what are some reasons why a place of business would audited?
distingush between progressive and proportional taxes. give their merits and demerits?
I'm 18 and going on JSA/Getting first job soon and moving out too - will I have to pay tax (not council)?
i only made $176 this year?
Interesting call to the IRS today!?
does it matter when you cash the gift check. My mother-in-law gave my husband and i 10,000 each?
what is the difference b/w value added tax and sales tax?
IRS Form 4506T (Request for Transcript of Tax Return)?
accounting : i need a simple help in double declining method of depreciation...?
When is the Back-to-School Tax Break sale for Florida in 2009?
What do you think of North Dakota trying to repeal property taxes?
can I file an amended tax return now that I realize I was an active stock trader and claim larger tax loss?
what is the max amount you can contribute to a 401k for 2006?if you are under 55 years old?
can i claim my live in on taxes he has made 1/3 of what i do?
If I didnt work much this year can I claim my 3kids on my taxes?
Non resident state tax question?
When should I pay capital gains tax from selling stocks?
Question on taxes?
is it legal for my employer to deduct pay?
claiming back tax on fuel?
I am having money wired to my account from the UK to the US and it is asking for a non residential tax code?
If my children's public school is now charging to ride the school bus, is this expense deductible on my taxes?
do retired people over 70 have to file taxes to get the refund?
Can I file as head of Household?
Tax return with 1st time homebuyer credit...very slow process?
Made a mistake when filing my taxes online...had a nightmare I was going to jail?
I quit my job back in June and won't be working the rest of the year. Can I file my federal taxes for 2006?
property tax????????????????
will a collection agency garnish wages first or take your tax refund first?
If the government STOP smoking in the UK wher will they get ther 3.60 tax from for every 20 fags?
when is it the last day to file?
What should I expect to be withheld from my paycheck?
Any recent changes in the FL intangible tax?
please answer me please.. all about the topic the man as a system?
Do I pay taxes on a settlement where I didn't recover damages amount?
question about filing federal taxes in illinois?
Is there a way to pay less income tax?
where to complain a person is not paying taxes to their employees?
Does a cafeteria plan reduce FICA and Medicare withholding, as well as Fed W/H?
Customs charges fron USA to UK?
After how much amount, do Indian Companies start deducting TDS?
I have an inheritance in another country and need the finances to get it.?
How can I talk to a LIVE person with the IRS? I keep getting transferred to the "Where's My Refund" recording.?
How much is tax on a small car (UK)?
how do i know if i am entitled to a tax rebate as i have not had one in nearly 5 years of working at my job?
how does self employed get tax loan?
The IRS has me seriously confused?
how many nights can a boyfriend stay over without it affectin family tax credit and child tax credit?
Capital gains tax on sale of shares.?
how are options taxed?
Wheres my tax refund??????
I am filing past years tax returns (1040), which address should I use?
Can a 17 year old file their own taxes even if they are someone's dependent?
In 2008, I went to a 6-week training prog. at the Laborer's Union Training Academy. Can this help on my taxes?
Can I be audited after I received a refund?
Chinese govt plans export tax rebate slash?
Paying tax on monies earned from a hobby?
has any one tax refund update for jan 31 to jan 25 tonight?
Not reporting capital losses?
at what % rate is interest income on a loan taxed?
do you have tax audit tips of proprietor having more than one business?
How will FairTax work?
Help, Centrelink Question..?
How much do you get back in taxes for a child in the state of MN?
Is hourly pay before or after taxes?
Has anyone just plain given up on their refund DD who is a 31ster?
When you claim exempt on you pay check what taxes are still taken out of your check?
how to calculate tds in india?
How much do jobs Ontario Disability gets you pay?
Are the tax returns of a business public information?
Postal duty cost in Ireland?
What was the total amount of wages,including bonuses, paid in the US in 2008?
Would i get any more back on income tax by holding an additional child out?
How to handle an estate's taxes and distribution of assets?
Can my wife screw me out of claiming my rightful amount of dependents on my tax return?
16 weeks and still no refund!?
i haven't received Thursdays paycheck? what should i do.....?
how come i didn't get my national insurance number?
What is the income level cutoff this year when you stop having to pay medicare taxes?
Where do u need Form16.?
what happens if there's no federal withholding on my check?
My ex-employer has not given me my w-2 yet?
how do i get w-2's for past years the employer or IRS?
is there a way to find out if someone is using your child as a dependent on tax return?
how can i estimate how much i will owe to the irs for monies taken out of my retirement account early?
I did not pay taxes, do I owe?
Am I REQUIRED to file taxes?
How much will i pay in taxes ?
Can i get tax deductions if i don't have a business license?
do australians have to pay anything along the lines of the uk council tax?
tax questions??... Please help??
Recently I had asked for the number to call because I wanted to know when I can expect to receive my state?
This new stimulous thing, will we be getting check's like last year?
Why does it take two weeks for a person who filed on the 14th but for someone who filed on the 20th?
If I make 135K per year and have 12 allowances on my federal taxes, about how much will my take-home pay be?
How do you "truncate" your social security number?
which of the following taxes is not subject to a maximum amount per employee per year?
Can I still get a tax refund if im on unemployment? I didnt work at all last year, and im a mother of 3.?
Is ESPP short-term gain/loss a non-massachusetts source income?
i live in illinois and i make minimum wage how much is the minimum taken out of my paycheck?
Does anyone know the "real deal" on when the WMR site updates?
Question about paycheck?
My tax return was scheduled to be mailed jun 17 but now the irs site doesn't have ANY info about it. help?
could i have a business under 16 without paying tax?
how much is tax on
How long should i keep tax returns?
I worked for a company based out of New York, but my office was in PA.?
LIC has introduced the unit-linked "Market Plus" policy recently. Does this offer any income tax benefit?
Anyone know of any good uk buy now pay later bookclubs i can order from, ty?
using TFN (tax file number) in the same time in two Oz states ?
How has the economy impacted the IRS ?
Does anybody knows anything about the IRS being a private corporation?
2009 w2 forgot to file?
I would like to rent out a space to a non profit organization. What legal papers should i have for tax purpose
how much is sales tax?
How many refund Cycle Charts are there?
If I pay for medical expenses with an HSA can I still claim tax deductions?
Questions about IRS taxes?
If you filed late and IRS keeps your refund can you claim that as a loss?
Application for registration under service tax-Filing need to be done in duplicate?
Do I need a Individual Taxpayer Identification Number?
Turbo Tax Question?
Are there tax benefits when I invest for my kids?
I worked 3 jobs in 2009 do i need to file all 3 together?
ex employer over paid me?
How can i calculate capital gains tax?
can we amend the country of final destination in high sea sale?
I just found out the IRS has rescheduled our refund for a week later than they promised it to us. You Too?
Anyone who received their refund on 2/1/2012, does wmr still say processing or did you have a dd date?
About tax deductible?
tax question ????????????/?
How do I do tax returns?
Canadian Tax refund ?
self employment tax question?
Do I have to pay taxes when I buy item from another country on ebay?
Can my boyfriend claim the childcare credit if I claim our son as my dependent?
do all US citizens uses IRS 1040 form to file for taxes?
How does raising taxes help the American people?
I have some W2 questions..?
If I get married, can I still file as single on my taxes?
tax filing in puerto rico?
penalty for not declaring un-taxable income?
can i claim my mortgage payments on my tax return?
When do i start paying tax on my new business?
What makes you mad about taxes?
Like-Kind Exchange Tax Question?
How much would i gettaken off taxes if i make 400 a week?
If my boyfriend wants to claim me on taxes in 2010 do we have to get married in 09 or just b4 tax time?
What are the specific tax benefits of marriage?
I am 27 years old and have never filed an income tax return. I want to resolve this. What do I do?
Just divorced and need help with a tax question.?
what's the best way to beat tax on W9 witholdings when you have 2 jobs?
do i have to pay taxes on the back pay i received from social security that i got for disability?
Wage garnishment questions in Indiana?
routing number for sioux falls federal credit union?
Do you have to pay import or customs charges when buying goods from UK to be shipped to other EU countries?
Explain taxes in USA?
the Canadian Pension Plan?
Forging signature on my father's tax return transcript?
Why is our fuel so expensive (UK) ?
Post office help i need to know?
If I operated a business, what taxes would I have to pay?
Can my daughters boyfriend claim her a a dependant on his federal taxes?
Can you file for taxes married and separated?
If an employer does not provide a 1099, will your return seem more likely to be flagged/audited by the IRS?
can you take off your taxes the amount you lose on a riverboat in gambling?
how to file for Tax Identification Number through the website of
Ex hasent filed taxes in 2 years?
Where should i invest my earned money for saving income tax ? My income is 8 lacs per annum.?
How many taxes im gonna pay?
Would there be Canadian tax on a US based website?
I filed on the 19th and was accepted the same day?
Debits and credits accounting?
I need to find a property identification number in Hammond Indiana. Also run a property research.?
Am I eligible for Unemployment?
company director not drawing salary - tax requirements?
how to tie a shoe?
I have income tax acknowledge copy without recept no & date what do i do assesement for the ywar 2009-10?
How long does it take to get your fist unemployment check?
Pay for McDonald's. 18 years old. In the UK?
how much would I owe on a 20,000 1099 if I am single with no dependents. I also have another 9,000 on a w-2. I
When you first get a job and fill out the W2 form and you put 2 on the form when your single with no kids?
On an intrest only mortgage, Can I make Jan 08 payment in Dec 07 so I can claim the extra intrest on 07 taxes?
How much has property fallen in the US during the last year?
Is it easy to do your own taxes?
How to fill my W-4 form? I'm a minor?
Can I find on line how much I owe on back taxes that I have been paying monthly payments on?
i made $23,000 this year w/ 2 depedents but only paid $400 federal tax, will this hurt me when i file a return?
I got divorced early in 2005 and want to know if I can jointly file a Tax return with my ex-wife.?
8k tax credit question?
whatr is a roth 401(k)?
Tax coming, i work 2 jobs. how can i make sure i dont have to pay any additional tax?
Tax Rebate: Why do single/childless people get almost nothing compared to married w/ kids?
I need a return address to mail my federal income return.State of Colo.?
How long does it take for the tax office to sort out your details so as not to have to pay emergency tax?
Does any of these corporations that receive bailout funds have to pay it back?
I need help with my Taxes :)...?
If it turns out that I owe an AMT, how does the govt collect their money?
Do pubs have a high staff turnover? will somebody working there be there in a year do u think?
will my fist sized gold nugget get taxed?
Any chance I get my income tax refund in less then 8 days?
Tax help for an 18 year-old self employee. HELP?
Itemized Deductions limitations?
How do I claim my spouse as dependent in this situation?
can i claim an educaitonal credit on taxes if i paid with a loan that isn't being paid back yet?
Can a guy get in trouble if he claims his son??
Do taxes take out more out of a paycheck if you are married with a child?
if i owe money to the irs but file at jackson hewitt will i get my money?
How can I get the IRS to send me my ex-husband's tax return?
has anyone who's original DD was Jan. 28, 210 and changed to this:?
Refund date question?
If my husband owes back taxes & he files joint, will the irs take the whole return including EIC for our son?
I have retired and cannot afford these student loans?
If I am director of my own limited company am I classed as self-employed or employed (in UK)?
what the max. social security taxes you pay in a year?
Why does the IRS not have my info if Turbo Tax says accepted on 1/19 @ 4:34am?
electronics tax in Saudi Arabia?
what is the gactv superfan gac night bonus code for january 27 2009 for gactv superfan?
hai please ur ringtone send fr u and download u?
Is it required to staple W2 for income <=$100. What if I have lost the W2 and dont wanna get from employer?
can I deduct diapers, milk, etc?
What is a Tax Return Transcript and how do i get it?
Income tax?????:)??????????
whats the difference between a tax accountant and a tax preparer?
What is it like being an accountant ?
How much does the state of Connecticut take out of gross income in taxes?
who has the cheque?
NY Paycheck Taxes almost 45%?!?
do you have to do state and federal taxes?
What is the after tax investment value using an outsiders viepoint?
do i need to pay tax on grants money?
My taxes haven't been filed yet, will I get the back pay of the HST credit cheque? I am a single mother of 3?
why would you raise taxes if lowering them brings in more revenue?
how many dependents can a person declare legally on their W-2?
Where do state taxes go to?
does every person who files a Federal return have to file a state one as well?
Michigan taxes?
How do I fill out a 1040X if I just need to remove a dependent I claimed?
Can I claim deduction on my student loan even if it's under my parents name yet I pay for it each year?
child tax credits advice help?
find service tax number?
if my employer sched me 2 work 12 hrs on a holiday r they required 2 pay 12 hrs holiday pay or only 8 ?
Do I have to pay council tax on my second property if there is no one living there?
How much should I estimate for Payroll taxes in Seattle WA?
How many times I submit service tax return ina year? Half-yearly or Quaterly?
I pay a neighbor to watch my son a few days a week while I'm at work. Is this tax deductible/creditable?
which bonds are tax exempt for the individual buyer?
if doing an amended return, will it delay IRS stimulus/rebate check?
Turbo tax question????
Mom died in '09. Her estate was valued at $3.2 mil, including the $1 mil she gifted in '07. What is Fed tax?
Im under 24 and both parents are alive do i have to get less than1000 on taxes?
how do you fill your date of birth in when it says ddmmyyyy?
has anyone successfully used free OFFER IN COMPROMISE software?
Need I pay U. S. tax or file U.S. tax return if I have the gain form stock short ( I am a foreigner)?
Is there any way i can get hold of p45 other than goin to my employer. I have lost my P45?
Can I leave the $3100 out of my fed. tax return?
How much(estimate) will i get back on taxes?
Do I have to file GA state return if state income is less than 5% of my federal?
Forgot to report some of my 1099-xxx forms?
how do you fill your date of birth in when it says ddmmyyyy?
Can I use form 1040EZ if I have a 1099micallenious?
i dont have a meal car, but i still get a meal deduction from my pay.Why is that?
can someone who gets welfare and foodstamps let someone else claim their child as a dependent on their taxes?
Can I file my 2007 taxes before Jan. 1 if I have already received my W-2 and won't get another check this year
how long does it take for the state and federal gov to cash the tax return payment?
Tax on renting house?
Do I have to show logging money if I reinvest on the property?
pl help me to file it return using saral with salary, short and long term gail?
My boss wont give me my last paycheck.Can i file against him if I dont pay taxes?
Is there a penalty if I did not file my federal taxes in 2004 and I did not owe money?
Report Inventory Costs on Schedule C?
When you donate money and you claim it on your taxes, how does that work? Do you get all of it credited back?
If you mail in your income tax return, how long does it take for the check to come in?
If a young person earns less than £100 per week, does he/she have to pay Tax?
If i am not a uk citizen but i live here can i show my anger towards the one who cheat the sistem? i pay tax,
Do Chartered accountant earn good in Canada?
Any one knows about Form 2553 Small Business Corporation Form?
What do I do If I lost my tax form that is given out every year to file taxes?
Who is the only person in the history of the US to have a special tax rate introduced for earning too much?
What are the odds for an IRS audit?
what is the scope after MBA in finence?
is there a way that i can get a tax refund for goods that i buy in usa im travelling from the uk?
If I received a RAL from H&R Block for my tax refund this year how will I receive my rebate check? In the mail
Calculate the price that an investor who is subject to tax of 30% on dividends?
Tax returns and Proof of income?
Whats gross income in simple form?
qualify for the medical expense deduction?
Help with a tax question?? Has to do with a return?
how much does a employer pay on defind pension?
Asstt commissioner of central excise?
How do I get Tax that hqas been taken and I haven't received anything back for over a year?
can I claim head of household if I have 2 children and a spouse who is on disability.?
Will i get good money back on taxes?
Does my nefew qualify as a dependant?
What are the December deadlines for tax year 2005?
I make 83k a year. Married with a single income and a baby. My W4 says I can claim up to 7 will I owe the gov?
AM I a low income in uk? ?
What if I am permanently dissabled and under 45 receiving a non taxible income?
Poll: Do you want the FairTax to be enacted?
Making 110k with uplifts and danger pays, but base pay is 60k do I qualify for home credit?
How much in taxes are taken out of gains in the stock market while living overseas?
Why are groceries taxed in some States?
Washington state taxes help, first Job.?
I'm moving from GA to TN later this year and want to know if I still have to pay GA state income tax.?
Where can I access information on vehicle tax paid in 2008 for the purpose of including it as a tax credit?
Claiming children for tax purpose??;;;?
How much in Taxes for an.........?
Can you claim on TAX money that you have send from,western union or monegram to family over seas ?
can i file unearned income on lottery winnings when filing income taxes?
If i havnt paid any federal taxes so far this year?
Do you pay taxes out of your unemployment check?
Do you know about Cleaning services?
I work in MA and live in NH. I would like to know how the state tax is calculated on gross salary?
Rip off Britain?
ONTARIO - Child disability benefit?
To file taxes, is this true?
Why did I get different amounts of tax taken from two seperate checks?
Lowest Taxes on Laptops?
do you have to be a full time student to qualify for the american oppurtunity credit?
how much does the IRS get paid an hour?
I "broke the corporate veil" and mixed personal and business expenses. Is it gonna be OK?
Ill I owe or get a refund next time I do taxes?
who can i claim on my tax return from irs?
diffrent pay rates?
Tax Expenditure Paper?
Removal of IRS penalties?
We make over $90K per year, but we're always broke? Does anyone have an idea what direction to take? CPA?
My wife working full time.and she have only one job .but her tax code isBR from last two years.?
can I withdrawl money from my 401k and not pay taxes?
comment on the trends of GNP of each of the mentioned country.?
What's so special about house loan ineterst when it comes to income tac return?
Tax deduction for private elementary school in TX (Collin County)?
what's the difference between an accountant and a chartered accountant?
Are there any type of tax deductions that individuals must report for taxes?
Can I put my baby as a dependent if I receive child support?
A Tax Form Question, anyone help me..?
Why doesnt school teach you about taxes?
My P60, tax code and a tax rebate question - United Kingdom?
my taxable income is 22500 with 4 ded i file single head of household one child in 6 and another in college?
Hi I am Mudiam , I have a Income Tax related Question?
I paid for my 2 children child support for this entry year. can i use that money for tax deductible?
In auditing, should a previous IRS audit be considered by a successor auditor?
GST!!!!! part 1?
What's the deal with Federal Tax. Is it only applied after a hundred dollar paycheck?
What items on the HUD (if any) besides the loan origination can be deducted?
Income tax Not married 16yrs old with 6 month old son??
can my ex husban claim my child on taxes with out telling me?
Will I owe tax on unclaimed property that was once owned by my father, but never bequeathed to me?
i have purchased a car for 3.55 lakh from surat if register it in maharashtra what entry tax i need to pay.?
What are the penalties for not filing state taxes in PA?
Is xpango reliable? Has it worked for anybody? has it not worked for anybody? please tell me :(?
Applying for EMA - the Tax Credit Award document?
what date does the tax year start? april the wat?
Tax return Ontario Canada. Help Please!?
im 15 and i was wondering how much money i can make in a year with out filling out a tax form?
What can I do if a Past friend who helped me do my taxes won't give me all my copies of my 1099 and w2s?
Why would the IRS call to verify wages and withholdings?
I drive truck do i do taxes on gross or after all my deductions?
I accidently claimed myself when I wasn't suppose to...Help!?
what kind of documents i need to certify my business?
I want to know , how to stop intrest on?
Is anyone aware of a way to get the complete list of corporate tax exemptions?
about taxes in india?
Using bank of america for tax refund...?
What do I need to do if I still need to file last years return, as well as this years return?
Do i get to claim my wedding expenses on the tax return?
Interest Only Mortgage Payments, Tax Deductable?
Has anyone got a real answer on what gonna had to our tax refund filed with Taxbrain?
how much income tax i have to paid my grass salary 200000?
TAX Concept.unabsorbed depreciation?????
major purposes of tax system?
W-2 sent electronically, Can I file with paper copy?
how to fill out a w4 married filing seperately. Check the box married, but withhold at a higher single rate?
working at burger king do you file for taxes?
US taxes and Canadian citizenship?
How much WIll I get in Tax Refund?? Answer needed!!?
Which state do I pay taxes?
If a US citizen sells Real Estate Abroad, what are the US Tax implications? 1040 required to be filed?
Do I have to pay non-resident personal income tax in multiple states?
How much is just federal income tax in NYS?
TIN no. verification?
Why do people complain about paying taxes if?
by raisiIf the government sought to balance the budget ng taxes on individuals, the tax rates paid by?
What remedies do you have if you took too little deduction for gas royalties in years past?
Whats going on with my tax?
The BAT corp. had 20B revenues of 100,000, expenses of 75,000, and an income tax rate of 20% Net income after?
About Customs Duty In India?
i need to file my 2005 taxes on line. help find another software program other than tax act?
My employer used the wrong social security for my background check. What will happen?
How much do you have to make before federal taxes is withdrawn?
If I buy life insurance to save tax (my annual income is Rs. 4 Lac), how much premium annually I choose?
How much does this job pay?
Is the UK cheaper to live in than the USA and which has less taxes?
I am 17; first job; how would I fill out 2007 W-4 Form if i had no previous income?
Can i get a tax rebate ?
Which insurance company in Singapore pay highest in commission for CPFIS Investment?
Is being an independent contractor worth it?
What are the differences between a W-2 and a 1099?
Duty Free?
I am starting a business. Should i have to hire a cpa to do my tax work or can i do it my self?
never worked in 2010 but have 2 dependants?
Anyone still in the refund BY 2/7 club?
unemployment quesionares?
If my ex husband qualified for first time home buyer tax credit do I pay it back if we filed jointly?
How do I get a W2 from 4 years ago?
If I am making payments toward child support and do owe back pay will the IRS intercept my tax refund?
a tax question about filing if your a student and didn't work in 2009?
If imade 18000 dollars this year and filing single how much will my tax eturn ?
Is there a way for me to get back the sales tax on electronics I purchased in the US upon leaving the US?
paying council tax when on temporary work?
Alternative minimum tax question?
Donations and tax refund?
I will be moving in a couple of weeks should I use the address that I will be moving to on my tax return?
What if my employer's 401K match plus my contribution is more than 17K?
Where is my refund !?
What is the exact timeline to correct an amended return?
Tax Refund Garnishment - Car debt?
How Does Tax Stimulus Package Work for Food Stamp Recipiants?
taxes on inherited house sold?
Does anybody now if the qeen pays council tax?
capital gains taxes - about the ordinary tax rate?
can someone help me out to fill this form? s!?
Tax lien on property after a divorce?
How much in taxes are taken out of gains in the stock market while living overseas?
Why pay taxes ?
how to i file taxes from 2005 after filing an extension-can i do it online?
How much will my 2010 income tax refund be?
what if Life tenant doesnt pay property taxes?
How Do Cam Girls Pay Taxes?
I haven't filled out My 2010 taxes?
what would happen if you stopped paying your monthly ccj?
how can i find out about property tax rebate program?
Please tell me about State income taxes?
What is the minimum earnings amount to claim yourself tax exempt?
How long does it take before Unemployment start deducting paycheck wages if you owe them on a overpayment?
How do you get previous employer w-2 forms from previous years?
Do we have to specify the value of servicing rights acquired when we buy a mortgage portfolio?
Dear sir, i want to know that professional tax is applicable in haryana! And professiona tax slab for haryana?
Do you get cheaper taxes when your married?
Tax refund while in Ch13 Bankruptcy?
Which is best, working for a company or as a independent contractor?
Can I leave unemployment benefits off my 1040 if it makes no difference in my refund amount?
What do debt collectors do if you can't afford bill or have anything of value?
Benifits ? working tax credit can i get this if i am single no children and 40years age?
If filing a joint state tax return,do you just use an individual one and add yours and your spouce's income?
Foreign Earned Income Exclusion help?
W2 claiming 2 on pay check?
Is there a tax write off for paying on relatives mortgage during probate?
What is the best website I can use to file my tax returns?
Filling out CT-W4 for employer, which withholding code do i choose?
Should my online/internet shop be VAT registered?
Why would I get a notice in the mail about a state individual income tax review?
can I claim on 2005 taxes money paid towards 2001, 2003, 2004 tax debts?
Is Turbo Tax any Good?
Since the kiranawallas and the vegetable retail shopowners do not pay taxes why we should support them?
child's mother worked last 4 mos. of '07. I claimed child all year,who gets to claim child for tax year '07?
If I'm in USA and I buy clothes outside of USA what will the final price be?
how do i find out what all of the laws, regulations my property manager has broken by having my vehicle towed?
Can I file head of household?
Can I deduct startup expenses from before I formed my LLC?
if self employed can i file taxes without a having any receipts?
I have 7 lac income pa how much maximum tax can I save?
why did i pay £100 for national insurance this month?
kindly let me know how to check whether my tax returns have been received by IRS sent thru turbotax last week.
I have not filed taxes in 7 years and I have not paid federal taxes in 7 years who should I go to and get help
A business's lottery winning?
why is gas so expensive in the uk?
Which state should I apply for unemployment benefits in? I am a furloughed pilot.?
Tax questiosn. Can I claim tuition I am a full time student with a part time job.?
Can I file my taxes as being single if I'm actually married?
I have my wages at my job being garnished.?
How many times can you avoid filing for taxes before the IRS sends you a letter?
I and my 3 children have lived with my friend most of the year.Can she claim head of household using us?
Can my brother claim my children for his tax return?
Are income taxes unconstitutional?
Irs where are my taxes?
property tax help paying?
Is the Countil tax fair?
Where can i get a live person for tax info?
Does anyone agree with me the next goverment must abolish inheritance tax?
Wmr and calling the 1800 number?
What are the differences between a W-2 and a 1099?
Property Tax Question?
I was wondering how much money my parents get for claiming me as a dependent?
which word is best to market of these below- to the UK , and why?
Can loan officers in Indiana be 1099 employees?
Income tax question (winning lottery & taxes)?
What is 10.00@35% off and with 5% sales tax?
Does anyone know whether or not the latest tax bonus that was challenged, is still going to be paid next week?
will your tax refund be taken to pay your debts, if you file bankruptcy?
promised tax cuts to low and medium wager earners?
How much taxes would i have to pay on 5 million , if someone gave it to me ?
Where do I file 1099-misc state tax copy for subcontractors from different states?
divorce and IRA distribution?
Can someone explain what is AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax)?
imports and exports of the usa?
my 16yr old daughter made $900 on her part time job last year, does she still needs to file for income tax?
What's the minimum taxable income you have to had made for the yr to be able to claim the earned income tax?
Do we have to pay property tax for owing a vacant land?
do you need 2005 tax returns to do 2006 tax returns?
How do you feel about council tax?
How is it that California and Oregon have a 9%+ income tax and Washington has no income tax?
Why can't America print Dollars herself? Why take Dollars on Debt?
Why did AARP leave FL, NV, & TX out of this month's issue of Lovely & Affordable Retirement Places?
I havent had too many jobs, but whenever I feel out an application I get lost when it comes to the tax stuff.?
My taxes were stolen in feb. the irs is so slow to corre t this,i gave them all info requested its been months?
Pros and cons of fair tax?
Do I have to provide banking info on taxes? Isn't there a certain amount you have to have in the bank for it?
If taxes were filed married jointly, tax experts is important help?
when are w2s due to you by employers?
If my return was accepted on jan 13 2012 why isnt my status on wmr?
when claiming charitable deductions, is a check stub ok for proof?
Tax Evasion Question?
What implications could your personal budget have on your business?
my wife and i want to take out funds on her IRA. i have owned a home she hasnt.would we be penalized for early
what is the duty free dollar limits for Canadians returning home?
Help! The IRS has garnished/put a freeze on my checking and savings account.?
how to claim your dog as a dependent?
What are the taxes associated with cars?
please give details of pan no.AXZPD5601Q?
IRS where's my refund status changed a day before proposed direct deposit!!?
What can I use as a tax write off?
shoukd the IRS do something about tax on the rich?
my tax preparer said i would get my taxes refund on the third of feb. the irs is saying the seventh?
Forgot taxable interest but still poor, amend or not?
Is there tax for gifts given by the company to the employees, what is the minimum gift amount not taxable?
i bought shares from sphnixasia and now paid taxes for getting back shares?
How much do chacha guides have to pay in taxes each year?
What site can I go to file taxes on line for free?
What do cashiers do with the reciepts?
Amending tax question.?
What is the formula to de-calculate sales tax from a total sale? Total sale 201.85, tax rate 6.5%,sale price?
How ethical is this payroll deduction?
does anybody know in ca how much do you get taken away for taxes when your earning 9 dollars an hr?
who else got the news when you check "where's my refund" on the IRS website?
How long does it take to get your fist unemployment check?
I Just got myself a Job (something steady thank heavens) i would like to pay more tax NOW THEN LATER?
I got my taxes file by a friend then i didnt get them so i went to a Pro to get um done now its a hold on them?
1099- misc ( california taxes)?
What are the problems of buying a stock from a nonresident shareholder?
is value added tax effective?
do i have any tax to get back?
Can an employer deduct pay from a salaried employee for sick days before a bona fide sick leave plan is in....?
Am I in the wrong by claiming my daughter on my taxes?
Are the following items tax deductible if you own a income (rental) real estate property?
Can you file seperate if you are married?
how long after you do state taxes does it take for them to take the money out of your account?
Do I pay taxes on child support?
Can an employer have me fill out a W9 form when I leave my job?
If i get 1200 dollars a month by my renters how much am i supposed to give to the goverment as taxes of that?
claim for a prize of ticket no.54-20-17-52-34-30?
Taxes on a GPT website?
What tax do I need to pay on online share trading?
is there anything to do with your I.R.A to help your heirs get the proceeds in a lump sum?
Can I claim babysitter paid in my income tax 2007 if I pay my mom?
Tax- how much am I taxed?
this is indian income tax.whether proprietor can pay salary to two sons who help him in business?
shal i get both the benefit in income tax if ihave aflat in mumbai & iwork in delhi &stay at rent in delhi?
Can I file as an independent with income but no job?
I want to know if my IRS local office does file taxes for free?
How much in fees are taken from each dollar bill?
can it treat income tax refund as incom?
how will consumers fair after the BUSH/clinton/BUSH world of politics are over?
How do you request an IRS transcript for the amended 1040x?
IN a discussion with one of my clients who receives SSDI, the subject of taxes came up,?
What can he do about woman claiming his kids?
Is it proven that there are more prisons than schools?
I give cash at a house of worship.How much can I deduct?
Is irs form 990, schedule A available in printable form on the internet?
what is the minimum wage for 18 year old? (UK)?
What is the dfifference between sales tax and central excise duty?
Turbo Tax + Stimulus Check = Paper Check???
Can my boyfriend claim me as a dependent if my only income is sociaal security disability?
Does this count as being an accountant?
Should I use the cash or accrual method?
W4 form and income tax question?
What is mean by custom & excise duty?How it will be calculated?
How to I pay taxes if employer pay me in foreign country?
How long to keep the tax forms from previous years?
Homeowner for 2 years now and don't know what I owe for property taxes! How do I find out?
Claiming Exempt on a bonus???????;;????;;;?
Can you deduct the losses from the sale of your house?
Does anyone know what phone # to call to actually speak to someone at the IRS. Every # I call its a recording?
what exactly is the net pay in the total yearly tax?
My employer never changed my marital status and deductions on my W-2 after my divorce. Now I owe $760! Help!?
How on earth could I owe this much in taxes?
If I didn't claim the intrest from my house last year, can i this year?
Why does the tax department keeping send me letters. I already paid my taxes more than a year ago?
i now live with my mother in California and she says shes calming me and my son on her taxes?
claimed disablement premium by accident DWP?
my tax ran out yesterday...but cant get it till monday...can i still drive long can u not have tax 4 t?
Can I claim my grandchildren on my tax return if they receive food stamps and i dont?
how would you take the tax of 61.23?
Money overseas question can it be done? taxes? thanks.?
How Quickly Are Stimulus Checks Coming?
Is the interest paid on credit cards tax deductible?
How Much Do They Take Out Of Taxes?
How much in taxes will I have to pay if I was left....?
my nickname onanother site is''abominator'' and how do i do some abominations?
Is there a special bank a person can go to for a loan to pay property taxes?
do I have to pay duty on used goods?
i -us citizen- transfer money from portugal is it taxable?
Will I get a tax rebate check if I've never had a job (I'm 27).?
does a 92 year old on retirement have to file taxes?
IRS Stimulus check question?
Help Please!?
I recieved a K 1 and it showed a capital gain. I never got the money so do I have to pay tax on it.?
Small business tax returns. TEXAS?
how to register with pan number to know the tds?
I paid Jackson Hewitt to do my taxes.?
If I only worked ONE day for a certain company in the year 2011, do I have to claim it on my taxes?
When converting from a Rollover IRA to a Roth IRA, is the money from the 401k rollover non deductable?
Tax refund?
i would like to know my tax identification card?
Is it possible to report a person or company to the IRS anonymously?
wmr has finally updated for me overnight!!!!!!!!!!! e-filed 1/15 accepted 1/17 had no status until this mornin?
some guys drivung faster is that good think?
If you don't have an income ,can mothers still file for taxes if they have kids and if so how?
can you file taxes if your unlemployed?
Can i file my florida income tax in another state? or by myself online?
Would this void my filing extension?
What are common methods that people use to pay tax liability?
How to pay estimated payroll taxes?
Working as a contractor and having jury duty...paid?
what are the territorial limits of louisiana?
how much is UK £ 1,040,000?
What counts for child tax credit and child care credit?
so irs website said my tax money would be deposited on feb.19 2010 but no money in bank?
who can using indian pan card?
If you don't own a home, but rent, can you write off all or a percentage of your rent?
Tax Evasion Question?
Is it possible for my boyfriend to claim me on taxes when he is married filing separate?
Is there any way that a disabled person can defer or postpone a outstanding amount with the IRS?
will my taxs increase if i add my brother to my deed?
Can my employer hold a week of my paycheck?
What forms does a single person need to fill out for non-profit/tax exempt?
whats the dates for Treinnale India 2008?
I have a question in regards to centrelink.?
llc capital gain tax?
What are the pros and cons of becoming an accountant?
what tax is payable on India property inherited from father?
how can i get my tax refund when my tax preparer put the wrong acct numb? he has admitted to mistake on paper
Contributing post-tax to a traditional IRA?
what are the taxes applicable for jewellery gold showroom business in india?
Is the country of Qatar taxfree for civilian contractors?
refund from ebay. how do i use the refund?
It's May 2nd and I did not receive my tax stimulus refund !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP?
Upon selling a business property, what tax bracket does the depreciation & long term gains fit into?
How do I get proof of non filing for 2011?
What is the amount of the child and dependent care credit they should report on their tax return for 2010?
What it the corporation tax threshold?
which of the following needs to file a federal tax return, using IRS guidlines for 2006?
Why did my tax refund drop 1 thousand after i put in another W-2 for only $3,700?
How do I added sales tax to a price?
Tax questions concerning charity fund raising?
Are we suppose to have Federal tax withheld?
Is this shy I did not receive my stimulus/rebate check today?
Value of china made by baronet?
UK: Have you been affected by taxes?
Y is every thing goin' up?
Less income taxes, how much will I earn for my summer intern in Chicago and Seattle?
how does the irs pick people to audit?
Does anyone know if there's a site you can go to, to check when your tax refund will arrive?
What month do you get your w2 forms?
What qualifies for California Unemployment?
Does everyone in the UK receive some type of benefit? It seems as if there?
service tax - registration form - india?
Anyone get stimulus check by mail that was scheduled to....?
What things could I include when I file 1099 at the end of the year?
I received unemployment benefits til 12/ 27 (26wk). Also Extension +18 wk. Do I have emergency extension?
If i rollover a distribution from my old employer's plan to my new employer's plan, will I be 100% vested?
Need website for Homestead exemption in Lake County Indiana?
How much can i get if i cash out my 401k?
when to record a creditable withholding tax? ?
cheapest way to file your taxes?
Property Tax question;Can I get them lowered when I buy a Townhome for much less than the original purch Price?
Do You Think Prisoners Should Be A More Productive Member To Society And Less Of A Consumer?
I provide housing for homeless for very little money. How can I get a Property tax exemption in California???
Can two unmarried parents take turns in claiming their child each year on their taxes?
where can i get a single 1099 form?
who has the cheque?
The $15K tax credit approved by the Senate for home buyers within the stimulus package?
Tax creds question..I dont work but my boyfriend does work fulltime we have 3 kids?
Information about going on a 1099 Form?
If your tax preparer is found to be fradulant in federal court and you were a victim of fradulent tax return?
Tax break for a single no dependant person ?
I have started part time work whilst at uni? Do I pay income tax?
Should I pay tax if I sell land property which I obtained as heritage from my deceased father?
If I have a small home-based business and I have not filed any taxes in 3 years, what are the penalties?
I filed my taxes with Turbo Tax electronically on 2/2/12?
What should I claim on my W-2 to get more money at end of year?
If you have to fill out EDD section B then you turn in the claim form in the mail?
Can my parentsstill claim me as a dependent?
Do non-profit employees pay state and local tax?
If a salaried person is giving tax, the why he need to give more tax(like VAT, tax on petrol and so on).?
I have $25,000 in medical expenses from 3+ years ago, can I claim these on my taxes?
The IRS says I missed to claim $72 in credit in 2010?
Is it illegal for my tax man to file an extension without my signature?
what jobs can a 15 year old get in the UK?
Taxes withheld from $376.00,with 0 dependents ?
Service Tax in India. Explain?
If I refinance my home in Florida, Must I reapply for Homestead Exemption?
What is good sofware/website to use to file my taxes?
Does my boyfriend have to claim me as a dependent?
if I sign a W-9 on odesk do I have to pay taxes on the money earned? (USA)?
I had dd of feb 10 and i did receive so the irs makes deposit through the week?
I won a trip worth $1500. What will that mean for my taxes?
what is going on with the economical crisis?
becoming a sole trader in the uk?
what is the proceedure to become an income tax officer?
Can you get married while on social security and not lose your benefits?
Is it o.k to claim my little sister on income tax if?
what should i do?
Do gift cards have Border Tax, Duty?
how to apply for CPA in Australia?
how can i avoid being taxed so much.?
how can i get my tax refund when my tax preparer put the wrong acct numb? he has admitted to mistake on paper
how much are taxes on $5000 sweepstakes winnings?
tax prep help?
What Will They Do If I Go To Court?
How much tax will I have to pay if I withdraw early from 401(a) and i have no other income to report that year
Servers and their taxes?
I need to know what the EXACT withholdings of my paycheck are?
what itermized things can be used for filing taxes?
Can I access last yrs tax return on line I do not have a printed copy just my user id and password?
Do I have to file for taxes if I got a W-2 form? My mom is claiming myself and my daughter, I am 18 years old.
Types of!?
find address pan no-aqxpp3304r?
I have submitted my taxes but have not yet received my tax return. is there a number i can call to claim it?
Is tax charged when you buy things online?
can u file taxes even if u didnot make enough for federal to take out?
how do you get paid social security?
Has anyone got irs acceptence who filed with hr block online?
What are intermediary journal entries?
I was asked this and had no answer. How much money can you depoist and not have it reported to the IRS?
Even though I'm a minor, will I have to pay taxes if I get a job?
i am M B A finance i am practising under chartered Accountant tell me is it the right path? otherwise wt next?
how is it possible to OWE on Fed Taxes when exemptions are set at zero?
Getting taxed based on age or how much you get earn?
How many times do you file tax each year?
how long do you have to work in a year to get earned income?
i just turned 18 and want to know which credit card would be best to choose.?
Am I due a tax refund?
has anyone that filed there taxs on 2/2/2012 recived there refund yet direct deposit?
IRS refunds due 2/10 not posted in bank?
what is the national minimum wage in uk?
Are business losses deductible against personal income?
what are the rules for taking the child tax credit?
Do I have to pay non-resident personal income tax in multiple states?
Can I claim my father as a qualifying relative?
How much would i make after taxes if i make $7.25?
My employer pays me cash, will I get a 1099?
I opened an IRA, what tax form do I file?
Tax creds question..I dont work but my boyfriend does work fulltime we have 3 kids?
Is a PE supposed to charge sales tax in New Jersey now?
indiana income tax withholding?
How much federal tax should be taken out of my check?
Sale of employee stock options on schedule D increased my tax liability?
I have a tax question.......?
What type of commodity does the Canadian government charge tax on?
i would like to give information of black money to income tax?
Tax time! Can I write off 324 cases of tequila as a business expense?
I work 8 months in a year. Can I claim benefits for the other 4months? ?
17 year old girl, claimed as a dependent on parent's taxes, but made $3000. Do I get the tax rebate?
Is money from a legal settlement considered taxable income?
Was wondering if I can take a tax deduction for a 529 college plan if I live in NY and want to invest in MA?
Can anyone tell me what percentage is witheld for taxes from a paycheck in Texas?
I received my w2 in the mail, what do i do now?
how much csa do you get?
Do you still fill out tax forms if you havent worked, or been on unemployment for the last year?
Do landed immigrants need to file and pay income tax while living in Ontario?
Will the IRS withhold a refund if money is owed from the previous year?
My tax person messed up big time?
Does my boyfriend have to claim me as a dependent?
i had filed my tax return of 2005 myself through electrinically but there is mistake . what can i do now?
so how about i received my refund yesterday and didn't know. i was anticipating for friday but i got it early.?
do i have to turn my husbands check stubs in to social secuity?
How much Gas Tax revenue does Connecticut lose every year from all the DUI Convictions it has issued ?
was the Social Security tax regressive progressive proportional?
My son had a medical procedure done last year. We couldn't pay what we owed until this year (2012).?
will they still have the first time buyers tax refund next year?
How much of social security or social security disability payments can be taken for alimony?
I e-filed & irs accepted with dd date 11/01/2011, so no deposit whats up?
Does anyone have a list of income tax deductions for small bus. and/or self employed people?
state refunds are they going to be done on the 11th like the federal?
who will help me, if my TDS not deposited in my Pan no.?
How do I stop a tax lien?
When did the American Opportunity Credit start, trying to figure out if I've already used 4 years or 3?
If I opt out of the American opportunity credit and file the tuition and fees deduction do I still have to?
what percent of your paycheck is taken away for taxes in Illinois?
The IRS is asking me "again" for money I paid while I was in the Amnesty Program. Help!?
IL tax's, how much did u have to make to file?
I claimed my son even though..?
What is the applicable VAT in Digital Camera in Mumbai India?
How does the IRS view Military Tuition Assistance?
I didn't get 1099-k from paypal. Will IRS find out about this income if I don't report?
what the most thing importing in your life?
Should my fiance and I get married to save taxes or stay legally unmarried to save on taxes??
How can anyone think the Fair Tax proposal is fair, or even decent?
do I need to file tax?
Is it good to save all your receipts for taxes return?
What all is included in the total tax amount for your income bracket?
Tax on money received by a house-wife (non-earning) from her Father?
Question about my stimulus check?
I did some one-off freelance work in Italy, and they taxed me at 30%?
How Old Do You Have to Be To Get a Tax Refund Check?
How do u know how much tax & duty u will be charged?
tax exemption in case of company lease house?
Tax refund dd but you might have offset. anyone received their return? full amount?
What's the easiest way for a college student to file their taxes?
Y is the American Economy going from bad to worse, what r the reasons, and when will it sart picking up again?
christmas payment dates for tax credits etc?
How much service tax on apartment unit construction?
"what is meant by ckd condition motors for pakistan"?
I have not filed taxes for the past 2 years.?
What is the best way to file taxes when I got married in the middle of the year?
are taxable stock dividends paid in stocks?
I had received form 1099A and FMV is less then Balance principal Box 5 says Yes .How to report on my 1040?
i am a non tax payer indian, what is the maximum down payment that is exempted from the income tax problems?
When do you usually do your taxes?
What percentage vat is paid in germany?
Best case scenario, how long will it take for taxpayers to get paid back for the 700B bailout?
How long can you usually draw unemployment if you keep up?
emergency tax (uk) help?
when is the last date to file my 2005 federal tax return?
What's the import duty rate for manicure instruments ( HS code 82142 ) from Vietnam to Philippines ?
About 2009 Taxes while on unemployment?
Claiming exemptions on my W-4 if I'm single; should I choose 0 or 1?
anyone else sick of the run around from IRS?
If I pay "FICA" on every paycheck, will I get a tax return?
last year I received a tax refund of $1,000?
At what time does irs make direct deposit tax refunds?
why do I have to pay taxes on the tax return I got last year.?
When IRS takes a dad's taxes for back child support, How long does it take get your check from child support?
How to calculate my net salary in the US?
journalize the adjusting entries?
I have a $600 Fed tax bill. If I open trad IRA , it would lower the bill. Whats the downside?
If I'm here in an H1b Visa and contribute to my 401K, am I going to be taxed when I retire if I go back home
Won lottery for 125,000, i collect ssi will I have to file taxes next year on the winnings?
how much money do i have after this tax is taken off?
How do I avoid tax transferring around 600 thousand dollars to the US as a non-citizen?
Amendments to Box 8 on UK VAT Returns?
Does anybody know how much Dollar stores in general Export and/or Import?
if you owe 8000 in child support and you are getting a 3500 dollar income tax return will child support take i
Does the IRS allow a CPA tax preparer to solicit/advertise new business via direct mailings?
How Much Tax Is In A Dollar?
what percentage of your paycheck goes to taxes?
Whether or not to file for taxes?
To save and extend Social Security why can't everyone pay on full W2 & 1099 eaenings like we do for Medicare?
Is Form 16 is necessary for a home loan?
If a 16 year old mowed thousands of lawns and made $90,000 in a year, would he pay taxes? (hypothetical)?
do anyone know about tax slabs in india and saving techniques?
What are the best ways for me to reduce my tax bill?
can u help with information on tax credit and child tax plzzzzzzz?
how do you go about about getting a fed grant without going thru an agency am about to lose my home due taxes
What am I supposed to when I only make $1200 after taxes and child support takes $750?
what is new TDS rate?
IRS tax return/correction, please help!!?
Are you going to offer the early tax refund for 2011 (hr block)?
Can i claim my girlfriends daughter as a dependent on my taxes?
They say 50 % of Americans do not pay taxes why not go after them for Tax dollars instead of the rich .?
Do you pay IRS for SS payments?
Tariffs, which countries have tariffs?
Can you answer this simple question about earned/unearned income and tax?
If you paid federal income tax, but at the end of the year you realize you're under 9500; do you get a refund?
Ethically, how can I pay significantly lesser tax in Australia?
what will you do with your Stimulus rebate?
Will I get a full tax refund?
How Do I request my mothers 1040?
How can I opt out of Social Security?
Does anyone know how tax is calculated on dividends paid out of profits from a limited company?
If you are self employed and you just had a baby what is the best way to go about your taxes?
Could I still file my State taxes online?
I had my 2k13 the day it came out i pre ordered and the code on the receipt still doesnt work?
What do you think of EITC?
do i get a stimulas check if my income was unemployment benifits?
How do I claim a computer on my taxes?
w-2 from 2007 can it be filed still?
how much can the irs take if i owe tons of back taxes?
do i need to pay tax on grants money?
Please enter your prior years gross reciepts for wholesale sales?
Who has the power to tax foreign commerce?
how can I change my social security number?
Back child support and tax returns?
Can i file for head of household?
Is it possible to get a subscription to the Wall Street Journal in Montreal and is it Tax Deductible?
Late tax filing for 2008 will I get a refund or will they keep the money and credit to what I owe the IRS?
How to get a refund from I.Tax Dept for last 3 years ?
Will I get my refund tomorrow even though WMR never said a certain date only by jan 31st.?
I own a corporation in California, and i owe payroll and federal taxes.Is there any way to negotiate the debt?
Taxes, I didn't keep track of my income!?
Churches and Tax Id's?
for people with dd date of 2/6.....?
If your low income or receive state assistsnce can your check be garnished?
I need to file my 2005 tax return where can i get the forms?
I underpaid my taxes!?
how can my pan card number?
Jubilee waste of money and tax payers time ?
My 79 year old relative wants to buy a second home as a holiday house what are the disadvantages tax wise?
how easy is it to file taxes for a first time homeowner??
Yep Bonnie one of the victims. Suppose to get dd on 2/5/10 nothing.?
My dad left me his house when he died its being sold for £135how much capital gains tax will i have to pay ?
why would my own attorney representing me in a personal injury case ask for copies of tax returns of injuried?
how to file ITReturn without form 16?
do you get child care credit on your taxes for kids over 12 .. let's say summer camp..?
I checked the IRS webcite for refund status?
why is my refund Being DD?
did anyone receive Obama's rebate this year? i did my tax on time, but i haven't received it,?
where my refund feb 7th club accepted on the 22nd ?
Whats the difference between Exclusions, Deductions for AGI, and Itemized deductions?
Federal Trust fund question?
If I sold all my stocks this past year at a loss, do I owe taxes on anything?
Why couldnt we claim items bought for work on taxes?
How does Settling a Credit Card affect your credit and Tax return?
What is a 953(d) election?
What are the concequences of not paying taxes for 1 year?
How can I minimise business tax?
How can I defer paying tax in Australia?
Is transport Allowance is taxable?
Help! The IRS has garnished/put a freeze on my checking and savings account.?
I am having trouble locating my w2 from a previous employer. The business was closed. What do I do now?
Why don't I get more back on my taxes?
if a person lives in one state but works in another who collects state taxes/?
Homeowners buyer credit question?
NYC income tax question?
Is it possible to report a person or company to the IRS anonymously?
how do you find the tax on $4,250 the tax rate is 8.25?
Taxes and salary in the UK?
i want to avoid paying my taxes so i want to donate to charity but who?
Retrospective Vat on resale flat in Pune?
Estate Taxes? If I have a 6 million dollar estate; after the 5 million exemption am i only taxed on 1 million?
Does married filing separately give you the same taxes as if you filed as a single?
I've heard that Leprechauns are exempt from taxation in Ireland: how do I register?
when buying products is their a way to figure in taxes?
Can I do anything to speed up my tax refund?
Where is my federal refund? the irs site said i should have gotten it direct deposit on feb/15/2010? help?
What effect will lowering taxes on luxury items and raising them on non-luxeries like bread have on ?
where can i find out how much it will cost me to call australia from philadelphia?
Is there a way i can locate where my tax return is and how long until i get it?
Did anyone not yet get their refund and was suppose to on 1/25?
My wife and I are not having kids. Why do we have to pay for yours to go to school?
Paul Ryan's effective tax rate?
I recieved uk money from my friend,?
What will Canadian tax be for a non resident, on $100,000 long term stock sold today?
taxes were 3% on annual incomes between $600 and $10,000 and 5% on incomes over 10,000 calculate the amount of?
What is this antiterrorist certificate charge on sealed iphone i have imported from uk?
if im a dual citizen (US and Venezuela) Taxation laws?
EIC for full time student?
Income Tax Question: How to File?
What is the cost basis when selling a utility fund on which I was co-owner, then became sole owner?
I efiled my taxes jan20 and it went through but the irs has not accepted it yet... i called the irs and they ?
Ordering an item from Canada...will I have to pay US sales tax of any kind?
My LLC in based in Nevada, I live in Australia. How do I pay my taxes?
where do i apply for a tax exempt card for my bussiness?
I have a question about Taxes. What would make this mistake occur, and what is going on here? What do i do!?
how can i avoid being taxed so much.?
I want to know my TIN number?
Did you know we as american citizens are not liable to pay income tax?
IRS Question?
Injury lawsuits in Canada?
Can my employer ask me to take a pay cut?
Is this the right amount to be taxed?
self employed tax credit question?
How tax deduxtable is NaNoWriMo?
Do you get help with both parents working from HMRC?
How far back can the IRS go to audit your records for personal taxes?
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