How much does a tattoo hurt?
I took out my nose ring to change it and I can't get it back in?
is it weird to have your second toe taller than your first toe?
Isn't laser hair removal potentially dangerous?
How do you quickly grow a moustache.?
Christmas tattoo ideas?
Would you be offended?
Tattoo 2 weeks before surgery?
Did Aislinn Paul and Munro chambers really get the matching piercings?
Can it be used outdoors too?
Real or Fake breasts? What do guys prefer? ... and girls too?
reasonable priced tattoo artist near La Verne, CA?
Is there anything wrong with having two?
Tongue Splitting in Tallahassee FL?
do women like men with waxed limbs and chests or ones with their natural hair?
do u have a tatoo?were?WHY?dose it mean any thing?
I have a really bad sunburn HELP PLZ!!!?
Getting a full sleeve tattoo. Wondering about price.?
I want a tattoo, but I have eczema.?
What is the best cream / lotion to put on a new tattoo?
What do you think of the placement of this tattoo (pics)?
What is the best home remedy for acne?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Texas?
bumps under colored part of tattoo?
Unique tattoos for dad?
Has anyone ever used strivectin-sd for stretchmarks.?
What do you think about a girl getting a tattoo?
how long would a tattoo of a bearded dragon take?
What do you think to women with tattoos ?
Ladies whats Your Favorite Perfume that u can recomend to me to buy and why?
Why does my underarms smell and I don't have any hair?
Hey i was wondering the differnce between sunbeds and spray tans? which one makes u darker?
which tattoo should i get?
Hello, I wanted to know your personnal opinion on tattoos and peircings...?
I need a Breast Reduction?
family tattoo? help, ideas?
my finger nails are long wut should i do?
do most girls like or dislike tattoos (not alot im say like one)?
Where did the tattoo on the rocks arm faster originate from an where can i see pictures of it?
What do you think of my frog tattoo?
Pirate Tattoo Ideas?
which should be worse.?
Do tattoos really make you cool?
piercing or not piercing?
"In all seriousness....... IF you have a tattoo or tattoos..............?
What more ideas could i get for a t-shirt sleeve tattoo?
What's the best way to get rid of pimple scars?
How can I make an ambigram more feminine?
Tattoo prices in Los Angeles?
Scabbing on a Tattoo due to too much moisturizing?
how painful is it to get a tattoo on the bit of skin between your thumb and 1st finger?
Will having a tattoo in my left cheek make me look bad ?
What kind of tattoo should my Boyfriend and I get?
Could someone draw me an original platypus tattoo?
Tattoo script symbolizing mother.?
are hard contact lenses or soft contact lenses better for me?
Try to describe tattoo pain?
I'm looking to get a tattoo & want to know if this is the correct Kanji for "Jesus Christ is Eternal Love"?
Why are albinos visually impaired?
how to sleep with a brand new tattoo?
Further about my tattoo?
Good Tattoos for a guy?
Best way to make tattoo ink?
How many tattoos can be done at one time?
I need help with tattoo designs?
i'm getting a tattoo, but need help?
Need some ideas for a tattoo symbolizing perseverance?
What do you do when you dont have genitals?
Can you get an inner lip tattoo with a labret?
Tattoo removing?!?!?!?
My friend has ingrown hairs ALL OVER her legs and it looks terrible, any suggestions for her??
What would be some good things to add to this tattoo?
Where should I get my first tattoo?
who is monika burdova?
tattoo color mixing solution necessary?
Is it possible to remove a surface tragus piercing?
Can estheticians have visible tattoos/piercings?
bible verse tattoo idea?
Is there any simple way for making tattoo where pain is very low?
Any idea how long this tattoo might take?
Armys view on certain tattoos...?
GIRLS: Tatoos or not?
Is getting a tattoo worse than getting blood taken?
How do i get my rough feet to be soft again??
how would you shorten this quote for a tattoo...?
Where should i get my tattoo? I want it on my shoulder blade but I don't want it to stretch. ?
Tattoo's on a teacher?
are ankle tattoos pain full?
i wanna go tanning but im not allowed but i can use tanning lotion...whts the best type/kind to use?
Can someone please tell me the thing for a sunburn? Fast-relief.~PL...?
hey to the girls, i was just wondering, does it hurt to wax down there? I usually shave...?
I just got a Tattoo on my leg?
Every time I shave my legs...?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo removed?
Does a guy with a foot fetish repulse girls?
I need ideas for a couple tattoo not the regular heart and key but something different.?
I need your advice please help?
How much would these tattoos cost?
Is this tattoo too trampy-ish?
Waxing Question?
I really want to get a tattoo, I have put alot of thinking and time into it... but I HATE NEEDLES! help?
How Many Tattoos Can You Get At Once?
Is there a way to lighten or eliminate acne scars on the face?
Hip tattoo ideas? help!?
I've some ugly stretch marks & i wanna make not so obvious. what else other than cocoa butter?
inner lip tattoo ideas?
Some please design me a tattoo?
I'm getting inked for the first time?
What Does Your Tattoo or Piercing Say About You?
how can i stop biting my toenails?
Do women like men to have hairy chests?
easiest place to hide a tattoo?
how to get a tan???
how much would a foot tattoo covering most of your foot cost?
is johnsons baby lotion for the face as well as body?
Has anyone used Neutrogena's MicroMist Tanning spray?
Tattoo Questions Please?
I have a 7 day old Tribal tattoo on my lower back. Seems to be done peeling and no scabbing.?
What is wrong with this tattoo?! (link inside)?
Some of the best tattoo artists in Arizona?
what is real beauty?
how would you hide a foot tattoo?
What is the most attractive place for a tattoo on a woman?
Is this tattoo too cliche?
Tattoo artists!! Can I have your opinion?
Common for tattoo artists / piercers to act this way?
Girl question?
How much does a tattoo receptionist make?
In Memory of...Tattoo Ideas?
self tanner?
Quick how do you lighten a airbrushed tan cuz'it turned me orange how do you get rid of the orange see details
How much would this tattoo cost?
I need a little help deciding....?
where should i put this tattoo?
pain of a wasps sting compared to a cartiledge piercing?
How long do you think my tattoo will take?
Have you had a dream last night?
Negatives on having a leg sleeve tattoo?
Want to get a tattoo!, Give me nice and short quotes with meaning!?
Do you think I'll be able to handle a foot tattoo?
Can you work out with a fresh tattoo?
help picking which one [tattoo]?
anybody help this problem plzz iam getting pimples in my face i went to doctor also but it not work?
Who know about Bioglo Shape & Trim? It is a slimming cream.?
My mom's obsessed with plastic surgery! Help! What should I do?
does anyone else find tattooing addictive?
Is this a good idea for a tattoo?
I used Vaseline on my new tattoo for 4 days!!! should I be worried??
how to close an open pores due to pimples????
how to take care of a new tattoo??please help!?
My tattoo didn't peel is that normal?
is chris browns newest tatoo of rihanna?
What are good quotes for a foot tattoo?
What is getting a tattoo REALLY like?
Taylor Swift lyrics Tattoo?
Does Anyone Know About Repechage Products?
Do you think 15 is too young for a tattoo?
Microdermal eye pics please?
what kinda body sprays/perfumes do guys like? (fruit, vanilla, flowery, etc.)?
Risks of getting a tattoo?
why do light skinned black women think they are white?
sleeping nude or sleeping in cloths, what is more comfortable and awsome.?
how do you get ride of spider veins?
I'm curious about the price of a side tattoo?
does hair grow under a tattoo?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
i REALLY want this tattoo!! OPINIONS!!!?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo for the first time. Does the price vary depending on the size or design?
What is the best thing to use for wrinkels around your eyes?
Did you know that toothpaste can cure zits?!?
How much does a side/rib tattoo cost?
I am have problems deciding on what tattoo to get?
Tatoo Idea...?
Question please read?
Easy, perfectly symetrical design gone asymetrical?
No sweat..?
Whats the best product for dark circles under the eyes?
do tattoo hurt on the lower back>?
Should I get my mom's named tattooed on my ***?
Which tattoo design do you like better?
Is there anyway that you can lighten the skin where you have had some spots from acne?
How do i get make my zits go away?
What would you think of this tattoo idea?
tattoo ideas!!?
where does a 21yo m find tattoo girls?
what color bra is the most worn by woman?
What your less popular part of your body?
price for a tattoo on the calf muscle?
My tattoo is swollen and warm to touch, am i allergic?
is there anybody that could do me a tattoo without the consent off my guardians and if it is how much??
Why does it seems like nowadays teens or young punks get tattoos just for the coolness of that certain design?
hollywood diet bottles where 2 get dem?
how to make home made fake tattoos?
I want to own a tattoo shop?
Do you think i am to young for a lip ring?
i have very very sensitive skin, and i need a good sunblock. any advice?
How can I flatten my stomach fast an permanently?
How do your clear up black spot on face for african american individual?
How painful are tattoos?
i have chubby cheeks so i want to reduce fat from my face specially on cheeks can u give me some tips to reduc
I want to have my lip pierced?
Tattoos and Weight loss?
A few questions about my first tattoo?
What do you think about tattoos?
My girlfriend wants to get a tattoo for her 18th birthday but i don't like the idea at all, what should i do?
BLURRY TATTOO!!! :( help me please im freaking out!!!!?
where can i get this?!?
Where is a good place to hide tattoo's from yhur parents. Its gonna be small too.?
my bf wants me to go with him to get his new tattoo but needles FREAK me out!?
what piercing should i get that would look nice?
will the tattoo artist freak if i have a pimple near where i want my tattoo?
in what order and where should i get these?! please help!?
how much is glutathione capsules and where can i buy it?
What is your opinion on WHITE tattoos ?
does anyone know or experience any side effect from "accutaine"?
Should my cousin get this tattoo? i thinkg she shouldn't. ?
how to find online site which explains how to do a manicure?
Where should I get my next tattoo?
does laser surger hurt??///how much is it??
Getting my first tattoo tomorrow, any tips?
Can i still become a paramedic? tattooed?
My lip ring is infected very badly, please help!?
I have spots on my legs and arms and want to know how to clear them up w/o spending alot of money?
Do you have tattooes and body piercings? How many? Where? Why do you have them.?
tattoo ideas???help plz!!!?
i wnt 2 get a tattoo...but i heard dat if u drink alcohol b4 dat it wont hurt as much but it will bleed more?
I'm looking to get a tattoo. But need some ideas !?
Do tattoos hurt?
Is tattoo aftercare easier than piercing aftercare?
How do you treat light spots on the skin?
Have you ever regretted having a tattoo?
how much would this tattoo cost?
What do you think of my tattoo design?
How much would this cost?
Estimate on this tattoo?
Where does it hurt more to get a tattoo on your shoulder blades or in the middle of your shoulder blades?
If you were a piece of furniture, what type of furniture would you be?
how to stop it growing?
I'm From Va and i wanted to know if there were any black strip clubs in Richmond Va?
im used to plucking my eyebrows..does waxing hurt? read the details..?
Would you get the date someone was born, the day they died, or both as a tattoo?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
Where can I get a cheap Brazilian wax in Manhattan or in Long island?
cosmetic reps jobs?
what is your favorite bath and body works product?
this may sound stupid but im getting a tattoo&?
anybody know a tattoo place in west midlands where i can get a tattoo at 16 with parental consent?
Poll: How many piercings/tattoos do you have and where? Are you male or female?
A thought on skin cancer......?
Whats the worst place to get a tattoo?
how can i cover this tattoo... please i need help.?
how much does a tattoo cost and will it hurt?
as a high school swimmer i have to swim often, but i'm getting tattoos soon how long must i wait?
Whom do you guys think is the sexiest guy alive....?
I need help picking a tattoo quote?
I had my belly button pierced 3 weeks ago and its really sore and red, should i take it out?
Any bodybuilders in here??
How long is this tattoo going to hurt this bad?
Need help with a tattoo?
Nipple question primarily for guys?
Tattoo ideas?? :) (chest tattoo girl)?
"i am my beloved's" tattoo for a single guy?
Davina Joy quote tattoo?
thinking about getting a pearcing "down south" what do i need to know about?
do tattoos just above the belt hurt?
Industriol pearcing? how to clean?
What small image would go with 'per aspera ad astra' tattoo?
Tattoo/piercing parlors in north Carolina?
have a tattoo across my back that says never say never need a theme to go with it?
How much should you to a tattoo artist?
Im getting my first tattoo and its going to be the chinese symbol for love but Im not sure where to get it.?
How do I make my girlfriend less pissed off at me after purposely giving her a hickie before work?
Looking for pincher body jewelry
where to buy china ink for drawing tattoo?How much it will cost?
can i play hockey with a new tattoo?
How to I tell my mother about my tattoo?
tattoo ideas for a friend that wants smthng to represent his days as a drug dealer and being on the streets?
Ladies, would you get a tatoo of your boyfriends name?
Any Ideas? .. Please Help!?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo and your belly button pierced?
Where can I find a really good portrait tattoo artist in Miami,FL?
Will these lip rings work?
got a qustion on tattoo...first time here...?
Is this a good tattoo for someone recovering from an eating disorder?
Will a chest tattoo stretch?
I think my tattoo is infected?
Tattoo help easy ten points!?
I get these sunspots (white spots that won't tan) when I tan. What is it? Can I get rid of it?
Is it wise to get a tattoo all the way around my wrist?
Talking My Parent Into Nipple Piercing?
how many ear piercings should one person have?? if they get to many do they look trashy?
Horrible tattoo issue?
I want to give myself a manicure....what are the steps?
Is it true that waxing reduces your hair growth?
Will my tattoo strech?
People's attitudes towards tattoo's?
Which tattoo should i get?
Where should i get this tattoo?
Where is the most painful place to have a tattoo done ?
medford oregon tattoo pallars, try b4 you buy?
How much is re-coloring on a tattoo?
How do you get dark spots away?
what are some Christian tattoos?
Too late in life for a tattoo?
Can a kindergarten teacher have a wrist tattoo?
im going to get a hawaiian tribal tattoo for my baby?
What do you think?
how can i stop getting sweaty armpits?
Like, Oh my god, you mean this tattoo is going to be on me forever???
Should I get this lizard tattoo?
For everyone with tattoos, have you ever been wrongly judged because of the ink on your body?
would airbrushed fake tan work to cover deep red or black tattoo?
Best Soap to Clean Cartilage Piercing?
what to wear when getting ribcage tattoo?
How long does a new tattoo need to be kept out of the sun?
Atheist Tattoo symbol?
Does Dr.Numb For tattoos Work?
how long before i strech to a 0?
I want a tattoo but i need help choosing!?
I'm 18 and I'm getting a tattoo any suggestions where I should get it?
Does getting electrolysis hurt and does it work?
Want to comfirm what this says?
what is the best face mask one should use to have clear skin?
Tattoo Removal Cost Estimates!?
For females who have a tattoo or more........?
russian stars meaning?
I need tattoo ideas... athiest and religion equality?
what are some good skincare lines worth trying?
I want a tattoo! Im 14 years old, can I get one?
Good font for my next tattoo?
how many times a week do u shower and DONT lie?
i'm thinkin of a tattoo what should i get?
In your opinion.............?
how can i take care of my dry skin?
I want to get a tattoo on my rib cage but I'm unsure because of the pain?
The I zone of my face is oily like every 5 minutes. what can i do about this?
(nose piercing) I know, serve me right but...?
lip piercings// help?
professional tattoo artists?
Deciding between two tattoos?
good lotion?
Tattoo shops in liverpool that tattoo minors?
Name tattoos????
What could be a good symbol to represent dreams or reality vs. dreams for a tattoo?
How bad does a tattoo hurt on your shoulder?
I am having a tribal tattoo on my wrist I am only 16 as my wrist grows will its quality get poorer?
is it goin to get better?
Have you ever tried powdered milk in bath for moisture in overall skin texture?
About how much would this tattoo cost?
What is your favorite feature of your self?
Tattoo idea for having overcome anxiety?
How can I shave my eyebrows?
is there a ink that is skin color?
Tips on Having Acne...?
How much for a full sleeve horimono tattoo?
Which tattoo idea is better?
Do you like my new Tattoo? (Picture)?
Who want a real tattoo in kuwait?
Something else that would go well with this tattoo.?
Cute tattoos..and where? (:?
Is it ok to use facial/beauty products from different brands at the same time?
Why is it, that there seems to be more beauty products on the market for women,than there is for men.?
do woman body naturally shaped like sand clock, or it was built ?
What if you go over black tattoo pigment with blue?
Dog Memorial Tattoo ideas?
I am stoppng cutting and getting a tattoo to remind me of it...10 points for my favorite one!?
What's a good website to get tattoo ideas from?
do you think girls with tattoos are hot?
why is it that when women are going through their 'menopause' they feel bloated and get hot flushes? do men?
Does anyone have a tattoo?
One word tattoo location and price?
What are professional opinions on Nurses with tattoos on their wrists?
Should i let this guy do my tat?
If you were to get a very little tattoo, what would you get and where would you have it?
how do the actors on sesame street look so young?
What do you think of nutrimetics products?
what does the tribal tattoo for love look like?
Would a pinup tattoo look ugly on the inside of your bicep?
i went to the dermotologist today...?
Friendship tattoo ideas?
What is the best way to get smooth legs?
does anyone have bdd?
anyone got any good tips for home waxing?
Tattoos anybody have one or some that mean anything special to you?
Is ok to get a tattoo over acne blemishes?
Should I get a tattoo or no?
Microdermal piercings?
How can I keep my already clear skin clear?
can i put vitamin e lotion on my new tattoo?
what can i put on my skin in the sun to get a really deep golden tan?
Tattoo Help please anyone?
What are the policies for body piercings, tattoos, gages, ect. for gamestop?
Is it wrong to post sarcastic comments and questions..........?
can anyone give me advice on tattoos?
Should I loose more weight?
small boobs..?
Would I be able to work in a hospital with a wrist tattoo?
I want a fall out boy inspired tattoo. What should I get done?
Tattoo websites please.. 10points?
If i'm 15 & my sister is 18 and she takes me to get a tattoo will they let me?
Wayne Rooney tattoo regret?
tattoo apprenticeship in the cleveland area?
i have a pimple like underneath the skin, its like hard, and i cant pop it, what can i do to get rid of it?
How do I convince my parents to let me get a tragus and two cartilage piercings?
how may F can you see????????
How can you lean to give tattoos?
i gave myself a tat?
what tattoo ink colour?
Why are people so afraid of going "under the knife"?
What do you think of women with tattoos?
Are tattoos trashy?
i want a wrist tat & wondering if i'll get crap about it at work?
What to include.......?
How much can I expect to pay for a 6 letter word tattooed on my wrist in black ink? UK?
Drug Quote For Tattoo?
how can i get my boobs to look biger ithout stuffing my bra or like is there any way to get them to grow faste
Could you girls link a pic of you're foot soles?
I am getting a tattoo?
how to lose weight & pimple are gone in a cheap and easy way?
What Is Best & The Fastest Acne & Its Scars?
Whats the coolest tattoo you ever seen ?
How can I get rid of my hideous freckles?
did my tattoo fade? before and after picture?
why is my colored tattoo turning dark?
I am looking for symbols that represent maternal love or eternal love?
I want to cover up a bow on my wrist but dong no what to get, please help?
Will getting a tattoo cause keloids?
there are many pimple marks on my face.What should i do?
I love getting pierced and tattooed?
Proactiv Acne Treatment: More Harm than Good?
Can I get a tattoo on the bottom of my big toe?
i was wondering: what body fragrence do women like on men?
should i get a small religious fish tattoo below my thumb?
what does a good boob job cost?
Im getting a tattoo about my dog?
Microdermal eye pics please?
i want a tattoo to do something with the lakers and creative?
Got a job how to hide hand tattoos?
What does a slu* (the last letter is t) mean??
Tattoo artist question! :)?
Tattoo Shading still red months later?
Where can I buy Badedas bath gel in NYC ?
Planning on getting a tattoo! Need help.?
How do you get rid of white blotches on your face?
How much would a SAS - Special Air Service Tattoo cost?
how can i make myself not eat to much?
Will tattoos on my arms affect a job in animation?
why do home tattooists get bad reputations?
Tattoos ? What to apply for after care ?
What do you think of getting a wing of a crow tattoo on my wrist?
what is botox, I know what it does by what is it made from?
Has any got a laser treatment for hair on legs. I am tired of shaving.Any info is good. Do they really work.?
Will a tattoo artist design me something?
Girls, need your opinion on tattoos?
what is the best place to get a first tattoo. I'm getting one tomorrow.?
Try to describe tattoo pain?
Would it be weird if a girl get a tattoo of her name?
Tattoos tattoos tattoos?
Has Anyone had sally hansen microwave wax explode in microwave?
How do I get the black circles out from under my eyes??? I look tired all the time.?
Have you used the clarisonic facial brush for acne?
whats the better place to put a tattoo of stars?
I need an idea about a tattoo. Help please?
Can I change an unwanted tattoo?
why am i getting all this attention?
When will the new Boondock Saints movie come out?
how do keep urself beautiful?
What is a bruise and what 'causes one?
How do i make friends in myspace?
what do the French think of tattoos?
want a love quote tatoo for by my collar bone.. need some help?
I've had the Implanon implant, is it safe to get a tattoo over it?
If im getting words tattooed on my upper ribs will it change shape if i plan to loose 15ish pounds? thanks?
What is the best solution to remove a rub-on tattoo that will not come off my child?
If i start drinking lots of water, how long will it take for me to see results?
i want a forearm tattoo and dont know what to get?
Henna tatoos?
Would a tattoo look better with or without cherry blossoms ?
Okay I want a tattoo on my left hand right below my pinky and ring finger?
4 girls only?
I have a question on building a better buttox for a girl?
Where in MN to get a full back wing tattoo?
Wheres the best tattoo parlor/shop in missouri?
Tattoos and Weight loss?
What would be a good spot for this tattoo?
Anyone want to draw a tattoo?
Tattoo question please?
Tattoo sleeve ideas I need help!!?
my brother and i want matching tattoos (quotes or whatever)?
Help with a Mastodon tattoo design.?
what is the best and cheapest wrinkle cream that won't dry your skin out?
Help with tattoo??? ?
hey girls! a question for u all. guyz with experience can help as well.?
How do you keep your skin fresh everyday?
does a tattoo hurt more being done on fat or muscle?
how do u get rid of blackheads on your nose ..?
How much would a really small tattoo cost?
Would this tatoo hurt ?? ?
I think im the ugliest thing in the world. im tall and skinney with no curves. i have a bignose, biglips and?
Script Tattoo in Garter Belt Style?
Native American Art as tattoo - asking PNW native Americans specifically?
How do I convince my parents ?
Why its that when we are old and grey, no one cares about you anymore.?
I want to get a tattoo but nervous ?
Can UV tattoos be covered by a standard ink tattoo?
Peter Pan tattoo help/ideas?
Am i the only one who has problems making ink stick in tattoo practice skin?
Ideas/tips for a tattoo?
henna tatto help please?!?!?!?!!?
Tattoo of my dogs name?
what do girls what in a guy and don't say money?
a few questions..?
Does your armband tattoo connect?
want a love quote tatoo for by my collar bone.. need some help?
Is it possible to change the shape of your calves?
What supplies do you need for a tattoo gun?
Lip or Eyebrow Piercing?
Nail Biters!!!? Please Help?
i'm going to the beach next weekend, i need to lose 5 pounds by then, how can i do this without it being hard
tell me what you think and if i should add a little something?
....... Tattoo care......?
Opinions on french tattoos?
do rib tattoos hurt as much as everyone says?
Whats the best thing for acne?
Angel Bite Piercings Anyone!?
hiw do i become bigger and better?
Does getting a tattoo of ur lovers name cause the two to separate ?
Possible to cover magenta ink with hot pink ?
Tattoo Removal Questions?
Do invisible Nose Rings work?
i have a tattoo question?
Do tattoos on legs hurt?
what jewerly is best use when getting a Vertigus Piercing?
Art teacher with sleeve tattoos?
I wanna get a tattoo but something I can cover up that has meaning to me any ideas?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
Meaning of Tattoo Question?
Oily skin????
How much would this tattoo cost (PICTURE INSIDE)?
I'm getting this tattoo soon! What do you girls out there think of it? Thanks!?
What would you call a tattoo shop?
I really want this tattoo I just dont know where to put it....Advice please?
genital frenulum piercing?
Tattoo's of blood in the city?
How do you create an oatmeal mask for your face?
what do you think of a wrist tat?
What is your opinion on WHITE tattoos ?
What is the meaning of the expression "Hold on" in a tattoo?
For those who have light skin and dark hair, won't there be dots on your skin after shaving?
any ideas on how to get rid of scars on you wrist?
I have an idea for my second tattoo....?
How old do you have to be to go to a tanning salon?
Wat is the most(effective& gentle)way 2 remove sun tan.,esp the discoloration around mouth coz of exposure?
I got a tattoo last year, and I want to add on to it?
What's a good lotion or treatment to lighten a tan?
What does tattoo ink contain?
Could you please find a nice font for these quotes? (tattoos)?
mom wants a tattoo!!!!!!!!!?
What piercings does BackStage Tattoos & Piercing Rock & Roll Boutique in the palisade mall do?
is it possible for african americans to get tans?
Should I get a tattoo of a flower that symbalizes my marriage? Are flower tattoos too femanine for guys?
Where is the most painful place to get a tattoo? The least?
how do you get allthe hair offof your les and get them shiney?
15 year old giving tattoo is there anything that can be done to stop her?
What kind of tattoo design go good with this story?
Lyric Related First Tattoo (coldplay)?
do girls like mohawks?
What are tattoo conventions like?
How do I prevent discoloration on a wrist tattoo?
any tattoo ideas?
if a tattoo shop asks for parental consent does that mean your parents need to come with you or sign a form?
did anyone else's tattoo feel like a searing knife?
Can u tell if a girl is / is not a virgin by the way she walks?
how well does drysol work?
after i wash my face, should i let my skin dry before applying moisturizer?
Tattoos and JROTC; unsure about them?
If you were a tattoo, what would you be?
i need help regarding a tattoo?
Can I do weight training with a fresh tattoo?
What do you think about getting a tattoo under the collar bone?
Tipping a tattoo artist...?
Im drawing on myself, what/where should I draw? :p?
can you see UV tattoos in normal light?
Can anyone recommend a good tattoo studio in Holland?
Where is the best placement for a tattoo?
My face is breaking out and all the face products i'm using aren't working?
Who's the best tattooist in london for feathers?
Help with tattoo quote please?!!?
is it okay to wash my tattoo with this soap?
should people who need to ask for ideas get tattoos?
Three day old tattoo and I get invited to float a!?
Okay, since i have an older brother over 18, can he take me to get a tattoo while i'm 14?
How many calaries should I eat a day if i wiegh 120lbs?
Banana Boat Hair & Scalp Sunscreen?
Girls!: Dark Spots On Neck?
My boyfriend wants a tattoo on his back or ribs. Any suggestions?
If u could express yourself in one word what would it be?
What's worst a tragus piercing or a tattoo on the hip.?
What kind of tattoo should i get?
Has anyone got any good designs for lower back tattoos on girls?
Book about Polynesian tattoos designs?
I have really big eyebrows that stick up a lot and they just look weird how can i fix them without paying $?
Spanish word for a wrist tattoo on a guy?
What is a good argument for why excessive tattoos and piercings are bad?
Are there any lotions to make my hair grow back thinner after shaving?
how can i lose my fat stomach?
any good tattoo sites? i cant find any!!?
wrist tattoo question?
is it very sore to get a tattoo on the top of the arm?
Are workers at Aerie able to have tattoos?
Has anyone tried the cream called ''RECOVA" does it work?
All of Danny Green's Tattoos?
Any Tattoo Suggestions?
What can I do to keep pain to a minimum when I get my tattoo?
do tattoo's really hurt as much as people claim?
does a tattoo behind the ear hurt or is it just witty pain ?
is A and D cream ok for tattoos? bad is it to get a tattoo?
I'm under 16 and want to get my belly-button pierced?
Any ideas for a Kanji tattoo??
I am trying to get thick and have a fat butt, but food goes to my stomach?
A guy just told me all females with big boobs are lazy, fat, cannot move very fast and gross, What say you?
Tattoo ideas, small qoute that would fit on my wrist?
Any way to fix a tattoo blowout?
Where can you get a tattoo?
If you had a choice between two beautiful equal girls, who would you choose the one with a tattoo or?
should i get this tattoo?
how to lose weight & pimple are gone in a cheap and easy way?
How long will this tattoo take? And how much will it cost?
Tattoo sites?
Opinions? What are some opinions on white ink tattoos?
anyone ever hate being called anorexic?
What do tattoos feel like?
Need help with a tattoo idea?? :) ?
i wana get my...?
Going to the gym with a new tattoo? ?
Will a tattoo reduce the feeling of touch on the skin?
what's the first thing u dry once u get out the shower?
i want to get this quote tattoo..opinions please?
Cheetah print shoulder tattoo?
navel ring and aftercare?
I really wanna get a tattoo on my wrist?
Tattoos Anyone???
Help with tattoo ideas!?
advice on inner conch piercings?
Do you have any tattoos? ?
How "good" is the placement for this tattoo?
On average how much doe a small-medium tattoo cost to get?
Where can I find Space Nk beauty products in the US?
I want to get a tattoo of a quote about being myself. Any really SHORT quote ideas?
what's your opinion of tattoos?
Can't decide between what tattoo I want as my first?
how i can become so fair?
How much does it hurt to get your nose peirced?
Should I get my tonge pirced?
How much would a tattoo parlor charge for a SPOT?
Tattoo help??? Ten Points:)?
how would i go about removing 16d framing nails from my foot?p.s. did i mention it was my right foot , not the
I'm going to become a paramedic soon, and I was wondering about tattoos?
Which tattoo would look better below your bellybutton? A paw-print or cherries?
Looking for some tattoo ideas, for a Quote?
tattoo for girls questions?
how to make my thing look attrative to lady?
So kind of you to help me. What simple home procedure can i follow to make my lips more pink?
are tatoos trashy or is it just me?
if i refuse to wash my hands after making tuna...will my fingers smell like fish?
Tattoo idea and location?
can we get IPL and pay through CPF?
i've got a brown spot on my forehead from being pregnant. How can i fade it or diminish it?
i have the nicest 6 pack but i don't have lots of arm mussles do girls like the 6 pack or the arm mussles?
I'm getting a tattoo in a few months but I'm still trying to figure out what to get. Any ideas?
calm and powerful lion tattoo designs?
Quotes on internal conflict?
How much pain am I looking at?
i need ideas for a tattoo please help.?
How much would a small wrist tattoo cost?
should you ice your arm the night and day before you get a tattoo to num your arm?
how do you grow your nails out?
Heath ledger heart tattoo?
Putting sun tan oil on your own back?
Help with tattoo idea please!?
Is this a good quote for an inner forearm tattoo?
Ideas on a girly tattoo 10 points?
Can anybody tell me what 'προνοώ' means in greek? :)?
Help with my tattoo !!!?
How Much Would It Hurt To Get Tattoo On My Wrist?
How can i learn Erotic massage? i heard there are points on the body to arouse someone when you apply preasure
what's this stuff in my nose-it wasn't there yesterday-who put it there?
Can I get a tattoo even if I'm a keloid former?
how bad does it hurt?
I want to get a homemade tattoo?
How to cover wrist tattoo?
What is your best beauty secret?
Shud i get my bf name tattood?
What does the tattoo on Kyo's neck say?
how can u treat a 13 year old girl?
should I tip my tattoo artist?
What are some good tattoos?
what size for first piercings?
Wrist tattoo painful?
Where should I get a tattoo?
Tell me your tattoo story!?
How bad does your first tattoo hurt?
in memory, ideas?
If you were a piece of furniture, what type of furniture would you be?
im allergic to benzoyl peroxide but i really want to continue proactive,what should i do?
Hip dermals/anchors/PIERCINGS?
Tattoo ideas please!! I have a few ideas I'd like to ...?
how do i find a picture of this tattoo to give to my artist?
How to care for a newly pierced nose?
Women only please?
how do i get biggert breast in 2 weeks?
How do i clear my face up?
Can my nhs employer force me to cover my tattoos,lower arm inoffensive pics of koi and blossom?whats the law?
Is it a good idea to get 2 piercings and tattoos in the same day/period?
I want to get a tattoo, where hurts least?
My tattoo is peeling a lot?
How to look after my tattoo at work ?
what is the easyest why to gain wight?
tell me about tatoos?
does anyone else find tattooing addictive?
What font for my tattoo?
i have double chin how i can reduce that particular part?
Where should I get a Tatto?
I want to go into tattoo and peircings as a career do i need art college etc or business and what else is need
I got a tattoo and it looks like the blacks leaked onto my pink will it stay that way?
should i get a tattoo? Girl only please.?
does anyone know a good e-bay seller that sells pure gold naval body jewellery?
Anyone know any home remedies to get rid of acne??
Why do your armpits sweat?
which is good?spraying perfume on bare body(like armpits) or on clothes?
For the girls.?
How would you help a 13 year old that is 174 lbs. lose weight?
Do you think Bacardi helps you lose weight?
Where should I get a microdermal anchor?
straight edge tattoo?
Biggest mistakes for first tattoo? This good idea?
Do you like this tattoo that i am getting on my ankle?
Short Quotes for a tattoo?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Texas?
Are tattooed people a turn off for you?
I need two great , sexy words to get tatted on me I'm a young female ?
what can i eat that would make my breasts grow bigger?( not medicine)?
Jordin sparks 'tattoo' video question?
My scars turned white, what should I use to bring it back to its original color?:(?
Should i get a quote tattooed on my foot or wrist?
Is there a way to remove stretch marks 100%?
Does this indian ink could help me in getting a tatoo?
I need some opinions..?
Tattoo question for ya.?
Where should my tattoo be?
tattoo removal? need answers!?
When I turn 18 I want a shoulder tattoo.?
Is pimples and arcne really caused by the food we eat or a build up of dirt in the skin?
Wrist henna tattoo ideas <3?
Home Tattooing , Things I Should Look For Before Getting My Tattoo Done?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo? I want one either on my right arm or my upper back by my shoulder.?
Will a tattoo on my forearm affect me getting a job?
How long b4 you have a bath after a tatu? My showr has just broke and i only had my tattoos done yestrday!!?
I need help designing a bmw related tattoo?
nail problem?
GIRLS: Tatoos or not?
What to look for to get first tattoo?
How to get rid of belly ring marks?
Looking for pics of Day of the Dead skull for a reference??
Im a lifeguard and a swimmer and i like the beach alot and i want a tattoo to incorporate some of that?
any ideas for a half sleeve tattoo ?
Tattoo problem, please read, I'm confused?
Im Going to pierce My own Nose Tonight ?
What's exfoliation? How do u exfoliate? How is it diff from washing ur face or using masks?
How is the whole tattoo removal process now days?
can i get arrested for a tatto?
i need help regarding a tattoo?
Would you recomend a lip piercing on someone who has braces?
Where can I get somone to customise my existing tattoo with a design on line??
is it ture?!?
Polar Bear tattoo questions?
would this be a good tattoo?
Possible Lip piercing infection?
Is it safe to get a tattoo from a scratcher?
Would you get a tattoo in a market?
what kind of things can you use from your house to cure oily skin?
Tattoo stencil paper?
Which do you think looks better?
What can i ues to get rid of scars from acne or insect bites?
should you get a back tatoo before or after...?
Where can you buy licorice extract?
Is this normal for a tattoo?
Im going to get my first tattoo and need some guidance please?
Septum piercing and sinus infection?
Should i get this tattoo?
hi i hav oily skin tell me a way to make it dry?
What do you think about tattoing ?
i have been searching for a site that features native american (cherokee) grieving wisdoms.?
if you smoke weed before you get a tattoo would you bleed more?
Anyone who has go tattoos do you think the are addictive..?
Would you purchase organic facial cleansing wipes with no chemicals?
what is a great smelling "perfume" for a guy?
Post you're favorite hip tattoos..?
What to do with my piercings when i get to the airport should i take them out?
What do you think of this tattoo? (Picture)?
I am 5'7 and weight 140 is this fat?
can i get a tatoo on my wrist if i am 15 in florida with a parent?
new tattoo, and sweating?
Exactly how painful is a bikini wax?
Where should I get this tatto [pics included]?
I got a tattoo design done and someone said it looks not so great?
Why would my parents not get me a tattoo?
men and women let me know how????????? asap?
What style?
How would this tat look?
I really want a tattoo...but telling my parents is rather problematic.?
Has anyone tried the Bare Escentuals Skin Revival Cream?
how much would this tiger tattoo roughly cost?
I need ideas for a nautical based sleeve?
Is 15 too young to get a tattoo?
I'm getting a tattoo! will it hurt?
Why can't they use gas to knock you out when you get a Tattoo?
Others ways of saying "Stay Strong"?
Price my tattoo please?
What are some good tattoo design websites?
guys? do you find tattoos sexy on a girl?
ladies: it's probably a dumb question, but do you shave or wax your underarm or do u do something else?
Please can someone give meTattoo design help?
My tattoo has faded a bit?
Are there any greek script fonts available like one to use to design a tattoo?
if you pierce your lip with a 16g needle...?
Can I wash my new tattoo with this soap?
good GAWD - where did you get THAT?!?!?
Does Proactiv really work???
Tattoos on a girl? sexy or ugly?
Is it wrong to ask for a tattoo from a picture of tattoo?
Has anybody got any tips for tannning on the sunbed?
What is the most important thing you can do for your skin during the summer?
I need a creative mind for memorial tattoo ideas? Asap.?
Do u think tattoos and piercings Look trashy?
Shall we make a list of tattoos that people might regret down the line?
How much does a good tattoo kit cost?
is there any place where a 13 year old can get a tattoo?
Need some ideas for a small symbol to go with quote?
My stage name and nick name is "Spider" I want to get a tattoo of one but am having hard time picking one.?
how to make sunburn go away (home remedies and hurry)????
Nose piercing advice...?
does any one know where i can get VICHY and what is it?? someone recommended it to me?
How do I shrink my feet?
Im 13 and getting a tattoo?
is breast size 90 = 36d ...etc how can i know?
Tattoo quote idea???????
am i okay?
Tattoo advice :))))))))))))?
How do Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, and the Olsen twins stay so skinny?
i need some tattoo ideas?
My friend just got this tattoo, what do you think of it?
How can I convince my parents?
Skincare brands for combination skin types?
Is having a tattoo on your lower back slutie?
Do you need an apprenticeship to start your own tattoo shop?
Is pale really interesting?
I want to get a tattoo on my wrist, but I know my family won't approve. I have 3 already as it is. Need advice
What do you think of my tattoo?
how can I remove black hairs in my cheek and face?
Whose the tattoo artist that did Gucci Mane's ice cream tatt?
Wanting to get a stay strong tattoo?
What kind of tattoo would you put on your butt? Ladies?
what kind of tatoo should i get?
what age doo u havee to be to get a tattoo in texas?>?
Can I have my tattoo altered?
guys??? do u?
how to get rid of pimples?
Im getting this tattoo next weekend... do you think it will suit me? (pics included)?
Im getting a small tattoo of just words along the top of my panty line. What will it feel like? Will it hurt?
Sexy Lower Back Tattoo?
Why do people get tattooed.?
anyone buy this belly bar ... pic included :)?
How old do you have to be in the state of oklahoma do you have to be to get a monroe?
Best self tanning brands??
Where does it hurt the least to get a tattoo at?
what is the best way to get dandruf away?
Quotes for a new tattoo?
How much do you think this tattoo with cost?
Which design should be my first tattoo?
What does a tattoo of a black star symbolize?
How do I..........?
Why are children joinig gangs?
help me GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do You Like This Tattoo?
Have a 2 month old son and need a tattoo idea to have him with me always?
I want to kiss a guy......?
Have you regretted getting a Tattoo?
What are these small itchy pink bumps on my arm???
why do some people dislike blacks?
instead of laser treatment for spots can you do i with a laser light?
pubic hair reccomendations for removal?
I have acne problem what should i do?i have tried every thing:(?
Need help deciding if I should add to this tattoo or not?
Where should I get my tattoo? It's the Aztec day sign for my name?
One of my stretched ear lobes is randomly swelling up and getting very sore?
How do you feel about tattoos.?
am i fat? i am 107 lbs and 5'0?
is there a real reason to get a tattoo?
show's tommorrow, breaking out cause of makeup?
girls thoughts on tattoos ?
i want a few tattoos, representing certain ideas however i have no artistic mind..?
tattoos!? Do they hurt?
i need a crest of FC Manchester united?
tattoo on my hip bone? s best answer?
how to get rid of pimples n the scars left behind by them?
what piercings would suit me?
Any advice on spots?
how do beauty?
Does getting a tattoo on your thigh hurt? On a scale from 1-10?
Tattoo peeling and really faded. Is that normal?
Are tattoos expenisve?
How do you get rid of nicotine moustaches??
Extreme bruising on my tattoo help?
I want to get a tattoo when I'm older, but my friends tell me that it hurts. Does it really hurt?
Where abouts should i get this tattoo on my body?
What do you think of this tattoo?
tattoo help?
Do you think acrylic toenails are embarrassing to have?
Ideas for a rib tattoo? (I'm a guy)?
Tattoo placement question?
Tattoo problems again!!!! I got a coi fish half sleeve tattoo done last week now i am booked in for another ?
How do you feel about meaningless tattoos?
How do I get my feet smaller?
give me some ideas of a good tattoo?
What is the normal nose size ?
what is the best anti-wrinkle cream on the market?
Weird reaction to tattoos?
Would I look decent with a lip ring?
i got a tattoo when i was young?
Memorial tattoo chevron?
when you loose weight were does it go?
I need help on a tattoo design that I want, any suggestions?
listing to this my boyfriend told me i should go get a boob job ant that wrong what he said ?
Anyone else irritated?
how long woud it take to get this tattoo done?
Where/How should i get the tattoo of the word "relentless"?
i want to know about malayazia?
Tattoo ideas... please help!?
What should I name my tattoo shop?
Tell me what you think....?
How can I best protect my new tattoo while tanning and working out ?
Can you get a Tatoo when you're pregnant?
anybody know how to get rid of spots on your back and chest - no amount of showering helps?
Do any of the cellulite creams work for excess fat/flab around the middle area?
Can you wear TOMS or Crocs after you get a foot tattoo?
Does anyone know someone who does good tattoos for minors without a parent?
My friend sweats really bad under her armpits when its hot how do you stop it ?
what do you have to go to school for to become a tattoo artist?
Anyone know of any Pagmaster tattoos?
do tattoos hurt?????????
least painful tattoo spot?
Tattoos: Different artists or a single artist?
Will Mystic tan on a pale person look ridiculous?
Do tattoos on the back of the neck look appealing on women?
Help, I feel fat and ugly? Am I fat?
Where should I get my first tattoo on my body (female)?
how much water one much drink per day?
How can I make my hips grow wider?
What would be a good ONE word or phrase tattoo for a girl?
Need piercing help please?
Tattoo at 16?should i ?? =)?
First tattoo !!!! will it hurt me !!?
Piercers: Do you buy your own supplies for the shop you work in?
My face stays oily... what should I do?
teeth whitening....?
need some suggestions for my tattoo, 10 points?
How much does a tattoo cost?
What's the best care for a new tattoo? ?
What should i get for my first tattoo?
Male quote tattoo placement ?
how do i lose weight?
Do you like my tattoo?
Can anyone help me find a good quality picture of an American flag and Mexican flag crossed?
Wrist tattoo.........?
How can I get my skin less oily?
cure for puffy eyes?
Skin at Night tips?
Hip Tattoo + Weight Loss = Trouble ...?
what you look good with this tattoo ( under the stars)?
My sister is 43 year old, She still has acne breakout. What causes that? and How to prevent that?
What does getting a tatto on your upper back, close to the neck, feel like? *pic*?
I recently shaved my upper lip and I guess I didn't need too because there are little holes on my upper lip!
I want to get a tattoo of a tree that covers my whole back... should I?
Where would this tattoo look good?What do you think of the design?
Would these colors be possible on my tattoo?
Best Age For A Tattoo :)?
Liposuction - Is it normal to pay over $100 for a consultation?