Barclay's Big Booboo?
I want to know my sss maternity loan?i filed last oct.1,2012.until now i never recieved the check.?
what is the difference of tax from that of a debt?
Online earnings in Canada?
Tax Deductible on Car Purchase. Family Business but also work for another company?
import china taxes for uk?
My son's grandma claimed my son on her taxes without my knowledge!!?
Ok!So everyone say florida has no income tax, what's mean?
I want to report my earnings and pay taxes, etc. myself? can employer get in trouble for this?
Where can I ask a tax question and get a free answer from a CPA or Enrolled Agent?
do i need to pay tax on 300 dollars?
Can my uncle claim me as a dependent?
Do I have to fill in a tax return?
Why is marginal tax rate important in assessing the effects of taxes on individual behavior?
Once you file your taxes can you reverse it, to modify it?
what do I need to do to file my taxes for losses from katrina?
IRS "Referral" process - anyone know what it is? CP21B?
Can you use your last paystub to file taxes early?
child tax deduction credit?
Where in the world is my stimulus check???
Tax sole trader run at a loss (Australia)?
do white collar jobs receive income tax or do they have to give back money if so how much and why?
How much tax am I entitled to back?
If your salary is low can you claim taxes back?
does a mortgage payment contrbute towards a tax deductible expense?
Feb 3 2012 I received my tax refund 2/3/12?
what are the rules for taking the child tax credit?
Has anyone rec'd a Stimulus Rebate check yet?
Can my boyfriend claim my 2 biological children as dependants even tho he's not their father? we live in orego
Has any received there tax refund check that got send out the 24th?
Do U think religion could survive if Church income was not Tax exempt?
Am I a 1099 or a W2 ? I think I am getting screwed?
if one emu bird weights around 40 to 45kg after 15 months...what will be the price of an single emu bird.?
I haven't done my own taxes in years, and I am not sure how to do something?
can i make my house a church and avoid property tax?
Working online with a fake profile?
What is Super Tax in India?
Tax Deduction Question?
Are Year end Payroll summaries W-2s?
I have 2 Consecutive £5 notes, What are they worth?
Capitol Gains; If you buy property for $10k and sell it for $25k and also bought GM for $25k & soldout @ $10k?
minimum amount that have to be deposited to open an account in sbi?
Unmarried. Who should claim our child on there taxes?
how do I find the owner of a business?
Can I contribute to an IRA for 2005 if I had an employer sponsored plan for half the year?
Wanting work in hamilton new zealand .?
how does creditcards work?,how can i get a creditcard?how do they forge a creditcard.?
I work out of my home. What can I claim as buisness costs from my rent?
How can I maximize my tax return?
Deduction's on income tax?
How much of our tax dollars really go to welfare?
I moved out of state in July, how will this affect my tax filing?
can an employer mail a paycheck on the day it is due?
IRS audited our taxes in 2005 and did not tell us that we owe an extra 9030 from a repossession .?
Tax Deadline question?
irs "wheres my refund" no longer showing my info?
why are taxes different for agricultural property and how does that effect the sales price of land?
whatr is a roth 401(k)?
Can you get a tax refund oncd your 16? And do you get a W4 working minnimun wage? At 16?
Is there any tax issues with my mother-in-law selling us a 2006 Jeep Liberty for $1?
Owe the IRS 80,000 in taxes. Cannot pay! does anyone know if you can file chapter 7 bk in the state of Ca?
how to claim tax deduction for contributions to the South Carolina FS 529 Plan.?
IRS Refund Cycle for 2010?
I owe the IRS 32,000.00 in back taxes and now I have a lien. What can I do. I cannot get a loan to pay them?
Are people finding after they finish there taxes, the amount they receive back is different than expected?
How do you show IRS you paid ur mortgage payment with Roth IRA, so you wudnt be taxed for the transaction?
How much is 299.99 plus tax with the tax rate being 0.13?
how will irs break down a 9k owed payment from year incorrectly filed ?
I'm filing a 1099 for 14,000.Single,head of household with 2 young kids.anyone no my estimated refund?
Can I file 2002-2006 tax returns with the CRA in 2008?
Are legal fees for attorney tax deductible?
what is the sales tax of 2,135 in california?
Can I lodge a tax return for 2009 in Australia now, or is it too late?
HI, MY TAX REFOUND WAS MAILED LAST friday 04/01/2011,. but still not here,.?
What is Superannutation fund?
Taxes: When I file Next year 09's taxes, how much will I get extra being I just got married and Had a baby?
what role income tax plays on quality?
Can IRS freeze or levy another business's account?
about property taxes?
which tax date seems more accurate??
Why can't the U.S. Tax Code be easier?
How much income can you earn without having to claim it on taxes?
Can I claim education expenses for the American Opportunity Credit that I paid with a Student Loan?
Someone used my 2 month old daughters social security number ?
Help with my Louisiana taxes?
do I reduce my un-reimbursed expenses on IRS 2016 from ALL my reimbursed expenses?
PF fraud in india? govt. PF and Tax deduction should be stoped?
when does the 60 day rollover for ira start?
if an american uke is bought in Korea and brought back as carry on, will they charge a tariff?
If you didn't work in 2011 do you have to file a 1040 tax return?
What do I do If I owe taxes from a previous year and can not afford to pay them? Do I write a letter to IRS?
Question about income tax(india)?
Taxation of foreign branch of a company, how do i?
where exactly is BIR Caloocan? What is the address of the BCaloocan branch of BIR?
weekly unemployment benefits print out?
EIN number discrepancy?
Claiming a Dependent tax question?
canadian income tax???
I am starting my own business , I was wondering if anyone knew what I could use as tax write off's?
Negligent accountant?
I work in New Mexico but live in Texas so why do I have to pay New Mexico State Taxes when I live in Texas?
if i pay vat in uk for buying a product can i claim it in australia?
Where is lumby bank in rs?
How to spread the word about a new fake E-mail about the economic stimulus refund from the IRS?
I am working in private institution my salaray is Rs10500 how much i have to pay professional tax per year?
If I claim public transit passes in my tax return, do I mail them in or do I keep them incase I get audited?
turbo tax wht is the difference ?
when claiming cost for education...?
how does this stimulus package work?
When are taxes due?
Last September I won a small jackpot of $1920 on a video poker machine. Do I have to file for taxes?
Why does my IRS refund info keep changing?
what is G.826 protocol ?
What do I do if my deductions are higher than my adjusted gross income (state tax)?
Owe more tax than i can afford, can anyone make a suggestion?
If I pay for something with my paycheck online before cashing it, will my employer be notified?
irs says my refund was deposited on 4/30, but it wasnt?
i got my W2 very late from my employer so i wasnt able to file taxes this year. Is it ok to file the same with
Which ones are taken from tax owed and which ones are taken from the adjusted income?
Why havn't I recvd my stimulus check yet? I filed my taxes in early Feb (direct deposit) and my husband's ssn
If I never filed my 2003 tax returns, if I do so now will I receive the refund that I calculated?
My property taxes from 2005 were paid in 2006. Should I put it on my income tax return fo 2005 or 2006?
tax credits,new claim,payments stopped?
is equity same as capital employed?
I am 23/m new to tax procedure. I thought I filed my W2-tax return, but realized never recieved return...?
where is the best place on the interenet to to figure out your taxes?
What is the tax treatment for liquid corporate assets upon the end/retirement of a business?
I've bought from the CR and shipped to the USA. Should I be charged VAT?
What are tangable goods ?
please help me im hopeless?
I live in NYC and I want to start my own tax preparation practice?
My daughter and i are both on welfare. Can i claim her on my taxes?
I had Timber Logged What form Do I need to Fill out for Taxes?
Would proceeds from selling my old stuff on ebay require reporting the funds as income?
I just filed taxes for the last five years. will i still get a rufund? or is it to late?
How much if my paycheck would end up going to taxs?
wat are some good ways to earn money?
Are colleges and universities exempt from federal and state taxes?
What does the Federal Discount is?
What to do if I know someone cheated badly on their taxes to get a bigger return?
Will Andy Murray keep his money in USA for tax avoiding like everybody else?
I'm a 17 and getting summer job, how much money will be taken out of my check weekly?
I only work 15 hours a week, am I paying full NI?
If me & my wife claim 9 for the last 2 months of the year and have 2 children will we owe? filed married joint?
lying about cook county property taxes?
Must a person w/ a schedule c sole proprietorship clain a net operating loss? (NOL)-Is he req'd to?
When does a retailer pay sales taxes to the government that it has collected from customers?
Why is my employer taking out more FICA then Federal Taxes?
michigan state tax question?
I have a mortgage escrow but am being sent my real estate tax bill...who should I call to correct this?
What is the cost amount of taxes they add onto what you buy?
if there is no tax,let govt.,earns by private means,what r u views?
I still have not received my stimulus check. My ss ends in 18 and I got my taxes DD.?
Stimulus Check? tax refund?
Since tax season is here, just wondering does anyone out there pay someone else to do their taxes?
Is this a real IRS email?
Is a 501 C the same as tax id number?
If you're married, are you forced to file joint taxes?
How to file tax return as "Married Filing Jointly" if spouse resides in India and has never been to USA?
What happens if someone hasn't filed a tax return in 20 years?
In Canada, do I still file a Tax return if I haven't worked?
How do i calculate the percentage of tax taken away from a item?
Anybody know where I can download a free tax package?
Should all USA wage earners contribute $1 to conservation at tax time?
how do you avoid paying inheritance tax?
i reported someone for tax and vat fraud?
How do you calculate real estate tax savings?
Can my employer withhold taxes without showing documentation on my pay stub.?
Am I liable for council tax at my place of work?
Under Cain's 999 would there be SS and Medicare taken out in addition to 999?
on march pth i got an email from the irs?
Should I do my own taxes or higher a professional?
Buying a book from Amazon US, having it shipped to UK, any additional customs charges or the like?
When are irs transcripts available for 2010?
My Job and my California state tax were both garnisher because I didn't pay my car tags, some one owes me $144?
Profit sharing check is going to be $6500, if i change my tax claim to 10 dependencies what will i bring home?
would like some advice on tax which is paid from wages?
If you owe overpaid unemployment and do not pay it back, what will they do?
do i have to file my taxes?
Would a more parenthetical objective response to Malaysia serious GDP falling rates standards benefit them?
I don't wanna pay income tax, so so i don't have to right?
can I deduct funeral expenses in my income tax? form 1040 A?
Is there a minimum amount in my paycheck before employer can take taxes out?
I am a self employed person. I do yard sales thru out the year. Can i claim federal income tax ?
unemployment online says my money was deposited but its not on my card yet?
is it true we are due a recession in uK?
When will i receive my child support payment? ?
I am i am working in a good company.but i want to start a new business with(brain)out inves
what are the basic propositions of service tax? and what are the composite services?
What are you going to spend your stimulus Tax Rebate on?
How much to people REALLY pay in taxes?
If we are filing jointly and my husband owns an llc, does he have to file a seperate 4868 extension form?
Got a letter from the IRS? Will they talk to ME about my HUSBAND?
i just turned 18 and want to know which credit card would be best to choose.?
Who who pay Your baby momma bills, if Romney did not pay for it with his taxes?
Forgot due date for filing taxes on an extension?
Are there any allowances that I'm entitled to? (I'm a student)?
Do online stores pay taxes?
Which tax form do I fill out?!?
Is there Sales Tax if I have my Oregon Student ID?
What can I do if I have never filed taxes?
What is the best option for me?
What is it called, when you take the processing fee for your inheritance, out of your inheritance?
To avoid paying taxes, my dad would like to gift money to my son and I from the sale of property.?
How long are tax places required to keep your documents?
How can we change the tax code to ease the burden on our families and promote growth and innovation?
What tax problems come from not reporting getting alimony?
does mexico has an income taxes treaty with the us?
I am looking for a web site that will tell u things that are taxed in my state?
I filed my 2004 taxes in 2005. i havent recieved my state tax check as of yet its been since sept. What do i d
Filing US tax returns late from abroad...?
If a lottery winner gives £100,000 to someone as a present do they have to pay tax on it?
Tax question, how do I loan money to start an LLC and figure out the taxes?
Will the IRS ever send you an e-mail to get in contact with you?
how much money will i get back on taxes if i have 2 kids and made $2,500 for the year of 2010?
perdiem - while being out of country - US tax?
If I Pay Rent every month for my apartment..Can I deduct anything for my taxes?
tax deadline if getting a refund?
Can I settle my tax debt through some sort of program?
Is the cost of Health Insurance Premiums Deductible on Sched. A?
I'm planning on preparing taxes for others, which software should I use?
How much can you contribute to your SEP retirement?
As a single person, is it better to claim 0 or 1 on my w-4 form?
who is supposed to pay excise duty?
When is Federal and State tax filing for 2005 in Louisiana Katrina affected areas delayed till?
I just recieved a letter from the State of MN for taxes owed for b,uying cigarettes online! Help?
Can I claim single 1 on my w-4 tax form ?
how long does it take for a tax return in canada?
Help! The IRS has garnished/put a freeze on my checking and savings account.?
What taxes and excise charges are there on goods coming from China to Ireland?
Why government collect taxes from peoples ?
What are the customs/duties/taxes to buy something from Beijing?
when is tax free weekend?
In my paycheck stud they take money away for FiCA and SDI, what are those? And do I get a refund at tax time?
FYI alert RE: Refunds?
What happens when I file form 4562 for depreciation on a vehicle?
After a week of filing taxes, why does the IRS website not have my information?
What kind of info should collect (for tax purpose) wholesale merchant from out-of-state retail customer?
Hiring contractors and tax deductions?
Post 2: Any DWP or Job Centre workers to advise me on this question please?
i was temperary removed from uk for workin more then 20 hours per week..can i go back again?
Why does irs take their sweet time?!?
Capital gains tax?
What are my options if I cannot afford to pay 2006 VA taxes that was assessed by Dept of Taxation on 5/7/10?
I didn't earn any income last year, do I have to file a tax return?
customs charges from USA to UK - electrical goods?
Under what exception number in Form W-7 are 401(k) and employees retirement plan?
What,s the federal tax on 27,984 with 1 dependant?
If u put 0 dependents on your taxes can u still file a child ?
Income tax deduction - paid for prescription with credit card in mid Dec. but bill wasn't due until Jan. 10
should australians pay tax??
I work in New Mexico but live in Texas so why do I have to pay New Mexico State Taxes when I live in Texas?
My husbands ex filed a joint tax with him?
can i save on tax and get more on this way - LLC or W2?
For tax harvesting with US Stocks, is the date of the taxable event the trade date or the settlement date?
can you pay direct debits every 4 weeks instead of a set date?
Is it true that taxes are not required by law?
Is this a good yearly salary?
Can i claim my husband on my taxes?
home buyer tax credit questions?
Yes or No? A 15% flat tax for all? easy points..?
If they say you tax refund MAY be offset, is that a yes or no?
how do i figure out if i am withholding enough money out for taxes?
Filling for my tax ?
Is this a valid Sales Tax Exemption?
Would I be exempt from a capitol gains tax on the sale of my primary residence?
Would my boss transfer me to another state if I asked just because I want to be somewhere else?
If my parents add my name to the title of their house as a joint tenant, do I have to pay any income tax?
Where do you see taxes going in the next couple years?
Business received deposit from customer can this be taxed?
Today is march 2,2012 & wmr says that my refund was deposited 2/29 & there is still nothing!!! ?
2011 tax return ptoblem?
Definition of resident in indo-US DTAA and taxability on IRA withdrawals?
Someone has claimed my dependent for the SECOND year in a row, in need of answers, please help!?
if I'll donate some books/audio CDs to my library could I get a tax break?
Does Indian Co. has to pay Service Tax for the service provided to the Foreign Co. who is paying in USD.?
Tax Returns For Tomorrow?
How much taxes I will Pay for a Violin Importing from USA to Canada?
Where do you go to get your taxes done?
would i have to pay tax when selling my shares?
Unemployment Determination Letter- Michigan?
child support arrearages 14000 due to state and 5000 to the mother?
Can you claim your tithes oon your taxes?
What taxes does a butcher company pay?
do you pay tax on your savings or just the interest?
what is the sales tax in massachusetts?
How much will I get back on my income tax return?
If you haven't gotten your tax refund direct deposit yet, what bank to you use?
how much longer for the ohio unemployment extension to be recieved?
help with tax havens?
what are u doing with ur income tax this year ?
My son did not claim himself as a dependent on his tax return, can he file an amended return?
Tax question- what if my itemized deduction is higher than my adjusted gross income?
Importing without a US Tax ID number?
Can a single person afford to live in Britain if they are 50 with no pension?
Ok i made like less than $2000 last year do i still need to file my taxes?
I need to order an "Income Tax Transcript" who's Social Security Number do I put mine or my mom's?
Why switzerland is called as tax haven?
how can i file a tax extention online?
My Federal Income Tax Withheld is Blank on My W2. What can I do?
what is the Service Tax & Persentage?
Some tax filing questions?
My daughter was recently married. Can I still list her as an exemption on this years taxes?
I have a credit card in the company name that I use for personal use, but I separate the expenses, is that ok?
Will someday there be a law that men have to give their paycheck to their wives?
owing back federal taxes can new wife become responsible?
Store gives cop free stuff, tax write off?
paycheck problem?
i have worked for the same company for a 34 years, my pension seems to be going downhill help?
I got accepted on the 19th at 12:24am first wmr says i should get my refund by the 1st now the its say the 21?
How do I calculate net sales in Minnesota? If I have gross sales of $900, how much sales tax do I pay?
Do I have to pay taxes?
what is the vat rate for wood purchase in andhra pradesh?
how do you take away VAT from a figure?
American Opportunity Credit - can I claim if son not claimed as a dependent?
How on earth could I owe this much in taxes?
Why has nothing changed on my WMR since being accepted on 1/18/12 says 2/7/12?
Is it possible/legal that i do not have to pay income tax in any country?
OK I e-filed and I have an offset.Will it take longer for me to get my return?
How can I get more money back from my taxes.?
When do i tell housing n tax creds partners moving in?
can i avail tax benefit on fixed deposite, if yes then which bank giving this service?
What action can I take if SDG&E overcharges me?
What are you going to buy with your stimulus check?
On Average in the UK How much does a 16 Year old earn per month?.?
What is the maximum allowed by a business before having to file for taxes 2012?
Why did the irs change wmr status to "We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund.?
i live in a rented property. i have a council tacx bill from an old address and have offered to pay the ?
Edd unemployment claim form?
Accounting Question fill in the blank?
online site that estimates tax return?
Do I need to pay tax on this??
how much per share was the November 2004 dividend from Aviva PLC?
Employer Identification Number (EIN)?
i don't have a w-2, can I use my last check stub?
minimizing invoiced product ?
Is buying a laptop for PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Option) in Minnesota tax deductible?
tax calculator in salary income??????????
IRS eFile vs TurboTax vs TaxCut?
Where or how can I get my 2003 tax forms? I filed but it seems now I need to check on some things. Thanks!?
can u give details of what credits we can adjust from service tax and their percentage, pls also give links?
How much does the government take in taxes on a out of the country lottery win?
Is it illegal to NOT file a very minimal secondary state tax?
Help! I'm an adult! What can I deduct from my taxes?
Tax Bracket for Snowbird from Canada?
How do I file stock dividends?
At what point do I have to pay taxes from the profits of my videography services?
search address by pan?
1099 while on unemployment?
What is the cutoff date for receiving a previous year's California tax refund?
Got kicked out trying to make a payment for taxes help?
Sole Trader responsibilities has to Inland Revenue?
What percentage of NJ taxes do they pay?
World Series of Poker - Taxes?
Can I still get a tax refund if im on unemployment? I didnt work at all last year, and im a mother of 3.?
can i get jobseekers allowance?
Tax Rebate. Inland Revenue?
In Manitoba can I claim my rent payments from 2010 on my 2011 tax return if I didn't the previous year?
1/25/08 tax refund still not received..its 4:30 PM est?!?
my daughter is two months can i claim her on taxes for this year i'm a new mom and really don't know?
does the irs do direct deposits on any other day then friday?
Will I have to file taxes?!?
Can I apply for a Tax File Number from outside of Australia?
Can I claim "1" on my w4 if my parents will claim me as a dependent on their 2012 taxes?
Indiana unemployment on Michigan return.?
Can your tax prepare get your refund and hold it...?
Will I have to pay an inheritance tax?
Can I use a goodwill donation to reduce my property tax?
Will my daughter have to pay taxes on this?
if i earn 500.00 a week how much tax do i have to pay each week?
What if my employer has not made the proper adjustments for The Making Work Pay Tax Credit?
If my cpa made a mistake and im audited who is reponsible for the fees?
If I'm getting audited and traditionally get a refund, should I expect to pay or get paid?
What happens if I put my money in a UK account?
how long before goverment can take my home for not paying taxes?
plz. define to me section 16(iii) of income tax act,1961?
do i need a w2 form to file 1040ez tax return?
My wife & I will get 60K from a brother for down payment for a condo, how would we do it to avoid gift tax?
Can I carry my husband on my taxes?
Child tax credits help?
When would the IRS first time home buyer tax credit be owed back to the IRS?
Has anyone received their IRS Refund from Republic Bank/Taxact as of 2/1/2010?
What should I do if non-custodial father claimd our son on his taxes before I file mine?
how do i get a list of tax lien foreclosures in Texas?
Is it neccessary to file IRS returnes even if I have zero income for year 2005?
Due date of submitting Income Tax Return for Corporate Sector for the Assessment Year 2006-07?
what happens if you don't pay your taxes and ignore letters from the IRS?
Can I file married/seperate & claim stepson to avoid husbands taxes from being intercepted?(child support)?
Do you feel that there should be a more equitable distribution of goods and services in the United States?
OLD COPY OF W2 FORM?????????????????????
Would the receiver have to pay import tax on having cash sent overseas to the uk from usa ?
I think I may have lost my W2 forms. What do I do?!?!? I haven't filed my taxes yet!!!!?
how long do tax credits take?
Are assignments of assets taxable?
On the W4 in New York State, if you say you have 2 jobs, do they split the taxes between your 2 paychecks?
To save Social Security, which are you willing to do? pay higher taxes, retire later, receive lower payments.?
could i have a business under 16 without paying tax?
How do i determine when my "tax year" starts and ends?
Question about taxes on prizes?
2009 new car tax rebate?
Can a boyfriend claim my kids who are on aid and I receive support from my ex husband on his taxes?
When is the soonest that I can request my w-2 forms to be mailed to me??
Greendot rejected my tax return ?
I have not received my stimulus payment yet? Where is it?
If I go to a Irs tax office and let them do my taxes will they be more likely to accept the return?
Do I Qualify for Unemployment?
Ought we not be giving tax breaks to people who do NOT have kids? They are using fewer natural resources?
What are a few benefits of income tax and Sales tax?
How to pay taxes when you're employed and freelancing?
i don't have a w-2, can I use my last check stub?
Who should claim the baby on thier taxes?
what paper work do I need?
What happens to your tax return if your husband didn't pay child support for his children?
Can someone give me a legitimate answer as to what being in the '31 Club' is about?
Can an employer cut your wage?
Who has the right to claim my daughter at tax time as a dependent? Step dad or birth father?
Determining social security payments per month?
Stock/Bond Tracking Software?
Preparing for interview with IRS agent... (Sweating)!?
Do they take taxes out of your paycheck if you're not 18?
does a nonprofit organization incorporated in new jersey need to file a tax return?
How much does the average solicitor earn in the UK? ?
can my wages be garnished if i owe less than $200 dollars for a charged off bank account?
i live in ma but work in ct?
Any tax paying parents here?
Would a national sales tax would it constitute as an addition to the "Tax Base"?
Can someone explain how property taxes work at closing in IL?
If you had incorrectly paid taxes to the wrong state, how can this be fixed?
Tell me about French Taxation?
Is your refund status stuck at the by 1/31 date?
I'm working in UK and paying income tax. I'm not a UK resident. Can I return my paid tax back?
Have you got your tax rebate stimulus check yet?
Does the irs hold your return every year if you owe a government loan?
How much will I be taxed if I have 2 part time jobs in Australia?
I have a 17 year old that works a part-time job and is still a Student.How does that work when filing taxes?
If you put in $5k initial plus $200 per month, reinvesting dividends, after X years, is the TAX div or cap gns?
Accounting Double Declining Balance Depreciation?
is it good to pay your tax in the usa what are the benefits?
PAYE Tax Rebate and upper limit?
Canadian/Ontario starting small business, what do I need to know?
taxable/nontaxable items list?
If I claim a dependent, am I responsible for their debt?
what would happen if a employer won't give you your w2 form for taxes?
can my boss file for my work compenstion claim?
Can anyone explain me what is the PRSI exactly?
I have a 17 year old that works a part-time job and is still a Student.How does that work when filing taxes?
I live in Canada and just bought some stocks in Microsoft do I need to include anything in my tax return?
Business and Occupation Tax in Washington State?
Why exactly do we have to pay taxes?
Taxes I'll pay of my life time?
How much capital gains taxes will I owe under these special circumstances?
Whats the best web site tax write offs?
How come you gotta pay Taxes?
I wrote exempt on W-4 but am still being taxed?
If I pay Interest Tax in Spain(US citizen), do I still have to file a tax return to the IRS?
What will be my tax benefit if I let my wife stop working and we were just on one income?
Can I still submit in my tax return from last year?
what if i havent filed taxes for over 5 years does the irs still owe me?
what the hell in an australian business number and why do i need one?
can we amend the country of final destination in high sea sale?
Where can I get tax form 1040-V?
I am gonna get my boyfriend some boots and a Nightmare Before Christmas watch . How much is it with tax?
I paid Jackson Hewitt to do my taxes.?
If youre a music artist whos signed with and paid by a label outside the us, do you still pay US income taxes?
What is the Florida State sales tax on beer?
Can I request SSA to give out my SSN?
Tax deposit schedule?
What percentage of taxes iare taken out of a pay check if i work in florida and get paid once a month?
How long do you have to save tax records.?
How can I find out if the IRS received my tax refund info and if it has been sent out (from my pc)?
Moving Expenses for L1B transfer to US from India?
Tax question - only answer if you know for sure?
If I did work in 2008 but wasn't paid until 2009 CAN I put the income under 2008?
Tax deduction?????? work expense?
Club 31st.... Updates?
Hi, we want to know the VAT rates in respect of Telecommunicatin Equipment trading in W.bengal by importing f?
taxation enquiry.....need help?
how to calculation income tax?
How much is taxed from £6?
I paid the 10% early withdrawal penalty when I should have reported as qualifying early IRA withdrawal?
Texas Tax question. Employer wont take fed taxes out. Tax by wage bracket?
Where do you go to get your taxes done?
Transfer GIC into CPP?
do i get money back from a 1099 int form?
How much after taxes would you get for 50 hours biweekly pay, 11 dollars an hour?
How much does it cost to send a text from the UK to the USA?
Can I deduct foreign tax paid by mutual funds in Arizona state income tax returns?
Can i set up a personal tax shelter?
What happens if my wife claimed herself on her taxes but her parents also claimed her on theirs?
Know any loopholes to use to void SE tax on 1099 income?
I would like to claim some tax money back because I believe I am paying too much of it. How do I go about it?
what accounts are affectd when you purchase supplies with GST and PST?
Centrelink Australia question please help!!! 10 points?
my medical expenses for 09 were 11,300. My income was 93,340. So why isnt turbo tax giving me a deduction?
What is the income tax for a company that provides a service?
What is the penalty for over withdrawl on an IRA?
One of my friend wants to have PAN card,annual income is 54,000/- whether is advisable to go for IT certificat
I just found out that this years taxes refund will be offset. Will my federal or state or both be taken?
How much does a dependent teen have to pay in taxes?
Can you write off mortgage interest paid in Canada on US return?
Breast implants tax write off as work related expense?
Why doesn't overtime get payed when there's a holiday in the week?
I have a question about 2011 taxes?
Does anybody know about a foreclosure listing that the IRS sends every two months ?
Is IRS tax lien applicable to all properties owned by couple even if they are not all listed on lien document?
Can my husband claim me on his tax returns, especially since I'm a homemaker/unemployed?
Why werent my federal taxes taken out?
where can I get a copy of my T4 tax slips.I lost mine and live in TORONTO,Canada?
How is depreciation rate computed?
has anyone got there stimulus tax rabate?
Is there inheritance tax on money received from a deceased relative in Switzerland? The money will be deposit?
Capital gains & letting relief?
s it true if you filed an ral you have to wait 2 weeks this year?
If I file my taxes electronically, do I still need to submit a paper file for documentation and support?
should fat buggers be taxed more.......?
Which countries pay the highest tax's ?
Can a non profit making sports club become VAT registered in order to claim VAT back off of rent?
what web sites can i go to to get a copy of tax papers?
I want to know what address i have entered in my Pan Card?
Donation definition under IRS law?
Why are Warren Buffett's taxes so low?
Did i receive a fifth federal extension or is it the FED-ED extension?
I have a career crisis question, i.e. IRS.?
An item is priced at $14.56. If the sales tax is 6%, what does the item cost including sales tax?
which business can i start so that i get a good pay and marry a model and live in luxury?
how much is tax for importing goods into singapore ?
Has anyone already gotten their stimulus check direct deposited yet?
Which year are capital gains based off for a house built 1960,inherited 1986,titled to children 2005?
filing form 8949 for capital gain?
is it arguments that's depreciation provides the fund for replacement?
Ca Tax refund question?
I need someone to explain US taxes to me?
What is the website to get w2's from West?
Do I have to pay taxes if I am under 18?
I think I got ripped off on my taxes getting done I should be getting more money back and $2900 I have a house?
What is the maximum amount a person can contribute to a SEP-IRA each year?
Help ! Can I claim my child for the 10,400 equivalent to spouse deduction ?
I'm 16 and I'm getting charged tax, is that right?
does the 2010 stack with my other returns?
can you apply for any other benefits if you receive child tax credit?
what happens if our landlord doesnt pay his taxes?
Actually my native andhrapradesh,but now iam living in bengalore from which may i apply for the pan card?
what line do I claim a non-capital loss on?
Which tax service is better H&R Block or Turbotax?
can i efile twice the irs never recieved my form?
last year I received a tax refund of $1,000?
How much money will I have to pay on my taxes?
Trying to see if I can claim my Half brother on taxes next year?
Do I get a tax break for purchasing a hybrid car?
i filed my taxes on feb 5 e file i got my federal tax but i have not receive my state why is it taking long?
State income tax return. Which state is better Wisconsin or North Carolina?
pick up my paycheck but dont want to work.?
Tax Identification for Rite-Way Machinery, Stuart, FL?
If Im on a six figure salary per year (theoretically) and so is my wife, does that make us millionaires?
No tax on income can be a just tax unless it leaves individuals in the same relative condition in which it?
Does any airline cabin crew gets rebate in income tax in india?
What will the tax liability be on cashing in bonds?
who include children in tax return in case of joint custody?
Im a single mom who only made $3000 this yr with $83.00 federal income tax withheld do I need to file?
30 Year Tax Abatement on Condo?
i didn't file my 2009 taxes on time and therefore didnt receive my HST and won't receive this GST on time...?
I already received my tax return without claiming my daughter, how do I go about getting an amendment?
Can one deduct short term capital loss from short term capital gain in same F.Year - (BothL/G in securities)?
? about filing tax returns?
i gave my w2 form to a friend to them online is it correct for her to be asking for the last year taxes?
what keeps you comming to work besides the paycheck?
To get exempt from council tax due to works what needs to be not in a house?
Do I have to wait until Feb.11th to file my income tax return if I want to claim dependant care?
do i have to report lawsuit money on income tax return?
Stimulus check, how you spending?
I am an NRI in USA and planning to come back to India.?
is there an age requirement for receiving a 1099 MISC?
If I make under a certain amount of income in Canada, will I get all of my income tax, CPP and EI back?
Jane Goody's earnings for her boys. How much will the government get it's hands one?
Why do I owe taxes last year i got a refund?
When is the latest I can mail in my taxes?
Can you claim baseball cards as a capital gains loss on your income tax?
Calling your bank to see if your tax refunds were there yet?
What percentage of Statutory Maternity Pay can be claimed back from HMRC?
Duty free allowances?
Were can I get my taxes done cheap and get it fast?
what is the minimum pay rate of nj in 2008?
Why are my mutual funds being taxed at 100% of sale of funds?
Does anyone know if the irs extended the early cutoff date to the 19th?
Under Cain's 999 would there be SS and Medicare taken out in addition to 999?
How To Get TIN # & CST #? How Much It Cost for a manufacturing Unit?
Can I file self employment tax even though I don't have my license yet?
How to save Longterm Capital Gain Tax?
My business is running at a loss and I have decided to throw the towel in, I've had enough of taxman?
income tax rates in india?
what is contingency disclosure?
If I claim all my tips will that make my tax return bigger, rather than only claiming 10%?
Can my Dad have his tax refund deposited into my bank account?
Is Property Taxes WRONG?
What should I claim on my taxes??!!!?
I would like to ask before filing my taxes if we still get the stimulus check .?
If I pay my mother in law to do childcare do I have to take out taxes?
Has any amended the 2008 income tax's with the first time home buyer credit and received the refund?
Check your mail - Did you get your paper check stimululs rebate today 05/15?
Can my mom claim me as a dependent if at that time I was living with my father?
"A Bill to Raise the Tax Rate on Those Earning Over One Million Dollars Annually." A bill with a title like th?
Can I file married when doing my taxes?
Netspend customers...if you were accepted in time and don't have your deposit yet, what does WMR say?
Recently divorced will my tax code change?
what tax allowance can I claim on a rented property?
goods cost $2k including 6% taxes, what is cost of goods before taxes?
If allowed Casual Leave are 18 days per year and normal working days per month are 22 then cost on account of?
why most of the boys when they make reiltion ship whit girls they always lie on them?
Rude IRS Customer Service Person?
Can anyone get the HOPE TAX CREDIT while attending school in GEORGIA?
canadian tax?
what are the places in india where the OCTROI tax is exempted?
What state do I file my state* taxes in? I worked in Kansas, but I live in Missouri.?
What happens during an IRS Tax audit?
what can i claim at 65 when i leave work?
has anyone received their paper check with the last two of youre social 40 yet?
Any body has knwoledge of Dividend paid out of capital? I can send the file for knowledge,
Moving money between personal accounts and IRS?
I was to receive my irs check by the 16th and it is the 17th and still no check , has anyone received theirs?
if i get a 1099-misc annualy, do i have to report quarterly ?
E-file WISCONSIN state tax return, attach your federal return?
preparing and packaging for shipping?
Anyone else's TAX REBATE check late?
Are donations to the Americxan Nazi Party tax-deducible?
What are the indian income tax slabs for financial year 2007-08?
Non-Profit using a Fiscal sponsor, taxes?
Can I be held responsible for a mistake the MN IRS made?
is there any on road nitro rc car clubs in glasgow, east kilbride,airdrie etc..that i can take my car down
What is the administration fee for the GLOBAL REFUND in spain?
I haven't payed taxes since janurary, what do I do?!?!?!?
Do you have to file taxes if you file an extension?
So, I efiled my tax return on Jan 28, it was accepted - no refund yet. How long will this take?
Business, Tax-Write Offs as a dependent?
Is there a tax deduction for having a pet that will need certain medications to prolong life?
Can I collect unemployment while I'm in school?
If the irs finds that you owed student loans will they take the refund that has been deposited in your account?
I'm a hobbyist who sold a few items. Do I need to report this on my taxes?
What is sales tax for?
service tax exemption?
i have finished 10/+2 in tamil medium, i interested to join pilot course, is it possible.?
Do you pay taxes based on when you work or when you get paid?
If the Government does not have to pay taxes?
Has anyone received their federal tax check refund by direct deposit yet? When?
i require to find a vat number?
can bailiffs take your car?
how will federal taxes get calculated for TX Male?
UI benifits not cutting it?
how much sales tax is on 19.95?
reporting tax fraud?
how is the cooler system in casquets?
How much do Registered nurses in Australia get paid?
What do you plan on doing with yours?
I paid my tithes in church all year when I did my taxes they said I can't claim it unless I was buying a home
how do you figure sales tax on an item?
From the following information, find out amount chargeable to tax for assessment year 2012-13?
I have a tax lien and my house is in foreclosure. I want to cash out of my 401K?
will i get a refund on my taxes?
If a stripper gets breast implants can she write it off on her taxes as a business expense?
Politicians avoiding tax?
Are State and Federal tax returns for pa both on the 1040 form?
Depreciation question please help?
we sold a house and land that was inherited. our part was 15,000. what will the taxes be on it?
How do I get the money taken out of my paycheck back?
what days are the no tax sales?
Can any one tell about PAN card issues?
i got married last year do i have to file jointly? I got married in august?
who can garnish tax return?
whens the earliest you can file for next years taxes?
Can gifts for the troops be written off on my taxes?
Can I count my ski gear as a tax deduction?
can i write off on tax return cost of visitation trips for children even though i do not claim them?
I forgot to file 1 of my 3 w2's last year, what do i do?
Will Obama's welfare tax plan work?
If you receive child support, is it considered taxable income?
how much $$ will I save on my taxes if my ex let's me claim my son?
When selling stock that was a gift, does it make a difference in the amount of?
How much will the price be in india for DELL STUDIO 15 + Tax+ Carry Case+ Home delivery.?
North Carolina sales tax question: which county tax rate do I pay?
I recently found some things out about income tax and child support and....?
will you do holiday loans this year and how soon.?
Does anyone know if forever 21 mails paycheck or we have to go pick it up?
Can a P45 be used instead of a P60 to claim tax credits?
What is the personal tax system like in Canada?
tax rebate i'm 16 and the tax code is 522L please help me!!!!!?
Is it fair to tax us?
I've had my EDD Unemployment interview . .how soon do I find out?
Can my wife claim me next year for the 2010 taxes? (Read info)?
Question on employer provided car?
How much should I expect in my paycheck?
HR is telling me I can't claim exempt on my W4?
Total taxes paid in 2010? U.S only!?
do i really need a somebody to do my taxes?
whether parents having female issue can opened a HUF file in india, and dayabaga permit to opened HUF file?
Is it ok for an employer to make tax deductions without W-4 info? ?
How to save tax upon depositing money?
turbo tax says that my taxes were accepted but the irs website can't find me! what does that mean?
Do I have to fill out a Use Tax?
If I bought a $319 prop from the UK and S&H was $79 how much is import tax if I live in the USA?
What time will the IRS be accepting tax returns on 1/13/06?
Is there an import duty ordering goods from the Himalayas?
I can't afford my income taxes?
i need information toledo ohio taxes?
considering buying furniture in bulk from china to resell here what importation taxes would have to be paid?
What amount tax is employer to take wkly on $770 gross, head of household (single), and 6 allowances?
exempting yourself on tax form?
If you buy something in a state with no sales tax, will you have to pay sales tax when your home?
a car depreciates at 4% in year 1 then 4% for the next 8 years what is the overall percentage decrease?
Accounting debits and credits?
Where to mention dividend details on ITR2 for tax returns?
Should a permanent resident who didn't work last year file a tax return?
Anyone one with info on 2/6 deposit date?
Tax stimulus check?
i may close my ira before retirement. when do i pay the 10% penalty? when i file my taxes?
how much would my monthly salary be if my annual salary is £23877?
Accounting - UK and USA - rounding?
Is evil tax deductable?
Income tax releted que,?
why can't i claim all 3 kids on my tax return?
Does the government get a tax return off the interest paid to the Fed?
Anyone expecting their stimulus DD today get it? Those in the 21-75 range?
When I buy a house with coownership with my wife,can I get 100% tax benefits on home loan myself?
Could someone tell what is a fair share when paying taxes?
If someone inherits $250,000 in California how much will they pay in inheritance taxes and attorney fees?
What type of assets require adjusting entries to record depreciation?
I got a bill from the IRS for my mom who passed away march.?
Am I paying the right amount of taxes?
Can anyone explain to me how the annual income tax rates work on a monthly/weekly basis?
Has Any Taxact Customers Returns Got Accepted By The Irs Today?
whether servicetax is to be charged by bills of subcontractor to the contractor?
where can I pick up forms to fill out my income tax return in Edson, Alberta Canada?
how much taxes will be taken from $2318.16 check?
How to file, can son still claim girlfriend on his taxes?
i am going to be doing a vending booth and i need a N.Y. State Sales Tax # where do i get that online for ny?
Casual Work/Tax and National Insurance contributions?
do i get money back on my taxes if i am paying cash for my daughter to go to daycare?
BAck taxes and child support?
I just filed my 2007 return, December 2009. Can I still get a my stimulas money?
Tough Tax ready?
where on the web can obtain guidelines regarding seafarers tax rebates?
Should the tax on pipe tobacco be raised through the roof?
I just filed my 2011 income taxes, I have a $1021 refund coming.Where can I find an income tax refund loan now?
Mileage deduction question?
i work for uncle sam and i am getting ready to draw disability is my disablitlty tax free?
If Pa's a common wealth...?
In 2002-2003, the U.S. federal government cut taxes to help stimulate aggregate demand. However this policy (a?
Can someone tell me what is and is not allowed to write off on a tax return. Or lead me to a website.?
what is my Tax Identification Number?
Michigan tax question?
what is the earliest date you can file taxes?
For each trasaction a share-trader (client) in India has to pay certain taxes. What are they? And how much?
Is it possible to file for and get tax returns for past years even if you have not worked in that time?
What should I expect to get back?
What would you like to ask?How do taxes work when youre a server?
Homebuyers tax credit. Is it possible to e-file and claim this credit?
How long does it take to receive tax return by Canada Revenue Agency?
UK council tax exemption?
So if I claimed to be a dependent on my regular job, but claimed to be independent on a 2 wk summer job...?
I understand that there is a tax law that if you win $1199.00 on slots ,there is no tax. Is this a Federal Tax
What will happen if i wait 'til August to pay my state income tax?
Should we hire a tax attorney ?
Question about National Heath UK?
what form is needed for irs?
How much would i take home each month after tax??
Startup firm, 2nd year, money loosing - S or C Corp for Taxes?
In the U.S., the average electricity bill in 2009 in a family household is?
Where on the tax form do you report quarterly contributions?
is there any investment where i get a 4% incom every month,guarenteed?
Inheritance tax reduction due to a mortgage?
How do I compute the depreciation value of my cellphone ?
What would you like to ask?Has anyone who filed with taxbrain gotten their refund through sbbt?
I never recieved my turbo tax card but my refund is already on the card, can i transfer my money out?
Are the materials I buy while volunteering tax deductible?
A question about State Sales Tax.?
Is it really takin 3 months this year to get a refund that was rejected from your bank?
Stocks and Taxes Help?
Do you save all your receipts? How do you organize them?
Mortgage-interest deduction vs tax credits, which one costs less for the government?
Filing as married- but need to amend to HOH.. HELP?
how much money does an adult have to pay for cashing a 100$ check to taxes?
In What Year did the Cumulative Federal Debt go over One Trillion Dollars?
Am I entitled to any benefits?
Is there a way to pay weekly taxes while babysitting so I don't owe a lot at the end of the year?
Does income from eBay have to be counted as income for tax purposes?
Ex-husband wants to take my tax check?
Turbo Tax saying Florida has State Income Tax papers coming out the end of the month?
Are there any states that don't have tax? What states have the lowest taxes?
do you still have to pay the same amount of VAT if your unable to work?
my new husband hasn't filed his taxes in 5 or 6 years!?
if i have my baby in january can i file my baby on my income tax?
who knows how much state and fed tax is on agallon of gas? in ga.?
How do I calculate my Adjusted Gross Income expected to make in 2009?
Us to Canada shipping - How much fees/duty will i pay?
How many allowances should I claim as a married person?
Filed 2008 Amended Tax Return in January, Denied, Nothing Since, Now WHAT?
Will my son need to file a income tax return?
Whats the difference between 1099 and w2 tax return?
How does E-Tax work with 2 Jobs?
Can I file exempt for state and federal taxes if I'm a single parent?
can walmart deny cashing my irs return because im in the checksystem?
can i claim a refund from council tax?
Where is my federal refund? the irs site said i should have gotten it direct deposit on feb/15/2010? help?
Hey any anyone got ther tax refund status from WMR today? I have mine, hope this relieves EVERYONE!!!!?
how can I stop Midland Credit from garnishing my paycheck?
For tax year 2006 is there Income Tax on Tuition paid by an employer (Bachelor's Degree)?
how much is sales tax for Laptoip California.???
Should fat people pay more tax?
how many years can a foreigner run a business without paying taxes?
There is NO law stating that citizens of America have to pay taxes, right?
I am moving in with my boyfriend and his son, he claims head of household. How will that affect my taxes?
Will getting married next year significantly reduce my tax refund?
when is going to be proceed the VAT increasement?
what is the salary of a electrical lineman in india?
tax payment on sale of home?
Can I deduct new doors and a water heater from my 2009 taxes.?
what to do if never paid taxes?
County tax proration and county property tax reserve on buyer settlement statement, are these tax deductible?
Can 100% of a donation to a 501(k) organisation be claimed as tax deductible by an organisation?
Business owners, does this happen to you.....?
is medical a tax deductible?
What all will I have to pay taxes on?
If i am paying tax on every item I bye or consume, why should I pay additional income tax?
Is unemployment based on gross income?
when are employers quarterly federal taxes due?
IRS straddle rule applicability for closed option spread positions with many rollovers.?
if i had 2 jobs this year and didn't make very much money at one of them, do i have to file both on my taxes?
is December 29 or 30th or whatever too late to file your 2010 taxes?
Why was cinema attendance so low in the uk in 1935?
Education Tax Credit Details?
How does independent contracting and taxes work?
If u get super tax, what is the % u get taxed?
Im not really sure, could i do this ?
Do you think ppl that make over $250,000 deserve an extension on the Bush tax cuts?
If someone is collecting unemployment benefits and working under the table and will receive a 1099?
whether levy of higher sales tax on goods imported from other countries is correct?
I did not claim my HBP last year on my taxes. What do I need to do this year to claim it and submit paybacks?
what is your famous works?
I heard last years stimulus amount will be deducted from this year tax refund (if you get one) true or not?
I've just started out in the ag industry and I'm concerned about tax implications my bank acct name will have
ok i filed my taxes on jan 14 2011 and i check whares my refund and still nothing ...?
can the IRS come to canada to reposess a vehicle that has been imported in?
Should a Holiday Bonus be taxed or not taxed on your paycheck?
I made 400 dollars this year do I still have to do taxes?
Can my ex claim his other dependents?
state bank of india to state bank of travancore account atm card to card transfer is possible?
Which items does section 112 apply and does it specifically rule out this benefit for sale of land?
U.S Federal Taxes vs. State Taxes?
Even though I'm a full time student and had a job, do I still owe taxes?
Can we claim our imprisoned son as a dependent?
Is the Fed-Ex estimated time arrrival for shipping accurate?
has anyone gotten their 2008 MN Renters return back yet?
UK Income Tax Equation?
Are cross-charges from a Mexican company to its non-resident parent subject to Mexican VAT?
TAXES: I need to report a small amount of interest income on a checking account. I do not have a 1099-int form?
Can anyone suggest a good tax preparer in Chicago?
Where can I download TWC Form C-198?
What is the latest date a company can send out your w-2 form?
Can a pvt ltd co charge service tax on commission recd in foriegn exchange?
Will I get in trouble for writing EXEMPT on my W4?
I just got married in December, does that mean that I have to change my tax info?
If you work for an employer and they deduct taxes for you but you fail to file tax, what happens to the money?
Arizona tax rate percentage?
If i made a little over 5000 last year how much would my return be? (Estimate)?
can i get the print out of my PAN CARD by using on line services?
Tax refund while in Ch13 Bankruptcy?
Property Tax Question?
Why did I get my social security statement this month? I usually get it around tax time don't I ?
Will I get any of my 28% W-9 Backup witholding money back at tax time or will the government keep it all?
A big question on my federal and tax returns. i need experienced answers please.?
Iif i dont report a 1099 form to irs? ?
how do i fight against a school levy?
Can my employer get in trouble for the 1099?
Social Security ,work related benefits are nontaxable.Will,at age 65 transfer,benefits be taxable?
I got a gift of $80,000 From a friend in Australia I'm going to?
I'm kinda confused on paying taxes while working part time?
PF withdrawl from a dormant account?
$8000 Tax amendment for 1st time home buyers credit... what now?
excise taxes?
another tax question?
what are the duties in Australia on import of clay/mud or stone Bricks for construction purpose?.?
Why do the UK emergency services have to pay tax on fuel?
Do I have to pay import fees?
Can I reduce a tax settlement through reducing cash on hand?
travel expenses perdeam per day for each state?
Is it possible to avoid the CSA by living 'off radar'?
what is my UK tax position if I live in Spain but am selling a house in the UK?
House i rent from a church wants to claim my collected rent as a "Donation".?
How much would i have to pay for capital gains tax?
Will I have to pay tax on the youth allowance I've received this financial year?
Can someone explain the VAT in China?
My tax disc runs out at the end of January.....can I renew now and my new tax disk will start from February?
can u please let me know the diff b/w form 16 and 16a?
what law says we have to pay taxes?
My mom gifted me $30k does she have to pay tax? ?
How long do I have to refile unemployment benefits?
By what date in the state of az. does w2for income tax have to be out?
Filing taxes for child who has the right to claim her?
What does it mean to be vested?
Owed TAXES to IRS from 06 will they discharge?
I own a 3 family, did work on my apt. how can I incorporate $ spent on my apt in my taxes?
I was notifiied that i was a winner of a lotto in the uk and they want me to pay to have for the delivery;?
If i have a part time job and am a dependent of my parent, how does that affect how they fill out their taxes?
My economic stimulus letter from irs says expect payment by 6/27?
When do you usually get your w-2's?
Questions about Federal Taxes?
I sent my 1040 tax form on the Jan 13 by mail. i got my state check but no federal and thats direct deposit.?
Do local taxes and octroi charges apply for electronic goods if sent as gift?
I am 25 and have never filed a tax return, do I have to file if I worked this year?
stimulus checks?
which website do i have to claim my tax return?
Do I need to report the principle on savings account?
I still have money in my unemployment extension account. My year ran up and I had to refile unemployment.?
Tax refund question..?
Non UK going back Home - Is there any returning Tax?
My employeer sent me a W-2 and a 1099 misc. What should I do?
My three of four children's father passed. They get the survivors benefits. Do I claim this on my income tax?
What are the consequences of commiting tax fraud? Do they usually have to pay fines or get prison time?
Did my tax preparer mess up my taxes?
Is H & R Block worthwhile?
can i claim the money spent on college for my child even though i can't claim them as a dependent?
social security card?
Why do Married Couples file taxes separately?
tax write offs for my driving job?
how much tax?
for being a new homeowner, what taxes are deductable?
How much tax does one have to pay on royalties? Is there social security paid on it?
I just did my tax return onlin through H&r block?
can I claim the refund?
what % of the paycheck is taken out for federal?
when completing a tax return, what can result in criminal penalties?
Regarding gift tax for NRI?
Is my mum entitled to a redundancy pay off?
Is my Total Taxable pay correct/Deductions?
i need help with my tax refund...?
Can you file taxes if you are a full time student with kids but have only worked one month all year?
Single claiming 5 on allowances w-4 form?
can an international student do online currency trading in UK ?
Are disability pensions taxable?
i have already filed my taxes, and child support enforcement wants to snatch our return,...?
Im a first time buyer i purchased my home in jan 2008 why cant i get the tax credit?
i am 18 and a student. i just got hired and is it possible they might take less taxes from me?
what is sales tax rate in minnesota?
Need help from an accountant/tax expert!?
Do you have to pay taxes for person-to-person transactions?
ive made 10,000 this year and married and have one kid around how much should i get back on my tax return?
If i already filed my taxes can i go back and add my daughter?
When will I get my refund from the IRS?
Capital gains tax on stocks/options by country or lowest capital gains tax on stocks/options in the world?
I claimed kids on my taxes that are not my kids I thought I could what happens now?
3 weeks for a direct deposit refund from TurboTax?!?
i am 20 years old, going to start work at national minimum wage for about 37 hours a week?
Does anyone know if you can write off a portion of daycare in Ontario if you do not have a tax receipt?
if i make 60 000 a year what do i get back on tax return ontario?
fred loya insurance employer id needed to complete taxes?
Graduate Salary After Tax United Kingdom?
Paying taxes, being self-employed?
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