taxes under President Ronald Reagan, what did his administration tax the citizens?
How much is tax when you work at Mcdonalds nsw Australia?
WMR updated for me yesterday! Now has DD of 2/5. Anyone else?
anybody with a 2-1-2012 direct deposit date from the irs?
What kind of incomes or who are not taxable in india?
am I legally entitled to payed sick days?
how much money can my son earn in a year, before he wiould have to pay taxes?
Do I have to be claimed by my spouse?
Do I need to pay the 10% penalty tax for a 401K distribution if I plan to put it into an IRA account?
If my IRS tax debt is “currently non-collectible” and I open a Bank Account, will the IRS seize my money ?
what was the maximum social security benefit in 1992?
how much is the EIC payment for each dependent?
how do i find our an ein?
After I remove my excess Roth IRA contribution, how will the IRS know I have removed it?
An item is priced at $14.56. If the sales tax is 6%, what does the item cost including sales tax?
has anyone made money off Russ Delaney winning in the the cash flow bussiness?
If the IRS is auditing you for 2 years now, will they do it for the next, too?
What would be the tax?
can i file my 2003 taxes on line?
Can the owner of an Ice Cream Truck pretty much write off all profits on the tax return based on mileage?
TAXES RELATED. Please help with the difference between deductions from and for AGI?
Do I need my W2........?
Furnish me the details of Tax saving plans available?
is there customs and excise duty payable in uk for parcels sent from india for gift items?
how much do you have to owe the IRS before your wages are garnished?
Tax credits can you help?
Good morning! Has anyone still not received their direct deposit that was told by irs that it would be in?
How do we figure out how much NC state taxes combined with federal taxes would be deducted from our paychecks?
donations for charity and the irs?
what is newark nj property tax?
how long does it take to get uk tax back?
how long did it take to get your California state tax refund by direct deposit?
When can u start filling taxes?
Does how much you earned make a difference in tax credit for a child?
how do i efile with ssa-1009 form ?
Not received your tax credits?
tax on agriculture income and its consequences send positive about this?
Is the Queen good value for money at £37,000,000 per year?
Question about deffered tax?
ok can anyone tell me the truth?
What is the chart of account for the drinking water in the office?
What happens when you receive social security and file self employment.?
Do you get taxed if lots of people give you a little amount of money - equaling a lot of money.?
Sales tax on clothing purchased/ ordered from a different state?
I have lost my job and cannot afford to pay my property taxes on my condo.?
Question About My Taxes?
If I have 2950 i need to add 10% what do i get?
if my refund date has not changed like a lot of ppl does this mean 1/28/11 if my definite date?
what the best shipping company from UK to Saudi Arabia?
Is it really true that a company pays $17 overall for a $10/hour employee? (for taxes, etc.)?
tax return jan. 30 2009?
anybody received their tax refund for 2012?
Can my dad claim me on his taxes if i have already done my own?
in canada do they have to pay tax?????????????
do you know what SICR stands for on a paycheck?
If I am in the middle of filing bankruptcy and I do not owe any taxes can they take my tax refund?
how to reporting runs away evading paying taxes?
Can resident aliens invest in US Municipal Bond Funds? Would they get exempt-interest that is tax free?
How many hours can i work before i have to pay tax ?
Can a business be made to pay back overcharges in sales tax?
why is my tax return so low.?
i m abt to receive a gift worth rs60,000 from a non relative outside india. what is the likely tax i will hav?
Can W-2 Employees take business tax deductions?
Import & Export Duty/VAT/Exemptions-NON EU into UK & vice versa?
Is Earned Income Credit the only good credit available for filing next years tax return?
stimulus check from last year?
Can someone else claim my child on tax returns?
Question about tax return/report?
SSI Underpayment?
Where do i file my state taxes?
Are life insurance proceeds subject to inheritance tax in south korea?
Collecting Kentucky sales tax from out of state customers?
Whats your opinion about carbon tax Auzzies only?
do i need to include GST in my tax invoice?
can i report someone for tax fraud without their social security number?
Newspaper ad today, 1/25/06, for free tax filing at " cant connect to site.?
tax refund - less money?
What happen to the $400 Making Work Pay Tax Credit for 2011 taxes?
How do you start a home business?
What do you guys think of "Higher taxes on wealthy to ease budget crunch?" in Illinois?
If I get a Tax ID# so I can purchase wholesale jewelry making supplies, do I have to file a tax return?
Anyone have thier Tax refund date change from February 3 to February 10?
Tax return from Second job?
Do I have to pay tax on inheritence from land my father left my family?
what is the max % a lawyer can charge, when a minor is the sole beneficiary..his is charging 35%?
Does claiming bankruptcy include state and federal back tax debts?
My Neice moved in with me in june 2006. Can I claim her on my Taxes as a dependent?
Can i ride my Karnataka two whellers in Tamilnadi by paying road tax?
what is the latest on tax deduction for small business owners who purchase suv weighing over 6000 pouns?
Filing tax returns from 2 years ago?
will paying off my car loan help me owe less income taxes?
h and r block advanced loans?
Question on youtube monetization when do they take taxes out base how much you make?
duty free, tax free?
Is it true that foreigners in the US don't have to pay sales tax OR property tax?
Do i need a tax id number to ask for a grocery store to donate food?
Tax Question? Help !?
Why does my tax return go into the red when I change from claiming myself to being claimed by my mom?
How do I file income that was compensation on my self assessment?
Should I claim myself as a dependent?
59 1/2 IRA withdrawal..should I take money out?
why havent i receive my tax refund yet?
How many allowances should i claim with a 4 month old and married?
how can taxation to be use to control economy in nigeria?
How many percent do we gt taxed in australia?
Can my girlfriend claim my son?
will cows on my property effect the land value.?
Why do we owe on our federal taxes?
is there a minimum payment for disabilities under social security?
how much taxes will i have to pay, if any?
if im on my mom taxes dont i get my money?
Can i claim back tax?
If my employer in Delhi sells me a used car what is the rate of VAP applicable and the base of application?
While we are working, do we get unemployment deducted out of our wages?
US citizen married with a non-resident alien living abroad - spouse exclusion?
I use my vehicle for work. How much can I deduct when I fill out my income tax? Thanks?
How long would it take to move out my parents,house?
Question about U.S. Federal Income Taxes?
Tax Return Check a Fraud?
How much can I deduct from a past service RPP for 1993?
My wife and I own half of our house and another family member owns the other half. If they gave us their share
Father passed away 9-15-06. Will we need to put in a tax return for him this year, or do we just leave it alon
Do i have report income from a part time job on my tax return?
Can income from schedule k-1 be included in "other income" on form 1040?
My boyfriend makes about 39k annually, will he get more this year for claiming me if we're married?
what moving expenses are tax deductible ?
how do living costs and salariesin new zealand compare to those of the uk?
Do UK students need to pay Tax?
How do i get my taxes back?
Now that council tax is going ot be abolished in scotland, how are they going to pay for things?
Where Can I Find A WiiConnect24?
Got a p60, will i get a tax rebate? ?
Can I deduct medical insurance premium in tax return?
Paying taxes, being self-employed?
Federal taxes accepted ?
My wife just gave birth. Can I file a dependent for my 2007 tax return?
If something is 13 dollars, would the tax be $1.95?
i worked vary little in 05 this is my first year im claiming ever and never filed 04 can i claim my son?
Can someone explain about Balance mutual fund in India?
Which bank account one should open who (has existing savings a/c.) is Originaly Indian but now US Residents?
I donot want to pay my Income tax. After hearing the scam of billion INR..?
tax question?
If I start receiving California food stamps, will my child support payments be garnished?
Is it true that full time students dont have to pay income tax on earnings?
when i transfered uk currency to india,should i have to pay any taxes?
my landlord hasnt paid his taxes on the house i rent in 4 years what will happen?
how much student loan interest can you claim on taxes?
Will I have to pay import duties?
my son is on job seekers caN I CLAIM WORKING/CHILDS TAX CREDIT FOR HIM?
Recieved penalty for filing 1120S late for dissolved business; What should have I done?
how much holiday pay should i get?
what happens when you get a company car?
Do I as a nanny have to pay taxes on my income?
im under 18 and have been working at my job for 8 months, do i have 2 file taxes and if no should i?
Evaluate the taxation principles applied in determining the relevant rate of corporation tax?
Has anyone that was due an direct depost IRS rebate check today not gotten it yet?
A stock is expected to pay a dividend of $0.05 at the end of the year (that is, D1 = 0.50). and it should ?
WTF does H&R Block do when its not tax season?
When converting from a Rollover IRA to a Roth IRA, is the money from the 401k rollover non deductable?
how can i retrieve w-2 from a employer and print my w-2 form?
information about my refund if i've already got taxes amended?
IRS accepted 2009 Return January 19th, Direct Deposit February 5th ?!?
What do you do if you contributed to a mutual fund under a Roth IRA but find your income exceeded Roth lmts?
In Canada, can interests and taxes be added to the ACB of a property when there's no income during the year?
How much in taxes would be taken out of my check?
Can 5 people use one checking account for our federal and state tax return?
why do my husband and i owe so much for federal taxes?
How much does an equine vet earn a year UK?
Tax question! Student loans, financial aid, etc.?
Can u file previous year taxes as single now but married then?
how can i find a social security number?
how do taxes work for a home buissiness?
What is "Head of Household"?
At the end of the current year, $12,400 of fees have been earned but have not been billed to the clients. Jour?
Stimulus Checks: I wasnt eligible this year, can I still get one next year when i am eligible??
Are two people living in a property (who both claim D.L.A) exempt from the Benefit CAP?
is your income tax return small after being on ei?
purcases of house how i pay for service tax?
How many people cant wait to file their taxes? YIPPIE?
did i file head of household?
question about income tax refund.?
confused by the irs refund dates?
Council tax increase? Politicians please read this........?
I have question about the roth ira? So all you smart people out the would you be kind enough to enlighten me!?
Will i get my unemployment?
can i claim back my bank charges?
i stupid where can i get a "calculator" thats add tax to prices?
if I made more than 900 in social security disabilty will I have to pay it back?
Is capital gains tax paid on the total of what a house is sold for, or just on the profit made from a house?
can you claim job seekers allowance when self employed and have no income?
do i need to file a schedule c for an ein number that i got in 2008?
How much money will i get taken off my paycheck?
I'm trying to find the Federal Employer Identification Number for Pizza Hut so I can get W-2's. Can you help?
my tax refund got accepted on jan /19/2012 but?
My brother claimed my neice and nephew that are not his on his taxes.?
Do state taxes increase net operating loss?
What does the term "bold tax" mean?
can i leave my goods with customs/ can i disown my goods i imported?
can I file child care on my taxes?
Capital gains tax calculation?
can i get a tax return if i was on unemployment and had no taxes withheld?
Can my wife screw me out of claiming my rightful amount of dependents on my tax return?
Can W-2 Employees take business tax deductions?
can I get list of all companies? google helps me much but anyone hav any ideas mailto:nothing_is_problem@?
My tax refund check was mailed out firday july 20 2012... do u think Id get it the following monday july 23?
How much duty customs tax will I pay on a $40 dress from the USA?
sales tax (VAT)?
how much will i get back in income tax return?
My wife gets social security disablity income. Do I need to include her income with mine?
Why wasn't federal AND state taxes withheld from paycheck? I live in Colorado?
i now live with my mother in California and she says shes calming me and my son on her taxes?
how do i get in contact with the IRS?
Irs changed the date of deposit from Feb 1st to Feb 8 anyone else get this delay?
Can i direct deposit IRS refund into netspend card?
Are tuition fees paid school yearly or literal year? (UK)?
Question about Filing Unemployment online?
I like to volunteer my time (I am broke). Is there any type of tax break for working over 200 hours for free?
Can partnership property be sold or given away without the consent of all of the partners?
Can I claim my 7 years old son if I’m divorced and my child doesn’t live with me?
Help?!?!? How can I file my taxes late?
if im on my mom taxes dont i get my money?
my first w4 form?
what is inheritance?
Any tax experts around?
I'm a teenager who exempted taxes off my W form? Quick question. Please answer.?
How much UFC income goes to taxes?
how to activate my new chase credit card?
I am a dependent, and I only made 4,000 last year, why am I finding that I owe moneys?
PAN - can i submit same document as proof of identity and address?
my ex refuses to sign tax returns for years we were married. Am I liable for the whole tax?
iwant to know if i am eligable for an income tax return before i file?
If you haven't file taxes in years, how far back are you required to file? Every year you missed or ?
how do you know if your taxes went through the old system?
I live in Arizona, but worked in Denver during 2011. SO I paid taxes both states. Can I claim these in 2012?
how much do the pay on income tax for a 9 year old?
which investment scheme is best for salaried employee?
I've sold many things on eBay and I was told that I have to file some sort of tax form. Is that true?
Tax Refund Status - Deposited January 23, 2009 Anyone else?
I am a little pissed! Where is my tax refund? Says the 28th. Thats today. Taxact endeavor card. Anyone else?
How do I add 15% tax to a price??
What will be my penalty if I cash-in my 401k? What do I have to do to cash-in/ withdraw my 401k?
How many...?
My mom claimed me as a dependent on her taxes and I'm not her dependent!!!?
What are some of the IRS filing procedures?
Need some information on T2202A claim.?
Tax file on hold, can I cancel it?
I have a start up business, its a partnerhip? Should I go to a cpa or can I use turbo tax and do it myself?
How do I report the sale of a home that was a rental for 6 years and then a second home for 2005 when sold?
is there a tax liability if I add mu children to the deed for my house by quitclaim back to all three of us?
what is the amount of loan that every citizen of india from world bank?
Why are superanuation contributions taxed? Don't the government want to encourage it to reduce pension pay?
Is there an actual law that says you have to pay taxes?
What does saving account under deductions on a paycheck stub mean?
Can i file my taxes without my w-2?
Is some of my refund being garnished?
Is my US income exempt from the australia/us treaty? Please Help!!?
Where is my freaking refund?
Tax Transcript Availability?
I had surgery in June '05 & have been on disability since. Can I exempt my co-pays? IE. ins.,drugs,canes et:al
Qualified Joint Venture?
Are unemployment benefits based on gross income?
What is the average tax deduction amount for laundry?
Can my daughters father claim her on his taxes this year?..?
How can I do my taxes??
Can I file state and federal taxes without paying them right away?
getting tax back when out of work?
How do I order thr Hawaii withholding tax forms (HW 3, booklet A, HW14?
Can someone tell how taxes are effected with the job creation and worker assistance act?
My husband abandoned me how do I file Taxes?
Will the state taxes be delayed like the fed did on the 25th anyone know when the state taxes will be in dd?
first time homebuyer 8000 tax crdit?
will i get money back from taxes this year?
IRA - Roth or Traditional? Long Range Tax Planning?
I have a 1099 form for $8000 how much will i get back after I pay taxes on it?
Hello i have been fined for having no tax twice?
Why can I not have a tax rebate now?
do kids have to pay taxes?
Is there a minimum income you have to make before paying taxes?
Declaring cash in hand in the UK.?
can you tell me how much $154 is in uk money?
Do I need to file a tax return this year if I received a lump sum back payment from SSD?
Does a dependent get more taken out of their paychecks than an independent?
Will I have to pay Tax on my state pension? UK.?
wht is the tax rate 4 firm n company 2008-09 in india?
whqt is considered a dependent on federal tax?
Is anybody affected by the delay on tax return?
Can I get in trouble for not filing US tax returns when living overseas as a US citizen?
I got accepted on the 19th at 12:24am first wmr says i should get my refund by the 1st now the its say the 21?
Can I amend my 2008 taxes or is it too late?
My grandfather just passed away and my father will be inheriting about $45,000.00. Will he be taxed on this?
When can I receive my refund check for amened tax return?
In First Sales Invoice / Bill - VAT Should charged for Freight...?
Self employment taxes?
Antitrust laws?
Are services performed in Mexico for a non-resident subject to Mexican VAT?
i am legally married but my husband walked out and disappeared 2 months into the marriage can i file single?
Should I be paying income tax?
My refund was deposited on the 17th, I had an acceptance date of january 25,2012. Where's my tax refund?
How much tax return do I get back for four children if I made 21,000?
The UK tax system boggles my mind!?
can someone give me an example of markup, tax and discount??
Question for tax specialist Accountants?
What is the difference between a Website and a Software?
If retirement income is only social security, do I have to file IRS?
My paycheck doesnt have any federal taxes took out every week, will i still get a tax refund check?
Can you deduct commissions/brokerage fees from income taxes?
can a mechanic charge sale tax on labor?
URGENT - How do I prove legal ownership of goods I bought in cash in a private sale ?
2012 tax refund direct deposit dates?
Which paper forms or tax papers are required to be included in my tax return this year?
Is Gift Aid a form of tax avoidance?
Can i get child tax credit at this age?
I have a Student Loan, will I owe when I file taxes?
Is it fair for American Citizens to pay taxes when the Immigrants who are in our country illegally don't pay
How can I show an investment loss on my taxes?
I know there was a federal housing tax credit but was there a state one?
If i purchase a clothe that cost $1000 in NY, do i need to pay $100 for tax?
Hello Uk from America?
Pay California LLC Tax Fee with Credit Card?
Can my employer withhold my paycheck?
UK Student parental contributions - can you take charitable donations into account?
has anyone received their income tax return?
How long does it take to get my tax return put into my account ?
How much of my tax should I expect back?
When will 2006 Tax Forms be printed?
I just file 2010 return and due a refund. Just got a letter for a mail audit with IRS?
Why do we pay tax and get it back in the end?
If entire estate is TOD (transfer on death) how are taxes and costs paid?
If i don't have state ID yet, would i still be able to work at carls jr?
Accounting debits and credits?
Tax Question 1099. Please see details below.?
I don't usually itemize deductions. Can I still get a deduction for a charitable contribution?
can some one tell me how much is gst 7% + too?
What happens if I don't have a tax file number?
how do you get 2007 tax figure?
Should my fiance and I get married to save taxes or stay legally unmarried to save on taxes??
Taxes for personal property converted to rental property?
IRS HAVING MAJOR ISSUES - 2009 REFUND - Direct deposit keeps changing.?
whats your weapon of choice?
how can i find the W-2 forms my uncle gave my fiancee, who is in jail, before i have to fight him for them?
Doing my tax returns using my last pay check stub because did not receive w2. turbo tax problem?
Can i get tax deductions for a small business?
How do I file my taxes with my last pay stubs?
Is there a charity that would take old Playboy magazines so that I can deduct the fair-market value from taxes
Will the jobcentre pay on a saturday please read?
I filed Tax Returns online through TaxActonline Is it mandatory to send 8453-OL to IRS will it stop my refund?
if US based company pays me around $100000 ( Rs. 5552000 ) - per annum , how much tax i have to pay in india?
Wat r the requirements if u want to apply for Offshore Skilled Migration to australia.?
about a mistake in it return filed during 2005 06?
What is the % of taxes taken from $1,000,000.00 when won in the state of Colo.?
why would the nevada unemployment online claim system have a popup saying to call them to file your claim?
Can I claim deductible for vehile damaged at work on my taxes?
I just bought a condo, What number on my taxes do I claim? I claim 1 now.?
Is SEZ exemption applicable to SEZ developer who does mainly Civil contract work ?
I messed up on my taxes and owe over $2000. Any suggestions on taking care of this on a tight budget?
At what dollar amount do you pay taxes on selling on Ebay?
Is it legal for a company to not give you MPF. I worked almost a year and then asked before they paid it.?
Do I need a sales tax ID in Singapore to sell on the internet?
drug dealers don't pay taxes (obviously) so how do they get past the irs?
problem in preparation of trading account(FINAL ACCOUNT)?
Is my social security gonna be stopped?
Is there any company or organization that offers like a tax return anticipation loan without filing yet?
What is the tax that is to be paid on earnings in a savings account or c.ds?
question about HM Revenue & Customs...?
when can I start collecting social security?
Does anyone know the address of the IRS Large Dollar Unit?
Can you work as a 1099 and W2 at the same time?
Taxes and drama... what to do?
i need help with this accounting question regarding depreciation?
How often should a worker get a Paycheck Stub?
I want to start a business where I do product installation, what types of taxes do I need to pay? California?
A student with no income and a coupon payment tax?
service tax provisions on letting out of Plant & Machinery?
If I am getting married this saturday, do we file a joint return for 2007?
Can my Dad have his tax refund deposited into my bank account?
I'm 15 in Queensland, do i need to lodge a tax return for 2011?
How much money could deducted from my paycheck?
How do I claim my mother as my dependent for child support?
Do I have to report it as income on my tax return when my roommate pays me his share of the rent?
Taxes - Part Office Part Home?
What kind of tax system is this?
I like france?
when i e-file, what documents need to be sent in for federal and state?
how much tax wil i pay if i buy a car that is $2300 at a 9.9 rate?
What would be my best way of filing taxes after recently being married with 3 kids.?
can i claim income support if im on incapacity benefit?
Where is the Net Operating Loss reported for sole prop?
How much rupees we have to pay for a new pan card?
Should we take a leaf out of the Channel Islands book and charge everyone living here 20% tax?
I have been told by my teacher, that Tesco has recorded a loss of 7% profit on last year?
Should my online/internet shop be VAT registered?
How much will my tax return be?
how much will my paycheq be after tax?
In your opinion, does the federal income tax meet the standards of a good tax?
can pizza delivery drivers deduct their gas and miles on their taxes?
Can someone please help me with calculating tax?
Never lodged a tax return, have I broken the law?
Irs where's my refund ?
Hi!I am needing a blank payroll stub template?
How much income tax from spousal support in CA?
Income tax refund delay 2012?
We sold our business three years ago and are wondering how long is it that we have to keep our accounts for?
Does the IRS have a statute of limitations how far back they can go?
Can Turbo Tax be used if you have capital gains?
Hi, France TAX Question?
How do you pay tax as a YouTube partner (in Australia)?
Paying Taxes with 1099?
be honest. what is your annual income?
How much does unemployment pay?
Do I have to pay federal income tax? I just saw a startling dvd called Aaron Russo's America?
Can you return items you purchased from Goodwill?
how do I apply for the child tax benefit?
State of CA franchise tax board will I get a refund?
I have £12,000 should i pay tax?
dose owning a houseboat qualify you for a tax break?
what are ways to save on property tax in keller tx?
If I made only 800 a month last year will the govt actually give me money when I file income tax?
Who is the highest tax payer in India? Does everytime goverment of India keep on amending the taxation rules?
satay is true?
I am looking to buy Bebe T shirts or knockoffs wholesale?...?
can my dad claim me or my daughter on his income tax return ?
Need help with filing taxes i'm only 16.?
How much cash could you make without paying taxes(reporting it)if you have yearly income of 13,668.or how much?
How do I file my 2005 Tax Returns, I only made around $8000.00 and only $308 federal tax withheld.?
Are people who promise to get your taxes eliminated for a certain amount of money scammers?
Work at school abroad?
If a have defaulted student loans, will the irs take all of my refund or a certain %?
Economic Stimulus Rebate Checks?
I want to see my pan card so how ?
is it true that the irs pays you interest on the first time home buyer tax credit if it takes over 12 weeks?
can we claim our recently born baby?
where has his contributions went i.e. national insurance contributions?
What are some good legal ways to pay less taxes?
Tax Return....need help?
when will i get my tax return on injured spouse form8379?
How do I get a copy of 05 tax returns?
can i reduce my income by 7000 since i paid private insurance premimums? ?
has anyone who's original DD was Jan. 28, 210 and changed to this:?
Why are groceries taxed in some States?
is there a penalty for not filing for a tax extension? and if so what is it?
wheres my refund changed from feb 3 to feb 10?
Is it filing IT Retruns is compulsary, even if I m not paying any tax?
Do you have to pay tax when receiving money from a online bushiness?
Question about Estate House Sale?
american scum?
Is there any places in Nottingham that would support 16 year old's starting a business?
I lost my w4s for 2007 and 2008 I know that Irs will send you them but how?
if i have not filled my taxes in 7 years and just filled will i still get a tax refund?
how much do i owe in taxes per quater?
Escrow account for home, how does it work when paying taxes?
If you have NO income for the entire year, what's the penalty for cashing out an IRA?
Income tax question #2.?
Is there tax in the Canadian iTunes Store?
I filed unemployment in the wrong state, What are my options?
tax return help needed ?
how to tax babysitting?
How much do you pay to have your taxes done.?
I HAVE PAN card no but want to know date of birth n exact name spelling on card ?
what is an attorney's average monthly taxes?
import tax?
IMPORTANT QUESTION -when you get your taxes prepared....?
Is anybody aware that 68 cents of every dollar at the pumps is in unnecessary taxes levied by governmen?
After receiving a 5000 dollar raise, what will my paycheck increase be? My new salary is 54,600.?
can they tax my federal tax refund for my late payments on student loan?
what is the sales tax in north carolina?
How many dependents can you claim on your income tax?
What percentage of your yearly income goes to federal taxes if you are single?
my pay stubs says exemptions 0 what does that mean?
can the tax payer advocate speed the time frame of a closed examination?
How do I exchange Foreign currency to US dollars and how much taxes do I have to pay.?
what percent is single and 3?
Does anyone know where I can find info on how much tax money is given to fire departments?
Which US States have No State Income Tax?
The IRS has sent me a letter stating I need to pay them back for a return I did in 2010 plus a fine?
if YOU received your PAPER STIMULUS REBATE in the SNAIL MAIL , please answer ;-)?
Question about depreciation expense?
I had my child support arrears dropped and I'm current now but they took all my tax return.. is that legal?
how can you find out if you will be red flagged on your taxes?
What is the avg. tax rate (in percentage) on cigarettes in the United States?
How do I calculate how much tax I should have withheld from my CPP Benefits?
How about any medical bills i have paid, im searching the ins and outs of taxable deductions,.?
A question about filing with HNR block?
Is there a minimum wage in El Peru?
tax on un-cashed pay check ?
Is there some way to file my state taxes online absolutly free with no hidden costs?
How do you all your money on your paycheck with no Taxes Taken out?
Should I do my own taxes or higher a professional?
Do I have to file taxes?
what all is involved in filing for bankrupcy?
why do residence fees not benefit me on my income tax return?
Question about money,Churches and taxes.?
Who takes the interest on income tax paid PAYE?
Do I even have to file these tax's?
Taxes: What is the criteria for claiming someone as a dependant?
whens the earliest you can file for next years taxes?
free file for Va state taxes.Used the free file on turbo tax for 18 yr old son who worked some this yr?
Do you get more refund if you paid state income tax?
Tax it true??
Should the parent who earned more claim dependents?
what is the purpose of a married person claiming 0 allowances?
Important Question About Sales Tax Please Answer?!?!?!?!?!?!?! URGENT!?
Anyone have knowledge or experience with CRA, when it comes to a small Business?
Is net income after income taxes?
What is the VAT on plumbing in UK?
Need info on how to minimize double taxation on rental income on a property owned in India by a US citizen?
How Do I Report Side Income?
I get paid in cash and don't pay taxes. I need help?
How does reducing taxes for millionaires and billionaires help the economy?
form 8917 who can claim this exemption?
i recieved my taxes through someone else, yet taxslayer are still trying to get a fee out of me, overdrawn at?
Do I have to pay taxes?
How much will my paycheck increase by taking additional allowances/ exemptions?
my husbands student loan taken out of my return?
If two sisters are purchasing a home and both have dependents, can they each file as head of household?
What type of taxes and adjustments can they take out.?
Can I claim my child as a dependent if he was born this year 2007?
How to pay into CA State Disability (SDI), UI, and Family Leave as a self-employed person?
show an example for rental service tax and TDS?
IRS delaying refund due to " litigation code" But I haven't had notice of being sued?
can i file my 2009 federal and NYS tax online and where?
can i receive cigarettes through the post from a different country plz help it just about 100?
Tax forum: Club 1/31? I have updated information?
can over paid vat be claimed back up to 6 years in arears?
I got divorced, but owe taxes. How do I get the liability split?
Will I be able to claim my unborn child when I file my taxes?
IRS Refund Notice...what does the date mean?
With the stimulus package why doesn't the govt. give each taxpayer $100,000 to put money back in circulation?
Overpayment of Income Taxes for Tax Year 2004?
claiming investment losses?
Can i claim my newborn as a dependent?
Do I have to report this money? Can I File taxes?
can I apply for exemption of house rent during income tax payment?
Will I be charged any sort of Tax for shipping a laptop from USA to UK ?
how do u calculate ur state tax wages on ur last pay stub and and states with holdings...?
What percentage of taxes would be taken out of my paycheck?
ca state income tax but live and work in fl?
How do you know when you've earned a Social Security credit?
I have not kept any travel logs, can I still claim a deduction on my vehicle?
do teens have to pay taxes in Maryland?
I separated from my husband in October. Must I file taxes jointly?
can I still get earned income credit $1000 bonus for last years federal tax return if i file late?
how do you treat gain from sale of shares of stock?
Is it right that people get paid to give up smoking??I say NO!!! this a TAX free giveaway cost £150 PER HEAD!!
Can you use your last paystub to file taxes early?
Will we be getting a tax rebate check this year like we got last September?
My income tax check did not arrive yet?
In the state of Michigan, How would you obtain a tax ID number, to start up a business?
After the IRS accepts your refund.....?
If I make under 21 thousand a year and live in the state of california will I owe taxes ?
will i receive a refund or end up paying this coming tax season?
i am a single parent with three kids i have student loads when i filed my federal taxes can they take it all?
how to achive succus in business?
Why do banks report to IRS when you deposit more than $10k?
where can i find free company profiles?
what is the VAT on £80?
Yamaha India a promotional scheme wherein they are giving a Fishman Guitar F310?
How long do HMRC take to automatically issue my tax refund from tax year 2011-2012?
I'm 18, parents divorced, can I choose who claims me on taxes?
does a person over 65 in the state of Texas have to pay an inheritance tax?
How do you file income tax when you live in MN and have worked in MN & CO w/o fed tax taken from CO pay?
when do we get 2009 stimulus check !!?
I received a $30k lump sum payment and had 26.5% in taxes withheld, how much will I get back?
how much money can i give as a gift before i pay tax?
unclaimed property for Alaska?
Why the government forces people to pay tax? why can't I opt out of their social programs and not pay tax.
I want to settle IRS taxes. What are my options and can I do it on my own?
Help!!! What can I claim for!!!?
My bank is located in another state. Do I have to pay state tax for both states (my state and the bank state)?
If I make profit in trading in equities will that profit be taxed as business income or short term capital gai
Tax annuity (how much) calculation?
does irs report 1099-c s to the ssa?
Is it better to file married jointly or married filing separate?
benefit fraud?
I'm single, and if I contribute $14,000 to my 401(k), can I deduct an additional $4,000 for IRA deductions?
Prents in Nursing home - NOT on Medicaid. How can I get their house with as little tax liability as possible?
I had asked about getting a loan awhile back for paying taxes?
How much tax will I be paying?
Can My boyfriend claim me as a dependent on his taxes for 09?
How many times can you avoid filing for taxes before the IRS sends you a letter?
NI number?
is accumulative depreciation an asset?
Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax, UK?
When an employee is unable to receive Form 16 from the employer due to resignation. what is the alternaive?
How can I have someone's money in my bank account and prove incase of a tax audit that it's not my money?
how long should i have to wait?
Is a reseller license the same as sales tax permit?
If i didn't graduate until june of 2009 do i still get all of my taxes back?
if i owe a student loan can the IRS take money from my my tax rebate check?
Who gets to claim the child as a tax deduction? The parent who has custody or the parent who pays support?
what is the sales tax percentage on vehicle?
What countries don't tax interest?
Maximizing tax deductions with mortgage?
If Tad claims his 70 year old mother as a dependent, can his mother claim and additional standard deduction?
Do you think this tax plan is fair? It bring back businesses taxes the rich 30% and the poor and middle 5%?
Sending my P45 to HMRC (need advice)?
i am in law enforcement if i dont have a house is there a way i can claim my uniforms / equipment and our son?
when is the record date for dividend of dena bank.?
Should we tax fat people?
Can I write off mortgage interest PLUS take the standard deduction?
Customs from US to India on 65 Inch TV?
Is student loan repayment tax deductible?
I live in New Jersey but work in New York City. Do I still have to pay New York City city tax?
do u know how to be excluded from paying taxes? such as buying groceries, etc....?
My employer has been paying me cash, how do I file taxes?
Should I be upset that people can get back more money in taxes than what they put in?
Gross pay versus net pay?
Filed on Feb 2 2012, got a dd of march 6 now it says no info . Why?
What percentage of people in the UK work in an office?
If I use a 1099 and I only made 5k how much will I owe in taxes? I live in illinois, married with one child.?
Why do a lot of guitar shops have no sales tax?
Social Security Tax Form question?
who do i write a check out to for my property taxes in Ohio?
How many times can you avoid filing for taxes before the IRS sends you a letter?
How do I make a claim for a tax rebait?
Mom claimed me a dependent, but I wasn't really her dependent. HELP!?
I am receiving a large personal check, will I be taxed and do I have to report this to the IRS?
IN case you have to invest in insurance for tax saving,ULIP is better or plain vanilla insurance?
What is the penalty for getting audited?
Import tax on a bass guitar from USA that's not available in the UK?
What (and which) are the total of taxes charged to a salary of 60k in MA?
How to file sales tax on gasoline & Diesel in CA?
Date of birth does not match in passport and pan card?
If I was to rent out my flat and move in with my girlfriend what would be the most tax efficient manner?
GST credit??????????
can the irs audit a 2007 tax return?
I Am B.Com (with. 40%) , PGDBA(WITh 70 %) Can I appear in sbi( p.o)Exam?
How does one avoid paying taxes altogether?
I am a violinist. I give pro bono performance, can I deduct the value of my services to qualified organization?
Repeat home buyer tax credit question?
***Am I claiming the right amount? From California?
If we buy shares should we pay tax?
What is the federal tax rate for 0 withholding on a $2,416.67 paycheck?
If churches paid taxes, would it be enough to get rid of all of Canada's debt?
how much do they take out for federal taxes in tennessee?
Do personal care workers...(Pcw) get income taxes back?
cant cash government cheque from uk?
Is $9,350 still the maximum income to Not pay Federal Taxes for 2012?
How can I get a copy of my previous W-2's if I didn't file last year?
I only made $196.00 last year at a temp job. Do I still need to file my taxes?
Federal allowances, paycheck, money? help!?
Anyone with last two of ssn ending with 10-20 get their paper rebate checks yet.?
Will the state that you are working at take your taxes out of your paycheck?
What states don't charge tax on toilet paper?
Tremayne Distributions?
we have a $250,000 mortgage. If we had 100,000 in the bank, would it be better to pay down mortgage or invest?
My mother has lots of federal and state tax debt. When she passes do I inherit the debt?
If you have a home business in the state of TX, do you need any permits, or tax certificates?
What are the Federal taxes owed on 56000 and Married?
How to file german social income to the canadian taxes?
taxation for living in indiana and working in kentucky?
I have 4 w-2 forms from the past 4 years. Can I file them all at one time without being fined?
can i claim my wife on tax return?
Can you order out of state to avoid taxes?
what up with ron isley tax?
I filed exempt all year with two children will i get a refund back?
my first w4 form?
are my pension contributions to a 414H plan tax deductible?
my annual income is $48,000 Is my income taxable?
I live in Long Beach CA and make $10 per hr 40hrs per wk / I have 4 dependants what percentage of taxes I pay?
how long do you need to work with an employer to be able to take paid leave?
2010 nyc tax return refund ?
Do i have to pay council tax? im confused?
do i have to have my husbands ss# if we were married on nov.4 and i was out of the house by dec 31?
can my boyfriend claim our daughter on his taxes?
who is the president?
Should the UK change its National Anthem to a translated version of Germany's National Anthem?
Does anyone think we will actually get a rebate check by christmas time?
If I take a job in the UK that is 60k per year, how much will I actually take home each month?
What do you call a person who doesn't pay his taxes?
what percentage of the sale of a property does a property agent earn.?
do you get a tax credit for painting your house?
Ten years ago, Levin Inc. earned $0.50 per share. Its earnings this year were $2.20. What was the growth?
I claimed too much money in RRSP's...?
what is tax system for share market income? in intra day etc...and if yes what is its procedure to pay?
what do u say about india - will it become powerfull nation in future.more powerfull than any country in world
I need to know about the UK customs regulations.I will be trvelling to UK for work.?
Need Enrolled Agent exam advice?
Where on the tax return can I deduct contributions to a German IRA and can I take the Saver's Credit?
My boss is asking for my social security..?
can I claim tax back for clothes I've bought at my shop for wearing for work?
Fuel Prices .. £1.50 + per Litre by September 2008....?
Can I avoid paying tax if I receive regular payments by cheque?
Does the money coming out of my check for taxes go toward my IRS balance?
Stimulus government tax checks. How many have received your paper checks and what numbers?
I claimed single, can he claim married?
What is the penalty for not withholding taxes on employees wages?
how much does Mcdonalds pay for 14 years old in uk?
What is the amount of Common Stock at the end of year 2?
Child care expense tax deduction from non-registered provider?
what is the average national income tax rate for fed state local combined
only s corp - why not llc - what difference it makes-?
Are paid internships in PA treated the same as regular wages?
how & where do i put my deductions for my 2005 taxes from a 1099?
If in foreclosure, why should I pay property taxes?
What is the duty on jewellery sent from China to England ie. necklaces, bracelets and earrings?
is tution fee if paid from own pocket tax deductable?
I sent my 1040 tax form on the Jan 13 by mail. i got my state check but no federal and thats direct deposit.?
p87 mileage claim, what else can i claim?
Is there such a retirement plan that you pay no taxes putting in the money or taking it out?
If my mom took care of my children this year can I still claim them on my taxes?
Need TAX Help Please From a Pro?
SSDI and backpay, will i be paid any interest on the 2 yrs of back pay. I was awarded ssdi back 2 yrs.?
What happens if I owe for the last 4 yrs and didnt file?
If I was on short term disability for almost a year, do I claim that as income on my taxes?
i had my tax return split between 2 accounts. got my dd in one account but not the other?
What is the difference between a CPA and a CRTP?
My husband and I filed married filing jointly and we were suppose to receive our refund today 16th but nothing?
Tax return on work uniform purchases?
Should I have to be paying this tax/duty!??? (Canada)?
What is $750 + 7.75% tax?
tax office asked for p45 4 years ago or they carnt assess my tax refund for 2010-2011 and 2011-2012?
costa rica processes P&G's U.S. 1099's?
I lost $23,000 is it tax deductable?
What are direct and indirect taxes?
How do I find out about my "status" with the IRS? I submitted my last tax return from overseas and am worried.
what is cyclical journal entries?
centerlink australia- reporting foreign interest income?
What does it mean to file taxes?
can i deduct part of my rent from my taxes?
can paying child support be used as a tax write off?
what are the tds rate for 2012-13?
My husband was offered a sales job, but they want him to form an LLC and pay him as a contractor-why?
England tax declaration info?
What is married withholding at a higher single rate mean on your W4 form?
Taxable part of SS Benefits Line 20b?
what do uk mean when they say 'annual salary'?
Why are taxes lower for the rich?
Non-profit creates products 4 poor; also sells 2 businesses 2 subsidize sales 2 poor&create new products. Tax?
Can the IRS still hound you for $4300 in back taxes from 1997?
I want to know if I can claim my little sister on my taxes? She lives with me and I take care of all her.?
Claiming a tax benefit on my tax form? Canada?
income tax for money earned abroad?
if u are on disability and your spouse does not work, can you file for eic on your taxes?
I got married, do we need to file joint? Even though my money is mine and his is his. Can i file as single?
Club 31 UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Need some tax advice bad, please help?
Does anyone know how i'll find out about the i-pay tax system?
If i make $20,000 on eBay, how much in taxes, a dollar amount roughly, would i owe the IRS?
if petrol is 1.03p per litre in uk. how much is that per gallon?
-Why is it taking the IRS so long to process my tax refund?
i didin't know you don't have to pay taxes when working under the table... but why not?
Life Insurance Commission Agent's Tax Computation (India) ?
how to get off child support in your walfare case?
Apply for duplicate PAN card with old address proof?
Is it right for me to pay $760.01 for school tax, while illegal immigrants pay none?
How do I qualify for tax credits?
Moving from CT to Az.. Is there a state income tax in Az.?
Why is tax on lottery winnings so high?
How long will the IRS pursue you?
which tax form do I use to report college tuition?
Does anyone know what time of day the IRS deposits refunds?
do i have to file federal tax income?
I work out of my home. What can I claim as buisness costs from my rent?
when pay scale is 5200-20200 and grade pay is 2400 what is the basic salary?
When does tax season reset?
I did in home childcare as a sole proprietor, how do I go about doing my taxes, will I get anything for my kid?
Can I leave unemployment benefits off my 1040 if it makes no difference in my refund amount?
If all the money earned in the UK from ppl on jobseekers to the top paid celebrities?
How do I go about my taxes with sites like Cashcrate?
got a dd date today feb 8th! does that mean i willo get it then?
what is the current property tax rate in kissimmee florida?
Is there a limit to how much of my child's daycare costs are tax-deductible?
W4 Claiming to compensate not taking taxes from unemployment.?
Hello, Ive been in the Marine Corps Since early 2006. I have neglected to file taxes since. What do I do?
Income tax departments rewards to informers?
I am familiar with indian taxation .i am doing my international taxation phd .along with this which country?
my employer is forcing me to 1099?
Do you have to pay property taxes on a mobile home that is rent to own. I am the renter.?
I fled my taxes withHrblock will i get the 8to 15 day refund if i owe back taxes,?
How do you fill out a W2 if i am 17?
Stipend Compensation Pay for Health Care?
Do you have to file a NJ state tax return if you owe $0?
How much tax is removEd from your paycheck if you earn minimum wage?
Child tax benefit question?
I accidentally claimed 1 but my dad claims me on his tax return what do i do?
When filing for a tax extension, does the extension start from the date filed, or the April 15 deadline?
Itemizing my taxes???
Can i file a state return this year and wait on my federal?
Moving to DC from VA - tax question?
is the international students advisors is connected to bir if they pay their tax to bir?
Married filing single?
I had my taxes filed by someone else and need to know how much I'm getting back?
I'm trying to report someone for Tax Fraud. Can someone help?
i have a question about tax deductions?
Does anyone know of any ways to speed up a claim for Disability Living Allowance?
i am retired with pension of 470 euro per week plus 140 per 3 day week part time work can i sign on for remain?
How do taxes work for online business?
how much longer will the uk cut back last?
Sales tax everywhere?
Can I still e-file my 2010 taxes ?
Apple gift card and Tax?
Social Security 21yrs student.?
does this sentance make sense to you?
What are first stage & second stage Dealers?
How much should i get in taxes?
If I owe child support, do they take my state & fed. return?
If I've been out of work for 6 months (not paying ni contributions) can I claim job seekers allowance? ?
can I outsmart the inheritance tax?
Can I get a tax deduction or credit?
where is the least expensive place to retire in US?
What to do with my form 16A?
What is a distortionary tax?
If a couple files taxes jointly with one as an injured spouse?
Tax Write Off - Newborn?
i am a a homeless jobless person and i need to file taxes?
Do middle and low income Americans have a valid argument that we are being 'over taxed"?
i paided Emergency tax last year?
What will happen if you owe taxes and you dont have the money to pay them.?
If someone returns a postal money order how may i cash it ?
I've gotten 3 different dates to receive my 2012 tax refund. I was accepted jan 18 n no refund yet. ?
Do we have to pay this tax back (UK)?
Can I hold real estate property in a retirement account?
How can paying in cash help not have a lot of taxes?
Social security how much income can I make?
Child tax credit query?
Restaurant waiters getting served during tax time?
I make 83k a year. Married with a single income and a baby. My W4 says I can claim up to 7 will I owe the gov?
What is the website if any to set up payment plan with the IRS?
What is the difference between Tangible Personal Property and Real Property?
Electricity prices in the UK. something odd here ?
what is penalty not filing quarterly?
QuickTax Business 2008?
a desk costs $139.00. if the sales tax is 7% how much tax would be paid on this desk?
If I filed unemployment right now, what calendar year would it be based off?
how much will i get taxed on minimum wage?
i didnt work at all last year but i have 2 kids. can i still get a tax refund?
In respect of VAT, how is value added on exchange of goods and services.?
Stimulus government tax checks. How many have received your paper checks and what numbers?
was new deal a tax stupid questions?
i need a broker for my dump truck? i need to find some work for my dump truck?
How much will I owe in taxes if I make 1,000 during the year and I don't have any deductions?
am i at fault if my employer doesn't take taxes out of my paychecks?
If I am charged Insurance Premium Tax how do I account for it?
Tax deductions?
Should my sister report money that his fiancee gave her?
Do we have to specify the value of servicing rights acquired when we buy a mortgage portfolio?
If personal property is completely destroyed will the casualty loss deduction still be reduced by a floor amt?
can you file taxes for being a foster parent?
Should I become a Landlord? (Tax question)?
Okay i filed my taxes on feb 3rd its been 11 business days when will it come in?
CALIFORNIA STATE I e-filed on 3/23 and my refund was authorized, How long until i get my refund in the US mail?
Is it possible to get income tax rebate due to house rent paid after form 16 is issued?
Are there any benefits filing taxes married? Or should i just file sepearately like i've been.?
Can my Home Owner Association (HOA) fees be a tax right off?
How Long does it take to get Canadian tax back?
a little more help please :(?
In what year increase their income tax for those people making over $1000,000.00?
how much tax return mponey do you get for a neworn baby?
How does it work in regards to Scratch Tickets claiming on Taxes in Massachusetts?
Can anyone recommend a good IR35 services company (UK)?
How to save Income Tax ?
Just married still get GST cheque?
Is Gift Aid a form of tax avoidance?
what returns are filed in respect of TDS?
Amend 1040X due to Turbotax?
My parents gave me $13,000 each as a gift do I need to claim on my taxes as income?
Got married last year & will be filling taxes for the 1st time being married...should I jointly or serperate?
i am a single mother of 2 children and the only income i have had is from babysitting do i file a tax return?
what if i forgot to report income on last years taxes?
depreciation is accounting estimate. explain.?
Can I be claimed as a dependent on my parents' taxes, even if I haven't live at home for 4 years?
The UK spongers?
Can i claim my child on my taxes?
Is a babysitter the same as a Nanny?
Tax return question.... Can i efile my taxes now not filing for first time home buyer?
Ijust bought a piece of property,through a tax sell.Do i have to wait to see if the owner is going to redeemit
Do you pay Import Tax For An Object Bought Off Ebay From Hong Kong?
i need a tax accountant to read this please,, CAPITAL GAINS TAX???
Can I get tax deduction for property tax &interest mortgage that I pay on my second house when I file my tax?
what the average wage a 16 -17 year old can earn on part time ...?
Renewing my tax credits, and claiming back a rebate?!?
Income Tax Help- Newly married move to different state?
why there is no tax in the Gulf countrys?
How much is a typical tax refund of a single family, owning a house and has one dependent?
How can I pay Social Security if it does not get taken out of my paycheck by my employer?
I am trying to get my taxes done and am stuck on these education credits.?
availability of forms for income tax in india on line?
Do I need to include "Tuition for college and other higher education"?
Can I be an accountant?
what is the actual percentage difference Between claiming zero and 1 on a W-4?
How can I do my taxes now?
If I work in connecticut and live in rhode island what kind of income taxes will i have to pay?
What do I include on my independent contractors pay stub?
I am starting a business from my bedroom. What tax should I be paying?
Do I have to pay a federal income tax?
Who should claim dependent on taxes?
Direct Deposited on Jan. 30th ? ?
How do I get my emergency tax coding changed?
Question about LLC & Taxes?
Tax write off for giving a car to a person?
UK Should we INCREASE fuel tax?
Can a get a tax return if i work as a student worker?
Can I receive unemployment?
What account does GST clearing fit into?
what happens when you get a company car?
Need advice on filling out W4 Form for the first time?
i haven't done my taxes in years and have a lot owing. can i still get something back via an accountant?
in uk pounds how much is $37?
differance between WCT & VAT?
where can i find the law that states that workers must pay income tax?
Has anyone else not received their stimulus direct deposit that should have been transmitted 5/2?
How do you resolve a bank tax reporting error for a qualified distribution from a Roth IRA?
Is it illegal to overpay taxes?
I'm starting up a small business and I don't know anything about taxes. Can anyone help me out here?
Can a person thats certified as having multiple personalities...?
Can two people in one household qualify for head of household?
what is difference between income tax and sales tax. and what is its ratio?
no federal taxes are being taken out of my checks is this ok?
I bought a house and I have a question.?
Is it better to claim 1 or 0 on your W-4 Form if you are single and don't own anything?
Can a State charge sales tax on items imported directly from another country?
Can legal entities owned by one corporation share sales tax exemption certifications?
I am a household employer. How to file W2 for my employee and what is the deadline?
Where I can find some information about a advertisement/advertising tax in Europe different cities?
tell me some new sites about budgeting?
Balance Sheet 1065 LLC Partnership
What's the best way to turn someone in for tax fraud?
how much money will be taken out of my pay check?
how many different jobs are created because of tax collection?
OK does sales tax go from where the product is coming from or where the product is going to?
how much a person earn to have $45824 after paying 32% in taxes?
Has anyone with the 2/7 estimated tax refund date been updated as of this morning?
Has anyone else been told this??
Is there any loopholes to avoid council tax?
How is the IRS allowed to tax us on our labor?
Tax Return Question?
As a business owner, is the drive to and from work tax deductible?
How do I do my taxes?
why we scared to pay the tax?
if savings bonds are in my name, with my ex husband p.od., can I sign them over to my daughter so no taxes?
Question about revision in $7,500 first-time homebuyer tax credit! HELP PLEASE!!?
Job Seekers Allowance. Help Please :)?
How long do u have to work at a job to receive income tax?
Tax help!!!..CA tax return mistake...?
What if my baby momma has been having random people claim our daughter once a year?
Through November, Tex has received gross income of $222,500. For December, Tex is considering whether to acce?
what time of year is the best time to do a tax return?
If we paid vat on purchase of fixed asset . can we claim for that paid vat?
Hi , i work freelancing from home, and a person in US transfers money to my account in india, will i be taxed?
Do I have to be claimed by my spouse?
Working out uk tax mathamatically?
UK national Lottery has announced a prize for me how can I believe this?
Does Contract for Deed qualify for the tax rebate?
Is the IRS Where's My Refund site down today? 1/30/12?
Worthless securities, ordinary loss treatment or capital loss treatment, when trading stocks is your business?
Is GST usually included in a commercial rent?
Taking money from a friend to buy house in Banglore?
I need help with my tax refund?
Who has to pay Council Tax?
Has anyone had a tax refund deposit on a Saturday?
i want to know depriciation schedule asper income tax act in india?
Buying a used car...proof of income (UK)?
Do I owe money to the IRS?
If I work overseas for 18 months do I have to pay taxes ever again?
Is this 1099 legal for taxes?
I would like an EIC tax chart for 2005 please?
Why is the IRS still saying ill get my refund on Feburary 9th?
Water rates in the Uk. Does £42.39 a month sound a lot to you
I haven't worked much this year but I have 2 kids and I did work alittle bit, Should I still file taxes?
Do I have to file taxes during the time I am filing all the forms to establish a business?
can my income be taken into account if my partner pays CSA? (UK)?
I'm wondering if my fiance and i will pay more taxes once we are married?
My fiance has not paid taxes for 3 years now! WHAT TO DO!?
How do I get tax exemption on fixed deposits without submitting form 15G?
kindly let me know how to check whether my tax returns have been received by IRS sent thru turbotax last week.
how much tax do you pay on $1000 per week?
What do I do because this company wants me to fill out my W-9 differently than what the IRS instructions say?
How long do I need to keep old tax returns?
where do i find a non residential tax code to do a transfer from UK lloyds bank to SA bank?
Under 18 and a dependant with a college account that makes money in interest. Do I file exempt on W4? or Not?
Which tax form if I have a W2 but my wife worked from home on commission with zero deductions? (Filingjointly)
If imade 18000 dollars this year and filing single how much will my tax eturn ?
will need to pay taxes?
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