can i deduct expenses like workers comp insurance premium if i'm homeownr & contractor on remodel of my house
Can I claim home improvement expenses with my taxes?
What is the process of filing IT returns online.?
how to avoid heavy taxes by moving to Switserland or Luxemburg?
Is it possible to avoid CGT by buying a 2nd property in the name of my baby?
I am 61.5 and want to use my IRA to buy a home for the first time. Do I incur any tax penaties on this.?
i got 2 full-time jobs right now but i put in my W-4 forms that i claim 2 deductions, is this alright??? am i?
If you oppose the FAIR TAX, Why?
Why do I still owe? How can I fix this?
LLC in NY - Tax Exemption?
Do prostitutes have to pay income tax and national insurance?
How is Bill Clinton?
was audited for 04 taxes, found an honest mistake where my husband thought did not have to turn in some stock?
Can my separated wife's parents claim my 2 kids as dependents?
Is the property tax on a second residence deductible as an itemized deduction?
Do I have to pay federal taxes for selling my own cds out of my trunk? My own music copied by me as well.?
NatWest Bank Plc 74, Kingsland High, England-London, UK really exists?
Tax and NI on a second job UK.?
I need forms we filed with the IRS from 2003-2005. How can I get them fast?
If I lived on my own for the last 4 months of 2010, can I claim myself as an independent?
Claim Single or head of household when I live with my parents yet take care of me and my daughters expenses?
My daughter's daughter is 4 years old. Can I gift some money to her?
Can rent be deducted on your income tax return?
how to pregnant wife?
a business gets an extension on it's Taxes and one of partners have already file for 2005. What next.?
Can my sister who lives in another state claim my kids?
Do you have to pay National Insurance Contributions on a second employment?
Legal advice on taxes?
Tax Question?
Florida Income Tax Calculator?
how do I open a taxable account benned?
Can the state of Arizona collect sales tax on out of state internet commerce sans nexus?
When do I receive the refund check for amended tax return?
should i make spouse an employee?
I am working in Libya from27sep08&my salary is taxed here.If I go back to India in july09 do I pay tax on this?
income tax return question?
I need help with student taxes?
How much tax do you pay in America?
a few tax return questions?
EPF TAXED OR NOT for a PF account?
i have a pan card no how could i get the details about the card holder?
Can I claim our daughter?
how do i go about filing my taxes online for the first time?
Does anyone know Best Buy's MN Tax ID number?
How do I sell my tax business?
If you are a waitress is it true you get all of your reported tips back in a tax refund?
Can I file married when doing my taxes?
can my wages be garnished if i owe less than $200 dollars for a charged off bank account?
what percentage should i put back for taxes in indiana, if im a (1099) subcontractor?
Im 19 years old a full time student with a full time job- taxes?
I have received notification from Tax credits On the taxable amount shown how do I pay the tax?
I haven't filed my taxes in 3 years. Should I file now or wait 'til next year?
If I collect unemployment, do I get tax money back?
Where do tax payer money in LosAngeles go?
head of household 2 dependents made 44,000.00 this year will i get a return?
Want to check the status of your SBBT IRS direct deposit?
What would you do if your rebate check had an error and they gave you $65,000 would you cash it, or return it?
Will using his sister's address impact her tax returns even though he does not live there?
Can I file a Schedule C, Schedule SE and 1040 all at the same time?
I want to delete my pan number in irda pan look up from birla sun life behalf?
can i get a passport if i have never done my taxes?
what happens if i choose not to pay taxes?
How much tax is paid on income earned overseas when completing an Australian tax return?
its my wedding day and i need and irs question answered?
Help with self employed taxes?
How do I check the status of my West Virginia State income tax return?
Can I be claimed on my parents taxes?? I dont want the IRS to come after me bc I made a mistake haha!?
is there is tds certificates submit with final return of the company?
How can I request a duplicate 1040EZ form?
Anyone got the stimulus yet?
Has anyone ever had a problem with recieving thier refund from Taxact/Republic bank?
What site can I go to file taxes on line for free?
My ex-husband wants me to let him claim our son as a dependent on his tax return next year?
My mother is 86 and in assisted living. All last year she got VA comp. The year before she did not(2005). Tax?
if you are not getting fed ed after tier 4 does the edd notify you through mail?when?
Why cash and receivables included in current assets?
I m a stay home mom now planning to take the tax praparation class,dont've any accounting background.?
Do I have to pay taxes on lotto winnings if I do't live in the UK?
what jobs can an 12 year old have in the UK?
can i claim my mom on my taxes?
Economic Stimulus payments, mailed June 6th, has anyone received theirs? My last 2 digits are 28.?
rate of tax on retirement in Wisconsin?
what day will the IRS start processing 2007 taxes?
tell me about the story G7 Chicago, Illionis 1 billion usd, us property?
from all of these figures, calculate the NET ANNUAL TAKE HOME PAY of Mark Noonan?
Jobseeker's Allowance?
36000 a year after taxes biweekly?
Income taxes are paid to...?
How do I find my Line 50 of my Income Tax Return?
For those who used the Account Now cards for thier refunds?
Do you pay sales tax based on the regular price of an item or the sales price of it?
I'm overdrawn by 55p with my Santander visa electron for a 16-18 year old. how much will i be charged?
Do I have to claim this on my taxes?
if i am going to start making 35,000 a year, how much will i make after taxes?
Accountants fees for the UK?
Allowabillity of FBT?
2 kids, 2 dads. I claim 1. Would it make a difference to claim both?
I won a prize and want to know if have to claim on taxes. prize is kawaski mule. recieved a 1099-mics form.?
The Federal Open Market Committee consists of:?
HR is telling me I can't claim exempt on my W4?
Can section 8 tenants be qualified for head of household?
What do you do when you know someone is running form IRS for unpaid taxes, and been running for years??
How much taxes will be deducted from my 217.50 dollor weekly check if I claim two dependents?
what do you do after you have received the notice of pay taxation from the tax agency in Brazil?
when are taxes due in california this year?
when paying child support and filing taxes, who claims the child?
can i claim back ppi before 2005? with hsbc?
Federal Tax withholdings allowances? SOOOO beyond confused?
Questions about taxes in England?
I make beteen 100 and 200 a week do I have to file taxes?
Do you pay property tax for the year you do a deed in lieu?
Central Govt has increased D.A. by 6% w.e.f.1.1.09 on revised pay scales, what is rate on old pay scales?
do i get backdated rent for the 3 months ive been waiting?
Why does my client want me to fill out a w-9 form?
If you're 70 years old and receive a back payment for carers allowance of over £6000 do you have to pay taxes?
Second Charge on property in the uk?
I earn £980 monthly on a first job and pay tax £106.60 and NI £66.48. ?
If my boyfriend wants to claim me on taxes in 2010 do we have to get married in 09 or just b4 tax time?
picture of a taxman?
Am I liable for Capital Gains Tax when selling land?
My boyfriend and I are expecting a child in November, who gets to claim the baby on their taxes?
Can I claim my wife as a dependant if...?
do you know how to do taxes online?
If I claim 4 on my W-4 and I am single, income appx $2500/mo after taxes, will I owe come tax time?
Can I withdraw my superannuation early if I become self-employed? I am losing money on admin fees.?
How much will be the cost for the tax and duty charges from India to UK?
When a child turns 18 and the parents are divorced, which parent can claim that child on their taxes?
I had an income under 12,000 on solely unemployment benefits?
i live in cali and i want to get the iphone refurb iphone for 49.99. the thing is that the Estimated Sales Tax?
What is book depreciation?
Does my school have a right to ask for my parents income tax returns?
Hi a council tax question?
What happens if I don't owe the IRS and I'm not owed a refund and I don't file my taxes?
Did you e-file through H & R Block? How long.....?
How can I get an employer code for my taxes?
Wil I get the tax back off $6000 at end of year even if i said NO to do you want to claim tax free threshold?
Is there a way to reduce capital gains when you sell a resturant.?
What is a better way?! Need tax advice!?
How do I figure how much my income tax return will be?
My refund date was february 28th but no account balance on my card yet.(turbotax)?
I have a question on my W2 form?
How do you show disbursment of capital gains of a trust?
can i get a fax tax return transcript faxed to my school?
Who started the bi weekly pay schedule?
Do you get taxed if you win the lotto?
What is a reference number for HMRC?
If I raise an invoice to my coustome who is a foreign country where there is no VAT , do I have to include VAT
I just got married and I am in the process of changing my payroll information at work..?
Is it common for the IRS to send out notices trying to collect more $ because they couldnt verify edu. credits?
Do I need to have any money withheld from my military paycheck while serving in a tax free war zone?
How can I claim my tax back in the UK?
I have driven 2346 miles and 2094 have been reimbursed, where and how do i report the remaining miles on 1099?
4 months ago i was made redundant ihave found out that my employer as set someone on doing the same job?
I have ten thousand dollars in an IRA, from when I worked in another state. It will mature next week. I'm not?
do you agree or disagree about the tax rebate checks?
How severe does aspergers have to be to apply for?
I'm 18 and made 3000 dollars over the summer. The government took around 600 in taxes.Do I get any of it back?
Should i file single or married for tax year 2007? I got married in October 2007?
How can I figure out if H&R Block messed up on my taxes?
looking for HUD information on mileage amounts?
My age is 48yrs I would be earning 10000GBP monthly.What tax band will I fall under? What taxex will I have to
how can i avoid capital gain tax while buying a bigger flat selling the smaller,old one?
does anyone know when the irs starts to ds checks? filed on 1/15/2010 a human being said it was accepted on?
Can My boyfriend Put me in his taxes?
Why is gross income and adjusted gross income different?
How can i write the irs by email and what is the address??????
VAT questions?
What do I do in order to get a copy of my income tax form sent to the right address?
How much can you earn self employed before tax?
Can a tax return have a dependant credit and another return claim childcare expences?
Where can I find out what day the IRS accepted my taxes?
If you have filed for divorce and have not lived together over 6 months do you have to file married fil sep?
can someone tell me a federal tax that peolpe pay?
working at burger king do you file for taxes?
international student J1 visa_turbo tax?
When is the 1040 instruction book coming?
When will i receive my unemployment check?
Why is NRI FD interest rate even lower than savings interest rate. Why should on choose to do a fixed deposit?
Is there a tax peanalty for taking out too much cash from the equity on your primary residence over time ?
Looking for a CPA in Delaware area to help me with taxes.
How do I to claim deductions for self-employment business expenses incurred in China?
I got married last year on December 15. My father inlaw has claimed my wife as a dependant.?
Married - Better to files taxes together or separate?
Carbon tax debait for school?
why did the irs do this?.....?
If I open up a CD will it bump me into a different tax bracket?
Basic knoewedgeof Service tax,Income tax, Esi, p.f,Salestax?
surely you should have the guts to include an email?
What is the tax rate for a firebirds restaurant. Specifically in Virginia.?
If I own a business do I pay taxes on what I earn before or AFTER I pay back investors?
I'm younger than 55, are periodic distributions received from the pension of a deceased relative taxable?
what additional costs do employers need to pay such as national insurance for the year?
Can any one tell about PAN card issues?
Alternative Minimum Tax?
Rent a Room Scheme....?
Has anyone used H&R Block TaxCut Simple Pay Option?
how to file a tax return with a W-2 from cleaning an office once a week?
how to enter partners in a proprietorship concern in central excise?
Why do we need to fill income tax?
what is the last day to file you 2007 tax return?
Do i need to pay Company car tax?
What state do I report K-1 income?
i am single and have one child but i do not want to have to owe taxes so i am trying to figure out how to fill?
What would having a qualifying relative dependent on my tax return help me with?
Are they still going to take what I owe?
$6,500 tax credit extenstion - What is the house bill number?
Owing a debt collector money / can they take your taxes?
how long did it take for your tax return to come through?
how long will it take my check to be with drawn from my account?
How much in taxes are owed on RMDs (required minimum distributions) and withdrawing from an IRA account?
I am 16 and filling out a W-4, do i need to do page 2 or only page 1 of the w-4?
Do I need to apply for an (EIN) to sell at flea markets?
It says DCN at the top of my tax return, but there are no #'s. Did it go through the old or new system?
Father's estate settled and now NYS Tax Dept wants money. ?
How long does a stay in your blood (for the purpose of a premployment urine test)?
How do you file PayPal transactions in your taxes?
Entitlement To JobSeekers Allowance?
If I file taxes can my dad still claim me as a dependant?
What is the status of Kotak Dynamic Floor Fund-II ?
need information on sales taxes in Florida how to calculate for tax form cannot find on
I have never filed my taxes before, please help!?
how much gov takes out of your paycheck?
If you file W-1 on your tax sheet when you begin a new job how much is taken out?
I need legal advice resolving tax issues with IRS. Did not file income tax returns.Tax lawyer or accountant?
How do I file my taxes if i get paid cash and no money gets deducted ?
i pay child support and my childs insurens but she lives with her mother, will i be able to claim her for tax?
What happen if I claim 11 Children as dependents when I do my Taxes ?
For the benefits you personally receive from all levels of government - do you feel you pay too much in taxes?
Are we getting a "stimulus" check this tax season?
How much in taxes should I be paying if I am a 1099?
vat slab on different items?
has anyone got there taxes back from tax act?
has anyone got there refund yet today?
What sort of charges should I expect when ordering from Canada to U.S.?
are home office deductions like credits on your taxes?
If after-tax LTD disability benefit is tax-free, how can employer assess tax on offsets like the CA VDI?
no federal taxes taken out of check?
Can anyone help me with accounting?? If so message me your email please.?
Can you deduct summer camp fees for your child?
10 Points: Depreciation and Tax Benefits?
i just got job last year and this is the first time i am doing my tax return how its gonna effect me?
Are Executors of Wills responsible for the debts of the person who died?
where can i check the staus of my tax returns?
if US based company pays me around $100000 ( Rs. 5552000 ) - per annum , how much tax i have to pay in india?
Can you report someone to the IRS if you know only their name and state?
What is most difficult part of filling out 1040 tax form ?
does a mortgage payment contrbute towards a tax deductible expense?
What is the difference in money spend from taxes, are spent on policing between Portland and corvallis Or?
is dental expense tax-deductible?
What tax software do you use?
If I earn 6.88 ph and work 13 hour pw how much will I earn per week?
can you claim the 6500 homeowner credit before you buy a house?
how much do you get if you applied for GST in SASK, Ca?
CSA Old System Scotland?
does a Texas employer withold Oklahoma income taxes from a resident of Oklahoma?
Do I pay tax on a stock sale if I re-invest the cash in stocks immediately?
USA - College Tax Credit, how much approximately?
Is it voluntary to pay your income tax? ?
How do I qualify for tax credits?
What is the benefit of income tax?
Does converting a Personal Residence into a Income-producing property create an increase in Property Tax?
Disability living allowance question?
Can i claim my brother and sister if they if lived with me for the entire year?
Will your job history clear after changing your Social Security Number.?
Give an example of a common type of tax evasion?
Why are houses so much cheaper in america than australia is there more/higher tax to even it out or something?
How Does An Independent Contractor Pay Taxes?
Can Council Tax take money from wages without permission?
Why haven't I recieved my stimulus payment yet?
I'm a first year teacher and i'll be making 40,000 and i have a 1 year old son could i claim him?
What is a tax exclusion in regards to an annuity?
Will experience preparing tax at Liberty Tax help me land job at an accounting firm?
Self-Employed Tax Question (I'm a nanny)?
Does indexation apply on Short Term Capital Gains?
Approx how much will I get back in taxes if claming 0 on my w4 but will file 3 exemptions making $40K no house
1099-Misc with H&R Block?
i have a price of $10.00 and have to add sales tax which is 8%. how would i figure this out?
Does being back on jsa affect you with your working tax credit 4 week run on ?
I was charged sales tax on a free item. . . what does the law say about this?
Do I have to report money raised for a mission trip to the irs?
Has anyone with a DD date of 31st receive their refund?
can i file a 1040x for the last 3 years to claim the EIC after receiving a valid social security number.?
I live and work in the US for 20 years and UK Tax office taxing small private pension.?
Tax info required to take up an IT consultancy job (for a US based company) from India?
tax. how do i calculate it?
Can I file exempt for state and federal taxes if I'm a single parent?
How much taxes will they take out my check?
if you are W9 worker and you earn 1 dollar per hour. does it mean the employer will pay you the whole one dol?
why does the state goes by how much you make than how much you bring home?
If I do a job for $500 and the company sends me a 1099 form, do I need to claim this money on my tax return?
2-7 refund date (WMR). Anyone in the 2-7 club get an update, or DD date yet?
What happens when you spend 3 years without filing your income taxes?
can irs give tax info to uscis?
Is the cost of forming an LLC a tax deductible expense on the first year's income statement?
We Have Sales of Out of Sate . So Explain me How Can Get Exempt ?
No VAT on ready possession flats in Maharashtra?
I have question about the roth ira? So all you smart people out the would you be kind enough to enlighten me!?
whats the difference between turbo tax online and turbo tax in the store? Is there a price difference?
Any more updates on tax refund.?
Passive losses for real estate professionals. Does the use of a propety manager for some properties matter?
Has anyone used h&r block simply recieve their refund the same day the irs sent it?I have National City bank?
Can I claim interest paid on payday loans as a deduction on my income tax return?
Is gift received from employer less than Rs.25000 is taxable?
if i lost my taxes is there a way to get them back?
Where does the Child Tax Credit really come from?
does anyone know where I can file?
Did anyone else file taxes on the 25th get DD date yet?
What is Nigeria's VAT number?
I am an american citizen living abroad. I do not make over 24k a year so I have not filed taxes.?
I made about 25,000 last year and i'm the only one working in my family.?
Question about my P46, please help!?
is filing bankruptcy protects you from the IRS?
What do you say to the Inland Revenue when they ask to see your Tax Details?
It turns out that I don't qualify for a claimed tax credit after all, what should I do now?
how do it check the status of my tax amendment?
I added another dependent on my taxes this year. Is this why my taxes are in review?
Is difference between "Low Income Housing Credit" LP sale proceeds and original investment a cap. gain/loss?
What does "Less Rebate" mean?
how much does subway pay taking away tax?
Is this considered IRS Fraud? What should I do?
How to fill out a W-4 tax form?
Does any one know the Federal DOT daily allowance for Per Diem?
Do I have to prepay taxes on S-Corp (California) profits before end of year?
Can I be claimed as a dependent on someone elses taxes?
i -us citizen- transfer money from portugal is it taxable?
Should I call the IRS?
Is there a web site where you can check to see if an organization has 501C3 status?
Do i need to have any kind of liscense done for opening a online business in india?
How many hours do I work before I have to pay tax?
2006 child tax credit?
Question about deposit dates vs wheres my refund date.?
repair house loan tax question?
can my boyfriend claim me on his 09 taxes?
Is Inheritance tax immoral ?
earned income child tax credit??
Filing taxes but not working?
Why would I receive a tax-refund check for 2009, if I did not work in this particular city during that year?
What is the maximum student loan interest you can reclaim on taxes per year?
I owe back taxes to the state of NJ. What phone # do I call to set up payments?
I-864 Question 25 (tax return info)?
What types of purchases can one use for the sales tax itemized deduction?
Does anyone in California know about the water reservoir tax?
How do I avoid tax transferring around 600 thousand dollars to the US as a non-citizen?
federal identification number of bank of america?
How much is sales tax in Washington State?
property tax on inherited property?
Is This worth it after Tax deductions?
Does anyone knows in the State of Texas...?
what is % rate of your income for Fed unemployment Comp paid by your employer?
how to get around vat?
Workers comp wages loss please help??
Can you pay car taxes with cash?
when paying child support and filing taxes, who claims the child?
Consolidated business debts with home equity loan. Are those payments business expenses for taxes?
when is tax free weekend??
Am i supposed to be taxed on my paycheck if im under 18?
when does daylight saving time start in the UK in 2009?
what tax prep software does both 1041 and 990 at an affordable price?
How far back can you pay taxes?
I am a Non Working Unemployed Wife of an Australian Citizen, will my huband get any Income Tax Benifits ?
Would I pay council tax?
how do i see how much i made for this paycheck?
If my income is more then 200000$in 2007,am I still eligible for so called rebate check?
Tax calculator as per Budget 2008 2009?
Getting my first job how much tax will I pay?
Im 20 years old with no work experience, and i dont know about taxes!?
What happens If tax preparer centers wrong social security number on return?
why is my fathers name on my tax return check?
If I buy a used car from a private seller, do I have to pay sales tax?
What docs does my accountant need for rental real estate at tax time?
My 86 year old father suffers from alzheimer's. He owes $10,000 to IRS for IRA withdraw.?
Can my ex boygriend claim my daughter on his income taxes?
can irs give tax info to uscis?
help with tax credits and what I can claim for.?
I got my state refund this morning but where is my federal refund ? I filed my taxes last Thursday in CA?
Should smokers pay more tax?
how do i take the sales tax out of an amount with tax already figured in?
Do you have to pay taxes beyond what's taken out of your paycheck? (not real estate)?
16 yr old filling taxes-Questions.?
I have 16 years in the CEGB pension scheme how do i claim it?
On my W-2 do I claim myself?
Will I be taxed on my wages?
Can I Get A Sales Tax Refund?
Can i claim my fiance when filing my taxes?
Has anybody's wmr status change from should receive by 1/31/12 to a 6 week message. ?
If I earnt 16k per year, how much would I take home per month after tax? thanks?
My ex boyfriend and the father of my three children claimed my kids on his tax return illegally, help!?
the 800 908 4490 number.?
i am a single mom of 4 and I just filled a w2 for a new job and the total on line H, adds up to 11 exemptions?
Sales Tax on Electronics in California?
Any tax experts- Need advice?
the history of bonus issues and right issues of dr.reddy?
If entire estate is TOD (transfer on death) how are taxes and costs paid?
if im in jail while my wife collects welfare but stops it when i get out cause my kids live with me do i owe?
My parents are lending me money for my mortgage, do I need to pay taxes on this money?
does the us government have to pay taxes?
I'm working in india in a usa mnc. where I can download form To avoid doule taxtn on share traded on etrade?
should we eliminate taxes on goods and services because they result in deadweight losses?
bought a watch off amazon can i return it?
how to enter formulas in excel ie:from worksheet to other worksheet if a1 is $330 and posted in another shee?
Why is husband's check on hold?
Payroll Question: Improper Taxes Withheld?
I receive 5 weeks of pay from my last employer, when should I put down as last day worked for unemployment?
Simple Tax Question Help?
If you live in one state and work in another do you have to file taxes in the state you work in or live in?
if u are on disability and your spouse does not work, can you file for eic on your taxes?
To have a pan card i have to file IT returns,as i am a student.i have no income.This is for id & address proof?
why is my tax code now br?
I have ten thousand dollars in an IRA, from when I worked in another state. It will mature next week. I'm not?
Can I claim my brother as dependent if he made $5000 in 2010?
Did everyone that was expecting their Stimulus rebate to be direct deposited last week get one?
how much do they take out for federal taxes in tennessee?
Bought house and had baby how to file for the most $?
I lost my copy of my tax return before I received my refund.?
Help with filling tax credit form! I don't know which one is my income ?
Does H&R block owe customers money?
Income tax question........ Compute the income and taxable income of Don?
What is VAT ?
How do I handle this tax situation?
unemployment question?
what is a reportable transaction?
i would like to know if a man is paying childsubport and is behind on it if he is able to clame that child?
tax help for new home based business?
What's the starting wage for Pathmark Cashier?
I am thinking of buying a set of golf clubs on eBay from the USA will i have to pay duty on these goods?
When will my 2012 tax refund direct deposit!? ?
m on disability get 1300 amonth how much will the taxes be on 13000?
Calculate net salary from basic pay?
Maternity leave discrimmates against men. Right? Should we have higher tax bands for parents?
what is the property tax on a 22000 value?
Can anyone please tell me how to work out tax and national insurance rates?
health savings account and income tax?
Are there tax consequences for gifting your spouse? Any legal formalities? Anything else to know/consider?
How much sales tax would you pay for a single item purchase for $6885?
Aren't Tax Credits delightful?
How much money will I make after taxes?
How do a run payroll with no software and having never run payroll before?
where can i find a income tax table for head of household?
Is a 2001 Y reg car liable for the higher car tax charges?
Is it fair to tax rich people more than poor people?
if my refund date has not changed like a lot of ppl does this mean 1/28/11 if my definite date?
I e filed my taxes and it was accepted 3/10 getting refund mailed?
if it has been 4 days and irs hasnt accepted or denied what happens now?
What are the tax implications if i make a $6k payment to my adult son's credit card account?
im 20, can my dad still claim me on his taxes?
I drive 50 miles one way to work, Can I take my fuel cost off on my taxes?
income tax in india and it whole details?
I have never filed a tax return for 45 years and the IRA doesn't know-----WHY!!!?
Why do they give me a different tax return amount everywhere i go?
stock market, taxes on short term sells?
IRS phone number to ask questions?
Anyone with a 2012 tax return dd date of 2/7 already receive their refund?
where do i get the papers to fill out my taxes?
TaxQn:I am on W2 & my spouse on 1099.I pay hlth ins prem thru emplyr.Can we claim my spouse's share as expense
Can I deduct my travel expenses?
Still in Club 2/7 anyone else?
LIfe in UK - Bad debts!?
Paying taxes on sale of small business and the property?
If someone claims your child on there taxes and you didnt approve of it, is that a crime?
I am i am working in a good company.but i want to start a new business with(brain)out inves
Is there a way to collect my employment checks without social security being taken out?
Where is the cheapest council tax area in the UK?
i need help with irs audit?
Income Tax Question - Travel Expense?
Why wasn't my paycheck taxed?
Can two people live in the same household claim head of household on a income tax refund?
Legal advice on taxes?
Is it true that you must file income taxes for 2007 in order to get the rebate check?
Will there be stimulus checks this year?
social security card?
With the new roth 401k, how do the deductions calculate? does it take xx% of whats left after your taxes...?
I have an income tax question.?
I receive a monthly car allowance that is taxed. Can I right off my mileage at the end of the year?
Is there any free Data Entry work from where can one earn sitting at home on internet?
IRS says they deposited my refund,but I didnt get it?
Does anyone know the irs web indorsed site re: city by city business trip per diem expenses -I can't find it
In illinois, what is total weeks able to receive unemployment, including ALL extensions. I heard it was 79.?
I m 4m chandigarh India, salary rs210000pa, want credit card. Tell me how to get it?
Tax Return Question????????????????????????????????…
where do i find money owed to me.? in florida?
can anyone help with my tax questions?
Why does meat and milk not have a sales tax?
If I let my friend borrow $20,000 for a few I have to pay taxes on that?
How do you get a TAX rebate?
Duty free (UK) Question?
After filing workers comp on october 9 how long will it take to get my money im waiting for?
I lost my W-2 information and need to request a new copy of 2005's W-2. How do I get it?
how do you work out complex percentage reductions?
TAX! how much can you earn before paying tax?
tds rates fincial year 2009-2010?
Taxation Goods And Services Tax Maths Help 10 Points?
Can I claim property and school taxes...?
I am self employed (LLC). Can I write off my home office as well as a separate office?
I am the sole owner of an S corp in Texas. I am trying to find out if I need to pay unemployment on myself?
Do you still fill out tax forms if you havent worked, or been on unemployment for the last year?
How much do taxes take out?
HB 1776...? In tax elimination)?
I filed my refund through turbo tax on 1/22/12, was told by Turbo Tax I would receive my refund on 2/1/12.?
while availing credit card personal loans, does the interest portion of the EMI attracts Service tax?
Online classes for financial consulants?
You find that your paycheck for the year is higher this year than last. Does that mean that your real income?
my employeer stopped taking out fica and new york state.?
how much will i get back on my income taxes?
Security Clearance and Tax Evasion?
if you receive a payment of 5000, of an interest free loan, is taxable as income? If so where?
My boyfriend and I live together and have a 9 month old son. ?
What happens if you don't pay Lottery winning taxes?
OK LAWYERS, tax attorneys, in the tax books you get every yr., it speaks to the system being a voluntary one,?
Is the amount withdrawn from Employee Provident Fund is Taxable? The PF account is almost 5 to 10 Years Old.?
I e-filed 2009 taxes through TurboTax, it was accepted on the17th and still no update on IRS web site??? HELP!?
Why would I receive a tax-refund check for 2009, if I did not work in this particular city during that year?
I filed my federal taxes "married filing jointly." On the "Where's My Refund" tool, only my wife's SSN matches?
Who has received their IRS Stimulus payment via direct deposit?
Tax deductions for working from home?
Why can't India decrease the VAT rate and increase the income tax instead on high earners?
Deadline for IRS Extension?
I have not filed tax's for 10 out of 12 yrs.I don't remember who I worked for, or who reported it. How do I h
What if I just don't do my tax?
need help!?
How do I return my tax rebate check?
Filing a deceased person's return with a dependent?
In VAT(Value Addition Tax), any important participation to STP (Sales Tax Practitioners)?
what is PAN card? how can u get one in india?
How do you deduct mileage as an independent contractor?
So I live in Illinois and on my W2 form it said they only took $87 dollars in federal tax, why is that?
what is a web site to file my 1040nr-ez form online for free ?
can you use your ira to invest in real estate?
can you do your taxes for 2005 and 2006 together?
can i claim tax credits for my children?
what % of tax do I pay off paycheck Ontario using Excel to calculate?
do you have to have a business to reclaim vat tax in england?
Is there fines for wrongly claiming a dependent on your taxes?
Do i get good income from the taxes if I only made 4600 in the entire year, and i have 1 dependant?
what does the term "Capacity in which acting" means in IRS forms?
Rs. 840000/- per annum?
Taxes, I didn't keep track of my income!?
My mother passed away in May 2012. She has a state (MD) and federal tax bill.?
Can I amend a tax return that I have already recieved to add a dependent (my niece)? Will it affect me?
Homebuyer Credit Foreclosure Question?
Is anyone out there an accountant or a tax man!?
How do I get avoid paying child support? I make $150k per/year online?
Tax evasion in the UK?
How can I be claimed as a dependent on my parents tax return?
Tax the rich?
s corp taxation question?
how do i change taxes in a er-5213 m model?
Deferred Tax Liab or Asset new one?
I have a seller's Permit. Do I have to collect taxes?
Where can I get my 2009 Notice of Assessment?
i only made 3200 dollars this year can i wait and file it next year and if so will i get penalized?
so since it is the 14th today.. i have till the 17 to send?
how much extra in income tax do you get from interest from a mortgage?
Can my mother claim me and my children now that my husband left me six months ago?
Has anyone checked the status of their stimulus ck on the irs website and there be no information for yours ?
Tax - returning to UK after working in UAE?
Is there a Do You want Serenity @ .com?
Does anyone know.....stimulus payment?
Can I claim money I owed last year on this year's return?
i had property 22 years and sold for major profit how do i file my tax?
I want to claim jobseekers allowance and has been unemployed for more than 6 months.?
How can I get less taxes taking out of my paycheck?
How much taxe would I have to pay for an apartment (worth 1.5 million $) in Manhattan?
If I wanted to file myself for taxes for the first time, What do I do first, in January?
Can I file Head of Household, if I remarried & I pay for my children & myself?
When a couple split up can the outstanding council tax arrears be split up so that both parties can pay it sep?
Advice for avoiding owing taxes in 2008?
If my taxes got accepted on 4/12 does that mean i could get my return by Friday 4/15?
Can a woman let another man file her son even if she lives with the father of the child and he supports them?
what is my filing status when filing taxes if i am still legally married but totally separated from my spouse?
what is the service tax applicable on advertisements in newspapers?
Is there a formula to determine who claims the kid on taxes when parents are divorced?
Can wash sale loss be used aginst other stock gain?
has anyone received an update on taxes?
If I owe money to IRS would state give me refund?
Is my social security gonna be stopped?
Paying taxes on personal allowance?
Tax Offer in Compromise question?
Can the IRS take my wifes tax return if........?
what is the meaning of of section 162 for business owner ?
Unemployment question....?
how much is sales tax in new york city?
Do i have to report my tips? When it comes tax time?
Delaware Unemployment Filing a Claim?
How exactly do you pay taxes?
can a I get back my tax if I was working as a contractor?
I owe some taxes, irs or tax consultant?
Can I claim my wife if we recently married?
do you have to claim workers comp on taxes, or pay taxes on a rembursiment check?
Can we file joint return?
tax write off for food pantry donations?
i received a deposit from the u.s. treasury for $300 but i already got my tax return. what on earth is this?
Unemployment issue! should i call them to make an installment payment or they will take it from my taxes?!?
is it possible to save up all your earnings?
Where the hell is my tax money going?
Where on the tax form do you report quarterly contributions?
Collecting unemployment in new jersey?
Who claimed my child on taxes?!?
whens the earliest you can file for next years taxes?
can you collect unemployment benefits if you started collecting social security?
Are there any import duties to ship a XBOX360?
What do you think about Inheritance Tax?
How to persuade my employer to pay me cash?
How many states in the USA don't have a state income tax and which ones are they?
Has anyone scheduled to receive their tax refund today gotten it? ?
How to save on tax UK?
I have a question about 2011 taxes?
I recently found some things out about income tax and child support and....?
How do you figure it out a sale tax of 6% from my subtotal of $16?
ok so if you can use the losing lotto ticket then were do you turn then in for the tax off set when you win?
Homework help lost please help?
A party wins 30 million on a powerball jackpot. How much cash could he really get?
if i have 3 dependents and a salary of 19200, how much will my tax return be ?
Where can I find the paperwork proving that child support was deducted out of my federal tax refund?
Anyone have any luck yet with "Where's my Refund"?
When in the history did US tax system allow tax deductions for donating to charity?
will there be another unemployment extension michigan?
Should I claim my sibling as a dependent? What's the best way to get a larger tax refund?
When you buy a house, do you need to show proof you filed your taxes?
claiming children on tax return?
I have started a business recently how do I pay taxes?
what is a payable order ?
John pays $650 in property tax. what is the assessed value of his property if property taxes are 1.2% of asses?
How much will my paycheck be after taxes if I make $27,000 a year?
Through much of 2009 former shareholders of what UK bank sought compensation from the UK?
Employed or self employed - which status should/can I choose?
What is the cost of a small house in New Zealand, I need a cheap one, and How are jobs there?
Has anyone called the IRS and they didnt "see" your return in the computer, even though it was "accepted"?
How can I find out if my husband filed my taxes in 2009 and 2010? No return received.?
I still owe $100 for back taxes but expect a refund this year. Do I have to pay that first or is it deducted?
when u get married can u file taxes seprately?
Someone i know used my social no.?
how can I track my tax refund on the cra website with "my account"?
My boss has been paying me in cash and told me he will not be reporting the wages.?
Are there projects wherein taxation concepts are applied? Suggestions please.?
If I pay to enrol at college (im 26) will I get a tax exemption certifiacte?
what tax form do you use to report 1099-s proceeds?
The irs accepted my return jan 21,but the wmr has no info on my refund yet,why?
Can I be claimed as a dependent?
What is your opinion of cutting tax on low-alcohol drinks?
how would you classify a monetary gift ($50,000)received from your parents in a tax return? as income?
Will Gulf Coast Claims take back owed child support from my quick pay final claim?
best thing to buy from my savings of pocket money 2000 Rs ?
How long does it to get ur rebate check from the IRS ?
do i have to file federal taxes in order to file my CA state taxes?
College student claimed as dependent... stimulus for parents?
what is the maximum social security tax payment requirement for 2006?
What does error code 9001 mean on the IRS site? ?
If I earned $500 in '07, and paid $4,000 in tuition & supplies, can I write them off?
Will i owe money if i put 1 dependent on my taxes ?
what is address for SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER 434-86-8206?
Do i have to pay any tax on my shares?
How to get a copy of my 1040EZ?
Explanation to section 73 of income tax act is applicable to us or not?
Anyone know about taxes on New Jersey unemployment?
When did the October GST cheques get mailed out?
Maintenance of a feral cat colony tax deductible? Read on . . .?
Will they take tax out of part timers?
Is IRS tax refund for direct deposit on time for February 25, 2010?
Offering services...are these taxable?
I am paying back owed taxes on an installment plan?
My mother passed away. I cant get my inheritance for 7 more years, can I get it early?
Do you think I'll get less on my tax return for having 2 jobs?
Is it illegal and what can the parent do?
Question About Deductions?
Why do I owe tax money?
If a person is 100% unemployable through the VA, are those benefits taxable,?
filing status married vs married filing separate?
How to reapply for Certificate of Authority to Collect Sales Tax?
Tax Help!!!!?
How does one pay tax in the UK without a national insurance number?
Does New York have a tax free weekend? If so when?
tax question about claiming a child for EIC?
can I claim a AC purchased in 2008 on my 2009 return?
Is it true that there is no written law about paying taxes?
Has anyone received there refund of overpaid railroad retirement taxes from union pacific railroad?
Are an over the road truck driver's (owner-operator) fuel expenses tax-deductable? Thanks.?
I already received my tax return without claiming my daughter, how do I go about getting an amendment?
We bought a vase in Italy and now they are making us pay a high customs tax. Where dio I find info on the tax?
Do anyone know a tax advice 24/7 hotline number?
Are scholarships taxable in Canada?
if you are on social security where can you file your taxes free on line?
how can I found the employer identification number from che companies iwas working?
Is there a tax program that will tell me which filing status (jointly/separately) is best for my wife and I?
employer does not want to withhold from my paycheck?
what can you do to avoid penalties if you over contributed to a Roth IRA?
is it true that when home values drop taxes should drop too/ If so, how can I get a lower assessment?
How do I enter my supplemental property tax deduction using the TurboTax software?
Can I get money back on my taxes because of my house?
1099-misc, determination date?
has anyone actually gottena stimulus checl/deposit?
i want pan card where to apply?
Can you quit a job and file for unemployment if your employer has made payroll mistakes?
problems with council tax?
What is paycheck stub?
hello friends, how r U?
UK only, P45 question?
Are there any allowances that I'm entitled to? (I'm a student)?
Irs changed the date of deposit from Feb 1st to Feb 8 anyone else get this delay?
i made 15000 and 1400 was taken out for income tax how much will my refund check be in va?
how much pension will i get if i pay 10030rs per annum for the period of 11 year?
What are the rules for writing off training on your taxes?
The company I work for told me to deal with taxes myself, how do I go about it? (I am based in UK)?
Help With LLC TAxes?
what are professional tax slab rates?
for those whoe didn't get their tax refund today, there's an updated chart from IRS?
Can partnership property be sold or given away without the consent of all of the partners?
How do I get a copy of 05 tax returns?
Can I avoid paying tax if I receive regular payments by cheque?
how to save money?
Can I expect a large tax refund for 2012 if.....?
I got a visa giftcard of 150 dollars and bought something for 200 after tax which i didnt read?
goods cost $2k including 6% taxes, what is cost of goods before taxes?
what is unrealized rent?
How many other people did not get Stimulus Rebate on Friday?
Someone help me estimate my income tax return for 2011 please?
Will I still get my ssa check next month?
How do you file taxes in Michigan when married but two addresses?
Does anyone that has 1/31 yesterday get and update today?
Will my current back tax liability be transferred to my wife (to be) one we get married this spring?
How can I deduct medical expenses from my taxes?
Is it true that goodwill is not recognized in accounting unless it is acquired?
Do you have to pay state taxes on unemployment wages in Alabama?
Why P45 didn't work out for me?
How to settle back payroll taxes with the State of Texas?
Did anyone get there stimulus earlier than irs said?
I sold some property in Florida and received a 1099-S. What do I do with it?
What does it mean that the Unified Transfer Tax Credit is $1,772,800?
Should non smokers be allowed NHS treatment?When they pay next to nothing by way of tax?
Benefits for family? uk only?
Will I be able to claim a family member in my income taxes?
How long does it take to go through tax preparation school? Is it expensive?
tax question about residency?
Is there any tax form I can send to a Company that does not require my Social Security and other info?
Is IRS tax lien applicable to all properties owned by couple even if they are not all listed on lien document?
Can the local social sercurity print out my disabilty check sence its late ?
Macy's West employer tax id number...?
May I know the salary loan balanced of Virgilio M. Sumile in the Philippines?
What's the difference between an estate and a testamentary trust?
what happens to gst hst tax credits ?
is it bad to claim exempt on W-4 form? I am single and did not work last year.?
What is the best tax preperation software?
I just open my own clothing store, and i need to know how do i calculate the taxes?
what is the cost of filing a PAN application?
As an independent contractor, do i have to show the 1 day I worked, when claiming unemployment?
I am self employed, my son did some work for me, I paid him, should I do a 1099 for him to file his taxes.?
Can the government withhold my ex-husbands taxes?
My partners boss wants his ABN number?
UK Benefits - What would we be entitled to?
How do I report my boss for tax fraud?
if minor earns less than $5,000 a year, is he entitled to tax offset in Australia.?
what do i do, i'm panicking!?
irs refund date feb 01,2011?
I'm an NRI and don't know much about income tax rules in India. I need tax help. What is TDS?
Which ones are taken from tax owed and which ones are taken from the adjusted income?
Is Language Translation Service subjected to Sales Tax in CT?
How much will I get back on my tax return if?
i live abroad and have done for 4 years. I recently bought a house but do i have to pay council tax?
Is there a way to stop paying monthly federal/state taxes?
what day will the IRS start processing 2007 taxes?
Duplicate tax return filed?
I can't get my local taxes refunded! What's my next step?
what the heck is a w-9?
How much income text should i get when I claim my son and my house that and have lived in for two years?
tax help ?
my son is 19 and lives at home. last year he made less than $5,000.00. does he file his own tax return.?
Tax Deduction question for work boots and tools?
Do you have to pay council tax if you havent yet moved in?
is it legal for local councils to charge £130 for a late installment on my rates?
Parents without electricity for over 16hrs???
IRS moving expenses list?
Settlement On Divorce?
help - child tax credits?
How can you reduce taxes?
I travel for work/have set amount paid me by my employer for expense, can I deduct the difference on my taxes?
Does a purchaser pay resident sales tax if they are from out of state?
claiming abandoned property?
which the bank which is gud in all the terms pls tell me leaving sbi?
why do we have............?
what is excise gatepass?
can I use a k 1 and also take mileage on my return?
Does my previous employer owe me money?
How much money or what percent can the IRS take out of a check due to back taxes?
Lease-to-Own: Capital Gains or Interest Income?
What is you tax rate where you live? what State you're in?
Can my girlfriend claim me on her taxes ?
Do retail nursery workers have to be paid overtime?
Do I have to claim Reserve pay to my unemployment?
1033 exchange deferment period?
Can I get money back from the gas I spend driving to work and back when I file my taxes?
Should I report some one doing fraud. on tax credits.?
Will I be able to claim independent on my taxes? What is hoh?
What are the basic points on Australian tax from the international tax benchmarking study? Any links 2 sites?
Do spas need to charge tax?
Is there anything unconstitutional about putting tariffs on foreign cars?
How do I get a federal income tax lien released after the 10 year statute tolls?
Will a tax-loss carry-forward offset tax on a roth conversion?
Federal student aid pin?
Why did I lose on my tax return after entering school information? 1098-T?
Help a newbie with taxes! 3 Things I'm not sure how to handle, studentloan interest, bond interest and new car?
Are we gettinig another $600 Federal Rebate?
What is the approx. % of all taxes taken out of a weekly paycheck in NY?
Anyone ever used H&R block?
Do i need to file Schedule C if I've already filed Schedule SE?
Can I get tax credit for raising livestock or crops in tennessee?
what is the recent change in rule from BPT from India going for MPT in US?
If you have a son in prison and you give money to him on a weekly basis. Is this tax deductible?
What does it mean to be in a tax bracket of '25'?
taxact problems and wheres my refund?
When will biscuitville mail out there w2 forms?
Taxes I'll pay of my life time?
How much would an ipod shuffle be taxed in indiana?
1099 tax question please.............?
Question about US taxes?
if you pay $7000 of tax in 2011, how much was your income that year?
if i have a third party tax refund check of someone in jail, should i deposit it into my bank account?
sales tax question??
Tax refund !!!!!!!!!!!'nnn?
Im 20 years old with no work experience, and i dont know about taxes!?
Should I need to worry about being audited by the IRS, or do they only audit when certain red flags appear?
I'm 71 a UK citizen but never worked in the UK. Can i get an old age Pension?
8000 tax credit over 7500 tax credit?
For me to take the CPA exam in FL, I need 2 hours of business law covering contracts, torts, ucc. see below:?
Whan does "Payee / Taxable Entity:" means?
Did anyone get their deposit on the actual day the IRS said it would be deposited?
Does IRS ask the business website URL?
question or two because i didn't finish filing taxes last year? :-/?
what can a person do when his or her employer wont get their w2 form to them?
What is the easiest way to work out tax & National Insurance on a monthly wage?
Is it hard to file for an extension on taxes?
i sent in the wrong canadian tax return, i missed one of my 4 t4s, what do i do?
In INDIA ,Opening a Demat Account with ICICI or CITI bank , which is best? and who offers a better service?
How to minimize 2005 capital gain tax resulted from stock gains?
What would you like to ask?how do i work out how much tax i pay on an ABN number?
Is Where's My Refund working for anyone?
if the US government would keep our tax refunds each year, would it gradually bring us out of debt?
will the tax rebates cure the recession?
is vat payable in supply of services to south africa?
new to forex and some tax question?
Could my parents avoid capital gains from the sale of a rental property by gifting money from the sale to us?
Did the irs wmr cite update on sunday 2/12?
Wat info do u send with ur working tax credit form?
S-corp tax deductions on personal income ?
can my 18 year old file for tax she is only working a part-time and going to college and live at home?
do you know the fax number to the irs for sending documents concerning audit?
is it illegal to marry for tax purposes only?
If you dont file your taxes by a certain time, what could the IRS do to you?
Forgot form 1099g on tax return. ?
How can I inform Walmart that they are charging tax on items that are not legally taxable?
Any Idea what is the import duty to India for Amazon Kindle?
i earned approx. 9,000 last year as an independent contractor how much do i have to pay?
If you have insurance premiums deducted from gross pay (not paid by employer), can you claim on taxes?
Little Tax Advice????
Tax increases in the affordable health care bill. It says it will impose added tax of 3.8% on unearned income?
Should my wife make voluntary NI contributions for 2010/11 tax year?
what is the short term capital gains tax rate?
Can I find on line how much I owe on back taxes that I have been paying monthly payments on?
What happens if I change my return?
Tax free weekend for Back to School?
Does married filing separately give you the same taxes as if you filed as a single?
can i claim exempt if my mom is claiming me as an dependent?
Self employed but no income coming in?
What is the depreciation schedule of a franchise and goodwill?
How much tax is paid on income earned overseas when completing an Australian tax return?
how much money am i going to get from income taxes if i made $10,000 this year?
Do resale tax certificates expire?
tax return and filing?
If your small business is less than months old, do you have to file a tax return?
About how much will I have to pay?
If you forget to file taxes how long does it take to get a CP59 letter from the gov?
Hours being cut to less then 30 a week. How will it effect a single persons working tax credits?
How much does Target Australia (prefferably New South Wales) pay?
Claiming Lost Rent or Damanges on Tax Return?
Paid a salary, but employers trying to pay me hourly for last month as i am leaving?
What type of brokerage account would be most efficient to open for me to open?
perfectly inelastic supply who will suffer the tax? buyers or seller?
Do I need to get a US Tax Identification Number?
Tax Question...Any ideas?
Can I have any income tax liability from being listed on a payroll but not actually working?
Social Sec. withholding. From a "seasoned" citizen.?
Is tuition NOT tax deductible in California income taxes?
My fiancé messed up on his taxes!?
No VAT on ready possession flats in Maharashtra?
I have an i pay account and i can pull up the gross and net amonts on my cgeck stub but not the hours or deduc?
how much is the usual allowence for job corp?
Did anyones tax refund show up in the bank Before the WMR showed a DD date?
How Much Tax Will I Owe?
If I file taxes can my dad still claim me as a dependant?
W2 form question not given.?
Has anyone successfully lowered their property tax and how?
Claiming Taxes and Dependents?
Income Tax 1099-R Question?
My car is running out of tax this month. will the wardens give me a month's tolerance?
How do you claim revenue from e-publishing on U.S. taxes?
What are annual property taxes based on?
What do you think about Inheritance Tax?
Tax refund question I filed my taxes on 1/17/12.?
Help with IRS tax question?
Can I claim compensation from my work?
Am I being charged to much on my taxes, what do you think?
whats import duties and taxes if i order frm ebay m frm india.?
should i file my income tax using schedule c sole proprietor or schedule c profit and loss?
Question about Taxes on a Website.?
just find out today i have won the mega millions lottery for 30 million dollars,after taxes how much willi get
Tax return - When do I need receipts and when can I use bills (ie my phone bill)?
Does anyone know anything about tax lien certificates?
Can the IRS take money from your bank account if you put it in you maiden name?
if you fill out the W4 form with employer, but they direct deposit you the whole amount without withholding an?
Do I claim waitress tips for SSI?
Can I deduct my monthly vehicle payments on my taxes if I used the car primarily for work?
if i put a cheque in the bank for ten thousand pound do the bank or tax people ask questions?
Where IS the law that says I can't claim unemployment from two states at the same time?
Going through a divorce -- do I have to file my taxes jointly still?
What are the possible consequenses of Minor tax fraud (Australia)?
Is a auto warrenty refund from dealer reported to IRS?
If I sell my house and don't use all of the profits on purchase of new one do I have to pay Capital gains tax?
Arguments against 'Brain in a Vat'?
oops i 4got my Taxes?
The government has no right to tax our income.?
if you own a house and loose it to foreclosure,willyou get money back cause of that when you file taxes?
if i file my social security benefit on my income tax will i get more money?
I claimed EIC, was i allowed?
how many money invest in capital gain bond to avoid tex?
what is Canada ON gst and pst?
What are the tax consequences of a corporation vs. an LLC?
how to complete Sec.B on the CA EDD Claim form if your job searches are done online, list the web address?
How much federal and state income taxes will I pay in California on $60,000 a year?
what can I do about a wage garnishment?
How do I call the United States IRS from Canada?
How long for my child tax credits?
I Received this e-mail:" UK NATIONAL LOTTERY WINNING NOTIFICATION " Do you verify it ?
Is claiming a child as dependent on taxes for the past 4 yrs. tax fraud if that child doesn't live with you ?
taxes and fake names as a writer?
How much will I make after taxes?
what is the sales tax on$ 6.00?
I want to claim my parents as dependents on my tax form, will this affect their social security benefits?
New born child and the IRS rebate?
Where is the money coming from for tax credits?
what death taxes to survivors in the state of NJ have to pay?
I rec'd a 1099-misc as a p/t realtor. Do I not qualify for the Child Care Credit and if I do, how do I input?
What is the Sales Tax of Lynnwood, Washington (State)?
In california do you need to pay property taxes for leasing property?
how much will i get taxed?
How long does it take for a decision to made on the behalf of my unemployment claim?
Tax help with 1099-c involving two people?
Income tax question (UK)?
free tax filling?
does ne one know how much taxes they take out of a paycheck in arizona?
A friend of mines has a job. She pays her taxes from every check she receives.?
OK A revised version of my question, A bank payment of £1000 has been posted to drawings instead of wages?
Accounting: is the allowance method different from sales return and allowances?
I did get some answers from H & R Block!?
Can I claim Exempt on my 2012 W4?
How much do they take out of your paycheck for taxes?
Can I get away without paying taxes on my car?
Virginia laws regarding farm use taxation on elderly?
How much tax is taken from a check of 35k?
How do i minus FICA from amounts?
Tax Amendment, submitted on March 31st 2012?
Does my 14 yr old daughter have to file income tax if she only made $2007 and had no taxes withheld?
How to apply my property Grant Deed?
How much would I owe for taxes on 1099, if i made 38,000.00 in a year?
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