so what do you think of the tattoo i got today?
What type of tattoo would you consider to be a "tramp stamp"?
Getting a tattoo. Need design ideas?
how bad dose a tattoo hurt.........?
how do i get rid of the little red bumps i get on my l area from shaving?
do Venom bite piercings hurt?
Help on where to pierce the eyebrow?
Tattoo ideas what do u think?
Tattoo rubbed on bedsheet ?
Looking for Tattoo artist in Glasgow using Vegan based ink.?
Me and my husband got tattoos and they used the same needle?
hairy girls???!!?
How do I prevent or cure varicois veins?
Is 5'9 too tall for a girl?
whats the best solution to acne?
Need a short quote about self acceptance and loving yourself?
What is the name of the pornstar with star tattoos on her scapular?
what is the best way to treat pores?
Should I get a tattoo...?
How much approximately would this tattoo cost?
what tattoo should i get?
what is a girls perfect height????
how can i get rid of dark undereye circles?
Does anybody know?
what do you do with chapped lips?
Im looking to get a tattoo in memory of my dad and would love some ideas from others =)?
How much pain for a spine tattoo?
My next tattoo should be..?
Do women find tattoos on guys attractive?
I'm getting a tat. but would like feedback on both temptation's tat warrawong and tribal tat wingdang please
Why are tattoos so frowned upon?
how old were you when you got a tattoo???
what to do with my acne problem since more than 10 Yrs...?
Is this a keloid? What should I do about it?
HELP! What to get for my lower back tattoo (female) OPINIONS WANTED!!!?
wrecking balm or other tattoo removal creams?
advice on tattoo.....?
What do you think of Physician's Formula mineral powders?
hi ,ive heard that in the south of india females use snake oil to permanently get rid of unwanted body hair.?
do you think temp tattoos are cheesy?
Is it weird and rude if I ask a tattoo artist if she changes needles?
where is a good spot to get a tattoo..?
shall i get into a good weekend?
Is there anyway to get red of leg hairs without it becoming thicker and sharper?
Arabic tattoo translation help?
Does anyone like this as a tattoo ? and where would i get it ?
Tattoo pain question?
What are the prices for piercings at tattoos by drew?
Foot tattoo: can I wear shoes now?
tattoo artists i need HELP?
Are inner lip tattoos safe ? yes or no ?
i have recently started having a huge problem with acne, and i was lookin for any ideas. over the counter med?
Piercings at 14, okay or a no-no?
Do you have any tattoos that you regret getting?
Can i make a tatto if i have myotonia?
I'm getting a tattoo..?
proceed progress? tattoo quote/lyric?
What should I do for my tattoo? i want it to be meaningful not stupid and pointless.?
how to do homemade tattoos? PLZ AND THNX IF U ANSWER THIS.?
What does a tattoo on your butt feel like?
How many times can a tattoo be shades in at one sitting?
White ink tattoos? Would like some info and advice ?
Help with my tattoo idea in memory of my grandma?
Which tat should i get and where?
I know this is weird...?
Where can I get magnetic finger implants?
im thinking of getting a tattoo of my last name mcawley down the right side of my body what do you think?
Which celeb or rapper has a swallo/bird tattoo on neck?
Im planning to get my first tattoo which is of a bird and is 6 inchs. Where is a good place to put it?
What tattoo could I get for my sisters?
Will it hurt my career to get a tattoo?
I just got a Henna Tattoo.... Advice?
Laser Tattoo Removal Question regarding inks:?
Are tattoo's a freedom of self expression?
First tattoo? Story? Age? Regret?
Tattoo quote do you like it?
What is that star tattoo on lil scrappys neck called?
Where Do Tattoos Hurt the Most/Least?
What tattoos does Jemina Pearl have?
How much would this tattoo hurt?
If i had no reaction to a black henna tattoo ..twice.. can I get another one?
Is getting a Tattoo done painful ?
Getting a bad does it hurt....least painful place to get one?
At what age in Canada you can get a Tattoo without your parents signature for permission?
What would you think of a guy who had the tattoo, "In a gentle way, you can shake the world"?
how can i get shine and clear flaw less skin?
how can u get rid of pimples that r at the back of thighs ?
I Just Had A Tattoo On My Wrist...?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Tragus Piercings! helpful information! anything~?
Need ideas for Chinese symbol tattoo down side?
Planning to get tattoo on arm. Any advice? ?
getting a tattoo on my inner wrist. someone talk me in/out of it?
I need tattoo opinions!?
how can we talk?
what is the tatoo on jeff hardys arm of?
Tattoo cleaning: Is there any type of ointment I can use that doesn't have fish oil?
Is this normal for a tattoo???
how do you become an apprentice at a tattoo parlor if u r 19?
My mom thinks that I should be a model......?
What is a good tattoo parlor in Baltimore, MD?
Are we fat?
How do you get rid of those nasty bumps on the back of your arms?
quad navel piercing cost?
what tattoo quote should i get?
Is this normal for a tattoo?
addison texas???
what do you all think of a bear scratch marks for a tattoo on both sides of the upper back?
tattoo's in the travel industry?
Please dont laugh at me...I am not joking! HELP!!?
Should a child under 18 pierce his body and get a tattoo?
how to give yourself a tattoo?
Why do humans worry about skin color?
Will the symbols in this tattoo just smudge over in time?
whats the best cure for acne?
Has anyone gotten permanent eye/lip make up done?
is it tacky to have lots of tattoos?
What causes skin tags and how can i get rid of them?
How can I reduce large pores on my face?
What is the girls name with this famous tattoo?
Tattoo placement?? help!!!!?
Does an ionic cleanse pedicure really work?
What do you think of my new tattoo? (PICS!)?
How much do surface piercings cost each?
Tattoo bleeding a day after having it done?
could i use a lightening facial cream to lighten up a tattoo?
Opening Tattoo Shop / Inspections - OHIO (Columbiana County)?
Does mederma or bio-oil work better?
Is any one here using clear essence botanicle skin cream?
I want to get a tattoo ?
Girl i've been seeing for 2weeks wants to get my name Tatted on her back?
How do i keep my tattoo safe from the sun if i work outside?
What do you think when you see a girl with a real tattoo?
I want some pictures of cute star tattoos for the foot!?
how long should i wait till i take the bandage off from my tattoo i got it dont last night at 8?
How much would your shop charge for...?
How often can I wash my new tattoo?
Age limit on getting a tatoo?
belly button rings hot or not?
Is there like a home recipie for Tanning Oil?
I m 22 male and want to get rid off acne can anyone suggest me sum herbal way of getting rid of it?
If a girl is 5'7, how much should she weigh to be attractive?
Can anyone help me design a tattoo? Please?
Is this quote a good idea for a tattoo?
Why would anyone pierce their 6 yr old daughter's belly button?
What's a good place to get a tattoo for a girl?
What does a vintage microphone tattoo mean?
what are the benifits of dpl light thearpy for skin care?
Is this tattoo possible?
I've never gotten a tattoo before so..?
what is the best way to get rid of a HUGE zit,help!please!*?
Would a tattoo of Pandora's Box on a girl look bad?
Is is abnormal to get your first period after age 13? (Girls Only)?
Where hurts more, a tattoo on your hip on on your ankle? Personal experiences?
I need some real original/unique or just really cool ideas for tattoos.?
Good tattoo shops in Ohio?
i'm thinking of getting a small cross tattoo on my wrist? yes or no?
How to glue my trolls hair back on?
What is the best way to get flat abs at home?
Tattoo idea. What do you think?
10 pointss immediately to anyone who can quickly answer this for me?
Where would be the best, most decrete and least painful place to get a tattoo?
I want to make a tattoo.?
my mother's problem?
Help with a defining phrase for a tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo but would sweating affect it?
red bumps and numbness after waxing for first time?
What does Angelina Jolie's shoulder tattoo mean?
I want to go get a tattoo tomorrow, any good ideas?
What eye colour do you think is the nicest??
Isn't it cool that some of us look young for our age?
are these good quotes for a tattoo?
Is it possible to cover up a blue tattoo to a light blue color?
i got tatoo on my arm how i can apply for indian army?
Change the color of my tattoo?
How many tattoos?
What do you think of the girls on Sexy or trashy?
Where can i find a unique playboy bunny tattoo?
how to cover up burn scars?
How can you take a tattoo off?
5mm dermal cartilage punch?
Can someone give me advice for this particular tattoo?
What does hi 3 mean in female tattoo art?
Wat does Joffrey lupuls tattoo on his wrist saysy? ?
does it hurt getting ur eyebrows wax's?
Scorpion tattoo on side?
URGENT. Tattoo advice needed.?
What tattoo/s do you have and why did you get them?
how can i improve my skin quality?
Quote for tattoo?Please give me some suggestions!?
women with moustaches?
Can you get fake scaffolding piercings?
do u think hotwater and lemon work if u drink it for fat?
Any recomandations on dermatologists?
tattoo removal:pictures of my tattoo included. cost? how many treatments? and pain?
whats a good tattoo idea?
how bad do tattoos hurt? on your hand?
What is wrong with my nose piercing?
How much should a person tip a tattoo artist?
if im not fat y do ppl makefun of me?
Tattoo, cant pick one out of these ideas!?
how do i look after my newly waxed bikini line??? i look like a plucked chicken at the moment!!!?
What would be a good location for a Ganesh tattoo?
anybody knows about freebies?
Tribal Shoulder Tattoos Art Body For Men?
I want a tattoo but afraid of pain.?
quick tattoo pricing guesstimate?
What do you think of my tattoo ? Please please tell me what you think ?
If you have a tattoo/'s, why did you get one/them?
What is the best way to convince my mom to let me get a TINY tattoo?
How Many Tattoos Does Harry Styles Have? & What Are They?
Where may I purchase Rosemary Gladstar"s Perfect Cream already made?
tattoo question?? do you like it?
Can prenatal pills hurt you if you take them and aren't pregnant?
what should i do?
How much in Ā£ do you think this tattoo will cost me?
Do I have too many piercings for my age?
Getting a stomach tattoo but am I too skinny for one?
How much do Tattoos HURT?
Getting a tattoo, but don't know what.?
If you were to half sleeve your arm...?
My leg hairs grow back really fast. How do you slow down the process?
Black henna tattoo??? help!?
skinhead tattoo was a wrong decision?
i am 14 years old and i want to work at a tattoo shop so i can pierce people , do you think i can apply?
Has anyone had a tattoo laser removed?
what is the best way to remove blackheads from ur nose?
Is it Beauty or Brains?
Would this tattoo look cute in this place?
What about this snake tattoo?
mom wants a tattoo!!!!!!!!!?
Tattoo for a teacher?
Is it normal for a guy to shave his legs?
Txt around a Star Tattoo?
Should I get a tattoo or a belly piercing?
what do you think of this for a tattoo?
Is my brother wrong?
Location of first tattoo?
i want to get a tat to commemorate my nana?
tattoos! writing and names?
hey i ve got my eyebrow pierced twice n both times my body rejected it in abt 6 mnth how can i prevent it?
Can i get a tattoo at the age of 16 in the uk?
Is it true true that.........?
My calfs are genetically super skinny, the part right below the calf muscle, I seem to have the legs of a?
Hip piercings vs hip tattoos?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Does gettin a tattoo Hurt As Bad As I think?
DARK SKIN MAN more strong during summer time cos of SUN uv rays??
Is iron butterfly a good tattoo ink?
Where can I find pictures of old people with piercings and tattoos?
Who is Sexiest??
Why do people think it's weird when guys shave their legs or arms?
I have a cleft, girls love it, why? i don't like it at all?
My new head tattoo guys?
Are woman supposed to shave their arms?
why do we have eye brows?
Can you please give opinions on this tattoo...?
What is the best long-lasting deodorant for women?
tattoo..need some help?? ?
what do you think about this tattoo design?? (pics)?
My tattoo is septic what do I do?
my skin has never been drier! HELP?
can anyone help me out with my complete make over?
How do I get rid of marks from pimples that are gone now?
I need an opinion on this drawing - that will be a tattoo?
Tattoo design?
What should I do? There's 2 tattoos I want...?
Asking out your tattoo artist?
i want a tattoo underneath my breast?
I want a tattoo but i dont know where on my body to get it?
Is being liek 5'6'' and weighing about 112 average?
what is the best peeling solution to achieved a radiant glowing skin?
Did i really can get taller making special exercises?
recommendable tattoo parlors near toronto etobicoke?
funny matching airbrush tattoos? 10 points!?
What would be a good tattoo design for family/love of family?
how much would a one in by 5 inch tattoo cost?
If you could touch something, (anything) what would it be?
What is a rough estimate on the price of a tattoo like this?
is the product Skinoren really discontinued?
Would a black person look weird with a koi fish tattoo on arm?
what vitamin is good for your skin?
Can a Artist cancel a booking without notice?
I want a tattoo. But, I want a real creative one. Any ideas?
Does any one know how to become a vampire?
Lucky's Tattoo Parlor in Downtown San Diego?
How long does it take a for a "up" in gage in a nose ring to stop hurting?
Tattoo apprenticeship??? ?
anyone know any good tattoo ideas?
Women do tattoos on a man turn you on?
Is this tattoo idea Dumb?
do you think that teenage girls should get anything pierced?
Lip piercing question! HELP PLZ!?
I'm going to a tattoo party tomorrow. What should I get pierced?
Poll: what age do you think would be appropriate for these piercings?
do u have a tattoo? where? whats it look like?
Will my henna tattoo get ruined if I go swimming?
How long does it take a belly button piercing to heal?
doesn't anyone like tattoos and body piercing on here?
Do nose Piercings hurt?
I want to know if cosmelan is truly effective for dark spots in the face?
How long would this tattoo take? And how much would it cost?
Does getting a tattoo on your foot hurt?
I'm getting a tattoo, any ideas of cost? Also, a questions about the immediate pain?
can tattoos be erased?
How bad does it hurt when you have your nipples pierced?
GIRLS only!: Where is the sexiest place for a guy to get a tattoo?
In what ways does a tattoo help people find their identity?
Can anyone living in Danville Illinois tell me how much Mikes charge for a 7 inch color tattoo?
what is the average salary of massage therapist in indiana?
How painful are tattoos?
I need help with my tattoo I want to get. Please help !!?
I have really odd skin, please give me some suggestions!?
Am I 2 big for my age?
Do tattoos really hurt?
What tattoo should I get?
Memorial tattoo of my brother on my outer thigh?
My tattoo is a problem for my family?
After how many months I can replace my belly ring to a nice one ??
What do you think of this tattoo, and how much would you have paid for it at most?
Aftercare of new tattoo?
Is my tattoo infected ?
What is your favorite beauty service?
How do I pick a position for the tattoo of a woman Im getting?
Shoulder Blade Tattoo Ideas?
what is the significance of thumb rings for sex?
how sore would it be to get a tattoo on the inside of your foot?
Tattoo ideas for last names?
how can i keep my skin from getting bad in the sun?
What are some insprational words/happy sayings?
does anyone know if alexa chung has a tattoo?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Do you have a tattoo of your ex's name? How do you feel about it now?
I want to lighten my under arm skin?
Anybody have a favourite female deodorant scent?
Can you give me an idea of the size?
is it bad if my new tattoo is leaving marks on my clothes?
mom discovered my tattoo help?
do you believe in such creams as fair and lovely ,fair one ,everyuth,recova and afterbath .do they really work
Question about a tattoo?
What is the worst part of getting a tattoo?
Is neosporin bad for a tattoo or not?
Are expensive tattoos worth getting?
Do you like Tattoo's on Women?
Can they use white ink in a tattoo?
Should men be muscular or is it enough just to be lean and lithe?
im planning on getting a tattoo?
Where is the best place to get a tattoo around Norwalk, CT?
How much will an inner-wrist tattoo hurt?
which spots hurt more when getting a tattoo?
Tattoo Scabbing?
Matching tattoo with my mom that symbolizes strength and protection?
I'm getting a tattoo on the back of my neck and i want to know what i can do to make the pain not hurt as bad.?
What word tattoo should I get?
are uv tattoos legal and is there anyone in scotland that do them ???
I'm looking for a picture of denise tattoo she got in arny wives?
after a severely damaged fallout?
Tattooing a 16 year old?
Would you go out with someone that HOT but RUDE???
How to lose 30 pounds in 2 months?
Is this a good quote for a tattoo on my inner arm?
what are some essential beauty products?
Whats a good memory saying?
i want to get a tatto for my 16th birthday but need to get my grandma to say yes?
Which part of my body should I ink my tattoo?
how to get a fairy white complexion?
white spots on the skin after being in the sun?
I'm 18, want a tattoo, but I lack photo id.?
Female only! Things you notice about guy's face in order?
Got a stupid tattoo now I lost my job ?
tattoo under a foot?
how do u make ur fingernails grow long!??
Fresh tattoo question ?
i was in lite black color? wat can i do to turn of white?
mens electric razor for a womans legs????
Which tat do you like better?
Is a tattoo itching a normal healing process?
Do women like guys that order their food for them at restaurants on first dates?
Tattoo Apprenticeships in Scotland?
Have I Ruined My Tattoo..?
I have a chubby face. How to trim it down without surgery/needles/medicine?
how do you put in acrylic plugs? It wont go in no matter how hard I push it in?
What's the smallest lip stud I can get?
GUYS do u think that girls who have a little bit or acne are ugly,pretty,or ok?
Can you make an ambigram tattoo of honest and loyal?
LA ink compared to a real Tattoo shop?
Odor in workout clothes?
What's a good short Beatles quote for a tattoo?
how many of you girls have tattoos ?
what do i do if i want to lose wieght but i feel like i dont have the motivation to do so?
Second tattoo question?
What's your favorite part?
Where do you think this tattoo of my star sign look good?
i need help . please do not mack a joke of me?
Have a tattoo on my upper arm, can i work out?
Help me decide : Tattoo or Tongue Pierced?
rainbow soaps?
what is the new perfum of Dior?
Which job could be right for me having Tattoo's and Piercing's.?
Will this tattoo hurt? Picture included?
how much does a tattoo cost?
help please with a henna tattoo?
Has anyone successfully used TCA to fade a tattoo?
is surgery 4 removing under eye darkness/lines harmful in any way ?
Best place for tattoo in Richmond, Virginia?
Wrist tattoo looks a bit slanty?
Opinions of my tattoo idea?
If you could get any tattoo right now, what would it be?
What to do instead of a tattoo? Creative people help!?
What is the best way to temporaliy cover a tattoo?
can a 14 year old get a tattoo with parental consent?
any tattoo regrets?
Have any problem while i get tattoo for travel in countries?
Nagative Effect of tattoos in urgent fields?
What is a good age to get your first tattoo?
I need help finding a tattoo meaning Life goes on and?
too skinny....???
I need ideas for tattoo?!?!?
Why do guys always stare at my bobos?
Help! I have VERY dry skin patches around my eyes, how can I get rid of them?
Do tattoo removal creams work?
Good tattoo idea? birds and cage?
Can anyone Describe The pain of aTattoo , obviously its sore but how sore ?
If you get a tattoo on your heel will it come of after a while? if so how long will it take?
Would anyone be willing to design a tattoo for me? Or just a sort of drawing to show the tattoos artist?
tattoo ideas?
Safety pin tattoo where to get it?
Who is a great portrait tattoo artist in Colorado?
How long do the tattoos at stay for?
Short tattoo life quotes?
Is there anything out on the market along the lines of a lotion/pill that will make breasts firmer?
do you think boys should keep long nails?
Got any tattoo ideas.? ?
Where should I get my tattoo?
I want to get lyrics added to my tattoo but i need help!!!?
I need help with questions for my interview?
My underarms hair is growing in all directions,making it difficult to wax. The area has gone black?
Can someone please help me design my tattoo? I have a quarter sleeve of fire on my arm and I want to change it?
Nose piercing or tattoo?
Does ham make your butt grow?
If I got my bikini waxed on tuesday will it still be good to go by sunday??? And how much should you tip??
Can anyone find me the tattoo?
what's different between london and beirut?
BIg BuTT or SmAll ButT?
is there a way to get rid of or reduce stretchmarks?
Do you think that guys are less likely to marry or introduce to his parents a girl that has a large tattoo?
Is there any simple way for making tattoo where pain is very low?
New tattoo. What should I put on it?
Can someone help me with my new tattoo aftercare?! Please ?!?
Where can I get a Yantra Tattoo in the United States?
what do you think of my tattoo??
Should tattoo look like this (2 weeks and 1 day)?
Did I apply too much ointment?
why do some people have dimples?...?
free online tattoo makers?
What is the best part for a woman to get a tattoo with her childs name?
What is required to be a tattoo artist?
I have eczema and how old do you have to be when it goes away and how can I make it go away?
What is your opinion on men shaving their pubic hair?
Tattoo Ideas, Please help?
im fair bt i get tannd very soon wat 2 do 4 dat?
i am 19yrs what bra size a 19 girl should wear?
How to loose weight fast?
Help on tattoo ideas please!?
how to improve acne scar without going for expensive treatment? food,fruits,ways?
is there any tattooist in either dunfermline or edinburgh that can tattoo 17 year old?
Same day after care for nipple piercings?
how much would it cost to get a 7 letter tattoo on my left wrist in plain black ink?
What does this tattoo look like?
does jejung of tvxq has tattoo?
so i am wanting a star tattoo on my hip/stomach but i cant...?
how many virgins are still out there?
Question about Two different tattoo ideas, please help me on and tell me what you think?
If you take a percaset when you get a tattoo will it hurt as much?
What do you think about?
what kind of tattoos should i stick around my nipples.?
in loving memory tattoo for my mom?
fantasia from Turkey?
What makes tattoos beautiful to you?
what is best skin care product for glowing skin?
will sex lead to prematuring?
getting a paramore tattoo and want more input?
Girls with tattoos?
What can I do to not get a red irritated bikini line when I shave?
Friend, wants me to get his name tattooed on me, should i?
who is monika burdova?
Where is the best place to get a microdermal piercings?
how do you make indian ink?
Opinions on this thigh tattoo idea? :)?
Would i have to lie? helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllpppppppā€¦
What's the most DISCREET place to get a tattoo?
How much does getting a tattoo on your back hurt?
who thinks im just to hot to handle???
My first tattoo, at 52 above my boob!?
Anyone like my avatar?
how do you reduce the size of a pimple?
after 4 days of having my new tattoo can i go to the gym?
Heavy handed tattoo artist?
does any1 know when the next tattoo show is in victoria australia?
How do these tattoos are called?
Does anyone know where to find this neck piercing barbell ? ===>read !?
Best NYC Tattoo Shops?
what should i wear to my tattoo appt?
How Can You Get Clean Nails?
Any suggestions on a sweet/fruity smelling perfume?
What does Kiryuu Zero's (vampire knight) tattoo REALLY mean?
Girls, do you think this tattoo would look good on a guy?
Want a song lyric tattoo? Help? ?
Is it ok if my new tattoo touches my pillow?
good taylor swift lyrics for a tattoo?
Tattoo considerably faded after less than 2 weeks?
Where would be the best, most decrete and least painful place to get a tattoo?
Tattoo idea for a new mommy.?
Girls only question.......................?
Do you know how much a tattoo of this design and color would cost? And the size is about half the size of an a?
tattoo question?
how do i remove unwanted body hair?
how can i get rid of my dark circles? is there any make up that can hide it?
I woudl like to take a spa day and am wondering were is a good place to go in New York?
one word tatoo on wrist?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
How much would it cost for a tattoo of my sons foot?
i put sunless tanning lotion on and forgot to wash it off my can i get it off my hands? i am orange!
should i copy someone's personality or should i just be myself?
What is the BEST OIL-FREE moisturizer out there? With 100% NO OIL in it?
I have dark circles around my eyes, can anyone suggest how to reduce dark circles?
Cute little umbrella tattoo - color or just black outline, and where should I get it?
I want to get a tattoo to remind me to be the kind of mother I want to be, any suggestions?
Would you get your idols signature tattooed on your body?
A good tattoo to go with a luck horse shoe one?
Wrist piercing swollen (dermal)?
I have a tattoo that i need an idea for a cover up or what to add to it?
I am male age 29 and over weight and need help losing it. I have tried some diets but no luck. Help.?
How much would an inner lip tattoo cost?
Where do you think I should get this tattoo?
my eyes are reddish all the time. what is the best bet to make my eyes look brighter???
If you don't shave your face can your beard give you zits?
Tattoo on my chest i need answers and ideas?
tattoo how bad are they?
Where do they sell henna tattoo paste? (in stores)?
Small tattoo of a cross....Advise?
my GF likes my beef bayonet to be fully waxed is that fair?
Places to get a tattoo where my parents won't see ?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Does getting a tattoo feel like getting 1000 shots?
Is there a way to get rid of stretch marks? What is the best way?
Are white ink tattoos nice?
What designs did the Apache paint and tattoo on themselves?
What does a new tattoo feel like afterwards?
where can i find a good realistic automotive piston tattoo design online?
I have an idea for a new invention. How do I get started?
my period help!?
After getting a Tattoo how much vitamina E should be applied and for how long ?
How can I lose weight?
What piercings on men do women like?
Where to get body piercings in/near Germantown Maryland?
I want to get something clever tattooed on my forhead, or face, any suggestions?
which tattoo looks better A or B?
Do henna tattoo's have to be on your hands?
What are some nice tatto ideas?
How painful is a bikini wax?
Where should I get my tattoo?
What is a good way to indicate whether or not you can handle a foot tattoo?
im going to get a new tattoo soon?
Tattoo question and advice?
Should I get my eyebrows tattooed?
"Human, afterall" a good tattoo quote ?
I had a tattoo on saturday its now wednesday and i have been using vaseline?
Okay, so I just got a blood test andddd?
license picture help?
i want to b fair what should i do?i was very fair at the time of birth.?
where can i buy ametop gel?
I have a nose almost as broad as my mouth, should i get a nose job or will women like me the way i am?
What do I do............?
how much'd this tattoo cost?
How come when I walk blood squirts out of my big toe continually?
am i fat to be 13 and weigh 104?
Okay I want a tattoo on my left hand right below my pinky and ring finger?
A band Take That tattoo?
What do men truly prefer?
.. Strange addiction with poking needles through skin?
Cool tattoo with a fleur de lis and a shamrock?
When you take a shower, how long are you in there?
how can my tattoo not look so high?
Tattoo idea! Opinion and question?
shitty tattoos and not enough money to get them removed.?
Convincing my mom to let me get tattoos on my hands?
Has anyone ever had a tattoo done and then later found out the ink was recalled?
whts the beautyfull thing to feel ?
pain testing for a tattoo?
Have you ever used Retinol on your face?
how can i persuade my mum n dad to lemme hav a piercing?!!?
where can i buy the Queen Helene Cranberry Peach Lotion?
should i be a model??
So I'm getting a tattoo in memory of my dad ?
Why are so many people saying savlon is bad to use on a new tattoo?
What is your view on gaming tattoos?
Acne help??
How do women feel about men not being circumsized?
What do you think of this font for a tattoo?
Does it hurt????????
your choice of good dermatology clinic (for acne scar treatment) in west covina (or near it)?
what would make a good in remembering tat?
Anyone tried out that new-fangled Anal Bleaching?
how old do you need to be to get a tattoo in charlotte?
Tattoo under chin???
Do you think this tattoo would look trashy?
I got my ear stretched and it's swollen?
How much time should I allow for my tattoo to heal before going out of the country?
Is there a such brand of tattoo ink that will fade after a certain amount of years?
What do you think about these tattoos I might get?
If you are single and whant the perfect girl for the rest of your life what will be the best place to know th
I want to get a tattoo on the side of my foot. Questions!?
What do you think of this?
Any good quotes for tattoos?
Got snakebites piercings and my family hates them? What do i do?
does anybody know if village pop (nyc) will pierce 15 year olds?
Has anyone tried the Nufree hair removal system? Does it really work better than waxing?
What's a good product to use for chapped lips?
For girls who like tattoos on guys, which body part do you like them located?
i am 17 and getting a tattoo and not shure what to get any ideas?
Italian/Roman tattoo ideas?
My first tattoo? Help!?
shooting star tatt, have a look!?
why most women if they can chose ,they prefer to be male with all their parts ?why?
Recommendations for tattoo artist N-W Uk?
Can I get my tattoo recolored?
what are the best brand tattoo machines?
I need someones help about a tattoo placement?
how to make perfume and perfumed soap?
I want to get a Lace Up tattoo, but I have a few questions first!?
Will*Lime Green* ink show over Dark Green** ink?
IDEAS to cover up this TATTOO (PICS INSIDE)?
I want a halloween black cat tattoo. which one of these should I get?
Help me clear up my skin????
plastic sugery, yay or nay?
I Want Breast Implants!!! Any Suggustions?
I'm getting a half sleeve tattoo, ideas?
if someone loses 37 to 40 pounds will there be loose flabby skin?
What good moisturizer for dry, ed hands would you recommend?
Which tattoo should i get?
do cause pimples and bumps to surface underneath your skin when you pluck the hairs there?
Should I get a tongue ring? Or a belly button ring?
Does getting a tattoo really hurt?
For my 17 birthday i am getting tattoo. Where should i get it?
Getting a full back tattoo...what should I wear?
How do you know what tattoo ink is safe for skin?
What's normal for a new piercing?
Why are there so many more women these days getting tattoos?
Black henna tattoo??? help!?
tattoo photo from 2002-03 from tat mag help me find the issue?
What flower[s] mean family, if any?
What tattoo/piercing shops in Colorado Springs do surface tongue piercings?
A band Take That tattoo?
Sunburn and even tanning?
Length/cost of this tattoo type?
just need some tattoo word ideas?
need help with a chain tattoo?
Japanese symbols for tattoos?
I am thinking about getting a lip tattoo.......?
what is the fatest way to get rid of severe sun burn?
I want to get a tattoo to remember my Mum?
can any one tell me replacement of this product "ISME, SEAWEED MINERAL, WHITENING MOISTURISER SHOWER SCRUB."
How do I help a tattoo heal faster?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Is my tattoo healing ok?
What do you think of this tattoo?
why are so many people against tattoos?
I want to know how much my tattoo will cost? with picture?
Where can i get a job with piercings?
Hair all over the body?!?
why is there such stigma and denigration associated with having a big bum?
Is it wrong to get an om tattoo and not be hindu or religious?
thigh tattoo on chick, opinions & pain?
im thinking of getting a tattoo?
Tatooo's yes or no?
Is it true that u wont tan aswell when you go on hols if you go on the sunbeds before you go??
Is it okay to rub a peeling tattoo in the shower?
ok soo... what to do?
tattoo studios in blackpool?
Please help! tattoo ideas!?
im fat5 and get5t5ing a spray6 t5an?
Swollen ankle after tattoo?
can u prevent stretch marks appearing if yes how?
Tattoo shops in Costa Del Sol?
best side to get a tattoo on?
Where can I find good pics of the pisces symbol? cuz ima get a tattoo and thats what im thinkin about gettin.?
Meaning behind tribal tattoos?
How to draw temporary tattoos that won't wash off easily even with detergent?
If i trace over a henna tattoo will it ruin it?
[UK] What will happen to my body if I get a tattoo after 5 years and how much would it cost?
First Tattoo, want it to say, However or whatever?
Is It a Sin to get a Tattoo?
I need tattoo help !!!?
I'm thinking of getting a tattoo of one of the following?
In DIY tattooing, can one use a razor blade to cut a shallow straight line and then pour the ink into it?
who am I? what is my future?
a tattoo with arabic writing, need a translation?
hi i want a portrait tattoo doing and want a good tattoo stuidio that does them...i live in stoke on trent?
How much does getting a tattoo hurt?
A tattoo that reminds of mistakes in the past?
what food can increse your brest size?
what are different ways to burn off a tattoo without laser surgery?
would you ever get a tattoo of your boyfriends name?
how to get rid of acne?
hi I'm getting a tat soon and i live in mandurah I'm looking for a good studio?
Would You every Get a tattoo with your Boyfirends name?
Tattoo apprenticeships ?
What can I use instead of A&D ointment on a fresh tattoo? Urgent!?
men with ankle tattoo?
Where can i find?
questions about cartilage ( helix?) piercings?
anyone with a tattoo on the foot?
How many days??
Are tattoo's on the back of your neck and behind your ears easy to cover with your hair?
Should I care that other people don't like my tattoo?
how long should you wait to go tanning after getting a tatto?
Does Tattoo's Hurt.?
A good skin stain/marker?
Ideas for memorial tattoo???Link of pic?
Reaction to black tattoo ink?
How long should I wait to workout after I get a back tattoo?
i need advice for a tattoo?
after i wash my face, should i let my skin dry before applying moisturizer?
i need tips for skin?
Good angel tat for a guy?
WW2 style american star on planes?
Elite Hunting Tattoo from Hostel?
Anyone know of a good tattoo removal place in Florida?
What are some short quotes that I can tattooed. Its for a dead loved one. Nd where should I put it?
Is TANNING in a TANNING BED for 1 month straight everyday bad?
Where can i get examples of fonts?
i got my lip pierced?
Where can i view italian writing styles?
What's an open chest wound tattoo called?
have strech mark tais?
What do you think about double gauging?
What's the difference in technique and needles for tattooing shading and solid colour?
What was your first tattoo and where?
Is it ok too use A-D until the tattoo is 100% healed?
Should I not get any more tattoos if my boyfriend doesn't like tattoos?
has any1 had a tattoo abroad?
Has anyone ever used Designer Skin's "Secret Rapture" tanning bed lotion?
whats sexier toe ring? ankle bracelet, or tattoo? on a woman??
My15 yr old daughter wants to be a Tattoo artist? Should I encourage this decision?
Do you like this tattoo??
Has anyone had issues getting jobs because of tattoos behind their ear. I'll be working in schools... Advice?
What do you think of girls with tattoos?
girls ... do you shave your arms ??
Area beneath butt?
attractive place to get a tattoo on body?
Whats the best way to get rid of zits quickly?
hi :) i have a small tattoo on my leg and just found out im pregnant about 10 weeks will i be okay ?
Awesome tattoo quotes?
Idea for a tattoo!!! PLEASE Please please help me out!?
what is the most popular perfume on earth?
Will tattoo popularity go away like Disco music?
Did anyone here ever stuff their bra?
How are you able to get adult acne marks to fade???
How much could this tattoo cost?
All my Toronto People please answer!?
Matching tattoos that aren't too girly?
Tattoo Gun Scarification?
What's the name of the tattoo artist who did Lil' Wayne's wings on either side of his torso?
Would love some Tatoo advice!?
Can people get tattoo's at this part of the body?
How much would this tattoo cost?
i got a new tattoo yesterday afternoon. and in the past 24hrs its become red all around the area.?
Does it hurt getting a tattoo on your hip?
Feather tattoo ideas? ?
I'm 13 and thinking of getting a tatto!!!!!?
Getting a drawing tattooed onto me?
GETTING my first tattoo?
How Much would this tattoo cost?
how much did your tattoo cost??
Uh oh... herpes?
What's the best deodorant / anti-perspirant for women, that doesn't leave white marks or clumps?
Why if people don't have anything even remotely nice/relevant to contribute do they read tattoo questions? ?
Bible verse tattoo ideas?
is it safe to have a tattoo?
Should tattoo look like this (2 weeks and 1 day)?
I need help deciding on a quote for a tattoo.?
Tattoo Idea, should I or not?
I need a Tattoo Quote?
What is your opinion of 14yr olds getting tattoos?
Henna Tattoo Paste- Will It Still Work. ?
Tattoo Removal?
Worst place for tattoos?
Little help please!!!!?
How much money have you spent on Tattoo's?
Is it bad...?
tatttoos and sweating?
First tattoo that I want to get soon?
I am not able to increase my weight ,suggest me something to increase my weight?
How do you get thick dry-ish green paint off your hands if hand sanitizer does not work?
Where can I find photos of the tattoo design from the Swedish version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?
Do you think that its important to get a tattoo with a deep meaning, or just get one because you like tattoos?
my snug piercing hurts :(?
Tattoo ideas? Having overcome anxiety?
Trying to think of a tattoo but I'm not creative enough...?
should i get my tragus pierced?!?
In your opinion which celebrity has the best or most interesting tattoo?
Help finding symbols for a tattoo?
Swimming with a fresh tattoo?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo on your hand? The soft spot between your thumb and index finger?
why are 90% of woman ugly and fat?
If I get a tattoo of a grape, as I age will it gradually turn into a raisin?
what should i do to my tattoo? (pic)?
ladies your views on tattoos on guys?
what is the average weight of a 15 year old girl?
Behind the ear tattoo's aftercare?
On saturday i had 2 snakebite piercings done and i just noticed today my lip swelled and ring seems to go in? ?
How much does a neck tattoo hurt on a scale from 1-10?
So if spit bounces in some parts of Alaska, what does a guy do if he has to pee in the wilderness?
GUYS: What is the first thing you notice about a girl?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Are your feet as big and how tall?
what are some cool tattoo ideas for me?
if i got my nipple pierced diagonally can i put a ring in it or will it look wierd?? lol?
Whats an easy way to get rid of a little chest fat if your a guy???
Sunburn pain?
what is the best thing for acne and scaring on the face?
should i get my favorite quote tattooed on me?? ?
What tatoo aftercare do i need to do?
Would putting Olive Oil on a fresh new tattoo be something smart to do?
How much would this tattoo cost?
What's a good skin lightener to use?
My acne problem?
Permanent tattoo eyebrows being covered?
i have dark skin and i have stretch marks what can i use that really works Even to hide them?
whats the best way to get rid of blackheads?? i have used biores blackhead nose peels but they...?
I use body lotion for my face. Is that OK?
does anybody know any tottoo parlors that will tattoo minors near trenton jackson milan or those areas in tenn?
Will a tattoo affect my chances of becoming a US citizen ?
How old do you have to get a tattoo or piercing?
do you have tattoos?
I want to get a small tattoo on my wrist. what do you think would be a good design?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Opinion on tattoos.....?
I want a meaningful tattoo but I dont know what to get?
What are some good skin toners for uneven skin?
Tattoos are addicting?
My daughter is 12 and has just a few breakouts not many but she hates splashing water on her face?
How much would this cost in order to get tattoo'd on my left shoulder?
i have alittle hair on my stomach n i dont wanna shave it or wax it should i bleach/make it blonde i'm tanned?
Question about a tattoo design?
why do guys find me unattractived just because im skinny?
Does anyone know any good rose cover up tattoo?
Anyone know info on FREAKS off Broadway? I need price ideas?
ok girls only?
Piercing state laws in Illinois?
i dont like to cover my boobs with bra what can i do.?
What should I buy to create my own henna tattoos?
I want a sexy but small under the belt tattoo?
Where would be the best place to get my tattoo?
hiding a tattoo!?
Help me find a mobile tattoo artist?
lol am I really that ugly, girls?
At-home waxing?
Faith, hope and love tattoo? Help?
How much do estheticians make each year?
do girls like scars on guys?
Tattoo question? No rude comments for real!?
I have 9 Tattoo's all over my body except for this so called tramp stamp but do guys feel intimidated?
i have visible pores (i thonk theyr pores) on legs after shaving! can you help me please?
is it possible for me love d person i dont?
question about red tattoo ink?
What is best way to wash your hair while you're injured?
which subjects do I need to take in high school to become a beautician or a skin therapist?
Can you help me please I have done everything?
Red/white bumbs on my arm..?
would you kiss your partner early in the morning.?
What should I do about cleaning my Tattoo?
cartalidge peircing?
Which one is better: tanning salon or self-tanner? Why? Pls help?
Do lip piercings and mouth retainers mix?
what the hells is up with all these racist questions?
Can someone draw a tattoo design out for me?
Skinny girls...question?
help me with a tattoo idea! please?
I pierced my tragus at home!!!?
can u use spray can paint for temporary tattoo's ?
what color are your eyes? do they change ever?
What is a good short religious tattoo phrase?
is there places that removes tattoos for free?
Opinions on this tattoo?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo..?
Should i get a tattoo on my ***?
MicroDermal Anchor piercings in AZ?
How can I get a piercing license to become a professional body piercer?
Issues when sizing up from 2g to 0g?
what do you think about tattoos? should I get one?
best Tattoo's on men?
Are there any vitamans on the market, that can help with clearing acne?
Tattoo behind the ear?
Is a BLUE KOI tattoo too GIRLY?
Just got a new tattoo. Can I still go to the beach if I cover it?
Are there any home recipes to get rid of acne?
If you have a scar on your legs, will you go out and wear tiny shorts or go swimming in a bikini?
what are some slogans for selling purfumes?
Am i Cool ?
Do you think hip bone tats are trashy?
hello!!!!! plz read girlz only k?
can any good person send for me original (D&G) DOLCE AND GARBANA PERFUMES?
i want to get a tattoo but i dont know if im old enough?
what is the most effective 24 hour deodarant?
boobs bouncing?
how can i get rid of my stretch marks or can i even get rid of them?
What do you think about tattoos on girls?
does anyone know how much tattoo removal is?
Sons of Anarchy Show on X. Picture of Jax Teller's Right forearm tattoo needed.?
What's your opinion on tattoos?
Which tattoo idea do you like?
Anyone know any good indie or music tattoos?
Are noticeable tats accepted by the public?
how can i make my acne and blackheads disappear and obtain a clear, smooth, blemish-free skin?
What kind of tatoo screams mystery?
how do i remove sunless tan from skin?
what are/causes blood bubbles on skin??
is it cheaper for tattoos at tattoo expos?
Artists:design a tattoo?
Can i do this with a Chinese tattoo??? ?
tattoo on wrist?
What kind of tattoo should I get in the future..?
tattoo or no tatto?
Tatto help PLEASE!!!?
what qualifications are needed to inject botox?
Which tattoo?
Looking for good Oni demon designs for a tattoo?
Shuld i get a lip ring? [PICS]?
there is a chair and a bed in the tatoo place can i choose where i want to be positioned?
At what age do your breast's stop growing?
Are ribbon tattoos on the back of your leg trashy?
How to give yourself a tattoo?
What face wash/cream should I use while my face is tan?
Irish saying?...Possible tattoo..Help!?
am i fat???
Lip tattoos??
What's the longest you've gone without bathing?
Normal for new tattoo to have blurry gray edges as it heals?
Where's the most painful spot you've gotten tattooed?
temperate desert is one kind of desert, isn't?
Smaller up top...?
Some women where I work wear clothes that show some cleavage.Do they want to be looked at?
clear skin?
How can I put a 'practice' tattoo with handwriting?
Need help with tattoo Fonts???
Do bodysprays cause damage to the skins?
I am trying to get thick and have a fat butt, but food goes to my stomach?
Would getting a tattoo hurt if I got it on my whole side?
Where can i get piercings done for not that much in the Winnetka area, without using a I.D.?
what one should do to avoid sun tanning as my skin is very sensitive pls answer seriously genuine problem ?
How should I take care of my nose piercing while I'm sick?
How do you get rid of pimples or acne?
Whats the average price for a nape piercing?
okayy where should i get this tattoo?
Where can i get my arm tattooed?
Hey i want to know what to do when my tattoo is ing up?
I have really big eyebrows that stick up a lot and they just look weird how can i fix them without paying $?
Tattoo price!! How much?
What do girls think of Tribal Tattoos?
I personally don't care much for tattoos but I had to get one anyway.?
How often do you have to clean your ears?
Does anyone else have stretch marks?
Tattoo Removal, 10 Points?
Why do women think that being fat is gross?
How much would a 1 inch tattoo vaguely cost (inner wrist, outline of a leo sign) I live in UK?
i hav small breast comp as it should b acc to ma ge. i m 16 yrs hold plz suggest naural methods?
how do i get rid of acne?
When is a girl considered fat?
What's a meaningful quote?
How much can you see this tattoo costing?
I want a tattoo of my mothers name (olga) on my foot but i want a design around it any ideas?
I would like a meaningful tattoo that fits with me?
Should I get this tattoo?
What to do for my tattoo?
Im 14 and want to get a tattoo should I ?
Hand Tattoo Question?
Where should i get my first tattoo?
I just got a tattoo that I don't like and would be hard to alter. what can i do?
I've cellulite problem on my thigh area, any good suggestion to cure it?!?
Does anyone know Japanese calligraphy or kanji?
ok so i'm 5'4 and 113 pounds is that a lot?
Would you rather have no teeth or bad skin?
how do i gain wait?
I'm not sure which one to get?
New, first tattoo peeling? ?
Canberra, Australia. Tattoos? Please read.?
Are tattoos permanent?
Why I have acne and I feel so wretched?
what is your opinion....?
What product would you recommend me for my type of acne?