do you know where i can find?
why does skin sometimes come off when body or facial waxing?
Opinions on facial piercings on a women.?
Do all tattoo parlors have hypo-allergenic ink?
I am 18 year old college going girl.I have a part without any hair in my head.can anyone help me please?????
Tattoo removal treatment?
how can i make my ava star a girl?
tattoo artist and laser surgery experts and all others please answer my question about laser removal?
Self tanning lotions....?
I want to get the Prayer of Jabez as a tattoo. Where do you think I should put it?
I want a bigger Butt!!!!!?
what is everyone's favorite scent at bath and body works?
what tattoo should i get on my stomach/rib cage?
Need opinions on getting a tattoo?
Would a tattoo hurt on the back of your calf?
Can they reject me?
need some help with tatttoooo?
Are dark-skinned women less attractive/desirable than light-skinned women?
how can I burn fat in my stomach so as to eliminate my little pot belly?
What oral vitamins prevent wrinkles?
how do you get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
Should I get a "Dinner Is Served" tattoo above my snatch?
Nose Pimples?
Does tattoo anesthetic work?
Can you get a tattoo on your penis or ??????????
how do i get rid of my darken lips?
Tattoo treatment help?
at tatto charlies how old do you have to be to get your cartilage priced?
Anyone with a monroe piercing??
Am I taking care of my tattoo correctly?
i have a rough face how do i make it smooth?
Inspirational quotes needed!!?
First tattoo any ideas?
i want a tattoo, but where should i get it?
What does getting a tattoo along the inside of your foot feel like?
Eminem inspired style tattoo?
i have the nicest 6 pack but i don't have lots of arm mussles do girls like the 6 pack or the arm mussles?
tattoo question???
How do you keep razor burn from my bald head?
How can i cover my week old tattoo to go swimming?
What harm will it do if a tattoo gets covered and recovered many times?
Can sak yant be done on the thigh?
tattoo parlors in College station, TX?
What do you think about getting a tattoo under the collar bone?
tattoo and facial piercing?
Im a girl, would it be unattractive if i got tattoo sleeves?
Ideas for a tattoo (I'm a girl by the way)?
i have discoloration spots on my arms and legs how i get 'em off?
Do woman prefer a man with a six-pack or juz toned abs suffice.?
Any nice ideas for me? read this?
Would a tattoo designer normally keep their original designs?
I have size 6 tapers and how long should I leave them in before I push it in a little bit further?
What should I get a tattoo of?
do black people get sun burn?
When researching about body modification (mainly tattoos) in different cultures today and in history...?
on what part of the body should i do my first tattoo?
Which one should I get and how should it look?
Which is better a bath or shower?
What's the best brand of deodarant??
What do you think of the placement of my tattoo?
Do you know where I can get a UV tattoo in Texas?
Day of the Dead Tattoos?
questions about tattoos?
how long will it take to get this tattoo?
would this be safe?????
Do you think this tattoo would look better in colour or black and white?
Can you tattoo over moles?
How pain full is it getting tattoos?
Where on the body is the best place for a man to get a tattoo?
Any Great Sword Dragon tattoo?
is this a good first tattoo?
I'm going to get a tattoo, don't try to talk me out of it, just help :)?
Tattoo still fading after being touched up 3 times?
What is the best tattoo I can get on my back?
Bump under nose piercing after changing it?
Tattoo please help!!?
Would a dotor refuse or feel embarrassed to remove my tattoo which is on my scrotum?
Why would it look like the color blue in a tattoo turn darker?
Whats the difference between a planter wort and a corn?
In one word, describe your lovemaking???
Tattoo mispelt only noticed after three weeks?
Advice on Tattoos?!?!?!?
Would a tattoo artist do a tattoo that another artist has Done?
How much would a tattoo hurt on my lower hip ?
TATOO HELP ? ;) (Ten points)?
Should I get a foot tattoo?
Tattoo, Living in the moment ideas?
Will a tattoo stretch and go dull if i grow?
Triple forward helix question?
I am looking for info on a Skin Lotion marketed back in the 1950's by famous "Fat Lady" Dolly Dimples
Tattoo suggestions? Please?
I want to me a model but I have a baby and I got stretch mark from her naturally. Would this effect my chances
What's the best size to gauge my ears (earrings) to?
any ideas for my tat!?
im looking for a tattoo with meaning behind it... need help?
Is my body going to reject both piercings AND tattoos?
I want to get my boyfriends name tattooed on me but his name is the same as our newborn sons name also. ?
what does ur tattoo mean n where is it located ...?
Nipple piercing on a lady - does t cause any extra sensation? Whats yr experience?
dose chocolate give u pimples?
Does anyone know if Strange World Tattoo in Calgary Alberta does walk-ins, And their starting rate?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Alaska?
where is the best place to get a tattoo in the montrose, delta, grand junction colorado area?
A tattoo on your side ribs; does it hurt?
initials of siblings for a tattoo. Cheesy?
I recruit representatives for AVON, anyone interested on buying, or selling? got a Referral?
What kinda tattoo should i get?
Do You Know any good tattoo parlors in Toronto,Ont?
Can you use paint as tattoo ink?
How much would this tattoo cost?
how much do you tip the person who did your tattoo?
do tattoos stretch after giving birth?
Tattoo location/decision.?
Tattoo for my right foot( Pics included)?
will putting neosporin on a tattoo make it fade or damage it?
Why can't I find any information on Oscar Vidal, tattoo artist in Aruba?
How long should I wait to swim after getting a half sleeve tattoo?
My tattoo is flaking and looks slightly faded under the flakes?
Tattoo question? Not what you think probably.?
Lion tattoo with banner...?
healing abraisons?
What do you think of my tattoo ideas?
What is the best (easy and efficiant) way of getting rid of cellulites? Thanx :)?
If you could be tattooed by someone from Miami Ink, who would it be and what would you get?
Piercings and tattoos???????
Guys! What do you think of girls with piercings?
Would a male beauty therapist be accepted?
i have raised question regarding my big calf. if there's any remedy then plz let me know?
does anyone know any tattoo shops in new jersey near middletown or keport that allow minors to get a tattoo?
Do you know of any...?
Finger Tattoo Ideas <3?
Where on my body should i get this tattoo?
Where on my body should i put a tattoo of my babies hand prints?
They say no alcohol for tattoos?
what type of acrylic nails look better?
where is the most painful part on your body to get a tattoo?
Ladies, what is your favorite perfume?
what do you think of this tattoo? ill answer yours?
how long would this tattoo take to do?
how many tattoos do you have?
Too late in life for a tattoo?
Can I get a tattoo with my moms permission? Im 14?
is it true that if you gain muscles, it's harder to grow?
People who LIKE tattoos, please answer this?
has anybody used glycolic acid for age spots?
do you like my new tattoo????
Ribcage tattoo help??????
First Tattoo question?
My gf wants a tramp stamp tattoo, should I try talk her out of it. I think it would look sexy tho?
Good Tattoo Idea's For...?
GOOD ideas for tattoos for guys?
Is it normal for tattoos to bruise really bad?
Is my belly button piercing infected ?
What does Britney Lockstead look like?
How can I get a tattoo without my parents permission?
Sexiest place for a tattoo on a woman?
I have just had a tattoo done on my foot.?
what should I write on my arm with sharpie?
Any Good tattoo phrases ideas.?
what is the smallest human race on earth ?
Which job could be right for me having Tattoo's and Piercing's.?
how much would Mitchell Davis' YACHT triangle tattoo cost?
I want to get a small ankle tattoo?
what's the best at home leg waxing product?
how can I have healty nails? Mine have started to split.?
Swimming with a tattoo?
On a hot sunny day, what color of clothing is one recommended to wear?
Roughly, how much will this tattoo be [link inside]?
To the women, How come ugly fat girls never smile? and why to the beautiful women always amile? I don't get it
Where is the Best Place to Get a Tattoo without Much Pain?!?
How do you get rid of scars on legs from rashes??
Does anyone know the Key Code for Proactive Extra Strength from the mailer sent out a couple of weeks ago?
What is your opinion about thigh tattoos?
Sunbed advice please!!?
are black skin attrative? i mean, brownish skin like beyonce?
why do most girls have the same cliche tats?
what makes soap last long?
If I get a tattoo on my leg/ankle, should I shave the day before I get it or the day of?
How would I look with a lip piercing? (pics)?
A chinese symbol to go with "Strength"?
Friendship tattoo???
what will happen if you tell your friend she is a little bit ugly?
Can a nose piercing close? if so about how long does it take?
Do you think getting a tattoo at the age 15 is okay?
Do you know someone who owns a speedo or bakini briefs?
How much would a Bible verse tattoo cost?
How do you cover up a tattoo?
Would anyone be willing to design a tattoo for me? Or just a sort of drawing to show the tattoos artist?
help with tattoo design pls?
how do u get ride of chilblains?
My dad says I'm only aloud to get dreads if I promise not to get a tattoo until Im 21.Is it worth it?
do u think a cherry tattooed on my hip would look cool?
What gauge did u get for a tragus piercing?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Please help with tattoo ideas?
What is a good idea for a tattoo?
Facial sunblock query?
What is a good way to get rid of scars?
half sleeve to much for a 17 year old?
What are the best places on the body to get a tattoo?
Will i jump when i get a tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo ?
Any ideas,help me? please?
What do you think of this tattoo?
White ink tattoo decision help!?
what is the cheapest tattoo parlor in anapolis, md or somewhere around?
Am I allergic to my tattoo?
What is your favorite fragrance on a woman? Please name brands of perfume.?
what happens if a tattoo artist goes do deep??to shallow??over works the area?
Top of the foot?
2nd tattoo, What should i get?
good idea for a tattoo?
is this tattoo cute?
What is the best tattoo shop in London?
What can I do about tan lines from sunglasses?
what do you think of my tattoos? and what kind of tattoos would you guys like to have?
Poll: what age do you think would be appropriate for these piercings?
thinking about getting a neck tattoo?
What background would suit a phoenix tattoo sleeve?
How do I loose weight before August 8?
Would a star tatoo on my wrist hurt?
What should I add to this tattoo?
Dented and ridged nails - Why does it happen and what helps?
When you see someone with a tattoo what is your first thought?
Howe to get it?
Need a Family Quote for my tattoo?
Why do you get wrinkles on your hand after you've been in the water too long?
Tattoo question?
can you get a tattoo while on blood thinners?
When you have a tatoo does it hurt?
How do I get this temporary tattoo off?
Help with Day of the Dead Tattoo?
What tattoo font is this?
tattoos and piercings??
I want to get a TATTOO behind my ear of a bird ..any SUGGESTIONS?
Can I have a bath if I don't submerge my tattoo?
Is it lame to get a tattoo on my hip?
how can i take care of skin?
What are hidden tattoo locations?
Tattoo: my last name is Reich and of German descent need help!?
Tattoo's and Morphine?
What's the name for traditional tattoos?
Why shouldn't you wear tapers all the time?
Women only!!!?
How much would a Broncos tattoo cost?
Would this make a cute tattoo?
how much is a tattoo?
should i get my toung pierced? or a tattoo?
Am I fat, average, or thin ?? =)?
i need some tattoo ideas?
When can I change my tragus jewlery?
How old do you have to be to legally get a tattoo?
i'm gaining a lot of weight! i want to reduce my weight! what will i do?
Questions about tattoos? pain/cost/laws?
would it be wierd to have an irish claddagh tattooed on my back?
What is the best and easiest way to get rid of acne that isn't really all that bad but I hate it!!?
Does anyone know St. Michaels (health & beauty ) product from England?Where can I get it online?
What is ur tattoo? where is it located? and what meaning does it have?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in SC?
Where can I get Montreal Canadiens fake tattoos (small ones you wear on your face) in Greater Vancouver area?
Those of you who got a certain design because you've always wanted it...?
why is the new layer of my skin red, irritated, there are tiny bumps and its itchy?
for all the doctors out there how much would it cost to get 2 moled removed all i have is $50.00 please help?
can getting a tattoo cause keyloids?
Tattoo Artist Advice...?
good weight loss diet?
Are emo girls hotter then preppy girls?
Can I get a tatoo when I turn 16 or 17?
is there an at home remedy to help improve your skin and get rid of dark spots?
My girlfriend and tattoos and piercings!!?
Does waxing hair really keep hair from growing back?
tattoo question! is my mums word enough?
What tattoo should i get?
Skin care products?
tattoo prices and time to ink it?
How do I get rid of a zit thats under my skin still? Can I prevent it from getting bigger?
Do you still love your tattoo?
Would I look good with a lip peircing ? My Picture>
Where can minors get tattoos in edmonton?
Tattoo people, when you got your first tat did it hurt as bad as you imagined it to be or worse?
how old do you haft to be to get a tattoo in the uk with a parent ?
Help - Tattoo Price ?
Girls Only!?!?!?
How much did your tattoo removal cost?
i need opinions on my ideas and feel free to add your own creative ideas :)?
First Tattoo.. Answer Pleasse :)?
Do I have too many piercings for my age?
Do you do pedicures in the cold months when your feet are not often exposed to others?
white ink tattoos anybody??????
I am planning on getting a lower back tattoo of a fairy? How much will it hurt? how much do you think it cost?
Where should I get a tattoo?
Help with my tattoo quote please??
Merchant marines i want to join but i have a tattoo slevee on my left arm u cant see it in long sleeve?
how do you get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
Will a tattoo here be dreadful?
is there anyway to get rid of my tattoo without a cover up or lazer removel? what dose the lazer feel like?
how do you sign up for the new spike tv show ink masters?
why is everyone aginst self employed tattoo artist that dont have a lisence?
Hy guys, i wanted to know from some experienced tattoo artist if shaky hands of bodybuilder would be a problem?
What do these tattoos/symbols mean?
New tattoo has an itchy rash?
my tattoo keeps on icthing and it would feel hot but only one of the color it's kind of bumping what do i do?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo on the pelvic bone?
What do you think of this for a tattoo?
Which tattoo would be better?
I want a "Stay Strong" tattoo but..?
Tattoo Ideas !?!? HELP?
face tattoo? im thinking of getting a face tattoo what do you guys think, ney or yey?
QUICK ANSWER! =] what do you think is a feminine area to put a tattoo? in your opinion?
What,kind of tattoo shpuld i get?
tattoo or piercing for birthday?
how do you use honey on your face????
Is there anything out there that can get rid of strech marks from pregnancy?
does dr. hauschka skin care really work?
Does anyone know what the name of this star is? Its not a nautical star?
would a tattoo hurt if i got it on the side of my breast?
How can I decrease or rid the puffiness of the top of my eye lid? what at home things can I use?
What's the best tattoo shop in New Albany, IN?
What is the right age to get your belly button pierced?
Should I get a tattoo?
Help with tattoo nerves? ?
i am dark too much is there any treatment if so how can i get it?
How can I make sure my first tattoos don't get infected?
What are some unique tattoo ideas?
Tattoo water damaged?
how much does it hurt to get a tattoo on the inner forearm?
Why is being fat considered ugly?
Do you think long toes on women are ugly?
I need help creating a tattoo?
I'm debating for my first tattoo?
What would you think of a girl with a mole on her forehead?
is there a tattoo artist in kuwait?
A burning question that needs to be answered?
Getting a tattoo. Need design ideas?
i have a rough face how do i make it smooth?
My feet and palms are always sweating.How can I make it stop?I can't shake hands or wear cute sandals?
Help Please!?
Most attractive place for a tattoo? (guy)?
has anyone ever waxed their legs then went swimming after it? If so does it sting!?
exotic tattoo designs ?
What do you think of my tattoo? ?
what is the best item for tattoo protection from the sun?
Is this a cute tattoo?
Does anyone know how to tighten up lipo-suctioned skin???