Should I charge sales tax to a church?
Do single mothers get more taxes then single fathers?
how can I start an online income tax preparation business wiht RAL and E-file offered?
my salary loan balanced?
Would my social security?
Do other people need your SS# when filling out their benefits?
Question about Social Security checks?
filing incomtex return in Canada from outside?
Are there certain days of the week that Income Tax Checks are recieved?
I got my pan coupon number. Within how ,many days i can get my PAN number.. Status is showing under process?
Help with Capital Gains?
How to get out of debt to IRs?
My employer payed national insurance distribution late anything going to happen to me with my tax in UK?
How to treat the money received for accepting the cash offers to tender preferred shares for common stock?
If the account value is $2,488.62, how much will the 401k check be after taxes and fees in NYC?
what percentage of refund you will get on 1098T...? is it only $1000.00 ?
I am looking for Pennsylvania state income tax formstax forms?
15.60 is your price before taxes with taxes how much is your total with 6%?
Leaving retirement accounts to minors?
if i know i will be getting money back, are my 2005 taxes still due on april 30th, 2006?
Why do we have to pay taxes for schools if we don't have kids?
Can I claim mileage from my home office to multiple work sites?
looking for site to e-file youngstown Ohio school taxes or local taxes?
if someone claims me as a dependant should I still file my taxes?
How much will I make after taxes?
Filing for taxes what is the best route? Help please?
I will be recieving part of an annuity soon, from grandmother. Is there any way to avoid paying taxes on it?
who can claim the child?
How to calculate Capital gains in Income tax and how long capital gain exemption can be claimed?
Can I refund the tax I paid in USA ?
Income Tax Return 4 - E Submission Acknowledgment?
how do i get copies of previous years filed with Jackson Hewitt Taxes?
what is flexible working agreement?
how to calculate hra on basic salery?
How are points of house loan deducting my tax?
if you do a refinance cash-out do the government tax your cash?
Has anyone received their irs direct deposit yet, 2010?
If you are issued a 1099-Misc with a box 7 amount (Non-employee income), do you have to pay self-emplymnt tax?
income tax's how much comes out?
What happens if a 17 year old person doesnt fill out taxes?
How can i get the credit book for tax?
Moved overseas, what should I do about filing my US taxes?
I have two jobs, Can I file a tax return with just one of them?
Can I file an investment loss on my income tax return?
do i need to include sales contract when claiming 1st time home buyer credit with IRS with 1040X?
i owe taxes. can i investy/buy in something to offset that?
which state tax for consultant?
how do I do a credit report on my self?
Did we get approved for RAL?
My Ex filed taxes and claimed our son as an dependent, what should I do?
If someone give me $8,500 dollars now I want toconvert currency from dollars to rupees.So how much I will get?
Why didnt i get all my state tax refund back?
Shouldn't we have a single tax rate for everyone? 9%? 10%?
How much tax im I supposed to pay if I am self employed?
Is this considered business income or a capital gain?
can someone else tax refund check get deposited to someone else account?
Making a fake EIN / tax id number?
Am I required to pay SS taxes on rental income from my sub S corporation? It has never been a Chapter C corp?
First Time home buyers credit problem?
Compare to last year, how much tax refund did you get?
where do i turn in a tax evader?
Is it true that you don't have to pay income taxes?
Can I claim Single on W4 if am married and filed md. filing jointly. dont want anyone to know my marital statu
Can I GIft money from My indian Account - to my NRI son in law in the UK?
I want to sell a victorian bed room set, for 10,000 in canada, I live in Canada,?
As a new New Jersey employer, how do I withold taxes for New York resident employees?
How can u tell if some one is illigally using a child on there taxes?
how long does it take for a tax rebate to come though?
Do I have to claim money given me by mother in law to help with bills.?
in Cal. does child support get taken out of unemployment checks?
Should I file my tax separately from my parents?
Should I claim 9 exemptions?
Do IRS auditors consider all bank deposits as income?
who issues sales tax exemption certificate to purchasers of Michigan?
Can I claim the following on my taxes this year?
Depriciation for business capital expence up to 108,000 per year. Something Pr. Bush signed. Need more info..?
Its 2/21/12 and still don't have my tax refund even though I was assured it would be dd today?
is there a site where i can get all the deduction info for a small business?
injured spouse form for 2011 had anyone received their refund yet?
New York City Tax from Form IT-2104.1?
I sold some property in Florida and received a 1099-S. What do I do with it?
Income tax Ward\ circle for Mangaon, Maharastra area?
question about tax return, workers tax credit?
What day of the week does the IRS update refund info?
Can i still be claimed on taxes?
Have not filed income tax in almost 8 years. Self Employeed. Any Suggestions on where to go from here?
On your paycheck, what does Fed MED/EE and Fed OASDI/EE mean?
I filed unemployment in the wrong state, What are my options?
getting bi-weekly pay?
does anyone claim for 2 children?
How long will it be for my tax return?
Can you continue to collect EI benefits in Canada (Manitoba) if you have a direct selling business?
How Much Tax Will I Get Back??? HELP!!!?
How do I separate personal and business assets for tax purposes when some are used for both?
Claiming children during tax season.?
I am a girl of 24years of age I have a salary of 1,44,000/- Rs. P.A. I want to know is my income taxable?
My husband and I filed MFJ return. They took $8k to pay a student loan. Can I file for Injured Spouse?
Income Tax Malaysia, Resident or Non Resident?
Does anyone know how to figure out your yearly income based on your hourly wage?
What is the current Federal and NYS tax rate for Supplemental Income from rental real estate?
What are the TDS rate? what are Changes made in Tds?
i have to learn to make presantation for airtel company for activity & pramotions..?
i forgot my TIN and where can i find it?
can my 18 year old file for tax she is only working a part-time and going to college and live at home?
need advice about income tax returns?
How much money can you earn in a year before they can tax you (live in Indiana).?
Why are street fairs done?
which form to fill for TDS waiver in case of stipend...15 G?
I make 41k a year, why am I giving 27% to taxes? Isn't that too high?
what can i claim on my taxes?
income tax check sent out march 28th?
What is FICO stand for when you asking for credit score?
Is it possible for my husband to claim me as a dependent?????
how much is tax in san diego?
IRS Audit on Stocks that i lost money on, now what?
Al Capone’s conviction and bribes and kickbacks?
Why does the US continue to give Israel 15 MILLION PER DAY despite our economical issue & their illegal war?
Is foreign mortgage interest paid 100% deductable against all US taxable income?
How can I use ARM correctly?
What is a grant deed and how do I file it?
Favorate film?
Federal and State Tax Return Question For California, See the detail as my question couldn't be added full.?
Do individuals in Nevada pay no income taxes at all?
Do I have to pay taxes on credit card rewards?
is tax evil?
what is the tax treatment in india for nri? who becomes nri?
How much of lottery winnings go to tax?
Are International students eligible for American Opportunity Tax Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit?
I'm going to be traveling and taking time off of work to transport my daughter for therapy.?
my wife and i filed jointly on our taxes last year.were still married but seperated so can i file seperately??
i worked for 3 monthsin 2010 as a self employed worker & earned 1600 pounds. how much tax would i have to pay?
if the employee get transfered under rule 6, how the seniarity will calculate?
IMPORTANT QUESTION -when you get your taxes prepared....?
I'm doing Turbo Tax, and I need to put a city/state for the charity I donated to?
How much would I get deducted from my paycheck ?
accounting question (sales, inventory, net income)?
Can I claim my girlfriend as a dependent on my taxes? and what about her kid?
i work full-time but have to have an operation,i will be of work for 6 weeks. is there anything i can claim.?
Something seems wrong - my boyfriend owes $5K? (CA)?
I'm paying two state taxes!!?
how do i file my mn. sales tax?
How can you find out if someone has filed their taxes?
Is health insurance deductible(not premium) tax free in USA?
80 G donation receipt (original) to be sent along with ITR-V?
Can't find daughters' social security numbers, and taxes are due tomorrow!?
Are any of you who have gotten your payment back willing to share the last 2 of your social? It may be fun?
if i get social security for being a living dependent do i claim it as an income?
How can goverment tackle low level of exports using fiscal policy?
I filed that i have no heath insurance, but i do have?
Do I put in my parents' social security number when requesting tax transcripts from the irs for verification?
Does this count as being an accountant?
Cheapest sales tax in southern California?
What is the plus tax?
How much mortage interest can I deduct in my income tax return for the year 2005 in Texas?
tax question. help me pleaseeeeeee?
How do you keep your parents from claiming you if you are a full time student not living at home?
Self-Employment Estimated Tax Payments?
I need to know how to claim my son on my taxes?
I just started my internet business, if i don't make a net profit for 2006, do i still have to file taxes?
If you lose your w-2 from a previous job how can you get a replacement?
Will people on ssi get a stimulous check this year?
How much do you have to make in a year to to get taxes back on turbotax?
In Canada can interest and taxes be added to the ACB of a parcel of land when for 15 years there was no income
what is the difference for recognized vs realized in accounting?
if it was b....- h....... , that is ok?
hi i live in uk i work only part time?
I have an Ebusineess, which has taken some money this year but I am not yet the black. V.A.T?
If my mom claimed me as a dependant, can I file a tax return?
When emmigrating to another country do you lose your entitlement to uk state pension?
How do I get tax exemption on fixed deposits without submitting form 15G?
Does California charge import taxes/customs on apparel/clothing?
Duel Military State Taxes?
Where can I e-file for 2008?
Tax Return for 2011.. Has any ones wmr updated yet for a dd for 2/8?
How do we get 501(c)(3) status with the IRS?
My wife doesnt have a social security number as she is new to the US. How do I file as jointly-married?
Is this 2008 Tax Rebate information true?
Can I file more than 1 schedule C with my tax return? I have 2 distinct businesses. Any special forms needed?
Where can I make online payment for NY State Taxes ( Installment Payment Agreement )?
Are taxes due when you inherit money from Mother-in-laws IRA?
Duty Fees when buying from
how do you get a disibility check if you are disable?
How much taken out my check?
why does deferred depreciation increase future years tax paymen?
Tax credit for filing before Dec 31?
My minor daughter received SSI and I was wondering if I have to claim it on my taxes? If so do i get a W2?
how much tax should i pay on $60000 gross in australia?
can i get my (TIN) Tax Identification Number (Philippines)in other province?
Is there a way to pay weekly taxes while babysitting so I don't owe a lot at the end of the year?
Do the families on Extreme Makeover-Home Edition have to pay taxes on the improvements/ gifts they receive?
The divorce degree says we can claim my step son, but the ex wife says we can't...?
how to calculate the interest on the due premiums?
Can u get in trouble for filing kids that are not yours on your taxes?
can i get free advice about taxation?where?
how wil i get information of my incomtax file details online?
Question about FORM -W7 IRS?
Why are religious institutions automatically given tax-exempt status?
If you sell land that contains gold?
U.S. Income tax time, and I have a new canadian husband?
What could someone do if they got your tax id number?
2012 direct deposit Federal IRS refund delay?
If u have been together for only a month out of the year, do u have to file taxes together ?
Elf delivery prices to the UK? ?
i don't know which bank i gave them?
I was notifiied that i was a winner of a lotto in the uk and they want me to pay to have for the delivery;?
Can I claim my 27 year old brother? Do I need his 1098-T?
Will our tax refund be offset because of my wife's defaulted student loans if we file jointly?
How do you write a paper on General George S. patton?
what forms do i need for taxes for a nonprofit organization?
Should I declare dependants on my Tax Return?
I got my state refund this morning but where is my federal refund ?
Is unimproved suburban real estate a capital asset?
will tax credits change if partner moves in?
I'm single with no dependents and would like to itemize on my taxes. What kind of deductions can I take?
If I owe CA state taxes, will they stop my unemployment, please read details, they don't fit in title?
hi can i claim compensation?
Does anyone have the site that tells you when the federal checks are getting sent out?
Can I file my income tax as a Head of Household?
Joint Bank Accounts and Gift Tax?
I get 1077.00 a month retirement check,do i have to pay tax?
simplified employee pension (SEP) contribution?
Can I work without a tax file number?
Council Tax included in rent, where's the proof?
How much tax is going to be taken out of a 16 year old's paycheck?
what is the meaning of: convent?
How can I find out how much taxes I will owe if I withdraw from my IRA of $70,000?
Can i file my tax using last pay stab?
How much tax does a teenager pay in Australia?
tax write off of company share losses?
Ok I work for 9 hours and get paid only 46.35 pound? is this FAIR?
What is the exact timeline to correct an amended return?
How do I find tax liens without the title company?
i made less than 5000 in 2009, but have a baby born on that year, should i file?
How do you reduce the chance of paying inheritance tax?
What is srpb tax and where does the $ go?
what is section 7872 of the internal revenue about?
My parents want to claim my child on their taxes?
I have to send in my Indiana return but I filed with Turbo I send every single form or just the 1040? ?
What is a contra liability account?
How to pay self employment/independent contractor taxes?
tax return?
i was looking through my check stubs and i notice that it always took out state but not always federal?
What is Tax audit? How different it is from regular audit?
Procedure for obtainin VAT & how much time will it take?
Question related to Customs Duty and Import Taxes in India?
how to find the corporation tax return for 2005?
Stimulus check?
Can I use shop receipts as VAT Invoices?
Traveling to UK next month.Should i buy pounds sterling at 1=93PHP now? Will it still go up/down end of June?
does anybody know any good tax attorneys who will take on the irs?
what happens at income tax time if i no taxes are taken out of my check through out the year?
how is escheat liability paid to the state? is it through cash payment?
I already filed my 2009 taxes..however I missed 2 W2s...can i file them now?
how much tax will I pay from $ 15?
What percentage of the total merchandise value would I have to pay in import duties?
CST @ 2% against form c?
What happens if I claim my daughter on my tax returns...?
Is Indian Army Pension Taxed?
is there a website that gives the employer's identification number for the different employers?
i did not work last year instead i took care of my 5 children can i still get a tax return?
My early retirement pension is taxed in UK, but live in France. Would I be better off being taxed in France?
today my husband and i went to file our taxes at a place located in our city and we dont know if.....?
Filing late for unemployment, do you get back pay?
Irs rejected my return because my AGI or e fileing pin was incorrect?
What is the tax treatment of (Installment) sale of Primary Residence?
Do people who are on ssi but are working to still have to pay taxes?
how do i figure the minimum withdrawal from my IRA acct? I am 76 yrs old.?
does an estate pay self employment tax?
information about hotels plx?
If my salary is 25000 what should be my actual Basic, HRA and CCA? and on what percentage it is calculated?
Do cities and municipalities impose taxes on personal properties like cars, jewelries and the likes?
I heard there is a delay in tax checks this year. i checked where's my refund and it says my check should be?
I haven't gotten my GST cheque yet, who do I call about that?
has anyones taxes been accepted yet?
my ex wants to buy me out i have been living in the house the entire 19 years,what taxes will i owe on the buy?
Do I have to pay tax on inheritence from land my father left my family?
What state do I pay taxes to?
Single land line number with 10 extension for sale department?
What is the administration fee for the GLOBAL REFUND in spain?
World Series of Poker - Taxes?
Working from home (UK)?
It I am on the clock, should my employer be taking out taxes on me?
Can I file tax return amendment as Single for 2004 when i filed as married jointly?
If I'm making $1240.00 every 2 weeks in Ontario, how much will be deducted for Gov Pen, Fed Tax, and EI?
I need help with my tax refund?
taxslayer or tax question?
how do I leave a working farm to 4 daughters...taxes not a concern?
How do I go about these taxes and a coming 1099?
Economy and taxes? for 2009 tax return?
Did anyone else have refund schduled for Jan 30th and not receive it?
What isn't a waste of taxpayer money?
How much Tax & Duty will I pay for something from USA.?
Can my parentsstill claim me as a dependent?
If someone is currently separated from (spouse) can, they each file Head of Household?
work iphone5 in india?
I live in Boston, MA and work in NJ. My employer withholds taxes for BOTH MA and NJ. Is this right???
My tax due is going to be very high. I need to find a legal way to reduce tax.?
How Much Property Taxes?
I need a form letter to write to the IRS for A forgiveness of debt?
i didn't get mine on the 9th as sched.... mine end in 34 im so confused?
If filing electronically, do you need to send in the forms?
Can I file state and federal taxes for past years?
Separated and filing tax's?
Bought something from the USA, have to send it back. Will I be able to claim the customs VAT back?
How can i change the tax rate on my CASIO TE-3000s cash register?
Do we pay sales tax on gas?
MS in Taxation or MBA in Taxation?
What do I do if taxes were taken from my paycheck , but were not paid to the irs and the state /?
I filed my taxes Apr. 14th, so when will I recieve my tax return?
Can a LLC invest some income in tax free municipal fund instead of interest bearing checking account?
Where IS the law that says I can't claim unemployment from two states at the same time?
can two people at same address claim head of household?
Should I wait to file because of the economic stimulus plan?
Could I consider this a business expense?
Does the IRS always catch people if they don't report all their earnings?
Do I have to reveal my marital status when my filing income taxes?
How many years must pass before documents, such as tax returns, can be shredded?
Income earned by a offshore corporation but deposited into personal US bank account. Need to pay taxes to IRS?
what is the net address for the cad used to calculate residential houses?
Tax Question re: Carry over from a loss?
If I win the lottery, and want to give some to friends and family, will they be taxed on its - gift tax?
I would like tax advice, Do i a LAWYER?
how hard is it to start a business? do you think being uneducated on paying taxes deters many people?
Should I get tax credit for having multiple disorders?
Was charged $136.17 in taxes from a $665 paycheck?
do you have to pay tax on lottery win in the UK?
How can paying in cash help not have a lot of taxes?
What date are landlords required to provide renters their renters credit?
you work and pay taxes, then retire, why do you pay taxes again on your private pension ?????
How to change my address in Income tax office?
How much do I get taken out of my check for taxes?
does the state of California have a sales taxes exemption for non-profit companies?
My son is 26 and hasn't worked for 2 years after graduation, lives with us. Can I still claim him on my taxes?
Help I am doing a tax rtn, 1120s...?
Can I claim my husband's niece on my tax return?
Self assessment in UK?
Exactly how many days can I stay in Japan in 2006 before I have to pay Japanese income tax?
2 weeks salary missing from w2 form--is this legal to submit to IRS?
What are the federal regulations on inventory writeoffs?
i am a us citizen and married to a forign spouse how do i do my taxes when my wife does not have a SSN?
filed taxes on line with HR block at home?
Can I claim my 2 Children?
is it legal?
Should I attach copies of my 1099-INT's with my 1040A that I send to the IRS?
how to account for dividends?
I wonder if my irs tax return transcript will arrive on time?
Do i still receive my social security benefits if i move out from home?
If i pay child support how do I put that into my taxes without claiming the child?
How is raw gold (unrefined) taxed?
how do i file taxes on my business from another state?
I have a state tax lein and once I pay it off this year will it come off my credit report?
Can i file head of household?
Are property taxes equitable or inequitable taxes to fund education?
Does a 1099 Form qualify for Earned Income Credit (instead of a W-2)?
My Australian business is set to do research for a US business: is IRS form W-8ECI really required?
Tax Credits Taking A Lower Paid Job?
who has the right to claim our son on tax returns?
What state tax form do I need to complete if I filed a 1040ez this year?
Is the cost paid to rescue shelters for dog tax deductible?
should central sales tax to be paid on interstate deemed sales?
why didnt i get my tax rebate?
Will I have any problems?
If I have zero income and $3100 of medical expenses paid from my HSA, am I entitled to a tax refund, or not?
Why isn't Newman's Own expemt from taxes if they donate all profits?
What if my employer's 401K match plus my contribution is more than 17K?
i need free online tax transcripts?
i am filing my taxes as an independant but my parents paid my tuition. can i claim the tuition ?
i didnt do my taxes this what?
By what date in the state of az. does w2for income tax have to be out?
Can i use a PHOTOCOPIED car insurance certificate to get tax at the post office?
claiming income tax back in australia?
Best way to transfer money to India?
Do i have to file for taxes?
Finance, gift tax problem help?
Splitting my tax code for two part jobs to avoid paying BR tax rate.?
pleae help me for VAT knowlege. any one help me.?
do america pay taxes?
can i get a tax return for driveing to work in the uk?
Now what form do I need to report my 2012 unpaid tax?
If you where reimbursed 60,000 from a company this past year, do I have to declare that as income for taxes?
single father ,who can claim child tax credit?
Can I claim my dad on my taxes?
I need tax help?
Who pays for retired persons in the UK.?
Can tips be deducted from paycheck?
how do i find out where my michigan state income tax refund is?
Monthly payment plans on State tax?
I forget my tax number how can i get it?
W-2 lists single, but I got married @ end of the year. Can I still claim single this year?
How do I record nyc 1127 withholdings on my NY state and NJ state tax returns?
If you are in the ATM business...what would you consider the cash in the machines?
What if I owe a Federal Loan? They already took my Tax returns, will they they take my stimulus check too?
what should i claim on my w4 if i am 13 and only working during the summer?
how to minus tax from a amount including TAX?
cook county tax fraud?
I wanna know if these agencies in UK are legitimate and really existing?
If I make 3,000 a month?
Missing 1.6k on tax refund?
How much is your annual household income?
Capital gains tax...?
At what age can I begin to take IRA distributions?
My EDD Claim says I have a balance, but it says I received all benefits and must file a new claim...why?
Can I get in trouble for what they did?
Any tax advantages to becoming a licensed RE Agent?
Can the IRS withold my refund?
Tax exemption on car loan?
How can I find out how to report income not claimed on income taxes for the years 2002 and 2003?
what can i expect on my taxes?
Is there ANY way to lessen my tax burden this year?
Why must bad debts expense be estimated if such an estimate is possible?
Are there any income tax deductions that I, as caregiver for my elderly parents, could use?
How do I determine what sales tax I have to pay?
I mailed form 8453-OL to the IRS without puting my Declaration Control Number (DCN) on the form.?
How much is sales tax in Washington State?
What does a tax return look like?
I was supposed to get my tax refund deposited today?
How long does Missouri have to collect back taxes?
only for Charted accountants !!!!!!!?
How can I fix my tax problem?
Charging of Income Tax in case of a Developer of Real Estate when construction is in progress and year ends.?
What number can I call to get t4s from previous years?
How can I lower my taxes and avoid AMT?
i went ahead and used turbo tax to amend my 09 tax return. according to turbo tax im getting back something,bu?
i just did my income tax on line i messed up and put singel insted of?
$50,000 yearly income, what would be the total percentage for taxes taken out?
tax credit is actually a loan?
I have never worked in the UK what would happen if I now apply to the tax office?
how do I lodge an australian tax return for last financial year? can I use this year's form?
Is there a minimum amount to donate for charitable donations to be tax deductible in the US?
If i was to take in my last pay stub from 2009 would H&R block give me a loan?
my daughter ownes a deli (business not building) and that is her only income. is she eligable for eic?
I built a home in 2006. I used sub-contractors to do the work. Can I claim the sales tax for the materials?
I have problem with national british lottery?
Can i file taxes if i have no income? I have a 1098T and child how would that work out?
Can you claim damages on your taxes for a car you are still paying a note on?
What should I put on W4?
current farm tax exemption?
My job moved from NYC to Denver, CO. I earn 50,000. How much % will I save in taxes now? How to calculate?
What is the rule for Tier-1 Deduction during Suspension Period under New Pension Scheme of Central Govt. Emp.?
Will the IRS ever send you an e-mail to get in contact with you?
Is there a law requiring US citizens to pay taxes?
what website can I go to to figure my weekly paycheck?
I did not complete all the step to my turbo tax and just file a month late what will happen now?
selling property under reversionary scheme?
How can I get a tax reduction?
taxes withheld should i recieve it all back? how much.?
I live in CA how much will the sales tax be for $579.99 at a tax rate of 8.975%?
My dad is refinancing his house taking 31k out; can he write a check to payoff a 18k crdt crd then gift me 13k?
What is the month taxes and for the year ?
Does an infant have to be a certain age to claim on my taxes?
Do I have to pay income tax on points/money earned from app trailers?
I recently got married and my federal income tax taken out of my paycheck decreased. Why?
What is Texas's main products produced?
I am 14 and I want to start wroking. My parents say that i have to pay taxes is this true? Since im only 14?
HM Inland Revenue Internet Problem?
Wire transfer is done by USA bank to my account in Hyd. I want to know any tax to be paid to govt. before?
How or should I say who do I report illegal/fraud emails too?
anyone who used turbo tax got a refund back yet?
i want to get my 2002 taxes ammended due to some lame doing my taxes incorrect.?
Im a subcontractor and I need some help on taxes?
What is my tax liability?
US import tax (from UK to US?)?
Did I get charged too much for my tax return by H & R Block?
Intraday turn over limit for audit?
Does the Church pay tax?
Where can I find the Appendix of the Canadian Tax Principles?
can a 15 year old file taxes after being claimed?
Will Obama's welfare tax plan work?
I have disposed matured T-bills-can I claim the gain as "Capital Gains" ?
Do I have to pay Capital Gains Tax on 2 units my deceased parents owned in New Zealand .?
Why is British Columbia putting the HST tax?
Tax write off question?
How much do u take home per month after tax on £30K?
i need online 1099 misc tax forms that i can fill out on my computer?
where should i do my taxes?
How long will it take a check that I wrote for my income taxes to clear from the bank?
Someone call me from my job and ask to get my social security number,?
Can someone give some advice about some legit tax course providers to help me get ready for 2012 taxseason?
how is the cooler system in casquets?
I recently got divorced in September of this year after a 25 year marriage. Can I file taxes as single?
Can I give my wife up to $10000, and file our taxes jointly and get back most of the money?
How do you file a tax extension for a gift tax return?
what is the seles tax in AZ?
What age can you get tax refunds at?
Did anybody get their tax refund deposit today?
recently introduced policies in state bank of india?
Tax credit for geothermal unit on new construction?
if my husband and i file bankruptcy, will the irs stop sending letters that we owe $5000?
What happens if you don't pay your taxes in the state of Arizona?
1099 MISC form for rentals / boyfriends paid for the tenant?
Can I file separately for 2009 if..?
what can i claim on tax ( im doing a business adminstration traineeship)?
Can you deduct tips paid out over the year?
What is worth 15 American dollars in Canadian dollars?
I am 25 and only had about 800 state and fed taxes withheld. How much will i get back?
If taxes aren't due until April 15th, why do I have to pay the IRS throughout the year?
My employer provides basic medical coverage but the invoice is mailed directly to my house, in my name.?
where the heck is my tax refund!!?
If a parent is behind in child support over $2000, will they withold the parents tax return?
If I make 32K/year - after taxes will I be taking home 2,333 a month? (I will be living in Indianapolis, IN)?
Taxed on the amount of rubbish you put out, what do you think???
can i retrieve a copy of my w-2 online my employer has not sent me a copy?
would any candidates support a movement toward a flat tax?
Anyone with last two of ssn ending with 10-20 get their paper rebate checks yet.?
What is a probate asset and what is the law on probate assets in the state of Nebraska.?
When was S.No.60A inserted in Notification No.21/2002 dated 1/3/2002?
80 G donation receipt (original) to be sent along with ITR-V?
my first w4 form?
Summary of the issue on taxes in America?
Do i have to mail anything else with my paper tax return?
Do I still need to file my taxes, even know I did not work in 2007?
Can i claim working tax?
What will my paycheck be after california taxes? 326$ eveey two weeks 8.15$ per hour?
Is it possible for both the number of employed and the unemployment rate to simultaneously increase?
17 and i need to pay tax?
how much will i get on my tax return for having a child in 2008?
IT office record, new address?
Free State Tax Return Efile Question: Where's A Good Place To Start?
tax implications for buying a company car - company & employee?
Me and my husband bought a house in Feb. of 08, waht should we expect back on our taxes?
IRS 2008 tax table breakdown?
for 2010 and 2011 as a c corp we are paying the fed govt monthly for the tax liability. Will this be deductabl?
Is tax an externality?
How do you ammend a previous return because of future revisions to a W-2 that are not yet revised?
Do i need to pay Capital Gains Tax if income from shares is rolled over into my personal superannuation?
where can I get a copy of my w-2 online?
Has anyone actually received there stimulas check yet from the goverment?
i have a price of $10.00 and have to add sales tax which is 8%. how would i figure this out?
Tax breaks for the rich?
Can someone help me with an accounting problem?
when are you "considered unmarried" by the IRS?
IRS solution???
so I have not had a job in years how do i file taxes without a job?
how can i get a copy of child support being taken out of my job paycheck, from child support?
Do I have to pay taxes on credit card rewards?
Does a self-employed person on a low income have to pay taxes?
What is the tax treatment of impairment loss of an asset.?
Can I claim my child on my taxes?
How much will I be taxed with 1099-misc form?
Confused about my tax withholding?
Why do you have to pay taxes on money?
how long will it take to get my income tax if i did direct deposit on april 4th?
WMR status has not changed.?
what is short term & Long term capital gain explain me detail?
What number for IRS do i call for change in address?
What is the 2nd job/emergency tax code percentage?
IRS tax transcript for college? help?
Whats the 5 easy steps on taxact to start your 2005 tax return?
Can I file multiple 941 forms in one envelope?
Do all libraries notarized papers for free?
Can a house be marketed as having "LOW TAXES!!!" then reaccessed months after the sale and the taxes doubling?
if i inherit a restaurant will i pay a tax for receiving it?
Prove that I had paid my taxes?
If I owe on student loans and I start my own business?
capital gains tax how much to pay after $250,000.00 credt . $128,000.00 Balanace single person.?
why is my tax code now br?
How long do you have to live in a house before you call rent it out? With out capital gains being taxed?
i just got married in sept i lived alone in Oklahoma he lived in Illinois can we file separately head of ho?
where my refund feb 7th club accepted on the 22nd ?
What is the tax implication in working and living in different states? For example, live in OH and work at KY?
Ny State says tax refunds will not be delayed?
I ordered a tax return transcript from the IRS over 1 month ago and still have not received it. Why?
Anyone that did their taxes Jan 18-19 get their money? Feb 7th club?
Is There Supposed To Be Tax For Bakery Items?
applying for child tax credits. what if my income changes?
which is the highest tax paying district in india ?
If you were scheduled to have your stimulus check mailed by July 4th, have u recieved early yet?
Question regarding dependents?
has anyone with first time home owner credit received their tax return?
why are saudi arabians tax exempt in the US?
What will my income be after tax?
How much can I make preparing taxes?
If a person gets GDC commision, on what rate it is calcualted on ? I mean the taxes would be calcualted on?
What tax forms are required for LLC?
What's best for me a limited company or self employed? (UK only)?
if you had sufficient funds, would you still work?
As an Independent Contractor can I invest that money into a Apartment building without paying taxes on it?
which are the relevent sites in relation to Tax Laws like income tax, VAT maharashtra, Service Tax in India?
I gave my grandkids 5k each. I know I should not have to pay tax on this. how do i prove to IRS so no tax-?
what happens if you do not?
how many times can you change you federal tax deductions in a year? and where can i get printable information?
Rectification of errors in previous returns?
Should report to IRS about my 30 worth of interest on my savings account?
Is Taxpayer Identification Number one's social security number? If not what is it and where can it be found?
Can i get tax back if unemployed?
im on hold with the irs to ask questions we all want answers to let me know?
i get $14 dollars in federal income taken weeky and i have 2 dependants how much will i get back on my tax ret?
TDS stands for ???
Tips and Gratuities-where do you enter in the figures?
What is the the number to speak with a direct person from the IRS?
My Income is smallgifts <25000 by Indians & NRI. Should I pay Income tax?
is it fair for a person to pay school taxes even if they dont have children?
I live in CA how much will the sales tax be for $579.99 at a tax rate of 8.975%?
has anybody gotten their tax rebate check this week when they were suppose to get it next week?
Where to get tax id in Fort Worth Texas?
Do I file Joint or Separate on taxes if last year I got laid off in August and got married in October?
i have 37000 earning/month, i want to invest?
Do I have to pay taxes on a gift?
Deposit Requirements for a monthly depositor - Payroll Accounting?
New Tax forms - Do you still round up or down or do you put exact amount to the Penny?..?
Earned income credit.?
When do i tell tax credits and housing benefit my partners movong in?
What is the sales tax rate for the town ofEvanston in Cook County, Illinois?
Tax Return question help please?
When does the IRS pay out Refunds?
How should i file my taxes?
iam defaluter in 3 banks can i open pan card diffrent name?
Can he claim my kids, too.?
Taxes and dependents?
I am starting my own business , I was wondering if anyone knew what I could use as tax write off's?
if my husband owes IRS, and we planned to have it deducted from our taxes-does that mean no ddeposit?
Filing exempt on w-4 for 3 months and then switch it back?
Does the IRS care how many allowances you list on your w-4?
Why would a bank want to lend/invest money in a business entity, as opposes to an individual? Why?
Is tax exemption from my first job illegal?
Are real estate schools tax deductible?
Is it possible to do two more than one tax return?
stripper tax deductions?
How much would your biweekly paycheck be if you made $30,000 a year?
How long do I have to wait for my first unemployment check to come.?
Can you filed taxes if you made 8,000 for the year?
I got my taxes file by a friend then i didnt get them so i went to a Pro to get um done now its a hold on them?
Can all my wages be garnished?
my ex and i have 2 kids....we decided that everyother year we would claim both kids?
I get 1077.00 a month retirement check,do i have to pay tax?
can you tell me what capital gains tax has to be paid on property of 8o,000?
If i make 372 every two weeks & i live in philadelphia what will my check be after taxes?
How do you calculate taxes & discounts in Ontario without a calculator?
If i owe child support do they take them off my tax refund ?
How can i avoid paying tax on dividends?
if i am self employed and pay my wife say 100 pounds in the year does she have to declare this to the tax man?
I filed my taxes on february 13th. 2 weeks already past. When will I get my refund check?
I cant afford to pay taxes , what do I do?
I e filed my NYS taxes on 1/21/10, the were accepted on 1/25/10 but when I go to the web site I get no answer?
If I don't pay tax for renting a room in my house and someone reports me to HMRC, what's the worst scenario ?
Property taxes question?
I worked as a Independent Contractor for a month and another job for a month am I going to have to pay taxes? ?
how much will my 2011 federal tax refund be income $38000?
I'm 15, do I have to file taxes on the profit I make from stocks and mutual funds?
US Customs charged me for seizing my package from China?
Irs form cp503 - a way around?
can i go to jail for signing my wife's name to a tax return that she never signed on a joint return?
how do I figure out quarterly withholding tax?
i filed my unemployment claim form online but i accidentallly filed for the wrong week. what can i do?
So if I recieved a dd date from the irs today of jan 27th, not a should be recieved by date. Is that for sure?
is there a limit on how much you can donate to charity and have it benefit you on your taxes?
Is the info on your last check of the year accurate with whats on the w2?
How much income tax is taken out in burbank, ca?
How is Disability Income Taxed?
Has anyone received their federal tax check refund by direct deposit yet? When?
What does it mean to "do taxes"?
A tax question about dependants and filing status ect.?
If a partnership is winding down, can they deduct depreciation in a year with no other expenses or income?
IRS says taxes where not filed?
IRS wheres my refund site? OMG I am gonna scream!?
What is the Revenue and Taxation Code Section for Michigan?
Need tax help! I'm an IL non-resident but filled out a 1040 as a resident. How do I fix it?
Does the irs only issue direct deposits on certain days?
Do immigrants have state taxes deducted from their paychecks?
Do I pay city taxes to the city I worked in and the city I live in?
as a % usually how much is sick and annual leave loading compared to ones hourly rate?
Do I need to add in the amount for the "making work pay credit" on line 17 of the injured spouse form?
Feb. 7th refund date, no specific dd date?
How to spread the word about a new fake E-mail about the economic stimulus refund from the IRS?
what statistics do local governments use for assessing property taxes?
Can I deduct my travel expenses?
can a temprory worker(6 mnth in UK) claim VAT refund?
How do i return things on Amazon...?
Tips and Gratuities-where do you enter in the figures?
non profit companies that help lower taxes?
If I live in Florida, can I claim my kids that live in Virginia on my taxes even if they don't live with me?
Yes or No? A 15% flat tax for all? easy points..?
Is lemonade taxable in PA?
mesa royalty trust k-1tax calculation forms?
Do I have to pay the interest on a tax lien?
Can you redo your taxes 2 years after the fact? Two years ago I worked for my brother.?
I would like to invest in Agriculture. Shall I get Income Tax Benefits like Deductions or Exceptions?
I have to do a research problem for my tax class and I have no clue where to start from?
No Recycling ? taxable or not?
I need to figure net opperating income after taxes?
Help!! I'm being audited by the IRS?
Getting less taxes taken away each month...?
Could my monthly rent reduce my tax?
S corp tax rules, explain this please?
truck driver tax question.?
How do you reduce the chance of paying inheritance tax?
I did not file my 1098t last year because I did not know what to do with it. Can I file it with this years?
Do you have to file taxes even though you only made around 3000 or less a year?
where can i get my old group certificates from.?
how can i get a copy of my w2 form for 2004?
Tax Refund Question about dependents?
If a disabled adult receives US Soc. Sec., will payments be affected if her parents claim her as a dependent?
Does Canada have higher property tax then the US?
Whens The Last Day To Do Taxes?
What are some ways to minimize or offset inheritance taxes in excess of of a million dollars?
What is the difference with claiming single and 0 vs claiming married and 1 on your paychecks?
Explain the rules regarding intra-family loans?
I filed head of houshold i have a child i am no longer with my husband but still married. They took my refund?
Tax - Business account with other money in it please help?
My mother is 86 and in assisted living. All last year she got VA comp. The year before she did not(2005). Tax?
Is starting a business tax deductable?
Can I claim 3 on my W4 if I am single and no dependants?
what was the first thing to be taxed in england?
what's the property tax rate in las vegas?
How much income I have to file for taxes?
Do i really have to file my Pennsylvania State taxes?
What is mainstream corporation tax ( MCT)?
How are regulations arranged?
how to get copy of w-2 or check stub?
Can I use my wedding as a tax right off?
Did anyone receive the Income tax return today?
Why did I only get a dollar back on my state refund and how do I check it?
If an LLC has property which falls into foreclosure what effect will this have on LLC members personally?
Does anyone know when the Job-seekers Allowance will be increasing to £50.95?
im not giving my son a social security number?
How long does it take to get state refund back from NY I efiled on 1/25?
Can I claim a child that is not related to me but lives with me on my taxes?
What is the website address for finding home assessment values in the US? This one has aerial pictures?
I haven't received my second W-2 yet...?
How much money one can withdraw from Schedule K-1 (1120S) to transfer to presonal account? Formula?
Can you file online if you have a 1099?
STILL NO REFUND!!! as of 6:33am...... please read on?
Ho much would i make on my paycheck..?
Can i file taxes if my child is in DHS custody?
When calling the uk hm revenue phoneline can you get them to call you back, as it costs on my end.?
If I have a job...?
how do i file my IT returns. i have my pan card?
Who can help the disabled find tax deductions?
how do you calculate recapture in Canadian tax?
Can I claim the vehicle I just bought on taxes?
what is my tax liability?
Can I write this off on my taxes?
Tax question please help :)?
Getting married, used the tax credit...?
Does anyone else still. have a tax refund schedule for 31 rather than 25 of jan 2012?
i work my wife stays home i owe pas due support can my wife still file an injured spouse form and get some of?
How do I know if I am exempt from witholding on my W-4 form?
For anyone who refund was accepted on the 19th?
how do you file a quarterly tax return?
Paying Taxes and an Independent contractor?
How exactly do taxes work?
does anyone know how you can claim bank charges back from halifax building society?
Can I collect my ex-husband's social security and STRS when I retire?
turbo tax?
If you cash out your 401K and taxes were taken before you received your cash out, how do you file this with IR?
As independent contractor, if net gain for year is less than $400, have to even report that income?
Can my daughter claim esa ..UK only?
sbi PO schedule?
looking for a list of tax lean propoteys in brockton mass?
Are my homeowners association dues ever deductible on my 1040?
where is the nfc pensions head office?
Dear sir, i want to know that professional tax is applicable in haryana! And professiona tax slab for haryana?
What happens if you cannot afford to pay back taxes you owe to the irs?
What should I claim on my tax form in order to recieve the most money NOW.?
How long does the IRS take to pay a whistle blower their reward?
does anyone know about the class action suit against H&R Block?
What forms must I file for a Nonprofit Corporation?
What should i do with my life?
Can I claim my dad on my taxes?
if you didnt file federal taxes last you have to file them first before you can do this years?
Has anyone that file form 5405 received their federal taxes yet?
URGENT - How do I prove legal ownership of goods I bought in cash in a private sale ?
how long does one have to keep receipts etc, when they do their tax return and they don't own their own busin?
Exactly what financial benefits do married couples get over unmarried couples?
If u get super tax, what is the % u get taxed?
I have to file taxes for 2008?
Do U think religion could survive if Church income was not Tax exempt?
how is it possible to OWE on Fed Taxes when exemptions are set at zero?
Paper checks.......?
How much tax am I going to pay on this dress from the USA?
I am a Canadian providing IT services in US for a US company. Should I charge GST on services provided?
If you pay the property tax on property that is deeded to someone else, who really owns the property?
"import duty" -how does this work please? Do UK businesses have to pay import duty?
what is $8,999 plus tax?
How long do I have to file an amended tax return?
can I get the $8,000. new home buyers money if I do not owe any tax?
In new york the person who gives a family member $100,000 have to pay taxes on this?
Is it IRS-permissible to change a longtime employee over to contract labor?
IRS tax delay question?
Does a state employer have to pay out your comp time when they lay you off in Ohio?
If I mail a check for expenses dated 12/31/07 and it is cashed in 08 can I deduct it in 07?
Resident or non-resident for tax purposes?
IRS letter please help I don't understand?
How much my pag-ibig salary loan balance?
I need to file my 2005 taxes as self-employed. Any suggestions on how to minimize my taxes?
Is Turbo tax a good suggestion for doing your own taxes?
Find the following payroll deductions?
When a Person does there Taxes in any state in the U.S do they have Let People know what they do for a living?
I sold a house in 2005. When can I sell another main house in order to have $500,000 nontaxable gain?
3% of 35,000.00?
What is the date you can file your 2011 income taxes?
can somebody file you on taxes if you are in college?
What Canadian tax program/software should I use if I haven't done my taxes for three years?
How much would I be taxed?
i need to know when ill get my tax return in the mailbox?
Why is gross income and adjusted gross income different?
Explain the service tax & where it is appicable & How its calculated?
do I still Receive UC benefits (unemployment compensatn)if i moved to another state that does NOT offer UC?
i know a someone who filed taxes. they are self employeed and gets paid cash. Is that possible?
Why is it morally wrong for someone who earns £30,000 a year to avoid tax, but not someone who earns £30 mil?
My parents just died and my question is, is there any taxes on what is in the estate?
i need tax advice on a real estate transaction between my ex and me it was suppose to be an exchange of assets
The wait is finally over!?
I received an IRS refund check that was for $378,844.48, an error. Can I still cash it?
Can someone send me a format of commercial bill/tax invoice?
I don't want my mom claiming me on her taxes can i call the IRS?
We claim 0 allowances but are still stuck with a large income tax bill, why?
What do I make an hour after taxes?
I received a $1000.00 for referring a friend to buy a house. How much tax am I required to pay?
How you dobook keeping?
When will I know if my tax refund has been processed?
How do I do tax returns?
I am in the military have not filed taxes in 8 years help?
what does "salaried exempt position" mean?
I start out with $55,000 yearly salary , about how much money would I actually receive per month after tax?
Can a non-profit charitry based in India get 301 (c) tax exemption in the US?
I am a salaried person & missed 31JUL2006 deadline for filing tax returns, how do I file the returns now?
How do you avoid taxes on a $70K death benefit payout from an IRA annuity?
has anyone who's original DD was Jan. 28, 210 and changed to this:?
tax refund dates for Direct Deposit?
if a business has a thirty day notice can the IRS come in and take the new owners stuff?
I take care for a disabled man on the weekends and he pays me. When I do my taxes do I mention this?
I work and receive and SSi for my son. Do i still get the economic recovery rebate for my son the 250.?
Why would net income (for the year) be lower after taxes, yet higher than the year before?
after you sell a stock, how do you pay your capital gains tax? what forms ? how soon do you have to do it?
Anyone file there federal tax return on 2/5/12 have a deposit date yet or received there refund yet?
Any one can help with Quickbooks pro 2005 please?
How do I know if I have to pay duties tax?
How do i do my taxes?
What is the limit income for the tax year 2005 to be able to fund a roth ira?
how do i take off my own taxes?
I filed an amended Tax return for my 2008 taxes 1040X, now what to do for 2009?
I only made $196.00 last year at a temp job. Do I still need to file my taxes?
What does officers compensation include? ?
Is SDI calculated for the state (e.g. California) only or is it also calculated for the federal govt (IRS)?
how do i find out who has been paying taxes on a property in white mountains az?
How do you save on taxes by giving to charity?
Transfer money from paypal to bank account? Taxes?
Where can I get my local taxes done?
help! Baliliff problems re council tax?
how far back can i claim injured spouse?
Do companies get a tax break, or extra funding, upon hiring ethnic minorities in Canada?
Has anyone received their tax return with a DD of Feb 1 2012?
Is there a good book or tutorial on how to handle a k-1 for personal taxes?
how would I look up to see who the owner of a piece of property is?
Am doing my taxes - what is a "nonqualified distribution"?
What if not all the receipts are available for a 1065?
Chris Wallace (Fox News Sunday) -- Romney tax form to be released -- when?
Do income taxes on capital gains from the sale of an investment house depend on the holding period?
Canadian income taxes?
Company didn't pay the unemployment tax?
how to register a corporation in the philippines?
what is the sales tax on $129.99?
Do I need to report the principle on savings account?
Can I file my taxes as being single if I'm actually married?
brought item from USA, delivery company asking me 2 pay import duties what happens if i dont pay?
My bank in Africa knows nothing about FATCA. What should I do?
are aaa products tax deductible?
how long should I keep tax records before I can destroy them?
How is a single premium deferred annuity taxed by the IRS?
Council tax help tenant please ?
Is employee death benefit taxable to spouse?
how can I track india Income tax refund status?
TDS on EPF withdrawl?
Has anyone had a tax refund deposit on a Saturday?
If I pay payroll taxes as an employee and get a w2. Am I required to file a 1040?
what is the percentage you pay tax on a product in your state?
can I still qualify for the Hope or Lifetime learning Credit on my taxes even if I received financial aid?
Where should a 19 year old get there taxes done?
Whos allowed to claim my kids on their taxes?
How to save on tax UK?
Tax questions...Can anyone help?
i am working in uk from much tax should i be paying and is this only with an NIN?
What is the average length of time for a tax refund to arrive?
wheres my refund when will i get it?
I have an employee that is claiming 9 exemptions on his W-4.?
Is what this client is asking completely illegal? UK VAT law question.?
What is the formula to find the GST amout in a price that includes GST. Is it: the price x 0.090909?
California unemployment claim form filled out incorrectly?
Procedure to inform change in the name of company with ROC to Income Tax department?
Federal income tax question....basic question...please help!?
how much extra money will i get back on my tax return if i paid 3,500 for childcare?
How do I get copies of old W2s and tax returns?
Ex wants to claim 2 of our 4 kids on taxes so we both get EIC?
Homeowner wanting to let someone stay but will it effect my working tax credit?
I opened my home based business ( sole tProp) in November...what can I deduct?
How much is one child on your income tax return?
Is a "relocation payment" considered income?
What is a VAT receipt?
what is the normal system of recording account receivable in the company?
If I earned $396 during the week of work how much will I get after government deductions?
Is my situation better to file "Married Filing Jointly" or "Married Filing Separate" having 4 kids?
Are you Americans happy now that puertoricans are starting to pay more taxes?
when i have to pay tax for dividend?
tds full form in india?
how do i check the status of my federal taxes online?
non profit hospital employee tax brackets?
When should you file your 1099 earnings on your unemployment claim?
When can we do our taxes on turbo tax?
Can the local social sercurity print out my disabilty check sence its late ?
Do I have to deduct the Income Tax for Landlord who is a non-tax resident Canadian from the rent for CRA?
what is diffrent of C.N.F F.O.B & CIF?
Someone's been claiming me as their dependents in their tax returns?
How can I tell if NC received my tax return?
what is the amount a person can get for reporting someone to the IRS that owes taxes?
DTH in india ..cant i put FTA reciever and watch free channels in india ?
how can i possibly pay as little income taxes as possible?
If I gave a friend $50k in cash, poker chips or diamonds, how would the IRS know?
can you win a lottery in the UK that I didn't even enter?
i'm a waitress, tax question?
is there something wrong with my refund?
what is the MINIMUM amount you can make for the year and be required to file taxes?
Is it normal for the government to take approximately 23% of my income for taxes?
TAX HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11?
Where's My Tax Rebate?
deduction of payment in account of farm?
Is there a reward for info on Tax Fraud?
I'm trying to find a law that requires my friend to pay an income tax & file a 1040... Could somebody help?
federal tax payments cannot to pay in full how do i set up payments?
Did the IRS have some type of hold on the taxes recently?
can i deduct child care?
Would the addition of me to my hubby's stock account increase tax?
Is becoming a tax accountant a good way to earn a lot of money?
Can I claim 2006 charity contributions in 2007?
verify my tax identification number?
What are the benefits of incorporating yourself?
OFFSET OF TAX REFUND- I called the 800 offset number and was informed that my refund will not be offset?
How much tax will i get back from work? I live in Australia Queensland.?
Is taking Gymboree classes a tax deduction?
are dividends reported on the income statement?
Confused about the Nanny Tax, can someone help me?
Last year i did not pay my taxes and i was supoused to pay like a 180dls what do i do???
what can i do with my staples tax exempt card?
Can an annexe be charged council tax?
If you are arrested while at work can you write off your legal expenses on your taxes?
How many exemptions should we claim?
I need to file my income tax returns for several years. Is there a web site I can get my w-2 info/income earne
if i have one dependant about how much can i get back if i make $20,000?
Do i have to pay tax on my house i rent out when i sell it?
Unemployment Direct Deposit?
Please tell my pan card status my coupon no is 529951928?
how much tax I need to pay?
why do i OWE taxes this year?!?
I need to find a website where I can get copies of my last 2 W-2 forms. I didnt get my taxes done by the IRS.?
How much should my tax refund be?
wht r the various type of exemption avaiable toSSI UNITS andwhich exemption is better frm assesse pnt of view?
What can happen to someone if the claim you as a dependent without your knowledge or permission?
Im unemployed. do i have to pay taxes on stock purchases or sales?
how much is tax at menards?
Do i have to file taxes?
Death, Taxes, and Divorce?
How big a fine will I get for getting my Australian tax return wrong?
How have the taxes been in the past five years?
Questions about taxes?
If I need to file taxes for NY state and florida, is efile a good way to go or will it be a little?
How much is personal allowance?
I am single, with two jobs, and I did the worksheet and ended up claiming 0, does this sound correct?
How do HMRC (tax people) find out if you have been tax evading if no one reports you?
When will I get refund of my tds?
What do you think of a tax-free holiday?
Should I be claimed as a dependent for taxes?
How do I report child care expense if I'm paying a friend?
Do I still have to file taxes with my ex?
Do I have to file taxes with a state I no longer live in?
Anybody know if you owe the I.R.S. money, will you still get the rebate??
Can I still return it?
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