Stupid Question but : Do I get a tax dedution for any cash gifts (Family?)?
When Can I Expect To Receive My NC State Tax Refund?
Corporation X, a calendar year U.S. corporation, owns all the stock of foreign corporation F?
Where do I get a cleaning service license in california?
I need to get the amount of check?
am I wasting money by not setting up my LLC?
my wages are being garnished for school loan. if i file will they take my income tax as well?
what is entertainment tax?
Can you depericiate your home or can you deduct deperication expense from your income ?
Who pays taxes on a settlement if attorney receives his payment in a separate check?
Is NI paid for myself part of expense of my own company?
taxes on clothes?
I'm moving to China to live but still going to work offshore in the UK. Do I pay Chinese or British taxes?
If i happen to win a car which costs say 20 lakhs, what is the tax i have to pay to get it?
where is my corn dog?!?
Can we file taxes as married if my wife is non-resident alien and has applied for ITIN with W-7 form?
tax rebate?
How to file taxes or get my employer to take out taxes?
Do I need to file if I only made $1073.00??
what was the first thing to be taxed in england?
How much are prescriptions in the UK?
I just moved to Toronto and got a job earning $3750 per month, how much will I come out with after tax?
Can i claim my baby as a dependent if i am getting umemployment but have a part time job?
how do you add sales tax?
is deferred tax asset an intangible asset?
do i have to pay the tax rebate from 2008 for buying a home?
Does any one know of a good financial planner in Dallas area?
recent professional tax slabs in andhra pradesh applicable from dec 07 to hyderabad city?
I have just been signed off for 4weeks by my DR.?
What is the difference between capital and non-capital purchases?
Tax due on sale of business?
I have problems with tax returns involving stock buying and selling. I'd like to know a correct solution.?
My 2012 WMR says Jan 31st, anybody else's say that?
Could getting married lower my Federal,S.S., State and City Tax deductions from my check?
Does adding parent as dependent effect their eligibility for medicaid?
council tax payment!?
Is there a way income wouldn't show up on a W2?
can i gift profits from an invest property to avoid income tax on that profit?
Can I deduct child care expenses if I'm paying my oldest child to watch his younger sibling?
my uncle is being denied soc. sec. benefits, is this right?
Can Bush's tax rebate be garnished?
Tax credit for filing before Dec 31?
I owe money to the IRS what shoud I do?
What are the requirements to file a child as a dependent?
where r my taxes..i did everything they asked since january of 2011?
If I sell a CA rental house for $300k that I bought for $50k 18 yrs ago; how much will capital gains tax be?
Chebrew2000- Im not the tax preparer, Im talking about my expired state id. they wont do my taxes due2
How much do you pay in property taxes every year?
Taxes and Mutual Fund Withdrawl?
What items can be written off as tax deductions?
my wife wont give me the kids ss# for my kids so i can claim them on my taxes. how can i get them?
Anyone who filed early on TaxBrain still waiting for IRS Acceptance?
$15/hr job. How much should I take out for taxes, SSI, Medicare, etc.?
i was claiming job seekers at the end of the tax year but havent recieved my p60 back yet?
what is the avredge income for a psycolagist?
What would my taxes look like if I re-invested all of the profit back into my business?
Know any honest tax consultants in the San Francisco Bay Area?
How much money can you give tax free?
Salary Question....?
What amount of income should be spent on expenses?
I am on SSI and Social Security Disability. I won over $2000. How will this affect my disability payment?
Can you deduct child support you paid off your taxes?
what are some of the high paying jobs in australia and what do they make each year?
Will experience preparing tax at Liberty Tax help me land job at an accounting firm?
Do you have to disclose the giver of gift tax?
Opening a Business in the UK, by washing cars on my driveway do I have to pay tax to the government.....?
Question about child support and taxes?
What countries do not have property tax?
do i believe turbotax or irs?
I worked 8 hours last week, will i still continue receiving my unemployment benefits if i report this?
If I am supposed to submit something within 10 business days when is the deadline?
Who should claim our son as a dependent?
We bought a house, and are remodeling it. What and how much of the remodeling expenses are tax deductible?
What forms to file for Federal tax?
when will i recieve my income tax check?
When Filling Out W2, Is It Better To Put 1 or 0?
Do you get more refund if you paid state income tax?
IRS refund cycle chart 2 weeks off from what "wheres my refund " says?
I'm married but I have been filing my taxes separately because my hubby's taxes is messed up.?
How much does tax take out?
who can see my PAN card details?
How many federal income tax allowances can I claim?
can a married couple file taxes separetely?
What is the tax act of 1933 and 1944 mainly about?
Canadian living and working in US on a visa....information on paying taxes??
Importing Fees help please?
does any one know how much you can sell on eBay before having to report it as income or pay taxes on it?
how do i correct and employee's social security number that was transposed?
2012 income tax delays?
Are International students eligible for American Opportunity Tax Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit?
Are daycare expenses deductable from federal taxes?
How to I figure my cost of good sold with certain items I sell for schedule C form 1040?
Why would parents Elect to report their child's UNEARNED INCOME on their own tax return?
'a well-timed death is the acme of good tax planning, better than a well timed marriage'?
what are your thoughts on taxes? well this is what i think....?
contracting is subject of direct income isn't.what about supply and supervision on erection ?
Can you claim your dog as a dependent on your tax returns?
Can I claim my 25 yr. old son on my tax return?What would I be entitled to?
Regarding taxes and company *not state or fed* paid disability, is this money taxable in the state of VA?
ESPP qualified disposition off?
I am looking for environmental fee charged per a new tire when purchased?
I sent in more info about my amendment how long would i have to wait again for my refund?
I am setting up a deductible business 401(k) plan , can I use the Roth choice or do I need a separate plan?
Import tax on foreign cars?
National express promo code PLEASE? :)?
What would you do different when starting your own practice?
Can i claim my new baby on my taxes?
Meaning of exemption on taxes?
If someone lived with you and got unemployment can you carry them on your taxes?
In 2007 my husband paid due child support,in total $5,231. Why the government took all our federal tax return?
2009 tax return question?
Tax Transcript Availability?
IRS Employment tests?
When are you required to pay Maryland state tax?
customs when shipping from germany to usa?
when recieving long term disability is one taxed on all of it or part?
Is there a way to deduct my health care costs if I am a business owner but did not pay myself?
can u claim "annual subsciption to australian society of proffessional engineers if u are retired?
Does the IRS issue a refund for a previous year's return via direct deposit, or is it only paper check?
Is there a maximum capital loss you can take on your taxes?
Where is a good place to get a job without social security number?
Where can I get a copy of my social security W-2?
I havent filed my taxed yet, Am I in trouble?
Too many Dependents for Active Duty?
Can my sons father claim him on taxes?
If i bought an item on ebay from an international seller. Would I get taxed when it is posted to me in the UK?
Self Employment tax.?
Can I claim my tuition billed for Spring 2010 (January-May 2010) if it was already claimed on 2009's taxes?
i have short term capital loss on shares, i paid STT what is treatment of Rebate u/s 88E?
I had a item stolen from my vehicle during a tax qualified move. How can I claim this deduction on my taxes.?
Anybody got any updates from SBBT yet about ur 2012 income tax. ?
How long can parents claim their children as dependents?
What are some tax write-offs?
job seekers allowance?
Has anyone heard this?
has anyone gotten there 2011 tax return yet using the hr block emerald card?
Is driving mileage to work (3 different hospitals) tax deductible?
what are the requirements for a donation to be tax deductable?
UK tax benafits by going to america for a year?
IRS told me to file 2001-2004 and now say too late for 2001 and 2002. What can I do to get this money?
i am working in uk from much tax should i be paying and is this only with an NIN?
do 17 yr olds have to fill out a w4 form?
my pay stubs says exemptions 0 what does that mean?
My grandma wants to gift me $10,000. She says that if she does this yearly, she will pay less taxes. True?
Can a Real Estate Agent deduct the costs of continuing education?
Questions about the 1098-t form?
Do we get back taxes next year?
Taxes on Socity security check?
Why is it so necessary to have no breaks in your work history?
How will my annuity be taxed?
Does the 2006 Hybrid Tax Credit apply if you are subject to the AMT?
IRS stimulus checks this year?
is there any income tax provision is applicable for the cash receipt or payment above rupees 20000 at a time?
About filing Chapter 13?
How come when i call the 800 number to get my agi and pin number...?
can i file my 2008 return with my 2009?
How does IRA affect taxes?
is there a statue of limitations for inheritence tax in pennsylvania?
Import and VAT tax from Vietnam to united kingdom?
Are checks received in your business name income tax liable?
How will you spend your income tax refund? ?
What's the opposite of commission received account?
What is the depreciable tax class life of an RV (recreational vehicle)?
My take returns says that it was sent to the tax authority does any one no what that means?
how can i avoid being taxed so much.?
what date did vat get put on static caravan pitch fees?
Doing your own taxes?
I didn't receive my W-2 form in the mail can I print a blank copy online and fill in the boxes with the info?
Back taxes on business that closed in 2006 SO CONFUSED from IRS guy please help?
How do you go about claiming as an independant for the first time? Taxes...?
How much should I give my sister for letting me claim her son on my taxes?
can you claim your lotto tickets on your taxes?
If I itemize on my taxes, where can I find out what I can claim? Like a list of things?
i have a pan card no how could i get the details about the card holder?
what is salestaxrate in maharshrta ,what is income tax rat give information about vat?
what is 59.00 dollars with a 5 percent sales tax?
Is it legal to raffle a car in the state of New Jersey?
How much would my federal tax return be for 2011? (Approximately)?
Are FICA payments refunded to foreign residents who return home?
Solving sales tax problem?
Does claiming the $7500 first-time homebuyer credit affect your credit score?
I am partially blind in one eye can I use that as a tax deduction?
do i have to pay taxes on my chapter 33 gi bill or the bah that i recieve every month?
Living overseas, working for a VA company, residency in FL. Who's income taxes do I pay?
how come I don't receive much on my tax return?
Why are pricesin the UK so high compared to the US?
Update!!! Did any 2/7 wmr update tonight?
Are taxes higher in PA or OH? Which state should i live in?
1099s are for W9s that have Individual checked only, yes?
i live in canada and wondering how to claim ptc sites on imcome tax?
Can I deduct hand tools purchased as a vehicle expense.?
UK people are you registered with TPS but still get marketing calls?
Does anyone know what tax bracket is for 87000?
what is the Automation in Mcdonalds ?
Do you think Britain should pay less Tax and then have to pay for the NHS (healthcare) like America do?
How Much do they get paid per cut then?
Can my parents claim me?
My mother wants to send me $100k from Hong Kong.?
Will I get tax return from unemployment?
I get paid in cash..irs question?
can a 15 year old file taxes after being claimed?
We made $175,000 this year. Will we get any rebate at all?
When do I have to pay my tax for Tax year ending 05 Apr 2012.?
2010 child tax credit ages?
My tax code is is 522L Y, would this mean that i am on emergency tax?
for the tax rebated is it a different amount for married filing seperate or head of household?
Can i get the college tax break if i am a dependent?
what can I claim for on my tax in Australia?
Independent contractor vs employee where will I make more?
If you owe overpaid unemployment and do not pay it back, what will they do?
how much tax do you pay on a commercial vehical supplied by your company for work use only?
WMR is down, could this possibly mean updatea soon for those of us who havent gotten one yet?
if i got married 23 Dec 2008, how do i file my taxes in Feb?
Why do "experts" keep saying poor people don't pay Federal income taxes when they clearly do.?
what is the word escrow means?
How much tax is removEd from your paycheck if you earn minimum wage?
do you have to pay any thing to the state of Ma. if you want to pay off a family members mortgage ?
Can a Combat Veteran get a hardship waiver for Back Taxes in Connecticut ?
If I contribute $1000 to my flex savings account, what amount do I save in taxes?
Tax return isnt here yet?
im 15 and extremely confused about taxes?
there is supposed to be a way to not have to pay state and federal taxes, anyone know how?
How much would this cost + TAX (CANADA)?
How many states in the USA don't have a state income tax and which ones are they?
i m married and i have 2 kids my wife she's not working i start a new job month ago and i write on my W2?
What income do I need to report?
How can I find out if my husband filed my taxes in 2009 and 2010? No return received.?
i accidentally ripped my paycheck, now what?
taxes on pension?
Can I hold real estate property in a retirement account?
Would you kill yourself or spend the rest of your life working for nothing?
Received 2009 il state 1099g in 2011?
How do you feel working society is impacted by stay at home parents?
If i bought a hybrd vehicles in '06, is it a tax deductible?
Can I deduct startup expenses from before I formed my LLC?
Can i apply 4 PAN card even though i have no income??.?
my pan card is lost plz give me my pan card no?
Would i be able to claim my boyfriebds mom when?
what percent do those checks cashed places take out? for say a $150 state tax refund?
tax on commission?
Is the dividend, which I have to pay to the broker after ex dividend short sale considered a business expense?
do it tell you how much you get per person when you get your tax return?
Hey can I claim my 18yr old on my tax's for "08" he turned?
I earn £50 a week is £11 off that in tax alot every week?
is income generated from sandalwood plantations taxable?
If Delaware is my state of legal residence, and I am active duty military, do I have to pay state taxes?
Unsure about how much £17000 is after tax?
Who is responsible for taxes in an LLC. when only one member has access to checking account ?
Are people taxed on their social security disability funds?
Can my dad claim me in his taxes if i work?
I lived in Australia, and I have a credit card debt, can not pay it off.?
How much can we pay someone before we must classify them as an employee?
i don't work, I only receive about $5000 for social security disabily do i have to report taxes?
Steps on how to get a sole proprietor?
Can I claim my children on my tax return even though they have not lived with me for more then half the year?
Can my husband claim me on his tax returns, especially since I'm a homemaker/unemployed?
Should I donate to a charity just to get a tax break? Is that a good financial and moral decision?
what happen if someone lends you their childs social for taxes?
are tax benefits illiberal?
Hi I'm self employed, I've been saving money for tax, I earn roughly 15k a year...?
Is income for a North Carolina resident from Military Pension taxable?
Is Pillowtex stock considered worthless by the IRS?
How much money will I have to pay on my taxes?
How to file taxes when I worked in two different states?
Have you gotten your tax rebate/economic stimulus check yet?
Connecticut- are landscaping services subject to Sales Tax?
If you are wealthy, why do you a tax break?
Any one receive their taxes from 2/15/12?
Does anyone know anything about the IRS Acceptance Agent Program?
was in the middle of filing a claim with NJ Unemployment and was disconnected...what do I do?
If I live in a state without a state income tax, but I work in a state with a state income tax, do I pay it?
Why is Q7 on my Tax Return checked and words computations provided if no capital gains?
Can I stay on at my Job AND set up as a sole trader?
Can I deduct my rent over $500 a month on my taxes?
Did I have to file State Tax Return (District of Columbia) for years 2009 and 2010?
What is the effect of an IRS information document request IDR?
Does anyone know about this ?
Tax write off read additional info?
Disability Living Allowance? i know that get Car fr Dla! what about house??
is there going to a stimulus check this year?
Home buyers Tax Question?
Do I get money back when my dad claims me on his tax return?
If I make 7.25 an hour in VA.How much do I really make an hour after taxes?
What affect does abusive tax shelters have on GDP, economy, firms and society?
All of you who say that the government legally taxes you....?
Ex moving my kids to new state & then file for more child support. what can I do?
Once a tax audit starts, can a city request information on another year?
Non-mass portion for NH resident working in MA....?
ok so this is more of a rant on our economy but i would love some of youre input and opinions!!?
My taxes are gonna suck this year because I've inherited some money. What can I do to get some tax breaks?
If you enter a raffle to win a luxury home, and win, How do you pay the income taxes?
What should I claim on my W-2, 1 allowance or 2?
How much money will I get back on my taxes with these figures?
what does an accountant do?
Questions on rebates checks?
i got a phone call from some one saying i was randomly selected to recive a 7000 grant because i pay my taxes?
I will receive a settlement from Workman's comp but how will this affect my disability check?
I'am looking for information on deliquient property taxes in Tn.where can I find information about this?
what irs forms do i file for a non profit business for 2005 tax year?
When and how should one pay taxes for online poker winnings?
If I get regular Social Security checks and I make just under the allowed income,?
Canada Child Tax backpay question?
If I sell all or a portion of my comic book collection, what tax benefits (if any) can I realize?
What kind of business are popular in the USA?
can i deduct rent phone and utilities if i file as a minister?
What is tax rate on 401 k?
do you know any company that can do your taxes early as november and december using your last pay stub?
Please suggest me if the employer not submit service tax. then where is the complaning the same.?
What percentage of pay is taken off for tax? And what percentage is taken off for National Insurance?
I e-filed with direct deposit feb.9 2008 and still no state refund,its keeps telling me its processing 9weeks?
My baby born on aug 2006, can I get a child tax credit in 2006 tax return?
forgot to add stamp?
Do I Need To Register A Business At All Legally? (UK)?
UK: that breakfast serial advert where the supermarket workers take the serials boxes from the customers -?
Long refund question..please help ?
itr form for person having income from salary, shares and f&O trading?
i forgot my tin no. how ca i retrieve it.?
provision of fbt against employees dress provided by employer?
Will I get more in my tax refund if I calm 1 for myself instead of claiming 3?
I already filed and received a return for one of my W2's. What do i do about the other one?
if i import from china to ireland what import tax must i pay ?
What do I do if a former employer is refusing to give me a W-2?
Do UK students need to pay Tax?
what happens if you start working while waiting for unemployment?
Didnt file tax return...?
The IRS lost my tax return and I have a certified receipt. Can I sue them for negligence of federal property?
Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by Februar?
Can Anyone Transfer This Army Time Into Regular Time? 17:59?
Taxes be taken away if u owe student loans?
Tax question. My x wants me to give our son as his dependent for 2006 tax?
Does claiming bankruptcy include state and federal back tax debts?
Paying in euros when in the UK?
Deferred Tax Liab or Asset?
Good places to sell in the uk?
Apprenticeships and Tax?
can you cliam a tax deduction for goods that are ordered if your contract is terminated before you start?
what is the per diem rate for truckdrivers for 2005 and 2006?
Is there any way to avoid paying GST on the purchase of a newly developed investment property?
Should we get inheritance tax banned. Isn't just a tax on being dead.?
How do I pay the taxes on something I ordered from out of country?
can anyone show me the law or give me a link to it that states that we must pay federal or state taxes?
So do you go by the turbo tax date or the irs because ive been given 3 dates?
Business headquartered in British virgin Islands?
Anyone feeling the tax-time crunch? I'm a new business owner in Michigan and could use some pointers...?
hsbc bank denied our ral loan?
Will I get in trouble with the law for now filing for taxes by now?
i made three hundred dollars will i be able to get income tax i have two dependents?
How do i get my w-2 from my old job?
Business overseas and then sell in uk?
State Unemployment Taxes?
Freelance work alongside part time job?
Is TDS exemption available on Interest from FD?
Has anyone with a by 2/7 date received their DD date for taxes yet?
Do I even have to file these tax's?
Are Americorp stipend tax deductions much?
If you've worked but dont file tax this year, what happens when u file next year?
The town is telling me I have to pay an addtional $2500 this year b/c they screwed up the paperwork two years?
UK National lottery...I received this e-mail.How can I win if I never ever Played that??'?
How much is your 401K taxed when you liquidate it?
College scholarship tax free vs taxable what amount do I use?
Just wondering about some of the tax benefits for filing married?
If I use my car to go to work can I deduct the cost of repair on my Tax return?
is my alaska drivers licence number my tax exempt number too?
How much u get back on taxes per child?
What "sacrifices" have the richest Americans been called to make?
About how much would I pay in federal and state taxes if I made $80,000?
New tax payer in U.S. needs help understanding?
Can i claim my mother on my taxes?
Charitable Trust instead of IRA?
Do you have to file your taxes every year?
what's the best online site for doing income taxes?
what happens when you dont pay off your negative balence?
Lets say in January I increased the number of withholdings?
I earn £50 a week is £11 off that in tax alot every week?
I need an online calendar or scheduling program that I can sync up with Quickbooks online version?
Tax information, PLEASE HELP!?
Is a fee I paid for parking during jury duty deductible?
If I paid $460 every two weeks how much will be taken for taxes?
What is the whole % of tax and NI contributions taken off your salary each month if u earn £27 000 p/annum?
can i claim my mom on my taxes?
my tax ran out yesterday...but cant get it till monday...can i still drive long can u not have tax 4 t?
can i write off my 2011 medical expenses in 2013 tax?
Stimulus check at tax time?
Foreign income exclusive amount?
When an individual passes away, at what point does the spouse or child stop filing a?
What can I write off at end of tax year if I operate a small home based business selling nutritionl products?
Can a laptop be written off your taxes for education purposes?
Where is the IRS office in Las Vegas?
just find out today i have won the mega millions lottery for 30 million dollars,after taxes how much willi get
Can I claim my dog on my taxes?
do you live paycheck to paycheck?
Would there be any taxes on selling a home that was an inheritance?
Is this a good yearly salary?
Feb 7th club? Everyone get it?
Will someday there be a law that men have to give their paycheck to their wives?
What all things I must take care when I construct a new auditorium?
back tax on a vehicle?
Catholic Church not paying taxes on houses/immovable properties in Italy?
where can i get tax form 4868 for an extension at other than the internet.?
Do we really need to file an Income tax?
Can my gilfriend claim me as a dependent?
Can I claim my unborn son on Tax returns 2009?
Do I have to pay tax on lottery winnings under 1200?
CA Tax help? Wondering about rent expenses deducted from paycheck?
Question about taxes on unemployment income?
what is the median residential property value in lorain county, ohio from 1995 - 2006?
Get a refund if fed ex lost my package?
my partner has been sent a tax bill for 11.000 pound but he hasn't been self employed for 5 years.?
Is tax free day for Texas April 2nd 2009? Is it really!?
if you owe IRS for back taxes and have no assets, savings and live check to check. R there any hardship exemp?
what are the problems with the current income tax system?
i had paid rs 1000 advance tax but i did not get tax then how to get back my advance tax amount?
Do you have to pay tax on the following?
what happens when you don't report unemployment wages on your taxes?
can a person hold more than 1 pan card?
is this tax progressive or regressive and explain why? also read details below?
If I buy a car is there any tax benefits during tax filing?
How can I check how much I made for the year 2004, (taxes)?
new Obama Tax coming out of my paycheck . What is this tax?
how to calculate depreciation on fixed asses as per company act?
Does the IRS let volunteers get reimbursed for gas mileage?
Where can i get a tax file number in Australia, Victoria?
I don't have to pay GST until after I hit 75k+ for each separate year?
What is the Import VAT allowance in the UK?
Should i give my mother more money from my taxes or count some from the $1,950 remaining, at least half.?
where do i find information about how much i owe for my home property taxes?
what is the total fringe benefit tax collected for 2005-06 by Government of India?
how much taxes will i pay for the 1000 i receive in alimony?
I am writing a cook book and wanted to find out if I can write off things I purchase for the process?
Is it fair to take tax money from homeowners who pay their bills, and give it to those who don't?
Can i get a tax rebate ?
is it legal for an employer not to state what hours are worked and what wages are earned on a paystub?
If me and my Ex-BF get back together, will we both be in front (as we'll have to claim as a "Couple")?
Can I change W4 allowance from 0 to maximum for remainder of the year and still get a refund?
Annuity Question Regarding tax implication?
appraisal report for property tax appeal?
I have a cash balance pension plan with a previous employer. I am 59 years old. What are the implications tax?
Sales tax for buying online?
I belong to AARP, but I am afraid when my husband passed away and I discontinued his card mine was also. Why?
If I come into inheritance will I be kicked off unemployment?
How do you determine sales tax ?
My employer never changed my marital status and deductions on my W-2 after my divorce. Now I owe $760! Help!?
Would like clarification of "like property" when selling rental/residential property.?
Need to know the calculation method adopted for deferred corporate income tax?
What can I benefit from renting a house, when I file my taxes?
What are your thoughts on "choosing where your taxes go"?
Capital Gains Tax question regarding brokerage accounts?
I am 25 and only had about 800 state and fed taxes withheld. How much will i get back?
Should I file my scholarship for taxes? Refund or pay back?
IRS tax related question?
Investment of capital gains?
I've signed up to a 3 rolling contact for £12.90 a month. Do they charge VAT on top of this?
What causes someone to owe money on taxes?
Can I refile my taxes, since there was a mistake made on them.?
Income Tax : Form 16?
In Taxes what is this referred to as?
I'm working in a private school & im paying my tax monthyly but i don't have any tin number until now.?
i want my pan card number?
New employee has salary of $43,000 per year, paid 2 times each month. She has one allowance on her W-4; what a?
Has anyone received their injured spouse refund for the 2010 tax season?
Is Money from a class action lawsuit taxable?
P60 not showing previous employment wages?
Why has the United States adopted a progressive tax system?
my commission check was taxed more then what it should have been.?
I know its bad but I failed to file my income tax this year what should I do?
Am I Overpaying My Accountant?
Should my boyfriend claim me this year for taxes?
paying IRS tax exemption 1023 fee of $350 or $750?
While filing this years taxes, i realized that LAST year my husband filed w/ the wrong status. What do we do?!?
Do i have to file a South Carolina Tax return?
I am looking for a website to locate my lost income tax returns?
How long does it take to receive a check from Turbo Tax Card account?
Jobseekers return to work bonus? UK ONLY.?
Can I claim my kids orthodontist bill on my taxes?
If i received unemploment will i be able to claim my kids on taxes and receive earned income credit?
Turbo Tax experiences?
service tax on transport services provided to exporter?
I owe back child support. when I file taxes which will be taken to pay that, state or federal? ?
Would you be willing to pay higher taxes for nationalized healthcare in the U.S.?
can i find EIN numbers on the web for businesses or churches?
Do i have to pay taxes out of each paycheck or can i pay at the end of the year?
Help me please,everybody and sneakerheads!!?
Can I claim my brother on my taxes?
How much taxes are taken out of rent income?
Help, I'm panicking about shipping costs!?
My child does not have a social security number...?
can i collect my income tax $$ coming to me that i didnt file for 3 & 4 years ago?
What does my 2012 tax refund deposit date mean?
How much of a refund would I get if I made $5731.00 for the year w /2 kids and single?
If i made 10k in the 7 months i have worked with my boss how much will i get back?
I claimed single, can he claim married?
Single Father Tax Question?
How much money can I make in Canada before paying income tax?
what kind of taxes does a subcontractor pay?
Question about tuition on Ontario tax forms?
HOW much of your pay check do you give to charities?
how can you claim tax back your self?
on fed. tax form what does line 10 taxable refunds, credits or offsets include?
are disability ssi payments taxable?
Does a huge IRS debt effect the chances of getting citizenship?
If we had split the bail out money we gave to the car companies between all of the tax payers?
Dependents i can claim with OT in PP?
Is it legal for mother and father to each claim a child on taxes?
Do you believe wealthy Americans should pay more tax? Why or why not?
Which U.S. State is the most tax beneficial to physically operate and manage a business from?
where can i get copy of my 2005 taxes, mine was destroyed.?
Why does the government tax your homes yearly if you bought the home?
No tax on income can be a just tax unless it leaves individuals in the same relative condition in which it?
Is my Canada RIT the same as my tax refund?
Income Tax RAL rejected because of unemployment stimulus payments in 2009?
Do web designers pay taxes in Florida?
Should I have gotten a tax rebate?
a blank or customs duty, is a tax on an imported good?
How does home accounting software help when doing taxes?
Can i get a tax[id number to use to buy wholesale items to sell on ebay?
If the sales tax rate on a $30 item is $1.80, what is the sales tax rate?
Will I need to claim my 401k rollover on taxes this year?
What tax form should I complete for 2005?
I am thinking of importing a used BMW into India from UK. Can u enlighten me on the cost involved.?
Registraion process for tan no. And pan no.?
what does gross income mean?
What is the maximum amount we can withdraw from sbi bank India through withdrawal form.?
What percentage of Russians are eligible to pay taxes?
Can my girlfriend claim my son?
how to find out income tax ward or circle?
what happened if the check I wrote to IRS bounced?
what is service tax in India and when it should be paid?
Why do movie-stars get paid so much?
What's Payer's Federal Identification Number and recipient's Identification Number?
Why do Traders Pay Tax ... when they can do something about it?
Freelancer need Tax advise.?
We are a US company and received a bill from the UK that includes VAT. Do we have to pay VAT?
Can I file a 2006 Tax Return now?
Do I have to claim my child on my taxes for him to continue being covered by my health Care?
What is the Service tax rate on works contact Job at resent w.e.f July'12?
i never completed my 2011 tax return.... can i still get any money back?
How much in taxes is taken out of the Florida lottery?
Am I in the wrong by claiming my daughter on my taxes?
Windfall tax vs regular tax?
I would like to know how to get a US Social Security number?
Is it illegal to file a tax this way?
where do I mail my Texas homestead exemption form to? My property is in Austin.?
how the tax system over the church in your country?
1040EZ form do I need to enter AFLAC or just start with taxable wage?
If a person started a job in december and did get the taxes that season will they get that money next seaseon?
What are the self employed tax allowance for 09/10?
Does anyone know what the tax penalty is for selling your home prior to living in it two years?
Would i have to declare this as self employed/or business or have to pay report it for tax,I want to make and?
can my parents claim me as dependent?
My new job says I have to take out my own taxes, is this legal?
Does anyone know how much a sales advisor gets paid at Laura Ashley?
Who is Obama's $250,000 tax incentive really benifitting?
I'm trying to find a law that requires my friend to pay an income tax & file a 1040... Could somebody help?
how do you know if your going to get the tax rebate check?
Where is my gosh damn tax money?
Jobseekers allowance tax years.?
Questions about filing taxes?
My husband and I get cut as single on our checks, but file married on our taxes. Is this legal?
Why do people cheat on their taxes and then complain about where their tax dollars go?
Please give me an example of final income tax return/withholding tax slip....?
Simple Self employment tax question?
Why am I being taxed?
Does anyone know the number to call I.R.S?
is there a way on telling on someone who lied on there taxes?
last year tax returns? haven't done state taxes?
how much is the gift tax on 1 million dollars???
living in ny state and making 540 a week how much will i bring home in my check claiming two dependants?
Does the term "gross salary" refer to the amount pre-tax or post-tax?
Will they take out federal tax in a small check of 87 dollars in Indiana?
What happens to all the money collected by the IRS?
Does anyone know sales tax?
Are two people living in a property (who both claim D.L.A) exempt from the Benefit CAP?
How do I investigate if I'm due inheritance from my grans uncle?
Who offers tax courses? I would like to do tax returns this upcoming tax season.?
i want to change the name on the PAN CARD.?
Are social security benefits paid to children taxable?
tax write off of company share losses?
UK Tax Situation: UK Business using foreign Services/Consultants because of Tax & Consultant prices?
tax form 1040x help adding a dependent?
state income tax & tax exemption home sell question?
Okay im just wondering here! if i have $100,000, what and how can i turn that in a $1,000,000?
when is the last day to file 2009-10 taxes?
What does it mean when requested to have signed federal tax return?
In General, are the taxes high or low in the UK? s Easy?
do single/non working mothers get a tax refund?
check my ntuc accountant?
Why did I only get $300 form the IRS when i qualify for the full $600?
what paper work do I need?
If I start a band what can I deduct and how much money do I have to pull in a year to deduct?
What is the % you will be taxed on money you take out of an annuity or ira? is it 10% you have to pay back?
So, with the tax rebate from Bush, will I have to declare it in my income taxes later?
Income tax question please help?
If retirement income is only social security, do I have to file IRS?
Already been delayed to 2/7 due to processing delays...could I b delayed again?
when child turns 16 and parents are unemployed does child stop getting child benefit and child tax credits?
Schedule E Tax Questions?
My wife was told by her employer that her income is too low to withhold federal income tax. Please explain?
Where can I look up my federal tax I'd #?
Does additional income, require you send in a tax payment for it before you file your April 15th retu?
Do I have to pay this invoice?
We mailed in our return on Aug 21 with an injured spouse form. I know it is way too early for refund info yet?
What effect does a tax cut has on the economy of a country?
Is it illegal to claim your child on taxes if they do not live with you and you do not provide support?
Can we claim our imprisoned son as a dependent?
I have not worked all year... can my best friend file my sons on her tax return without a penality?
What is with the gas prices?
performing free services + tax return?
how do you tell if a lottery claim form is real and legit.?
If I win a car and immediately sale it back to the dealership,do I still have to pay taxes on the car?
I was wondering since I may be getting a job soon, how do I pay city and state taxes?
can we claim our 19 year old daughter as a dependent on our 2011 taxes since she lived with us?
Can I pay taxes for my home-business if I'm not a citizen?
I just got on disability i heard it only pays 80%?
what if I can't pay my state taxes?
If I have no dependants is it illegal to claim 3 for my payroll, but then file my return correctly?
How often does NYS update their tax refund status website?
if someone wants to give me 20,000 dollars do i have to pay taxes on it?
What happens if you can't pay the IRS their money?
Just saw my husbands paystub from the past week. It says "Single" as his status?
can i see my tax refund from last year online?
i have appleid for myBRP they told my by 5 to 10 working days i will receive it but up till now i havent got i?
The irs says i owe them money what can i do about it?
Fed. Income Tax Rate?
my huband owned a home in his name since 96 we married in 06 he passed away 08 i bought a home 08 do i get tax?
How can you tell if you are cash or accrual basis?
What tax form should I complete for 2005?
Who will give me my tax refund when i got taxed too much, the company that I work for or HM Revenue & Customs?
From your past experience whats the quickest you have got amended tax return back?
what is the ave passing rate of ICAA chartered accountant exam in OZ?
Hi my fren has applyed for PAN Card But still it is under process? ?
How can i figure out what my tax rebate will be?
where can i find info on back taxes in waynesboro,va?
What are the benifits available to 100% Export oriented Unit in Service Tax Act?
is interim support taxed?
I'm registered self-employed. How much of my income can come from one source?
How do I get my 8880 form?
If you you do something an employer asks that is illegal are you held liable?
Taxing the rich and poor?
To save $2000 in 1 year from $500 how much should u set aside each week?
What's the lowest monthly payment you can make to the IRS under an installment agreement?
What is the 2005 deadline for 401k paycheck contributions?
Date of applicability of service tax on flat booking?
How old does a car have to be to be tax exempt?
My wife and I were married in January of 2009, should we file as single for our 2008 tax returns?
Why do they tax my overtime?
When do you subtract social security?
I want to know about the filing option of Head of Household.?
Do I need to file a Tax Return if I only earned $700 last yr? I'm Married, Husband works full-time, 1 kid. TY?
If your landlord gives you a notice to leave the house, reason is housing benefits not paying full, what u do?
What is a letter 12 c from the IRS?
I had a background check run on me and it came back showing that someone is using my ss# to get death benefits?
Question regarding H,].U.F.?
Who do I contact re CEGB pension?
What is the differences between cash basis and accrual basis taxpayers?
My boyfriend and I just had a baby Aug. 16 does it matter which of us claims him for tax returns?
Can I file photocopied W2's with my tax forms?
Why are the most productive people taxed the most?
Tax Credit for First Time Home Buyers 2010?
help with taxes?
How to report tax on the income from freelance work if I don't receive a 1099-MISC?
What is the maximum amount an employer can reimburse an employee for medical insurance and out of pocket exps?
tax question: i have the choice of donating $20,000 of inventory to charity, or sell for $500. which is best?
can you share turbo tax?
I have a question property tax and homestead laws?
What industries should receive tax cuts?
Where can i get a free copy of my 2005 tax refund?
when are w2s due to you by employers?
TAXES: My husband is moving to MD, and I will temporarily remain in PA. What will happen with our taxes?
how to get taxed? URGENT?
Excice Tax assigment?
how much money does a 16year old have to make before filing a tax return?
I have to pay taxes on a motorcycle. Could I lie and say I paid less for lower taxes? Do they check that?
Is there a law that obligates us to file tax returns?
How much tax will I pay for annual business income of 28K?
Should I file taxes jointly with my wife or not?
is ther eanyway to figure the percentage of taxes they are going to take out of a paycheck?
when is the last day to do taxes??
How do I interpret nonprofit identification numbers (EIN)?
What are a few benefits of income tax and Sales tax?
Is it too early to check the status of a 2009 amended tax return?
Amending tax return.?
i need help with a complicated irs/tax issue!?!?
How long does it take to get your first payment once you file for unemployment for veterans?
Can I file my 2008 taxes if 05,06,and 07 are not filed?
Can someone explain how TDS works in india?
How do I find the name of an employer with just the social security number?
Where can I set up donations for my project's artwork without additional income tax paperwork?
How much percent of income tax do we have to pay?
How do I file taxes on my babysitting job?
How money countries have road tax?
Can a Manufacturer, Work Contractor apply for the DVAT Compositition?
Does the IRS ever e-mail you?
How does one calculate tax deduction if a payment is made on Life insurance loan?
Do you pay income tax on both sides of the border?
How do i stop paying N.I. after 60 years of age whilst i am still workihg?
Tax liability Question?
Form 2106 vs. Schedule C?
when filing tax can a claim 100% of the donataion amount I made in 2005?
The company I work for pay cash and still issue W2?
Am I an independant contractor or an employee?
Can I file my 2008 taxes if 05,06,and 07 are not filed?
W-4 Withholdings paycheck?
WMR has updated but it still says Feb. 1st?
About Payment mode to foreign country?
Ok I work for 9 hours and get paid only 46.35 pound? is this FAIR?
Here's the situation. Worked until July 14th earned about 18,000. Closed my retirement account got 13,000.?
if i claim 6000 on my taxes will ssi find out?
can I file child care on my taxes?
If i go self employed can i claim nursery fees for our daughter as expenses? Also what else can u claim?
If I owe state taxes in New York can they garnish my pay in North Carolina?
Will state refund be taken for parking tickets ?
Are Federal Taxes, state taxes, and local taxes placed on the same gross pay?
if i get 1346.40 per month gross wage?
How to compute separation pay?
If I am single, what do I put for line "c" on the w4 form?
How much will I be paid after tax?
Does having a Federal EIN number prevent someone from taking the same name of your business?
if i inform the income tax about some tax thief how much the departement will give me?
what if I move to mi after I file my income taxes in ga?
Is there going to be another economic stimulus for individuals for 08-09?
Now that is good news!!!!!!!!?
Do you use a blue pen or a black pen when filling out an official form?
Did anyone get the Stimulus check yet and if so what is your last 2 digits? Mine is 02 and I haven't got mine
Can you miss 1 or 2 yrs without paying taxes?
Do I have to pay federal income tax? I just saw a startling dvd called Aaron Russo's America?
How much money can I bring with me while entering the US?
Has anyone received their federal tax check refund by direct deposit yet? When?
If an income tax return was not filed and some money was ?
i make less than 25k a yr. Bought 1st home in jan of 09, does this mean that i get 8k on top of my tax ret?
My son did not claim himself as a dependent on his tax return, can he file an amended return?
Divorcing and trying to decide to file jointly or separately?
What reciepts does the Govt want when you are being Audited?
What is the rate of depreciation allowed for computers as per companies act in India?
I had my child support arrears dropped and I'm current now but they took all my tax return.. is that legal?
Do I qualify for the first time homeowners $8,000 tax credit? Serious answers only please. Thanks! ;)?
how many taxes are in the USA?
Is it voluntary to pay your income tax? ?
Why do we have income tax?
Does my tax information justify going to a tax preparer?
When filing taxes who gets you the most money for the lowest price?
Taxes and monthly income?
Has anyone got their tax refund direct deposited yet this morning?
Accounting question Cash budgets?
what does it mean when you file an income tax return for the prior calendar year?
anyone out there get there tax rebate if they filed though turbo tax, please say yes...?
I don't have federal taxes being taken out of my check? Why?
Sales tax refund for foreigners?
how many residential status are there in india according to income tax law ?
Has anyone take the I.RS Registered Tax Return Preparer Exam?
How much tax would I pay in Seattle?
How long should I wait for a correspondence audit to be examined?
Can I refile my taxes, since there was a mistake made on them.?
I don't like the government, I didn't vote them in. I don't like how they spend my tax, how can I avoid them?
As a sole trader can I offset the income on sale 2nd property with expenses on development of an IT Product?
Can I choose How to pay my property tax?
can my parents claim me as a dependent?
Claiming Exemption of Long Term Capital Gains Tax u/s 54EC+54F?
What is the date that IRS extended the return posting and why did they do this?
tax return 2010 employers obligations?
How do i figure out import duties/taxes/charges/shipping cost?
Is it possible to deduct the mileage you use visiting your children who are in the NICU?
Checks anyone?
Sale Of Home Tax Question For Mississippi?
1099 employee tax help?
Have the Ontario Sales Tax Credit cheques for DEC 2011 been mailed yet?
i need to add 9.750% sales tax onto 517.20?
How much in corporate taxes did Facebook pay to the State of California in 2010?
When did Texas become part of the United States?
If I am an employee with $6000 worth of pretax deductions, this shall be excluded from wages in w2 and 1040?
I went to the ER and it was atleast 1000 dollars. why?
I rented out my house after 18 months of living in it, how do I value it for capital gains?
Can you deduct gas and mileage?
Is money from selling house taxable income?
Will I owe money to the government if I change my tax status at work from single to married?
What are the council estates in the UK?
are there any states out there that do not have a tax on cars?
Any 1 get their refund yet w dd of 2/1?
What are the implications for VAT In Great Britain?
regarding charitable educational trust in India?
what is suv tax credit?
Those in the 2/7 club....?
what is sales tax for candles?
What is the most money you can make without reporting it to the IRS?
Do i have to pay tax for working? (UK question)?
laborready w2?
Buying a house how do I figure what my taxes will be?
I'm working full time 20yrs paying NI durimg this time.I stopped work to lookafter my sick mum.Can i claim JSA?
I am waiting to get a Social Security number for my daughter and I have 4 days to file my taxes?
can i claim my 15 years old brother as my tax dependent?
how many ppl do you think will file taxes on jan 17 2012?
can i deduct my hobby expenses in my taxes?
hr block messed up my return and won't refund my money. What should I do?
self imployed what form do i need ?were do i send it .?
Can I use my 450 gold fish and coy as DEPENDENTS on my tax return?
I live in N.C snd i need to withdrawl 2,000 from my IRA. i will have them take the 10 percent penilty for ?
Am I better off going to H and R Block or going to a real accountant for my tax preparation?
Can a parent give a child a gift of 1 million dollars without ethier one paying taxes on the gift.?
if you live in the usa and going to get that tax bounus what are u going to do with it?
Can standard meal allowance be used on one day business trips for a schedule C tax deduction?
How long does it take to get back your tax return if you have filed it on paper on 15 april?
Is it possible to simultaneously be a student and an independent contractor?
Does the IRS knows how much money i Make?
how much cash can i give as a gift without a tax problem?
do employers have to pay more to employees for working christmas day?
When are those new tax Rebates supposed to arrive?
When someone says $40k, what does the k mean, I am from Australia?
Why do we have to mail in an amended return?
Do you know if monies paid to a lawyer to get back child support are tax deductable?
am i liable to be arrested if i return to the uk over unpaid vat and tax?
Does California charge import taxes/customs on apparel/clothing?
what form can I file to protect myself from my husbannd not filing taxes on time. he is a small business owner
Will I be audited by the IRS?
Will I have to pay a penalty for taxes if I didn't pay in all year?
tax fraud what can help to you?
What does a Federal ID #, a State ID #, and a Resale # for a business look like?
How much is a WI state Senator's payroll?
I have a Tax Question?
What tax is payable on goods bought from US?
Why haven't i been taxed?
Can I file my 2006 taxes with Turbo Tax???
If I send a used cellphone from Canada to US, does the receiver need to pay tax?
sbi magnum tax gain dividend - when is the payout date?
How do I find out how much capital gains tax I would have to pay on my home after the sale?
Taxes for "Paid under the table"?
Will I get 100$ when I first deposit my paycheck?
I have a ten month old, for taxes, do i to have her birth certificate, her ss card or both?
how long to start filling?
Some Questions That Need Answered- Some Stuff Abut Adulthood
Please help................What would Happen with VAT registration?
Do you believe that you pay too much in taxes?
I got a job from McDonald's but they pay me with no withholding tax?
how register as business in New York to remit withholding tax and unemployment tax?
how do i work out percent on my calculator?
My baby born on aug 2006, can I get a child tax credit in 2006 tax return?
2012 tax refund? not processed yet? y any ideas? ?
No. of C.A. in India?
Does the queen pay tax?
If I take a job in the UK that is 60k per year, how much will I actually take home each month?
is it illegal to marry for tax purposes only?
New IRS Schedule..They are accepting returns now!?
I have taken 15% off a figure. I now need to get back to the original figure before I took off the 15%?
is it true that overseas filipino workers receive tax refund to korean goverment????
Where do I send my 2003 & 2004 Federal & CA tax return?
An IRS question that no one seems be able to answer.?
I work in Texas my salary is $19,000?
Import duty on hair extensions?
Do I have to pay taxes on wife's "gift"?
If we could transition to a flat tax, would you be alright with that?
trying to find about sales tax for hurricane rita?
Used HR block at home and e-filed online the 15th?
Can my employer ask me to take a pay cut?
What does an accountant in hawaii make with a bacelors in accounting?
How much extra did you have to pay Uncle Sam for income taxes this year? I doled out $389 bux.?
Has anyone received the first time homebuyer credit yet?
What is a 1099-G Form?
Can I lie about my income on a 1099 form at the end of the year?
Offshore Corporation Tax Question?
IRS letter, information is incorrect?
Anyone know how to figure out the tax penalty for not filing quarterly?
can you file someone on your taxes if they are in the military or if thier no longer dependent of you?
What if I don't pay as much taxes as the federal tax credit (30% of the cost) for a geothermal system?
No federal taxes have been held out of my check for almost a year! I made about 7000 last year..Will I owe?
Just amended 2009 taxes and accountant wants to charge 10% of return $430 is that legal?
does my tax return gets taken if my student loan is in deferment?
Is it possible for my boyfriend to claim me on taxes when he is married filing separate?
I file married,jointly. Daughter 20, lives home,full time student.Can I claim her deduct contrib on my schd A?
cn i claim boyfriend son as dependent?
My 21 yr old son works full time at Walmart and lives at home. Can I claim him as a dependent on my taxes?
How can I declare myself as independent?
Taxes Exporting to Mexico?
can we close cst and vat number?
Roth IRA, young married couple?
tax foreclosure redemption period?
Vat and taxes on within EU imports?
Will the tax refund check be made out to me or my spouse?
My parents gave me $13,000 each as a gift do I need to claim on my taxes as income?
paul receive a bonus of $750, which was 5% of his annual salary. his annual salary was?
Will Paul MCArtney pay 40% inheritance tax? How do the rich manage to avoid paying inheritance tax?
Claiming my sister on taxes?
Does yeoh yin love swee teng. Is it true?
when recieving long term disability is one taxed on all of it or part?
When a person gets paid in cash does he have to pay taxes on it?
Why pay taxes ?
I'm getting home improvement work from an out of town company. Do I pay their county tax or my local tax?
Why was my "Federal income tax withheld" so much less this year?
I won a contract and the site took a fee right away. Do I pay GST on the total bid, or bid minus fee?
My Dad has done my taxes for me for the last 5 years. I will not go into great detail, but for the first time?
Does buying goods at stores such as Goodwill consitute as a donation to a charitable organization?
Will I have to pay money back to centrelink after this year's tax return?
Submission of Returns by Individuals under Indian Income Tax Act/Rule?
Who invented sales tax, and why?
Can we pay Directors salary.dividends and a repayment of directors loan ?
If I paid off my friends mortgage as a gift will they face any tax consequences?
electronically file taxes?
Just curious!! I have a friend that has only worked 1 month at a job making about $8.00hr then got fired.?
Tax collection on my new house?
how much per child do you get back on tax returns?
Manz Company announced that in the year ended June 30, 2011, its earnings before taxes amounted to $1,258,933?
iam not taxpayer but can i apply PAN?
how much does professional athletes pay in federal taxes?
Can anyone tell me what number to call to change your address for tax purposes in Canada??
tax help for new home based business?
Tax Shelter Annuity Withdrawal?
i want to file income tax but i don't have form 16 because i am running small business,please help me.?
Would I get the same refund if I file a 1040ez or a 1040?
If I didn't file taxes last year?
Question about taxes and 1099s?
Why do people look so negatively at paying taxes?
how do I find out if something is a scam coming from the uk without having to pay for an answer?
how can i stop my daughters dad from claiming her on his tax returns.?
If I am 26 years old, can I still be claimed by my parents? I thought I couldn't so I put NO?
What is P.A.Y.E......................?
i filed my taxes on 2/12, how long will it take for the irs to accept it so it can be direct deposited?
What is the present UK tax rate? 20% or 17.5%?
Can you put a 1099 and a w2 together?
What do I do if a former employer is refusing to give me a W-2?
If you receive a prize from a tv show how much is taxed?
Is there a penalty to companies that do not send their 1099s or W4s out on time?
What does a tax return look like?
who is the president?
IATA Agent collecting travel fare in F.C. is entitled for commission in F.C.Is the commService taxable?
how old do you have to be able to receive donations?
How much tax does an average UK resident pay?
If I make 35,000 a year and will claim 3 kids, how much will I get back?
Is it against the law to do someone else's taxes?
Can I do 401K to the max allowed and IRA (not Roth) at the same time?
Council tax - do I have pay even if I'm not in the country anymore?
Do I need to pay tax for overseas income in Germany?
I had a loss some money in the stock market in 2008. I don't think included the loss in my 2008 tax return.?
can theta deduct medicare premiums from your payroll check and social security?
car tax help theoretical example help?
if Married, is it more convenient to file taxes as "single" or "married"?
can the state take my refund ?
Help Please!!! Filing status question?
Do i owe California State Franchise Taxes from 1989?
How do you win the Lottery?
how do i access my tax recrds for pitt county?
Will Canada send my tax refund check to the US?
Uk child tax new claim?
Do state estate taxes do more harm than good?
If I receive a settlement of money how will I know the taxes on it?
What is ITES ? When fileing your taxes?
my tax return STILL hasen't come in?
If I spend more than 6 months out of Australia, do I have to pay tax? Holds Australian permanent residence.?
How long do I have to wait to renew my license after paying my delinquent excise tax?
Where do I get a license as tax preparer in Indiana?
I was unjustly fired, Can i get my employer in trouble for paying me "under the table"?
What is the max. withholdings you can claim before you have to pay taxes at the end of the year?
tax advisor $1 million gift exclusion can I give all at once to child?
templet for a check stub?
I just purchased a car yesteday, but I have changed my mind, does anyone know how long you have to return it?
Question about LLC & Taxes?
Have 5 Rs. monthly computer course from where?
e file refund status?
If someone was to win the megamillions, how much would they pay out in taxes?
When can i receive my annual tax refund?
What was your commission when you worked @ HR Block or Jackson Hewitt??
Husband has not filed Fed. income taxes since 2002?
how do i get my winnings from uk lotto?
Does NHS pension contributions increase basic tax rate?
Is there a link to see how much more to deduct from payroll for 2006 taxes?
Is there a taxable withdrawal limit on foreign gifts to joint accounts?
What can I benefit from renting a house, when I file my taxes?
Should I quit work to decrease my income due to obama investment tax increases?
What can I do if I forgot to claim earned income credit on my income tax?
Do you pay income tax if you are a business owner?
I am looking for the columbuus city tax division website and I'm becoming frustrated as well you know?
Where is my tax refund?
Do strippers get in trouble if they don't file taxes?
can a company hold my last paycheck?
Horse farm, no selling, buy lots of feed. Keep getting asked if I have a tax exempt number. How do I get one?
If a person lives with me that receives public assistance,foodstamps and medical care would I be able to claim
Are you apart of the 2/21 club?
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