what do I put in this search to see if anyone has put negative info on me on net? I am trying to get a job.?
I bought a house in April 2006. What info do I need to take when filing taxes?
What is North Carolina's sale tax percent ? Florida's is 7%.?
Will my girlfriend owe taxes?
2009 Tax return deposited in wrong Bank?
I want to prepare taxes professionally...?
how long before goverment can take my home for not paying taxes?
Anyone that has ever done their taxes should know this.?
i have been taken to court for council tax. but i was not liable for a period of 6-8 weeks in the middle of pe?
What do you say to the Inland Revenue when they ask to see your Tax Details?
If $570 of a $4000 loan has been paid off, what percentage still remains to be paid?
e-commerice service Tax and Paypal?
did u received ur TAX REBATE TODAY or not? (direct deposit)?
can i deduct my hobby expenses in my taxes?
Why is the tax amount deducted from my salary is different every month?
Can I file a "Hobby Farm" for just one year? Senior citizen with $30,000 unexpected other income.?
OK........ has anyone in the last ssn group had any look getting their info on the irs website??
Medicare levy surcharge? Etax 2012?
How to file taxes for the state of residence if employment was in another state?
How long will it take for my parents to get their tax return transcript?
Would I be considered a dependent and a full time student for tax purposes?
Is there a Income tax return form for unemployed people?
Is there any way I can check to see if I even need to file taxes?
Would property tax be better than the income tax?
who do i call when i have not received my w2's from my job to file my taxes?
Does anyone how the tax rebate that we're gonna get this year in june is gonna effect our return for next yr?
What if any, deductions can i claim on the purchase of a new car?
I am owed back child support in the excess of 37,000, should my ex's stimulis check be garnished/sent to me
My salary is 3,500 a mo. and i pay fed,ss,med. and Louisianna what's my YTD income for June and July?
Where can I get free US Federal tax software and file for $9.95?
I make $25 an hour, how do I determine how much taxes to take out if my employer doesn't take it out?
What is the Federal and State Taxation of Domestic Partner Benefits?
Difference between High Sea Sale & Sale from Bonded Warehouse with Custom Duty & Tax implications in each case
Where can I obtain a 1989 Ohio individual income tax form?
Tax question?
tax question: i have the choice of donating $20,000 of inventory to charity, or sell for $500. which is best?
Is it possible to file income tax for 2005 prior to end of 2005 and amend later??
I have received an itemised bill from my solicitor, with VAT added, do I have to pay the VAT?
I f I cannot locate IRS audit information, what happens next? If I have to pay the IRS, what happens?
I did not file taxes in 2009 and 2010 I was working part time?
Do I have to report IRA contributions if using 1040-EZ?
How much t ax refund can I expect to receive ?
does the federal income tax or the federal payroll tax have the broader tax base?
when will da samsung galaxy gio come out in the uk?
Is a flat tax of a dime per product sold the answer to any State's money woe's?
How much tax is paid each month on a $90K salary?
how much would someone pay to taxes if he/she won a $10,000 shopping spree in New Jersey?
Are you against Food Stamps?
Where all the full time jobs gone? UK people?
i am single colect unemplyoed shold i file taxes?
How much duty does US customs charge for music CDs purchased from the UK?
Best way to file taxes this year?
If I did a direct rollover of an IRA acct.from one broker acct to another , do I have to report it to IRS.?
do australians have to pay anything along the lines of the uk council tax?
Do you give your refund check to those you take as exemptions?
How much should be taken out of my paycheck for state taxes in CT?
What is the Capital gain tax rate in Oakvillle, Ontario. Canada as at year 2012?
What is Schedule M? If I file single do I receive $400.00?
Will I owe money on my taxes as a server?
what happens when you fail to file taxes?
Does adding parent as dependent effect their eligibility for medicaid?
Can I claim a GPS on tax (aust)?
Overtime wages time and a half?
Problem of council tax with landlord again?
Exempt from Federal Taxes....Will I still Recv a Refund for 07?
My ex thinks he can claim our 8 year old for the earned income credit, but he doesnt even live with his dad. ?
What is the definition of "levied" as in "taxes levied for your benefit"?
perm job and side job - submitting tax in australia?
who can claim the child?
Can I sue the Wisconsin Department of Revenue?
Iam an Exporter based in Chennai. I do not import anything, is there any export incentive available for me?
What is the NOL for 2005?
A short tax lien question?
How do I fill out my W4 to where they take the least out of my pay check?
Llc tax question? SE?
I am a contractor working in Iraq..Does the foreign earned income exclusion act still stand?
Any tax experts out there?
Does anyone know how i'll find out about the i-pay tax system?
How to keep bank account hidden from IRS?
tax id number?
When is the deadline for a partnership (investment club) to furnish K-1 forms to its members?
How do I remove released Tax Liens from my credit report?
if your a exempt is it required to change filing status every year?
is there something wrong with their taxes?
If you were a state governor where would you get needed tax revenue?
Where the **** is my refund?!?
Questions about FICA and Federal income tax? Thanks!?
where do i find out if i have a refund due me from the state of calif?
For turbo tax purposes, is paying for car tags the same as paying for vehicle registration fees?
Phone tax write off question?
will the 2010 tax credit be extended?
Does IRS know our information through Quick Books?
I spent 9 months of 2008 on F1 OPT and the rest on H1-B. Should I file a 1040 NR EZ or just 1040 NR tax form ?
If I owe the Army, do they take it out of my tax refund?
how does switzerland government takes tax form its banks ?
Can the IRS make you use your credit card to pay back taxes?
If I had a significant loss, than profit in my business, how true is that I dont need to file taxes ? basic salary is 33500/-,H.R.A 10800/-,Con. 800/- i take salary to only 4 month.what is my made tds?
IRA question.....?
what is the current tax rate for those making $250,000.00 or more?
IRA transfer without a rollover?
if i am getting a tax refund, do i still have to file by april 15th?
If I am working 3 hours from my home, how much can I write off & for how long?
need to make a payslip with net take home Rs.25000 per month.?
How do you file an escrow refund on your income taxes?
has anyone with a ss# 64 or higher received thier stimulus payment yet????
can my boyfriend claim my son at tax time?
Do you show your parents your first paycheck?
Why can't my home loan be cleared until the IRS releases information?
i owe taxes. can i investy/buy in something to offset that?
I want to give a 2004 car away to a single low income mom. In Ca. Will I have to pay taxes on it? How much.?
How do i pay taxes?
Do I have to pay taxes on an iPad2 shipping from California US to Toronto CA?
Can I file for Social Security?
has anyone recieved there tax return even though the wmr website says it is still processing?
Can somebody/anybody please help me with my W-4 Tax From?
My mom stole my Tax Return...Ideas?
What is the amount of Common Stock at the end of year 2?
If someone is making over $250,000 a year, can they donate to charity in order to fall in a lower tax bracket?
What is the top individual income tax rate in 2006 in Turkey?
what can i deduct safely on my federal taxes?
What happens to a store if they charge too much tax?
I'm really worried! Haven't paid my taxes!?
How much does the U.S "owe" to the federal reserve? how much do we pay them every year? and why are we?
Is my foreign income taxed at the same rate as my U.S.-earned income?
I need advice on capital gains tax.?
My husband and I have been living and working abroad for almost 2 years?
If you received unemployment, do you have to put that on your forms when you file your taxes?
How do I claim myself for part of a year and not on the other part of year for my taxes?
How do I get Scottrade trades information in Turbo Tax?
me and my husband made ....?
Married filing jointly?
federal tax payments cannot to pay in full how do i set up payments?
How do I get a copy of a W-2 from Wal-Mart?
What of the following can I claim on my taxes?
Is the 8453-OL form for Income Taxes used for Federal or State taxes?
is the federal income tax is handled by the federal Bureau of investigation?
Tax stimulus check late?
How much of my military pay is taxed?
I cant find Schedule EIC 2005 form (downloadable pdf) that will allow me to download. Where can I find it?
Is Compulsory to enclose Form (16a) in ITR4 while filing income tax?
when does my tax year run?
UK Tax Question - I'm officially unemployed but earnt some money in the last 4 years, but haven't declared any?
Unemployment question?
what about the salary in usa?
long form of CTC?
circumstances must a subsidiary recognize gain or loss upon liquidating into its parents?
If I setup a limited company in the UK, can I recognise specific expenses from before the setup?
what are five things that local taxes pay for?
SBBT's website told me They recieved all or part of my money. when should expect to get it in the mail?
how do I get my RoE in canada?
How do commission hairstylist file taxes?
i need to file old returns but had no income how do i do it?
.999 fine silver coin from 1986 one troy ounce?
Reimbursement limits if someone contributes $5k to Dependent Care FSA and Files separate return at year end?
How much tax to pay if I bring in a Yamaha keyboard from the US?
i have a question about income tax?
What is the truth about the new real estate sales tax that is to be implemented soon?
Anyone know how to get ahold of NC state treasury dept about tax returns?
what is rate of WCT deduction in Maharashtra on Civil works?
how long after buying property must the owner occupy the property for the ideal tax situation?
i have another question if someone has any knowledge regarding referance 1301?
Will I get money back when I do my taxes since I claimed myself or will I owe?
What are the typical tax rates in Louisiana ?
I need help with my 1040EZ and what I put for Line 5.?
Am I able to refile my 2008 and 2009 taxes?
Do corporations pay long term capital gains taxes (15%) on real estate or do they pay their normal tax rate?
bookkeeping samples?
Can I claim my daughters father this tax return even tho he is in prison?
i used hrblock tax estimator and the difference in claiming 1 dep vs. 2 was only 450.00-does this seem correct?
my husband says he hasnt filed taxes yet, were seperated but filing joinly this year, but?
can a grandparent claim my child if i moved out in june of this year?
I found out someone been working self employed for 2 yrs and never paid tax is this wrong?
Fully employed living with retired parents, should i be paying council tax?
I bought the Rez pack and got only moon!?
if I earn £4000/month in UK, how much tax will I pay as a single working man?
SS unemployment benefits?
Am I liable to pay govt taxes once regestering a pvt ltd company? which type of taxes there are?
If you have insurance premiums deducted from gross pay (not paid by employer), can you claim on taxes?
What are the laws for repatriation of royalties to Singapore?
In healthcare industry, is it illegal to charge something more than the MRP as handling charges, in India?
Vechicle Milage Cost Alowannce for Bus.or Medical Transportation?
Irs direct deposit scheduled for tuesday?
Awaiting Customs Charges?
Question about income support. Help needed.?
I got laid off August 2011 so am I still suppose to get a W2 from them?
What if I had over a billion dollars in tax credits on my tax records in a bank?
Could someone please explain simply what paying taxes is?
Tax credit question:I drive a Hybrid, I bought in in 2008. I was told i get a tax cut due to me buying a hybri?
% of Manulife 2006 dividend from Canada?
how do I calculate my income taxes?
No bill or receipt given - can it put it as an expense in my IT returns?
Is SSI considered taxable income?
Is it smart to blow all your yearly income on luxuries and rely on your income tax returns for serious stuff?
I was needing some assistance with this tax law question. I can't seem to find the answer with the law.?
What is the after tax income for someone making $45,000/year?
hr block says i cant claim the child tax credit because i do not owe taxes but i have done it before.?
What happens when the IRS audits the books of a condominium association?
w-2 1040ez form single. help! i dont know what taxable interest is.?
Does one need to pay Vat and Service tax while buying an apartment in Bangalore?
Do tips count towards gross income?
Is there a bank called Standard Inland Bank PLC in London?
How much money will I have to pay on my taxes?
I have never worked in the UK what would happen if I now apply to the tax office?
How much minimum monthly salary is Paid to Chartered accountants?
In the U.K. Have you to pay taxes for having a TV?
do i have to buy turbo tax every year or can i use 2005 for 2006 year?
what r the heads of taxation?
Does social security and medicare have to be deducted from my check if I'm part-time?
finding the atmi of this problem?
Where can I get my filed 2005 form 1040EZ online?
A 1099-R question?
What state do I need to file in for my income tax returns?
How much money can be distributed out of a trust before it is taxable to the people recieving the money.?
NatWest Bank Plc 74, Kingsland High, England-London, UK really exists?
Can a person go to a state hospital outside of the district they pay taxes in?
"Net" tax status - What does this mean?
If my grandmother gives me money, do i have to pay taxes on it?
Does anyone have to claim my 15 year old daughters income?
Should Britain Join the Euro?
If I filed my taxes electronically, and then amend them, will it be done automatically?
My daughter files her own tax return or as a dependent?
How much is taxable?
Will my weekly benefit for unemployment be reduced if I don't claim the amount of hours that I'm working?
Irs says they deposited my refund i have no money?
free vacation tax?
IRS Tax Stimulus Rebate - Why did I only receive 300?
NH security deposit Question??? return of deposit?
When filing taxes,do I have to report income I claimed to have just to buy my home?
I filed on 1/26 on turbo tax they said est refund dd date is 2/6. ?
Since we filed our taxs we moved and closed the account that had the direct deposit.?
I checked my refund status today as the IRS site said March 1 was my refund date. I checked this morning....?
pan number of lost pan card?
Can I change information on my W4 tax form?
why are taxes so high this year and why do we have to have taxes in the first place?
Where is "non-taxable income" located on the IRS 1040 form?
i am married two kids, my wife kicked me out 12/31/05. she's claiming the kids by herself can she do that?
Can an employer pay a bonus to an exempt employee and put this on a 1099?
Can a person claim a grown disabled person on their taxes?
What kind of tax right offs can i get?
How long do you have to live in a house before you call rent it out? With out capital gains being taxed?
What is the professional services tax (%) a foreigner conducting training in India has to pay the Indian Govt?
q. hugh,jafro..not kidding-can't get past having downloaded it..what now?
where do i mail GA-8453OL?
I retired 2 years ago. I receive SS , 1 military pension and 1 federal.Do Ihave to file for 2009?
Can the amount spent on establishing an entity as an LLC be deducted?
Getting a better income tax return?
Hi i filed my taxes on the 17th and it was accepted on the 17th wheres my refund not updating?
Can I write this off as a sole proprietor? Canada ON?
What is the Applicable recovery period here?
How Much Tax Is In A Dollar?
VAT EU: Does the shipping address have to be the same as invoice address for purchases made by Polish company?
can you claim your rent as a tax deduction?
what happens if you don't pay taxes for several years?
Tax Filing Status For the Newly Married?
What is the cost basis when selling a utility fund on which I was co-owner, then became sole owner?
state income tax & tax exemption home sell question?
Can a long term capital loss be offset by a short term capital gain and vice versa?
What does basic pay mean? is it what you bring home or the amount before tax is deducted?
2009 tax return............?
I need to know how to get my wifes social security number so i can file my taxes we have no spoken in two year?
Will we have to pay council tax?
if some one claim your kids on thier taxs. and they already done file. can they go back and take the kids off?
council tax am i liable?
How do you find out what to pay in taxes for jewelry sold?
How long does it take to receive money(deposit) after an eic tax review?
If I send a used cellphone from Canada to US, does the receiver need to pay tax?
we just bought our first house. We closed Sept 24. Will we see any kind of tax benefits this year?
Where's My Refund Question?
i was supposed to receive my federal tax return today on jan 25 2012 but i didnt...why not?
how does filing support in business?
How to fill form 12C?
Where do I go to find best answers to tax questions?
Is it possible to open a international money transfer company in india for foriegners?
can i go to jail for not filing back taxes?
I would like to know how I can report Irs fraud?
Is a grant a Capital Expense or Current Expense?
can I file child care on my taxes?
Is it true that Social Security benefits are subject to taxes? If so, who ARE these COCKROACHES that?
IF i did my taxes at hr block do i need to mail anything out?
I am 3 days short of 2 yr occupancy requirement for capital gains, do I owe? can i offset with cost to prepare
If you worked/lived in 2 states, should the sum of state wages equal your federal wages?
TAX Return for small a small business?
Should are taxes help so there would be no homeless?
how much do you have to pay on medical bills to claim them on taxes?
If I owe back taxes will the IRS keep my stimulus refund?
Are settlements from lawsuits taxable?
How can I figure out what the customs fees for importing into Canada from the US would be?
Where is my tax rebate??? OK soo where the heck is it!?
Registered Tax Preparer Exam - Anyone here prepare taxes or take this exam?
1098-T only! No W-2! Do I need to file tax?
I am getting audited and gave my acct. POA?
My job didn't take out enough taxes last year.?
What percentage of pay is taken off for tax? And what percentage is taken off for National Insurance?
USA Federal Tax policy?
Doing my own income tax?
can I get the $8,000. new home buyers money if I do not owe any tax?
Do i get some of my baby daddy's taxes in a child support payment?
What is the rate for Calif capital gains tax ( if there is one)if home is lived in less than 2 years?
Where can i find more information regarding the new york commerical rent and occupancy tax?
Didn't you enjoy having a big deduction and we didn't even have to donate anything to anybody last year?
Do I need to file? I heard if you are single and make less than a certain amount, you don't need to file taxes
Do part-time employees have to pay taxes?
if a person did not pay their 2009 taxes, and now choose to do so... what would the penalty be?
emergence tax?
I forgot to mention an income on my taxes and I received the refund. How do I correct my mistake?
how many hours can I work in a second job before i get heavily taxed?
If I sell my work use hire purchase car at a loss to dispose of it now I'm not working, can I claim that loss?
Is student loan repayment tax deductible?
wat does the DELIVERY INTERCEPT REQUEST FOR THIS PACKGE WAS succesfuly completed shipper requested return mean?
I friend of my check and it said that a check in the amount of $600.00 is scheduled to be mailed?
Taxes out of paycheck?
If i made 10k in the 7 months i have worked with my boss how much will i get back?
which state has the highest unemployment rate?
On the 1040A, is the standard Deduction for joint filers for each of them or for both?
What is the min time to review a severance package? (9 months pregnant and laid off 1 week prior to take FMLA)?
Do your payroll taxes go to the county you work in or live in?
I filed my 08 taxes for the first time can I do my 07 return today as well?
once you file your travel voucher after a pcs how long does it take to show up in your account?
what is the trial balance?
2011 Taxes question need some help?
In a contract of yearly salary $ 50,000 what is gross earning per week if there are 3 paid week and 17% tax?
Can my employer take money out of my paycheck?
10 Points: Depreciation and Tax Benefits?
have you got beared ?
I have not filed taxes for the past 2 years.?
i'm trying to find out why i haven't recieved my 2007 homestead payment?
Do I qualify for the 6500 tax credit in tax bill HR 3548?
Questions about taxes. Do I need to fill out taxes? And when ?
Is what this client is asking completely illegal? UK VAT law question.?
vat is love?
what is the annual salary of a robotic engineer in india?
If i gross $3000 a week how much do i pay in taxes?
How do I file tax for selling an item I received as a competition award?
whether FREE downloading of excel software for itr-1(sahaj)possible for e-filing of income tax ?tax?
About incometax?
Is capital gains tax paid on the total of what a house is sold for, or just on the profit made from a house?
Why is it so easy to be unemployed in the UK?
I haven't been getting taxes taken out of my paycheck?
how do I work out a percentage?
what percentage should i put back for taxes in indiana, if im a (1099) subcontractor?
Do all states require a state tax return to be filed?
my beautiful little girl has been accepted into a modelling agency. does she have to pay tax on the earnings?
W-4 Form: Should I claim high and put money away, or claim low and hope for a big return?
Long story short im SUPER late for filing my taxes. Im gonna do them on turbotax. ?
Is labor in California subject to sales tax?
i have already filed my taxes, and child support enforcement wants to snatch our return,...?
Does the capital gain from the sale of my house impact my tax bracket (see details below)?
is there a law stating we have to pay income tax?
I filed my taxes with turbo tax on 2-3-2012 and it says it was accepted that same day.?
Are there any countries where paying tax is voluntary, or where you can choose what things to pay taxes for?
Is NRI's are paid service tax, vat etx?
If a family member or friend lends or gives me money to repay student loans, is there any tax consequence?
If a business makes £80,000 in a year, how much VAT do they pay?
If I earn 100,000 a year, single, HOH w/ 2 dependents, how much would I play in taxes a year (roughly)?
what are the latest rules on capital gains tax for homes? How long are you required to own before buying?
How should we file on our taxes?
what is the lowest federal tax rate?what is the highest?
What are examples of voluntary tax deductions?
Should all receivables be treated as assets and all payables be treated as libilities?
can i claim my daughter as my dependant if she gets married this month before i file?
Savings account earns 3%, if saver is in 28% tax bracket, what would the rate of return % be?
Face amount certificate tax form?
can i claim my new born daughter on my taxes if she was born jan 11, 2010. at 11:57 a.m.?
Can 2 unrelated people own a duplex and each write off part of the mortgage interest?
if i had more than one job last year do i have to file taxes for both jobs?
If you make $10.00 a hr and work 40 hrs a week how much will you take home after taxes?
Tax on Bonus and Income ???
I was asked this and had no answer. How much money can you depoist and not have it reported to the IRS?
How do you add 8.25% tax?
Can I legally hold my accountant liable for giving me false information that he says is going to cost me $6k?
In Wisconsin can tax accessors come into your house if you have given them a blue print to go off of?
I already filed my tax return 2009/I hadnt gotten my 1098-T form yet,can I still get that credit?
If you filed your taxes by mail, is there any way to get an income tax loan?
where r my taxes..? i recieved the 1st wait 65 days letter..then i recieved the 2nd "wait 45 days " letter..i?
Do I have to declare personal checks as income when filing for taxes?
Isn't illlegal for someone to be claiming 9 kids in your W2 form?
I payed for my schooling including books. Can I claim that on my taxes?
what is vat on paper in maharastra (india)?
Is there any way of finding out?
my business net income is $3K added by accountant says "accounting adjustment" what is that!? Now more TAX!
How do I file taxes on my babysitting job?
Would I be able to claim council tax discounts if I am living in a house share?
US taxes for citizens living abroad - Fed and CA?
explain pro rata allotment of shares?
the IRS owes me a tax return of $ 4,100 , but now they are auditing me. what do i do?
Have I been taxed? And what is PAYE?
Is there anyway I can save AMT in filing tax return?
how long does one have to keep receipts etc, when they do their tax return and they don't own their own busin?
li am looking on how to see where my ny state tax refund is?
Can anyone tell me how to find out if my CPA lost his license in the state of Arkansas?
Will my daughter have to pay taxes on this?
what is full form of EMI?
can I claim child tax credits if Im a student on a bursery?
what is the net address for the cad used to calculate residential houses?
Working 2 Part Time Jobs - will I be taxed?
Which tax return do I need to fill in?
what will happens if Alaskan votes to impose a nearly $1 billion-a-year tax on oil?
both my wife and i are working, is it better if we file jointly or if we file separately? we have no kids.?
My household expenses are Rs. 20,000/- per month.What will be house hold expenses after 12 years taking into a?
So I recently purchase an IPAD...SALES TAX IN MANITOBA?
I dont have id proof i need to apply for pan card ?
What tax forms do I need because I cashed out my IRA?
Can my ex-husband get in trouble with the IRS?
What is FICA? Payroll check?
Can i file taxes while getting paid in cash?
I sold my house for less that what I paid. I owned it less than 2 years. Can I claim a loss on my taxes?
Why do I have to pay tax for tips? I'm working at a restaurant.?
I asked this question a few weeks ago...I'm asking again in hopes that someone has heard of any updates?
How much extra tax do I pay to ensure that assylum seekers can live in a Mayfair mansion in London?
Tax invoice, GST sum query?
Can salary earned by minors be taxed at their parents' tax rate?
prove there is a law stating u most file income tax?
clergy mileage question?
if you dont have sales tax in delaware how does that effect you?
Are business losses deductible against personal income?
What happens to the balance in debt forgiveness?
I have just started an Ebay business. Will i need to pay tax on the earnings in the UK?
Can I receive unemployment if no Unemployment Taxes are deducted from my paycheck?
I need 2005 year end stock prices?
after my house is sold through an auction because of not paying my taxes do I receive any money?
If I own a house do I have to pay taxes every year?
What action can I take if SDG&E overcharges me?
I just found out I have been claimd on someones taxes how do I find out who that someone is?
In regards to writing off cosmetic surgery?
Job seekers tax years?
From which year is putting revenue stamp on voucher of Rs 1 compulsory.?
I don't owe the IRS! They made a mistake. What can I do?
what is needed to file homestead in texas?
How to register a LLP in India?
What are some of the new tax breaks this year?
Will we be able able to claim my kids?
I recently filed a w-9. And incorrectly filled it out.?
What will happen if I don't file my 1099 form?
How was the first car built using what when where why and how.?
How to amend a W-2 form that came AFTER we filed taxes, please help, i dont understand!?
Those who are in the 2/7 club? Has anybody received their refund before their DD date?
what will a 150 camera cost when it is on sale for 30% off and there is a 5% sales tax>?
before and after tax on my open enrollment statement?
New York City federal/state tax question?
Taxes dependence claim question?
i am still waiting for my c.i.s vouchers from last employer for the whole of the previous year.?
Why did my letter from the IRS say that my rebate check would arrive by May 30th and then nothing came today?
Income tax exempt??
What do you think of EITC?
tax question about IRA?
what are the taxes included in 8109-B when paid should it be deducted from payroll taxes expense?
in case of change of employer who wil give w2 form?
What are the tax implications for a custodial account for minors?
Anyone waiting on the 8K first time home buyer tax credit?
can you file taxes separately after being married even after you changed your name?
Should single people be taxed less?
my paycheck after taxes?
IRS Direct Deposit How It Works.?
I didnt recieve my refund called irs they said they don't have nothing in the system to remail the forms ?
How can employee make employer stop taking too many taxes out and doesn't turn them in/deposit them to IRS?
Council Tax set to soar!?
How does the federal and state govs collect tax money?
How do you know which tax form to file?
How are stock grants to employees handled per Internal Revenue Code?
has anyone called the irs about the 9001 code this morning?
How calculate annual taxable income without tax deductions?
tax filing..... new computer....?
What is a 5013c non-profit organization?
I've sold many things on eBay and I was told that I have to file some sort of tax form. Is that true?
is it better to pay off interest on loans while in grad school? or save it for post-graduation tax shelter?
My boyfriend and I are expecting a child in November, who gets to claim the baby on their taxes?
OK, I am claiming the 'standard deduction.' Does that mean I can NOT claim anything else?
Is it IRS-permissible to change a longtime employee over to contract labor?
Is this a real tax collection notice?
i am passed eaning 10000 per month,please show me guidelines for more income?
Taxes for American living abroad?
What happens if you missed filing taxes?
Can a judgment be taken out of a joint account?
why there are no fixed payscales based on the qualification in private sector in india?
I need to find out how much I owe on my property taxes and I dont know were to look. Can someone help me?
tax credits: hours changed from 35 to 21. how will this affect my award?
do i get more unemployment if i was on tier 1?
Can you claim mental illness on tax return even if you're working?
im 28 just came home from prison doing 9 years could i get income tax?
I need help on some tax problems!?
I will make around 15-16 thousand this yr can i expect a refund of all federal income tax?
How do I file income tax on revenue that is in US dollars living in Canada?
why can i not claim child tax credit if no federal tax was withheld?
I'm 28 and single, I pay rent and car payment. How many allowances can I claim on my taxes?
If I am going to take my taxes back for a second look because I think my refund should have been higher,?
what time should I receive my rebate thought direct deposit because i did my taxes online and my number is 35?
What should be the attitute of Income Tax Authorities at the time of search.Should they maint Human Right or?
My day care provider watches my daughter in her home. Is she self-employed or am I suppose to file the 1099?
tax credits question about part time work?
The w4 form?
North Dakota federal taxes before and after.?
tax refund issues and where's my refund not working?
I am a private contractor in Iraq paid from off shore bank acct. Do I have to pay any taxes?
shall i have to pay capital gains tax?
Does the UK have too many unemployed people?
Advice Please - Tax Evasion?
What all permissions do v need 2 tke b4 organising an entertainment type of evnt?hw much tax do v need 2 pay?
has anyone ever heard of a tip reporting policy for non restaurant employees?
Payroll taxes on a teen?
How many people can I claim on my W4 and not owe any at tax time?
Has anyone with the 2/7 date, status updated since Friday?
I made 12,237.45 last year how much will i get back on my tax return this year?
Are asylum seekers making australians pay higher than normal taxes?
What value goods can I order from the US without paying import duty?
If it turns out that I owe an AMT, how does the govt collect their money?
Can I receive unemployment?
I don't want to pay my taxes this year....what is the easiest way to get out of filing?
How come social security is taking so much out of my pay check?
Question about employees and taxes?
what is your yearly salary?? and what do you for a living?
Sir Pl.tell me about Franclin Templintant?
How are series EE U.S. Bonds taxed for both Fed and state of Caifornia?
question about income tax?
Where can I e-file my state taxes for free if I have already filed my federal?
What do i do about my taxes?
What materials do I need when filing my 2007 taxes?
I'm 25 and I've never paid taxes?
How much tax am I going to pay when...?
College student, small stock trade loss only, need to file tax return?
i have a daughter getting a tax refund and she is 16, will that affect my refund?
how do i take the sales tax out of an amount with tax already figured in?
What kind of tax system is this?
Is there a website where I can access tax court memos prior to 1995, without a subscription?
Filing taxes?
How much is the motorcycle tax rate in Big Spring, Texas?
Do you feel like you're being robbed of your tax money since you're paying for the royal wedding?
i'm 20 years old i have a 6 month old i live with my parents still i have a job and my dad was wondering...?
What financial organisation has the abbreviation RBA?
What is Intergrated Client Account?
Why didn't she get the $300 per child for stimulus rebate?
Is it smarter to get married for tax purposes or stay single?
i have ms and i am working overseas 30 weeks per year can i still claim disability living allowance?
Filing late income tax returns for a deceased father HELP PLEASE!!!?
got a chek from japan for 8,000 dollars who do i pay taxes to?
what is garnishment#45307212?
Tax implications of a monetary "gift"?
my sister is a single mother on social security and working. What is her tax threshold?
Should the u.s provide health care for all the American by raising taxes?
What is Tax Code 801L?
if self employed can i file taxes without a having any receipts?
H & R Block question?
Being self employed?
property tax on inherited property?
Did you get your Stimulus Rebate?
How do I change my name at the Australian Tax Office for my tax file number?
Do state income tax refunds usually come quicker than federal?
When Do YOu have to start filing taxes? Childcare?
If I bought 200 acres for $500K and sold 100 acres of it for $400K do I owe capitol gains taxes?
I need to find the website that I used to file my nys state taxes last year?
Can I write off the commission earned on my own house sale?
Where can i get a tax file number in Australia, Victoria?
$15/hr job. How much should I take out for taxes, SSI, Medicare, etc.?
Question regarding Centrelink in Australia?
Help with straight line depreciation....?
What is your opinion of switching over to a Federal sales tax and getting rid of income tax?
Turbo Tax Question- Need Help determining how to file.?
Does it really make your refund higher if i use a tax preparer or if I do it myself on my computer?
What does a non certified letter from the IRS mean?
how much is an irs penalty for late payment of taxes?
does anyone know why a r.a.l would be denied?
how long does it take to get a state tax refund in my bank account...i e-filed in PA?
Which Australian State has the most and the least State taxes (like stamp duty etc)?
16 yr old filling taxes-Questions.?
Tax free counter in Luton airport, UK?
there is no bal in my sbi acc for last 4 month and now if i debit my account then what money will be deduct?
IRS Refund Procedure?
TAX Question, renters...?
Statutory Sick Pay - How Much?
My parents claimed me as a dependent. I am 22 years old, so they won't receive a check for me. Do I get one?
Trying to find Tax Services in Tyler TX. Can you help me find J.K. Harris Tax Services?
What is the State of Illinois tax rate?
Tax Return Questions?
I received a letter from IRS saying that I owe some taxes from 2004 please help?
Is there a way to find out if my X tried to claim my daughter again this yr? He was told by the judge "no"!
"Power to tax......" ?!?
did anyone get their tax refund today?
Do Indian s really benefit from the taxes they pay?
How much I would earn after taxes?
What do our taxes pay for?
How can I owe the IRS?
2006 Tax Changes~ Expat Married to Expat Question?
I paid NJ taxes but I am a PA resident? How do I get my money back?
I e-filed my son's taxes filing single & the IRS rejected. What should be done?
Is it too late to contribute to my Roth IRA for the 2005 year?
Amending the tax code to lower the income gap to 1965 levels, what does this mean?
how often does a small business file taxes, and what can we write off.?
Capital gains tax on property when you move abroad?
can i file interest that paid on payday loans on my taxes?
married couple tax allowance?
Income taxes !!!!!!!!!?
Should a complaint be filed against this CPA?
Is state income tax applied before or after national tax?
Do you tip your tax preparer?
LIC has introduced the unit-linked "Market Plus" policy recently. Does this offer any income tax benefit?
How much can a Dependent make before they have to pay?
if you are of native american ancestory can you be exempt from federal taxes?
This is a daft question, but humour me. Why cant the uk government simply go to the mint and print more cash?
Can I claim my dog on income taxes?
Do I need to file taxes for my small business? I did not have any income this Quarter.?
How would someone do a fraudulent ACH Withdrawal from my bank account?
How to get the most out of my tax return and what reductions to seek?
when will the irs send my amended tax refund check?
So we are only allowed IRA to IRA rollover once a year?
Self employment tax question?
what U do with form w2?
So I did my taxes today and found that I am getting back less this year compared to last year.?
Claim leased vehicle in Taxes??
I am getting my taxes back. My boyfriend I have been with for 8 yrs. wants me to pay his $4000 dollar fine?
How long does it take SBTPG to receive a refund from the IRS?
Selling online and sales tax?
have you used turbo tax befor to do your taxes?
How much taxes taken off of my paycheck? (Canada)?
How much does duty cost for car parts? Germany to UK?
How is the VAT different from a national sales tax?
Entering Balancing Adjustment for disposal of a depreciating asset?
Changing claimings on my W4 from 0-1 what difference in my paycheck will i see?
Filing for taxes! don't understand this..?
How much money will i get taken off my paycheck?
Do you still have to report to the IRS when you go on short sale or foreclosure when is a investment property.?
Will H&R Block be issuing emerald advance in 2012?
Divorced, claiming head of household?
How much taxes am I going to owe? I am getting a 1099. ?
How do i calculate SEV and property taxes?
Can a self-employed person claim home-to-office mileage @ standard rate as a business expense?
When selling a lucrative business along with assets is there any way to lessen the tax?
tax help plz: what does it mean when they say that the perks or perquisits in a company are tax effective?
paying capital gains tax?
Where I can find the program for form 1040NR?
Do rich guys pay Social Security taxes after they retire?
Do I pay Estimated Tax if I make considerably less this year?
Would I Be Able To Claim.....?
where the year starts for business taxes is it dec 1st 2007 to jan 1st 2008??
Did the irs change the date when w-2 are mailed out??
someone claimed me on their taxes but i have no clue who it is and i dont know how to find out or stop it?
What year should the taxpayer should recognize income on the cash basis and the accrual basis?
What is my pay scale in 6th pay commission.?Now i am working in the pay scale of 3120-5160?
if you make less the 10k a yar do you get the your taxes back?
i owe the state tax money from last year,what if i don't pay?
details of unit plus pension product?
If my W4 form was not filled out correctly, will I still get the proper tax refunds?
I work in New Mexico but live in Texas so why do I have to pay New Mexico State Taxes when I live in Texas?
Can a wife qualify as a dependent on you taxes?
How do I interpret nonprofit identification numbers (EIN)?
What is the minimum and average wage for a 17 year old on a part time job? in the UK?
Help! The IRS has garnished/put a freeze on my checking and savings account.?
In laymens terms, what does the alternative min tax mean?
Update for the 2/1 dd club members?
Myself (age 35) and my son both receive SSA survivor's benefits.?
want to apply for cctb and uctb for my child do i required to file income tax first?
How do you minimize how much tax you pay?
salary including tax means salary after deduction of tax?
Tax Question: Dependency?
partnership pro-rata liquidating distributions?
CA state tax $0 do I still need to file?
Can I send my friend a car from Germany if I dont have an export Licence ?
I have no income on my 2011 W2, do /i get a tax refund?
filed taxes on the26th when will i get my return?
Can I claim tax on this?
What taxes or fees are imposed on a military member shipping wine in their Household goods to Arizona?
Resident married with non resident filling joint?
What is the impact of tax collection to the budgetary plan of a country?
Will I get a tax refund?
Do you think Gordon Brown's proposed 2p increase in petrol duty next month is justified?
if you arent married and no dependents can you live off post?
whom should i consult about income tax deduction?
what procedure do I need to follow to print a copy of my October, 2011 copy of my Direct Deposit form?
what can i do if someone claimed my son without permission and already recieved the refund...?
suppose we have to deposit a service tax of 22767/- then how it bifercate in various head GAR-7 CALCULATION?
Can I claim my common law wife's son as my dependent when I file my taxes?
Have you received your tax stimulus money yet?
Is it illegal to claim dependents during the year on your w2, if youre single with no kids?
Is affording a homes based on 3xs your gross income?
turbo tax?
When closing a workmans comp case out does the payout become income and is taxable in calif?
Accounting - Depreciation of building?
Who can claim the child on their taxes?
Do anyone know about the 2010 stimulous check for the disablity will be mailed out?
anyone know if this earned income calculator is correct... ?
What is the allowable deduction per mile for an expense report?
I paid my mother back money I borrowed from her. will she have to pay taxes on the money?
Do you have to pay federal income tax if your income is less than ten thousand dollars?
expecting 6k in tax return & want to not spend, but save. What would be the best thing to do with my return?
can the state of virgina place a levy on your savings and checking account if you no longer live there?
Taxes on pension cash out and 68 weeks salary lump sum?
Landlords paying council tax ?
Qualified Dividends Tax question?
i claim 0 through the yr. earnings-31,732.71. FWH-4,002.00 SWH-MS-989.00 pick up wife and 2 kids end of year?
Bonus or pay raise- tax?
what is the sales tax for clothing in Munster indiana?
I did not mail my tax return....?
How do banks earn most of their revenue?
i just started working at the end of the year. no fed. with-held. would i qualify for the stimulus payment?
I moved to Pennsylvania in august 2008. Do I have to file a state tax return?
My husband is USN. We just filed our taxes (we filled jointly and have 3 dependants). His income was on 16800,?
Is my student loan interest deductible?
Need help filling out form 4506-T?
What is the treatment for lump sum payment of LIC -as per Income Tax act 1961 (investment period >5 years)
Can someone please tell me what mortgage companies do NOT require IRS tax info?
me and friend wants to know how do you know how much taxes you will pay on a lotto winning?
single and have w-2's,employed...what form is best,no dependent's except self!?
How do I start paying taxes for my under-the-table job?
Is there a better way to get a good tax refund?
w2 tax filing ...change in address?
Notary Public and taxes?
I have a rental property that I can't pay the property taxes and water bill right now. If I quick claim the ho?
Do I have to file taxes if i make $1000?
What is the maximum amount an employer can reimburse an employee for medical insurance and out of pocket exps?
Has ANYONE received their tax rebate via direct deposit? If so, what are the last two on your ss?
Tax Question, Collecting taxes?
Hey Will There Be Any Tax Returns For Tomorrow Feb 3 2012? Cause Im Still Waiting For Mine!?
salary of NRI for services rendered outof india is credited in NRE a\c in india directly by employer is taxabl
Can my son get benefits if my husband is drawing social security?
Do little people have to pay taxes?
how do i report part of the 1099 income to a corporation?
do you have to file taxes with a 1099?
How do I handle my taxes as a stripper/independent contractor?
How do I get a Social Security Tax Number?
My paycheck doesnt have any federal taxes took out every week, will i still get a tax refund check?
How do I do my taxes when I hold no property, have no deducibles; only a W-2 form?
ny state it -201 efile?
Does mileage reimbursement include...?
IF my parents claim me on their taxes can I still claim myself?
Child Income Tax Refund How Long!!?
Bicycle cost tax deductable ?
Can my wife file for unemployment?
Income Tax Return Amount for a Young Worker?
opps my new wife has over 10k to bring from china, how not to pay tax s. thanks?
Virginia personal property tax for kit cars?
Has ANYONE recieved their tax refund yet?
can a lady in england work over 65 and claim pension but pay tax?
Importing a new laptop.. Help please?
Has Any Taxact Customers Returns Got Accepted By The Irs Today?
For how long can a financial loss be carried forward on a tax return?
What happens to the owner after the tax sale of their property?
I am being garnished 15% of my gross twice a month.?
If i earn £21,000 per year, how much will i take home after tax each month?
I filed my taxes with h&r block on friday the 14th?
my question wasn't answered - what does preparing your taxes mean exactly? is prepare another word for FILE?
What happens with the IRS in this case?
tax question: can I claim my RV purchase as tax deduction.?
who do you get to the sears my pay for my w-2?
Property Taxes in CA and Home Additions?
What's the national minimum wage in the uk?
How much will my next check come out too?
When are tax return checks sent out?
any way to collect on a 2004 income tax return if not filed yet?
Social security is charging my Grandma almost $3,000?
what does ann adminstrator do?
i have preclosed and repaid my complete home loan in August this year. Is the any tax benefit on this?
Should i fill for income tax?
183 day rule Canadian working in the USA?
Is It Ok To Cash Postdated Paycheck Early?
Can my sons dad claim him on his taxes?
How do I estimate my capital gains taxes?
in IL is amt deducted from unemployment 4 child suprt from total amt of check or dependent allowance?
Re Council Tax benefit - continued receiving HB & now to meet 2 investigators in a taped interview what'll hap
Tax refund question..?
Anyone get their federal refund on Emerald Card in 2012?
if i make 1000 dollars a week with 1 dependent how much money will i come home with after taxes?
Who is claiming my brother and sister?
Money,Bonds and Tax Issue?
How much money do you have to make a year to be taxed by the U.S. Federal government at 35%?
Why I can't live because of high taxes but I should give it away.?
I am filling out a w-4 form and I have never filled on out before, so what do I do?
wheres my refund changed from feb 3 to feb 10?
iam a doctor how to save a tax?
Self Assessment Tax Rebate?
How can I negotiate my own debt settlements with creditors without using a "debt settlement" company?
Assume your home is assessed at $200,000. you have a $150,000 loan for 30 years at 6 percent you property tax?
My son is 16 and working a part time job and made under $3000.00, does he have to file a tax return?
Is there pitra dosh in my kundali my name is rajeev saxena dob 16/02/1975 tob 07:20 am pob kanpur up india?
NJ Inheritance Tax question?
If I'm here in an H1b Visa and contribute to my 401K, am I going to be taxed when I retire if I go back home
We are a married couple with two children. If our income is over $174,000, would we get a tax rebate in 2008?
Child care expense tax deduction from non-registered provider?
Since my parents filed for my 2007 taxes, do I need to send in the form for the stimulus payment?
submitted 1040 with wrong birthdate. How to rectify error?
do students have to pay taxes like other employees?
What will you choose for investment (for tax benefit) - Mutual Fund or Fixed Deposit in Bank?
where do income tax returns checks get mailed from?
what % do I charge for GST and PST?
Does anyone know where you can donate dresses in N. CA for a tax write off?
a question about tax return?
Is UK best place to buy tax free car in europe?
How can you avoid capital gains tax on your house?
Do IRA distributions count as income if you are over 59 1/2?
what are the penalties of not filing a tax return -?
Tax on website subscription/membership? also on commission?
can my lesbian partner claim me as a dependent on her taxes?
Are setllement legal fees deductible?
i did my taxes yesterday?
How much in taxes would I have to pay?
epayment of income tax (India)?
what else can you claim on your taxes?
should i have filed my taxes?
Hardware worker, 30yrs old. Pay rate entitlements?
What is fastest way to file and get federal tax return back?
Since the kiranawallas and the vegetable retail shopowners do not pay taxes why we should support them?
Why are people so big on the flat tax?
Which of the following are the appropriate tax forms for the listed entities?
Tax shifting?
Mr. Jeevan submits the following details for the PY 2008-09 Basic Pay Rs. 25,000 per month D A Rs. 12,500 per?
What Do I Say To Him Should i ask him to be my boyfriend?
what would be the sales tax on a 1.99 dollar item?
minimizing invoiced product ?
How much should I expect in my paycheck?
I haven't received my second W-2 yet...?
I am self employed, my son did some work for me, I paid him, should I do a 1099 for him to file his taxes.?
where do i deposit the CPP(canadian pension plan) and EI deduction deposits?
i m a bams dr. i want to know about carrer in govt.sec n abord.?
Do I have to pay taxes separately for my company if I am also self-employed?
NEED HELP NOW: I had $6000 tax refund for year 2002 which I filed to "apply for 2003" tax. How to get it back?
Can VAT , SURCHARGE ON VAT , SERVICE TAX and service CHARGE ALL be levied by a restaurant ????????/?
what is the sales tax in New York State -specifically Putnam County?
How can i find out if someone used me on their tax return?
Lowest tax and cost states for retirement, considering taxes, utilities, real estate cost, etc. Please add?
Can I do 401K to the max allowed and IRA (not Roth) at the same time?
Do I have to claim mileage as income for my unemployment benefits in California?
accounting-payroll calculation question?
federal benefit payment ssa treas 310 xxsoc sec?
How do you get a W2 if your former employer doesn't send you one?
How can I find out who reported me to the IRS?
Are there tax consequences of transferring commercial property to a two member LLC?
when do target 250 pay there wages in the month?
Is it illegal for my employer to share information on my W-4 form?
How much taxes will they take out?
Looking for home owner tax info?
So I live with my grandparents and my mother wont be claiming me as a dependent on her taxes so...?
If i am not a uk citizen but i live here can i show my anger towards the one who cheat the sistem? i pay tax,
How long does it take to get your tax refund when you efile?
Filing taxes through the irs.gove site?
Renting of immovable property to educational institution comes under service tax perview?
why is my tax code now br?
1099-A, I got 3 forms ...HELP!?
Why do poor people get free healthcare? I work my a** off and pay a ton of taxes and have none.?
I was charged sales tax on a free item. . . what does the law say about this?
i started a new job, am i paying the right amount of taxes?
I have a paper round and a part-time supermarket job. I think I've been paying too much tax. Any help?
trying to find out if a tax lein on a certain property has been paid?
How do you tax a car?
Is "Land Use Change Tax" paid in NH deductible as property tax?
Can anybody give me some good advice on filing for disability?
Concerning the 'usage fee' charge attached to each dollar Bill?
how long do you think it will take the uk ecomany take to recover?
I'm U.S. Expat with an online business.. How do I open a Business Bank Account in the U.S. without tax?
what do i do if somebody falsely reports me to the irs claiming i do not report or pay my taxes when i do?
I need to find my father's social security number?
i need help on my cst test. how can i pepared?
Paycheck Question!!Help Plzz!?
tax question, about filing two?
sbi magnum tax gain dividend - when is the payout date?
Would i be entitled to UK Jobseeker/Benefits?
Taxes question about oweing from last year?
why most of the boys when they make reiltion ship whit girls they always lie on them?
Tax returned to your bank account?
Why do I have to pay taxes on money I've saved when I already paid taxes while making it?
How do i get my income tax returns for the last 3 years while Living in S. Korea?
In Filing Taxes, do you have to use income up to December 31st?
can an employer deduct wages from you if you are a 1099 independent contractor?
How do you file for resale tax exemption in SC.?
my refund is schduled for DD 6/6/12 when will i get it?
How soon after moving into a rented house do I pay council tax?
How can I get my lender to agree on a forbearance agreement to avoid a foreclosure on a 60 days late???
Tax assesor VS home appraisal?
How long for netfiled tax refund via mail. can direct deposit be added after it was filed?
paying bills when made redundant?
Is it smart to blow all your yearly income on luxuries and rely on your income tax returns for serious stuff?
if my mum gave me £50,000 would i have 2 pay tax?
If I send a Christmas Card to President Bush, could I deduct that from my taxes?
what happens when you fail to file taxes?
what is RALDEPT?
How much should she pay me for filing my child on her taxes?
Tax Deduction: Can one claim the installments money paid to builder for apartment Booking?
How does a freelance writer/researcher pay taxes?
I am 27 years old and have never filed an income tax return. I want to resolve this. What do I do?
U.S Federal Taxation Question?
in com tax calculator for 2007 Software Free Download?
As a Single mom, how do I file a tax return if I didn't work? Will I get anything back?
How much did Americans first have to pay in taxes?
Tell me about PF rules, how much deducting and what are the forms using for filing return in every month& year
Accounting Problem Journalizing and Adjusting?
how many exemptions can I claim on my paychecks legally?
How does gift tax work?
How do I file stock dividends?
Complicated Tax Question: Take grad class, company reimburses, leave company, i pay company, tax write off?
What is the address for IRS in Texas?
How much import duties do I pay if my package is sent from USPS to Canada?
live in IL but work in milwaukee,WI , filing taxes?
How much longer will i have to wait for another refund check?
As a Freelance IT Consultant in india do I have to pay Service tax . I provide corporate trainers / trainings.
Should we scrape SUNDAY trading laws in the UK? I.E. Should Sunday just be considered a normal working day?
whats the difference between a....................................?
Where can I go online to get acopy of my federal taxes from 2004?
what is the incentives are given by govt. of India under supply in SEZ?
what are other systmatics way of deffering tax?
Any idea of what portion of the German pension is taxable in Canada?
How do work from home jobs effect your tax credits? (UK)?
how much money when translate britain money 5,439,270.00 lb to american money?
Tax credits & apprenticeship?
2012 federal energy tax credits?
What's the easiest way for a college student to file their taxes?
48k is a good annual salary?
cash gifts for child care, taxable?
what 29t tax code means?
Is there a difference between a tax return and a tax transcript?
TAXES: If I have a small home business, what are my tax advantages?
How much will you be taxed if you sell a business and get $1,000,000 in cash?
Quick question about direct deposit date on tax refund.?
Can my mother claim my son and I on her tax return? ?
Am I considered an independent contractor or an employee?
What is the best way to report someone who is hidding major income from the IRS. Who should I contact?
Now that I own a home, what kind of home purchases are tax deductable?
If I made payments, can I claim interest paid on realestate if my name is not on loan, but it's on title?
Can anyone help me figure out how much taxes will be taken out of my pay check?
ward circle of pan in kolkata?
tax preparer investigation attorney?
Please Answer this question on Taxation.It is urgent.?
why didn't turbo tax ask me to put in how much I spent on child care?
How do I claim more than 3 dependents on form 540A?
Can turbotax be used to file quarterly?
My employer announced on Aug 1st that my nursing unit is closing on Aug 31st.?
i forgot to put my schedule e with my return, what's the fastest way to get it to the right place in the irs
where do i need to go too findthe claim # 2005 434 800, the qtip #9615-at and error # 1215?
what is the tax percentage added to items bought in north carolina?
On a W-4 Form It says "If married but withholding at single rate" what does that mean?
Do You Have To Pay Taxes If You Live In The Middle Of Nowhere?
is staten island considered NYC?
Unemployment question?
2008 tax rebate / divorced with kids?
i am a pro gambler - i.e it is my only source of income. Do i need to declare my winnings to the taxman?
I would like to know how I can report Irs fraud?
How much is GST/ VAT in Turkey?
I am a NRI from UAE, Planning to settle in India by March 2008, kindly answer my following queries?
where is Garry Gatto?
What tax bracket supplies the government with the most money?
Is is enough to live in UK with yearly salary £12000?
How will i get my inheritance?
we arrived in australia last june 08 and we started working in aug.08. Will we be eligible for the tax bonus?
Is my unemployment in my account?
Which tax year/s can I include on schedule D?
Can you claim on TAX money that you have send from,western union or monegram?
Where is the Net Operating Loss reported for sole prop?
I purchased a 10 column disbursement journal/check register to organize/catagories to make tax time easier....
Tax Question?
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