Can I deduct moving expenses on my tax return?
Claiming parents as Dependents on Tax return?
Are dividends expenses for company?
What purchases can be deducted from your taxes?
Canada - tax returns?
how can i find out if my tax return has been taken?
Does claiming bankruptcy include state and federal back tax debts?
how long does a lein last on your property?
How long does the State Of North Carolina have to accept/deny an amended tax return?
on an amended tax return,how much detail is needed on the explanation and reasons for ammending the return?
My parents are lending me money for my mortgage, do I need to pay taxes on this money?
Can you name Famous Fat people?
Best way to file taxes this year?
If my customers are VAT registered, do I still have to charge them VAT?
do you have to pay taxes if your on unemployment?
I am filling out my schedule C on Turbo Tax and I came across the question, "do you want to report inventory?"
Capital One's UK email address.?
Self-employment taxes help?
I filed my taxes on feb 1st and i still haven't gotten my refund! getting a little nervous?
My son is in college got sign on bonus for national guard can I claim him on my taxes?
How much money will i get taken off my paycheck?
What's a good income tax(1040-series) software package to get? One that prepares federal, state, and?
What should I claim for my federal and state tax on my paycheck as a 17 year old?
Are gift certificates subject to sales tax?
My employer didnt take out enough taxes?
is pan card required for opening an alert pay or a pay pal account in india?
Federal taxation ..Help needed!!!?
Why is Ohio business tax law so complex and confusing and how might we change it?
can i claim my girlfriend on my taxes?
you file for taxes but won't be at home in a while can you put family member address to get your check 4 you.?
I am gonna get a $750 check. How much taxes are they gonna charge me and I live in NYC?
How can I find out if I am not subject to passive activity limitations (Tax: I’m renting my house)?
If I sell on Amazon, do I have to claim it on my taxes next year?
What is 6% tax on 79.78?
I am due to have my baby any day before 08 my doc said , If so can i file her on my taxes for 2007?
Tax for the Bank Transaction?
Sales Tax! Help!! someone answer this so i understand it?
Would annyone please send me the Income Tax Calculation Form with auto generated ?
what states hold tax deed sales and sell tax lien certificates?
what are the specifics to the new California income tax rules?
I have been given stock as a gift---I want to cash some of it in...How will I handle this at tax time...?
can my employer deduct money from my pay?
How do i keep from owing state taxes at the end of the years?
Do increased business deductions affect in any way the amount that can be claimed for children?
I was told that I must add my past year return to the taxable base this year. Is that true?
Can a business make you fill out a w-2 form wihout hiring you?
can your employer withold your earned time because you didn't give two weeks notice?
Tax Refund Questions???????
Is state sales tax still deductible for 2011?
Tax question 1099 form?
Self Employed!! I want to pay for my fuel by credit card. Is it acceptable form of reciept?
i live in kentucky my employer is in ohio will i still get the minimum wage for july of 6.55 hour? thanks.?
will I have to pay a penalty if I withdraw all my funds from my 401k due to loosing my job?
Is there any tax benefit towards electing to withhold extra money from each paycheck?
Gross income and tax exemptions?
How many property professionals are there working in the UK today?
wt is income tax slab 2008-2009 in india?
Refund not deposited?
Help regarding child tax credit?
I'm unemployed, Is it possible to deduct my health insurance payments(paid out of pocket) in my taxes?
Question on what should happen next with my over long processed taxes?
tax question again, help?
What makes a car in the UK tax exempt? thanks?
how much of my gross income can i invest in schemes that allow me to avoid income tax?
Computer deduction?
Does severance pay get taxed?If so how and or what do they tax.?
how can i obtain a tax i.d. number in n.c.?
do we have to claim both our wins and our losses from a Ca. casino to the IRS?
How to file ITR if a person is not under IT slab?
If I have to of my friends living with me and giving me a rent check to I have to show that on my taxes?
How long would it take the IRS to resolve your refund if you accidentally put the wrong SSN on your refund?
W-9 and 1099 Misc. What is the difference ?
How do i calculate how much tax will be taken from my paycheck?
Received email from IRS "Tax Refound..."?
Can a get a tax return if i work as a student worker?
do my mother expect to get money for me/do your parents give you money from taxes?
is it illegal to marry for tax purposes only?
Is project based software programming considered as a business on tax form T2125?
I bet you can't answer this.........?
Can I file head of household?
should fat buggers be taxed more.......?
Father in law wants to claim wife as dependent?
Shouldn't my P60 have been in with my April wage slip?
Should we pay tax on stock divident if we have big loss on stock?
how to budget your allowance?
Why the government forces people to pay tax? why can't I opt out of their social programs and not pay tax.
Sales tax in Vancouver , Washington?
Can I write off the cost of gas commuting to work on my taxes?
My neighbor is adamant that you can now deduct $3,500 if you own a dog (for any reason) on your taxes?
Concerning the $6500 tax credit?
I got offered £32500 salary?
Has New Pension Scheme(NPS) in India which was to be launched in April 2009 delayed or postponed?/?
Scott Trade $7 fee... tax deductible?
Was the mill ever U.S. currency? When was it used, and when did it end?
On the W2/W4 tax forms what is the maxium deduction for 0 dependends?
What are you going to buy with your tax return ?
How much federal and state income taxes will I pay in California on $60,000 a year?
can u give details of what credits we can adjust from service tax and their percentage, pls also give links?
If I give my friend $10,000 does she have to pay taxes on it?
what is the 800 # to ask about the locationm of my fedral tax rtefund?
how much tax is on video games?
Which tax year do I claim self employment income?
How can I protect my husbands' 401k when filing an OIC with the IRS?
Tax depreciation question for tax professionals only please.?
How much can I earn before having to tell the tax office?
Can you cancel with H & R Block after already signing papers with them?
8k tax credit, closing on a house in 3 weeks?
What is a tax stop and how do you clear it?
I quit working in September, can my husband claim me and file Head of Household?
qustion on scorp - tax - is my understanding correct -?
what is the service tax division code of range office kollam,chambakada?
What state do I file taxes in?
Can I file as head of household?
Does anyone know when i should receive my refund on Taxact?
If the state is garnishing my paycheck for my husbands taxes can I refile my taxes married but filing separate?
Question on 1099 - Realized Capital Gain?
I'm debating 'that australians you are convicted overseas should not serve their sentence in Australia?
Would i have to pay late penalties to the IRS if i did not file my 2008 Taxes?
is it necessory to pay incometax for my grandfathers property?
What is the penalty for getting audited?
can greendot moneypack reload be purchased in ontario canada?
On purchase SS Coil VAT is 4%, and after manufacturing what is the VAT to be charge?
Who will give me my tax refund when i got taxed too much, the company that I work for or HM Revenue & Customs?
If I bought a timeshare for $7K in '00 and sold it for $4K in '05, would this be a capital loss on tax returns
This is an abbreviation on a paycheck, inp. income. What is this?
If I became a professional eater, would food then be deductible as a business expense??
If I had a baby November 2006, can I claim this child on my 2006 taxes?
Should I sell by car to get out of debt?
Tax question - LLC and foreign nationals?
how do we find out if the UK givaway is legitt?,we recieved a 1,000,000.00 pound lucky winner winner?
Estate title & tax question: two future co-owners, one is much richer but won't be using as primary residence
I was unemployed part of last year, how does it effect my taxes?
I haven't filed a tax return since 2007. Can I file for all three years?
Is Medicare Levy surcharge a tax payable or is something like penalty?
I have a qualifying dependent that does not qualify for the Child Tax Credit. Will I not get a deduction?
is there a /msn online lottery?I have been informed i've won, but i have to pay $850 to get my package.
property tax on inherited property?
maximize the resouces?
percentage of shares of banks working in india?
can i claim my 17 year old girlfriend on my unearned income taxes? ?
If I move to the UK...will they like me over there?
How much cash could you make without paying taxes(reporting it)if you have yearly income of 13,668.or how much?
who has used efile(canada) to file their own tax return?
If cashing out 401k, is it better to do in a year with no income?
I want to know about the live pig customers in North India, Assam and Guwahati.?
Is inventory valued at the price you could sell it at?
if i am a student do i pay tax on my wages?
Modified Service Tax rate with Ed. Cess & H. Ed. Cess?
a bank paying 3percent montly on savings on 50000 what would that work at thanks?
What exactly are dependents on your job?
happy i got this happy?
I Owe the IRS for Freelance Work?
How are VAT numbers used in the UK?
Ordering tickets internationally?
What number should I put on my w2 form so I can get the most out of my checks?
Depositing/Withdrawing a lot of Cash Red Flags?
Should my parents claim me on their taxes or should I file independently?
How many Newborn & Baby/Parenting regulars, or former regulars, are in our possee?
As far as my tax return goes, do I claim the entire amount received from student loan on 1098t?
Homestead and Escrow ?
How do you account for stock options issued by an employer for tax purposes?
As a subcontractor, do I pay payroll tax?
How much will I get back in tax? AUS?
what is the tax on groceries in all states?
How strong is the IRS?
Married taxes on w-4 form?
How does property play into dependency status (irs) for a student?
I want to register as self employed to work as Wedding Planner. What sort of tax I have to pay in UK?
employers withheld taxes from paychecks, but there were no paid taxes reported on SS earnings record.?
How do I add 15% tax to a price??
im on income support but cant get child tax credits?
Are dividens for life insurance policies taxable?
form w-4 witholding question?
I'm a student well under my tax threshold, but my recent p60 shows over £400 tax paid.How do I get this back?
Filing forms 941 and 940?
The letter i got from the irs says i will receive my paper check BY the 16th and the web says differently, why
How and where do I go to report a company to the IRS?
Why do a lot of guitar shops have no sales tax?
How is the marginal rate of tax calculated for someone who has no income but only capital gains?
Still in the 2/7 Club!?
Hurricane Rita Victims. Can you claim your insurance deductible on your income tax return.?
Where on the tax form do you report quarterly contributions?
How much tax can a person expect to pay?
Does my wife qualify for tax recovery rebate even if she didn't make over 3000 and I did?
Does importing a single item require customs duties?
We have to do major home repairs, can we write this off our taxes?
how much am i entitiled to housing benefit?
When will my Stimlus income tax rebate check be direct deposited into my account?
prove there is a law stating u most file income tax?
Do state estate taxes do more harm than good?
Any amount gifted by father or grandfather to him son or daughter is taxable or non taxable in India?
if not provided with work from my employer should i be paid?
what is the best way for us to file our taxes?
I got a letter in the mail saying my house was going to be put up for tax sale?
how much unemployment will i get?
As a dependent, do I need to file a tax return?
How much tax do I have to pay if my self employment income in UK is £38000 in a year?
Why would there be no record of me earning any income when my SS# is put in the Unemployment computer?
why would the nevada unemployment online claim system have a popup saying to call them to file your claim?
How long do you have to keep tax records from previous years?
i m married and i have 2 kids my wife she's not working i start a new job month ago and i write on my W2?
filing from 10 years back?
i am a self employed consultant - filing my first tax return with a net loss - will i get audited?
Where can I find out when I will get my Federal income tax back?
What time do the IRS deposit tax returns in your bank account...............?
How to adjust tax withholding?
where i can find NAFTA agreement?
Is Turbo Tax easy to use?
How would you divide the percentages of your paycheck among the regular expenses?
I have a gross sales figure need the formula to back out my state taxes to find out net income and taxes due.?
Inhertitance tax is the worst tax of all!?
While filing this years taxes, i realized that LAST year my husband filed w/ the wrong status. What do we do?!?
Does this labor charge become part of the sales tax basis?
Is this eligible for a tax return?
Is there a way to pay weekly taxes while babysitting so I don't owe a lot at the end of the year?
do u have to pay taxes when winning $ online?
Do I get a W-2 this month?
got a letter from irs stating i filed wrong last year?
what are all the medical write offs?
Question about 1099 IC job?
What do you mean by Commercial Tax?
how much tax do i pay on 3245 pounds with a tax code 747l?
council tax do i have to pay?
Is income earned abroad subject to state income tax?
Where is the money coming from for tax credits?
I work in Columbus Ohio, but live in Westerville Ohio. Which City do I file my taxes with (I'm self-employed)?
i m mentally depressed for last one year till today so i couldnot file my incometaxreturn for year 2004-2005?
how does turbo tax compare to other tax preparation?
I am 16 and filling out a W-4, do i need to do page 2 or only page 1 of the w-4?
I am looking for the columbuus city tax division website and I'm becoming frustrated as well you know?
im 28 just came home from prison doing 9 years could i get income tax?
How do you find a GOOD IRS tax debt company?
How do you go about making a settlement offer to the IRS?
Are liquidating distributions deductible by partnerships or partners? Also, can they recognize income?
Where do I pay my taxes? I live and work in Minnesota, but my company is based in Kansas.?
Do I have to pay state tax?
As a young adult, what taxes do you have to pay?
Do I have to pay taxes on an internet tourism business working for an overseas tourist agency?
How can I make my CPA happy?
difd you receive my app. Ist finished filling it out.?
Can a deduct Pre-school on my taxes? What kind of a deduction is it?
forgot to include $965 of unemployment in my 2012 taxes ! Is this a problem?
The IRS - Who says they can collect taxes ?
how to find out if owe past due state income tax?
W-2 Form USA?
Youth Allowance with centrelink?
how do taxes usually work(details below)?
Why did I lose on my tax return after entering school information? 1098-T?
Im a single mother with no job can i file income tax on my 2 year old without a w2 form ?
To get a refund after income tax filed?
How much money can you make before you have to pay taxes?
why would line 1 and 2 be blank on W2 form?
Tips deducted from paycheck legality?
do i need to do tax if i got a refund check(which is my scholarship money and fafsa money) from my school?
Tax Consequences of changing the members of a corporation in Canada?
What percentage of adult Americans pay income taxes?
Is it legal to deduct a plane fare that also includes personal time?
I have multiple descriptions and amounts in my box 13, code S on my K-1. How do I know what to enter?
Can those companies on TV reduce my tax as promised?
If everyone in the UK gave up smoking today, how would the government compensate for the loss of tax revenue?
Sent from IRS @ 3:54pm......?
filling out new W4 tax form and very confused?
Exemptions, Withholdings, Deductions..?
I am trying to enter my real estate tax paid for 2009 for my taxes. Where do I find that info?
p46 paying too much tax?
Why in Ireland the tax are lower then other European Countries inside the European Union?
I bet you can't answer this.........?
Can I claim tax relief if I supply my own work clothes?
An income tax is a form of?
Tax Return money question?
How can I find out if my former employer is reporting my wages to the IRS?
Is there a statue of limitation on VA state taxes. Request today for 1990, who keeps records this long?
I was never given a w-4 form when hired, is this legal?
Child Care CCR & CCB refund?
If you can show me the law where it says we as Americans have to pay an income tax I will give you best answer
PayPal and Taxes in India?
I went to the new "Where's my rebate" the IRS has?
Homeowners, What city and state do you live and how much do you pay in taxes.?
Can we claim my son on our taxes?
is there any accountability for income if you are a 501c?
Filing for bankruptcy!?
whether pan card is necessary for royalty paid to NRI?
Is this a scam? Please help!!?
how to know that how many bank account holt by pan card?
Me and my cousin did our taxes on the same day mines was accepted on Jan 17 and hers was accepted on Jan 18, ?
I file my tax return on the 17th, it was accepted on the 17th, nothing shows on WMR.?
How to do my own taxes...?
what is a W2 form? what is its importance? how do we obtain it?
what percent of a person paycheck is deducted?
I got a tax refund, filed jointly with my wife, How can i divide the refund fairly? please read?
should i file my income tax using schedule c sole proprietor or schedule c profit and loss?
Does my wife qualify for tax recovery rebate even if she didn't make over 3000 and I did?
Do you have to wait until you have a P60 until you can claim back emergency tax?
Do you have to pay taxes on your last years income tax return?
Can your parents still claim you as a dependent if you are a full time student and married?
my tax preper made a major mistake on my taxes who is respondsible for payments to the irs?
If I recently obtained a DBA am I obligated to pay taxes quarterly, or Yearly if I start to make a profit?
Who is lineal descendant & Ascendent of an Individual for Gift Tax Purposes ?
are employee or reportable taxes owed on exchanging labor for reduced rent.?
My Federal Income Tax Withheld is Blank on My W2. What can I do?
Fed. Income Tax Rate?
what if: the more people you hire, the less taxes you have to pay?
Paying Income Tax If Only Worked 3 months?
How long does it take for the irs to start taking money out of my paycheck when my employer gave me the letter?
Claiming another person on taxes?
I filed my taxes at an h&r block office on feb 2nd the "wheres my refund?" site says no information ?
Has anyone with SSN ending in 00-20 received their rebate yet?
How many dependants should my boyfriend claim?
is it true that if you OWE the IRS your passport will and can be taken away from you?
What will happen if my taxes were filed "illegally"?
are you able to write off your cell phone bill on your taxes if you use it 95% of the time for business?
Joint Savings Tax Return ?
How much can IRS garnish your wages if you owe 4000.?
how do i believe uk national online lottery is true or fraud?
Anyone received WI tax refund yet?
Will decreasing the corporate tax rate create more jobs?
Name at least three countries without income tax.?
The council won't allow a council tax rebate?
What is this 1099-Misc form?
Will my daughter have to pay taxes on this?
Form 8752 filed now (late)?
What is the CEMA tax break?
Okay people, need an answer quick. My son's IRS refund was taken because he owed on a government credit card;?
can my parents claim me as dependent?
How can I pay Social Security if it does not get taken out of my paycheck by my employer?
My taxes are gonna suck this year because I've inherited some money. What can I do to get some tax breaks?
Is it true that the highest wage earner in the household must claim kids on tax return?
Does Unemployment benefits count for pension quarters?
are penny chews affected by inflation?
how do you claim sale from stock on taxes?
What is the state sales tax in Pennsylvania?
my dad got hit by a car and almost died. he had to quit his job. i lovingly support him now. can i claim him?
Is it better to claim 1 or 0 ?
Taxes: are yours too high or too low?
About how much money would you owe, making $35,000.00 and getting a 1099 form?
Unemployment Benefits in NC questions?
IRS / Settlement Question?
Which US States have No State Income Tax?
Council Tax question?
Urgent Real Estate Tax Question?
Am i right about my 2010 tax return?
Applicability of excise on ssi?
what type of reports does an intelligence database produce?
How to do taxes online?
Can someone explain why?
If I did not cliam a distri I recieved fr an IRA for a 1st time home purch on my tax rtrn what can happen?
How do I create Living trust without using a lawyer?
Can the IRS garnish our entire bank account(s) if my spouse owes taxes from his business years ago?
how much tax will be taken out of my check if i work at mcdonalds?
If someone were to file bancruptcy and they only have one vehicle could it be taken?
I will receive a 1099 this year, do I have to claim it this year or can I wait until next year to claim it?
Are monthly wages before or after tax?
i live in a rented property. i have a council tacx bill from an old address and have offered to pay the ?
Who is E Kenneth Wall? Is this a real tax company or some lead generator?
The implementation of R-VAT in the it effective? will it succeed?
What will happen if I claim my cousins kid on my tax return? ?
Do you pay income tax if you are a business owner?
what filing status should I claim with my newly disabled wife?
I got a W2 form and I was wondering whether or not I need to do taxes?
I got a question about how tax work?
how to calculated of service tax on rent?
can my girlfriend claim me on her taxes even if i worked some of the year and took out a student loan?
Taxes for Independent contractors?
What are the guidelines for filing earned income credit in ohio for married couples?
Resident or non-resident for tax purposes?
The IRS sent a wage levy to my job, is it too late to make payment arrangements?
Does the state of Washington tax Social Security benefits?
As a random guess how much cash do u personally need to live off each year after retirement?
Income Taxes for business owners.....?
***Am I claiming the right amount? From California?
difference of capital and revenue income?
Can I file photocopied W2's with my tax forms?
Are Duty Free areas genuinely cheaper?
What does "AK - Une" mean in box 14 on my W2 form?
will a small business pay federal tax when operating at a loss?
when the irs does your tax forms at a public facility how many years can they go back to do the back taxes?
Can I claim jobseekers when i return from travelling?
I came to the Us for vacation and bough a lot of things, can I claim my taxes back in Tennessee?
I won't to buy something online but I don't know the taxes rate?
How old do you have to be to cash a paycheck?
Does anyone know about first time home buyer property tax transfer exemption in Vancouver BC!?
I live in Wisconsin, Can i file taxes. No job this year but have a 6year old?
So I recently purchase an IPAD...SALES TAX IN MANITOBA?
Form 1098-T Tax question?
Help with IRS tax issues back taxes owed!!?
In April, what do I have to do with taxes?
I had my refund DD on TT prepd card. i need to get the cash and can only get 1300.00 per day from ATM. ideas?
I like france?
Still no refund and stuck on 1/31?
Tax Returns mean you paid taxes?
This girl i work with says you don't have to pay taxes if you don't want to... Is she an idiot?
if i have had no national insurance number since feb 06 and been working since then will i get a payback on?
Do I get$ back on my taxes for wat I pay in daycare?
does turbotax work well?
What does NYDD stand for? W2 Box 14?
Will our tax refund be offset because of my wife's defaulted student loans if we file jointly?
Paying taxes, being self-employed?
can I take someones tax return from them?
Business Tax Law?
do I have to pay duty on used goods?
Consulting business and SE taxes?
If a person never had a job that took out taxes and never payed them on his own > What would and could happen?
What recourse do I have if my employeer did not take out enough tax from my paycheck?
How far back does the IRS go when a person hasn't filed taxes in say 10 years?
How will this effect my tax return?
Does this sound right?
Sales Tax?
Do I have to fill out a tax return if...?
I pay child support, any way to claim that on my taxes??
State tax refund question?
How do you file an escrow refund on your income taxes?
Does anyone know anything about taxes?
fair tax v.s flat tax?
Can I mail the IRS payments without filling out the forms?
how do you know if the hours you worked is the amount of money you made on your check is correct?
How long does it take to come off emergency tax after I have handed my P45 in at work?
What are the tax consequences of converting from IRA to Roth IRA?
I filed my taxes the afternoon of Jan 15th and my return still hasn't been accepted is there a backup?
is it legal to change the number of exemption i declare so the gov will withhold more taxes?
Will tax rebates for married couples be a good thing?
I worked several temp jobs last year that lasted 2 weeks at most for each but they didn't take tax out?
Does anyone have the site that tells you when the federal checks are getting sent out?
Incorporating: is it best to form a C corp, an S corp or a LLC corp?
I want detailed information on capital gains tax in india on net. can anybody provide web address?
could you live on this amount of money a week? accountant help?
best way to claim income from youtube video revenue?
Could my boyfriend claim my daughter and I on his taxes this year?
Do we pay taxes on inherited property that we sold?
Will my tax return be less because of rent?
How long do it take for the irs to process a tax return?
Why does the IRS take taxes out of Military Pay?
can the IRS take your house for taxes owed?
How do i figure out what each deduction on my pay check is for?
Is H1B visa considered as nonresident alien for purposes of U.S. income taxation ?
can a person hold more than 1 pan card?
What benefits can I claim?
What can I do to lower the amount of taxes taken from my paycheck ? (read)?
Hey Will There Be Any Tax Returns For Tomorrow Feb 3 2012? Cause Im Still Waiting For Mine!?
If I haven't filed my income tax returns in a few years, can I file for 2005, and the rest later?
Service Request SR-kf-008 Tax Calculator?
Can you file Head of Household if you are married?
When should I file 1040X for additional tax doc?
what is the us fed budget amount for this year and also the intrest owed to the money that we have borrowed ?
I lived in my house for ten years and sold it making 54,000 dollars. Do i pay tax on it or claim it as income.?
if i claim my daughter as a dependent(yes she lived w. me and i provided her support)?
how can i get a cot code for a wire transfer from a bank with out having a cot code?
Is that extra $25 a week from the government you get while on unemployment taxable?
My council property has been found uninhabitable am i liable to pay rent and ? i have no use of kitchen?
Tips for hairdressers taxes??
got a 1099 form for money my brother gave me?
UK only, help with tax and wages? First job?
can anyone confirm the rumer that we will be deducted $10.00 per week for healthcare?
I need a loan for 2 million to pay off IRS back taxes. Is this possible?
my tax code has just changed from 522L W to 543L. How much is estimated income for this tax code?
I worked and lived in one state but moved to another where would I collect unemployment ?
In accounting, would Tax be considered a liability?
what is the economic impact on joining regional economic integration?
how to deduct mileage?
In the UK how old are you when you start to pay taxes and how exactly do you go about doing it?
Taxes Represent..........?
So we are only allowed IRA to IRA rollover once a year?
Filing income tax jointly or separately saves more money?
who is the president of USA?
anyone get their JAn 29th 2010 direct deposit yet?
Illinois and Florida Tax help!?
Unemployment Claim Balance?
Hw do I Efile 1099 using Tax Act?
I am married. IRS reccommend we are filling joitly. Why do I get better ruturn if I am filling separate?
As anyone ever used the tax advocate n they were help full....irs sucks.?
LEGALLY, - If you get married and do not change your name, do you still have to file taxes as "married?"
Can I deduct home office on my taxes?
Is state sales tax still deductible for 2011?
can a booster club get tax exempt number?
Help with my tax refund?
My boss didn't withheld any federal tax on my check?
does the irs pay a bounty to informants on tax evasion and what is a good number to call?
Am I a tax criminal? HELPPPPPPPP!?
Have any one received their refund after the irs told them to wait 45 days in a latter? PLEASE HELP..?
Resident in IA but work in WI - tax question?
Do my parents have to pay taxes "on me?"?
Do I have to include GST on my imported goods once registered?
what are the specifics of the latest tax change affecting expatriates abroad?
I'm waiting for my tax refund. It was accepted on the jan 16th?
IRS eFile vs TurboTax vs TaxCut?
Can a UK citizen work more than 183 days in US and still reclaim US witholding taxes?
Can you be arrested for a tax warrant(state taxes) like you can with a criminal warrant?
No taxes taking out of your paycheck?
do i need to pay income tax for the money earned outside India?
Calculating net income? (Accounting Review)?
capital gains tax on stock earnings and Roth IRA loss?
Can they keep federal tax return for medical expenses?
What will and estiamte of my tax refund be and how can I estimate it for the future use?
i own a bussiness in the united states. if i move it to another country is there a tax credit?
I was wondering if you order something from a different state will you get taxed on it?
Can i recieve unemployment from oh. since i worked there and in fl. where i got laid off . i qualify in both?
I repaired damaged vehicle and sold it for profit. Do I need to pay taxes in this income?
how to get w4s from a previous job?
Who is the only person in the history of the US to have a special tax rate introduced for earning too much?
Late tax filing for 2008 will I get a refund or will they keep the money and credit to what I owe the IRS?
How many exemptions can I have on my W-4?
Tax return deduction for charity - but no receipt?
Income tax for 16 year old developers?
My senior citizen father wants to take money from his IRA to pay his caregiver. Is there a tax free way?
Taxable income rises by $1,235 and taxes rise by $308.75. What is the marginal tax rate?
how much will i get taxed?
if you buy the loads of hope t-shirt from is it tax deductible?
How much will I get back on my tax return if?
What is the whole % of tax and NI contributions taken off your salary each month if u earn £27 000 p/annum?
Will changing my filing status change the amount of taxes taken out of my check?
Help determining the current status of self-employment for certain members?
If you sell your house because of your job and you take a loss is that loss deductible on your taxes?
W4 tax form question?
What are the advantages of doing your own taxes online?
if i get married but file single hoh on my taxes could they find out?
Question about taxes on food and beverages?
how much will my tax refund be?
what are gross sales?
I won a trip worth $1500. What will that mean for my taxes?
Does this consider as filing my own tax return?
Tax question regarding First time home buyer and withholding from 401K for downpayment.?
We're in an overseas assignment& my kids can't work, is there a way that we can claim him on child tax credit?
Wedding gift from employer taxed?
do temp agencys pay unemployment taxes?
Can you give the information about rates of gifts tax between the years 1988 and 1999?
1099 question.?
Refund date changed from 1/25 to 2/12??
how does it work donating a car to charity?
Should I claim dependents? I currently claim 0 but...?
whose gonna pay for this bailout???...what will our kids taxes be like?
At what point during employment (as an independant contractor) does a W-9 have to be filled out?
who in congress in georgia can help me save my home that was foreclosed on with only one days notice?
Is anyone now getting...Please mention reference number 1301 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.?
Sent in form 1099's to IRS....Forgot to sign form 1096. Now what?
my son was born january of this year will we still receive 300 for him on the stimulus check?
in which state are applicable for proffessional tax?
Are dependent children employed outside the home required to file income tax?
what are some specific reasons for a business to be audited in california?
Why can't my home loan be cleared until the IRS releases information?
What is the sales tax in Westchester County?
my father passed away this year prior to receiving a 100,000.00 insurance settlement from a non-fault auto?
wats the date for filling MAT February 2009 forms?
$10,500 seems like a lot for me and my husband to be getting back in taxes.. $8000 for Federal 2,500 in state.?
I coown a house.We pay our mortgage from joint check account. Does it matter who deducts interest from taxes?
can anyone pay income tax return online?
Where is my Refund!? no deposit made on 02/06/2009.?
IRS Tax refund question?
Can I claim my firearms, schooling (airfare, hotel, car) and safe on my tax return as a firearms instructor?
can I claim my wife's little brother on my tax. He's coming from PR to LA with me in January 2012?
fail to pay taxes?
I am a single mom head of household do not get child support and i only got $600 .Dont understand??i have a kd
Why did I only get $300 back from the stimulus package tax rebate?
how do i file for benefits extension with EDD,wich web site do i go to?
Is Turbo Tax any Good?
Is a registered Delaware LLC selling software in the U.S.subject to withholding tax?
What information does the W2 form give you?
What is the greatest donation in money I can receive in UK without paying tax ?
I have joint physical custody of my son can i claim him as a dependent?
My boyfriend hasnt payed or filed his tax returns in years.What should he do?
If I earn $35000 a year in Ontario, what do I have left after tax?
I'm married currently, if my husband & I decided to file our taxes separately, can we file jointly next year?
I need an example of a statutory non employee contract?
How much tax deduction can I claim?
Filing my taxes Seperated/kids?
How can I avoid council tax? pls see details?
Is leased land tax deductible?
i have an old cheque from income tax refund,can i still cash it?
I've haven't receive my stimulus check yet and the last 2 of my social security# is 20 what's going on?
Will nearly 2,000 extra in student loan money this semester effect my foodstamps, or medicaid?
how can I efile my state and federal 1099 misc?
If a UK company sells books on the net to the USA, does it have to collect US Sales Tax from the customer?
What is the date you can file your 2011 income taxes?
Tax question?
MD State tax lien withdrawal?
My friend is claiming me and my daughter on her taxes. How much should she get back as a result?
tax return? how do I get it?
My name is saurabh awasthi but it is written as awasthi saurabh in my pan card?
How do I find the Federal ID number (FEIN)?
My wife is an Avon Representative. How do we claim this on our taxes?
Employment lawsuit settlement taxes?
i have account with sbi with atm *** debit card, but i wanted to know about net banking?how it is help ful to?
Iif i dont report a 1099 form to irs? ?
Heard a rumor--3rd paycheck in one month TAX FREE?
Bankruptcy, can't claim credit card debt. Reason for crisis?
Can my aunt claim my daughter and I?
Tax on bonus payments - UK?
how much tax will i pay for CA and federal if my paycheck is $675.00 and i have 3 dependants?
Why haven't i been taxed?
An accountant reviewed the records and found the following errors:?
I have 1 more tax prep question: who counts as a dependent?
How should I report tax for a gift stock from my boss' wife?
are energy star appliances tax deductible?
India Income Tax. Self Occpied. House rent paid 42000/ 2006-07. How to get rebated u/s 80GG. FY 2005-06 2 lacs
IRA withdrawal for education?
How do I sell my house without paying gain tax?
How do I calculate net sales in Minnesota? If I have gross sales of $900, how much sales tax do I pay?
How do I calculate how much tax and NI contributions I'll be paying each month?
U.S. Tax "rebate"?
In the UK is it legal and possible to set up a moneyless society?
has anyone with a dd date of feb 1st 2012 received there refund early looking for answers the next 2 days?
E filing taxes & last year's form?
HOW will be canadaian economy in 2007?
How much tax should i take out with every pay cheque per week?
If i sell a piano for 16,000 dollars, Do i have to claim it on taxes & what about the check?
in new york state can i get unemployment benifit if i owe unemployment?
how much do i get back on my taxes??
My husband and I owe an extremely large amount to the IRS does anyone know if there is anyone that can help?
Explain the importance of prepaid income under tax law and under financial accounting.?
What country pays the highest tax?
Can i clam medical bills on my taxes and does it matter if there paid or not?
When do I need to submit my first Income Tax Self Assessment?
Does a person need a tax license or ID if they are going to sell at a flea market?
If you win the lottery and they take out taxes, will you get it back on your income taxes?
Which vehicles qualify for a $7500.00 tax incentive?
What happens if you file one tax return but not the other tax return?
how much will i be taxed on a second self employed job?
tax number for small business?
Is there a limit on the amount of money you can send from the UK to the US to avoid paying tax or penalties?
I need to add "Exempt" to my W4 before filing my taxes...?
Confused, My friend collected benefits . Made under 7000.00?
The National Insurance number box on my application form is only 8 digits long....?
can you use turbo tax more than once?
How can i find out who claimed my son ?
Explain the diffrences between incident of tax and tax effect?
if you owe the tax man money whats the most they can deduct from your monthly salary?
If I got a job, how much would it cut out of my monthly check that my parents receive?
anyone with their refund date pushed back to the 24th?
how much money would we get back in taxes?
UK petrol prices per litre? how much are you paying?
Why do tax refunds take so long to process and what happens if a company that paid you has not filed taxes yet
many countries enter into double taxation agreement relief for various reasons;what are other reasons?
I'm married with 2 kids, how should we file our taxes? Total income $62,000 and what we expect to see back?
can you pl advise me about investment with tax saving?
can my boss file for my work compenstion claim?
tax returns?
do i need to use all of my W2's when filing my tax return?
how do i get my 2011 filed tax forms emailed to me?
does anyone know of a phone number you can call to see if your income tax check has been mailed?
will I still get payed by my employer now that I have stopped paying NI stamp?
Amend my 2009 Tax Return!?
Is form 8863 something you get from school or is it a tax form I can get online?
How long can I carry my Capital Losses forward? Do they "expire"?
Is it likely that I'll pay customs for an order shipped through Registered Airmail?
negative effects of increasing power rates?
Trying to figure out estimated taxes?
are salaries paid in advance or for the 'worked' period?
What benefits are you willing to forgo for a tax cut?
how do i obtain my sons social security #?
What did you spend you tax rebate on, or do you plan to spend it on?
2004 state tax not filed what do i do?
anyone know a website where i can do my 2004 taxes?
before selling a stock for large profit, can I move from Calif. to another state with no state tax and avoid..
When filing a return, you only have to put the wages you earned in the state in the wages box...right?
I am married, self-employed, and started a part- time job. What should I claim on my w-4? ?
Will I get my tax refund ?
How long does it take to get income tax back?
Iwant to know all details of filing of income tax returns this year.?
Which tax software is best and easy to use?
is VAT charged for 2nd hand cars?
I bought land in 2008 - 15,000.00 & sold it yesterday for 8000.00. Will I be able to claim a loss on my taxes?
how much tax am i going to pay?
My Husband and I were separated?
can i claim my grandson?
How safe is The y are supposed to to help prepare tax for free.?
Are there customs taxes on computer mice when importing them to Canada?
Can I claim travel medical insurance premiums under Medical Expenses in my Canadian Income Tax return (T1)?
Is it mandatory to claim a tax exemption or credit?
has anybody taken a liberty tax course in chicago?
Does The state deny you Link card If you have a lot of money in savings?
what documents do i need to file taxes?
What is the basic requirement for deducting employees provident fund of partnership firm in Mumbai?
Can i get tax break on my new car ?
How much would be the import duties for these headphones?
Has anyone been updated on Where's my refund yet?
What is the treatment of a non-equity partner?
Are copays for prescription medications tax deductable?
if you do not file a 2004 tax return do you file them with your 2005 tax return?
Do the families on Extreme Makeover-Home Edition have to pay taxes on the improvements/ gifts they receive?
Why are only 25+ year olds entitled to working tax credits in the UK?
Can you claim on TAX money that you have send from,western union or monegram?
Even though I'm a full time student and had a job, do I still owe taxes?
Vacant land - Any tax(es) in Ontario?
If my daycare privider refuses to give me their tax ID to file with, how else can I get that info?
On average, how much do you spend to get your taxes done every year???
We lost our home in the wildfires of 2008- we bought a new home in 1/09 how do we claim the loss-?
I just filed my 2007 tax return and want to check the status.... where can i go online to do that?
Do I have to pay taxes if I am under 18?
dose anyone know the form number for irs to wave interest and penalties. its not on irs site?
Income tax forms/1040 and 2555/ for 2003 and 2004-Where can I find them online?
How many people still have not got their income tax checks yet?
do I have to pay 2008 property tax in 2008 to write them off or can I pay them in 2009?
Where Do I Find The Statistics On How People File Their Taxes Whether Single Married Jointly Married Separatel?
In the UK If I get paid £2,000 a month how much tax and National insurance will I be expected to pay?
TAX ? Please answer this!!! I need some immediate help!?
If my parents own property in hawaii and pay taxes on it yearly, would we be able to pay in state tuition?
can the irs come after you with one fraudulant tax return?
About Paying The IRS! Please Help!?
Do I get tax refund too, when I return the item to the store?
Will I get that I.R.S. refund even though I'm paying them in monthly installments for back taxes? I filed.
What is the difference between a NRE & NRO account in India ?
Treatment of Interest income earned on loan borrowed for the purchase of fixed asset u/s 36(1)(iii) of IT Act.?
Is depreciation cost capitalized?
Should you be able to claim a child on your taxes when you are paying child support?
canadian foreign tax credit?
how much taxes would i pay?
Is Social Security good or bad?
If my father claim mortgage interest, can I claim property tax on my return?
how long a period can you back file your taxes?
sales tax chart?
Who claims my child on taxes next year?
What is Mittals Bid FOR Arcellor?
can I claim spousal support on my tax return?
what is the tax rate in Michigan?
i want to find the book the Mckenzy mind?
I paid my dad $1 for some land in 2004. If I sell the land, how much in taxes will I have to pay?
Can you receive a full Federal Tax Refund if you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
Can you be penalized by the IRS for not filing jointly if your spouse is in the military?
Is it true that in the health care reform bill there is a real estate sales tax of 3.8% starting in 2013?
How do I figure how much my income tax return will be?
I found a pair of barely used under ware along side the road, do I have to report my findings to the IRS?
If I make a mistake on the itemization sheets will the IRS correct them?
must my father in law file or pay federal taxes?
who is the best p.m. of india?
How would a South African living in the UK get their National Insurance Number?
Can I still file taxes if I have a refund ?
Is there a simple way to estimate how much you will recieve for unemployment? ?
when can i print a 1040x form on taxact?
As an American Citizen living overseas do I have to claim a state for income tax purposes?
how do you file taxes?
how do i figure out if i get money back from my taxes or if i owe?
How do i file my own taxes?
Should I claim 1 or 0 on my W-4?
my husband was killed in an auto accident in 2009 and irs is trying to attach to my paycheck .the tax amount?
Can a hotel purchase cutlery with out paying sales tax and only use it for use at the hotel?
how late can i file tax online, midnight today?
How much do Paypal charge for a withdrawal when my bank account is based in UK but my location is Philippines?
I owe the IRS around $30,000 and have no money to pay them, what can I do?
How much of income is withheld for medicare part A?
how much money do you have to earn in order to file income taxes?
Am I eligible for unemployment benefits after working abroad?
Tax free counter in Luton airport, UK?
what time does the irs deposit tax returns?
Where should I report this particular OTHER INCOME on 1099-MISC?
How do I return my tax rebate check?
Question about stocks and merging companies...?
cheapest way to file your taxes?
Chapter 7 discharge tax debt?
Income tax issues due to a Gift of Equity?
what is the best way to do your taxes?
Am I able to file my car on my taxes for anything if its not in my name but it is my car?
Is a car purchase tax deductable?
Leaving the country, can I claim taxes back?
Do I need to claim last years state refund as federal income for 2005?
Should the tax on pipe tobacco be raised through the roof?
how i can fill my online form in any bank?
Living in the UK and taxes?
how much the property tax in wisconsin?
Whats the correct way to fill out a W4 in my situation?
ithe lady that watch my kids wont give me her ss# how do i clame the day care cost on my taxis without this?
What are the capital gains tax implications if I close my self managed super fund in Australia?
Can form 8332 be done for a previous year?
Who can file stock loss in a joint brokerage account?
Can employers find out your age through your social security number?
Where does all the tax money received by the IRS go to?
I purchased a new vehicle in 2011. Is there still a tax credit or break for purchasing a new car for 2011.?
what are the differences between chartered accountants and chartered secretaries?
My partners p60 form does not contain his own NI number?
what is the process when a report is made to the tax office?
Is pmi-mip tax deductible?
I can't claim my daughter who lives with me (HELP)?
Is it possible to transfer a gift receipt for tax purposes in Canada?
Do non Indians working in a California Indian tribe casino pay federal tax or any taxes?
Canadians shopping in US - taxes paid on which value ?
Filing Head of Household-Considered Unmarried?
Do you staple form 1040 to the rest of the schedules or send them in loose?
I'm a widower w/3 children, all under 15. They rec'v SSA benefits of $7k each. Do they need to file return?
How can a woman with two children that has received only welfare, receive a tax return?
Looking for a web page listing no state taxes and low property taxes?
Does equity allotment in place of salary attract income tax same as salary?
Aren't Tax Credits delightful?
How much can I gift to my children legally for income tax purposes?
Does anyone know if the IRS does Test Deposits for Refunds?
If you and your spouse live apart for over a year, can you file your taxes as single?
can theta deduct medicare premiums from your payroll check and social security?
Can my boyfriend claim me on his taxes?
My parents claimed me on their tax return?
what kind of attorneys can help me with IRS problems?
Can my sons dad claim him on his taxes?
DO American citizens who work for United nations outside USA pay FICA and Medicare taxes on their earning abr
3rd extension of unemployment benefits?
What is the Sales Tax in Galena, Il as of today, September 14,2006?
my husband was killed in an auto accident in 2009 and irs is trying to attach to my paycheck .the tax amount?
how can i find out who claimed me in a certain tax year?
what does it mean when the state IRS said my tax return is under review?
Is there any websites that explain employers tax responsibilities in plain english?
when can i get a loan for my taxes?
Where do I record tips I got from my LLC?
I file haed of household and have two kids with some deductions should I itemize or standard my taxes?
Sales Commission?
What is a 1099-G Form?
What is an 'Extra exemption' worth in value for tax return purposes?
How can I buy a really nice station wagon for work and claim back on tax? I'm only a labourer!?
Can a Florida judge order that a non-custodial parent be allowed to claim child on his taxes.?
do you need to be a cpa to file business taxes in usa?
How much taxes are taken out of person's paycheck in Ontario?
Income and Council Tax (UK) who is it for?
A question about working tax credit, UK?
I live with my boyfriend and our son we share all expenses what would be the best way to file our taxes?
can my parents claim me on taxes?
My son is 16 and working a part time job and made under $3000.00, does he have to file a tax return?
Education Tax Credit Question?
If I owe CA state taxes, will they stop my unemployment, please read details, they don't fit in title?
can a vat exempt professional pay deficiency tax for his undeclared purchases of a vat registered seller?
What is an internal error?
Boss wont give me W2..what can i do?
Is exemption of Photo Paper and Chemicals allowed in service tax calculation during 2004-05?
Overtime taxes?
why can't a married couple ,if one is on ssi , claim a spouse for earned income credit?
Moved from Virginia prior to final federal retirement effective date - is last pay subject ot VA tax?
I got a 1099C from a company I've never done business with. Should I be concerned?
Wanting to start business but do I have to pay tax ?
If my child father gets paid 1200.00 bi weekly after taxes how much child support will he have to pay?
Single Father Tax Question?
Do we all have to pay council tax?
Tax return from abroad for a foreign national?
Has any one been successful in getting a offer an compromise with the IRS approved?
Sent Irs cashiers check and they lost it..?
How much do I owe on my property tax?
$50,000 at 6% calc. daily, how much actual int. paid at 30 days and 60 days?
could a video game system that is 400$ price on it have a 30$ tax rate on it?
How do you go about changing your Social Security Number? How much does it cost?
When are students exempt from paying UK council housing taxes?
Does anyone still have the status saying by Feb.1st today?
Am I supposed to be filing taxes even if I dont live in the US,earn money or own anything?
What money is taxable (usa)?
Where on the tax form do I put information from Form 1098-T?
what is the answer to 49.95 plus12.00 plus 10%shipping (isit plus or times?)plus 8.125%? how do I figure it ou
Can i claim my newborn as a dependent?
How long will it take to get my state id?
If the US BOMBS being rushed to Israel are used to kill American citizens in Lebanon,will the US BOMB Israel?
Numerical filing, lowest to highest?
What are the tax implications for leasing personal property to a company searching for natural gas?
Can I deduct BAS on my personal tax?
is there a statue of limitations on owed income tax in gergia. my husband died in 2001, and now gergia is afte
If average tax-rate is 25% and marginal tax-rate on interest income is 30% What is the rate?
can i show my last year premium for next year rebate?
does property tax come in effect if you own a home or land?
Does bill me later cover the cost of the shipping and tax?
If audited by the IRS, will a credit card statement be sufficient to count as a receipt?
How much is 25000 pounds UK money in the U.S.?
My daughter and i are both on welfare. Can i claim her on my taxes?
what is the sales tax in arizona?
Can I claim my car mileage in this situation?
If a 8.25% sales tax is applied to the total sale, how much tax wouls be added to your bill?
Is Iowa one of the states that has repealed the state death tax?
Needing a free printout of a 2012 w9 form.?
I'm going to be moving back to California soon...?
Article 17 & 18 of Treaty between U.K. & USA?
Need to register for ABN in Australia. Like to know the business type?
what to do if i owe money to the IRS?where should i go?
I make roughly $300 a week. How much should i save for taxes when they come around?
Tax deductions for year 2010?
What are the benefits of PAN (Permanent account nomber)?
I'm a J1 visa holder. My wife is an unemployed US citizen. We are filing jointly. Do I still get rebates?
if the wmr says still processing does that mean theres no way i can get my refund sooner?
Taxes taken out for bonuses vs. salary...?
What is Tax Code 801L?
US company sales and service to Canada, need to charge HST?
Federal tax return question?
Am I entitled to a tax deduction for parking may company provided car on my property?
how much can i get for claiming a baby?
Why do you all just sit back and take it?
Is there any site where I can view my Income tax return in India?
Should Australia and New Zealand share a common currency?
Anybody else get an e-file return accepted by IRS today?
UK Benefits - What would we be entitled to?
ACEPT4023A this is my pan card no. i want to print to this my pan card?
IRS Wheres my Refund page stated 2/3 originally but when I checked today it says 2/10. Any ideas?
What is the California State income tax exemption form?
Did anyone get the Stimulus check yet and if so what is your last 2 digits? Mine is 02 and I haven't got mine
If two people claim a child on there taxes will they both get paid?
Ordered some empty Atomiser's from china to uk. How much is the customs duty likely to be? Percentage?
My 2009 Fed Tax Return was submitted accepted on jan 16th by the IRS still no refund?
ATO tax telling lies for money gain?
what is my ESI and PF ? my basic in 7084 Rs,HRA is 2834 convy 708 other 1181 total is =11806 RS?
When will this recession end in the UK?
Has anyone recieved their tax rebate yet?
what is the tax rate on short term capital gain on which STT has not been charged?
If i am legally separated, can I claim myself in taxes or is my husband going to do that?
how much tax is taken out of my paycheck if i make $480 per week?
how do I file for federal tax exemption as a private citizen?
P60 from
How long do you have to keep you tax receipts and files?
does drawing unemployment exempt me from getting the EIC when i file my taxes? also my 17 year old has worked?
Can Mitt Romney amend his 2011 tax return after the election is over to get below the 13% rate?
What are the best ways for me to reduce my tax bill?
i am looking for dates of payment of tax deducted?
Why does the rich pay less taxes?
what would be the tax on $26.99?
Why havent i got my endevor debit card yet and i got eccepted from the irs on1/23/2012?
I took money out of 401K, can I wait til next year to claim it?
I need to have NO federal and state taxes held on my next paycheck. How do I fill out my w-4?
Overpaid Paycheck Because Exemptions?
Which states do not tax federal retirement?
If child support is owed can your federal taxes be witheld?
Iam living outside the US and Iam nterested in taking a US tax trainning course. Where can it be???
If we increased taxes on federal and state employees, could we balance the budget?
bureau of internal revenue's company policies?
Do foreigners pay capital gains tax on U.S stocks.?
Can I use my textbooks that I use for college as a tax write off?
child EIC tax help!!!!?
bailiffs came to the house today for council tax owed by myself and my partner. I need some advise really?
Anyone with a 2/1/12 direct deposit date for IRS refund? ?
How many kids can you claim on taxes for credit?
how to stop mother from claiming me as a child on her income tax form...?
How to tax 8% to 260 dollors?
Can a US citizen work temporarily in GB?
I live in Houston Tx. How do I acquire a tax ID number to start a business?
I'm moving to China to live but still going to work offshore in the UK. Do I pay Chinese or British taxes?
csa arrears please help?
Looking for price of GE stock on Jan. 5, 1990?
when do you receive the parent supplement from centrelink?
Why did my employer switch us from exempt to non exempt?
Can I claim my girlfriend's kids on my taxes?
Can someone file for your taxes?
do i still get taxed as a student earning under £8000?
can I claim the refund?
Are payments that someone makes to me considered additional income?
E-mail received July 2 said woman was dying and left in her will an inheritance @ Nationwide Plc bank manchest
I earnt $7297 gross AUD, and paid $326 tax, how much tax should I get back?
do couriers pay taxes?
Math problem. Deduct ,085 percent from 585.52?
I filled my taxes and they said i get 600$ for stimulus that I didn't get last year. Why do I get it now?
Is there a tax on alcohol?
Tax filing question for parents who have split up?
When I file my taxes for this year...?
Back child support and tax returns?
No taxes are being taken out of my check. if i get laid off can i collect unemployment benefits?
What is the canadian parcel system with the following numbers: CX110112021CA?
What is the Tax ID number for FNA Early Headstart in Fairbanks, AK?
what is the percentage you pay tax on a product in your state?
first person to tell me how much a 24 year old earning £24000 per year?
will I get the tax rebate for my child that was born after the new year?
joint or single tax assessment in Ireland?
where can i get a single 1099 form?
What is the penalty for not paying quarterly taxes?
How old do you have to be to pay taxes?
What should I do if I owe 5 years past taxes to the IRS?
File taxes alone or as a dependent?
writing a letter to the irs?
Collecting Unemployment due to College?
I am a single mom head of household do not get child support and i only got $600 .Dont understand??i have a kd
C2C/1099 - Applying for Jobs?
Mother claiming Social Security on me, nearly 25 and work full time.?
Can a foreign student in U.S. on F-1 visa file taxes as a resident alien if he is here for more than 5yrs?
council tax benefir problem?
can I appeal to the IRS for hardship re: early withdrawal?
I want to know how can i calculate my income tax projection for the current financial year. standatd format?
Can sales tax and title fees can be deducted on taxes for car purchases made in 2005 (state of Ohio}or federal
Even though I'm a minor, will I have to pay taxes if I get a job?
I withdrew my 401(k) last year, how will that affect my tax refund?
when working and geting welfare help do i report a tax refund?
Student tax transcript?
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