I'm a skinny guy, where could i get a tattoo?
will tattoo scabbing affect the appearance once healed?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo at LA ink?
I have been thinking about getting my nipples pierced, but my husband doesn't think he would like it.?
Ladies: Would you date a guy with a tattoo on his butt?
should i cover my ex gf's name that i got tattooed?
i just got a bad sunburn = /?
people think i am goth just because i like the color black?
Men.. what is your true and honest opinion about stretch marks on a lady?
Another tattoo qustion~ 10 best answer!!?
how much does an inner wrist tattoo hurt?
how bad would hip piercings hurt?
i am a feeding mother &my weight is 72kg what diet i should eat to reduce my weight?
Where should I get a tattoo?
A guys wobbly bits?
Does anyone about a tattoo shop in Philadelphia that is owned and run by women?
My first tattoo design? What should it be?
Question for young women?
Tattoo Quote Help...?
Can I get a tattoo at age 16 with parental consent?
Do guys like girls w/ side ab tattoo?
Wanting to get a calf tattoo.?
What do you think of this tattoo idea and where should I get it?
Wickes tattoo policy?
Can I get a tattoo while I have a spray tan?
Is this tattoo healing okay?
Are you supposed to tip a tattoo artist for the first touch up?
What tattoo should I get?
Why is the skin underneath our eyes so sensitive n thin??
Where can I buy a tattoo pencil?
I just got a new tattoo, what do you guy's think?
What tattoo symbolizes freedom or change?
Can you cover up a black tattoo with black ink?
Rash like thing on my tattoo?
Are lower back tattoos a target for a guy to finish on ?
I want to get a tattoo?
If you get a tattoo young, will it get destroyed with age?
Tattoo pain in certain places?
Where can I find a body art studio that does branding on the Salt Lake area?
Do you think Will Smith is hot?
I've seen a few tattoos depicting a samurai wrestling a giant koi fish? What is the symbolism behind this?
how do you get rid of pimples?
Honestly, how much to tattoos hurt? + tattoo experience stories?
Tattoo pros and cons ?
Should I get my nose or lip pierced?
how can i clean my gym shoes afier they were doused with gasoline?
Why do girls get such stupid tattoos?
Art supplies for an inspiring tattoo artist?
I'm getting a tattoo HELP?
Tattoo Ideas?!!?! *please*?
When you get a scratch on your tattoo does the tattoo come off.?
Does my tattoo looks guy is not skilled enough? the line looks abit crappy?
How do I get a nice dark tan and keep it?
Can I be attractive even though I'm too tall for most girls at 6'4"? Should I be proud of my height?
Do Tatoos hurt really bad?
Will my tattoo blend together?
Is this a cute well thought out tattoo?
how come tan skin become some famous and every body wants it?
Can u tell if a girl is / is not a virgin by the way she walks?
How old do I have to be in New York to get a tattoo with parents permission?
getting a tattoo and i need some quotes?
Tattoo ideas? 10 points best answer.?
what should i get as a tattoo?
for a fruits facial and fruits scrub and fruits bleach wat r the fruis needed?
should i get this wrist tat?? (pics)?
i can't sleep when it's hot....?
Are other guys attracted to dark skinned girls?
Help with placement of tattoo to honour my grandfather? (Easy 10 points)?
Tattoo Touch Ups - Ink Brands?
How do I reduce the acne on my face? I've tried everything!?
home recipes for anything-?
what does a skull and bow tattoo mean?
how much is a tattoo?
Does getting your eyebrows wax hurt?
my tattoo artist said to my best friend that i'm the kind of person that will get covered in them!!!?
Who is that really famous tattoo artist?
inner lip tattoo questionnnnn?
is there any type of surgery to make someone eyes bigger?
is haveing a tatto on your belly a good idea?
what do you think of my tattoos? and what kind of tattoos would you guys like to have?
does it mean my breasts r growing?
Problem Associated with Stretching up from a 1g to 0?
should i pierce my cartlege?
Wanna get rid of dull n boring skin full of pricklys........?
Could someone please design me a tattoo?
Getting tattoos in Washington? Ideas?
Girls and tattoos?
Is it ok to not have a single tattoo on ur body?
Does fake tan work as a good base tan before going on holiday?
best way/products to get rid of acne?
Is there any way to get rid of pimple marks on arms?
Can you drink alcohol whilst having a tattoo?
Can i add color to a black shaded tatoo?
New Tattoo? When should I get it done?
Whats the most painful place to get a tattoo?
is putting an ice pack (with a towel as a barrier in between) on a tattoo ok to help with inflammation?
looking for a tattoo artist by the name of sean briggs used to be at art lab studios on 1960 anyone know ?
Tattoo Scabbing?
Where should I put this tattoo?
Quote idea for tattoo? (:?
why wont anyone give frinklecat a tattoo?
What is a good tattoo that i could get?
At what age should a guy start shaving?
Which Gaelic Proverb Makes A Batter Tattoo? and Open To Other Suggestions!?
what does it feel like to get a tattoo on your calf?
Where should I get this quote tatoo?
What is your opinion about thigh tattoos?
What is the average price of a rib/side tattoo?
Got a tat yesterday, today I clean it and the ink is COMING OFF & it stings, help?.?
Is it bad to go tanin alot?
What would be cool?
font for a inner wrist tattoo?
I want a scorpion tattoo in memory of late grandfather, but cant decide what design or where to have it.?
Does it look weird/awkward to have a tattoo on each shoulder blade? please help?
Does anyone know a place in NY that does micro dermal piercings?
How do I cover up my tattoo for my wedding?
Im getting a script tattoo and i need help....?
Getting a tattoo today..?
wat is toning?
how much would a tattoo of a song on your back cost?
What tattoo that could represent this?
What do ya think of my newest tattoo ?
first colour tattoo.. ?
what should i do i got a tattoo of some guys name on my ***?
can tattoos be erased?
Do you think 45 is too old to get a tatoo?
Just got my girlfriends name tattooed?
is getting the initial of a bf/gf tattooed as bad as getting the name?
self tan help ?
should i get my tongue pierced or tattoo ...and hide if from my parents?
Would a tattoo streach?
Is getting my lower back tattooed at 16, for my first tattoo a good idea?
Need help with tattoo ideas!?
Building on to a memorial tattoo?
stretch marks......what will i do with them?
What does a cherry blossom symbolise?
How can I make my nose looks smaller without surgery?
Tattoo scab fell off... small "pits" now?
How painful is a tattoo?
any idea on why we close our eyes when we sneeze?
13 and short plz help?
First Tattoo Concerns?
Tattoo of someones signature?
What is your view on tattoos?
Is this real? Please help!!?
To you, what's the most important part of someone's body?
I am looking to get a tattoo that has some meaning - To Thine ownself be true?
How much will my tattoo cost?
Where do you think is the ideal place to tattoo the name of your baby?
How in the world does anyone ever get through a rib tattoo?
HELP!!!!!!! Its a fake tan nitemare!!!!!!!!!?
How much does a tattoo hurt?
For Tattoo lovers only! What do you think?
Monroe Piercings Scar =(?
It is common to itch at the site after a piercing? ?
any one know the foundation for black skin im poor in know the one which will last more that six hr
iam 24 male and i weigh 125 lbs. i want to gain some more weight. recently started going to gym.tell me plz!?
A quote for a tattoo ?
Getting a tattoo on the side of my arm?
I bought a takeaway last night...?
if my tattoo is scarred is it better when it becomes faded totally? hypertrophic scar that is raised!?
How can I reduce my weight and slim my waistline in less than 3 weeks?
How long does it take to get a tattoo & how much pain?
Would it be a wise thing to get a Tattoo covering my Stomach Stretchmarks?
Infected bridge piercing,help please?
will it looknice if u had a tatoo in ur wrist?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
What is the best way to remove male genital hair?
Bipolar tattoo ideas?
Nautical Star on back of arms?
Why do people think tattoos are attractive?
i want to get a photoshop toolbar tattoo!!!?
What can i do to cover up this blob?
I want to know if it would hurt less to get a tattoo in cursive or is it the same as regular letters?
What to get with sagittarius tattoo?
What is the best place to get a tattoo in omaha ne?
opinions on tatoos - good bad or ugly?
Can tattoo cause cancer?
Would this make me a scratcher?
i want to become a tom boy more. how do i do it??
what script is better for a tattoo?
Are these hints that ishould ask her out? READDETAILS PLEASE!!!!!!!?
15 and want a tattoo in MI. Help!!?
What Words For My Wrist Tattoos?
I want my signature tattooed on my neck. How much will it cost ?
What does the tattoo say?
My grandma is 70 years old, and has no Wrinkles. She has never ever used botox or had any surgery.?
Some of the best tattoo artists in Arizona?
Where is the most painful place to get a tattoo?
Girls: do you find you get more female marks inside jeans more than wearing skirts?
Can I use Lansinoh on my new tattoo?
Ladies,what do you think of overweight men?
getting a tattoo half sleeve done and..?
Is it bad luck to get two Kois instead of getting a Koi and a Dragon?
Back pain after tattoo?
Is there any tattoo conventions in California?
I wear glasses and want a tattoo. Will I look stupid?
This is a survey, how tall are you and were do you live? what is your ideal height?
Gving myself a tattoo with a sharpie and needle?
Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I think I'm really good looking...?
Does this sound like a dumb idea for a tattoo?
im 17 and i want to get a tattoo, can i have my 23 year old brother take me?
what should my tattoo look like 24 hours after i get it?
Tattoo feel like a spot is sore after three weeks. Normal?
ideas for a cool/interesting tattoo?
What do you think is a sexy tattoo?
(guys) do you like lip/tongue rings on girls?
Shoulder tattoo pain?
Advice Needed! Should I add more shading to my sleeve tattoo?
How old were you, when you got your first tattoo?
I have a job interview and i need to cover my tattoo?
Sexist place a woman can get a tattoo?
If you were to get a tattoo with a writing on it, wat would it say?
How long would a very thin line tattoo take to heal?
How do you get rid off dark underarms?
Swoosh this to die??
does washing your face with alcohol help clear up acne?
i want to beautician & i want to take my education in abroad(of beautician). i want degree course?t?
Can this be tattooed?
If I could offer you plastic surgery for free, what would you have done?
tattoo to represent my grandma, where should i put it? (picture included)?
Why are albinos visually impaired?
Tattoo Yes or No?
Few questions about getting some tattoos?
A Keifer Sutherland tattoo?
how should you feel when people call you ugly?
Would my bra wear away my rib tattoo?
In your opinion, what is the most painful piercing and the least painful?
how much should a female about 5'5" weigh to look good?
where would you put this quote tattoo?
What quote should i get tattooed?
Advice for a first time Tattoo? ?
Where should I get this quote tatoo?
Can I buy extra thick disposable tattoo gloves?? ?
How small can a tattoo be?
What would you think if you saw this?
how do you get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
Does Your Face Change When You Grow Up? Do You Become more beautifull of more ugly?
My breast is very big.What can I do?
What product is there that's cheap and effective for tattoo removal ?
anyone knows what to do to firm breasts?
Should a man shave his armpits?
how low on the abdomen can my wife get a tattoo without the artist getting a view of her private area?
How Long Will A Wrist Tattoo Take To Heal?
I am getting "Ich bin klein, mein Herz ist rein" as a tattoo soon but i have no idea where I want it.?
Acne help??
Is my tattoo "GHETTO" lol?
Are body piercings and tattoos (other than earrings on women) a sign that the person is mentally unstable?
where can i put a tattoo of a dove with the word freedom written below it?
Who will follow back if I follow them on tumblr? ?
What is the right age to get your belly button pierced?
Hey I have a zit and I have a big date tomorrow at 1:00 and I seriously need help. FAST!!?
I need help with my second tattoo!!?
What do SOME of you people have....?
Will my tattoo blur over time?
affordable tattoo laser removal in the Bay Area, CA?
Thinking about getting a tattoo...?
what is a good way to lose weight?
How old do you have to be to get your lip peirced? Thanks.?
how much would this tattoo cost to get?
London ink dan gold tattoo?
do i have to many piercings for being 13?
why is it that when women are going through their 'menopause' they feel bloated and get hot flushes? do men?
How to make the skin whiter?
First tattoo, "Forever in my heart" dedicated to my mother.?
im from kansas city missouri wanting a tattoo that shows my love of culinary arts im a chef & proud of it?
Real nails or false nails??
Im 16, getting tattoo on back of neck, painful?
Do sleepinng without bra make boobs bigger?
Tattoo help /:??? can girls get this?
how much would a tattoo cost?
Hand tattoos ideas for guys?
I want to get a tattoo, but I'm 'voluptuous'...?
cover up tattoo! What to get?
Is it a good tattoo idea?
body lotion?
Is 5'8 too tall for a girl?
How well does Nair work?
what is the best product to clean ur skin from blemishes?
Where should I get a tattoo.?
How long would a 7" x10" tattoo take?
How much would this tattoo cost?
I dreamed that I was in a tattoo shop getting a butterfly tattoo on me but I never got it finished?
rib cage tattoo! any advice?
what do you think about girls getting tattoos?
Is This a good tattoo idea?
I want to get a tattoo of a meaningful life quote, anybody have any ideas?
Can someone give me a tattoo idea?
Why is khristina so ugly?
Is there any way to remove dark circles under eyes from low sleep?
How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
sexy legs......?
how do i get rid of cellulite on my bum and legs?
My new tattoo... what do you think?
girls??? and sex?
Where can I get tatted in the San Francisco or San Jose area ?
is patti Labelle realy tigga mothers off of 106 and park?
For girls who have already had their period.?
What colour shall I have my tattoo? (Picture)?
Estimate of how much this tattoo would cost...?
do chicks dig scars?
Would you date someone with dentures?
why do most boys like skinny gurls?
toungue pierce....?
Cool tatoo I could get?
I really really want a tattoo of one of Brandon Boyd's artworks?
Good quotes for a tattoo?
What tattoo should i get?
Tattoo quote idea about anxiety and strength.?
tattoo question?????????????????
Becoming a tattoo artist?
am I being too sensitive?
Average cost of a palm-sized black and white tattoo with shading?
I know someone who got the same tattoo that I want?
why dont boys have periods justlike us girls?
do you like my tattoo?
How much should I tip my tattoo artist?
Infinite Ink, Coventry?
Do you liked to be kissed on your tatoo?
do girls like guys with tattoos?
Im getting a tattoo of a diamond with my childhood best friend. Which finger and what hand.?
Can exercise be done at night?
Where is a good place for put a tattoo?
New Tattoo Color Fade after 3 weeks?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo with out a parent consent in PA?
Best place for this tattoo?
How can I make the dark shadows(circles)around me eyes disappear?
Does anyone know of a good skin bleaching cream to lighten your complexion?
I'm 15 & wanna tattoo, Ideas? :)?
Maroon 5 song lyrics for tattoo?
how to get rid of zits from my nose?
where should i get this tattoo?
What does this tattoo mean?
hows this design for a tattoo?
what will bring out a tattoo?
for the ladies. and the guys too.?
How long should it take for my tattoo to fully heal?
Which flower tattoo is better?
Would risk going here or not?
My girlfriend wants a tattoo but i don't want her too get one what should i do?
do you know any websites for fitness and health?
Has anyone used Origins: Night-A-Mins line of products? Does it work? Such as the eye and moisture cream? Thx.
How do I become a tatoo artist? ?
Which technique is best to remove blackheads, Tools (which i don't like) / Strips or FaceWash.?
iam 13 and weigh 158 wat should i do help???
Foot Tattoo (Question)
How bad is the pain for getting a tattoo on your calf of your leg?
I wanted to get a tattoo with 3 questions mark?
What's your Take on Females with Tattoos?
where can i find L'Oreal Hydrafresh face cream in the USA?
How often do you clip your fingernails?
do you love your cousins?
Tattoo on hip?
How bad does a Hand tattoo hurt?
am i ugly?
how do i keep my new manicure fresh?
plz girls answer this :((((?
Can I get a tattoo...?
I got 2 tattoos where minors can get them legally, but what about TN?
Why do sleeve tattoos end at the wrist, and not include the hand?
Is this an allergic reaction to the tattoo? Pic included, please help!?
Rash acquired after getting tattoo but not surrounding tattoo?
What word should I get tattooed?
Has anyone ever gone on the lemonade diet?Please tell me of your experiences or tell me what you know about it
How do i become less nervous?
how do I find programs to change hair color in photographs?
Protecting your tatoo in the sun?
Ankle Bracelet Tattoo?
what age do you have to be to get piercings and tattoos in the uk with parents consent ?
what would you say is the most painful piercing to have done?
how many tatoos do u have & what are they?
Where can I go for a great facial & massage?
Good back tattoo for a guy?
Does death before dishonor tattoos do white ink?
how can i make the pimples/acne on my face go away.have done every thing,but still it wont go.even seen doctor
How much will this be to get removed? Seriously.?
Getting words tattooed down spine, opinions?
Septum piercings and ear lobe stretching.?
Do you think that tattoos should have meaning behind them?
How do you treat an infected tattoo?
Cool French words for a tattoo? s?
Tattoo help? What is this tattoo of?
How do you get rid of acne?
Tattoo design using names mike and kim?
How do you hide a tattoo on your wrist?
how come some people stink even after they take a bath and put deorderant on?
Mother memorial tattoo for a 13 year old girl?
Do you like this tattoo concept?
I'm getting a tattoo, help covering it?
TATTOO ?????????????????
How old do you have to be in Ireland to get a tatoo?
Tattooed female celebrities?
Would a tattoo decrease my chances of getting a job?
Do you have a tattoo??
Do navel piercings hurt?
girls like fair or dark colour guys?
Anyone know of any good tattoo websites to go to besides tattoo johnnys?
is it good for a girl to show off her body parts ?
Band tattoos, opinions on them?
Having 'drawer's block' with this tattoo design. Help?
Do Tattoo Hurt, if so is the a way to get one without feeling the pain?
Pudgy lower half?
Why do some people dislike tattoos so much?
tattoo quote ideas for shoulder piece?
How tall would you prefer your husband/bf to be: 5'9", 6'0", 6'3", 6'4", 6'6", or 6'9"? Guys how tall would u
I have really dry skin on my face and every night i wash my face and put vasaline on it to help with the?
I need some advicelike right now?
What are some good lower tattoos?
I get sweat pits almost every day. What deoderant is best to stop it?
What's the best anti-shine product you've ever used?
I want to get a tattoo on my nape that says "You Are Beautiful"?
how to stop ur blood from being thin?
ok so where can i find this o so popular witch hazel?
Why do all strippers seem to smell the same?
Roughly, how much would this tattoo cost?
Which tattoo is more original and unique?
I'm getting a tattoo of my initials BLR what else could that stand for?
Does this girl pull of this septum (pictures)?
How would you put these numbers in roman numerals (tattoo)?
How can you make your skin color much lighter?
im 12 and i really want a tattoo?
what should i do to keep my skin glowing?
how can i get rid of the pimple dark marks from my face at my home it self?
filling in empty space for tattoo sleeve?
Is Nerisone cream recommended to treat acne outburst? How about Dexeryl ? If you are a dermatologist, help!?
Is the forearm a good place for a small cross tattoo?
is this stupid?
Where Should i put a small quote tattoo?
i heard there are a new set of pics of britney spears on the net,,,, is it true?
How to get a tattoo apprenticeship?
The product Proactive - to clear blemishes and pimples, How good is it, does it actually work?
I want a tattoo 4 my b-day where are some places on the body can i get one dat doesnt hurt?
What is the right way for removing hair in genital area?
do blacklight tattoos stay visible?
has any one used Nair hair removal stuff thats supposed to melt away your hair? does it work?
what do you have pierced/tattooed?
whats sexier curvy or boney!?
Piercing and Tattoos question?
i want to get a lion head tat on my chest HELP?
Is it alright to put smaller nose jewelry in a fully healed nose piercing?
How do I keep my skin smooth (not dry & not oily!) & pimple free?
Should I get a tattoo when I turn 18?
small harry potter tattoo ideas?
how to get rid of spider vines in legs?
What do you think about name tattoos?
different themes for a sleeve tattoo?
Generally speaking, compared with Whites, do blacks have longer legs compared to their torso length?
What is the best facial cream for a black woman who is not dark living in Europe especially in winter?
does anyone know about vanitytattoos?
Is this a stupid tattoo idea?
What is the best face wash for really oily skin?
Can I Have Visible Tattoos Working At Wendy's?
I am a plus size woman and I am going on a cruise. I've never used a tanning bed before, any suggestions?
Ladies and gentlemen, do you think tattoos are sexy ?
Any opinions on Folsom City Ink Tattoos & Body Piercing in Folsom, CA?
At what age are you considered to be old?
I have dark spots on my face what should I do to clear them?
Can someone please describe the pain of getting a tattoo?
how can i tan quickly?
everythings going so bad :(?
Tattoo Help?(: Please and Thank You?
How do I prevent pimples and zits??
Can anybody tell me what are exercises and foods for enlarging breast?
How much do tattoos hurt?
Men : Does a woman with lots of Tattoos look desirable or cheap ?
tattoo idea for a guy?
Are Albinos Their Own Race??
What kind of tatoo should I get?
which tattoo should i pick?
Whats the policy on tattoos in the airforce is it 1/4 of ur EXPOSED arm or just ur arm n general?
Rash like thing on my tattoo?
whats ur favourite perfume or deo spray?
any experts on tattoos.? HELP PLEASE!?
So I'm 16 and I want a tattoo...??
Best place to get a tattoo near Columbus, OH?
is it normal to be 5'1 and 125-135 lbs???
I need a korean to help for a tattoo?
Firefighter tattoo ideas?
Do you think tattoos will be more tolerated 20 years from now?
how do i get rid of acne scars?
I have a problem!!?
Are there any girls who have hairy bodies?
Why "fat is ugly" and "not fat is pretty"?
people with piercings are less likely to succeed?
Hip tattoo help please?
are there any GOOD&EFFECTIVE tattoo removal stuff?
Who would give a minor a tattoo without parental consent in Seattle?
can someone tell how to loose weight frm thioghs n butts i dont hv tm to exercise or go jym?
I would like to be a professional piecer. What should I do?
i have tea tree oil. But what is the best way of gettin rid of a zit?
Why do people get tattoos?
Can I get a tattoo on this part of my body?
nose piercing?
how to numb your lip for a tattoo?
how do you treat dark circles around the eyes?
is it better to get a foot tattoo in black ink or color?
How to lighten black girl skin?
Is it safe to get a tattoo while on Humira and Methetrexate(not sure if spelled right)?
Advice please! I recently got a tattoo?
I've been using Pro Activ for about 2 weeks now...?
Your'e opinions on this please?
WRIST TATTOOS: Phoenix Tattoo's for Ladies?
I want a tattoo but my girlfriend doesnt like the idea. what do i do?
Is it a good idea for men to shave body hair, especially armpits and pubic hair?
Should I get whiskers tattooed onto my face>?
what is the coolest tattoo you can get?
Getting a tattoo hurts?
does jessica alba have a tattoo on her right ankle?
how can i get rid of the blackness under my eyes?
I need a gangsta scooby doo picture for a tattoo!!!!?
tattoo questions! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Tattoo advice!!!!! Which should I get?
Would this make a cute tattoo?
Advice for selling tattoo designs?
Week old tattoo. Jacuzzi/Steam Room/Sauna?
tattoo placement question?
I need an outside opinion on a tattoo?
ambigram tattoos of the word/name Grace?
How can i get rid of dark spots that started to appear on my cheekbone area ?
How does the perfect face looks like?
I want ideas for a nordic tattoo?
Is it normal for a tattoo to scab?
do guys prefer curvy or skinny girls?
Around how much would a small tattoo on my wrist be?
belly button piercing?
I need to know the pain level and cost of my first possible tattoo. :)?
In your opinion, whats the most painful area to get a tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo the has something to do with my kids? any ideas?
Good Tattoo Parlor's!?
what tattoo should i get?
Ladies would you be mad?
What is so bad about piercings?
What is the most appealing place for a Tattoo for a guy?
roughly how much would a tattoo like this cost?
Why are females so sexy?????
Im 13 and I already want a permanent tattoo!?!?!?
Heyaa all ye girls out there please help!!!?
Bob Dylan related tattoo?
Price for a tattoo on my foot?
my tattoo has scabbed a bit should i put bepanthen on it or let it dry out?
What is my hip surface piercing supposed to look like if it's healing correctly?
Tattoo of Megan Fox!?
Iz gotz thizz tattooooz on ma bakk....?
Would the average person find models of a healthy weight more appealing than thin models ?
Where can my pregnant aunt get a spa? massages and all that?
PLEASE HELP i reall need your help!!!!?
Just had a tattoo of a rose it's proper detailed but it's also my ex gf's name. Problem?
reasonable priced tattoo artist near La Verne, CA?
List of Tattoo shops in Hollywood California?
What is the best facial exercise machine available?
I am designing a tattoo and I need some help...?
how can i get rid of the dark area that form from razor bumps?
Vietnamese style tattoo in san diego?
Whats a tattoo feel like ? ?
Tattoo Ideas Help Plz Thnks!!?
Acne scares HELP please?
blue eyes...........?!?!?!?
tell me best way to remove tan and also to get rid of that oily skin?
Is my shoulder blade a painful place to get a FIRST tattoo?
For those who have tattoos...?
Eye of Ra/Horus Tattoo transformation?
do cartilage piercings hurt?
Do anyone know about temporary tatoos for eyebrows (not the permanent)? And where to get them?
A small tattoo on a girl?
Solid black band tattoo on forearm? ?
Where can I buy temporary tattoos?
tattoo removal:pictures of my tattoo included. cost? how many treatments? and pain?
Is there anything out there that will help flatten your tummy?
I want to get a tattoo of my kids names, but ...?
What electric shaver for women would you recommend?
how a wonan can reduce in small her breast.?
Guys, how much you care about boobs?
My bf and I were think about getting inner lip tattoos like this?
Are there any Filipino tattoo artists in Nashville, TN?
I am doing research on who gets tatoos?
tattoo aftercare cream?
my tattoo itches, but i got it done in november 2007, its all healed and i dont see any problem on it pls help
2 Corinthians 12:9 Tattoo?
How to create my own tattoo?
people with multiple tattoos?
How to tattoo yourself?
Approximately how much would this tattoo cost?
Has anyone had any experience with Tatgone Ink?
Getting An arabic Tattoo?
Is ProActive a reliable acne-wash?
What does this tattoo mean?
Tragus Piercing Complications?
My tattoo has scabbed is that nromal!?
(Under age) How should I tell my mom about my tat?
when you get ur ear pierced at a parlor, can you pick out the jewelry?
What does this writing mean in this tatto?
can you get a tattoo if you are 13 with parental consent?
on average how much does a gray scale portrait cost on my upper arm im in the detroit area?
oily skin???
Hey guys do you think girls with arm tattoo sleeves are sexy ?
tattoos, unique or generic?
Outer Limits Tattoo price?
I'm Wanting To Get A Tattoo For Someone Who Has Cancer?
What tatoo should i get?
i keep getting burnt....?
I'm getting a big piece on my ribs Wednesday and I have some questions?
Can I use needle & thread to 'tattoo' my skin with instead of ink/pigment?
What is the best thing to apply to your skin to keep smelling fresh all day?
Should I get a tramp stamp?
If you were to get a TATOO what would you get? where would you get it?
i want to know the method to elaborate essencial oils?
How small can a tattoo be?
Do you have to use tracing paper to make a fake tattoo?
i have age spots on my hands, so gross any advice?
How to outline realism tattoo?
Any ideas for tattoos?
what are the requirements for a guardian for getting a tattoo in spain?
globe tattoo loading?
How much do tattoos hurt?
if i got this tattoo, would i not beable to get a good paying job?
how can/could/do you convince a parent to let you have a tatto?
How long do you think this tattoo would take?
Lip piercing question...?
Is cornhuskers lotion good for my tattoo?
Does a tattoo stay in your body forever ?
Does numbing cream interfere with the quality of your tattoo?
Tattoo practice skins?
Daddy daughter matching tattoo ideas?
If you had to get a tattoo, where would you get it?
who is the hottest tattooed girl?? pictures included?
In LA ink Nico did a tattoo that had a girl-boxer on some ladies arm a while ago, who was the original artist?
I want a tattoo but I can't let my mum find out, where should I get it?
Questions about getting a tattoo removed?
Forearm tattoo unprofessional?
How old do you have to be to get your lip peirced? Thanks.?
I am looking for a tattoo design that incorporates scorpio and libra zodiac signs together. any ideas?
Not Sure Where To Put Tattoos?
Do tattoos hurt really bad?
pubic hair question...?
i got a tattoo and i was wondering if i went against god?
How is this going to work?
I want to get a tattoo in memory of my beautiful baby boy...any ideas?
How do I get rid of my nail biting habit?
whats the first thing that stands out to guys and is boobs a big deal or do girls just think it is?
anyone know a good place?
between all of these tatoos (Lyrics) which is your favorite?
Is tanning really so terrible?
what do u do when ur skinny and ppl keep on telling u like u don't know (i'm fed up)?
I am real skinny & you think I will ever look like Beyonce????
Poll: Do you have a tattoo?
what kind of eye color is the prettiest ( black brown blue)?
Which tattoo should I get?
How old do you hav to be to hav a tattoo in england?
i have a lot of pimples on my face. wat do i do to get rid of them?
Can i re touch a white ink tattoo with black ink?
help me with my tattoo idea of a lady and gentle man?
Atheist Tattoo symbol?
Would you get a tattoo of a "" on your forehead for $USD100,000?
How long should my monroe piercing barbell be when I first get it pierced?
Does getting a tattoo hurt? honestly.?
Is there anyway of removing a tattoo at home?
scar tissue and piercing question...?
a good tattoo parlour in san jose (california) ?
Tramp Stamp anyone?
i am getting my first tattoo..?
I love women who are very fat but this stupid annorexia craze makes it harde to find some! Can anyone help me?
what kind of ....?
Good acne treating product?
sun tan lotion vs sunscreen?
Anyone hear of Tan Towels?
how much would it cost for a tattoo of two small butterflies on my lower back?
Tattoo Removal with lime??? Home Remedy?
Healing tribal tattoo?
My husband hates tattoos?
Is a microdermal piercing on your wrist worth it? It looks EXTREMELY painful =/?
HELP! I need to fix a pen?
Tattoo on inside ankle?
Can somebody draw/find me a specific-ish tattoo?
Sunflower Tattoo? Where to get it?
i got my tattoo about a week ago and the color on only a section of the tattoo is gone.?
What is the estimated cost of this tattoo?
Do you think i should cut my hair in order to get permission from my father to get a tattoo?
Are dandelion tattoos feminine?
How do I disappear pimples and acne scars?
why don't boys like girls with glasses?
im getting a tattoo which qoutes the best?
Good idea for a tattoo?
What's the best at-home way to get rid of belly pudge from having kids?
would a woman be turned on if a guy with nice shaved legs wore thongs and panties instead of boxers?
What should i add to my tattoo?
I need help with my tattoo PLEEEEASE!!!!?
My fourteen-year-old sister wants to get a tattoo, can she get one?
Do scalp tattoos fade?
Meaning for a Tattoo?
jessica simpson's legs?great or yuck?
how do you make your underarm soft and white?
Tattoos are for devil worshipers, why do people get tattoos then?
I saw a commercial for a product that removes marks from previous pimples. Anybody know what it is called?
How do I get rid of reddish brown spots on my back?
does it hurt to get your cartilage gauged?
As a mother, what would be your feelings , punishment and treatment towards your 15 year old daughter if she .
Safest Way to Tan?
what happens to my skin if I dont take too much sunlight? Is it bad or good??
I'm getting my first
good spots for a tattoo?
first tattoo help please! easy 10 points!!?
I used Vaseline on my new tattoo for 4 days!!! should I be worried??
what is the one product which reduces wrinkles? One product only please?
Could a minor in Mass get a tattoo in CT?
I want side tattoo will it get stretch?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
Why does Veet burn?
what piercings or tattoos do you have?
Can you make a design for this?
Healing process of a tattoo?
How old can someone get a facial piercing WITH parantal consent?
What else can I do against a sunburn?
Boyfriend wants me to cover my tattoo?
Which hurts more?
KIA Bracelet Tattoo question?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Wisconsin and Minnesota?
GUYS WHATS YOUR MOST WANTED figure for your GIRFRIEND/S what about 34"32"38".PZ QUICK.?
best place to get quote tattoos?
skanky or no?
Would you let your 17yr old son get a tattoo?
why do tatoo artists & u ppl hate on this?
Tattoo's and Cutting?
my tummy looks flat bt when i sit i have folds,what do i do?
shelf life estee lauder night repair?
Opinions on this tattoo?
What is the best method for losing weight.?
I am a small woman a nearly A cup at 21 years old. Is there still time for me to develop breast?
do women with sleaved tattoos look trashy?
Is the Devils Trap from Supernatural actually evil and doesn't protect? I wanna get a tattoo but idk.?
Are tattoos suppose to scab?
which is the sexiest part of a woman body?
how do you like my new tattoo(half sleeve)?
Need a tattoo price estimate?
Make a leg sleeve tattoo? Ideas needed!?
what would you think if you saw some one with a tattoo that says?
should i get a george orwell tattoo?
ladies how do you enjoy sleeping next to your man?
Does anyone know how to get rid of tricky acne?
How do I get rid of pimples and zits on my forhead?
What to do if you just got tattoo done and you don't like it?
Should i get my infinity tattoo on my hip or lower back?
Quote about sisters for a tattoo..?
Should I get a pink superman or slut tattoo on my p**ssY?
I'm 17 and i'm covered in tattoos, will this affect my chances of getting a good job?
how much is to get your belly button pierced in route 9 tattoo?
after taking a shower, what do you normally wipe first?
Behind ear tattoo? Help?
can you see an old tattoo you i cover it with a new one?
Tattoo Quote Opinions?
Tattoo price. Black ink vs brown?
How do you get rid of blackheads on your nose?
Got a job how to hide hand tattoos?
fruits/veggies and beauty?
avon anew? Work? how do i use for wrinkles?
I am 15 and i want a tattoo my mom will sign for it....but is it true it will get mess up when i am older?
What would happen if I got a tattoo?
Shaving or waxing?
how old do u think people should be to get there bellt botton peirced?
I just found out about my girlfriend's tattoo. What should I do? I hate tattoos!?
Back of thigh tattoo pain?
Is it okay for me to start lifting weights after a week of getting tattooed?
is it ok for my husband to wear pantyhose and if so should he shave his legs?
How to make a temporay tattoo stay on longer?
where should i get this tat?
how do you get rid of swelling or bruises,,,,and keep our skin from getting scars?
Who made porno in the first place? Do you think this is life threatning? Why or why not?
Hiding a tattoo without my mom knowing?
On a scale of 1-10, how much does a tattoo on the back of your neck hurt?
Getting a facial piercing at 14? Please help?
Which race has naturally hairless pubic skin ( female)?
font for a inner wrist tattoo?
Is it possible to get a tattoo of my dog on my back?
Can anyone tell what kind of flower is this?
don't u hate the look of tattoos?
Replacing snakebites CBR with labrets is 3/8ths to big? I have full lips so it might not be im just not good?
Do you like my tattoo idea?
What tattoo place in San Diego has tattoos half price on your birthday?
this is for the boys ok if you were a baseball player in highschool and a very sexy gril goes by what would y
my display picture what kind of star is it ?
i need help with my tattoo!?
Tattoo Parlors in Orlando Florida?
What are some tattoo quotes that I could use?!?
How much will my tattoo cost?
Help me decide : Tattoo or Tongue Pierced?
Which is better, pale or tanned?
I want to get a tattoo when I turn 18, but I'm not sure what to get and were to get it on my body? Any advice
What kind of tattoo should I get on the inside of my wrist?
wheres a good place to get a peace sign tattoo? (guys)?
How can i get rid of stretch marks?
What does a clothes hanger tattoo mean?
tattoo idea....................................…
About what size is this tattoo?
Can women in the Navy have tattoos on their forearms and calves?
Belly button burning?
How long does it take for a belly button piercing to heal?
pieercingggg pleaaaaaseee helpppp :) :) :) :) easy quest!?
i have pimples how can i be pretty?
where can I find the angel tattoo by Corey Miller?
Ciao!!!!!!!!!can you enter please?
I am looking to get another tattoo, wanted to add my son's name I was thinking stars any ideas?
Is it true that...?
where are good places to get ambigram tattoos?
how much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Opinion on tattoo idea...?
Tattoo Advice Please!?
How do you get self-tanner stains out of your hands?
What do you think of the tattoo I want?
piercing question, just out of curiousity?
How long will it take for a coloured tattoo to fade?
Im looking for a tattoo that was on "LA Ink"?
My Brother is getting a tattoo of his son's name ...?
What is the best numbing cream for tattoo?
What is the price of an excision tattoo removal? 5'3 and weigh 96 pounds.I'm really thin,and trying to gain weight, but its not working.What should i do?
How much roughly will this tattoo cost?
Best tattoo aftercare method (10 Points)?
what color braces should i get?
What kind of tattoo should i get?
What do you think of this tattoo?
if you have your belly button pierced please help me?
Tattoo question please help?
What color eyes do you prefer on a girl.?
how do i wash my back?
I have a rash on my neck and on my arms.?
What would you say about facials?
How can I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
Someone design me a tattoo?
How do I get rid off acne on my back?
Quote tattoo on ribs, opinions?
why is it i love the way getting burned feels ?
Tattoo help/Suggestions?
What hurts more pin or hollow?
Best tattoo shop in Glasgow area?
do you like my new tattoo its not yet finished I'm probably going to need a touch up and Ill also add a frame?
does it matter what the mixture is, for the ink and water for a gray shading on a tattoo, and what is it?
Eczema and Waxing?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
tattoo designs and ideas?
would a heart tattoo on the inner forearm hurt?
Word tattoo across ribcage or underneath boob?
how much does a henna tatto cost and where can i get one in oklahoma?
wat is it about latina girls guys find attractive?
can alot of tattoos prevent jobs from hiring you?
lose weight?!?!?!?!?
when you take a photo to a tattoo shop does it have to be perfectly clear?
I need links for pictures of mechanical wings?
Any good tattoo ideas for me?
Is there a Way you could Get a tattoo at 13?
Only for gals. Should I shave my armpits? 34 y/o man?
tattoo on thigh hurt?
If i draw something on my skin?
Question on Tattoo Removal ?
Steps to being a tattoo artist?
how do ii get rid of the blemishes on my face?
how long does chest hair have to be to be waxed?
Best tattoo shop in toronto?
will it hurt if i get a tattoo on my right chest?
Opinions on my first tattoo?
Where to get the best tattoo in the Philippines?
who do you consider to be fat or thick?
do any of u have dark under arms?
What would be the price of this tattoo?
How do you get rid of pimples fast like in one night?
i want a hello kitty tattoo but something different unique n girly...?
Does anyone know if Proactive really works???
I really want a tattoo, but ive no idea what to get, any ideas?
How to I fade dark ashy skin on my elbows?
Tattoo Ideas! I'm Stuck.?
decent studios in central scotland for cover ups?
Which of these three tattoo ideas is your favourite?
Change the color of a tattoo?
is there any tattoo shop in lucknow,up?
After a tattoo what can I use instead of A&D ointment to put on it?
What tattoo/s do you have?
As a woman do you like men to shave their chest/abs and/or pubic area?
what are good home remides for a clear face?
tattoos and aging. if you have tattoos how well did they age?
i want star tatoos on my waist?
My sister, my fiance, and I need some help with a tattoo design?
How can I have a tan skin?
If you wanted a tattoo what would you get?
Best area to get a tattoo?
I just got a tattoo, is it normal to peel and scab a little? ?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Tattoos of Sports Teams?
Do you want your wrist attractive?
Tattoo's anyone?
Question about leg twitching while getting tattooed?
Why does wearing underpants make us feel more comfortable?
When you get a tattoo, will the artist draw the design for you based off of your descriptions?
Everytime i bump my tragus piercing, a keloid appears for about a month...?
What is your favorite brand of deodorant?
Does anyone have any tattoos or piercings? If so, what are they?
i have been stupid and gotten a tattoo HELP?
KIA Bracelet Tattoo question?
Eyebrows And nose piercings?
whats the best way to get rid of acne?
I have 9 Tattoo's all over my body except for this so called tramp stamp but do guys feel intimidated?
Help Daughter Acting Out!?
Give me opinions on my new tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Body Modification Norms?
how can i lose weight fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like b4 skool starts agian in august plz help i wanna be skinny!!!!!!
Mermaid Dreamcatcher Pisces tattoo ideas?
When can i start preparing to be a tattoo artist early.?
What do you think of Old Spice? Is it just for old men?
How painful are industrial piercings?
Any ideas for a quote that i wanna get tattooed?
Do it yourself permanent tattoo?
How should I care for my tattoo?
How do I become a Tattoo artist?
i need help?????
What Happens If I Pass Out During My Tattoo?
how can u make your skin whiter?
Isn't a tattoo like graffiti expect it's only printed on your body?
Can anyone recommend a good tattoo parlor in or near Lafayette, Indiana?
Guardian angel tattoo?
What tattoos do you have and what's the meaning behind them?
Do you like Humping, Pumping or Pimping?
while taking up xando block and burn before meals, is it safe to take slimming tea?
english to elvish translation help?
How bad will this hurt????
girls -- how often should you get your upper lip waxed?
how do i get rid of milia (those white bumps) under my eyes?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
Which area do you like best for this tattoo?
how to make a tatoo by myself to myself?
plz help Tattoo idea for dyslexia :)?
offering to cover hand tattoos at job?
where can i get a good tattoo of a phoenix bird??
Is it necessary to be bare "down there" to be sexy?
Did your first tattoo hurt?
I can't seem to tan my stomach.?
Nipple piercings, hot or not?
What kinda of tattoos would you consider trashy?
if you were to get a tattoo (or if you have one) what would it be/what is it?
Word to get tattooed on my wrist?
I am trying to get thick and have a fat butt, but food goes to my stomach?
NOSE PIERCING...i was told that some swelling/pus was to be expected...?
Best place to get a Tattoo in Atlanta GA?
where is the best place to get a tattoo that will not hurt that much?
Nervous about nipple piercings..?
Need help ear stretching problem!!!!?
If i tattoo on my whole arm top to bottom of my kids name will it stop me from getting a job?
what other word could you use to mean "never let your guard down" ?
Tattoo & Pool question?
What is the differnce between a 'brazillian and hollywood wax' and how long do they effects last?
what do you think about ankle band tattoos on women?
What is the feeling, you feel, you are going to feel, you have never felt?
tattoos that symbolize depression?
Has anyone been to zebras or sparky's tattoos and piercings?
GIRLS ONLY!!PLZ! until were do u shave ur legs?
A tattoo artist in the 909 area code?
What are some good short quotes for a tattoo on the side of my foot?
cover a green dragon tattoo?
What should i get a tatoo of on my right arm?
Do you think 32 is too old to get a tattoo?
Do THIGH tattoos hurt?
thoughts on quotes for tattoo idea?
How can i fix my tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo?
peanut butter cause acne?
do mary kay reps spend more time selling product or recruiting??
Your best feature?
Tattoo at 14????!! Need some advice..?
Will a tattoo along my hairline hurt?
I'm a pretty girl with one bad flaw.?
Do i look French or Canadian(my avatar that is)?
Getting Tattoos, why can't they use medicine to be less painful?
how much should a 15 year old weight?
have a tattoo across my back that says never say never need a theme to go with it?
Jobs who allow plugs/tattoos?
How do you get rid of dry ed feet?
Guys, do you mind girls with upper inner arm tattoos?
how much would a tattoo like the one on this link below cost if i got it don at "L.A ink"?
Does anyone know much this girls tattoo would cost?i know they charge by the hour but i just want a wild guess?
What do you think of the tattoo I'm going to get on my wrist black, cursive letters....?
Ideas for matching tattoos?
I'm going on holiday to florida next year and I want to get a tattoo?
i have acne bad on my arms any suggestions?
What design should I get to go with my tattoo?
What are the dark lines on my stomach if im not pregnant or ever was?
does Totally Me! Airbrush Tattoo Kit look completely fake?
how do i improve my lips colour as well my overall body colour?
I have a Tattoo question?!?
What else goes with a pin-up zombie tattoo?
nipple piercing question?
would u wanna be in my body if..?
any tattoo ideas please?