are NY pensions taxed in Connecticut?
Job search expenses, what qualifies for tax return?
income tax return garnishment?
In America why don't advertised prices include tax?
Site to see when my tax check was mailed to me?
If, I win in playwin superlotto how much percentage will be deduct in my claim amount and how much time will ?
what is the gross national product (GNP) of england?
can I protest on service charge charged by the restaurant ? how will service tax be calculated in India ?
What happens during an IRS Tax audit?
When you collect social security, is it taxed by the state?
Has the UK become an "I'm alright Jack" nation?
How to file ON-Line Tax returns in NZ ?
Form W-4 line 6 and line 7 help!!!?
Quarterly estimated payments and my current full time employer?
tax deductable reciept??????
Where can I find information about the amount of tax and social security is taken out of my paycheck?
its been 8 or 9 weeks now&haven,t recieved my refund yet. why so long?
If we had to entrust you with the reorganization of the office's filing system, how would you go about it?
EBITDA of 18.75 million and 4.5 million of net income. 5 million of expenses and tax rate of 40%.?
Do you have to claim your house on taxes?
IDBI has recently launched "Suvidha tax saving deposits". How far they are attractive ?
I have not filed taxes for the past 7 years, where do I start?
Tax rebate?
My previous company which i left on December 31st 2005 has not issued me a form 16 till date (15th June 2006).
Why wouldn't a flat tax work?
Has anyone got a WMR update this morning? (Wednesday morning after 12am on 2/10/10)?
What is a tax-free budget?
what form do i need to get a tax rebait from working over a summer before i became a student at uni?
Claiming Exemption of Long Term Capital Gains Tax under section 54F?
if you had sufficient funds, would you still work?
If a person receives a huge amount of cash, do they have to declare it and pay taxes?
Is Job Seekers Allowance paid weekly or fortnightly?
what is transfer pricing under Income Tax law?
need help with tax implications of a company prize?
i need to file back taxes with the state of Michigan?
i need to get my husband w2 from jack in the box?
Purchase of tax liens-has anyone had some "super monetary gains" from their purchase of them? Who has had bad
Why have I been denied for income credit refund for IRS ?
I am an employee working out of my home, how do I file for tax deductions on my office expenses.?
tax question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! URGENT?
Can I claim my grandson as a dependent if I have legal custody?
Who claims child for taxes?
Should the government do away with FED and state taxes and impose a fixed tax across the board.?
Intrust Bank sent my mom a settlement check?
How much percent the tax here in California Los Angeles?
Do I need to have something prepared as far as taxes for my craft booth?
Question on item tax percentage in Illinois.?
Ohio vendors licence for purchasing craft supplies wholesale.?
What is a better way?! Need tax advice!?
Tax on food items at the supermarket?
where can i find information about qualification on dependent parent to include to tax?
Im new in the UK and dont have a VAT Number, Is it Possible to write a Invoice without VAT No. ?
Does anyone know how much a Jackson Hewitt tax preparer can make during tax season?
when TDS is applicable and to whom it applies?
texas sales and tax permit?
Have you ever claimed something on your taxes that wasn't true?
Is there a website where I can access tax court memos prior to 1995, without a subscription?
Can anyone give me even ONE **good** reason why THIS wouldn't work **very** WELL?
Was the dude at the inland revenue having a bad hair day.....?
I plan on getting my ffl, what federal taxes do I pay?
How to fill my W-4 form? I'm a minor?
how i know the new pan no?
My mom claimed me on her taxes without my consent?
How is my tax and NI worked out?
What is Whole Foods Market EIN / Tax Number?
How often should I pay payroll federal taxes?
How much money will be taken out of my paycheck from taxes?
Restaurant waiters getting served during tax time?
Is there taxes on WCB Pension payouts?
what is the minimum number of hours someone must work in ur state to be classified as a full time employee?
Will there be additional child tax credits for 2010?
If I have $1000 worth of veterinarian bills,are they counted as tax deductible medical bills$?
can individuals carry forward tax losses into future years?
how long does it take to receive your refund check?
Can I still file my taxes??!! help?
I lost(?) my 160e as tax?
How do I report my '05 IRA contribution that I made in '06 on my tax return since I will not have a Form 5498?
How can I find out who filed my daughter on their taxes without my permission?
IRS is asking me for money because two employers did not send me my W2's in 2007... help?
how to calculate hra on basic salery?
1 st tax return after buying new house Credit for interest paid?
are you entitled to sick pay as a casual worker in the uk?
no tax refund. I owe money. Why?
Does anyone know if you have to claim your husband to get foodstamps or can I just claim me n my kids?
Are unrealized foreign exchange gains and losses taxable?
How much land is owned by churches and thereby tax exempt in the USA? What 3 churches own the most? How much?
Do I have to pay Pennsylvania if i only owe them $6 in taxes?
Estimate closing costs- owners paid taxes?
I was in 1/31 tax refund club, now the 6 weeks club.?
Please stop texing me on my phone OK please. I do not need to pay for your texing me it's costing me money.
I am a reseller using california wholesaler would I have to charge california tax rate to outside state buyers?
Can I claim the following on my taxes this year?
Should India abolish personal income tax?
In the UK, do you pay tax on money received from a will? If so, what sort of tax?
how long will it take for your taxes back from meta bank?
is early tax payment voluntary?
How do u prove that the irs that the kids that u claimed on your taxes are related to you?
Is it ok for an employer to make tax deductions without W-4 info? ?
what address do i send my state taxes to if i live in the state of Hawai'i?
filing unemployment extension?
is a bonus from work still seen as income when claiming tax credits?
I never made more than 10 thousand a year and I never filed taxes what do I do am I in trouble?
tax form is lost.........?
I work for a big company can i write off any work related expenses?
Should HMRC have tax officers working full-time in every giant corporation (UK)?
if a creditor charges off a debt for the tax benefit, don't they have to report any payments after the c.o.?
is this true about 07's taxes?
Mortgage-interest deduction vs tax credits, which one costs less for the government?
Question on FICA-MED and FICA-OASDI.....????
Income tax question, direct deposited but still no refund?
Are capital allowances allowed when calculating NPV of operating leases?
Can I fix Tax Return error myself?
Has anyone gotten there paper stimulus rebate check?
What is the difference between a Form W-4 and W-2?
Is it ok issue a paycheck by splitting it into two separate checks?
income tax debate, graduated v. fixed?
Should we lie on taxes?
I get a 1099 form for reimbursement of funds spent on business. Am I being taxed twice on the same money?
what is computer?
How is the federal tax figured on annuities?
2010 proof of registration for 2010 taxes?
. Mr. Jeevan submits the following details for the PY 2008-09 Basic Pay Rs. 25,000 per month D A Rs. 12,500 pe?
Is my Unit Investment Trust loss a "wash sale"?
Made $400 in babysitting $$, need to claim?
WIfe not working???
What will happen if my boyfriend claims his daughter on his taxes but his ex did also, illegally?
filing status getting divorced?
Shouldn't we pay fed tax as well as state etc. I just noticed my boss has not taken fed tax each pay period?
What is the tax base when you give stock as a gift. Is it the day ;you give the stock or the original base co?
IRS took money out of account but didn't owe anything! Help!?
Why am I double taxed on my retirement money?
is it ok to make a tax payment check to IRS?
Hourly rate after taxes..?
if i get maintenance for my son does it affect my tax credit?
practice since the guideline in regrets to claims was amended in 1998.?
I get a 1099 form for reimbursement of funds spent on business. Am I being taxed twice on the same money?
Can I deduct what I contributed to a Roth IRA?
i have to learn to make presantation for airtel company for activity & pramotions..?
Do you pay yearly taxes on stocks?
How much of a boxers earnings gets cut ny taxes?
I just paid off 10k in credit card debt. Is there any way to write that off on my taxes?
how are lump sum severance payments taxed?
How much will I get back in taxes if I claim one child in Texas!?
How long before i get my refund on an ASOS cancellation?
Since tax season is here, just wondering does anyone out there pay someone else to do their taxes?
i am a senior citizen and do not file income tax. will i get any stimulus money?
Help with tax returns!?
In which state cost of living and taxes etc are more? CA or OH?
How many people out there are upset, or outraged by the increase in GASOLINE PRICES?
I put $4000 into my Roth IRA, what do i need to do on my Taxes for this?
Should my dad change his deductions if i am no longer a dependent if its the end of the year?
Do you have to report an online business to the irs or just as long as you pay taxes on your income is ok?
Tax calculations help?
Anyone still waiting on Injured Spouse refund?
what is the earliest i can file my 2010 federal income taxes?
if you earn £18k per year and work 39 hrs per week how much will the pay be per hour?
California Pay check tax?
PF Withdrawal is taxable if i have completed 5 years of service?
i made 5,000. dollars this year and i have 2 kids what will i get back for taxes?
Is an Individual LLC also limited to a maximum of 3,000USD capital loss deduction?
Before filing, I did my taxes through 2 companies. One is getting me double the other with the same info.?
If you don't own a home, but rent, can you write off all or a percentage of your rent?
what are canceled checks?
If taxes are so complicated, why do so many people file their own returns?
Do we have to pay the income tax?
Tax Return filed jointly, direct deposit account number was changed without my consent or knowledge.?
What does "I claim exemption from withholding" mean?
I dont understanad 18 i live on my own i have a job but they dont take out taxes who do i pay?
Will I have to pay Taxes on Alimony?
If you're abducted by aliens for over 12 hours shouldn't you be able to claim travel expenses on your taxes?
How do i tell if my taxes were filed?
Does Turbo Tax automatically file the "Making Work Pay Credit" form for me when I file through it?:?
what is the difference between commutation allowance, conveyance allowance & travelling allowance?
Nill TDS Return is Compulsory to fill or not if i have not deducted any TDS for the same year?
Need help on filing Gross sales nys?
Can I claim for working tax credits if I'm working plus have a voluntary job?
Tax plzzz?
i want software compenys list in banmgalore?
how much would be taxes on 8 grand?
Can You Claim A Friend On Income Tax?
Why does the IRS site say "We are sorry. Specific information about your Stimulus payment is not available.
how can i file my taxes if they didnt take any money out?
Accounting Question about Payroll stuff?
Do not use Jackson Hewit to do you taxes!?
Write off gas on taxes as a nanny?
ANYONE got a response from Where's My Refund?
i have bought a car with disabled tax on it til april 08 , do i need to change to ordinary tax disc,?
Tax accountant or other accountant career?
VAT - example of business and non business activity for VAT?
Paying taxes for selling online?
is there a minimum amout that requires a IRS 1099?
Is trust fund money taxable?
can i avail tax benefit on fixed deposite, if yes then which bank giving this service?
NYS unemployment extension talks?
Can stock commisions be deducted?
Am I safe taking 1 exemption on my W-4 form?
Let's say your making 3,000US$ a month is it reasonable to cut 800US$ for the tax?
I am a student, my mother paid for 100% of my tuition, but i'm not dependent on her.?
Where in U.S. Federal or State law does it have that it is mandatory for me to pay income tax on my wages?
how hard is it to start a business? do you think being uneducated on paying taxes deters many people?
If I get a Tax ID# so I can purchase wholesale jewelry making supplies, do I have to file a tax return?
My wife worked in Maryland with a permanent address in North Carolina. Can they come for taxes against her?
Do I pay taxes in the USA while living in the uk?
to any one knowledgedge has any one collectunemploymentent for a year and got a tax refund back?
What sort of restaurants do you need in the UK ?
If a movie star gets 20 million, how much does he have to pay on taxes?
Computer tax due of refund due for married couple?
hey , what all things can you do to avoid your tax pay ment to the president of your country?
when will irs start sending federl taxes back?
how to file tds return for co-op. hsf socety.?
Giftaid tax relief for higher tate taxpayers?
Haven't recieved tax credit renewal pack advice needed?
Caboki... UK postage cost?
If I sell a commercial building in New Mexico for a huge profit. Any way to not pay huge cap gain? owned 10 yr
Should You be held accountable for the mistakes your Tax Preparer makes?
Should I hire an accountant instead of using H&R Block?
HELP me with any deduction, or adjustment please?
why do gov.workers get a 17,000 bonus and my 900. social sec check gets cut by 100.00?
Do I get to claim mortgage interest that was payed in 2006 on my tax refund.?
Has anyone had their efile accepted yet by the irs?
I made $2500 in 2008 and i want to claim my daughter about how much can i expect back for my tax refund?
Do Homeowner Associations have to file federal tax return?
I have a sm biz that has not turned a profit as a sole proprietorship if I go llc will it hurt me tax wise?
how much is miami sales tax?
how much is income tax % in Malaysia?
TAX HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11?
Do you like to pay taxes ?
Is it mandatory to claim a tax exemption or credit?
Can any creditor file a 1099-C for an unpaid debt?
VAT return? must bring the product with you?
Can I file a homestead if the property is not in my name, but it is my primary residence?
please compute taxable income?
If I owe state tax to one state and I moved out of that state and moved to Texas. Do I still have to pay?
What is teh % of tax to be paid an educational society?
Sales tax for customers outsite state?
Does preparing tax returns for a tax company count as work experience towards the CPA designation?
How much % will I be charged if I take a $6500.00 distribution from my 401k.?
i Will be earning 291 pounds a week how much of that would i receive after tax and n.i?
would anybody have much knowledge in regards to bailiffs?
Can I file my taxes for 2006 this late?
Itemized Deductions limitations?
What is W.Virgina's federal tax rate on earned income for a non-resident?
Has anyone received a stimulus check yet in paper form and if so, what were your last 2 #'s of your social?
Can A Person Claim There Dog As A Dependent ?
How do I call the IRS and actually talk to someone? I filed Jan. 31 and I still don't have my refund?
Tax Question - Head of Household?
Awaiting Customs Charges?
American Opportunity Credit?
tax credit vs tax deduction?
taxes: husband working in MO, living in IL??? How to file?
nri land disputes..what help can they get in india?
do you think we should have to pay taxes?
W-4 Question. I'm 23. My parents are not required to file but I live under their roof. Am I a dependent?
Adoption TaxCredit Question?
will i get a check for my daughter if i didnt have a job in 2007 but have taxes still to file from 2006?
if I got married in July, do I have to claim married on my taxes for this year?
I am applying for a 75K job in California. What will be my net income after taxes?
What is amended tax return?
Are hunchbacks entitled to backmoney ?
Should i go to a tax accountant or do it myself?
Do I have to file for a tax return on a second job that I didn't make more than $600 dollars working at?
Return rejected..need help asap!?
Is a mutual fund exchange in the same fund family a taxable event?
Worked a part time job, how do I get my tax back?
bonds payable has a balance of $1000000 and premium on bonds payable has a balance of $8000. if issuing corpor?
explain what progressive taxes, regressive taxes, and proportional taxes are?
Tax return accepted 18th still in processing?
Income tax is calculated before OPM or after?
I filed my taxes through turbo tax on jan15, irs accepted on the 17th. will child support off set my refund?
I am a Sole Proprietor and recently created and Employment Identifictation Number, how do I pay taxes?
If your not claiming anyone do they still take outt taxes ?
what is TDS?
Tax and NI deductions...confused?
I am getting married on Feb 13 2009. When I file my 08 taxes do I file as single or married?
Can i calim my daughter on my 2011 taxes?
DO I have to pay council tax if my flat is left empty for 3 months?
foreign tax credit?
Do you get more money back at tax-time by getting married?
How to know the issue date and issue place of Pan card ?
what if you didnt get a rebate notice in the mail?
how much does it cost for someone to do all of ur taxes for u?
Can I report cash expenses for rent, desk, and miscellaneous expenses for business - but have no receipts?
Is there a way to lower gross income for personal, corporate or Government? Canadian?
Tax refund in the UK affected by Aus earnings?
Jobseekers allowance question. Simple!!?
i never filed my 2007 w-2's. I didnt work a lot so I didnt think it was worth it. ?
Does anyone know where you can donate dresses in N. CA for a tax write off?
I opened a business with a few employees, how do i know how much to hold from there check for taxes?
How much in medical bills should you have to have paid in 2011 to claim it on your taxes?
Do anyone know if IRS will offer the lower amount of penalty for voluntary disclosure / opt out?
Does anyone know how much you're to be paid if coal drivers are driving on my property?
How to calculate Itemized Deduction with IRA contribution?
My employer is a co. registered as trader in Delhi & is selling used car to me in Delhi. What is VAT statute?
If you can show me the law where it says we as Americans have to pay an income tax I will give you best answer
I Made less then 200 last year and didnt file my taxes?
Need help with filing taxes i'm only 16.?
Yearly Tax Allowances?
when you got some Social Security money, is it okay to spend on CDs, DVDs, etc?
what percentage of my pay comes off as tax each month?
in the USA and the property tax and property taxes paid each year? or months?
to change from italia to english?
Tax Refund IRS January 31 2011?
Is Proposed Direct tax code bill 2010 is implemented & in force for FY 2012-13?
Can someone link me to a gov't website that show current tax rates or brackets?
When to let my roommate claim me as a dependent on his taxes? HELP?!?
clorox gross profit percent end of june 30, 2010?
what penalties would there be for withdrawing $1,100 from 401(k)?
What state has the highest TAXES?
I am trying to get a copy of my w-2 tax forms form landrys restaurant, how can i recieve this information.?
invailidating document preparers contract?
Whats the Tax rate on Short term capital gains from Futures and Options (derivatives)?
edd unemployment question?
I worked a pay pierod with 165 hours will canadian gov take most of it for taxes?
So they did update!!!!!!!?
will i owe income tax on a law suit settlement?
i need to know how to file state taxes from 1993 I have no w-2form for that year?
Tax sale properties question #2?
Can be ex claim me in his taxes even though he doesn't support me?
Does anyone know anybody that doesnt pay their taxes on purpose?
Do I have to file tax if I get only financial aid and am receiving unemployment?
I lost my payroll check? Can I have it reissued?
How Non Resident Indian can file Income Tax Returns in India?
how much money will i make after taxes?
is vat applicable on blankets,bedsheets?
after s.s.c. which course is better.?
Canada ODSP: Can my friend still get benefits if she is out of the country for more than 30 days a year?
What Is The Difference Between Exemptions and Household Size In The IRS Form?
will the irs notify me?
Documents to renew car tax??? (England) HELP!?
W2 form and waiting for reprocessing help?
hgow to gain and use power?
What is the tax rate or percentage I must pay on stock issued? NOT capital gains tax.?
how much is the child tax credit for 2005?
How are Stocks and Bonds taxed in the U.S currently?
if we ban smoking , wich erea of taxes will we have to pay tax on to make up the shortfall .from cig smoke ?
what is the best for pensioner . to claim pension credits or income support?
Can i specify other state home town address while filing ITR from Bangalore?
How do I file taxes as a in home daycare provider with two dependents?
How do I get to
will there be a refund for SSI? sole income of 674.00 a month for past 5 yrs.?
My efile was rejected because my ex claimed my 6yr old daugter 1st. I have always claimed her, she lived wit?
I won 500,000 GBP in google anniversary gift what do you think ?
Anyone elses refund date get dalayed till Feb 8?
havnt paid tax what happens?
Can I claim my student loans as income on my taxes? I had no job and lived soley on these funds.?
Tax Help - Basis in Land?
Last years stock trades tax questions -Fidelity?
My accountant insists that I have to list each one of the trading transactions on excel sheet. Is he right?
If I was on £15,800 salary how much would I get after tax (all deductions)?
head of household 2 dependents made 44,000.00 this year will i get a return?
If my job takes out for med taxes should I have Medicare?
Will I get 3 weeks on my paycheck?
How does my husband claim me on his w4?
Can you file taxs if you only made 180 dollers in 2011 but have to kids as dependents?
Work/Tax question? Please help?
I did not file KY state tax in 2006 because our retirement isn't taxed by the state. Will I be penalized?
what will be my tax return for next year? please help?
girlfriend is on wic, we are together we both raise our daughter?
How much are they giving for a child this income tax season?
What will happen if my boyfriend claims his daughter on his taxes but his ex did also, illegally?
i do not receive any extra holiday pay?
My employeer is doing something illegal. I need help filing IRS report!?
Should my online/internet shop be VAT registered?
where does the tax money go?
Please help! I have a question about property?
If you owe IRS a large amount in back taxes, What are you options in getting caught up?
when married filing jointly, are both signatures required?
Can my wife claim me next year for the 2010 taxes? (Read info)?
Has anyone received their stimulus rebate yet?
Why do you have to pay VAT on goods as a citizen anyway?
what is VAT?
How can I get an estimate of my tax return?
Shouldn't companies mail out your W2 instead of your having to go get it?
is there a black market on the internet?
I joined a consulting firm organized as an LLC. It is charging me for out-of-state taxes. Should it?
what will be the FIT withholding semi-monthly with a gross salary of $3200 and is claiming no allowances?
I heard that there is no law that states that we have to pay a federal income tax. Is this true?
Question about taxes and pay periods?
do i have to pay tax on minimum wages?
I live in Texas but work 6 days (about) a month in Cincinnati. How do I pay the least amount of taxes?
how to calculate income tax of a company?
I want to become a tax preparer and im planning to go to liberty tax?
If you drop out of high school, do you lose social security income/ benefits?
Do I need to charge sales tax for providing tutoring service in texas?
H&R block screwed our taxes up and now irs says we owe them 3,000.00 after we paid h&r block 400.00 to do em!!?
Where can I get a copy of the N.C. sales tax table. I need it for a sidewalk sale we're having.?
How do you plan to address the deficit? If you are going to raise taxes that is the wrong answer.?
How can a corporation in USA carry forward the foriegn tax credit to the next years?
Why pay taxes ?
Will the earned income tax credit apply next year?
How do I donate my business?
If you did your taxes, did not make enough to pay, but u get a refund, is it ok to still file it in late?
Club 31st.... Updates?
If you hit the lottery for $42 million?
What is the Federal Tax Rate for someone who makes $80k in VA?
How much tax will be taken off my paycheck if I get paid $1,640/month?
So am I alone in the dreaded IRS limbo of "By 1/31?"?
Tax Deduction - Business Formation Costs?
Did we get approved for RAL?
do you approve of way democrats in california want to increase sales taxes?
When you cash in your Stocks, you have to pay tax?
Is a w-9 required for personal reimbursement from a HOA?
how much is your salary?
do i get tax redemption if i wanna study business management..........?
As a foreigner, can I take the advantage of first time home buyer tax credit?
Inland Revenue possible investigation?
Can I claim my nephew as my dependent if I send my brother 100-150 bucks each month?
I have not filed taxes?
On a tax return, what does "Amount Due" mean?
How to Fill PAN data Change Request FORM-online?
list tax breaks for self employed people?
Australian tax refund!?
Can i add my new home on my tax return.?
Will I get my money back?
its about tax returns?
"what is meant by ckd condition motors for pakistan"?
Do I have to be claimed by my spouse?
Does anyone know the different ways that you can get certified to do taxes?
Can I deduct credit card interest for money deposited into a MM account?
How much in Taxes for an.........?
I lost my paycheck stubs?
In Australia can I claim the age pension if I am eligible and husband is still working?
Taxation on disability benefits?
I married in February 2007. How do I file 2006 return? Married but filing seperately? or Single?
I don't remember if I filed my taxes last year, does it matter?
falsely claiming your child on tax returns?
can I file tax return if I have no dependent and have a good income?
Is doing your own taxes online worth it?
Can someone clear up this expense question please?
What is the FIN of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island?
If my job takes out for med taxes should I have Medicare?
eFiled Friday and still no response?
i ddnt receive a tax return for my boss for to years! now wondering if i can claim interest on what i was owed?
How do you guy's even get through to the IRS I've tried and the only thing I get is a recording!?
limit of service tax/2005?
I bought cigeretts from the Indian reservation in N>Y> and got a tax letter from the Pa revenue saying I owe
On what day can you begin to file your taxes?
been employed for 14 months same employer what would i get if i made redundant?
i am a bricklaying aprentice in the uk can i claim a tax refund?
can i claim my stepson on taxes?
Do I have to pay tax?
is charity given to foreign charities (not registered in Canada) tax deductable?
Why do we owe on our federal taxes?
I have 4 w2's, where would be best to file?
does the PA occupational privilege tax change from county to county?
Im 20. My dad owes aLOT of back child support. And the IRS...?
has anyone received their 2008 tax refund by direct deposit yet?
How much tax will be deducted each month in my new job?
Cancellation of debt as income?
can i get an income tax if i worked 2 months only?
How much money does centrelink pay you after you leave home?
If I make 40k a years how much I'll pay in taxes?
about my sss salary loan balance?
Is federal income tax withheld also social security and medicare added on W-2 form for 1040ez?
i need help with snapfish please?
I'm confused, for those of you that are saying you were supposed to get your refund today.?
Husband has not filed Fed. income taxes since 2002?
Tax return information help.......?
Can my federal tax refund be added to my taxable income?
Can the Lifetime Learning Credit extend my refund?
what is a export tax?
What's the best way to file self employment tax?
I did not do my taxes on 2001, how would I go about filing it now?
Why did my tax refund decrease from the year before and the only thing that changed was we bought a house?
What taxes are cut on boxing day?
Is working tax credit benefit a 'means tested benefit'?
School tax when i live in an apartment?
will obamacare affect my income taxes?
Maximum earning without tax liability?
What is the minimum amount of money i can make per year to do taxes and claim my 3 children?
are income tax statements public record?
Does anyone knows the EIN number for Love's Travel & Country Stores?
I recived a different type of w4 form?
Taxation Goods And Services Tax Maths Help 10 Points?
my kid in disability 24 years old get ssi , it o.k I file the tax for my dependent. she is living with me?
can i get a tax return using all my saved receipts?
Does my dad's claiming me as dependent allow him to take my return (read story)?
hi, i m government employee and my annual income is 2,00,000 lakh. what i can do about income tax.?
Connecticut- are landscaping services subject to Sales Tax?
Please read this!!!!!!?
How to prepare for an IRS innocent spouse form?
Help with W-4 form for work?
Service tax in restaurants?
irs "wheres my refund" no longer showing my info?
Is Reverse mortgage good for me.?
What countries add GST on to the listed price?
I am selling a cabin I have owned since 1989.?
Can I get a tax refund from USA even if I never actually worked?
What would happen if EVERYONE in the United States quit paying ALL of their taxes all at the same time?
If an employer does not provide a 1099, will your return seem more likely to be flagged/audited by the IRS?
Can't aford to pay my tax debt and keep getting letters, what should I do?
As a private employer in the State of New Mexico do I have to pay employees per diem?
Extended Health Coverage - deductible?
Does sales tax apply to "shipping and handling"?
What happens if you missed filing last year and have no way to get your old pay info?
if you purchase wholesale do you pay taxes at the end of the year?
Paying sales taxes quarterly?
Why are groceries taxed in some States?
what does means by pros and cons?
How much will be taken out for taxes on my paycheck I live in texas?
are there tax deductions for college students?
Resident of Canada - 2006 Fiscal year Tax Return question. I din't file my 2005 Tax Return? Penalties?
Ought we not be giving tax breaks to people who do NOT have kids? They are using fewer natural resources?
What reciepts does the Govt want when you are being Audited?
Why do we have to pay customs tax on imports?
if I dont work this year what do I claim on my taxes for me and my daughter.?
is it ok to amend my 2008 taxes? I'm self-employed and want to buy a house...?
does it really take 8 to 12 weeks to get an amended return back fro the IRS?
What state do I pay taxes to?
I got married in May 2007. Do I need to file my taxes as married or single for 2007 tax year?
Do I need to pay taxes on Etsy?
If I put £3800 in a Santander ISA how much will I get over a year the intrest rate is 3.30%?
If I bring home 650 dollars before taxes, what can I expect to bring home after taxes? NY w/ zero dependants?
service tax number?
Are county property taxes higher then city property taxes?
IRS! What the heck is their address?
I still can't get a straight answer for this question, so I'll word it differently this time. Are pre-tax 401k?
Vat Tongsiri?
how long does a tax repayment online take?
what moving expenses are tax deductible ?
What taxes/filing requirements are U.S. based businesses obliged to make when hiring foreign contractors?
I just got a "T4 Statement of Renumeration Paid" In the mail from work. What do I do with it?
why cant we agree on a tax rate?
do you have to claim the child on your income taxes if you claimed the child on your unemployment as dependent?
Why haven't I received my tax stimulus check yet?
should I keep my old earnings statements?
How long does it take for a tax refund to be credited to your credit card when item is bought from Paris?
why do my husband and i owe so much for federal taxes?
Should I hand over 50% OF MY HOUSE DEEDS TO MY DAUGHTER?
if you can only claim 3 children on your taxes do you get any kind of credit if you have a fourth?
can you file 2006 taxes with your 2009 taxes or filed seperate?
Unemployment benefit extension in Illinois?
pension is 6,000; job 4,000; social security 15,000; 79 yrs old; is social security taxable. .please help...?
How much is 907.91 plus tax?
How do you find a GOOD IRS tax debt company?
Help! What do I do next?
when is the state refund sent out?
Commissions owed by previous employer?
form 1120 These forms are due on the 15th day of the 3rd month after the end of the corporation's tax year.?
If i have just got a full time job, do you still get child tax credit, or is that for unemployed only shortie?
Home Equity Line of Credit Question?
Tax Refund January 25th 2012?
starting up a business what tax can be claimed back?
what documents do i need for filling my income tax if Im an Avon representative?
My brother left me a cashier's check. Is this taxable on an inheritance?
If I make $85,000 / yr after taxes are taken out then what is my income before I paid my taxes?
where is the best place to do your taxes?
Can I deduct interest paid on a credit card that was used for home equity?
disabled w/ two kids and a wife tax return?
what is a reportable transaction?
tax questions HELP!!!!?
why shoudnt the NHS be made private in the Uk like it is the the states?
I have 3 children. can i claim all 3 of them on my taxes or is it a certain amount u can claim?
My mom was able to claim me on her 2009 return. What's going to affect my filing when I file April 1?
What is the cost of goods using: the FIFO, LIFO, Specific identification and Average cost methods?
I want to claim my parents as dependents on my tax form, will this affect their social security benefits?
letters which can get penalties from revenue service abated/waved?
In Australia, how do you claim tax for any recent years that might have been missed?
I will retire at age 62. What is a good part time job which pays a high rate of pay so I have more free time.?
anyone file on feb,1,2012 on turbo tax?
Foreign national leaving ireland after 4 yrs - final yr tax rule ..?
A tax question about dependants and filing status ect.?
Question about 747L UK tax code?
can you claim a child on public assistance on your taxes?
How many people whos taxes were accepted early on 1/17/2012 are still waiting for their refund?
what if i have knowingly not filed a tax return in eight years?
Can a person thats certified as having multiple personalities...?
Can you work as a 1099 and W2 at the same time?
I have a job in Geneva, with a salary of 70000 CHF per annum; and I was looking for some advice.?
Passive losses for real estate professionals. Does the use of a propety manager for some properties matter?
Depreciation on corporate tax and s-corp returns?
I am self employed and also have a part time job- income taxes?
How can a foreign company get away without paying gross income taxes and Tarriff tax on there exports?
Tax deductions?
I did some jobs for a contractor last year and only now he is asking me for a 1099... what should i do?
Is Working Tax Credits dealt with separably from Child Tax Credits, and could I claim...?
In Vancouver BC, if someone sent me a birthday present by postal mail from overseas, do I need to pay tax?
am i responsible for these taxes?
I just got a job, need help with taxes?
can you claim child tax credits if your children are in care and you are not receiving child benefit?
What is the purpose of a sales tax on Amazon?
i need to know what $15.00 is in uk pounds?
My 2012 WMR says Jan 31st, anybody else's say that?
I filed on the 19th and accepted on the same day?
My son is in prison ,I have POA. Can I deposit his tax refund into my checking acct? or his prison acct?
i paid Only one mortgage payment in 2011 can i claim my rear estate taxes on my tax return?
Has anyone recieved their DD refund today that used Taxact/Republic bank and had their fees taken out?
Question about UK Council Tax benefit when sharing a house?
If Sally sold seashells by the seashore does she have to declare them as income on her taxes?
'06 State tax return?
What is T4 statement of remuneration paid? ^^?
How does a USA citizen determine his monthly social security payments for retirement?
Is there a website that can give estimates for how much a state rakes in, in cash?
Is an FSA the same thing as an MSA?
1099s are for people I've paid that are not incorporated/corporated/partnership ltd.; only individuals I paid?
Income tax deductions question please help!?
question about food stamps and taxes?
Can I claim Single on W4 if am married and filed md. filing jointly. dont want anyone to know my marital statu
where can we get a 2006 w2 form online to print?
can i get back taxes from a previous year?
Do I pay back unemployment?
who has right to claim child???
unemployment overpayment?
when's the due date to fill out taxes?
what does PLACE OF TAXATION means?
Anyone receive their tax refund today? (2/17/12) Mine was accepted on 2/4 and I can't get any information!?
I was recently approved to recieve disability benefits with backpay. Do I have to pay taxes on the backpay?
Why are we penalized so heavily for not paying taxes, when there's no law that says we have to pay taxes?
First-time homebuyer tax credit - apply to 2008 AND 2009 taxes?
If you worked at RSPB how much would you get 1 year?
filing exempt on w-4?
My company is taking no federal income tax out of my check.?
if I earn £4000/month in UK, how much tax will I pay as a single working man?
how can i get a small loan for the company i started?
does anyone know about the Canadaian Child Tax Credit?
Tax burden?
W2 question??????????????
My grandfather wants to give me $100,000 to put down on a house, what type of tax will we be subject to?
Sole Proprietorship and EIN or Federal Tax Identification Number?
Tax from Internet money?
if you take public transportation to work can it be written off in your taxes?
does my brother have to pay tax?
Can I use my membership in a teacher organization for my $250 Educator Expenses on my Fed Tax?
Should I cancel my JSA claim?
Will the IRS take money out of my check due to back taxes if they already have a levy on my bank account?
can your wages be garnished if you work and resides in south carolina?
Online buddy works for IRS?
I recently got US citizenship. Should i have to pay taxes on property sale at my native born country?
I have a tax question. If you run an in home day care can you claim a % of your rent?
Can your employer NOT pay you overtime if you work more than a 40 hour work week?
irs said my refund was mailed?
My mom claimed me as a dependent on her taxes. I'm 17 with a job.?
Can I file taxes if i only worked 5 months this yr?
any one received a federal tax refund for jan.28th,2011?
claiming yourself for taxes?
What is the maximum amount of pay to not pay federal income tax?
How much will Nevada take from my paycheck?
Does my employer have to offer health Insure....if I have been getting it thru them for the past few years?
How do I pay the penalty for early distribution on my SEP IRA?
How do you write 6 1/2 % in decimal form?
Parents house bought in my name. How does this effect my 2012 taxes?
If you withdraw money from beneficery IRA and purchase a home, what are the tax liabilities?
My daughter is 17 & my dependent, why won't she get a tax rebate? She filed a return & got a refund.?
Rs.6100/- salary what is paid Professional Tax Per Month?
Tax stimulus payment?
Whats up with these rebate checks?
I am an American English teacher in Korea.DO I have to file tax return here in Korea?I make under 80K a year.
My friend has never filed taxes, will he owe money?
Taxes- can you deduct your rent?
How do I file taxes for money I made in Idaho, if I reside in California?
IRS can freeze my bank account if I dont have ssn?
Concurrent filing of l-485 (filed by the wife) and l-485 (filed by the mother)?
Can a state funded college charge me as an out-of-state student because I don't pay taxes?
will i have to pay taxes?
I'm waiting for my tax refund. It was accepted on the jan 16th?
how do i find info records of a house i am wanting to buy. free, online. for taxes and ect.?
I opted to have my taxes taking out of my unemployment so I could file my taxes where do I get this info?
Can I FedEx my Federal Tax Return to the IRS?
Do I need to file taxes for my second job where I made under $5000?
why cant i get deduction on my student loan when i file "married but file seperately'? AND how ??
how much would taxes be on a house that cost $349,900?
Will my Working Tax Credit be affected if I work fewer than 24 hours per week during the current tax year?
What's the tax% levied on cars while importing in to India???
Can my I claim my girlfriend on taxes?
What should I claim on taxes?
I just got another w-2 but I already did my taxes?
Compare and contrast the social security tax and medicare tax.?
Im a nanny how do I pay my own taxes?
Can anyone answer this question??!!!!?
What are the best savings for service class people to save income taxe?
How long until i receive my tax return?
do foreigners have to pay taxes on merchandise bought in the united states?
What is the difference between an IFTA and a non-IFTA mile?
What to avoid on Tax Deed and Tax Liens Sale? How do you do it best? Where?
Can edd take my federal taxs if I owe them?
What are the disadvantages of tax?
I am self employed but I get very few receipts/invoices etc. How can I do a tax return and prove my income?
If I offer a free service and accept donations do I need to pay taxes?
can i deduct the money i'm sending to my family in my canadian tax and how?
What will my tax penalty be on a mutual fund redemption?
Is there a special sales tax in utah on advertising?
Can I Carry a Child on my taxes without a social security number?
Bought online and shipped out of the United States, how do i get a tax refund?
When a person gets paid in cash does he have to pay taxes on it?
how to add the tax to your purchase in Ontario?
Why should we pay taxes when there is no law to do so?
did Romney cheat on his taxes?
Will my husband pay Canada taxes if he travels there to work for his company?
If you own a townhouse, do you pay property taxes?
New car tax break? Used car?
I wish to know the names of the various venues of long term capital gain investment under section 54EC in Indi
do you have to do state and federal taxes?
When do I need to file taxes as a busines owner?
How old do you have to be to file a W2 form?
UK to USA. VAT TAX and shipping question.?
Estimates Tax on Competition prize winnings?
Does the state of CA charge an inheritance tax if it is only money and not real property involved?
Can I contribute to an IRA for 2005 if I had an employer sponsored plan for half the year?
Los Angleles Sales Tax will be 10.25% in next year, what is your reaction?
if you work 12 hours a week for 35 weeks of the year are you entitled to holiday pay?
why do we need to know how much our stimulus rebate was to file this years taxes ?
How Much In Property Taxes?
I filed unemployment in the wrong state, What are my options?
Rollover of a 403b to IRA?
If I e-file with the IRS using TurboTax do I still have to send any paper work in?
Is there any way to avoid reporting a check for an amount greater than $10,000? My biz has its first check..
Over Refund from the IRS?
How to add this tax (please help)?
Another IRS tax question....?
Can tour claim another adult on your taxes?
How long will it take for me to get my taxes back after I submit an amendment?
Why in the world are prices so high?
Moving to Ireland - banks etc?
Has anyone actually recieved their income tax refund for 2009 yet?
how much longer is my working tax form going to take to process?
where can i go to see if there is a tax lein on my property?
Can my wife do my taxes while I'm in the military BCT?
stimulus check....?
can i get a refund if my Social Security income is 21,528/yr and i pay no taxes?
what is a Unemployment Extension ?
Is it real that a non-resident can invest in the US and get tax exemption?
Lower Your Property Taxes in Rochester, NY?
Cud u plz tell whether the IT is dedcut in Aprl (being the begining of fY)PY tax been deducted in MArch?
so far as of now my gross income is 79,856.38 i have 0 dependents and the other deduction just the regular?
I have received notification from Tax credits On the taxable amount shown how do I pay the tax?
Is there any provision of Income Tax rebate for ST employee of North East people employed in NE?
what is computer enggs salary in india ?
If I make 150k-160k per year how much do I have to pay in taxes?
Can I go down to the local depot to pay customs VAT and then collect the parcel there and then? (ParcelForce)?
If I opt out of the American opportunity credit and file the tuition and fees deduction do I still have to?
Anyone receive their stimulus check?
why service tax details is not appear in service tax payment entry in tally answer?
Receiving unemployment, worked 2 days but that's it?
i owe $600 in child support.My taxes were long will it take to get the rest of my money?
do i have to pay on taxes on checks that where paid in my name,even thou i paid my workers with it?
I am a full-time student at a university, do i pay taxes?
Will I be taxed on capital gains if I reinvest them within a certain time frame?
I am currently living overseas. How many months must I be away from America to not pay fed income tax?
have you switched from paper to electronic filing?
Should taxes be made optional?
What are some tax deductions for a computer game designer and 3D animator?
Canada ONLY: What if I refuse to pay My income tax?
i have not filed my taxes in over 5 yrs so i do i file now ?
Adjusting Entries Accounting?
How do I go about claiming the first time homebuyer tax credit?
Is your taxpayer identification number the same as your social security number?
Can I deduct computer equipment on my taxes?
i haven't received my 1099 to file taxes. what happens now? do i not file?
question about paying taxes and tax codes?
Usage of capital loss for tax purpose?
If someone else paid my vehicle registration fees do I still claim it while filing my taxes?
Taxes are a coming, have a couple questions about claims :)?
I haven't filed my taxes for 3 years! Help! Please!?
My husband gave his GI Bill to his sons who are in college full-time. Can we claim them as dependents?
if you been unemployed can you still file for income taxes?
Are we suppose to have Federal tax withheld?
What if I don't get my tax refund?
what is the best way for us to file our taxes?
How much tax money will be taken off my paycheck?
whats the most amount a person can receive on a tax return check?
I'm a 1099 what can i write off?
How much tax will be taken off my checks?
what's the property tax rate in las vegas?
Can a person on aid file taxes as head of household without having employment?
Who pays PAYE Tax and NI to HMRC; Employee or Employer?
Who is at work in the Uk today on this bank holiday?
A quick question about my tax return!?
Tax filing question 20yr old dependent student/part time with income less than 5k?
can i track my tax return if i filed e-file?
how much does federal student loan take out of you income tax?
Do property taxes work against home ownership for lower income workers?
enrolle agent school for the irs?
how can i get income support in uk?
As a college student, do I get everything back on my taxes, including social security and medicare?
I had seen this tv comercial with roni lynn deutch tax firm .she say she help you with your back tax problem ?
how much will i get back in income tax return?
cost to import a car from UK to the US?
Wage plus bonus help?
Do you still fill out tax forms if you havent worked, or been on unemployment for the last year?
Small Business Fleet Tax Question?
how can i add sales tax to an item costing $16.00. I live in NJ?
IRS Notice asking to pay?
Taxation differences between an LLC and an S Corp?
where does unemployment's money came from?
what is entertainment tax?
is there a tax liability if I add mu children to the deed for my house by quitclaim back to all three of us?
What does Las Vegas and Atlantic City spend its gambling tax revenue on?
If I didn't claim my vehicle as an expense last year (couldn't figure out like kind exchange), can I this year
Am I paying too much in taxes per pay check?
My parents claimed me as a dependent on their taxes what can i do to still get my money?
I overestimated my FTB earnings - How much should I get back from Centrelink?
What do I need to do when adding new member to Tax ID?
Wage Garnishment Question?
Do I have to file income tax?
Legally speaking, Is it true?
Did anyone get their refund DD lastnight or this morning?
Need W-4 tax info. Help.!?
What should I be claiming if I have two jobs and owe in every year.?
service tax tobe added to basic wages or gross wages i.e, basic+esi+epf+agency commission)?
how much centimeters are there in a kilometers?
if mitt romney is so american why is a lot of his money in overseas tax shelters?
my home was appraised $225,000 and my assesment was $149,900 am I paying to much in taxes?
Tax rate on Long vs. Short Term Stock Capital Gains?
How come "chain" tax preparers charge so much for filing electronically?
Who has to pay Council Tax?
Can these things be deducted from my taxes?
What are the criteria for writing off DSL on my taxes?
Tax questions for Green Card holder?
Why has an increase in my income led to such a large tax increase?
Tax question for refund?
can i file for income tax?
How is income tax not slavery?
I am about to file our taxes and our only income is SSDI?
OKC Thunder or Seattle Supersonics?
I gave 2 people 1099 misc and found out that the EIN is incorrect. How do I correct this?
taxes on money in paypal?
Has anyone received their refund while "wheres my refund" still says processing?
Is Iowa one of the states that has repealed the state death tax?
did i win lottery for uk or not it,s address is 28 tan field rd?
Capital Gains Question on sale of my home?
How can I have a BIR certificate of Tax Exemption?
I am being charged $350 to do my income tax, does anybody know how can I fight this?
can you use fast food as a tax write off?
Does Arrears Of pension taxable?
is there any bank in india which offers 0 balance account for free?
how to change fiscal year non-profit organization?
Not paying NC County personal property taxes?
why is my tax refund more than what I submitted?
How much of a tax write off do you get if donate a car to chaity?
What does tag end amount mean on my unemployment papers?
do you get your money back after filing a tax return?
is it ok to make a tax payment check to IRS?
uk!! question about halifax instant saver account!!?
i have a tax related question...?
Is my boss breaking the law if he doesn't pay me any holiday pay? I pay tax and N.I?
Canceled debt is taxable income?
When does your employer need to give you your w-2 by?
How much money do you have to make in a year in order to get earned income credit?
how to file taxes please help?
What if the Tax Payable in BIR Form 1700 is negative, am I entitled for a refund?
how can i figure out a property tax rate?
online courses cheap?
Taxes on timber cut.?
USPS tax and duty charges?
Any tax experts around?
Can I mail my 1040 tax return to a distant processing facility to delay processing legally?
are aaa products tax deductible?
I have been selected as PO in sbbj,allahahad bank,bank of india & uco bank...Which bank should I join?
Do you agree that the link I provide proves the federal debt was caused by lowering top income tax brackets?
do you think people with low income should pay taxes?
will i be notified if they was a problem with my tax return?
will i get in trouble for filing....?
5.Why does my w2 not show my federal wages withheld?
The taxability in case of Joint (Either or Survivor) Demat / Saving Account?
on what date should i get my w2?
Is Worker's Compensation Benefits Taxable?
After 46 weeks of unemployment I received a letter saying I was ineligible for benefits?
I filed for an S Corp in Oct 2008 there were no sales made do i have to file taxes, im in IL ?
if you dont have a job and you file your 2008 tax return do you still get a stimulus check?
tax return help..[R36] form?
Why is it compulsory for us to pay taxes?
how would I look up to see who the owner of a piece of property is?
is dental expense tax-deductible?
Questions about YouTube monetization and taxes?
Is it illegal for my tax man to file an extension without my signature?
do i have pay taxes on my mom give me money?
what is transfer pricing under Income Tax law?
Are the settlement funds taxable from a lawsuit over the rental income?
Self-employment income question (refined)?
in bangalore what is the service tax rate?
Is it possible to file for income tax seperately if you are married? Pros? Cons?
What are the Duty Rates on alcohol imported from Ukraine to U.S. for resale?
I dont believe it but what if ... An email saying I got a tax refund?
How do I figure out 25% of my gross income?
i just got fired and want to cash in my 401k. how do i do that without the irs getting any?
How do Volunteer Hours account for tax deduction?
Negative equity, can't deduct, taxed if I foreclose. HELP!?
Can someone please explain Capital Gains Tax?
My employer keeps pushing back my pay date and it's going on 7 weeks since my last paycheck, what can I do?
Can you file a tax return if you didn't have taxes taken out of your pay(like for child care)?
If I receive cash as gift from my wife, is it taxable under the Law?
Does anyone know what the standard deduction for a Goodwill donation is? I have a few receipts from Goodwill.?
I've been claiming my two kids on my tax return and now their father wants to claim them can he do that?
Which states have the lowest ahd highest property taxes?
is vat applicable on blankets,bedsheets?
Can I claim my live-in boyfriend as a dependent if he made no money last year?
if the IRS says they have direct deposited your fed refund, why wouldn't it show in your account?
What is the standard deduction for a single person that is filing their taxes?
Will a 401k company issue a W-2 to someone for cashing out a 401k early?
what form do i need to get for arkansas state tax filing??? i know 1040ez is federal...?
In my paycheck stud they take money away for FiCA and SDI, what are those? And do I get a refund at tax time?
Tax Question?
looking for a newer web site with satellite images scanning down to homes, then with their assessed value?
what is the regular income of an astrobiologist?
How can I check how much I made for the year 2004, (taxes)?
If you have multiple personalities, can you claim them all on your taxes ?
I have applied for pan card,my serial number is 086941193,my pan has been generated,but its been 20days,?
What are some examples of a non-child dependent?
my sister filed her unemployment taxes wrong?
would alabama state retirement count as a savers credit on my tax return?
if you owe federal taxes and are on a payment plan will ssdi back pay be levied?
why do people mean by complaining about poor spelling?
What happens if you get lumbered with a big tax bill but dont have the money to pay?
Income Tax Return For Winning Design Contest and Paid by Paypal?
i want the meaning of the abbreviation ctc?
what is Capital Gains Tax?
How do I calculate California Sales Tax for items being sold in Missouri and Illinois?
Can I get any benefits? UK only please.?
What are the taxes to be paied by one in Alberta and in Ontario.Wich province is better from this point of vie
Student computer tax deduction question?
Is the IRS site having a problem with "Where's My Refund?"?
I'm recently divorced and doing my taxes on my own for the 1st time. What is the easiest tax software?
My wife doesn't work, I'm the only one that does. Should I file single or as married on my taxes?
Do I have to file my tax return?
if my mum gave me £50,000 would i have 2 pay tax?
What are the implications for VAT In Great Britain?
Dependent Care FSA -Can both parents contribute 5K each from employer sponsored FSA for child?
have i been taxed to much?
When trying to figure out the taxes will you always use this same number 8.25?
If i file my taxes through a company and barely get money back, do i still pay them the regular fee?
can you claim medical bills?
when will i be notified of child support taking my tax refund?
Can i chose not to pay the national insurance?
Rent of shop is Rs 3000/- pm and it's owned by central govt. deptt.Now they're asking service tax from 2007.?
what is contingency disclosure?
do you pay vat on cat litter?
If I only use my shoes for work are they tax deduct able?
For AY2011-12, why has CPC not considered 80CCF deduction?
How should I pay for exactly one litre of petrol if it is (say) 97.3p?
Mom claimed me a dependent, but I wasn't really her dependent. HELP!?
Does my salary of Rs.3500 per month fall under TDS Slab?
Why doesn't the government increase corporate taxes and offset it with tax credits for hiring the unemployed?
Does the IRS allow transfer of capital gains or losses to another tax payer to pay?
Do you have to use the same asset recovery period for tax and book depreciation?
is cosmetic surgery tax deductible?
1099 tax form and under 10,000$?
When filing tax returns how many yrs can you go without filing?
Business Tax Expense Question?
Is Obama issuing a stimulus check?
What is the sales tax rate in Illinois?
When does my employer have to get my W2 to me by?
is the tax on groceries deductible?
Would financial aid take my tax return if i owe them money?
I'm a PA resident who had NJ taxes with held from my pay check, what necessary forms do i have to fill?
How do I get another copy of my W-2 from2005?
If you have liens from the california franchise tax board over 10 yrs can you make an offer and compromise?
Mutual Fund Tax Penalty?
for small organization service tax is mandatory?
A couple lived in different states last year. How to fill the tax status for the state tax return?
Just got first payslip, but what does back pay means?
Canadian sold property in US and realtor withheld tax. Now received ITIN number do I have to file taxes in US?
How do I report my boss for tax fraud?
I was stupid and now I have a tax filing problem.?
can i file for TDS now in India-in Nov?
Im on unemployment and have 2 kids can i still file taxes and get the money for my kids credit ?
will the IRS charge a seperate penalty if you file 940EZ instead of 940 when you should file the 940?
Can you make yourself insolvent for a 1099-C?
If you work for an employer and they deduct taxes for you but you fail to file tax, what happens to the money?
help with overpayment lectric bill?
Why am I double taxed on my retirement money?
Someone has claimed my son for the 2007 tax year! How do I find out what's going on?
which states allow sales tax filing on a cash basis?
Where do you pay city of Scranton wages taxes?
do we need to file New Jersey tax return to report partner's share of income?
What do I do if my ex wife filed my son on her taxes without my permission?
I need a solution for eczema?
Divorced dec 2011 - how should I file tax?
q. hugh,jafro..not kidding-can't get past having downloaded it..what now?
I can't afford to get my taxes done! What am I supposed to do?
If raising taxes will create more inflation what about cutting spending?
Where can I file for taxes free?
How do you figure out cost basis for a stock when the company has no record of its stock?
Would I be able to claim council tax discounts if I am living in a house share?
i never got my state tax return...?
what is the maximum amount of dollars i can make before i dont get my taxes back?
If i havnt paid any federal taxes so far this year?
Tax related question?
How soon after an unemployment claim has been submitted, is the employer notified?
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