Does a tax garnishment take precedence over an already existing garnishment?
How does capital gains tax apply in this home-sale situation?
How much of income is withheld for medicare part A?
Will I have to pay taxes on complimentary tickets?
First time home buyer tax credit- Married filed jointly--need a cosigner?
What liability does a CPA carry when the IRS comes after us for incorrect filings for previous year?
My best friend is in this country ilegally. He works with a bogus SS number. How can he file taxes? Can he?
Anyone scheduled to get refund on the 1st and get it today?
Can you really only ammend federal returns for 3 yrs back?
What is the default withholding rate for shareholder proceeds from the sale of a company?
can you tell me the site to file the pvt. ltd. return online?
inland revenue refund?
Why won't my federal refund not show up on the IRS website ?
what is the maximum amount of social security witheld for 2006?
What percent taxes in california do each level of income pay?
Taxes: If I got married today would I be able to file a joint tax return for the April 15th 2008 deadline?
If I claim my kids on taxes and their grandfather does to who is in the wrong?
How long to issue a cheque for emergency tax?
i have a Tax Question?
need help!?
Income tax return??????
Anyone else Taxes late? I have been waititng for my money past the fifteen day mark h&R block claimed Ii.?
Is there an EDD Office in Rancho Cordova, CA?
Can I get my husband 2008 tax return from IRS?
what is the state and Local Rate %...turbotax help?
Did anyone recieve their tax rebate checks yet?
why did my cigarettes not get taxed?
Does child tax benefit give you a T slip for income tax?
how to avoid capital gain taxes on a land sale?
How to fight high taxes?
Need information on "less trade in allowance"?
How is democracy affected by tax collection? HELP!?
Wmr status..important?
i receive tax credits and child benefits only can i get a payday loan with that income?
Why is my IRS refund taking so long for my tax return? I filed on February 1st.?
If you started a business last year, how has your tax filing gone?
Will 2011 tax refunds be issued early?
is sales tax or VAT applicable on sale of non-text ,non-academic books in India or any state in India?
Can my dad claim me as a dependent?
What if you make a mistake paying your taxes?
Am i being taxed the correct amount?
am i owed child tax back-pay?
FISCAL ( TAXES) POLICY IN ITALY where can I find any information ?
help with working tax credits?
The IRS accepted my return on 1/29/10 when will I get my card?
The total price (including sales tax) of a VCR is $539.32. The sales tax rate is 2%. What is the purchase pric?
when I donate to a charity my job is supporting to they get to claim that during tax season?
Am I eligible for the $8000 tax credit?
tax question - claiming wife?
Part of Fiance's tax return was taken for back support last year, he recieved a stimulus payment...?
i receive job offer from UK,how could i know if this is just a scam or not?
are food stamps canceled from date of employment or first paycheck?
non-resident tax forms IT203?
Summer job and taxes?
what is the allowed IRA contribution for 49 year olds and 54 year olds?
How to deduct losses in FOREX?
help with tax question?
can a taxman nick you for not putting in return's?
I filed my 2011 taxes on July 21st after getting an extension , I'm getting a return . I checked with IRS?
Am I liable for my dad’s failure to pay his taxes?
why have incomes in the united kingdom risen more than productivity and why has affected the economy of uk?
do i have to report lawsuit money on income tax return?
What form should I use : an IRS installment agreement or should I file form 4868?
Instead of raising taxes, why not just print more money?
I have started a business recently how do I pay taxes?
can anybody suggest good website or book where Indian Income Tax rules are explained for a lay man?
Enter total number of Allowances you are claiming?
If I join a company on a monthly retainer basis on 80K/M How much TDS and do I have to charge any service tax.
council tax increases?
How to file back taxes for 2005?
went to a professional tax person and they messed up. Help!?
I work as a nanny full time..I am going to file my taxes this year...HELP!(read on)?
what is difference between tax credit and tax deduction?
Would be my weekly income if I make 400 a week?
Does the cost of our website development ($10K) qualify as a "gift-in-kind"? We are a 501 (3) c?
Am I liable to pay govt taxes once regestering a pvt ltd company? which type of taxes there are?
Do we fit the capital gains tax exclusion. We are quitting our jobs and moving for a job over 50 miles away?
IRS delaying refund due to " litigation code" But I haven't had notice of being sued?
New Job I have been taxed help?
my first year filling self employed. work taking care of girlfriends mom how much will i owe i file mar bt sep?
Anyone with a 2012 tax return dd date of 2/7 already receive their refund?
I had a loss some money in the stock market in 2008. I don't think included the loss in my 2008 tax return.?
Best way to get out of trouble with the IRS, if you owe back taxes.?
does a 92 year old on retirement have to file taxes?
My organization is raising money for a scholarship fund. I want the contributions to be tax deductible. How?
LLC Cancellation & Paying Taxes for 2007/2008?
When filing taxes, is it okay to forge your spouses signature ?
How do I report ZERO income for the year 2012?
I received both a K-1 and a 1099 on a foreign partnership interest.?
can someone who gets welfare and foodstamps let someone else claim their child as a dependent on their taxes?
Is it necessary to file the IT Return for Pan Card Holder ?
How much should I expect my tax refund to be?
I work for an independant contractor who pays me under the table. How should i pay taxes on this?
What is the freakin point of having a form 8332?
Can my fiance get financial aid if he didnt file income tax the past few years?
is gross salary the same as gross wages?
How do you plan on spending your federal rebate check?
Do you get taxed if lots of people give you a little amount of money - equaling a lot of money.?
If someone really does release Mitt Romney's tax returns what will it show?
a tax credit mean you get the money refunded to you?
can you claim a 17 year old child this year?
Taxation on disability benefits?
Has anyone been approved for jackson hewitt money power loan?
Are Student Loans considered income to the IRS?
Is it better to claim 1 or 0 on your W-4 Form if you are single and don't own anything?
would I have to pay taxes on a medical settlement?
When does the IRS deposit refunds?
I am claiming my wife and kids and got my w2 today and see that only 50 dollars were withheld from my federal?
I am US Citizen and I live overseas. What would happen if I do not pay taxes due on my US Income?
LLC vs S-Corp Tax Basis and Tax implication?
Can the Inland revenue arrest state pension?
Can i get taxes back for my kids if i only worked 5 months ?
Can I find out if the IRS has mailed out my tax check?
Do heirs in Texas have to pay tax on sale of home put into an account using a tax ID #.?
How much taxes will i Owe? please help?
How much will my tax check be?
if you owe back taxes on a paid for home, can you get a loan from a bank against it?
if i apply today for TAN No. then from which period i have to file my TDS return and what is the process?
Question about Taxes on Car Insurance Claim Payout?
if you choose direct deposit for federal taxes how long will it take?
My sons are OCI card Holders can they open current account with Bank in India based on the OCI card and PAN No?
Is exotic and fine art Import business a good business to start?
What is the status on the 4th extension they are working on?
If you havent made payments on a student loan, will the goverment take your income tax return?
How much will i be taxed on my interest from my savings?
Confused about my tax withholding?
W-4 form filling help please ?
Why do my husband and I owe so much in federal and state taxes? We hardly make any money!?
Can I claim all paid taxes back? I am leaving UK for good to my country.How to do this?
Student paying 40% tax on part-time job Ireland?
When were Roth IRAs first introduced?
Can I efile and send in my stock transactions through the mail?
Traditional IRA question?
where can i go online to get my w2?
Can I do my year taxes if I get paid in cash.?
How much taxes will they take out of my check? ?
what are the different taxes on mutual funds.?
I am getting Married in October 2008, can we still file seperate tax returns for 2008?
i want to get my 2002 taxes ammended due to some lame doing my taxes incorrect.?
How much is sales tax in Florida?
What's the easiest way to file an extension for personal taxes?
Where is my tax rebate check? Suppose to be in my account today will i still get it or whats going on?
I am selling a building in Texas for $900,000 if I sell at that price how much will i pay in taxes?
What happens if I actually FORGOT to file my tax return for 2006?
How to get my fathers earnings(wages salaries tips etc.) if i only have my mothers W-2 and form 1040?
what exactly are all the things i can claim on my taxes?
Would IRS know that a social security is in a death certificate or the person passed away?
W-2 Form, need help!!!?
Do I have to report taxes on savings interest rate? On my Bank of America savings account I made $0.25 cents.?
If I did my taxes the 19th and...?
Hello! When I checked Where's My Refund today, it said that my return will be direct deposited on Feb. 1, 2008
Does anyone know a good tax accountant in the San Jose, San Francisco area?
Confused and need help please?
I don't have federal taxes being taken out of my check? Why?
IRS help please?
Can I get unemployment if I quit my job?
What are the tax implications in this business model?
How do I dispute with the IRS about my son's father claiming him as a dependent on his taxes?
do you pay income tax if you live out of the united states?
Over 77k could I be VAT exempt?
Does anyone know who will loan me money until I receive my 2006 tax return?
Will my weekly benefit for unemployment be reduced if I don't claim the amount of hours that I'm working?
Do you think waiters should be taxed on tips they earn?
I purchased my home in feb of 2009. I have not filed my 2008 taxes. Can I still get the homebuyers credit?
Can you claim as a loss on Schedule D of IRS forms the sale of a Time Share.?
how can i take advantage of my capital oss carryover?
i am collecting SSDI and have for the whole year...?
Turbo Tax Deluxe?
sales tax? 10 points.?
If you owe on taxes--do they take your stimulus $ off of it?
Can I get my National Insurance number at 15 & 7 months? (uk only)?
Can me and my wife file "married filing separate"?
Since Dec 31st is a Saturday, is the IRS deadline for tax deductible expenses the next working day (Jan 2)?
How do the expiring tax cuts affect my family?
anyone recieved a mailed tax rebate check yet?
whilst european pay a lot of taxes?
Foreign Income Taxes?
How long does it take for the irs to start taking money out of my paycheck when my employer gave me the letter?
we are staring a new software company in srilanka. we want get US Tax id. can i please know the procedure.?
i want to export sarees from india as Business. do i need to pay any export fee. if yes then how and how much?
Do I have to pay back social security tax if I worked without authorization and now I became a legal resident?
anyone get their refund yet?
can i still get tax refund for my family if my family is moving abroad,?
should australians pay tax??
What do you think about our government system?
what can you deduct for a mary kay business?
Does anyone know who will loan me money until I receive my 2006 tax return?
what is the amount of child tax credit I can take for 2005 tax year?
How much income tax do you pay in the UK?
what is capital gain tax? what is the amount?
How do taxes work for an Ebay Business?
What do I do if I claimed the wrong number of personal allowances on my Form W-4?
First time of doing tax return?
I need help with tax stuff again....?
How many people havent finished thier taxes...?
i have business in il, and have one emoloyee from wi. how i will deduct his taxes?
Is loan interest deductible on an investment property?
Can I make a depreciation schedule now (Aug 08) to claim from 2007/2008 tax return for investment property?
How much should she pay me for filing my child on her taxes?
A ruling in 2010 says gay couples can amended back to 2007, but will there be penalties owed?
Do i have to file taxes?
Service Tax exemtion of Rs. 4 Lacs - Does it apply on service tax taxable income of 4L or general turnover.?
Will Fiitjee refund my fees back ?
Why do people complain about investors paying a low income tax rate?
I babysat kids in my home for five months but wasn't lis eansed. How do I handle this on my taxes?
could the irs hold my check if a dependent is in question?
where does my tax refund check get mailed from? i live in washington state?
former accountant not responding?
I'm 16, should I be paying tax?
Can any1 get the tax sale lists without paying for them?
My tax person messed up big time?
Filed for home first time buyer credit on 08 taxes, we bought our home in March of 09. We received a letter?
If I told the IRS that my soon-to-be ex-husband didn't file his taxes in about three years, what will they do
If my father put me on title for his house just before his death, do I have to pay capital gains tax?
What is remitting use tax?
Is it right that people get paid to give up smoking??I say NO!!! this a TAX free giveaway cost £150 PER HEAD!!
can a father claim child tax credits if both parents are split up?
why do people in the UK need to register their televisions?
Do accelerated depreciation result in payment of less taxes over the asset's life?
what is tax deductible family vacations run by a professional society?
the main reason why the irs system was shut down exposed!!!?
What is Aplotoxin? What is the limit of Aplotoxin in P.F.A Act?
my mum is on benefits, and because i work and live with her, they are now charging me all the rent. how come?
What can happen to someone if the claim you as a dependent without your knowledge or permission?
C.S.A. calculating deductions?
If I use a program such as Turbo Tax to do my taxes, does it lessen the chance of me being audited?
How much is tax on a small car (UK)?
"I owe the IRS 57 cents, do I really have to write a check for 57 cents?
Does IRS know our information through Quick Books?
How do you report someone for tax evasion? (UK)?
TurboTax $0 federal refund?
Married filing jointly?
help, which box do i check on the w9 form?
National Insurance Contributions UK...can anyone explain to me why...?
The IRS says my refund was deposited, so why isnt it showing?
Will I have to pay money back to centrelink after this year's tax return?
I'm about to cash out my vacation time due to a job transfer. What's the tax rate I pay in California?
tax question!!!!!!!!!!1?
will I be taxed for filling out a W9 form asked by the organization I volunteer for?
I got The EITC......?
Did anyone receive their taxes today.?
If I made like 5000 through 10.99 form do I have to file taxes?
Can someone give me some advise?
what state has the lowest taxes,Property mostly?
tax question for traveler to france?
If rent attachment notice is issued, is occupier liable to pay all dues or is restriced to a month rent only?
Does Federal law or FL state law require and/or allow that service, handling, & shipping charges are taxable?
So If I can cash this lagre check why has every one said oh be careful that amount the state will tax you if?
Anyone expecting tax return deposit on 2/6/2012 still not get theirs?
Help: what is the import duty rate of Brandy (40 degree) to Canada(Quebce)?
What Is The Sales Tax In Dollars??
Unemployment and 1099?
why I did not recived state tax refund check?
What is a budget expense report?
Can I write off mortgage interest PLUS take the standard deduction?
I e-filed my fed tax return 5 weeks ago. Not yet get it. What should I do?
Inned to file My Tax Return For 05 Its Past The 15Th My Boss Did Not Send it to Me in Time,I Ex sect refund.?
I paid 9600 in child support last year, do i report on taxes. Or do I get a credit on taxes?
Do I have to file for a tax return on a second job that I didn't make more than $600 dollars working at?
if i buy a cell phone overseas, can i write it off on my taxes as a business expense?
Business Money & Personal Money - Sole Proprietorship??
can the tax places pull my w2 on line if i go in to do my tax now?
how much provincial tax must someone pay who makes 75,000 per year pay?
How much would my check be?
if you have never had a job but have a child will you receive income tax?
I'm filling form 3903 moving expenses. Should I send a copy of my plane tickets together or is it necessary?
what will happen if i send my taxes in twice?
How much would a person net if they grossed 1150.00 per month, earned from a wage, in Illinois, single...?
Does anyone feel desperate over this tax rebate mess?
If I give my friend $10,000 does she have to pay taxes on it?
if you were a contracted worker and you worked for about five years could you get unemployment.?
What is the sales tax rate for the state of Texas?
Are Property taxes in L.A. the same on all lots?
A question about TFSA?
I've started mystery shopping, the problem is the company I do it for does not tax me?
i need help with this accounting question regarding depreciation?
should I get a business license and tax license?
why is my tax return so low.?
I bought my first home in Feb 08, do I get a $7500 tax return? I am in Florida by the way.?
How long should i expect my return to take?
How old does an infant has to be to get the $1000.00 tax refund for 2009?
Do I need to file a tax return if I'm on Centrelink New Start Allowance all year without any other income?
when does the irs process returns.i filed my taxes last friday and it still says processing is there a problem?
Reporting payments to the IRS?
How does Romney tax plan work?
If your taxes get rejected can u wait till the next year to file them.?
Are jointly owned (between parent and child) EE Bonds subject to estate taxes when the parent dies?
what are tax rates for indviduals income?
On Turbo Tax how can i get money back for paying for my own college tuition?
What is a 1099 Employee?
Can I claim being a High School Student on taxes?
ANOTHER Stimulus Question *sigh*....I know, I know.?
tax on un-cashed pay check ?
I received my last unemployment check today what should I do to collect more benefits?
I have more than 30000 CDN in a UK bank.this I declared when I entered Canada.Do i have to pay tax again here?
Graduate Salary After Tax United Kingdom?
Is the Major League Baseball tax exempt?
Social Security is not taxable?
I cant access my emails, but fully logged in....?
What percentage of people pay income tax in India?
Primary residence converted into rental after marriage split then getting back together?
Does anyone know if forever 21 mails paycheck or we have to go pick it up?
When do you have to mail your tax forms if you filed for an extension?
Can losses from one company be written of against profits in another?
Question about taxes and missing money from check not explained on the pay stub.?
whats the best way to file our taxes?
Hello Guys,What is sec t3 rule?
how do i find out if my tax return has been filed?
i keep kids in my home and have made 9675 can i file a tax this year?
how do i fill out indiana withholding tax forms?
do i have to pay taxes on money gotten from a none lawsuit slip and fall? if so what percentage?
I need to contact MS Word LOTTO UK. clains officer, please.?
Locating a Tax Id??
Where can I find a W-9 form?
I received a letter from IRS saying that I owe some taxes from 2004 please help?
Is a household income of £100,000 a year a lot in the UK?
overseas cheque bounce case in india, legal rights?
How can I pay tax as a freelancer( In US taxation system).?
Are lemons taxable? (If you live in NY that's even better)?
Any chance of another Extension on unemployment compensation?
How am I supposed to file my taxes?
Car Benefits: Personal use contribution?
What is the maximum number of years for which gratuity is payable.?
question about capital gains tax?
lost my pan card how to get a duplicate pan card?
Can i deduct the expences & purchases from my sales to submit my Estimated Charge Income ?
Argue for and against taxation within the perspective of the business community?
Wash Sale rule with multiple brokerage accounts?
Would I qualify for (in CA) unemployment benefits?
what would happen if you do this?
Is Fringe benefit tax applicable in Y R 2006-07?
What is happening in the accounting career?
Is there yearly road tax that i can pay for my bike if I bring it from tamilnadu to karnataka?
Ex husband and I got a cp2000 letter in the mail stating we owe 7000.00?
Will I get Tax benefit on Stamp duty and Reg fees for this year under sec 80c if possession is after 1 year?
Why does U.S. tax policy give favoritism to married people?
When would the IRS first time home buyer tax credit be owed back to the IRS?
Filing for taxes?
Any updates on the irs delay anybody's return still processing ?
Suppose someone appliles for PAN as a minor then when he becomes a major then can he apply for a new PAN CARD?
Can someone tell me what class of mail NJ state tax refund checks are mailed.?
How much does fl give you in taxes for a child.?
I want to know my mother pan card number.because i have not recive my pan card.when i will get my pan card.som?
To Filipino Accountants: How is Value Added Tax computed and receipted?
My boyfriends claiming himself for taxes but his parents are also claiming him?
i filed bankruptcy against the irs?
in the united states, why do rich people have to pay taxes at a higher tax rate than poorer people do? ...?
How much tax will be with held from $5000 in California?
what do you think about taxes?
I am self employed contractor, and filed my EIN incorrectly?
What are some tax deductions that are often over looked?
If i want to pay the professional tax for the month of May then should in write the amount in april or june?
Is what this client is asking completely illegal? UK VAT law question.?
do I have to file income taxes for the state of Texas?
Can you be on unemployment benifits and qualify for emerald advance holiday loan through h&r block?
How does the head of Household for Taxes work?
Buying online or in Store is sales tax the same?
Which ITR form to use for A.Y.2012-2013, if there is a small long term capital loss?
Update!!! Did any 2/7 wmr update tonight?
if i put a cheque in the bank for ten thousand pound do the bank or tax people ask questions?
Why do inland revenue ask you about "your future plans"?
what percent of a person paycheck is deducted?
how do you understand a w2 form?
I filed my taxes through turbo tax on jan15, irs accepted on the 17th. will child support off set my refund?
I was driving drunk, and my girlfriend kept hitting me in the face while driving...?
Why do some Web retailers charge tax and others don't?
Is there a way of finding out someone's pan card num?
what is the 1099 form for?
How much is $16.90 plus tax in BC, Canada?
Could you still be considered a babysitter if you took care of chldren for a family M - F, 8 hours a day?
expences on which fringe benefit tax is not levied?
is there anything you can do when tax man makes a mistake in back taxes?
Anyone know of a legit way to get taxes back? My father works out of the country....?
What amout of compansation I am entitled to get?
If you made some money from an online business in 2008, how do you claim it?
How do I find the city sales tax of Dallas, Texas?
Anybody else get an e-file return accepted by IRS today?
Which insurance company in Singapore pay highest in commission for CPFIS Investment?
Do you need social sercuity card to file your taxes.?
Can you claim a dependant who is not a relative if lived with you for one year while having temp. guardianship
What year should the taxpayer should recognize income on the cash basis and the accrual basis?
I started a new job at California while family is still at Maryland. Is my renting fee at CA tax deduct able?
Where can I get a tax exempt certificate?
On selling a property is there a way of not having to pay profit gains tax?
what is a ira account?
How do you apply for a sales tax number in PA?
When does tax season reset?
Do American citizens already pay taxes for other people's health care?
Can you provide help with question 1a on the IRA Deduction Worksheet for Federal Taxes?
Stimulus check?
How do I apply for a CIS card in the UK and how much do I have to pay?
I recieve Social Security checks .. HELPPP !!?
Regular 9-to-5'er + small business owner = how much tax allowance?
When can I deduct moving expenses if i moved in Jan 2009?
WMR status has not changed.?
Should I declare dependants on my Tax Return?
New York City federal/state tax question More Details?
reporting someone for unpaid taxes on property?
How do I switch a return filed as "Married filing Individually" to "Married Filing Jointly"?
AMT At-Risk Allowed Amount?
If you are presently on disability, will you still receive the proposed rebate check in 2008?
what do people need to pay taxes on?
how much holiday pay should i get?
when is the last day to file your taxes?
Tax filing question for stock dividends. 1099-DIV?
what is international tax avoidance?
How will the New Car Tax deduction work for me?
In Wisconsin can tax accessors come into your house if you have given them a blue print to go off of?
What is the highest tax paid on unearned income?
Tobacco tax, what's your opinion?
refund check question?
Can I do my taxes if I dont have my W-2 yet?
Question about claiming dependents on taxes in NC?
What is the cheapest and best way to do taxes online?
I'm applying for college this fall, can my biological father claim me on his taxes?
Valuable vintage coat. How do I get it from US to Canada without high duties?
What state do i collect unemployment from if I live in PA and work in DE? ?
American Opportunity Credit - can I claim if son not claimed as a dependent?
my remaining holidays take me over the 2 year threshold am i entitled to redundancy pay?
Florida minimum wage and taxes?
How do I compute the amount of alimony deducted paid by a tax payer and enter it on a 1040 form?
Income Tax Question!?
need to find the west virginia state tax with holding chart?
I heard last years stimulus amount will be deducted from this year tax refund (if you get one) true or not?
where do I go to , to find out when my federal taxes check will be in?
How can I find out the status of my federal tax return if I don't know the amount of my refund?
HELP! I just got something in the mail saying I didn't file 2005 taxes!?
Limit for Sending money out of US is $10,000. My question is how is the limit calculated?
I efiled on the 17th and it was accepted on the 18th, the direct deposit was the 29th. Still nodeposit why?
Tax from 2441 line 28, Can I fill $6000 ? I have two qualifying kids but only one incurred expense in 2005.?
when doing your taxes, do you have to report any internet gambling winnings?
Tax on Own House India?
Are state tax withholdings based on where you live or work?
i have to do all my w2??...what if i dont have all?
Can I claim my nephew as my dependent if I send my brother 100-150 bucks each month?
What is going to happen in April with these tax allowances?
how can i claim the unposted contribution for the period covered jan 1998 to jun 1998 and april 05 to jun 05?
i send my income taxes in on feb 25-10 and have not received them back yet?
Im leaving the country and wont be coming back until May 2010.Can i claim my income tax back for 09?
how much would i pay?
my pan card status slip no 071750200311823?
Do I pay taxes on just capital gains or the whole amount withdrawn from a mutual fund?
part time cash incomes?
Has anyone received their refund that was expecting on 2/1?
Will I get a tax refund?
what does box 12 determine within your w2?
help with my taxes!!?
Anyone have experience with property tax review in Washington state?
If I wait until 2009 to deposit a commission check, do I pay taxes in 2008 or 2009?
what form do i need for settlements?
How much U.S. Taxes do I pay if my Business is based overseas.?
Do resale tax certificates expire?
where is my tax refund?? It's been over 3 weeks preparer not answering my calls?
Can an employer take taxes out without providing benefits if I am a contractor?
Direct Deposit answers - Do you have a question?
how many MP´s do you think will say "no" to the new suggested conditions relative to expenses and leave?
how to apply tax rate of 40% in income statement?
Tax Refund Question. Please Answer?
Will tax deduction take place from both countries?
I have been told that 100% of my alimony is tax deductible?
First Trust Deed Taxes?
calculate the geomertic mean rate of return?
Is an S-Corporation Right for me?
which collect more tax in all over the world?
Tax Return for 2011.. Has any ones wmr updated yet for a dd for 2/8?
Is donating a car still tax deductable?
Do I have to collect taxes out of my state?
Does anyone know how much of a credit claiming child care is?
Anyone do turbo tax for filing their returns and set it up for them to take the fee out of the federal incomya?
i'm looking for the tankers that go to the gas stations to put the gas in the ground. where do i look?
How much is the cost with sales tax?
do i report options to the IRS when I receive them or when I sell them?
Second Job, would my First Job employer find out?
is major landscape work done at the home tax deductable?
what happens to the money from property taxes when thre government collects it?
Do you think Gordon Brown's proposed 2p increase in petrol duty next month is justified?
How much cash can I receive from a family member without being taxed by the IRS?
pay scale for food scientist in India?
Does an out of state business need a calif resale liscence to buy in calif?
what level are you now?
is it illegal to tax an in store credit?
Tax Refund Help Please?
If you can show me the law where it says we as Americans have to pay an income tax I will give you best answer
tax write off question?
If I have a sole proprietership how do I show it on taxes?
For a studnt, 18 yrs, claimed as dependent by parents, No ernd incme, had tax liability. Eligible 4 Stimulus?
Is a company suppose to charge you sales tax on your order before delivery charges or after?
Non-mass portion for NH resident working in MA....?
single, 60, pension, part time job. Will I get a stimulus check?
I'm a minor, Do I pay taxes?
tax breaks~~ Married vs Unmarried?
where is h&r block in california?
How much does it cost to file your taxes by someone (not e-file or computer software)?
What will be withheld for taxes from $11,000 / yr?
What do I do for taxes if I didn't work last year?
Can I use donations for this?
Help me by telling some online money making website(without investment).tell me a genuine and india based webs?
what do I have to claim so that I don't owe money to the IRS but I don't get a refund either?
how is it that we are taxed for everything more than once? Isn't that illegal?
slag is taxable or exempted?
Tax Refund Dates 2012?
If you received unemployment, do you have to put that on your forms when you file your taxes?
My original direct deposit date for my Federal refund was Feb 22, now it's March 4th...why has it changed?
how to minimise the tax on your term deposit saving account?
child benifit?
What are the various income taxes one pays if the person works in New York City and stays in New Jersey?
Will the IRS let my job give me a set amount of money for a relocation rather than submitting all my receipts?
What happens if I claim my daughter on my tax returns...?
Do I need to file taxes for a corporation that did no business and made zero profit?
Help! Amend 2008 tax return: no state return?
will bank of america allow my tax refund to be deposited into my mother's bank account?
how do you pay a non resident alien in the U.S. for an online based job?
If you hit the lottery for $42 million?
do you get money back from your taxes when you have a house?
Whether losses can be carried forward for set off after the holiday period under section 10B of the I.T.Act?
If I refinance my home in Florida, Must I reapply for Homestead Exemption?
how do I figure out how much tax I need to with hold of a flea market worker who I promised?
What is the address for sales and use tax filings?
How much percent of income tax do we have to pay?
My parents filed their income tax already and claimed me as a dependent do I need to file a tax return online?
How to Maximize my 2010 Tax Return?
Custom Clearance for Spices and Tariffs?
I want to claim my 17 years old son in my tax 2008 tax return as a dependent. He worked part time in 2008 and?
babysitting on taxes?
Am I am able to do a tax deduction for donations using the ez1040 form?
which MF better? Growth or Devident ?
Can I put in contract that seller must clear "tax foreclosure" error off title?
How can I withdrawal 3,000 or 5,000 out of an ATM?
When Selling Online How Do You Calculate Sales TAX!?!?
how to get sales tax exemption in Massachusetts?
How much will I pay in taxes if I live in NYC and make 27,000 per year?
Notice of intent to levy?
Claiming VAT from UK without VAT form from the retailer.?
How do I find out what I owe the IRS?
Is it ok to do 1099 for employees that earn under $600?
can i rollover savings ee bonds into a 529 plan without paying taxes?
What can you tell me about retirement in Ontario (or all of Canada if it's standard)?
how much tax is taken on a on a one thousand dollar win?
I am legally separated from my wife and have full custody of the children. How do I file my taxes this year?
If I buy items that add up to $400 how much would tax be?
What should I do if I still haven't received my 2006 tax return?
How much would I pay for a community tax certificate if I am employed and earning say P5000/month?
claiming tax back after starting with no N.I number?
Is there really any FREE way to file your taxes?
Cash to accrual adjusting entries?
As a sole proprietor, will we get be getting a tax stimulus rebate?
what agency administers federal tax laws?
Irs said feb 3rd as the first date for dd..Now it says it was dd on 1/23 its not there.. i filed on 1/19?
what jobs can an 12 year old have in the UK?
Does the IRS ever come to your home to collect debt?
sale in transit tax, profit and invoice?
why are saudi arabians tax exempt in the US?
are Christmas bonuses taxable income?
Is Saturday classed as a working day in england?
Can anyone please tell me when W2's are sent out?
Do you still keep paying property taxes after you pay off your property?
My company only paid 30 cents per mile last year.?
why wont the uk adopt the euro?
How do I combat income taxes?
Is there any way to file taxes for free?
If you owe money to the IRS, will they take your stimulus money to be repaid?
what is the cost of filing a PAN application?
Does the IRS care if I overpay during the year?
How do I fill out my Community Property Worksheet?
How do yo factor in the 6% sale taxes in your final total?
When am i i suppose to receive my tax refund?
How long do you have to file taxes if you are only owed money?
can I get centrelink at the age of 17?
help with tax please?
on what basis the income from F&O transactions will be taxed for the financial year 2010-2011?
I have still not received a W-2 from a past employer. They refuse to send a copy.?
Do I need an accountant to file my W2 even if i just moved in recently to the US?
i would like to claim single -0- on my federal income tax.?
will need to pay taxes?
if you have got married but haven't changed your name can you file seperate on taxes?
How many people cant wait to file their taxes? YIPPIE?
Can I claim these items on my taxes...?
will accountnow show pending deposit for refund?
What do I Claim in exemptions?
If I win the lottery why do I have to pay taxes.?
what is procedure for vat register no, we sale training cd's?
Where is my gosh damn tax money?
What will you choose for investment (for tax benefit) - Mutual Fund or Fixed Deposit in Bank?
Do you get taxes back from your tips?
Problems with reject codes from Taxslayer...?
I'm married currently, if my husband & I decided to file our taxes separately, can we file jointly next year?
Does anyone know the tax percentage on wages in the UK?
How much money can you make in a private business before they HAVE to take out taxes?
Procedure for correction of DOB in PAN card?
has anybody else wmr of 1/31 changed due to processing delays should receive refund by 2/21/2012?
***Am I claiming the right amount? From California?
is there any way to find out ?
Will I be affected if my partner becomes bankrupt. Everything in the house is mine. Can they take my car?
What are the taxable item that i can send to the philippines.?
is there any accountability for income if you are a 501c?
how to file taxes please help?
Can I sell a property from and use rollover relief to buy two more properties to rent out?
What is the corporate tax rate in Serbia?
whats the diffrence if your a duel citizen for files taxes?
Are the proposed tax rebates, "rebate and switch"?
Why do I have to pay the IRS income taxes when it's my hard earned money?
Has anyone with a dd date 2/1/12 recieved their tax refund yet?
How do you calculate tax on an item?
Irs? this is what i dont understand if they pushed 90% of us back til the 21st of feb?
I am a single mom with 1 child. I was expecting to get back $600 for me and $300 for my child, with Bush's
Does jewelry depreciate? At what rate? (use US or Canada as a basis)?
will my TANF benefits be affected if i receive an income tax refund of about $5,000?
How to deduct $2700 of non-cash charites and not get audited?
claimed my taxes as commonlaw last year, now we've broken up, Alberta?
i just got my council tax payment details and its £160 amonth, with discount.?
Paying Duty/Custom fees: China to Canada?
Has anyone received their IRS DD direct deposit for 1/29/10 already?
tax return?
Dity move filed on taxes?
is there any accountability for income if you are a 501c?
Wouldn't no economic policies be better?
Taxes on sale of a house?
Whether a person getting pension from his employer every month can claim Std Deduction under Sec.10 of IT Act?
Is it necessary for an employer to send a 1099 to the state of California?
Do a lot of people get away with cheating on their taxes?
Will there be tax if I order something online?
Is the capital gains tax taxed as regular income in Pennsylvania or taxed seperately?
When do you usually do your taxes?
What are the implications of Value Added Tax?
Thomas Enterprises purchased a depreciable asset on October 1, 2007 at a cost of $100,000. The asset is expect?
how often is child tax credit paid ?
Where can I get the 1099 contractors form?
How much income tax do Americans pay?
Anybody else have a scheduled direct deposit for the 27th not a processing?
I made 200 dlls by day trading during 2005 what rules shall I apply to pay taxes on that?
If I move back in with my mum for say, 6 months, will she be charged council tax for me living there?
By what date is an employeer required to send you a W-2?
Schedule C or Schedule K1 on Individual 1040 tax return?
Is parkinsons covered under section 80U of Income Tax Act?
Help! Am I going to jail for tax evasion?
Has anyone received there stimulus check even when they used Turbo Tax to deduct the tax prep fee? I have read
I know to file a S corp taxes every yr is $530 How much is it for a LLC to file every for taxes?
My late mother owned shares in which she was the first/primary holder, and I was the second holder. On her dea?
can married couples file taxes separately?
If we go off fiscal cliff what is impact on capital gains taxes?
Is it legal to donate money without asking for deductions and without telling the IRS?
What does it mean to have your state income taxes withheld?
Deadline for IRS Extension?
Is tax the same thing as Shipping and Handling?
If two adjacent States withheld income taxes, how do I prevent double taxation from my State?
Is social sercurity taxable in iowa?
tax question for unemployment tax cut...?
I was told that you can carry your pet as a dependent on your income taxes. Is that true?
I recieve social security every month and was wondering if they can give me my money early?
do i get tax back? and do i add my income and jsa to income?/?
The bank of england and government.?
I am vinay kumar pandey. I found my pan no. on 10th october but i didn't find pan card till now. what i do?
can employer deduct their FICA share form my taxable "per diem"?
If my cpa made a mistake and im audited who is reponsible for the fees?
Apple Store taxes in NY?
will cows on my property effect the land value.?
If you are a realestate professional for tax purposes do you file your numbers on a sch c or still on a sch E
April copy of lebanon enterprise from 2006?
What is the tax bracket for tax return 2012?
is there any rule in INDIA by rbi that cheque numbers must be of 6 digit only ?
Filling out W-4.. first time, how to do it?
Would you rather pay $400.00 , or $600.00 a month on childcare ? And taxes ?
I want to get my Tax Identification Number in Bureau of Internal Revenue in the Philippines?
I am gonna get my boyfriend some boots and a Nightmare Before Christmas watch . How much is it with tax?
how long will it take for the irs to cut a check if my dd info was incorrect?
Tax rebate question. Plz answer.?
what happens if I wait until next year to file my 2011 tax return?
When your from Oregon do you pay California sales tax when the transaction is in Washington?
My husbands ex filed a joint tax with him?
Unemployment Question?
Tax code has changed from 522 to 577 after starting a new job with more wages Am I working harder for nothing?
When delinquent real estate taxes go to state?
If i got a million dollars roughly how much would i pay in Taxes?
If you save $50 a month (tax-deferred for 40 years at 10% interest, you will save?
the difference between a class 10.0 and a 10.1 vehicle in the Canadian tax act?
As a business owner how do I show self income to get child deductions etc?
Should workers be allowed to divert up to a third of their social security tax into private investments?
question about taxes?
Can I write-off cost of gas AND mileage?
Are state income taxes deducted from federal?
If a married couple files taxes separately every year, are they counted as individuals or a couple?
Pensions and Social Security?
How do I file a three year old on my taxes if he doesn't have a social security number yet?
If you sell your house because of your job and you take a loss is that loss deductible on your taxes?
If my daycare privider refuses to give me their tax ID to file with, how else can I get that info?
Do I have to fill out a tax return if...?
how can i retrieve a W4 tax withholding form?
IRS tax lien problems?
how does IRS work regarding efile and mail?
how i can fill my online form in any bank?
Workers in the U.S who rely on tips should be paid minimum wage because?
if the brother of your father stays with you for almost 6 mos, can you claim him in your tax return?
How much will my tax refund be?
when do you get the extra rebate back?
Why does the goverment take money out of your paycheck if you only made $52.00?
Income Tax payroll deduction question.?
If I receive an inheritance now will it effect my SS disability?
how much percent in tax is taken out of a paycheck?
Should I file Injured Spouse or Innocent spouse relief form?
Can someone advise a website where I can find details of Income Tax computation for India.?
How can I get my tax return back after they have been offset by my student loans?
What would you be if you earned a megabuck a year?
how do i find out if i got a tax setoff?
457 Retirement fund effects on Tax Returns?
As legal alien, lived and worked in the U.S. and paid all taxes. Do I get benefits from Social Security?
Know of a good place in Indianapolis, IN to get IRS tax return paperwork done cheap?
"Where's my Stimulus Payment?" link??
who gets more on their tax return?
Anyone know the normal VAT + excise duty % in Ireland on packages from USA?
If a company car is available for personal use are you required to keep receipts of fuel payments?
i received a deposit from the u.s. treasury for $300 but i already got my tax return. what on earth is this?
Need to pay Tax only income for 401k withdrawal?
Do you pay for tv licence in the UK?
When I have found a buyer what do I do about Capital Gains Tax on the peofits from my second home?
what is tax on cashing 401K early?
Which US States have No State Income Tax?
i filed my taxes monday of last week when will i get my return? it was a efile?
Non-US citizen renting out Building in New York. What is his tax liability?
Stimulus Rebate...?
Are Condo Fees deductible on your taxes?
Is being an independent contractor worth it?
HELP me with any deduction, or adjustment please?
is there a IRS or average pay for mileage for on the job travel?
What is the last day to file IRS?
If I sold a house at a loss after owning it for less than two years, can I deduct the losses?
Who pays the council tax on a rented property?
WMR says my refund was direct deposited friday the 5th, it's the 9th, still nothing?
I want to know if a law suit settlement is taxable or not?
Do I put in my parents' social security number when requesting tax transcripts from the irs for verification?
how can Canadians get around having to pay taxes on US investment properties to both US and Canada?
Has anyone received their 2009 tax refund that didnt get an update on Wheres my Refund?
2011 - Tax return question?
sss salary loan balance?
how much do you pay to have your tax return subbmitted?
If you have a job and no taxes are taken out what information must you keep up with yourself?
If I live in one state but work in another state do I have to pay the other state's tax?
Where do I send my 2003 & 2004 Federal & CA tax return?
Stimulis check interception?
What is an average price I should pay for an accountant to do my taxes? Some write-offs and losses.?
Why can't small business revenue(s) be decoupled from high-end personal income tax brackets?
Would i be able to claim this child?
Can you get any sort of tax refund if you work at home?
I heard that there is no law that states that we have to pay a federal income tax. Is this true?
How long to issue a cheque for emergency tax?
percentage of employee taxes withheld?
on what day does edd web cert post my online claim to be ready to file?
do you have to pay taxes on money you make online?
Does my Mom owe for my deceased grandmothers back taxes?
who do i contact to get a copy of last years social security earnings statement so i can complete my taxes for
Chee, single , age 40, had the following income & expenses during the year (not a leap year)?
what is IRS section 14?
is it true that recently incorporated businesses do not have to pay taxes for the first 3 years?
Do fringe benefits pay taxes?
I am single, head of household, one dependent who's 12, confused on filling out W-4?
What are tax deductions?
if someone makes u independent executor does it mean u have completcontrol of estate?
Can someone buy a saving bond in my name without me knowing?
Can i open an ira account if im getting a social security disabilty check?
How should I file my taxes?
i m mentally depressed for last 2 years so i couldnot file my incometax return for year 2004-2005?
has anyone received there tax refund from republic bank..Plsss help?
do i have to file if i made only 30 dallors a month doing odd jobs for 30 bucks ?
can you claim children and adults on your taxes as dependents that are NOT related?
is your opinion is it easy for cash businesses to elude taxes?
Does your paycheck increase when you get married?
How to claim income to the IRS?
Has anyone used Tax Lifeboat?
Can you cite a tax code to substantiate that taxing gratuity is illegal?
I need a resource that will indicate when real estate taxes are due on a state by state basis.?
Claiming a child without working?
Federal Tax Return date?
Turbo tax OR Which one is better? This is strange?
If you're married, are you forced to file joint taxes?
Tax Advice needed. Can I claim my 22 year old sister?
When does your employer need to give you your w-2 by?
question about taxes?
In the UK how old are you when you start to pay taxes and how exactly do you go about doing it?
Greenbanks rate of pay?
Where is "non-taxable income" located on the IRS 1040 form?
I received a council tax bill of £2740 after 10 years, I was a student at that time. Please help?
I don't remember if I filed my taxes last year, does it matter?
how to work out 5% vat?
I received a letter from the IRS stating that I owe taxes from last year. However when I called their?
Do I need to file Returns for my Company even though it hasn't done any business activity?
why does life have to be such a hrd leason to lern?
If i buy a phone From the AT&T store at regular price will they put on taxes?
still waiting on irs direct deposit febuary 2nd 2010?
Can Fairies Menstrate?
whats is walmarts Federal Employer Identification Number?
Do I have to pay taxes if I am a 17-year-old high school grad working part-time?
Will a 401k company issue a W-2 to someone for cashing out a 401k early?
how can i know how much will i get back on my taxes?
If funds in bank account were garnished on 11/19/09 is there any way to reverse to enable registration FINRA?
What's the information I need to see how much taxes taking from check?
What is your opinion on a tax that would directly fund the EPA?
Isn't the BBC license fee just another stealth tax?
Tax return isnt here yet?
Does a U.S.A citizen who immigrated to Canada have to file and pay U.S taxes?
Why does the IRS only verify the 1st 4 letters of last name of a social security #?
how can i find out the real social security number of a person??
exempt position?
Would it be nice is Obama cut property taxes?
what is, or where do i find the reimbursement schedule for this year's checks?
Would I get the same refund if I file a 1040ez or a 1040?
What will happen if i forget to file a w2 on my return? could i just file it with next years?
i made a mistake on my return?
Where do you claim a sales tax that a business paid when it should have been "retail exempt"?
What can i do so i can claim one of my kids on income tax?
What do you get back/ what deductions or credits can you claim for your newborn on your taxes?
Does applying for a duplicate PAN block all the activities going on till the new one gets issued?
What is the fastest and easyist way for me to do my taxes and my small business taxes online?
Can I write off the gas money for my daily commute to work for tax purpose? I drive 130miles everyday for work
Can anyone explain to me how the annual income tax rates work on a monthly/weekly basis?
I'm selling my primary residence I lived in for 6 yrs. And trying to find if I pay Capital Gains?
At what age can I begin to take IRA distributions?
Started building home today. Do I have to wait until home is finished before I file for tax credit?
Do I have to claim babysitting income, even though the job only lasted ?
I have received Equity Shares as Gift in 2006-07. What would be my Tax Liability ?
Should I keep all of my receipts if I take the standard deduction?
How long must you work in order to claim children and dependants?
Tax question about tuition credit?
How do some states survive without collecting income and/or sales tax?
Is Social Security good or bad?
do the irs owe money?
isnt this unfair in some states in US?
my mom died 2 weeks ago do we need to file her taxes?
Question about my stimulus check?
How much taxes does McDonalds take out for minors?
should dole scroungers get a pension when they retire?
Does anyone know anything about taxes?
How do I pay tax on adsense?
Is there a way to get rid of owing federal tax?
For everyone who has NOT received their tax refund... what bank is your account with?
ware is my taxes?
Why not pay UK. National lottery, if somebody won 1 (one) million Pouns Sterling? And he / she :not english ?
turbo Tax refused my taxes what do i do now.?
I am an NRI,don't have PAN Number and don't have NRO account.However,I am having a SB a/c with?
If I pay for a semester of college that starts next year, can I claim that for this year's taxes?
Should I let my mom claim a tax credit for my college education if she pays for none of it?
She claimed our daughter on HER income tax - we're separated and wanting to get a divorce -- PLEASE HELP?!
do you have to pay taxes if you have no job?
my gross salaray income for 2006-2007 is 2,55,000. how much income tax i have to pay. please tell me anybody?
What is the benefit of Income tax which we pay yearly to Government.?
Is it's legal to make money in China and then bring a large sum of money back to England?
Can I file Fed Tax with 4 dependants but no income?
Bottom line: Bad CPA messed up taxes. She isn't cooperating very well. What are my next steps? Legal action?
Can I claim my baby born on August 13th 2008 on my taxes?
do you need an accountant to be a legally constituted company?
how much longer will i have to wait i filed in january?
Where can I find a tax rate chart I can print showing the taxes at a rate of 6.75% for over $40.00?
Does anybody know how my partners wage will affect my incapacity benefit?
Customs Import tax rates for a used apple laptop to Kenya?
What is a tax credit?
Can I file for my taxes next year?
Doing taxes - where do I put my business expenses?
Disability Living Allowance (High Mobility)?
What are Tax Lien? Can you make money of them?
Am I due tax refund if I only worked 4 months last year?
What would you like do to your local Taxman?
what can i expect to get back on 2011 tax return with my earnings of 2300 and claiming 1 dependent?
at what point do I need to register for VAT?
Tax return on tuition with no income?
What does 2nd rate on paycheck mean?
How do I fill out my 2003 tax return?
if you get a job at 16 can you file the taxes that were being take out of your check when you get 18?
I have questions regarding US taxes, whilst living abroad.?
Tax Cuts in Economic Stimulus Plan?
If you help raise and care for your grandchildren at least half the time because your son (their father)?
Do I have to pay income taxes on rental property?
Which of the following is a reationale for purchasing shares stock with Social Securtity contributions?
If Central Govt. on line depost of Income Tax,Service Tax,PF etc?
Can my fiance claim me on his taxes?
Does the US government tax the storage of goods in a warehouse?
How long should you save pay stubs, cancled checks and other important papers and what else?
C Form & H form to obtain?
Can i claim my girlfriend on my taxes (situation)?
payment plan what will they make it?
How to prevent someone from claiming you as a dependent?
What increases the risk of a tax audit?
I want to know why i cant get the child tax credit with my kids?
8.25%- come on math people!!!?
my gross salaray income for 2006-2007 is 2,55,000. how much income tax i have to pay. please tell me anybody?
how do I figure out how much tax I need to with hold of a flea market worker who I promised?
How much tax?
UK 1st class recorded delivery letter?
How the heck are all these people getting so much back on taxes?
How can i legally avoid paying tax?
What is a good number to claim on my W-2 as exemptions?
Will the IRS take an offer on back taxes?
payment print receipts?
For tax reasons, is it better to marry before New Year's or after?
Is the IRS really making direct deposits beginning 1/26/10 or are they still holding to the 1/29/10?
Self Employed, show home expences in tax return ?
I am paying 500 a month to my stepmother... is that too much?
If you have defaulted on a Federal student loan can the IRS take both your state and federal tax returns?
Is a travel per diem for food, etc. considered taxable?
Import duty on hair extensions?
I haven't received all my W2's yet. What should I do?
how many tescos stores are there in the UK?
easement tax refund?
If someone has income from 2008 that wasnt claimed, can it be claimed in 2009?
Can my mother claim me and my children now that my husband left me six months ago?
Can my father claim me as a dependent against my will?
How much does it usually cost to have someone do your taxes ?
If a spouse passes away can you list funeral expenses as a write offf on your/their last tax return??
Tax withhold question?
What would be the cost of maintaining a blog for income tax purposes as an advertising expense?
Andrew Jackson?
PF amount query: What amount do I get back after 2 years if my share was 100 & my emp share was 100 (2 Parts)?
UTMA account- Income tax dependency?
When does the IRS 10 Year Statute of Limitation Begin?
How many exemptions should I have on my w4 form?
IRS gift tax hypotheticle here?
Can a person reciece full unemployment insurance payments in Washington, DC?
how much do the clapboarders get paid?
My ex claimed my daughter on his taxes in 06, but shouldn't have. How can I fight that?
I make 60,000 per year, I own my own home. I have two kids under 17. What is the % of Federal Income Tax?
is there anything i can do to reduce or eliminate tax on income made through sale of a stock?
Should I be paying for this?
Differences between LLC & P.A. for IRS and FICA purposes?
any help how much i could expect to get back?
Can anybody tell me where I can get Turbotax (Deluxe+State) for the cheapest price?
Will I get my taxes back at the end of the year as a student taking out 401k?
Are Both State and Federal Taxes applied to goods we buy?
In Florida,Do I need a lincence for babysit at home after school?Do I need to report with IRS how much I earn?
jobs for level in any place?
Can a 1099 form be hand written?
taxes, my federal and state box is blank. What will happen?
If your ex owes back taxes on a business to the state you live in can you be held responsible?
What does the cigarettes taxes go toward?
Where can I find and print N.C. extention tax forms?
should the tax payer, pay for my daughters university education?
Do I need my W2 formto file my taxes?
stimulus paper check in the mail?
income on 1099 - compared to W2?
how do i go about claiming my tax back from america?
Social Security / Paycheck Question?
my daughter ownes a deli (business not building) and that is her only income. is she eligable for eic?
Does Gamestop charge sales tax on online purchases?
im on payroll but, my employer still pays me cash?
I still have not recieved my NY State refund check, it's only 50 bucks, but none yet?
What would happen if EVERYONE in the United States quit paying ALL of their taxes all at the same time?
where is there a law stateing u have to pay income taxes?
Any site for tax return?
We're in an overseas assignment& my kids can't work, is there a way that we can claim him on child tax credit?
I'm on cash assistance and I'm owed back child support will that be taken?
is benefit under sec80u applicable to both ,individual & huf karta for the same individual?
looking for employer withholding tax book?
I have a question on import taxes, can somebody help me please?
Can I claim my child born in february '09 for tax year '08?
state levy against accounts?
sales tax calculator?
what is the current California sales tax?
Can my employer hold my paycheck?
How can anyone think the Fair Tax proposal is fair, or even decent?
the total proceeds collected, including a 7% sales tax, amounted to $74,900. what is the amount that should?
Is it true that when you die, you still have to pay taxes?
Are there any tax credits available for high income familes?
need to know where to mail indiviual tax return in kansas?
Gift tax on house transfer?
How much is Canadian withholding tax on interest ?
Are Canadian Death Benefits taxable in the US?
What do I do? I need to know if I am a employee? or Independent contractor?
Can I claim my father as a qualifying relative?
how much taxes wil be deducted if you make 25 dollars an hour,working 40 hours and have 3 dependents?
can someone on ODSP own a car?
Fair Value(ethical decision making)?
How much tax will I pay if my income for 05' is 20k and after loss and gains I made another 20k in stocks.
If my parents claim me!!?
how do i check the status of my federal taxes online?
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