Liverpool fc tattoo regret?
Whats a good tattoo machine?
Would a tattoo on my forearm be a good spot?
where would be an appropriate place to get a tat for my son?
Do breast enlargment pills really work?
Topics for Tattoo and body piercing Essay?
What should I get for my first tattoo?
Tattoo question..please answer if you kno about or got one.?
how can avocado mask with honey be useful to my eyes?
I have a wart on my forhead?
Why do people paint their fingernails?
Can you get a birthmark tattoo on your face?
Does a tatoo really hurt?
My beards are very hard and skin soft how can i make that proper so that can shave daily.?
How would a tattoo look on this skin complexion?
what are some good quotes for a chest tattoo?
tattoo was slapped?
Do guys like short girls?
Are cartilage piercings unsafe?
how do i make my skin fair instead of medium?
What age do you have to be to get an apprenticeship for body piercing in Scotland/Uk?
I'm starting to get concerned or maybe just being paraniod..?
How do i ask a tattoo shop if they tattoo minors WITH parental consent?
Removal of Skin Tags?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Looking for a European manufacturer of very high quality coconut fragrant oil?
How long does it usually take for a henna tattoo to darken?
could you get a tattoo on your inner wrist?
I need help finding a REALLY GOOD tattoo parlour in the Bay Area, hopefully in the 510 or 415 area.?
How long do i got to wait to take a shower after getting a tattoo?
On a scale on 1 to 10 how much do wrist tattoos hurt?
How badly does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Hair on upper lip?
Anyone used TCA for tattoo removal?
tattoo on my back and aftercare lotion?
i have trouble with my boobs at night what should i do??
tattoo pain for in between your thumb & index finger?
What to do with an infected tattoo ?
Should i get a tattoo? Your advice greatly mentioned!!! :)?
just asking would it be gay if i have a tattoo of the star logo pauly d always wear?
Help on where to pierce the eyebrow?
I have a really flat bottom?
Would my tattoos clash together?
How do you let a friend know he/she has a body odor without offending them?
tattoo question...getting ready to get my third tattoo but cant decide what to
Is it wrong I got a 2 tattoos and i'm 15?
pretty tattoo to remember my mom?
Do you think a medusa piercing would look okay?
how do you make your face look older?
should i get this tattoo?
How old were you when you shaved your legs for the first time?
My 5 year old wants a tattoo?
New tattoo questions and care help?
I got a tattoo not too long ago and I am going to get a touch up soon?
Would you ever get a portrait tattoo?
What tattoo should i get?
Are you tattooed?
How much would this tattoo cost me?
How painful are full back tattoos?
Temp tattoo paper?
what do you do with coffee grounds to help cure cellulite on your legs?
how to get successful job.what to do when you are very much to reduce weight?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo on my shoulder blade, but I'm also losing weight... will it affect it?
How much is a tattoo in the Ukraine?
do you any have tattoos?
Tattoo Parlors in Coeur D'alene?
What do you think of my idea for my first tattoo?
Iam 25 and my hands look old! They are dried out, do youknow any?
do tattoos really hurt?
how can i get rid of my pimples?
getting a tattoo and i got questions?
What should I do about cleaning my Tattoo?
What is best way to wash your hair while you're injured?
Does figures means a lot in friendship relationship? Does a person have to be slim to get a good friend?
Can any tattoo artist replicate the design you want?
tattoo ideas to symbolise 3 sisters ?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
How to take care of a new tattoo? ?
my foot tattoo i got scarred and I don't know if it can be fixed help any good tattoo artist in hawaii?
Will having a tattoo affect my future career employment chances (I'm asian)?
How do i hide my tattoo...?
What do u think of my half-sleeve tattoo? (plz only answer if you actually like tattoos!)?
For those of you who have tattoos, what tattoos do you have?
Would these tattoos look good together?
how do I get rid of any hair on my lower back and behind?? is it recomened??
What is the best way to hidrate your skin and keep it from getting wringkles???
Do anyone know a website that shows tattoos with alot of detail?
to have a nice personality?
What is the best black ink for temporary tattoos?
First tattoo ideas??
Can they or not?
WHAT are the most trashiest places a young woman can put a tattoo?
Why are tattoos still taboo in 2006??
Best place to put a tattoo?
What is the tattoo in the movie" the vow"?
Women: What is your favorite men's cologne?
Researching for first tattoo--advice?
Why do women have their lips enlarged with collegen or botox, what is the reason?
how to get more many 10000 per month?
I Have An Arabic Tattoo... Can I Still Get Into The National Guard?
Where should I get this tattoo?
should a girlfriend be beautiful to love her?
I'm a nail biting finatic.How do I stop?Answers/Ideas Pleez!?
Should I get a tattoo on my wrist or foot?
hottest place for tattoo on girl?
What tattoos do you have/would you get?
What does a celtic tattoo represent?
do girls like scars on guys?
How would you describe the smell of patchouli?
Have you got an inny or an outty?
Retouched tattoo question?
Mario coin tattoo on bottom of wrist?
can you lazer remove acne?
What tattoos do you want?:)?
would you get a tattoo of your lovers name?
I know that it's bad to drink alcohol before getting a tattoo.. but...?
recently got a tattoo just off the centre of my spine....?
What can I do to stop my oily facial skin from being oily.?
am i fat???????????????
dream catcher tattoo?
Tattoo itches a lot (first one)?
shave before gyno?
What do you guys think about face tattoos?
can you tell me the name of this or details?..?
Pubic area?
I just got a tattoo on friday and now i hate it how do i get rid of it? any surfire ways like suntanning?
What does everyone think of this tattoo and its placement? picture inside!?
girls do you like tattoos??
how to ask your mom if you can shave your legs?
Tattoo artists: could I get my tattoo covered?
Where can I find pics of Alyssum flower tattoos online?
should i put the lotion on the skin?
New tattoo help? looks weird?
I'm 17 and i'm covered in tattoos, will this affect my chances of getting a good job?
Can my color tattoo be changed to traditional black and grey?
What's worse for you in terms of skin cancer and wrinkles: laying in the natural sun, or tanning beds?
Are there any places where you can buy diet pills in Dubai?
Would you let your 15 year old get a tattoo?
hi.want to go for PERMANENT cost effective hair removal for upper lip.?
Which tattoo to get - please give opinion?
First time tattoo question?
Finger tattoo........?
Why do people continually ask tattoo questions that really can't be answered?
Ideas for Disney tattoo ideas?
Do girls think tattoos are hot on a guy as long as it's not silly or too out of control?
wich tattoo do you like better!?
I want to get three tattoos?
what does this star tatoo mean?
my right eye is asian lookin and im not asian it might have to do because my eyelid is kinda red. any advice?
Whats is exactly needed to make professional style tattoos?
First tattoo !!!! will it hurt me !!?
what do girls think of half sleeves tattoos on guys?
Design ideas for covering a tattoo on my hip?
why do my boyfriend insist on watching females with almost no clothes on even when it hurts me?
Design a tattoo for me?
witch is the better spot to get a tattoo?
charlies angels women what her name?
i wanna get a tattoo but........................?
Getting a tattoo from a Unlicensed tattoo artist?
Why do women want to look like Barbie?
is it true that some hot women have three boobs?
what ink can you buy from any store to give yourself a tattoo?
help needed please!?!?!?
I am going to get my first tattoo and I don't know where to start?
Cost of tattoo touch ups?
is it ok for a 15yr old to get a tattoo?
Is getting my lower back tattooed at 16, for my first tattoo a good idea?
Only around my mouth and nose is it oily how can i get rid of black heads. I have alot on my nose?
Is there any home remedy to remove facial hair and also hair on the arms and legs?
skinny guy gets tattoo then bulks. does the tattoo stretch/change alot?
Which part of your skin remains unhaired ?
How many tattoos do you have?
Is my tattoo infected?
im looking for ideas for a tattoo?
How bad would a tattoo on the outside of my wrist hurt?
how long will it take to get a hand tattoo?
I have a question I embarassed to ask... how many women have hair on the inside of their outer lips?
Miami ink tattoo?
What is my tattoo gun ?
Should I moisturize my tattoo?
question about tattoos?
Question about tattoos and getting one drawn up ?
After depeelating, epeelating or even sometimes shaving my hair grows inside skin! How to prevent this?
How big did this person stretch their ears to?
What's the best reasonably priced oil-free moisturizer?
I am wondering about tattoo parties?
can you get a tatoo while your sixteen with your parents permission?
what do i do for my sunburn?
how to stop peeling after a sunburn?
Would Kimchee effectively exfoliate my skin?
What is the best way to get rid of puffness and dark circles under you eyes?
Any one knows about Zodiac Tattoos?
What do you think of this tattoo (pics)?
How much do you think my wrist tattoo will hurt?
Do you like this tattoo?
What is better...waxing or shaving?
Can anyone recommend a good Tattoo parlor in Bryan/College Station?
can someone design me a tattoo please...?
What is a banana hammock?
Getting a tattoo, need help with estimate!?
Is it easy to cut your self with the venus gillette razor ...?
Getting a Gorilla tattoo, NEED HELP?
Where is the best place for a small memorial tattoo?
do guys like girls belly buttons periced?
Getting my first tattoo tomorrow!! Will it hurt bad?
How much does a tattoo behind your ear hurt?
How are all these little kids getting tattoos?
What is a good quote/saying for a memorial tattoo?
Are tattoos good for everyone?
Does anyone Know How Much The Tattoo Artist Mister Cartoon Charges?
what is more beautiful than a woman's body?
Tattoo location/decision.?
How much will this tattoo cost?
Why is my 6 month old tattoo swollen?
whats a good tattoo idea for a mom of identical twin boys?
my skin is very dry. i do facial for get the glow but after one week my skin dry and how can i fair my skin?
Tattoo Ideas for my left wrist?
Cheek piercings in Louisville, KY?
New Tattoo Color Fade after 3 weeks?
Where can i buy Xando Diet Block and Burn or Xando Diet Tablets in the philippines?
I'm having a tattoo and Not sure where to make it. Help me out.:((?
Will water damage a new tattoo?
what is a good diet to get healthy radiant skin??
I want to get a tattoo on my left wrist?
Sexy Tattoos that look good on a man!?
i have really dry skin and no matter what I do I can't seem to get rid of it...any help!!???
will getting a tattoo hurt?
How long do you think this tattoo would take?
how do i get pects?
I want to get my nose pierced. Any advice?
What is a word that goes with...?
Nice translation for a tattoo for my boss?
Two weeks too early for tattoo touch-up?
I'm mixed and i want to know should i go with a black or white or any race?
Is a small hip tattoo of a heart sexy?
Would it be wise to take off work for a few days if I got my tongue pierced?
Is it really true if you eat chocolate U Break out????
what o you think of a tattoo that says ''express yourself''?
Tattoo idea?? Meaningful anchor? helpp!?
What products that are safe and natural, and cheap can I use on my skin to remove discolorations?
how do you get rid of worts under the finger nails?
Does anybody know a good tattoo and piercing studio in the houston area?
Psychadelic tattoo design?
Too many piercings at once?
do tattoo places give aftercare cream?
how can i treat razor burn?
I am a young 43 yr old; a few nice tats and a nose ring. I want a tongue ring... how painful is it?
how much does a tattoo apprenticeship usual cost? or can you just learn while working for a shop eventually?
will tattoo mess up if i work out?
tattoo idea, yes or no? ideas for a girl?
I need help with thinking up my first tattoo?
What can I do if I want at semi-permanent tattoo?
for white people if you like tan skin why don't you like African People?
why do 8 wrap tattoo coils cost more than 10 wraps?
What are the household remedies for clear skin?
what kind of eye color is the prettiest ( black brown blue)?
are all samoan tattoos the same?
After getting a tattoo is it ok 2 dye hair?
If you were forced to get a name tattoo..?
Is it bad luck to get two Kois instead of getting a Koi and a Dragon?
where on the web can i see actual pics of tatoos of all kinds of bears????
the skin under my eyebrows gets really dry, what's a good remedy for that?
How to make the skin whiter?
How much will this tattoo cost?
What if.....??
Has anyone tried L'oreal Sublime Tightening &Toning Treatment Gel?? is it good?
What hurts more? A Tragus piercing or a tattoo?
Where is the least painful spot on the shoulder to get a tattoo?
what are the homemade remedies to make skin glower?
Does Emla numbing cream make laser tattoo removal less effective?
how much would this tattoo cost?
I have itchy i have crabs?
Do girls find scars sexy?
Can I get a tattoo on the bottom of my big toe?
I'm looking for a sweet, soft smelling cologne. Any recommendations?
do guys find "brazillians"(waxing) attractive?
Hii/:) I'm thinking about getting a tattoo....?
What do your tattoos look like?
Is Nair safe to use on your bikini line?
I got a tattoo reading "stay strong" on my wrist. I want to get a matching one. Any suggestions?
tattoo idea i want your opinion?
normal or my imagination?
How old do you think i should be to?
question about my tattoos and cousins wedding :)?
Is it reasonable to get a tattoo touched up after several years?
Quick question about tattoos.?
Sparrow tattoo picture help!!!!?
Know any good sayings or quotes for a tattoo?
Because of my future workout ideas, should I wait to get a tattoo?
Tattoo ideas for 18th birthday?
job with facial piercings help?
Girl has pimple problems! Need help?
What kind of jeans/pants/skirts make your legs look skinnier?
Should I shave my hair off for a tattoo?
Best asian-american style tattoo shops in minnesota?
what really causes acne?
Price of tattoo, 1cm big?
How much would this tattoo cost?
My fake tanning went wrong..any way(s) to get this off?
girls with tattoos? do men like them?
Why does EVERYONE have a dragon tattoo?!?!?
Should men shave their chest & back hair?
Good Tattoo Ideas for Brother Tattoo?
how long would this tattoo take?
How do you know if u have sun poision?or 1 degree burns?
can i get my tattoo re-done?
how do you treat dark circles around the eyes?
how can i make my own tattoo?
Ink coming off my tattoo?
what do you have pierced??
Im located in Chicago and wondering what tattoo shops are reasonable?
at what age can i legally get tattooed ???
how to cover up a tattoo?
Ladies - do you like tatoos on guys and if so, what and where?
What will i look like in ten years?
Best quote for tattoo?
wrist tattoo?
how can i have flawless and beautiful skin?
Age Restrictions For Tattoos In Spain?
what does zak bagans wrist tattoo stand for?
Tat lovers, don't you hate it when...?
Tattoo On Upper Back - Painful?
just got my lip pierced..?
how do we contact lady mitchum? Is there a website for questions? Thanks...?
Topical anesthetics for pre-prcedure and during tattooing?
What tattoo should I get?
is it ok to get a tattoo while using tanning injections?
What do you think about my first tattoos?
How can i get my mom to let me pierce my ear? im a guy by the way, i've wanted it done since i was 8. i'm 15.
whats does it mean when your tattoo starts to peel and ?
what would you do if your virgin wife does not agree for that on your honeymoon?
on a scale 1 to 10 what am i?honest opinions?
Do you think i am to young for a lip ring?
What is an effective way to get rid of stretch marks?
does anyone else not shave their legs in winter?
How many holes are too much?
Is my new tattoo ruined? =(?
Good quotes for tattoos?
Can any1 give me a strong enough reason not 2 get a tattoo other than youll regret it when your older?
Has anyone tried ELICINA?
why does Platinum say to platinum when put around your neck?┬┐?
Can I bandage my new tattoo for one night?
Help i want to get a tattoo?
what web sight can i find a bath massager,liquidsoap dispencer,footscruber all in 1, for 19.99 with free robe?
Does any one know where to find?
Would you get a tattoo if your spouse didn't like them?
eating disorder recovery tattoo ideas?
Piercings (Ears and Naval)?
Are these dermal piercings?
What is the meaning behind your tattoo, if any?
How much would this tattoo like this would cost?
how should i reduce my weight please give some tips natural?
Does MADRON anaesthetic tattoo cream work and will it cause swelling like other anesthetic methods?
Where can i find a good tattoo artist in San Diego?
where should i get a tattoo on my body?
Tattoo Parlors in N.Y. that will do a tattoo with parental consent?
Why do people get tattoos?
Where should i get a tattoo?
Even if a girl isnt really tan and more fair skinned can she still be pretty? how so?
should I feel guilty for not telling my parents I have a tattoo?
why girls hide their breast though the breat is the most beutiful part of their body?
Are there any greek script fonts available like one to use to design a tattoo?
Where can I get some good tattoo ideas ideas from?
Can I put lotion on my tattoo?
Are you into tattos and if you are how many do you have and whats the most you want to have?
have any tattoo ideas?
If you could get plastic surgery free of charge what would you get done?
Does this tattoo look infected, or is it okay?
Curious about tattoo removal?
I just got an inner wrist tattoo with white ink in it. I can already tell my skin won't work with it.?
Im chinese.. would it be dumb to get the chinese character of my last name tattooed on my back?
how long do henna tattoo's last?
What about your tattoo? What is it, where is it, and are you still happy with your purchase?
Can I be a pediatrician if I have tattoos?
Do birthmarks ever dissapear?
Where could I do work experience if I want to be a tattoo artist?
how many piercings have you got and where are they?
I need a makeover , anyone know a good homemade facial mask I can make for myself .....?
what is the chines symbol of Taurus?
what do you think of a tattoo Something like this
Like my tattoo?
My boyfriend doesnt want me to get another tattoo..?
is there a diet pill that really works and if so what is the name?
Does deodorant only cover up the bad odor of the sweat or does it also prevent sweating in the armpits?
Men who paint their toenails?
What is a-Retin?
Why do people get sick when they get tattoos?
Any good tattoo parlors in NYC ?
Aproximately how much would have this tattoo cost?
Why do people think tattoos and piercings are so bad? ?
Tattoos on women.....?
Which font should I use for my Silverstein tattoo?
Please help! Hip Tattoo!?
tattoo help please?disney fans help too?
How paintful are tattoos?
Can you get a tattoo on your rib cage if you're not skinny?
When I stay out late I wake up with puffy eyes,and my entire face really shows my lack of sleep.What can I do?
who can Find me a tattoo?
help with tattoo placement?
what do people think about a girl with more than 6 tats?
Tattoo for a 14 year old girl?
Tattoo ideas please! ?
How long before I can shower without vaseline on my tattoo?
I need suggestions/opinions.?
Great Gandhi quotes to have as a tattoo?
What are some good designs to get tattooed on your hip?
Tattoo ideas for girl?
Cam Gigandet hip tattoo question?
Would a Bieber lyric tattoo be stupid?
where i can find "how to losting the jerawat?
how do I get rid of tan lines from wearing a watch?
I have a tattoo on my wrist which is a cover up gone wrong!!! ?
Im running out of good places to put tattoos that are not overly!?
Fernando Torres 'Elvish' Tattoo.....?
how price of 3-4 square inches of QALITY tattoo?
Tattoo on Penis..................................?
Where can I find an amazing Black & Grey Tattoo Artist in South England?
Using a Deodorant destroy the hairs (hairs on chest,underarm,neck) of the body is this right?
wheres the best place to get a first tattoo?
Isnt this an amazingly funny tattoo?
New tattoo lines healing thin - Tattoo Experts help!?
Tattoo questions.. please help me out :)?
where can i get a permanent tatoo in mumbai ?
Why do people tattoo their OWN names/ initials on their bodies??
How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
Are there many place in Mass that do tongue surface piercings?
Do You Think Its a Good Idea For a 20yr Old To Get a Tummy Tuck Or Lower Body Lift?
Forearm Camera Tattoo Help?
People With Tattoos Only!!!?
Kansas Tattoo Artist Brandon Shields?
Why are people obsessed with tattoos?
Out of this two what should I get tattooed on my knuckles?
monroe woodbury?
Underarms, knees, and elbows discolored?
should i get a tatto?
do u have any effective method by which i can increase my height?
This Is Me, Tell Me....?
how to remove black and white heads from face?
What piercing/tattoo shops in North Carolina can i get micro dermal piercings done?
how to close an open pores due to pimples????
Likas papaya soaps?
Does this tattoo sound gay?
Is this a cool tattoo for a guy?
what product(and brand) can i use to remove my blackheads?
What is baby oil made from? if vegetable oil is made from vegetable and corn oil is made from corn?
Tattoo price/time estimate?
i have got major chicken pox marks on my skin i got them when i was 5 yrs old how do i get rid of them i am18?
What do you think of having the verse of Luke 6:35 as a tattoo?
blotchy red face?
HAS anyone tried a lipostable kit at home? for fat loss?
Help? I need tatoo ideas?
Do You Know Any Good Tattoo Parlors In Brooklyn?
What should I expect when getting piercings (teens, maybe)?
Question about an infected tattoo.....?
Tounge Tattoo Safe or not?
for women/ girls: if you are looking at a fit , naked male body, which body part gets your attention and why?
Any chi bi tattoo ideas? Preferably vampire :D?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
I need advice/input please for my tattoo I'm getting to represent my 2 boys?
Should i get a tattoo on my wrist if I want to become a teacher?
What else can I do against a sunburn?
Native American tlingit tattoo?
is this the same thing or not?
Whats an effective way to get rid of dark circles around your eyes?
Tattoo excision on inside of ankle?
whats your favourite tattoo?
How much time does it take to get a one arm tattoo sleeve ?
Know any affordable spas in the Houston Area?
I want to get a tattoo, any idea what i should get?
Brother(hood) Tattoo Ideas?
Piercings versus tattoos, difference in pain?
How long does it take to remove a small black tattoo with laser removal and how much is it.?
I'm trying to figure out the cost of a tattoo?!?
my boyfriend wants a tattoo for his sister?
is there anything i can do to make a tattoo not hurt?
how bad do tattoos hurt?
Opinions: Tattoos on females?
2nd time i ask: what is the best time (age) for start using an anti-age face cream?
GUYS OPINION NEEDED!! Where would be a sexy place to have a tattoo?
I just got my first tattoo done a week ago and am having trouble getting used to it?
is there a tattoo artist in kuwait?
how do i get rid of dark circles around the eyes?
I'm only 13 and yet my eyes are already getting faint cirlces under them.?
I live in Wetumpka, AL. anyone know where I can get a Henna tattoo done anywhere close by?
Is it safe for me to get a tattoo? ?
what the benefits of having sex?cant i jest do it with my self?
i live in florida and i wanted to know who is the best rhynoplasty surgeon?
imthinkin about buyin proactiv, or should i get sumthin else to reduce my dark spots?
Which way is best to remove a tattoo off my skin color which is tan?
Should I get this tattoo?
How much do Tattoo's cost these days?
Where would be a good discreet place to put a small tattoo?
What do tattoo artist use to lubricate(mosturize) the skin during the tattooing process?
which way should i get my tatoo?
Does anyone know of a sunless tanner that gives you a real tan, yet is available at like a Walmart?
What do you think of two lambda symbol tats on either side a lil above my pussy??
how much would it be to get this tattoo approximately?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Should I get a tattoo?
What's the best way to keep our skin looking good?
how much for a Tattoo of Woodstock?
new tattoo red PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
how much do you tip a tattoo artist?
can you guys help me with tattoo ideas?
i just ask about a true to life car tat!!!?
hey america can you guys tell me who is hotter shakira or paris hilton?
Grandmother doesn't like my nipple piercings. Should I take them out? I'm 26?
I am looking to get my first tattoo on my foot. What are the pros and cons of a foot tattoo?
where can you get a tattoo at the age of 17?
I have a black dot on my iris?
How can i get rid of this scab?
yves rocher adresse in italy?
On a scale 1-10 how bad does a tattoo hurt?
Which tattoo would be better?
i am tall and skinny, and i have a slight beer belly, nothing works in getting rid of it, any suggestions?
Do you think this tattoo would look trashy?
want to lighten and brighten skin?
I am trying to get a tatto with the aries ram on my back i need something bold and feminine help!!!! please!!?
What is your favorite tattoo. Why did you get it and do you think you will always like it?
Is this a good tattoo kit?
For all the Midwest tattoo junkies out there....?
Easily Hid Piercings???
Can anyone recommend a good body piercer in the portsmouth, UK area?
Would a tattoo in this area hurt more or less than an inner wrist tattoo?
Are the piercing artists at swap meets licenced professionals?
friend of mine asked!?
i have tea tree do i use it?
How to make ugly dark black patches go in a week ?help me to make it go in a week suggest me the easiest?
500 dollars to bleach teeth white worth it?
What do you guys think of this tattoo idea?
I have really big eyebrows that stick up a lot and they just look weird how can i fix them without paying $?
i want a tattoo but does it hurt?
mongolian spot covered by a tattoo?
I wanna make a quote with my baby brother's name in it to get a tattoo of. His name is Chance please help me?
Does it hurt to get the back of your neck tattooed?
I want a tattoo. where should i get it? i need a quote?
They dont let us have Piercings at school what do i wear so the hole wont close ?
Need help with Tattoo Idea?
Are you tattooed? Please answer these questions.?
tattoo placement/pain?
What can i do to prevent this during that tattoo i want?
can anyone tell me what age you have to be in R.O.I to get a tattoo?
What kind of tattoo should i get?
I am getting a tattoo on my lower or upper back, which would be the best idea, lower or upper?
Can i go up one more size?
My tattoo power supply quit working after sitting a few months..why?
Tattoo Question Grey Spots?
Help with ideas for a tattoo for my mum?
Which weapons for tattoo?
what are some deep meaningful words?
why do teenagers get pimples?
Thoughts about Tattoo Quote Ideas!?
Do you like this tattoo?
What do u think of tattoos?
Is this a Good Choice of a Tattoo on my Chest. (93')?
what is the most sexyst thing in man's body?
is it sorer to get a tat2 on ur back or wrist?!?
DR.TATTOFF i want to know, can i get my multi-colored sleeve removed. The tattoo is about 85% purple shading?
Fix a messed up tattoo?
Is it okay to get a Marine corps symbol tattoo for my grandmother?
What's your favourite placement for tattoos on women?
Tattoo idea with my niece and nephew's name?
Getting a tattoo on my foot? ?
what happens when you cover a color tattoo with straight black?
Where would be a good place to get a tattoo that would be easy to hide in any situation?
How to cover up a tattoo tactfully?
is my tattoo supposed to be pealing already?
Thoughts on my tattoo ideas?
My daughter is 17. She's 5'6" 135 lbs. She thinks she's too fat.?
I sure could use some ideas on my 1st tattoo?
Do you think tattoos are 'unprofessional'?
do all tattoo guns use the same size tubes and needles?
If you were to get a tattoo....?
how long does it take for a tongue ring to close up?
Should I get a tattoo on my forehead that says "Property of Chuck Norris" ?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
i want a picture of the word reckless but i want it to say reckless whether you look at it upside down or not?
Does anybody know of a really good hand lotion that really works for dry chapped hands?
Tattoo removal cream?
anyone know this commercial???
Is 13 to young to get a tattoo?
Got any tattoo ideas.? ?
How can I hide my tatt from family at a cousin's wedding?
Should I get a tattoo?
Tattoo Removal Cost Estimates!?
do u like these 2 quotes for a tattoo? tell me some u like if u dont like em?
What is the best way to remove unwanted arm hair...?
Girls: Would you regret getting a tattoo like this?
summer-time blues?
Are designer products really better than drugstore products?
What can I do to prevent constantly chapped lips?
tattoos and piercing at the work place?
Do you think this would be a good idea for a tattoo?
Okay I been searching and searching online for the best Christina piercing that I would like to get...?
Where would be the best place to get this tattoo?
What are some tattoo places that let you get your belly pierced at 16 without a parent?
How should I get this tattoo?
wheres the sexiest place on a guys body for a tatto ?
Shoulderblade/back of arm Tattoo?
Tattoo healing time? ?
Piercing help! Eyebrow and ears?
how small would the font have to be to get "have faith in me" tattooed on only one of my collarbone?
What is your favorite physical feature on the opposite sex?
tattooooooos D; !!!!?
What would be the best place to tattoo a Salinger┬┤s quote "I never saw such a bunch of apple-eaters"?
were can I get a tattoo in fort smith at sixteen with parental concent?
blonde hair or brown hair? which is best?
When Does Aging Become Visible?
What's wrong with my tattoo?
Is getting my first tattoo on my upper arm a good idea?
Where is an interesting place to get my tattoo?
Good font for my next tattoo?
How much will this tattoo hurt?
How much would these tattoos hurt?
What's the dumbest tattoo that u have ever seen?
Help with a defining phrase for a tattoo?
what kind of tatoo should i get on my penis so when i get a hard on it looks cool and grows?
Does A Tattoo On Your Chest Hurt?
What best re-hydrates your skin?
What are your thoughts on using tattoo ink or a tattoo to hide spider veins?
Please suggest some good sites to get tattoo designs?
how much would it cost to get a tattoo on my wrist?
What are the meanings of John O'Callaghans tattoo's?
Would someone having lots of tattoo's stop you employing them?
Thaaaaaanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how to attract people in a nice way that is not cheap?
Which tattoo do you prefer ?
I have dark spots on my legs and back...what works best to remove or hide scars?
What is it with V.P.L and chilean women??
I LOVE women with freckles. Why don't more people appreciate these amazing facial features?
Tiny bumps by eyebrows.?
Can someone help me come up with a matching tattoo idea? ?
Do guys like chicks with tattoos?
How much would this tattoo cost?
what does a star tattoo on the face mean?
My top lip is burning and dry what should i do?
What tattoo design to get?
how to become a tattoo artist?
If you could change one thing about your face to make it more beautiful, what would you alter?
why do indian people not wear deodorant?
For GIRLS only please???????????????
this question is for girls/13 year old girls.........?
2 tattoos at once (same day)?
Free Program To Add Piercings?
Is this tattoo idea tacky?
Subdermal implant, materials and placement?
Are self-tanners safe? What in them causes the skin to become darker?
Please HELP! I had shaved my underarms n now it has become very dark n has weird boils n marks on it.?
Which facial piercing should I get?
How do you get rid of cellulite or can you?
Trying to think of a good sentamental tattoo, need some opinions?
Should I get this as my first tattoo?
Does anyone know about Johnny Knoxvilles wrist tattoo?
who's the hottest super-heroine?
Would it be stupid to get a tattoo of the ralph lauren polo symbol?
I have really odd skin, please give me some suggestions!?
Heelllppp...piercings!! :P?
Is this a good reason to get a tattoo?? I'm 18.?
can i be sixteen to get a tattoo in the uk?
how do tattoo artist know how to draw so perfect how did they learn? classes?im intrested?
wheres the best place to get a tatoo?
is it advisable for a 15-16 year old to have a tattoo?
Would this be a good lyrics quote for a tattoo?
How much time after meals do you need to wait before exercising? We would not want an appendectomy.?
Which eye cream/gel you used before & will recommend for dark rings, dryness, winkles & firm?
Need a answer?
If I had someone else's face tattooed on my face, would I look like them?
My sanskrit lotus tattoo is upside down.Is it okay even tho its upside down or should i freak out more?
tattoo artist for my dog's white nose?
Dandelion blowing away tattoo?
How visible is a UV tattoo in regular light? Anyone with experience?
Any tattoo websites for designs? 10POINTS?
Where can i find a picture of the tattoo used on the girls in the movie Poison Ivy: The Secret Society?
Tattoo symbolizing strength and/or self confidence?
I am skinny and I want a tattoo of my sign on my wrist (leo) it's a simple tattoo, will it hurt?
where in philadelphia can you get a tatoo at 17?
why do girls put on cloths that show everything and get pissed when guys look at them?
when is a woman regarded as overweight. does she loose her beauty as she gains weight?
Dry skin and self-tanner?
Is my weight ok?
To people with tattoos, was it hard to get a job with you having tattoos on your body??
how do i reduce the amount of melanin in my skin?
How do I get rid of acne on my arms?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
How long will it take to put on 500 lbs?
does anyone know any good sights to get bat wing tattoos ... i need to find the perfect one for my full back?
What is a good, short quote for a tattoo Im getting for my mom?
When you get a tattoo, will the artist draw the design for you based off of your descriptions?
Skin care product issue here?
what if i have to perfect my skin as a fair.?
Im planning on getting a tattoo. should i get the love symbol in chinese or a cross with my grandmas name?
Tattoos,sports, and healing time! help!!!?
Whats a good deorderant for women to use?
if somebody had 'F.A' and 'G.R' tattooed on each wrist, what do you think it would mean?
What is a good alpha hydroxy lotion?
how to get rid of moles?
Does ear peircing or belly button peircing hurt?
Should i get a tattoo on my lower back?
Tattoo Idea Suggestion?
What is this tattoo model's name?
What is the youngest you think is appropriate for someone to get a tattoo?
Am I Screwed ???????????????????
Quote/Phrase Ideas For A Tattoo?
Lucky 13 tattoo in canada?
What is the cleanest place to get a pedicure in Dallas?
what about nose jobs?
Where is a good place for a saying (tattoo)?
under arm smell (stinks)?
Not sure what to get, need input.?
Tattoo saying about grandmother?
Whats your favorite tattoo?
Help! My girlfriend just got a tattoo!?
Do people normally get tattoos like this?
I am looking for step by step instructions on how to extract essential oils (fragrance) from flowers?
My sisters and I are looking to get matching tattoo's...any ideas?
I want a picture of a peace lily tattoo, please help if anyone knows a website.?
is my tattoo healing properly?
My dad & mom are completly different & Id like to get a tattoo that represent this, they're like fire & water ?
Looking for a tattoo idea?
which quote for a tattoo?
Do the colors of a tattoo become vivider while healing?
I want to get a tattoo on my?
To the people who actually have a few tattoos...?
Best place............?
Does taking a tatoo hurt badly?
Tips On Getting A Tattoo Apprenticeship.?
What is tasha tilbergs chest tattoo a symbol of?
piercing will NOT heal. suggestions?
Smaller up top...?
are hard contact lenses or soft contact lenses better for me?
Ok it's really getting on my nerves. GIRLS ONLY advice?
Im hopefully getting a tattoo in a year or two and i have something in mind how much would it be ? :)?
Dandelion tattoo on side. Is this a good idea?
best hair removal system or product for women?
Foot Tattoo and healing?
Tattoo help. Please help!!!!!!?
Problems with my plugs?
What men's skincare product has actually worked wonders for you? What did it do for your skin?
Excellent tattoo shops in Lexington KY?
Are girls with tattoos hot ?
Which one is better, Proactive or Acne Complex (Murad)? Has anyone used both of them or either one of them?
Where should i get my tattoo at on my body?
Is there any product anyone can recommend for a tattoo fanatic?
looking for a good tattoo quote?
What is the font name of Jeremy Sumpter's tattoo?
Tattoo questions what should i get?
Adding on to a current tattoo of the word "Amore"?
what"s the best way to cure acne?
What Do You Say About This Tattoo? (Pic Inside)?
i need help with a tattoo!?
How does Clinique Post-Shave Soother Beard Control Formula work?
Anywhere near Gatlinburg henna tattoos?
What font is this? Tattoo font?
tattoo parlors around southern ohio?
What tattoos should I get?
Is it posible to get rid of STRETCH MARKS!!!?
I'm not sure which one to get?
Where should I get a tattoo at?
Pics of pretty "Keep Going" tattoos or ideas?
what tattoos do u have and why?
do you care if a girl has stretchmarks?
Anyone know of a good lotion or cream for fine lines? (That's affordable)?
Why are Tattoos considered cool & artistic?
Dark circles even after 14h of sleep????
Ankle tattoos?
Acne Problem?
I really wanna lose up to 10 lbs in 2 weeks??? is that possible?
Ugly girl because of Tattoos?
Any known treatments for breakouts?
Best place to get a tattoo?
Tattoo quote ideas about scars?
HOT OR NOT? -Tattoo/Piercing-?
Tattoo help? thoughts, ideas?
nipples peircings?
inspiring tattoo quotes?
do you like big women?
how much would it hurt to have a tattoo on your foot? (the bit that you can see (top) not underneath)?
Do you know a good sites that will show me examples of tats like earrings?
Tattoo pain, help.....?
Is it sexy for women to have their eyebrow pierced?
Opinions on tattoos in the workplace?
I am wanting a tattoo?
How to test to see if my skin accepts tattoo ink?
Tattoo symbol meaning "dream" or "aspire"?
what can i do about my dark circles?HELP!?
How much would this tattoo idea cost, you think?
What do you think of this letter i wrote to my dad about lip piercings?
How do Tweeze from As seen on T.V. work? Reviews please!?
how can i be positive about the kanji translation for my tattoo im getting?
guys only.... would you ever???
Do you need to wash your belly button?
What are some tattoos that represent who I am?
help!!!! tattoo troubles!!!?
how many tattoos is too much on girls?
With parent consent, how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
How long would take to get these tattoos and how much would it cost?
i need to cover my new tattoo and hide it from my brother can i put makeup on it?
if you shave a man's back hair does it grow back twice as thick?
What do i need to know to be a tattoo artist?
can anyone lick their elbow? its meant to be impossible but i can do it.?
How much time would this tattoo take? ?
Need help, getting a tattoo on Friday?
Can I file down an Acrylic circular barbell?
Will I turn orange!!?!!?
What's the best self-tanner?
* guys do you think lip piercing ar hawtt?
Any suggestions of forcing yourself to the gym?
Dermal anchor above the belly button?
Tattoo Idea help :D!!!!?
Opinion on my tattoo idea (pic)?
small tattoo shoulder blade?
do u think a ten year old that is 5.1 and weighs 106 is fat??
Does getting a tattoo on the back of your neck hurt?
i need a bf but no one likes me what do i do??
I want to pierce my...?
Ok I have a problem... I can never find a bra to fit me. I'm a 34 D and they all fit werid... HELP!!?
where can i get a brazilian wax in north georgia?
Do you think this tattoo would look good on my ankle?
Im looking to get a tattoo in memory of my dad and would love some ideas from others =)?
Is This a good tattoo idea?
How do I stop cravings for junk food?!?
Which One Hurts Worse ?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Interesting piercings that aren't painful?
Quick way to lose weight?
Girls, which do you prefer - showers at night or in the morning?
What are the best tattoo places in new jersey?
some times i smelll down there?
Can someone help me dress up this tattoo idea i have ?
Why do some people boycott deodorant?
Great Floral Tattoo Artists in Seattle?
Beanstalk tattoo design?
Peace sign tattoo?
can anybody tell me how to clear up your face before august22?
Got a tattoo with an ex-boyfriend.. need ideas to help fix it please :(?
Can birthmarks be another color besides brown?
What is the worst tatoo you've ever seen?
Tattoo Drawing?........?
Two Questions... How do i go about getting a sleeve? and How painful is it getting inked on your lower stomach?
how can i get rid of my eye bags?my eyes looks so puffy, is it a sign of high cholesterol?
tattoos to get with your boyfriend?
If I am gonna shave my chest what is a lotion I can put on it to stop it from breaking out or itching?
i just got my first tat last night...?
What's a good idea for a R.I.P tattoo?
i have got acne, i don't know what to use on it, what would be the best product to get rid of acne quickly?
What do you think of this new tattoo?
how can u get rid of scars?
Why do you non tattooed people feel compelled to waltz around with your pale skin?
Shading for paw print tattoo?
is tattoo unbearable im getting it on the leg also does the fill in hurt more then the outline, its black?
Is a tattoo a good idea for helping get rid of Stretchmarks?
Which tattoo should I get between these two?
I have a passion for writing and I want to get a tattoo on my shoulder/chest reflecting that passion.Any ideas?
Ladies, what is your favorite Cologne-Aftershave, if any, on a Man???
Can you tattoo over spots?
Question(s) about my tattoo..?
i do i fix my tattoo power supply.l i cant buy a new one right now. I just stop working i dont understand it?
When you get a tattoo, will the artist draw the design for you based off of your descriptions?
tampons vs. paddes, which one?
belly piercing ? help please !?
Do tattoos hurt when you get them on the upper half of the arm?
How old do you have to be in Ireland to get a tatoo?
As you can see from my picture I am very fair.....?
Tall = ugly?
How Long Will A Wrist Tattoo Take To Heal?
ear stretching?
how bad is an industrial piercing post to hurt?
what is the perfect time to go outside to tan?
how can i convince my parents to get three piercings on both ears (at the earlobe)?
What is a good idea for a tattoo?
Good Tattoo Artist in Manitoba?
Should a man shave his armpits?
Anyone have any ideas for a tattoo for a loved one?
Has anyone tried laser tattoo removal and how well did it work?
Is there something wrong with me?
How much does a tattoo's cost ? Please answer?
white bump under my tongue ring?
Can someone please tell me the thing for a sunburn? Fast-relief.~PL...?
Is this tattoo gay for a guy to get?
What do I have to do to be a tattoo artist?
Ideas for a hate site?
how bad does a tattoo hurt?
i would like to know about pain and recovery from plastic surgery.?
Would you get a tattoo from a tattoo artist that didn't have any himself/herself?
What do you think of girls with small tattoos?
Have you heard of & tried Noevir products? What is the Number one factor that gets you to use a product line?
Is it bad to sit with your legs crossed?
Tattooed wedding ring............?
Can I cover my tattoo for a few hours?
Women Only! Why are women so sensitive about their weight?
tattoo to the side of abs above hip stretch ?
Will it hurt my career to get a tattoo?
Least painful place to get a tattoo?
what is the best acne remover?
is botox treatment safe?
How much did your tattoo cost?
Bow wrist tattoo...which way up?
tattoo laser removal in india?
tattoo quote for my side, please answer?
Y does my tattoo look white the scab came off and it looks like it clear white and should i.keep.using ointmen?
tattoo question? (sleeves)?
Is this tattoo too simple?
Things to do to distract me when im getting my tattoo?
Why shouldn't Christians get tattoos?
Suicide Girls; can't I like them because of their tattoos?
which quote do you like better?
i wanna do a hair removal by laser and i wanna do a sun tanning. is it ok?
Should i add color to my tattoo?
What do you think about eyebrow piercings?
How much would 3 small words tattoed just under my collar bone cost?
Opinion on Stretched ears?
Will weight loss affect a tattoo?
Anybody have a second hole in their ear?
I have a big bump on my thigh with pus coming out when i squezze it. lots of white pus come out. im scared?
Questions on septum ring piercing?(picture)?
Getting an apprenticeship with a tattoo artist, and how will I know if this is the career path for me?
tattoo at 37...too old?
Tattoo chioces?? .. help!? ?
Good place to get a tattoo?
Reliable places for tongue piercings near Trenton, Missouri.?
Do you like my tattoo? (photo)?
How to tell my girlfriend not to get a tattoo...?
Cuchulain tattoo ideas?
i have a tattoo and i dont know how it got there?
Foot Tattoo?
is it healthy to go out with some1 younger then you?
How do you get rid of a blackhead in and EAR?
Why do people get tattoos?
what does a tattoo look like after being pregnant?
First tattoo.. neeed opinionsss! Answer mine and Ill answer yours :)?
is there anything bad with pealing your lips?
Help! I think my tattoo is infected its been 6 days since getting my tattoo & part of it is still red & puffy?
how do you?
Where is the most painful spot to get a Tattoo?
Would this tattoo be a good idea?
how can you be sure that your guy doesn't just want you for your body???
I'm looking to get a tattoo. Any websites with free art/samples of tattoos?
I am planning to get a tattoo on my ankle of a jigsaw puzzle piece..?
i live at Asia,can i know what type of sunblock can protect my skin?
How bad would this tattoo hurt?
How much would this tattoo cost to put on my ribs (about 13 inches long) no color? https://sp1.attach.mail?
Boyfriend wants to get a lil tattoo that I think he may regret & his mum might kick him out,should i stop him?
brazilian wax - worth it? Or go with old standby, basic bikini?
how much pain do i have to go thorough to get a tattoo?
Do you think a tattoo on the face is dumb, why?
Anyone here read Skin Deep (UK best-selling tattoo magazine)?
Possible tattoo opinions?!?
Is it Possible to Be too skinny for a tattoo?
What is a non medical proceedure that gets rid of spider veins?
does anyone know where i can find symbols of these words for a tattoo?
How difficult is it to tattoo this?
PLz help me with ur opinion on a tattoo design!?
What is the tattoo that is on trey songz right wrist ? And do you have picture?
Tattoo Ambigram in color?
Piercing Ear Catilidge....?
Am I the only person who absolutely HATES tattoos?
ACCURATE Translation for tattoo?
America-to tattoo or not to tattoo???
Is it true that a person standing at 6'2" is taller than 90% of all the people in the world?
How do you use the tanning lotion with tingle factor in it?
Will scar removal oil ruin a tattoo?
tattoo ideas, what do you think?
I have been asked to design a tattoo for a friend.?
Would you date a guy with a tattoo on his face?
How bad would a tattoo hurt if you got it on the shoulder blade?
What should I put on painful pimples to make them go away?
y do boyz always wont to talk abotu girlz?
tattoo removal - Perth, Australia?
What would be a nice tattoo to get done?
Moisturizing my tattoo.?
bikini line...?
question about tattoo?
how could i control oil secretion on my face?
i am wondering dose anyone no anything about micro-dermoxine,what its made up of,what benifits it has,anything
Is it possible to get a tattoo done on the sole / arch of your foot?
I'm planning on having a QUIS UT DEUS tattoo?
how can i get this tattoo?
What does a panther and snake tattoo mean?
Memorial tattoo ideas of my son? Where should I put it?
So Cal Spots that offer Couples Massages...?
im almost 18...and i want a tattoo...?
tatto help . . identical twins?
does anybody know if village pop (nyc) will pierce 15 year olds?
can anyone find a?????????
Does anyone know where online i can find some good all around the waist tattoos...?
If you can draw, would you draw me up a tattoo?
Thinking about getting a Tattoo?
Does anyone know what it means...?
Tattoo help please! (minor)?
What is the difference bewteen irezumi and normal tattoos?
hi, I'm getting a tattoo on my lower there a cream you can get to numb the skin. if so whats it called