How much after taxes would you get for 50 hours biweekly pay, 11 dollars an hour?
W-2C received that lists an amount in Box10 Dependent Care Benefits that was zero. What do I do with this?
My ETS says 07,April 2013 my DEROS says 20140308, can i still ETS 2013?
how much will i get taxed?
How much is the import tax for an iPod touch?
What are the benefits of incorporating yourself?
Can I give avoid taxes when I give a large sum of money by opening up a joint bank account in both our names?
how i wont bluetooth my cmputer laptop model acer aspire5583nwxci
definition of the term Agricultural Products or agroforestry product --whether natural rubber sheet is such?
Taxable part of SS Benefits Line 20b?
do i pay tax on some courses i run in the uk?
Ally or Schwab online banking can I open an account with my tax I'd I don't have a ssn?
when your Taxes being reviewed is that good or bad?
If a non profit org. has not made any money and has not reported to the IRS, will it lose its tax exemption?
tax back for backpackers, mistake?
Tax question on foreclosure of home.?
Is "joint tenants with rights of survivorship" between 2 ppl a 50% division, when it comes to tax on the sale?
I lived in 2 states last year. Do I have to file state taxes in both states?
I was stupid and now I have a tax filing problem.?
Does the IRS make direct deposits during the week, or simply on Fridays?
Self-employment, tax, and NICs?
live in az have mail forward in nv can claim nv as home state for tax return?
Would the IRS penalize me for having unfiled tax returns?
Question about sales tax online vs. in-store...?
I wish there was a way that i could get back my w2 forms?
i need help please tell me about the new tax system?
In my joint federal return can I put the first name to be whichever will give us a higher state tax refund?
what % of VAT is charged on edible oils?
i just started babysitting and?
Tax deductions?
I am interested in opening a public providence fund(ppf) and i have some questions?
tax return handing in? E15?
Can I file taxes twice?
What does it mean when you have to pay taxes on package?
I have to file taxes for 2008?
Where can I look up my federal tax I'd #?
The 8000 first-time home buyer credit is it a check for 8000 or a deduction. and what is a tax credit.?
My son was born Jan 7 2011. Can I claim him for 2010 tax returns?
refinancing tax question?
I wish there was a way that i could get back my w2 forms?
individual annual income 2009?
where is my ny state tax return?
Can I deduct volunteer time if I'm giving it up being paid for it?
First time home buyers credit?
my insurance wants to deduct 45% of my claim if i dont accept vouchers?
i am going to be doing a vending booth and i need a N.Y. State Sales Tax # where do i get that online for ny?
As a non smoker, should I be concerned at all with the government raising the cigarette tax.....?
American taxes scenario?
two part time jobs how much tax?
. If the goal is to discourage consumption, then it ought to tax goods whose demand curves are elastic. Explai
Who should claim our daughter on taxes? My husband or me?
My employer is taking his portion of payroll taxes out of my net income. Is that legal?
Am I eligible for the $600 tax rebate?
2012 Tax return delay---Confused!?
My husband left me and my son, what do I claim on W4 ?
What does these codes means on my tax transcript?
whats the 5600 tax credit? for 2009?
if you sell your house and make a profit but reinvest in new home do you pay capital gains?
in the state of md is there away around the amount of hours a 17yr old can work?
Can I deduct the cost I would normally charge for graphics work if I do it for a nonprofit for free?
i need a tax accountant to read this,, please?
My 2007 tax wasn't filed. The IRS did a 1040EZ for that year and I had to pay. Can I amend in 2012?
Questions about being an adult and living on your own?! Please Help!?
As a international student (F-1 visa) can I use turbotax for filling out my tax return?
Accounting Question fill in the blank?
with this tax rebate coming, will people who get their refunds taken because of school loans receive a rebate?
How do I report someone that hasn't filed their taxes in the last 4 years?
I have PAN card. I am a student and have no income. Should i have to pay tax? How and whether to submit return?
How much do Biochemists get paid on average?
What tax deductions are there for public school teachers?
Can you let other people claim your children on taxes?
Should my online/internet shop be VAT registered?
I made less than $1,000, but my husband made $55,000, do I have to file my taxes if filing jointly?
Self employment question?
Charitable donations?
Guaranteed Payments and Sef-Employment tax.?
I have filed 1040 for 2005 But I figured that II should be filing 1040NR or 1040NREZ?
I need find a 2002 form of federal income tax?
can i use h&r block 2010 tax software to do my 2011 taxes?
what do i do about employer holding my paycheck?
OKAY! Good NEWS! For those WHO Got 1/23 DEPOSIT DATE..I SPOKE TO IRS...LIVE...and here's the scoop...?
we make $32,000 and have 1 child how much we get money back from irs?
Tax Return filed jointly, direct deposit account number was changed without my consent or knowledge.?
can new york state garnish wages in florida for back state taxes?
Will I get in trouble for accidentally putting the wrong number of excemptions on a tax form from work?
how much tax do i pay?
Home Loan - Necessary to take possession for Tax benefit ?
anyone from MA got their state tax return yet?
Tax questions please help!!?
I donated clothes but did not get much in tax return...?
I have tax lien against me. I can't find it. docket # 26492 issued in 1992. can you help me find it?
i am a full time student without income and i live with my parents wat do i do tax wise?
whats up with obama stimulus law?
The IRS - Who says they can collect taxes ?
Is there any way to reduce taxes against interest from Us Savings Bonds that have been cashed in.?
What happens if you dont file your taxes on time??
how can i deduce my car and house insurance in w-2?
I purchased a fist time home in June 2008. How long do I have to amend my 2008 returns to get the tax credit?
question about tax refund?
Someone claimed me as a dependent on their tax return.....and I'm 28!?
i made 6000 dollars and my dad claimed me on his taxes would I get more back if he didnt claim me?
where can i find a tax history for the united states?
do i have to file if i made only 30 dallors a month doing odd jobs for 30 bucks ?
Self Employed Mileage Deduction?
I was supposed to get my tax rebate today through direct deposit... but never did,,?
How to get around having too much money to claim Jobseekers Allowance?
Would AGQ be taxed at 28%?
How does Progressive income system tax related to equity and ability to pay?
Why should I NOT form a C Corporation in Texas?
FINALLY OUT DA 7th club!!!!?
How high are taxes in New York?
if you are no longer employed for a year per say, but have a minor dependent can you still file taxes?
What would you feel like if you only had a dollar to live on?
Late tax filing, first time?
Can i file for head of household?
how much pension can i earn before paying tax.?
email address for irs?
For Maharashtra OCTROI is applicable OCTROI =Total value of the goods + 5.5% . what does this mean ?
If I didn't file my taxes last year, and am filing 2011 now. Can I file them separately?
A friend of mines has a job. She pays her taxes from every check she receives.?
Australian tax Return deduction?
what do you get back on your taxes when you write off buisness expences?
What is with sales tax in america?
Can you get someone audited?
if i certified my unemployment claim does that mean i was approve?
What is the Wild Card Exemption in Chapter 7(filing bankruptcy)?
how is the best way to to taxes in short time?
what's the tax savings on $400,000 taxable income with 33% marginal rate after tax deductions?
I have already filed my 2011 tax return and i now realized i didnt claim a dependent.?
How do you figure the standard mileage rate of 44.5 cents per mile?
how much taxes itunes take out your credit card?
what is cost of tax of bikes in USA from other countries?
If I am earning money off the books and no taxes are being taken out do I have to claim it?
If the deceased person and heir live in different states, which state charges inheritance tax?
tax help for new home based business?
Is it worth taking a job that doesn't pay social security?
I want to report fraud to the IRS.?
Can my fiance claim taxes from helping me pay mortgage?
Does anybody work for the IRS and know why i didn't get my Stimulous payment on my date to get it?
bankruptcy & tax return.....?!?
Is anybody know how much for Korean custom tax or import tax for a silver necklace?
How can I find out if someone has claimed my daughter on their taxes, when they CLEARLY shouldn't have?
paying vat on a van in uk?
can I e-file 2006 and 2007 tax returns? they are both refunds?
Do I have to file taxes if i make $1000?
What does, "The amount allowed is the LESSER OF what was paid, or $500." mean? LESSER OF?
what would the tax be to $563.62?
Qualified Dividends Tax question?
Can you still file taxes after the deadline?
how to check our tax number is existing or not?
How much money must you earn to file tax return?
I want to know the status of my refund?
anyone ever claim gambling losses on tax return?
why did the IRS only issued half of my tax return?
How hard will the Gov hit me on my new profits?
i need help with my state (okla) taxes where do i go?
IRS took money out of my bank. How to get it back?
2007 self empoyment tax forms i would use?
Approximaltley, how much does $29,000 annually bring in per month AFTER taxes?
Do I qualify for new tax credit?
Can I successfully contest a will because the executor of the will has committed tax fraud 2 years ago.?
e-filed tax return on feb 2nd still no refund any one else >?
Why Do We Still Pay Tax On Overtime?
How do I prove for tax purposes that my children live with me?
Can my dad claim me as his dependent?
Why do they call it a sales tax, when the customer usually pays it.?
whats the site for social security for benefits web site?
Can I tax my car a day late?
Am I the only one who wants to just launch my reciepts and papers out the window and yell: "Screw Taxes!"
Tax Credits Mix-Up HELP!!!?
Would i pay council tax in a static caravan?
Anyone out there work for Jackson Hewitt taxes-?
Can i get taxes back for my kids if i only worked 5 months ?
as a married couple income under 50,000 is it best to file joint or seperate?
How to take taxes from ChaCha pay checks?
New shingles,,a Tax Deduction?
Mother claiming Social Security on me, nearly 25 and work full time.?
Income Tax in Wisconsin? How much is deducted automatically from your paycheck?
how do I get copies of past employment taxes?
What is penalty for fraudulent unemployment filing in pa?
Why do I owe the IRS this year? This is the first time I had to pay the IRS money. I'm single. What gives.
If I am expecting a refund, do I still have to file my taxes by 4/17?
who should claim our child on our taxes?
If I worked for a company and they sold to another corporation how do I get my W-2 that I never received?
Is it possible to get more money on a tax return than one should due to an error?
What kind of tax deductions can I get for selling items on eBay?
I claimed everyone in my family as dependants while hubby also claimed veryone as his dependants?
I have a 1099-MISC showing income of $5,467. It has been reported under the LLC I formed. Do I report this....?
My ex has my w2's and i believe is going to file as if we are still together and keep my return. What can I do?
Do you have to report Veteran's benefits if you owe child support?
I had Calhfa loan; my house was sold within 2 years. No recapture tax applied but should I pay capital gain?
Im looking for a number to call for my indiana state tax return?
How do I get a copy of my 2008 HR Block tax returns?
I just lost a hundred bucks at online poker, can I write that off on my taxes???
Do I have to report IRA contributions if using 1040-EZ?
why we are unable to control cost of petroleum prducts?
Should McDonald's have tax-exempt status as a church?
if there is no capital gain in transaction is it to be shown in income tax return for salarie class?
how can I get a copy of my last income tax filing without going to my tax man?
how much tax would i pay on 25,000 pa?
How do I get a resellers permit in North Carolina?
New Georgia Motor Fuel Sales Tax Policy?
In 2004 I drew a 401 for 132,000. We paid 42,000 in taxes.Will we profit any in "05 having paid so much in "04
i"m here in india .i want to know what are the taxes i pay for putting a liason office her.pls help me.?
mobile usage service tax for assessment year 2008 - 2009 ? ?
What you refuse to pay you taxes, what assets can the government Claim?
Anyone filed before 01/17 and recieved funds yet?
i want to know the exise tax and sell tax structure of indan industries espcially for fly ash bricks?
Cash to accrual adjusting entries?
HMRC payment pending - how long?
Why should the wealthy pay a higher tax percentage?
IRS took money out of account but didn't owe anything! Help!?
tax time!!? is the money worth getin them done by a professional?
Do you get paid for a weekend job when you're 15?? UK?
anyone have good hangover cures?
Child tax credit in Canada.........................?
Do I have to pay National Insurance?
Can same-sex couples claim one person as head of household on taxes?
Is there any tax issues with my mother-in-law selling us a 2006 Jeep Liberty for $1?
Does anybody here work for TD canada trust?
how do i find out if i got a tax setoff?
Can two unmarried parents take turns in claiming their child each year on their taxes?
How to determine unemployment compensation taxable earnings for employers?
Has anyone else notcied your tax refund status is missing on the IRS site?
If I am not self-employed, and I only claim my child, would I get and income tax...?
When buying a home, is the payments tax deductible?
Will the IRS come after me if I go on wellfare?
If I was a part-year resident of California but earned no income do I have to file a CA state return?
Should I bother doing my taxes?
should i pay taxes through my mortgage lender or on my own if so why please give pros and cons?
Income Tax look at bfs 2010 income even if we didnt live together back then. Can they do that? Please help!!!?
I received my mothers last ss check in my name after she died Is it taxable?
Is it legal for the county to intersept my state tax refund for fines I owe from ten years ago? I live in WI.?
i just started working at the end of the year. no fed. with-held. would i qualify for the stimulus payment?
is adjusted gross income same as annual income?
what is the difference homestead and non-homestead with regard to documents on property?
i have applied for pan card, i don't know the acknowledgment no. and pan card no. how to know?
family tax benifet????
Question For Turbo Tax Users?
My husband was the administrator of an estate & received a fee for service. Do we have to pay tax on the fee?
regarding tax debt and 950 bonus?
is zack and cody feral twins?
Sick pay entitlement carried over into next year of employment?
Can we claim money back from medibank from buying the medicine?
File jointly or seperately for 2010?
Taxes: If I owe $8900 for income, could it be offset by a $15000 loss with doing another business?
I lost my p45 form but I want my TAX return,but I have p60 form what can i do now?
In the uk if your on working tax credit do you get free dentist care?
E-file taxes... how long did it take you to receive your refund? (direct deposit)?
Divorce - Tax implications of Quit Claim Deed?
What day of the week does irs issue hardship refund checks?
tax breaks for companies that hire convicted felons?
can i file my 2007 taxes and get my refund?
I'm single, don't own a home, make 70,000 and claim 1 will I owe at the end of the year?
How much do they take out of your paycheck for taxes?
What do I need to do if I still need to file last years return, as well as this years return?
If I made mistakes on my taxes after getting my refund can I file an amended return?
Why is lying wrong, as not telling the truth?
Forgot about a W-2 that hasn't arrived, already filed?
i want to know about when tds & S.t to be deducted?
Please don't bother cutting and pasting the IRS mailing schedule, I need direct answers...?
Has Jeb Bush signed the bill passed by the Florida legislature repealing the Florida Intangible tax?
What is the freakin point of having a form 8332?
How long is the appeal time for Working Tax Credits?
Tax Question 1099. Please see details below.?
Can I claim Child tax Credit , if my son was born June 28th?
Why does my employer want to pay me in cash?
how much federal tax should be taken out of $15,755.71 ?
Nanny in CT...taxes and Worker's Comp questions?
I filed my unemployment benefit a day late and was on veterans day my check is pending 0.00 I was wondering if?
In my paycheck stud they take money away for FiCA and SDI, what are those? And do I get a refund at tax time?
tax returns?
Can I live in another state and still file a joint return?
In Canada, when applying for EI, if you dont claim all jobs worked in the past 52 weeks, would they deny your?
my sister filed her unemployment taxes wrong?
why are tax returns taken when you owe back child support in Texas?
What Business Taxes Do I Have To Pay?
How does offset taxes affect my spouse when he is the provider and the debt is for me?
How to have my ex's back child support taken from his federal taxes in Ohio?
working fake social security number and tax time.?
how much tax will i pay on a 2nd job?
Overtime tax? More or less take home pay?
Paying taxes can I not pay them?
We are not eligable for the new home owners tax credit....?
Whats the most tax exemptions a single, unmarried person with no children can take?
whens my tax return getting here?
would it work if we got rid of income tax and just raise the sales tax about 20-33%?
do you have to pay taxes when you visit another state?
i get $14 dollars in federal income taken weeky and i have 2 dependants how much will i get back on my tax ret?
Has anyone recieved their STIMULUS CHECK in the MAIL yet ?
Are 401-k proceeds taxable for Pennsylvania probate taxes?
Could someone please explain simply what paying taxes is?
if i am head of household to 2 children age 25 and 20 who made 6,000 and who made 5,000?
How does it effect taxes when a stay at home Mom is getting a divorce and keeping the child?
What are the differences between a W-2 and a 1099?
Is there some way to file my state taxes online absolutly free with no hidden costs?
Is the HMRC the same as the British Tax Authority?
commission earned in foriegn exchange on orders booked. whom to charge service tax?
What is a paycheck stub? Am I getting it if I get paid through checks? Where do I look?
Estate was $800,000.00 cash. Executor spent $600,000 legal fees defending estate. Legal fees tax deductable?
Tax deduction under section 80DDB?
My tax preparer has told me that my flight school expenses are NOT tax deductible?
Tax tricks for survivor grand prize?
using turbo tax to file my tax returns -?
anyone good at taxes? what doe this mean?
tax question for a teen?
I did not work last year can i still claim dependants?
Will the golden idols of Gods be classified as personal effect and charges to tax ?
Why is Alabama so behind on it's tax refunds?
do you get more back if you report tips?
how short term capital gains are calculated in equity market? whether their is any limit or criteria for it?
How much earned income will I get for my 2 year old son, if I have a total income of $1000?
Can I file both businesses on the same tax return?
Filed on 2/2! Still no update on WMR!?
Independent contractor tax questions?
what is rate of depreciation for wind mill under income- tax act?
can my boyfriend claim us on taxes?
where is h&r block in california?
can i file my working son on my tax ? his wife not working and just had baby.?
did anyone receive there tax return money through the mail yet.And if so when were you scheduled to get it?
i have already filled my taxes and got return. i got a 1098 form after words for the house i bought this year?
What should I be paying for income tax?
Unemployment questions?
Accounting Problem Journalizing and Adjusting?
what is ca oasdi? is this california state disablity insurance???
Claiming Exemption of Long Term Capital Gains Tax under section 54F?
Can i claim bus tickets as a tax deduction?
why have incomes in the united kingdom risen more than productivity and why has affected the economy of uk?
Can anyone talk me through the self assessment tax process?
What does it mean if my deductions and exemptions are more than my gross wages?
what can I claim for my buisness taxes?
Can an employer ask me to give them my social security card?
Do you agree with Australia's Carbon Tax? Thoughts on the policy?
I am a single mother with 2 children but only made 996$ dollars this year. will i get a tax return?
Do you owe the IRS money?
Okay So I owe the IRS.......?
What is the word for "NOT TO PAY" or be eleminated for paying?
My company offers a lump sum pension that I am eligible for. Are there tax implications for this when I leave?
What is the difference of Form 2106 from Schedule C?
I live with, and receive 100% financial support from my boyfriend. Can he claim head of household?
Social Security benefits?
Which tax return filing status should I use if my spouse owes back child support?
What does it mean for Souths Juniors losing their tax-free status?
how do I find what a figure was before it had a percentage added eg vat.?
I want to report some one to the IRS please help...?
are there any states out there that do not have a tax on cars?
Federal Tax Rebate for Energy Star Appliances?
what is the cost basis for an israel bond that matured in 2005?
How can i switch to a Student Tax code in the UK?
can i claim sick pay even when getting state pension and still working?
Can I contribute to a Roth IRA for 2011 even though I filed my 2011 tax return?
How old do you have to be to cash a paycheck?
Working overtime.?
Which taxes will increase from the fiscal cliff.?
how do i check the status on my federal housing tax credit?
What factors do you think will effect how successful this tax is at reducing congestion in London?
Tax rebate, how much?
what are the merits and demerits of value added tax(VAT)?
Under what conditions do you have to pay tax in the UK?
First time tax payer, help!?
Has anyone gotten a California (FTB) refund ths year?
Filing married but seperate no dependants made 20,000 dollars will owe. HELP?
Do you have to pay tax on lottery winnings?
how to write a letter to the inland revenue to tell them about my financial situation?can someone show me?
can you file as "single" even if your married but were living in a different home as spouse?
can i file last years taxes with this year?
If you win 1.000.000 on deal or no deal, how high are the taxes?
I am legally separated from my wife and have full custody of the children. How do I file my taxes this year?
Paying taxes on inheritance?
I ask the IRS for consideration for an "offer in compromise" if I'm currently on an "installments plan"?
If you are self-employed and have a business account do you have to pay tax and NI on your account balance?
Stock and Tax?
How do i know how much i would get back on my tax return?
A mother on leave for maternity gets Disability Insurance is this taxable?
is everyone allowed $200 for donations or charitable contributions?
If my mom gives me 1.5 mill do I have to pay tax's and if so how much?
how do you get a tax rebate? in UK?
Customs duty when ordering from Ebay?
can i claim my daughters boyfriend as a dependant on my taxes? and what proof do i need?
How much would the tax be on a $500 iPad?
If I sell a home do I have to pay income tax,?
i have heard you only need to file taxes if you owe money, is that true?
Im one credit short for SSI Can I just pay them the 1200.00?
Would my social security?
Do tool expenses carry over on tax returns?
Can I claim income from 401k for 2006 on my 2007 fed returns?
how do i avoid capital gains tax on my property converted to flats?
need a NY State tax exempt form?
Am I required to write the IRS a "thank you" note for a nice tax return?
Do you have to pay taxes when you buy stuff online from the USA to ship to Canada?
I found a pair of barely used under ware along side the road, do I have to report my findings to the IRS?
my wages for 2009 were $2175. Do I owe federal tax?
is it better to file federal taxes jointly or separately?
hi im looking for a free program to help me keep records for tax purposes as im a subcontractor on a.b.n?
Does Cracker Barrell wait until ON Jan 31 to send W2's?
what is the earliest anyone has got their income tax returns?
Do you think there is something fishy going on with my tax forms at work?
Can I still claim my daughter on my taxes?
Is Taxpayer Identification Number one's social security number? If not what is it and where can it be found?
I didnt work at all last year i received only unemployment and let them take taxes do i still file and would i?
I just started up a company this past September, do I have to pay taxes if I haven't paid anyone?
I only worked for a company (Loft Outlet) for two weeks. Do I still need to wait for my 2011 W2's from them?
If I have no income and withdraw a tiny amount from 401k, how is it taxed?
Why do we pay tax and get it back in the end?
Do you have to pay back food stamps when you receive a lump sum child support check?
Can your parents still claim you as a dependent if you are a full time student and married?
Can my Home Owner Association (HOA) fees be a tax right off?
Is Duty Payable On My Item?
How much would I be making after taxes?
what is the average salary/pay of a paramedic working in the uk ?
Can my boyfriend claim me and my son as dependents on his taxes this year?
I heard that nobody is gettin the state taxes this that true?
what is the service tax applicable on mobile payments services ?
can my employers get in trouble if i do not recieve my w-2 form by the end of january?
Do you need to pay the money of "Business Travelling Allowance" when you leave any country?
will i get that extra tax refund?
I know someone who doesn't pay tax, what can I do ?
which is the CST return form ?
can somebody provide me a complete list of all taxes applicable on real estate/consruction companies?
Tax Return Question??
Do I have to pay for duty/taxes?
how can I verify that the IRS received my return?
Forgot to file my taxes.?
How can I report someone who is cheating the Irs and the goverment in so many ways!!!?
2009 Tax Year - 1040 line 10 question having paid AMT in previous year?
What's India's future????
When should I receive my W-2?
How likely is it that I will get Audited?
Does anybody know what the Disability Living Allowance rates were for 1992/1993 or any period up to 2000?
2011 injured spouse taxes?
Tax rebate social security?
Is water and sewerage included in the council tax?
Unemployment question, how should i handle this?
Taxes if you live in NJ and work in NY?
How does unemployment work? Does it differ from state to state?
How long must you be reimployed to start receiving unemployment again?
If my check is 1020 how much is left after they take out the taxes?
Can you file taxes in other states than the one you live in?
Is there tax relief on goodwill?
I want to know details about income tax and Form 16?
What is a salary of a Lecturer(MD PHARMACOLOGY) in India?
Is making a donation to the Yvette Cade Fund tax deductable?
Are ebay and paypal business fees tax deductible?
Benefits advice?
Please help me to check import tax of fan filter units in SCOTLAND?
how can i find a employer id number?
If my ex already claimed my daughter on taxes as her dependant what is the best way to despute this?
As a teacher, if I get a part-time summer job, do I have to pay social security taxes?
Tax forum: Club 1/31? I have updated information?
Which to believe, IRS live agent, or WMR website?
Are digital products exempt from VAT?
BC, CANADA - Taxes with two dependents?
Pan card search from pan number?
If I have a company in USA and I don't have any income in first year can I continue for the next year ?
Accounting - Depreciation of building?
Can you be charged sales tax for an item bought out of state?
Do I pay tax on gifts that I take overseas?
I have a bit of a dilemma....can I have your opinion?
I had not applied for PAN card. Someone else had applied PAN card by using my Contact number. Is this Harmful?
Can I claim property taxes due not paied?
if you make less the 10k a yar do you get the your taxes back?
Is returns got from mutual fund investement taxable in income tax?
what is the role of tax accountant?
if i won a hefty lottery prize, say $ 56m, how much will i have to give to uncle sam for taxes?
straight line depreciation?
I need to print 1099 M forms. Does anyone know of a free downloadable template?
has anyone gotten an update about the taxbrain/sbbt screw up?
Why is the USA not on a simple percentage based tax system?
Am i entitled to a refund?
Can I Get Unemployment Benifits If I Quit My Job!?!?!?
im 16,will i still recieve income tax money?
How much will I get back in tax? AUS?
Question about taxes when unemployed?
Can you claim an unborn child on a tax return?
Does anyone know if day care expenses are tax deductable?
Why are Jewish people Tax-exempt?
when you got some Social Security money, is it okay to spend on CDs, DVDs, etc?
Can I view my pan card ankpm5659g?
tax question--if my mom is claiming me, can i file taxes and claim my child?
where is the office for the STATE taxes in chicago?
Does the United States have income trust?
How much money will be taken from my check after taxes.?
An IRS question that no one seems be able to answer.?
$160,000 of annual income puts you in what percentile of the US poulation?
Tax With-Holdings On PayCheck?
I received a letter from the USDA stating my taxes will be garnished due to my foreclosure? Will they?
Regarding Pension in India?
How does income tax refund work for 18 year olds?
My mom just now told me I got a letter in the mail about my overdue taxes? I'm freakin out.?
how long does it take for 2009 tax return to process.?
My husband and I would like to file our taxes separately this year. Who can claim our son, or can we both?
IRS Tax refund question?
employer stealing money and not paying taxes?
Can someone give a typical breakdown of a Paycheck in Bangalore, India of high paying jobs from MNCs?
I put $4000 into my Roth IRA, what do i need to do on my Taxes for this?
how likely is it to be audited by the IRS two straight years?
adding a name to a clear relation single person with no children any advice estate planning?
Is it illegal to charge sale's tax if you are from a different state, when buying on the internet?
The IRS will not release my federal refund to us? How can I get my money?
How much tax will I need to pay on 1099 income?
I was offered a job in Austria and I want to know how works the taxes in this country?
question about taxes?
Are Synagogue dues tax deductible?
Is there a real Freedom Lotto Inc?
Tax Question Please Help?
The consition states every1 is equal, so why should the very wealthy be allowed to pay less taxes?
delay with IRS processing e-files?
what the hell in an australian business number and why do i need one?
I have an 801k question. Do you pay taxes on the money that you collect when you sell the the plans?
Would you/Do you pay Import tax on a purchase of £2000 gbp of ps3 items from Japan coming to the UK ?
a former employer of mine called me and said that the irs sent him a letter stating that they had isued a?
Stimulus payment?
Hi,I'd like to buy a camera on ebay from the seller in Hong Kong.What about import tax?I live in Ireland.Thnx
after I file the i 130 form for my husband, what other forms do i need to file?
US Income tax previously had a double exemption for over 65. Did this go away?
If i make 40000 a year without taking out taxes yet. how much will i have left?
Is it true that Texas residents don't have to pay taxes?
does my friend need to pay taxes ?
i make 9.00 an hour i work a min of 40 hours every a weeks. How much will they take out my check for taxes?
If you are SELLING your house, do you has to pay sales tax as the seller?
I have a question about taxes?
Home buyer tax credit?
Can I file my 2008 taxes if 05,06,and 07 are not filed?
I received my state taxes, but did not receive my federal taxes please help??!!?
W4 tax form question?
How much is the motorcycle tax rate in Big Spring, Texas?
Anyone received IRS refund check earlier than they were told using Turbo Tax?
what if i recieved to much on federal tax returns?
As a random guess how much cash do u personally need to live off each year after retirement?
what must a single taxpayer's gross income be to file a tax return?
Fafsa application tax info?
Still havnt received my Georgia tax return? Scammed?
not getting paid for stat holidays?
why do I have to pay back overpayment now?
i'm trying to find out why i haven't recieved my 2007 homestead payment?
Do I have to pay underpaid tax back? How to sort it?
Homeowner for 2 years now and don't know what I owe for property taxes! How do I find out?
Is it law that GST must be on an invoice that has GSTable items on it?
what is 40% off of $6.95?
any idea on the cheapest way to get two years of taxes done?
First time homebuyers tax credit: serious ans pls?
If a property spans two council areas (UK), to whom should one pay council tax?
what can i do if someone claimed my son without permission and already recieved the refund...?
Holiday loan at HR Block.?
Tax excemption for stamp duty and registration?
pag-ibig salary loan status?
Where can I get a student discount and tax free?
I want a federal tax lien deleted?
Am I entitled to a tax reimbursement?
Can student loans be tax deductable?
how can taxation to be use to control economy in nigeria?
How much percentage of taxes come out of your paycheck in TX?
Can the IRS take your unemployment?
When can I deduct moving expenses if i moved in Jan 2009?
can you fild a child born 2011 in feburary on 2010 taxes?
If I am buying and selling goods, do I claim the tax for the purchased goods in the period I purchased or sold?
can I claim my grandparents for 2009 tax return?
can i get help with child care costs?
Anyone else have this problem with H&R Block?
how do I file taxes now that I'm married?
rental and capital gains?
when is a business a business?
Can I still file for my tax refund from '05?
Where can I get the 1099 contractors form?
What are the advantages of doing your own taxes online?
What percentage in California charge in sales tax?
This is in California. Is DISABILITY PAY from the EDD taxable to the State and Federal?
How much tax would be paid from this amount?
How can Charlie Rangle write tax law, when he can't even take care of his own taxes?
how much taxes will I have to pay to claim a prize worth $2500?
Should I file my taxes?
how are Seariver Maritime zero coupon bonds taxed when sold?
Single vs. Married tax info?
how do i pay tax online?
My husband and I are considering filing "Exempt" on our w4"s.?
If a have defaulted student loans, will the irs take all of my refund or a certain %?
How do I know whether I have to pay taxes this year or not?
how do i go about filing pass taxes as soon aspossible?
Me and my wife are not together but what about our taxes?
how much cash can i give as a gift without a tax problem?
what factors should i take into account before electing to commute part of my company pension?
If a stripper gets breast implants can she write it off on her taxes as a business expense?
My father in law is receiving money from an injury claim payout. Will he or us be taxed if he gives us $30 000?
The subtoatal is $13.21 tax $00.21 Find tax for $3.00 and $00.50?
how can you file self employment with no EIC?
Is it ok for my paycheck to say "Other Ded" under Taxes, Deductions, and Adjustments?
net income is defined as?
what can i do that will deduct my 29% tax?
Are you agree with the green tax?
If a salaried person is giving tax, the why he need to give more tax(like VAT, tax on petrol and so on).?
What percentage of my check should I put aside for taxes?
can i get a tax refund for selling stocks at a loss or is that in?
What would be the best way for my husband and I to file our taxes?
How do strippers file taxes?
If sex was taxed, would there even be a National Debt?
Importing Tablet Pc's?
my tax refund never came?
how much customs duty should a person pay to bring india a tv which costs INR 1.5 lakh?
ok so this is more of a rant on our economy but i would love some of youre input and opinions!!?
how much import tax would I pay for items worth $109 into the UK?
Why is my Federal Income Tax Withheld box empty on my W2?
how would I look up to see who the owner of a piece of property is?
What do they mean by saying $ 5000 state income tax deduction if I have a 529 plan?
should multi nationals pay tax in the country they make their money?
HELP!!!!! Can my husband claim me & my daughter if.............?
Can a former employer charge you for your W2's?
How to stop the IRS from taking my only car...?
Can i use a PHOTOCOPIED car insurance certificate to get tax at the post office?
I sold my house for less that what I paid. I owned it less than 2 years. Can I claim a loss on my taxes?
Can I claim my 2011 1099-Misc in 2013 so I get back more this year?
bought a house in 2010 will i get a tax credit?
Did my taxes with Turbo Tax and was accepted on Jan. 29 2010, why does WMR keep saying February 16, 2010?
what is the corporate tax rate (c-corp)?
When can I file for unemployment?
capital gains on 1099 but ultimately lost money how do you report?
i recived a lotto letter from all state lotto. they said i won 150,000.00. they sent me a check for taxes.?
What do I do if my ex wife filed my son on her taxes without my permission?
What is payroll tax cut?
What can I deduct on taxes for mileage?
How does cauncil tax work?
Can I claim my boyfriend's son on taxes even though we aren't married?
Turbo tax or H&R Block?
how do you file taxes?
im confused on taxes help im just a kid!?
What is the address to mail federal tax forms?
If a person clocks in at 7:46am, clocks out at 5:24pm, how do i calculate that to come up with hours worked?
How do I file taxes if my primary residence is in NY and I'm currently working in FL?
what is the location and address of international taxation (NRI) cell of income tax in delhi (india)?
How much cash can I receive from a family member without being taxed by the IRS?
issue about what "resident alien" means?
Did anybody else get this status change on WMR?
If a stripper gets breast implants can she write it off on her taxes as a business expense?
can a married couple still file taxes separately?
How much of a tax rebate will I receive?
What are the benefits in taxes available to Hindu undivided family?
I know to file a S corp taxes every yr is $530 How much is it for a LLC to file every for taxes?
How do you reclaim tax if you're not supposed to be taxed?
Tax of a New Business?
What tax benefit's does a donor receive for giving to a 501c3 Corporation?
whether professional tax is applicable in rajasthan or not?
where can i find my landlords excise tax number?
about taxes help please?
If my return was accepted on jan 13 2012 why isnt my status on wmr?
How much is the import duty on cigarettes in USA?
How much will I get? Read on please....?
how long does it take to get a sales tax license for small business?
Is there anyone who can anwser a question for me about taxes?Is there any self-employed people out there?
My daughter turns 18 on December 21, will she still be a tax write off?
My taxes were filed using someone elses social! what should i do?
i am taking on a part time job how much do i need to earn before i pay tax and national insurance?
Deductions from paychecks?
What taxes and how many one must to pay to be engaged in shoes repair business?
if your a exempt is it required to change filing status every year?
Effects of going tax exempt on my next check?
What year was the British done with taxes?
tax allowance?
To all carers in the uk?
Has anyone received their adoption credit for 2011 adoption for this tax season?
just finished college, moved in with my parents. if they claim me on taxes, do i still get a refund?
Properly filling out a W-4?
Anyone else sick off getting ripped off in UK?
can i stop the govt from taking money out of my paycheck going to social security?
Dole money, UK?
What does one do if their employer does not provide a W2 form of last year's wages?
My Neice moved in with me in june 2006. Can I claim her on my Taxes as a dependent?
On CA FTB F.100 tax form, how much should I report on line 24, Tax?
what do u guys think about paying taxes..?
Does Amazon charge tax in Oklahoma?
thanks santhosh for answereing my question.?
anyone else not received their taxes yet?
If two or more people pay a mortgage taken out in each of their names who can claim the interest deduction?
I have a 1098-T form. Do I have to report it?
The fact that the IRS taxes the income from my labor is illegal and Unconstitutional?
How will the 2012 adoption tax credit apply to my family?
Do you have to pay tax for something when you buy it with a gift card ?
I filed exempt on my W-4 Form, and taxes are still being taken out from my check?
what is the deal with META BANK (SBBT)?
How do I go about setting sending in taxes for both fed and state taxes (monthly?) for my small business?
Does the US tax law provide an economic incentive for its wealthier citizens to expatriate?
what is Tax Elasticity?
My refund check was mailed on Feb 26th, I have yet to receive it. Is there anyone in the same boat?
Can I claim Preschool Tuition on my Michigan/Federal tax returns?
I started a business in mid 2011 and I had a loss of approx. $10k. per sched. 1040 C.?
Getting Sting to do my taxes?
what time does the the 100 metres semi finals start in the uk?
Getting paid less than contract ? (Wrong tax code ?)?
proof of working as self employed!?
how to find the corporation tax return for 2005?
Can i claim my mon on my taxes?
what is the economic impact on joining regional economic integration?
401k & taxes & dependents?
how do I get a Tax Identification Number (TIN) in the Philippines?
How to recognize revenue in accounting?
got my first job how much tax do i pay?
if i have already paid AMT how do i calculate cost basis when i sell the stock?
Is it true that if you own a business you can only write off a vechical if it is leased?
how much is the child tax credit this year?
My name is Ananya staying at Najafgarh District of Delhi, want to know my AO code for PAN card?
How much taxes will i owe on a $600 car in the state of ohio?
Is my business required to pay Duty on containerized goods imported from Australia and/or Thailand to the US?
if service tax is applicable to hotel building?
where to complain for not paying sale tax?
Is right of survivorship included with joint tenancy?
Will IRS refund my garnished wages?
how long do you wait for a refund?
How long can the tax office chase people for back taxes?
w-2 from 2007 can it be filed still?
Help! The IRS has garnished/put a freeze on my checking and savings account.?
is the making work pay credit still $400.00 for single filers making less than $75,000.00?
I HATE SCHOOL TAXES! Why should we pay them?
if i e-filed on apr 1 2012 and the state "authorized" my refund on apr 3 2012 should I see it soon, when?
need to figure out how to complete tax form 4852?
Do you have to pay tax to the post office for taking out money someone has sent to you?
what tax prep software does both 1041 and 990 at an affordable price?
i am getting 4,20,000/-CTC and saving 1lakhs. How much tax I need to pay?
how to prepare bellefontaine, oh city income tax return?
PA state medical assistance & unemployment?
The tax agency fund of Orange County collected $7,000,000 for a school district, $3,000,000 for the county?
customs when shipping from germany to usa?
how do taxes help the armed forces?
If someone wins 20 million dollars in the lottery how much is taken away in taxes?
what is the local sales tax for nassau and suffolk county?
capital gain taxes on selling property in canada?
are too many people claiming too many benefits these days?
What is difference between up tax and vat use by trader in up?
are employer owned vacation club points taxable to employees when gifted to employees?
How many states in the USA don't have a state income tax and which ones are they?
Can I deduct my property taxes this year?
detailed difference between WDV and SLN method of depreciation?
my mum wants to giv me and my sista 10000 each how do i find out if we or she has to pay tax on it?
How much will I be paid after tax?
Can my ex boyfriend claim our daughter on taxes even though she lives with me?
How much council tax would the owner of a highrise office have to pay?
unemployment and extensions?
which first world country has the lowest tax rate?
question on winning sweepstakes and paying taxes?
Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax, UK?
Where can I get all my T4 Slips?
Can I claim as a dependent on my taxes someone who lives with me whom I support but am not related/married to?
What's the limit on walmart money card for tax refund?
Personal Exempttion from paying taxes?
What happens if I owe taxes but don't have any money or property?
My boyfriend has been living with me all year and has not been working can I claim him as a dependent?
If I got paid out-of-pocket money from a family friend, can i use that as income on taxes?
Is there some kind of IRS amnesty that involves student loans? to ask?
are Christmas bonuses taxable income?
accounting - can someone give me some language about setting up different thresholds for asset types?
I will never be able to work again due to illness can i claim my state pension?
I am forming an LLC with a partner in Europe and would like to know the tax consequences after making a profit?
What is going on with tax refunds this year? Code 9001, Schedule M or no, NO REFUND... headache!?
is there a web site where we can proof legitimacy of Tax Id Numbers of business or estates?
Office timings of income tax office, ITO, new delhi?
how can I pay taxes on income if self employed and employer does not take out withholding?
Can I claim 2006 charity contributions in 2007?
How does taxation destroy jobs?
I need to see the chart table on what percentage to take out of your ira's after 70 1/2 Yrs. old?
moving expenses deductions?
Should tax on alcohol be increased?
I am poor but own my own home and I can't afford to pay my property tax every year. Is there a solution ?
How much would I get back on my income tax?
If I am told?
Is there any way to count my live-in girlfriend as a dependant for Taxes/Health Insurance??
What are the advantages of doing your own taxes online?
if my employer split my w2 into two and I did not add the other ein number, will i still get my return?
Council tax replacement ? Pls help on tax?
When can i do my taxes?
Can I force my husband to amend the taxes for 2011?
question 1?
what is the normal system of recording account receivable in the company?
i have supported my gf for the past year, she is a student,can i claim her as a dependent?
What is $35.99 plus a tax of 15.20 percent come to?
What if I'm behind and can't pay my June 15 quarterly tax payment and instead pay in August after I catch up?
Working as a Nanny does my employer have to supply me with THEIR ssn# so I can file my taxes?
My husband and I lost our house this past year. We received a 1099-A. Will we receive a tax refund?
Are Medical procedures that are paid for out of pocket tax deductible?
do i have to file income tax if i am under 18, living in Michigan, and have only made a yearly income of $3669?
Why doesn't Siri work properly in the uk?
What is the meaning cif?
Will I owe taxes?
i just filed my Florida federal taxe return and I still need to file my GA taxes where can i do that...?
I exceeded 2009 ira contribution limit, what do i need to do?
what happened if the check I wrote to IRS bounced?
How much tax will the wealthy pay under Obama?
Is Inheritance tax immoral ?
How can i find out if the IRS has approved my refund?
How much money should I be getting from taxes if I made $7000 last year?
can you write off the cost of a dog you use in breeding?
how much do you need to make minimum to claim head of household?
Would you "donate" money to pay down the national debt?
On what day is job seekers allowance generally paid?
if someone pays child support, can he/she claim them when filing taxes?
If rents paid to me aren't earned income , why am i asked to pay tax on rents paid by tenant on my property?
Is anyone else annoyed that they won't get the economic stimulus check because they are a dependent?
can me and my boyfreind file joint taxes if where not married [techncally]?
i run DSA for a bank. If my Pay out is about 15Lacs and giving 8Lacs to sub DSA . Will i have pay service tax?
social security deductions after retirement?
I got a gift from someone close to me $80,000 to buy a property do I HAVETO pay taxes on this money?
How much taxes do i have to pay a month?
I have $8,00,000. How much its indian currency after deduct all the taxes?
how can i get money from my parents quick?
Stimulis check interception?
What is the poverty level income to get all my taxes back?
How does the VAT system work in Germany?
Filling out w-9 tax form with old address?
how do i do taxes on my military stop loss benefit?
What is the correct IRS Business Activty Code for Sched C for internet affiliate marketing?
What is the cost of living in Spain compared to the UK? i.e. taxes, council tax, etc?
IF I gross 2200.00 A month and I am filing Married with 3 dependents how much should my paycheck be?
is income tax rate same throughout united states of America? Is there any State where there are less Taxes?
Living Allowance of an NRI (Taxable or Non-Taxable)?
I need to find a free 5 % tax chart to print for work. I am a server. and need to have it handy?
Are the settlement funds taxable from a lawsuit over the rental income?
What tax law applies to itinerant missionaries?
My wife earned income in another state while I was on business travel, does she owe tax to our home state?
Can anyone tell me what $129.99 plus .82500 tax is?
how can my lender get verification from irs on my AMENDED 2010 tax return amount?
saving account interest received is tax free or not.?
I forgot to pay....?
The IRS and the TSP Plan?
What are the tax advantages of using a financial trust?
Is there any deduction for sia ?
What is the tax situation when accepting money from a parent for a deposit on a first home?
How long will it take for my 2012 tax refund? I efiled yesterday..01/17/2012.?
Stocktaking regulations in India?
Tax saving?
Selling second hand motocross bikes ?
i think i have been overpaid housing benefit - what should i do? would you notify council?
why do I have to pay taxes on the tax return I got last year.?
Can I write off out of pocket expenses as an employee?
Is Allowance Taxable Income?
How can you get an income tax debt lowered?
two part time jobs how much tax?
my friends are doin tax fraud and offered to do my taxes the way they do thiers should I?
is the profit before tax the same as gross profit and the net earnings the same as net profit?
Housing Taxes?
When do W-2's have to be mailed out?
Can I claim my son as a dependent even if i live with my parents and don't have a job?But im in college.?
How much taxes will be taken out of my paycheck?
can i file as head of household if i cannot claim my children as dependents?
Do I have to report interest earned on a savings account?
Owe more tax than i can afford, can anyone make a suggestion?
Can I claim my dog as a dependent and itemize his expenses?
do you get child care credit on your taxes for kids over 12 .. let's say summer camp..?
Accounting Depreciation Question?
last year i used turbotax premier because i have a rental property,will info transfer into tt deluxe 2008?
tax and ni on 16000 salary?
what percentage of US taxpayers itemize?
How to file for income tax with direct deposit?
My "X" husband did not file his 2006 taxes?
working hours of income tax office at b'lore?
why is the irs having so many delays?
Amended STATE tax return, does it affect FEDERAL?
What should I put as my Tax filing status?
Do he has to pay taxes if he is 19 years old and still a student?
how can I find out how much I should be geting back on my w2s before I see my w2s?
Please give me an example of final income tax return/withholding tax slip....?
Tax question, this seems off?
Is there a certain amount of money you have to make to qualify for filing exempt on the w4?
Does any one have a question as to what is going on with your tax returns?
income tax and pay for pharmacist?
My husband sister filed their mother and her boyfriend as dependants?
Does the IRS web site update on Wednesdays?
What is the differences between cost accounting and other accounting branches?
Which shares to buy for long term with a budget of 10000 Rs. ?
How many past-due tax return notices does IRS send before they file for you?
Are State and Federal tax returns for pa both on the 1040 form?
How much can I gift to my children legally for income tax purposes?
i live in ny and i have an appointment to get my taxes done tomorrow but i was on unemployment...?
should you receive a 10-99 form if you're not a independant contractor?
what is the sales tax rate in charlotte north carolina?
need help!?
Should I pull money out profit share to pay for back taxes and penalties which total $8000?
How can I determine how what my tax return will look like?
Can anyone help me with this Tax Problem?
my dad got hit by a car and almost died. he had to quit his job. i lovingly support him now. can i claim him?
Do you get taxes back from your tips?
Purchase procedure for sez unit for tax free purchase of materials.?
Filling up the new SERVICE TAX CHALLAN : GAR 7?
Non-India vendor sells software license to India business. Is it subject to TDS? If so, why?
Who offers tax courses? I would like to do tax returns this upcoming tax season.?
What percent is taken out of my paycheck all together?
If I have $20,000 in TFSA and $30,000 in RSSP, can I apply for welfare in Canada?
I filed my return,but forgot how much I am getting back. How do I find out how much Im getting back?
Do Catholic School Teachers pay fed with-holding, state and fica taxes??????
Was I tricked by the IRS and what can I do about?
Which paper forms or tax papers are required to be included in my tax return this year?
Is vat applicable "from london to india"?
Sales tax question that I need explained for me please!?
Forgot to put 1099 income on unemployment claim ?
Give an example of how to calculate simple taxes (NJ)?
Will I own taxes if I 0.00 for federal?
Which state do I pay taxes to?
Should I hand over 50% OF MY HOUSE DEEDS TO MY DAUGHTER?
Has anyone with the 2/7 estimated tax refund date been updated as of this morning?
I have been told that I am A winner of the sum of £500,000.00 and the couriers name is TNT International,?
Is a tax return the same as Notice of Assessment?
ITR: which ITR form to be used for e-filing Assessment year 2012-2013?I am a IT salaried employee?
Filing Taxes Problem for a student?
where is the least expensive place to get your taxe return done ?
do teens have to pay taxes in Maryland?
Is pocket money considered an income?
EX WIFE keeps claiming kids on taxes! WE can't get her to stop!?
If I've already filed my taxes and just found out I'm getting a 1099 what do I do?
Help with taxes. Supposedly my refund is being sent to an account that is frozen..............................?
What would you like do to your local Taxman?
Education Expenses for tax reasons?
What is the propery tax rate on a commercial building in CA 92867?
Can I claim income tax if i am a student?
Lottery and tax... again?
how much taxes would i pay?
How much tax return do I get back for four children if I made 21,000?
What is VAT on 3,000 pounds in the UK?
Is money received as a wedding gift taxable?
Is it fair to take tax money from homeowners who pay their bills, and give it to those who don't?
My last two digits of my social is 22 and I haven't got my rebate yet why is that...?
I am comparing my tax refund with a cowrker. i would like to read ur thoughts?
im filing a of the question is write the certificate number,?
Can I file for food stamps if my mom already claimed me when she filed?
Question about claiming dependents on taxes in NC?
I got an email from the IRS????? Pllzzz help!!?
How can I convert black money to white money in india?
What are the tax code sections that govern filing amended returns?
Any amount gifted by father or grandfather to him son or daughter is taxable or non taxable in India?
I have not filed income tax in12 yrs and i understand i only need to file from 2002 til now is this possible?
Is claiming exempt from witholding on my paycheck going to give me more money just less tax return?
If I made $25,000 for 2011 what would be an estimate for income tax?
can he claim me on taxes?
where can i e-file mississippi taxes for free?
Why is tax return so confusing?
How long is the white part of a bic round stic pen?
lic jeevan saral pension plan is exempted under section 80 c Or ccc & section 10 of income tax?
I mailed my tax return, but something went wrong, can I file electronically now?
2009 Federal Refund Delays?
will the interest earned from NSC bought will attract Tax even though i do not fall in first slab of Tax calcu?
California state tax for non-residents?
If my wages are garnished for students loans and child support can they still take my Income Tax Check?
I am a disabled man, and am putting an inground pool in. Is this tax-deductible, if i use it for therapy?
Unique Tax Reference Number Help?
I am retired receiving a small (taxed) pension. I have an Egg acc. - Should I have to pay tax on the interest?
What's thepoint of small taxcuts if we have topay much more for fuel&electricity costs & a bigwar debt later?
IRS dispute over W2 form?
Taxes: If I got married today would I be able to file a joint tax return for the April 15th 2008 deadline?
Has anyone received their state refund yet?
Pay confusion: Am I being emergency taxed?
If you are in a payment plan for back taxes to the IRS, can you still join the navy?
How is a US ROTH IRA taxed in Canada?
is VAT charged for 2nd hand cars?
What is the CA and federal excise tax on gasoline?
can i claim my newborn on my taxes?
Deferred compensation?
Since I got tax refund every year, How can I stop paying tax now and pay later?
eBay tax related question?
Are Consulting fees taxable? State of Texas?
$100,000 to the person who can answer these questions regarding income taxes?
Help on total plus tax?
self employed CPA ??????
Buying online from America-->ship to Canada will there be any duty charged?
return audited for claiming niece?
If I only gained $100 in interest on my savings, do I have to report for taxes? Will the IRS know?
my employer forgot to fill in my federal income taxes witheld, how long will it take to correct this?
Tax rate for Ohio help?
What is the sales tax in Westchester County?
need help to solve problem with tax credits?
Moe Blunt came into Jan's Hardware Store and purchased a hammer for $16.75 plus a 5% tax. The total sales plus?
What is the tax rate in Canada - Calgary?
Fiduciary claims ageny 010 is it real?
IDBI has recently launched "Suvidha tax saving deposits". How far they are attractive ?
Current MBA student going back to same profession, will I get audited if I write off tuition in a schedule A?
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