IRS Tax codes, Divorce Settlement?
Has anyone received their federal refund scheduled for DD on 2/1 yet?
How long do you have to keep paper records of your bills for tax purposes?
Will FedEx and EMS get intercepted by customs, if the price of the prcel exceeds the limit, and must be taxed?
I forgot to claim capital loss in 2009?
Do Royal Mail still move parcels around the UK on Saturday Nights and Sundays?
How do I report tips when my employer does not deduct taxes from tips from my paycheck?
my uncle is being denied soc. sec. benefits, is this right?
I've forgotten my UK Government Gateway password, but can log in as I have a cookie - how can I see password?
Can an ex wife claim a child for tax purposes...?
Please help me on my W4 form?
shall i have to pay capital gains tax?
Pensions in the UK for a unique situation?
ACEPT4023A this is my pan card no. i want to print to this my pan card?
How do I keep from having to pay on a 401k early withdrawal if I forgot to delare it on income tax return?
Can the sole officer and employee in a corporation require himself to obtain a CPA license for employment?
anyone knows about USA taxable income in %?
How do I handle taxes for a photo restoration company?
how much would a bet placed @33/1 pay out if i put 50 pence each way on?
Free Makeover?
What is a regressive tax?
Tax deduction question?
If I open an IRA by April 15th, can I apply this towards my 2006 taxes? If so, which one, Traditional or IRA?
Why does the uk let the government act the way they do..council tax..?
Homebuyer's Tax Refund was credited two days ago but we haven't seen the money yet!?
whats the best website to do your w-4 taxes for free on?
Where can I do back taxes free online?
how to find charitable contribution value of used personal items?
how much am i getting back from federal taxes?
Do I have to report my interest revenue to IRS?
Claiming income tax back - UK?
What is the correct account to use for prior period expenses?
Tax expenditures in Budget process?
My employment is terminated, i got a letter of separation?
can i claim my baby on my 2010 taxes if she was born in 2011?
How do you recieve Social Security Income?
i have a job that pays 1100 a month that's non taxed. How much of that should i withhold to pay my taxes at th?
can I file a claim of loss of stock on my income tax ?
S corp tax rules, explain this please?
Do you pay taxes on the the interest you earn on a savings account?
In Ontario,, do you have to have your taxes done to get Social Assistance?
how long do i have to pay back my taxes?
UK minimum wage for under 18's?
Can I file for my medical expenses on taxes?
I filed my latest taxes, but my wife was a foreign alien w/o tax ID. Now she has SS#. Should I file amendment?
Please let me know the addresses of NHAI and REC for investment of capital gains tax bonds in mumbai and pune.
Just talked to the IRS and have had a should recieve by 1/31 date since being accepted on the 17?
how will google pay my money?
how much will a 19 year old get on income refund?
questtrade RSP ay good ?
If i get audited by the IRS will they leave no stone unturned?
Ebay Canada Shipping?
what ismeaningof 'CTC'?
Why do I have to pay my ex wifes tax?
who do i contact about payroll fraud?
DCA Group Limited marginal tax rate?
Should taxes be taken out of my moving expense check ?
Is it easy to do your own taxes?
If my uncle receive a settlement how much taxes comes out?
Can any one tell me how much am I allowed to earn before I start paying tax in Australia?
Can am emplyee hold a paycheck because he says he has no money in the payroll?
Schedule M Question - What Is A "Business"?
Typical cost of stamp duty?
Can I claim my brother on my taxes?
I did not do my taxes on 2001, how would I go about filing it now?
income tax??
If I make $170,000 annually, about how much would I have to pay in taxes?
CA state tax $0 do I still need to file?
Tax Question, Can you claim meals?
eBay help? Shipping/handling from the USA to UK? Clothing items?
Can I Use This Donation As A Tax Write Off?
how do i find out if i have a tax lien?
My ex- wife and I were going to file taxes together for 06. She then filed alone and just told me.?
What is the USA spending the tax money on?
Can we file taxes as married if my wife is non-resident alien and has applied for ITIN with W-7 form?
Can I declare income I received this past March on my 2005 income tax return?
Just bought a house this March . . . what tax forms will I need?
In Taxes what is this referred to as?
Tax Saving Mutual Funds in india?
Full time student, earning £800 this month how much will I be taxed? ?
Why do people in low- and middle-income countries react more to a tax increase than people in wealthy countrie
I bought a new car in 2011 and paid about $1200.00 as tax, how can that affect my tax return?
Are state income taxes deducted from federal?
Where do I go to file for a d b a. and a tax id number?
Congress requires, via the IRS, that your report to the IRS any income from illegal activities, such as drug d?
is ROTH IRA contribution deductible?
What State takes the smallest tax bite from retirees?
Accounting Question! ( I'll give u points)?
Capital gains verses regular income?
What ways can you transfer property tax benefit from proposition 13?
Do I have to pay taxes on my paypal earnings?
Is it bad if no taxes are taken off your paycheque?
are contributions to candidates for school board tax-deductible?
Dole money, UK?
Tax Return,i have broken my right hand and cannot write,sign cheque,will HMRC extend the deadline ?
Do I have to pay taxes as a seller on Ebay?
Is anyone as frustrated as me over not receiving my tax check today as told?
What is the % of withholding tax from my paycheck?
Is there a legal way to avoid supporting the war through taxes?
Why is my FICA so much higher in the begining of the year?
Should I use the cash or accrual method?
What is an E.A. behind an accountants name?
If an accountant lodges my tax return, is the due date extended compared to if I do it myself?
give details of anual income tax return?
I dont need to file but IRS is asking for 8453-OL?
How many years should I save my tax returns?
my ex wife gets to claim two of the four children on her tax returns if she makes more than 25000 how do i get?
In Britain in October the minimum wage will be £5.80 per you think their should be a maximum wage?
How do I file a three year old on my taxes if he doesn't have a social security number yet?
Can I claim my daughter on my taxes if I was pregnant with her nearly all of 2010?
Does anyone have any information on the Canadian Humanitarian Trust?
Buying from the US and import tax ?
how does one avoid paying too much income tax? Is there anything that can be claimed back to avoid extra tax?
How can I get an employer code for my taxes?
What could possibly be wrong with the IRS retrieval tool?
Virginia personal property tax for kit cars?
can anybody suggest good website or book where Indian Income Tax rules are explained for a lay man?
Who issues P45s & payslips when a company liquidates?
I forgot to do my taxes in April, I am owed a refund, am I in trouble??/?
Form 2555 file before I go overseas?
Just got paid. Is this a crime? My wages are £700 a week, After paying tax I am left with £535 to take home?
tax problems?
What should I put on my W-4P form?
Is there any place in Watertown Ny to cash IRS refund checks?
Tax implication of Depreciation a rental property?
What are the taxes like?
I filed my tax return and it was accepted on the 16 of january, but now its march 9th and i havent gotten it?
Ar er earnings tax free?
What happen if deduction is bigger than adjusted gross income?
Refund Amount half of what TaxAct says it should be?
Where can I purchase official e-file decals?
What would 15 percent tax be on 2659 Canadian (15 percent is tariff cost from U.S to canada)?
How much should I deduct for taxes? I am self employed and live in NC?
Do you still have to fill out an income-tax return if you haven't earned any income this year?
369.99 tax is 08.000% is?
should i be losing 24% of my check to taxes and such?
How much money will be taken out from my paycheck?
what is a net monthly income. or what is the difference between A net monthly income to a gross monthly income
I don't get this EIC thing...?
If I receive a late 1099, can I pay it later?
Can't aford to pay my tax debt and keep getting letters, what should I do?
can we claim our recently born baby?
How do TV licensing fees work in the UK?
Basic Accounting Question?
How do i go about taking action against the IRS for delaying my Refund payment?
What do you do if you forgot to send in a Tax Amendment from years ago?
What if I don't claim an allowance for my child on W4?
importance of taxes and dues?
really need help with TAX questions?????
What is the taxation of rents in Switzerland ?
Can someone please explain how donating to Charity helps you on taxes?
Do u feel that Personal Income tax is liable for double Taxation ?
Canadians shopping in US - taxes paid on which value ?
If you e-file your taxes, what documents can you show as proof that you officially filed?
Taxes: What is better?
Taxes be taken away if u owe student loans?
how much donation to Goodwill should i give so i can put it on my income tax return?
x + 5 = 0 what property is the property shown here?
If I am a 1099 employee with 2 dependants, will I get a tax refund at the end of the year?
I'm a new Nanny (1st time doing it) my employer wants 2use a 1099 form is this correct?
Are medical premiums able to be funded through a flexible spending account?
I have changed jobs in 2009. Will I get two w4 forms from these two employers?
I loaned my sister 10k and need to know if I am going to report it for tax purpose.?
What will happen if my taxes were filed "illegally"?
After-tax WACC and the Opportunity Cost of Capital?
what part of your cell phone bill/sign up determines your sales tax ?
how much taxes out of 560.00 per week with 2 dependents and not married.?
2) A firm's income statement included the following data. The firm's average tax rate was 20 percent. Cost of?
I was stupid and now I have a tax filing problem.?
how much tax will i pay on $440.00 per week?
does charge tax to california residents?
For the past four years I have filed my taxes under head of household. My son and I haved lived with my parent?
my uncle left me 7.5mil @ bank Atlantique in Abidjan Cote d'Ivoir do i have to pay Inheritance tax on that?
Importing without a US Tax ID number?
What kind of taxes do I have to pay if I sell things on the Internet?
how I claim more exemptions in my W4 without lying?
Received the Ral still no irs status?
Has anyone been given a Refund Date from the IRS, efiled, and did not get their refund as promised?
Is UK best place to buy tax free car in europe?
Has any one used to get pan card from India?
How much tax does the Canadian (or) American government collect annually?
Two jobs... help me with a little tax problem!?
Does a US citizen who owns property in foreign countries need to report to IRS or other government facilities?
What is Taiwan Import Tax for electronics from Canada?
Do I charge sales tax in Tennessee for out of state shipments of merchandise?
What is the W-2 form?
My SSN is being used on someone else s taxes!! What steps do I take?
How do I do this accounting/adjusting problem?
My boyfriend has not filed his taxes for the past 3 years how do you file them all together?
Does my daughter qualify for a "refund" if she only paid a small amount in taxes?
How are entrepreneurs charged tax?
Do I have to pay taxes on alimoney?
How can you set up a scholarship fund? I want to use it to pay for my kids to go to private school.?
i had a dd date of 30th and i have not receive my refund yet on my endeavor card anybody know why?
List of Men's magazine In India?
My grandfather wants to give me $100,000 to put down on a house, what type of tax will we be subject to?
Does anyone have a strategy to pay taxes from autosourcing income?
UPDATE: I filed 1/15/2010 I received acknowledgment one hour ago!!!!!!!?
Could I form and LLC and put my paycheck from my job in there to finance it? Would this keep my money safe?
What is Advanced tax and when does Interest u/s 234 bcome applicable?
preparing income tax question?
What is the Property Tax % presently charged in Bullhead Arizona?
Do the rich really pay more in taxes?
Is there any difference between IRS form 1040,1040A,1040X?
If you live in the state of newjersey come here i have a question about unemployement?
How long do I have to file my biweekly PA unemployment claim?
I sold a rental property last year and made $150K on it. DO I have to claim this income on my taxes?
What percentage of taxes do you pay on casino winnings in the state of Florida?
What is taxation and what are the benefits of tax?
Which W-9 form should be used after sale of property?
where is my refund?? it changes everyday help!!!?
What is the maximum withdrawal for ATM?
I sell software and a reseller also sells my software with a 28% discount - Can I claim this 28% as a expense?
Does Lease closure attracts VAT? Is theft case treated similar to Deal closure?
Will expenses paid to travel to vote be tax deductible?
what is your opinion about I.R.IRAN?
New Homeowner's Tax Credit?
Can a person convicted of a felony prepare income tax forms for other people ie: federal forms?
can any 1 help in telly 5.4?
didnt use my 1099 - when tax filing -?
can we take loan against balence in the pf a/c or do we need to withdraw the whole amount?
How can an elderly person avoid the penalty fees of back taxes?
Incorrect filing on taxes?
what is the corrcet abbrevation of NABARD?
Which countries have a flat tax?
uk tesco affected by recession 2009 ?
What happens if the tax cuts are not extended?
i want to give my daughter 25,000.00 for a downpayment on a condo , how do i avoid any gift tax?
Please help.ira question????!!!??
GST Free Imports & Donations?
I filed head of houshold i have a child i am no longer with my husband but still married. They took my refund?
If I work at a minimum wage job, what percentage of my paycheck is taken out for taxes?
If I buy a computer and return it, can I still claim it as an expense?
Will changing my filing status change the amount of taxes taken out of my check?
Filing married but seperate no dependants made 20,000 dollars will owe. HELP?
I am 80 years old if I sell my house do I have to pay taxes on the money?
I Have been on welfaire for 3 years and now on ODSP for 2 years - I am going to do my back Taxes this year 200?
I used TURBO TAX. Will my refund be the same amount that they told me I was getting. ?
I am being audited by the IRS?
partners' remuneration U/s 40(b)?
Im self employed. Its about a tax return?
Is Gift Aid a form of tax avoidance?
Tax question, this seems off?
HECS and living overseas?????? totally confused!?
Feb 1 dd club. Waitin on our refund?
Car tax?? ?????????????????????????????
do i get money back on my taxes if i am paying cash for my daughter to go to daycare?
Can I claim monies spent for a Child Advocate on behalf of my Autistic child?
what is the best way to teach myself how to do my own taxes?
My wife has no social security number. Would it be risky to file single in my returns and not include her?
I was wondering if everyone that has got their rebate had got their second notice?
Calculating total percent gain on real estate investments?
UK Benefits - What would we be entitled to?
What are the implications of paying the Income Tax late when some amount is payable?
Should I call the IRS?
my taxable income is 22500 with 4 ded i file single head of household one child in 6 and another in college?
Do married couples get a bigger tax break than non-married people? Or do you get more back as an independent?
Can I take EIC even I am non resident? How IRS will behave on this?
If people were able to maintain a sum of money large enough for retirement and they were self-employed, why..?
can revenue canada garnish my disability canada pension for owing income tax?
Is YTD check stub required by employer?
Will I have to pay taxes?? Please help?
How much will I be taxed on my second job at 17? ?
Tax Manager help! Please.?
my refund was dd on 06/06/12 does anyone know when it will show up in my acct?
tax return-401k withdrawal?
im confused on taxes help im just a kid!?
What should I do if I haven't filed income tax in 3 years?
Should I get tax credit for having multiple disorders?
IRS says they deposited my refund,but I didnt get it?
my child is 7months and i wroked all year. My girlfriend worked 2months. who should claim him?
how to transfer an ira min penalties?
How much will I owe the government if I made $16,000 this year in independent contractor income?
what is budget?
Why Do HMRC use 0845 numbers?
Does anyone know of a link to an IRS or US Department of Treasury page that reports the exact $$$ amount... ?
I'm 18 and work 4 hours a week. How to I stop being taxed?
How can I stop an Irs bank levy?
Having to claim babysitting money be worth it come tax season?
What were federal tax revenues by year for the past 20 years?
What's so special about house loan ineterst when it comes to income tac return?
I live in Texas but work 6 days (about) a month in Cincinnati. How do I pay the least amount of taxes?
No stimulus for me!?
can you answer my paystub question ?
Can't aford to pay my tax debt and keep getting letters, what should I do?
I make 182 a week how much taxes should be taken out?
can i file my boyfriend and his brother as a dependent?
can the irs charge you money even if you have never do they know what to charge?
If I didn't get my w-2 form from my job, but I have last years pay stub and it matches all the information for?
Dad claimed me against my wishes, can I refute this?
in ri. do u still have to be working for 6 months to collect unemployment if your pregnant?
2006 taxes, do i have to file if i dont owe anything?
what does this mean..?
a question about social security retirement income?
How much does IRS take if you are making $880 000 a year?
Unemployment Direct Deposit?
Is it ok issue a paycheck by splitting it into two separate checks?
what is the percentage rate on taxing wages in canada or in another words if I make 4200 a week how much will?
Filing taxes: married and living in different states?
My Neice moved in with me in june 2006. Can I claim her on my Taxes as a dependent?
Can you claim a non-working spouse as a dependant on you taxes?
What is the address for IRS in Texas?
is there a loop hole around paying more taxes when transfering a vechical ownership or at least not paying as?
I am 25 and only had about 800 state and fed taxes withheld. How much will i get back?
What if I can't pay my federal taxes?
can I claim head of household if I have 2 children and a spouse who is on disability.?
Are home improvements taxable in Hillsborough County FL?
if i get a 1099-misc annualy, do i have to report quarterly ?
what percentage should i save with every paycheck for taxes if none are being taken out?
I have not paid income tax for FY 2009-10. How I can pay it now and file IT return? I am NRI.?
Can I deduct the mileage i put on car for going to classes?
I recently purchased a home - I'm single and want to file exempt on my W2 to increase my income...?
Are liquidating distributions deductible by partnerships or partners? Also, can they recognize income?
Working away as PAYE with cash benefits?
I filed my taxes on february 13th. 2 weeks already past. When will I get my refund check?
Will filing taxes late and paying bills late give you bad credit in Australia?
Would you report someone you suspected was claiming working tax credits they weren't entitled to?
I receive SSD & a small pension, do I have to file taxes?
With the stimulus package why doesn't the govt. give each taxpayer $100,000 to put money back in circulation?
Property taxes are years behind on a property that was left behind in grandfathers will. What do I do?
Question for "TEAS" If Americans are taxed enough already.Where would you like Federal spending to be cut?
I should have got a higher amount of refund than a tax prep service got me. Can I ammend this year?
Bailiffs. please help!?
What are the tax plans for the three major UK parties?
I spent $600 for health care out of my pocket because my insurance doesn't cover it. Is that tax deductible?
Can i claim my newborn as a dependent?
how many children can you claim on your tax return?
I am disabled, had to sue for long term disability, won, do I have to pay taxes on lump sum received.?
When will i get paid working at nandos?
if IRS owes me money can I still file taxes late without filling for extension?
on $8,000 you pay 20% federal taxes what is the balance?
will i get a tax refund or will i have to pay?
i just got a new job that pays 12.54hr and i'll b working 42hrs ,how much taxes will come off my check?
how much tax is payable on goods from belgium?
Is there any way to count my live-in girlfriend as a dependant for Taxes/Health Insurance??
Is it too late to get my tax refund from 2007?
The IRS, love them or hate them ?
drug dealers don't pay taxes (obviously) so how do they get past the irs?
what to do when your employer puts wrong code on a 1099 and you now owe money to the IRS?
If you have to fill out EDD section B then you turn in the claim form in the mail?
I purchase after tax disability insurance through my employer. Do I need to pay SS tax on benefits?
if i worked for a month this year in august and received 5 paychecks should i file for taxes this year i just ?
Is a PE supposed to charge sales tax in New Jersey now?
i received this in my email... anyone else get this message? is it a scam?
What does "2, dual income mean on my check stub? re register again?
tax question. why am i not getting fed and state taken out?
what tax benefits do you get from being self-employed?
Tax Question: I only made $5,000 do I still have to file taxes?
Deposit $10300 in cash to a chase account?
boyfriend been made wrongly bankrupt by HMRC for not paying self employed tax, he never worked self employd!?
I have filled online ITR for AY2012-13. There was Rs1/- tax payable. Is it create prob to get ITR receipt?
Wash sale: offset a gain with another stock's loss?
Has anyone got their tax rebates yet?
Do I need a ITIN and SSN for pay pal?
What does 400$ come to after tax?
is uk national lottery prize true?
where can i find a w-2 form of my unemployment at?
can i do my own taxes??
If the school does a donation drive to pay for the cost of your child's funeral?
If I owe $1 on my taxes, is it possible that i could still get money back?
If i get paid on the 15th and last day of the month. i start the job on the 7th will i get a check on the 15th?
Will the 30% tax credit be renewed?
my son is 19 and a full time student and lives at home but made 8,000 last year can i claim him?
What Tax will I pay for software in India?
Now that it is tax time, what specific things can I do to maximise my return (in Australia)?
Will I have to claim my 2008 government rebate check as income when I file for taxes next year?
If I buy a car in GA from indivudual and title it in Texas where I live, do I have to pay sales tax?
What is VAT... Should I pay it?
Ok me and my ex were never married but we have a 3 year old son together..?
i need a cosmetic surgeon in india?
Should I pay off the oldest tax year first?
How can I get a copy of my 2005 W2 form?
my brother gets ss disability and has a lot of medical deductions should he file?
How can I get my w2 online quickly and for free?‎?
Has anyone got a letter from tax credits saying they are no longer eligable?
what taxs do i have to pay once i buy a buy to let proerty and rent it out?
i didnt work at all last year but i have 2 kids. can i still get a tax refund?
i have three kids and claim zero on my w-4 all year.?
what is the irs definition of a farm?
the advantage of an LLP over an LLC is?
How do I report Taxes from an seller account?
how much do paper rounds pay in uk?
a person makes a salary of $26,480.00. if they get paid biweekly, what would their gross paycheck be?
How many should i claim for taxes?
Federal Tax withholdings allowances? SOOOO beyond confused?
if you owe the tax man money whats the most they can deduct from your monthly salary?
How much does the average person get back in tax returns?
Why do you pay TAX in America when there is no law saying you have to?
Income tax refund checks?
Which states, counties , or wherever, tax soda pop? Do any?
I reported my income gone down tax credit?
How to fill Name in pan card online application?
I'm working full time 20yrs paying NI durimg this time.I stopped work to lookafter my sick mum.Can i claim JSA?
My tax person messed up big time?
what can i do if someone claims my child for their tax's?
How much are they giving for a child this income tax season?
How long does it take to get W2 forms I thought everyone was suppose to get them by Jan 31st?
Are capital losses For or From AGI?
Is Britain the only country which has a TV tax?
If I sell a rental for 180K that I bought for $140K and purch. land for 40k do a 1031, what gets taxed?
do i have to pay tax when i buy something out of state?
How many Canadians earn more than CAD 100,000?
what can i get from the government as far as tax returns and exemptions are concerned?
Where does tax money go?
1099 tax form question?
How can I get my tax transcripts from previous year?
Filing a UCC-1 in the state of Illinois?
sales tax: buying from US to Canada (ontario)?
how much money does the UK government give out to the unemployed per year?
PAN Card AO Code, AO tyoe etc.?
How can I minimize taxes owed for 2006?
need help taxes......!!!?
heard that you can only claim a certain amount of children if you have more than 3 is this true?
where can i find the 990 form on an non profit organization called Woodbourne center in Baltimore, MD?
redundancy rights help please !!!!!!!!?
I sold a house in 2005. When can I sell another main house in order to have $500,000 nontaxable gain?
when will india become a financially strong?
what is the diference between 'right' and 'interest' is financial and legal terms?
How can I request copies of my census paycheck stubs in order to file a Form 2210 on federal taxes?
Has anyone recieved a paper stimulus check??????
Need help from an accountant/tax expert!?
I just got married and I am in the process of changing my payroll information at work..?
If I buy a Car in another State and bring it to mine, do I have to pay Tax?
I recently was laid-off after filing for unemployment benefits I took a termination withdrawal from my 401k.?
I'm paying Council tax in 10 instalments. Which are the months in whcih you don't pay?
what business i can do with 1lakh indian rupees?
Tax question. My x wants me to give our son as his dependent for 2006 tax?
quarterly taxes?
Are antivirus updates taxable?
Can i get my taxes amended at the local IRS office?
it would cost us $6500 in new taxes if we get legally married. Can we just have a faith based marriage?
filing taxes?
What percentage of adult Americans pay income taxes?
Is there anything we can do to protest over the sky high cost of Diesel/petrol here in the UK?
How exactly do payroll taxes work and why is this the case?
Tax question, any updates for february 7th club who had original date of feb 1st?
Paypal Donations?
is the german "dosenpfand" a good idea?
How much money should I be getting from taxes if I made $7000 last year?
1099 - Virtual Recruiter?
Do u feel that Personal Income tax is liable for double Taxation ?
How much will I owe if I made $18,000 for independent contractor?
What is the current rate for Propert Taxes in California?
Need help getting tax papers!?
Deduction on company car?
How pay GST and TAX in Australia?
When is a replacement of an item in a rented unit a capital expense and when is it a fully deductible item?
income tax calculator?
why can i not claim child tax credit if no federal tax was withheld?
how would I look up to see who the owner of a piece of property is?
bailiffs came to the house today for council tax owed by myself and my partner. I need some advise really?
What are the tax consequences for us citizen receiving gift from foreigners? Any limit for gift?
What are direct and indirect taxes?
i am a sub contract so im self employed and im mobile so can i write off my apartment as a tax write off?
When you submit your tax forms to the IRS do they go over it to make sure you did it right?
I am a us citizen who owns a foreign company. The proceeds,earnings,dividends or withdrawals will be kept in?
How much money do i have make in a year to not be able to be claimed by my parents?
Sole Proprietor Tax Questions?
how do you get a tax number?
How to figure out AGI?
Do u think rich people should give so much tax in u.s.a.?
I want to find out the status of my ILL state refund?
Did my taxes get deposit yet?
How do you tax a car?
How can i not pay taxes?
mortgage tax question?
live in Washington state, own a condo in calif., will be renting it out. Is there a Calif. state tax form?
What is the correct filing status for a married couple with one child and one on the way?
Paying in euros when in the UK?
Can two people claim head of household?
100 percent tax deductible?
What is deferred cost and deffer red revenue?
when should you start paying tax and how nuch should you have earned before you start paying?
can i file my boyfriend and his brother as a dependent?
How Old Do You Have to Be To Get a Tax Refund Check?
NY state has a mortgage tax on home mortgages. Is this tax deductible on federal and state taxes?
where is my tax return?
help! Baliliff problems re council tax?
After taxes, how many hours do you need to work to earn $900 a month on California Minimum Wage?
1099 from IRS, what type is it?
Do I have to file taxes if I get unemployment benefits?
My company has received an invoice from a hotel in different country. Do we need to pay local VAT?
I have a tax decision to make?
I still haven't gotten my stimulus check yet. What do I do?
Has anyone else not gotten their rebate check yet that is scheduled to get it by May 9th??
What constitutional representation exist that compels us to pay state property tax?
I have sevings account in bank of india.can i take cheque of 80000/-rs. from a party for widraw?
What day does the IRS send refunds to banks to have their fees deducted?
Is sales tax per item or is it calculated based on the grand total spent?
Coucil tax infromation ?
Not sure what I can claim and can't claim on taxes help!?
If someone in WI was overpaid on their tax refund, keep it or not?
amending my 2010 tax return?
Will I pay CG tax on sale of flat purchased in 1998 and sold on 2010-with 70% gain on sale? I am a NR?
how long will my taxes take?
Should I expect a w2 form for job that I worked for two weeks?
how do i get my w2 online?
How much will my paycheck be after taxes if I make $27,000 a year?
Was the 16th amendment ever ratified? I don't think so.... There should be no law to pay INCOME taxes.?
What is a Tax Certificate on land ?
Can my parents claim me on their taxes?
Since I'm 18 now, do I have to pay taxes?
Can you file online if you have a 1099?
Am I paying too much tax?
Is there a web service/survey that can find all the Canadian income tax benefits/credits I am eligible for?
About tax and minimum wag ?
How to Calculate Gross Receipt?
If filing a joint state tax return,do you just use an individual one and add yours and your spouce's income?
My son is 26 and hasn't worked for 2 years after graduation, lives with us. Can I still claim him on my taxes?
What is The Home Depot EIN for the northtowne store?
HELP, I'm employed as an Independent Contractor?
How to avoid the estate/gift tax?
question about tax fraud?
how much can you earn before you go into super tax in the uk??
How much is Sales Tax at Sephora (Altanta, Georgia)?
my ex employer did not deduct the correct amount for NI Contributions am I liable for the shortfall?
i just got married in december 2007,Is there anyway around filling married for my 2008 taxes?
What's India's future????
do people under 18 have to pay income tax?
How to determine when you are now working for "the tax man"?
multiple choice accounting questions #1?
Where can I get my 2009 Notice of Assessment?
did anyone get their tax refund today from the irs?
Unemployment Payments?
My daughter has been living with her boyfriend for a little over a year. Legally, I think they are considered?
There is a year missing in my SS report,what should I do?
What will my tax penalty be on a mutual fund redemption?
Is there something wrong with turbotax this year?
Can i open an ira account if im getting a social security disabilty check?
does anyone know a way to not have to pay as much tax?
what is my UK tax position if I live in Spain but am selling a house in the UK?
comment on the trends of GNP of each of the mentioned country.?
Is anyone having problems with the IRS?
An issue found with my unemployment claim NJ?
how much would i get?
How can I legally move my money around to stop my Children paying Inheritance Tax?
How do I go about setting sending in taxes for both fed and state taxes (monthly?) for my small business?
What is the difference between claiming "0", "1", or "2" on your W4?
is there penalty in PPF A/C?
do fulltime students under 23 need to file a tax return?
Do you add sales tax on labor for agriculture equipment?
I did a withdrawal from my SEP IRA this year?
Electricity prices in the UK. something odd here ?
Can i claim childcare element of working tax credit?
Tax free savings account?
Can I receive unemployment if no Unemployment Taxes are deducted from my paycheck?
Does all money come from?
What does vol state 9.000% mean on a check stub?
Should You be held accountable for the mistakes your Tax Preparer makes?
How do i do ky sales taxes?
Has anyone filled out Form 8862 after a EIC disallowance?
Does one pay social security taxes in the U.S. if one is receiving social security benefits?
Stimulus refund supposed to de deposited today, Not yet??
When filing tax, do we need to give out the information of saving account?
810L tax code on Paye help?
How do I correct an excess Roth IRA payment?
Do"independent contractors" pay taxes once a year or four times a year?
What happens with the IRS in this case?
How much tax I have to pay on an income of $44000/yr in Toronto?
Can I get my taxes back?
i have received a summons to court for non payment of council tax?
Is it against federal labor laws to work for more than 8 hours without time-and-a-half, or is it 40 hours?
where can I find a database of International Tax Planners?
Single? No kids? Work hard? Mugs?
What's the % that should be taken out of my paycheck !! ?
how to calculate income tax of a company?
How much will you pay in penalities to withdraw an IRA in the amount of approximately 25,000 at age 45?
what does it mean when your taxes are being transmitted?
Okay i filed my taxes on feb 3rd its been 11 business days when will it come in?
when is tax free day this year? (2008)
A 4464C LETTER was sent out from the IRS does anyone knows what this letter is stating?
I have PAN Number since 2 years and have not filed any income details or any file yet. Is there any compulsion
i need to know how much i need to make so that after taxes i can pay all my bills?
Tax Refund January 25th 2012?
which of these has a debit balance? A/P , bad debt, accrued taxes or accumulated depreciation?
My husband is on H1b(first year) and I came on H4 in Nov 2005. Should we file a joint return?
Can someone claim you on the tax return as their dependent without your permission?
What is the hourly rate pay for Pets at home? UK?
tax code BR what does it mean it appears on my payslip?
Can my wife and I file our State taxes seperately when we filed jointly on our Federal Taxes (more)?
Is it better to pay off debt with tax refund or save the money?
How much of a tax-break do you get from the Government for purchasing a Hybrid or similar car?
What is Texas's main products produced?
Question about filing past year taxes?
if I have a default studentloan will federal income tax be withheld?
can i go to the australian tax office in parramatta at 14 years old help?
Ex moving my kids to new state & then file for more child support. what can I do?
Import tax for Yamaha R1 motorcycle?
What is fringe benefits? Is it part of your total income?
How do I figure out property tax payment?
Where is my Refund? I was suppose to get it today Feb11 2011?
Income tax is calculated before Operating Profit Margin OPM or after?
What happens if you don't pay your taxes?
Does the IRS accept e-files on holidays and weekends?
do micronations pay taxes?
can somebody who uses fake social security number file a return,if that person gets an ITIN?
How to adjust tax withholding?
Australia - GST on home grown and slaughtered meat for private consumption?
My daughter's 2010 1098-T is incorrect?
PA Single Member LLC Tax question?
What kind of tax credit/incentives could i receive for a hybrid?
If I have a job...?
How much is sales tax in California?
taxes question??????????????????!?
tax question on oweing money to the irs?
How do I claim more than 3 dependents on form 540A?
what is mat?
Do you get taxed if you under 18 but working a full-time job?
Can I claim my girlfriend as some sort of dependent on my taxes?
where can I find the status of my dc tax refund?
No ferderal taxes being taken out of my check?
What do these tax codes mean?
Whatis the tax on products if i was buying something I thought it was 8% but i'm not sure?
How do I get rid of the IRS from bothering me for my ex- husbands mistakes?
how should my partner and I file our taxes if we own a home together and are not married?
if i want to complete my 1120 form on, where do i go to enter all $0's?
How long does it take to get W2 forms I thought everyone was suppose to get them by Jan 31st?
when does a 10-99 tax form need to be sent?
If me and my friends pool for charity, then donate it later, can we still take a deduction for our donation?
10 percent to God?
what is the correct percent of taxes taken out of a waitress tips?
Do you know that Obama said he will tax social security recipients?
saving account interest received is tax free or not.?
I have $102,624.91 That tax is due on from Bonds that were cashed from an inheritance-what is the % to pay?
What does it mean when they say my tax return was selected for review?
IRS Child Dependents?
I sent my tax for self employment, then IRS sent me Form 13873-I, I don't know what to do with that form?
Tax Rebate Refund from Employer?
Are there any ways that I can claim back some IHT tax which I have had to pay on my late Fathers estate?
Can i claim my niece as a dependent?
I have started part time work whilst at uni? Do I pay income tax?
Working in retail, question about taxes.?
When you prepare a tax return, can you use someone else's EFIN number?
Tax Questions - I live in PA but am working remotely for a NC company?
Income tax-sons father trying to claim him-Florida?
Can I claim my 2011 1099-Misc in 2013 so I get back more this year?
Ill I owe or get a refund next time I do taxes?
Taxes!!! Wha could happen?
What is a indirect tax?
how to transfer an ira min penalties?
to any one knowledgedge has any one collectunemploymentent for a year and got a tax refund back?
can you claim allowances as well as "exempt" status on a w4?
About Tax Refund in UK?
if my child lives with me but visits his father on the weekends can he claim him on his tax's?
will I get Canadian custom tax back ?
My daughter lives with me fulltime but her dad files her on his taxes.What can I do to stop him?
I am a Freshman in College and I made 15,000 last year. I am going to claim 2 dependants(yonger siblings)?
What is means by commercial concern?
anyone received tax rebate stimulus checks by mail yet?
Anyone who has refund date of 2/7/2012 from the IRS, and used Turbo Tax, received their tax returned yet?
Taxes in arizona phoenix on online retailer items?
I am trying to file some tax forms for years past for some reason my employers are not giving me my w-2's?
where can i pay tithing with credit card?
i made 11000 this year. claimed 1. will i get a refund or paying back money?
What is your opinion on a tax that would directly fund the EPA?
Can I lie about my income on a 1099 form at the end of the year?
What happens if I put my money in a UK account?
Isn't illlegal for someone to be claiming 9 kids in your W2 form?
texas sales and tax permit?
vat rate in tamil nadu?
What if I filed exempt in error?
If I collect from my anunity while on NY State unemployment benefits will that affect my unemployment?
What are the repercussions of not filing by the 17th if you have a return coming on federal taxes?
Did Milton Friedman favor the inheritance taxes?
Getting your taxes done?
If I buy something online from a foreign country,would I have to pay taxes when it gets to the port?
Tax Question: Possible to have a greater $$ amount of itemized deductions than income?
Family tax supplements for 2011/2012?
Do I qualify for new tax credit?
Can I claim single 1 on my w-4 tax form ?
My mom spent/is withholding my inheritance...?
My son is 26 years old, head of household and made less than $10000 in 2006. does he have to file tax return
How much my sss salary loan balance?
Will my family get a refund?
Need help with payroll taxes? Plz help!!!?
in what way are our federal tax dollars used?
Why doesn't your husband understand the way to create jobs is not to raise taxes on the rich &less regulations?
What are the taxes applicable on banquets in Punjab?
EIC Tax Question. Can I claim on our joint return EIC for my wife's two kids see below for more detail!?
Taxes Under Eisenhower (?)?
A shirt cost 19.95 . If the sales tax is 7% , how much will I have to pay ?
Will a record of unfiled tax return that is resolved prevent one from becoming an enrolled agent?
So If I can cash this lagre check why has every one said oh be careful that amount the state will tax you if?
can you take food stamps after you just got your tax refund checks?
what is the correct address for filing federal taxes in brooklyn, ny?
I have an IRS question?
Does anyone know how much duty is payable on import of a diamond from the USA?
What are examples of deferred revenue expenditure?
Can you deduct interest paid on a regular personnal loan other than a mortage loan, on you taxes?
Are there tax professionals that specialize in reducing tax liability relating to internet based income?
I need to print 1099 M forms. Does anyone know of a free downloadable template?
can i file my working son on my tax ? his wife not working and just had baby.?
What should I do when the IRS sends me a letter with incorrect information?
Import tax to UK from US help!?!?
If someone moves from one state to another and transfers their money to the new state, is it taxed for moving?
The rebate checks people are getting in the mail, is it tax free money?
how old can a child be befor you can file them on your taxes because he was just born in august of this year ?
when is santa clara county property tax bill mailed out in year 2012 ?
What are import taxes from China? for expert?
how long does it take to get tax rebate once its issued, my letter to say i got 431 has come but no cheque,.?
I intend to work 2 fulltime jobs. One I do now is at 15K, the new one is 18k. What tax will I be paying?
what is the irs form 941 and what is it used for?
Ohio School District Taxes?
I already filed my 2009 taxes..however I missed 2 W2s...can i file them now?
What date is the begining of the new tax year?
we are having problems getting the IRS LTR 147C we need this asap unable to locate our CP 575. How can we get?
Tax credits , abit confused!!!?
How much are the taxes for a website?
Anyone thinking about filing bankruptcy ?
Wanting to start an affiliate program through my site, what's needed?
I need to know how to file taxes for being self employed!!?
How to figure percentage gain?
So, with the tax rebate from Bush, will I have to declare it in my income taxes later?
What is the minimum amount of money one needs to earn to file taxes?
after income tax which one will be greater dividende or interest?
Can i submit homestead property tax credit claim in Michigan without filing a 1040?
If I paid $12,000.00 in interest on my mortgage why do i owe on my income tax?
Paying taxes on sale of small business and the property?
Printing Turbo Tax 2009 PDF files?
What are the surcharge rates for Income Tax in India?
How to be an accountant?
Am I liable to pay half of utility bills after selling my half of business to a partner?
What is Taxation? and What is Tax Administration?
can i get child tax credit or working tax credit as im on spouse visa?
What do you think about our government system?
Who should I get in Supercoach, Gavin Urquart or Brendan Goddard?
Do married couples get a bigger tax break than non-married people? Or do you get more back as an independent?
i m 61years am i liableto pay proffessional tax in maharashtra?
1099 tax form. I received the form from IRS and dont know how to fill it?
Taxes for non resident alien?
How much tax is taken from donations someone gives to you?
Are you aware there is no law to support being forced to pay taxes?
What is the import tax in The Netherlands if I buy something off Ebay?
At what point does a person have to claim Ebay as a source of income?
If i have a part time job and am a dependent of my parent, how does that affect how they fill out their taxes?
What receipts can I use for tax return?
getting screwed by the I.R.S. help?
Which one is a fringe benefit?
Can my husband claim his 15 yr old daughter as a dependent if she doesn't live with us BUT?
I won 500,000 GBP in google anniversary gift what do you think ?
What is 29 percent of 75?
can someone explain taxes to me please!!!!!!!!!?
If you paid off 2 years, and you are paying off the last year, does the rebate check get applied to that bal.?
Can I file self employment tax even though I don't have my license yet?
What is The Home Depot EIN for the northtowne store?
Do I need any type of documentation certifying me as an independant contractor who's paid non-taxed cash?
I'm working in india in a usa mnc. where I can download form To avoid doule taxtn on share traded on etrade?
what is the ira minimum distribution you must take at age 70.5?
IS there any tax benefit on FUTURE PLUS policy?
I am in a really tough situation...what should i do?
How much tax is taken away from £693 a month?
How much Income Tax I have to pay on my Income.?
Can someone look up my tax refund if they know my ss, date of birth & address?
Is there a simple way to estimate how much you will recieve for unemployment? ?
Deducting Vehicle Expenses on Schedule A to adjust Gross Income I am taxed on?
Something about my taxes?
My mother-in law wants to report tax evasion how can she?
Why is everything in the UK so expensive??
how do I set up a payment for back taxes from 2008 to IRS,if I din't file taxes yet for that year...?
where do you send a tax rebate form to?
Im unemployed. do i have to pay taxes on stock purchases or sales?
Which parent can claim our 5 yr old son on their taxes?
before and after tax on my open enrollment statement?
Federal tax help?
Does anyone else feel like the IRS is sitting around with the WMR site down playing poker laughing at us?
is it illegal to claim a child that is not yours on your taxes?
does charge taxes to ship for texas?
Question About Selling Over the Internet?
I am not married, but was told that If I make at least 50% of the Income, That I can claim my girlfriend.TorF?
2009 Federal Tax Refund supposed to be deposited today, but I did not receive it?
Residential depreciation recapture?
What is personal allowance? The 2005 amount $3,200, is this amount more beneficial to a single person (no dep
Help with a tax question?
Do U think religion could survive if Church income was not Tax exempt?
RS 1500 prize bond 15th November 2012?
Tax Free Weekend Question?
I am trying to find a booklet to complete the Federal 1040X-Amended return. help?
need information on sales taxes in Florida how to calculate for tax form cannot find on
How to get my federal and MA tax payment back?
I want to be a tutor, but do I have to pay taxes?
Do I have to file a 1099 form for a part time job?
How much tax will be taken out of my check?
how can i get a copy of my income tax check for the state of indiana?
can employer tax you on your vacation pay?
Has anyone received their refund that was expecting on 2/1?
How do I ask for a raise when I share duties w/ another & she makes more?
What's the best State to live and work in ?
can bailiffs take your car?
Now that is good news!!!!!!!!?
What would the taxes be on a check for 30,000.00 dollars in Texas?
What can I do if I think my husband forged my signature on our taxes.?
i just won over three thousand last night on a online sports bettting website,how does that work with taxes?
how do i get TAX ID NUMBER?
How do I report stocks bought and sold on the tax form?
What do you do with form 1098 when you are not itemizing?
if i have an income of 145k in texas with no itemized deductions what tax bracket am i in?
For Capital Gains on a Primary Residence, how do you interpret 2 of the last 5 years?
How much percentage of USA custom import tax/tariffs?
When does IT department asks for a power of attorney from a tax payer?
Gift letter for downpayment question?
I have to pay an addtional 1% income tax to my city?
would anybody have much knowledge in regards to bailiffs?
irs website question?
what if a person never filed for taxes in there life and owe mass amounts of medical bill and never payed one?
Social Security Number?
how to calculate wages?
Income tax refund delay 2012?
What does "enter the smaller of line B or C" mean?
how can i add sales tax to an item costing $16.00. I live in NJ?
I have stock but never take cash dividends. Do I have to claim that on my Fed Return?
who made a 9k tax refund?
not filing s corp taxes penalty?
I have to pay more taxes?
what happens to the step up in basis of a stock if a person dies on the weekend?
We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless we find mistakes or you owe other taxes, yo?
Has anyone been through anything like this, do you think it's a scam? please help me?
Can I get hired by the IRS and I owe them, but I have made arrangements to pay them back.?
Massive change in my tax withholding?
Help! Simple tax question about two states. Would greatly appreciate it.?
My son has a blocked trust account, he has interest income of $2100 reported to IRS.?
Can you file your taxes online?? A website perhaps form the irs??And can you do a sample file to see?
Driving untaxed car (UK)?
Is there any way that a disabled person can defer or postpone a outstanding amount with the IRS?
I was stupid and now I have a tax filing problem.?
Can I claim income from 401k for 2006 on my 2007 fed returns?
i have one flat if i buy adjacent flat now and join, will this be treated as separate property?
for taxation purposes related to annuities and annuitization, is Kansas a front-end state or a back-end state?
how do i figure the minimum withdrawal from my IRA acct? I am 76 yrs old.?
I need help to file my tax with direct deposit to my bank account?
What are the VAT percentages?
tax transcripts for tax year 2011?
What should I claim on taxes?
Council tax for pensioners?
How do I claim my rent on my taxes??? and when do I get it back???
I made 15,000 and my sister claimed me.will i get penialized if i fill my taxes?
I am retired - 65 yrs old and paid $4600 fed and state combined- I purchased a home in Florida?
what happens if you do not?
UK resident, job in UK, company in US - tax?
What's the percentage to be deducted from an employee income for tax purposes?
if i put a cheque in the bank for ten thousand pound do the bank or tax people ask questions?
how can i look my account on internet by ussing my pan no.?
Can any one tell me the step by step tax calculation procedure in INDIA?
If I have to pay on my taxes but cannot afford it what should I do?
401k distrubution penality due to financial hardship?
Why was $250,000 decided to be the minimum for increased taxes, when...?
Joe the Plumber is not a plumber and owes taxes, makes less the 6 figures, is this a huge scam by McCain?
does philippines charge tax for make up? i askd my boyfriend to send me some make up worth $40.00 using USPS?
Tax Deductible on Car Purchase. Family Business but also work for another company?
taxes filing seperately and jointly with state income taxes.?
Did anyone receive their economic stimulus payment?
parents deceased, i will sell their house. havenot lived in house. are their capital gains i will have to pay?
Do I need to report tax If I don't have any income and I'm not a resident?
I did not file my taxes for the past two years, how should I correct that ?
ACCA Professionals In UK is it worth it and why?
what do they mean by parent's 1040 tax transcript?
How is eligibility for contribution based Jobseekers Allowance decided?
Can you e-file a 2007 return with anywhere?
What is meant by "Diversion of Income" in connection with the (Indian) Income Tax Act, 1961?
Why have stock appreciation rights come under income tax supervision?
Estimate on my 2011 tax refund?
did i really win the 1,5000,000$ uk lotto?
do i get a bigger tax refund if i file single with one child?
Do I have to pay taxes on my tax return from last year?
So if I turn 19 in september will I get the next GST/HST cheque?
Should I claim my sibling as a dependent? What's the best way to get a larger tax refund?
How long should I hold onto old tax stuff?
I need 2005 year end stock prices?
In Missouri, does sales tax apply to storage unit rentals?
if you owe the tax man money whats the most they can deduct from your monthly salary?
Sales tax in New Mexico?
What is the 2001 State Income Tax for Minnesota?
Are professional services taxable?
IDEA ? Would a No Tax Day help the consumer?
If my W4 form was not filled out correctly, will I still get the proper tax refunds?
Anyone else been denied for H&R Block Emerald Advance?
What Tax Forms Do I need, Late 06 filing?
what is current unit price of lic money plus 180?
Can someone sue their employer if they don't receive their W2?
My new wife has not files taxes in 5 years. If I file a joint return, will the IRS come after her?
I need help Filing my STATE taxes?
Do I need to pay Sales or Use Tax in Wisconsin?
How do I account for exercised options from my previous employer?
Do Travellers pay income Tax?
How does one claim the Hybrid tax credit for 2006?
why pay taxes if you can't vote?
If i owe on school loans and am now married can they take money from our joint return?
what if i am on unemployment and I want to move to ny to continue my unemployment claim from the state of ca ?
Why haven't i been taxed?
what are all the duties and taxes we shoul pay, if we import any item?
Has anyone got a Stimulus check yet whose ssn is in the 21-75 block?
Will i be able to get unemployment?
Just need to know how to work this problem?
I still did not do my taxes this year- what do I do?
what is the chance of living past 60 years old in australia?
if my spouse and i each have 1 exemption, and we file jointly, are we entitle to a refund or would we have to?
i work on the sly , i dont pay taxes...?
what is the age limit to clsim your child asa dependent?
Tax deduction question?
if i owe self employment taxes will they take it out of my refund?
how should i file my taxes?
if my standard deduction is higher than my earned income...?
how to file tax extensions?
sage line 50, tax code for purchases from china?
What is the rate of sales tax.......?
When will I receive my "Tax Rebate" check from bush? How much will I get?
Can I claim my kids as dependents?
what could happen if you file some one on your taxes thats not your child?
Do I need to pay tax online earning in Italy?
What is the address for the IRS in cincinatti, OH? Zipcode needed most!?
What would the total price be with 7.75 % sales tax on $279.98?
I bought cigeretts from the Indian reservation in N>Y> and got a tax letter from the Pa revenue saying I owe
How much more will i get back on my taxes if i claim my girlfriend?
if I live in arkansas and recieving inheritance of 15000 out of texas would I have to pay taxes?how much?
When was VAT on Gas and Electricity reduced to 5%?
How do teenagers file taxes and with what tax company is it best to do so?
how much would i get back if federal taxes witheld was 5.00?
how long can the dept of work and pension act on a debt?
Can someone help me with this, I don't understand accounting?
Who has yet to mail their taxes?
whats the address to send my state income tax?
Do I have to file Married if my husband is incarcerated?
how can you find out if your tax band is to high in England?
Will 2011 tax refunds be issued early?
i am filing my taxes as an independant but my parents paid my tuition. can i claim the tuition ?
Can the Irs put a lien on my house for under 1,000?
can the irs WMR site be wrong about depositing funds?
what is pass through income taxation?
Turbo Tax experiences?
Does anybody know how much tax is cut from minimum wage in the UK? Thanx?
Did you file 1/19/12 and still no refund?? Accepted on 1/20/12.?
Am I an independant contractor or an employee?
Do I owe the IRS or do I not I'm confused?
How should I file for unemployment?
Would you like to get rid of the IRS?
i made around 42000 this year claiming 3, but will have no dependants at time of tax return will i get money?
what day does refund get direct deposited?
Do I report my 1099-A if I didn't receive a 1099-C?
We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe othe?
why does my return say " Sent to Tax Authority "?
What can a 52-year old male do, after retirement on Social Security?
What is a "Fed (S/0) deduction on my check stub?
Does anyone else still. have a tax refund schedule for 31 rather than 25 of jan 2012?
Question about taxes for contests?
Can you file your taxes online?? A website perhaps form the irs??And can you do a sample file to see?
where can I get 5.5% interest on a tax free savings account?
Good News and I was in the 2/7 Group : )?
i missed my pan card? i don't know my pan card number. how can i get duplicate?
How do I receive money back from the government for federal income tax deductions?
Do you need to pay taxes for your home country when you're abroad?
I have $4000 in a stock account. I traded and profited $800. I put all that back in. Do I have to pay taxes?
Difference between EPF and GPF?
1040X: Lower income means tax repayment?
OOVOO credits for free?
FAFSA Question on tax income?
In percentage how much i would have to pay more in taxes with the health care reform?
How much money can an NRI transfer per year to India. What are the tax and liability implications?
I filed on the 3rd and thought I was gonna get my refund today. Anyone else have the same problem?
Tips and Gratuities-where do you enter in the figures?
Double payment from unemployment?
if i owe taxes can i be approved for fha?
If I sell a CA rental house for $300k that I bought for $50k 18 yrs ago; how much will capital gains tax be?
Can u claim a live in girlfriend on your federal taxes?
when do you file taxes in 2011?
Can i chose not to pay the national insurance?
What are u gonna do with your tax refund?
GP home visits for DLA?
i got more money than i was supposed to back from the irs?
If you have 3 people on the property deed, can one person claim all of the deductions?
How much per person is the tax rebate?
I had a question about tax returns?
How can I declare myself as independent?
If I accepted a buyout due to my employer's need to downsize,am I eligible to receive unemployment?
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