Delay in processing question?
Business tax question?
Can i submit 2 years tax return in a day ?
do they take taxes out of a will?
a tax i entitled to any money to myself?
is this tax deductible?
depreciation is accounting estimate. explain.?
What will happen if North Dakota eliminates property tax?
Can I get a income tax return if the only income i had was unemployment and I had taxes taken out automatic?
how many pennies would u need to make one million dollars?
How do I get my 8880 form?
First year for my 401k and I wonder do I have to file the amount I have paid into it with my taxes?
My fiance has not paid taxes for 3 years now! WHAT TO DO!?
a tax question. please help?
How much should I recieve back from taxes ?
What Number of Allowances on my W4 Form?
Where do Retained Earnings normally go assuming earning it's positive? Debit or Credit? And liability go to?
Do "The Price is Right" winners have to claim their winnings on their taxes?
Is anyone here a CPA that does taxes? I need answeres to these questions please.?
Does Ebay tell the Taxman?
How do i file my state taxes online for FREE??
Is a credit for late charges on credit card considered to be taxable income?
When you pay business tax, do you pay for the profit (excluding expenses) or the income?
How do treat, for tax purposes, the sale of your duplex home, where one side is rental?
Is there a paper I have to receive from my employer in order to do my taxes?
i want to change in vat report in tally?
i need to add 9.750% sales tax onto 517.20?
Do you pay sales tax on cars bought in las vegas?
1040 Tax Preparation Help?
Would I have to pay California tax if I bought an iPhone in NV with a CA credit card?
Pros and Cons for paying my house off for the purpose of income tax deductions.HELP?
I serve, my employer is not putting my tips on my paycheck, so no taxes are being taken out, what will happen?
can a step-parent claim a step child on taxes?
Are child care costs tax deductible?
Payroll Journal Entries?
A few tax questions about Sch A and IRA?
40% of americans don't pay income tax?
Tax-> why someone is getting back more than I am.?
Social Security?
Who still has not don't their taxes!?
Ebay Tax and VAT question for the UK?
How hard will the Gov hit me on my new profits?
Question about claiming as income the $500 a month I charge my son for rent - we live in the United States.?
What percentage of your yearly income goes to federal taxes if you are single?
my lil girl is in dshs and i want her ssn to see if i can claim her?
i was awarded unemployment, now former employer is trying to over turn state decision, is this possible?
I never filed my 2008 taxes. Do I have to file them before I can file my 2009 taxes?
thanks guys... `bout council tax, i found out i have to pay nearly 200 pounds,as i m late from sept 2006,?
How long can I claim a Per Diem Allowance?
Are out of state students exempt from paying local property (car) taxes?
Ipod Import Tax in Ireland?
Tax return need help!?
Does CA charge sales tax from rental income?
my mail account can't access?
Tax issues for Roth IRA and regular stock account?
can a person working in reserve bank of new zealand take 6 to 9 months leave ?
Does anybody now if the qeen pays council tax?
Are medicare payments tax deductible?
My husband did not receive a 1099 for 2009 but had expenses. Can we use the expenses without income?
We just realized we made a mistake in filing our 2010 taxes.?
Centrelink / Student, am I independent?
How much would my gross monthy income be on 19,000 when you factor in taxes, etc.?
As a UK beneficiary of property in the Republic of Ireland do I have to pay their beneficiary tax to them?
Why Do People Tell Us We Can Only Claim 2 Children?
I don't owe taxes (US) can I still file for a tax refund?
When is the tax due?
Gross Salary-What is my nett?
Do anyone know if IRS will offer the lower amount of penalty for voluntary disclosure / opt out?
EIC Qualifying Child? (Urgent)?
im 15 and extremely confused about taxes?
what about the wages in the UK?
Can i get my refund before my DD date.?
I live in New York and own rental property in Massachusetts. Will I get double taxed for my rental income?
Can the amount spent on establishing an entity as an LLC be deducted?
If I make $85,000 / yr after taxes are taken out then what is my income before I paid my taxes?
How much can I earn in a year without it affecting my Tax Credits?
What is the present ESI salary limit ? Can anybody opt out of ESI ?
Car tax?? ?????????????????????????????
what is the earliest day to file income taxes?
identify the ummayyad system of government and taxation?
Lifetime learning Credit?
Can you inherit IRS tax debt from parents if they die?
What about my taxes this year?
On the qwest cell phone bill, what does "Other" tax mean on the tax break down?
how do you figure payroll taxes?
my mother and father both has passed away over the last 4 months.?
I have a new job and I've been given a fuel card, how much tax do i pay?
tax related question?
If one does not have enough credits to qualify for SocSec Disability, how do you bring your acc't up to date?
Current MBA student going back to same profession, will I get audited if I write off tuition in a schedule A?
i only made 3200 dollars this year can i wait and file it next year and if so will i get penalized?
is the 540 ez now the 540 2ez?
Independent Contractors and tax withholding?
If I always get all of my federal taxes back when its time to file them would it be possible to..?
Under Loan aggreement?
whatever happened to Property tax postcards?
Please answer!! Filing dependents?
Is there a penalty for having TOO much money taken out in taxes, thereby getting a large return?
Can gay married couple file joint federal tax return?
My employer has been paying me cash, with no taxes taken out for three months. What will happen come tax time?
What does an accountant do?
Can I claime my niece on my taxes?
What should I do with my $1 tax refund check that just came in?
Can my boyfriend claim my son on his taxes?
How much tax is taken from paycheck in NC?
how do i report part of the 1099 income to a corporation?
Please tax preparer!Do you think I should do my taxes jointly? We are living apart but we still married...?
is there a way to file "prostitution" fees on your tax return?
I am 52, & want to take $8k from rollover. I have no othermy income. What are my taxes & penalty?
How much money will I receive/owe for my 2009 tax return?
can you tell me what you think about the car tax going up to £400 next year?
I earned all of my income in a non-resident state. Do I still need to file in my resident state?
do you think this form of tax is fair.......
If I buy a computer and return it, can I still claim it as an expense?
Can I reclaim import charges?
I'm working on HSMP visa in UK & paying taxes. What is the way if I want to get my complete medical checkup .
tax service guidline policy letter?
TAXES: If I have a small home business, what are my tax advantages?
i need to obtain a replacement copy of my 2005 fed 1040 tax form ASAP?
do you know if you can claim a water rates rebate if you havent occupied the house?
Can you use turbo tax 2005 to file the 2006 tax returns?
travel.state.govbureau of conslar affairs?
I want to find out tax value on a home I am interested in buying?
I worked in the US last year as an international student. Can I still File for my tax refunds?
what items are 100% tax deductable for business owners?
what is the site to get a copy of my 2005 tax returns?
Question about tax credit?
Why my YTD tax and Taxable earnings keep Resetting? Working for Temp Agency.?
I am trying to find out what the percent is that is removed for taxes when you claim 1?
What Income tax question about two jobs?would you like to ask?
Will a tax code overhaul, in the realm of what GOP's often ask for, affect the job status of tax attorneys?
council tax in melborne?
how do i compute or put loss on sale of shares (short term) / put in p/l account & balance sheet?
my tax code as been 626l m1 for past 4 years and not changed is this right?
If I claim all my tips will that make my tax return bigger, rather than only claiming 10%?
can my husband claim my two kids on his tax return even if he's not on the birth certificate?
Do I have to pay VAT to Revenue and Customs when purchasing from Europe?
I need help with my taxes...what do I do?
is my tax code right?
getting paid cash under the table?
whenever my mother filed her taxes they gave her back a paper saying how much she got but she lost?
How much Interest has been paid to the Bank of England in its History?
are you exempt from sales tax if you stay 30 days or more in a texas hotel?
Canada revenue question?
I received a second letter from the irs stating that I should receive my rebate by the 16th...?
I m abt to receive a gift worth RS 80000 from a non relative outside india. what is the likely tax i will hav?
How much will be taken out of my paycheck?
how do i get a tax ID if I'm an alien and non us-resident?
who should claim my daughter? me or my boyfriend (the father)?
i want to know about income tax rebate?
Maximizing tax deductions with mortgage?
What exactly is VAT in layman terms. How is it levied & collected?
which tax service is better?!?
I am an NRI and have invested in Shares and mutual funds through bank.What is the taxation policy for returns.
How to bill services?
Do I need to change my W-2 status to married if my wife already has this year?
Sole trader spreadsheet?
NY Unemployment Repay vs Tax Checks?
Compare and contrast the social security tax and medicare tax.?
Taxes BIG PROBLEM Dependents?
I am an NRI (british citizen) aged 70, having income from house in india. Is my exemption limit also 1, 85000
why do i have to pay on my taxes?
If I receive a settlement of money how will I know the taxes on it?
2 Tax ?'s: I live in Okc, Ok and move to Chicago, IL...will I still be able to file and receive my tax refund?
If a canadian accountant admits its their fault for filing your return late shouldnt they pay the penalties?
Is it better to claim 1 or 0 on your W-4 Form if you are single and don't own anything?
Which tax forms do I have to file with IRS for a Florida Corp. and can I file them online?
Do you owe the IRS money?
Can the IRS take your unemployment?
how much tax credits??????
what do u understand by word raping?
We don't own our home, but we do pay the yearly property taxes. Can we claim that?
If I cash in my $50 savings bonds how much will the state want in taxes?
I would like to know if is it possible for me to start a petrol station when am 19 years old?
i want to find the book the Mckenzy mind?
Do you have to list things you sell on Ebay as part of your income?
How do I get a tax refund?
Why does the government tax your homes yearly if you bought the home?
Anyone else having this problem IRS wheres my refund?
how do I find out if something is a scam coming from the uk without having to pay for an answer?
What the tax deductions for the unemployed? Do you have to pay the 10% penaltiy on 401K if you default on loan?
How can I inform Walmart that they are charging tax on items that are not legally taxable?
does anyone know of a place that pays you for items?
Are employer contributions to a HSA/FSA/HRA, taxable to employee?
What is my taxation situation in the USA if I pay software royalties to someone in the UK?
Will MUD property tax go down once more people move into the community?
Can i get job seekers allowance if my partner is on tax credits. I was too, but i am not working now.?
Why do they always deduct Medicare tax from my paychecks yet I don't have any form of health assistance?
claiming 0 on my w-4, percentage of paycheck taken out?
My tax refund is "Scheduled to be direct deposited on Feb 5th (today) - although I have not received it yet.?
How can a CPA help in this, and what kind of costs am I looking at?
Are adult day care expenditures tax deductible?
property tax?
question about tax on stock trade by non-resident alien?
If you are a waitress is it true you get all of your reported tips back in a tax refund?
do you have to claim workers comp on taxes, or pay taxes on a rembursiment check?
who would i notify about employer not withholding tax ss fica?
is there a web site that let you know if there's a hold on your income tax?
Has any amended the 2008 income tax's with the first time home buyer credit and received the refund?
My wheres my refund status changed to "We are sorry, blah blah blah"?
after taxes what would be the bring home pay after a 40 hour work week in the state of florida?
trying to figure out how much job will take out for taxes?
Where would one place sales tax refunded to a customer when preparing a sales tax return?
Is the progressive tax morally right or is it theft?
Will I get a tax rebate... I'm confused...?
What is the maximum amount of cash you can receive that does not have to be reported for tax purposes?
way do we have to pay taxes?
Is it true that a US Green Card holder has to declare worldwide earnings to the US even after leaving?
2. What types of records should a business owner keep for tax purposes? How long should the records be kept?
What are some good legal ways to pay less taxes?
if you are filed exempt all year do you still get money back for your tax return?
when filling out a tax id registration?
What should I be putting on my W-2?
Tax return filing status?
What constitutional representation exist that compels us to pay state property tax?
how much is income tax % in Malaysia?
I just found out that my tax person in LA was a fraud and never filed my returns in 94 & 95?
Impairment of Assets?
On the website that tells you where your refund is and when to expect it, have you ever gotten it?
How much will my tax return be?
If I file as head of house hold and my wife files her own taxes?
Do I have to pay income taxes on a scholarship I received.?
How much tax deductions I will get if I donate a house to charity?
What do you do if you were sent a W-2 when you NEVER worked for the company that year?
How much can I deduct from a past service RPP for 1993?
Tax question on dependents......?
tax invoice for construction bill?
I got taxed 40% on my severance pay, is that right?
Why do people expect the Government to pay? (the Government meaning the people who pay taxes)?
Is there anyway to claim these things as a tax deduction or writeoff?
What's this tax thing you get from Donating clothes?
IRS eFile vs TurboTax vs TaxCut?
Is anyone experiencing a delay with their federal refund?
how much money can i give my wife or kids per year tax free?
How long does my income tax return come they are saying until june 28th. Why?
Yearly Average for Excel Household budget?
Is there a restriction in the amount of tax deductions I can claim?
Why is Q7 on my Tax Return checked and words computations provided if no capital gains?
Can my mom claim me as a dependent?
What is the penalty for getting audited?
Can I find my Adjusted Gross Income from 2004 on line so I can E-file my taxes?
Why do I have medicare tax taken off my paycheck, while I don't even have a health insurance?
i was wondering if someone could tell me the best way to file my taxes to get the biggest return?
Is it illegal to work for a business tax free, even for just a short time? (more details included)?
Free bookkeeping/tax software, is it any good?
I filed my latest taxes, but my wife was a foreign alien w/o tax ID. Now she has SS#. Should I file amendment?
can you file a handwritten w-2 with your taxes?
i've been receiving unemployment for a while now question is do i have to pay any of it back in the future?
Can I write Daycare off on my taxes?
Does psn charge tax in Illinois?
Will nearly 2,000 extra in student loan money this semester effect my foodstamps, or medicaid?
when is the frist day i can file taxes for 2011?
Does filing for unemployment effect when i do my taxes?
Am i entitled to working tax credits?
Is it possible to make multiple income tax payments on/after April 14th when you owe alot?
What is allowable for subsistence?
Is it possible to renew Tax Credit Online? ?
I live out of the country, but i worked in the united states for several years can i still file for tax return?
If a 14 year old has a summer job, do they have to file their income tax?
My father is going to throw me under a bus so he can save some money. What do I do. Tax return issue.?
Is there a way where you can avoid paying something you are supposed to pay (Legoland etc)?
Progressive taxation is based on the belief that?
Is there really any FREE way to file your taxes?
Tax on money you inherit from parents dying?
What are the new allowances for stamp duty on house purchase and inheritance tax?
What percentage of my Federal Income Tax comes back as a return in the following year?
How can I backdate an unemployment claim?
How long would it take to move out my parents,house?
How do I turn someone into the IRS for not paying taxes? And not paying child support?
What address should I put on my W4 if I am a Military Dependent?
What is the best way to deal with this tax issue..?
In regards to writing off cosmetic surgery?
Adjusting Entries problem. A problem regarding accruals and income before taxes... please read.?
If you are working on minimum wage, how much tax would you be expected to pay?
Question on 1099 - Realized Capital Gain?
Can I make my taxes 2 times if I didn’t send the letter to the IRS?
Do you only have to claim above a certain amount for interest earnings on 1099int for filing taxes?
can i deduct part of my rent from my taxes?
Electronic equipment and Income taxes?
I was beneficiary of my fathers checking & savings account. He died in April. Do i have to pay taxes on money?
in a cash flow, do u have taxation savings on hiring expenses?
HELPPP! please? calculate taxes AND percent income?
Is it true the higher you get paid the more taxes is taken out of your check?
i am a sole proprietor . my business is grill restaurant how much is the tax based on this business?
I am comparing my tax refund with a cowrker. i would like to read ur thoughts?
Do I still have to report my qualified early distribution on my return? i.e. IRA draw to pay education.?
If I trasfer to my wife my ownership of properties jointly owned with her, can those properties be protected? ?
what would happen if i filed as head of household on on my taxes even though i have no dependents.?
Whether or not to file for taxes?
I got a schedule k-1 form 1041 and there are amounts in boxes 1, 2a, & 2b. Do I need to claim this? Thanks.?
how to check my pay stub online?
i live in Florida, ive been receiving unemplyment benefits for one year do i qualify for an extension?
can i claim a disable person on my taxes even though they get aid for their child?
What is a tax transcript?
Where will I find information on tax allowance for part time working abroad?
Do you get a tax return if your parents claim you?
how much child tax creditfor a second child if i`m not working?
if you have got married but haven't changed your name can you file seperate on taxes?
Please give me full detail of pf. what is the rate we deducte and how can we fill the return and last dated?
What is the price of a newspaper (including taxes)?
How does tax work in South Africa?
why do poor people pay for the bulk of cigarettes taxes?
Student loan number - What can you do with someone else's?
I filed my taxes with Turbo Tax electronically on 2/2/12?
What are the totals of the deposits in each situation?
Can I still work a full time job if I receive 100% disability from the Veteran Affairs?
Buying a ring off James Allen, uk custom charges?
Would you report someone who earns money from children's clubs but does not declare it to the Revenue?
where can i get previous year vat receipts & returns of a indian company ?
What does it take to qualify for earned income credit on your taxes?
Where to enter income from outside Canada sources on Income Tax Form.?
How can I find out about my refund on my earn income credit?
How can I file my taxes for free online?
how much would i have to pay on a 401k early withdrawal?
"Customs Value" in international shipping?
10 bucks says you can't figure out this question about income taxes!!!!!?
On selling a property is there a way of not having to pay profit gains tax?
i did not received my tax refund i filed in 2007 can i still get it?
If I get $20,000 donated to me within a year, do i have to file that?
are premiums on business property and casualty insurance deductible for tax purposes?
income tax 1questions?
when our india going to a role model?
Rental Unit Deductions for Taxes?
what is the percentage of this its for an invoice?
Moved from Virginia prior to final federal retirement effective date - is last pay subject ot VA tax?
What happens if my home is repossesed? Do I still have to pay off debts??
what is the short term capital gains tax rate?
No IRS Direct Deposit Refund from SBBT/Metabank?
What do I need to take to the post office to get car tax?
What is the federal tax rate on moving allowances?
The IRS says I made a mistake on 2009 tax & owe $2001. How much is interest if I can't pay?
can we claim/deduct propety tax and mortgage interest as part of the tax claim?
is a 12 month employer paid housing allowance taxable if it is taken in lieu of a relocation package?
Is the money I inherited from my brother taxable?
has anyone got thier ga state refund that ga took from us?
My refund is set to b deposited into my moms account n we dont have same name so I am being told the money ?
In the UK how old are you when you start to pay taxes and how exactly do you go about doing it?
what is the break up salary structure of newly recruited income tax inspector?
What is the salary of astrophysicist in India?
How about a 0% tax rate on businesses?
If I move to Finland and work at sea, will I have to pay Finish taxes?
In filling out the Form W-4 (2012), it asks if I'm "exempt". How do I know if I'm "exempt" or not?
what is the professional tax amount for business people in karnataka?
C FORM under MP Govertment?
Residency and taxes?
Am I a "taxpayer" even though I get a refund every year? I am asking for rebate purposes, my mother said I am
If you sell something on ebay do you pay vat?
Taxes, How do I claim my mortgage?
Will I get taxed on my second job ?
some please tell me how working tax credits work in the uk?
I got my tax rebate / stimulus. WTF?
what is your opinion about I.R.IRAN?
What will be the final cost if I am shipping from the US to Canada?
is it unusaual for the irs site to still day expect depsoit on jan 1 when refunds go out tomorrow?
Howcome every year I owe 1200 USD to IRS?
Best way to file taxes this year?
My employer did not report my 1099 to the IRS?
The WMR SITE IS BACK UP for now anyways, however when I looked at it, it couldnt find ?
32000 at 8% annually for 25 days ?
why am I paying so much in taxes?
Social security benefits and employer paid disability?
Can you take a lifetime learning credit as well as a credit for student loan interest?
when can I start collecting social security?
do i really need a somebody to do my taxes?
I babysit my neighbors daughter weekend and make $50. From May to now. Can I file taxes?
About my IRS tax refund 2013?
john beck, And Tax sales ?
Does North Carolina have a tax deduction for renters.?
I am still getting garnished even after filing bankruptcy. Can the attorney still do this?
I'm late on my taxes?? Please help?
How do I report someone to the IRS for not paying taxes?
which one should claim baby on taxes?
I claimed kids on earned income credit,can ex xlaim for child tax credit??
MOS 51C (Contracting) ???
how come centrelink says your a low income earner but when it comes to school fees you aren't?
how much cash can i give as a gift without a tax problem?
Is it true that one can claim a new car in the taxes?
What should my pay check be before taxes then after taxes?
Do you think this tax plan is fair? It bring back businesses taxes the rich 30% and the poor and middle 5%?
does kingsway clearing house do a drawing for you to win money?
I claimed kids on my taxes that are not my kids I thought I could what happens now?
Parents claiming me AGAIN??
can somebody claim one of my children and somebody else claim the other on their taxes?
Are child care costs tax deductible?
is this considered tax fraud?
Can I recieve a federal tax refund if I had no income?
Explain 92% Income Tax?!?
Please help, 603L M1 tax code. Will I get a refund?
Income tax question, direct deposited but still no refund?
Can you order out of state to avoid taxes?
I've been withholding "single, 2" on my paychex. What can I do so I don't owe the gov't $$ on my tax return?
I had to pay £5000 for private surgery. Is this tax deductable?
How to invest to save tax in present situation?
Apartment Property tax - implications of not paying it?
what is VAT?
what do you get back on your taxes when you write off buisness expences?
What if i am broke & unable to pay my sales tax?
How to calculate depreciation?
Did anyone receive their tax refund the day they were suppose too?even with all these irs glitches going on?
how do thay get the fig into fig roll?
How do taxes work for online business?
Providing a tax receipt for charity?
If you live in Australia, but earn money from an overseas source, who does the tax go to?
Does severance count as earnings when determining weekly unemployment benefits in California?
New company opened on 11th Dec 2005. and did some business. Do i have to file tax. its DBA?
Is there any VAT regulations in Luxembourg? Please explain?
how can i get copys of my old payslips?
I withdrew my entire Roth IRA last year to pay for college. Will I be penalized this year when I file taxes?
If I never receive my tax return?
Are campaign contribution tax deductible?
Do some businesses avoid paying city taxes by taking a personal check or cash?
What is the tax law (in uk) regarding giving away more than £3000 a year?
i just started a babysitting job, can they take "taxes" out of my weekly check?
garnishment came out of check,then irs took taxes for same garnishment?
If I convert a traditional ira to a 529 plan for my grandchild, will it signal a taxable event?
what is the average amount of a monthy welfare check?
getting paid cash under the table?
How does the State of Tennessee support their budget without a state income tax?
Does anybody know when lewis tree service employees usually get their paper copy w2s?
claim unemployment but get paid as 1099?
Why is TurboTax showing my federal tax refund only $1.00?
Us to Canada shipping - How much fees/duty will i pay?
Can any explain the "DUTY DRAW BACK" in export line. If we export Cotton madeup then how much % we can receive?
When doing income taxes in Ontario, where should Alimony be claimed?
Ohio vendors licence for purchasing craft supplies wholesale.?
My salary has been wrong for 6 years - who has to pay the tax man I am in the UK?
Non taxable sick pay...?
Who's Under Review They Have me under review and said they would send me out a notice but i havet recievd a no?
When filing state taxes do you have to put the county you LIVE in or the county you WORK in?
How do I handle employer HSA contributions that shouldn't have been made on my taxes?
if you earned less than 600 dollars a year at a company. is it up to the company to send you W4 or 1099 to f?
Anyone familliar with WA. State and/or Fed. law please help with this question?
Has anyone received their refund from Republic Bank/Taxact today?
what is the next federal fiscal year end date pertaining 2?
If i get an extention for my 2008 taxes..How long do i have to pay it?
List of things I can claim back from my tax?
What Was Your Annual Gross in 2005? What Was The Net?How Much Did U Get Back In Tax Return? What St?
i had papers served for child support but i did not file taxes for 2 years . am i in trouble?
What is the tax rate for middle and upper class?
can i deposit my tax refund check online?
If you file online, and use direct deposit, how long does it usually take to get your tax refund?
capital and revenue expenditure?
newlywed; How should I file taxes?
what license/ permit would I need....?
What is the tax law for the keeping the tax basis of my house if I sell it after I turn 55 and buy another one
tax returns?
Need help filling out W4 tax form.?
Do I owe taxes on a car I won?
what is the website where you can print out your w2 forms before you get them?
is claiming him legal?
If i owe on school loans and am now married can they take money from our joint return?
i want know my pan card position?
What are the consequences of not filing taxes for several years?
Are U.S. contractors working on a military base overseas exempt from Mass state tax? I know they're exempt fro?
Quick question about sole proprietorships and partnerships income tax..........?
Can the government withhold my ex-husbands taxes?
Economic stimulus check,haven't recieved mine yet. Have you?
did anyone get their 1099g taxes still havent got mines?
Would i have to pay late penalties to the IRS if i did not file my 2008 Taxes?
self employed national insurance contributions?
will i get charged taxes?
Is service tax on air travel in India applicable to foreign travels also?
I have a cash isa which I opened in the previous tax year?
How much is average Australian miners Wage?
Homebuyer tax credit guidelines?
I'm 17 and have a part time job, will I get a tax rebate?
How much will i get paid working at minimum wage?
If someone lives in the same household that you support but not legally a dependent,can you claim as one?
Why do my husband and I owe so much in federal and state taxes? We hardly make any money!?
How do I claim the tips that I make serving at a restaurant?
what docuents do i need to have for income tax return for house rebate?
Taxes and Home ownership?
What kind of local taxes do businesses pay?
Do I have to claim my 401k withdrawl on my taxe return for the year i closed it?
What if you new someone who was defrauding not only IRS but their creditors cause they are filing bankruptcy?
How can I work as an interpreter from abroad to uk on line?
is my father able to claim me on his taxes?
Can I claim my girlfriends kids as earned income credit if she don't?
How should I pay for exactly one litre of petrol if it is (say) 97.3p?
Do I get money back on my taxes?
I am moving to a different state and wonder if there is a way to avoid paying registration and taxes for both?
the departmen of revenue sent me a certified package which i will pick up from the post office in the morning.
Can me and my soon to be ex-wife claim one each of two kids on our taxes?
I receive child tax credit, am i entitled to free prescription and eye test?
Where is the listings of property with a tax lien, that will be sold in and by the city of detroit, michig?
what is income tax??
Do the irs deposit tax refunds on mondays? And why is my refund still processing?
do they sell poo in convenient stores in new zealand?
Can I receive a renters rebate if part of rent was was paid with prior years tax refund?
National Insurance has deducted some money off my pay but I'm a student - how do I go about in re-claiming it?
Why is everyone in such a hurry to get their tax refund?
When is the IRS releasing funds for 2011?
What happens to your taxes after a foreclosure?
capital gains tax/income tax: do you have to pay both or just capital gains tax on capital gains?
Philadelphia Business Tax Account# question??
I made 15,000 and my sister claimed me.will i get penialized if i fill my taxes?
I had custody of my granddaughter for 6 months of last year. Can I and my daughter claim her on our taxes?
tax payout stimulus question?
Will i be able to work in UK with just an IEC?
how old do you have to be to get a job? (uk)?
As an asset's depreciation is recorded, its carrying value increases?
Did anyone suppose to get their tax refund today (February 17) and didn't.?
How do I find out who's claiming me on their taxes?
telephone number to call about il state refund checks?
Can businesses pay their income taxes at a latter date?
how much can you earn before you go into super tax in the uk??
Is there a law that obligates us to file tax returns?
i sold a home in CA. There was 3% withhold tax for CA. Can this withhold be deducted in fed income tax?
Sending Letter from UK To US?
is there a minimum amout that requires a IRS 1099?
Anybody STILL stuck at 2/7?
I am looking for The Merchants Co. that is in Hattiesberg, Miss. They sell Pecans...?
My boyfriend and I have been living off my income for the entire year of 2006. Can I claim him as a dependant?
military bonus. how much will i get taxed?
Looking for information on meeting/business meals deduction? (not 50%)?
Edd unemployment claim form?
Will it matter how divorced parents file taxes if only one of them uses child's SSN each year?
Hi if I'm self employed and earn 15k a year do I pay tax on all of this or do I deduct the 8k tax allowance?
What is 70% of $19.50?
Filing income tax jointly or separately saves more money?
question about unemployment?
giftrust mutual fund tax question?
how can i get a tax identification number in california for a non-profit organization and what do i need?
Do you have to pay taxes when....?
If my usual salary is 26000 per year......?
About 2009 Taxes while on unemployment?
Help Please!?
Does the UK have too many unemployed people?
Whay my tax code is BR form last two year and i pay more tax team my coliges who olso on same pay roll as me?
what would happen for tax purposes, if i quit my job without telling my boss?
If you are self employed and you just had a baby what is the best way to go about your taxes?
Can someone explain what is AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax)?
why am I paying so much in taxes?
A 1099-c has been issued to my father who passed away 8 years ago. How will this work? Will we have to pay tax?
I made a total of $500 last year, do I file my taxes.?
Is it true you get back your "sales tax" if you save your purchase receipts?
Tax Deductions from Paycheck?
Can i claim my 14 yr old sister on my income tax return even if my parents live with us and theyre working too?
Are smog checks for your car tax deductible?
Can i get tax back if unemployed?
I live in the U.K, if I ordered a T-shirt from the USA for $20 how much would the customs charge be?
what are excise-duty concessions in india for f yr 06-07 for SSI SECTOR units?
Is it better to buy equipment or pay more taxes on a higher income.?
Taxes: I am getting married on Saturday, my wife has a son, w-4?
Do you have to report prostitution income on your taxes?
will i get into trouble with the irs in the future if i file taxes as " seperated" even though i am married?
No taxes taken out of my first paycheck?
If you won $1,000,000 on a game show, how much do you actually get after taxes?
Best case scenario, how long will it take for taxpayers to get paid back for the 700B bailout?
Lost my home...Tax Question?
Does the H&R Bock tax calculator work for self employed tax returns?
how far back can you claim interest on your home?
I am a single mom of 2. I claimed 9 dependents all year. Will I owe if my annual income is $27,000.00?
how do I pay state tax in Ohio by credit card on internet?
how do I get free tax software?
Which countries levy a very high gas tax to fund their universal healthcare program?
UK Taxation : What is exactly a benefit in kind?
would SS take away federal refund from me?
why Indian finance minister can not impose tax on FII.?
What % in taxes will we pay for house given as a gift from mother in 2010.?
can I claim my finance as my dependent if he is out of work ?
when do we get 2009 stimulus check !!?
How should I file my taxes?
What percentage of income do actors/actresses pay in taxes?
Are taxes based on total income or taxable income?
Can I open a Roth IRA for 2011-2012 if I've already filed my taxes?
how much is the gift tax on 1 million dollars???
Why am I being asked to pay full property taxes when I moved into my home in April?
When the Irs freezers your,account what do you do?
I have not work since 2010. I did not file taxes this year because I'm not receiving any income?
How do u determine how much money u will get in return for state in North Carolina?
Paycheck calculation, I make $40/hr. I work 160 hours a month in Indiana.How much would b emy net pay?How to?
how much $$ will I save on my taxes if my ex let's me claim my son?
I inherited an empty lot 12 years ago and sold it. The IRS wants my cost basis. How to estimate it??
Obama says he will cut taxes, however people are saying he will raise them?
Got 2 W2s from different "Employers" for the same job?
Need Advice on taxes?
Medical, HRA exemptions while filing returns online.?
custom charges uk and best delivery method..?
Capital gain tax for Canadians staying in the States?
Can my mom keep my income tax money? ?
If the government reduced income tax and corporate tax....?
what is the percentage of self employment tax?
please recommend sth. for preparing CPA (Regulation).I am weak in business law, can't understand Becker's book
How do you like Obamas tax plan of taxing a select few?
doubt regarding mortgage ?
Left UK without paying Credit Card & Overdraft - I would like to now pay?
How much sales tax is charged?
I earn 16500 per annum with a 810l tax code?
i owe the irs 1569 in taxes, i received a letter in the mail stating they were going to levy my state?
Is VAT/cst on input raw material exempted under form H (for export purposes)?
As a grandparent, can I open an education savings account for my grandson and take the tax credit/deduction?
can i get acces to my service pension before i get to 55?
Does the IRS release funds once a day OR throughout the day several times?
amended tax form for question?
I received a 1099-A after filing bankrupcy and losing my home, what do I do with this for tax purposes?
Do you have to pay tax installments for capital gains?
Mississippi State Tax Refund?
Alabama Taxes owed on property but still occupied.?
Is cat5 cable taxable in Virginia?
I live in england, and website is sending me a gift for free, but they said it might cost me... help?
whats the easiest but most paid job in UK?
If my Husband owes Student loans and we BOTH worked this year who will get the EIC?
What tax rate was changed last year and extended thru the end of 2012?
which American state is cheapest to live? i.e for cost of living and taxes.?
Do I get a tax break for purchasing a hybrid car?
For 2006 what is the new 401(K) limit?
Do I need to file federal/state tax returns?
if i have not filled my taxes in 7 years and just filled will i still get a tax refund?
I want to know about VAT?
how does VAT work with charitable organisations?
How to claim education axpences out of pocket?
How do you feel about having to pay taxes?
What is the address of Bengal Excise Office?
What does back up withholding?
We bought a house last year (2006) with my wife's parents and split the cost. How do we claim property taxes?
How much are the import taxes into the US from China for electronics?
if I apply for an LLC and recieve an EIN in December am I going to have to pay a $200 filing fee to file my ta?
Why NY state school taxes are so high?
My question is what would be the hold up of them never showing or at least showing yet..?
can bailiffs take your car?
brought item from USA, delivery company asking me 2 pay import duties what happens if i dont pay?
Does the IRS ever sell delinquent tax accounts to private entities?
how can i get my sss history account ?
My company is taking no federal income tax out of my check.?
Jobseeker allowance + working less than 4h + child maintenance?
My husband claimed 6 tax exemptions... Is that too much?
Freelance temp chef - UK - do I need a limited company?
what % of VAT is charged on edible oils?
How do I find out what vehicle tax I'll be paying for my X reg Kia Shuma 1.5SX, Due to the 2006 budget?
if your starting a business in nevada what is to your tax benefit LLC or incorporated. I'm new to this.?
IRS solution???
How do I figure out what the import charge will be if I order something from England?
I worked in 2 Different states this year, how do i file my Taxes?
Who qulifies as a dependent?
where do arizona 140 tax return forms get sent?
Who can claim child on taxes this year?
How much can an organization pay an independent contractor before income taxes must be deducted?
Maximun Social Security income?
Is it true that you don't have to pay income taxes?
We pay too much tax and NI?
Can I claim interest paid on payday loans as a deduction on my income tax return?
social security check is late how do I find out where it is?
irs refund says it is deposited?
How much does the federal government take out of our paychecks for income tax?
what is my profession tax number?
is it fair for a person to pay school taxes even if they dont have children?
i have received a summons to court for non payment of council tax?
Hi I am in Canada and ordered from a company based in the US but has a .ca site, should i be charged gst & pst?
I used TURBO TAX. Will my refund be the same amount that they told me I was getting. ?
what else can you claim on your taxes?
how do i find out ow much a business reported in their tax filing?
How does a person get copies of past years tax returns for years '95&'96?
Can I receive a tax refund from school lunches? (elementary students)?
S-corp tax deductions on personal income ?
how do you figure sales tax on an item?
tax exemption?
if i get $800 on my check how much will i get after taxes?
I put the wrong amount from 1098t on tax return?
How do I send "duplicate copy of my tax return to CRA?
Do I have to pay tax? (UK)?
Tax advice on house sale?
I need help with my taxes...what do I do?
is there a state self-employment tax in california?
Havent paid my taxes this year?
Ex-wife will claim the kids, can my friend claim child care expenses he is paying for?
How much taxes get pulled out of my paycheck in NYC ?
What is payroll tax cut?
How to work out tax for my salary?
are federal dollars the same as tax dollars?
compare india and saudiarabia?
If I move to a no capital gains country am I liable to tax on shares I bought in England?
how to change the address in pan card?
I just got my Tax refund, however I sent an amendment earlier this week that says I owe them what to do?
Can I change W4 allowance from 0 to maximum for remainder of the year and still get a refund?
What was your commission when you worked @ HR Block or Jackson Hewitt??
Are individual estimated tax payments needed or advised on S-Corp distributions?
Applying for tax credit property as a student?
world bank salary - tax free for US citizens?
trading frim for spares,as i just have a pan card. what next step to be taken ?
IRS paid me my full refund when I owed back taxes. What next?
whats the california sales tax to 3,500?
where & whom to inform about a fraud IATA travel agent ?
do I have to pay tv licence?
How mutchis the American ecconomy worth?
If i bought a home for only $5.000, would my yearly taxes be based on what i bought the home for?
How is this even possible? Income tax related?
When do I need to submit my first Income Tax Self Assessment?
After efiling your taxes how long exactly did it take the irs to deposit your return to your bank account?
I accidentley closed out a site can I get it back?
Property Taxes and Foreclosure?
I have no idea how to file taxes or calculate how much I owe, could someone walk me through step by step ?
W4 question witholdings?
how can i find out the rate of tax of some selected items from the kerala vat schedules?
How to Calculate UK VAT refund? How Much refund and What Percentage?
I have lived in three states this year - NY,NJ,DE. Income from 3 states - NY,NJ,PA. How will taxes work?
How can grandmother that is retire get credit for two my grandsons on income tax since I have no earn income?
where can i file my taxes and get a check the same day?
what percent of americans in an IRS survey said Tax Cheats should be reported to the IRS?
How do I classify income given to a rental partnership equally by each partner to cover their share of taxes?
My 2009 federal tax return was accepted by the IRS on 1/18/10. I went to check my refund status...?
If I have a payment arrangement set up for back child support..?
Should I attach copies of my 1099-INT's with my 1040A that I send to the IRS?
Should I, a single mom and full-time student, get a 'real' job so that I can claim HOH & get the credits?
Looking for home owner tax info?
Is there a website that shows property taxes of towns/cities? Prefer suburban-NYC or any other..?
Why didn't Al Capone use the money he obtained through criminal means to pay his taxes?
Income tax penalty question?
Do business expenses have to be accounted for in same tax year that they were incurred in?
how many years do you pay into a pension for?
If I take a job in the UK that is 60k per year, how much will I actually take home each month?
Stimulus check?
will i go to prison for false accounting?
Am I being double-taxed for a Cal PERs withdrawal?
i want to deatil my father name my pan no. is ADQPP7420G?
Dont know what i can write off on taxes?help!!!?
How can I offer pre-paid gas cards to my employees as a "benefit"?
tax expense, taxes payable, and advertising expense?
how can i check my pag-ibig contributions?
Can I get tax transcipts from 1951-1954?
if i make 48K a year, and i get paid biweekly, i have only 2 tax much is my take home?
Do you pay tax when you are on Statutory Maternity Pay?
Where is my tax return at?!?!?
dont have my babysitters info to file my taxes?
how does indian economy work?how r taxes implemented according to income?
Do I have to wait 8 weeks after I file for unemployement when benefits are suspended?
pros and cons of flat rate tax ?
Hey, New Yorkers... Tax return?
if i have a qualifying relative, but he lives outside of the US for the year, can i still claim him on return?
employee or independent contractor question?
How much minimum monthly salary is Paid to Chartered accountants?
can a child be claimed on income taxes in 2 different countries?
Can I still file as head of household if my mom files her tax separately?
what are local customs fees,taxes?
Can someone file income taxs on you without your premission?
is shipping services taxable in texas?
Does any one know the Federal DOT daily allowance for Per Diem?
how many days to get a refund when we file 1040NR-EZ manually?
What is lic's jeevan saral with profit table no 165 ?
Foreclosure Bank Tax Benefit?
is this turbo tax online really free??
Online PAN Card Details?
Do I have to pay taxes on survivor benefit backpay?
How much money does a Dectective make yearly in Philadelphia?
what are the different tax benifits for education society registered in india?
how can I find out how much I should be geting back on my w2s before I see my w2s?
Are medical expenses tax deductable for 2005 and if so, up to what dollar figure?
Can I claim these foster kids on my taxes.?
Can a taxsheltered annuity be rolled over to an ira CD account at a bank without paying income tax ?
My wife was given gift of real estate (value $250K)in 1991 by her now-deceased mother. How do I calculate tax?
Is tax filing required if not in USA?
How are you going to spend your $800 federal tax rebate?
Can my father claim me on income tax?
claim more to get more money?
How can I opt out of Social Security?
Am I able to refile my 2008 and 2009 taxes?
What is the difference in married filing jointly vs. married filing seperately? Income was 35,000 in 2005.?
how good is our government governance in financal matters?
what do 9 7 and2 all have in common?
which investment scheme is best for salaried employee?
how to achive succus in business?
I got a letter in the mail saying my house was going to be put up for tax sale?
Can credit be taken for interest paid on excess dividends for past years?
Working out future deductible amount for plant.?
I have received a settlement from a class action lawsuit. Do I have to claim this as income on Fed Tax return?
getting paid cash under the table?
Well I have got to pay my road tax on my car today £99. My question is?
TurboTax Users Question?
How much HST would I pay? (I'm in Canada)?
What will happen if i dont pay my income tax?
Anyone have an idea of how much income taxes I have to pay in NYC??
What do you do when you know someone is running form IRS for unpaid taxes, and been running for years??
if you buy a ps vita how much tax do you have to pay?
The tax rate is 33 percent and the cost of capital for the project is 15 percent. The NPV for this project is?
Does the IRS have a rights to make a "guess" on what unpaid taxes citizens making?
2010 NY State tax letter requesting documentation for the itemized deductions I claimed on my return?
where do i go at to find out how much i owe in back taxes?
Are taxes due the 15th this year or the 17th? Heard something about the 15th being a sunday...?
I need to buy a minilaptop....price range 15k Rs to 20k Rs(Indian rupees)...i need suggestions ?
Anyone else sick off getting ripped off in UK?
filing taxes- single,$43,000+ and paid $8,307 in taxes?
Is there Sales Tax if I have my Oregon Student ID?
i owe unemployment money, will it affect my income tax refund?
Has anyone gotten their IRS refund according to the Where's My Refund Tool this year?
how long does it take to get your taxes back when you e file on january 18th?
Do I have to pay tax for liquor in Wa if I show my Oregon Id?
On what date do taxes (if owing) have to be paid?
I haven't filed taxes since 1989..because I'm out of the country. What should I do?
What 3 kinds of taxes can't legally be collected at the state level and used to fund state services in Texas?
How do I get a list of hours worked for a company?
can 2 independent persons both file tax return on the same house that they cosign?
How much do I have to pay in import duties for a 80$ parcel from USA to UK?
Federal Income Tax Accounting?
How much does a pensioner have to earn in pensions over a year before tax is paid.?
Is it true you get taxed alot for having two jobs?
when will i get my tax refund?
I did a withdrawal from my SEP IRA this year?
For every £1 we earn,we pay 65p tax in one form or another.It used to be a lot less 11 years ago.Why?
Independent tax preparer?
Can ne one give me info on tax evasion in India ??
Calculating self-employed taxes? 1 employee? Write-offs? Please help!?
how to claim tds amounts?
If the price of an equipment is $180,000 (FOB USA), What could be the price CIF, Manila, Philippines?
Is a Texas Sales & Use tax permit the same as a Federal Tax Id?
when starting work for the first time, do you pay tax straight away or after you have earened so much?
Does a foreigner need to pay import tax/sales tax for selling stuff on eBay?
Personal Injury - Paid to surviving family member - taxable?
if my employer split my w2 into two and I did not add the other ein number, will i still get my return?
What can I do if I literally can not pay all of my taxes?
which business can i start so that i get a good pay and marry a model and live in luxury?
Educational tax write offs?
Am I the only one who didn't get their IRS stimulus payment dd today(May 16Th)?
filed my taxes on line just dont know which one i used?
If your IRS refund has been taken to pay off student loans, can you get it back?
I have applied for education loan in India (2006), I wanted to know if i am eligible for Inc tax benefit?
servicetax on the income from house hold property?
I recieved this in my e-mail is it real? If not people beware of these scams!?
Can some one else clam your property taxes?
If You Were President: TAXES.?
i got a mail that i won a lottery from united kingdom national lottery . is it true?
Who provides the best tax service in Savannah, Tennessee?
after filing for unemployment pay?
Lotto Winnings does effect my income?
My last employer was deducting 25% of my £240 p/w job for tax + ni. When I left a got no p45, payslips or tax
I paid too much tax from Apr 2005 to Apr 2006. How do I go about getting a tax rebate?
I work an extrar 4hours every 3 weeks totalling 65 hours this year should I receive holiday entitlement?
How much do I owe in taxes for my freelance work?
I make 31000K a year, pre tax. How much should I give to my parents a month?
Do I need to AMEND my STATE return? ($2.00 over payment)?
Should I use a tax attorney for an offer in compromise?
taxes alot less then normal how can that be.?
do we have to file a 1099R pension distribution in the state from where the money came from?
what is the amt patch?
How can I deduct medical expenses from my taxes?
What can you find out about someone using their social security number?
what would life be like without (taxes)?
what % of PPI claim should be paid to claim company?
tax on the vacation home school district?
Has anyone in New York State got the their State Refund back?
made almost 15,000 this year only had 250 taken out in federal taxes? am i going to owe this year?
If a employee came 10 days late from last annual leave&cancels working since 1998 can employer deduct gratuity?
Prents in Nursing home - NOT on Medicaid. How can I get their house with as little tax liability as possible?
What will be the tax amount if I buy a laptop for $499? I live in ARKANSAS, USA.?
2012 tax refund update?
How do I file State taxes (OHIO)?
Does a beggar pay income tax on the money they collect?
Can i get child tax credit at this age?
What is the limit for itemized deduction for filling taxes?
What taxes would i pay as a Usa Citizen if i bought a property in the UK?
chrome crashes if i re install it will be okay?
will social security be less next year because less was deducted from taxes this year?
What type of taxes do I need to pay for my online business?
Which of the following is not a characteristic of a defined-contribution pension plan?
Employment Development Department tax forms ?
Is it likely that I'll pay customs for an order shipped through Registered Airmail?
Utilities - Tax included?
Not paying tax on cash jobs how do you get around this ?
I efiled my 2011 state return and it was ecepted on sep 19 how long dose it take to get back?
taxes for ltd company?
taxation of stock purchases and sales made by a foreigner?
how much does a uk paper round pay?
Colorado Unemployment Tier III payment?
Being newly self-employed, how do I go about filing quarterly returns?
Does the W4 form determine what state you pay income tax to?
I haven't worked for the entire year of 2006, do I still have to file for some form of taxes?t?
Can I have 5 allowances on my Federal Witholding?
Is the EDD behind because of the holiday?
Deffered Tax Credits in Malaysia will cause a rise in the countries GDP?
Am i supposed to be taxed on my paycheck if im under 18?
where do i get the papers to fill out my taxes?
How much will taxes come out of my pay if I'm a minor working at McDonaldes ?
Mailed papers to get income tax returns, it's been 2 wks, and still dont have. Who do we go to? We need the $$?
I owe back taxes for years dating back to '97' thru '02'. Should I deal with the IRS or an outside Lawyer.
How long is the RTRP test good for? Each year you have to do 15 hours of CE I see.?
What if I have to pay all of my income in taxes and be left with very little to live off of.?
who pays the tax on tips employee or employer?
How bad is to skip filling taxes for more than 3 years?
Taxes going up for earners making 20-40K. What was Obama thinking?
Has anyone received their Illinois state refund?
Refund date question?
Overpaid taxes by $40, and they are sending a refund check. Do I pay taxes on this refund?
IRS bill because of an error made by my tax preparer who disappeared. Now what?
live in IL but work in milwaukee,WI , filing taxes?
should I file a seperate tax return?
Can the IRS take funds from someone because a relative owes money?
What will my tax rebate check be?
Can a tax that has no deadweight loss raise any revenue for the government?
Michigan sales tax for US$344.97?
Taxes - How do I deduct a computer that I purchased as a start-up cost of my new business?
my salary contribution?
What if my company accidentally put in that I have 2 dependents for tax purposes?
how much is the tax deductible in a $1,280/month salary in LA,CA?
I live in NY, but have 1099-misc income from VA (non-resident.) Do I have to file a state return for VA?
where do i get my irs 1040?
Small business and annual taxes question, please help ?
Must a person w/ a schedule c sole proprietorship clain a net operating loss? (NOL)-Is he req'd to?
Tell me the pension rules which is now following in UK?
Is this right please read?
need help on my W4, I'm married, husband has no income, also have two small children. What do I claim ?
Is there a way to bypass the new Amazon sales tax for California?
401 K and filing taxes.?
How late can employers post your W-2's online?
does anybody knows why we pay taxes?
How do I claim myself for part of a year and not on the other part of year for my taxes?
Reciepts vs Credit Card Statements?
I Have a Non-Qualified Variable Annuity with a $100K cost basis. It has grown to $143,000. What is taxable?
wrong cpf contribute?
How long do I hold on to receipts used for tax write offs?
Is your taxpayer identification number the same as your social security number?
What tax for should be filed to receive tax deductions if I am an independent college student?
where do i put royalties earnings on our taxes? Im using tax cut online. Thanks.?
Is the HMRC the same as the British Tax Authority?
how long do i have to wait before i can withdraw a deposited paycheck?
'a well-timed death is the acme of good tax planning, better than a well timed marriage'?
How much is tax on a $19.97 item?
Problem with FreeFile?
T4RSP & T4RSP Summary?
I'm currently pregnant and am due in the middle of March 2012. Can I claim my baby on this coming tax return?
If we get married next month can my spouse claim my children on our taxes?
what happens if you miss the deadline when filing your weekly unemployment claim?
when is working tax credit due over chritmas?
what happens if you pay to much tax?
I have not filed income taxes for 5 years. But I withheld more than I owe. What to do?????
can one one person live with a salary of 2000 dollers per month in usa in 2009?
What time of day does the IRS make direct deposits?
What eventually happens when you are Subject to Backup Witholding?
Is it better to have 1040 (married/home/child) taxes prepared online or by a tax professional?
If my refund has been accepted by the irs is it a garentee that I am going to resive that refund?
journalize the adjusting entries?
Is anyone else having problems with the Where my refund? site...? (
Where can you find information on the "Heritage Exempt" law to file exempt from paying income taxes?
Is anyone getting there refund deposit through a turbo tax card?
Question About My Social Security And Income?
I'm 24 years old and never filed my taxes, may you help?
Would it be right to tax more to the rich?
Are tool and vehical alowances a taxable income?
I just purchased a car yesteday, but I have changed my mind, does anyone know how long you have to return it?
Seniority is central to many private and public?
i've been receiving unemployment for a while now question is do i have to pay any of it back in the future?
i have three kids and claim zero on my w-4 all year.?
when is it okay to give cash as a gift?
I'm a student who made $415 dollars in 2007 do I have to file taxes?
Can I use Turbotax for free when my agi is less than $28,000 but it is a business return?
What would the taxes be on a check for 30,000.00 dollars in Texas?
Is it true that employees of the International Monetary Fund don't pay taxes on their earnings?
can you cliam the taxes for a new car on your tax return?
Do i claim 0 or 1 on my w4?
Can you claim child support on income tax? I pay it.?
Tax rebate for a donnor from the US to Mauritius?
What would u do in my shoes? I am a current intern with KPMG but i would like to score a job with the IRS?
If we ALL stopped paying Tax.......?
how do i get my 2005 w-2s?
Why am I being taxed?
Do i need to file taxes if my total earnings were 338.38?
Victim of Tax fraud/identity theft. School loan affected. Help?
how can i file my taxes and get them back before irs opens?
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