I want to know about excise duty in uttar parades.?
I lose my job and I live in a tax credit unit. I stopped work in april and my income is below the median incom?
How many years must pass before documents, such as tax returns, can be shredded?
I live in UAE and want to know about the custom duty on lcd tv for my family in india on 32inch and 46inch ?
Where can I practice doing my taxes online for free before I pay to actually file them, in case I mess up?
Why are taxes different on houses?
What is this huge tax on my paycheck?
What is your opinion of switching over to a Federal sales tax and getting rid of income tax?
what can i claim on my taxes?
On what days are IRS refund checks mailed?
How do I locate a person's employer?
Do i have to mail anything else with my paper tax return?
if not provided with work from my employer should i be paid?
Do you still fill out tax forms if you havent worked, or been on unemployment for the last year?
Finance Question? Tax shield?
Can the IRS take back my refund?
Do I get to claim mortgage interest that was payed in 2006 on my tax refund.?
Where can I convert my Dollars in to Pounds? UK ?
We split custody 70/30, but not court ordered. Who can claim our son on taxes?
Why do I have two tax exemptions? I am single and want the taxes taken out now. Is this correct?
can i make my 1999 tax return with e-tax?
How do I report my '05 IRA contribution that I made in '06 on my tax return since I will not have a Form 5498?
How many depedants can I claim?
I receive SSI. My husbands income is factored into determine the amount I receive.?
I need help with something!!!??
Someone claimed me as dependent,but I am over 19,made more than 3,500, wasn't home for 5 months.what do i do?
What is the max number of allowance a single person can claim on a w4?
where can I find a Wisconsin sales tax chart that goes upto $500.00?
i am married and have one child, my wife is a stay at home mother so how many exemptions can i claim?
opps my new wife has over 10k to bring from china, how not to pay tax s. thanks?
is an electric motorcycle tax deductible?
Is the $250000 won at the end of Bachelor pad tax free?
i was only paid 363 for my tax refund stimulus package ... thought i was suppost to get 600???
when will i recieve tax refund?
How do taxes work for winnings from online poker/gambling sites based outside the US?
Income Tax Return For Winning Design Contest and Paid by Paypal?
If I do not have a turnover yet and do not want to register for vat can I still import from china for resale.?
What does it mean that SBBT is waitng to process my tax return?
epayment of income tax (India)?
I HAD A DD OF 2/25/2011..?
if I move back to Ca do I still qualify for prop 13 after 19 years?
not paying council tax or water rates?
What is the difference between pmi and property taxes?
i lodged my tax return and recived funds. but forgot about other group certs?
Why does the government always resort to taking money out of our pocket?
If I file seperately, do we both get the tax break from owning a home together.?
Can I claim disabled brother as dependent on my taxes?
Indiana laws on claiming a dependent?
where can find the business license number of a company?
How much of the taxpayer's money did it cost to build the At-Bristol complex?
1099-r and 401k rollover?
My friend is claiming me and my daughter on her taxes. How much should she get back as a result?
How do i know what the property tax will be on a home in Hamilton County , IN?
can you file income tax in a different state than where you live?
I pay half my daughters tuition, my ex takes her as a deduction, can a claim the tuition on my taxes?
What penalty do you think Wesley Snipes should face?
Because of my age I am exempt from filing/paying income taxes.?
What is North Carolina's sale tax percent ? Florida's is 7%.?
Where can I get the 1099 contractors form?
I am Central Government employee. By Basic pay is Rs. 30,860 in PB3. My next increment due in July 2007.?
Has anybody received their tax refund direct deposit before their scheduled date?
Can my fedral tax refund get taken for unpaid student loans?
if house registration fee is 70000 then how did it work in tax benefits in the first yeat of tax slab?
how to obtain a federal ID number to be used in administering the estate of a deceased person?
Canadian income tax income from Homestay Students?
how much can you deposit into Etrade account before irs checks?
The depreciation method that applies a constant percentage to depreciable cost in calculating depreciation is:?
Will I be paying bulk tax?
So i called the irs and spoke to a nice lady. she said due to some kind of delay im scheduled for dd 2 11. ?
unemployment question?
I have unpaid sewer taxes and now their talking about a tax sale?
My grandmother left me a CD when she passed. Is this considered income? ?
Do i have to report my CA state refund check to unemployment?
My grandmother died recently and left me £30k in cash. Do i have to pay inheritence tax on this and how much?
How much would be the maximum refund of a household of 3 with only one is working and have a one baby?
I got my Tax Refund today!?
Export to China?
Can you please explain the difference between passing over a foreign country and change of location? The wordi?
Is the economic stimulus plan refund $1200 if both people work?
is it legal?
Has anyone was accepted after Jan 20-25 before 11 am gotten a direct deposit date yet?
Tax on limo services in CT?
I just want to know if i can include " car mileage" and "cell phone usage" under tax deductions?
withdrawing my 401k but tax will kill me.?
Is it right that people get paid to give up smoking??I say NO!!! this a TAX free giveaway cost £150 PER HEAD!!
how to get the vat back when visiting usa?
IRS help.. I cashed in my 401K and now Feds want their part. What are my choices.?
Anyone have SBBT issues again?
can I write off photo prints on my taxes if im a student?
is there anyway to cash my tax refund without my husband? he will not be home for a couple of years?
I have my year end report for my roth ira. no contributions. what do i need to report for taxes?
There is much debate that property that is gifted or inherited should not be taxed.?
my boyfriends father wont let him file his own tax returns...?
tally means what's in accounts?
I have $25,000 in medical expenses from 3+ years ago, can I claim these on my taxes?
how can i find out how much unemployment benifits oregon paid me for my taxes?
can I withdrawl money from my 401k and not pay taxes?
What is the capital gains tax on stock sold under a one year holding period?
The IRS took my money from my bank?
Would you release your current paycheck stub to a potential employer?
I have a signing bonus to repay that was paid last year. Anyone know how the taxes work?
child tax benefit when leaving country?
How much do Paypal charge for a withdrawal when my bank account is based in UK but my location is Philippines?
Job Seekers Allowance. How much?
Do I have to claim my children's SSI benefits on taxes? They receive them due to their father being disabled.?
How many %per month is the paye for subcontractors?
Any one have their 2/5 refund deposited this morning?
how can my employer identification number?
If taxes are taken from my check each week why do I pay taxes for everything I buy after that?
Why would some states charge no Income Tax ?
Taxes - Will I owe money?
how do I calculate my income taxes?
when do the W2 usually come in the mail ? ?
Security clearance and tax evasion?
Why do I have to pay the IRS income taxes when it's my hard earned money?
if your over 50 years old can you sell a house and keep the profits without paying capital gains tax??
how much is $15 in uk pounds £?
A friend of mines has a job. She pays her taxes from every check she receives.?
Differences in filing taxes in WI and TX?
i've done 2 full tax years and 6 months. Do i have to pay tax on my initial 6 months outside the uk?
A tax refund question?
what is best accounting software for sole proprietorship llc?
i have a 1099A property abandonment form. what is my tax liability on this investment that didnt happen?
Do you think Gordon Brown's proposed 2p increase in petrol duty next month is justified?
Got 2 W2s from different "Employers" for the same job?
Is there a way to get an income tax refund even though I didnt work this year, with 2 kids?
IRS Delay? Did you file using Turbo
do people on houseboats pay council tax?
Why did the irs change wmr status to "We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund.?
If you owe overpaid unemployment and do not pay it back, what will they do?
I have made everything in pan card application, perhaps i have forgot to sign on left side of under the photo,?
If a use tax were to apply...?
Dick and Jane form a partnership to own and operate a ski resort near Yuma. Dick contributes $10,000 in cash a?
Loan between businesses- tax implications?
Do I hae to pay taxes for the 2011 year?
Minimum Filing Amount?
How many states don't have sales taxes?
Can I get a income tax refund if I'm on unemployment?
2008 tax form for next year?
Inhertitance tax is the worst tax of all!?
Surrender of PAN No.?
Does the government give Indians tax incentives to purchase hotels in america?
I'm trying to figure if there is anything i can deduct from my taxes when tax time comes around?
what is the meaning of the word "TAX TIME" used in some anglophone countries ?
Do I need file 1040 or/and state tax for a no-income business?
Claiming Lost Rent or Damanges on Tax Return?
QUESTION ABOUT TAXES!!! I am 19 full time student - do i pay taxes? PLEASE READ!!!?
Does all the LIC policies cover tax?
How do I find all the IRA contributions and years I have made?
Why can't small business revenue(s) be decoupled from high-end personal income tax brackets?
What can i do about this irs letter?
what if i dont have money to pay my state taxes with today, should i file anyway?
using turbo tax to file my tax returns -?
$316.00 is what % 0f $1600.00?
I am going through a divorce and my husband and I owe back taxes. He has repeatedly tried to evade paying this?
PCA- Personal Certified Accountant QUESTION about TAXES?
I have a mortgage escrow but am being sent my real estate tax bill...who should I call to correct this?
Help with interest expense and interest payable.?
I have a receipt for 23.63 but detailed v.a.t. @ 21% is 4.10 when it should be 4.96?
How do I avoid paying capital gains tax on a rental property? I am a senior citizen 75 yrs old?
If we used Cash Transactions, would Taxes be less?
After 10 years of not paying taxes do i have to pay?
paying capital gains tax?
Filling Status Question?
The GBP conversion rate...?
Is it legal for a company to charge a sales tax on shipping?
rebate check question?
What is the tax rate for gains on Debt Mutual Funds in India ?
Is it legal for a town to charge a membership fee to access property paid for by the tax payers?
Wat is the religion islam about?what si the islam religion?
how can I calculate the income tax in Tenessee?
what entity maintains campaign finance practices at federal levels?
Has anyone wmr updated from feb. 7 ?
we are married how can he just file earned income credit with out me his wife?
lying about cook county property taxes?
Has any one else recieved there child benifit payment today?
Can he claim my kids, too?
How come "chain" tax preparers charge so much for filing electronically?
I live with my boyfriend and he has no income can i claim him as a dependent on my taxes?
Who is new jersey's wayne township's largest taxpayer?
I have a question on Tax Return, where, when, and how to file them, and even why to file.?
Can I refile my taxes, since there was a mistake made on them.?
How to get a candidate number to take a prometric exam, though I am not even a tax professional?
If the mother of the child that is receiving child support is unemployed will they recieve less support ?
How much income can a married couple with 3 children earn in 2010 without paying any federal income tax?
Do you pay Taxes with a Reseller's Permit?
does the irs owe me money, due to someone else filing my child every year on their tax refund?
paying property taxes when refinancing?
If i'm 22 filing income tax?
Can the Irs take profit sharing checks and bonus checks ,while I am in a non collectible status?
Can I put my little sister down as a dependent while filing taxes, but not mention it to the USAF recruiter?
Question Carry Over Capital Loss?
Do I need to get a notice ahead of time before getting a levy?
I need help with my EDD payment?
Form 1040-ES for lottery winnings and tax purposes?
Is my mum entitled to a redundancy pay off?
Can i get a tax[id number to use to buy wholesale items to sell on ebay?
Why such high tax?
How do I go about gett ing a federal tax ID for a deceased's estate?
Is there anyway I can cash out my social security?
demand notice from Income Tax department?
Would you be willing to forfeit your income tax return for a bit in order to decrease the national debt?
Tax refund... 2 checks?
My HMRC tax refund, how do I know if it's on it's way to my bank account?
Where do you recommend to do my taxes?
Selling on Etsy, Tax Question?
Why can't people deduct interest paid on their income tax? I KNOW it was once deductible.?
Why haven't I received my tax refund?
Solve this Income Tax question for my assignment !!?
what does box 12 determine within your w2?
Filling out W-4.. first time, how to do it?
what kind of deductions can i take for useing my car for business?
Would you claim somebody else's child as your dependant if the parent let you?
If I were to get a job thru liberty tax, which course should I take (Basic Tax - 10 weeks) or (CA-60 hrs)?
I'm a Contractor working overseas what is the foreigh free tax bracket for 2008?
Filling out IRS form 8718 for tax exemption?
Do I have to file state taxes for freelance business (sole proprietor)?
when is tax free day this year? (2008)
how calculate salary?
Our medical bills were 8% of gross income in 2010. What penalities will I have if I take money out of Roth IRA?
I'm self employed, I know how much I made from my personal documents, can I file a 1099 tax form?
IRS Installment Agreement Help!?
How do I calculate cost depletion for tax purposes?
The irs said that i will get my refund tomorrow is that true did anybody get There's today ?
Can I work as 1099 if I don't have a ITIN number but have Social security number?
Anyone know about taxes on New Jersey unemployment?
If I live in FL and open a CD in another state that has income tax, do I have to file tax return there?
I recently cashed my last paycheck from my employer at a local convience store because.I was no where near my?
i am pa resident whose father lived and died in nj. do i have to have to pay inheritance tax?
UK import/export fees?
In Australia should ABN or ACN number mandatory in the invoice?
How does Progressive income system tax related to equity and ability to pay?
Tax question again urgent?
i am eligible get tax refund of rs 6,000 but which i have not received where should i complaint.?
What is the sales tax rate in Utah to this day?
When do W-2's have to be mailed out?
Prents in Nursing home - NOT on Medicaid. How can I get their house with as little tax liability as possible?
Do spas need to charge tax?
TAX QUESTION: Can you deduct the cost of a move if it is for a professional program (graduate/law/med school)?
Do you still have BY Jan 31st?
What's the information I need to see how much taxes taking from check?
Has Anyone ever had an Overpayment through Social Security?
Filling out 433-F, No Dependents but supporting another person?
Is tuition withheld from state or federal refund?
Please help me out! Capital Gains Tax..?
can you file taxes with no income but have a dependent?
Can you use a deduction against ordinary income (e.g. mortgage interest) to offset capital gains?
how much tax do you pay on english buy to let properties when you live in ireland?
Question about 501(c)(3)?
Can I claim my garage as a church for tax reasons?
I get paid by cash, how much tax I have to pay back?
gift tax and foreign income tax?
How should we file on our taxes?
Can we split the $5,000 Dependant Care FSA limit with one child (married filing separate)?
percentage of employee taxes withheld?
how much my pension every month?
Online 'Gambling' Income in Canada? Taxed or not?
i got a check in the mail from nwl buying inc for 3540.00for a lottery winning.lottery syndicate world. real?
Been fighting with irs and TA?
how long does it take to receive irs from 3911?
Would marriage be a tax benefit to us?
ehat is the total property of bill gates?
My son is in jail but I send him a lot of money. I'm filing my taxes and claiming him...?
my husbands student loan taken out of my return? Has anyone seen this article?
if i am an independent student and paid tuition can I claim it on my taxes?
i filed my taxes with the wrong social security number, what do i do?
is there any taxes on long term diasablity third party income?
What country has the lowest tax revenue?
I live in NY, is there any penalty if I pay the state tax that I owe at the end of April instead of April 15th?
I have to pay taxes on a motorcycle. Could I lie and say I paid less for lower taxes? Do they check that?
why are my social security benefits taxable?
I've never done my taxes, what do I do?
what is c form?
Federal retirement annuity?
Is the rate of taxes being taken out more if check is more?
What is the justification for sales tax?
What are the tax implications for a 17 year old?
if you have got married but haven't changed your name can you file seperate on taxes?
Medical Tax Deductions Question?
Is there any tax when buying a longboard value $350 from the US?
How do I know how much I owe for financial aid?
what steps do i take in filing my taxes?
Need help with accountant?
Will owing taxes from last year slow my refund from this year?
I was expecting my rebate to be direct deposited into my account by fri. 5/2 but as of today it hasnt.. WHY??
Can a person claim the $1500 "residential energy property credit" for 2009 and then 2010 for a total of $3000?
Live in one state, but work for a company in another. Who's state tax do I file under?
when you work @ the NEX as a Vendor@ Honolulu Hawaii, do they take out tax from the paycheck?
Tax preparer office has my money and advise me they were doing amendment but find out not true by IRS. Help?
I get a 1099 so my employer does not hold out taxes. But I am paying child support on pre tax dollars.?
Can your social Security/disability be held because of back taxes owed or not paying taxes from pervious years
Want to go to college but my dad has never filed his taxes?
If you set up a trust account at a financial institution, will your IRS 1099s be sent to you as an individual?
received refund notification from irs in email..legitimate?
What are the taxes on $6,027.24?
Earning from overseas agencies by writing reviews in $s, through internet attracts income tax in India for res
What does deferred mean in relation to inheritance tax?
I have a Tax Question for you tax people?
Should I open an IRA?
information on how you pay taxes for a young person?
I just received(march 3 2008) 433$ in my Bank account from Canada RIT can somebody tell me what is Canada RIT?
Federal Tax Return date?
form 18 is where used? ir essential for shipping?
Did anyone use liberty tax to file.? If so is there a way to find out what bank they use ? ?
Is hoa maintenance deductible for IRS tax preparation?
pros and cons of flat rate tax ?
How much t ax refund can I expect to receive ?
Seventeen. Do I need to file taxes in IL?
WHERE do I get my ssn?
Employer has told me i owe 1000 in tax to him after he has payed me cash in hand ?
Why exactly do we pay GST?
For anyone who got delayed till Feb 8 by IRS?
i am looking for free Income tax act, 1961 with comments?
I just went through an IRS audit need help!?
What is my tax liability on selling my share of a partnership?
Need help with a tax question?
is the federal income tax is handled by the federal Bureau of investigation?
Should my husband claim me as a dependent, since I am a stay at home mom with no income?
fort mill real estate tax rate?
Have you recieved you May 9th tax stimulus direct deposit?
What are the rules regarding upgrades to existing fixed assets? Can the new parts be considered new for tax?
International package arrived without customs charging anything?
Why does the ACA raise taxes on companies such as pharmaceuticals?
When we file tax, does bank interest income belong to federal tax or state tax?
If taxpayers can only deduct their own expenses, what is the exception?
how to get pan card bcoz i m farmer?
Dick and Jane form a partnership to own and operate a ski resort near Yuma. Dick contributes $10,000 in cash a?
do i get money back on my taxes if i am paying cash for my daughter to go to daycare?
Is H and R block a good place to file your taxes?
What is the Use of PAN card?
pay past taxes on line with a monthly agreement with the IRS?
if i did my taxes on turbotax how do i get a copy of my federal income tax forms?
P60's - A question for UK people?
How do u prove that the irs that the kids that u claimed on your taxes are related to you?
Really? The highest tax rate during WWII was 94% and as recently as 1981 was 70%?
Do my grandparents have to file income taxes (details follow)?
Ally or Schwab online banking can I open an account with my tax I'd I don't have a ssn?
Question about income support. Help needed.?
Why would someone owe the IRS $4,500?
Can you increase your exemptions and owe taxes instead of getting a refund?
How many that were supposed to get a refund on 1/29 that DID NOT use Turbo Tax or Taxbrain did not get refund?
When do i tell housing n tax creds partners moving in?
Should the UK change its National Anthem to a translated version of Germany's National Anthem?
Are there withholding taxes deducted to a daycare provider's pay using a Flexible Savings Account?
Has anyone recieved their 2012 direct deposit tax refund yet? ?
I have a UK customer they want me to ship to a non EU country. Do I charge VAT?.?
Tax update for club feb 6th/7th if us get this message?
My employer gave me a monetary gift for being the longest employed in the company's history...................
Has anyone received their 2011 Tax Return on a Netspend Card?
please be quick..what are the sales tax rates on various items in india?
Do I get all of my taxes back?
I filed on 1/24 i got my state refund but not my federal?
Amending taxes, can I send a copy of the w2 I'm making the change for or the original w2?
"Where's My Refund is currently unavailable. Please try again later"?
"Customs Value" in international shipping?
I recieved Form 668-w(notice of levy on wages) i setup a payment plan, I was still garnished, can i get refund?
If I did my taxes and recieved EIC will I still get the bush tax relief rebate?
If I am single with no children, how much taxes would I pay on $90,000?
what is fring benefit tax?
Info about stimulus tax check that was suppose to go out on July 4th.?
I owe the IRS about 8,000 dollars and i just started paying 2 months ago. I would like to know if I could file
Can I claim my niece on my taxes?
Why does say that I owe them money when I paid already?
How to find out the CIF rates for India, from the FOB rates?
Anyone ever used H&R block?
do i file 1 on my taxes if i was 0 all year?
Are relocation allowances taxable?
Advertising expenses equal to my profits. Is this highly unusual for tax purposes?
If i worked somewhere for only 11 days (tax question)?
Have not filed income tax in almost 8 years. Self Employeed. Any Suggestions on where to go from here?
Shouldn't we be able to deduct tips left at restaurants from our taxes, as they are someone's salary?
service tax on Advance amount received but invoice not raised?
Tax evasion in the UK?
Still claiming someone as a dependent over the age of 18 on tax returns?
Should I consider US citizenship if I will return back to Britain sometime?
how to sell a body organ in the uk to raise money?
A person told that me he make 40,000/year income after tax...How much it will be (before tax)?
Are there State tax advantages to Married Gays in California?
In 2008 I won $8900 in a radio promotion in Las Vegas will I have to claim that as income, whats the law?
how can i know how much will i get back on my taxes?
Turbo Tax says I should get my refund 2/1 but IRS says 2/7?
Does my sister have to file taxes?
Do I need to file if I only made $1073.00??
whts happeningwith my council tax (uk)?
What should i claim on my w4?
Should I amend return for 2004 for missing capital loss carryover?
Can I Claim Any Benefits?
How long should records be kept for self employed?
1999 taxes not filed ( IRS owes you )1000. 00 extra was withheld above taxes?Will they credit you?
If I make $9.25/hr how much am I making after tax reduction?
When filing a tax return, what type of income is this consider?
Do I have to pay Pennsylvania if i only owe them $6 in taxes?
Can I file bankruptcy on my first time homebuyers tax credit?
Starting an S Corporation and Hiring Yourself as a Contract Worker to bend tax law?
Has anyone NOT received their government stimulus check yet?
What are some good ways to cheat on my taxes and avoid paying?
I was issued a 1099 MISC for having not filed returns back in 2006 in the amount of $9900?
can i still get the deduction for child care if i dont' claim my son as a dependent?
How to calculate income tax on my salary if I don't have any other income source with & without home loan?
will a criminal record hurt my chances with employment?
Do North Carolina nonresidents get a full refund of income tax withholdings?
Tax return for new business?
earned income question?
I am looking for a way to keep my tax records organized in the easiest fashion?
question about new unemployment extension?
Filling Single with Two dependent ?
How do taxes work in Cali ?
Should elderly people with only Social Security income file a tax return?
Child tax credit? new claim?
How is raw gold (unrefined) taxed?
Stimulus Check?
How long does it take for the irs to post a federal return to an account if taxes were filed & done by mail?
If I have dual citizenship, US and from Spain, and I live in the US, do I have to pay spanish taxes?
should i consider for office depreciation or the whole depreciation for period cost?
Can a "Primary Residence", for Capital Gain Exclusion purposes, be located outside the United States?
Can I include my dog's surgery bill in the income tax return?
What is going to happen in April with these tax allowances?
Will the IRS settle for a lesser amount?
How much do I need to earn from self employment before I need to file Sch C-EZ/SE?
When will NYC's high taxes drive businesses away to the point that it is no longer the financial capital?
what is a living trust?
How much does it cost to live in the UK?
i got audited, but unable to find records in question. What should I do?
Do I have to pay federal taxes for selling my own cds out of my trunk? My own music copied by me as well.?
Income tax deductions question please help!?
A certain sum of money amounts to Rs.7100 in 7years and to Rs.6200 in 4years. Find the principal and rate %.?
what is uk pension for a single person?
Could my parents avoid capital gains from the sale of a rental property by gifting money from the sale to us?
In the UK what happens to the money in my pension fund after I and my wife die?
Im selling my house i have not lived in for 4 years and would like to know how much income tax will i pay?
Would the Export of Services be liable for payment of Service Tax?
Can I claim my student fiance as a dependent if we don't marry until December?
IRS 45 day audit review?
one of my friends doesnt file his return for 8 years , non - taxable , income tax id card issued 8year befor
Can I claim my son on my taxes even if I didn't have a job this year?
im filling out my fasfa and it asks for my parents income tax for 2010 on the 1040 form where is that located?
If I have investment losses that exceed 10,000 and no gains, can I carry them over to use in a future year?
Does anyone really care how much the president pays in taxes?
can i gift my inherited savings ee bond to child and use the proceeds for her college tax free?
If you claim two exemptions then you receive a larger paycheck but have less withheld for less refund, right?
I am totally confused about Schedule C vs Schedule A with form 2106 for over the road trucker issued 1099.?
After hurrican katrineI filed a UI claim.Never received any money.?
Is it true that you can claim the gas for driving back and forth to work on your taxes?
What can I claim on taxes for my business? in canada?
do my parents claim me as dependent when i fill out w-4?
Our medical bills were 8% of gross income in 2010. What penalities will I have if I take money out of Roth IRA?
Filling 1040NR-EZ form?
Income Tax Question!?
I make 60,000 per year, I own my own home. I have two kids under 17. What is the % of Federal Income Tax?
Are checks received in your business name income tax liable?
Do you have to claim on tips?
My sons father asked about claiming my son on his taxes?
Would I get taxed doing an apprenticeship?
I'm trying to find a UK company's VAT registration number, do you know how I do it?
Question about payroll...?
Employer wants to use 1099 form?
Won lottery for 125,000, i collect ssi will I have to file taxes next year on the winnings?
How can $900 be taken from my pay check for taxes?
dont have w2 yet or final pay stub what to do?
Why do you think income taxes should be increased?
full time student tax break?
supply side taxes cut?
Do I need to report my deceased fathers income on my tax return?
military bonus. how much will i get taxed?
What state do i collect unemployment from if I live in PA and work in DE? ?
Nonresident aliens contribute Social Security & Medicare Tax, but can't get any benefits later, fair?
To ammend taxes do i have to go to the same person who did them or can i go anywhere?
Could someone have stolen my check?
what time of year is the best time to do a tax return?
when is my state tax returns coming?
do you get taxed on new york state disability?
When is my last paycheck?
Tax return and claiming younger brother ?
What do I need to do if I still need to file last years return, as well as this years return?
The IRS sent me an official letter saying I owe taxes from 05 and 06 and the reason is CRAZY!?
Who pays taxes on a settlement if attorney receives his payment in a separate check?
Did anyone noticed there tax code changed this month?
please help accounting problem explain how to do?
Do you use a blue pen or a black pen when filling out an official form?
Is my boss ripping me off? Is this normal?
Someone else's IRS tax refund was mailed to our address, what is the best way to get it to them?
If you receive a prize from a tv show how much is taxed?
need some legal info on tax return?
when people hire you and pay you once you get your paycheck, does the check come from the boss or government?
What is my chance of getting a PGCE place with my qualifications Wales UK?
Home based business for someone with tax background?
My boyfriend filed taxes and I let him put my children on them so we can get the child tax credit and?
Is a refund larger if you file head of house hold verus single?
Tax-ing ? here~?
can i deduct on 1040 an IRA contribution if i recieve social security?
How can I claim my income tax back?
How do I declare amount paid for offshore outsourced work?
If i am importing a phone(for personal use) from china to new zealand how much import tax would i have to pay?
When will pa state of emergency be lifted for sandy?
if an expense is tax deductible is it resonable to assume that i would get back around 25-30% of that expense?
Is UK inheritance tax fair?
Hours being cut to less then 30 a week. How will it effect a single persons working tax credits?
Germaine paid $599.20 for new tires with 7% sales tax included.?
If I sell US shares do I pay tax in US or Hong Kong ?
What am I supposed to put on a w-4?
its said smokers cost the NHS 1.5 billion a year. How much do they pay in duty on cigarettes each year?
One last accounting question.?
On the 1040 schedule A tax form what line do you enter the $400.00?
is there any calculator (excel) format to calculate the tax (india)?
What is the minimum and average wage for a 17 year old on a part time job? in the UK?
do i have grounds to return this item for a refund (uk)?
I just won a prize worth 5,000, tax question?
Federal Taxation Problem?
Do I have to pay taxes on the sale of a house I lived in for 5 years and rented for the last 2.?
not a daycare county will pay me for babysitting my great grandson do i have to pay taxes in the state of ohio?
Physical presence test...AGAIN !!?
Why do people in low- and middle-income countries react more to a tax increase than people in wealthy countrie
hey guys can you pls explain me about Excise return ER-1 to ER-7.where is this applicable & what are the func.?
return a product, paid cash, they issue check over 100 dollars does tax count?
Are non-profit organizations in UK exempted from paying tax?
I received a letter yesterday 45,000 dollors and they made out a check to us for 3800 dollors 4 taxes asking?
I am a small businees in the U.S. and I am importing services from India. How should I proceed regarding tax?
Regarding the Tax Benefit for the Investment in Spouse's Name?
How much do I charge for sales tax on Ebay?
What are the laws regarding bringing money back into the USA after living abroad for many years?
Over what amount do banks report deposits to the IRS?
How long do I have to wait for my NY state refund?
Do u feel that Personal Income tax is liable for double Taxation ?
how do you file exempt on your state taxes?
I bought a home in 2010 and paid cash.Other than property taxes, what else can be deducted?
My husband and I would like to file our taxes separately this year. Who can claim our son, or can we both?
What is the maximum amount of cash you can receive that does not have to be reported for tax purposes?
New York State Sales Tax: Web Design?
What happens if you filed as single but should have filed as married?
How do I get an IRS Letter 147 C?
Moving to Nice France for a pilot job, US company however.?
If you filed your tax return by paper, and in April right when due, did you get your tax refund yet?
When was the new tax on tobacco put into effect?
can i take lottery tickets off my taxes?
Can I get a income tax return if the only income i had was unemployment and I had taxes taken out automatic?
how do I calculate hdmf contribution as per philippines income tax act?
did missouri get the cigeratte tax?
what specific site or link do i go to, to pay my purchased online cigarette taxes?
I bough something form play-asia but will I need to pay import tax?
Can gift cards given at your place of employment be taxed?
How much does Trust & Estate Services Cost in the USA or California?
How much should i earn per year to not pay taxes if im 20 married and no children?
Once audited by IRS.Are u permanently on their radar for possible future audit?
I am asked if I am subject to backup tax witholding on a death claim form. I am unsure if I am or not.?
Tax deductibles from Restaursnt industry?
can someone explain taxes to me please!!!!!!!!!?
how much do minors have to earn in a year to get tax returns?
Lost money in a Ponzi scheme. I made contributions as an IRA and a cash account.?
How much do taxes take away from you're paycheck?
If taxes was raise do you think the money would go to people who have medicade and medicare?
What is the penalty for someone who doesn't file their taxes on time for the first time ever?
can i deduct new washer and dryer?
clergy mileage question?
why wont the uk adopt the euro?
Sole trader or self -employed?
Are there any emergency circumstances under which you can withdraw $ from your IRA/401 without penalty?
What percent is taken out of my paycheck for taxes?
service tax current year rate & levied for nature for business?
does anyone know of a website where i can file my 2004 taxes online?
I have a question about the tax rebates we'll be getting soon?
I sold my house for less that what I paid. I owned it less than 2 years. Can I claim a loss on my taxes?
if i only made less then 2000 dollars at one job do i have to claim it on my taxes?
Is this possible to file IT returns FY 2007-2008 thru online?
i am legally married but my husband walked out and disappeared 2 months into the marriage can i file single?
H&R block screwed our taxes up and now irs says we owe them 3,000.00 after we paid h&r block 400.00 to do em!!?
my name is on the tax sale list for my town. after my name the letter TE are shown, what does that stand for?
If i used the toll way, can it be used as a tax deductible?
Uk benefit and tax credit entitlement for having a baby?
is a $100 costco gift card considered taxable income?
Is it possible to get a refund?
Where should I get a sales tax number if most of my business is in a different state?
If no taxes are taken out of your pay, would a CPA or tax book keeper be the best to hire?
Lines 6 through 24 of the 1040X? -- First Time Home Buyer Credit?
I have a child living in my house but don't claim her as a dependent. I pay half of the expenses, ultimately.?
What should I do if I have not received my w-2 form from former employer after january31?
How to pay state and federal income tax on home based business?
Can I set up a company and register for VAT if I wasn't going to sell anything through that company/business?
Are home owners dues tax deductable if it is your primary residence?
How do I stop my Baby's dad from claiming her on taxes next year?
Where can I download TurboTax Federal and State 2010 for free?
How do you get out of paying taxes?
When do I get the money from the Federal stimulas package?
how to file income tax return on income tax site?
Ok so does this seem right? Tax refund?
does a 401k plan come into play when you file bankruptcy?
how do I know how much I'm going to pay in taxes I'm a new owner,my mortgage was 140,000. dollars?
I pay a neighbor to watch my son a few days a week while I'm at work. Is this tax deductible/creditable?
Did anyone get there stimulus paper check today?
Last September I won a small jackpot of $1920 on a video poker machine. Do I have to file for taxes?
what is considered poverty level for 2 adults, no other dependents?
I used Turbo tax this year again?
Can I write off half of self-employment of the year before?
Sole Trader responsibilities has to Inland Revenue?
how do I know my weekly tax deductions are being reported?
1 of 2 newlyweds filed taxes before marriage, what to do?
i am an insurance agent&tds arrangement is there.may i submit returns in feb09&claim any refunds.?
How can i get more from my taxes?
Overhead cost in accounting?
The benefits of filing a consolidated tax return include all of the following except?
I keep checking the IRS website for my refund status. I get a different message every time.?
How many allowances do I claim on the W-4 Tax Form?
What is the maximum social securtity tax from payroll deduction for 2006?
How to report scholarships and grants on taxes.?
DO i still have to pay tax, if no , will i have to pay TDS still, how can i get my money back?
i am 28, can my fiance claim on his taxes me and my daughter as dependents?
Are Alcohol Rehab Fees Tax Deductible?
IRS in CA sent me a letter today for 2009 that i owe them $16,000 for not filing income in 2009, any advice?
anyone ready for tax refund time if you normally get one?
how many allowances should i claim on my W2?
Do I have to pay short term cap gain tax if my parents gave me stock in 11/05 they bought 02/04?
In forex, do you have to pay taxes ...?
Canada tax for a PR for half year?
What is "paid under the table mean." I was told that they would pay me "under the table" until I made $600..
Can I convert my recharacterized nondeductable IRA back to a Roth IRA?
if i have one dependant about how much can i get back if i make $20,000?
What do I have to fill out on a tax-deductible donation receipt?
Working tax credits plus other benefits?
What are items I can use to write off?What tax write offs do I need to address as a realtor working from home?
what is amount of thethe 2006 federal gas allowance for use in tax purposes?
do you pay taxez on labor.?
if i earned 1039.93 last year and i have 1 dependent do i still need to file?
Anyone with last two of ssn ending with 10-20 get their paper rebate checks yet.?
What happens to people who do not file income tax ?
Calculation of Marginal tax rate?
Is a salary increase the same as a bonus?
How can states (Maine) track Visa purchases made out of state by residents of Maine?
I'm a bartender can I write off beauty related treatments such as tanning, gym membership, nails?
If my total for something is $40.00, and the sales tax is 4.65%, how much would the total cost be with tax?
Fix for TurboTax error code 20900072586?
capital purchases or Non-capital purchases can claim back GST?
If u live in NH and win a lottery does the state take taxes?
I am still getting garnished even after filing bankruptcy. Can the attorney still do this?
Is the money I spend on HECS tax free?
how do your report IRS fraud?
Claiming Mileage on Tax Return?
rate of tax on retirement in Wisconsin?
Have i paid too much tax?
Should I let my mom claim me on my taxes if....?
is the uk better with a pound or euro?
wht is the tax rate 4 firm n company 2008-09 in india?
if you don't show up for work is that considered quitting or do you get fired?
Do I have To pay the Irs?
Where does income tax go?
where do i go on line to report someone who is falsifying their personal tax return?
Ebay and taxes...couple of questions?
regarding child tax credits, please take look?
I got another question?
is this against the irs? i am getting a divorce?
where do i get the previous years question papers of the british chartered accountancy course?
taxes for job application?
Channel Island Resident for Tax Purposes?
used to work without using NIN and now need payslips?
i sent my taxes in about a month ago when will i recieve them back?
paycheck with social security taken out.?
Tax question: can i Write off my car?
Self-Employed and taxes - Hate them!?
Are Real Estate Agents required to file taxes every year?
how much would i get taxed on 920 pounds a month?
What is the FIN of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island?
Who can deduct these medical expenses?
do freelancers collect unemployment?
how can I confirm a business is legitimate by searching the ein number?
Why is my tax refund lower than expected?
I made less than $600 as an independent contractor, what do I need to do?
Need an opinion to why my tax refund is so much smaller then last year?
explain how work income is made up?
Rs to $ anybody?
INCOME TAX (INDIA) _IN which Colour ink /Ball pen the IncomeTax return form is to be filled up?
how much will i get back on my tax return if i file with no kids and i made about 10,000?
will accountnow show pending deposit for refund?
When filing taxes and married can me and my wife file two different returns?
How to file General Sales Tax with H&R Block Free Edition?
Can I ammend my taxes in Georgia, US for a year my ex was living with me?
Does anyone know the timeline on the 8k tax credit return? We filed Aug 27th 2009 and still haven't seen it.?
I've not filed taxes these past 5 years can i still do it (i'm self employed)? And How?
Section 125 deductions?
do i have to pay tax?
Do I have to pay towards a Flexible Spending Account when out on maternity leave?
Should people with children pay more tax.?
Never received income tax check from 7 or 8 years ago, how do I find it? Illinois?
I need a solution for eczema?
Can all my wages be garnished?
Income tax for full time students?
Do people in the UK get paid less than the people in USA?
How Would I Go About Setting Up My Own Sex Hotline? (UK Only)?
Liter gas(petrol) costs more than a dollar, whereas in US, a gallon...?
What is 'coherent' mean in 'coherent principles based approach' to drafting tax laws?
Can you explain why the Upper income people are not asked for to pay little more for taxes?
can someone please tell me what proportion of the uk economy is private and what propotion is public?
what happens to one's income tax when one gets married in the UK?
Can my boyfriend claim me on our taxes?
bureau of internal revenue's company policies?
Is there any tour company in the U.S organize tours to Malaysia?
tax problem. am i paying too Much?
Do any of the online gambling sites issue a W2-G for tax purposes in the USA?
moving expenses deductions?
I just ordered a IRS tax return transcript today(Thurs) and would like to know what date I will receive it on?
Where does GST go to?
Tax question, any updates for february 7th club who had original date of feb 1st?
How do I get a duplicate w-2 for 2005?
compensation will it affect my benefit payments?
If I am issued a 1099-misc, does that mean I owe money?
URGENT!!!! Accounting (Straightline and declining balance depreciation)?
My employment is terminated, i got a letter of separation?
Stock Basis Information -- Old AT&T Stocks?
Can I have my tax refund money mailed do another country? (In my case, Brazil)?
Does anyone know if the IRS does Test Deposits for Refunds?
1099 TAX?--If I work at home part-time in my Study/Office room?
US to UK goods custom allowance ?
can any body tellme financer or financial institute.that can provide me loan of rs 25000.or 650 $ in india.?
what is my take home pay after taxes in south carolina?
Annuity Question Concerning Taxes.?
Paychecks with no taxes taken out?
who is mars?
Irs says they deposited my refund i have no money?
Where can I find out when I will get my Federal income tax back?
how much taxes do you pay when you buy something in US and bring it to Canada, thanks?
Do you feel like you're being robbed of your tax money since you're paying for the royal wedding?
Tax deduction question?
can i file for income tax?
could the cut in the tax and interest rates boost are economy?
What is the federal tax rate for 0 withholding on a $2,l416.67 paycheck?
I would like to know that how would I get Tax breaks on like food fuel and ECT?
can I get the $8,000. new home buyers money if I do not owe any tax?
Can my Dad claim his mother on his tax return?
Will I receive a T4 from a company that went out of business?
how do you write in words $1065.00?
Can parents claim someone on their taxes even if they don't live at home and made over 20,000?
Can an LLC company be part of an S-corp?
tax on australian rental property income when overseas?
did anyone recieve their refund on 1/30/09?
I did some one-off freelance work in Italy, and they taxed me at 30%?
How to Journalize Account Payable Discounts?
What should I include in filing my taxes?
what is a w4t tax form?
What do you do with form 1098 when you are not itemizing?
i worked in ny and ca, do i need to file 2 state tax forms or put both incomes on my legal residential state?
how long does HR block take to give me my taxes? said friday.?
how do you file a quarterly tax return?
Will i get a Income Tax Deduction on Fees paid for my Master Degree?
Amended tax return and the stimulus payment?
How to summarize my Federal Tax Return?
Do you get a tax return if your parents claim you?
Do I have to pay estimated taxes, or can I just wait until the end of the year?
Is there any problem if someone knows my PAN number?
what is the sales tax in washington state?
Capital Allowances - can i can first year allowances on a cessation of a non incorporated business ?
How do you file PayPal transactions in your taxes?
I am a victim of identity theft with my 2011 tax return.?
Land Tax question?
i want service lates tax amendment website?
What happens if I do not file my income tax for three or more consecutive years.?
My husband filed head of household last year we weren't legally seperated. Is this legal? Can you file HOH?
Can i file a 2009 w2 form with my 2010 taxes?
New job - mileage and tax confused?
I want to purchase a dress fro a company in China do I ave to pay import taxes?
I have a 1099-MISC showing income of $5,467. It has been reported under the LLC I formed. Do I report this....?
is there an eastgate financial ltd. in the uk?
Has anyone received their stimulus checks earlier than what the schedule says?
Do you need to pay taxes when working freelance?
VAT rates into the UK?
Will I be taxed for the money wire from foreign country to my bank account?
How does the I.R.S. figures out age 59 and 1/2 for the I.R.A. distributions.?
So if you didnt file your taxes on time for the first time, theres no jail penalty, right? just cash payment?
what is the amount of the stimulus this year?
What would my take home income be after taxes if I made 35-40k a year?
how do you tell if a lottery claim form is real and legit.?
WRT taxes, what all do I need to know if I am on an H1 visa and am now married with wife on a H4 visa?
How to report household employee income under $1800?
miss pan card acknowledgement no?
How to become an accountant uk?
If you won a million dollars in a year, how much tax would you pay the US government?
Can some one help me to understand what is the taxman's interpretation of income from online business ?
If I pay for medical expenses with an HSA can I still claim tax deductions?
kindly suggest a name for my new house?
401(K) early withdrawal. Penalty is after tax, or before tax?
is doggie vet bills tax deductable?
Originally it's said I should have my return by feb 7. Now wmr doesn't give me any info?
Have i been paid to much?
ok so if you can use the losing lotto ticket then were do you turn then in for the tax off set when you win?
Having an issue with a tax credits claim, any advise?
If my sons father name is not on the birth certificate , would he be able to get his info and file taxes?!?
when and where are pei government tax sales held?
will collecting unemployment defer my illinois state tax refund?
What kind of taxes do I have to pay if I sell things on the Internet?
How much money will be deducted from my paycheque?
Does appointing US resident Power of Attornery for my trading account affects my NRA status?
Can my dad claim my school for his taxes?
How can I minimize Personal Tax?
how much do u get back on your taxes frrom your child?
What is the maximum amount an employer can reimburse an employee for medical insurance and out of pocket exps?
i have a sentry combination fire safe and i lost my owners Manuel I'm trying to change combination?
filing a state tax return?
Filing for a divorce in California?
Are goods sent to France liable to VAT?
How old are you when you have to start doing your taxes?
Tax Woes, clueless and need your help.?
what if u never cash in your state refund & 1 yr passes? do u get your freedom?
Can these be written off on taxes?
Where do I deduct the margin interest paid when I file 1040?
how do your report IRS fraud?
How much does the US lose in tax exemptions for non-profit orgs. without religious?
Can our government afford to give us all a tax free month, as a goodwill gesture?
How much money must you earn to file tax return?
I paid a subcontractor with a check on 12/11/2008, as of today he did not cash the check?
My online pay stub says a different amount from my actual paper check?
How much will I get taxed by the IRS?
can I claim my fiance as dependent on 2007 return if he is not working the whole year and live with me all yea
how much am i allowed to have in my savings when I am on family tax credit?
Has anyone received their stimulus rebate yet?
is it better to claim exemptions or to claim no exemptions?
If i make 8.95 a hour and work 35 hours a week what is my gross annual income?
If you were scheduled to have your stimulus check mailed by July 4th, have u recieved early yet?
Over charged on tax preparation? Do I have to accept forms and pay?
Are Student Loans 1098-T forms deductible on MA taxes, or only when you pay the loans?
Which Items Have Reduced VAT on Them?
How much tax do I pay 10 points?
Can i claim back tax?
i never received my turbo tax card?
What country has the lowest taxes?
conversion of dirhams into rupees?
2008 tax rebate....?
When you file for unemployment, how long till you know your results?
I live with my boyfriend and our son we share all expenses what would be the best way to file our taxes?
Can children be claimed on taxes if custody was lost before the end of year?
Does the IRS ever e-mail you?
Gift tax on house transfer?
What is the consequence for filing state and local taxes a day late?
PRIMARY RESIDENCE for tax purposes?
Accounting Adjusting Help?
I Want to File My Taxes Early?
if taxes from my wages are be reported?
why we visit temple if god is in our heart and close to as?
Tax Treatment of surrender value of Pension Policy under sec 80CCC?
do commissary baggers get reported on a form W-2 or 1099?
Where do I find information on 1981 Federal Gift Tax?
anyone else not work last year and get a nice fat check for their taxes?
Filing past taxes for 2010 and 2011?
when is the IRS going to mail the first issue of checks?
is it correct for 2012 WA federal tax rates is 10% if under $8,700 for the year. so that is 10% of each pay?
how can i write an informal report using appropriate headings identifying a problem regarding work flow in off
For my taxes do I have to report my paypal account or bank account?
How much does the government take in taxes on a out of the country lottery win?
Tax qusetion. about Dependent's?
How can i legally avoid paying tax?
If someone wins 20 million dollars in the lottery how much is taken away in taxes?
Receiving 2012 Tax Refund?
How do I expense LLC startup costs when I have no income?
If denied unemployment, is that ever payable when you do find a job?
how much would tax be on $200?
I want to buy some grazing and woodland. Would council tax have to be paid?
What is net pay of 36000 salary after tax in NJ?
If the IRS WMR states "Your refund is scheduled for DD on...does that mean it's done processing?
I hit a poker bad beat jackpot and won $9,000. Will I get a 1099-MISC or W-2G?
I filed my taxes on march 20th. I got my state direct deposited on April 4th and still have not received...?
what are the effects on a persons net income when changing from a sole proprietorship to a LLC?
Is it true Native Americans don't have to pay for tax? I read it when reading the amendments, do u think fair?
claiming benefits in the UK?
What is the limit of the value of goods before UK customs charge me for importing from outside Europe?
can i file last years taxes with this year?
can i claim income support?
Unemployment benefit extension in Illinois?
Last year everyone got the making work pay and earned income credit...?
My husband owes the Irs 8000.00 in taxes?
With a W-2, can you wait to pay out FICA, like pay it at the end of the year when filing taxes so that...?
When did your wmr upday today?
how do i find out if someone claim my daughter on thier taxs?
If you have your own business and are tax exempt, do you pay back the taxes you are exempt from?
I am starting an accountancy and tax practice. Any suggestions for a name?
PRE- Caculus question!!! help!!!!` Maximum Revenue?
can a baby be claim for taxes by two people?
Can I claim my daughter? And can my parents still claim me?
should my employer be taking taxes?
How to pay remaining tax?
if i make $100 million?
How much money am I allowed to make without paying income tax?
can my 401 k be garnished?
Can I claim the $.80 the trucking co. I'm leased to is makeing off my trk per mile on my taxes?
If I worked 85% of the year and are now on welfare, can I still get a tax refund? Will I be allowed to keep it?
How long to file taxes?
I am due for a big irs refund with the help of EIC. I recently set up payments for a student loan in default.?
how do I get reimbursed for child care from tax savings account?
How much will I pay in taxes if I live in NYC and make 27,000 per year?
is 400$ off my paycheck in deduction too much?
if my refund date has not changed like a lot of ppl does this mean 1/28/11 if my definite date?
I'm owed about £600 from the tax office?
How are you going to spend your $800 federal tax rebate?
Do I have to pay taxes on this?
Poll - International Tax Could it save global downturns?
How much is £31.99 in U.S. dollars?
how a company can manipulate the rules of accounting in order to reduce income taxes?
Does my babysitter needs my son's SS??
IRS Bartering reporting requirements?
what can you do about tax refund checks that have expired in date. don't have a bank account.?
Can somone explain to me how a tax rebate is supposed to boost the US economy ?
No federal tax law..?
accounting question?
Does a co-operative have unlimited or limited liability?
What is the number to call the IRS and speak to an agent?
What is a paycheck stub? Am I getting it if I get paid through checks? Where do I look?
If I were loaned money one year and paid it back the following year, what year do I pay the taxes in? Both??
I'm self emplyed aand work from home, what can i claim back on taxes for my costs of working from home ?
Is the burden of TCS and Sales Tax both are on collector?
Are there any deductions for the earned income credit to reduce earned income?
Who would get the most $ back on claiming our child on our taxes?
I have claimed my mom and she is 70?
Is everyone's deposits to their bank accounts showing in their bank on the day it says?
Why would my parents not be able to get a full tax refund if claimed independent on my own personal return?
My son will soon be getting SSI payments. Does he have to pay income tax on the money?
Why is my Federal Income Tax Withheld box empty on my W2?
what is the difference between Stamp duty and Tax ?
Overtime tax? More or less take home pay?
OK then explain the UK tax system please.?
how much tax will i have to pay when i reach sixty if i decided to carry on working?
What is the limit income for the tax year 2005 to be able to fund a roth ira?
can somehelp me estimate on my tax return for 2011?
Import tax to UK from America?
Do i need to pay taxes on my paypal?
do you know how to do taxes online?
How can I find a reliable source of the value of property gifts such as clothing, furniture, or books.?
Donating...Tax deductible?
how do you journalize the payment of income tax payable?
Groceries, Gas and taxes?
my friend said he is going to lie on his income taxes?
Tax deductions?? New job?
who is my fiduciary?
Student Tax Rebate Question. PLEASE HELP!?
how much cash can someone give you before it's taxable?
A new "flat tax" for everyone?
what is the gift tax laws for N.C.?
Can he claim my kids, too?
my boyfriend pays child support would he have the those rebate check?
If a person clocks in at 7:46am, clocks out at 5:24pm, how do i calculate that to come up with hours worked?
what is the MINIMUM amount you can make for the year and be required to file taxes?
i won an internet lottery for 125,000 they sent me a check for 1,350 to pay taxes on the 125,000 is this a sca?
Can dept of education garnish property taxes?
Is "joint tenants with rights of survivorship" between 2 ppl a 50% division, when it comes to tax on the sale?
What tax forms must a self-employed person submit to open a Roth IRA account?
Can my husband claim me as a dependent instead of filing our taxes jointly?
Question about Canadian tax rules concerning rental property?
I was wondering what if one spouse wants to file a joint tax return and one wants to file a seperate tax retur?
How long do you have to live in a new build house before ur exempt from capital gains tax?
Tax Cuts in Economic Stimulus Plan?
Can I get my original P60's re-issued?
Donation and Education Tax deductions.?
has any one tax refund update for jan 31 to jan 25 tonight?
did anyone receive there tax return money through the mail yet.And if so when were you scheduled to get it?
the impact of tax incentives on the tourism industry?
I'm 17 in the UK have no qualifications?
Need help paying my light bill?
Is church donation (tithing) tax deductible?
social security benefits?
MA Brownfields Tax Credits?
do i have to pay capital gains tax when i have already paid real property tax? Why?
Why is TurboTax saying that I owe money?
Is it proven that there are more prisons than schools?
My ex claimed my kids on his taxes...what do i do?
where can I find the status of my dc tax refund?
does my restaurant pay taxes on bulk purchases for resale?
how old do i have to been to file my taxes?
i just turned 18 and want to know which credit card would be best to choose.?
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