I get a UK ilitary pension that is taxed at source am i liable for spanish tax?
Can you write off cosmetic surgery?
How much tax will i pay?
My dad needs to do the tax returns, and now my Mom is on her last straw!?
recieved my income tax in march never recieved my state check how do i find it?
why do we have............?
What is the basic requirement for deducting employees provident fund of partnership firm in Mumbai?
I am indian senior citizen housewife having income from my FDs how will i know how much income tax to pay ?
IRS - I just filed 2008 return because I never did it.?
I've just bought my car and waiting for log book and insurance doc..but i need tax how do i get this?
where can I find a list of tax deductions. I want to go prepared and know what I am able to qualify for.?
What reference code 1091 mean irs?
my former employer made a mistake when paying my tax.How can I get her to pay off the debt she refuse to pay?
Register Tax Preparer?
Okay it's 5/1. Has anyone received their stimulus check yet?
How long can an employer hold a personal expense check?
what is the equivalent in the american system of the "redressement fiscal" in french?
Taxable Deductible Gifts?
Is a refund larger if you file head of house hold verus single?
If I made payments, can I claim interest paid on realestate if my name is not on loan, but it's on title?
sales taxes in washington dc , at target?
My Solicitor & Accountant are unsure of the corporation tax still owing from the previous owner. I believe its?
can my employer lower my pay rate?
Anyone familiar with QuickBooks-payroll-pre-tax insurance?
What is CTC in Salary?
Why can't I file my taxes? what is the form 3800?
How much do they take out of your paycheck for taxes?
Anyone scheduled to get refund on the 1st and get it today?
how many MP´s do you think will say "no" to the new suggested conditions relative to expenses and leave?
*OKAY, everybody, now THIS section..*?
Should I have paid PAYE tax?
I'm starting a new job. can I claim 2 dependents if I'm single?
If you live within your means, how much of your taxes do you get back in value?
How much would u pay?
What happens if I disagree with taxes owed?
Where can I find a tax office that will file previous returns after April 15th?
joint claim to single clain?
Do we have to pay income tax?
I filed my 2010 taxes electronically and I added my son as a dependant, is there any way I can remove him?
What' an Emp. withheld tax?
UK - Council Tax. I'm sure I am paying too much?
about taxes please help dont want to get in trouble?
i have never worked and 19 years old, i want to file for income tax but want to know can i if i never had job?
did anyone get their tax refund today?
I have a full-time job but do freelance work on the side. What do I need to do about taxes?
can i get tax refund if i work for cash?
Is H and R block a good place to file your taxes?
19, made $8,000 in the last year, why do I have to pay taxes if my parents are claiming me? ?
bought house in08 to fix and sell,sold in 2010?
hi Which category do i ask on questions of pension with uk companies?
How much tax on min. wage for a minor?
on a w-2 what is the diffrence?
UK law. My brother works as a despatcher for a taxi company. His boss only pays him £3 an hour.?
How much taxes should be taken out of my paychecks?
How much will taxes take out of my weekly paycheck?
When you file for taxes;?
looking for the i.r.s web site for tax retrun?
My mom claimed me on her taxes, will I still get a $600 rebate check?
How much do I have to pay in import duties for a 80$ parcel from USA to UK?
Where can I cash my Income tax refund?
can my husband claim my two kids on his tax return even if he's not on the birth certificate?
what is the national minimum wage in uk?
Can I become a US citizen if I owe the IRS?
Should people who drive those big gas guzzlers pay a special tax?
MACRS 7-Year Property depreciation?
qualifying for social security?
What is the meaning cif?
How much will taxes be increased after the Health Care Bill?
What does increasing sales tax mean?
im confused someone help me ive heard some people say they have recieved their refund. well i havent?
Can the State of California legally suspend my tax refund check?
Can I deduct Donations given to a Prison Inmate?
I work in India on contract with co. in USA.How much income tax I pay? Can change the contract terms.?
If I have loss in my 529 plan, do I pay penalty if I withdraw for non-educational purpose?
Low income and don't want to be claimed in someone's taxes?
Anyone else upset the IRS can be late?
what are tax rates and minimum interest per annum is applicable for for the money gained from fixed deposits ?
How to avoid TDS for NRI paying taxes in USA?
Does the United States of America add sales tax onto children's clothes?
If you file a final partnership return, does the partner or the partnership need to keep the basis?
Any suggestions on how I can file an amended personal income tax return?
How do we file taxes for my brother who died in 2007?
how do you report on your taxes a college savings bond (IL) whose interest is tax exempt (from a 1099-b)?
Is there a IRA calculator to see how much I can invest for a tax deduction.?
can we switch our fund in sip ?
USA Tax Question (Receiving royalties to New Zealand) Better to register as individual or business?
My w2 is wrong it says i earned less?
What is an excise tax and what is the history of the excise tax?
Should non smokers be allowed NHS treatment?When they pay next to nothing by way of tax?
Does the Queen complete a Tax return?
could someone tell me about Tax Liens Certificates? or send me a link to explain how they work? thank you.?
If tax optional how may people we think pay taxes?
do you tell a future employer about a vacation?
Can my employer tell me how many allowances to claim on my W-4 so he can pay me less each week?
I got a 1099C from a company I've never done business with. Should I be concerned?
On the Rachael Ray show today a woman with 9 special needs children received a kitchen makeover. who pay tax?
How much do we get back in taxes?
Bailiffs. please help!?
Taxes changed mid year?
Will the exchange rate affect any customs charges?
Income Tax //2006 special depreciation allowance (aka bonus depreciation @ 30%) is it extended thru 2006 ??
llc to foreign?
What is the sales tax in Berkeley?
Can you get married while on social security and not lose your benefits?
What policies allow so many people to avoid income tax?
Can my father claim me as a dependent against my will?
Where can I get good, clear info on starting a business?
How long do employers have to pay out severance pay in Ontario?
provincial payment canada alberta?
what can i claim on tax ( im doing a business adminstration traineeship)?
Can i claim job seekers allowence and my partner still get his working tax credits?
Income Tax on personal sale?
What type of deductions can I make in my personal income tax?
Can you use the education credit for 2010 taxes for an amount you paid in 2009 FOR 2010 classes?
Reporting carrying charges (investment expenses) - do you include the GST or use the Gross amount?
i got a mail from uk stating that i have wone a cash prize now the person is at mumbai airpot and telling me?
Incometax in India on Income earned by NRI in INDIA?
Has anyone received their tax refund yet yet?
What tax is due in the U.S on an inheritance from Canada?
Scamming us with reciepts?
how to get refund when not filed return in time ?
4 billion ponds earned by immigrants leaving the UK each year. Should we be concerned?
Federal/State tax Schedule A Catch-22?
Anyone receive their tax Refund today 1/27/2012?
In Canada, is there an Inheritance Tax?
Friends Need Help related PAN CARD.... Please?
will i get that extra tax refund?
When filing taxes, is it better for a husband to file separately from his wife if she has a new business?
WMR says by the 7th I should get my refund so what does that mean I can get it from tonight until the 7th IDK?
Taxes in 3 states, I AM SOOO CONFUSED!?
LLC w/S-Corp Tax Structure?
How much does the federal government take out of our paychecks for income tax?
Do I have to report my interest revenue to IRS?
Do I need to file taxes for the amount of money I made?
Child tax credit? new claim?
Tax questions: EIC and dependants?
Is there a law that requires a person to pay a federal income tax?
Can you inherit IRS tax debt from parents if they die?
can a vat-registered company be subjected to percentage tax?
W-4 question about Dependents....?
If I am single with no children, how much taxes would I pay on $90,000?
What is the penalty if meager interest amount is not shown in tax returns?
How much do u think I will get back this year?
How do i order that tax book from the IRS to do taxes?
need help!?
Will I have to claim my 2008 government rebate check as income when I file for taxes next year?
Would my social security?
When you start work do you have to fill in a tax form if your employer will be paying for your tax?
I am planning to start an educational travel business and in that do I have to pay service tax?
Parents did not claim me as a dependent but I think they made a mistake?
Can I be claimed as a dependent?
Can an employer cut your wage?
What do I do with my paycheck ? check stub ?
how much does it cost to get tax return USA?
If someone wins a pick 4 number , but lost the claim receipt..... can u still collect ?
filing taxes separetely?
American Opportunity Credit for student?
Are cell phone sales taxes supposed to be cheaper in Pennsylvania than in New York?
what is $179.99 plus tax?
Can I donate theater tickets and is it tax deductable?
My wife worked in Maryland with a permanent address in North Carolina. Can they come for taxes against her?
When should I file my taxes?
Husband is a civilian working in Iraq for a US firm. What criteria for eligibility for a tax exempt status?
IRS refund date moved from 3/26 4/6- WHY?
Why does the IRS site say "We are sorry. Specific information about your Stimulus payment is not available.
My friend owes the IRS $3,500. What is the most intelligent way of handling this?
I had not applied for PAN card. Someone else had applied PAN card by using my Contact number. Is this Harmful?
How do I protest a raise in my property taxes?
In California: If I'm starting a job paying $8.50 an hour, how much will that come out to per hour after tax?
How does it work in regards to Scratch Tickets claiming on Taxes in Massachusetts?
What's better - Donating my vehicle and getting a $2400 write off, or selling it for $800?
If my mom took care of my children this year can I still claim them on my taxes?
Tax credit for geothermal unit on new construction?
how the are-1 duty is calculated?
how to prepare the salary structure?
Has anyone had a tax refund deposit on a Saturday?
what is the Madhya pradesh Value added tax?
Do I have to pay any tax for a parcel sent from China to USA?
what happens if I claim my girlfriends son as a dependent in my tax return?
Does everyone recieve their frist extension on your california ui claim? i'm not talking about the 2nd or 3rd?
I just realized that I owe 20K to the IRS, I am unemployed since december 2010.?
Will I receive my ex's 2008 Economic Stimulus Plan Rebate?
buying a macbook from overseas will i be charged tax?
Is is enough to live in UK with yearly salary £12000?
MFJ(married filing Jointly) vs MFS(married filing seperately) for taxes ?
Do business expenses offset capital gains taxes?
cant understand why hr block is telling me that they accepted peoples taxes too soon...and pretty much i?
wmr says they have rcieved my refund and it is being proccesed and i should have my refund within 6 week. wtf!?
chartered accountant in Ontario,Canada?
do I qualify for an NHS voucher for an eye test is I'm on contribution based job-seekers allowance?
Should I give the father of my child a portion of my tax return?
is there a way to claim my injuries in 2009 on this coming year (2011) tax return?
internal revenue service reference no. 1201. What exactly is this?
Is there a Form 3325 that gives a taxpayer permission to carry a certain child.?
Is it worth changing residency status in the UK?
gambling taxes and returns?
job seekers allowance?
What questions to ask during a sales & Use Tax audit for Salons (Nail or Hair)?
If I am working 3 hours from my home, how much can I write off & for how long?
My paychecks from 2007 has Federal Withholdings - When am I eligible to receive this money back?
what's the purpose of form w-9. am I forced to sign it?
Is a W-2 wage and tax statement the same as an IRS 1040?
i would like to know if anyone can help me, my tax code is br?
How do you pay council tax yearly?
Non-taxable per diem?
FSA and surgery date?
can over paid vat be claimed back up to 6 years in arears?
Does doing taxes on a computer make a difference?
What is HST tax and VAT tax? How are the calculated in Ontario?
Tax Implications for hardship withdrawal from 401K for 1st Home Purchase?
Homeowner for 2 years now and don't know what I owe for property taxes! How do I find out?
What legal action can an employee take if their employer has not paid them for 2+ months?
Child Tax Credit....................?
It is allowable to deduct non billable time used to market work?
I got a strange e-mail from the IRS?
I use an IRS Spreadsheet (09in11si.xls) a lot in calculations in the Politics Section?
Does my husband need to go with me to the IRS Office?
I'm about to start my own business. What do I need to keep track of so I can file taxes when it's tax time.
What would be my tax for an income of 75k on a 1099 and living in NYC?
If I win the lottery, and want to give some to friends and family, will they be taxed on its - gift tax?
I have bought a NSC on MARCH 20th 2006.Will i be able to use this for year 2006-07 tax declaration?
can a lawsuit be filed for misfileling and misrepresenting employee to the irs?
pan number of lost pan card?
if some one claim your kids on thier taxs. and they already done file. can they go back and take the kids off?
Regarding tax file for 2007?
Does the governement accept payment plans if you owe on your taxes?
401k rollover: Can I do this?
How much does it cost to send a text from the UK to the USA?
I wish to know latest provisions for section 54EC.?
are there any benefits for a pregnant woman that we can use in our tax report in California?
Where do I pay taxes, if I get granted a US green card while wroking abroad?
how many years have 2 pass where you cant file?
About the $1000 government bonus...?
8k tax credit question? can I shop someone for tax evasion?
anyone can tell love that never break?
Do we have to pay income tax?
How to report tax on the income from freelance work if I don't receive a 1099-MISC?
What is the percentage of tax for high rate earners and normal earners?
What taxes does a butcher company pay?
UK Tax Laws for Religious Organisations (Catholic Church, CoE etc) & Charities?
Irs accepted my return at 12 am on the 18th. WMR is saying I'm getting it on Feb 7th? Whats going on?
how do i get a tax exemption certificate?
Is there a way to collect my employment checks without social security being taken out?
If I claim the child tax credit exemptions on my w-4, will I still recieve the credit when I file my taxes?
Is there a restriction in the amount of tax deductions I can claim?
VAT by dealer is necessary ?
are tax benefits illiberal?
anyone else with a 00-08 social not receive their rebate yet, bc i havent received anything, no letter either?
How to obtain a copy of 2004 tax papers?
what would happen if a state eliminated personal income tax? (hypothetically speaking)?
I have investment property and want to foreclosure, how do I get rid of the tax?
HMRC ****** up Tax Code left with no wages, is this legal?
What information is included on a tax refund?
IRS question need answer please?
self employed and partnerships tax returns?
4 California BASIC Tax Questions?
Education Tax Credit Details?
If I could build a house suspended over the ground using hot-air balloons, would I evade property tax?
Student loan tax return?
How much annual self employment tax on $215,000 of income?
dose anyone know a laura patterson form greenvile taxes?
child support and tax question?
Compensation Lottery Draw A says i won $250,000?
I need some professional help regarding tax
Roughly, how much money would a part time 16 year old get paid weekly?
Taxing and Budgeting?
where is h&r block in california?
Discuss the forms of taxes imposed on persons and property?
Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred andand a substantial tax cut save you thirty pence?
Why would some states charge no Income Tax ?
How to make Tax work,in sun news of 7th june 2006 page 3 of the Newspaper.?
My mother died and left a savings account payable on her death. How do I claim this on my federal tax return?
company paying perdiem and travel out of my taxes?
How long should I wait for a correspondence audit to be examined?
I am a Private Limited Company - What Taxes Do I Need To Pay?
Should my rental houses be considered personnel investments or should I form a business that manages property?
how do i create a .tax file instead of adobe files?
when will india become a financially strong?
How do I file local and state taxes for Cincinnati OH?
will i be able to get earned income and child tax credit?
Would you report someone for not paying tax?
Is it just me or is it taking longer for the IRS to accept the taxes this year. I used Tax Act.?
Understanding my pay stub?
Can a tax preparer get me a larger return than Turbo Tax?
i lost my PAN card. how do i get a new one ?
Deducting Vehicle Expenses on Schedule A to adjust Gross Income I am taxed on?
what if i rent out my house, do i still have to pay back the 8000 tax credit?
Should social secruity be reformed or privatized?
How long does it take to process taxes?
What benefit is it to claim a dependent if you don't get anything?
Saes Tax on Craigslist?
what if i did a mistake regarding my cost of transit passes for my income tax? how am i going to correct it?
Am I liable for council tax at my place of work?
i did my taxes and i owe money because basically me and my wife make "to much money" so why are we being penal
What will be my tax benefit if I let my wife stop working and we were just on one income?
I won a contract and the site took a fee right away. Do I pay GST on the total bid, or bid minus fee?
do I have to file a 1099 misc?
Accounting/Tax Question - If I buy business property and pay upfront/cash how is it expensed?
Can I file taxes and get a refund if I only made $4,400 this year?
I need help?
I believe i claim 0 on my taxes. I paid 5500 in taxes. Shouldn't i get the large majority of that back.?
Which Taxes to Pay?
How do i calculate what tax i should be paying?
I have completed my self assessment tax return online?
i have a question about tax deductions?
Tax consequences(Annuity)?
2009 Tax Question - Dependents claiming dependents...?
Federal Income Tax was not withheld from my single and make over 30K?
do i pay tax and how much on a my home if i sell to move abroad?
When filling my tax forms out, do I round my numbers?
I am 71 and need to find the law regarding property Tax Exemption?
Besides DEATH and TAXES, is there anything else that's certain in life?
Tax rebate question. Plz answer.?
¿Why i must pay very high Tax for a purchase shiped from USA but not shiped from UK?
whether service tax penalty is payable ,if ST?
Is it required by law to pay self employment tax?
Can I declare NJ as my residence for taxes?
a tax question. please help?
VAT - example of business and non business activity for VAT?
USA Excel Tax Calculation Formula?
Climate Change?
Can you deduct the amount of a personal loan from your income tax if the borrower declares bankruptcy?
I still live with my parents but plan on leaving soon (I'm an adult), can I file my own taxes if I want to?
How much tax does someone making 250,000 dollars have to pay for a year?
What can I deduct if I work as a contract programmer in my client's office?
Benefit/ Tax fraud being committed?
Filing Head of Household-Considered Unmarried?
If I'm making 3107.32 before income tax in a month how much will my income tax be?
how should i file my taxes?
Moving to Ireland - banks etc?
Could my parents avoid capital gains from the sale of a rental property by gifting money from the sale to us?
what is the tax paid by businesses and companies to the government in UK?
are business refinancing fees deductible? If yes, are they expense or capitalize?
Why are we now paying NAtional Insurance?
If I had no income but have a child to claim, will I get a refund for him?
If you haven't filed income taxes in a few years, and may owe some but not alot, is this still a crime?
Does anywhere in the world have a flat tax system?
Have not filed income tax in almost 8 years. Self Employeed. Any Suggestions on where to go from here?
Is the macbook pro $1,100 with or without tax?
wheres my stimulas check?
What does mean by SSI (Small Scale Industry) exemption? At what rate Excise Duty is payable by SSI units?
What percentage of taxes is taken from hair stylist tips in colorado?
Did 2009 taxes online (Turbo Tax) but forgot to mail in a copy of it and the W2s.?
Is employer provided coffee and soda a fully deductible office expense or a half deduct meals and ent exp?
What is a 1099-SSA??????????
What should I do? (Found out about tax evasion)?
What is 7% tax of $139.99?
living abroad and just found out im not paying taxes?
should i claim myself as head of household even if im not?
i am taking on a part time job how much do i need to earn before i pay tax and national insurance?
If someone is a businessowner and owns a truck/building,can they include their monthly payments?
I need a return address to mail my federal income return.State of Colo.?
i am currently doing a degree after working full time for 5yrs . does that mean i dont pay tax?
what is the value of a 1957 one dollar bill?
Self employed, can you pay spouse an income?
does my husband have to pay his ex wife's taxes if she owes money?
whats are some of the reasons that you wouldn't get your income tax back?
Where is the income in Schedule C 1040?
How to tax an employee that gets paid on a per job basis?
Is Turbo Tax as good as H&R Block?
Can I write off out of pocket expenses as an employee?
Am I calculating my (UK) tax correctly?
Getting paid in cash, taxes, and welfare?
NO DD from IRS today 3/6 why?
Am I able to get a tax return this year?
No Tax on interest, dividends, or capital gains - How will that work?
How Much Are My Kids Worth on Income Taxes this year 2012?
Need a Tax Accountant -
Re $500k exemption on sale of home, does period of occupancy after sale count toward 2 yr. "use" requirement?
i'm looking for the tankers that go to the gas stations to put the gas in the ground. where do i look?
Pl. tell about Work Contract Tax, VAT, Sales Tax.
Has any one receive the federal income tax return that Had mailed the tax return,?
Best way to get out of trouble with the IRS, if you owe back taxes.?
Why are we all forced to pay out over 56% of our wages in Taxes?
What is my employer doing with my wage?
We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe othe?
How many years are you required to keep tax records and returns from previous years?
Property Tax for Business Owner?
My accountant insists that I have to list each one of the trading transactions on excel sheet. Is he right?
is student loan money considered an asset in an offer in compromise?
Can I accept donations if I am for profit?
What is the tax payable when NRI sells real estate in India?
annual corporate tax t2?
where to get free templates i.e job application forms?
Where in the world is my stimulus check???
Can I sell a property from and use rollover relief to buy two more properties to rent out?
Hi. I am a Michigan state resident where I had no income in 2007 (new mom lucky enough to stay home 1st year)
shall i pay custom duties for imported goods from china after receiving them?
If I purchase a laptop at the price of 13000 from United States and get it shipped in ahmedabad?
Question about taxes on unemployment income?
Is there a documents handling person/agency for property in chennai?
I HATE SCHOOL TAXES! Why should we pay them?
whats the diffrence if your a duel citizen for files taxes?
does anyone know what irs forms I need?
How long does it take before Unemployment start deducting paycheck wages if you owe them on a overpayment?
Should taxes be taken out of my moving expense check ?
are overseas lottery winings taxable in the U. S.?
What do taxpayers want during tax season????
Im under 18 tax question?
If my house is worth $447090, and my municipal property tax rate is $3,447.95, is this considered a high rate?
How much will you pay in penalities to withdraw an IRA in the amount of approximately 25,000 at age 45?
401 k age 72 what is the per centage l must take out?
wat is simple process to get the passport ?
I would like to know if is it possible for me to start a petrol station when am 19 years old?
Refund check question?
a question about my friend?
Irs rejected my return because my AGI or e fileing pin was incorrect?
What part of a work check can be garnish?
Is there any law in the United States that says it's people have to pay Federal Income Tax on their earnings?
Will our 07 file be affected?
I paid approx over $21,000 in interest on my mortgage. Would this help me on my taxes.?
I have started an online small business. I am based in ohio. How do I handle sales tax?
Have you received your Personal Apology from HM Revenue and Customs re your details being lost?
How to get sales tax with a calculator.?
About Payslip and PF(Prof. Tax)?
Going to USA for shopping, help with customs and taxes?
I've just started a new job and my tax code is BR. I was taxed £30 on £130 for the week. Is this correct?
what tax form do i use?
how much money does government earns from tax paid by mumbai?
Not a student moving into student house what will happen if i get caught not paying council tax?
Is council tax, band D, a good thing or bad?
Why can't I claim exempt status throughout the year?
if you make money overseas want percent goes to taxes in the US?
can you get your cell phone taken off your taxes if it is used for business? or can you get a reduced rate?
Injured Spouse Relief?
My previous company which i left on December 31st 2005 has not issued me a form 16 till date (15th June 2006).
Do I HAVETO pay taxes on a gift of $80,000?
Is being a accountant easy?
Are legal fees tax deductible?
If i get a $2,500 pension payment how much tax does CA. deduct?
Legal question regarding tax mistake?
How can the Salvation Army Thrift Stores charge sales tax when they don't pay taxes?
I live in NJ full time but work for a CA company. How will this affect my taxes?
How much on average does an IFA earn per anum?
Tax Return question help please?
If a child claims themselves can a parent still claim them on taxes?
I want someone to ask Romey if with his new tax rate for the rich of 25% will he change the capital gains rate?
how much tax and nat insurance would you have to pay when erning 300 pounds in uk ?
What amout of compansation I am entitled to get?
can you claim education expenses on takes if you get the gi bill?
How much do I set aside if Im getting a 1099 and in Tx?
Question on why I recieved state tax return but not federal tax return yet?
WMR still not updating for me!!!!!?
I know someone that lied on their taxes... What are the consequences??
How do I import a British lady?!?!?
How to become good in filing system...?
Question about sales tax across state-lines with pre-orders.?
My parents claimed me on their taxes & screwed me out of my $1200 return to save them $4000. What should I do?
Tax Question: What are the steps to deducting mileage (how does it need to be logged?) and chairty donations?
Can you file taxes for a return on Ebay?
What tax forms do I need to file for Canadian Child Tax benefits?
S corp tax rules, explain this please?
what is your famous works?
is there any tax for mailing 100 DVD from US to another country?
If a man forges someone else's name on a tax return in ILLINOIS how much time in prison can he get?
I bought a consulting business in 2005 for 6250. Would it be deductible? If so, how much would be deductible?
what are non taxable allowances as per income tax act of India,1961.?
Due date of submitting Income Tax Return for Corporate Sector for the Assessment Year 2006-07?
When will I get my taxes back?
How much will I make after taxes?
what payroll tax forms are required for WA State?
When will I get my refund from the IRS?
Wanting to get a state ID?
Tax refund...I know the questions are getting old...?
Taxes. My wife and i have have a 2 year old son and i lost my job after 8 years. Ive been collecting?
can corporations losing money deduct charitable contributions?
why wont the IRS let me claim my son that was born on December 6th 2011?
Are uniforms and parking for work deductible when filling taxes?
anyone file their taxes on feb 4th? serious question...?
???????TAX question????
I need to trace our already filed 2005 income tax refund. How do I go about it?
can you deduct funeral expenses and plot for your spouse?
can short term capital losses be used to reduce the long term capital gains??r=1226522052?
can i quite my job and collect unemplyment if he has not paid taxs to irs?
Did anyone get an update through sbbt bank?
What is the highest cash charitable contribution I can claim without needing a receipt?
What are some good France sites i could vist?
tax rate on section 1231 gain?
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help refund ?
If you did not pay taxes?
can you take a tax deduction for donating your hair to locks for love? what kind of dollar amt would apply?
Do i qualify for the first time home buyer tax rebate?
Can my boyfriend claim my daughter and I as depends on his taxes if he supported us all year?
I have a customs charge to pay on a parcel, but I can't find out how much. What do I do?
how do I calculate my tax refund?
My wages are being garnished and payroll doesn't know who is taking it?
how much do a child care director gets paid?
Is it true that there are no taxes in Tennessee?
Should all USA wage earners contribute $1 to conservation at tax time?
can you claim kids on taxes under 6 months old?
For my tax refund would I claim my school if the VA pays for it?
How do you claim tax exempt for a week of payroll?
URGENT!! (Trust income distributions - Australia)?
The council won't allow a council tax rebate?
I have an aquantence, whom has failed to file a tax return for the past 23 years. Can he avoid prosecution?
Where can I read old ATO tax rulings?
if the bank forecloses on your house, do you owe taxes because it is a forgiveness of debt?
How much does $579.99 come to with tax?
College Tax Credit, how much?
Will you spend your stimulus check differently if you receive it BEFORE the holiday weekend vs. after?
Anyone have a 2006 federal tax booklet?
My first job and my salary is only 7000/- Rs per month and my employer deducts 10% of my salary?
Delayed Refund Message at WMR.?
I have a defaulted student loan, how can I stop the IRS from seizeing my income tax return?
I know someone who doesn't pay tax, what can I do ?
Is volunteer work deductible as a charity expense on the sch. A?
what is the tax rate in dallas?
How do i know if i have to file income taxes?
Income Tax Question!?
what is the highest income tax rate in ireland?
when are taxes due? in califorina. in sf.?
how can i take advantage of my capital oss carryover?
Self employed and cant pay tax?!?
I'm 23 and still live at home with my mom. I pay her $200 a month to live there. Can I claim that rent ?
Could my monthly rent reduce my tax?
I want to know if I can claim my son as a depedent on my taxes?
Has anyone received their amended refund for 2008 yet?
how long is a bank levy from a state agency good for?
how can status indian report self-employed income on tax return ?
If you get overpaid in your salary, what is the correct figure you should have to pay back?
Filing 1099-misc and W2's!?
Where can I find an accountant preferably in Essex that knows about tax reductions for seamen?
We bought a house, and are remodeling it. What and how much of the remodeling expenses are tax deductible?
My mom claimed me on her tax returns.?
How is the value of a loss from a cybercrime defined under federal statutes (section 814)?
Is there a way to pay less income tax?
Paying Income Tax If Only Worked 3 months?
Recognized Gain/Loss?
oppurtunities for minoroties in polictics in india?
Do you support the Fair Tax that Neal Boortz and John Linder are putting forward?
I owe the IRS and I am making payments will it show in my credit report?
i've corrected my 2010 tax return 4 days before sending my corrected 2009 returns and i've received my '09 fir?
What is the foreign content limit in a Canadian TFSA?
Which states have the lowest taxes?
Im paying tax on my debit card when I'm only 13. what legal action can i take?
Whats the best way to attach a w2 form to an 1040EZ form for US taxes?
why am i paying customs charge 1/3 of the real price?
What does it mean when a spouse's name is "first" on a joint tax return?
If my wife & I file taxes: married filing separately can the IRS seize her assets to recover debts owed by me?
i make 70000 in regular job and around 11000 in part time job how much federal tax should i take out of part t?
Would you report someone you suspected was claiming working tax credits they weren't entitled to?
Has anyone actually gotten their Tax Rebate yet? Mine supposedly scheduled today...but nothing yet.?
Tax preparer screwed me over! what do i do?
Is the "adjusted gross income" the same as the "gross earnings" or "federal taxable earnings" on your paystub?
I get paid twice a month and on my pay stub it had 85 hours, isnt over 80 hours overtime?
Why does Obama want to raise my taxes?
Jesus Taxes In The US are out of control?
What do you get back/ what deductions or credits can you claim for your newborn on your taxes?
Donations and tax refund?
Taxes for Part Time Job?
Is it possible for me to claim my child on my return if they have already filed their return?
what is the market value of a company with a loss carryforward of $50,000?
if an oversea company registers a branch in the UK, what are the tax implications if there is no revenue?
Has anyone already gotten their stimulus check direct deposited yet?
IBM just sent me a revised w-2 form from 2007. they underestimated my income by 10k dollars. what can i do?
If I create a company on an indian reservation do I have to pay state income or just indian tax?
Question on item tax percentage in Illinois.?
Can I claim my 18 year old girlfriend as my dependent on my taxes if she has been living with me for a year?
can i deduct the cost of needles and sex work condoms off my income tax?
Capital gains tax on property when you move abroad?
How much money do I need to save for taxes?
Whether a propritor firm is liable for tax Audit?
What is a VAT number? because if I have it I would not pay taxes in Austria?
My refund is set to b deposited into my moms account n we dont have same name so I am being told the money ?
can my parents claim me as dependent?
Can my fiance claim our 3 month old son on his taxes if we aren't married?
Isn't the BBC license fee just another stealth tax?
I am liable to pay taxes. However, owing to some financial problems I did not pay my taxes. Is it mandatory fo?
Will the IRS take your taxes return if u owe them money?
can you donate a house to a charity,tax free?
Did not report stocks on taxes!HELP!?
Where can I get the form to fill out for the Personal Property tax that is due March 1st?
income tax 1questions?
what is service tax rate in to the garment ?
do I need to pay estimated self-employment tax if I only made $2000 in 2010?
I need some tax info, can someone help?
How to contact the IRS to report 501c3 fraud?
i haven't worked all year, im a single mom of 3 and i receive public asst. can i still get earned income credi?
Do consultants have a higher tax bracket?
Single mother nds to file taxes on student loans, grants & state assistance? How do I start?
I am being audited by the IRS for 2009 when I was married - is my ex husband responsible for helping me?
i rent space in my parent's home is my rent tax deductible?
IRS stimulus check...?
Child tax credit back payment?
Does anyone know where you can donate dresses in N. CA for a tax write off?
How do I get rid of an IRS estate tax debt?
Can the IRS continue to bill for taxes owed beyond the 10 year statute of limitations?
Is social security taxed, even if I pay taxes to get that benefit?
In how much period your Rs. 10,000 becomes Rs. 20,000 at 15% rate of interest, using (a) Rule of 72, (b) Rule?
cn i claim boyfriend son as dependent?
W2 Form handed to me?
I am required to submit a letter of insolvency to the IRS. Is there a template out there to work from?
Questions on taxes?
I didnt recieve my tax papers from2009 or2010.what do i have to do to get my tax form for those years. ?
I'm creating my own acessories shop. what is each states sales tax?
Is there a tax credit (or write off) for building a new home out of SIPS (structured insulated panel systems)?
I am paid in USD for website banner advertising , do I pay GST/HST?
If I mailed a letter first class and paid 45 cents for my stamp on a Friday, when will it arrive?
Two jobs... help me with a little tax problem!?
Is it fair for American Citizens to pay taxes when the Immigrants who are in our country illegally don't pay
What should I do I owe the IRS.?
How do I file my taxes as student?
If I was acting as a property manager for my sisters property and she allowed me to keep the rental payments?
Filing form 4361 with IRS. Will my kids loose their CHiP insurance? Please respond ASAP Thanks?
Jan Morrisons annual salary is $30,605. what is jans social security tax?
If you did not pay taxes?
whats the due date for payment of TNGST and Excise duty?
1040x Line 12..correct info?
taxes, taxes, and more or less taxes or refunds?
Minecraft Server Donation Help!?
If a couple earns $400,000 how much more taxes will they have to pay under Obama's tax plan than they pay now?
How much will my tax check be?
what payments do businesses have to pay to the uk government?
Is TDS exemption available on Interest from FD?
I pay dental insurance 100% out of pocket. Can I claim the expense on flexible spending account(cafe 125)?
Which tax year/s can I include on schedule D?
Why is it "complicated" to have, say, three different tax rates. I thought computers could do hard sums?
Will I pay Federal and State taxes if I file exempt on a bonus?
Does everybody pay federal income taxes?
can someone answer this tax question for me (W-4)?
I never filed my tax return for 2003 and I just got a huge bill from the IRS. Am I screwed?
If someone is recieving social security disabiliy would it affect thier claim?
I filed an amended return to claim the credit the end of August. Does anyone know when I will get the check?
Is there a minimum amount of money for the duty to do a tax return (1040 form)? My 1099R box 1 less than 66USD?
How much is tooken out of my paycheck for taxes, Califronia?
How many benifits can i claim?
Unreimbursed Partner (LLC) Expenses - Tax Basis from K 1?
What does the interest at the bottom of a tax return check mean?
Since the IRS is mailing my stimuls payment check so late will i get interst?
Hi guys.. I just want to know about these tax stuffs, like Fixed Deposit,etc.. please some one can explain me.?
Why am I being taxed?
where do i enter the capital contributed by a partner on our business tax return?
Interest Mortgage Loan and Tax Return?
(UK) If your housing benefit/council tax is getting stopped how much notice do you get given?
How much tax do I owe?
Can a newspaper print my name and annual income if I'm a state employee?
What can a car salesman deduct when filing taxes?
Received a 1099 form and my net income is $9800. How much money would I owe?
Why do we have to pay so much duty when order from Hot topic other stores?
Can I use a 982 Form for a 1099-A?
If my mom gives me 1.5 mill do I have to pay tax's and if so how much?
Do you have to pay taxes if someone buys your company ?
1040 line 10 - Taxable Refunds?
How can I reduce my tax obligations from a life insurance early distribution?
Are antivirus updates taxable?
what apprx. will b returns on RelianceMarketReturnPlan (Regular)?
Claiming dependents when parents live in different countries?
Do you have to pay council tax if you havent yet moved in?
Is there an Inland Revenue in the address as below in UK?
I sold home last year, I'm single and owned it for three years - profit from sale was 45k, is that taxable?
why am i not showing up on the irs site after 3 weeks?
How do I find out how to file taxes?
What happens if I don't pay my CA property taxes?
why cant we agree on a tax rate?
We don't own our home, but we do pay the yearly property taxes. Can we claim that?
I made 1400.00 this year?how much will I get back on my income tax return?
I worked in Korea for 3 years. I made less than 30k a yr. I didn't file taxes those years. What should I do?
Why would info on my W2 not match info on my IRS tax transcript?
Service tax on which works contracts?
my girl friend has no income, but has children, can she file a tax return for the earned income credit?
Green living and property tax assessments?
Would you be ok paying higher taxes if it meant 100% universal health care coverage?
Why petrol costs Rs.17 in Pakistan and Rs.50.5 in india???
Is it really fair that non-professional lower middle class people don't pay more tax?
What is Biennial tax?
when will the irs get its tax forms out to the public?
Child care provider passed away?
Can I claim my son, girlfriend and child on my taxes?
Sence the Federal Income Tax is an illegal Tax,Then way do we have to pay it ?
what are the effects on a persons net income when changing from a sole proprietorship to a LLC?
Do UK creditors need a solicitor?
What would I need to pay in taxes at year's end in CA, if I claim 0 and make about $57,600/yr before taxes?
How much tax should i be paying on 2 part time jobs,,, 1 of which is self employed?
Hai any body Please tell me any blogs on banking?
Tax on food items at the supermarket?
Do I have to Pay tax again on my car if I am moving to a different state?
Do part time students gets taxed ?
employe is senior citizen, should we deduct professional tax?
I cannot find my papers where I filed taxes last year for my numbers that have to be carried over what do I do
when is the last day to mail taxes?
What can you do with someones tax returns?
What is tax rate on 401 k?
If I live in Georgia but work in Tennesee do I have to pay Geaorgia Taxes?
Every year we have to pay taxes on 4/15. Shouldn't our return come out to $0 owed, if not get a refund?
Was $208 too much to pay our tax preparer today?
Where do I go to get info. on how to buy government tax real estate sales?
Where can I practice doing my taxes online for free before I pay to actually file them, in case I mess up?
Tax lien question?
routing number for sioux falls federal credit union?
Tax refund check?????????????
what year was the Mi. income tax enacted and by whom?
I am 17 and pay tax from my wages how do I stop this?
do you think Obama will lower the sin tax on 40's and menthol cigarettes?
what is the annual salary of a robotic engineer in india?
If I worked 85% of the year and are now on welfare, can I still get a tax refund? Will I be allowed to keep it?
How much is the tax rate for Freelancers?
how should my son file his taxes?
how much per share was the November 2004 dividend from Aviva PLC?
Confused about my paycheck?
Is it ok that in sales invoice here in the Philippines no computation of VAT because dollar amount.?
Can my boyfriend claim my children on his taxes?
Will winning a $1000 on the lottery affect my tax return?
What is considered a tax write off for a mortgage loan originator?
Over what amount do banks report deposits to the IRS?
Find the sales tax and total cost? Then round the sales tax to the nearest cent?
How do I file the tax information on a piece of realestate that was sold? It was put into 3 peoples names.?
Child Support based on unemployment?
Do you have to pay back food stamps when you receive a lump sum child support check?
What happens if I cannot pay what I owe on my taxes?
I did not file my taxes for the past two years, how should I correct that ?
If you sell an item on Ebay for a large amount of money will you owe the IRS anything?
Tax Rebate: Why do single/childless people get almost nothing compared to married w/ kids?
Can they take my income tax refund and attach my wages at the same time forstudent loans?
Am I still considered Dependent?
car got totaled before I could pay sales tax and get it registered?
What proportion of the people in the UK own their own home?
Im self employed. Its about a tax return?
Do I have to file a federal tax return if I received one payment of miscellaneous income (1099 form)?
what date in june 2012 will my GST be deposited in the bank?
Question about taxes on the Giver of Annual Exclusive Gifts?
Is their a certain time money is put on the H&R block emerland card?
Have I been taxed? And what is PAYE?
If I sold all my stocks this past year at a loss, do I owe taxes on anything?
Amended 1040 what to fill out on the 1040X?
in 08, I was a work-study student, all i got was a 1098-T form, but my mum already claimed me, do i still file?
Are alcohol and cigarettes only legal because they are taxed?
Are the good people of Great Britain being taxed enough?
What does "Will your/ did your parents claim you as an exemption on their tax returns?" mean?
When do WE get a straight answer from Taxbrain/SBBT/Meta?
where do I mail my Texas homestead exemption form to? My property is in Austin.?
What is the IF formula to calculate the Regular pay, Overtime Pay, and Gross Pay?
Please, coule you tell me Krungthai bank,Chumphae branch Swift code ?
Has anyone got their 2010 tax refund back yet?
I paid my younger brothers tuition last year - am I am able to claim this on my taxes?
Can I buy real estate with a Roth IRA or convert it to self directed IRA to buy real estate wout tax penaltis?
Stimulus tax?
I'm 22 and my mom died a few months ago. Are there any social security benefits for me?
Is my employer paying SS/Medicare taxes correctly?
laws regarding Calif social security medicare and SDI/SUI?
W-7 form with tax return?!!!!!!?
Ok, how can a guy on social security not pay income taxes?
Tax deductions for Tuppware Demonstrators?
My employer, a bank, deducted insurance premiums, pre-tax out of my check.?
Can anyone tell me the meaning of VAT(value added tax) in the simplest of words with an illustrated example?
what are all the medical write offs?
"social security #'?
im supposed to get 141 for weekly benifts but they deducted 61.50 and i asked them to take 10% out?
What is the maximum salary for someone to recieve all of their income tax back?
is buying art, tax deductable?
Swapping stock (at a loss) from your cash/margin into your rsp account against cash?
I owe the irs around 1200 bucks, whats the risk? can I go to jail if I dont pay? it has been a year since.....
medical expense deductions - cosmetic surgery?
What are YOU going to spend you Income tax refund on?!?
How much tax is added if you are in Texas?
How can I reduce my tax payable income to save money in USA? Specific investments?
What is the diferent between city tax number and Federal tax number?
I received unemployment, tanf and ebt this year. I have not had any other income, how does this affect taxes?
will social security be less next year because less was deducted from taxes this year?
Is any DELL Laptop Re-Seller in London ?
What do I do if I lost my W-2s?
Can we deduct this off our taxes?
if my husband and i file bankruptcy, will the irs stop sending letters that we owe $5000?
SC sales tax is 7%, but the food tax is how can I be charged 7% on food sometimes?
Can I claim my 2 nieces and my nephew if I provided all of their support for the entire year?
has anyone got this and got there money yet?
What is the last date for filing income tax returns in India ? ?
Using "Turbo Tax." BIG mistake. How do you get it to accept and deduct city wage tax. They don't know.
What documents do I need for my late mother's last tax return?
Has anyone recieve a review letter from the irs saying they are reviewing ur taxes it take 45 days n after got?
Legally, Do employers have to send out W-2s and 1099s by a certain date? Where do I find this "law"?
can i claim a child if it was disallowed?
what to do if Income Tax refund cheque is expired?
How does accumulated depreciation, accrued liabilities, and deferred income tax changes affect the cash?
I know this has been asked a million times, but...?
icicidirect :brokerage + taxes calculation for 1 share - Know how?
What is the yearly income per person in France?
Question about clearing error on taxes.?
Is there some kind of IRS amnesty that involves student loans? to ask?
Yet another Turbo Tax stimulus rebate question?
unemployment question?
If you are losing your house do you get a tax return?
Is it true that in Florida when you pay your taxes...?
File 1040x before or after tax deadline?
is true? about the benificiary transfred fund from UNICAJA BANK?
Will I have send in a tax return?
Are personal injury settlements taxable by the government?
Filing income taxes when there is a death involved?
how long am i required to keep personal tax return copies?
If I could build a house suspended over the ground using hot-air balloons, would I evade property tax?
Some one filed in my my i sent the form 14039 with my return in march on the 9th waited a month got a may1st ?
Do Florida Corporations have to file for income tax with the State?
how to pay taxes on google adsense?
my tax person or the irs?
Self Employment Pt Taxes?
dont have w2 yet or final pay stub what to do?
what is 3x*4plus 2?
I havent filed a federal tax return in five years...what should I do? we account for fifo...plzzz help?
Do I have to file taxes?
I only made $6,000.00 last year, and I have a son and am head of household, do I qualify for a tax credit?
tax rules of 2010 for child care?
Arkansas custody alternating who claims on taxes?
Will I owe money to the government if I change my tax status at work from single to married?
What is the Employer State ID Number for Northrop Grumman Virginia?
what do you think of Jimmy Carr saying he tries to avoid paying as much tax as he can?
If my job takes out for med taxes should I have Medicare?
past do tax returns, what should i do?
Does the Government take taxes out of your paycheck if your under 18?
Is a car accident settlement reported as income?
Can I claim my son on my 2012 taxes?
Employment and Support Allowance?
Tax Advice - Reducing the Income Tax and NI on a second job?
Combining 2 Form 16 and including HRA in one of It?
Best friend hasn't filed her taxes in years, what to do?
Do kids bank account info go on parents taxes if you are 18/over and still on their taxes (for dependent)?
how much tax credit i get in the year of chlid birth?
My mother died owing the IRS. The estate does not have enough $ to pay debt. Do heirs inherit the debt?
Unemployed, full time college student. Do I need to file taxes?
I owe back taxes, will i be able to pay my '10-'11 taxes, before i pay my '09 taxes?
Romney's Taxes Being released?
Should I file a tax return? College student?
Does anyone have a good reference for calculating basis in a partnership?
which is the best tax saving mutual fund now a days?
How do I form a P.A.? (professional association) What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Does a tax garnishment take precedence over an already existing garnishment?
How much UK tax will I be paying?
how long do you have to be married to collect social security benefits?
I need money now, Is there such a loan where you can pay back when you get your tax return?
Could you tell me if we order an item online from another state within US, do we have to pay tax for that?
what if my husband did this?
Can He claim my son on his tax return without asking me when i already claimed them both..?
How do you add 8.25% tax?
Homebuyer's Tax Refund was credited two days ago but we haven't seen the money yet!?
How do I file taxes as self-employed without receipts?
Can a corporation deduct the the life insurance premiums paid on the officers of the corporation?
Does the IRS withold more from a person filing single with 4 dependants than a person filing married with 4?
I worked in Russia last year. The company, a taxes company, paid 27K for Russia taxes. My accountant said I ha?
If I only work 12 hours per week do I pay less tax?
Why is Cleveland the poorest city when state and local taxes are 11% of our income? (#7 in the US)?
if i make 30,000 us dollars a year how much will i take home every week i live in california?
Do have to pay tax on new york state lottery under 1200?
When will a bank report unclaimed income to the IRS?
Also our salary is only 1000 plus 300 for food allowance.they're paying our o.t. but sometimes they are not ?
Can a Pizza Delivery Driver Claim Their Miles on Taxes?
Can my dad claim me as a dependent?
How much tax return will I get back if I donate my car to charity?
If I buy a laptop in America and bring it back to UK, do I have to declare it at customs and pay duty?
If my usual salary is 26000 per year......?
Canadian Taxes on US LLC income?
How much would the import tax be into Canada from England?
how much can the irs charge for about $120 on a tax bill from 2006?
if you are single and and live on S,S., should you file a tax return?
What amount should my SSDI retro check be based on? the monthly amount?
Can anyone tell me where I could?
Is there a way to change previous tax returns to look better to get a bank loan?
What can I write off medical expenses for my taxes?
If you win a $550 000 house in hgtv sweepstakes how much taxes you will have to pay?
how can i avoid capital gain tax while buying a bigger flat selling the smaller,old one?
reporting someone for unpaid taxes on property?
I can't claim my daughter who lives with me (HELP)?
Is there another way to file your taxes when your employer has not given you your tax papers (1099)?
8k tax credit question?
If I make $26,400.00 a year, how much is that per hour?
question about taxes canada?
Is social security disability income taxable?
What are the duty free allowances UK/Bulgaria?
Where online can i buy black devil cigarettes that will actually deliver to Australia?
is turbo tax legit i used the free online version it says my return was accepted by the irs but they say no?
I was charged sales tax on a free item. . . what does the law say about this?
Can my dad claim me as a dependent for his taxes and i still file for my own?
need to reduce adjusted gross income?
how much tax would i get back if i earned $5911and payed $56Tax last year i recived all my tax back thank you.?
feb 7 tax return, did anyone get theirs?
IRS Direct Deposit Refund wrong bank account?
Anyone ever used H&R block?
How come I'm not getting anymore benefits from unemployment?
tax formula for Peachtree Accounting , the tax formula that i need is not to deduct any taxes frm employees?
05 tax check was cash i want to sue the person who cashed it and the bank that let her?
can you order a copy of your social security awards letter online?
Am I able to buy a duplex and use one floor for tax write off?
Does anyone know about taxes?
Taxes: since i have a company in my country have to pay double taxes?
Lower Your Property Taxes in Rochester, NY?
tax delinquents for wisconsin?
Can my soon to be ex claimed our kids on his taxes and get EIC ..........?
at what % rate is interest income on a loan taxed?
PAN card - Change in Address.?
If I would like to be 100% sure that the IRS receive my tax forms, what mail method should I use?
Anyone who filed 23-27 received their tax refund yet?
how can i turn someone in for tax evasion anonymously?
I made over 6000 dollars this year why is my tax return so low?!?
taxes on capital gains?
how much does the IRS get paid an hour?
Is there published guidelines on Circular 230?
Is driving mileage to work (3 different hospitals) tax deductible?
can anyone show me the law or give me a link to it that states that we must pay federal or state taxes?
how to get a 1902 if it is lost but i have my tin number?
temporarily stop withholding taxes?
I have applied for education loan in India (2006), I wanted to know if i am eligible for Inc tax benefit?
How long does my Grandmother have to work in the UK to start receiving Pension?
why do i pay federal incom tax?
How do I know that what is my income tax bracket?
I never received an irs response?
I don't have my baby til Feb.12 of next year will I be able to file the baby on my taxes when i file?
Do i have to pay tax if i work as a tutor online?
My fiance and I both withdrew some of our retirements early.What taxes are owed?
i found a pillow case with 14k in it behind a Mcdonalds! Im keeping it! How do I claim it on my taxes?
Isn't the IRS illegal because they're not following the 16th amendment?
How do I know if I get a rebate check?
Forgot to place a stamp on my income tax envelope, what's going to happen?
Claiming myself and my son on my taxes.?
Can you tell me how much is it net per month if you get payed £21k per year?
Should i be getting taxed?
im not getting charged for income tax on my check stubs?
How should my wife and I setup our W4 withholdings to minimize paying the IRS at the end of the year?
taken home loan of 21 lks for 25 lks home, if registration is1.5 lks, how is 4%service tax calculated?
how to reconcile Vat return with ledger?
I've already filed my taxes on Saturday January 31. But then I recieved Form 1099 on Feb. 3?
what's the difference between an accountant and a chartered accountant?
Open S-Corp in Nevada; Out-of-State Franchise Taxation; Place of Business?
supply side taxes cut?
What is ohios sales tax in hamilton county as of 2011?
Is there a simple way to estimate how much you will recieve for unemployment? ?
How do I figure if my boss is screwing his employees over with our income/taxes?
Do you get interest on the 1st Time Home Buyer tax credit?
tax for forex trading?
where do i send tax return form 540?
Can the IRS Levy my unemployment checks in Texas?
Wife owes back taxes first year filing jointly and she had no income this year?
when should i ask for paycheck?
How much will I get on my rebate?
How to determine the annual savings by household?
can i add the taxes that i owe into a debt consolidation?
I have not gotten my W2 from a former employer yet!?
how do i contace the irs for my w2?
If I transfer 25000$ to some one in USA(I am also in USA) it subjected to any yearly taxes.?
Work from home? Can I claim this sort of work from home on taxes?
Forgot to put Exempt for paycheck?
my soc.sec.# ends in 08! i thought the checks were to be mailed out btw. may 9th and may 16th?
Figure out the tax of an item that has taxes already?
Non Qualifying Child?
Client getting audited. Am I at risk?
What happens if I don't send in a tax return?
Do I need to file taxes?
Is my condo over-assessed on taxes, and if so what can i do?
When do I get my state tax refund?
How to properly invoice with vat?
Is the SUV tax deduction still in effect for SUV's 6000 GVW and oover?
as a sole propreiter can I deduct wages paid to my minor children on my income taxes?
What percentage in California charge in sales tax?
what is the sales tax of $495.58 in Maryland?
if you filled out the W4 form as "single", but the company put you on "married"?
I had to pay a penalty and interest on underpayment of my 2004 state income taxes.?
is there a tax form designed for people who haven't been employed within the last 2 years?
How can I find out online if I filed my taxes last year?
i got my tax code in the post this morning, it taken them 4 months to sort it out and ive been paying?
Is there any property tax benefits for veterans????
Pending Reivew for Michigan State Taxes?
what is the process when a report is made to the tax office?
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