What are the advantages of doing your own taxes online?
What is the capital gains tax if I sell my second home ?
What line do I fill in on an amended 1040x tax return for a long term capital gain?
Does Bankrupcy cover Owed Federal Taxes?
How to spread the word about a new fake E-mail about the economic stimulus refund from the IRS?
What line is the amount of income tax?
Re: Mitt Romneys' question "How can we change the tax code to ease the burden on our families..."
Is my mom stealing my Social Security Check from me?
How many years should I save my tax returns?
Could tax tax refund really go up another $1,500 since last year?
How can I get married but not report it on my taxes? ?
council tax fine,help please?
Does my plasma donation income count as income to the IRS?
Im a single mother with no job can i file income tax on my 2 year old without a w2 form ?
i won 50000 what would be the federal tax taken out on it?
Will I get a tax return if I collected unemployment ?
Does the state automatically deduct the welfare cash assistance from ssi or do i have to report it?
If I ask my boss to allow me to pay my own tax, What reasons could he use for not wanting to?
Why would a business voluntarily register for VAT?
What is the month taxes and for the year ?
do i need to send copy of my marriage certificate when amend 2008 tax return filing status from single to marr?
I dont understand why my dd is not showing in my account....irs said it was deposited 2/8?
do continuous shift workers get more holidays than day workers?
Australian aged pension question?
If a person recieved a form SSA1099 do they get money back?
If I make $26,400.00 a year, how much is that per hour?
What do u think about the Progressive method that used to calculate the income tax?
can collection agency take my tax refund for not paying a court order?
PAN NO: BAGPM6100G allotted to me but I could not received?
If you have an overpayment from unemployment can they take your federal taxes as repayment?
Why does the IRS penalize you for being single?
Should I tell the IRS they made a mistake in my favor?
Do you have to pay council tax on a second house if no one lives in it?
Question 'bout tax rebate..?
How do you estimate taxes for 1099?
How do i file for taxes and have my stepson on my dependants without including my wife(his mom) on fed taxes?
Will any bank give me an education loan of 16 Lakhs for doing mba it iim b schools india .....pls tell details?
Tax due on sale of business?
Can we file joint return?
How come some Country Clubs are Tax-Exempt?
what's the difference between irs printout and irs certified copy?
To become agent for sale of capital gain tax free bonds of RECLand NHAI Who is to becontactedand?
Efiled taxes May 29th. It is August 10th and still no refund! What gives?
I just started playing golf professionally and was wondering about how to pay taxes?
how much is this mac plus tax ?
Has anyone got irs acceptence who filed with hr block online?
Is 846/E6100 an emergency tax code?
How to disappear in UK?
do you have to pay tax for bidvertiser?
Do freelance foreigners living in their on country have to pay US taxes?
self employed construction?
Will a pension loan effect my tax return?
where do you find out if your w2 forms have been mailed?
how many times has india suffered petrol price hike till now?
how much federal tax should be taken out of $15,755.71 ?
Gambling winnings?
How can I not pay National Insurance tax?
bookkeeping samples?
Do you pay taxes on inherited IRA, Investment, Annuity and CD's?
An i entitled to any benefits?
What is the IF formula to calculate the Regular pay, Overtime Pay, and Gross Pay?
Do you get taxed if lots of people give you a little amount of money - equaling a lot of money.?
When filing pantdt7lp and pantdtlp which one comes first. Thanks!?
WMR still not updating for me!!!!!?
My tax credit has been terminated?
How can a foreign company get away without paying gross income taxes and Tarriff tax on there exports?
tax help on exemptions?
Bought something from the USA, have to send it back. Will I be able to claim the customs VAT back?
Illegal until 8yrs ,gaurdian and taxes for my child.?
can you please find reg the authenticity of uk online national lottery & there bankers watling county bank plc
If you have issued a refund claim for a business' income taxes, how is this applied to the books?
What are the tax implications when a parent puts your name along with theirs on a co-op and they pass away?
Tax Software?
How does gift tax and unified credit work?
Will (or when will) I have to pay capital gains taxes in Georgia?
When some one refers to a particular fiscal year is it called by the year it starts or the year it ends?
Should I consider US citizenship if I will return back to Britain sometime?
how to pay into social security and medicare?
Will it affect me if someone else uses my kids name to file taxes. I live in Mexico & my kids too.?
How would I do taxes with my online buisness?
whats the use of computers in income tax calculation and submission?
vat on zari powder in maharashtra/ rajasthan/gujarat?
What time frame do the irs deposit refunds ?
do i need my social security number to cash my tax refund at vcom?
In Singapore, are we taxed only based on income?
How do i calculate the percentage of tax taken away from a item?
Freddy purchased a certificate of deposit for $20,000 on January 1, 2010.?
Can you get income tax from working a month?
Is it possible for a pay raise to result in less income due to being put in a higher tax bracket?
has anyone received an update on taxes?
4% of the income is taken as tax and 12.5% of the remaining is saved.This leaves $1680 to spend. income?
What is a good number to claim on my W-2 as exemptions?
Do I report income to IRS if I'am a temp employee?
What is the percentage of Federal Income Tax on a person's income in the U.S?
Can i send stuff like climbing gear and watches to my cousins outside US through USPS or fedex?
Personal Exempttion from paying taxes?
How much of a tax credit would I get if I donated land to a church?
what is the new revenue recognition?
filing unemployment extension?
P60's - A question for UK people?
Are state tax withholdings based on where you live or work?
state sales tax is 6%. County sales tax is 1/2%. How much tax must you charge on a $40.00 sale?
Can you write your hygiene gear off as a medical expense on your taxes?
If I'm unemployed and I don't make any money all year, do I still have to file taxes on April 15th?
how do i find out if i am eligable for a tax rebate?
Complicated - can two people claim the same child, one as a dependent and the other as a nondependent?
Do disabilty pensioners benefit from the utility allowance?
Whether TDS is to be deducted on Roaming Transactions in India with National Telecom Operators?
How can I save taxes apart from 80C?
Is anyone getting tax money this year?
Canadian TFSA - Question!?
Are taxes taken out of the weekly living stipend given to SCA interns?
anyone else not received their taxes yet?
Is it true the first £10,000 you make is tax free?
Is art taxable in pennsylvania?
do america pay taxes?
Should a permanent resident who didn't work last year file a tax return?
Will there be stimulus checks this year?
How to claim a deceased dependent on tax return?
California state income tax return revisions Notice Code, codes:04 TY.?
How do I determine my short term capital gain tax rate?
I want to watch The Ring Two,where can i see it?
why can't a married couple ,if one is on ssi , claim a spouse for earned income credit?
Does Oregon Charge state sales taxes now?
Why does the amount on my 1099 not match my invoice?
Can i claim my mon on my taxes?
Taxes: What is the criteria for claiming someone as a dependant?
Need to register for ABN in Australia. Like to know the business type?
What is this australia lotto lottery? is it real or fake???????
Do I get a child deduction refund if I received unemployment?
can i claim individual computer parts on the (Australian) Education Tax Refund?
what is advantage of taxation?
What is the easiest way to file past income tax?
In the state of Illinois, can a 17 year old open a back account without a parent?
How much tax would be taken out of a $731 paycheck?
If I move from Worcester County, MD to Baltimore County, MD which one will I pay taxes in?
If i earned 30£ every two weeks for a year how much would i have?
If me & my wife claim 9 for the last 2 months of the year and have 2 children will we owe? filed married joint?
What is asset Protection Consulting Group, Inc.?
A Tax Exemption Question?
how much to tops employees get paid?
why do i owe so much federal taxes this year?was there a change in the amount they take out in 2010?
why would irs change my date for a week later, and then change the way i would receive it?
Are there programs in California to assist or lower my Property taxes?
How to avoid UK custom fees ?
I have just signed up with an agency?
balance sheet and profit and loss in excel format for income tax audit report please giuve me a link or email?
Just a question about taxes, and the title to our home...?
How do I find out the amount of alimony i've received to do my taxes? It's combined w/ child support I get.
can irs tax social security payments?
If I havent worked or paid any taxes can I file taxes and receive a refund Im on disability and have 1 child?
can i deduct the mileage i used to take my mother in law to and from her doctors appointments?
Can I claim a friend that has lived with me for a year as a dependent?
Is my friend correct in filing as an independent on her tax returns so she receives the stimulus payment?
Tax Returns..Please help!!?
what if sent my fed tax to my state and state tax to federeal IRS,how will they notify me about that mistake?
As a single person, is it better to claim 0 or 1 on my w-4 form?
Is there a way to get taxes from 6 years ago?
How and where should the payment of dividends be shown on a Tax Return?
My former employer says i owe them money and wont release my w2s.?
Is there any income tax relief (US federal and state of CA) for parents having kids with special needs -Autism
How can I, or can I, write off lottery winnings from my taxes?
I have a tax question?
What is the State of Illinois tax rate?
do you tax labor?
Is a refund larger if you file head of house hold verus single?
Are capitol gains taxes paid in this tax year deductible next year?
Where's My Refund (WMR) - Site not updating - due to date filed?
employer pays security deposit for employees house recoverable from the employee in 24 EMI .tax incident?
What if the Tax Payable in BIR Form 1700 is negative, am I entitled for a refund?
How do I get my 8880 form?
If my fiance and I bought a house, but I am the co-borrower, do I still have to claim it?
My first time tax filling questions?
I just started a new pt job and no fed taxes were being taken out of my check?
Incapacity Benefit Double whammy?
1099 tax expense deductions?
can one spouse deposit a federal income tax check into anyone's account without both spouses being present?
i nedd a work permit to stay in the uk at the moment i only have a one year work permit?
Tax deductions?? New job?
Is it hard to file for an extension on taxes?
I e-filed my taxes 3 or 4 weeks ago. Yesterday, March 21, I received a 1099. What do I do with it?
Do they have open carry permits in the UK?
freaking out about my tax refund amount?
unemployment paid less this week?
Wii Arlen Spector be successful in getting a hugh windfall profit tax on oil company excessive profits?
Is there a way of getting a high tax refund for an American working as an ESL teacher in Korea?
how does property tax work ? do owners pay EVERY year the tax ? or just when someone buying a property?
Tax dependant question?
I haven't gotten an economic stimulus payment- last digits of SS# is 08- what's wrong??
how much money can i get for claiming my boyfriend if he's in mid 20's in the state of newyork?
Just a question on a Paycheck and it being with held, please help me out!?
I am a resident of India. I have come into an inheritence from an aunt in the US. What are the tax implication?
Fafsa application tax info?
Calculating SS and Medicare deductions?
can you deduction income taxes from inheritance taxes?
if an oversea company registers a branch in the UK, what are the tax implications if there is no revenue?
Do you still have to pay taxes if you get an account on moshi monsters?
Once IRS mailes out your refund check is it possiable that you can get it the next day?
Texting to UK from USA?
Do I need to file takes if I made less than a 3000.00?
what are the 1099's tax return (federal and state)?
Do you have to report profit from sale of a real estate? Some were spent to pay for charges on remodeling?
Can property taxes be spent on new cars for the FBI?
which are the differeent kinds of taxes there; and i want to know about them in detail.plz give d info?
Why is my tax refund taking so long?
how many children can you claim when you file taxes?
My shop was purchased for Rs:38000:00 in1981 in Mumbai.It is sold for Rs:50,00000 in 2012 What are the taxes?
i made 15000 and 1400 was taken out for income tax how much will my refund check be in va?
are washers and dryers deductable from your income tax?
pl send me in india incometax farm no-16?
tax credits??? tough question, help!?
Using 401K funds to purchase a house?
as a coaching class i had paid service tax till now but this FY my turnover is less than 10 lacs. do i have to?
why didnt social services do their job when i turned in my retirement check?
Is CPA the same thing as getting a bachelors in accounting?
When will my REFUND BE HERE? accepted 1/19, dd 1/30, then 2/6, then 2/10, now no info at all!?
How can i invest in Kisan Vikas Patra since I am us Citizen?
How much taxes would the state of oregon take out of a $492.00 check?
Dependents i can claim with OT in PP?
I am owed back child support in the excess of 37,000, should my ex's stimulis check be garnished/sent to me
Does the IRS ever come to your home to collect debt?
fuel pricing?
I've lost my tax info from my work, can i go to the irs instead of telling my job i lost it and need a copy?
Where do you recommend to do my taxes?
I filed my taxes today and claimed my one child expecting to recieve the 3,000 for the earned income credit?
how do I do a credit report on my self?
Filing form 5405 separately for 1st time homebuyer?
how may kids can you claim on your taxes?
Can I sue the michigan treasury department for my money? if not what do i do? help!!!!!!!!1?
sales person he said he isnt registered for vat,is this illegal?
Does anyone know when you usually get back your federal income tax return?
what documents are needed to get tax deductions for prescriptions?
What will happen if I don't pay my property taxes by the end of the year?
i had property 22 years and sold for major profit how do i file my tax?
Do we really have to pay tax?
How much will be taken out of my paycheck for taxes?
Tax free college savings?
How much is 2.25 % tax to $40?
Form W-4, what to write for question 6 if H is 1?
US tax for professionals working abroad?
How much taxes would be taking out of my 1084$ paycheck at minimum wage (9.04) Washington state?
If I am a business owner and I purchase an SUV/Truck type vehicle, am I able to use this as a tax write off?
8,999 plus 6.00% tax?
do you have to file your w-2 if its based on just one paycheck?
First $600 of earnings as a new hire?
Who should claim a baby on taxes, the parent who makes more or less for the best benifit?
If you owe back child support.. will you still get your Stimulus payment.?
Is their any link for deduction for LLC taxes?
How much would GST be if I bought a game that costs $60 in Canada?
hi this is sapana thapa from nepal i applied for uk vissa on 25th feb. 2010.till now i did not got any respons?
How are VAT numbers used in the UK?
Which parent can claim our 5 yr old son on their taxes?
Multiple state incomes and tax ?
I worked and lived in one state but moved to another where would I collect unemployment ?
Do I need a tax form from 401K before I file my taxes?
when is it the last day to file?
How fair is it to have IRS "settling" overdue tax bills????
Is a research trip for my grad student wife tax-deductible?
Im under 24 and both parents are alive do i have to get less than1000 on taxes?
do you have to pay tax on money recieved from a deceased relative?
Do I have to wait on my other w-2's from my past jobs to file my taxes?
water investments tax id number you like to ask?
Bond's interest rate and tax homework help?
1099-B Maturity of Tax exempt college bond. Must I claim it as income?
How do you feel about having to pay taxes?
Back taxes owed to a state I haven't lived in for years?
where can i get a free list for the tax forclousure sales propertys that are to be auctioned in wa.?
please help (unemployment benefits)?
do i need to repay back the $8k 1st time home buyer tax credit if I conduct business from home?
I worked fulltime from april 2011 to september 2011 then went back to full time education can i claim taxback?
After-tax WACC and the Opportunity Cost of Capital?
If I'm 17 and make about 15,000 a year do I have to pay taxes?
Has anyone who filed early with Turbo Tax still not been accepted by the IRS?
Exempt on paycheck/?;://:;/////?
when is tax returns is due for persons with TDS under sec 192 and 194J?
Will they take taxes out?
Tax law question anyone did the 15 hours yet ?
Information about Mystery shoppers?
Can you help me?
My fiance has not filed his taxes in 4 years.?
Delinquent Tax Sales?
how much should I withhold from my payee's check live in WA? Also what I withhold from business for the...?
Can you get out of filing your yearly income tax?
Will i get my tax return tomorrow like they said?
How much do i have to earn before being eligible for tax?
what is the 2010 tax exemption limit?
Do you get all amount of Federal Withheld as your Tax refund ?
How to get back duty/tax when return or exchange online purchase from US?
Filing married but seperate no dependants made 20,000 dollars will owe. HELP?
I'm already UK citizen. I plan to move to Belfast. I want to know should I pay regional and district tax?
Tax help for capital gains?
Has anyone checked the "Wheres My Tax stimulus" ( Rebate) on the IRS website?
Filing taxes?
Amending a previous tax return and bankruptcy?
What number do I put on allowances for the w-4 form?
how can i know the exact name & address of the PAN card no. DGGTS0251A.....plz help me .its urgent?
How much federal tax is deducted from a lottery ticket worth $2500?
What is the estimated cost to taxpayers for housing an inmate for one year in jail?
is this tax evasion? if someone gets paid in cash do they have to file their taxes?
List three reasons why it is a benefit to you to file an Income tax return?
I dont have form 16 from my previous employer.?
Are U.S. contractors working on a military base overseas exempt from Mass state tax?
I started a Auto Detailing California Corporation. Do I need to charge sales tax for using wax and silicon?
When it comes to you have to enter ALL w2's? ?
A friend is asking me to pay an IRS bill for her because she's closed her bank account..?
I received 2 W-2's for the same earnings but from different I report both?
Will I have to pay capital gains on a house I have owned since 1975 in California if I sell it?
Is there a simple way to find out what will be my tax refund without my W2?
The IRS are trying to say that I owe them taxes now. How?
Will I get that I.R.S. refund even though I'm paying them in monthly installments for back taxes? I filed.
Turbo Tax Question...When will I receive my refunds using E-file? "Detailed information is inside"?
I bought some stocks last year but did not sell any. Do I need to declare them in my IT returns somewhere?
ok, so this new school kid bonus in australia that will replace the education tax refund?
If an employer reimburses you for an expenses, does it need to be reported to the IRS?
Does an 11 year old have to file taxes?
What is the difference between taxes?
Do I have to pay any type of cancellation of debt income taxes on my foreclosure?
How much will I get taxed by the IRS?
Child support and taxes question to clarify?
is servicetax applicable on brokerage by custom house agent?
i never filed taxes in it too late to get my money?
does a foreign resident pay estate taxes on us financial accounts?
Medically Retired VS Voluntary Redundancy?
why is it taking so long to get tax refunds?
I don't understand why I owe $1250 in federal taxes...HELP?
Can I report naturalization expenses on my taxes?
how does RRSP work in Canada?
what can I claim on tax for my tax return as a driller that works remote areas for up to 9 weeks at a time?
Can deduct my mother care cost?
What is a tax bracket?
when was canadian money first made?
Re: Netting Capital Losses Carry Forwards with Capital Gain?
Can any one tell me is their SBI bank or it's atm machine in cardiff?
Higher rate (40% of income tax affect you? (UK)?
Do I have to pay taxes on what I get paid for watching my friends child?
Procedure for correction of DOB in PAN card?
First-Time Homebuyer Credit on Turbo Tax Question?
How old do you have to be to work in a cafe in the UK?
Im a single mother with no job can i file income tax on my 2 year old without a w2 form ?
If I sale my property for $100,000 how much tax do i have to pay the government.?
I got a 1099C from a company I've never done business with. Should I be concerned?
As a home buyer if I get a portion of my realtor's commission, what are the tax implications? How to minimize?
How you feel, having to pay with your taxes for the stupidity of others?
what is the maximum number of dependents you can claim on your w4?
Can someone with only state ID be able to start a business?
Self-directed RRSPs?
I applied for an IRS ITIN for my wife over a year ago, but never received a response?
will i go to jail for not filing my tax this year?
How much will the Carbon Tax cost Australia on an annual basis?
not filing s corp taxes penalty?
Best phone under rs.2500?
Quarterly estimated payments and my current full time employer?
how much is fast food tax in California?
Are we paying too many taxes?
I need the web address for the donation values for my taxes. Looking for free info?
tax return?
jointly or separately?
I am a salaried person & missed 31JUL2006 deadline for filing tax returns, how do I file the returns now?
WIll I be better of working?? I'm on benefits and really want to work but am worried bout rent etc...?
I recently started my own small silk screening company, a customer asked about the 5039 tax exemption?
Where is our tax relief money?
Has anyone received their refund today?
I work at a fast food place in Toledo, Ohio. How much taxes r taken out of my bi-weekly paycheck?
tax codes an refunds u.k only?
Do I need to pay US income tax on foreign (UK) earned income?
i am a tax preparer, how can i offer rapid refund to my clients?
If i write a check but dont have the full amount in my account will it still pay for wht i sent it for?
Can Target make you pay sales tax (in California)?
Can I claim outstanding tax from my current employer?
How to take maximimum benifit of tax deduction? for INDIA only?
Do I need to fill out a W-9 form if i'm not getting paid?
Do i claim 0 or 1 on my w4?
world bank salary - tax free for US citizens?
Is my friend correct in filing as an independent on her tax returns so she receives the stimulus payment?
I get a social security check from my mom & my grandma wont give it to me. can i put the check in my name.?
Can I buy a house with previous tax rate?
How is premium income from covered call option writing taxed?
Would I get penalized for cashing out my ESOP after termination?
When I go to the mall, why does everyone look at my feet?
We have rental R.E. in Florida but live in Illinois. Is the income from this subject to IL income taxes?
What are the taxes rate for the employer when he pays more than $5.250 for educational benefits in florida?
Registering under 18 and Filling W8-BEN Under 18?
Taxes: When I file Next year 09's taxes, how much will I get extra being I just got married and Had a baby?
tax refund 2012 did anybody get accepted on1/18?
Why don't UK people appreciate their great government and country a lot more ?
Can I claim my husband and my new son on my income taxes this year?
Estimated Tax payment?
Form 8880 line 4 - do they mean all distributions or just the non-qualified ones?
do i have to claim my workman comp checks on my taxes?
can I claim on 2005 taxes money paid towards 2001, 2003, 2004 tax debts?
Should I be classified as a statutory employee?
ok can anyone tell me the truth?
tax code 503L?
what is med ee+sp on my paycheck?
tax credit? howmuch is minimum amount of working tax credit a person can get?
What is the capital gains tax on stock sold under a one year holding period?
Do I need to file federal/state tax returns?
Can I Take Out £5 Over The Counter In A Post Office? (UK)?
Should we get inheritance tax banned. Isn't just a tax on being dead.?
Question about filing past year taxes?
Do programs such as Welfare and food stamps raise taxes?
What does my 2012 tax refund deposit date mean?
What form should I use to write off gas as a nanny who gets a W-2?
Could I Just Claim My Son On My Taxes?!?
India get Puntered once again, about to be Clarked upside the head?
social security widow's benefits early?
How do I find the value of donated items for taxes? Shirts, household items, etc.?
how would you make including taxes?
How do I calculate late penalties on CA FTB Form 100 tax return?
where my refund feb 7th club accepted on the 22nd ?
What does 6 figures a year mean?
If I am an American citizien with a sole prop overseas, do I report the profit on 1040?
Is expensing 2011 fees for audit in 2011?
how do pri vate accounts work, how is your paycheck taxed with this sysytem?
Filing 2010 Taxes Now, and didnt when stimulas check came out, can I still file in 2012 or is it too late?
I am in a hurry to get my tax return. Is there any way to file now? or do I have to wait until Jan 1?
My ex-husband owes a lot of back pay for child support. If his new wife filed..?
Can a guy get in trouble if he claims his son??
I filed bankrupsty and now they are seeking to extend the time for filing a motion to dismiss under 11 USC 707?
My husband did not receive a 1099 for 2009 but had expenses. Can we use the expenses without income?
can I get my income tax refund this year as a full time student if it's been taken each year to pay OSAP?
Can I file as head of house hold If I lived with my boyfriend?
How Much Will The Tax Be?
Do I have to pay federal income taxes?
Which tax status should I use?
Should I move or Should I stay...?
My Wife and I have seperated since we filed our taxes and were waiting on the Injured Spouse Form to go throug
I'm receiving Unemployment and freelancing an event where i'll be paid a large sum, what do you do about taxes?
How much tax should i be paying?
Can I file my 2004 tax return (and hopefully recieve a refund) online for free?Anywhere?
The Internal Revenue Code lists a number of different gross income sources...?
Can I hold Home Improvements on my taxes?
Filed for an extention on 2007 taxes. When is my return due?
Trusts avoid probate. Isn't the total value of an estate, including trusts, subject to fed & state death tax??
Do the irs accept all returns? do they confirm w2 before disbursing refund?
do I have to file a 1099 misc?
If someone is gifting you 60,000 dollars, how would the IRS know to tax that giftor?
i need help with snapfish please?
If I stop showing up at Target, will they be allowed to hold my paycheck?
If i set up a payment plan with my debtor can i get my offset tax refund back?
In the state of PA if a 16 year old gets a job part time can you still claim them as a dependent on income tax?
Hi does anyone know if the stimulus checks for Friday will go out Thursday night so they deposit Friday?
Is provision for bad debts an operating expense?
Is there any way to avoid reporting a check for an amount greater than $10,000? My biz has its first check..
Should states require collection of all state, county, and city sales and use taxes at the time of sales?
Will I need to repay the 2009 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit after a breakup?
should i phone them?
Filed with Tax Act... ?
file taxes separately.?
I filed my taxes with turbo tax on 2-3-2012 and it says it was accepted that same day.?
irs codes on WMR, why are they different?
Can I claim the LIC Invest made under my wife's maiden name under u/s 80C?
Question of tax return?
Advice about my son and taxes?
Is ones estate taxed on the sale of non-primary property at ones death?
i had my tax return split between 2 accounts. got my dd in one account but not the other?
If me and my Ex-BF get back together, will we both be in front (as we'll have to claim as a "Couple")?
I live in the state of florida im single and i have no kids i make 7.55 a hour and i get paid bi-weekly?
if i am receiving 2W2's for a second job can i claim my daughter twice?
Would it be nice is Obama cut property taxes?
A question on single person tax credits?
Is there a chart that shows all state and their county sales/use taxe rate?
It is july 28 has anyone received any extended benefits from unemployment yet? I have been waiting since june?
Need to know how much tax would be paid on 48.5 mil US inheritance?
This is in California. Is DISABILITY PAY from the EDD taxable to the State and Federal?
What is Excise/Excise Duty? What are the rates applicable for Pharmaceutical Comapnies of India ?
OPTION A v/s B: Best tax advantage on purchasing a business vehicle?
what can you do to avoid penalties if you over contributed to a Roth IRA?
Why should the wealthy pay a higher tax percentage?
the important of correctly calculating income tax withholding and the possible problems with miscalculating it?
what is (compensation draw)with out of state lottery with a check of part of the winnings?
Did any one get the tax rebate deposit today is so what are your last 2 # of S.S?
Tax benefits for full time students.?
How can i find out how much taxes will be taken out of each individual paycheck?
2009 california tax returns? IOU?
Importng from china too UK?
If you have a direct deposit date shown on the "where's my refund" on the IRS website, what does that mean?
I have not filed income tax in12 yrs and i understand i only need to file from 2002 til now is this possible?
Can I do a home office deduction AND office deduction?
how much are the taxes on the property on 14955 prevost?
Submitting forms 1096 & 1099-INT to IRS?
If the income in a business is $2100 and the cost of supplies and expenses is $1630, what is the profit?
Name on title, but not on mortgage. Can I still get tax deduction?
Where does the Child Tax Credit really come from?
I got an email from the IRS????? Pllzzz help!!?
Donating and claiming it on taxes?
before being made redundant in feb previous employers informed me i was due a tax rebate.where do i st?
When do I have to pay self-employment tax?
about state and local taxes?
I am trying to get my taxes done and am stuck on these education credits.?
If A person makes $64.00 per day before taxes are withheld, how much will they bring home for that day?
1099 what happens if you do not include on your taxes?
If Sally sold seashells by the seashore does she have to declare them as income on her taxes?
I had to pull most of my money from a IRA to keep in business and now I can't afford to pay the taxes on that?
Stimulus recovery/rebate, how do it work, still confused?
Who pays more tax - Aussies or Kiwis?
When I file my taxes, do I state my residency as where I lived and paid rent or the address on my id?
Can I claim medical expenses on my taxes if they were paid with a credit card that is not yet paid off?
I get a 1099 form, do I have to prepay taxes ? How does this effect paying Soc.Security ?
How can i file the Tax with two W2's?
what are these taxes taken from my paycheck? ST s/b, FED WTH,FWT S/B?
How can I be UK tax resident?
What happens if I do not file my income tax for three or more consecutive years.?
What are the tax advantages of using a financial trust?
how much income tax will i pay on $20000 income?
Can I use tuition as a tax write off?
Which tax form should I sent for innovation expenses?
Tax question? What's better filing for tax exempt or filing for a tax refund?
If you are single and receive a substantial return each year, can you legally increase your dependants?
can you ad me to your contacts im new to this and have no friend on here?
If my husband and my salary combined is $100,000 what is the tax cut?
How to get a tax return online?
What happens if I refuse to pay my taxes and my bills and just steal everything?
I want to get my Tax Identification Number in Bureau of Internal Revenue in the Philippines?
how is ESI calculated in India ?
If my gross pay pa is £35000 (UK) and my personal allowance is £6000, will I have to pay 40% income tax?
i need to find a list of foreclosed properties on file at court house in volusia county florida?
What document can I use when purchasing raw materials from Ca. My biz is in Or.?
Am I getting my tax refund this Friday (Jan 29th)?
How much taxes are taken out making 7.25 an hour?
Taxes and child support.?
If I don't receive a T5 for interest earned from a savings bank account, I am required to declare it?
NPO second quarter tax question?
Can I still get unemployment if I was paid 1099 at my current job and laid off? I was paid W2 before that...?
When will I get paid? I work at a grocery store in Canada.?
I have lost my PAN card, how to get duplicate copy?
Who can claim child on taxes; costodial parent with full custody vs non custodial file taxes?
irs rebate?
Contractor not paid, what action can be taken?
I'm doing Turbo Tax, and I need to put a city/state for the charity I donated to?
Cash from can I avoid taxes?
I'm working in india in a usa mnc. where I can download form To avoid doule taxtn on share traded on etrade?
I owe the IRS could this affect me getting a JOB!!!?
how much do you pay to have your tax return subbmitted?
how do i deduct my tax and n.i. from my salary?
How much tax would you pay on £50,000 pa?
Do you guys need a GREAT update from the IRS?
Filing taxes for child who has the right to claim her?
i still have not received my w2?
Like-Kind Exchange Tax Question?
Where Can I find a Tax software download for 2006?
IRS reference number 1102?? What does that mean?? IRS wont even tell me!?
IRS agents: Is there any law in fine print that tells me I have to pay my federal income tax?
This is a tax question and about filing your kids.?
Is there a chart somewhere for weekly FEDERAL taxes withheld?
Did anyone get their rebate stimulus check today yet?
tax rebate question about the Where's My Stimulus Payment website?
Tax Return Preparer Fraud Victim?
Who offers tax courses? I would like to do tax returns this upcoming tax season.?
check my contribution?
can i use h&r block 2010 tax software to do my 2011 taxes?
If a daughter pays her mother $20 a day to watch her two young children while she goes to school?
IT office record, new address?
how can i discipline myself how to save?
How can I pay tax as a freelancer( In US taxation system).?
Can I file Brooklyn OH city taxes on line?
do i have to pay taxes if i live abroad?
Are uniforms and parking for work deductible when filling taxes?
Can i use white out on the check stub?
can i efile twice the irs never recieved my form?
How much do i owe the irs?
Is there any penal provision for non-registration?
when will the irs tax relief checks be mailed?
when are taxes due in california this year?
what is the Irish inheritance tax rate?
I removed money from my IRA I am 67 years old. Is this money taxable in Pa. Where do you enter it on PA-40?
Mom wants to clame me as a dependant on her Taxes but...?
What is the ful farm of DIN.Who alot it and to whom.?
My girlfriend lives with me and pays me rent, is it taxable?
what is cyclical journal entries?
What is the most money you can make without reporting it to the IRS?
Quick Cost or other basis question?
As a biz owner that visits clients daily, for tax savings is it better to lease or purchase a new vehicle?
received refund notification from irs in email..legitimate?
Does a company need to file a tax return if they do not do any business that year?
If your not claiming anyone do they still take outt taxes ?
my employeer stopped taking out fica and new york state.?
What is the first time homebuyer's tax credit?
Which of the following paid taxes do you receive back, at the end of the year?
what is superior kerosene oil. what are it's government permitted use in India .?
I Owe Taxes For 2012, Info, Please?
if this rebate is for 2007 and the 04/15/08 is the filing date how are they mailing rebates back so soon?
Paper filing?
I'm on my last week of 4th tier extensions, how do I cancel my claim..?
Uknown refunds and charges, HELP!?
TAX! how much can you earn before paying tax?
my recent refund status?
How long is does the capitol gains tax take to be processed after the settlement?
Salary-based vs Hourly?
I just received my tax refund and it is much more than the amount on my return.?
Can I get Circulars & Notification Related to All Tax Matters and How?
Claiming paint and textiles for at home business??(Canada)?
Is there any size requirements for a vehicle (i.e. Truck/SUV) to qualify for a deduction?
How much money do I give to charity so I don't have to pay taxes?
tax question for unemployment tax cut...?
What do you think?
tax working offshore australia living overseas?
how much tips is a server to claim on tips.?
Why won't our 21 yr old daughter receive rebate from the IRS?
Can you have more than 1 IRA account if you don't exceed the yearly contribution limit ?
a mistake on my tax return...?
How long does amended tax returns usually take?
I'm new to investing in U.S. securities. As a Canadian, how will I be taxed on all types of U.S. income?
employer did not withold enough federal taxes frompaycheck?
Why are the taxes in australia so high?
when is the due date to receive the income tax in teh state of Georgia, USA?
i got a call from the goverment sayn i can get 7 thousond dollars i just have to pay an ativation fee of 280?
can we Redo Tax?
I'm living paycheck to paycheck how can I budget my income so that I can have some saving?
TAX QUESTION: when do you have to file quartely vs at end of year?
can IRS take my items in my parents house?
Should americans pay more tax on food cos they are Fat?
is there any thing out there in the internet that teaches you about income taxes?
When Filing form 8453-OL Where do you get the information for part 1 number 2- Total Tax?
is emerging indian I.T world doing any good to INDIA,as india remains where it was before the I.T bloom?
what is india part in globalisation?
Amended tax return and IRA contribution?
i,m looking for a tax chart?
Can someone explain Mitt Romney's tax plan to me?
Tax code 522LX?
Can turbotax be used to file quarterly?
what would be the number for unemployment office in texas?
When you have a bank account what do you have to do as far as taxes?
what percentage of taxes is taken out of a pay check?
What do I need to do to become a tax specialist in Australia?
would be interested in knowing the taxability of astrological services offered in india through website?
Where can I find to download all the forms for my tax refund, which I need to fill?
tax on interest earned on fix deposite in bank of india?
will i ever recieve my money from the IRS after the plane crash in Austin?
need to find Payroll Deduction for state of New Jersey. For the year of 2006?
Is it still joint?
Do you get audited by the IRS more if you file personal and business taxes together?
How much money do you have to make before u file taxes?
If I open up a CD will it bump me into a different tax bracket?
Is this considered tax fraud?
IRS 9001 code? Still no deposit?
Is Class 4 NI payable if I have 2 self employment incomes?
Would it be better for me to file with my mother or by myself?
How Long does it take for my Tax check to clear?
Where can I cash my tax refund check?
what will you do with your Stimulus rebate?
When I file an amended tax return, do I need to mail a copy of the whole return?
How do I get someone on the phone from the IRS?
How much will I make each paycheck?
How do you save money when you are living paycheck to paycheck?
What can happen to someone if the claim you as a dependent without your knowledge or permission?
Does anyone have to claim my 15 year old daughters income?
need to know how long a ny state refund check is good for before it expires?
Do the inmates in state prisions that work get W-2's and taxes taken out?
New company opened on 11th Dec 2005. and did some business. Do i have to file tax. its DBA?
Im gonna run a barbershop in the evenings as a sole proprietor, what taxes will i need to file?
If I would receive $10,000,000.00(cash) in a will, what would my taxes be.?
Are there people who enjoy paying taxes?
What effect will decreasing income tax have?
My filing status is married with no dependents & i have 5$ witheld from my ytd is 12k.?
Where can I get a 2007 IRS EZ form?
What is the difference between capital and non-capital purchases?
Home buyer Tax Credit 6500 Qualify?
What tax credits am I eligible for?
why employees needs to pay taxes?
Tax Refund Yet? supposed to DD today?
Should I claim my sibling as a dependent? What's the best way to get a larger tax refund?
if you don't show up for work is that considered quitting or do you get fired?
i have ordered a fake panerai watch from china for 60$. How much of customs duty &taxes should i pay to canadi?
Do you think low-income earners are "free-loaders"?
Selling on Etsy, Tax Question?
Has anyone recieved their homebuyer tax yet?
Who claims my child on taxes next year?
If somebody has not filed IT return for the last year till now, is it possible to file the same now?
what happens if i send in my edd claim form 2 days late?
I made only 3000 dollars more this year how can I owe 8000 dollars more in taxes?
Will I have to pay emergency tax on wages after redundancy?
Anyone one with info on 2/6 deposit date?
I owe the IRS and I am making payments will it show in my credit report?
I filed that i have no heath insurance, but i do have?
Do you have to file taxes even though you only made around 3000 or less a year?
Took early withdrawal from my IRA. Changed my mind...?
Has anybody received their tax refund direct deposit before their scheduled date?
If you owe overpaid unemployment and do not pay it back, what will they do?
what does an accountant do?
Court Order for Dependent for Tax Purposes?
Where's my stimulus check?
can you tell me the meaning of this sentence "the tax must be for a public purpose"?
Can I stop my Aunt (whom I live with) from claiming me on her taxes?
I (30yrs) withdrew funds from a Roth that was opened a year ago. Any penalty/taxes implication.?
Centrelink / Student, am I independent?
Is this an Okay amount of money to make????
a mistake on my tax return...?
How can i get a hold of an actual person on the IRS line?
Do we fit the capital gains tax exclusion. We are quitting our jobs and moving for a job over 50 miles away?
is it true that I can't file itemized deductions until February because of the new tax law changes.?
School property tax question?
what is difference between Assessment year & financial year?
What is my federal tax refund going to be?
why is it we all have to pay taxes.?
Can someone tell me of a legitimate site that is talking about Obama raising the tax on homeowners?
Can you deduct child support you paid off your taxes?
Would I still get a tax refund for an old return?
If a canadian accountant admits its their fault for filing your return late shouldnt they pay the penalties?
I am self-employed what taxes I have to pay?
how to calculte tax on fd?
I have a 30 yr morgage is it possiable to prepay intrest.?
How can I avoid paying capital gains on real estate?
My income for the 2011 tax year was $9000 and I was self-employed. What do I owe in taxes?
Well now WMR page is showing no information?
Can I do my own taxes at home?
Tax saving?
If you're considered an independant contractor, does your employer pay part of your taxes?
TAX HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does all money you receive into your bank account get taxed?
How do i apply for tax return?
EPFO of India has introduced E-payment of employees contribution from March 12 salary onwards thru ECR.?
can my boyfriend claim me on his 09 taxes?
How long does one have to hold a position to collect unemployment in New York State?
Do you feel that there should be a more equitable distribution of goods and services in the United States?
How does Gift tax work?
What are "fringe benefits"?
question on paying disability.?
Schedule E Tax Questions?
has anyone with an ssn of 46 received their rebate check?
how much does the average 55 - 60 year old need to live on per year? Retire on?
how do I find my 2000 w-2's?
Does my husband need to go with me to the IRS Office?
interlot crude production from russia?
When is the last date for filing IT returns. I have already got my Form 16 and pay my monthly taxes?
can at&t charge sales tax on an i-phone based on it's taxable unit value, not the actual price you pay.?
What would be malaysian taxes on salary?
am i the only one whose tax refund was suppose to be dd on the 28th and still have not received anything ?
Can I still file for my taxes. The IRS owes me money not the other way around. Please advise.?
What items can be deducted from your gross pay?
What will happen if tax on Alcohol, Gutka, and cigarettes are doubled?
What to do as a self-employed that want to hire for a single project a freelancer?
Salary paid monthly query?
Is it possible to get a Federal W-4 Form and NC-4 Form in Spanish?
will my SSI/SSDI change my spouses tax return amount(he claims our daughter as well)?
If I file joint with my husband and he owes money to the government, can they seize my refund as well?
Has anyone received tax refunds that had a DD date of 2/1?
help with return on capital employed?
tax on retirement stock options of a non-resident?
MN taxes WI homestead but living in plz!?
New small business - need an overview of my tax and vat commitments?
My w-2 is gone, Phone # is gone business is gone. A w-4 needed! From the Post office!?
How much do jobs Ontario Disability gets you pay?
Why am I being taxed?
Does someone need to pay taxes on rent collected if it is passed between family?
My ex claimed the kids on the taxes after I did. Now what?
How long does it take to get CPA exam scores back?
How much would I be taxed?
Is this true that no document will be submitted with the Return Filing. Financial year 2011-12?
IRS Refund Schedule Question?
how do i replace lost w-2 forms so i can file my taxes?
What license is needed to do taxes for other people?
I moved to Texas last year from Alabama. No state income tax in Texas..Do I still have to file Alabama?
I made about $968 in 2009, zero fed w/h was taken out, but my medicare wages are at $1,046.50. Help?
filling taxes?
My friend is only getting back 500 dollars on his federal income tax return...why?
if I make, $67,500 in income this year, how much will i have to pay back in taxes?
I f i own a house in one state & it is my primary residence, can i work in another state without xtra taxes?
SS unemployment benefits?
Do I have to pay taxes for an inheritance in Germany?
Schedule C and a large refund.?
I will get a bank check of $100k from oversea as gift. Is this gift taxable? Will the bank report it to IRS?
H&R block messed up my taxes last year, I just got a letter from IRS saying I owe $2118 because of it, they?
Stolen identity on my taxes I had to?
I would like to know how I can report Irs fraud?
How much money do you earn?????????????????
How is resale/distribution income taxed?
new refund dd date update on wmr site.?
I want to know that how TDS is calculated on various services and at what rates?
tax return in autralia?
how should I fill my W4 form for 2012?
does property tax come in effect if you own a home or land?
transfering income from us llc to canadian corp?
Can you attach copy 2 for Local W2 to Federal?
how much do college profersor's make each paycheck?
what is letter89c from irs ?
replace w-2 form for 2004 on line?
i am born in india but now a canadian citizen.Do i need to get PIO card to buy land in india.?
Audited by the irs. Paid them in full. Now they say there was a mistake and they want more money from me.?
Single mum needing tax return help?
I am an American living in the UK and I am self employed. Do I still need to pay tax in the USA...?
Can you walk into an IRS office and get a letter stating you did not file for taxes?
Are Under 18 Year olds subject to tax?
When you but a a second hand car from a dealer,why do they add vat to the price when?
who claims the foreclosure on their taxes if we are an unmarried couple?
Do I have to file taxes if I'm going to get a refund?
Can he claim me on his taxes?
My tax return was supposed to be garnished, but it wasn't. Is it safe to spend?
Do you pay for tv licence in the UK?
I have a court order name change. How come it doesn't reflect on my tax return?
"irs tax levy" advice?
How will my paycheck work?
Import tax and duties from china to usa? ?
Is there any way to avoid paying inheritance tax?
What are tax rates in USA?
how do i pass my exams?
How come "chain" tax preparers charge so much for filing electronically?
If I worked 85% of the year and are now on welfare, can I still get a tax refund? Will I be allowed to keep it?
If my employer accidentally gave me 1099-misc, can he have that removed/revoked.?
My former employer claims they miscalculated and made a mistake on my last paycheck....?
Is anyone STILL waiting for their tax refund?
i applied for pan i got acknowledgment number ,while checking the status is under incometax more than 10 days?
How to get a hold on income tax return for back children support?
Need to find out a VAT number of a company?
when you fill out W4 or W9 in the beginning of the employment, does the employer have to send the copy to IRS?
What should I do when I file my taxes this year? I just bought my first house.?
Home office deduction with roommate?
importing rugs from eastern turkey to uk?
How much income tax will I get back?
Has anyone ever used Helix Contractor to process their payments as a contractor?
how do i get a copy of my w-2 when employer has not sent me a copy?
Is there a tax program that will tell me which filing status (jointly/separately) is best for my wife and I?
What can I write off on my taxes for my business expense?
Whether a charitable trust also is entitled for threshold income tax limit?
Is there a paper I have to receive from my employer in order to do my taxes?
How much are your property taxes?
how i calculate FIT in florida?
Do I pay taxes on just capital gains or the whole amount withdrawn from a mutual fund?
Why is the council tax so high in UK?
Children's tax credit?
My payroll department wont call me back about my w-2?
BizKid Company’s adjusted trial balance on August 31, 2005, its fiscal year-end, follows:?
How can I figure out how much will be taken out of my paycheck?
How to handle an estate's taxes and distribution of assets?
I sell avon and i need to know how much taxes to add on there?
Wrong name on tax transcript?
Form 7004 Part 3 help.?
Has anyone recieved their renters refund in the mail yet?
Should I be entitled to some tax refund money from fiancee?
Why is so much given to Single Parent's iro Working/Family Tax Credits?
I heard that the US government is taxing us illegally and that no one really has to pay taxes. Is this true?
IRS paper check future date?
Why do movie-stars get paid so much?
My tax return has me really confused?
Tax exemption on car loan?
How long to go to school for a tax preparing?
how much money do they take out of your paycheck for taxes?
My boyfriend and I are expecting a child in November, who gets to claim the baby on their taxes?
I should get my tax return back today..?
Melissa Taylor has gross earnings of $425 and withholding of $26.35 for Social Security tax, $6.16 for Medicar?
what is service tax? how to deal with. who has to pay the service tax ? to whome? and why ? is there any refun
Tips Directly out of my paycheck. ?
If I pay,say via PayPal, for subscribtion service in other country, should I pay VAT too?
Did my taxes with H&R Block online says accepted but?
how much does it cost to have h&r block do my taxes in pa?
Do I pay taxes on child support?
Why when you put nails on why do they hurt so much?
Paying Tax While Being Self Employed? HELP?
Taxes??? Best in my interest or his?
When tax refunds say 8-10 days?
Can I use my "Sale" as a tax write off from my e commerce store?
I am gonna get a $750 check. How much taxes are they gonna charge me and I live in NYC?
Super important tax question?
1099-B tax question for futures trading?
how do i get a copy of a lost tax id card?
If I buy from cyberpower do I need to also pay tax? (Live in BC)?
What forms do Mexican Nationals have to use to file taxes as an individual and a corporation in Mexico?
School tax when i live in an apartment?
my annual income is $48,000 Is my income taxable?
I don't wanna pay income tax, so so i don't have to right?
if you make 27 million a year how much do you owe in taxes?
who supply alloy steel bars to V&M ?
Federal withholding for H1b visa?
In case of vat , in the first entry we have shown "vat refundable a/c" as Dr. when this will be nullified
why do we ahve to pay so much tax on money earnt with hard work?
Is it mandatory to file income tax returns?
what is the aprximate salary per year for a phychiatrist in the uk?
Can I get unemployment benefits while still employed but not working?
If I am already due a tax refund, will I get the whole rebate amt.?
Is there an actual law that requires you to pay taxes?
Tax write offs?
will i be done for tax invasion?
Claim kid if you are paying child support?
How do I put myself 'on the books'? And can I backdate the paperwork?
Do I HAVE to fill out my W2 form at work or can I bring it home to fill out?
Question about tax brackets?
Avoiding VAT when ordering items from the USA?
Where Can I Find Data On The Number of People Filing Per Tax Bracket And Category Throughout History?
Adsense Tax in the UK?
what is TDS?
If I have nothing due or a refund coming for federal income taxes, do I still have to file by 4/17?
Unemployment payment?
stimulus checks?
Where can I go to cash in my 15 year old 50 dollar savings bond?
Does a tax lien apply to stocks?
I just received my rebate check and it was only 1428 & I married with two children I thought I would get more?
my daughter made $15,000. her employer took out $310 federal is all.?
i worked for a place that went out of business, and didn't get W2?
What if I didn't recieve a 1040 or 1040EZ form?
can a resident indian earn foreign currency and deposit this in a foreign account?
Injured spouse claim?
S-Corp Annual Shareholder Meeting?
Which statement would be correct with the tax valuation rules?
Why government collect taxes from peoples ?
I have 3 children. can i claim all 3 of them on my taxes or is it a certain amount u can claim?
IRS Statute of limitations 25% understatement of gross income?
How much taxes would be taken out of a $435 paycheck living in western pa?
i applied for new pan card but i forgot to save the form, i have acknowledge number too, what to do?
do i need pay tax if i am not u.s.a citizen?
Just started work in the UK, total salary 12,000/year.How much will I receive monthly after tax?I'm Egyptian?
How do they calculate the amount owed for property taxes?
How should my wife fill out her W-4?
Iam an Exporter based in Chennai. I do not import anything, is there any export incentive available for me?
I'm having emergency tax taken from me, I don't think this is right?
Can a state charge you for income you earned out of state ?
Do you pay taxes on inherited IRA, Investment, Annuity and CD's?
Question about foreign property CGT and partial exemption?
Did Obama raise taxes on anything for anyone making less than $250,000 a year?
US tax for foreign tax-free dividend?
A boy earned $10 more than twice as much as his sister. Together they earned $70. How much did each earn?
I "broke the corporate veil" and mixed personal and business expenses. Is it gonna be OK?
Tax return for tuition HELP needed?
tax question for contractor?
I need forms we filed with the IRS from 2003-2005. How can I get them fast?
What is getting paid under the table and what should I do now?
what is tax on cashing 401K early?
Moving to Ireland - banks etc?
FED ED if you already started FED ED before the Nov 30 deadline do you still collect on weeks that are left on?
Why is my employer not taking out any CA state tax?
refund check question?
When is your employer supposed to holf out social security and taxes if he gives ypu a 10-99?
How much taxes are taken out of this paycheck?
how many people are employed by estate agents in the uk?
how much child tax creditfor a second child if i`m not working?
How to claim VAT back as a starting business?
how much did you pay to get your taxes done at h&r block?
looking for case #scvss076691from district attorney of San Bernadino county of Ca has been dated may23,2002?
Tax Deduction Question?
What state do I file taxes in?
Are you a seeler?
when filing tax can a claim 100% of the donataion amount I made in 2005?
stimulus check question?
How to I report tax evaders in the UK?
HI everyone. Is this a scam?
Gift Tax on Real Estate?
Why petrol costs Rs.17 in Pakistan and Rs.50.5 in india???
Do you have to pay National Insurance Contributions on a second employment?
why do the peiple of the USA still put up with the king george theory, of taxation without representation?
Under-the-table question...?
What's up with these internet sales taxes I'm getting now when I order a gift for someone from Amazon?
Is it legal to completely fill your car with stuff to take to England?
IRS energy tax credits?
Taxes for a independent contractor: can I buy a computer program that will help me fill out all the tax papers?
What is better? $17 on w2 or $20 at 1099?
What if I lost my W-2 tax form?
Is anyone out there an accountant or a tax man!?
why does the casino ask you for your id when cashing in your money?
How much income tax would a single person pay on $731?
How much Taxes will be taken of my check of 367 dollars here in Texas?
Filed Married Seperate - Didn't Claim Child Tax Credit - Can I change to HOH?
Are churches exempt from Federal Wage and Hour laws?
Why isnt this illegal ?
can the mortgage co. take my tax return if house was forclosed on march 2008?
which type of company has more taxes?
I'm being made redundant next year. Am I likely to get any tax back from the Inland Revenue?
Does anyone know how I can get help with the IRS?
Can I claim my granddaughter as a dependant on my federal taxes?
claim unemployment but get paid as 1099?
Tax refund delay? Acceped Jan. 19th...?
Can i file my tax using last pay stab?
What exactly can you use the HOPE TAX CREDIT FOR?
is magazine subscription tax deductible?
how much taxes will I have to pay to claim a prize worth $2500?
can i make my house a church and avoid property tax?
Florida, Need Unemployment tax return?
What is the sales tax on books in MN?
tax id number?
Is there TAX on ice when you buy?
filing tax for loosing money on forex?
How can neither my daughter or I be eligible for the tax stimulus? Where does the money go?
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