If my dd date is feb 21 on my tax refund will i get it?
Process of making a clothing company? (taxes)?
How does unearned income work re tax return?
What is a Depreciation Report and why should my strata obtain one?
What is the tax on 28.00 ?
Is EVERY state issuing state refund checks via check by mail this year?
I heard you can lodge your tax after October 31 with an accountant. Is this true and what is the small print
Will the IRS come after me if I go on wellfare?
ACN IRIS 3000 Videophone...?
Why do I get a tax rebate every year? (UK)?
Texas Tax Legislature?
i need VAT advice please?
Is there any limit for interest from Savings Bank deposits to be tax free?
how much will my 2011 federal tax refund be income $38000?
Filing taxes seperately when married?
Foreign money transfer from USA to India, Any tax complications here in USA?
In the U.S., do I really have to have my taxes sent in by the 15th of April, even if I am getting money back?
What is the Legal Name of my DBA?
what is the latest i can work if I'm under 18 in the UK?
i want a tax income certificate from metropolitan life?
What is going on with the Nevada unemployment online claim system?
can capital gains taxes be avoided by reinvesting the funds?
Has anyone scheduled to receive their tax refund today gotten it? ?
I found out i will get my tax refund by Feb 17 2009 does that mean i can get it before that day ?
How much do i have to earn before i pay tax in UK?
What`s the different between tax deductions and tax credits?
CANADA. Government rebate question?
My Neighbor Is Engaging In Disability Fraud. Should I Report Him?
Am I exempted from sales tax liability on mentioning "items sold are for re-sale only" on the invoice?
Has anyone got their 2010 tax refund back yet?
Do I need a new ITIN number every year? ?
What's the status of my refund?
IRS Quetion _ About 16 months ago I received a notice that I had not done my taxes so the IRS would be filing?
Can you claim your newborn on your taxes if she was born dec 29 2010?
How does one get a "Retail Tax Receipt" in MO?
: the federal tax system allows firms that have a tax loss in a year to apply the loss against past and future?
can you claim children and adults on your taxes as dependents that are NOT related?
can 2 people claim the same child on the income tax return , filing singlely? what would happen?
Disabled spouse and taxes?
Has anyone recieved their homebuyer tax yet?
TaxAct 1099k questions not making sense to me?
Got a letter from IRS CP87A? What should I do?
I have a school federal loan that I still owe can I go to jail if I don't pay it or will they just deduct from?
What forms must I file for a Nonprofit Corporation?
Legally, Do employers have to send out W-2s and 1099s by a certain date? Where do I find this "law"?
Why do I have to pay taxes on money I've saved when I already paid taxes while making it?
How much will I make after taxes?
ayou make $ 8.45 an hour at your job. After working 33 hours, how much would you earn before taxes?
What is the best thing to claim on my taxes to get the best return and not own any after I do my taxes?
So NOBODY received their direct deposit tax return today?
Do I have to reveal my marital status when my filing income taxes?
I need some Tax Help Please!!?
What is the corporate tax rate in Serbia?
As a Single mom, how do I file a tax return if I didn't work? Will I get anything back?
What is the statute of limitations to collect on a tax debt in Virginia?
Will I receive an unemployment check still?
Can I file my income taxes tomarrow (4/18)? I'm too lazy to fill out the forms and lick that stanky stamp.
I Have A Job That Pays ALOT. I'm 16 going on 17 years old. What taxes am I supposed to pay?
How much tax gains would each tax hike generate: 250k 500k 1m?what's your opinion on the fiscal cliff?
Why is TurboTax saying that I owe money?
How soon after my ex recieves his taxes & they take the back pay.. will i recieve it?? I live in Texas...?
do I need to send original w-2s, 1099s, etc, when filing state taxes or is it ok with copies (lost originals)?
Is the macbook pro $1,100 with or without tax?
How long does it take for a tax refund to be credited to your credit card when item is bought from Paris?
why Indian finance minister can not impose tax on FII.?
If I earned £9 an hour and I am 17, how much will be taken off it?
TAX Return for small a small business?
I was supposed to get my tax rebate today through direct deposit... but never did,,?
what document are required for Professional tax registration?
do I have to pay on a law suite for HOA dues if the property is foreclosed on?
are business loan payments tax deductible?
If you buy somthing online do you need to pay sales tax?
i want to change my spelling in my PAN card.?
Accountants Please Help. Getting a monetary gift of 20k, without paying a lot of taxes?
When will I get my refund?!?! ?
Is there any penalty for not sending a 1099 MISC to an independent contractor by the due date?
If the APY of a savings account is 2.4% and if the principal in the savings account is $2200 for an entire yea?
What can I do if I literally can not pay all of my taxes?
q = −2p + 252 revenue and number of lobos?
Is a distribution from a trust a taxable event for the beneficiaries?
I was eligible for tax credit for college in 2009, is there a way I can still claim it?
My previous employer claims they have mailed my w2 form, yet I have not recieved it. Now, not returning calls?
Am I a 1099 or a W2 ? I think I am getting screwed?
Is It safe to provide our Pan Card number and Bank Account details to any website?
Tax credit question:I drive a Hybrid, I bought in in 2008. I was told i get a tax cut due to me buying a hybri?
i want to donate my home to the fire department and get a tax deduction?
Has Any One Recieved There Refund Today Feb 6th 2009 ? ?
Tax situation: FTE -> laid off -> contract work -> re-hired by same company all in the same year?
how we remember the date of vat tax?
why am i paying so much tax?
At 13 per hour what is my take after taxes?
Can I get Circulars & Notification Related to All Tax Matters and How?
Do I need to file taxes for my second job where I made under $5000?
Why does the IRS need stakeholders ?
How to calculated Internal Rate of Return ?
is filing an amended return to change filing status more beneficial than filing form 8379?
IRS says I haven't paid my taxes but I did?
H & R Block question?
W4 Claimed 0 Dependents shows claiming 4?
Is form 8863 something you get from school or is it a tax form I can get online?
can i write this off - tax question?
Is driving mileage to work (3 different hospitals) tax deductible?
I owe back motor vehicle taxes that are around $1600.00 of which $710.00 is all intrest. My question is?
what date is the dead line for doing taxes?? USA?
What date will companies send out W2s to their employees for calendar year 2006?
my son is 19 and lives at home. last year he made less than $5,000.00. does he file his own tax return.?
I can not find my 07 and 08 tax returns and I need them for a meetin asap is there a way to get a copy?
Has anyone had a tax refund deposit on a Saturday?
Bonus Computation and Journal Entry.?
I need some tax info, can someone help?
how pay prize andmore deteails?
I have 2.5 years living in BC, Canada and i am going to buy a house. Do I have to pay property transfer tax?
What form do I need to fill out for my taxes if I didn't work at all in 2010?
if i want to import diamond rings and jewellery. Do I have to pay tax? are there any loop holes in the law?
I just got married this year. Would it be more advantageous (tax wise) to file jointly. My husband and ?
I Lost my PAN Card. Whats the next step?
I was looking at my boyfriend check stub. He has a "tax relief act" deduction!?
tax time!!? is the money worth getin them done by a professional?
what are some items you can write off during tax time?
What were federal tax revenues by year for the past 20 years?
What is capital budgeting?
Why should I work when I can get a refund from the IRS without having a job?
What should I file on W-4/W-2?
Another tax question.?
I lost my 20% down on my home as a short sale result. can I claim on taxes?
If I make under $400 by selling my own art online do I have to pay taxes?
tax forms 56 1041 & 1065 need someone with some knowledge on them please?
Did anyone yet get there state refund back yet.h&r block said it would only take a week or less.?
In a roth 401k, the deduction is based on after tax dollars, is that also after 401k and other pre tax ded...
Wyatt performs services for Abby. What factors show that Wyatt is an employee and not a contractor?
Can I find my Adjusted Gross Income from 2004 on line so I can E-file my taxes?
My tax stimulus rebate was due today on june 6, but I did not get it.?
Does someone who have more than 10 dependents, have to pay federal income tax?
I can fill out this w-9 tax form online?
Will i get good money back on taxes?
I'm moving adress but I owe council tax will the swap my housing benifiet and council tax benifiet over?
i have already filled my taxes and got return. i got a 1098 form after words for the house i bought this year?
Can my mother claim me as a tax exemption?
Do you charge sales tax for the following services in New York State?
Are claims received for renters insurance due to hurricane Katrina taxable?
the comany I work for didn't take taxes out of my check for the whle year.?
how can i release my pension?
If I am scheduled for DD May 9th,?
Do you think rich pay should pay more tax?
What can I claim on my taxes as a single mom?
IRS Letters...could this be a trick?
which part of the first schedule attached to the finance bill prescribes the rates of income tax?
How I can get foodstamps?
i had to pay in taxes this i get a stimulis check?
How do i find out how much money i earned and how much tax i have payed?
I filed my taxes on Feb 1 by turbo tax and was told that I would have my refund by Feb 9th. It didn't show up
How much will i get back on my tax return this year for Dental Expense?
I am 17 years old. If I work, must I pay taxes?
why do some company's charge sales tax and some don't?
If the salary and allowances of an employee is as follows:?
How much tax will I have to pay for these shoes?
how much is the value for a dolla in compare nabrazilian monational money?
2008 Stimulus check not received, but owe IRS for it?
I earn the minimum wage and I had to pay taxes?
if i had no employment last yr but i do have a child can i still get the child tax credit?
Estimating my Taxes for 2012?
Tax relief on travel expenses?? (Community Carer)?
medical expenses for non-dependents?
Can you continue to collect EI benefits in Canada (Manitoba) if you have a direct selling business?
will i qualify for first time homebuyer tax credit?
when will i get my economic stimulus check?
What is the approx. % of all taxes taken out of a weekly paycheck in NY?
question about 1098-t?
a tax i entitled to any money to myself?
My cousin claimed me on his taxes & I made over the amount of money to where you have to file on your own!?
what are working conditions like in the UK?
Work out how much taxes your paying and ask to see the receipts!?
do i add the federal income tax with the social security tax when adding income tax paid for fafsa?
Where do I see my income and my husband's income separately on form 1040?
Breast Implants - Deductible or Not??
Why does the ACA raise taxes on companies such as pharmaceuticals?
Gasoline Prices: Why is gas sold with the extra $0.009 per gal tacked on?
Which U.S. State is the most tax beneficial to physically operate and manage a business from?
How tax deduxtable is NaNoWriMo?
Should Work Contract Tax be deducted from payment of Bill of Printing on Popline Cloth Banner?
how do you qualify for earned income credit?
avoid paying taxes 2x on voluntary contrib. to 401 saving plan with co. have already paid taxes on this portio
how do i get a copy of my owed calif state taxs from 1993?
Does an owner of an LLC have to claim their medical insurance as income on their personal tax return?
how has electronic spreadsheets change the way we do taxes?
If I bought 200 acres for $500K and sold 100 acres of it for $400K do I owe capitol gains taxes?
My parents receive food stamp. Can i still have them as my dependent when i file tax?
Is that extra $25 a week from the government you get while on unemployment taxable?
So i called the irs and spoke to a nice lady. she said due to some kind of delay im scheduled for dd 2 11. ?
Is it true that Obama is going to give all out taxes to lower income people?
where & whom to inform about a fraud IATA travel agent ?
does she qualify for head of house hold?
Buying stuff from Australia?
True or False ?
IRS solution???
what year did churches become tax exempt in the US?
A new business without tax?
I have ordererd some items of clothing from the US. How can find out how much tax i will pay and when?
Do I have to file taxes if i'm under 18?
Recommend possibble measures or strategies of taxation that may boost business growth and development?
Would it be nice is Obama cut property taxes?
Easy way to CONVERT Black Money to WHITE.?
EFile and approved applications?
My boyfriend owes some back taxes, if we were to get married would they take the back taxes out of my return?
i did not contribute to company retirement plan or 401k. Can I contribute to IRA?
What is your tax district number?
H&R Block said the 11th says 15th?
My 2010 Tax return was withheld. What law can I site in my dispute letter?
How much will taxes be increased after the Health Care Bill?
how do I find out what tax bracket I am in?
When do you have to pay SS and Medicare taxes for an LLC?
Tax implications for large sum of money?
I want to know my First name, middle name & surname for PAN correction applicatio,my PAN no. is ADMPL8509Q .?
Do I need a tax ID number when working at a business doing housekeeping under my given name?
How do i calculate to amount of taxes that come out of my paycheck?
If I repay a signing bonus, how do I get a refund on the taxes witheld?
will you get your stimulus payment if you owe taxes?
How long are MN tax refunds taking?
need help taxes......!!!?
Is there any way around the "gift" tax?
What do I do about filing income taxes this coming year?
how to get sales tax exemption in Massachusetts?
Can you deduct mileage, gas or maintenance on your taxes if you use your personal car for business use?
do teens have to pay taxes in Maryland?
Brokerage Fee USA to Canada?
How much tax do I pay in Canada?
A tax amendment must be filled personally or can be corrected by a public notary?
How long does it take when u get thd tax advocate on your because i have sent in all of my documents?
How do you file an escrow refund on your income taxes?
what is VAT?
What is the tax rate for t.v. shows on itunes?
how many times can you change you federal tax deductions in a year? and where can i get printable information?
How do I get a copy of tax return? I cant find my copy.?
Where Can I Find The Average Amount of Taxes Paid Per Individual Per Year?
How will my tax refund be paid?
do H-1b workers have to pay Michigan income tax?
US Tax Court?
Will I get a tax refund this year?
Did anyone recieve their tax rebate checks yet?
If I buy from cyberpower do I need to also pay tax? (Live in BC)?
Do you feel that there should be a more equitable distribution of goods and services in the United States?
Video Camera as Business Expense?
Tax deduction help when you own your own business?
isn't it better to claim 1 than 0 for your job/taxes?
What was the highest U.S. Federal Income tax rate ever? --When?What income group?
Are my transaction on Indian Stock Auditable for filing my return for IT?
I made 6270.00 in 2010 for my ssdi should I file taxes?
Is one paycheck enough to receive an income tax return?
Claiming my daughter will I get anythign back?
jfkairportnewyork,kauwaitairway baggs claim?
How to reclaim gambling winnings?
My wife made $320 doing some side work in 2009, just cash & obviously no 1099, do we claim that?
Single or Head of Household?
Need to know how much tax would be paid on 48.5 mil US inheritance?
do retired people over 70 have to file taxes to get the refund?
how do I get the 10% back from the IRS under Firpta?
How much can you earn tax free a year in the UK?
If you put a house in an LLC divided amongst your kids, if sold, does the tax burden get distributed?
how do i find out if child suport took my tax refund?
when after the ex-div can you sell and still get the divy?
What happens to the loan taken under PMRY scheme in case of death?
A debit to sales returns and allowances is evidence of a?
If I make 26 K a year and my live in boyfriend makes 47k a year would it be better for him to claim me taxes?
Where can I go to get tax forms?
How drawings work with sole trader and company strucutres?
the Company does not want to give me the p60 model, what should I do?
i efiled my tax return on the 22nd of january and when i got to check my refund status it says its still?
Can I claim my kids when I I file taxes?
has anyone got there tax refund yet?
I didnt claim my child on my W4 for, what will happen?
when do employers have to mail out w-2's?
what type of taxes applicable to construction industry? what is d rate of each tax?
whether walky talky is allowed in india or not, as i wish to take it from Canada to india.?
How do I find out if I owe personal property taxes in boone county arkansas?
Mr. jones the internal revenue service would like to visit with you about your tax return.?
Can my fiance claim me on his taxes this year ?
How long does it take to receive your income tax refund if you filed electronic with taxcut software?
How do I cancel a IRS Tax ID number for a company I established and will now not be pursuing?
How much is my car tax for 12month?
What is the limit income for the tax year 2005 to be able to fund a roth ira?
What Number of Allowances on my W4 Form?
Who pays school taxes?
what is tax rebate under section 80-l for financial year 2005-2006?
how can be double check my withholding tax written in t4 if is right or wrong?
Can i have my tax refund deposited on someone elses prepaid card?
You should receive your refund by February 1, 2011.?
How do I file for a tax extension?
Texas Sales and Use Tax Return Form 01-922 - Help?
Is there a site for checking stimulus rebate status?
Why after paying taxes on your car and your home. both being paid off, do you still have to pay taxes?
I'm a student well under my tax threshold, but my recent p60 shows over £400 tax paid.How do I get this back?
Question about homestead exemption?
what affect,if any, will Greek financial problems have on holidaymakers from the UK?.?
How is it that no one seems to understand the concept of a tax percentage?
i did not work at all last year but have 4 dependant, can i stll file taxes?
Business Taxes?
How much will be taken out of my paycheck in the state of texas?
Is 810L 0 an emergency tax code?
1099-B Maturity of Tax exempt college bond. Must I claim it as income?
Federal income tax question?
Would My Child Tax And Child Benefit Stop If I Work?
If I pay AMT, is mortgage interest for my primary residency deductible?
Do you have to file taxes every year? when your income is only $2800.00 totle income for the year? or are you?
can u file taxes even if u didnot make enough for federal to take out?
if i get a check from a stock settlement, how do i report that on my taxes?
Tax question for experienced...?
What would a $200,000 salary be after taxes in California?
I need to buy tools for my work, screwdrivers drills etc can I claim tax relief on these?
Is there a way to determine the exact amount to be taken from your check?
Is the TV License a stealth tax?
For cash to be considered earned income, is all you have to do is file income tax on it?
Are taxes to high for a middle income retiree in Washington state?
How much tax do I have to pay if i import electronic staff from China to UK.?
Indian Tax - If I already have a house in my name, can i take a home loan and avail tax benefit?
i live in ny and i have an appointment to get my taxes done tomorrow but i was on unemployment...?
Independent contractor vs employee where will I make more?
Will i get bush's tax refund or NOT?!?!?
What rate of return would you espect on a 5 year treasury assuming the pure expectation theory is valid?
Thesis statement on value added tax?
why is everyone saying tax returns can't be?
My ETS says 07,April 2013 my DEROS says 20140308, can i still ETS 2013?
how long do you have to pay 2011 unpaid taxes before property is for sale?
Unemployment comp benefit warrant?
Where is the income in Schedule C 1040?
My husband is on H1b(first year) and I came on H4 in Nov 2005. Should we file a joint return?
What sort of restaurants do you need in the UK ?
Been working alot of overtime, question about tax brackets?
Why didn't Al Capone use the money he obtained through criminal means to pay his taxes?
What is the impact of the income tax and the VAT on work effort?
I did my taxes payment today but i think I'm being over charged!?
Can I expect a large tax refund for 2012 if.....?
Does anyone know when they are going to mail out the rebate checks from the stimulus plan?
Employer claimed me as 1099 when I wasn't?
I qualify for the stimilus check and i have not recieved it yet, where is it?
Why haven't I gotten my direct deposit from the government yet my last 2 SS# is 12?
Tax amount for 2 jobs?
reporting tax fraud?
IRA transfer without a rollover?
where can I find a list of tax deductions. I want to go prepared and know what I am able to qualify for.?
i worked about seven months last year,i filled out exempt on my w-4 made 36,000. will there be any penalties?
Would you report someone who earns money from children's clubs but does not declare it to the Revenue?
If you owe on taxes--do they take your stimulus $ off of it?
When is the new york state no tax day?
Would I still get a tax refund for an old return?
T2125 tax question - website hosting fees?
can i claim my 21 yr old even though she earned a little over 5ooo.oo in 2009.?
Limit of amount of money one NRI brother can send in India?
What form would I use to report rental income and expenses if the expenses exceed the income?
whats a tax id number?
where can i find a good tax adviser that had exp. working with dental hygienist's tax returns?
will delinquent student loans in my name hurt my husband's chance of getting a federal job?
Post 1: Any DWP or Job Centre workers to advise me on these questions please?
What ar the SUTA rates for the state of Maryland?
After filing workers comp on october 9 how long will it take to get my money im waiting for?
I have a employer that taxes my mileage is this legal?
I receive a monthly car allowance that is taxed. Can I right off my mileage at the end of the year?
VAT reduction petition - please help?
Tax Refunds and being full-time student benifits?
Are New York employers required to give you FMLA papers once you've submitted a doctors note?
can i file as a head of household if i have somenone living with me who is not my relative but i pay all bills?
what is wrong in showing a boy that you are jelouse?
how much tax would i pay on 25,000 pa?
What is the pay rates for a pharmacist in the UK?
Income Tax on one paycheck, or all?
International package arrived without customs charging anything?
How do I know how much I've paid in property taxes?
What dangers would i face, if I left the house, cars etc behind and left my wife.?
can i get a part time job while on social security income?
I claimed my neices an now the irs wants additional information.?
Statute of Limitations on filing German VAT returns?
I do I.T. consulting and use my personal car, should I claim this as a deduction or am I opening up a can of ?
how much do you take out for taxes for a 10-99?
why the renewal date of P & I clubs is on february 20 every year ?
Is there a penalty or fee charged by CRA if you file taxes late and are getting a refund?
is the money recieved from a home equity loan taxable?
can I write off child support on my taxes?
If an LLC has property which falls into foreclosure what effect will this have on LLC members personally?
Does anyone know what tax bracket is for 87000?
My tax was deducted for 2005-2006yr but my employer is now saying that he can't provide form-16?
I am on SSI/SSA. Will I get a stimulas check this year and how do I find out if it is coming to me?
why we use pan card no.when we get a f.d.?
tax question - claiming wife?
Rental income traceable?
Does anyone know sales tax?
is there tax on social secuty?
if taxes were more progressive, would total output be affected?
Where can I find a CPA in CT to help me?
What can I claim on taxes for my business? in canada?
PLEASE SHOW ME MY PAN CARD NO AGBPC6138Q on the internet or how can i view my PAN card details?
Sage Peachtree - How to account for appreciating assets?
how far back can the IRS go to get back taxes?
Texas Accountants! What are the differences in taxes for an LLC and a C Corp?
As income tax time approaches, did you ever notice?
Is it better to claim 1 or 0 on your W-4 Form if you are single and don't own anything?
How soon can I file my 2008 taxes?
people seem happy to pay their high taxes in Scandinavia where I live is this the way forward?
Is the UK cheaper to live in than the USA and which has less taxes?
Some back tax questions?
What would having a qualifying relative dependent on my tax return help me with?
can my wife file a 1040x ?
How much time do Indian Income tax authorities take to process an application for TAN?
if my salary is 18000 per month then what type of taxes me facing ?
what persentage of my income should go to what?
Can I get anything off my Taxes for replacing my roof.?
Statutory Maternity Pay and benefits?
I filed taxes with H&R Block doing RAC. It was deposited in my bank account. Will i get my tax rebate the same
When you amend a tax return?
should i be an Enrolled Agent?
Dispute with employer over providing Form 16?
Can Rent-A-Center take you tax refund?
Selling a Texas home with homestead exemption, what are the Federal tax liabilities?
Could you advise me how I can report to IRS about loss over $10,000 in the Tax return?
Taxation system in China?
Do University students have to pay any income tax?
Can my dad claim me as a dependent?
Who has the highest property taxes in the US?
Can charitable contributions be made from my IRA thus contributing before tax dollars?
Claiming benefits in the UK?
Does the IRS email stating that you qualify for a refund based on calculations from last year?
company paid a $6 dividend and will increase the dividend by $2a year?
i want to give my daughter 25,000.00 for a downpayment on a condo , how do i avoid any gift tax?
I filed my taxes on 1/17/2012 and now the irs is telling me ill get my money by 2/7/12 why so long of a wait?
How many to claim on my W-4?
Do I still have to report my qualified early distribution on my return? i.e. IRA draw to pay education.?
Should I do my own taxes if I have never done them before?? Please answer!!?
How much is tax on a $59.99 video game in the U.S?
When you write off your doctor bills on your taxes is it how much they cost or how you paid?
Do Barter Kings pay taxes?
Has anyone in Florida received an unemployment extension check yet?
Benefits advice?
how do i fix this. nys tax levy on bank account?
My brother left me a cashier's check. Is this taxable on an inheritance?
i owe the IRS money from last year. i get a rebate- but will i see it or will they deduct from my balance?
If United States is hated so much, why are foreigners wanting to come here?
Does my mom need my social security card to do her taxes?
Is there any octroi on personal goods transferred from one state to another within India?
Those who are in the 2/7 club? Has anybody received their refund before their DD date?
How much will I get back if anything this year for taxes?
What is - Conveyance: Qty/20' FCL: 3,000ctns?
I put a '2' for my w-4 allowances (lines a through h) - correct?
Is any one evaluation process better the others? Why?
How long to I have to hold on to old financial records, bank statements, etc.? USA?
I didnt recieve my tax refund today?
What will most Americans spend their tax rebate checks on?
My parents claim me as a dependent, can i still do my taxes?
Income tax question/California?
1098 form from Citimortgage?
I owe $254 Federal Tax, but qualify for rebate, do I pay the 254 up front or will it be deducted from rebate?
Write an application that calculates the amount of money earned onan investment, based on an 8% annual return.?
If you're unemployed are you no longer entitled to GST rebates every 4 months?
Didn't get your refund direct deposited into your bank account on 1/29? Let's let the news know about this!?
How many percentage of sales tax does VICTORIA SECRET WEBSITE CHARGES?
Why did my tax refund decrease from the year before and the only thing that changed was we bought a house?
what does 503l w1 mean has my income tax number?
Why is it that I only paid 1% federal income tax last year?
How a student should fill out W-4?
Can the IRS publish my name in the paper and exploit me on the internet if I don't pay them?
How do I pay estimated tax in this situation? (please actually read question)?
After working in UK for 4-5 years then returning to India. Am I entitled to get back NI contributions?
is there a website that has a tax estimator or tax refund estimator?
Will there be another tax rebate for 2008 filing year?
How does someone in the US send tax forms to an independent contractor in England?
How do I report my '05 IRA contribution that I made in '06 on my tax return since I will not have a Form 5498?
tax forget my tax file number?
Which tax software offers unlimited e-file?
If the IRS is auditing you for 2 years now, will they do it for the next, too?
how do i get a tax return if i owe child support?
claiming kids on taxes child tax credits?
what do you need when refunding a tax disc?
What is the minimum amount you have to make to claim earned income.?
How much is taxed from £6?
Are relocation allowances taxable?
if i live inthe 92301 what would that be as a postel code in england?
I heard about this guy that sold everything for 1 game of roulet & won if he bet say 100k howmuch $ after tax?
service tax?
What is the canadian tax law for charging people rent?
Do i have to pay taxes for my business even if we don't make a profit?
Centrelink University Attempts?
Do You Have to Have A Patent For Everything?
Can I avoid paying tax if I receive regular payments by cheque?
If we relocated who do we pay tax to?
How much tax and deductions would someone pay on a EUR27,000 salary in Republic of Ireland?
How can I calculate my income tax and NI amounts per month?
The IRS has been sending certified letters to someone. I know where they work. How do I get info to IRS?
What if my employer deducts all of my taxes and doesn't pay them? ?
I need help Filing my STATE taxes?
Us to Canada shipping - How much fees/duty will i pay?
How is Social Security pension taxed?
Do I have to pay this invoice?
I need tax help?
Can I claim the child tax credit on a child if I owe back child support on that child in Kentucky?
can a p.o. box be used when filling out a tax form?
Why do really wealthy people get tax breaks, whereas 'normal' people have to pay it all?
What is state unemployment tax act?
Tax Dad in nursing home?
Capital Gain tax on overseas property?
Has anyone actually received their stimulus check in the mail yet? I called the IRS, told mine was mailed.?
how does moonlighting affect tax?
How to figure my fiancee's taxes?
Can my wife & I both claim our new born daughter?
how did taxation lead to expansion of national government?
What percentage will the IRS take out of your check for back taxes?
Question about refund and recovery rebate?
I am 34, full-time student, parent of two kids, what benefits, tax credits, income support etc can I get?
how is money on game shows like deal or no deal is taken out for taxes?, if you win 100, much is left?
If you claim clothing on taxes will a computer print out from the employer work instead of original receipts?
my refund is wrong from irs e file?
can i get any tax credit from my student loan from last year: i have not paid any interest on it ?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a flat tax?
New spouse- Should I add my new spouse in my 2008 tax?
If I put my Blackjack winnings in my mothers bank account will she get in trouble with the IRS?
is there a bir tax table for annual tax?
How i can reduce my expenditure?
straight line depreciation?
what are the deductions a construction worker can use (legal) on income tax ?
How much is jobseekers allowance?
What happens if I dont renew Tax Credits on time?
IRS where's my refund update.?
In the aggregate-demand/aggregate-supply model, an increase in taxes causes ____ to ____ in the short run.?
Where in Chennai can I get legal advice on matters related to Special Economic Zones?
wheres our tax stimulous rebate???????
How to calculate Federal Tax and EI deduction for a single payroll?
Do you know a website/book that gives tips/advice for doing personal income tax returns for sales people?
about filing 2010 taxes for free right away for school?
Anyone not receive your tax refund via Direct Deposit on Jan 30 as scheduled?
Do you think application of VAT (Value Addition Tax) is fair and legal?
what is the percentage over list if list is $779,000 and we pay $801,000 for a house?
Husband and wife working in different states (FL and GA)?
simple tax question on filing?
Where can I find a cheap tax consultant in Sydney?
If I discovery a major gold ore deposit on my property, do I have to pay the government taxes for the gold?
Whats the sales tax where you live?
I had 2 jobs, and one was for only a month; do I have to apply the one that was only for a month?
i have residance 5years canay claim incom suport i have byby and befor i working?
Can I do jail time for not being able to pay my state taxes?
Curious, someone told me I can file my 2007 tax return as of Dec. 10, 2007?
I got E-mail from "!promotions that I won a cash prize in online lottery held in UK.Is it true?
The IRS sent me an official letter saying I owe taxes from 05 and 06 and the reason is CRAZY!?
UK NIN tax returns not filed?
Federal taxes withheld by employer, illegal?
how much tax and nat insurance would you have to pay when erning 300 pounds in uk ?
when do employers have to mail out w-2's?
Should I be expecting two tax return checks in the mail? (Federal & State Check)?
How to get W2 form online?
I need help with my taxes...what do I do?
What can you do if you know someone who plans to cheat on their taxes to get money they don't deserve?
how can i get the most money back on my tax refund?
Which has more importance in noncash transactions? FMV Stock issued or PPE/Equipment FMV. Thank you.?
How do I claim back overpaid tax on wages?
Quarterly tax payment?
seeking ex-'s tax filing info?
How many kids do I have to have to claim enough benefits to be able to stop work?
question about taxes?
NY State income tax question……?
how register as business in New York to remit withholding tax and unemployment tax?
What if any, deductions can i claim on the purchase of a new car?
How do i put the locality on Turbotax?
How much money do I have to make?
Is it illegal to overpay taxes?
i want to register for buying on ebay?
what is tax for importing spar parts from china?
can spouse be claimed as a dependant?
making a contribution + after tax cost?
I have return check from department of the treasury but can't deposit to bank,.can anyone help!!!
Has anybody received their tax refund direct deposit before their scheduled date?
Should people who drive those big gas guzzlers pay a special tax?
what percentage of the average yearly wage is that?
lahat ba ng regular employee may tax return?
Is TDS deducted from resident bank deposits limit of 10,000 interest/year for every deposit or for 1 account?
For an income over $250K?
do you have to pay capital gains tax in Canada on a principal home that you buy an sell within one year?
If i transfer money from the U.S. to New Zealand, do i have to pay taxes on both ends?
I am a US-born American citizen. I am eligible for the Irish citizenship as well. What benefits would I get?
God bless America!?
If you have a son in prison and you give money to him on a weekly basis. Is this tax deductible?
i have paid my tax by writing wrong pan in the physical challan.?
How do I figure the taxable portion of my RRB-1099-R?
What should i do with my life?
If I just go over my tax free allowance (few hundred £) can I still get back the tax paid before the limit?
Do I pay taxes on just capital gains or the whole amount withdrawn from a mutual fund?
how much does state disability pay in pa.?
Do i have to pay tax if Im 16 and working part time?
Are daycare centers required to provide a year end statement of your account paid?
how i get my pf aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?
What is the tax of 179.99 in California?
question about tax fraud?
Tax for Webcam girls?
i earn $1,500 per month.if i spend $375 on rent each month, what percent of my income do i spend on my rent?
How about a 0% tax rate on businesses?
will I be taxed on my first year of social security?
My husbands job doesn't pull our taxes, how much should we save for taxes?
What is going on my with my 2012 tax refund?
Do I have to do anything with irs form 3179?
what is the tax system in egypt?
my mother and father both has passed away over the last 4 months.?
Is there duty on shipments from Canadian Website when shipping to Canada?
Help! I didn't get my refund for 1/29/10. Anyone know whats going on?
Tax refund is not here by latest estimated date, how come?
how much do you think I will get from centrelink?
What the tax deductions for the unemployed? Do you have to pay the 10% penaltiy on 401K if you default on loan?
Is Britain the only country which has a TV tax?
why shoudnt the NHS be made private in the Uk like it is the the states?
whens my tax return getting here?
if i get a check from a stock settlement, how do i report that on my taxes?
We had our first child in July, what does that mean for our income taxes?
Why would any accountant give free tax advice on this website?
8.5 Crore SUV Conquest Evade Now In India?
Can my soon to be ex claimed our kids on his taxes and get EIC ..........?
Council chasing unpaid tax on ex-husband who died 2005?
what are the basic propositions of service tax? and what are the composite services?
Can I donate money to my own non-profit to fund operations and still deduct it on my personal taxes?
who supply alloy steel bars to V&M ?
Why didn't I get my GST?
tax fraud?
I need a good CPA in Dallas, for handling my taxes (stock options, espp)?
can i file three years incom at once?
Do I have to pay NI (National Insurance) on UK Capital Gains?
Will applying for food stamps affect my parents claiming me on their taxes?
I'm married with 0 dependants. My wife works part time. How many exemptions should I have for my fed./state?
Tax Return,i have broken my right hand and cannot write,sign cheque,will HMRC extend the deadline ?
Tax Refund Garnishment - Car debt?
WHAT Age do you have to be to get a pension?
Income Tax: Filing Married or Separate? Which is best?
First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit (Cuttoff Date)?
Declared our foreign income but turbo tax says we get our US taxes refunded??? Is this right?
how much income support/child tax credits would i get?
$100,000 and pay 36,000 of that in income tax?
help on my w4 form please?
If I file my tax returns online do I have to print a copy to prove that i did my taxes every year so that...?
should i include self-employment income if it wasnt alot and will it increase my eic?
What is mainstream corporation tax ( MCT)?
I am a single mother of two children and i didn't work for the year,can i still file and claim taxes?
I didn't file taxes this year becuase I didn't work so I let my Daughters grandmother carry her?
What is Tax Season.........?
What is a major disadvantage of getting a big tax refund?
If I file my INCOME TAXES FOR 2007 NOW . . . ?
government and taxes?
How to do my own taxes...?
Should there be a tax on bonfires?
should I pay personal taxes if I'm a self employed handyman LLC/student?
can i deduct rent phone and utilities if i file as a minister?
If I sell my primary resident in HongKong and wire money to US. Do I have to pay tax?
If you win a big award in court......?
I'm filling out a grant that ask for a dummy receipt, however I'm not sure what a dummy receipt is?
Is it true that you can claim a one time Federal excise tax credit in 2006 due to a rebate of telephone tax?
I'm buying someone out & refinancing my home & want to know the pros/cons of transferring it over as a gift.
Can I claim a loss for my personal belongings on my taxes?
Married filing jointly. But not married?
when Social Security retirement revenues will fall below the retirement benefits paid out?
How would you close this Balance Sheet (B/S) asset on the Final Return for S-Corp?
what will they tax next?
How to claim family tax credit were to get the forms?
The Federal Reserve System?
Which states, counties , or wherever, tax soda pop? Do any?
i have another question if someone has any knowledge regarding referance 1301?
Does the IRS investigate your taxes from previous years?
how do i retrieve my w2 form?
Efiled and was accepted by the IRS on the 16 Jan 2009. Still does not show up in Where's My Refund. ?
I am filing as injured spouse, how much will I get? (Indiana)?
can you claim your parents as dependents for health insurance and tax purposes?
Lost Tax Return Cheque - Please Help !?
What form should be used to write off expenses from buying & selling a home? What expenses can be written off?
Can he keep my last paycheck?
How we calculate gross salary from base salary?
Capital Gains???
What is the estimated cost to taxpayers for housing an inmate for one year in jail?
what if my company made an error and claimed my income to a different state and did not withold income tax?
Tax on pre ordered phone?
W2 form and waiting for reprocessing help?
Anybody else using TAX CUT (Standard) have to wait for mid-Feb update before you can file? Deluxe? Turbo Tax?
How do I reduce my property tax in texas when I'm not a resident?
Capital Gains Tax question regarding brokerage accounts?
Jane Goody's earnings for her boys. How much will the government get it's hands one?
for those whoe didn't get their tax refund today, there's an updated chart from IRS?
Why govt.increase tax rates/impose different taxes in India rather than control over scams.?
Has anyone taken the H&R Block Tax class and had to sign a non compete paper before you could take the class?
know the differences, examples, and arguments for and against:flat tax, progressive tax, and regressive tax?
I'm 16 and my mum claims Child Tax Credit, does this mean I can't work part-time?
What types of purchases can one use for the sales tax itemized deduction?
Tax fraud from my job for using a tax card?
What day is the deposit for indiana state tax refunds?
Is it true that people of at least 1/8 Indian ancestry don't pay income tax?
am i entitled to centrelink payments?
Bailiffs. please help!?
Does anyone know the mathmatatical sum to find the vat content of a total amount?
Need some help on STCG?
I do childcare for someone and they want to use the monies paid on childcare, do I have to give them my SS#?
Will IRS be notified if I do not report?
do you think there will be a retroactive estate tax for 2010?
can a child that isn't mine but lives with me be claimed on my taxes?
hello friends, my salary is Rs. 30,000 pm (fixed) in INR. Plz tell if TDS need to be cut or not on this.?
what year did minnesota start sales tax?
Where is a good place to get a job without social security number?
Can you file taxs if you only made 180 dollers in 2011 but have to kids as dependents?
If my SSI claim disapprove do I still get the income?
Can CRA send a tax refund cheque to a foreign country?
vat rate of in the state of maharashtra for somotropin or Human Growth Harmone?
How does a federal stimulus affect investors?
where can i get a certificate for filling taxes?
How do you transfer turbo tax information from one computer to a new computer?
I didn't make enough money to file taxes?
Texas Sales Tax - can Texas charge sales tax on services performed in other states?
Should cyclists be made to pay road tax?
Maximum savings for jobseekers allowance, UK.?
my sons father falsely claimed him on his taxes?
can i gift my inherited savings ee bond to child and use the proceeds for her college tax free?
Do I need to pay VAT on resale property?
Do I have to pay taxes on money that was wired to me internationally? I received $800,000 to start a business?
When paying tax on earnings? (UK)?
I heard politicians are trying to do something about cell phone taxes in PA. Are we going to get money back?
How do you pay tax as a YouTube partner (in Australia)?
Would you file two separate Schedule C forms for Ebay and Amazon?
Can anyone give me ONE GOOD reason why we should EVER INCREASE our income tax rate?
need to talk to someone about a tax levy?
Can you file seperate if you are married?
What should I do about income taxes?
Should I be registered, and including GST?
How will my 2009 tax return be effected if my parents claim me as a dependent?
What is the tax bracket for tax return 2012?
Can I file taxes if im unemployed?
what is the avrage you deduct from your gross pay to get avrage take home pay for aprox taxes?
1099 estimated payments when no tax previous year?
I just realized that my tax refund check was returned by the post office. Can I pick up my check at GTC office?
When I move to the UK, will my credit stay with me?
i need the names of the 4 wva state reps. and the four federal reps?
Is it better to file our taxes married seperately, or married jointly?
i want distinguish between income tax v/s vat?
Can the state garnish your income taxes if you file jointly? or if the tax return come in my husbands name?
what is the earliest date that you can e-file your taxes in 2008 ?
if i am selfemployed can i pay into unemployment compensation so that i can collect unemployment when my work?
Anyone received WI tax refund yet?
Are checks received in your business name income tax liable?
How can I open my 2005 TurboTax return so that I can print and view it?
How do I pay my UK national insurance while abroad?
Is it better to file our taxes married seperately, or married jointly?
Get a refund if fed ex lost my package?
What happens if someone else pay off my mom's house?
Can I avoid paying tax if I receive regular payments by cheque?
What taxes should I deduct if I am self employed, and work from home, in Illinois?
Will I get a W-2 for state disability?
do you have to pay taxes on small jobs you do?
Can u file taxes in december?
Why did the IRS take a hell of a lot more money from my Fed tax withholding this year than last year?
I only made $200 on my taxes will I recieve a rebate check?
Do I have to pay Oklahoma state taxes on loyalty income since I live in Texas?
Does anyone know what tax bracket is for 87000?
FHA Mortgage Insurance
where do i find my Adjusted Gross Income on my w2?
How do I avoid having to pay capitol gains tax on investment property?
Filing seperate income tax?
I have not filed income tax since 1997. Who is the best service to contact?
I am 61, which means I can withdraw from my IRA without penalty. my question is how much can I withdraw?
can you file taxes if you don't work and get disability?
SUV Tax Break - Is the first year depreciation still $25,000?
Can I use my membership in a teacher organization for my $250 Educator Expenses on my Fed Tax?
GST / BAS Questions -- need advice from Tax Agents and experienced Accoutants. thanks?
I still work full time and receiving part A of social security.?
i already filed my taxes and recieved another w-2 form will this effect my refund?
where does the $$ come from?
What is the tax on early 401K dist. 1099R shows 10% withheld Tax Cut is taking out another 10%, is this right
What foods in Britain must VAT be paid upon?
Can I get my tax money if I didnt receive my form last year?
Can someone help me to understand my tax claim form when I start a job?
How does one go about getting a non-profit number to be able to receive donations for a non-profit org?
Am I eligible for income tax at 15 years old?
How do family members obtain ownership of a vehicle that is not paid for yet?
how do I report income for my 17 y/o whose 2005 summer job income was $1200.?
what exactly is the defination of Gross Nonfarm income on a schedule k-1 line 14?
I am 17 and pay tax from my wages how do I stop this?
Where can I get information about customs fees for product from China? Thanks.?
I am looking at starting my own business. Can any accountants help?
if i owe $6400 in income tax, how much rrsp can i buy to not pay the income tax?
The percentage of FICA-Medicare multiplied by taxable earnings on the 941 is...? Accounting Help please!?
when would i receive my first check?
if i send 10. 32inches lcds by cargo to india frm thailand wat vil b d custom duty in india ?
i need tax help for my 1098-T?
What "W" form should a part-time, high school-age employee fill out?
How can i file the Tax with two W2's?
omg ..why do irs an ny state do this?
Laid off today-which state do I file for unemplyment benefits in?
401 K Withdrawl Tax Law?
Is the 8453-OL form for Income Taxes used for Federal or State taxes?
If I earn £16700 per year, how much will I have left after income tax and national insurance are deducted?
how can I avoid paying taxes on land that i've sold?
How do I get the money taken out of my paycheck back?
How does the IRS view transfer of title from individual to LLC.?
How do you file an IRS extention?
Do you get tax breaks on expenses of buying a home? closing costs?
Will I get my money back?
my pers is 66750 i gained 3900 what was my intrest rate?
Income Tax ITR-4S for Asst.Year 2008-09?
if everyone listen to the idiots that say quit smoking and drinking how much money would the govt loose?
Did the cash register trick me in Bowling?
when will I get my IRS refund check in the mail?
TAX HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Where Online Can I Find Out About My New York State Taxes?
is 50% of someones social security taxable for federal tax purposes?
Is what this client is asking completely illegal? UK VAT law question.?
Will these expenses get me audited?
Tax depreciation rate for deduction on stolen cell phone?
Making a 7 figure income?
Is FICA the same as Social Security?
Can I get money back from the gas I spend driving to work and back when I file my taxes?
Where can I find out about inheritance tax and whether or not that tax has been paid by someone?
Anyone ever file an Injured Spouse Form?
I won a contract and the site took a fee right away. Do I pay GST on the total bid, or bid minus fee?
filing taxes- single,$43,000+ and paid $8,307 in taxes?
How much taxes does a 401 K take out?
Can my husband and I change our W4's and pay less federal taxes?
I need to print out a 1040 tax form where do I find the website??? PLEASE HELP?
Holiday pay at wetherspoons?
Can I have my mother audited for claiming me on her taxes?
When will my REFUND BE HERE? accepted 1/19, dd 1/30, then 2/6, then 2/10, now no info at all!?
How do you handle tax earnings for teenagers?
The irs says im set up to be deposited 1 30 12...will i see it before then?
how do u itemize shopping reciepts ?
How many of you prefer to do your own taxes?
How much money one can withdraw from Schedule K-1 (1120S) to transfer to presonal account? Formula?
What are tax dollars?
Can I buy TV licence monthly? I don't mean a yearly plan & paying in instalments.?
Is money received as a wedding gift taxable?
State of CA franchise tax board will I get a refund?
What is the New Hampshire Average W2 tax rate?
superannuation, how it operates?
Buying First House - how will our tax return be different?
Question about what type Contractors can claim the Home Office Deduction?
can they take my Taxes?
Tax refund for 2010...being filed in 2011?
Do I qualify for a tax return?
Federal Tax wheres my refund site?
Should the Churches pay taxes?
Am I REQUIRED to file taxes?
How can govt. employee availing conveyence allownace get income tax benefit on Vehicle maintance?
value of reliance equity opurtunity fund as on 25 july 06?
Do IRS agents pay federal taxes?
owned my home for 5 years, but never reported any of it on my taxes. is it too late?
do you claim life insurance on your taxes?
any way to collect on a 2004 income tax return if not filed yet?
How do I find out when I'll receive my tax refund? More info inside!?
Why does a 'slight tax increase' cost you $200 and a 'substantial tax cut' save you 30 cents?
My Illinois pay stub doesn't show deductions.?
What is the IRA contribution reclassification deadline for 2005?
wheres my refund bug?
Can a Indian Driver with Indian Heavy Duty License?
how many years back can you amend your taxes?
My tax refund is way past the deposit date what do I do?
i got a phone call from some one saying i was randomly selected to recive a 7000 grant because i pay my taxes?
Tax refund DD date of feb 6 2012?
I file a 1040EZ. I'm single, with no dependents, claim 0. Can I expect a larger refund?
If I buy investment property w/ a friend how do we split the tax write-off (can we?)?
my old job never gave me W-4s,I havent filed taxes ever and im 20. WHat Should I do?
What is the address for IRS in Texas?
Can I claim my wife as a dependant if...?
Claiming paint and textiles for at home business??(Canada)?
I need help with student taxes?
Brother is outside the US for 14 years and needs advice how to file prior tax returns.?
Can I be taxed on overseas inheritance?
For those who saw "By jan 31" forever like me..update finally!?
Do I need to fill out w-4?
Does anyone have infomation about PRIMERICA?
filing status for tax return?
How will you compute the tax due and tax withheld?
I claimed a win lot tkt 4 someone(told not lg enuf 2 b txd)incorrect can tx owed b legally trnsfrd 2 winner?
how much tax rebate will i get?
I got a W2 form and I was wondering whether or not I need to do taxes?
Is it legal for a company to charge a sales tax on shipping?
can a CPA charge for a tax consultation?
if you have 2 W-2 forms from 2 different states, which one to choose to file FEDERAL income tax return?
if i import goods from thailand to resell in the uk what import duty/tax do i need to pay?
OK, I am claiming the 'standard deduction.' Does that mean I can NOT claim anything else?
What kind of taxes are we charged if we buy products from outside canada?
How can I get less taxes taken out of my paycheck?
For a newly formed C corporation paying the $800 state tax, what is the state tax form this is associated?
Ive sold my house that i rented out, do i pay capital gains tax, if so how much?
Can I file taxes if I don't work but have dependants?
URGENT! Am I still liable for council tax?
will tax credits change if partner moves in?
EMERGENCY help!!!!?
Tax credit for geothermal unit on new construction?
my name is Sylvia Wolfe, I need my form 1099 from cashing out my IRA in 2005. p.o. box 3307 kingman az 86402?
If someone is making over $250,000 a year, can they donate to charity in order to fall in a lower tax bracket?
My mutal fund had capital gains distribution in 2005. Do I include that in my 2005 tax return?
Why do I have to pay School Taxes when I have no children in the School. My School taxes are $6000 this year?
If making payments through payroll due to filing bankruptcy. Can this be filed?
what is the address to file a 843 form to IRS to claim withheld taxes?
Can someone tell me what is and is not allowed to write off on a tax return. Or lead me to a website.?
do i have to pay the tax rebate from 2008 for buying a home?
I need to stop my house from going into foreclosure due to unpaid property taxes. What do i do?
If I buy something on E-bay (with a money order) that costs thousands of dollars, will the IRS learn about it?
1 st tax return after buying new house Credit for interest paid?
What are the US FEDERAL TAX advantages of trading the FOREX market thru a company located in Switzerland??
Should I file a tax return for my infant son? He had about 50.00 in interest income from his bank account.?
What happens if an individual is technically a legal resident of one state, but pays taxes for another state?
we were married on 8/19/05 ; can we file single or must we file as a couple?
i want information about the terms related with personal income tax and sales tax?
Where do I report and pay taxes on foreign investment income with no documentation?
would you get taxed for this?
What would the tax be and my net pay for having a company van for occaisional use?
How do I find information on Star Local Property Tax Rebate Accounts?
how can i reduce my income tax?
Received letter saying i owe nat. insurance from two years ago?
Taxation Income Questions (Singapore,FTE)?
If i made all together $3,157 this year how much would i get if i filed head of household?
Im the winner of 250,000 pounds sterling in UK NATIONAL online lottery, Its a fake or fraud ?
what does working knowledge in family tax credit experience mean?
Are there any stipulations for claiming exempt for one paycheck?
selling property in india in white?
acctg problem #3 HEEEEEEEEEEEELPPP?
i am a nanny how do i pay taxes?
I am investing 4000 Rs. in ULIP OF UTI .it well get matured on 30-5-2006.What will be tax implications?
Why are my Tax Refund Amounts DIFFERENT on the TaxAct and TurboTax websites?
What can I do and how can I do ?
Auto Expense Deductions?
Does someone need to pay taxes on rent collected if it is passed between family?
how did australia become so wealthy?
If my paystub is dated 1/05/07 and that check came from working in 2006, what year do I file for 06 or 07?
Doing work for Americans from abroad?
Do you have to pay CA BOE sales tax if the items were sold to an outer state customer?
What is the average salary after tax for a camera operator working for a NZ TV station?
can my nephew claim any benefits?
How many years back can the Irs audit a taxpayer?
i am a bookkeeper and i'm hoping there is a cpa out there somewhere that can answer this question...?
Tax on bonus payments - UK?
Is exise Duty applicable on printing ink traders ?
How do you pay back past taxes in the form of volunteering instead of sending cash?
how do i get my tax refund?
Taxes for a Joint Bank Account?
I need help with doing my taxes?
The sooner I file my taxes, will i get my refund faster?
what is the waiting period for unemployment benefits in ca while filing on web-cert?
my landlord hasnt paid his taxes on the house i rent in 4 years what will happen?
Federal Taxes Question!?
what is Capital Gains Tax?
Best second hand clothes exporters in the Uk?
Do anyone know if IRS will offer the lower amount of penalty for voluntary disclosure / opt out?
is it illegal for me to pay someone to drive me to work in cash?
What will be affected by the proposed Carbon Tax in Australia?
when is the last day to mail taxes?
How do i request my taxes if i dont have contact with my ex husband? ?
I work full time plus i do direct sales part time. last year i earned less than $900. do i have to claim it? ?
If someone gave you £40,ooo what would you do with it? Would you invest it and if so how?
how to get cng pumps in up india?
What does it mean "ad valorem"?
What IRS publication # is used to file for those employed overseas?
what IRS form do you use to report credit card write offs the co has reported the write off to IRS?
Mitt, why will you not release your tax returns for the past 10 years?
I sold some articles in 2011, where do I enter it in taxes?
how much duty would i pay on a 1850 euro saddle from belgium to the uk.?
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