what kind of taxes does a person in Houston or in Miami or in Ancorage has to pay f he doesn't have property?
If I make $1,600 in 6 weeks how much do they take off for taxes?
What type of tax is this?
if you owe 10,000 dollars in credit and you settle for 5000 dollars do you have to file a 1099 form?
Im on unemployment can i put like 2 walmarts or 2 targets on the claim form?
Virginia part-year tax return?
how much do i get back for my 3month old on my tax return?
Does my daughter pay for dental work shes single parent working but gets working tax credits?
What percent of a person's income is paid in taxes to the government in the UK?
on box one of the w-2 does it contain your gross pay or net pay?
why is transfer pricing important to multinational organisations in developing countries?
hello, can you direct me on how to get to "where`s my refund " I can`t find it in www.irs.govt?
Tax refund delay 2012?
Tax return for multiple jobs?
ok i filed my taxes on jan 14 2011 and i check whares my refund and still nothing ...?
I was supposed to get my tax rebate today through direct deposit... but never did,,?
w4 they take less tax based on dependents?
If my W4 form was not filled out correctly, will I still get the proper tax refunds?
Is it true that the Gov is giving Hurricane Katrina victims a tax brake ??
please help. what would happen if i didnt file for income tax return?
How much money can you earn in a year before they can tax you (live in Indiana).?
Do I have to pay taxes on the sale of a house I lived in for 5 years and rented for the last 2.?
feb 7 tax return, did anyone get theirs?
Where can I get a tax loan?
I got IPhones on a business acct & I'm not going 2 pay for them will it come back on my taxes or a bank?
My wife made about 3000k earlier in the year as a Nanny but we incurred expenses?
Why do Americans still have to pay income taxes?
Do you pay income tax in the state you live in or the state you work in?
i filed my 2010 taxes in april 2012 anyone anything about this?
Should the rich be taxed at higher rates because they are rich?
Im new in the UK and dont have a VAT Number, Is it Possible to write a Invoice without VAT No. ?
I owe money, can the State take my Federal refund?
Has anyone received their paper tax stimulus check in the mail yet? I am number 27 and just curious im close?
why wont the IRS let me claim my son that was born on December 6th 2011?
i just recently had my home converted into a duplex; how do i go about using the address for tax returns?
Is it still possible to lodge a case against someone for defamation of character in the UK?
do I need to pay tax if I receive gift send from other country?
Stimulus Check Question.?
Are your mortage points usually listed on your 1098?
What happens to you if you havent filed taxes in 3 years?
BR-2011 I need to know what tax code BR was for 2011?
Can a wife qualify as a dependent on you taxes?
Has anyone received their tax refund today, 01/31/2012?
What happens if I disagree with taxes owed?
how long must you have been working at a place before you got laid off to be qualified for unemployment?
Selling a business + tax?
How many hours do i have to work to be egible for unemployment the 2nd time?
Will it matter how divorced parents file taxes if only one of them uses child's SSN each year?
IRS Audit please help i was 17 at the time my first year doing taxes, so i went to listo tax and paid them?
if i had 2 jobs this year and didn't make very much money at one of them, do i have to file both on my taxes?
Anybody else get an e-file return accepted by IRS today?
Doing my tax return & I owe $152, but when I uncheck that I can be claimed as a depndant, I get a return?
How much in Taxes do Pensioners pay? In UK?
who the right to claim taxes?
ive gone to do taxes and recieved emerald advance every year but now owe back tax will i get approved this yea?
Will i have to file income tax if I worked only for 3 months at minimum wage?
I would like to know if there will be a instant tax refund this year?
tax refund from 2006?
How can I make my girlfriends nose job tax deductible for me?
Best friend hasn't filed her taxes in years, what to do?
How much will be withheld from my $2,000 bonus?
If I filed for an extension on my taxes with TURBO tax and i file my taxes with h&r block?
Can the California Franchise Tax Board garnish my personal wages if I owe the 800 annual fees?
How do I change my address on my income tax forms from past jobs I have moved and they need to be change?
What does the capital "U" in a circle mean? It is on alot of products. Does this cost the consumer money?
Where is the Net Operating Loss reported for sole prop?
I'm currently a property lawyer working in the UK. Obviously?
CA: House is in my name. I want to change the deed to name my 4 children as owners to decrease my estate value
is it possible that I can file IT for 2 holding bank account since long but never filed IT?
What percantage of tax will we get back?
Made in UK, how is this defined?
how can I legally quit paying taxes?
Still getting 9001 from IRS Where is my refund?
Pay as you go taxes ...... ?
is it illegal to tax an in store credit?
How much tax would footlocker charge me for 110$ shoes?
what are the requirements to start a trucking business in the Philippines?
how would I look up to see who the owner of a piece of property is?
do you have to do state and federal taxes?
Advise me Income Tax Sec. correct or not. Tax free Dividend-10(34), Tax Free shares LTCG-10(38), Units LTCG-11
I'm a teenager who exempted taxes off my W form? Quick question. Please answer.?
employer does not want to withhold from my paycheck?
miss pan card acknowledgement no?
Do I get all of the state taxes I pay back from my job if I am not a resident of this state?
tax refund 2009 direct deposit schedule conflict?
Can I file state and federal taxes for past years?
When can we start filing for taxes?
Why is my tax refund so different than last years?
im a u.s citizen. do i have to file my taxes with the states if i work outside of the country?
When writing off business dinner expenses for tax purposes, is the gratuity able to be written off as well?
Should I declare dependants on my Tax Return?
Im looking to find out if I get a credit for my taxes for paying for my tuition for my second year of college.?
if i owe taxes for 06 will i still get the rebate for 08?
We are not eligable for the new home owners tax credit....?
Whats the earilest day you can efile your 2011 taxes?
At higher tax rates, depreciation is?
Do we have to pay the income tax?
Part-year v. Full-year resident for tax purposes?
Dependent tax question?
my mum wants to giv me and my sista 10000 each how do i find out if we or she has to pay tax on it?
Do i need to file/ pay tax in U.S. tax return 2008??
How much in taxes are taken out of gains in the stock market while living overseas?
I think I may have lost my W2 forms. What do I do?!?!? I haven't filed my taxes yet!!!!?
how much income tax would be deducted in ontario for a yearly earnings of $30-40k?
Jobseekers allowance question. Simple!!?
Australian import taxes?
I received a council tax bill of £2740 after 10 years, I was a student at that time. Please help?
HELP!!!!benefit and working tax credit?
Should I charge tax on ebay if I were to just sell my own stuff from around the house?
How much will i earn after taxes?
Stimulus or mailed on the 23rd?
How long do you have to work in order to file for taxes???
Can you download your Centrelink group certificate?
Can a mortgage company file a 1099 when you are in default without a summary jugement?
Not paying taxes to the IRS?
Car Tax Fixed Penalty Notice?
Is Federal Express estimated delivery date correct?
I know this has been asked a million times, but...?
What happens if someone else pay off my mom's house?
Tax Credits for Hiring Felons? Please help me find info.?
Can my dad claim me as his dependent?
Who should I put for title on the house, for better tax break?
can i use this as a tax right-off?
why don't they tax all things that are bad for you like they do cigarettes?
If my parents file bankrupty, what will be taken?
the irs are mailing my check from my return on the 26th?
I got divorced, but owe taxes. How do I get the liability split?
How can I be UK tax resident?
Which tax forms do I file if I get paid in cash?
Do I have to file my 1099-MISC taxes if I only made $10,350?
How do you calculate cost basis for taxes?
Can I change W4 allowance from 0 to maximum for remainder of the year and still get a refund?
What is the treatment for lump sum payment of LIC -as per Income Tax act 1961 (investment period >5 years)
I lost(?) my 160e as tax?
Do I have to file a federal tax return if I received one payment of miscellaneous income (1099 form)?
my son graduated in may and turned 19 in june can i still claim him on my taxes if he still lives at home?
Does anyone know when "no tax day" is in Texas?
Do i have to pay taxes for my business even if we don't make a profit?
Serious question for all viewpoints: does lowering taxes somehow actually INCREASE revenue?
how do i get a PAN card?
electronically file taxes?
does raising taxes on the rich help the poor in the use?
Energy tax breaks for early american homes?
If i make 40000 a year without taking out taxes yet. how much will i have left?
Are the tax returns of a business public information?
In california, is state tax included in sales tax?
How do I figure out 25% of my gross income?
can i file income tax with my wife on ssi but am working fulltime how can i make dat works?
Where would I find how to deduct federal, state, Social Security and Medicare taxes from an employees wages?
Child care provider passed away?
Do I need to inactivate an IRS pTIN number after deciding not to take a tax job after all?
My former workplace has not given me my W2 and I can't file taxes?
are we the only country that pays taxes?
Can you file your taxes with last pay stub in december 2009?
Is It Wrong To Steal Your Friends Hair?
Who knows about perpetual inventory and periodic inventory system in accouting?
Mistake made on direct deposit of refund?
my atm number from state bank of india?
i didn't file income tax return for 2006 and 2007 what penalties do i have to pay?
If I have arreares to pay child support but I pay 65 weekly would they still take my licenses?
How long does it take to get your letter stating you will get your $8000 back for the tax credit?
Does the IRS keep my address on record?
I have 2 kids with my ex. I get 28% of his income. Is this before or after taxes are taken out of his check?
Why is the refund deposit date from the IRS is different from the Metabank deposit date?
Anyone have an expected date for my tax refund?
When will i get my tax refund?
I am receiving disability. Will I have problems with Uncle Sam because my live in boyfriend gives me money?
Unemployment - 2400 tax free?
I had applied for a RAL and was denied ........?
Do I need to file my taxes?
Does the IRS care how many allowances you list on your w-4?
What is gift policy for availing tax benefits ? Any gift tax is taken ?
Is the reason the Tax Code is a mess, because of ...?
Is postal acceptance rule still applicable today?
what is the taxation of bake and churn?
How many exemptions should i claim on my taxes?
if accountant is not finished preparing 2007 return, what can I use to verify for mortgage application?
If I live in New Jersey, but get paid from a company in New York, for what state do I file taxes?
tax question! accountants please!?
How to claim a deceased dependent on tax return?
As an individual, exporting data processing to USA and is paid in $ Pl. inform about deduc/reliefs u/ IT Act.?
How much in taxes would be taken out of my paycheck per week if I get a job?
W2 form question not given.?
What are my estimated tax payments?
can you refile taxes from 2004.?
I received my mothers last ss check in my name after she died Is it taxable?
Anyone else having trouble with WMR AND IRS hotline this morning?
in new york state can i get unemployment benifit if i owe unemployment?
why do i have to pay sales tax?
What are the arguments justifying raising taxes?
If you make $30,000 in total income and your exemptions and deductions are $10,000. Your tax bracket 20%?
Filing joint return without permission?
my friend is claiming JSA while you think this is wrong?
How much is income tax in BC?
other than income tax, road tax, vehicle tax,fuel tax, council tax, v.a.t.. how many more can u come up with ?
Complete Tax Return online but file paper version?
Am I eligible for the first time homeowner tax credit?
Return rejected..need help asap!?
Update for the 2/7 club?
My mom got hurt and had to resign from her job. She is now is living with me. Can I claim her as a dependent?
If i claim 9 dependents on my w-2 would i get in trouble with IRS?
I am waiting for my w-2 which I only worked 4 days last year. Do I need to claim it on our taxes?
Stimulus check Tax refund question?
I didn't get my federal tax return yet, is this normal?
I am a single parent, a full time student and I work 16 hours a week. Should I be paying council tax?
How to know pan without acknowledgement number and coupon number?
which company do you use to file your taxes in USA ?
What should I do if my mom wants to claim me on her taxes?
What is the minimum wage for a 17 year old in uk?
Can I claim myself 2011 taxes?
If my only income from 2005 is Child Support, do I have to file taxes?
where can i file my taxes and get a check the same day?
What is the dead line for a employer to furnish your W-2 form?
Is there a penalty or fee charged by CRA if you file taxes late and are getting a refund?
I owe back taxes from 07 to 2011, I have zero assess and upside down in my home. What tax relief options ?
Cashing bonds affect tax income?
where can I get 5.5% interest on a tax free savings account?
If I got married in September 2005, do me & the wife file joint for 2005 taxes, or should we file separately?
which form is used when filing duedelence as a tax prepayer?
file feb 15 ,2011 when will i get my refund?
Income tax declaration?
Does charitable giving go up when taxes are cut?
my friend is claiming JSA while you think this is wrong?
About my personal income tax refund?
employer does not want to withhold from my paycheck?
Got tax return, but not homebuyer's credit, the IRS website says...?
Does receiving a large amount of money as a gift raise my taxable income?
if an employer is tax exempt why do their employees pay taxes?
Can I file my Federal and State at two different times ?
How do i calculate the taxes i must pay from my salary?
Where can I find a copy of the 1040-U.S. Individual Income Tax Return for the year 2002?
how much interest is taxable?
my Dad left his checking account to me on his death,it was for taking care of him. do I need a irs form for it
what is the sales tax in the city of St. Louis on 11300 dollars?
Please help me to know the expected tax return?
Has anyone gotten their stimulus check yet?
I still did not do my taxes this year- what do I do?
now wmr is saying 6 weeks?
my name is on the tax sale list for my town. after my name the letter TE are shown, what does that stand for?
what if someone lost thier first paycheck and found it and cashed it not knowing that the company canceled it?
Anyone has any updates on 2010 taxbrain screw up?
What is the relationship of Schedule K-1 versus funds reported as transactions from my brokerage house?
Tax return question.... Can i efile my taxes now not filing for first time home buyer?
do i have to pay sick pay back for a compensation claim?
Can I deduct costs of getting FICO score from Fed. taxes?
Just started a new job, claiming 6, they took out $153.00 for federal...does that seem high?
what are scandinavian income certificates ?
are you out of work yet due to the recession ? UK?
What should I do? (Found out about tax evasion)?
NY State Unemployment question?
Is it possible to avoid the CSA by living 'off radar'?
what tax braket will i be in?
If my income is more then 200000$in 2007,am I still eligible for so called rebate check?
Is anyone who may be waiting for their IRS stimulus check finding out that its not being deposited on time?
Help me with Professional tax @11.33%?
how much money will they take out of a 375.00paycheck for taxes?
If you inherit a estate from your father, is it excluded from your Taxable income?
Can i pur hase items with a gift card &I then return them for a cash refund?
Should we use H&R block to to fill our tax returns?
If I sell my house and don't use all of the profits on purchase of new one do I have to pay Capital gains tax?
Should I file Married Filing Separately this year?
Tax codes have changed?
I inherited an empty lot 12 years ago and sold it. The IRS wants my cost basis. How to estimate it??
Filing taxes as a minor?
does anyone know how you can claim bank charges back from halifax building society?
1099-MISC form help!?
Do I need to file federal/state tax returns?
Are kids who run lemonade stands in the summer responsible for filing a 1040EZ with the IRS every year?
freelance writer tax number (uk)?
Is there any VAT regulations in Luxembourg? Please explain?
guys,i know that 2 full time jobs is death,exhaustion but legally, can you do it???
who has gotten there rebate check that last 2 of there ssn is between 40 and 99?
which states allow sales tax filing on a cash basis?
what is IRS section 14?
What are your plans for your Tax refund/s?
Does my sister have to file taxes?
Do IRS records go beyond 10 years?
Could someone please tell me if i am right or wrong?
Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank (the USA 's debt in the trillions; we owe this money to whom?
If I file my Federal Exemption as 1...?
What mean by 'income tax return filing'?
What is meant by thresh hold?
if a van is leased can you claim milage allowance?
What am I eligible to claim on tax?
do you know how to do taxes online?
When will I know if I'm being audited?
Delivering cargo with Duty paid to UK?
US Income tax previously had a double exemption for over 65. Did this go away?
Can I claim "myself" as a dependent on my W-2 form for my job?
How to pay my personal property taxes online in the state of missouri?
Can anyone recommend a good IR35 services company (UK)?
How much of a tax return could i potentially get, if anything?
If i filed my taxes on 1/24 they told me 7-13 days why havent i recieve my refund?
How to get a tax and services goods refund in the States?
IRS only deposit on fridays?
My IRS refund was suppose to be deposited 1/30/09 but it hasn't yet. Has anyone else received theirs?
Sale Taxes for Avon.?
Can I claim my child as a dependant on my taxes if they worked during the year?
for taxes info.?
Ok i have had many jobs and every time i quit i dont pick up my last paycheck. What happens to my money?
Has anyone that efiled before today had there return accepted yet?
I want to move to canada when I'm older?
Fuel Prices .. £1.50 + per Litre by September 2008....?
Private college and tax question?
Council Tax?
there are how many SEZ in gujarat?
What are the tax rates in Spain?
has anyone wmr updates 1/25/2012?
What would be the Gift Tax?
Is it bad to file for Unemployment?
Income Tax 1099-R Question?
Student in one state, internship in another. Who do I owe income tax to?
i receved a 1099c form for 2004 and i have no income for 2004 do i clame exempt or clame it?
Is the cost of this car going to be tax deductible?
Is my tax return figure sum right? T4 SLIP.?
how can i find my w2 forms?
how can I file tax if I work overseas?
What exactly is the income tax if...?
w2 box 1 and box 16 differ?
What's this tax thing you get from Donating clothes?
for the tax deduction, whether the tution fee includes books fees? we have separate book frees receipt?
where do i find a salary calculator that i input different monthly amt.i want to be able see it.automacticly?
I have a job that requires me to drive in my own vehicle all day. i am told we can claim the mileage on taxes.?
Where is the evidence that lower taxes stimulates the economy?
I've heard that you can write off advertising expenses from your taxes? Is this true?
why do poor people pay for the bulk of cigarettes taxes?
Fiscal(Physical) year????
do you have to pay income tax on social security disability when you get one year back pay?
how much should i be paying in tax and n/i on £553 a week?
If I have a PAN card not working any where and income is very less. is it necessary to file the IT return.?
How long after your info is on the irs page did you get your check?..?
Why does Social Security put limits on how much our seniors can earn?
car tax help theoretical example help?
Al Capone’s conviction and bribes and kickbacks?
i am an indian and working in the bangladesh and send money to india .how can i send it and what is the tax.?
form 18 is where used? ir essential for shipping?
I'm kinda confused on paying taxes while working part time?
How can the Salvation Army Thrift Stores charge sales tax when they don't pay taxes?
Who decided when the fiscal year would start and why?
should gifts and inherited properties be taxed?
im a graphic design and photography student... will i be able to claim my laptop and camera on tax?
How can I file my taxes for free online?
What happens if I can't pay my taxes?
Can you give an example of a decentralized filing system?
Do I have to pay CA STATE TAX if all of my sales is to out-of-state customers (customers not in CA)? Thank you
If I owe for state taxes from last year, can I use my 1099 to figure out what I owe?
Are full day kindergarten expenses tax deductible?
didn't file in 2008. what is the best tact to take in filing now..?
Ppl who are getting the 9001 code was your expect dd 2/8?
when do we pay property tax in ny?
The wife has just received a benifits form P11D from her employer.?
I heard taxact messed up schedule M the irs accepted my return on the 17th of Jan and my return has not been d?
Should I file single or married for my income taxes?
Does charitable giving go up when taxes are cut?
I've just started a new job and my tax code is BR. I was taxed £30 on £130 for the week. Is this correct?
tax rate on lawsuit settlements?
How should I file taxes?
Are California schools tax exempt? I need the actual code that states the answer.?
If I owe taxes, can I still file for an extension?
Can the woman that my husband has a child with take any of his money that he gets back from taxes?
How do you pay income tax?
If I have OCD can I get SSI (Social Security)? my mom has SSI also. If so would it mess me up in the future?
What is going on with tax refunds this year? Code 9001, Schedule M or no, NO REFUND... headache!?
Can I still add my daughter as a dependent on my taxes?
has anyone received their paper check with the last two of youre social 40 yet?
My husband and I are in a installment agreement with the IRS. We have our exemptions down to ZERO?
Claiming unborn child on taxes?
Is it right for him to claim the mortgage interest on his taxes?
Need some information regarding Section 80GG?
Estimated taxes owed for 2010 self employed?
How does IRA affect taxes?
What tax forms do I need to file for a small business (self-employed, no employees)?
What gets deducted off my paycheque?
When did schools become our 'taxmasters'?
what are some common deductions that people usually forget to claim on their taxes?
if i recieved my signing bonus in 2009 and my 2 year anniversary is this year when do i recieve it?
Are safety items for employees taxable at state level in Indiana?
can u claim "annual subsciption to australian society of proffessional engineers if u are retired?
my ex fiance filed us as "married" on his tax return when we weren't?
How can I calculate my tax in the UK?
if I claimed married 0 all year and now I want to claim 1 for the last 3 months will that affect my refund?
IRA & Annuity Income - State Tax Returns?
issuing a 1099 to a sub contractor?
is government exempt from local sales tax?
How can I compute a p-value for this question?
Im 21, Independent and Full Time Student: Do MY PARENTS HAVE TO LEGALLY CLAIM ME AS DEPENDENT?
Tax Return Question about filing with a Baby?
1099-a vs 1099c?
If Someone Not made payment Against Tax Invoice (DVAT),sales tax department had any provision for those dealer
If I just learned about the Savers credit, and i made contributions in 2010 and didn't claim the credit, what?
Clawing back tax on a gift from the States?
Can you get a tax credit even if the child isn't biologically yours?
When scrolling through the county's assesment list, I noticed that next to some?
We had our first child in July, what does that mean for our income taxes?
How can I be claimed as a dependent on my parents tax return?
Why should salaried people be taxed and why the IPL income is exempted from tax?
Is there a fee for paying federal taxes with a credit card?
Please don't bother cutting and pasting the IRS mailing schedule, I need direct answers...?
how much are taxes living over seas?
If your married and your tax agent files you HoH can your tax agent be liable?
Am I considered a non-resident of Canada if I am working in the US under an H1B visa for the entire year?
how do i get a tax id?
Are audits done while e-files are being processed?
How do I get someone on the phone from the IRS?
How and where do I go to report a company to the IRS?
I called the irs last night and told them that my refund had gotten rejected and they said that it would be?
Why does mitt romney refuse to release more then two years of his tax returns. and is not releaseinno partisan?
how do i claim taxes?
can you ad me to your contacts im new to this and have no friend on here?
Remainder of net pay refers to deposit my whole check?
Father of my child claimed her on his taxes when i already did what will happen ?
Do I have to pay this invoice?
Turnover limits for VAT audit?
If I am getting married this saturday, do we file a joint return for 2007?
i would like to give information of black money to income tax?
Do you think it is unfair that the "tax relief" checks will give extra for children?
If you did you taxes with h&R block and did the 8-15 day refund?
I paid off my entire college loan amount this last year. Can I claim that on my taxes some how?
Has anyone experienced a delay with tax refund that was supposed to be direct deposited by irs on 04/25/08?
Question about claiming my son on taxes?
PAN card - Change in Address.?
401(K) early withdrawal. Penalty is after tax, or before tax?
Why is there an upper income limit for contributing to a Roth IRA?
How do I file for an extension for my taxes?
Is it okay to allow my parents to claim my son on their taxes?
I got a visa giftcard of 150 dollars and bought something for 200 after tax which i didnt read?
how do I get a rebate on the gst tax I spent in Canada?
How does an au pair get a nin in uk?
I have been self employed from june, i have just formed a ltd company, what tax should I pay?
Married Filing Jointly?
All possible owner occupied duplex tax deductions?
Should i pay less tax if im single, work full time and have one child?
find address pan no-aqxpp3304r?
Can I do my own taxes at home?
GST Cheques.?
When do I need to submit my first Income Tax Self Assessment?
i need to add tax onto $268.00?
What do I do now. I've been under-paid, Please help?
what year did the retail provincial sales tax begin?
quiz show taxes?
I e-filed my taxes 3 or 4 weeks ago. Yesterday, March 21, I received a 1099. What do I do with it?
i just offered the role of a payment protection agent...?
Can I include depreciation in the trial balance?
If I have a job...?
So am I alone in the dreaded IRS limbo of "By 1/31?"?
Can he take this credit ?
Do I need to put retired or "investments" on my tax returns ?
How to file my taxes?
I just want to fill out 1040, I do not want to file?
what states don't charge sales tax?
when is an employer suppose to give us our w2 form and is there a deadline for them to get it to us?
We are leasing to own a semi. What would be better pay off this year or wait until Jan 07? I?
if one person cashes out a joint account, does the other person have to pay taxes?
what is tax code 12t?
What has happened to the tax refund for my mother who was deceased 8/27/10?
If Romney is true, The rich need a tax cut, why not let everybody see his taxes returns.?
My husband filed an extra two weeks of unemployment by accident?
mailed in taxes when should i expect my economic stimulus check?
do i have to file my income if me and my husband are filing married joint? my income isnt very much?
tax on commission?
What could happen if I claim the tax free threshold on two jobs? Please help?
How many %per month is the paye for subcontractors?
I have to figure out what my sales tax would be on my orders?
Is it possible to decrease tobacco use and increase tax revenue at the same time?
what is the federal tax for single (unmarried) person if his income is in the range of $4000 per month?
Basic salary Rs.5500/- ,total gross pay Rs.20000 since last 5 years. How is the gratuity can be calculated?
Notifications and Amendment of Service Tax on Job work?
Will a couple with one working spouse get the full tax cut of $65?
Interst overdue? Principal overdue?
how do i view online the history of filed U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns?
Which department at HMRC do I need to contact to ask for my year work history?
I don't think teachers should have to pay taxes because of the personal contribution they...?
Would legalizing a and taxing it at a very high federal rate help bring down taxes for poor people?
should we send IOU'S to IRS instead of paying ?
My tax filing for 2006 was wrong. I actually lost money instead of not making any money. What can I do?
I live out of the country, but i worked in the united states for several years can i still file for tax return?
can i take lottery tickets off my taxes?
What can happen if someone does not pay property tax on his or her home?
Gov't Property Seizure through Summary Judgment?
Who will get more back on taxes me or my girlfriend?
why did the IRS only issued half of my tax return?
Hard to get a strait answer!!?
can you skip one year of filing your taxes and do them in the next year together.?
how to use digital signature to e-file income tax return of a company?
I made over 9,000 this year how come no federal has been took out of my work check ?
Who should claim the dependent?
I am confused about this tax situation?
Report bonds at fair value; quarterly reporting?
I have a 1099 form for $8000 how much will i get back after I pay taxes on it?
Does the "Certificate of Government Exemption from the Payment of Hotel Lodging Taxes" apply to parish taxes?
How do I retrieve my w-2 form if I have quit working at a company?
Can you deduct these?
Food tax from america to great britian?
My car is my office and I am on-call 24/7 365. Can I claim all my miles as a deduction?
Hubby & I have withholding set up as married and 0 dependents. why do we still owe tax?
what is th edifference between LLC and not for profit companies?
Commuting to Temporary work place tax deductible?
Why are the most productive people taxed the most?
Why haven't I received my stimulus check yet?
I filed my taxes at an h&r block office on feb 2nd the "wheres my refund?" site says no information ?
Is EMI of personal loan exempted from taxable income?
I am unable to get information on my IRS stimulus payment and can't get through to the IRS. Please help!?
Can my parents claim me on their taxes?
California Tax Withholding Allowances Higher than Federal Withholding Allowances?
who decided that you can only earn £5 @ week when your on state pension & pension credits?
If I bring home 650 dollars before taxes, what can I expect to bring home after taxes? NY w/ zero dependants?
any more updates from irs?
Can I report someone who is working but not paying tax on her income? Can I report the employer?
Can I deduct a loss from a bankrupt home improvement contractor on my Federal taxes?
question about tax credits claimed with disability element.?
do you have to pay tax on your foreign exchange earning in India, or you get some benefits?
Filing self employed for first time?
Does my salary of Rs.3500 per month fall under TDS Slab?
Are IRS tax transcript and IRS tax return transcript the same?
who will deduct capital gain tax in case of land sale or house sale?
Do you have to have a business license to claim gain/losses on your tax return? Business is a sole proprietor?
who do i contact to get a copy of last years social security earnings statement so i can complete my taxes for
If you don't work the whole year of 2006, do you need to file any tax papers?
Filed taxes early with HR Block and have questions?
Can I claim my daughter as a dependant and have my girlfriend claim her for an Earned Income credit?
Tax exemption on garage space taken on rent.?
Can you somehow earmark money reported on a 1099-MISC for an IRA or HSA account if you also received a W2?
is there any calculator (excel) format to calculate the tax (india)?
TD Canada Trust Information?
If bought a 5.7 million home in California, what are the yearly taxes I need to pay?
How old are you when you have to start doing your taxes?
Who will raise our taxes more? ?
How much will I be taxed? Income, ss, medicare, mass income?
what is tax on cashing 401K early?
Am I entitled to get the tax refund?
I have lost my w-4 tax statement for 2006. What do I need to do to replace it? go to IRS or to my HR at work?
TAX=I have income less than 2000 and going to High School, can i claim dependent in my mom and fill my tax?
Do I have to provide a 1099-MISC to contractors that do work fixing up an investment house?
Can you answer this please??
My income tax?
What does tax deductable mean?
how can you track your federal income tax return?
my daughter made 100 last year should i claim the money on my taxes?
If I get married, can I still file as single on my taxes?
Investment of capital gains?
Am I am able to do a tax deduction for donations using the ez1040 form?
If I own an LLC S-Corp, what do you think about the validity of the following deductions?
59 1/2 IRA withdrawal..should I take money out?
How to handle taxes with a stock spin-off, but I sold out of the parent company?
Calculate unpaid and unrecorded salaries?
i have a question about income tax ?
about earn income credit?
Earned Income Credit?
what is the website for maryland state tax forms?
would it be worth claim gas reciets on taxes?
due date of profession tax?
Do you pay taxes on child support received?
I want to claim sume tax from switzerland . what shood i do?
is anyone else trying to get there w2 from walmart online?
Which of the following account groups are all considered nominal accounts?
ever do your taxes and think "where did all my money go ?"?
According to CNN, property losses can be claimed, by the katrina folks, with an ammendment on the year 2004.?
getting bi-weekly pay?
taxes plz help?
How do I do tax returns?
I did e-file it said 8 days to get my return, then i got a 4464C saying 45 days & the IRS isn't saying nothing?
Tax Information Amazon?
Write and discuss how small enterprises are taxed in RSA?
When will my tax refund be credited to my account?
income tax refund and childsupport?
dumb tax credit question (USA)?
If I stay in Japan 12/31/05 to 07/01/06, will I have technically stayed 6 months and be liable for Japan tax?
hey take a shot at this question?
Where can I get a sales tax table for 94901?
Question Carry Over Capital Loss?
I would like to know if I am investing in US options what are the tax implications of doing so?
mortgage interest tax deductible?
How are 401(K)s and other DC plans taxed?
How do you receive a child tax credit?
i am pensioner Last pay drawn 19125 pay plus dp pension before commutation 9563 what will my pensio plus DA?
Can i claim my 22 yr old on my taxes?
will i get any type of tax refund if i have been collecting unemployment for a few months ?
When should you file a tax return even if you don't have to?
do you only pay taxes if you are working? if someone isn't working you still have to pay taxes? if so on what?
Can the IRS seize the contents of a safe deposit box?
Family tax supplements for 2011/2012?
has anyone heard about the irs being behind in deposits?
my mother in law's husband past away and she had an auction and her return was 50,000.00 dollars are taxs due
My 86 year old father suffers from alzheimer's. He owes $10,000 to IRS for IRA withdraw.?
two school taxes for one household?
What is the current income tax rate in UP.?
How much would my weekly income be after tax?
Can any creditor file a 1099-C for an unpaid debt?
What is filing 1099 and where can I find more information if this is right for me?
Tax return thru mail with offset how long?
IRS Reference Code 1301, Repaying Homebuyer credit... anyone received their refund? Has your WMR updated?
itemized deduction question for tax preparers. car donation?
how can you track your federal income tax return?
Is a business liable if they don't take the correct tax out during the year?
where can i get a Tax transcript?
roughly speaking whats best a final year salary scheme or a partnership pension where you can adjust the level?
can you get the EITC if you only recieved AFDC last year?
provision for taxation in accounts means?
When to file the state (CA) tax return form jointly and separately for a couple?
Do I have to pay income taxes on a scholarship I received.?
Tax Return Question?
anyone know about tax forms?
if someone wants to give me 20,000 dollars do i have to pay taxes on it?
If i'm single, rent, no dependents.....etc, does it matter where get my taxes done?
I need to get a copy of my 1999 statetax return that I lost. where can I find a copy?
i cant open my email address?
What would the tax be on $705?
injured spouse form for 2011 had anyone received their refund yet?
Personal Income Tax - Maths Assignment?
my son died and i need to know how to file back taxes for him?
The December 31, 2006, balance sheet of Eddy Corporation includes the following items:?
On the website when I click on where's my refund why did they tell me...?
Hi . My annual income is 4,00,000. I want to know how much should be saved to reduce the tax as much .?
Why are the Inland Revenue such b*stards?
Do I have to file certain w-2s?
EC Sales List (VAT) Do I need to fill it in?
What is all this talk about the rich people don't pay taxes?
I made less than $1,000, but my husband made $55,000, do I have to file my taxes if filing jointly?
I have been given stock as a gift---I want to cash some of it in...How will I handle this at tax time...?
Breast Implants - Deductible or Not??
why did the IRS only issued half of my tax return?
can i claim my daughter on my taxes if born 12/7/10?
can you check my pag-ibig fund account if it is applied in makati?
Where's My Refund - UPDATED TODAY - Did it for you? (WMR) Jan. 27, 2010?
what kind of tax credit will i get buying a 60,000 house this year. my husband and I file joint and we make?
Why werent my federal taxes taken out?
Wrong Status every year what to do?
Uk Citizen here. I still hold a regular savings unit trust in Singapore. Will I be taxed on UK side?
Employer has told me i owe 1000 in tax to him after he has payed me cash in hand ?
Capital gains and selling estate house?
Will my refund be accessible?
I received a 1099 Form that had box 7 checked.?
I paid a little over $33,000 in taxes after a lottery win in Michigan,how much should I expect in a refund?
How do you pay your taxes for work at home jobs?
How can I buy designer purses at wholesale prices?
How much is a album on iTunes in US if it cost 11.99 plus taxes?
Am I the only one who wants to just launch my reciepts and papers out the window and yell: "Screw Taxes!"
My amended return refund is set to be mailed out Friday June 29th. Will I receive it on Monday July 2nd ?? ?
I need to find 2010 federal return?
How many states have that 5 cent deposit tax?
how can i file a sales tax return of a retail business?
I'm working full time 20yrs paying NI durimg this time.I stopped work to lookafter my sick mum.Can i claim JSA?
I was denied unemployment compensation?
i got a letter today to say i paid to much tax, how can i claim it back, uk?
Adjusting and closing entries help please?
Income until what date should be on a 1099-Misc for '06?
what is your favorite singer?
please help me im hopeless?
what r the heads of taxation?
Can I get hired by the IRS and I owe them, but I have made arrangements to pay them back.?
what does tax owed mean?
If I get a Tax ID# so I can purchase wholesale jewelry making supplies, do I have to file a tax return?
What is the diferent between city tax number and Federal tax number?
I am 30 years old married with one child (3yrs old). I made $85,000 last year and my taxable income is $61,000?
Federal taxes on contest winnings?
how much do people get paid on incapacity benefit?
What are the schemes availaible in India presently to save Capital Gain Taxfor sale of hose?
Does My Employer Evade Tax?
social security widow's benefits early?
Do you need to file tax on stock gains or losses if you have no income at all?
how do I donate used clothing and obtain a receipt for tax purposes?
My 14 year old has her first job this summer. What should she claim on her W4?
will I get tax refund?
filling out section B on edd continued claim form money goes on debit card which day? used to be monday?
how do I look up an employer's identification number?
IRS Form 1040; line 63?
what year did the tax credit change?
Do I need to file taxes for my 401 K Retirement Plan?
offshore jobs in the UK.?
Is income tax really unconstitutional? there is no law saying we have to pay it.?
My great aunt left me her house with a lien on it...?
Whether imposing prepayment premium on premature closure of term loans by banks is valid?Suggest case laws ?
Actual market price or price minus brokerage has to be considered while calculating capital gains on shares?
What is the duty and tax-free allowance in Canada when I go shopping to the U.S.?
I'm turning 18 this year...and I need help figuring things out..taxes, legal stuff? This will sound very dumb,?
why should people date if they dont like each other or love?
I received cash benefits from my state how do i claim it on my taxes?
I didnt receive the Rebate Check letter...?
do i need to pay income tax for the money earned outside India?
help me find a blank form IT1040 ohio state tax return?
Sole proprietorship vs. LLC Tax question (NJ)?
How much would we save in taxes if the penny was eliminated?
What is Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan?
How many exemptions should I claim?
Accounting Question - Florida Sales Tax?
Can Partnerships (LLC's) take a year break (No taxable activity) then resume activity the next year?
Due date of 2006 taxes?
how do i complete my self assessment?
my refund is wrong from irs e file?
My 12-year-old son has about $6000 int. income. Can he file his old tax income? Can we not claim him as depndt?
When you send in estimated taxes to the government (1040es), do you get any official reciepts or notices?
What Are Tax Exempts In Dividends?
Has anyone received their tax refund today, 01/26/2012?
how can i get yhe latest amendments in Indian Incometax Act?
question re jobseekers allowance?
accounting- salaries expense salaries payable?
Buying from Japan, taxes and duties in Canada?
How hi will my taxes rise?
I need a good tax accountant,personal not business,ryde/parramatta area,thanks?
cenvat credit on goods imported in India?
I have a pan,but i didnt get pancard.I am return my ITR trough this pan 1999 onwords.Now i would like card.?
Should I quit my job to pay fewer taxes on the sale of a capital asset?
Canadian working directly for a foreign company not in Canada?
If I take out money from my 401K, will that make a big change when filing tax return?
How do you file your tax jointly?
HR BLOCK- got refund, but state is saying we owe 900?
i'm new to filing taxes, how do i know who claims me?
Canadian $$$$?
a)calculate rate of net profit to capital for each year?
Can I claim a foreign investment LOSS on Income tax in Canada?
can anyone recommend a good website to do income taxes?
How many dependents should my husband claim on his w2?
How do you go about, seeing if you are due a tax rebate over the years?
The irs is giving me problems claiming my child?
For lowering taxable income, do gifts have to be to children or can they go to anyone?
what is the federal tax law on restaurant servers tip reporting? I heard by law, you report 10% of sales?
Filed taxes early with HR Block and have questions?
When should I pay capital gains tax from selling stocks?
How do I figure how much my income tax return will be?
Form 1099-C what to expect and how to prepare.?
Are losses that I incurred as a shareholder/contractor of a now-worthless private company deductable?
are donations to ADL tax deductible?
journal entry for 1031 exchange?
What time-frame do people file taxes for a particular year?
Why is my Federal Income Tax Withheld box empty on my W2?
tax return questions need help .?
What actions does the IRS take regarding identity theft?
Are finance charges on cash advances reportable on federal income tax?
i haven't file my taxes in 7 years what will happen to me?
Tax question- what if my itemized deduction is higher than my adjusted gross income?
how much tax have to pay L1 visa holder?
tax question?
How much money do I give to charity so I don't have to pay taxes?
To get a refund after income tax filed?
If I earn money from a summer business and I make a quarterly tax payment will I not owe any taxes in April?
New York City federal/state tax question More Details?
Have you done your taxes???
What do you do when you know someone is running form IRS for unpaid taxes, and been running for years??
If I owe traffic tickets can they keep my tax refund?
So I live in Illinois and on my W2 form it said they only took $87 dollars in federal tax, why is that?
My parents helped me pay off my student loan...will I have to pay taxes on the money they gave me?
Should my husband and I file our tax returns together or seperate?
Can the IRS Garnish your Savings account with student loans in it?
i want to know the interest paid on countrywide second mortgage?
investment options in india?
What does this mean from the IRS website....?
4% of the income is taken as tax and 12.5% of the remaining is saved.This leaves $1680 to spend. income?
How is income from Equity Investing Taxed?
How to figure my fiancee's taxes?
Do I need a business license to file taxes on earned income?
Which shops in Australia don't hide cigarettes?
So i called the irs and spoke to a nice lady. she said due to some kind of delay im scheduled for dd 2 11. ?
Gas prices!!?
I am self employed,I which one can I write off on my taxes, buying a car or leasing a car?
How do I get a copy Of my exwifes release of exemption form from 2003?
best site for filing online taxes?
What extra taxes will I be paying in the UK?
Can I get my tax money if I didnt receive my form last year?
How many alkenes with the formula C5H10 (excluding cis-trans isomers) are possible?
If I no longer live or work in the US, do I still need to file a tax return?
Can my brother claim me on his taxes?
Can Stamp Duty on conveyance be paid 34 years late?
My former workplace has not given me my W2 and I can't file taxes?
What if you don't care about your income tax?
I got unemployment all year and received about 15000.00 my wife also received uneployment and received 4000.00?
Is cash gift from father to married daughter above rs. 1 lac permisible under indian gift, income tax laws.?
What percent of Spain's GDP do tax revenues make up?
help with filing back years taxes?
do you live paycheck to paycheck?
Question about Self employed and doing taxes?
Has Anyone ever had an Overpayment through Social Security?
Is H and R block responsible for my tax return?
Is VAT applicable for flat purchased in April 2012 as per the new VAT act in Maharashtra?
I don't wanna pay income tax, so so i don't have to right?
Are goods sent to France liable to VAT?
can u take 179 depreciation on a vehicle and use standard in the same year?
Coucil tax infromation ?
What is the average rates of preparing income taxes for individuals?
Homebuyers tax credit question?
can you file taxes with more than 2 kids?
to e-file your taxes do you have to have a pin # from the irs or know your adj. gross inc from 09?
Please help with my tax filing issue!?
how long does a lein last on your property?
Best way to file taxes this year?
If i have a child that i have half custody over would i be able to claim him on taxes?
If you don't have a job all year, do you have to file a tax return?
Re locating my trust fund ?
If I am getting married on Dec. 21st 2006, do I file my 2006 as married or single?
How much will it cost to get my taxes done?
I recieved a K 1 and it showed a capital gain. I never got the money so do I have to pay tax on it.?
How do I get another copy of my W-2 from2005?
I've been in jail for 16-mos how do I file my income tax return for 2008 or is it even possible?
How do i file my taxes if sOme one else is calming me?
when will i get my refund if i filed on the 19 accepted on 19 via turbo tax?
Why is my tax return showing up so low?
If a daughter pays her mother $20 a day to watch her two young children while she goes to school?
Federal Taxes on less than minimum wage?
Why do people on welfare get to claim dependants and get taxes back?
Tax Returns (How to file if i dont have W2)?
how do i find out ow much a business reported in their tax filing?
Is it possible to simultaneously be a student and an independent contractor?
how can i possibly pay as little income taxes as possible?
Can I file as a resident and can I file jointly?
I received a check from a de-lotto stating that i won. WHAT SHOULD I DO?
Can i claim my nephew on my taxes?
Is claiming more than one allowence in w-4 form will result in more tax i will have to pay ?
Stupid Question but : Do I get a tax dedution for any cash gifts (Family?)?
Irs refund for 1/25/12? please help?
will i be done for tax invasion?
On the 1040 schedule A tax form what line do you enter the $400.00?
member search?
If you get paid in cash all year long can you file taxes on it, If you were under paid the whole time?
Can the owner of an Ice Cream Truck pretty much write off all profits on the tax return based on mileage?
Where would one place sales tax refunded to a customer when preparing a sales tax return?
My part-time income tax refund.?
will my taxs increase if i add my brother to my deed?
cancellation of service tax number.?
at what point, after raising tax rates, does government revenue go down?
Does active duty military have to pay mobile home taxes in Illinois?
Can I deduct medical expenses paid by someone else?
What is the appropriate tax form I should be using to file my taxes this year?
Any updates taxbrain users? I'm still waiting to hear from the irs or sbbt!?
My wife and I haven't filed my federal taxes in 6 years. How do I go about getting this resolved?
If I get a job as a teacher in phila. How much taxes will be taken out?
save 50% of tax when purchase on Canada day?
I had to pay £5000 for private surgery. Is this tax deductable?
What does 'AR' stand for in paycheck deductions?
Salary account in Axis Bank, what are the charges for (a)ATM yearly Charges(b)SMS charges for transactions?
What if I throw out my lottery tax forms?
I am a teacher, and I record cable programs for my students. Is my cable bill tax-deductible as a job expense
how do i go about finding out if i have unclaimed money in a different state without paying for the report?
Should I have paid PAYE tax?
how do i get a tax id?
I got laid off August 2011 so am I still suppose to get a W2 from them?
if you are 17 can your parents still claim you as a dependent on their tax return?
Is there a way not to pay into social security and medicaid if I'm a self employed independent contractor?
how do i access my withholdings taxes at walmart?
Can a house be marketed as having "LOW TAXES!!!" then reaccessed months after the sale and the taxes doubling?
FORM 15CB Sec 195 in income tax act?
Questions about filling out a W-2 form?
Declaring extra work (UK)?
Do I have to file taxes with a state I no longer live in?
Is there a deadline for amending Louisiana state taxes?
does a lender incure tax implications when taking back a property by deed in lieu of foreclosure?
do you get taxes back for paying back on your student loan?
I owe Virginia taxes and the IRS. Can both take money from my social security benifits if that is my only inco?
I owe the IRS about 8,000 dollars and i just started paying 2 months ago. I would like to know if I could file
Missed capital loss carryover?
Are the cash, trips, etc. that Oprah gives out on her Wildest Dreams segment taxable income or a gift?
For all of those that still don't have an update on Where's My Refund!!?
IRS came looking for someone who deosn't live here anymore?
Do I need to file?
Tax Question for Nonemployee Compensation?
How can i avoid paying tax when i open a car wash?
I need to know EXACTLY what to put down on my w-4?
how does an automatic payroll deduction help you save?
What do I do if I didn't pay my taxes last year?
Is money received from inheritance subject to Canadian tax?
What is the difference, if any, between an IRA and social security?
My boyfriend was on unemployment for about 7 months in 2007 can we do his taxes for that?
Where are 1065 Partnership guaranteed payments and rental income reported on 1040?
Small business tax question?
how do I start a tax service business.?
What is mean by FOB Value in Commercial Invoice ?
As manager explain the significance linkages between Business & Government?
Education Expenses for tax reasons?
Should'Tax be directly propotional to your income; meaning if you earn over a million you should pay 90%?
What does unemployment pay in Illinois?
How come im 17 but i owe taxes?
do i need to file 2 tax returns if i claimed 1 exemption at a job and 0 at another?
My previous employer just sent a 1099 and I e-filed two weeks ago.?
How do I get my refund???? ?
how do i get my taxes back after staying at a hotel in KY for 30 days?
import china taxes for uk?
What can I deduct if I work as a contract programmer in my client's office?
I hold a resale certificate from Florida. Do I have to pay sale taxes to Florida?
can i recieve taxes if i dont work and have a son?
Is 1040ez federal?
Capital Gain Tax Planning?
filing unemployment extension?
Any one still getting the by 2/7 DD on WMR?
in washington state, on the w-2's box 14 what is wa-sdi?
We receive a check (1099-r) from an IRA which is in my mom's trust. How do we pay taxes on this?
Who gives a better course on how to do a Canadian Tax Return, Liberty or H & R Block?
If could earn 70,000 Euro's as a salary in Germany (Berlin) How much Tax would be deducted?
Should I file taxes even though I am only 16?
what is foreign income?
Income tax doubts...?
Anyone able to explain lack of "stimulus payment"? Is this even surprising?
In Ohio, if you work in one city and live in another, do you pay income tax for both cities?
IRS bill because of an error made by my tax preparer who disappeared. Now what?
How many times do you file tax each year?
Question about payroll...?
Didn't file state taxes for past 2 years?
how much will i get taxed on £800 a month?
canNC take a NY state tax return if you owe NC back child support?
Uk child tax new claim?
Someone else claimed my dependent!! What do I do!!?
Tax it true??
Please explain the meaning of this sentence " The exclusion from gross income of the reimbursement from health
Can I file a dependent who has SSI (Supplemental Security Income)?
What is an audit from the irs?
Forgot about my property tax...Can I keep my house?
What is the difference between effective tax rate and statutory tax rate?
Qualify for Unemployment if I Quit?
Tax question - head of household gets married to girl on SSI. Changes?
Im looking for the website that helps you know which things you can claim on your tax deductibles?
How much do I need to claim for my taxes?
salary of a cardiologist and salary of a CA. BOTH SEPERATELY?
can somebody who uses fake social security number file a return,if that person gets an ITIN?
If someone else pays off my mortgage, will I be taxed on that money?
How do you work out the GMP element of a pension after you were contracted out?
Can an employer take out taxes without paying them in your name?
how long does it take to get a check for paid family leave from EDD?
If I Inherited a house (paid $0 for it), and sold it 20yrs later for $15M, what will I pay in taxes?Fed/NY/NYC
My mother died owing the IRS. The estate does not have enough $ to pay debt. Do heirs inherit the debt?
What do I put for my witholding allowance on my w4?
I am going to test out to work at HR Block, what topics to focus on?
how do I file vehicle mileage on my taxes?
Income tax prep questions?
How do I find out if my tax return has been accepted?
I just filled my taxes online and it got accepted i chose direct deposit but i put in the wrong?
taxes and home buying?
How Much is $63.21 Plus Tax??
working average of 10 hours on joint jobseekera claim, what would we get? please help?
how much does a gov g-12 gets paid?
if i am receiving 2W2's for a second job can i claim my daughter twice?
Paying £350.00 a month rent what does that work out at weekly over a full year?
How much in taxes are taken out of gains in the stock market while living overseas?
tax - married filing jointly - business loss -?
Which is financially better for a retiree...a state with or without a state income tax?
i get paid $7.50 an hour..and so far i got 27 hours in..but AM in ILL and idk the taxes . so with taxes out?
I'm so damn confused about stimulus checks..?
what is the meaning of: convent?
y havent i gotten my tax refund yeat whats the hold up?
what does the C.I.A. pay?....?
Only answer this if you know what job seekers allowance is, and from the UK.?
What happens when you receive social security and file self employment.?
Regd Traditional IRA Contribution limit.?
What is the annual depreciation rate for car audio equipment?
Do you think low-income earners are "free-loaders"?
how mkuch income is exempt from taxes in india for a deaf and dumb person?
what is central excise duty and when it will be applicable?
Why should tenants pay the Council Tax in UK?Why is the property owner not paying it?Do they pay any Tax?
Why do experts disagree about whether labor taxes have small or large dead weight losses?
anyone having trouble with the irs website "wheres my refund" not giving information on your taxes?
I went to Alaska just 2 weeks ago. I noticed that people dont pay taxes..?
My refund was returned by my bank because tax preparer listed checking instead of savings what can I do?
Do you need to pay taxes for this paypal?
How much does the average person get back in tax returns?
can i claim my friends daughter on my taxes?
Where is my refund still has not updated, Has anyone gotten any new info?
Return rejected..need help asap!?
Would I be able to get Centrelink payments?
If the government collects taxes for a production, distribution and sale.?
If I owe child support, do they take my state & fed. return?
Advantages for 50% tax rate?
Tax Question: Dependency?
Okay im just wondering here! if i have $100,000, what and how can i turn that in a $1,000,000?
common law marriage and taxes.?
The IRS sent me a bill for my 2010 tax return.?
my wife made 20353.04 and only had 404.79 taken out in federal taxes that cant be right what do i do about it?
What are the benefits (if any) of donating your estate to a Charitable Trust?
How does one file taxes in Japan?
Income Tax Questions?
When is Federal and State tax filing for 2005 in Louisiana Katrina affected areas delayed till?
NC tax on 401K when in NJ?
Can i list a loan as paying tuition and fees even if my amt in Box 2 of my 1098T is less than the amt in Box 5?
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