get a list of tax lien foreclosures in Texas?
can I take off health insurance with my survivor pension on tax?
does anyone enjoy paying bank charges?
how can the irs steal my whole paycheck?
What if my employer messed up my taxes?
Okay. It's January 25th. Why haven't I received my tax refund yet?
Should we invest this money?
Can a UK Charity apply for VAT exemption?
What would happen if i didn't file one of my jobs on my taxes?
Please help with taxes!!?
How to Close books of LLC in 2007 in turbotax??
If a firm's payment terms for sales made on account to its custmers were 2/10, n30, the number of days sales..?
A tax adjustment must be made in determining the cost of?
Do UK creditors need a solicitor?
Roth IRA, young married couple?
Can I combine W2's from different years?
In 2008, I had a loss of $24,000 from buying a pool account from KITCO (same thing as securities I think)?
Should I claim 1 or a 0?
How old do you start to getting taxed in New York State?
I was collecting unemployment benefits but did not let them take taxes out am i still entitled to a refund.?
What am I eligible to claim on tax?
If i am earning 2000000 anually how much tax i have to pay & how i can save it.?
How much does Ticketmaster charge for VAT?
what happens to your property if the irs attaches to it for unpaid taxes. and can you rent if attached?
How to reclaim over paid tax uk?
Grant from charitable trust and Income Tax (England)?
what is the Calif. sales tax on 516.20?
do independant contractors pay social security taxes?
IS there any tax benefit on FUTURE PLUS policy?
where can i get a booklet or chart to figure out employee taxes to be taken out of each check?
Why didn't my employer withold enough to cover my taxes?
are u s citizens required to file taxes every year?
Who invented VAT?
Single 20 years old, how many exemptions on w-4 should I claim?
I own the condo where I live, and rent out one room...?
tax question ????????????/?
Does he have to pay emergency tax?
can you write a pool off for tax es through your wife busness.?
Having to re-pay my employer for reimbursement of taxes that were mistakenly taken out of my check?
Am I required to file taxes?
Why does the uk let the government act the way they do..council tax..?
Can I buy real estate with a Roth IRA or convert it to self directed IRA to buy real estate wout tax penaltis?
Does monthly SS income have to be claimed in income tax return?
what is $220 plus California tax equal up to?
Wages Question - i don't understand?
where can find the business license number of a company?
What's better - Donating my vehicle and getting a $2400 write off, or selling it for $800?
Should I file as single, married, or married at higher single rate?
how much taxes will i get?
I filed my 2004 taxes in 2005. i havent recieved my state tax check as of yet its been since sept. What do i d
Filing a Joint Return?
you earn 28,000 annually. you are single and claim 0 allowances. how much federal income tax is withheld?
Good tax accountant in Sydney? Any suggestions with phone number?
Can my boyfriend claim me and ive worked?
what site is it that i could find out my staTUS OF MY INCOME TAX CHECK?
with the national minimum wage is it a good thing or could it sometimes be seen as a fly way of getting more?
Tax question for businessman's expenses: Is there some other way taxpayer can claim expenses?
Michigan income tax question..?
Am I allowed to claim my unemployed daughter as a deduction on my taxes?
How do I get Tax that hqas been taken and I haven't received anything back for over a year?
Impairment losses on Intagnible Assets?
When they ask for adjusted gross income from IRS form?
can you share turbo tax?
I have a main full time job which I am taxed normal and a second job on BR,if i send a P45 to my 2nd employer?
SSA 1099 form question?
claiming a child on taxes?
tax question ????????????/?
Can I deposit my income tax check into my mother's bank account?
What is with the gas prices?
My daughter has been living with her boyfriend for a little over a year. Legally, I think they are considered?
Can anyone explain how the contributions under IRC Section 415(c)(1)(A) are treated?
need help taxes......!!!?
does the financial accounting standards board issues income tax rules?
Tax deductions?
Are there ways to get the maximum federal housing tax credit if you make more than 75,000?
does my ex employer have to send me my w2?
How to form a non-profit tax exempt org?
Claiming a Dependent When You Have Legal Guardianship?
What are the limits on claiming allowances on your W4?
If a friend gives you a large sum of money as a gift, is that taxable income?
Can my boyfriend claim me on his taxes?
Can I deduct internet service and cell phone service if I am required to have them for my job?
What is difference between up tax and vat use by trader in up?
Can the IRS take your social security disabilty?
i have become disabled, can i get tax free money from my 401k?
How much income do you need to qualify for the child tax credit for 2011?
How can I check on-line what I owe the IRS in back taxes?
On a 401k are the employer required to take social security taxes out before entering it in your 401k account?
How do tax laws affect the budgeting process?
I have 3 children please help with this tax question?
in fiifty years do you think australians will still be getting the pension?
Does Marriage really provide and tax benifit if you don't have children? If so, please explain.?
If I make 3,000 a month?
is it possible her mom can do this to us on our income tax forms?
Did anyone else's date for SBBT change?
Does this count as self employed?
When will I receive my "Tax Rebate" check from bush? How much will I get?
How much do I have to charge to get $10 after sales tax and other taxes.?
I forgot to send the w2 form with my incometax form. What do I do?
I need help filling out W4 Form for the first time?
what does MNSIT, USFIT, USMEDEE, and USSOCEE mean for taxes on paychecks?
I am starting freelance work how do I do my taxes?
How much will my next paycheck be?
What does means Tax year in Benefit department in the UK?
I didn't get my federal tax return yet, is this normal?
Tax depreciation vs Book depreciation?
Unemployment claim questions?
i bought a home this year. Will I get 8,000 at the end of the year when i file my taxes?
irs.ort where is my refund?
I made $8808 in total last year I claimed 0 at every job how much will I get back?
can you take taxes out and put them into savings and pay them all at the end of the year?
What is the price of a newspaper (including taxes)?
Are there forms online I can use to file my taxes from last year for federal and state?
Multiple Choice - Canadian taxes question?
Does the IRS consider $50,000 a day compensation unreasonable?
Brislin Corporation is issuing $162,400 of 8%, 5-year bonds when potential bond investors want a return of 10%?
Mom is trying to claim my daughter on her taxes?
Can my daughter claim esa ..UK only?
If there is a complementary income for retirees, beside CPP?
Do I still get all credits when I file my taxes at the end of the year?
will a 1098-t form decrease $$ my tax returns?
Who can I ask if I have tin number already or not?
Indian tax computation?
What is a Tax Return Transcript and how do i get it?
If an Australian company pays RMB to an employee in China, what tax rate should apply?
Are banking fees tax deductible?
In Rep. of Ireland, what does 655 in tax relief actually mean in terms of money?
Turbo Tax verses H&R Block's Tax Cut?
this is about filing taxes!?
Is a "relocation payment" considered income?
I babysit my neighbors daughter weekend and make $50. From May to now. Can I file taxes?
How do you fill out an 1040EZ?
How can I get my lender to agree on a forbearance agreement to avoid a foreclosure on a 60 days late???
If my total for something is $40.00, and the sales tax is 4.65%, how much would the total cost be with tax?
Offshore Savings Accounts?
Question on irs deduction for long term nursing home expenses?
What day of the week does South Carolina issue direct deposit refunds?
If i make money on the forex market, is there a tax for it?
Can the IRS take or put a lien on our primary home?
Why do people with higher paying jobs pay more tax?
Where can I find recent IRS 990 filings?
I just got a job, need help with taxes?
How much income tax would I pay?
Can I claim home office tax credit if I work from home 40% of the time?
What do we pay our taxes for??National insurance stamp??
Will I have to claim my mother of my benefits?
Hi, Can anyone help me by telling the tax system in USA for the salary,?
IRS? Quick alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Additional Tax Deduction help?
trusted USA parcel forwarding address company?
I just settled out of court. Are civil settlements around $130,000 taxable? If so, how much will IRS take?
why do we prepare taxes?
I got married in October, but my husband is not living in the US yet and doesn't have a SSN. Can I claim him
When will my tax return be here?
Do I have to pay taxes on a Class action lawsuit settlement?
Telecom Excise Tax - Is it still legal?
who do i report to if my employer will not file taxes on me or the company?
How much is 2.25 % tax to $40?
HR Block tax fees?
Who pays most of the tax imposed on alcohol: the consumer or producer?
If I change my W-2 from single to married, will it increase or decrease my take home pay?
Legal question: What is the criminal thresshold for embezzlement??
DBA account and 1099?
Can I file a claim on this transaction?
How do i start importing second hand cars from uk ?
Am I paying too much in taxes?
Child tax credit claim, how long should a new claim take?
Can you claim grand children as dependents on your taxes?
Did anyone get their refund?
I want to see my pan card so how ?
I electronically filed my taxes on February 2, 2012.?
What time does the irs dd stimulus payments into the bank for May 9.?
Can my mom claim me as a dependant?
How do a run payroll with no software and having never run payroll before?
In Canada, how much of your income goes to taxes?
I know I will end up owing the IRS this year, that is why I haven't filed yet......?
TAX Question... for 3yrs on med disability thru state pension etc... Im single, and provided for 2 kids?
Do we need a homebuyers report?
Do I need to change my ID? Moved out of state.?
How do i get a job doing corporate tax returns?
has anyone recieved their refund? i got the code a week and a half ago and the irs site hasnt changed yet?
Do you reciece any tax deductions for payments to the patent office on patents? I do not own a business.?
property lines and paying taxes?
when the results of sbi clerical recruitment Exams held on 06-07-08 be announced?
If my income is less than 12,729 dollars, but I'm self I have to file taxes?
Question about my federal tax from Texas?
where is my tax refund?? It's been over 3 weeks preparer not answering my calls?
adjustable gross income?
can I file 3 different W2's at different times?
can i claim myself at 18 ?
In the aggregate-demand/aggregate-supply model, an increase in taxes causes ____ to ____ in the short run.?
Can i get anything more from the irs if I became a a first time homeowner or was it just the 8,000?
has anybody used sbbt through turbo tax?
If I get audited, but still don't owe anything, what can happen?
Estimate Taxes from Investments?
how can I pay taxes on income if self employed and employer does not take out withholding?
$20 bill in cirulation?
company cars and vans which do you pay the most tax on?
can at&t charge sales tax on an i-phone based on it's taxable unit value, not the actual price you pay.?
compute the cash collections- accounting?
Legal question: What is the criminal thresshold for embezzlement??
Will I get in trouble with the IRS if I've been married for 1.5 years but my W-4 status is still "Single"?
Did you file your tax's yet ?
if some one claimed me on their taxes. can i still file the 1040a form?
tax write off of company share losses?
How much tax is paid each month on a $90K salary?
To those who haven't recieved there refund today...?
Is it still joint?
How does the IRS enforce tax compliance on dual citizens abroad?
comparre quicktax, taxwiz and ufile?
Anyone with 2/7 tax updates?
What are the annual costs of maintaining a business in NY city?
I got 4000 dollars from the irs from my friend kids im 22 and bugging out bc the irs is after me what do i do?
Will Obama raise our taxes?
has anyone ever settled a debt with IRS? How does it work?
do 17 yr olds have to fill out a w4 form?
Best way to get out of trouble with the IRS, if you owe back taxes.?
How do I work out whether to get a company car or take the allowance?
Has anyone filed offer and compromise for back taxes and gotten it?
how to file amended 1099 mis and what is the dead line.?
hi, about filing forex taxes..?
Do disregarded entities (a single member LLC) have EINs?
How and when do I file taxes or report income as an Independent Contractor in California?
Compare and contrast the social security tax and medicare tax.?
can one one person live with a salary of 2000 dollers per month in usa in 2009?
Toy: did you recieve your Irs refund I didn't recieve mine yet?
capital gains tax for non resident non citizen alient in USA?
Is it ok for an employer to stop withholding federal tax without informing the employees?
Consequences of abolishing income tax?
do i get money back on my taxes if i am paying cash for my daughter to go to daycare?
Employer hold check till end of day so we cant cash till next day?
When you buy a house & its tenanted do you get screwed tax wise?
what is a net monthly income. or what is the difference between A net monthly income to a gross monthly income
If you own a piece of land and the taxes on the house are deliquent do they repo the land ?
Can I write off money lost in the stock market?
Mortgage deduction on taxes?
Court order name change and the IRS?
how do adjust these entries that are already in the general journal?
I'm a plant pathologist my study was finished and now im unemployment what can i do????????
am I in the higher tax bracket if I am earning 35K per year?, how much will I get/be taxed per month?
i don't live in the home that is owned by my sister and i, but the tax bill come to me at my address.?
How do ISAs work and how can I benefit?
if i make over 100,000 dollars from the internet, do i need to pay taxes on that?
In my joint federal return can I put the first name to be whichever will give us a higher state tax refund?
who claims the tax exemption for kids in foster care? can ther parent, or the foster parents?
I made some money in 2004, but I lost my job in 2004 became homeless. Do I owe IRS any tax?
1099 tax question please.............?
Is Delphi Stock now worthless?
My state tax refund (for Alabama) claimed to already have been mailed on the site but I never received a check?
Can you claim hair donations to locks of love on your federal tax return?
Which website gives Import-duty and other surcharges rate?
If my mother doesn't claim me on her taxes even though i live with her can i still file as an independent?
custom charges uk and best delivery method..?
I still live with my parents but plan on leaving soon (I'm an adult), can I file my own taxes if I want to?
How to avoid Personal Holding Company Taxes?
do senators pay income tax?
what the best shipping company from UK to Saudi Arabia?
if you refinance your home and cash out 30000 is it taxable income and when do you pay capital gains?
could a video game system that is 400$ price on it have a 30$ tax rate on it?
Is HR Block's Taxcut software as good and as easy as TurboTax ?
What is Barak Obama going to do with taxes?
I am going to incorperate my business.....what happens if I move to another state?
Is VAT chargeable on an item from Canada coming to the UK?
Income tax benefits of different brackets?
What do I do with my paycheck ? check stub ?
can you pay your taxes at the IRS?
who pays the IRS gift tax on gifts above $12,000, the donor or the beneficiary of the gift?
can you apply for any other benefits if you receive child tax credit?
how prepare income and expenditure account from receipt and payment account?
On a tax return, what does "Amount Due" mean?
Can you please answer my question about tax returns?
Duty to take a car back to India from UK?
Applying Schedule K-1 to form 1040?
property taxes in massachusetts?
Should I form a partnership, C corporation or S corporation ? Tax purpose?
i got a inheritance from the state of ca.i live in pa will i have to pay tax on it?
i have received a summons to court for non payment of council tax?
Taxes on 1099? Please help?
I did not file taxes last year, but used turbotax this year?
if i make 48k a year and have 2 allowances on my federal taxes, about how much will my take home pay be?
In SD. Purchase heating fuel. Get 5% discount. Must I pay sales tax on the full amt. or discounted amt.?
Tax Help! Got a letter from the IRS Today?
New York State Tax #?
Would you support having your taxes increase by $15 each year if it would provide health insurance?
pan card query..plsss help!!?
How do you determine property tax in Florida?
What is the Excel formula to calculate salary after tax, ni and student loans deductions?
Tax treatment for brother transferring monthly money from USA to my account from which I pay parents expenses?
does ne one know how much taxes they take out of a paycheck in arizona?
How to claim a warranty/refund when a seller refuses?
Which American state has the lowest tax burden?
Taking out an extra $20 for your withholding tax every payday, Good or Bad idea?
How do you know when you are getting your rebate checks?
Can you really claim "exempt" in the State of California up to 3 times a year?
A resource for business and property taxes in different states and how to compare rates. NEED HELP ASAP!?
When I go to the mall, why does everyone look at my feet?
Is it right that people get paid to give up smoking??I say NO!!! this a TAX free giveaway cost £150 PER HEAD!!
which business can i start so that i get a good pay and marry a model and live in luxury?
How to get a postage to someone by 8th May (bank holiday today)?
Will my beats studio be seized by customs? (UK)?
How much income tax will I be paying?
Can I deduct bank fees(overdrafts etc.) from prior years on my 2005 taxes?
Do I need to include "Tuition for college and other higher education"?
401(k) distributions received by non-US Citizen?
SHould my mom include me in her income tax form?
Help on sec 1231 forms?
Can I get in trouble for not filing US tax returns when living overseas as a US citizen?
How much will I make a week with taxes taken out?
Why are there taxes in exsistence?
what can I do to lower the taxes on my house?
should taxes be lowered?
perdiem - can i take this deductions on my expense - travel?
Unfiled Taxes Since 2007.?
Can my BF claim our daughter when filing taxes?
Should you be able to claim a child on your taxes when you are paying child support?
Can my boyfriend claim my children on his taxes?
NHS pay band 2 (UK Hospitals)?
Never received 2008 Stimulus Check for amended return - any recourse?
Webcam modeling, taxes, and parents?
If I have a job...?
do we get tax on the 5th week of june pay check?
how many hours do you have to work to claim working tax credits?
i had applied for pan card and i got my acknowledgement and it was dispatched long can i get it?
Do I need to pay estimated CA state tax on the gains from a stock sale?
Service tax in restaurants?
Will there be a separate tax beginning Jan 2011 for health care reform?
tax question re: retirement account distribution?
If I am single with no children, how much taxes would I pay on $90,000?
What exactly are dependents on your job?
iowa income tax rates for child support forms?
what is a busiines plan?
Is anyone waiting for the federal cobra subsidy to be extended like I am?
what is surcharge rate?
W4 help, 22 year old, first job?
Why does the Goverment take so much out in Taxes?
Can some one else clam your property taxes?
Being self employed?
anyone file their taxes on feb 4th? serious question...?
Philippine Post Office......?
Is it a good living on benefits in the UK?
Tax code has changed from 0T to 810L.?
How to report car allowances to IRS so it will show up on my W-2?
Tax Question: If I pay my own health insurance premiums, is it tax deductible?
Filed taxes late. What now?
when you go to get your taxes done at h&R block... how long does it usually take?
do i need to tell the benefits people if im working under 16 hours a week?
If I am single female and earn $14,000 before taxes, should I claim single and "1" or single and "0"?? I?
How do i do taxes for a business?
Do gift cards have Border Tax, Duty?
How can I find out how much taxes I will owe if I withdraw from my IRA of $70,000?
Irrevocable Trust disbursement, it is taxable?
How do I file for extension if my taxes are already late?
how can i get my tax refund when my tax preparer put the wrong acct numb? he has admitted to mistake on paper
Why am I being billed with amount different from signed receipt?
what happens to a person who misuse your social security number?
Do I have to pay tax in Germany if I order something from china?
If your 16 with a job, can the government take taxes out the paycheck?
Won't raising capital gains taxes hurt the Middle class?
What does a tax offset go to first?
If I made $272,000 income last year, what avenues can I use to reduce my taxes? its for the year 2005!?
my bank says i lose 20% of my ira roth, if i close it before 59 1/2. i thought it was 10 % of the interest?
where can i find a section on how to get w2 from arby's restaurant?
How do I start a charity to help a friend with cancer - people are willing to donate but ask about taxrelief?
what can i spend my social security survior benefits on?
If i make 7.25 as a tipped employee, am i required to still claim tips?
My tax preparer has told me that my flight school expenses are NOT tax deductible?
I claimed ZERO on my W4 and my employer did not take out enough taxes. Is there anything I can do about that?
Anyone else have their tax refund date with IRS Change?
If I make $673 gross per week and have 3 dependents how much will be taken out after taxes?
When it comes to you have to enter ALL w2's? ?
I have a irs refund deposit date of February 8, 2012 has anyone gotten their's?
Should I receive my IRS refund when stated?
Where is my economic stimulation payment?
How much will I have to pay for the taxs and handling in Canada E.L.F cosmetics purchese my total was $74.25?
fixed deposits are exemt from income tax..but when the fixed deposit matures is the income from it taxable ??
Is it better to file married or separate?
What is the monetary limit for 'Below Poverty Line' in India.?
When filing taxes do I use the number on my permanent resident card?
What are Canada's income and property tax rates?
How can I file my taxes online for free [details included]? Can your SS check be garnished in the state of Missouri?
when is a business a business?
where does texas mail their 2009 federal tax return?
Filed taxes with Turbo Tax. Where do I find my tax return?
What was the minimum wage from October 06-07?
Would I get taxed in two states from my new job?
how much sales tax is on 19.95?
how do i get my tax refund?
is tax value and appraisal value the same on houses or what is the difference thanks?
What can you do with an ein from the irs for your business?
I accidently put my federal tax witheld on my state return for state income tax?
Do I pay less tax on share dividends or on capital gains by share dealing?
I havent filed taxes in two years,what do I do?
I worked and lived in one state but moved to another where would I collect unemployment ?
at 8% sales tax how much is something that is $8?
I had no income the last 4 years do i stesl have to file taxes?
How to deduct tax from wage in excel?
is gross salary the same as gross wages?
U.S. Government personnel is issued a tax exempt credit card to purchase goods. Are any transactions taxed?
I lost my tax forms and never filed.?
does the financial accounting standards board issues income tax rules?
Can i apply 4 PAN card even though i have no income??.?
Do I have to pay VAT tax on a purchase from the EU and shipped to the US?
State Employer Account No. vs. EIN?
If a state does not tax its residents can it still impose a tax on non-residents that work in their state?
Why is family allowance paid to rich people who don`t need it?
when is "no tax day" in florida?
ive only just started working been 1 month, all employees here get christmas bonus..willi get one too...?
Can you donate to yourself or family member and write off tax?
Self Employed - Earning Approx £4000 a year?
Is there any way to file your state taxes for free or really cheap online?
I filed my 2004 taxes in 2005. i havent recieved my state tax check as of yet its been since sept. What do i d
how much is tax on 39.96?
Do I have to pay taxes separately for my company if I am also self-employed?
if i sell my house in ireland will i have to pay tax?
when can i file my income tax?
Mr. A was appointed as a manager on 1st july 2010 in the grade of 20000-500-22000-1000-25000 with two advance ?
I have to report my boss to the IRS. What can expect to happen?
Is social security taxed, even if I pay taxes to get that benefit?
I didn't record my mileage last year, what to do?
can the HMRC resend CT603 ?
tax direct deposit qeustion?
when ordering online does....?
Hybrid Auto. tax credit ...need some clarifications?
Can I claim tax on travel I haven't yet done this year?
Why do we need to fill income tax?
Being taxed on my expenses income?
Is there a simple equasion for how much tax one would have to pay on 50,000 Yrly.?
College student who is a dependent getting a stimulus check?
will irs take money from this year's return to pay previous years taxes?
What is with the gas prices?
My tax code is 522L, Ist his right when I am a student?
Can I go to GameStop and use my mothers tax exempt card?
i need to amend a tax return, i have been everywhere on here trying to find out how to do it..i did my taxes t
withholding allowances for a married married man with kids. best option?
how do I get a copy of my 2290's?
part exchange car and tax disc help please UK?
Has anyone was accepted after Jan 20-25 before 11 am gotten a direct deposit date yet?
Are we getting our tax refund this year?
Moved from Tennesse & the tags expired & just moved to Washington State.. do I need to pay tax on my truck?
I lost my payroll check? Can I have it reissued?
Business tax question:?
Should I DECLINE a raise if it will push me into another tax bracket?
Is it worth it for me to have a lower income?
Can I file Taxes With No Income?
can i qualify for a mortgage if i make more now than my tax return says?
Where is my state taxe?
last year my old boss didnt hold out taxes on my weekly check. then gave me a 1099... can i do anything?
i only grossed 4000 this year i have 2 kids..should i get back more than 900 in taxes?
Does California sept internet sales tax effect Ebay?
what is the difference between a realized gain or loss and a recognized gain or loss?
meaning of CIF in taxation?
Australian Education Tax Refund Questions - URGENT?
What does my corporation have to file for tax purposes?
Sales tax on Sale of Technology?
How do I close my UK HSBC account from Spain?
To whom I write down if TDS is not deposited by Employeer on my PAN A/c?
Has anyone received their tax refund through turbo tax scheduled for direct deposit on January 30th 2012?
How likely is it that I will get Audited?
I'm about to start my own business. What do I need to keep track of so I can file taxes when it's tax time.
How do I figure the total cost of something with tax?
What items are tax deductable in Rhode Island? I'm self employed?
Do prostitutes have to claim thier income at the end of the year?
How much does it cost to buy some land in Australia desert?
What if you don't file your taxes?
Do I need a state or city business license to sell on Ebay? Does this hurt my taxes?
Social Security tax?
Do any of you know Matt Tidwell?
Should I stay LLC or be Added to Payroll?
why postpaid customers should pay service tax but not prepaid?
If I make current all money owed to the IRS will I recieve my stimulus payments from 2005,2006 ?
Homebuyer Tax Credit Question.We started building our new house in March 2007, got temp. occupancy in July '07?
Im on social security disability-do i file a tax return?
Santa barbara tax products group has no record of tax return?
question about someone claiming my kids on their return?
Can you claim unemployment if your spouse works?
how long does it take for inheritance to pass through uk courts?
Does anyone how to find out when I'll get my tax refund in the mail?
How do I find a corporation's federal id number online?
Paying your property taxes?
Whats the earilest day you can efile your 2011 taxes?
How do I know if I qualify for a second extension of UI benefits in CA?
Tax deducted mutual fund?
what can i do a research on?
why have my refund date changed from 2/1 to 2/19/2008?
I am single working adult, trying to attend college I pay my taxes fed and state. Georgia says I owe them ?
just a curious. what if ur only income is from interest from a bank? do u still need to file?
Is rent paid to wife (for property not owned by her) is allowed u/s 10(13)A?
will bank of america allow my tax refund to be deposited into my mother's bank account?
How do i calculate to amount of taxes that come out of my paycheck?
How can i calculate income tax for shares?
question about forex loss vs following year tax rate?
Will I get in trouble for writing EXEMPT on my W4?
what expenses can I write off for college?
what r d issues of depreciation in accounting standard -6?
income tax rates in india?
When Americans talk about salaries, average wages (e.g. 60k / yr,120,000 / yr) are these gross or net amounts?
What happens if you overpay/underpay slightly on your Payments on Account tax?
will i have to pay income tax this year even if i have been working for only 6 months?
I need major help for my w4 form please.?
What is the length of time you must keep prior tax returns and receipts?
Farm Mileage Deduction for tax purposes 2011?
What is the wage for a 16 year old in the UK?
What is tax liability for a house sold overseas?
return audited for claiming niece?
I have lost my canadian tax return transcript from last year and need it for my health benifits?
Is anything 100% tax deductable ie it comes directly of you tax bill?
does florida have a state income tax?
Do I get a refund if social security, medicare, state and local taxes were withheld? No federal income tax.?
The IRS deposited my tax refund and when i tried to login to santa barbara website to access my account, this?
tax laws??????????
Is a trust what I need? or pay the taxes?
Can I claim all of these people on my taxes and if so what will happen?
Has anyone got an update on wheres my refund yet...mine is still saying by Jan 31st?
can you ever deduct social security?
I am lookingfor the information on filing on form 1065?
How does the higher tax bracket work?
Do you think ppl that make over $250,000 deserve an extension on the Bush tax cuts?
Unemployment question?
Student loan payments?
If you claim two exemptions then you receive a larger paycheck but have less withheld for less refund, right?
Married in May- How to file taxes?
Aren't Tax Credits delightful?
What is the average amount of inheritance?
Weekly payments form?
If I watch CD/DVD on TV, do I have to pay license fee in UK? And if I watch TV on PC with TV tuner card then?
Non payment of Provident fund?
If I only worked ONE day for a certain company in the year 2011, do I have to claim it on my taxes?
Am 16. Do I get income tax?
can i gett edd(unemployment)?
philadelphia tax wage?
Are warranties taxable in Massachusetts?
how much would my monthly salary be if my annual salary is £23877?
tax on merchandise in california?
Tax dependency and health insurance...? College student in MA?
I am a single mom of 2. I claimed 9 dependents all year. Will I owe if my annual income is $27,000.00?
I live in Virginia but I'm moving to New York. Where do I file my income tax?
Can I deduct the mileage i put on car for going to classes?
I'm a teenager who exempted taxes off my W form? Quick question. Please answer.?
should my 17 year old file his own taxes or be filed on ours?
What is the full form of CTC?
Question about Allowances?
If I earnt 16k per year, how much would I take home per month after tax? thanks?
Sorry! Can you please tell me when the IRS send out the refunds on what day of the week. thank you very much.?
I have question about tenant living with my parent's supplemental income.?
Tax Refund Please help?
Agent orange death benefits/Income taxes?
Is Romney required to realease addtional tax returns?
im from NZ and just bought an investment property on the gold coast,can i make interest only payments on it?
i started work on 9th january 08?
Tax assessment question - is the purchase price of a home evidence of the assessment value?
My ex owes me over $8000 in back child support - how do i get his tax return garnished?
What is the expansion of SEBI?
are sweden and uk lapdogs of USA?
How can I pull an Alan Bond to minimise paying tax and not get caught?
profit maxing implies minimizing cost?
"Where's My Refund is currently unavailable. Please try again later"?
Can i claim postage and handling i'll pay out of my own pocket for eBay sales on tax?
Is it more patriotic to pay taxes or avoid them?
where can we find post office(fixd Deposit) rules 1968?
what do i have to do to find my tin #?
how can you get a copy of last years W2?
what is the name of the STATE agency that administers wage and hour law in Florida?
Filing Status question?
Paying 0T tax code, what documents i need?
which bank in India has no frills account for children under 18 years?
Should I wait to file because of the economic stimulus plan?
Problem regarding PAN (Permanent Account Number)?
can I claim tax back for clothes I've bought at my shop for wearing for work?
How do i pay taxes?
what should i do??unemployment?
When will i have to pay taxes?
is there any service tax on software development / maintenance / software services in INDIA?
Is there a certain percentage taken out of your paychecks for taxes?
Do I have to pay tax on a car given to me from my mother?
I was eligible for tax credit for college in 2009, is there a way I can still claim it?
Do individuals in Nevada pay no income taxes at all?
Tax time, gambling losses question again?
Now what advice do you have? IRS - Back Taxes - Levy Filed...Help I'm broke?
How would a business co-owned by a US citizen and a Canadian citizen file taxes?
Tax help for capital gains?
on which goods sales / vat tax is levied? what are declared goods, list of declared goods and current rates?
somebody with no car tax?
My friend is filing his taxes return late, do he still get a refund?
where to go for on line filing of past year taxes 2000-2002?
I am 22 years and married and in college can my mom still claim me on her tax return ?
How much will i pay in taxes next year?
What percentage of your income do you get to keep after taxes?
how can i turn someone in for tax evasion anonymously?
what can i do if someone claims my child for their tax's?
How old to collect social security?
I heard that in2011 Obama has new laws for inheritance tax. You lose 55 percent. Is that true.?
How long does it take to receive your amendement from the IRS once you've filed it?
Can different tax credits be combined?
What are the income tax brackets?
Local tax rate for the peach bottom area of Pennsylvania?
Is £156,00 salary per year good for two person to live in London alone? how much saving after tax & expences?
i lost my PAN card. how do i get a new one ?
Claiming head of household?
Tax ?...I received a w2 from military but have been separated for a few years...?
Do you think its better to pay very high tax but then almost have everything looked after for you?
How should my wife fill out her W-4?
what is total federal income tax?
how do you get out of paying your baqck taxes?
How to tax your booth at a fair?
If sex was taxed, would there even be a National Debt?
working tax credit question?
Do lower taxes create jobs?
Any updated news on filing dates and deposit dates for the upcomimg tax filing?
what if i have knowingly not filed a tax return in eight years?
if you are single with no kids and you live on your own, can you file as head of household?
does anybody know how much council tax u pay for band A? we are 2 adults and a baby. thanks?
School taxes still haven't been paid by our mortgage company?!?
Question about tax return reviews?
balance sheet and profit and loss in excel format for income tax audit report please giuve me a link or email?
Excise duty on sprinkler pipes?
U.S. Tax "rebate"?
what is the minimum social security check when you file at age 62?
can i sell 2 properties in one year and use the proceeds for one new house and avoid capital gains taxes?
What determines how and if you get a refund when you do taxes?
how to stop these tax scams?
In Sanfrancisco,California how much spent to lead a life with family?
What is the PA state tax on a gallon of gasoline? How does this rank vs. other states?
If the Bush tax cuts end, will I be forced to produce money for taxes on the gross income of my business?
Can we claim homeschooling expenses?
lump sum distribution from severance. What are options to avoid taxes?
Deferred Taxes Accounting Question?
what form do i need for settlements?
child support offset?
If the irs finds that you owed student loans will they take the refund that has been deposited in your account?
I heard the IRS might send out taxes a little earlier then 30th, could this be true? ?
How can I ensure that my estate isn't eaten up by debts and back taxes owed by my heirs?
I make 780 in two weeks how much tax should i save?
Looking for information on meeting/business meals deduction? (not 50%)?
Do people pay income tax??
1099 employee tax help?
Calculating tax from dividends at different tax brackets?
Unemployment and 1099?
If you sell stock in Washington state, Do you have to pay for the state capital tax?
At what age do taxes have to be taken out of a paycheck?
Subject to self emplyment tax?
If I owe the IRS, will I still receive a stimulis check?
Does anyone else still have a date of 1/31/2012 for their IRS tax refund Direct Deposit?
can a p.o. box be used when filling out a tax form?
I have a cp12 tax form please explain,?
Where do I stand with paying Tax back to the HMRC?
My taxe return from last year may have gotten thrown away...can i go to jail over this?
Adjusting Entries /Accounting?
Is it legally okay for a single person to claim more than one exemption if he/she has no dependents?
can my parents claim me on their tax return?
compair real estate tax by state?
would like some advice on tax which is paid from wages?
Do i have to pay Income Tax for house rents India?
Can an employer wait till the end of the day to pass out paychecks?
I maxed out FICA tax, then changed jobs. Now being told I must pay FICA again. Will I get it back at tax time
Where is the tax return?
Do we mark "single" on our tax info if we are getting married soon?
i want service lates tax amendment website?
Do I need my W2 formto file my taxes?
Can a govt. employee file e-return for AY 07-08 and claim refund for arrears in AY 07-08?
How much duty tax would I pay ordering a $35 pair of shoes from the United States to Canada?
Why do you have to pay for unemployment on your taxes?
p87 mileage claim, what else can i claim?
unemployment benefit with dependents?
I sent in the wrong forms on my taxes, can I make an amendment, or can I send in the other forms?
self employment AND TAX CREDITS?
How much is tax on converse chucks if they cost 49.99?
UK to USA. VAT TAX and shipping question.?
who love paying council tax? i do?
What are the stautes of limitations for a VA state tax audit?
I am sole proprietor. Self employed and would like to learn to do my own taxes.?
If you are a childminder do you have to pay tax yearly, and be classed as self-employed? UK?
How do i get the average tax rate?
Can tuition be claimed as an exemption with the IRS if it was paid by the Montgomery GI Bill?
What is the difference between various categories of poeple who work with income tax matters?
How much do I have to pay in taxes if I have a 1099 in NY and NJ?
How do I get the nett figure from the VAT amount?
In what month of the year do you recieve your tax return money?
The company I work for are in trouble and have come up with the below idea to save money on salaries:-?
Need help with state tax Leins, there not mine!?
Im a waitress at this job its my first day how do I add 7% tax when I calculate the check?
If the reason to apply ITIN is Exception 1(d) NON-IMMIGRANT benificiary of 401(k), then is account # the IRA?
Will this foreclosure/short sale result in taxable ordinary income?
what does 6% sales tax mean?
What kind of taxes do I pay for shipping auto parts to other country?
Do deposits to your bank under $5,000, be it cash or money transfer online, get reported to the IRS?
Should carbon tax be imposed on airplanes?
Can you distinguish between the net income and the operating income?
Los Angleles Sales Tax will be 10.25% in next year, what is your reaction?
How will income earned by a US tax-paying citizen from a foreign trust in the UK be taxable in the US?
Question about tax return when amended?
I accidentley closed out a site can I get it back?
How many levels of taxation are in a loaf of bread I purchase at my local grocery store?
Is "Where's my refund" down again ?
Are claims received for renters insurance due to hurricane Katrina taxable?
will you get audited if they didn't remove taxes off unemployment?
How much will I owe in taxes (10-99)?
I forgot to send the w2 form with my incometax form. What do I do?
Calculating included VAT?
Are there any tax preparation services that will do your taxes for free if they can't get you a refund?
Do I have to report or pay taxes on borrowed or invested money?
Capital gain tax or income tax?
Can somebody explain how raising taxes on the top bracket will hurt small businesses...?
anybody received their tax refund for 2012?
Is there a way to be taxed less by the government?
i'm claiming working tax credits but each week my hours change from 0-40hrs should i tell the government ?
Filing taxes when taxes are not removed from your pay check?
Can I claim my girlfriend on my taxes, we have a child together and she's lived with me for the past 3 years.?
How do you find out what to pay in taxes for jewelry sold?
do you have to pay taxes on medical lawsuit settlement money?
If I move to Finland and work at sea, will I have to pay Finish taxes?
Where can I get my local taxes done?
can i file with my last pay stub?
Has anyone gotten their nc state refund check?
Tax Returns For Tomorrow?
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