i dint pay service tax since two it became 7lakhs with interest.?
Have you tried to reclaim rip off bank charges?
In America why don't advertised prices include tax?
can i claim my sister as a dependent on my taxes.she live with me but I am only 19 and she is 16.?
If I made only one paycheck from a job, do I have to claim it on my taxes?
If a guy gives you their number, does it mean they have a crush on you?
Income tax is illegal?
As a "1099" contractor how can I pay somebody else for services rendered?
Need a Tax Accountant -
I did independent work but my 1099 was lost in the mail. What do I do?
Why incorporate in Delaware?
Earned income credit.?
How to do taxes online?
Where does UK government borrow money from?
I got unemployment all year and received about 15000.00 my wife also received uneployment and received 4000.00?
what is the earliest date you can file taxes?
Can I claim these items on my taxes...?
Anyone know how i can track my tax return delivery?
What is the state withholding percentage for MD?
Im Going to Be making 12 bucks an hour, can someone explain taxes?
My previous employer claims they have mailed my w2 form, yet I have not recieved it. Now, not returning calls?
How do I Find out if my home has back taxes owed?
How do you fill out a federal and state tax form, if you're beginning new employment?
how can i get my tax refund when my tax preparer put the wrong acct numb? he has admitted to mistake on paper
Should I elect to tax my unemployment?
Is support from overseas taxable?
Is it true that the more you claim the more you pay out of your monthly checks?
My child does not have a social security number...?
how much taxes will i pay on a 25k settlement?
I'm 18 years old student working part time job.. making 7 bucks an hour..?
Have you gotten your tax rebate/economic stimulus check yet?
how to join the British army?
why do people on welfare /section 8,get renters rebate.when they dont really pay anyways?
IRS says they sent my refund but it's not there for 2012?
If I withdraw from my Thrift Savings Plan, how much of it will be withheld due to taxes?
Will IRS take this years refund to pay for the amount I owe them?
Where can I do back taxes free online?
When Will I get my tax refund?
can i deduct child support from taxable income?
Will we have to pay capital gains tax?
abn never used and tax return?
What do I do if my employer won't give me a W2 form and wants to pay me cash instead?
Calculating payroll taxes?
How do I pay taxes this year,I'm 17 years old?
Duty and VAT charges?
W2 form says married....I'm not married!! Help!?
What percentage does California charge in sales tax?
If u cant claim taxes because u dont work?
Unemployment Question? ?
The student tax credit.?
What would be the best way for my husband and I to file our taxes?
Will I loose my unemployment benefits for working 4 days?
how do you work with Turbo Tax about the first home buyer tax credit?
I filed a form 4868 (extension) for 2005 income taxes. Until when do I have to complete my tax returns?
Net Employment Income deductibles (Ontario)..please help!?
the important of correctly calculating income tax withholding and the possible problems with miscalculating it?
How would a South African living in the UK get their National Insurance Number?
Will an offshore brokerage account help me decrease taxes?
I have just been charged £40 by Santander bank for being overdrawn £14. Can I claim it back?
Tax refund is not here by latest estimated date, how come?
monthly car tax in canada?
Student College Tax breaks?
Imposing a per unit tax on a perfectly-price discriminating monopolist will?
i am in my first year of self employment. how do i calculate miles and diesel over the year on my tax return?
what does Highway pork mean?
Do you think you could live off $600 post taxes a week, based on your current lifestyle?
If I take PAN card is it necessary to file IT returns every year even if I do not have Taxable income?
can you explain simply what value added tax (VAT) is please?
Do you pay council tax in the UK if you work and study full time?
Question about 2009 taxes. Put 2 dependents on my W-4, I should of put 1 but made little money. Question below?
I have a tax question about bankruptcy and depreciation of a rental home?
If your accountant screws up on your taxes, then can he/she be held financially responsible?
Can you have yourself as employee if you are PLLC owner?
where can I get a copy of a w-2 form if my employer won't get it for me?
How do you compute deferred income taxes?
How much deprciation can you claim back on a new vehicle?
If I live outside the United States, do I still have to pay taxes?
how long will it take to recive my tax return i sent it in yesterday?
what would be taxed on a home bought by a single person for $40,000 now selling for $700,000. Home bought 1975
can my employer lower my pay rate?
which of the following needs to file a federal tax return, using IRS guidlines for 2006?
Question about filling the W-8BEN form?
We file jointly, can we both have IRA.s allowing us to deduct $16,500 each ?
how do i get my name off my ex husband business?
where can i pay tithing with credit card?
how to become tax practitioner?
How do you deduct mileage as an independent contractor?
my wife died last year can I claim her in my income tax?
Has ESI Corporation increased from Rs. 10000/- to Rs 15000/- net salary. Can any one confirm?
Does IRS investigate tax fraud complaints?
i -us citizen- transfer money from portugal is it taxable?
Can I file my taxes with my madden name on my W-2?
If i had no federal tax withheld for a job does that mean I will get nothing back for tax money?
sbi PO schedule?
how do income tax help with investment?
Is a company still needed to file fed. tax return while it did not have any business activities? If yes, how?
What happens if the IRS sends a duplicate refund and it is cashed?
Can an immigrant to Canada bring a new car tax free when registration?
Is it better to pay off debt with tax refund or save the money?
If I send a Christmas Card to President Bush, could I deduct that from my taxes?
Do you think higher taxes discourage people from working?
What happens if me and by ex are both audited for claiming my daughter as a dependent?
what are the easiest way to richness??
can anyone tell me the import tax and duty and vat rate on importing clothes from china to the uk?
If you work for a family member, do you have to pay taxes on the income?
how can i find my property taxes online?
hi can i claim compensation?
When you move abroad from USA from NYS, what are the requirements to be a tax non-resident of NYS?
Will the IRS audit me if i accidentally get $1 extra in my tax refund?
How much should I save a year for rrsps?
When inherited property is sold is it taxable?
Can I both itemize for the business I had part of the year, and take the standard deduction?
I was stupid and now I have a tax filing problem.?
How do you file tax returns for previous years?
help on my w4 form please?
taking 5% of 110% of the income in a tax break is .....?
tax law question?
is there a barn restoration tax credit in michigan?
In Australian Payroll how is SFSS calculated when Bonus is paid?
If you purchase a motorcycle in Florida and pay tax,title, and license at that time...?
How long does it take to receive your IRS return transcript?
Was anyone else suppose to get their tax refund today and didn't yet?
if i owe arrears, and now have custody can the irs still garnish my return?
if i file my social security benefit on my income tax will i get more money?
unemployment question?
New Zealand GST - Sending Australian owned company assets to New Zealand?
How can I get a tax refund check without paying taxes?I am a sole proprietor, I file Bus.& personal on (1040)?
How can one know the income tax ward applicable to oneself while applying for PAN Card in India ?
How do you file payroll reports - procedures for payroll taxes?
What is the address to mail federal tax forms?
Do I have to pay income taxes on amazon sells (SEE DETAILS)?
The IRS lost my tax return and I have a certified receipt. Can I sue them for negligence of federal property?
Taxes??? Best in my interest or his?
Can a foreign exchange student claim a tax refund for school expenses?
Is claiming a child as dependent on taxes for the past 4 yrs. tax fraud if that child doesn't live with you ?
My stepdaughter is 20 and she says she needs our 1040 tax form for her fin. aid.?
Simple Question about Tax recipts inside...?
Is there a telephone number to call to find out about your federal Income tax refund?
Does Enrolled Agent have to take IRS test this year?
Are social security taxes deductible on your federal tax return?
Need assistance on accounting homwework?
Why do we need to pay LA taxes on 401k withdrawal?
when i file my taxesdo i get more if i claim single or married ?
How can I stop my son's father from claiming my son on income tax?
how do i find out who has been paying taxes on a property in white mountains az?
Do I have to file taxes? Do I get a refund or do I have to pay?
What is the deal!? I received my federal refund two weeks ago, but still haven't got my CA state refund yet?!?
Tax on pre ordered phone?
why is the Nagaland or the North eastern states of India exempted from income tax?
Does anyone know what the budget deficit is in the UK?
Taxes- claiming dependant children in a divorce?
anyone ready for tax refund time if you normally get one?
Filing my tax return for 2011?
when lic of india turn into profit?
What taxes do you have to pay when you are no longer a student?
what are the disadvantage of fringe benefit tax in india?
Tax Exemptions?
What can you find out about someone using their social security number?
Basic knoewedgeof Service tax,Income tax, Esi, p.f,Salestax?
How can my church get a Proof of tax exempt status?
How to add taxes on a hair product?
Does Etsy report what sellers make to the IRS?
is it possible that I can file IT for 2 holding bank account since long but never filed IT?
What do I do if I find an error on my taxes from more than 3 years ago?
Salary Limit in Bonus Amendment Act?
what goes in line 28 on 1040a?
Can I claim my brother as an a Dependent for my tax returns? Or what age can I?
do i need a schedule d form if i have minus 154.00 on line13 on 1040?
How long does it take a normal processing income tax return?
I didn't earn any income last year, should I still file taxes?
Wash Sale Rule Practical Explanation Needed?
Need to Know!!! How much $$ would I save if ex let's me claim son, combined income of 72000(me and hubby) and
How long should you save pay stubs, cancled checks and other important papers and what else?
What is the time period, if any, within which an Order has to be passed on an appeal before CIT (A) ?
can i take someone's home by paying their unpaid taxes?
if i have a third party tax refund check of someone in jail, should i deposit it into my bank account?
How is it fair that tax rate vary by income?
i have a query regarding commercial tax payment(CST)?
Do the irs accept all returns? do they confirm w2 before disbursing refund?
Legally, what are the minimum requirements (tax etc) that need to be set up for freelance work?
my ex business partner has CIS cards made in his name now he says I am responsible for the rest of the tax?
Advice about my son and taxes?
Investment of capital gains?
Why is Municipality (BMC) not charging tax or daily charge to street hawkers?
Does Canada pay taxes to England?
when ordering online does....?
How much tax deduction for 7.50 an hour?
If I rent a room in my house, legally must I declare the income?
Do you have to claim child support payment on your taxes?
In Thailand what is their National budget breakdown in percentages? Such as defence, health, interest.?
Schedule K-1-P Illinois replacement tax deducted?
How long does it take to receive my money after The treasury offset program withheld it?
i won money playing poker online, taxes and how best to get it into bank account without incurring taxes?
How long does it take for the tax avocate to get me my money?
Looking for British Royal Court of Justice. Address 125 Queen Palace Avenue, London England W3 6YH?
How long does it take for a tax rebate to come through?
in illinois can fixed incomes like social security disability be garnished by child support?
Are public pension fund profits (capital gains and dividends) taxable?
What if you put too much postage on a letter?
Where too buy the I Phone in UK Pay As Yuu Go ??
Is there a list on the internet of federal tax delinquents?
Math Problem for 8th Grade! help? :)?
Stimulus check?
What percentage does the government take from your pay check?
How to find state income tax bracket for Georgia?
why can't I find and print a 8453-OL form?
Where can I find an accountant preferably in Essex that knows about tax reductions for seamen?
Any idea of what portion of the German pension is taxable in Canada?
Is there any company or organization that offers like a tax return anticipation loan without filing yet?
What does 'return to provision' mean?
should u explain in indian Rs?
How much is 5% GST for $10.00 CAN?
I need a form letter to write to the IRS for A forgiveness of debt?
Recommend A Good Tax Planning Firm?
Why is my 2010 Federal tax refund so much lower?
I just started working as an independent contractor/sole proprietor and buy my own health insurance.?
how long do i have to pay back my taxes?
Unemployment Determination Letter- Michigan?
how to import into uk from china?
Is there a statute of limitation on payroll taxes due with the IRS?
is it true that the purchases you make through out the year you can file taxes on the receipts?
What happens when the state issues a tax warrant on you?
Is this tax avoidance, evasion or neither?
Tax school ...which are my best options ( best school , fast , affordable , online ), to study income taxes?
Can I get an exemption for council tax ?
Who is a better tax preparer?
why do immigrants pay for taxes?
when you have a debt,do you have to report it to the IRS?
I haven't filed taxes in 13 years.What can I do,and what can the IRS do to me? ?
can i claim a home equity loan on my tax?
Is my business required to pay Duty on containerized goods imported from Australia and/or Thailand to the US?
My husband has an under the table job, and his boss is taking out TAXES? Is this right? I tell my husb its not
Charitable donation and taxes?
Im preg and taxes for 08?
Am I paying too much in taxes?
I paid a subcontractor with a check on 12/11/2008, as of today he did not cash the check?
Refund Status Someone Plz Help!?
Why we have to pay tax for the salary we are getting more than 2L? Since we r paying taxes for every purchases?
I earned $18.868 in 2009, and I had a son in July, how much would I get back in taxes.?
I am planning a building project and will delay the project until after the1% sales tax increase?
What happens if someone does not file their taxes, what problems could apply to this?
home lone interest is deducted from income or tax?
What tax form do I use to report profit/loss from gambling?
has anyone receive direct deposit of income tax refund dated 2/1/2012?
Can any tax people help?
How do I fill in a general ledger for an accountant to work from.......have 2005 years reciepts?
Difference between Accountant & Cpa?
what to do if never paid taxes?
What are the implications of VAT, hereby i mean, is it a burden, is it fair?, equal,?
who else got the news when you check "where's my refund" on the IRS website?
can i claim income support if im on incapacity benefit?
interest rates?
If I am trying to keep my AGI down to stay out of the higher tax brackets - what program can I use?
On an intrest only mortgage, Can I make Jan 08 payment in Dec 07 so I can claim the extra intrest on 07 taxes?
Do I HAVE to fill out my W2 form at work or can I bring it home to fill out?
Do you still have to fill out an income-tax return if you haven't earned any income this year?
what are the taxes to be paid for a software development company operating in India which exports softwares?
Question on gifting. Details below?
How much tax should i be paying?
How do i go about getting my tax info from last year?
uf a person gets s.s.i from federal shouldnt he get s.s.i from the state too?
Why i have two different dates on receiving tax return 1/31/12 now its 2/21/12?
Has anyone who received a delay 1201 tax refund code, gotten an update or thier refund yet? :)?
has anyone had a problem with IRS e file direct deposit schedule/ dates?
im 20, can my dad still claim me on his taxes?
What is fringe benefits? Is it part of your total income?
Maximum savings for jobseekers allowance, UK.?
Schedule D tax software needed?
If I can't afford a CPA, then who or what should do my taxes?
What is the return on assets?
Social Security?
how to receive money from to my IDBI Bank account in India, and how much will be deducted as fees?
I have a tax question.......?
Are individual people tax exempt?
Is Las Vegas good place to retire? Looking for tax savings..Also, is there really no state tax? Any catch?
Is there a way I can check the status on our tax credit for 1st time homeowners?
For those who saw "By jan 31" forever like me..update finally!?
What r the Steps to fill E-filling of Income Tax Returns through Online?
Education Tax Credit Details?
Would they give a thirty day extension to pay my sales taxes on my car?
Economic stimulus payment when owed back support?
can i have a buildabearville account with store credits?
Is a boat or automotive repair shop authorized to charge tax on labor in Texas?
My WMr say my refund is schedule to be direct deposited on feb 1st.. Is it possible I'll get mines on today or?
Tax Question 1099-Misc Income?
federal identification number of bank of america?
Is hoa maintenance deductible for IRS tax preparation?
Is new siding on a rental property tax deductible if it is preventing water damage to the property?
Tax returns and tax refunds?
irs tax audit reconsideration?
HST tax mean before July 1?
how much did the taxes go up in new jersey?
Do You Have To Pay Tax If Under 18?
I just got hired at a new job, but my boss wants to pay me as a 1099 employee?
what is income tax? how does it work? is it a provincial or federal thing?
Will I be able to claim Head of Household, im single...?
is it possible to file the State of NJ tax but not Federal tax?
Does anyone know if the irs extended the early cutoff date to the 19th?
Tax Question and other questions about being a self-employed personal trainer?
is it true that i can just go to the county clerks office pay back taxes on a property then it becomes mine?
If you have a job and no taxes are taken out what information must you keep up with yourself?
IRS Audit any advise?
House i rent from a church wants to claim my collected rent as a "Donation".?
About where are they in the stimulus check distribution?
Depreciation expense/accumulated amortization - please help (simple question)?
How to calculate child tax credit on line G on w4 form?
i have two properties. one is self occupied the other is for both the prop. from different inst.?
Do I ned to file a tax return in America?
why no tax checks this years behind?
unemployment benefits work search?
What effect does a tax cut has on the economy of a country?
I am married, 66yrs, and living separately, I want to file taxes separately, will i owe if i do it that way?
Has the homebuyers tax credit been extended to 9/30/10?
i already filed my taxes and recieved another w-2 form will this effect my refund?
Where do I get copies of my previous W-2 forms, from jobs I am no longer employed with?
Refund: My boss gave us our w2s but he doesnt or didnt file the w2s &3s with IRS. will i still get my refund?
8.25%- come on math people!!!?
Can 100% of a donation to a 501(k) organisation be claimed as tax deductible by an organisation?
I made around $10,000 this year I claim no dependents, or head of household. How much will my tax return be?
Which of the following is intended primarily to enhance a person's tax advantage and retirement income?
i am so confused! can you help?
I want to know if any tax will be levied for depositing 3lacs in a savings account?
In filling out the Form W-4 (2012), it asks if I'm "exempt". How do I know if I'm "exempt" or not?
Does jumping to a higher tax bracket make your entire salary subject to higher tax?
What is the difference between DASA and NRI ?
How much capital gains tax will I need to pay if I sell my land?
I don't wanna pay income tax, so so i don't have to right?
Query related to Provident Fund and E.S.I.?
how can you fight a court judgement?
lodge tax return by mail to where?
Will the IRS take money out of my check due to back taxes if they already have a levy on my bank account?
when are they going to give out tax rebate checks?
Where do I find OH Board of Tax Appeal cases?
wage loss compensation?
when will w2 forms be mailed out for 2009?
Married or not tax question?
Question about my boyfriend claiming me since I made less then 3,000 & claiming head of house.?
csa arrears please help?
Tax Deductions from Paycheck?
what is your opinion about IRAN?
What is Section 179 expense in relation to taxes?
Is it true that people of at least 1/8 Indian ancestry don't pay income tax?
How many dependents should my husband claim on his w2?
New York's state (schools) Star Program. What determines the amount you get, off your total tax bill?
A family member has claimed my child on taxes with A THIRD PARTY! What do i need to do?
Turbo tax cards does any body know?
this is my second job. but even my first job's tax was also br tax code, and I wan change my br tax buthow?
To whom I write down if TDS is not deposited by Employeer on my PAN A/c?
Is a pool fence tax deductible if it is put in as a requirement for foster care?
how long does it take to receive money back from a amended tax form for first time home buyers?
Inbox emails are missing?
how do I figure taxes I owe on the sale of stock?
What do you think about national ID card? do you want to use it or not?
if i worked at a hotel do they cut from my check for the benefits they offer me?
Help! Does anyone know about Self-employment taxes?
is there a 2007 penny out?
If I started a ministry and got a 501c3 to be tax free, could I then give money from my bank account to the mi
IRS rebate. Single Parent. I only got $300. WHY?!?!?
Too late to file for 2011 ?
An income tax return question about capital expenses deductions?
Do i pay taxes on money earned from fafsa for college?
Is Taxpayer Identification Number one's social security number? If not what is it and where can it be found?
can you tell me what you think about the car tax going up to £400 next year?
Why when you put nails on why do they hurt so much?
Writing off mileage on my taxes?
Tax filing - Married or seperate?
How long has it taken you to get your tax return from a mobile home buyer credit mailed in?
Is there any way around the "gift" tax?
If my taxes were being reviewed would WMR or the IRS (when I call) tell me this?
How do I know if a tax preparation website is Ligitimate?
$600-$1200 tax rebate, when do we get that check?
Private sellers on Ebay - how exactly does the IRS know if they don't tell them?
When does a tax year officially end?
If I only gained $100 in interest on my savings, do I have to report for taxes? Will the IRS know?
Do you know an account similar to PayPal that doesn't impose tax?
how to account fee paid for income tax matters?
Does anyone know how to figure out the Alternative Minimum Tax for 2012?
help me!!! i need info on taxes!! please!!!?
I forget my tax number how can i get it?
I want to know more about e-tds filing. can you guide me immmmmmmediately ?
Am I in the wrong by claiming my daughter on my taxes?
i have two properties. one is self occupied the other is for both the prop. from different inst.?
Isn't H & R Block supposed to be the tax professionals?
I forgot to claim student loan interest in 2007 on federal taxes- what do I need to do to file an adjustment?
present banking senario in india?
Taxes be taken away if u owe student loans?
Can I use State Bank of India debit Card in oDesk, Freelancer to send money to India?
How much is 7% tax on $445.00?
My mom and sister are moving in with us. Should we claim them on our taxes?
Lottery and tax... again?
How to file Capital losses that weren't reported?
If I owe taxes, can I still file for an extension?
Any peril in this tax-avoidance scheme?
What sort of charges should I expect when ordering from Canada to U.S.?
Is the Hope Tax Credit worth it?
Is there aby way to opt out of Social Security for an employee?
How easy is it to get away with non payment of UK road tax?
EIC ? Married filing jointly with 2 dependents under 18 and $37,000 adjusted income. How much will my?
Who will do India budget analysis 2008?
can a 1099 be issued for money made in 2007 & 2008 ?
what can you deduct for a mary kay business?
received a letter from the irs please help?
how much do you have to make before you have to file for taxes?
I am currently paying my Mother's mortgage. Is there any tax benefit in it for me?
Divorced parents: can my father claim me as a dependant?
can i still e-file my 2011 taxes through the irs?
If I was paid as a contract employee is the company supposed to send me a 1099misc?
how much tax am i going to pay?
if you are claiming someone for the frist time can you do it online?
I filed my 08 taxes but forgot about one job?
Lived in NJ, but worked in NY then moved to CO and work there now. Do I have to file taxes in all 3 states?
Is it illegal for an employer to NOT take federal tax out wages?
What is game stop's sales tax.?
How do I go about never having to pay federal income taxes again?
If one qualifies, what are the tax advantage of having a non-profit organization?
Applying for NRI PAN?
Income taxes !!!!!!!!!?
how do i replace lost w-2 forms so i can file my taxes?
Working Tax Credit - should Housing Benefit be included in calculation?
HELP! On SSI disability,worked in the past but have yet to file any taxes?
How do you send W-2 as PDF when you E-File?
How much will is import & duty tax on a polo off ebay from USA to UK?
"I submitted Rs7500 rent receipt last yesr to get exemption from HRA .?
i want to change in vat report in tally?
calculate percentage of a number?
what are the three causes of tax cheating?
i was recently approved for SE tax exemption. how to get refund for SE taxes paid in previous years?
By taking a car loan,will i get tax relief?I am planning to buy a car using SBT Car loan.Planning to buy Santr
Taxes - Maximize revenue from International payments?
Can employers find out your age through your social security number?
If I were to earn £17658 a year, how much would I take home after tax each month?
can i file my own taxes, and claim a dependant?
Filing 1099-misc and W2's!?
I'm getting a ridiculous amount on my taxes?
self imployed what form do i need ?were do i send it .?
Did any one get the tax rebate deposit today is so what are your last 2 # of S.S?
1099 taxes and audit question?
How to add up tax of an item to a total?
How does someone file for child support from another state?
Does the IRS add extra charges for executing on your bank account or social security benefits?
transferring money into Canada?
How much is Sales Tax at Sephora (Altanta, Georgia)?
how to file taxes quarterly?
If a married couple in London earn £95k p/yr combined - what's their tax?
Question about child support and taxes?
Tax Question: I only made $5,000 do I still have to file taxes?
Has anyone else been denied the home buyers tax credit because of a unsecured sba loan that filed a 1098 form?
i have a Rs.100000.what can i do?
Do I need to pay corporation tax online?
in 2001 United States residents received a tax rebate,what political party if any is responsile for this?
15,000 tax credit for all home buyers?
what is the percentage of tax taken on income for federal for ill?
Can a dancer / stripper right off tipping out dj as a deduction on taxes ?
if I filed bankruptcy this year will I get back all my income taxes when I filing income taes ?
How much taxes should i get back this year?
what top gadget 2012?
my ex wife gets to claim two of the four children on her tax returns if she makes more than 25000 how do i get?
I won a contest including a trip and prize money I am under 18 with no income- will I have to pay tax on it?
1099 forms - copy mailed to government be black & white or does it have to be the red and white form?
Enter total number of Allowances you are claiming?
My last payment to get out of default is in April of this year, I have not missed a payment. My question?
as an employee using a 1099 form what can i write off for taxes?? List all.?
Lookng for tax advice on selling US company?
why tax the poor?
Arkansas custody alternating who claims on taxes?
do I legally have to pay income taxes?
I received my husband and I's stimulus check and cashed it at the bank, Do i have to split it with him?
Should I get a W-2 or 1099?
If tax return was rejected after deadline do you still have to file them the next year?
When can i do if social security denied my moms claim?
Question about TurboTax chaging DD date? :/?
My husband didn't file jointly for last years taxes and need help!?
A senior citizen age 73 made $9,000 in capital gains, his only income, what does he pay in taxes?
Is there a sales tax on computer parts?
How much tax would I have to pay?
What to do about 2012 refund not received?
How does how many dependants u carry on your check affect your taxes?
Pan card details doups4962e?
as a waitress, can a restaurant not give you a paycheck if you are claiming too much in tips?
I don't have a bank account can I still cash my tax return?
My neighbor told me he paid a million dollars in tax last year, and he just paid tax for half of the money he?
do you admire Billy Bragg for his refusal to pay taxes on the subject of RBS?
claiming children on tax return?
where is there a law stateing u have to pay income taxes?
Import tax on a bass guitar from USA that's not available in the UK?
do i pay income tax on compensation payments for a traffic accident?
Tax refund: What numbers should I be looking at?
Wealth Tax : Pl. tell till how much amount it is exempted, previously it was 15 Lac.?
What can you itemize besides mortgage interests and the common things that are listed on the irs website?
I won $500 on a small lottery? Do I have to pay tax on such a small amount. I live in new York by the way?
H&R Block informed me that i owe IRS $3,000 because my job wasn't taking enough federal income taxes.?
Do I need to pay tax on overseas business & should I form a limited company?
Why don't people scream about multiple state sales taxation on Cars?
How much do they take out in taxes on a paycheck?
Is there a charity that would take old Playboy magazines so that I can deduct the fair-market value from taxes
If I make $26,400.00 a year, how much is that per hour?
who in congress in georgia can help me save my home that was foreclosed on with only one days notice?
Would you be willing to pay higher taxes for nationalized healthcare in the U.S.?
Sss loan contribution status?
clueless about taxes and kids?
Do I have to honor tax exempt status of other states when selling food to out of state
On the First Time Home Buyer credit, can someone claim that now even though they have not yet bought a home?
I was wondering if everyone that has got their rebate had got their second notice?
how can I will property to someone without them paying inheritance taxes?
What is this year's GST amounts?
Td canada trust help!?
Random question about salaries - does anyone earn £15,000 per year, if so what do you come out with (read on)
I prepared a tax return on TaxCut-I need to print it out, but I can't on my computer?
Don't have a "JOB" so do I need to file taxes?
can an employer charge you for a current w2?
does anyone know if you e-file your income tax will our rebate check be in check form or deposited?
how do I get a printout of my 2005 w2's?
Preparing for interview with IRS agent... (Sweating)!?
Tax season job question???????
i worked at Bath &body works only 2 days in 2007.when im gonna get my w2? any ideas? it's january 29 2008 !!!!
I won An iPad at a bank why sign a w2?
Can a dealer (if he is the prop.) register 2 of his firms under the same TIN number issued under MP VAT Act?
Anyone with a 2/1/12 direct deposit date for IRS refund? ?
How much will I pay in yearly taxes on my social security disability?
I'M getting little over 16,000 wich i have to pay taxes on how much will i have to pay?
can i file my taxes again with another tax office?
What is the most money you can make without reporting it to the IRS?
Do you want to mark this person as HOH qualifying dependent?
Does he have the right to claim my son on income tax?
I just got married. What will it take for my wife and I to file for our taxes jointly for 2013?
is ther eanyway to figure the percentage of taxes they are going to take out of a paycheck?
what happens to the money in an annuity if a person dies before they retire?
If I earn $25,000 per year in Australia, how much will I get taxed?
Will I have to pay any kind of taxes or fees if I order something from ThinkGeek in India?
My employer has been paying me cash, how do I file taxes?
what is Idaho sales tax rate?
does the irs take down you account and routing number as well when filing taxes?
Taxes? HELP! First timer.?
I have a Maine income tax question?
should i take my taxes to a professional in Las Vegas?
are taxes due when your parents pass away and you inherit stock?
($5,000 to best answer) How can I get a tax exemption on my lottery ticket?
If I paid $460 every two weeks how much will be taken for taxes?
Redundancy and smp do I qualify?
From the first to the final payment, interest expense on an installment note payable behaves as follows:?
Which is the safest sight to e-file taxes?
Why do you suppose republican administrations always incur debts and deficits (two Bush's and Reagan)??
Canadian Income Tax - Is this for real? :-o?
Brother is outside the US for 14 years and needs advice how to file prior tax returns.?
I want to retire early and take a lump some out of my tax deferred retirement plan.?
Was tax first established just after money was invented? Who established that idea?
where can I pick up tax forms?
has any 1 here heard of Arie Gray (she sings gospel)?
Does H n R block have some sort of guarantee that there going to do ur taxes right?
What states have no sales tax?
in the state of md is there away around the amount of hours a 17yr old can work?
I am taking a 3 month contract in another state, can i write off my relocation and rent and etc. on my taxes?
LLC formed in Dec 2009. Do I file taxes?
Do I have to report ordinary business income on the K-1 1065 I received from a private LLC investment?
I have just set up a new email address to complain about petrol & diesel prices in the UK. Please join me and?
How does tax sparing relief work?
Will IRS get upset with an employer if they sent in payroll taxes monthly instead of quarterly?
Should I have gotten credit if I paid school and property tax in Dutchess County but live/rent in Brooklyn?
Can you claim baseball cards as a capital gains loss on your income tax?
Info about 1099 tax form?
What kind of tax deductions can I claim?
Tax return help. License tax pros please?
Wrong state on W2?
Unearned Revenue normally appears on which of the following statements?
annual rate of return?
i just did my taxes 3 days ago with turbo tax? but have a question?
Did ANYONE receive their stimulus check in the mail today 5/16?
filing status?
what do you need to do to get the 'additional child tax credit?"?
My taxes were submitted through e-file and accepted on the 17th at 830 am?
I want to start a corporation in Florida and use all my income and expenses on it?
would you let your 18 year old daughter live in spain for the summer to get a job?
If I quit my job because I can't afford the fuel cost for the 2 hr. commute, am I eligible for unemployment?
where can i file my taxes online for free?
What to do about my decieced Father's IRA?
Timeshare donation fess spread across 07-08. When to deduct?
checking to see if anyone has gotten DD from IRS yet?
how to find EIN number for a child care provider?
can you claim a loss on your home with the declining values?
How much do estate taxes cost? An old guy owns a house worth $700,000. How much tax will be due for him?
i am single and have one child but i do not want to have to owe taxes so i am trying to figure out how to fill?
Canada ODSP: Can my friend still get benefits if she is out of the country for more than 30 days a year?
If I am director of my own limited company am I classed as self-employed or employed (in UK)?
Do I receive the whole year amount of my approved financial aid or it goes by semester amount?
Can anyone provide case law or legal documentation to support my claim for the first time homebuyers credit?
Will I receive a refund if I only collected 3 months of unemployment?
Why are taxes lower for the rich?
bought a guitar from the us, does anyone know what the import duty is to the uk?
Will I owe for claim 3 on allowances?
Will 2011 tax refunds be issued early?
why is a sin tax (tobacco,alcohol) or even gas taxes legal?
Who do you report a company to for paying me cash and not deducting taxes? Even after I have asked?
my husband passed away july 2011 and i dont know if i can claim what he worked?
what is the TDS applicable if i pay a foreign shipper in $$ as opposed to paying in INR to their indian agent?
What is the Least Expensive Tax Service taxes are simple?
Tax refund delay? Acceped Jan. 19th...?
Can I fix Tax Return error myself?
Will the no sales tax be applied to on line purchases August 4th in Virginia?
I want to know my pan number.?
Does the queen pay tax?
how to achive succus in business?
Tax hasn't been deducted from my first two wages?
does the irs do direct deposits on any other day then friday?
ok can anyone tell me the truth?
I paid a prepayment penalty on my morgage company. Can i get that back at the end. or its tax deductable?
is india have a fair tax structure( multiple taxes) I.E service tax incometax vat etc?
Like-Kind Exchange Tax Question?
Can I get the Canada Employment Amount for my U.S employment income?
Can you be penalized by the IRS for not filing jointly if your spouse is in the military?
???????TAX question????
My wife is a part-time veterinarian hired as an independent contractor. How much must she pay for taxes?
how many hours per week can i do before paying tax?
Can I deduct the monthly premeium for my home security system monitering from my Fed Income tax?
any accountants out there?
Why do I have to pay tax for tips? I'm working at a restaurant.?
if the total income is Rs.10,32,000 including short term capital gains of Rs.27492,what is the tax?
I have a LLC that has not made a profit in 2 years. Can I collect unemployment from a job I just lost?
What if my employer has not made the proper adjustments for The Making Work Pay Tax Credit?
Do people have to pay taxes on welfare payments received?
Can I claim my 8 week old son on my income tax return?
why am I paying so much in taxes?
if my employer overpaid me by one week, do I need to return the gross amount or net amount?
"LIFO makes for a smaller tax under conditions of inflation". Can you please give me an example?
VA funding fee...can I claim it on my taxes? Doesn't show up on 1098...?
what is Ryan's gross income?
W4 Adjustments for no tax return.?
Are claims received for renters insurance due to hurricane Katrina taxable?
what is the starting rate of pay for Soma Intimates?
my paycheck states "salary" but i work ONLY on commission. is this legal?
Filing for bankruptcy!?
can a contractor put a lein on my property claiming that I owe him money I don't?
so irs website said my tax money would be deposited on feb.19 2010 but no money in bank?
I want to know if i am able to be removed from someones taxes? its complicated?
what is ashford's federal id no?
Loan advice. Australia only please.?
10 percent to God?
43860 a year / 3640 a month how much will i be taxed?
How to figure tax donations value?
where is tax return of new york state?
Is personal use of company condo taxable? I am an employee and use the company condo fringe bennefit?
is any restriction on the export of peacoke feathers from India? Is there any export duty on the same?
Tax return & daycare?
What are some good ways to cheat on my taxes and avoid paying?
when do you use gst recoverable, gst payable, and pst payable?
Earned Income Credit Question???
Got my first check, and taxes seem too high?
Do I owe tax on a legal settlement?
If you hit the lottery for $42 million?
In Manitoba, I received a GST/HST cheque from the government. Will that amount..?
What if tax anticipation loans became illegal?
If you work for an employer and they deduct taxes for you but you fail to file tax, what happens to the money?
Would a gasoline tax used for upkeep of roads and bridges affect the US credit downgrade?
my irs refund should be deposited on feb 6 but help?
do you pay council tax if you are on job seekers allowance?
Haven't done my income tax yet, and was wondering?
can i cash my state check b sides where the state check is from?
Edd unemployment claim form?
Do I have to pay taxes on the sale of a house I lived in for 5 years and rented for the last 2.?
How do I account for my capital gains/losses on my taxes?
Get married without CPA/accountant knowing?
self imployed what form do i need ?were do i send it .?
What percentage of income do actors/actresses pay in taxes?
Sole Proprietor Taxes?
Do you know when i can file my self assessment for this year (UK)?
if i have a bill of £39.99 including VAT how do I work out how much VAT i have paid?
If I live in VA and work in NC does VA state still have to be filled if there is nothing owed and no refund.?
how can i make easy money without working?
NYS Taxes for Expat?
When will they start the benefit cuts, will people receiving benefit's be cut immediately?
are partnerships held in IRA taxed differently than corps. when sold/?
Claiming 1 vs 2 on W2?
If you have dual citizenship from the United States and another country, do you have to pay twice as much in?
if i do a Form 1310: Statement Of Person Claiming Refund Due A Deceased Taxpayer?
has anybody got their etax refund yet? (2010)?
a competitor does not collect state taxes, whom do i call to report this co?
On form 1040 line 65 it says estimated tax payments. Is that where I put my social security, medicare, & the?
i got a call from the goverment sayn i can get 7 thousond dollars i just have to pay an ativation fee of 280?
Should we recognize LT capital gains this year?
Is it true that Texas residents don't have to pay taxes?
Is Disability taxable in Ca?
if your in tax credit apartments does the IRS monitor your bank account?
How to give a family owned business a tax write off?
how come i know so much scum that claim, claim, claim when they are perfectly capable of workng?!?
If I no longer live or work in the US, do I still need to file a tax return?
how does the irs calculate the 60 days for a ira distribution to be reinvested to avoid being penalized?
Roth IRA: What are early withdrawal penalties paid on?
Who can help the disabled find tax deductions?
what a status of pan card?
What are the benefits of the property tax cut in Florida?
Offer in Compromise; IRS Lien?
Why didn't the money borrowed for the stimulus package go directly to American tax payers?
Is lemonade taxable in PA?
i have a question about tax 0, 1, exempt?
If I got the emerald advance do Ihave to file taxes through HR Block or can I just pay them back?
I've lost my National Insurance number card?
I just got out of prison and i havent filed taxes since 1994. how do i get right with the irs?
How do they let you into t4 otb?
I am behind on my propertie tax on my home and dont want to loose it is ther creditors that can help?
Estate Taxes?
How long do you have to work to retire from the state?
Child tax credit back payment?
Help Me Calculate Holiday Pay?
I just got on disability i heard it only pays 80%?
save money on taxes by incorperating to an LLC?
Does the beneficiary of a gift of an automobile have to pay taxes?
What is revenue?
When does my employer have to pay mileage reimbursements?
how long before irs responds to your tax return? filed in april, thanks in adv.?
newlywed w-4 withholding options?
Is there any way to file your state taxes for free or really cheap online?
Need help estimating my tax return?
How do I figure out 25% of my gross income?
Georgia State Consumer Tax Advocate?
trying to bye a new house Loan comp ran credit report,it said that i owe back taxes to IRS ,how do i find out?
w-2 1040ez form single. help! i dont know what taxable interest is.?
State put a levy on my bank account, can they levy my son's account?
What happens if you don't pay your taxes?
If I fled married filinf jointly can i file seperatly?
What are these taxes?
alright, I'm young and I'm trying to figure this question out : $55.00+39.99+tax=?
is it true, if you have 6 kids? you don't pay state & federal taxes?
Should I let my son's father claim our son? HEEELLLPPP!!! I can't decide!?
Do you support protectionist tariffs for the United States?
have you gotten your stimulis check?
Tax Refund IRS January 31 2011?
Is it better to file my taxes jointly or single?
I have not filed my state taxes in VA since 1994. Will they work out payments with me this far out?Suggestion
tax deduction on paycheck. i'm confuse, please help?
What to do? someone is using my social security number.?
what is vat?
How are taxes done when laddering Certificates of Deposit?
Would it be best to claim the childcare tax credit or max out on the childcare flex spending account?
California EDD Question?
How do you get the IRS off your back?
How much is my amended return going to be?
Is social security disability income taxable?
can state of Oregon garnish your social security check for cigarette tax?
File taxes with last paycheck stub?
Doubt in IT?
Can you file taxes online if you live in Guam?
No refund yet...what is going on?
Can you get travel expenses even though you are not paying for it?
How do you file your taxes if you had two jobs during the year?
Should or should not be a freelancer when living in US ?
I'm 26 yr old w/no dependent children making over 50k a year, what can I do to reduce my taxable income?
Australian Tax Refund for Non-Resident?
do corporations have to pay payroll tax on compensation given as stock options?
Is the EIN and tax ID the same thing?
do i have to pay self employment tax on income that is reported on a schedule k-1?
what is the answer to comprehensive problem #4 from fundamentals of taxation 2011?
U.S. Treasury randomly deposited 3500$ into my account?
Where do I find information about my tax ID number?
The company I work for provides 2005 w2 forms online but I need to know the name of the site, do you know?
I had surgery in June '05 & have been on disability since. Can I exempt my co-pays? IE. ins.,drugs,canes et:al
Does anyone know how to gift real estate in full; using a quit claim deed, without excise tax being owed?
What is the National Minimum wage For the UK?
Escrow account for home, how does it work when paying taxes?
Cant pay at the time I file......What do I do??
how can i claim my milage to and from work on my income tax?
Payroll Deduction for Breakage?
Can anyone tell me how to find out if my CPA lost his license in the state of Arkansas?
what is difference between tax credit and tax deduction?
can i claim my donations to 501 c3 on my taxes?
Myself and my wife are employed in A PSU. We are going to shift to our own house. We are advised to claim HRA?
how much does WHSmith pay per hour?
difference between taxes & duties?
answers to the irs volunteer tax test?
Is it possible to have more than one irs tax id number?
When and how should one pay taxes for online poker winnings?
Should I claim single 0 or single 1 ?!?
I am on unemployment and I read where you can file a second extention after your first one. I read that you?
should australians pay tax??
Is it illegal to claim a parent on tax return?
How do i charge sales tax on my website?
Any tax exemptions for bands?
Does the top 1% of all wage earners pay over 50% of all taxes?
How much tax and national insurance will be taken off my wages?
Does anyone know of a good book which explains VAT better than the HMRC site?
i'm old enough to start gettting social security;if i draw, can the government still cut into it for back tax
Will I pay Federal and State taxes if I file exempt on a bonus?
Should Work Contract Tax be deducted from payment of Bill of Printing on Popline Cloth Banner?
Is there any way to get the ATO make someone lodge a tax return?
Do I owe the IRS if I've made $10,000 already this year and Ive exempt my state and federal taxes?
If You Were President: TAXES.?
If I am an SEZ co developper & have to borrow overseas, when i pay back do i have to deduct TDS on interest?
Do you approve of Obamas new 13 dollar tax cut?
Can you file married but seperate in a community property state?
Is the Indian IT Returns Verification Form received online suffice as an authentic IT returns document?
What would be a typical weekly wage be in the UK for a minimum wage earner ?
Tax Question: Can she file her own taxes or does her father claim her?
Worked in London in the year 2005. never applied for a National Insurance #?
If I sell $12,000 worth of stocks, what would be the tax rate that I would have to pay.?
property taxes and LLC's?
H&R block efile online?
Is "Exemption amount Per Computer" on tax transcript the same as "exemptions" on FAFSA application?
How can I find out if the IRS has a law suit against MPRI?
How do I file taxes in Ohio being married to my husband but we've been seperated for 4 years?
what happens to the money from property taxes when thre government collects it?
Should I choose After-Tax or Pre-Tax for Long-Term Disability?
How do rich people pay less tax?
Who benefits from me paying taxes?
Where to get tax records for your county?
I work for free at my parent's cafe, and I make tips, do I need to file for taxes?
to any one knowledgedge has any one collectunemploymentent for a year and got a tax refund back?
If I made.15,000 for the year does my employer have to give me a 1099?
do foreigners have to pay taxes on merchandise bought in the united states?
What happens to tax credits (unused tuition - ON, Canada) when the individual receives a non-resident status?
i didn't file my 2008 taxes?
Unemployment claim questions?
Are monthly wages before or after tax?
Is the child tax credit refundable if your tax s less that all of your credits?
Tax Season : HR - PPCARD or Cheque?
Taxes? H&R Block?
Do I have to pay US taxes on this?
tax informations needed ?
If I would like to be 100% sure that the IRS receive my tax forms, what mail method should I use?
can anyone show me a sell tax chart for va?
Do foreigners working in the US have to pay Federal taxes?
do rich people give their money away during tax time?
how to withdraw tax money off of jackson hewitt I power card?
Importing a watch from EU. What tax do I pay?
How long does it take to get your tax check when you file it the old fashioned way.. by mail?
Turbo Tax/Quicken information...?
Question About GST Rebate Checks in British Columbia?
What is going one with the IRS and the direct deposits mine was accepted on the 17th of Jan and still no dd?
How much tax would i pay on my Sharesave scheme (u.k.)?
provision of fbt against employees dress provided by employer?
Can I use my daycare providers social to get a tax credit even though she is not licensed?
how much can be taxable amount? in case of service tax?
Why was my tax rebate $300 when everyone seems to be getting $600?
Deman for Past Due Corporation Return?
In 2007, the average American paid approximately how much to the federal government in taxes?
what is chartered chapter? do state chapter of national association have to have its own IRS tax exemption?
What does it mean that SBBT is waitng to process my tax return?
What constitutes an internet sale to be tax free?
Do I qualify for a tax return?
How can I calculate my income tax? (California)?
I have one child I am 17. my dad is claiming me and my son. how much about should i get on back taxes?
How come I got a tax refund deposited into my bank account?
is it possible to file the State of NJ tax but not Federal tax?
Do we pay taxes on inherited property that we sold?
Where can I get the instructions to 2005's 1040s?
Has anybody won a cashprice and had to pay in the taxes in advance to be able to get the money?
How much do you need to make to file taxes?
will they take my house for over due real estate tax?
my wife's wages for the year were under 230 and they didn't take out any federal taxes. Do I have to show it?
can i file my 2009 federal and NYS tax online and where?
capital of india answer it?
Could anything happen to my friend if he found a check on the ground for 5600 dollars and cashed it?
i work on the sly , i dont pay taxes...?
i have a second job do i pay tax on it if i only earn £72 a week in total for both jobs?
Whether the amount withdrawn from a PPF a/c at the end of sisth year is taxable or is it considered as income?
Are attorney fees for bankruptcy tax deductible??r=1254504423?
If my single-member LLC is owed money by someone who refuses to pay, may I claim a loss on my taxes?
does a foreign investor pay capital gains on real estate when selling?
If I only make $100 how much earned income will I get for a 2 year old child?
how do you claim a domestic partner on your taxes?
How can i claim my EIC on my kids before my ex does?
first time doing taxes online...i used h&r block efile...and im kind of unsure what happens says?
Small Business Rates & Taxes (12 employees) - Do they apply to turnover or profit? Thanks?
salary offered to cfps in India?
are three exemptions bad and what happens if i filed hoh and single and carried 1 dependent?
How much comes out of my paychEck for social security and Medicare?
can I claim my nephew who 15 yrs old and he lived with me?
Can i avail tax exemption for paying house loan in my mother's name when she is a dependent of me?
what are the tax deductions we are entitled to, without having to pay for an accountant?
if my account numbers is off by 3 numbers will i still get my refund?
loan balance of sss.salary loan?
should we eliminate taxes on goods and services because they result in deadweight losses?
This is the first year my fiance is able to file his taxes and he did in mid January, now he received a letter?
Tax Refund IRS January 31 2011?
Cash benefits & child support ?
Is it OK to have a SEP and an Individual IRA deduction in the same year?
Is "TaxAct" free tax prep software for real, or is it full of spyware etc?
I can't find the original of my W-2 --- what happens if I file my taxes with a copy of it? Will they accept?
Does all the LIC policies cover tax?
ok..if 1 million people each gave me a pound would I have to declare that and pay tax???
How do you complete your taxes? Do you hire a CPA or do it yourself?
Tax return accepted 18th still in processing?
I am a girl of 24years of age I have a salary of 1,44,000/- Rs. P.A. I want to know is my income taxable?
Does Tax free weekend include stuff online?
what can military personel write off on taxes?
can i have my refund direct deposited into my mom's account?
I didnt claim my child on my W4 for, what will happen?
seasonal employess eligible for unemployment?
How long too pay taxes?
how can i convince my kid to claim our dog and cat on her tax deductions?
What is Pan no,as I am from north east India and exempted from Income tax do I still need Pan no to invest?
The IRS says my refund was deposited, so why isnt it showing?
If you donate a time share to charity, can you deduct the full amount you paid for the timeshare?
Husband and wife working in different states (FL and GA)?
looking for donut cutter in madrid?
Can you define Valid Debt and Tax Bills?
What is the depreciation schedule of a franchise and goodwill?
What's the difference between irs tax forums seminars and the gear-up tax seminars?
How would this be dealt with at tax time?
how long will it take the irs to get my w2's to me?
Is Property Taxes WRONG?
Mr. jones the internal revenue service would like to visit with you about your tax return.?
Will I get the 2009 stimulus money?
I'm 19, still live with parent and I want a job. Will this affect my mom's tax return?
How do tax returns work? Claiming?
If I made over 10,000 will my tax return be less then if I made under 10,000?
I won! So now how much do I owe?
What is the tax free threshold as of 2011?
swedens ecconomic is system different from the U.S's? are they socialist ?
Do Americans pay income tax out of patriotism, 'cos they sure don't have to by law?
I got a $30,000 bonus this year.It was taxed considerably.Will I get any of this money back when I file taxes?
How much of a tax return will we get with 3 kids, making like 50k this year?
how much if any do the winners on tv texas holdem turniments pay in taxes ?
Earned Income Credit?
i should have received my refund on 2/11/2011 and im just wondering when will it be deposited in my account?
Would like to get refund on 52.99 that you charged my account in?
why dividend received from subsidiary not included in consolidated income statement?
Sales tax on online items?
can u claim "annual subsciption to australian society of proffessional engineers if u are retired?
Can I deduct a car theft from my federal taxes?
how long will it take to get my refund after i was audited?
Has anyone received their 2012 Tax Refund?
does any one know the tax id for love's travel stop?
Begun Work W/O Filling out W4 Form!?!?
what is capital accountant means?is there any course to become capital accountant in uk?
I provide housing for homeless for very little money. How can I get a Property tax exemption in California???
What is itr as per income tax act?
If you purchase something in one state, and take receipt of it in another, do you have to pay sales tax?
After taxes, how much money would I inherit if I was receiving 10% of $100 million?
If i have a child that i have half custody over would i be able to claim him on taxes?
if you only get disability and child support can you file taxes?
Can my boyfriend claim me on his taxes?
Why such high tax?
What is ‘paying the least amount of taxes as late as possible within the law to minimize the present value of?
Does a credit of $20 offer a greater tax relief than a deduction of $20?
How much money do you need to make to file taxes?
HELP ME PLEASE..How do I get a printout of my unemployment benefits online?
When a creditor files a 1099-c does that mean the debt comes off the credit report?
POLL: Tax Return - how much?
Can I Take Out £5 Over The Counter In A Post Office? (UK)?
Sence the Federal Income Tax is an illegal Tax,Then way do we have to pay it ?
Does the IRS report information to the Department of Labor?
Selling shares as a gift - tax implications?
How can I continue to receive Tax Credits if I am currently working 20 hours per week?
Has anyone's unemployment in Texas updated?
I don't owe taxes (US) can I still file for a tax refund?
Has anyone received their 2011 Tax Refund Yet (2012)?
1099-C Cancellation of Debt...why do I have to claim this?
Will any stimulus checks be sent out today, Monday May 12, 08?
how to know the recent rates of plastic granules online?
tax questions?
I work for an LLC, I work like an employee but my boss says im an "independent contractor" b/c of the LLC.?
Do you feel like you're being robbed of your tax money since you're paying for the royal wedding?
i receive a monthly car allowance from my employer, how do i handle the taxes?
If I work in Korea and live in spain do i still have to pay full uk tax?
If i recieve a scholarship for college can i claim that money as tution expenses on 1040 ?
how much does a pack of cigarettes cost where your from and what size is the pack.?
taxability of deferred annuity owned by ssub s corp.?
Filed federal 1/9/2012 was accepted before 11am 1/18/2012 with h&r block i am still getting the by jan 31 date?
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