Can I file a 1099 on a person who has been getting restitution payments?
When can I do my taxes?
In the US, what's the biggest federal tax law change for 2005?
Expert answers only please. I owe the irs for tax period 12-31-98. do a debt over 10 yrs have to be paid.?
How to fill out W4 form?
are partnerships held in IRA taxed differently than corps. when sold/?
Does ebay charge tax?
i have a quetion about pay pal india?? pls very confused . need help?
Should corporations and small businesses pay more in taxes than private citizens?
Do you have to file taxes if you hardly worked?
Does Santa have to Tax & M.O.T. his sleigh?
How do I get a non tax clearance certificate to give a scan copy to the Zenith bank PLC?
Parcelforce "awaiting customs charging"?
the irs said i didn't file in 1993 , I know I did they are holding my 2005 refund what should i do?
If you sell stuff on ebay do you have to pay taxes on the money you make?
What is the cheapest way to e-file, and how long does it take to get your return?
Married to a non-us citizen and trying to file taxes?
Hi, I have a 1000£ dept to a universtiy in uk, help?
17 year old girl, claimed as a dependent on parent's taxes, but made $3000. Do I get the tax rebate?
how much should i earn NET per month if i earn 16500 gross per year?
I am the VP of Sales and am paid commission only. My employer does not let me claim commission on large accoun?
If you forgot to pay your 941 taxes, but pay them late, can you write a letter and not receive a penalty?
I friend of my check and it said that a check in the amount of $600.00 is scheduled to be mailed?
When and how to turn someone in for tax fraud?
What does medical-er mean on a pay stub?
Do middle and low income Americans have a valid argument that we are being 'over taxed"?
If I am in the middle of filing bankruptcy and I do not owe any taxes can they take my tax refund?
How "Unfair" is the "Wellfare" state?
how can i have20000$ without guarantee and taxes because i need for save mi life and i can not gave guarantee?
Should I file a tax return?
Is there an Australian equivalent to the American Internal Revenue 1031 tax law?
What percentage of federal income tax goes where?
When cashing a social security check at Walmart, how does entering your social security number work?
what to do if bank accounts was tax levied?
property tax in Long Beach?
Why haven't I received my Social Security benefits check in the mail yet?
Filing tax returns from 2 years ago?
Amazon returns, help!?
which one better? company car or car allowance?
What is the difference between IRS Schedule D and Schedule G?
Please explain how capital gains tax works in India?
not paying tax on job but have small pension still being taxed how do i stop it being taxed?
Is there a tax saving for installing new windows in your home?
How do I remove a dependent from my taxes on the amendment form? ?
Why don't we replace VAT with an energy tax?
IRS support? Not sure if this is real or not...?
Can I tax my car a day late?
Filing self employed for first time?
i have a land in india ,karnataka state?
If people were able to maintain a sum of money large enough for retirement and they were self-employed, why..?
I filed my taxes on Feb.3,2012. I was told the 15 of Feb. now it's say the 21st.?
Do I owe the IRS money from last year ?
can the state of kansas take your federal tax returns for medical bills?
child tax deduction credit?
Effects of going tax exempt on my next check?
Unemployment question?
has anyone heard about the irs being behind in deposits?
if my wages were garnish is the amount taken use for a deduction & is that minus from my yearly gross income?
IRS? Quick alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why does the government see fit to put a tax on sanitary towels and tampons?
What is the Where's My Refund 2012 status?
Is it illegal to charge sale's tax if you are from a different state, when buying on the internet?
How much U.S. Taxes do I pay if my Business is based overseas.?
I want to buy some grazing and woodland. Would council tax have to be paid?
how to examine documents seized in income-tax raid?
The gift tax exclusion applies to gifts given to whom?
i need to have a copy of a tennessee tax chart?
Should the Age of Retirement be raised to 75 in the UK?
Why put tax on soft drinks? and raising price on stamp?
IRS garnishment can they do that?
What if you don't file your taxes?
Help. I am having trouble getting my w2 from a former employer...?
Whether tuition fee includes computer fee for Income tax deduction?
Can they do debt?
Has anybody's wmr status change from should receive by 1/31/12 to a 6 week message. ?
In georgia can i claim my unborn child on my taxes for 2007 hes not due until march 2008?
Do you only need to file a tax return if you work? I'm a full-time student, so there's no reason to, right?
Tax Credits which is right?
what is the earliest you are able to submit your taxes?
Has anyone's unemployment in Texas updated?
how many pennies would u need to make one million dollars?
What do i do if HMRC think im self employed?
How much would i get back from tax return (16 years old)?
If I'm left an inheritance do I have to pay taxes ?
Help on payroll deductions and taxes!?
Which business tax form do I need to file if running a website?
What sort of tax can i claim back in South africa?
\\How much is 2,000.000.00 pounds in United States Currency ?
Question about filing past year taxes, while forward deployed and not legally seperated?
CPA vs H&R block for the biggest refund?
Do you think or feel that the cash for clunkers program has worked out ?
if you choose direct deposit for federal taxes how long will it take?
If the IRS WMR states "Your refund is scheduled for DD on...does that mean it's done processing?
Are federal and state tax rates the same for 401K distribution as ordinary income?
Can my brother claim me on his taxes?
What tax do I pay in an Indian restaurant if I am drunk and abusive to the staff?
My husband and I got married aug 28th and both withheld as single 0 will we get a tax refund? ?
I accidentally shredded my tax refund money check in my paper shredding machine?
if someone pays child support, can he/she claim them when filing taxes?
Unemployment Compensation - relocation?
why u have to pay tax?
Tax form question regarding Scedule D and 4797?
How do you avoid taxes on a $70K death benefit payout from an IRA annuity?
How are taxes raised?
Is it okay to file my taxes now?
What tax forms do I need to file for a small business (self-employed, no employees)?
Im seperated with 2 kids can i claim one as a dependent?
If my gross pay is $4,229.09, how much federal income tax should be taken out?
What are sales tax in California ?
What alternative tax years can I elect to report in its initial year's income if...?
If I had to pay the IRS on an audit do I claim that on my taxes this year?
What to do when tax return was sent early enough, but still no refund, and no info on
2 families living at the same address. How does that affect our taxes?
I am the VP of Sales and am paid commission only. My employer does not let me claim commission on large accoun?
what is the gift tax law in Nebraska?
why do i keep getting sent tax returns forms even though i am working PAYE and have been for the last 3 years?
Can someone tell me what is and is not allowed to write off on a tax return. Or lead me to a website.?
Security clearance and tax evasion?
How can I complete my income taxes if I'm going to be overseas for an entire year?
Hey 2/7 club is there any truth to this?
can u deduct chewing gum on ur tax return (1099)?
how much would it take to pay someone to do my 2008 taxes?
Being paid under the table / irs fraud?
i haven't filed a state tax return in a few years,can i get this money back now?i live in Missouri.?
wmr status not updated?
are food stamps canceled from date of employment or first paycheck?
should charities be exempted from tax?
Do you still fill out tax forms if you havent worked, or been on unemployment for the last year?
what is letter89c from irs ?
Information regarding VAT non payment?
my ex wants me to sign a irs child exempt form, do i sign it?
Buying/selling realestate. What forms do I need to submit to the state and IRS to show money recieved or paid.?
Selling stock and resulting tax question?
How do I file taxes if my parents pay for my rent?
Could the council actually take you to court If you have an outstanding balance of 50p for council tax?
What do I need to know about taxes?
can i fill out my 2009 1040a tax papers with pen?
Tax Question?
How do I deduct tips that I tip out to bussers and bartenders for tax purposes?
is it possible for my husband whom im about to divorce to file taxes and get all the money for himself?
ring my moble from uk?
Question regarding claiming more tips than you actually make.?
anyone get thier refund already if you was to get it on the 12th?
Find future value and amount of interest earned?
Two dependencies on tax w-2 form?
Why does the goverment continue to make pennies when the cost in labor and material is 1.23 cents?
Form W-4, What exactly is this?
if bank gurantee is expired but matter is pending then what about renewal of the same?
what happens if my husband filed his taxes and claimed himself as head of houeshold.?
What is the penalty for making a 2011 ROTH IRA contribution without having earned any taxable income in 2011?
Cash method tax question?
Does anybody knows anything about the IRS being a private corporation?
i have opted for VRS from my company i want to know how much do i need to pay as tax from my salaries?
How to measure capital gain after a dividend?
What is a "backup withholding"?
can you change the dependents when filing taxes?
tax return-401k withdrawal?
What is the amount of money or property that a person could gift to someone without tax penalties?
How much do I need to save each month into my pension?
What is the Ontario Foreign Tax Credit and how does it work?
How Excise Duty is calculate ?
Does anybody know if you have to pay US gift tax if you receive a cash gift from a foreign source?
A math problem with taxes?
My s.s. # ends in 85 so my stimulus check is due to be mailed July 4th?
How can someone evade taxes?
How do I obtain a tax letter for use in Trinidad?
how to reclaim tax back for french people going back to france for good?
i claimed nephew on taxes. now irs is saying i owe money back. what can i do?
How many allowances should I claim on W4?
I need my babysitters social security number and she won't give it to me, how can I get her ss# for taxes?
what is a corporate tax break?
how does your employer know how much federal withholding tax to deduct?
i misplaced my Form 1099-R, it is possible to get an additional copy?
Tax deductions?? New job?
Auto Expense Deductions?
what is vat rate in uk?
If I take PAN card is it necessary to file IT returns every year even if I do not have Taxable income?
Does an individual trading in Nifty Options need to pay income tax on Profit?
how long does it take to receive irs from 3911?
Something about my taxes?
Will I get my tax refund ?
i have received an email from UK NATIONAL LOTTERY DESK ,FIRSTLY they order to pay courier chargers,can i trust
How do you reduce the chance of paying inheritance tax?
Should Washington state stores be charging sales tax on a canned carbonated drink or other container drinks?
carers allowance will it be cut in the budget?
What percent is proptey tax in Canada?
In the Uk are you allowed to just give someone a house as a present kind of thing or is there a limit as to?
bought house in08 to fix and sell,sold in 2010?
How much can one wire transfer from other country?
Incorrect filing on taxes?
I'm back in the UK now but how do I claim tax back on shopping I done in the US?
unlock my atm pin bank of india?
how can i save money for tax time?
I need to know the Indiana unemployment employer identification number.?
My w2 is wrong it says i earned less?
can an employer deduct wages from you if you are a 1099 independent contractor?
#1 Is this some kind of set up?? would u still get married?
filing taxes at h&r block online?
Do I have to file my foriegn income if I made less than $8500 last year in total? I am still going to file...
Do I have to claim the full amount of tax on a gifted stock cert if I sold the shares and profited?
are hinges considered as hardware?
What will be withheld for taxes from $11,000 / yr?
How come I have not received my Stimulus Check?
Business tax question?
BC, CANADA - Taxes with two dependents?
M1PR Tax Filing Help Needed?
Why have I been denied for income credit refund for IRS ?
Best friend hasn't filed her taxes in years, what to do?
if someone wants to give me 20,000 dollars do i have to pay taxes on it?
Is using Turbo Tax a good idea?
how do we find out if the UK givaway is legitt?,we recieved a 1,000,000.00 pound lucky winner winner?
What is the capital gains tax rate on interest paid from privately held stock?
do babysitters have to pay taxes?
IRS Direct Deposit Into Account?
do you need to be a cpa to file business taxes in usa?
19 yr old son earned $14,000 last year, lived with us, was not in school. Can we claim his as a dependent?
open old turbo tax file w/wrong version now can't open at all suggests?
How much tax is paid for a $25,000 cash prize in California? ?
Is this Tax Rebate email a scam?
how did DTA/DTL gets created?
Didn't receive one of my w-2 's. Got replacement, but lost one has SS # -ought I worry about ID theft ?
do i pay income tax on compensation payments for a traffic accident?
Is it better to have 1040 (married/home/child) taxes prepared online or by a tax professional?
What is Canada's current "head tax"?
How much cash can you carry with you through EU airports ?
how can i retrieve my tax identification number in the Philippines?
Will this item from the US eBay charge import tax for UK?
Tax treaty: how does it work exactly?
FAFSA Question on tax income?
What is my best option on emergency 401k withdrawal?
why do i need a 1099-hc or do i at all ?
Help me by telling some online money making website(without investment).tell me a genuine and india based webs?
Why am I being taxed on internet sales?
can the state of virgina place a levy on your savings and checking account if you no longer live there?
If I put 8000 dollars in my bank account with no job history would the IRS bother me?
Is filing bankruptcy smart?
So the Tax payer is bailing out the banks, what do we get back ?
Any info on carbon tax?
Can you claim a state tax refund as income on your federal return if you didnt recieve a 1099-G from the state
The IRS kept my Stimulus payment to apply to my old tax balance, how does this help our economy?
Advise me Income Tax Sec. correct or not. Tax free Dividend-10(34), Tax Free shares LTCG-10(38), Units LTCG-11
work in uk without permit?
I owe the IRS $11,000 which I cannot pay back,....Help?
Public Borrowing, should the Basic Rate of Tax be raised to 40%?
Need a slogan for MJ Taxes and Financial Solutions. Small company that I am helping my aunt build. Thanks!?
I need an editable 1099 form?
What happens if I owe for the last 4 yrs and didnt file?
Progressive Income Tax?
Can i pur hase items with a gift card &I then return them for a cash refund?
What is the best way to cut taxes for single guy who makes a six figure income?
Is it legal for businesses to charge a higher tax than the state mandated rate?
Where is the best place to have my taxes done?
Do recipients of criminal settlements have to pay federal taxes on their awards?
import tax regulation?
Illegal tax question?
How do I avoid giving my money away?
should i pay taxes through my mortgage lender or on my own if so why please give pros and cons?
How much money or prizes do you have too win to pay taxes on them?
can i file with my last pay stub?
At which exchange rate does an American company remit Canadian payroll taxes? (We pay and withhold in $US)?
Pay as you go taxes ...... ?
What makes a tax progressive?
can a baby be claim for taxes by two people?
is there a system in place for the 1 time 250 dollar payment for retirees and ssi recipients?
how to calculation income tax?
Taxes from a teens paycheck ?
a question about wills and disbursement of monies?
iam soo new to income tax?
what would you do regarding state taxes ?
Our work accountant made a serious error on our W2s in 2010. Can he be held liable for any costs?
Have a question on claiming a dependent on my tax return?
Can both my boyfriend and I claim our son on 2010 taxes?
What's the best advertising for a locally owned business?
Domestic it the right thing..?
extra IRS check?
Wrong Spouses SS# on 2006, 2007 & 2008 tax returns & 401k contributions?
Did anybody get a feb 12 refund date ?
Would it be too late to file for last years taxes?
Ok just saying am trying to figure out how this works?IRS question?
Do I have to pay shipping for each item on amazon?
How do I know if I'm head of household when doing my federal taxes?
Do I have to file a state tax return?
does $5.00 taxable interest need reported on income tax?
how i can get income tax benefit of home registration fees?
i owe the irs about 50,000 and i have a workers comp law suit coming in? can the irs take it?
why is it difficult to detect the withholding of cash receipts?
Temporary Tax licenses are frustrating!!?
How do you write a journal entrie for a capital fuel tax?
I've given up my jobs in order to move to the city, is there any chance i'll be able to claim jobseekers?
VA wife benefit and SSN?
yes I'm paying taxes for someone else land is paid off I've been paying for 5 years?
I am unclear how to apply wash sale matching rule.?
What tax bracket do i Fall Under?
what are the penalties of not filing a tax return -?
Why haven't I recieved my stimulus payment yet?
Should the US go back to the tax brackets they had in 1954?
Is the money being spent on the election Tax deductable?
What should I claim on my tax return?
When a tax collector sues for vehicle property tax, what does the complaint have to allege?
Can a partnership be an s corporation shareholder?
How do I get my 8880 form?
CLAMING TAX BACK (But how do i know how much has added up?) I have worked at my job for 4 years?
in taxation what do you mean by "final tax?"?
Can i add my fiance on my income taxes.?
Do we have to file taxes on Cyber Begging money?
Mileage deduction on tax return?
what is UK country code?
Does financial aid have an impact on how I file taxes?
If I made $19,520.05 in 2009 how much can I expect to get back when I file my taxes?
where can I get tax form 990?
Update!!! Did any 2/7 wmr update tonight?
I forgot to do my taxes in April, I am owed a refund, am I in trouble??/?
ANOTHER Stimulus Question *sigh*....I know, I know.?
who claims our children on taxes?
how should wages and salaries not be paid?
Can you check the status of your tax return money?
will what my son earns effect my JSA claim?
What percentage of the Chinese are obliged to pay taxes?
Do we have to specify the value of servicing rights acquired when we buy a mortgage portfolio?
The partnership act of 1890 defines a partnership as:?
personal finance?a part ownership of a company due to money invested. is what?
is tax evil?
can i reduce my income by 7000 since i paid private insurance premimums? ?
where do i find out if i have a refund due me from the state of calif?
How to set up a business with a non US person?
Do I have to claim my 401k withdrawl on my taxe return for the year i closed it?
Should I claim exempt on checks where I move up a tax bracket?
Is there a free online tax website?
employer had entered erronious information on my w4?
im getting 980 from taxes..?
Claiming 4 on my w4 for more money every month?
I currently work in a real estate office and i am studying conveyancing can I claim my study on tax in Aus?
Can a business make you fill out a w-2 form wihout hiring you?
What is the effective tax rate?
In 2008 I paid off an overdue credit card at about 20% of what was owed on it, now IRS says I owe from it...?
I didn't do taxes from 2010 and 2011 now im doing the taxes i have my checks but now irs is charging me money?
Can I FedEx my Federal Tax Return to the IRS?
True or False, once im 18 my parents wont be able to claim me on my taxes anymore?
child support tax write off?
How to tell if I have to pay tax?
Can anyone tell me what reference code 1121 means and HOW long now will I have to wait to get my MONEY!!!?
do we need to pay octroi on tax free goods while transfering the goods in the same city?
Is a grant a Capital Expense or Current Expense?
Why is it saying I owe state tax when I paid state tax all year?
what is the benefit of being an LLC vs a emplyee?
Which of the following is the most regulated, and which is the least regulated?
i applied for new pan card but i forgot to save the form, i have acknowledge number too, what to do?
Pan india long form required?
What can you do when your employer want pay overtime or give lunch breaks?
what gets you more money on your paycheck claiming more dependents or less?
what is the deadling for incometax in salaried people?
Does anyone know about the American Opportunity Tax credit for 2009?
what are the deductions for truckers?
When will I receive my W2's back?
NRA with income in india on which i am paying incometax. same income taxed in usa due to co pay structure?
what do i do if my job was taking out tax's but not paying it to the IRS?
How can I report a church that has a politician speaking there to the IRS?
i'm new to filing taxes, how do i know who claims me?
I filed in March and mailed my MN renters refund paperwork. When does it arrive in my bank account?
Exactly what financial benefits do married couples get over unmarried couples?
My husband and I are trying to determine whether or not to file our 2012 taxes separately or jointly?
In the UK do you pay with Euros or the Pound or either/or?
can i claim my partners children on my taxes?
Does a person who has $6,000 or less in income after legal deductions,have to file income tax.?
Tax Question? Help !?
Does anyone have a solid DD date from WMR of 1/30?
tax back for backpackers, mistake?
i am set for dd on Jan. 28. does anyone bank at A Plus Federal credit union? i am wondering if they will p?
How bad are California Taxes?
What are the tax implications if you win the Powerball while visiting a non-tax State?
Overpaid National Insurance, what now? (UK)?
Can you get a refund quote from H&R block before you decide to file with them?
Is it a certain amout of hours u are to work a week b four u file while working?
What about noble aspect of Jaziya tax imposed on Hindus while islamic rule in India?
I filed my 2009 taxes this year in 2011, how long will my refund take ?
am i entitled to housing benefit and council tax benefit if.........?
Why is tax return so low this year.?
MY stepfather's unpaid taxes from 2005 hunting us?
can i file married filing jointly?
Claiming my children on tax return?
In Pennsylvania, does a hand made Jewelry business going to do craft shows need a DBA, EIN/tax ID?
how do I find out how much North Carolina will tax my NY state pension annually?
a penn foster student loan if you are behind can it affect your tax return?
Asset Acceptance LLC?
If I've been out of work for 6 months (not paying ni contributions) can I claim job seekers allowance? ?
Must I enter w-2 box 10 when filing my taxes?
can child support take state taxes when they already took federal?
Do you hate your state's department of revenue?
Can I claim furneral services on taxes?
Should I hire a tax attorney such as Tax Defense Network or deal with the IRS directly?
Do I need to pay taxes on Etsy?
Why can't every one just pay the same tax rate?
How long does it take to get your tax returns back?
Help! What do I do next?
How long are tax places required to keep your documents?
salary 220000/annum-how much savings + hra to be showed to avoid tax?
What is the procedure to be adopted to claim input tax credit?
how much tax return will i get back?
on what basis projects get alloted for freshers in TCS india after their recruitment?
Can i deduct the automobile license fee for my tax return? how?
I have a piece of investment vacant land that I paid about $8k in interest and $1200 in taxes last year . . .?
Tax return with 1st time homebuyer credit...very slow process?
why am i paying so much tax?
IS Cobra insurance a deductable expense?
1099 c and insolvency question?
Do i have to file a state tax return for utah if i made some income there but was a resident of washington?
how much do u get back on your taxes frrom your child?
My ex thinks he can claim our 8 year old for the earned income credit, but he doesnt even live with his dad. ?
meaning of cess?
can I write off child support on my taxes?
Can I claim myself 2011 taxes?
irs saying it takes 3 weeks to process an e-file?
Is it necessary to get a company registered in India only if it is focusing Indian community?
I am employed on an H1-B visa. If I receive a check for services outside of my employer, how do I report this?
Am I required to do a tax return if I have been in the country for just 3 months?
Whether Service Tax is Applicable on Flat Construction For Personal use?
Without setting-up a 501(c)(3), how can I collect tax-deductible contributions to assist in charity efforts?
Can I use the $8000. from the stimulus package as a down payment instead of getting it from the IRS?
what is the federal income tax on returns from stocks for a lower income bracket person.?
What salary would one need to live "comfortably" in the UK?
ca you get the child tax credit if your baby was concieved late april 2008 born on feb 2009?
Why is gas so expensive in British Columbia and just next door in Alberta they pay almost $0.40 less?
as a server can i with hold tips and not report them till i do my taxes with my 1040 form and stil be legal ty
What happens if you forget to file taxes?
I did not get IRS stimulus Payment? How to proceed?
Must a person w/ a schedule c sole proprietorship clain a net operating loss? (NOL)-Is he req'd to?
questions about california tax return...experts please help me out?
were people taking substantially equal periodic payments from IRA allowed to adjust?t?
Hey UK Civil Servant: which are your allowances and reward concepts in your paybill?
where to go to find out information about a social security number?
What is considered to be low income in Tennessee. Is there a certain amount.?
Tax deducted mutual fund?
A Contract Question on Extension of Time?
How much taken out my check?
End of year tax returns?
Why aren't more people doing their taxes with H&R Block?
I LUV FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he he he?
How long does it take tax payments to be cashed?
Applying for a US ITIN in IRS?
should you receive a 10-99 form if you're not a independant contractor?
When filling out taxes, where do you put income from private contracting?
How are Lottery winnings taxed?
are allowances recoverable?
Can i get obc certificate, if my annual income is 1.9 lakhs?
How can I prepare 1099 forms?
Taxes changed mid year?
Is there a law stating we have to pay federal taxes?
tax question - claiming wife?
Can I claim my forex losses on line 21 of my 1040 tax return?
Deducting business expenses from taxes?
Tax ID number from ny state & Now I move to NC?
Which W-9 form should be used after sale of property?
Why do they give me a different tax return amount everywhere i go?
Who pays the property tax on foreclosed homes in CA?
Centrelink, income and single parent pension?
can 2 people in the same house claim head of household?
How to pay remaining tax?
When do you usually get your first pay check?
Hotel Cheyenne pony rides is there an exrta charge? if you stay in the hotel?
I am preparing to sale my home. I am age 65. What will be my tax liability? I live in Ohio.?
How long does it take for EDD to received my claim form by mail?
How to Record the Trade of a Fixed Asset?
did anyone get there tax return accepted between february 10th and 16th?
Work for a foreign company over internet, should I pay tax?
So whats the benefit of owning a tax deed in California? ?
How does income tax change once I am married?
Can u add(stream) ulip(india) in any of the portfolio like ,rediff, moneycontrol any of the site ??
any Tax Benefit is available on Export Income under Indian IT Act?
want to get 10 points!!!!?
in australia do u have to pay tax if your a professional sports gambler?
please answer,i have a business name for my work,do i need a federal id # also,with this business name??
On the 10 40x form can i claim my exemptions?
DAL, ESA and working.?
Can employer deduct ESI contribution 6.5% from employee ctc salary. ?
what shuold I claim on my taxes?
I need some help.....for the last 4 years I have filed my sisters children on my income tax. Me and her live..?
Is it right to deduct tax from doubtful debt before making pfovision on it.?
Should I get a bank loan for my tax bill?
i filed electronicly and have a dd of feb 8 will i have my check then?
return a product, paid cash, they issue check over 100 dollars does tax count?
what will be the tax liability for me and my brother if my brother gift me flat?
How do modular homes qualify for the homebuyer tax credit?
I have a tax question about self employment?
Does a non-Eu company selling services (such as weddings) that take place in the EU need to collect VAT?
If I remarry and my new husband has unpaid back taxes..........?
IRS Refund Schedule Question?
If my net income is $49,200, how much is my annual salary before tax?
Take Home Salary Calculation?
What does it mean when my tax return says delivery date 1 day?
Tax calculation for a pensioner?
Which date for implimentation of Edu cess & Secondary Ed. cess? for Central Excise?
i lost my state income tax refund check. how can i get another one?
In regards to gift taxes, I understand we can only give any one person $13,000 a year without tax implications?
what are details of proposed GST?
Are people in England the most taxed people in the world?
Can I claim head of the household is my mom was unemployed the whole year?
Brother is outside the US for 14 years and needs advice how to file prior tax returns.?
How do i tell if my taxes were filed?
I will be recieving part of an annuity soon, from grandmother. Is there any way to avoid paying taxes on it?
43860 a year / 3640 a month how much will i be taxed?
Question About my W-4?
private renting... uk help needed?
Is IRS tax lien applicable to all properties owned by couple even if they are not all listed on lien document?
Iam living outside the US and Iam nterested in taking a US tax trainning course. Where can it be???
My ex currently wants me to sign over tax exemption on our child as part of a custody settlement. Good idea?
Tax Help! Got a letter from the IRS Today?
Does or charge taxes if they send a product to Canada?
Should I be paying taxes on this, if so why?
Evaluate the taxation principles applied in determining the relevant rate of corporation tax?
Am I supposed to be paying state tax on a cell phone for a state I left 3 years ago?
How do I claim my rent on my taxes??? and when do I get it back???
what would happen if taxes were cut?
Reclaiming Tax. Last year i was only in the UK - 85 days (05-06). Will i be able to get my tax back?
How do i order that tax book from the IRS to do taxes?
when married filing jointly, are both signatures required?
My wife is a church receptionist -- Do I need to use Schedule SE???
Which bring me the most money? Single or married filing jointly?
Do Canadians who have businesses in the US but still keep their Canadian citizenship what taxes do they pay.?
giving car away to charity?
i have 2 taxreturn check that expire in 4 days what to i do?
Medical Expenses Claim -Tax question?
what is JAT tax (JAY LEE added tax)?
how can I get my N.J. unemployment 1099 online?
i filed as married, then the following year I filed as Single cause we separated, then we got back together.?
Tax implications on transferring money from Hong Kong bank to England account?
Do you pay for tv licence in the UK?
Whether a propritor firm is liable for tax Audit?
can i claim my husband on taxes he did not work in 2009 but he owe back child support?
Do I get a tax return if my mother claims me on her taxes?
how to determine your tax filing status?
I'm looking to buy a home...?
Would being in a higher tax bracket or a certain income, prevent you from claiming a 17 yr. old as a dependent
Why is my Federal Income Tax Withheld box empty on my W2?
How to compute capital gain and how to get exemption from tax - where to invest to get exemption of Income tax
How old does a child have to be to claim them in income tax?
what happens if i claimed 6 through out the year and then claimed 1 when filing?
Taxation in New York?
In the UK is it legal and possible to set up a moneyless society?
I need to find a web site that will take my last check stub to file my tax returns.?
Do film stars and singers get taxed?!?
my father owns 20 acres of land [donegal] and has not made a will .what tax would the family have to pay?
The indian rs. value from ksa sr.?
what is suta tax?
Dose Texas have a sales tax?
The tax burden of the corporate income tax is borne by:?
how long should I keep tax records before I can destroy them?
iwant number pan card?
If I get reimbursed for parking expenses, can I still write it off on my taxes?
how can i fill form 16?
I can't afford to pay Ohio Taxes that I owe...?
If I started filing my taxes online, but didn't complete them, can someone else use my dependents?
What is going on with the IRS this year?
questions about income taxes?
How to avoid taxes on gift money?
the threshold for inheritance tax was increased in the 2006 budget - what is the figure now?
I did a small amount of computer work for someone and that totalled $650. He mailed me a 1099-MISC!!!!!?
I have a DCN on my return, so I'm old system, bumped to 2/7 date twice, anyone bumped to 2/21 on old system or?
how do you get tax file number?
Pay taxes on a non-running car?
How to counter those that do not want to pay taxes for services?
Is cosmetic surgery costs deductible under medical expenses?
question about taxes?
UK Tax Avoidance/Evasion?
Do I get money back on my taxes?
Court mandated non-custodial parent to pay out of state travel expenses...can this be deducted from taxes and?
Tax question: where do I put on the tax form if I received $50,000 in life insurance from a friend death?
Is there any sealing for house building advance principal under 9 a of Incom tax?
CT unemployment out of state?
Im 17 years old and I work do I have to do my taxes?
What can I claim on my tax return?
how much income tax do professional neonatal foreskin removalists pay?
Are there any states that don't deduct the money out of your paycheck?
what is meant by taxes?
questions on tax return?
My 17 yo son worked this year and would like to file an income tax return. Can I still claim him on my taxes?
What % of your gross income is your housing costs?
Is it necessary to be an enrolled agent in order to prepare tax returns for the public?
My wheres my refund status changed to "We are sorry, blah blah blah"?
Why Indian income tax rules are so complex ?
My mom was able to claim me on her 2009 return. What's going to affect my filing when I file April 1?
My wife didn't claim married on her w-4 form at work. I did. Can We still file taxes jointly?
Tax percent on paycheckss?
When purchasing on eBay, is your residency based on Paypal or eBay address?
What is the "value" of clauming dependents on tax returns?
Can i find out if i have past due federal student loan debt?
How much tax will I pay?
Does the IRS release funds once a day OR throughout the day several times?
Sole trader - I am paying VAT twice, how do I stop this?
Walked in the IRS office and they gave me a 1040 form to fill out and they said your 2011 tax was not claimed,?
I received $7,000 as a gift. How do I hide it from the IRS?
Do I have to file form16 for Tax return?
Please help me with this INCOME TAX QUESTION.?
how do you go about fixing an error 0408 on an online tax return... ?
can teenagers get tax rebate, refund?
I just bought a house, I'm not sure what reciepts I am supposed to be saving?
what was the rate of US$ in Indian Rupees on 31st March 2009?
Can I have additional paid in capital in an S-Corp?
If someone owned a house without mortgage worth 600,000, with property taxes of over 1,000 a month?
How does one file taxes in Japan?
How can I stop my son's father from claiming my son on income tax?
Can you deduct mileage on your income tax when you drive to and from the hospital for surgery and tests?
Taxes @ H&R Block - Try Before You Buy?
If I file my taxes January 1st, when would I get my refund?
open old turbo tax file w/wrong version now can't open at all suggests?
i'm a Brit and I've been asked to provide an international tax number by my US agent. How do I do this?!
Claiming 3 on allowances?
Can more than one person file their taxes with my turbotax CD?
Tax Return Filing Order?
Claiming tax on first wages?
Are we getting another one?
How does the long-term capital gains tax apply?
If my only income is ssi...?
Will I get my money back?
If i register a business that i plan to run in my spare time would i be liable to pay more tax on my main job?
Hi can anybody knows the website for social security in uk?
If I get married do I have to file jointly or can I file married but single?
How can you find out if someone has filed their taxes?
if you are claiming someone for the frist time can you do it online?
Live in one state, but work for a company in another. Who's state tax do I file under?
UK £50 billion quid for the banks and poor people to pay more tax?
What forms does a single person need to fill out for non-profit/tax exempt?
Why do people smugle gold out of a country(eg. Thailand),and export back to US/Canada? Gold price is universal?
my refund is wrong from irs e file?
Any suggestions on how I can file an amended personal income tax return?
how do you understand a w2 form?
When recieving temporay disability do I recieve a statement from the state of nj to claim this as a income.?
benefits of life insurance?
calculation of holiday pay?
who got screwed on theTax Rebate Check? i know i did?
VAT free UK? can this be too good to be true?
Taxes and Income from LLC or Business?
I have .04 cents interest from a savings account - do i need to claim it on my taxes?
bonus check taxed, i want to get a refund for fed,state,and s.s. and medicare tax?
My mother passed away. I cant get my inheritance for 7 more years, can I get it early?
If I move out of my primary residence and rent the house, what are the tax implications?
How much would the State of Michigan charge me for working and collecting unemployment?
Can I file head of household?
When does an individual start paying taxes?
has anyone got there 2012 irs refund?
The current tax rate on Capital Gains and dividends is 15%. Do I still need to pay state tax on top of that ?
If I made $3000 at a university doing research, do I still have to pay taxes?
Can i get tax back if unemployed?
How can a single man with no dependents, making 30k a year, get a decent tax refund?
can I claim head of household if I have 2 children and a spouse who is on disability.?
vat rate of in the state of maharashtra for somotropin or Human Growth Harmone?
Do non Indians working in a California Indian tribe casino pay federal tax or any taxes?
does getting a debt considiltion effects your business or tax?
Do you show your parents your first paycheck?
Do you need a Tax-ID to open an estate account at a discount brokerage?
Is the amount withdrawn from Employee Provident Fund is Taxable? The PF account is almost 5 to 10 Years Old.?
Why do I have to pay tax vouchers before the end of the year ?
what does year to date on my paycheck mean?
Can you get a tax credit for a water pump?
How do you report someone running a business that isn't registered as a business.?
conclusion of tax information network?
Who has gotten their tax rebate check???
Which parent can claim our 5 yr old son on their taxes?
Where is the best place to hide your beer cans?
How can i open a online store?
Mutual Funds - Long Term Capital Gains Tax?
Why are Warren Buffett's taxes so low?
Working Tax Credits (UK) help please?
Is money received as a wedding gift taxable?
can i get into uni with THREE D's in AS levels in the UK?..?
how much would you pay for?
Import duty tax price? help please?
can u claim regos, land n water rates on tax?
Whether MAT is applicable in case the company is eligible for deduction under section 80IA?
Do I have to pay taxes in Italy if I make money online?
I am a dependent and I file 0; can I owe taxes?
Whether service tax is payable on reimbursment of Lodging?
Rashawn bought a CD that cost $18.99 and paid $20.51, including sales tax. What was the rate of the sales tax?
Can your 23 yr old be claimed as depenent on 1040 if we are supporting him 100% and he lives with us?
What is WHT?
I was pregnant in 2007 and I lost my baby at 26 weeks can I claim my baby on my taxes? Some one told me that?
If an employer pays back wages deferred from previous years, will the employee end up at a higher bracket?
My ex-wife is on ssi Social Security do I get to claim my son because I work and can claim him at the end of ?
Starting a reputable UK Escort Agency Need A Knowledgeable Solicitors Firm.?
Can you sign over your assests before filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
I can not find a 500 EZ tax booklet for Georgia for the year 2009?
How does cutting taxes actually increase tax revenue?
can i get unemployed benifits if i worked six months?
vat taxability of material transferred from head office to branch?
How much is taken out of my paycheck if I am 16?
ny state refund DD date help?
how do i calculate sales tax to an item?
Has anyone received there refund who filed on the 1st?
Does anyone know what tax bracket is for 87000?
How come the metabank/republic bank/sbbt issue with DD has not made it to the press?
why is the tax due on the employers annual 940 so much higher than the 940ez amount?
Do waiters have to report their tips for taxes?
I have not paid income tax for FY 2009-10. How I can pay it now and file IT return? I am NRI.?
I didn't cash my paychecks but the IRS says I owe them! What can I do?
36000 a year after taxes biweekly?
Tax exemption for dependents under IRS?
Has anyone received their federal tax check refund by direct deposit yet? When?
Can I claim my 7 years old son if I’m divorced and my child doesn’t live with me?
In California, if the gross pay is $2.000.00 whats is the actual net pay after tax deductions?
Ive bought things from this clothing website a million times, and never been charged duty except for now?
How do you calculate cost basis for taxes?
How much are sales tax registration charges in the US?
How Long Until State Refund Checks are Void?
i am sara(tamilnadu).explain about boiler related studies.i am a DME holder.?
give me any comprehensive write up on public expenditure and economic growth in nigeria?
my soc.sec.# ends in 08! i thought the checks were to be mailed out btw. may 9th and may 16th?
how i can save tds on bank deposit? i earn 50th.per year?
is anyone still having a problem getting status on there refund?
How can I get my husband to claim less exemptions on his W4. He is claiming 11.?
i gave my w2 form to a friend to them online is it correct for her to be asking for the last year taxes?
Bought house and had baby how to file for the most $?
Income Tax Question: How to File?
If I win in playwin super how much percentage will be deduct and how much time it will take to claim my priz?
My tax preparer has told me that my flight school expenses are NOT tax deductible?
If I make $253.75, how much taxes would they take out?
Is Nonemployee Compensation proof of income or taxes?
I have a 17 year old that works a part-time job and is still a Student.How does that work when filing taxes?
Tax return from Second job?
Canada: Tax deductibility prior to business starting date?
how many ppl do you think will file taxes on jan 17 2012?
Income tax question (winning lottery & taxes)?
An Indian middle class man’s income in India = to higher income group’s income in which country?
Federal tax payment - 401K Early Withdrawal?
Are you GST exempt ?
Can I claim "head of household" for disabled mother while my girlfriend claims "single" separately on my taxes?
Is there an easy way to organize for Taxes w/ Rental Properties?
can I claim educational testing on my taxes?
has anyone successfully used free OFFER IN COMPROMISE software?
What is VAT? How it is going to have impact over me as a common man. Need explanation or links to read?
Alabama Taxes owed on property but still occupied.?
On my RBS Royalties Gold my Overdraft limit is £200. Is it possible to switch over this limit & incur charges?
With a W-2, can you wait to pay out FICA, like pay it at the end of the year when filing taxes so that...?
New full time student filing taxes for 2008, what do I do for my tuition, since I used loans, do I write um?
How do I work out 35% off something on a calculator. i do know this but iv forgotten?
if you regularly put les than 10000 dollars in the bank, will it be flagged or will you be taxed?
How easy is it to get away with non payment of UK road tax?
Did anyone else miss their Tax Stimulous deposit today?
For those who saw "By jan 31" forever like me..update finally!?
PP&E roll-forwards?
Can i still get my income tax refund if I file a Chapter 13 Banktupy ?
what are the duties in Australia on import of clay/mud or stone Bricks for construction purpose?.?
I didnt e-file my taxes how long will it take to get my tax refund?
I amended my TurboTax File before mailing out check. Now I get money. Do I still need to mail in original?
Do I have pay custom tax (duty) shipping with in USA?
how to get w-2s from past work place?
Can you take tax deducations for things paid with a credit card like moving, medical deduction expenses etc.?
someone just tell me what the sales tax is for arkansas used cars?
Not a student moving into student house what will happen if i get caught not paying council tax?
When I get my Federal Income Tax can I invest more money in my Teacher Retirement of Texas?
Multiple Choice - Canadian taxes question?
Present value of interest payable semiannually?
Guitar Supplies Tax-Deductible for Instructors?
Have you recieved you May 9th tax stimulus direct deposit?
HST question - customer in B.C., service delivered in Ontario?
Is it legal to hide the inheritance money so that you don't have to pay estate taxes?
Can someone please help me with out tax return??? I just want to have an idea?
including extentions how long do nj unemployment benefits last?
what is the current SPPI in the uk?
i want ao details & ward,range,commissioner for pancard?
How do you compute capital losses in canada tax laws?
Ok its May 30 and wheres the stim tax check?
What kind of taxes would i have to pay if 333,333 people each gave me three dollars?
I forgot tot file my unemployment 1099G because I never got it and I just found out that I had to file?
In the state of Illinois, can a 17 year old open a back account without a parent?
Do I need to pay taxes if I order something online, and live in other country?
HOW much $$ will i make if i worked 55 hrs and make $6.75 an hr, if i filed exempt on my w4 form?
what form do i need to get for arkansas state tax filing??? i know 1040ez is federal...?
when settling a car insurace claim, do you get lost wages in before tax amount or after?
w2 and my mom falsley claiming me?
what is the benefit of being an LLC vs a emplyee?
What is the capital gains tax rate on interest paid from privately held stock?
Jennifer's (80) filing status is hoh her only income is from a taxable pension of $11450 with $108 of federal ?
What are the qualification's for a RAL or money now loan when filing taxes?
Filing Taxes for Lawn Care?
What is the best tax program for someone who is not itemizing?
Which is the best source of a free tax preparation online?
How does a calculator work?
My landlord asked me to start paying the rent half in check and half in cash so he claims less on taxes?
if a single person has 0 allowances with biweekly wages of 595 what would be the amount of income tax withheld?
where can i find exact state & federal income tax rates for each state ?
Tax Question: If I pay my own health insurance premiums, is it tax deductible?
New employee has salary of $43,000 per year, paid 2 times each month. She has one allowance on her W-4; what a?
How can a state tax lien remain on the books for ten years but the statute clear it after 6?
If I have nothing due or a refund coming for federal income taxes, do I still have to file by 4/17?
Question about W2 (tax preparation)?
Child care provider passed away?
No Tax on gift $$$ ? Source plz?
what is the minimum wage>?
Is a gift of $15,000 taxable to receiving party?
How can I limit my liability as a sole trader?
2012 tax refund direct deposit?
Sales tax rate for birmingham, alabama?
im in the uk and want this imported where can i get this?
What should I do because in some cases. I had to pay or use personal checks or credit cards to pay for my?
Would a national sales tax would it constitute as an addition to the "Tax Base"?
If I am married and have two children, can on put on my W-4 form for my employer, single and claims zero?
I received a massage that I won in uk national lottery it is true?
if i owe 8 bucks in state tax to ohio, do i have to pay it?
working tax credit question?
can i claim my tax back 6 years later?
A friend has a huge tax problem..?
Mail in taxes with direct deposit?
Valid reasons for late f2553 s-corp election relief?
I know the IRS starts accepting returns on January 16th. I'm curious though...what time?
what is it called when your employer takes out money for child day care (pre-taxes)?
i heard that if you send in your tax late you would received extra money. true or false?
Tax for Webcam girls?
what is the capacity of a individual to file income tax return?
How much will I have to pay for the taxs and handling in Canada E.L.F cosmetics purchese my total was $74.25?
Tax Withholding Question?
Was I supposed to fill out a Schedule-C on my tax return? My employer gave me a 1099-Misc 2 yrs in a row.?
Can he claim my kids, too?
I was in USA this summer with J1 viza. My question is how can I get my tax back by my self?
What are the chances that you will get caught by IRS?
Offshore accounts and tax havens for the average man?
Capital Gains Tax?
First time homebuyers tax credit: serious ans pls?
Tax Implications for FX and Shares Trading?
What is service tax payable to contractor on labour charges if work is done in march 2012,billed may 2012?
Calling your bank to see if your tax refunds were there yet?
Soverign student bank account?
My husband claimed injured spouse because I have an education debt from 11 years ago.?
If I make $525 bi-weekly (it's a 6 week day camp) how much will be taken out for tax?
Duty on 2 liters of spirit into the UK?
What happens if I don't have a tax file number?
how to get PAN application xerox copy?
Made redundant - paying rent - UK?
Stupid question, but has anyone scheduled to receive stimulus check by June 13 received theirs yet?
Do he has to pay taxes if he is 19 years old and still a student?
the email is i want the company adders and phone no.?
Tax return question? Money?
Why do people look so negatively at paying taxes?
Why can I not have a tax rebate now?
U K Based Question?
What is the value added tax and/or customs duty on a personally-owned $2200 trumpet shipped from USA to UK?
How much will I make after taxes?
I need tamilnadu tax % list?
I file my tax electronically but when i check my status its show direct deposit. I didnt sign up for direct.?
is it true that if you OWE the IRS your passport will and can be taken away from you?
Penalty for not filing taxes?
Cost Recovery Question (Word Problem)?
Can My parents claim my grandfather as a dependent?
employees at early stage of career are more precious to the company. why?
I worked for three weeks in 2006 and never worked any where else. I'm a stay home mom can i file taxes.?
is it legal for my employer to deduct pay?
I need cash assistance because i am a single mom?
Any ideas on how to check on the status of a state tax refund in Ohio?
How much money or what percent can the IRS take out of a check due to back taxes?
Why was I audited on my tax refund?
How do I pay taxes on this?
What is $1 converted into UK pounds?
Can I claim my 19 daughter if she owns a business that has a loss?
How would this be dealt with at tax time?
do you know the fax number to the irs for sending documents concerning audit?
I always claim my daughter on my taxes and this year my ex wants to claim her with out my permission can he?
What is the average time to receive a e-file state tax return in Colorado, direct deposit?
whats the difference between filing 1099g and business income on my tax return?
I made a mistake when filling out my W4, how to fix?
is the penalty for early withdrawel on my 401k deductible?
i made 26,000 this year im not married ,have no kids and 2500 was witheld from my fed tax and 1000 form my?
Tax Question?
Someone please explain State withholding tax forms? Whats is the purpose?
The IRS does not tax gambling winnings? True or false?
Got my PAPER STIMULUS check today so everyone check your mail! ;-)?
Can I donate to a student group and receive tax exemption?
what does s125 in box 14 of my w2 stand for?
I lost my paystub...........?
My contractor said he had sent my wages today, when will they show up in my account?
Residential depreciation recapture?
Capital Gains Confusion?
Where can I file for taxes free?
Do tax EIN numbers expire?
how long does it take to recieve my income tax ?
Withdrawing IRA for college?
Alberta tax deduction calculations?
Can I claim money I owed last year on this year's return?
Accounting Question, our business is turning into an inc. so we had to start a new Quickbooks account.?
If you have back child support and you file taxes will the other parent get any of that tax money?
How much tax should i be paying?
I done a rac on my refund this year and was told i would get my refund on 1/28/11 but the wmr website say i sh?
Am I supposed to be paying state tax on a cell phone for a state I left 3 years ago?
business license no tax on purchases for business?
we owe 12k on our homes delinquent taxes in 2 weeks or we will loose our home. Need help????
Bank of american deposited wrong check amount?
Can I choose How to pay my property tax?
How much t ax refund can I expect to receive ?
what is your famous works?
What's the best way to turn someone in for tax fraud?
Why can't I tax the car?
Can I efile and send in my stock transactions through the mail?
How many people filed income tax returnes last year?
Amending the tax code to lower the income gap to 1965 levels, what does this mean?
2006 Federal Tax Return Schedual D, complicated, multiple wash sales: is there a tax program that can help?
What is an ideal item to put a $0.01-0.05 tax on to get 13 billion dollars?
Do i have to get TurboTax Premier Online instead of deluxe because i have one stinking investment that?
If my checks are being garnished, will they take yhe remaining balance from my tax refund?
What can/will happen to me if I just refuse to pay my Per Capita tax that I received with my Real Estate Tax?
How much will UK Customs charge me?
401 K withdrawal will affect my tax refund?
I did my own long befor I get my State Check back?
If Someone paid 150k in taxes what did they earn that year?
KPO in India. We'd be converting jpeg images into editable word docs.Would this be liable for service tax?
How far back can i file for taxes?
is it voluntary to pay taxes?
stae taxes?
tax stimulus question?
How can I deduct my business assests from my personal income tax?
I live in UAE and want to know about the custom duty on lcd tv for my family in india on 32inch and 46inch ?
A tax adjustment must be made in determining the cost of?
Both my wife's co. and my co. offer childcare cafeteria plans (limit 5K). Can we both subscribe (net 10K)?
Is there a tax program that will tell me which filing status (jointly/separately) is best for my wife and I?
Parents withholding RESP (Ontario, Canada)?
Is it true that you must file income taxes for 2007 in order to get the rebate check?
My daughter is a US citizen, but lives in the UK. If I die and leave her an IRA, will she have to pay US taxe
Is my ex entitled to claim our son on his taxes?
do u generally get more sick or annual leave each year?
tax transcripts for tax year 2011?
Has anyone received their refund yet that had to start paying back the homebuyer credit?
I got a bill from the IRS for my mom who passed away march.?
State of michigan tax refund info?
Tax on PPI. Do you pay tax on PPI refunds. If so how much?
Do you get tax return on property tax?
does my brother have to pay tax?
Company returns overdue - uk?
UK .......Is there a way to having savings but avoid paying tax?
I have a friend who hasn't filed taxes for about 5 years. He seems to think he's above the law.?
I purchased a laptop for school, Can I get a tax credit?
Why should I NOT form a C Corporation in Texas?
Could a dependant who is not required to file their own tax return (due to a low income) still file one?
do retired people over 70 have to file taxes to get the refund?
Is it better to file married jointly or married filing separate?
is any limit to registration under service tax, for me is it necessary?
Now that I own a home, what kind of home purchases are tax deductable?
Are Per Diems Taxable?
What does it mean to have your state income taxes withheld?
2011 Filing status question?
Is the real estate IRA more advantageous than the traditional IRA?
Why do americans pay income tax?
The prepararion of Schedule D form is a tedious and lengthy process. Is there a tool to help me?
how many allowances should i claim on my W2?
Can I claim property and school taxes...?
Tax question: what do I do with information on a W-2 box 12a, 12b, and 14?
What is the sales tax in Cambridge, MA as of 10/19/09?
Tax question? What's more likely?
do bartenders end up OWING when it comes to taxes?
LIFO Accounting question?
Where do I "report" my employer if my W-2 was not mailed by the 1/31 deadline?
child's mother worked last 4 mos. of '07. I claimed child all year,who gets to claim child for tax year '07?
How much will my take home pay be if I make 26K ?
What tax breaks can a 54 yrs old women with two dependents get ?
SBBT refund question?
can you ad me to your contacts im new to this and have no friend on here?
Will service tax be applicable to me?
I have questions that arent going to be answered on the irs website so I am not going there...but to those?
when is the date you start fileing income taxes.?
do I have to do my taxes as a financial aid college student?
what is the 800 # to ask about the locationm of my fedral tax rtefund?
How can we withhold taxes properly/legally?
Using two different ways to file taxes?
when do i start paying 40% tax??
Am I able 2 refile my previous years taxes 2 get a larger refund, I found out I can claim my bro as a dependan
Does the salary in any UK job description usually include taxes?
what is better for a minor, a structured settlement due to personal injury or a blocked account?
How many separate UK taxes are there ( including overt and covert govt.fees )?
Getting a refund from mileyworld?
In which states are people not responsible for paying federal taxes?
If a parent places money into the child's banking account monthly, can the IRS collect on that as an income?
IRA?!!! C.C!!!!!!!!!!!?
when does the IRS update there Wheres my refund website does anyone know?
Anyone get their refunds due 2/13/209?
I need help in knowing if fraud is taking place, and if so, who to report it to.?
If I started an Internet church for Agnostics could I ask for donations and not pay taxes on it.?
tax rates for individuats for the assessment year 2006-2007?????(In India ofcourse)?
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